Pursuit to Algiers (1945) Movie Script

Oh, Stimson, thank you for keeping
open so late to take care of us.
Oh, that's quite all right, sir.
This gun is an excellent
selection, Mr. Holmes.
You ought to get
plenty of grouse.
Grouse, silly little birds,
not worth the trouble of
eating after you shoot them.
You wait till you hook into
your first salmon, old boy.
Well, mind you have
everything at Baker Street
first thing in the morning,
because if we're
not in Scotland
by the time the
salmon stop running,
the fish will hold Dr. Watson
personally responsible.
I'll have everything at your
rooms first thing in the morning.
Thank you.
Good night.
- Good night, sir.
- Good night.
Ah, Scotland.
I shall be glad to get away
from this place.
The smell of heather
after rain,
the crisp night air
with the stars shining
clear in the sky.
"A day in the bush
with stars to see,"
were I dip in the river.
There's the life
of a man like me,
- "there's the life forever."
- Huh?
Robert Louis Stevenson.
You heard that
rhyme before?
Yes, and many other
lovely irons, too, Watson.
Oh, so the old girl has
lost her emeralds, eh?
Now, Holmes,
you promised,
no more cases till
our holiday's over.
Don't worry, old fellow,
I was just thinking she was
well rid of her emeralds.
Green was never a becoming
color to the old trout.
I say, you've dropped
your paper, sir.
I'm afraid
you're mistaken.
No mistake,
I saw you drop it.
You've just been told, sir,
that you made a mistake.
But it is the
gentleman's paper, sir.
Be off with you,
my good man.
Mr. Holmes told you that
he didn't have a paper.
Yes, but I was quite wrong,
I'm so sorry,
that is my paper.
There are times, Holmes,
when your behavior
is utterly inexplicable.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry, sirs.
May I recommend a visit,
A visit where, sir?
The best fish and chips
in London.
Fish and chips?
I never eat
fish and chips.
My friend doesn't eat
fish and chips.
We loathe fish and chips, sir.
Come to think of it,
old fellow,
some fish and chips might
go very well just now.
Thank you for your
suggestion, sir.
Come on, Watson.
Fish and chips,
filthy stuff,
I wish we'd brought our cat.
Hello, ducky.
Ah, good evening, gentlemen.
Good evening.
May I suggest that, sir?
No, I think I'll have
some fish and chips.
- And you, sir?
- Just a minute, I haven't decided yet.
We serve the best fish
and chips in London, sir.
Make it two, will you?
I think I'll
have an order of...
Oh, gone?
I ordered for both of us.
What'd you order for me?
- Fish and chips.
- Fish and chips, huh.
Nice place you brought
me to, I must say.
I say, take a look at
this fish bone.
Right in my soup.
A fine thing, it might
have stuck in my throat.
- Just a moment.
- Fish bones.
I'd rather eat
in an alley.
Go on and eat
in an alley, then.
That's where you
probably belong.
Likely as not
we'll both be poisoned.
What's up, Holmes?
I don't know... yet,
but something
definitely is.
Thank you.
Fish bones.
Fellow probably was right.
Looks like something
one might find in an alley.
- That's it.
- What's it?
Fishbone Alley, of course.
What's the price
got to do with it?
It's not the price,
it's the numerals,
2, 6, number 26,
Fishbone Alley.
Everything these last few
minutes has been directed
towards giving us
that address.
Oh, come, Holmes,
who on earth
- would go to all that troub...
- Shh.
The Duchess' photograph,
Duchess Brookdale's house,
Barkley Square.
About 8:00 o'clock
last night...
I've got it,
8:00 o'clock.
But you said you weren't
interested in
the old trout's emeralds.
- I'm not.
- Well?
We've just been invited
rather surreptitiously.
I meant to appear at number 26 Fishbone
Alley at 8:00 o'clock tonight.
Mumbo jumbo
if you ask me,
probably no such place
as Fishbone Alley.
Oh, yes, there is;
it's off Mount Street.
7:45, we've just got
time if we walk briskly.
Good night, ducky.
Look here, Holmes,
you're not thinking of
going there, are you?
Naturally, someone must
want to see us rather badly
if they've gone to
all that trouble.
But hang on;
it may be a trap!
Well, if it is, at least it
promises to be interesting one.
Sinister looking place.
See that?
They're expecting us.
Look out, Holmes,
be careful.
Won't you go in,
Thank you.
Please forgive the
somewhat odd way
in which we've summoned you,
Mr. Holmes.
The method was ingenious.
I'm sure you must
have a reason.
Briefly, we wish to
engage your services
to take someone
from England
and deliver him to a place
we shall designate.
And the name
of this person?
That I'm not at liberty
to divulge.
Gentlemen, I'm not accustomed
to working in the dark,
I bid you goodnight.
Mr. Holmes,
one moment, please.
We are prepared to pay any
sum you name, Mr. Holmes.
I assure you this is a matter
of international importance.
My dear sir,
I realized that,
when I encounter the
Prime Minister of Rovenia
lurking outside an
oyster bar in Soho
apparently for
the sole purpose
of stimulating my appetite
for fish and chips!
You deserve your
reputation, sir.
I take it that you brought me
here on a matter pertaining to
the death of
His Majesty King Stefan
in an automobile
accident last week.
His Majesty
was not killed
in an automobile
accident, Mr. Holmes,
he was assassinated.
It's a great loss to the
whole democratic world.
- Won't you sit down, Mr. Holmes.
- Thank you.
Permit me, gentlemen,
to introduce my colleagues,
Anton Petzfall
and Matias Churney.
How do you do?
My associate Dr. Watson?
- How do you do, gentlemen?
- How do you do?
Mr. Holmes?
Thank you.
- Dr. Watson?
- Thank you, sir.
- A glass of wine, gentlemen?
- No, thank you.
For several years now,
a powerful group has been
seeking to gain control of
Rovenia for personal gain.
The assassination
of His Majesty
was their first step
in that direction.
It is to prevent the second
step that we have sent for you.
For the sake
of our people,
it is imperative that
King Stephan's son Nikolas
be returned safely
to his country.
- Is he here in England?
- Oh, yes.
His Majesty
has been educated
at one of your
public schools.
A wise move, sir.
Sound, very sound.
Do you feel
that you yourselves
are unequal to your task?
We're up against a
clever and ruthless group
to whom we are
all well known.
Are they aware of
His Majesty's identity?
No, no one knows
but ourselves.
His Majesty was
brought to England
as a child incognito.
Do you have any plans
for his return to Rovenia?
We have a plane and
retinues to leave tonight.
However, several steps will
be necessary on route,
and at any one
of these stops
His Majesty's life
may be attempted.
Mr. Holmes, for the sake
not only of our country,
but for liberty and good
government everywhere,
we implore you to
undertake this mission.
Well, now, Holmes, you've
given us your promise.
You need a rest, you know, you've
not been up the mark lately.
I'm afraid we'll have to
postpone our holiday, Watson.
- But think of your health?
- Sorry, old fellow.
Gentlemen, in the interest
of democratic government,
I shall be happy
to do my utmost
to see that His Majesty
reaches Rovenia in safety.
We thank you, Mr. Holmes.
Now, if we are to leave
tonight, time is short
and there are certain
precautionary measures
that I should like to
discuss with you.
Watson, old fellow,
come along.
Will you excuse us?
Come along, old chap.
I suggest that you
return to Baker Street,
pack a bag
and have a car ready
to take us to the plane.
Holmes, I don't like
the whole business.
- Now don't get lost, goodnight
- Lost? I don't get lost...
Now, gentlemen,
may I have your attention?
Certainly a forsaken
spot for an airfield.
Certainly is.
I feel like one of the
Babes in the Woods.
Lookout Holmes,
who's that?
I imagine we've
reached our destination.
Everything is ready,
Mr. Holmes.
Follow me.
Your Highness,
may I present
Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
How do you do, sir?
- And Dr. Watson.
- How do you do, sir?
Delighted to meet
you gentlemen.
I appreciate your kindness
in undertaking this mission.
Not at all, sir.
I am sorry, Dr. Watson,
but I am afraid
you will not be able
to accompany
Mr. Holmes after all.
The plane we had
expected to use
developed engine trouble,
and this as you see
is only a three-seater.
Well, just a minute, sir.
Where Holmes goes, I go too.
Well, I know,
I know, but...
Well, first we lose
our holiday, now this.
I don't like your going
off alone, Holmes,
I don't like it at all.
Come, now, Watson,
whatever we must do
in a good cause
must be done.
Look here, Rovenia isn't very
far from the Mediterranean
and it has some
excellent fishing.
Why don't you take a boat,
I'll meet you there.
We'll have our holiday
after all?
Come to think of it, there's a boat
sailing for the Mediterranean tomorrow,
the Friesland, Swedish African
line, cargo and passenger.
I have some influence
with the directors.
Well, that's very kind
of you, sir.
It's not just that I mind giving up
our fishing, Holmes, you know that,
but hang it all,
I want to be of some use.
- And you can be, definitely.
- I can be?
Would you excuse us, sir?
Over here.
I don't like this
convenient accident.
Too many people seem
to be in on this secret.
When our antagonists
discover we've separated,
it's more than likely
you'll be followed,
so I want you to make yourself
as conspicuous as possible.
Decoy, eh?
Sort of sitting duck.
That's right, old fellow.
Be on your guard constantly.
Be wary of strangers,
and whatever you do,
don't breathe a word
regarding my whereabouts.
Don't you worry, Holmes,
you can trust me.
I know I can.
- So long, old fellow.
- We must hurry, Mr. Holmes.
I don't like it.
My name's Watson,
Dr. Watson.
Oh, yes, Dr. Watson.
I'm very glad to have
you on board, sir.
My name is
Johansson, the purser.
- Good morning. Good morning.
- May I?
- Will you take Dr. Watson's baggage
to Cabin 8, please? - Yes, sir.
- Sanford will be your steward.
- Good, good.
Have you a cabin trunk, sir?
Naturally, one doesn't
go to the Mediterranean
without a change of linen.
Quite so, sir.
Be careful of those fishing
rods, young fellow, my lad
Very good, sir.
Your cabin is very
comfortably located
on the port side
of the ship, sir.
- Good, I hope I have a nice reading...
- Excuse me.
Purser, has anybody
been asking for me?
Why, no, Ms. Woodbury,
not as far as I know.
Oh, may I introduce
Dr. Watson, Ms. Woodbury.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
Ms. Woodbury's quite
a singer, you know.
She will be with us all
the way to Alexandria.
Splendid, I used to
sing a bit myself,
Songs Like
Lock Lomond and some...
Pardon me, sir,
you're wanted in the lounge.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Certainly.
You must sing it
to me sometime.
Ha, ha, ha.
Is this your first trip
to the East, Ms. Woodbury?
Yes, and I'm
tickled to death.
- American?
- Brooklyn.
- Brooklyn.
- Yes, Brooklyn.
I've been wondering,
are you The Dr. Watson?
Well, I'm Dr. Watson
of 221 B, Baker Street.
The one who is associated
with Sherlock Holmes?
Holmes and I have
been associated
on quite a number
of cases.
Is Mr. Holmes with you
on this trip?
- No, as a matter of fact, he's gone...
- Gone where?
Oh, he won't be
long with us,
he's a very busy man...
You know he rely's on me,
he came to see me
off to the station,
he said, "Watson,
I shall be lost without you."
Oh, I'm so sorry
he isn't here.
You see, I've heard so much
about his work, and yours.
Oh, perhaps someday
you'll let me give you
an insight on some of our
most interesting cases.
- Oh, Reggie,
- Who?
Oh, excuse me.
I was afraid you wouldn't get
here in time to see me off.
Here you are, Sheila,
and try not to lose it again.
Heavens, where was it!
I thought it was in my cabin.
You left it in my office
Now try to hold onto it.
I don't imagine it'd be
very easy
to replace those arrangements
in Alexandria.
You can forget your music more often
than any singer I've ever managed.
I should have a secretary.
All ashore!
All visitors ashore!
That might be a slight hint.
Oh, you'll find Hassan
a nice chap to work for.
I hope I make good.
You will, good luck.
Thank you.
And don't lose it again.
Oh, don't worry,
I won't let it out
of my sight this time.
Sorry, sir, you'll have
to go ashore now.
Goodbye, Reggie.
I make it a rule to take a
three-mile hike before each meal.
Keeps one fit,
stimulates the digestion.
That and a glass of milk.
As I was saying, she
was in wonderful voice.
I shall never forget that
last night at the old Adelphia.
Pull down now to
make way for a cinema.
Where would we be
without the cow, Doctor?
The cow?
I haven't the faintest idea.
I'm sure Mr. Arnold
here would be happy
to help me in organizing
deck games,
deck tennis,
medicine ball,
Should I put you down for the three-mile
hike before lunch, Dr. Watson?
No, thank you very much.
I prefer to sit down
before my meals.
Relax and have
a glass of sherry.
Like Ferdinand the Bull.
I am on a holiday.
How does that
little tune go?
Let me see,
I'll think of it in a minute.
I have it...
Ha, ha, that's it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Then I'll put you down for the
three-mile hike before each meal?
Thank you yes,
there's a bag goes with it.
Thank you.
Oh, lunch.
There's nothing like salt
air to give one an appetite.
Don't you agree,
Mr. Arnold?
So long, ducky,
see you later.
Aren't you coming,
Dr. Watson?
- No, my dear, I'll join you later.
- All right.
What would Holmes do?
I said sherry, Steward.
Carrying a revolver,
very suspicious.
And I tell you, so long as no one
on the boat knows of our mission...
Things can't be kept
quiet indefinitely.
Certain factions are
still fanatically loyal
to their royal line,
you know.
For enough money
the people will forget
there ever was
such a King.
And once we have the body...
- Doctor?
- Hi.
Small gray plane,
two white stripes.
It can't be true!
Holmes gone!
Dr. Watson?
I beg your pardon,
Dr. Watson?
What is it?
I'm sorry to
bother you, sir,
but there's a gentleman
quite ill in Cabin 7.
The captain asked if
you'd mind seeing him.
No, no, I can't
see anyone now.
Well, we have no
doctor aboard, sir.
I've retired from practice.
Well, the captain
requested it, sir.
The captain?
- Oh, where is he?
- If you'll just follow me.
It's the cabin
adjoining yours, sir.
Right this way, sir.
The doctor is here, sir.
Is it serious, doctor?
Oh, dear, dear, dear,
can't you see I'm busy?
Thank you, Sanford.
But the wireless said
your plane crashed!
No survivors!
- It was shot down, Watson.
- I don't understand.
I'm terribly sorry,
old fellow.
I meant you to
know the truth
at the earliest
possible moment,
but as you know,
I have a dislike of plans
made by other people.
They have a habit of
becoming too widely known,
and that convenient accident
of the original plane
merely confirmed
my suspicion.
- You mean you intended to take
the boat all along? - Certainly,
I made the arrangements
with the Prime Minister
while you were at
Baker Street packing.
Well, why didn't you
tell me?
Why let me make
a fool of myself?
You didn't make
a fool of yourself.
No one could
possibly have known
from your manner
in coming aboard
that our young friend
here and I
were lying hidden below
until the ship sailed.
Your Majesty!
You mean, your nephew,
Nikolas Watson.
Oh, yes, yes, of course,
yes, yes, of course.
That's my nephew, Nikolas.
As I suspected,
old fellow,
our enemies acted
promptly and ruthlessly
and it's only a
matter of time
until they find the
wreckage of the plane
and discover
that we're not on it.
Well, let me explain
something, Holmes.
There's a woman on board
who carries a revolver
in her handbag.
She calls herself Dunham,
Miss Agatha Dunham.
If she's a she.
From the looks of it, I wouldn't be
surprised if it's a man dressed up.
Oh, it's not very
uncommon for a woman
traveling alone
to carry a revolver.
Yes, but there's
another thing, Holmes.
I just heard a very
suspicious conversation
between two men
in the smoking room.
Something about
a fanatical faction
and the body of a king.
Oh, hmm.
I had hoped my strategy might give
us breathing space for a day or two.
What do you propose to do,
I...I've made
arrangements to hand
Nikolas over to
his friends in Algiers,
the ships first stop.
They have the means to ensure the
completion of his journey and safety.
After which you
and Dr. Watson
will be able to continue with
your interrupted holiday.
After which we shall both
need some relaxation.
From the look of it, old
fellow, you've already started.
What do you mean, Holmes?
Along the lines of
relaxation, I mean.
Brunette, young, beautiful.
As a matter of fact
you're right,
but how did you know?
And I pay sufficient
credit to your good taste,
to take the
beautiful for granted.
singing Now, if a
Ha, ha, ha, delightful,
very delightful.
Now, how about that surprise
you said you had for me?
Oh, you'll see in time.
But first of all you must
keep your promise.
You said you'd sing, "Flow
Gently Sweet Afton" for me.
Oh, all right,
if you really want me too.
Oh, of course I do.
I wonder if you'd hand
me my music case, please?
Oh, here it is.
Oh, I may say!
So sorry.
That's all right.
- Hope I didn't hurt you?
- No, no.
Ah, here is my surprise.
May I introduce my nephew,
Mr. Nikolas Watson?
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
And my friend,
Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
How do you do?
Oh, I...
Excuse me.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
Really, Watson, I've never
thought of myself as handsome,
but that's the
first time in my life
that a woman has run
away at the sight of me.
Hang it all, Holmes,
something must be wrong.
can I have a sherry?
- Please.
- No, thanks.
Did you tell her
I was on board?
No, no,
I just told her tonight
that I had a surprise for her.
That seems to be rather
an understatement.
- Two sherries, please.
- Yes, sir.
I don't understand it,
She seems too nice a girl.
She sings charmingly.
My dear fellow, musical talent
is hardly evidence of innocence.
As a matter of fact,
the late Professor Moriarity
was a virtuoso
on the bassoon.
Thank you.
under no circumstances
is Nikolas to be left alone,
at any time or for any reason.
Oh, what are you
going to do, Holmes?
Normal, nothing.
I shall leave the first
move to my antagonists.
Good morning, everybody.
Good morning, my dear.
Not that it is a
very good morning.
Well, at least it's
mysterious and attractive,
not all dirty and sinister
like a London fog.
Blasted noise,
- kept me awake half the night.
- Oh, that's too bad.
Would you be interested in
a stroll around the deck?
- I'd like to but ah...
- Well, come along, then.
Watson, I think a walk
on the deck, is indicated.
Not for me...
Oh, yes of course,
nothing like a good hike
for the digestion.
That's funny,
they can't have gone far.
Can't see a thing.
Well, unless we
should get in touch
with someone
in authority at once.
I do know there should be
three bodies, not just one.
We were told to use our own
judgment about the best way to...
Pardon me, gentlemen,
have you by any chance
seen Ms. Woodbury and...
Sorry, we haven't.
That's very rude.
Good morning, ducky.
Good morning, you're looking
depressingly healthy.
Three-mile hike before
each meal, old boy.
I know,
good for the digestion.
You haven't by
any chance seen
Ms. Woodbury and
my nephew, have you?
Don't tell me you've lost
the dear boy.
The question is not
have I lost the dear boy,
but have you seen him?
Come, doctor
a- hunting we will go.
But I've already been this way.
You know, there's
something fascinating
about fog at sea.
Gets you just as wet.
It really is thick,
isn't it?
You can hardly see
the water.
It looks ominous.
Yes, doesn't it?
You're right about it
being wet.
You know, I have a feeling
my nose is a sight.
- It's a very pretty nose.
- Oh, liar!
Oh, look out.
Oh, well, thank you, I...
Isn't it lucky you were here?
Yes, isn't it?
You, you startled me.
I thought you were
deep in your chess game.
Oh, the lost is found, Doctor.
- Sorry, Holmes, it was a fog.
- Yes, so I observed.
It's colder out here
than I thought.
Come, my dear, a good brisk
hike will do you good.
I'm sure the Doctor
doesn't wish to continue
now that he's found
the dear boy.
It appears that someone
has been careless, Watson.
What's up?
Excuse me.
Excuse me, will you?
- Something wrong?
- Excuse me, please.
- We're off Lisbon.
- Lisbon?
We're not supposed to
stop there, are we?
I rather fancied
we'd be getting
some unexpected passengers
aboard about now.
Yes, I think added caution
is indicated.
In the last 24 hours
they've undoubtedly
discovered that
we're not on that plane
and we are on this ship.
Those fellows
Kingston and Jerry
were outside the
wireless room today.
They said something about communicating
with someone in authority.
- Could they...
- Possibly.
Nikolas, Dr. Watson and
I are going on deck again.
I'm rather anxious to see
who's coming aboard.
Lock the door, will you, and don't open
it except for Dr. Watson or myself.
- Going on deck, sir?
- Yes, breath of fresh air.
I see, sir.
Holmes, did it occur to you that the
steward behaved rather suspiciously?
I understand we stopped
to take on some cargo.
- Yes, three passengers.
- Yes.
Oh, Mr. Holmes,
you startled me.
Did you see three
men have come aboard?
It's what Ms. Woodbury
just informed us.
Lisbon, beautiful city.
Too bad we shan't have a
chance to pay it a visit.
La muerte de playa,
la castile de George.
The cloisters
of the Geronimo's.
The Tower of Belm.
One of the most
fascinating examples
of Moorish architecture
I've ever seen.
Good evening.
Mr. Holmes, is it not?
Good evening. I'm afraid you
have the advantage of me.
Oh, that's the price
of fame, Mr. Holmes.
Who on earth's that?
I don't know,
but I've seen his face
before somewhere.
I think, Watson, we'd better
get back to your nephew.
This way, it's quicker.
Who's there?
It's I, Holmes.
Nikolas, I want you to
move in with Dr. Watson
until we reach our
destination, understand?
Certainly, Mr. Holmes.
I should think you'd want
to keep him under your eye?
I would if it...
weren't for that
I think Nikolas will be
safer in an inside cabin.
A porthole opening onto
the promenade deck
is apt to offer
too many temptations
to the three gentlemen in
the cabin opposite ours,
or anyone else who
might be interested.
- Nothing, thank you, Sanford, good night.
Holmes, I... I don't
trust that fellow.
- Oh, good morning, Sanford.
- Good morning, sir.
Put that down over there,
will you.
Breakfast will be served
in half an hour.
I don't see how you
can drink the stuff.
I never could
stand it myself.
Everyone in my country
drinks coffee.
My dear Nikolas,
apparently you don't realize
that it's tea that has
made the British Empire
and Watson
what they are today.
Well, we're both in pretty
good shape, aren't we?
I thought it was the playing fields
of Eaton that were responsible.
No, no, no,
it was the Battle of Waterloo.
Scummy looking stuff,
even for coffee.
Looks as if the cream
had gone sour.
- Don't drink it!
- Why not? What's wrong?
Mm, it's fortunate that you take
cream with your coffee, Nikolas.
I...I don't understand!
It happens to be an idiosyncrasy
of the cyanic acid group
it breaks up fat
in the globules.
Cyanic acid?
Do you mean to say that
Nikolas was almost poisoned
before our very eyes?
If it hadn't been for the
telltale appearance of the cream.
Cold-blooded murder!
Men who have engineered
one assassination, Watson,
will not stop at another.
I owe you my life,
Mr. Holmes.
No, not me, Dr. Watson,
with his keen sense
of observation.
Oh, thank you, Holmes.
Has it occurred to you
that steward chap
was the only one who knows
that you and I take tea
and he takes coffee?
You don't suppose Sheila?
Possibly, poison is a
woman's weapon.
A woman's weapon?
They might include
that Dunham woman
if she is a woman.
Mustn't overlook that
little bearded fellow
and his goggle-eyed friend.
And don't forget the
three charming gentlemen
who came aboard
last night.
Good shot, Watson!
Oh, thanks, old fellow.
Was lucky, Dr. Watson.
Not luck, skill,
Mr. Merner.
Mirko if you don't mind,
M- i-r-k-o.
Oh, sorry, old bean.
Your turn, Mr. Holmes.
You've um, you've left
your man unguarded.
I don't think so.
It will be more difficult to
take him off than it appears.
Your turn, Mr. Gregor.
Oh, tough luck, partner.
And yet sometimes to
leave a man unguarded
may be a skillful trap
for one's opponents.
You flatter me, Mr. Gregor.
I'm not as clever
a player as that.
You're too modest,
Mr. Holmes.
Mirko is most accurate.
I'm afraid I'm not
giving him much help.
Are you conceding
defeat then, Mr. Holmes?
Oh, certainly not.
One always prefers to win.
Even when the price
of victory is too high?
Of course, that all depends on
the price one's willing to pay.
Well, that's it, Mr. Mirko.
I'm afraid we're too
good for you, old man.
Yes, Mr. Holmes and I,
shall have to send the drinks.
After your skillful playing,
Mr. Mirko,
I wouldn't think
of penalizing you.
The drinks shall be on me.
You are a good loser,
Mr. Holmes.
- I suggest we all meet in the lounge
after dinner. - Right.
Thank you for the game,
Pleasure was ours,
Mr. Holmes.
Oh, now we can
really see it.
The Rock of Gibraltar.
We'll be getting to the
Mediterranean soon, Holmes.
Now that you have failed
to warn Holmes off,
our only safety lies
in first eliminating him.
But Holmes is not
our objective.
No, but he stands between
us and our objective.
It seems such a pity to
eliminate Sherlock Holmes.
You may accuse me of being
unduly tenderhearted,
but to destroy so great a man
in order to reach our target...
But the target we must reach
before we arrive at Algiers.
There's still plenty of time.
You're right, of course.
- I should like to have given Holmes
a chance, but... - Good.
Then tonight
it'll be done my way.
You really enjoy your work,
don't you, Mirko?
I promise you Mirko is
more than competent.
We cannot afford
to take chances.
And Nikolas must be disposed
of before we reach Algiers.
That's because you
don't know Mirko.
I've used him before, and I
promise you, he never fails.
Because your strong-arm methods
are apt to be too noisy.
With Mirko it's
swift and silent.
I'm sure Mr. Gubeck
is convinced.
Good evening, gentlemen.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Mr. Mirko insists that
losers pay off the bet.
We'd be delighted.
Won't you sit down?
What will you have?
- A brandy I think.
- Brandy.
Whisky and soda for me.
Steward, whisky and soda
and three brandies, please.
Pay nothing for
losing the game.
No ice in mine, Steward.
I can't think why you ruin good
whiskey by putting ice in it.
You see, Mr. Holmes,
losing the game
always carries a penalty,
sometimes greater than others.
Well, if one isn't willing
to pay the penalty,
one shouldn't
play the game.
Thank you.
To your health,
and long life.
Thank you.
I think I'll turn in now.
Oh, what happened to
your charming companion?
She said she had a headache
and went to her cabin.
I think it's time
we all turned in.
I bid you goodnight.
Twenty past 10:00,
it's a good idea.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, gentlemen.
Sit down.
There's no hurry.
So what do we do now,
My dear Mirko,
time to cultivate patience.
It's so much safer.
He turned out the light.
I promise you
I shall not fail.
Oh, how unfortunate,
Mr. Mirko.
These porthole covers are
notoriously treacherous.
I'm afraid you've
broken your wrist!
You, you pig!
You shouldn't have played
shuffleboard today, you know.
When I saw that
skillful hand
and unerringly
accurate eye of yours,
I remembered the
Circus of Medlano, in Paris,
and your amazing exhibition
of Knife throwing.
Oh, good morning,
Mr. Holmes.
Oh, there you are.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Mr. Gregor.
I heard of your friend's
unfortunate accident.
Will you please
convey my sympathy?
It may take a
long time to heal.
You have to have patience,
you know.
I was explaining the
advantage of patience to...
to Mr. Mirko only last night.
Now me, I am a very
patient man myself,
and I always believe the
result well worth waiting for,
don't you agree, Mr. Holmes?
Patience has advantages
under certain conditions.
We are in accord,
Mr. Holmes.
Yes, aren't we!
That fellow Mirko said
he slipped and fell down
while walking around the deck
at 3:00 o'clock in the morning.
Drunk most, probably.
He's got a nasty fracture.
Took me over an hour
to set.
I've got no sleep again.
Most regrettable,
too bad you couldn't
blame it on your insomnia.
You know I always
sleep like a top.
Well, I don't
think either of us
is going to get
much sleep tonight.
Oh, you mean that
woman's party?
Silly creature.
What on earth does she
want to give a party for?
It wasn't referring to
Mrs. Dunhams' party, Watson,
deadly, as that will
undoubtedly be.
No, this is the last opportunity
our three friends will have
to prevent our successfully
carrying out our mission.
We arrive at Algiers
late tonight.
Good morning, my dear.
I should say
the young lady
isn't looking forward
to arriving in Algiers
with any real great pleasure.
Do you notice, Watson,
she hasn't let her music
case out of her sight
since our first meeting?
Well, now that you
mention it, yes.
I want you to ask her to sing,
"Flow Gently Sweet Afton."
if she makes an excuse,
ask her if the music
is in that case,
leave the rest to me.
You will see an
interesting reaction.
I'll do it right now.
I still haven't heard
"Flow Gently Sweet Afton".
You promised to sing
it for me, you know.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm afraid I
don't know it from memory.
No, no, no, I won't
take no for an answer.
Perhaps you put the music
for it here in your case.
I'm afraid I don't
feel like singing.
I beg your pardon?
What did I tell you.
Interesting, isn't it?
By Jove he's right.
Don't come any nearer.
If you do, I'll...
I won't come any nearer,
I promise.
But may I talk to you?
My dear, Sheila.
I don't know yet
just what you're in
such mortal terror of,
but I'm sure that
whatever it is,
you are an innocent victim.
I don't know what
you're talking...
to begin with, the way you
acted the first time you saw me
was a bit of a blow
to my vanity, you know.
Men are such vain
creatures, aren't they?
So I prefer to think
that it was something
unexpected that you found
in your music case
that caused you to
react in such fashion.
I saw nothing.
Oh, come now,
you must have.
And so since the quickest
way to relieve fear
is to share the cause of it
with someone else,
please forgive me if
I attempt to find out
just what it is that your
music case contains.
- But I told you...
- Wait a minute.
Come along, won't you.
Won't you sit down,
Now, it's unlikely to
be important documents,
since to know
their significance
you'd do need a time
to examine them.
But there is one thing
which is small enough
to be easily concealed
and which is highly valuable,
a jewel or jewels.
then there's this
fellow Hassan
in whose caf you've been
engaged as an entertainer.
He's been suspected
for years
by the police
of two continents
as the largest receiver of
stolen goods in the Near East.
So... circumstances
would indicate
the jewels you found
in your music case
are both stolen and
extremely valuable.
And since there
have been no other
robberies in London
for some
considerable time,
I venture to say that
you're carrying the...
The Duchess Brookdales'
Am I right?
You're quite right,
Mr. Holmes.
May I?
I left the briefcase
in my manager's office.
He brought it to me
just before we sailed.
so Dr. Watson informed me.
I recognized the emeralds from
the newspaper description.
Oh, Mr. Holmes,
I've been so frightened.
Don't worry, my dear.
Don't worry.
I'll return the necklace.
And I assure that the reward the
insurance company has offered is yours
and will more than make up to
you for any loss you may incur
by the cancellation
of the Hassan contract,
- and will enable you to go home to...
- Brooklyn.
Well, I knew a most charming
man who lived there once.
He's now a resident
in Sing Sing prison.
You know, I'm not going
to have to carry
this briefcase around
with me any more.
How can I ever thank you?
If you really must
thank me,
please do so by singing Dr. Watson's
song for him, will you?
You're a darling.
Extraordinary sight.
Elementary, my dear fellow,
and very pleasant.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Oh, that looks
very nice, Steward.
- May I help you? - No, I want to put
these favors around myself.
I want to rearrange
the seating.
See, I'm using them
as place cards.
And I put the name
on each.
That nice, fat gentleman,
it was his suggestion.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
Nothing will go wrong
this time, my dear Mirko.
Thank you,
that was charming.
I love that old song.
Now you must sing for me,
you promised you know.
Well, if you like.
I haven't sung for some time.
There's nobody here.
Remember, you told me you
used to sing a song of...
- What was it, Loch Lomond?
- Yes.
C'mon now, Doctor,
just to please me.
Dr. Watson.
And this is me.
I think that's done.
Now, I'm going to have a
few words with the chef
to make sure everything's
taken care of.
May I show you the way?
Thank you.
Hardly any difference.
Bravo, Watson, bravo.
I look forward to seeing
you at the Opera Hall.
I didn't know
you were there.
Seems my voice
is a bit rusty.
You're just being modest,
Dr. Watson,
it was delightful.
Eh, Childre?
Oh, delightful.
My dear Kingston, why would they
have constructed it so large
if it were not to
accommodate city volumes...
Oh, Watson,
have you met
Mr. Kingston and Mr. Childre?
I've seen them about.
Mr. Kingston and Mr. Childre
are archaeologists.
They're going to Egypt
to excavate a tomb.
And we've just
received a wireless
- that the British government...
- Egyptian.
Egyptian government has
granted its permission.
they might have been
dug up themselves.
- Watson, please.
- Oh, sorry.
Was that you singing, ducky?
I could hear you
in the galley.
Capital. Really, it was.
What was it.
- Well, it was...
- Oh, it doesn't matter.
Well, is everybody ready?
The festival awaits.
We'll have a wonderful
time, ducky.
You'll observe that we
rearranged the seating order.
See, ducky, you're
this end, next to me.
You are at the other
end of the table.
I'm not going to let
you off, you know.
Let me off what?
This is our last
night together,
and you've been promising
the whole voyage
to tell me about one of
Sherlock Holmes' adventures.
Please do.
- Oh, isn't it a little early?
- No.
Hadn't we ought to
wait till after dinner?
Well, why not start now?
All right, now,
well, let's see.
Did any of you ever
hear of
the Giant Rat of Sumatra?
No, but it sounds
terribly gruesome.
It certainly was,
it never got in the
papers at the time,
too delicate a matter.
I don't suppose it'll do
any harm to tell it now.
It all began one
evening in Baker Street.
Holmes and I were
sitting in our rooms
when suddenly the
door opened slowly,
and in walked...
Sit down,
you're quite safe here.
I wish it would happen,
I don't like the suspense.
My dear Mirko,
as I have said before,
patience is an
admirable quality.
You should cultivate it.
One of the old pea soupers,
they're rare these...
Now, I hope you
all understand
the topography
of the place.
It's important,
devilishly important.
Now, let's see if
I can get it straight.
- Between these two knives is the Thames.
- That's right, the Thames.
- And the curette is the warehouse.
- The warehouse, that's right.
This boat is the salt server.
No, this salt server
is a boat, of course.
Oh, the salt server is the
boat, of course.
No, no, no. The salt server
is the boat.
Come on, Sheila,
where's your hat?
Oh, I'm sorry, I was listening
to your uncle's story. Here.
Oh, dear,
nothing happened.
Here, take mine.
Oh, oh, no, you don't.
No, this time I'm not
taking any chances,
I'm going to do it
all myself.
Wait a minute.
I don't think there's
a hat in that one.
Why don't you take mine.
I never wear paper hats.
Oh, well, thank you,
Mr. Holmes.
But I'm sorry you
won't wear it yourself,
I'm sure it'd be
very becoming.
As I was saying,
Holmes and I
crept down the alley
between the sinister
looking warehouses.
This stalk of
celery is Holmes
- and this bit of cheese is me.
- Oh, ducky.
But when we reach
the end of the alley,
it was a blank wall, so we
had to retrace our steps.
There was nothing
else to do.
- Was it a high wall?
- High, it was about six foot high.
I tried to climb it,
I said to Holmes
it was
absolutely ludicrous,
so he said to me, Watson,
there's nothing else for it,
and back we turned,
and down we went again.
Something has gone wrong.
- They've been down there.
- Be quiet.
It's that Holmes I tell you.
We should have
got rid of him.
Stay... stay here.
- Good evening, Mr. Holmes.
- Good evening.
Party over so soon?
No, I don't think so.
I imagine the festivities
are in full swing.
I just don't happen
to be much of a hand
at small talk
and pap... paper hats.
Oh, that's too bad.
Now me, I always enjoy
that sort of thing.
Then perhaps you'd like a
paper hat as a souvenir.
This one was at
Watson's nephew's place.
I'm sure he'd like you
to have it.
Not interested?
Oh, very well.
That's curious.
Good evening, Mr. Mirko.
"Nothing will go wrong,
this time, my dear Mirko."
...and after a desperate
chase up the river
and the police
launched Lestrade
finally apprehended the
missing soft of Wapping.
The freighter was thrown
out to sea and blown up.
And London, all England
for that matter,
was saved from the
terrible menace
of the
Giant Rat of Sumatra.
Oh, thank you very much.
I don't think I left
anything out, did I, Holmes?
I beg your pardon.
You're not listening
very closely?
I asked you if I
omitted anything.
I don't think so.
Nothing ever escapes
your eagle eye.
Oh, really, thanks a lot.
Oh, here's my
soup at last.
Getting hungry.
- Cheerio.
- Hi.
I can't believe this
is our last night.
It's funny,
I can't, either.
going about like a
couple of conspirators.
You notice, Watson,
that our three friends
are conspicuous
by their absence?
Oh, now that you
mentioned it,
I don't see them
anywhere about.
Hello, we stopped.
Yes, we're off
Algiers at last.
Thank heavens for that.
We haven't yet delivered
His Majesty in safety.
I'm afraid I'll have
to take Nikolas away.
So early?
But nobody's getting off
the board until morning.
I'm sorry, I have a
lot of packing to do.
- Oh, I see.
- Goodnight.
Are you having
a good time?
Oh, yes, he's wonderful.
Oh, yes,
it's been wonderful.
Oh, has it?
We can relax
only when Nikolas
is safely in the
hands of his friends.
You remember the
identification you'll present?
Yes, of course.
Good, get your
hat and coat,
I'll stay here with
Nikolas until you return.
The launch is waiting to
take Dr. Watson ashore, sir.
Good luck, old fellow,
and hurry.
You can rely on me,
- Bye, Nikolas.
- Good luck.
How long should it
take him, Mr. Holmes?
Oh, about half an hour,
I should think.
No one could say it's not
been an exciting trip.
That's to be expected.
We would have all have died
of boredom if it hadn't been.
Sorry, Holmes,
I forgot my pipe.
Don't do anything
foolish, Mr. Holmes.
I dare say you're surprised
to see me, aren't you?
In a way, yes.
Impersonations are
a hobby of mine.
After Dr. Watson
left the cabin,
I managed to simulate
his voice at the door,
it was quite good.
However, it was fortunate
that you didn't hear it.
Yes, isn't it?
I think you must conceded,
Mr. Holmes,
that the last trick
of the game is mine.
Our object now is not
to kill Mr. Holmes,
but to get the other one off the
boat as quickly as possible!
That's better!
Come on.
I must offer you our
sincerest congratulations
on the successful
of your so hazardous
mission, Dr. Watson.
Oh, thank you,
Mr. Levitz.
I don't mind admitting it was
one of our most difficult cases.
Mr. Holmes is
aboard the ship?
Indeed he is, I left him
guarding His Majesty.
Our country owes you a great
debt of gratitude, sir.
Oh, it was nothing at
all, sir, nothing at all.
Follow me, gentlemen.
That's funny.
What has happened?
Where's Nikolas?
Where is he?
Excuse me.
Did these gentlemen correctly
identify themselves?
Yes, of course they have.
Never mind about that now.
- Ring for the steward, will you, Watson?
- Hmm?
Well, where's Nikolas?
What have you done
with him?
Mr. Holmes,
what has happened?
Dr. Watson assured us His Majesty
would be safe under your guard.
Look here, Holmes, there
must be some explanation!
I'm rather pained
at your evident lack
of confidence in me.
Did you ring, sir?
Your Majesty, King Nikolas!
You're safe, sir.
Heaven be praised!
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty,
what's he talking about?
King Nikolas?
I don't understand.
And the young man who
assumed your identity, sir?
He's safe and unharmed.
We just received
word from the shore.
Three men have been taken
by the Security Police.
But you let them tie
you up and kidnap him.
Naturally, as ensuring
their absence
during His Majesty's
safe arrival.
I can't thank you enough,
Mr. Holmes.
Your Majesty's safe arrival
is thanks enough for me.
- And you too, Dr. Watson.
- Thank you, sir.
We had best be starting
without further delay.
Goodbye, Your Majesty.
Dr. Watson,
and I will not forget
that we've had the
unusual distinction
of having our breakfast served
to us in bed by a King.
Your Majesty.
- Goodbye, gentlemen. Thank you.
- Goodbye, sir.
Why didn't you tell me?
Didn't you feel that
you could trust me?
My dear fellow, you know I have
the utmost confidence in you.
It certainly doesn't look
as though you had.
My dear Watson,
if you'd known the truth
you'd never have been able to
treat His Majesty as a steward.
Well, didn't you think
that I could play up?
I was afraid that
honest face of yours
might give the
secret away.
Yes, Watson,
let me advise you.
If you ever consider taking
up another profession,
never even think
of becoming an actor.