Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos (2012) Movie Script

In the days following my adventures
with the Golden Goose,
I found myself at a crossroads.
Was I destined to be an outlaw...
or a hero?
I did not know.
Only one thing was certain.
I am Puss In Boots!
Are you Puss In Boots?
I am...
This is outrageous!
What am I charged with, anyway?
Because I'm pretty sure
you got the wrong gato.
Presenting Princess
Alessandra Bellagamba!
Your Majesty,
I throw myself upon your mercy.
My Heart has been stolen.
I am innocent.
I've never seen you before in my life.
No, Signore Boots.
The Heart of Fire ruby is missing.
It is the crown jewel of my kingdom.
Now there is only a hole
where the Heart once was.
I want to hire you to find the Heart
and bring it back to me.
You want to hire me?
Yes. Your reputation is
that of a cat who fears nothing.
Yep. This is me.
Back off!
So, tell me more.
The Heart was stolen
by the notorious French thief,
- Le Chuchoteur.
- Le what?
Le Chuchoteur. The Whisperer.
Why are we whispering?
That is his name!
You must find him.
I'll pay you anything.
Your tears are payment enough.
Grazie! Grazie!
Signore Boots, during the robbery
we captured three
of The Whisperer's henchmen.
They are the only ones who know
the location of his secret hideout,
but they will not talk.
I will make them talk.
Toilet paper.
I must warn you,
these are the most vile and ferocious
mercenaries we have ever encountered.
I am Puss In Boots. I fear nothing!
Open up!
- Is this a joke?
- It's no joke! They are devils.
These guys?
Signore, if these diablos help you
find The Whisperer's secret hideout,
I will grant them their freedom.
So, kitties, will you help Puss?
Princesa, your ruby
is as good as found.
You show Uncle Puss
where The Whisperer lives.
Later, we will all
go out for fish sticks!
I know you want to play, but...
Hey, hey, what are you...?
Wait! Those are mine!
Stop it! ?Gatos!
This is very bad for my reputation.
Pray for mercy... diablos!
Why did you do that?
No fish sticks for you!
In the morning,
you are going back to jail forever.
Think of your mama.
She's going to be very disappointed.
You have no mama.
I should have known.
You are orphans.
Well, little ones, so am I.
I know it's hard to grow up
when you don't know who to trust.
Believe me.
I was betrayed by my very best friend.
He was an egg.
He led me down the wrong path...
...just as this Whisperer
has done to you.
What you need, peque?os,
is for someone to point you
in the right direction...
...someone like me.
And I shall call you Perla,
because you are one of a kind.
And you, Gonzalo,
for your scrappy temper.
And you will be...
...Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third.
Because sometimes
a title is all you need.
Now gather around,
for you have much to learn from...
...Puss In Boots.
And after that,
the vine grew and grew,
straight up into the clouds...
to the Land of Giants.
And that is all for tonight,
my peque?os.
The secret hideout.
I am The Whisperer.
I am The...
One more time, OK, buddy?
- I am The Whisperer.
- You are The Whisperer?
Yes, I am.
Good. I've come to take back
the Heart of Fire ruby.
You brought him here.
You will pay dearly for betraying me,
- you naughty cats.
- You have to get through me first!
Run, kittens, and don't look back!
Bad kittens.
Hang on!
Oh, well. That's that.
We did it!
Now, it is time for fish sticks!
Signore Boots, the kingdom thanks you.
Reward him.
Oh, no, no. This is too much.
Hey, you dropped one! Idiota.
And I have a gift for you.
Your new personal guard.
It's OK. They are much better now.
Thank you.
Now, I have to go.
Gracias, my little friends,
for you have shown me
there is glory, and sometimes gold,
in doing the right thing.
And you, Timmy, will definitely
find gold in your litter box.
Be good... my kids in boots.
I will never forget you, just as I know
you will never forget the name
Puss In...