Putahe (2022) Movie Script

My name is Jennylyn.
Everyone here calls me Jenny.
We are all well-aware that
in the past couple of months,
our catches have dwindled.
That's true.
It seems we're coming
to the island's dry season.
Born and raised in Isla Pwerta.
"Pwerta" because we're the last
of five islands in Occidental and...
the island is in the shape of a vulva.
Our livelihood has been
direly affected as a result.
It's because those damn Chinese
are taking over the neighboring islands
and fishing in our bountiful waters!
This is where I was born,
I grew up.
and with the way things are
going, this is where I'll die.
Ugh! No way in hell!
I want to get off this island.
Nothing here ever changes.
If the men don't catch any fish,
there is nothing served on
the table of every household.
No food, no money, nothing
to amuse yourself with.
There's not much use living here, really.
Power lines haven't
reached this place either,
so there's only the Chairman's voice
booming every single morning...
her mouth flapping like a vagina.
It's just so frustrating that we're
being driven out of our territories!
So I came up with an idea
to invite experts on the island
who may be able to help us.
That's the plan for now, my friends.
At present,
please stay tuned for announcements
that will be posted on our FB page.
I mean the island's Facebook page.
And at six p.m., I'll be live on FB
to discuss the seminar schedules.
And please like the post!
- You got it, Captain!
- You got it, Captain!
For sure!
Ah! Welcome! Welcome!
Betong, help with her things.
How are you?
How was your trip?
- Betong! Get over here!
- It's okay.
- Hi, name's Euka.
- The name's Betong.
- Help her. Bring her to the hut...
- Where do I take her, Chairman?
- Take her to the nice hut over there!
- Ma'am, please follow me.
Go ahead.
- Yes, thank you so much.
- Okay.
- So, what are your thoughts?
- Do you know who that was?
No, I don't. She just arrived,
didn't you see?
Then why did the Chairman
ask your husband to assist her?
Who knows with that lesbian?
Bossing my husband around,
making slaves out of her councilors.
And why call a meeting when she
could have just said this on Messenger!
- Right?
- Right?
Did you notice the Chairman's face
when the woman arrived?
Jenny! Come here.
You can head on home, okay?
But I want you to prepare
- the handouts for the people present.
- Yes, Chairman.
Hey! You already shot your load!
You're allowed once, that's it!
So what?
I'll pay you.
Just get out of here.
You're a waste of time.
And I'm not scared of your stupid gun.
You can't even look after the island.
Look after?
For what?
This whole island's mine.
So that explains why the
Chinese aren't backing off.
Watch your mouth, you son of a bitch.
What the fuck did you say?
The fuck you say to me?
Yes, I'm a bitch.
But you're someone's bitch, too.
You get bought just the same.
What if I don't pay you, huh?
Go ahead. I'll tell the whole island
you have a crooked penis.
That's how you wanna play.
You wanna play fucking dirty.
One shot, yeah?
Here's two hundred.
We said three hundred.
You're lucky you're my type.
Even if you reek of fish.
Here, for cigs.
The elections has ended
here in the Philippines.
We have our new president, but still we
don't have any platforms for our fishermen
and our struggle in our territory.
What will happen to our country without
given importance to our fishermen?
You've been coming home late, Jenny.
Were you with Pompa?
She's wearing you down.
Is she paying you at least?
Here, Pa.
Whatever that is,
if it's from Pompa, I dont want it.
Papa, please.
I just can't accept that
a lesbian beat me as Barangay Chairman.
By just three votes more than mine!
Pa. There's a new woman on the island.
Jenny, I don't care
about those things.
Ugh, Christ
A beautiful woman.
They say my grandparents
owned that house.
It was the only beer house
on the island back then.
The fishermen come to drown their
woes when they don't catch a lot of fish.
The person who bought
the property has died,
but no relatives have
come to live in it.
They say it's haunted.
It was here before I was born, and till now
I've never seen a soul inside the house.
It hasnt been occupied for decades,
until now...
by a different spirit.
There's just something about her.
She's not a ghost, but she
has a distinctive presence.
Where have you been recently?
A woman's come to the island.
She's beautiful.
Is she really?
I heard, but they say she looks
like a hostess from Japan.
Where's that? Is it far from here?
It's a different country, silly.
Figures, you haven't
even been to the mainland.
I want to go there. Someone told me that
back there, you just spread your legs open
and you'll be rich.
They said that?
Father doesn't want me
to leave the island.
I actually want to go to school.
But he wouldn't let me.
The Chairman said
I should just help.
And be a scholar of the barangay.
Does your father plan
to let you rot in here?
Stay till you're old and stinky?
Your pussy's going to close up.
Your dirty mouth.
Ever since mother died,
he's been very strict with me.
He wants me to stay on the island.
He's going to fish,
and I'll sell his catch.
Once we save up some money,
he's going to pay for my schooling.
I want to take up Culinary.
Are you crazy?
That won't make you rich!
You won't even afford a cellphone.
You'll be the island cook
on special occasions.
I don't care, I want to learn how to cook.
I want to cook in other places, too.
Cook for a lot of people.
As for me, I'm not much good at cooking,
but I love to eat.
Hello? Mr. Pedring?
Hi, Bunsoy.
It's been hours,
where's the gasoline?
I had it sent over.
Our boat's held up because
the gasoline's not here yet.
It's the only thing we're waiting for.
I'll just get back to you.
I'll send it over later.
Pedring, get it moving!
What the fuck.
You're going to ruin my business.
Okay, then. Love you! Love you!
Signal's choppy. Let's just text.
Something's coming. Let's wait.
I don't know.
Looks like that woman coming
to the island's doing some good.
What's her name again?
Her name's Euka.
I'm the first man
she met on the island.
That's why I was the one who took her to
old man Anton's beerhouse over at Paradiso.
Get a load of that.
We've talked about a lot already!
Rub it in, why don't you.
You're just jealous!
You're jealous, asshole!
No, but really.
I'm serious.
I feel like some burden's been lifted
ever since she arrived.
You're right.
Something's different.
Someone told me
she used to live here.
But only for a little while.
They moved not long after.
Do you remember her, old man?
I don't think so. She must
have been very young.
But Lito is right.
That woman must be a lucky charm.
My ass!
You and your drunken speculations.
You think that woman's brought
with her a string of luck...
All wide-eyed for a plump butt
and a heaving bosom
and you think you hit the jackpot!
You've all lost your minds, haven't you?
Let us have our fun, Angge!
Would you rather we
called you the lucky one?
Ever since you moved to the island,
I haven't parted with the bottle!
Is that so?
It's my fault, is it?
Fine. Get out of my sight. See if you
find another store who'll sell you drinks.
Now, now, Angge.
You can't take a joke.
Get out of here.
Oh, come on, Angge.
Those men, they're fawning all over Euka,
thinking she's hot shit.
They say she's
brought luck to the island.
My husband
thinks the same way.
Yours, too?
Mine, too.
My husband even said
Euka's heaven-sent.
Better keep a close eye on your husband.
If she literally fell from the sky,
she can only be one of two things...
She's either an angel or a saint.
- The devil, more like! Fallen from grace.
- I bet on saint.
Come on, people.
- We don't even know her that well.
- What's the Chairman's saying?
Chairman, how exactly do you know Euka?
She went here a month ago,
from another country.
And she wanted to move here
on the island.
She asked me for help
to find a place to stay.
She was very friendly.
She even showed me her IDs.
Besides, she's a taxpayer.
So I thought to offer
the old beer house.
She didn't mind it at all.
You see, if it'll help
cash flow into the island,
that benefits all of us, doesn't it?
She's right!
- Makes sense.
- It does make sense.
But she might have been an ex-convict.
You know what I think? She probably owes
someone a lot of money and she's running.
- Or she wasn't paying her taxes.
- That's possible.
Chairman, she could be a murderer
who's gone into hiding.
Hey, what's wrong with you people?
It's hard to deal
with new folk.
Let's reserve our opinions until after
we've known them a little better.
- Why does she keep defending her?
- How well do you know this person?
- That's the big question.
- Right?
Man, this is most bountiful catch
we've had after a whole month!
Thank you, Lord!
Thank you...
You rascal.
Good morning.
Good morning, ma'am.
Do you know any carpenters?
There's some work
I need done at my house.
My husband's not available.
He just recovered from the flu.
He's only just getting back on his feet,
he should take it easy.
- I need my husband at home.
- That's right.
I need someone to look after our children.
I'll do it, Euka.
I need all the money
I can get for our baby.
You can come by tomorrow morning.
I'm staying right across the old Paradiso.
- I'll be expecting you, okay?
- Alright, I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll go ahead.
I really hate you right now!
It's just work.
Why did you let him, Magda?
Roly usually has the last word.
But he's right, you know.
We do need money for our baby.
Their catch is only just picking up.
Would you rather risk your baby
growing up without a father?
What if that woman steals him from you?
I think you're overreacting!
Euka wouldn't do that.
We don't know what
that woman is capable of.
You never know, she could have been a
disgraced mistress from where she came from
and one of her hobbies is to ruin
other people's relationships.
Am I right?
You're right!
Now she's on the prowl on our island!
Yeah. I swear if she ever lays a finger
on my husband, I'm going to kill her!
- Ouch! That fucking hurt!
- So will I!
Me, too. I'll throw her
cheating ass in a grinder!
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon, ladies.
- Good afternoon, Chairman.
- What are you ladies talking about?
Good afternoon, Chairman Pompa.
We were just talking about
the upcoming seminar.
- We're all very excited.
- Really?
Aren't we, ladies?
Yes, that's right. We're so excited.
I'm glad to hear it!
- But do keep me in the loop, won't you?
- Why, of course, Chairman!
Till next time, Chairman!
Jenny and I will have to leave you now.
- Sure, no problem.
- Take care, Chairman.
- Take care, Chairman.
- Okay.
Let's go.
Girl, have you heard?
- Lena's pregnant again, isn't she?
- She totally is!
We'll have been together for nine months
by the end of the month.
We've kept this a secret for that long.
Maybe we can tell some people?
So we can at least feel 'legit'?
Legit my ass.
You know that I'm only sixteen years old.
My father will kill me.
Besides, we haven't
even finished our studies.
You still want to study?
- Who's going to pay for that?
- The Chairman.
She promised me she'll send
me to school next year.
That's why I volunteered
to run errands for her.
She'll just order you around.
Don't you know she never follows through
with her promises?
It's all just talk.
What happens if you don't get into school?
I'll be a businesswoman.
Wow, my girlfriend's a businesswoman!
And what business would you put up?
I don't know yet.
Whatever I'll learn.
here's the deal.
Since you insist on keeping
our relationship secret,
maybe you could let me have
what I've been asking for so long.
You're so crabby!
Euka's eatery is almost done, huh?
When it's finished,
I'll take you there.
We'll go on a date.
What's wrong with you!
- Give me that!
- Don't be so sour!
It's payment for lugging
that around all day! You stink!
I'll see you tomorrow.
Your dad's looking!
How's it going with your errands, dear?
I'm okay, father.
Ephraim was just helping me...
Is that boatman courting you?
Dear, that man's a good-for-nothing bum.
Could you ask around about
that newbie on the island
who put up a new business?
Check it out for me, please.
Okay, father.
So, old man.
Have you heard?
Son, I hear everything
that goes on around here.
Then you'll know what I mean.
Let's eat at Euka's.
Let's have lunch there.
I like that.
Euka's dishes are delicious, aren't they?
Too bad ol' man Abel couldn't get a taste.
His knees are acting up.
You're just in time, Betong.
I cooked lunch.
Let's eat.
What's with your face?
Isn't there anything else
you know how to cook?
It's always fried fish with you...
Burnt at that.
At least Euka's serving some real dishes.
Then go and sit at that table!
This son of a bitch. You think you're
raking in enough cash to deserve a feast?
You think we can afford
to serve roast pig or something?
Go to Euka, then!
How many have you had?
Are you sure you're drinking?
So, has everyone here
tasted Euka's dishes?
Which one's your favorite?
Mine is the tuna with soup.
It tastes just like how
my grandma used to make it.
- Yes, that one's a winner.
- Right? It's so good!
You know what the best dish is?
Pinangat na Bisugo.
- Oh, yes, that one.
- Fuck, it's so good!
- With steaming hot rice!
- Yeah!
What about you, 'Tong?
I think mine would be...
Is it called "fish fillet"?
The sauce is the bomb!
- You said it.
- I love that one. So good.
Do you notice something?
All her dishes have fish in them.
Well, it's what we have
plenty of on the island.
I see nothing wrong with it.
I'm just glad we get to
taste other dishes at all.
That isn't fishy!
Better than what
our wives' cooking.
- It sure is!
- That's for sure!
Why, is Lalaine's starting to smell fishy?
You ass! That's my wife!
Hey! Watch it!
What is going on?
- Dont make fun of my wife!
- Screw you!
Screw you, too!
That's enough! Calm down!
Hey! That's enough!
What the hell! Stop this!
Hey, stop it!
What the hell, guys.
What's this all about?
It's that son of a bitch!
Chairman, they were arguing
about Euka's dishes just now,
then out of the blue, these knobs
started smacking bottles on each other!
- What's the matter with you?
- You're a bunch of shitheads!
Stop that!
You lot are batshit drunk!
Get on home to your wives!
Fucking hell!
Take those away and
go straight home right now!
Go on, go on, we're good.
What a bunch of assholes.
Take him home. Take him home.
I'll take care of this.
You're butting heads
because of that woman.
- Fuck you. Go home.
- Okay! Okay!
- Is that what he said?
- Yes. I heard it with my own two ears.
Betong was right
to punch that jerk.
I can't believe the nerve of that couple!
They haven't even paid me what they owe.
So that's why Lena's
not here with us today.
Damned if she dares show
her face in my property.
- Do you know who started all this?
- Who?
Well, who else? The newbie!
Until now, we still know
nothing about that woman.
She was probably a town slut
back where she came from
and her own people drove her away
and now she's come to terrorize us!
Didn't I tell you?
See, I have been running
that store for ages, you know that.
Not once in all of the times
I've watched them drinking
did they get into a fight.
Not until that Euka
put a spell on them.
- See what I mean?
- We're in trouble, aren't we?
I swear, that Euka is nothing
but trouble.
She's not lucky at all.
She's a scourge.
- We should run her out of the island.
- Nobody said she was lucky!
She's a scourge!
She should leave this place!
I think you're being too harsh on her.
You don't even know her.
Jenny, you're not
really part of this circle.
Just wait for your lesbo hero.
Nobody cares what you have to say.
You used to be so eager.
What changed?
You couldn't get enough of me.
When you're about to come,
you'd even scream my name.
Can you just hook the mosquito net?
Jenny, dear!
You should be home
when it gets dark.
Chairman Pompa
needed someone to check
the deliveries and medicine
that came in for the barangay.
- They wanted me to give you this...
- Yeah, yeah, come on, then.
Since you left yesterday,
I could walk.
I even fried some fish and eggplants.
You can walk now?
The important thing is
I can go back to fishing.
Come on, let's have dinner.
There we go.
Have some of the eggplant.
You'll like it.
Forget about all those diet fads.
Just keep eating.
There, eat as much as you like.
What time did you leave the barangay?
You've lost track.
Always keep an eye on the clock.
Guys, help me out. This is big!
Help! A little help! It's a big one!
Here we go.
Help! A little help!
And down it goes.
We've been blessed!
This bountiful catch!
The fishes missed you, old man!
You and Euka are our
lucky charms these days.
Is that the newbie who put up
an eatery at the old Paradiso?
Haven't you met her, sir?
Jenny might have mentioned her.
- She's been here for almost a month.
- Yeah?
You're probably the only person
who hasnt gotten a taste of her.
I meant her cooking.
What does she cook?
You want a taste, sir?
Come with us tonight.
Let's have dinner there!
You're going to love it!
Fish! Fish!
Come get your fresh fish!
Fresh fish!
Come get your fresh fish!
Fresh fish!
Hey cutie, over here!
Look at this fresh catch!
How much for this?
One fifty for one-fourths.
Okay, what's my total?
Let's close it at two hundred.
Thank you, come again.
- Okay, I'll see you again.
- Thank you.
Fresh fish! Get yours now!
Hey, Jenny! You're early today.
- What did Euka buy?
- Fish.
How many?
One kilo of every kind. Why?
- Nothing, I was just asking.
- Take a look at these, Jenny.
I could live here forever.
- Here comes my order.
- Where's your order?
- Smells so good.
- Smells good!
But the cook smells even better.
This is something!
- I'll leave you men to it. Enjoy the food.
- Thank you, Euka.
It's so good, man.
Right? Damn.
So good!
Eat the camote tops. It's good.
Have you ever eaten at Euka's?
Not yet.
And don't eat there!
We don't know that woman.
She might be poisoning the food.
I'm happy with my fried fish,
my camote tops...
and guinamos.
I'm content with the food
I put on the table.
What is it?
Just eat up, okay?
Do you like it?
Go to sleep.
That's my favorite.
Maybe you could teach me how to cook
some of your dishes some time.
No problem, just ask.
I'll teach you how to cook.
Just promise me
you'll come here everyday.
What are you doing, dear?
Are you imitating that new lady?
Dear, you shouldn't be idolizing people.
You can't always trust what you see.
Pompa's such a bad
influence on you, I swear.
Is that so?
Probably why Amban left her.
See, now, your nails are so pretty.
We have the same color.
Just come back here
if you want a free manicure, alright?
If you want to change the color,
I'll do it for you free of charge.
Here you go.
I'll fix you up nicely.
What are you doing?
I'm just giving him
a manicure, father.
Dear, that's a sacred statue.
You rummaged through
your mother's things...
Get out, wash the dishes,
and feed the chickens, come on.
This girl.
Father, let's eat.
I gotta go get something.
I won't be long.
Think about what I said, okay?
- Where do you want to go?
- To Euka's.
What's up with her?
Don't you think she's pretty?
She's got nothing on you.
You're still the prettiest for me.
Besides, she can be my older sister.
They say that woman sleeps around.
What does that mean?
It means she's slept with
a lot of different men.
That's just idle gossip...
Probably spread by Lalaine and her posse.
But it's true.
All of her customers is lucky,
because of free sex performance.
But they make up for it
in their next meal.
What do you mean?
Let me show you.
This is what I mean.
You're so innocent.
You're still a virgin.
I'll show you.
I don't like that! I'm going home!
Oh, hey.
It's late. Why aren't you in bed, dear?
Have you had dinner?
I already had dinner.
I had something to eat just now.
Did you enjoy it?
What do you mean, sweetie?
You see...
She used to live here.
I was her very first boyfriend.
She was so young.
We lasted for some months
but when I met your mother,
I ended things with her.
I chose your mother over her.
I chose your mother over her.
When Eva and I got married,
she suddenly vanished.
Her auntie said she ran away.
And later on,
even her auntie left the island.
We never heard from them again.
Now she's back after 17 years.
That's the story of Eunice,
the woman you know today as "Euka".
You can't blame me
for meeting up with her.
My child
Is it good, huh?
Is it good?
Say it
Tell me you want this.
Tell me you want this so bad.
Can you shut up?
Your breath stinks!
Just hurry up!
did you mean it...
did you mean it?
Which one?
That my breath smells like a sewer?
Yes, it smells like shit.
Wait, where's my pay?
What pay?
Hey, I'm not paying for anything.
Every man on the island
has been inside you.
You're fucking worthless.
You're as good as a public toilet.
You son of a bitch.
You should be glad you're still
getting business from me.
Because the truth is,
your pussy smells like shit.
Oh yeah?
How about I crush your balls?
You asshole!
- Screw you!
- Screw you!
You damn whore! Shit!
Does it hurt?
Screw you, get back here!
Screw you!
You bitch!
You bitch!
Are you open?
I didn't prepare anything for snacks.
I only serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Have a seat.
What sort of food do you cook?
What would you like?
I'm not hungry.
Then what brings you here?
I'd like to introduce myself.
I'm Jenny.
Abel's daughter...
and Eva's.
Nice to meet you, Jenny.
Is there something going
on between you two?
You saw everything, didn't you?
Don't worry,
it's just sex.
And I don't see anything wrong with it...
I'm single, and your father's a widower.
I see nothing wrong.
But the others are married with families.
Are you a lawyer
for the islanders' wives?
These men need this change, too.
They're sick and tired
of the same old stuff.
Not my father.
Abel is not here.
Yes, I'll be right there.
Not right now. I'm busy.
You've been turning me down
so many times.
When are we gonna do it again?
I said leave.
You startled me.
I told you, your father's not here.
I just wanted to talk to you.
About what?
About my father.
I was sixteen, the same age as you,
when I met your father Abel.
He was very handsome
and so kind.
He courted me
and we started dating.
He was my first love...
and the first to take me.
"Take" you?
My virginity.
That's why your father is
very special to me.
But he was afraid people would find out
he has a relationship
with a sixteen-year old girl.
We didn't even last a year
when he met Eva.
She was more beautiful,
and the appropriate age for him.
The reason he broke up with me
was because he chose her over me.
I couldn't accept that, Jenny.
After that, I found out
that they were getting married.
I ran away and left this place.
It was too much for me to bear, Jenny.
Where I moved,
I was a helper.
I took on odd jobs
just to survive.
One day, I bled.
That's how I knew...
I had been pregnant with
your father's child.
But how did you learn how to cook?
In Japan.
I went there
and had a boyfriend.
He was a great cook.
Yoshi and I dreamt of
opening a restaurant here on the island.
I have a lot of memories
in Isla Pwerta, you see.
Hang on, sounds like
you skipped a part.
Why did you have to leave Japan?
Yoshi died.
Let's not talk about it.
- Can you teach me how to cook your dishes?
- Of course.
Come by tomorrow morning.
I have grand dreams for our island.
I want the youngsters to learn how to fish.
More and more of them
think of leaving for the city.
We keep consuming,
but nobody wants to know how it's done.
What about your daughter?
What's your plan?
What happens when she finishes school
and looks for prospects somewhere else?
She wouldn't do that.
I know my daughter.
Jenny will never leave me behind.
She's all grown up.
Over my dead body.
I didn't see you there.
How long have you been standing there?
I just got here.
I was watching you.
Come in.
What were you doing?
Were you exercising?
It's a ritual my late husband taught me.
For good vibes.
If you ask something of the universe,
you should trust
and give yourself fully
to make space for the blessing
it shall bestow upon you.
Look at me...
I'm not religious
but I attract a lot of customers.
People love to eat here.
Business is doing well.
You'll find that all the ingredients
you need can be found on the island
There's papaya, eggplants, and coconuts.
Freshly picked coconuts are more delicious
so I do my weekly rounds
to diversify my menu.
Watch those onions...
everything starts with these
three main ingredients.
Why do we have so many ingredients?
There's only two of us.
I'll sell whatever's left for lunch later.
Nothing will go to waste.
You don't need to cook a lot of dishes.
What's important is it's delicious
made with high-quality ingredients.
Don't eat just to fill your stomach,
you must relish the experience.
Let's eat.
Dig in.
Oh my god, it's so good!
What's your secret?
We cooked that together, silly.
Did you see me put anything in?
Why does it taste this good?
My secret is I enjoy myself
while I'm cooking.
The same way I'm enjoying
your company now.
You're sweating.
I ate too much too quickly.
You can rest here for a bit.
In my room.
All right.
I would see you hiding over there.
How can you tell if someone is watching?
If there's nobody there,
it's bright.
if someone's there,
it's dark.
I know when someone's using
the outhouse even when it's dark.
How do you know it was me?
You're the only one I've seen.
Did you enjoy the show?
Come here.
I need to go home.
I need to go home.
If you want me to teach you,
just let me know.
I'll make time for you.
I was surprised when the police came
to arrest Uncle yesterday.
They brought him to the precinct.
They interrogated him.
They wanted him to confess
that he poisoned his boss,
the one who owns the plastic factory.
The man's dead.
How could he have poisoned him?
He's the only person with a motive.
They had an altercation about his...
about his pay.
How did he poison him?
He has the key
to the storage.
A gallon of cyanide had been missing.
He was accused of taking it out.
So they haven't proved
he's the suspect.
He didn't confess to anything.
But the truth is
he did do it.
He gave me the gallon of cyanide
for safekeeping.
Where's the poison now?
It's downstairs.
In the washroom.
Let me see it.
I want to see.
Why would I show you?
I just want to see.
Where is it?
All right, then.
I'll show it to you, but first,
show me your...
Tough luck.
Suit yourself.
I'm not forcing you.
Okay, just one.
That's enough.
Where is it?
Why would I show you?
I said "boobs."
What you showed me was a boob.
I said boobs, plural.
Come on.
Just one more time.
I won't show you where it is
if you don't show me your boobs.
Wanna see my dick first?
Do you come here often?
Only when I'm sad.
Are you feeling sad right now?
I'm still a virgin.
Virgin to a girl or to a guy?
Why are you laughing?
I thought you've had
at least some experience.
That's why you can't
tell if you're happy or sad.
I'm having second thoughts
about giving myself to my boyfriend.
You have a boyfriend?
But we're keeping it a secret.
Nobody knows.
Not even my father.
I can keep a secret.
Won't you tell me his name?
It's Ephraim.
Ephraim? Sounds like
a cute guy's name.
I think he's very handsome.
Do you love him?
He's my first boyfriend
here on the island.
Let me tell you something,
men prefer women who have experience.
Not the ones who play innocent.
Want me to teach you
how to play with the boys?
Can you teach me
So I can prepare myself.
I won't open the restaurant
so I can focus on you.
Come here.
Hurry up.
Come on.
Euka told me
to make the first move,
To be more aggressive with men.
This way, I become more desirable.
They'll want me constantly,
and will never get enough of me.
That's what I'm doing
with Ephraim right now.
Why does it feel like you've gone
through this before?
You talk a lot.
Wait, Jenny!
Why doesn't it feel so good?
Give me your money.
Are you gonna take long?
Just be quick about it.
No touching, okay?
Hurry up.
That's it.
How about take a bath next time?
Gently, dear.
Feels so good.
Right there
Something bothering you, Jenny?
Why are you so quiet?
If running all those errands
for Chairman is wearing you down,
you can quit working for her now.
I'll take care of us from now on.
I can fish again.
Or is this about Ephraim?
Tell me...
is something going on between you two?
No, father.
It's painful but it's good.
With me?
We tried some new positions
like this one...
You, too?
I feel like he was gonna rip me in two
with our new position.
Something like this.
You girls think this is funny?
Aren't you wondering where
they learned all those tricks?
On YouTube!
And you believed them?
Nudity isn't allowed on YouTube!
I bet Euka has something to do with this.
She's teaching our husbands
all those nasty things!
If your husbands are having more sex
with you because of her lewd lessons,
mine and Maria's husband are the opposite.
He got sick of me instead.
That's where we went wrong.
We let a common slut into our turf.
Hey, Jenny.
You eat there a lot these days, don't you?
You must be good friends now.
Jenny, has she taught you
different sexual positions, too?
Be careful you don't wear out your body.
You'd be wasting your youth!
What do you mean you didn't enjoy it?
Nothing, he didn't satisfy me at all.
Something didn't feel right.
Is it because he's small?
Not really,
his is actually pretty big.
About the size of a baby's arm.
You must be so tight down there.
that's why it hurts
when you're supposed to feel good.
Is that how it works?
Or is it because you prefer
what Chairman Pompa does to you.
What do you mean?
Are people gossiping about us now?
The Chairman and I are just working.
I was just kidding.
I'm the one with qualms
as your best friend.
You spend more time with her
than you do with me.
It's making me jealous.
Are you going to pay me, too?
That doesn't matter.
We've been together
since we were kids!
I can't believe you!
You greedy little bitch!
Are you a whore, too?
You're just in time, dear.
I cooked anchovies
and camote tops.
What's wrong?
What happened?
What happened?
What happened?
What happened to you, what's wrong?
Why are you crying?
Did that lesbian do something to you?
Tell me. Come on,
you can tell me.
What is it?
Tell me, sweetie.
Tell me!
Is there...
Is there something
between you and Ephraim?
That son of a bitch!
What did he do to you?
Did he do something?
Tell me what happened.
Tell me, what do you
want me to do? Just tell me.
Did he hurt you?
Get out of here.
Stop this!
Please, stop!
Stop this!
Enough! Get away from me!
Stop this!
They're on their way.
They're on their way.
- Jenny!
- What's going on?
Isn't that your best friend?
Looks like she died last night.
How horrible.
Ma'am, wait, you can't go in.
Isn't that the prostitute?
That's her, right?
Ma'am, you can't go in.
Poor Jenny.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Let me go inside!
So what?
Are we gonna stand around all day?
Stare into nothing?
Elise has been dead for days.
You know what,
If you carry on this way,
you're going to end up just like her.
Look at yourself.
I can't even get
a decent word out of you.
You're not eating well either.
Do you love me?
Of course!
What kind of question is that?
Do you want everyone
to know about us?
Father knows.
You told him?
and he told me he'll
kill you if he sees you.
He also told me to break
things off with you.
So that's what I'm doing.
I'm breaking up with you.
What the fuck, Jenny.
What's the matter with you?
We can just keep seeing
each other in secret.
Do it yourself.
Fuck you.
The women on the island
are badly shaken
by what happened to Elise.
To be honest, even the parents
with young daughters
are getting agitated.
I can imagine.
Wasn't she
Jenny's best friend?
If she had died from an illness,
it would have been easier,
but the kid was murdered.
She was raped and murdered.
We've got a killer on the loose.
It's Elise's fault
for entertaining foreign customers.
That whore doesn't give
two shits who uses her.
You know what I think?
Euka's involved.
She's the strange newcomer.
Don't be like that.
She can't possibly do
something like that!
According to the investigation,
a hard object was inserted
into her vagina.
Only a man could have done this.
That's what I don't get.
Why care so much for a dead whore?
Her life doesn't mean anything.
Good day, Chairman.
Good day, what can I do for you?
Captain Cain,
we'd like to ask you
to come with us to the station.
Why, sir?
We'd like to take your statement
because we received information that
you are seen regularly with Elise Sevilla.
We'll just ask you a few questions
to help in resolving her case.
Let me just stop you there, officer.
And I'll say this in front of Chairman.
I have nothing to do
with that whore's murder.
I don't know anything.
But I will come with you.
But I have nothing to do with it.
Should we start?
How many men have been
in your room?
Who are they?
You couldn't keep count
of how many free shows you've watched?
Apart from them, how many more?
I can't remember.
But I think all the fishermen
have been here at least once.
Some vendors along the beach
and some from the neighboring town.
I get referrals,
but folks from our island
can come in for free.
You didn't service all the
men on the island, did you?
Of course,
I still pick out the nice ones.
How's your secret boyfriend,
by the way?
I think he's seeing someone else.
A snake slithered
into our relationship.
I broke things off.
It's Chairman's birthday
the day after tomorrow.
Guess who she asked
to cook food for the celebration.
Three dishes for the guests.
Problem is
I don't have anyone
to assist me with all the preparations.
Can you help?
Don't worry, this is a paid gig.
Okay, I'll just go ask
for her permission.
No need,
she already said yes.
Jenny! Please come in!
I'm so grateful you're here.
Let's start?
What's wrong?
I just remembered Elise.
The woman who was murdered recently,
here on this island.
She was my best friend.
Don't cry.
I can be your friend.
Don't cry.
This is why we met.
Please think of me
as your good friend.
We're finally done.
Go on, prepare the rest of it.
I can handle this.
You sure?
Okay, I'll get things ready.
Fix the stage!
Chairman, happy birthday.
This is for you.
Thank you, Euka.
- We made this especially for you.
- Thank you! Thank you so much!
- Happy birthday, Chairman!
- Happy birthday, Chairman!
Happy birthday, Chairman!
Gee, Chairman, I heard you asked someone
else to cook the food for your party.
You've always asked me
and my amigas to handle that part.
But we understand.
Once in a while,
we need to try something new...
But we still prepared something for you.
- Oh, thank you!
- We just thought your guests might
look for the more familiar flavors.
Thank you!
You guys are early!
Please grab a seat.
Grab a seat.
Chairman, happy birthday.
I cooked you my specialty.
Thank you!
Please have a seat while waiting.
I'll go home first,
I'm going to wash up and change.
Alright then, but by the way,
ask Abel to come with you.
Tell him I forgot to send an invitation...
But that now, I am personally extending
my invitation to him, okay?
- Would you do that?
- Okay.
I'll go ahead first.
Mister, the balloons!
She didn't really want to invite me.
Doesnt matter.
I didn't want to drink tonight anyway.
I won't stay out for too long, father.
Fine, fine.
Just don't come home late.
I don't want you meeting
with that Ephraim.
I won't, dad.
Do you promise? You sure?
- Coffee.
- Thanks.
Ah, dear.
They might have leftovers.
Can you bring home some for me?
I want to taste some of the food.
Okay, father.
I've had my fill.
Friends! Come on, we can
begin the feast! Here you are!
- Come on, let's eat!
- Happy Birthday!
- Come to the table, everyone!
- Leave out the whore's food.
- Chairman, happy birthday!
- Well, who else am I going to invite?
Happy birthday, Chairman!
Happy birthday, Chairman!
Try this soup! Euka made it.
It's delicious.
Everyone, let's eat.
Hey! Hurry! Over here.
What are you waiting for?
You want me to call you one by one!
Go on! Enjoy the food!
Jenny! Where's Abel?
Sorry, Chairman, he's embarrassed.
He couldn't believe you
were inviting him.
God, what the hell is
the matter with him?
Okay, okay, don't worry about it.
Just go there and eat!
Eat as much as you like, okay?
I reserved this seat for you.
Why don't you try
the food we cooked?
I want to try something different.
come and get more food.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Cheers, Chairman!
Happy birthday!
Thank you! I appreciate it.
Hey! Hey!
- Lalaine!
- Hey!
Hey! Hey!
- What the fuck?
- You whore.
- Lalaine!
- You slut!
Betong, take Lalaine home right now.
- Shh, let's go.
- Head on home! Get some rest.
What's wrong?
What's happening to you?
Lucas, what's happening to you?
What is it?
Shot! More shots!
- Oh no!
- Sir!
- Somebody! Help me!
- What's going on?
- Everyone, get some help!
- Oh, no!
So that he can still reach the boat.
You guys!
I feel dizzy.
Let me help you.
- You're really going to walk me home?
- Yes.
You're so nice.
Did I tell you?
You look like my ex-husband.
He taught me how to cook
all those delicious dishes.
My head hurts.
- Your partner? The one that died?
- He didn't die.
He left me for someone else,
so I had to leave.
I think you had too much to drink.
I'm okay, I just can't stop thinking
about what Lalaine did back there.
I thought you said all of it mean
nothing to you. Why are you affected?
Ephraim even became
one of your patrons.
You were sleeping with him
while we were together.
There's nothing between us, Jenny.
You're the one who came on to me.
- Can you teach me how to cook your dishes?
- Of course.
I did it even though it hurt to know
you're Abel's daughter.
Is there anything worse
than seeing my lover with you?
I saw everything you did to my boyfriend.
And I know that you knew I was watching.
At first, I didn't understand
how you could do that to me.
Until I managed to piece
together the reason for all this.
It's retribution for
what my parents did to you.
You were angry because he chose
someone else over you.
And now you're
taking revenge on everyone.
You planned this from the beginning.
And you had to drag me into it.
You're smart, Jenny.
You're right. When I heard
that your mother passed away,
I travelled to the island to make you feel,
the child of Abel and Eva,
how much they hurt me.
And I've succeeded.
You turned yourself into a whore,
there's no redemption in that.
It's all part of my plan.
All the mothers and fathers
of the women on this island,
they all celebrated Abel and Eva's union.
I was witness to that.
The people of the island have
not been kind to me, Jenny.
They're the reason why I had
to leave this place and go far away.
They're the reason why
I had to work as a maid,
get beaten up by my employer,
raped, and turned into a whore.
This island made me into one.
I know you've fallen for me.
And what of Ephraim?
Someone to scratch your itch?
You're the one I want, Jenny.
I love you.
I no longer feel anger
towards your father.
We've said our piece
and put things behind us.
Your father and I have moved on, Jenny.
I came here to say thank you
and apologize for all the things I've done.
Come with me.
Let's be together, Jenny.
Let's leave this island.
It's time you left your father, please.
Lito! Where are you?
I've been looking for you.
Pack a bunch of these, okay?
And go bring them to Abel.
Father! Father!