Pusher (2012) Movie Script

(Dance beat)
- Inside her?
- Yeah.
That's not physically possible, man.
That's what she's saying.
- How much?
- Half a key.
That's a lot of gear, mate.
That's like that, innit?
Like the size of a mango or something.
There's no way
she could fit that in her pussy.
She's bringing half a kilo.
What do I care where she puts it?
It's your money, Frank.
You gotta know what she's doing.
Maybe she's planning on putting
some of it up her arse.
Stop banging on about it.
- What?
- You want to get it on with her.
Now she's planning on bringing
all this gear over from Amsterdam,
you're getting... I don't know. Fixated.
- I'm not getting fixated.
- Yes, you are.
Do you think she struggles
to satisfy herself? Sexually, I mean.
You know, a pussy the size of a bucket,
some guys would find it hard.
Maybe she only fucks guys
with really big dicks.
See, that's what I'm thinking.
If I can work out a way for her to
find out about what I got, I could be in.
- It's Frank.
- (Door buzzes)
This is Mandy. Mandy,
feign indifference towards the guys.
- Hello, Mandy.
- You boys want a drink or something?
- No, I'm good, thanks.
- Yeah, why not?
Nice one.
What have you two tomcats been up to?
Prowling around?
This and that. What about you, Fitz?
Throwing a party or something?
You know me, Frank.
All work and no play.
- It's a lot of gear.
- It's my birthday.
- Happy birthday, Fitz.
- Thank you, Tony.
Cor, that tastes like trouble.
What's the matter, Frank?
So I'm buying a lot of gear.
You should be happy.
Valuable customer.
I'm just wondering where my invite was.
You don't need an invite, Frank.
You're always welcome.
So, two ounces -
that's 3,200, yeah?
I'll just go and consult
with the bank of Fitz.
That's gonna be some party.
You gonna be there? Bet you are.
I bet you love it, you and your mates.
You're Frank, aren't you?
That's right. Yeah.
- You're cute.
- You're dogged out of your mind.
- How much gear have you been doing?
- Tons.
Frank, we've gotta come to this party.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to take a shower.
Take a shower.
Sounds like the start of a porn film.
- She's very beautiful...
- Fuck you, she's not a prostitute!
And, fuck you, don't eye-rape
my fucking girlfriend next time, yeah?
Listen, Frank, I've only got three grand
on me. Do it for that, yeah?
It's 3,200 for two ounces.
Like I said.
Yeah, but I've only got
three in the house.
So what are you saying?
Well, got a bit of wiggle room?
How about you just pay me the money?
Come on, Frank.
Let's go.
It's possible, yeah, but wouldn't it be
easier to just swallow it or something?
You wouldn't do it
or you couldn't do it?
I'm not a drug smuggler.
If they catch you, you get ten years.
But what if you had to do it?
I wouldn't swallow it.
What if it burst?
I'd probably shove it up my arse.
- You see, proof!
- That's not proof.
A lady can't fit
that much gak up her cunt.
- Don't use that word.
- What should I say?
- I don't know.
- Pussy.
Pussy's better. I like cats.
They're slinky.
OK, so if she's planning on putting
half a kilo of coke up her... pussy,
I reckon Frank's within his rights
to check that this is possible, right?
- You're fucking crazy.
- He's fixated.
I'm not fucking fixated.
It's just... you're in for how much?
- 18.
- 18 grand.
That is a lot of money, Frank.
He just wants to be sure.
- So when's she going, then?
- First thing tomorrow.
Did you hear?
About Ronnie-Rae's friend Luca.
- Got raided.
- Yeah?
Say she could go down
for a couple of years.
Yeah, well, Ronnie-Rae's
a fucking lunatic.
I was wondering...
Can you stretch to an extra 50 a week?
It's risky, Frank.
Yeah. No problem.
You coming home later?
I don't know.
I'm still really rough... (Kisses)
...from last night.
Tiredness is something
we can work around, though.
I'll see how I feel later.
(Music blares)
Danaka, I need to talk to you.
Let's go outside.
- All set?
- Just need the money then I'm off.
Oh. Hi, Tony. I didn't see you back there.
- What time do you get in?
- Thursday.
Fly first thing tomorrow morning,
pick up the gear, train to Brussels,
then on the Eurostar Thursday morning.
Are you gonna pick me up?
Fuck it, I gotta ask her.
Can I ask you a question?
Well, it depends what it is.
Do you really think
you can fit it all in?
Are you seriously asking
what I think you're asking?
Tell you what...
you show me yours...
...and I'll show you mine.
- For real?
- Mm-hm.
Come on, Tony.
What have you got to be scared of?
Oh, I'm not scared.
Whatever the opposite of scared is,
that's me.
(He unzips)
- (She laughs)
- What?
What? It's cold. Oi, leave it out! Oi!
Oi! Frank!
- Oi.
- Oh, that is brilliant.
(She giggles)
See you later, boys.
- What?
- Get in.
(Funky music)
Fuck off!
TONY: Fuck!
Fucking hell!
(Tony roars as music fades)
(Heavy breathing)
(Music fades up)
The Music (lnstrumental)
Hey, I'm sorry about the mess.
He's got a problem with my mate.
He did it last week
with the doorman.
Pleasure Moon
- (Whooping)
(Shouts under music)
Fuck! Fuck!
I can't believe she fucked
that Chinese guy.
- What was his name?
- Fuck knows.
Some girls just go for Orientals.
It's like a fetish or something.
That bloke she was with in the club
wasn't Oriental.
Yeah, well... He's a fucking pussy.
Him and his crew.
See that roundhouse kick I give him
Bruce Lee style?
Yeah. Turned a few heads.
Fuck off!
Whatshisname - northern bloke.
He was there last night.
He asked after you.
- Don't know who you're talking about.
- You do. You were inside with him.
Marvin or Melvin or something.
Yeah, well, he said
he's gonna give you a call.
Said he was looking to score -
big-time player.
Gave him your number.
- What?
- You're handing out my number?
- You know him, though.
- How come I don't remember him?
I don't know -
cos your brain's fucking sludge.
Dunno what you're so pissed off about.
Should be charging you commission
or something.
Fuck. Fuck!
Who did this, you fucking shitbags?
- Come here, you little bastards!
- (Boys laugh)
- Frank, leave it!
- Get back here!
Truthfully, Frank,
it was a pretty shit car, mate.
But it was your car
and someone's raped it!
- Shut the fuck up!
- (Frank laughs)
- All right?
- Yeah, I'm all right. You?
Put it this way,
my luck's gotta change sometime soon.
(Phone rings)
- Thanks.
- See you round.
(Ringing tone)
MAN: Hello?
- Who's this?
- You rang me, mate. Who are you?
- You just rang my number.
Frank, it's me, Marlon.
Your mate give me your number.
Sorry, mate, I don't know any Marlons.
Marlon Burroughs.
I was in Pentonville same time as you.
Come on, Frank, you can't
have forgotten. The Marlonator!
Oh, sure, sure. Yeah, Marlon.
How's it going?
You all right, Frank?
- Marlon.
- How's it going, man? Good to see you.
What you doing meeting here,
you fucking weirdo?
You used to be a mate
of Greek Paul's, right?
Yeah. Greek Paul, yeah. Good bloke.
But a bit of a cunt, though.
Thought he was God's gift at pool.
I must've taken a couple of hundred quid
off him when I was inside.
Listen, mate, Tony said
you were in business...
- Tony said that?
- Yeah.
- You know, Tony, gobby twat.
- What did he say?
He said you might be able
to hook me up with some Cadbury's.
No, mate. Sorry.
I don't do that any more.
What, really?
Gave it all up.
Well, do you know anyone
who could hook me up?
I need to get hold of a box.
- A key?
- I can pay up to 45 a gram.
You got cash?
Come on, mate, I'm not a cunt.
Let me look into it.
I'll give you a call in a couple of hours.
(Chatter and laughter)
(Men laughing)
- All right, guys?
- Hey, Frankie!
My friend.
- Hey, Frank, how are you?
- I'm good. Yeah.
I mean, some kids fucked up my car
but otherwise I'm good.
- Some kids fucked up your car?
- Yeah.
Too bad, Frankie.
You know who did it?
- Nah.
- That's too bad.
Remember when you used to drive
this piece-of-shit convertible?
- Ha!
- Yeah.
Come, come. Come here.
- Here is something to cheer you up.
- Oh.
This you have to taste.
Baklava. I made this myself.
- You made this yourself?
- Yes, Frank.
Taste it. Come on, taste it.
Special. Come on.
- Right.
- Special. Huh?
Taste it, Frank. Come on.
Huh? Good?
- Good, huh?
- Really good.
Ah, shall I teach you? Eh?
You can learn that. It's easy.
Pastry, butter, nuts.
Can we talk?
Can talk, yeah.
To make the syrup, take some sugar -
a lot of sugar -
boil up with some water
and lemon juice
and pour it over.
Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy!
Hey. (Chuckles)
- erefe.
- erefe.
Oh. Eh?
OK. Shall we talk?
There's this bloke - you don't know him,
I was inside with him.
He wants to buy a key of coke.
- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
That's a little fast.
- What's the hurry?
- Dunno.
And how will it happen?
I'll pick the gear up here tomorrow,
do the deal, come back with the money.
Ah, Frankie,
you already owe me three grand.
You're my friend but you owe me money
and money's not here is the problem.
You understand?
I have a problem. Three grand.
Well, this way you'll get
the three grand quicker.
I gave you this three grand on credit.
You said you'd be back with this money
when it was sold.
And now money's not here.
That's OK. We are friends, yeah?
La-la la-la-la.
And now you want to borrow a key.
That's a lot.
Yeah, it's a lot but it's a good deal.
He's all right.
Hakan... (Speaks Turkish)
The dope is here tomorrow, 12 o'clock.
And, Frank, listen. You promise.
I'm a boomerang.
I come straight back.
I'm serious. Straight afterwards
you are here with money.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
OK. 45 a gram.
45. When do I see the three grand?
- Just as soon as I'm...
- Tomorrow.
All right?
Ah, that's Robbie. He's proper.
OK. You can have it for 50 quid a gram.
That's 50 grand. We said 45.
- All right, let's say 47, yeah?
- 50.
It's quality stuff.
All right. 50.
- I wanna try some now.
- Right.
- There.
- Cheers.
- OK?
- Yeah, it's OK.
Tomorrow at two.
Two o'clock sharp.
Any chance we can meet somewhere
a bit more central?
Where do you want to meet?
Dunno. Stokey?
- Do you know the car wash?
- Yeah.
(Milo speaks Turkish and they laugh)
- Frankie, my friend.
- Hey.
12 o'clock.
12 o'clock. Good.
- All right, Hak?
- Hey, Frank. How's it going?
This is my cousin, Meten.
Meten, this is Frank.
- Hey, you want some of this?
- Hm?
- Want some of this?
- No, it's too fucking sweet.
- Sugar's good for you.
- He made me eat some yesterday.
(He chuckles and speaks Turkish)
Thanks. Take it easy.
Shall see you soon, huh?
Yeah. Round 3:30, four o'clock.
(Tony sniffs loudly)
- Oh, yeah. Whoo! That's good.
- Yeah, it's good, isn't it?
- (Tony laughs)
- What are you cutting it with?
- It's normal.
- I'm just asking.
Baby lax. Baby magic.
Everyone does it.
Now you've seen it get done.
- OK.
- All right.
Let's go.
See ya.
(Vendors calling out)
All right, Maurice? Looking sharp.
- Oh, Frank. Nice to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- All right?
- Lovely.
TONY: Hello! Whoo!
Frankie boy!
(Tony calls out)
- Does Flo ever bring her work home?
- Not any more.
I saw a guy leaving once.
I followed him.
He walked down onto the canal,
you know?
He stops. He's having a piss
up against the wall.
I walk up behind him and say, "That's
the ugliest-looking dick I've ever seen."
- What did he say?
- Nothing.
He just looked at me. He couldn't do
anything cos he was still taking a piss.
Grabbed him by the neck,
smashed him off the wall.
He went down.
Did a few Fred Astaire moves on him.
Should've kicked him
roundhouse style.
- Oh, there weren't room.
- Right. Watch this, right?
- The circle kick. Stand still.
- If you hit me...
Yah! (Snap) Aargh!
- Oh, fuck! Oh!
- Come on. We haven't got time for this.
- It really hurts.
- Give me a look.
- Leave it.
- I can't see anything with your shoe on.
- Be more gentle, then! Fucking hell.
- All right.
- Sit still.
- Aargh.
Oh, it hurts like fuck.
- You've just twisted it. It's fine.
- Is it all right?
They're here.
- Come on, then.
- I ain't moving.
- Eh?
- I'm incapsitated.
Jesus Christ. Give me the gear.
MARLON: You all right, Frank?
- Where are we going?
MARLON: Do it on the hop. Safer.
- You got the gear?
- You got the money?
- You all right, mate?
- What do you mean?
- You just seem a little agitated.
- You want to know how I feel?
I just wanna see the gear.
Sure. Let's see the money first.
Frank, mate,
you always get the gear out first.
You might do it that way up north,
but down here it's the money first.
Look, don't be a cunt.
Price I'm paying, I want to see the gear.
(Paper bag rustling)
Fuck! Dibble!
(Horn blares)
(Siren wailing)
Sit down.
- You want a cup of tea?
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Managed to warm up a bit?
- Yep.
You look tired, Frank.
Well, my room wasn't exactly
MAN: Listen, you little prick.
You're in big fucking trouble.
- Is that right?
WOMAN: We got you fair and square.
- How come you ain't charged me, then?
- We want to hear it from you.
How much was there?
Half a kilo? More?
Don't know what you're talking about.
Must be pretty scary
being you right now, Frank.
Somewhere out there,
someone's missing that dope
and they're not gonna stop
looking for you until they find you.
And when they find you...
Maybe he needs a little bit of time
to think about it.
Unless there's anything you want to say.
(Shouts angrily)
WOMAN: Who's your source, Frank?
Who do you buy from?
MAN: Still got nothing to say?
WOMAN: How are you gonna pay them
back, a small-time dealer like you?
No way you've got that much.
No way.
Tell us who they are, we'll protect you.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yes, you do.
We've got a signed statement
from Tony Cartwright.
Picked him up same time as you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, Tony does.
Tony seems to know a lot, Frank.
Especially about you.
MAN: We know everything, Frank.
Talk to us.
It's for your own good.
We all know as soon as you walk
through those doors,
you're completely fucked.
Tell us. Who supplied the dope?
WOMAN: It's all here.
We just wanna hear it from you.
If it's all there,
why don't you charge me?
You've got no friends out there, Frank.
Don't you get it?
You're on your own.
Lord knows it's hard
Keep on moving
You gotta stay up on your feet now
Lord knows it's hard...
- (Dancer screams)
TONY: Fuck!
- Aargh, fuck!
- What did you say?
What did you fucking say?
Aargh! I didn't say nothing!
You're a fucking twat! Aargh!
You set the whole thing up!
No, Frank! I didn't set anything.
They didn't catch me.
Frank, I got... Aargh, fuck!
- Leave it out, Frank.
- What did you fucking say?
(Tony screams)
(Train rumbling overhead)
I'm sorry. Fuck, I'm sorry.
Frankie, what a surprise.
I'm so sorry I didn't show up yesterday.
I'm sorry.
- We had a deal.
- Yeah.
- What was it?
- I'd come straight back with the money.
Hakan, can you remember
if we had an appointment yesterday?
you like my son for me, you know?
Come with me.
Sit down.
So what happened, Frank?
I don't have the dope...
and I don't have the money.
You don't have the dope
and you don't have the money. Why?
- The police got me.
- You were busted.
Eh, Frankie was busted
with whole kilo of dope, huh?
And you're not in jail or -
how it's called - solitary?
- Strange.
- All the dope's in the lake.
- What is it doing in the lake?
- I put it there.
- I had to.
- Kilo of dope in the lake?
I know. It's fucked.
- (Chuckles)
- Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Think about those ducks.
Lucky ducks or...
or flying fishes
or something like that, uh?
No, no, no. Tell me story.
Tell me something else here, huh?
There isn't anything else.
Tell me, were you busted or not?
- I told you I was busted.
- So what's the number?
- What number?
- The reference number.
Every time crime is committed,
cops give it number.
- So they can look it up.
- Yeah.
They didn't give me one.
I mean, they didn't charge me.
And you expect me to believe that?
It's the truth, Milo, I swear.
Frank, you owe me 55,000.
It's not 55.
It's 45... plus the three from before.
- That's...
- No, no, no, no.
It was 48.
Now is 55.
You want to know why? Huh?
- Ask me. Ask me.
- Why?
For the bullshit story you brought me!
(Banging table) That's what it's for.
And you can see it keeps getting
bigger and bigger more bullshit I hear.
48 plus seven. 55.
- Were is the money?
- I'll get it.
- All of them?
- Sure.
- Now?
- I can get you some of it now.
I can get you...
20... no problem, straightaway.
OK, OK. Hakan can go with you.
No, there's something I gotta do first.
Then I'll come with the 20.
- Is it bullshit, Frank?
- No. I just gotta pick it up.
- OK, and the rest?
- A couple of days.
I've got a batch coming in from the Dam.
Once I've shifted that I'll have it.
OK. Now 20.
Then 35. Huh?
Listen to me, Marlon, you fucking cunt.
Whatever happened back there
had nothing to do with me.
The way I see it, you've got my money,
and I haven't got anything of yours.
So you're gonna give me
that money back.
If you don't, I'm gonna track you down,
wherever you are,
and I'm gonna take it back off you.
This is Danaka.
I'm not here, so say something nice
and if I like it, I'll call you back.
Danaka, it's Frank.
Listen, I didn't make it
to the station but... give us a call
cos I really need to meet up soonish.
Frank. You all right?
Want a drink?
I'll get you a drink.
You gonna be all right?
You'll be able to get the money?
Yeah. It's not the money
that's the problem.
It's the time.
You know what I mean?
Sure. Milo wants me to give you a hand.
I'll be all right. Honestly.
I know what people can be like.
Sometimes when you come to collect,
they'll do anything not to pay.
You know? Anything.
There was this guy...
fucked Milo over six grand.
Been there a few times
to ask for the money nicely.
In the end,
I had to go out there with a knife.
It was bad.
What happened in the end?
He paid.
He had the money all along.
Only, now he walks with a limp. (Laughs)
I mean, how stupid is that, huh?
Frank! She knew it was you
before you come in. Didn't you, Bessie?
All right, Jack.
Listen, I need the money you owe me.
All right. All in good time. Cup of tea?
- I can't stay long.
- Everything all right?
- I just need the money.
- Yeah, well...
I ain't got it, Frank.
You know that, don't you?
- When can you get it?
- I don't know.
You can get hold of it somehow.
Come on.
I'll tell you what. Here you are.
Here you are, mate. Look...
there's... well, 20 quid there.
You must have more than this.
Come on.
What else do you spend it on?
Dope, Frank. I spend it on dope.
Listen, Jack, I'm coming back here
tomorrow and I want the money.
- All of it.
- I can't make...
- Frank... Frank...
- It's 1,400.
- Are you serious?
- Get a loan.
Remortgage this place.
I don't care. Just do it.
- Frank, talk to me, mate.
- Just do it.
(Ringing tone)
This is Danaka...
- I tried calling you.
- I've been busy.
- You want me to get it now?
- Yeah. All of it.
My car's fucked.
Can I borrow yours for a couple of days?
Sure. Only, I left it round Brian's
the other night after karaoke.
And it's not technically mine,
so be careful with it. OK?
- Is this it?
- It's 5,000.
- No, there's gotta be more than that.
- There isn't. I write it all down.
- You do what?
- Here.
It's written like noughts and crosses.
Each cross is 1,000.
When you take money out, I put a line
through it like the game's over.
- Did you speak to Danaka yet?
- No.
- Why? Have you?
- She put Tony's dick on her page.
- Did she say if she's back yet?
- Dunno. Didn't she call you?
Would I be asking if she had?
Jesus, Frank.
Frank, is everything all right?
It's fine.
See you later.
MODESTEP: Sunlight
The sunlight hurts my eyes...
I've got a bunch of gear
coming in from Amsterdam.
- I need to shift it.
- All right. Step into my office.
Are you interested or not?
I'm always interested, Frank.
I'll give you 30 for half a key.
Oh, fuck!
Mate, that's properly rank.
I'll tell you what, though.
Way to fix it's to put it
in a bowl of rice.
- What for?
- Dries it out.
Absorbs the moisture. Here.
Here. You know anyone
who wants to buy a piece?
- Are you serious? Jesus!
- Fucking serious, mate.
Automatics, semi-automatics.
I've got all sorts.
No, mate.
All right. Call me when you got it, yeah?
MEG COTTONE: Pull Me Under
I look to no-one
I hope for nothing
My mind's wide open
That's why I'm free
I search for something
That isn't there
I look for looking
I take no care
So pull me under
Pull me un...
- All right, Frank?
- All right.
- All right?
- All right, Frank.
- What the fuck happened?
- What?
- You and Tony.
- It was nothing.
May I borrow your phone?
He's in hospital.
Say they might have to put
a pin in his jaw.
Well, maybe that'll teach him
to keep his mouth shut.
(Ringing tone)
Come on, Frank.
What the fuck happened?
We fell out. Friends fall out.
You fell out with Paula.
Paula's not in intensive care!
This is Danaka...
- Do you wanna go to this party?
- Is it gonna be any good?
(Frank snorts) Yeah.
It's V-VIP. We're on the list.
Hey, Milo, it's me - Frank.
Yeah, I know. My phone's fucked.
I'm not trying to fuck you about.
I... I don't have it yet.
Yeah, sure. However you want to play it.
Tell him to meet me tomorrow.
We can do it then.
(Pounding dance music)
- What's wrong? What is it?
- Nothing.
Er, who was that bloke
you were talking to?
- No-one.
- What did he say?
- You really wanna know?
- Yeah.
He offered me 100 quid to suck his dick.
He thought I was a whore!
- Aren't you?
- No.
I'm not, Frank.
I'm working as a dancer right now
and sometimes I do a bit of escorting
but that is not the same
as being a whore.
(Laughter on TV)
MILO: Frank.
Where is the money?
(Door opens)
All right, Tony?
How are you feeling?
You probably think
that I've come round here to apologise.
But I haven't.
I need that 800 you owe me.
We'll call it quits.
(Softly) Fuck off.
Now fuck off.
- (Birds twittering)
- 'Ey, Frank. Who's this?
I've been trying to call you.
Good. Does that mean you got the money?
Frank, mate, I can get it for you -
all of it - by the end of the month.
I need it now.
End of the month's too late.
Frank, please!
Please, Frank!
- Look, calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
This guy will rip your kneecaps out
if you don't pay up.
Here. Look...
That's worth a few bob.
What am I supposed to do with that?
It's not my money any more.
You understand? I can't help you.
Please. For fuck's sake!
You're a fucking insect,
you know that?
Look, hang on! Shut up.
Shut up. Wait. Wait.
I've gotta say something. Look.
Look, I know a bloke
who can get the money.
Too late for that.
It's my money. I want it now.
Can you get it now?
Right now! Yes or no?
No. Aarghh!
Wrong answer.
I'm not going to shoot you.
What's the point in that?
I want my money.
You're going to rob a bank.
He can't rob a bank.
- Anyone can rob a bank.
- Look at him. He can't rob a bank.
He's fine.
Which bank do you wanna do, huh?
(Sobbing) I don't know.
We'll hit the first one we see.
Come on!
- Ow!
- Time to go.
Can I... Can I...
Can I have a line?
Yeah, when you give me the money.
- Let him have one now.
- No.
- Give him one.
- He gets shit till it's done.
Milo wants his money.
Come on, let's go.
Listen, we don't need to do this...
(Soft high-pitched tone)
(Muffled) So what happens now?
I need to get rid of this shotgun.
It's got both our prints on it.
- What are you gonna tell Milo?
- I'll tell him what happened.
But you should go see him.
Give him what you got,
anything else you can get hold of.
Seriously, Frank,
all he wants is his money.
Something's better than nothing, yeah?
Yeah, sure.
(Taps on roof)
Fuck! Fuck!
(Ringing tone)
- This is Danaka...
- Fuck's sake!
Milo, it's me - Frank.
Where are you? We had an agree...
- Did Hakan tell you what happened?
- Yes, he told me.
That was an unforeseen circumstance.
I haven't got the money.
Come by now. Bring me what you get
and we can talk about it.
I'll come by tomorrow.
By tomorrow lunchtime...
I should have it all - all of it.
Listen, Frankie. I like you,
but if you don't come round tomorrow,
you won't be able to walk again.
You understand?
(Door opens)
Hey, Frank.
What you watching?
Some sort of... programme.
Are you all right?
What's that? Is that for me?
Open it.
I'm... sorry...
...for last night.
Want me to try it on?
No, don't.
Flo, no. I'm not re...
That's enough. That's enough.
I wanna say thank you.
(She kisses him)
I said that's enough.
(Phone rings)
Danaka, where the fuck are you?
Yeah. Yes, I know where that is.
Fucking wait there. Just wait.
I'm on my way.
I'm gonna be there in...
No! No! You...
Listen to me. Stay where you are.
I'm on my way.
So... what's all this meeting
in public places, huh?
- You look like shit.
- Yeah, thanks, Frank.
You don't look so good yourself.
So have you got the gear?
Half a kilo as discussed.
- What's this?
- What the fuck do you think it is?
- It's cut to fuck. What is it?
- Well, I haven't touched it.
That's fucking lemonade.
That is sugar. You're taking the piss.
Fuck you, Frank.
I went to the address like you said.
I picked it up like you said.
- Where the fuck is it?
- That's it.
I promise you.
- Did you check it?
- Yeah.
Did you check it?
Yeah... Yeah, I mean, I...
I thi... I think I did.
They might have switched the bags.
Frank? Listen, Frank, I'm sorry.
It was Bob you met, yeah?
Dutch guy. Dutch...
Yeah. Dutch Bob. I was there,
he gave me the stuff and then...
Hey, Frank, we've been looking for you.
Who's this?
This is Danaka.
You just been in Europe?
Good trip?
Well, it was nice seeing you, Danaka,
but... I should probably
talk to these guys for a bit.
So where you been, Frank?
I couldn't pay him back at the time.
- And now you can?
- Mm-hm.
You wanna give the shit to me now?
She travelled back from Amsterdam
with half a kilo of dextrose up her arse.
You think this is funny?
You got two hours, Frank.
In two hours' time,
you'd better have 35 grand...
...or you won't have any fucking
Do you understand?
(Door slams)
(Rings doorbell)
Hello, Mum.
Come in.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
What are you up to these days?
Different things, you know?
- You hungry?
- No.
- Sure? Get you a sandwich?
- No, I'm all right.
Have you got any money?
I've got to get hold of some money today.
- What for?
- I owe it to someone.
- How much?
- 35 grand.
If they don't get it today,
they'll kill me.
Can't you get the police?
You have it?
These people.
Can't you talk to them?
They don't wanna talk.
They just want their money.
I've got about 300 in cash
in the house and...
...2,500 in my savings account.
- I'm going out.
- OK.
I was thinking...
...maybe we should
go away together sometime.
For a weekend or something.
- On holiday?
- Yeah.
See you later.
(Banging on door)
- Where's the gear?
- What?
- Where's the gear?
- I gave it to you!
That wasn't it. I want my gear.
- Where is it?
- I told you what happened.
Where have you been?
Why didn't you answer the phone?
- Tell me!
- She was with me!
- No...
- Who the fuck are you?
No! No, Frank,
he's nothing to do with this!
Frank, leave him! Stop!
He's got nothing to do with this, Frank!
Do you know where my gear is?
Frank, stop!
- Do you know where my gear is?
- It's in Amsterdam!
Where's my gear?
It's in Amsterdam, Frank!
It never left.
He ripped us off.
- It's in Amsterdam?
- Yeah. It's in Amsterdam.
Please, please.
Thought you could take my money?
Think you could fucking rip me off?
- I'm coming over there to...
BOB: To do what, Frank?
That money doesn't exist any more.
And this time tomorrow...
neither will you.
(Bob hangs up)
What else have you got?
300 for the.32,
450 for the nine-mil.
- You got bullets as well?
- 50 quid a pack.
I'll take 'em both.
And the cash.
Beat And The Pulse (Still Going Remix)
All the anger's lost
Freed from the beat and the pulse
Laughing like a fool
Playing for the heart and the soul
And the soul
Capture something red
Paste it to the edge of your bed...
- You come.
- Where's Fitz? Is he inside?
Take me to Fitz now.
- You're cute.
- Where is he?
- Have a line before you see him.
- Come on, he's not in here.
You seem tense, Frank.
I like that about you.
It's like you're not scared of anyone.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, but I do.
I know what it's like, Frank.
Sometimes it feels like you're on a train
and you wanna get off.
Don't you wanna get off, Frank?
(She laughs)
Feel it break
Feel it break...
Go on, Frank.
Fucking banging.
It's back. Listen to this. Oi.
- (She moans)
- Go on.
(Fitz laughs) Frankie!
All right, mate? How you doing?
(Woman moans)
What's with the fucking guns, Frankie?
Making me go soft, man.
(Whispers) Happy birthday, Fitz.
The safe. Now.
Put the fucking guns down, man.
What the fuck are you doing?
Put the fucking gun down, man!
- Come on!
- What the fuck's the matter with you?
What the fuck is going on?
For fuck's sake.
What the fuck is going on here?
- Open it!
- What?
- The safe.
- What fucking safe?
There. Open it. Now.
Come on!
Stay there.
You stay there.
Feel it break
Feel it break...
- You fucking did me up!
- Shut the fuck up! Get back!
- (Squealing)
Get back! Shut up!
Now get back! Shut up!
It's my fucking house, Frank.
It's my fucking house!
Shut up!
What are you looking at?!
- Stay back now!
- You fucking cunt!
You. Put your bag on the table now!
Put your bag on the table!
Rings, jewellery, watches, wallets,
on the table now.
Quickly, come on!
You. Do it!
Do it!
On the table!
Stay back, I said!
Fuck you, Frank!
Come on!
(Tyres screech)
Hey, Frank.
Need a lift?
No, I'm all right.
You carrying a gun?
- I just need more time.
- Time's up.
You need to come with me now.
(Engine starts)
How it going, Frank?
Got seven grand in there...
plus a grand-and-a-half's worth of gear.
That's what, er... eight?
(Speaks Turkish)
Frank, you owe me 55.
Say it.
I just need two days.
- Two what?
- Two days. Then it's yours.
You had enough time, Frank, huh?
How did you get here?
You drive here?
Give me the key to the car, huh.
Let us say... two grand, huh?
What a nice car, Frank. (Chuckles)
Things must look up, huh?
Hey. Nice, nice.
Er... what else?
Oh, good one, huh?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
How much we should say?
250 quid, huh?
This OK? 250?
OK. Right. 250.
Hey, Frankie, we are moving!
Hey. Huh?
Frankie. Huh?
I've got some H stashed.
That's worth a couple of thousand.
Good, good, good. Yeah. Hey, good.
Hey, Hakan.
(Speaks Turkish)
- (Replies in Turkish)
- OK.
No problem.
Hakan can pick up that for you, huh?
No, he can't.
It's stashed in a lock-up at the market.
They'll only let me up there.
We've got an arrangement.
Ooh. Another problem.
Ah. Always problem with you, Frankie.
How many problems you have?
Can you call? You can call, yeah?
You have arrangement there. Call them.
(Ringing tone)
MAN: Hello?
- Hi.
Is Maurice there?
- Well, when's he gonna be back?
- Don't know, mate.
Looks like we'll have to
pick it up in a bit.
(Shouts angrily in Turkish)
Hey, Hakan, Meten. Hey.
Hey, Frank.
Where are you, huh?
(Frank groans)
- What now, Frank, huh?
- I didn't do anything wrong.
You didn't do anything wrong?
You're my friend, Frank.
I trust you and you betray me.
You fucking betrayed me!
You fucked me! You fucked me!
Hakan, we going to sort
this little fucker out.
Frank, you fucking me!
You fucking me, Frank!
- (Music blares)
- Now I will show you, you little fucker!
You fucked me!
Come on, Frank.
We can go like that all night, yeah?
Unless you want to tell me something,
(Weakly) Amsterdam.
You are getting some money.
Where from, huh?
- He ripped me off.
- You ripped me off.
- I didn't.
- There's no Amsterdam.
- You stole from me.
- I didn't. I didn't. I didn't do that.
No, that's that you are thief or liar.
Hakan, show him what we are doing with
the people who steal money from us.
Hakan, cut his finger off.
You're scared now, huh?
Huh, Frankie?
Ah, fuck you!
Fucker! Get the fucker!
(Horn toots)
(Thumping on door)
(Groans softly)
What time is it?
What happened?
I got the shit kicked out of me.
- Who by?
- Some guys.
What now?
Gotta get out of London.
What are you doing?
I mean...
Do you wanna come with me?
- Do you want me to come?
- Yeah. Yeah, I want you to come.
Somewhere hot.
Where do you wanna go?
Spain. I want to go to Spain.
OK, let's go to Spain.
(Clattering nearby)
(Door bangs)
Frank? What are you doing?
One more stop. Then we can go.
(Music blares)
- How much?
- You can have it all for a grand.
- 800.
- No.
- Wait here.
- Oi.
(Phone rings)
MILO: Frank.
- Yeah.
- How are you?
We have problem.
What do you mean "we"?
It's gone too far, Frank.
Too many people talking about us.
Not good for me, not good for you.
- We have to fix it.
- How do you suggest we do that?
How much do you have?
Six grand.
OK, come with this six grand.
Hang on. I'll call you back.
We're not going.
It's OK. I spoke to the guy.
It's not a problem.
And what the fuck
would we do in Spain, anyway?
(Music blares)
What are you doing?
Wait. What are you doing?