Puzhu (2022) Movie Script

Dear audience!
Me, an actor!
A lone wolf!
The solo artist,
standing before you,
with the lives of five characters!
On the stage,
an actor's God: the audience!
You are my support.
Look after me!
This is...
My Forest!
Under the custody of the King
who rules the land!
Hey, beast!
The fatso who prides himself
as the chief of elephants!
How dare you cross the borders of forest,
and destroy the sanctuary of the sages?
Hello, Safiyatha?
-I'm at the play. Will call you later.
-Hey, blackamoor! Dumbo!
If my fists become the reason...
to rupture your skull;
Consider that your fate!
Unable to trumpet...
deprived of everything;
you'll wander through this forest...
Showing his pride, taking off the tusk;
Leaves the place, The King;
On his journey forth.
Wild branches ask in unison;
Why the King
tramples the soul of our forest?
Reverberates a heartless laughter;
Sending tremors down tiny feathers,
clutched to trees.
And again, as the chariot rumbles ahead
Saw the King;
A forest-dwelling sage in meditation.
No need to get all that.
Let it be.
That I'll decide.
Those are crumbling down...
Get out fast.
Be careful.
How many times did I warn you
to bring someone and tie this up properly?
Did you listen?
Even if it's for rent, shouldn't you
have some responsibility?
I was busy with the rehearsals, Safiyatha.
How can I perform before the people
with no practice?
It's a blessing that you took her along.
Else, it would've been a mess.
Get that, kid.
Lets get it to the house.
You too come with us, dear.
We will keep it there.
He will be here any minute.
The rent is a bit high.
Can't you reduce the rent,
with an extra advance?
I don't think any adjustments
will work around the rent.
Something urgent came up
at the Panchayat Office.
Got delayed.
Didn't I mention before?
They've no kids.
So, the house will always remain tidy.
Did you get the keys?
One minute.
Come with me.
What happened, Sir?
This looks like a mare's nest...
No, never!
I know them, personally.
Isn't it clear from the faces
this is some hustle?
You try someone else.
Okay, then.
The thing is...
We got it.
Come, let's go.
Our house owner seems to be
one progressive prude!
Hop in!
Didn't Safiyatha say
not to look for a house in a hurry?
That's her good heart.
We can look more.
How many houses did we see!
We have to get
our marriage certificate soon.
I've been riding this bike
for the last twenty-five years;
with no papers!
Have you been taking me along
with no proper license!
Why do we need some license to live?
We will be in jail;
if you hit someone.
Then, what about getting a license
to hit someone?
What we need is a marriage certificate.
If that's what you want.
How long since you got married?
Six months.
Why the delay?
There wasn't the need for one so far.
I meant why the delay in getting married...
-This is my second marriage.
Can you give me the form?
I can fill it quick...
Hold your horses!
We aren't sitting here to work as you say.
There is a way of doing things.
Sorry, Sir.
We weren't in town.
We were out of town with
theatre performances.
So, you're an actor, correct?
I sensed it.
No, not me, Sir.
My husband.
Argh! Who watches plays these days, right?
But why do you need this now?
-While looking for houses on rent...
-That doesn't need this, though;
Can't blame people though.
Together you look like
a coconut kernel grabbed by a crow...
Attempt to murder!
Let it be.
I'll give a case based on
SC/ST Atrocities Act. Let's see.
Wait. Don't leave.
We can sort this out.
He's a naf.
Entered service recently.
It's a matter
of a young man's career.
Can't you sit down and talk this out?
This isn't my first experience.
If I were to file a case for each,
won't have time for any!
That's why gave one hard.
I'm good.
We took this place even with
the high rent as it's closer to High Court.
At least she can walk from here.
We will be here till delivery, anyway.
Till then, that flat is going to be vacant.
I think this is a good option.
If you find anything better,
you can always move.
No need of any agreements or papers:
Whether it's tomorrow or day after;
Move in whenever you're ready.
What about the rent?
We can discuss that later.
People like me started writing
after watching BR Kuttappan's plays;
Aha! You write?
Sorry. I didn't know that.
His play bagged first place
in School Youth Festival-district level.
Is it?
Where's this flat?
Tripunithura side.
AVC Homes!
CK, I don't think that will work...
Her brother stays in the same flat.
So, you're that character, huh?
I don't have any issues.
Is Devaki doing well?
What well-being?
Poor her paying for
the actions of the kids!
-We are thinking of visiting next week.
-Yes, we are.
We're going up, son.
Sir, can you press Ground?
Ravi's kids of 2A have come from Bombay,
haven't they?
How do they eat this?
We can only advice, right?
I'll talk with Ravi, again.
Some people are like that.
Won't get how many times you explain.
Good evening, Kichu.
Good evening, Dad.
Those days everywhere the toilets
were cleaned by,
particular community.
But in Gandhiji's ashram, every person
has to carry the toilet basket...
to the pit and empty it.
No one was excused from this task;
not even the guests.
How was your day?
It was good, Dad.
Teacher gave a surprise test for Maths.
Easy questions...
Naveen, Jithu and me;
Aswathi and Abhirami from girls
got ten on ten.
Aha, very good.
No. The English teacher
made us read the lesson.
Speak up, kiddo.
Something happened:
Last period was Games.
Did you go out to play?
I took my chess board out,
when they all went out to play.
None joined me.
Didn't your best friend come?
He left saying he wanted to play football.
By the time I returned from the toilet,
white King went missing.
I searched everywhere.
Couldn't find it.
Someone took it, Dad.
Was that kid there?
The one caught cheating
during exam?
No, he won't take it.
He's one of my good friends now.
He even shared his snacks with me today.
Did you accept those?
What did he bring?
We have to share what we have.
It's good.
Only then will we become
good human beings.
That doesn't mean we have to accept
what they offer...
Kichu doesn't need that, do you?
How do you win a game of chess?
When you protect the King.
You should bring the white King
when you come tomorrow!
Hear me?
I'll complain to the teacher
tomorrow itself.
[chanting evening prayers]
-Please switch that off!
Hey, one minute!
C'mon, Radhika madam;
Speak a few words about this trip.
-Hey, stop that. Leave!
Go, leave!
Then at least two words for Kichu.
Mamma loves you so much!
What about me, then?
Okay, then.
Get ready, soon.
-I'll wait outside.
Don't pick him up.
Let him learn to get up by himself.
No, no.
-Goodnight, Kichu.
-Goodnight, Dad.
[devotional song plays]
How are you, kiddo?
Come. Let's get a picture.
Come closer.
Didn't you bring Kichu?
He had classes.
Happy that you could join us, Kuttan.
This is how relationships get severed...
What needs to be severed
has been severed.
Heard they are staying with some friends...
That guy has no stable income, it seems...
What can someone earn
by doing theatre these days...
Hey, they have started serving food.
Come. They are waiting.
Hey, you should enjoy eating payasam
from the leaf.
It was with a lot of work,
we shut that factory down.
We paid everyone Hari sir mentioned,
pretty well.
I've done what's needed
through the Housing Board.
But you know the situation now...
The whole town is in chaos;
Trivandrum is in a fix.
Amidst this, we can't move an inch ahead
with our property issue...
Kuttan gave a suggestion.
On hearing, I felt it's good.
We need to operate this
through the Central Ministry.
I have contacted them,
after I heard from Hari.
This won't happen, Sir.
Hey, don't fold the leaf...
Next course is buttermilk. Only then,
the meal will be complete.
Not a fan of some sour things!
I expected this response from Jamal
on seeing you.
That's why I arranged the meeting here.
I thought he left all that behind.
It was only a matter of 2 crores!
For some, it's less about the money
and more about trust.
You sure about the leaders
standing on our side?
That's sorted.
What about his partners?
What about getting a hold of them?
But isn't Jamal who worked
on the project so far?
Without him, this won't happen.
Won't happen without me either!
-Good evening, Kichu!
-Good evening, Dad!
A nutritionalist, chef,
or even your grandma...
would use the food classification system,
that defines fruits and vegetables.
It is based on the way...
the plants are used and their flavour.
Some vegetables we use
in our daily life are:
Onion, Carrot,
Brinjal, Pumpkin.
Some fruits we use in our daily life are:
Banana, Tomato,
Grapes, Apple.
Read that last part again.
Some fruits we use in our daily life are:
Mango, banana, tomato, grapes, apple.
Do you know what a tomato is?
Is tomato a fruit?
No. It's a vegetable.
No, Dad. I'm sure.
Naveen, too had the same doubt.
We checked on Google
when we went to the Computer Lab.
Google says, "tomato is a fruit".
Google is just a search engine, Kichu.
Who told you whatever in there is true?
Yesterday you lost that chess coin.
And today, this blunder!
What are you really doing at school?
is a...
is a...
-500 times!
Mamma loves you so much!
What about me, then?
-Get ready, soon. I'll wait outside.
Don't pick him up.
Let him learn to get up by himself.
First four times, horizontally.
Then four times, vertically.
Then again horizontally.
Got it?
Healthy teeth are always white.
Teeth's natural colour is
slight yellowish, Dad.
Who tells you all these dumb things?
Yellow, it seems!
[devotional song plays]
[Music lessons]
That lad can help you
with milk and veggies.
-Or ask the Security.
-Aren't you the guy...
-who hid camera in the soapbox;
-I'll be there.
in Prasad sir's movie?
Yes, dear. I'm that pervert.
No. I didn't mean it in that sense.
Are you okay if I take a selfie with you?
What if I'm not?
Come, dear. Let's take one.
If you get a role similar
to the one in your plays,
it would be a big break for you.
It will come someday, dear.
It might break.
I too will give a hand with that.
Are you home, Mohan?
I'll come there.
Come in. Sit down.
Eyes burn for a while
after applying this.
I took this flat believing you won't
rent this to others, but our people.
Yes. It's the same as before.
Then, didn't you know
about the unloading happening down?
Nandan informed me
one of his friends and family
will be here for a few days.
Any issues?
It's her!
-Going to switch on the mixer.
Yes, Hari...
Jamal has agreed for one more meeting.
When can we plan it?
We can arrange it at Vagamon.
You guys reach there tomorrow...
no, day-after.
-Shall I inform Jamal, then?
- Go ahead.
Hey, what about we have a meet,
before that?
I'm going to mother's.
-Will stop by your place on the way back.
This Nandan has
some interest in theatre.
Even shortened his name!
He's someone
who has no respect for our customs!
No worries. I'll talk to him.
Will anyone with the slightest bit of shame
ever come and stay here!
If she's playing this game to taunt me...
You're the Secretary of this flat.
Nothing doing!
I won't play along.
-Shall I get some tea, Kuttan?
-No, thanks.
I have to leave.
Achhol, show me yours?
I got F. So, me first.
-What now?
-You have to take from it.
Isn't this how you arrange it?
Don't show me. Hide them, Achhol.
Okay. Fine.
Take two more.
Don't we take seven usually?
Isn't it been a long time since we played!
Achhol forgot most of it.
Even my last time was with Achhol;
still, I remember.
Why so?
Can't you play with your father?
C'mon, play Achhol!
Is that LOVE?
What's so weird? Isn't love good?
Nah! Love is too boring.
I don't like girls.
What about me?
Achhol is different.
All those girls in my class are show-offs.
You remember what you just said, right?
Don't change later.
I will never fall in LOVE. Ever.
Good evening, Kichu.
Good evening, Dad.
Sorry, Dad.
Achhol will come later.
Hey, give me a hand.
Don't open that.
Those are old magazines.
Isn't this just a temporary arrangement!
When I came to know Kichu is above...
Let it go, dear.
Not even securing an IAS or IPS
can change peoples' views.
There was a Sumati teacher
in my high school.
A know-all!
One day, she asked students
interested in acting in a play to gather.
I went all dressed up.
Have you come to act
with that look of yours!
Saying this,
she didn't let me join the play.
So, I wrote a play all by myself.
On the Annual Day, after teacher's play,
I got on the stage and enacted the play,
all by myself.
Did everyone like your play?
Who cares!
I went home, filled my tummy
with enough rice and sardine curry;
and went to bed happy.
The plan for the township is even ready.
If could change
that land title to commercial,
we can lay the foundation stone.
We have made an appointment
with the Minister.
The only thing is that,
you have to pump in money.
A pretty big sum!
I have been played once.
Even if this doesn't come though,
nothing's going to happen to
either of you.
Don't you have a salary, pension and all...
What about us?
Some businessmen!
If Hari Sir can promise things won't be
the same as before,
then, we are ready for the deal.
What's this Jamal?
That was something in the past...
You know what happened.
We have come this far,
Isn't this my private space?
We don't need any such arguments here.
What about some sweets for everybody?
Sir, you shouldn't.
Hey, don't scare them.
Speak gently.
I've a bit of hearing trouble.
I have made your bed.
I'm going home.
You too can leave, Mathachan.
Go inside.
Don't doze off.
Wake me up at 4 sharp.
This guy isn't as humble as he looks!
He starts drinking after noon.
There's this story Kuttan shared.
One day,
he brought a bottle of Jack Daniels here.
For us to party some times.
Later, when we checked,
the quantity seems to be coming down.
Do you know what Kuttan did?
He tied a rubber band, on the bottle...
to mark the level.
What rubber band for an alcoholic!
When Kuttan checked the bottle later,
it was empty.
Then, shall we leave?
-What about you? Coming with us?
-No. Later.
Kuttan needs a small nap after lunch,
and a shower before driving back.
Dad... Dad... Dad...
What happened to me?
Don't get up. Lie down.
My phone...
Give me your phone.
I need to talk to Kichu.
You take rest.
I talked to Kichu.
He's at Mohan's place.
I was taking a shower...
After that, it's fuzzy...
I can't remember anything...
Initially, I thought your BP went down.
There was discolouration
in your palms and foot.
We tested the blood.
There is the presence of
Carbon monoxide in the blood.
I called our Abu at the Forensics,
to leave no doubts.
I don't think this was an accident.
When did the fan in the bathroom
stop working?
I don't know, Sir.
Where's Mathachan?
He's over there. I'll call.
Jamal is yet to let that issue go,
isn't he?
Eh, what are you implying?
Didn't we all come together?
This deal is his last hope.
And this won't happen without you!
Where were you, yesterday?
Nothing happens here,
without your knowledge.
No, Sir. I've not added any sugar.
Starting tomorrow,
both of you need not come here!
We forgot to check
the fan in the bathroom, Sir.
Do you think that we will do something,
that could harm you?
Hari, come.
We will starve, Sir.
I won't get jobs with this ear of mine!
We pay our child's fees
with whatever you pay us.
Please don't let us go!
What's there for gruel today?
Anyway, this guerrilla setup of yours
looks good.
The idea of yours, this time,
was good.
Working on chemicals, huh?
Oh! Somebody tried to kill you again,
didn't they?
Why the hell are you pestering me...
whenever someone makes a move at you?
You shot me...
and went to jail for six years!
Didn't I leave you alone due to that!
How did you enter my resort?
Which resort, Sir?
I hardly leave this place.
I have nobody to visit.
My wife left me while I was in jail;
and my son!
Don't harm me again. Please.
Don't make me come here, again.
What wrong has I done to be attacked?
Aren't you aware of how hard it's for me
to get some sleep each day?
I feel like being swallowed by the earth,
struggling to breathe.
It's him, that Paul Varghese.
I'm still alive due to your prayers, Mom!
It's good that you're bedridden. You don't
have to see any of these!
I was getting ready to face people.
It's then...
Didn't we decide to never meet her
again in our lives?
And now!
Am I not the one going through all these!
I feel disgusted!
The kid said to inform
he was going for the play.
Eh, going where?
There's a play by artist Kuttappan today.
Do you think you can disobey,
royal orders? Huh?
Can you?
In which sacred manuscripts are mentioned;
that a forest-dweller is
worthy of meditation?
Look, all the leaves of the hermit tree
have been eaten by worms!
Now, their food is going to be...
Before you die,
let me...
offer you a garland!
A snake instead of a flowering creeper.
Ha-ha! A dotted snake!
Your ascetic powers are...
one of a kind, hermit!
Aah....my dear husband!
Ow! What harm have you done
to my husband!
You tried to disturb his prayer,
by killing a snake in his niche...
and throwing the dead on to his neck!
My Gods! Please forgive him!
Seeing the hermit lie in distress;
Comes running, the wife to his side.
On that chest she once
adorned a garland
Now lay, one ferocious dead reptile!
What harm did fall on my lord?
Things coming up
in the last minute, duh!
You're behind all these!
My son is in there.
Tell him to come with me.
Or else the play will stop right here!
Father... my dear father...
-Is the womb that bore me, in flames?
I'll bring him after this...
Did my mother held my father close
amidst those flames?
Hey, cruel King!
On behalf of this forest;
On behalf of the children of the forest;
On behalf of my Gods;
On behalf of the clouds waiting to burst;
Before the seventh night from today;
You'll die from the bite
of the snake king, Thakshakan!
You will die!
You will die!
Do you know who this is?
Who are you to make my sister your model?
Some Ravi Varma, huh?
Bharati and I are in love.
You can't end it with these fake cases!
It's her wedding next week.
Aren't you old enough?
Go, make a life, cleaning toilets!
"My mother brush my teeth
and bathe me everyday."
"She will tell me how to..."
"brush my teeth."
"If I don't do like that,
she will scold me."
"My mother will help me do my homework."
"Once when I wrote 'heritage',
the spelling was wrong."
"She made me stand on the bench
in one leg till morning."
"She wants the uniform clean always."
"If uniform is dirty,"
"she will make me wash myself."
"My mother get angry if I make
noise while eating."
"My mother has only me. That is why
she doesn't..."
"like me playing and enjoying
with my friends."
What's this?
I know that Rishikesh's mother
passed away long back...
Aah... Yes.
Didn't he grow up without a mother!
All these are his imaginations.
-Should I continue? There are more details.
-No, Madam.
This won't happen again.
I will advise him.
Rishikesh behaves violently
with his friends.
We have received one or two complaints.
Actually, what's Rishikesh's problem?
Sorry, Madam.
He won't repeat it.
Is Dad such a bad person, Kichu?
When Kichu's mamma died, why didn't
Dad bring a new mamma home?
Wasn't it because,
Dad wants to spend more time with you?
Wasn't it to be Kichu's best friend?
Very good, Kichu.
Look, you found it.
How did that happen?
Isn't that because of Dad's advice,
last day?
Dad had grandpa,
to teach all these.
That's how Dad became a great guy.
If Dad disobeyed,
grandpa used to beat Dad.
I don't do any of that to Kichu. Do I?
Do you know how Dad felt,
when Dad sat before the teacher?
I prayed
for the ground to swallow me up!
Sorry, Dad.
I wrote it without giving much thought.
Why are you troubling yourself
taking the stairs?
Get a cycle.
I will get a company as well.
Get the visitor's book.
What happened, Sir?
Get it.
Isn't the generator in here, working?
Yes, Sir. It is.
Then, why?
I went and started it
when the power didn't come.
Why so?
Doesn't it turn on automatically?
Usually, it does.
But it was on Manual yesterday.
I couldn't find the room key.
Got delayed when I found the spare key.
Why haven't you entered
the names of the guests after 4 pm?
There were no guests after 4 pm.
Sorry, sir.
It's only been a month since I got here.
I am slowly getting used to things...
Start packing your bags and stuff.
I have already informed the agency.
Missing your wife, huh?
Wasn't I living a normal life,
with no big dreams,
as a chemical engineer at that factory?
You guys forcefully shut it down.
You needed the Cadmium there.
To get that, you sought me.
Later when you became
the protector of that company,
I became the thief.
Tired, Sir. I'm done.
This time you choked me inside the lift.
And that too, using poison.
When you are here, alive,
who else can I doubt?
That day, it was you who tried to kill me.
Wasn't it during that hustle you got shot?
Even you know all about that.
Did you learn acting after going to prison!
I'm not the one,
who is trying to kill you!
I handled it with no care.
I think it will be hard
to get a fingerprint.
We get everything from the crime scene,
only matchings are done here.
Sir, can you place your index finger?
You can remove, now.
I have got an almost clear fingerprint,
other than yours.
But it's not a match...
to the Paul Varghese, you mentioned.
Do one thing!
Mail me the encryption codes of all these.
-Yes, Sir.
He deserves death.
But now,
I have doubts.
Was he the one behind all these...
It's time for mom's medicine.
I'll give it.
I'm feeling scared, Mom.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Looks like you had a great sleep!
I waited for a while.
Check your phone.
See how many missed calls you have.
If we don't start now,
we will miss the flight.
Go, freshen up and come.
No. Not yesterday.
Didn't you get ready?
I'm not coming.
Body is aching.
Feeling slightly feverish...
How can this work without you?
Shouldn't we sign the agreement?
I'm backing off for now.
If this is about Paul Varghese,
that case is closed.
There is no presence of you
at the crime scene.
Your plans won't be affected.
I have talked to the Minister's PA.
This won't happen without you.
You know that well.
After all these troubles...
Now, what I am to do!
I'm not coming.
I saw her near the lift.
He too was there.
Playful and happy!
They flustered, on seeing me.
She comes here, sometimes.
Doesn't she?
Kichu told me.
Never thought you will
forget everything so easily?
Nah. Nothing like that.
They will shift from here next week.
It's my younger brother's death anniversary
next week.
Ten years!
How did she fool us all those years?
I will tell some excuse to Jamal.
You take rest.
Come. Eat.
Don't you need dosa?
The school bus is here.
Then for whom am I making all these?
Why didn't you call me when you woke up?
You were in deep sleep.
Did you think I died?
Did you practice music today?
You aren't interested in any of that;
but blabbers to anyone who comes here!
Now, you can leave.
We'll see when you return
in the evening.
Yes, Sarath.
I have mailed you the encrypted code...
of the fingerprint
we got from the air fresher bottle.
I cross-checked with the fingerprints
on the criminal records.
Couldn't find a match.
Didn't you say you got it from the lift?
Dont you have CCTV in there?
The Association policy is
not to keep cameras.
Everyone here is an acquaintance.
Then what's the issue, Sir?
Should I come there and see
if I can get any prints?
Can you hear me?
Sarath, I'll call you.
-Sir, you haven't put the trash out.
-Nothing today.
Receiving an honour this huge,
for people like you, can
happen only in Kerala.
What do you think about it?
to all the masters!
Sir, you performed a play called
How do you organise those transitions?
In the play "Thakshakan",
four characters come
one after the other.
The costumes are designed to change swiftly
and effortlessly.
With each character's costume,
I'm changing into that character on stage.
Hey, what's the password?
AVC Homes.
Name of the flat.
Say it louder.
The India in which we live in!
That's my inspiration.
Sorry, sir. We didn't know
you were Kuttappan sir's brother-in-law.
We will come to your flat
after finishing this.
It would be good
if we could get a bite from you.
Isn't the thumb of that guy from 2C here?
We have not entered those of the newcomers.
Mohan Sir said they will be here
only for a few days.
That's why I didn't.
What's it, Sir?
-Any issues?
If anyone comes to my flat, check with me
before sending them in.
Yes, Sir.
The girl in 4D came early today.
The school sent everyone home at 11.
Then where has he gone for this long?
I checked the whole compound.
Couldn't find him anywhere.
What if...
he's at your sister's?
-What happened to Kichu?
Our Kichu hasn't come home yet.
-Where did you go when the school bus came?
The bus came when I went to take a leak.
So, I couldn't pay attention.
They said Sir's kid got down here as well.
Then where is he?
Ameer... you?
Where's this ground?
Near the bridge.
What were you doing there?
Was playing cricket.
Was this the first time?
Look at my face when I am talking.
Kichu, answer me.
Was this the first time or not?
What are you going to gain
playing football?
Not football, cricket.
Did you start talking back to me?
Joining those wretched kids...
What else did they teach you?
Do you cut classes?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
I have this feeling...
that my brother will change.
Why did you laugh?
Control was to be in the hands of
caste Hindus,
on the grounds that since untouchability
was Hindu sin,
they had to take the...
initiative in changing it.
What were you saying? Didn't hear it.
I just felt so...
after he talked to me, today.
Do you remember Raveendran,
my classmate from RLV?
Of course. I never liked him.
He was there always, glued to KP.
Whenever he sees my handwriting,
he gets suspicious,
whether I wrote it or not.
-But isn't your handwriting good?
But he still believes that someone else...
wrote all my assignment papers,
while we were in college.
But he had no hesitations
to eat from my plate!
Even if robots were to replace humans,
these customs won't change much.
That would keep on fancy dressing around.
For what?
I got excited...
Hey, it's good, dear.
Let your brother too change.
Good for him,
if he changes.
Hey, please switch that off!
Okay then, one minute...
Okay, Radhika Madam,
-Is the leg still hurting?
-few words about the trip
Why did you slap Ameer bro?
Please... please...
Didn't you get it?
These people can do anything to you.
You should not go with
people like him.
No, Dad.
Ameer bro is my friend.
How did you become so dumb, Kichu?
One day, when I got down
from the school bus,
a dog from here came to bite me.
I ran, frightened.
The dog came chasing.
It was Ameer bro who saved me.
Why didn't you tell me this?
Don't pick him up.
No, no...
Let him learn to get up by himself.
I don't like you.
You didn't inform a parent
about the school leaving at 11.
And now you are justifying that!
If you can't take responsibility
for your students,
then better stop!
Look, Sir. Your kid isn't the only one
who is studying here.
Our responsibility is
only during school hours.
What's the point in being annoyed at us,
if your child went somewhere after school?
I don't want my child
to study here anymore!
I'll apply for TC.
That's your choice.
If he leaves at this time
of the academic year,
it's your kid who is going to suffer.
You are spoiling his future.
And I'm so sorry to say this.
You don't have to worry about it.
Is ladies' finger a fruit or a vegetable?
I don't know.
It's a fruit.
Do you know how Dad got to know?
Dad checked...
Let's move to grandma's place.
There you'll have...
Subhadra auntie's kids:
Appu and Ammu.
Kichu will have someone to play,
and go to school with.
Dad checked.
The school there is much better.
Kichu, sit down and
finish your meal!
How annoyed we are,
never show it towards food.
Didn't Dad make all these...
for Kichu to eat?
Come on, eat.
Kichu, are you asleep?
Dad will sleep with Kichu today.
Is Kichu still angry with Dad?
Isn't Dad someone with old values!
Dad, let me sleep.
Do you know which is the...
oldest animal in the world?
Do you know?
Because it's black and white!
Your Achhol came here today, didn't she?
Didn't she come here when
I was at your school?
-Did that drama guy enter my room?
No, they didn't come here.
Tell me the truth!
I'll kill you if you lie!
No, Dad.
They didn't come here.
Mother promise!
From where did you get the poison?
I can understand you saying...
you hate me.
But you doing this...
You want me to die, right? Fine, then.
Ameer bro came here, Dad!
Where's that lad?
He left.
He was sad about what happened yesterday.
I tried speaking to him.
Did something happen to Kichu?
Has his thumb been entered into the system?
No. What's it?
Any problem?
From where did you get him?
He used to be in my son's flat,
in Bangalore.
When he went to the UK for onsite,
he sent him here.
We let him stay thinking
he could be a help for us.
What happened now?
He's a born criminal!
Do you have his number?
What is it, Kuttan?
What happened? Eh?
What happened, Kuttan?
Tell me what happened!
-Traced the number you gave.
That is a SIM taken,
in Mohan's wife's name, six months ago.
It was in your tower location,
till 10.30, yesterday night.
Since 5 in the morning,
it's travelling,
towards Bangalore.
I have informed there.
When are you coming back from Delhi?
I'll reach tomorrow.
I need to get him.
I'll call you later.
Can you please send
Kichu down at noon?
There's a small function
for KP receiving an award.
Do you want to go to Achhol's?
Due to the fear of death instilled in him,
King left Hastinapura,
and started living far away,
in a palace in the sea.
Although Thakshakan wandered
for six days, in disguises,
to kill the King,
he couldn't enter the palace,
and had to leave, defeated.
Stay still, everyone. Don't move.
I will come just now.
Take a seat!
The King survived on...
fruits brought by,
trusted Brahmins.
He spent his nights...
listening to their stories.
And then came,
the seventh day!
A special guest came that day,
to tell the story.
A worm!
-Hey, come!
-a tiny worm that came hiding, in an apple!
Kichu, come in!
-What will we serve them?
-Any two veg items will do, right?
Don't worry. I'll get that ready.
You go and be with them.
Hey, don't set the table for us.
We are leaving after this drink.
Isn't that your usual excuse?
Today you'll leave after
eating what I cooked!
Sit down!
Why didn't you remarry?
Had no relationships?
Are you okay with me sitting beside
and having biriyani?
-Aren't you eating?
-I'm not hungry.
Take some more.
I would love to see mom.
Don't you remember that play?
What I was saying was,
Kabani tripping...
and falling from the ladder before...
It's true, isn't it?
What about the light
going out?
The lights went out
at the exact same time!
It happened for real!
Kichu, come. Let's go.
You didn't give any reply.
I'm pregnant.
I wish I could share this with mom.
Mom! Why aren't you responding?
Brother, mom isn't speaking...
-Mom, what happened?
-Mom... Get a glass of water.
Mom, Mom...
Goodnight, Dad.
How much patience did we show?
Now, she is going to deliver his baby!
Enough! Can't take this any longer!
I thought for a long time.
How will we face...
other people, Mom?
She is forcing us to do this.
It's fine.
I have brought her here, for you to see,
one last time.
It's fine, Mom.
An appointment to see my mother!
KP, you can go out
and take a puff, if needed.
I stopped smoking, dear.
Started when I heard your
marriage was fixed.
And it went on for the next ten years.
Now, isn't a new member coming!
I haven't smoked for the last two days.
Didn't you notice?
After all, aren't habits like these,
which we could change easily!
Mom, don't get up. Lie down.
Mom's anger for you hasn't subsided.
We will come some other time.
Kichu and I are shifting to mother's.
That would be a relief for mother.
I will bring you up,
when the time comes.
Shall I get you something to drink?
Where's Kuttappan?
Let me see.
Hello, where are you?
Brother is here.
Ahaa, that's some twist!
Where are you?
I'm downstairs.
Will be there in a minute.
He's on the way. Will be here soon.
Did Kichu sleep?
It's not Kuttappan,
but you, I need to talk to.
Do you remember Sridevi's son's issue?
They were in disagreement at first.
Everyone sort of accepted,
only after the girl he brought,
was made one of us.
If we can do the same,
here as well;
there might be some murmurs at first...
But think how good it could be
for your kid!
Why should we try and change others?
Shouldn't we be the ones who should change?
-Didn't Kichu come?
Didn't you serve him tea?
-Do you need one?
-Sure, if you make one for me!
What a humid climate, right?
Have you been waiting for long?
Got that for the satirical play,
"Janathipathyam" (Democracy).
played at ITFOK.
That's for "Samvaranam"(Reservation),
a one-person play!
That play stirred up
some controversies!
Do you take tea with sugar?
-He said yes.
That's "Nangeli".
Awarded for "Thakshakan".
I've got an invite for a fest in Delhi;
in September!
Don't think I can make it.
Her delivery date will be around that time.
Shouldn't I be here, with her!
I want it to be...
a girl.
I've even found a name.
Oh, my munchkin...
Kichu, dear...
Look here!
Aren't you my strong boy?
Strong boy!
Aren't we leaving, Dad?
Let me say goodbye to Achhol.
They might have gone to bed.
He will doze off, now!
-Fine. Get him.
-Shall I?
Where did the lollipop go?
Where's the lollipop?
-Go there and take. Just click there.
-I don't know.
I seriously don't know how!
Look there and smile, honey!
In tomorrow's news,
Kichu will hear bad things...
about Dad.
Some people will say...
Dad is a bad person.
Kichu should not believe any of it.
Dad isn't such a worse man.
Don't talk like this, Dad.
I'm not angry with you anymore.
You called, didn't you?
I just landed.
I'm on my way to mother's.
Come there as soon as you reach.
I need to see you.
By the way, that guy, Ameer...
he's that pharmacist Kabir's son.
Kabir, who went to jail
in that blast case of yours...
Who's Kabir?
What's it, Sir?
Aren't you pharmacist Kabir?
-Yes, Sir.
Why are you taking me?
-Come here...come
Dad... Dad... Dad...
The sound's from mom's room.
Appu, go and check.
It's not from there.
Grandma is asleep.
Hari said he would come.
Call me when he arrives.
Goodnight, Kichu.
So, you have made up your mind!
Am I not a policeman? Did you miss that?
They are coming to pick you up.
You will rot in prison, like your father.
I need to sleep peacefully tonight.
Even I need a good sleep tonight.
Don't waste your energy trying to get up.
You'll stumble.
My father was a hardcore Brazil fan.
You arrested my father...
during the 2010 World Cup.
The next day, I was late to school.
Teacher asked me...
to bring my father
to enter the class.
One day passed...
Two days passed...
By then, everyone got to know!
Everyone started teasing me calling:
"the son of a terrorist"!
I was around the age of Kichu then.
World Cup came again; twice.
the pieces of evidence
brought by your team,
became inadmissible in the court!
My father spent...
one more year in jail,
before he succumbed to death!
My mother, too, had breathing trouble.
In the end,
giving us all the strength,
after you guys took my father,
my brother lost his mind!
It gradually accelerated...
Then, one day, at its peak;
he burnt our mother alive!
Hari is here!
That day, at the resort...
then in the lift;
Each time,
you got lucky!
I was confident about the mask.
But even that, failed.
You didn't forget to
brush your teeth today, did you?
Open the door!
What happened?
Kuttan, open the door!
Kuttan... What's happening there?
Kuttan, open the door!
What happened?
There's a play of Kuttappan.
You might not have watched it.
To seek revenge...
the forest will reach the sea, King!