Pusoy (2022) Movie Script

Life is like a big gamble,
you can win or lose
There are no sure winners
Great if you get a good hand,
get nervous if you dont
Dont cheat
Because fates revenge is different
You cant just carelessly throw
Remember, cards have a lot of numbers
Fortunes not always
on your side, learn to wait
Remember life has disadvantages
Learn to bet, win or lose
Nothings certain about life
Fortunes not always
in your favor, learn to wait
Remember lifes a losing game
Learn to bet, win or lose
Lifes never certain
Luck isnt always on your side
You cant just win all the time
Luck isnt always on your side
You cant just win all the time
If youre lucky dont stop dealing
Grab the chance because its fair
Dont rely on luck
because thats unlucky
Fortunes not always
on your side, learn to wait
Remember life has disadvantages
Learn to bet, win or lose
Nothings certain about life
Fortunes not always
in your favor, learn to wait
Remember lifes a losing game
Learn to bet, win or lose
Lifes never certain
Fortunes not always
in your favor, learn to wait
Remember lifes a losing game
Learn to bet, win or lose
Lifes never certain
Fortunes not always
in your favor, learn to wait
Remember lifes a losing game
Learn to bet, win or lose
Lifes never certain
Your cards look good.
The dealer seems lucky.
Ugh, asking money
for snacks again?
Later! I'm on a losing streak.
Bro, you deal so fast.
Youre doing it too fast.
What are you trying to pull off here?
What do you think Im doing?
You're always winning
because you're cheating.
- How am I cheating you?
- You fuck!
- What tricks are you playing here?
- I'm just playing.
Hey! You fuckers, you have
the balls to fight here.
Get out of here!
Dont fight here!
How dare you disrespect this place?!
Village guards!
Theyre fighting!
Stop them! Hurry!
Fuck you!
Were grieving our dead here!
- Stop!
- Shit!
What the hell!
Move out of the way!
- I'm so sweaty!
- Hey, look, he's probably a thief!
Stop running around here!
Over there!
Which pill is for the kidney?
Its this one.
Okay. Here you go.
Heres water.
Son, whereve you been?
You left so early.
I didnt go far.
Have you eaten?
You sure? Drink it then.
Hey, Mark!
Why dont you help Mama and Papa?
Youre wasting time on that phone.
They can handle that.
Youre a grown man
but you havent changed.
I might lose this game.
Lose? Ill throw your cellphone.
Hey, how did you get that?
Oh, son.
In the alley.
You know how narrow that is, Papa.
- Got in a fight again, didnt you?
- No.
It hurts.
I dont believe you.
You tried to outrun somebody.
Be careful with those schemes of yours.
- Yes, Papa.
- Oh, hey!
Have you eaten already?
Yes, we just finished.
Here, eat.
Pass me a glass.
- Has my son eaten?
- Yes, he just finished.
We have our finals this week.
What do you need?
Tomorrow's the deadline.
I need to pay the tuition.
Let me eat first.
Ill see what I can do.
Where have you been?
- Just around.
- Go on, eat.
- I'm already eating.
- When I woke up, you were gone.
Aica, let your husband eat first...
dont nag.
You always let him
do what he wants.
Take this to the kitchen.
Ill take care of this.
Take this.
Stop that already.
What happened to your arm?
You always mess up.
Try doing what Im doing,
think youll be good at it?
Shut up.
Let me see.
Gently. It hurts!
Ill do it myself.
Ill do it!
It stings!
It really hurts.
What happened to your
promise that well move out of here?
I havent saved much yet.
I need to look after Mama and my family.
Forget that.
Come on.
C'mon I want you.
Dont be loud.
Take your towel off.
Yes Papa?
You have visitors.
Im going out,
just changing my clothes.
Go home early.
Whats taking him so long?
- Poy, hurry up!
- Yes.
Ill go now.
Son, where are you going?
Im just going out with friends.
Ill be back early.
Take care, okay?
Popoy, wait.
Notice that your mothers feeling weaker.
Any idea when we can
schedule her for a kidney transplant?
Ill find a way, Papa.
How much do we bet?
Open bet.
Open bet? okay.
Cards down.
So, you lost?
You lose, give it to me.
- Sir, good evening.
- Yeah, good evening.
The table is available now.
Whats the limit here?
Open bet.
How much will you bet?
Ten thousand.
Can I place a side bet?
Fifteen thousand.
Lucky start.
You win.
Ill put fifty now.
Show cards.
He won.
Im so lucky tonight.
You dont think I saw what you were doing?
You fucking cheater.
Hey you, motherfucker.
Fuck you all!
Fucking morons.
They cheated first.
We're just getting even.
Yeah, they knew they couldn't beat us.
Their tricks don't work anymore.
They thought they could fool us.
They dont know who theyre up against.
That stupid fucking guy.
You forgot to lock it.
That was closed earlier,
but someone went out.
Whats the news?
Everythings fine.
These guys had a good start, these just
arrived but theyre having a good game.
- Alright.
- They play fast.
- Not like the other day.
- Hey.
Hey man!
- How are you doing?
- We're okay.
Want more drinks?
We still have wine and beer.
How many cases have they finished?
Not a lot, but we're kinda tipsy.
- Hell take care of you, okay?
- Alright. Sure, boss.
Just this?
The guys on the big
table on the left just started.
Just wait a while,
itll be a quick payout.
We better collect more.
Thats for sure.
- Okay.
- Want coffee?
Fuck, just do your job.
If you say so.
How much did we score?
Hm, fifty. What Ryan got
from the guys downstairs.
Then what we won tonight
A hundred and fifty.
- This is fifty.
- Thats good.
- You guys good? Want drinks?
- No, we're fine.
Here you go.
One hundred and fifty.
- Give it to me.
- Here.
A hundred seventy.
How much is it again?
A hundred and seventy.
So I have two million one seventy.
Yes, master.
I'm ready master.
Yes! Yes!
Be patient.
Lie down! Fuck you.
So how did it go earlier?
It was a mess.
We offed somebody there.
A Fil-Am.
Hey Bigboy, try to win.
- Who?
- Some stupid Fil-Am.
What happened there?
The payment.
Your share.
You too Poy, heres yours.
Where do we go next?
- Can I ask for smoke?
- Come on, then.
This is for you.
Thank you, madam.
Im going home.
Beer, boss?
You okay there?
Get off here.
Alright. Thanks.
Your mother collapsed earlier.
We need to bring her
to the hospital.
We need money for her dialysis.
Do you have money?
Five thousand.
Five thousand?
Your mother needs a dialysis.
She needs blood transfusion.
This isnt enough.
Wait, Ill just get some more.
Who was that?
Whos that girl in the car?
Shes the boss girl.
She just gave me a ride home.
Dont try to insinuate anything.
You came home late again.
You know Im trying to earn money.
Here it is, Pa.
I think thats enough.
Ill count it first.
But I think this will do,
at least as downpayment.
I'll keep it first.
When will we take her to the hospital?
As soon as we can.
What are we waiting for?
What time is it?
Its morning already.
Ill just rest for a while.
Rest a bit,
while I prepare your mother.
Do you have a fever?
Dont cry anymore.
Son! What happened?
Hes crying.
Baby, it's okay. I'm here.
Im sorry, Mama had to work.
- I'll go.
- Okay? Dont choke.
Everything's alright.
You want to play?
Youve got a lot of toys.
What do you want?
Good morning!
Oh, youre home already!
You know your daughter isnt home yet?
Shes becoming exactly like you!
Youre both messed up.
So... be quiet.
Before you talk, I have a brilliant idea.
Please, not now.
Ill send you both to rehab.
Im so tired.
Hello Mom, good morning!
Youre early today!
Good morning, Dad!
You also arrived just now?
I missed you.
As usual, hes got another
womans scent on him, Mom.
How many have you had?
Youre wasting your tuition fees.
Stop taking drugs, alright?
- What do you care, Dad?
- This is your last warning.
Look, my fathers
concerned about me, Mom!
You shit, youre disrespecting me?
- You wont listen to me?
- Rudy.
Fuck you!
- Ill file a case against you two.
- Stop!
Try to hurt me again!
Youre a worthless father!
Enough, Rudy.
Ill take care of this.
Talk to that child of yours. Fuck.
Ill have you jailed!
You think Im joking.
It's okay, Mama's here.
You dont take notice
Youre getting hustled
Whos the real hustler?
The cheater or the cheated?
You have to do everything
In a world where you have to hustle
Right or wrong?
Its up to you to decide
For the money
Can you fight for money
Thank you, son.
Im getting better.
Dont worry about me.
You should prioritize your own family now.
Especially your son.
Your son is growing up.
Your family needs you.
Put them first.
Ive eaten enough.
- What?
- Im full.
Felix, my son.
I know you can hear me.
They will pay for what they did to you.
Good morning!
- Wheres your chief?
- Hes in an operation, sir.
Tell your Chief to come
to me as soon as he can.
Well tell him, sir.
Sir looks very angry.
Nurse, nurse.
Yes, sir?
This is a referral letter for a dialysis.
- Okay sir, the dialysis room is over here.
- Thank you.
- Come.
- Thank you.
You alright?
Relax, it won't take long.
Mama, Ill wait here.
- Well just be here outside.
- Okay. Well go in now.
Youll just keep playing that?
Youre not a child anymore.
You know, Poy, Ive
been looking for a job.
Im just not lucky, thats all.
You know I also need your help.
I can't do everything by myself.
Just because you have money
and you shoulder everything?
You think you're better than me?
looks like well have some clarity
about last nights case.
So we can...
prepare accordingly.
We can fix what we need to do.
Boss, the police are there.
Is that so?
Ill take care of it.
Hey boss!
- Sir! Good day to you.
- Good afternoon.
We came to invite you to the station.
Regarding what happened
at the hotel last night.
Oh, at the hotel.
Okay, Ill go to your office.
Alright, sir.
We will wait for you there.
- Ill give you my calling card.
- Okay, sir. Wed appreciate that.
You can reach me there, okay?
Thank you, sir.
- Well wait for you.
- Okay.
Thank you, sir.
Hello, General!
How are you, boss?
Your boys paid me a visit.
Maybe you can talk to them.
What trouble did you get into?
They want me in for questioning.
I hope we can settle this quietly.
Ten million.
Where will I get ten million?
You know I don't get that much.
The guy you killed, hes no small fry.
Why? What happened?
Find a way if you want to get out of this.
Please, general.
Produce ten million.
Sir, how about...
five million?
Okay then, lets settle this.
Fucking bastard.
That fucking American we hit.
I didnt know hes fucking big-time.
So unlucky.
The generals asking
for a lot or he wont help.
We need to raise a ton of cash.
As soon as possible.
It's stressing me out.
When I say lock,
you lock it in, okay?
Yes, babe, dont you trust me?
Of course I do.
Come on, let's dance!
Lets dance, come on!
- Come on, babe.
- Im tired.
Dance with her.
Well recover.
Lets make money!
Show cards.
Lock it in.
Show cards.
You're all trumped! I win!
This is a winner.
We go double?
I thought you meant I brought you luck.
Let's do this!
How much?
How much?
I beat you all.
Arent you special?
Yes, master.
Show cards.
I won!
My lucks bad today.
I'm so unlucky.
That's good, boss.
One more.
Show cards.
Boss, the other girl in the table...
You're crazy, man.
Five million six hundred
seventy-five thousand.
- More?
- Yes, master.
Yes, yes, more!
I won again!
Show cards.
I won!
Flushes, full!
Give me all your money!
- My cards are bad.
- I shouldnt have come today.
You want more?
Show cards.
Double full house.
I beat you all.
Here. Thats one forty thousand.
Already took my cut and the boys too.
Okay, thats great.
Thats nice.
Something new.
You like that?
You like that?
You want some more?
Keep doing it.
Whos that?
The general.
I have to take the call.
Hello, general.
Yes sir. Agreed.
I love you, general!
Show cards!
Four aces.
Royal flush! Give me your money!
Ill go to the CR,
somebody take my seat.
Dont go home.
You might not return that to us.
It's my turn.
The women have all the luck tonight.
Follow her.
Tell her I have a proposal.
A good one.
Miss, you played well earlier.
Wheres Mika?
I must tell you something.
- What is it?
- My boss wants to get acquainted with you.
Are you tight with them?
Of course.
Can we meet at Z Bar?
- The Z Bar?
- Yes.
Sure. Make sure youre there.
Thank you.
- Whats your problem?
- What took you so long?
Cant you see Im taking a dump?
Get out of my way!
Don't feel bad.
That woman is a fucking good hustler.
But, youre better.
Of course.
Put it in.
You feel so good.
You feel so good.
Looking for my boss?
- Has he been waiting long?
- Pretty much.
Hey. How are you?
Come here, have a seat.
Fuck, whats that woman doing here?
Just listen.
- Mika!
- How are you?
This is what I need.
Join our group.
I know how you work.
I'm a hustler, too.
Come on. I'll pay you big money.
Everybodys happy here. Come on!
I want twenty-five thousand
every time we play.
No questions asked.
Anyone got a problem with that?
Are we okay with
giving her twenty-five thousand?
We are okay with
twenty-five thousand pesos.
Okay, no problem.
Cheers to twenty-five thousand.
For the new member of the group!
Why do you look so down?
Whys her cut bigger?
Xandra, I need Mika.
We need her.
Because I need money for the general.
If I dont get it,
Im in serious trouble.
You just met her.
While Ive been here
a long time with you.
So I planted and did the hard work,
but someone else reaps it?
Really, Rodolfo.
I know youre jealous.
Dont be.
You know me.
Ill just pay the general.
Things will go back to normal.
I promise.
Believe me.
Im not in the mood.
Ill make it up to you.
Just this time.
After that Ill send that girl away.
Shes so small next to you.
See her legs?
Too short.
Come on.
Ill make it up to you.
Youre ready, arent you?
Im not in the mood.
You'll come around.
I dont want to.
You dont feel like it? Wait.
You want to get back at me?
Release your anger? Come.
Punish me.
Do whatever you want.
Go ahead.
Eat me too.
You want to chew on it?
Bite it? Anything!
Eat your own dick.
You motherfucker.
Hey! Wait! Fuck it!
Hows it going, Rodolfo?
Hello, general.
Wheres my money?
Where's the money?
You're taking too long.
You won't have enough time.
Your hands are really quick.
You impress me.
Where did you learn?
How old are you now?
Youre still young.
You'll get even better.
You know there's
something better than this.
I have another mansion, you know.
I'll bring you there sometime.
You'll tour me there?
Yeah, I'll tour you everywhere.
Whats this, hey?
Were talking business.
Just a meeting.
- Ah business?
- Yes.
Business? I know you!
This is business, the two of you?
- Youre so sweet to each other!
- Dont get jealous.
Wait a second.
What do I care about you two?
This is your problem.
Dont drag me into your affair.
You have the nerve to talk to me?
Just relax.
Let go of me! Son of a bitch!
Whats she to you?
Just a business partner, I told you.
Go away! Take her outside.
Fuck you! You treat me
like this after using me?
Madam, let's go.
Shes the one who should go, not me!
Whys he sending me away?
Madam, calm down.
Who the fucks she?
Shameless bitch.
Just relax.
Let go of me.
- Go with them. Its for the best.
- Lets talk this over.
- This is for your own good.
- I'll change.
Let me go!
Just trust us.
Pa, lets talk it over.
Ill change, I swear it!
- We will visit you, okay?
- Well visit you soon Marie, dont worry.
- Go with them.
- Let go of me.
Thats just how it is.
Better we do this than
to lose her completely.
We just have to do this.
I want to go home!
This is their fault!
- Always listen to us.
- Yes, Papa.
Always listen to Grandpa, okay?
- Very good. Study hard, okay?
- I will.
- I love you.
- I love you, Papa.
Hello, general.
Rodolfo. Times up.
Youre on your own now.
Yes, sir.
Will he be here later?
There he is.
Sirs, what can I do for you?
- Good afternoon.
- Sir.
You seem to have forgotten our boss.
You think so?
Please tell him Im sorry.
I got quite busy.
Maybe you should halt
your operations for now.
Okay. Ill fix everything.
- You sure?
- Yes, sir.
Well count on you.
What the fuck.
You heard them.
Well stop this for now.
Close shop.
Secure the place.
Lets move.
- Can you please go inside right now?
- Whos that?
- No one.
- Who's that?
- Just someone from work.
- No, Ill stay here.
Whos that woman?
Dont mind it.
What are you doing here?
- What were you trying to do?
- Calm down.
- You think you can treat me like that?
- Calm down.
We shall talk right now.
- Lets talk at the other house, okay?
- We talk here and now!
- Who is this bitch?
- Nobody, just a business partner.
Business partner?
Whys she storming here?
Because I havent
completely given her share.
- Ill give it to you later!
- I will get my share right now!
- Whos this woman?
- Who am I?
Your husband gets
his money through me.
And he gets his pleasure from me.
- You fucking whore!
- No, no! Shes not my whore!
- Go home, for Gods sake!
- Whyd you bring your whore here?
Dont you ever show yourself here!
- Lets go inside.
- Why did you let that come to the house?!
- Shes from work, not a slut.
- Whos this whore, Rudy?
- Can you please listen to me?
- Fuck that!
You assholes!
Fuck the two of you!
Good news, the doctor called.
What did she say?
They found a donor.
- Ma.
- Yes?
Well take you to the doctor soon, okay?
No need.
I'll always stay by your side.
Get your strength back.
Thank you, son.
Papa and I will make
sure you get well again.
Hang in there, Ma.
Wait here, Pa.
Popoy, lets talk.
Ill wait for you around the corner.
Ill go somewhere for a while, okay?
What is it, madam?
That fucking Rodolfo.
Hes your boss too, right?
We serve the same master.
Every penny he has, I earned it too.
Just because he met that pink-haired bitch.
I know the code to his vault.
We can get everything in it.
Madam, our boss has a lot of money, right?
Of course there are CCTVs all around.
What you are asking me
is very dangerous.
You know everybody there. Right?
I know you can do it.
Are you in?
Come on, help me out please.
Be careful with this boy of yours,
hes probably more cunning than you.
I dont think so.
He still has much to learn.
So, how's your business, by the way?
Show cards.
I won.
Good evening, boss.
Good evening, Bogs.
Get a haircut.
Alright, boss.
- Ill just get coffee.
- Okay.
I'm ready.
Come in.
Feel at home, have a seat.
Is this all?
You got a big cut, right?
Don't worry.
I'll add more next time.
Especially if you're consistent.
Hey, Bro.
What are you doing here?
I saw someone running
outside the gate a while ago.
Maybe thats the guy spying on the boss.
I dont see anything.
Im sure I saw someone.
Have you eaten?
Have some food first. Ill take care of it.
We have to be careful.
Bend over.
Bend over?
- Yes.
- We didnt agree on this.
Fuck it.
Okay then.
If you do a good job, Ill give you more.
Next time, I'll add more money.
In an instant, I doubled
the money I gave you.
I'll double down on you too.
Ill stick it in wherever I want.
That okay with you?
As long as you pay well.
That's what I like to hear.
- There. What, are you enjoying it?
- Yes. A lot.
I want you to bark.
- Can you take more?
- I can.
You sure?
Dont worry, your husband wont mind as
long as you give him a nice blowjob later.
I already sold my car, you know!
Just make sure to win then!
My lucky charm.
What are you doing here, Banong?
Arent you something?
You whore!
Im not talking to you.
- This isnt your territory, calm down.
- Im not talking to you.
Banong, go home before
you get embarrassed here.
You fucker!
Are you challenging me?
Piece of advice, bro.
Her pussys delicious,
but its free for all.
Thats fine with me. I know its
delicious, Ive tasted it too, man.
And I like it so much.
Smells great, brother!
You son of a bitch!
What were you saying?
Want me to blow your brains out?
You motherfucker. Huh?
Boss Rudy, maybe we can talk it out.
Open your mouth! Fucker!
- Boss...
- Open it!
Son of a bitch, open it!
Suck it!
Take back everything you said.
You son of a bitch!
So what now?
The next time you come here...
come with respect.
Fuck you!
Dont be so cocky.
You dont know who youre messing with.
You son of a bitch!
Next time huh?
Lets go.
- Boss.
- Yeah?
Time to get your shares.
Thanks, boss.
Thank you, boss.
Thank you, boss.
Go now.
- Okay boss, thank you.
- Okay.
Youre running out of money
because youve a lot of women.
Save up, boy!
Hey, Popoy, son.
Ive called the hospital,
they told me the donors there.
Okay, Pa.
Just bring Mama to the hospital,
Ill be there.
We need six hundred fifty thousand.
We need to have that in cash.
Ill take care of it.
Okay, Pa.
I worked hard to earn that money.
Our Father who art in
heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come thy
will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Popoy, listen well.
You have to look for that small
notebook on top of the vault.
The last amount thats written there,
thats the code, okay?
- Okay, madam.
- Dont forget.
Dont you dare fail.
I wont, madam.
Alright then.
Wheres the boss?
Fuck it.
Okay, Ill be there!
The moneys there.
- Alright. I must go.
- Wait, Popoy.
Whatever it is youre doing with your life,
just be careful.
I hope that God blesses you
for everything youre doing.
If I could, Id do what
youre doing now.
Im sorry, son.
Its okay, Pa.
Rod, fuck it somebody got in the house!
You motherfuckers. Fuck you!
Who did this?
- You didnt see his face?
- He hit me on the head, I dont know!
When I woke up the vault was
already open, I have no idea!
Is it one of us? Huh?
Fuck it all.
This is where he hit me.
He passed this way.
Whos your enemy?
Wait, let me think.
Lets look at that
I checked it already.
He deleted it.
- Bro, wait.
- Who are you working with?
- Who is it, you motherfucker?
- Ill never betray you.
Whos been messing with you?
So I planted and did the hard work,
but someone else reaps it?
You motherfucker,
this is how you treat me after using me?
You bastards! Fuck you two!
Wheres Xandra?
- Who are you?
- Wheres Xandra?!
Shes not here.
Wheres the money?
What money?
Where did you put it?
I dont know what youre talking about,
what money?
Tell me the truth.
I dont know anything! Rodolfo!
- Tell me where it is.
- I dont know anything!
- Give it to me!
- What money?
Give it back.
Who are you?!
Shut the fuck up!
Dont try to interfere!
Don't hurt them.
I will forgive you.
Just tell me where my money is.
Wheres my money?!
Popoy has it!
You monster!
Damn bitch.
As you know, your Mothers
kidney transplant was successful.
But sad to say, her body
layer rejected the new kidney.
Due to pulmonary congestion
and hypokalemia,
her body deteriorated so fast
and she couldnt make it.
We did everything we could
I told you to wait for me...
I told you Id return immediately.
Im sorry for the things Ive done.