Put lubenica (2006) Movie Script

After the war, one of
the main European routes
for smuggling people to the
West formed across the river Sava,
on the border between Bosnia
and Herzegovina and Croatia.
Smuggled people, mostly
Chinese, are called melons.
Written by
Directed by
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2005
What's up? - How come
you've got melons in winter?
They keep well in winter.
Don't make me write up
a report. - Ain't you a hard-ass?
Drive on. But take it easy.
Regulations, you know.
Get up, you fucking junkie!
Get up, there's stuff
waiting to be delivered!
- What did you say?
What did you say? Want
me to kick you in the head?
eki, I released them.
They wrecked the door, fuck it.
You're a motherfucker.
They're even more pathetic
than you. Some world power!
Just look at them.
Gojko, take care they
don't steal anything.
Listen up!
Listen up here!
Listen up!
Here are the passports.
Give me the money.
Fuck you and sssan!
Count it, come on!
What's the matter, you fucking
chink? What, you gook shit?
Look at yourself! I'll kill
'em all, fucked if I don't!
Here are your fucking
passports. - Seki. - Listen.
You get the money tomorrow, I take
it to the boss tonight. - Too many.
What? - To take them all in one go.
- What, you want to get paid twice?
Get lost!
Don't get up, we'll tumble!
We'll keel over, you fuck!
Here you go. That's normal.
Piece of crap!
What's wrong with you?
Were you sleeping?
Why are you so jumpy, man?
Come see what I brought you.
Take a look at this,
it's broken or something.
I'm no good at that stuff.
For real or are you
just playing dumb?
I hear you've been working.
Could you get me in too?
You work for the mafia, that's who!
Get going, you fuckaroo!
Piece of shit!
For the child, please. - Fuck off!
For the child. Thank you.
Hello, Rivaldo! What did I say?
Lay off it!
Come on!
Your daddy is here.
Go to your mom, that's it.
Turn it down. You woke the baby
up. - It's Seki. - Get in, it's draughty.
Clean up the front yard, my
kids play there. You come in here.
Using mines to get it all out?
Miss the smell of gunpowder?
Don't make me write up a report.
You're the one who's
drowning the Chinese?
I'll write down that they stole
your boat, there were too many,
so they keeled over and drowned.
I don't want to get you into
trouble with EUFOR. Here.
They were crossing over, stole
the boat, icy water, couldn't swim.
You're in the clear.
Poor people.
They'll end up in some hole,
just like ours did. Nameless.
What's wrong with being with
the police? Am I a nobody?
Don't start that again!
You're too young to
live like this. Smarten up.
Mirko, I haven't told this to anyone.
The border guard from
the Croatian side saw everything.
He said you pulled one out alive.
Some Chinese girl.
She's a witness.
- She wasn't alive.
Germany. - Like
hell, this is Bosnia!
Don't worry, he's alright. - Whatever.
Just advise him to steer
clear of the Chinese, get it?
He's my nephew, relax. I'll take care
of him. - Take some, here you go.
Go on, take it, don't be
stupid! This is for the mortar.
Go on.
I'm building a house. - You think
you're building? Look at this.
This hotel will be the death
of me. - It's really something.
Maradona, sonny
boy! Pass the ball!
Pass it, come on!
Meho's got new merchandise,
folks! Get it while you can!
What is it?
Oh, fuck. Are you his wife?
Sure beats our broads here.
Take a seat.
Ask around if there's anyone
bound for Germany. In a truck.
What for?
For her? Will you fix my gun?
To Germany!
Your wife's got a point there.
Get me one.
Is there any way I could send
her to Germany? - Forget that.
All of them drowned and that's it.
What do you want me to
do? Kill her? - Nonsense.
I'll take her away to where she
should go. Get her off our hands.
You'll work in the police with me.
Not as an officer, something else.
Customs officer, border guard.
I came here as the only
one who cares about you.
Get real. You could get life for this.
A Chinese girl! What
the hell were you thinking!
With all the girls we have here
you go and choose a Chinese one.
It's stupid to get
fucked over a pussy,
especially a slant-eyed pussy.
What the fuck's
the matter with you?
Come on.
Don't be afraid, come here.
When I leave, you hide here.
While I'm not there,
when I leave,
you hide down here.
Inside, do you understand?
Fine. - Where are you going?
Not now... Fuck it!
Not now, when I'm gone...
Get it?
Original CDs, right over here!
Come on, pretty girls,
for your boyfriends.
I've got it all. If you feel like
dancing or if you feel romantic.
Just name it.
You're new around here
so I'll give you two for four.
Four? - You get two for four.
Look at the Gypsy boy doing
business! - This is not your stuff.
Put that away. This one's on
the house, right, Gypsy boy?
Go on, take it!
Feel like fucking?
Take them all.
- Beat it, I'll talk to you later.
You've sure got
a good ass on you!
Getting spruced up, are we?
How you doing, sugar?
I brought you something.
It's powdered milk. Mix it up with
some water, like the real thing.
Here you go.
What about
Germany? - I'm your man.
Some friends of mine are driving
up to Germany in a couple of days.
They'd take her on for 1000
marks. Just give them the money.
You want me to fix it up?
- How much for two people?
Two thousand marks.
No one will do it cheaper,
you're fucked if they catch you.
Germany? - What's up with her?
He's a good one.
Take it, it's chewing gum.
Take it.
He saved my life once,
he'll save yours too.
Come on.
Fucking job!
Thanks! Are you alright?
Really? You've got that glow in your
eyes. Have you been at it again?
I need two thousand marks.
She really got you, that one.
You've always been a sucker.
I'm asking you, can you lend me
2000? - To go to Germany with her?
Have a drink. I've got something to
tell you. - I can get the money? - Yes.
I'll pay you back. - Fine. Drink this.
Listen, they
found your parents.
In a mass grave
they are digging here.
But you made those
bastards pay for it.
With interest.
Fucking tree!
Let's go!
Come on!
Sit down here for a minute.
That's women for you! They
ruin your life, your happiness!
Everything gets fucked up!
You stupid Gypsy boy!
You sure are a moron!
- Don't, Gojko, please!
Go on. - That was for my
brothers and sisters, please don't!
What the fuck are
you screaming for?
What are you, Miss Sensitive?
Your turn will come too.
Here's your Chinese duck!
Where are you, China lover?
Go on, motherfucker!
Can you hear this,
China lover? - Here he comes!
Fuck you, coke head!
Coke head!
Can you hear this?
You thought she was for you, you
piece of shit? She's for us winners!
Don't go giving us trouble!
Or you gonna end up
like the Gypsy there!
You motherfucking junkie!
Drive on!
Motherfucker! - Drive on!
I didn't tell them she was here,
I swear on my mother's head.
I know it wasn't you. - They
caught me in the cellar. - Stay still.
Pull up your sleeve.
She's alive.
I saw her at Spider's.
Don't, she's doing alright. Please!
The plasma TV's here. - Put it there.
We'll get a better picture than at the
movies. - I want to watch the game.
Here it is. - Once you program it, it
runs on its own, channels zapping.
Will we win tonight? - Sure thing.
Sure thing my ass.
We always fuck something up.
We should take those
fuckers. - Please, don't give me that.
Our guys don't use their
heads and that's how you play.
But you don't get
that, do you? Get lost.
You stay here.
Animals. I told you not to
go in the cellar. - The Chinese...
She's a present. I'm not
keeping her for you. Hold still.
- So we're gonna win, huh?
- Yeah. - Beat it.
You have to use
the head when you play!
The head! Look at that!
Do you have any idea
how many of them there are?
Don't do it, please, she's fine.
Let me come with you.
I'll show you the way. I can fight
too, I swear on my mother's life.
If I'm not back by dawn, take
what you want and get out of here.
Please, don't do it! Who's
gonna be here for me then?
You're out of your mind.
Do you know... He was just saying
that this stadium... - Shut up now.
Let me finish. - 40,000
fagots in the stadium. - Not that.
They had to pull out 20 km
of cables to cover this live.
Come on! - Here it is.
Come on!
Fuck everything!
Look at you. Go on
in, it's just started.
Want a drink?
Brandy or something?
Goool! - China lover!
Go, Croatia!
Fucking hell!
Come on.
You're gonna
bleed to death, man!
Let's go see a doctor, please!
No Germany.
I'm not going without you.
Let's go, he'll catch up.
We'll meet again.
Can't you see she
wants to stay with you?
No, she doesn't.
She's seen it all. Go.
Come on.