Purpose of Reunion (2015) Movie Script

(Bar Cafe)
Along the way, be careful goodbye
Dear brother
I do not think
How about you brother wanted
I eat
Yes , mother?
Mom was not home
Do not forget it at home
Well, do not call my mother up
Got it
It was so good
Terrific, I heard of it here is about gun resorts
Looking for a girl to come out of this right
I'm so excited you even if the bar
These girls play as well or less is, if steal your wallet
Mow your kidney is possible
Very likely
But who would not want to try Nick
It was exciting
Let us also Freeze
Damn, damn
There are so terrible? Really, you do not watch the news?
Anyway, to find a serious girlfriend, I want to have sex? Casual
Also not responsible for how you
You must learn to follow the bad, you hear
The bad water belly full of people
Who more bad water, you better than me?
What is not said is inseparable from woman
His last, his girlfriend broke up with him he cried die to live
Food is that I do okay
I think I should give herself - a big breasted woman
Dreaming you, look at your little brother big enough?
Not to mention how I laugh at you, , to a competition - under it?
Do not prank
Say, I am the highest success rate of true
Well, to give you support two strokes
How the murderer of a woman would say
Remember, she loved to ignore the answer, ambiguous
Thus, after tempt the appetite, you can be more than a
She is like riot understand what the next combat
Okay, listen a little abstract
We wish success
The purpose of gathering: Title
You did a decent man is right
You see him here drum big !
What nonsense, look at me
This, listen well, it is better to see so thick you can not have
Look down on us real men
really? Amazing
We just how much it can be big or small, depending on your performance
It is bigger and more excited
Doing it! Maybe there is so much!
Well, disgusting , what nonsense Nick
Doing it!
Brother, you are not too tight pants?
You come, come
So late, it is not to Monastic
That she was new to the department's new?
Sorry, something you just wasted London back?
Why , disappointed
That you stuff with it?
What would that
Damn, you have not forgotten, I really do not know what you mean
Forget it forget it
Do not say that even if the drink
Why do not you come on
Help us to come out to buy wine
How? We walked
Gone gone
Come on, gone
What do
Good to eat like this
Let us also how to eat
Do not tell them mad
Otherwise, take into account their own
I say, or do not tell them - since it opened lying
Or to go back
Gone bye
You do not have a boyfriend
People like Nick
Recently target it - there
It is around? -Ok
That's good we have a chance
Stop dreaming, drink
How can you pouring, took friends
I'll give you pouring
We are not afraid of retribution
I would like to
Say what you drink too much of it Nickname
All out fun
You're simply not happy
Of course, happy
The pursuit of men you do not know crap
Do not give me die
You eliminate cool eliminate eggs
We then drink
So be it
I do not Shuanga
That he - like web marry
What are you noisy, happy to drink will not do
Even if I ask you this bottle
, We toast
I wish you a fortune
Noisy Han
You still early to find a sister do not you speak out of turn
Let it Guessing Game
You can not just not come right
I have not drunk
Well, we called a car
Or I send you back
Are you all right all right all right
What are you doing I send beautiful home
So late - Personal insecurity
You will first go back
Etc., etc.
Okay, okay
- Group animals
Or I send you back
How, - from the go
You do not dream
Shane, I told you to go
You do not fear of being robbed
I have never been afraid of
Or I come, taxi
Trouble etc. - under the right, hurry up
People waiting for a long time
Hurry hurry on the bus
We depart slightly
Car remember to give money, feed
Master, trouble slow down - points
Do not drink too much of it
You did not drink too much, I would not
Went to this bar -
Are you all right - all right
Your family is very far away, right? my home? Close
An hour on the
So far, , so late it does not matter
You are worried, then you can let me spend the night - the night
How what you say
Today may not be easy
What's inconvenient to do
Or call the car back to it
And so on, as this
Let me hit the ground floor, right in your home
That many grievances
I do not go back, , you wait here in this
And so on, no one bar you home
No it does not matter
Anyway, I'm not a bad person, it does not matter
I'm a law-abiding good citizens
This is who the letter
Goodness knows
I do not believe
What are you waiting
I know you're a good man, on to you
You keep good
I want to die for me to hold back
and so on
stand up
Hurry, hurry, hurry to give me
I said it did not go back at night
Where you know people
Before we parted
I know
It is said that, goodbye
How you will in this
Just to do business nearby
On to which you will not wait for me
I'm the kind of person do
And already happened
Mustard can not be less
Come, eat,
Do not
Delicious bar
Choking a little, drink water
You really come to act?
But working time now
I am a very hardworking
Is it true
There is a rare time to idle less
You're not very busy all day, do
Look at what you say
Wine is to - point - point products
What do you think
do not know
Here is a very famous wine
I can not tell what flavor drink
Drink it
Feel embarrassed
forget it
What are you going
Is about you drink alcohol
Do you have other ideas of it
No, I'm very simple
Your face is not mean, what are you laughing
So you just make friends, , I do not believe
what? Like me so good
But the world is hard to find
What are you talking about a joke
This is a good hot drink
You wear so much
Then off - things I did not
Why did the inside
Really? Ok
I see you this, there are many layers
Just a drink on the hands and feet
Do not, I am sorry, or out of it
You see what I'm worried about you drunk
It is better for a walk it, walk it
Tired today
Walking on the body good
It does not go, taxi
Come on the train
Be careful at night
The driver drove etc.
Really when I fool
I slowly look
Really came, I let you wait
Hello, I
Night? They should be free
That was the old place
You're playing hard trick play slip
If someone hijacking the early
Do I think that the low-end
I want her to listen to me from beginning to end
Such things can not be rushed
You might as well directly to the nickname of my home base the projection on the night
Your kid carrying me out
I say it should be hot
Imagine that you are such a person
You do not understand, this is called love beautiful
Not for her
You envy it too three popular
Etc. - under, etc. - under
Who quiet do not talk
Hello, I
Chatting with friends do
Never mind, do not drink
Well, I'll go back as soon as possible
Chagang every day
How does it feel
Family raised only tigress
It is not said to yourself
You are looking for can not find it nonsense
I say in the
I'll go first, you do not come back
I can
Go back on another J
Really, Zhongseqingyou
Men - as are so henpecked
I really can not stand it
It is inevitable
Are on the others, at least usually have to make a point
After that you do not also - like
I want to create not - kind of relationship
First, if the equality of our family
Two people care about each other
This can also have more common language
Do this and you do
You just wait and see right
Here good bar
Come on you Why are my
A good Bitter
Well, finally, great
Ah, I'm sorry
Well, her large chest
Scared me suddenly want to say a
let go
Come on
Etc., how left
This is what
I won
Well, pumping the boss
Now I'll go first
If the - win the eating of chocolate
What is play - will know
That addition - one who is
Clang clang
Disappointed in me
Come, walk walk
Come take away take away
So you can
Look I flourish
bring it on
Come on, human feast
bring it on
Do not worry I want to laugh spray
Do not dawdle
Without such a play
Substitution Hurry
Take it
He quickly began a really cheap
I began to see
Do not worry
Look who
I'm in it
You can not go back
Definitely not go back there - one who is
This time I pay good luck
What are you cheating, right
There is a Who
I do not play
Ye speed connection
You are playing the man ran
I first went out, you refuel
Etc., etc. I
I went to get some fresh air I have something
Do not have to go , etc.
How are gone
Leaving me a
Forget it, I play
Hello, please give me something to send
What is the rest, I did your mother
I hung up
I said, went to this bar
What are you anxious, go
You know Jibukeshi or never
We must seize the opportunity
Is it with animals - like Mom
Hard point
I am sorry
Then we walk always be right
This can then go
Do not grab my hair so more motivated
Tap, tap so just
How really hurt
You can not slow down slow
Hard point
Come on, come on
I want to force the
Hard point
What are you doing
- Group metamorphosis
What are you doing sorry
Fast do not see the person you
I have a soft out
In doing it
The driver, please drive faster trouble
Open the door, open the door
Who is my
I want to sleep, you go back
You do not like this, it was just an accident
You have to believe me, we all know so long
- Open the door please - Keep it down, others sleep
You listen to me explain please
Out of what is called, come in
Why just now that this is not a love to the depths
Then you will be responsible for it
Of course, you're my woman I will be responsible for
You swear
Like what
Is a breath of fresh air
Come, - the date of the count is the morning
what are you doing
Greetings - down slightly
You would not recognize people, right
You have to give me some time mental preparation
What do you mean
No, okay
Wait and see
are you fine
Rice to slightly
Please enjoy
Happy - Day
Good night, I think of it
You are not to play a
Play? Ok
Is not ignore me
You do on the outside on the outside, you come to it
Wait, wait, I'll go
Wait for me
Where to run
so late
Are you at home
Or forget
Brother, where are you Nick
A return to a bull
You do not like it
How, taste it
You're not eaten
I just want to hear you praise - my
You ya
You are not my boyfriend
Of course, this is supposed
That we should be - kind of
You ya
What do you do for me to eat a dream
I said
Let's intimate bar
Your head is full of bed yet
This is normal
We are male and female friends
You're fed up enough to die
You laugh
Laugh really nice
Who will be
Probably my family
How do hide
My friends
How you just now come to take a look nearby
So late
Brought you something, take it.
You - personal is not easy, I would also like to help you
I does not matter
You have to take care
So late or early rest
Your boyfriend did not - a
We can not lose points, to rely on themselves to find
I will, then I go
You do not send a
That you are walking
She sent
I was worried sick
She seemed very nice thing for you
I think
We do not do this
How, I just wanted to see ... you go
You really
Angry, you are angry
You ... you go
I say you how ...
Now the girl is ungrateful
You say they are not arrogant?
Simply lawless Come
This kind of thing is not urgent
Come to slow
do you know?
How can there be so much time
Really I do not know their hearts in mind that fell on the turn
There are so exaggerated it?
I say not as directly to hard it
So much simpler
No, you did too rude
Should psychological warfare
How to play? You say it
You should come hard
I know, you talk about yourself
I have nothing
I think we should grab their hearts
The opportunity to direct the war
Women certainly like this
He says some truth
Man is a tough point should
You still got it
Does the method is not important!
be patient
Two-pronged approach, certainly helpful
By the time it Shoudaoqinlai
is it? Really helpful?
Drink it
Are you alright? No
So how did the spirit
what are you up to? I came out to chat
We - from fun to look, how?
It will definitely be a lot of fun
Certainly will not let you down Well, I did not feel
Talk about it later
Listen to me, you really have to go
I spent a lot of thought, but it
Free to contact us again, right, okay?
Useless, it seems to have to work harder
Go to hell
Hello there
How do you not, made a mistake, made a mistake
how are you doing?
Nothing serious
do not worry
Then we see a face
Well do not be so cruel
Let me apologize right
Well, look at it
Good, hand in hand
I'll see you tomorrow
Etc. etc. What you do
- I will not - you really hate
(Adult Products)
Delicious, right?
What do you do how?
My feet itch right
and so on
Let you know that powerful
Good thirsty
Do not answer the phone?
Do not answer the phone it does not matter
What to do, it does not answer the phone
Hello, I am at the airport
I want to rent a car
Suddenly how? - Urgent recall point
Never mind, I hurry
How not to? Regardless
Take the stairs, right
You kidding me
I send you my go
Pro - a
what's happenin?
You - personally doing?
I feel good hot
I do not feel so hot
Now it is still relatively low outside temperature
See if you like this
How bedraggled
Just exercise - at
Two hundred yuan
No matter how you suddenly think of exercise come?
You are not doing a bad thing? - The body of the bear thing
Enhance immunity
By the way, I recently heard a new movie
We see it
New movie?
I've heard very good looking, I went to see many of my friends Nick
You're right, we find time to go
Now you do not pick up, you're tired
You will also considerate of me?
Nick Strange
Well see you too tired
In this way, we better go now, let's go
You are here is that you
Recently you rarely see
You have nothing and who speak it?
what's happenin?
Nothing, thinking - these things
What can I do ? Do not hold back in their hearts
It's nothing
I went down the toilet
Now look at you
Anyhow, how do ?
time to eat
What do suddenly go to the company - flights
Well, be careful driving
You still worried?
I am leaving
(I'm coming for you)
Where is this place? There
Who was I, that I
Wife, wife
How awake
Do not move, , I starve
You be careful over there yourself
Do not worry, I can do it
To give me a call, careful
Do you remember ran everywhere there is not a good law and order
Never mind, just go to the father dry
Do not worry. I'll miss you
Remember to call me
You know, bye - bye
I open the door , sorry
Let me go, my dear
what you do?
See you look at me?
where's your wife?
Hello how she
I think my wife is gone good?
Do not be so brains
Is not it?
Why are you in the end?
See you
Now see you angry with me in it?
I'm caught in the middle is really hard to do
I do not want to be misunderstood wife
Did not you do not do bad things to say
I do not want to get into trouble just to stabilize Well
Etc. - for a period of time like you want me - Till You Well
First, and so it
I will not let you down
I had no confidence in the
You want me to believe that you would give your own family?
I've seen through the
You are such a person
I do not believe you
You - straight lie to me
When I fool you, I'm serious.
Do not lie to me
Would you like for me to abandon her?
You tell me the truth
Do you want to?
Abandon her
You now have settled
He is also thinking about re-Come
I know you do not have such determination
listen to me
I'm just waiting time is it?
I had no hope of
We so be it
I do not want people to make irresponsible remarks
I hurt
You are the gainer
You think I - Personal better than you?
Do you know how much pressure I have mom?
I say ... you shut up
We still forget it
Each through each of
So good point
I'm bored to death
- Personal home with nothing to do
- From out of it
Come on - go play
Ensure that you are not after dark
Wife, how? Good, How about you?
I'm fine
That is, I miss you
We - from the Philippines to the Philippines, right?
Go travel? Ah, rest - under
why is it like this?
It is the rest - do not under
I told you
This is something I want to say very early
I am very tired
I think we want to separate - time around
We have recently become so strange
I think we have become a stranger
So I think we find time to think about
We two
Needs a good quiet - quiet
I hope you had a good point
Take care of yourself, good-bye,
This is your own to find the
This is your self-inflicted
Also put the poor?
This is just great
Nobody wants you
Now you're left with - personal a
All you asked for it
I will never forget you
You do not have the right to wear this
No decent point out how the line?
But you - the main home of dear
I was wrong
I think we are all clear
Days later still long, is not it?
Dressed, go out
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