Put Down (2014) Movie Script

They say there is a job
for everyone.
Thank God, I finally found mine.
Or rather, my job found me.
Few months ago,
I was completely in the mess.
John, how are you, boy?
Uncle Frank.
How is your luck? Did you win?
I went to your house the other day.
I didn't know
that you had a dog.
Oh yes, my dog.
I love dogs.
What is the breed of dog?
Brown race?
I don't have a dog.
But I do have debts.
I bark at my door
for many months.
He didn't look
to be in very good health.
I find it well.
It's a Schnauzer?
One of my friends
has a Schnauzer, female...
Actually, I'd rather not
talk about it.
He was sick, I had to put it down...
I'm really sorry.
You did that where?
Was it expensive?
This is the point, where there is
no reasonable to continue lie.
No, I did it myself.
I wanted him to fall asleep
in his favorite corner...
...so I did it myself.
It was very fast, without pain.
So you just...
It's not your race?
I congratulated myself
to have kept my lie...
...and did not think
about it again...
...until one night,
a week later.
Did you just barked?
Who are you?
My name is Imelda.
I am the neighbor
of your Uncle Frank.
He told me that you could help me.
I want you to kill Reggie.
Oh, I see you're in the
middle of something...
Maybe I can come back
another time.
Yes. You could have thought of it
before disembarking here.
The dog looks
as surprised as I do...
...but unlike Reggie...
I pulled myself together.
Well, there you go.
He didn't feel anything.
I have a bag, if you...
No, no.
There was enough
to restore the current.
My grandmother used to say:
"Everytime you closed a door,
a window opens."
So it's my job now.
I am a professional
petty's exterminator.
I provide a service
precious and human...
...for those who can not afford
to go to the vet.
I found a useful place
in the society.
The sad truth is
that in these difficult times...
some families don't arrive
to feed all their mouths.
I can help them.
There is a time for every dog
has had its day.
A respectable and well paid job...
...is central
to the personal esteem of a man.
When you see a girl that you used to
know and that you used to liked...
...you just don't run away.
No, I'm not really a romantic type...
...but the owner of the boat
owes me a favor.
So here we are...
...we dine by candlelight,
Homemade duck with orange.
I have something for you.
I think I have a girlfriend.
Rebeca's place
is smaller than mine...
...but she wants to
show me something.
Meet Daisy!
She must like you.
It may be a bit early...
...but I'm leaving
for a few weeks...
...and I would like to be sure
to see you again.
Can you take care of Daisy?
I see that word of mouth works.
Of course,
I'm good with cats.
Thank you.
I never thought that a woman
would look at me like that.
I feel like my life
finally begins to make sense.
I can't wait see her again.
She is perfect.
I just hope I'm not going to mess up.