Pyar Jhukta Nahin (1985) Movie Script

Someone banged into it again.
Where did this pole come from?
Who kept it in the
middle of the road?
Remove it.
Didn't you hear me? Remove it.
Shera, remove the pole.
You come with me madam.
Meanwhile let's on that bench.
How dare you touch me!
How dare you hold my hand!
Don't you know I'm a decent girl?
Let go of me!
We're decent men too girl.
Come there.
Leave me!
One more.
Thank you!
- Who are you?
Please be courteous brother.
I took your photograph and I assure
you'll see your photos in
the newspaper in the morning.
Just look at him.
Ask him what his name is.
Tell me what's your name.
Brother, please keep
the knife away.
It may hurt me. It's a bad thing.
You want to know my name?
I'll tell you.
My name is Ajay Khanna.
You wanted to know my name,
didn't you?
My name is Ajay Khanna. What?
- Ajay.
And my profession is
photographing ugly faces.
You rich people are really great.
Doesn't money give you enough
of a high that you need wine?
Get up madam!
Wake up!
- Rascal!
Let go of my hand.
If I let go of it,
someone else will hold it.
Do you want to go to the
police station or to your house?
How can I go home
in this condition?
I'm a decent girl.
- I see.
So you're decent too?
Why? Look at me.
Don't I look like a decent girl?
- Yes!
But I can't bear so much decency.
Tell me where to drop you.
Drop me to a hotel please.
But you won't get a room
in any hotel in this condition.
- Miss.
She has vanished!
Miss, relax, make yourself at home.
What third-class hotel
did you bring me to?
This bed is so stiff.
- This isn't your father's palace.
This is my bedroom.
It's not yours,
but it's my bedroom.
- Now you leave.
No one else can
sleep in my room.
I'm sorry,
but I had no such intention.
Close the door.
God knows where you came from.
- What?
My god, it's so hot!
Where's the fan switch? Fan!
Where's my lighter?
Oh god!
Miss, what do I do
with you now?
Good morning!
You? Why you are you in my room?
I came here last night too.
By the way this is not a hotel,
it's my house.
Your house?
But how did I get here?
Last night you drank a little more
than you could take.
You lost control of the car and
banged into the lamppost.
Some thugs accosted you
on the lonely street.
Fortunately I was there.
I rescued you
and brought you to my house.
You saved my life?
Yes, but you were
still intoxicated.
You set my room on fire with
my cigarette lighter.
Thank god I was
in the adjoining room!
I managed to put out the fire
with great difficulty.
Then I took off your clothes.
You removed my clothes?
Yes, I did.
That means you..
- No.
I didn't see anything.
I closed my eyes.
I see.
Thank you very much!
- You're welcome.
But where are my clothes?
- Hang on.
Here they are.
Oh my god!
I'm sorry.
I couldn't save them.
But what will I wear now?
How will I go home?
We'll have to do something.
You're in the habit of drinking.
Always keep an extra pair
in your car.
You got me wrong. I don't drink.
You couldn't have been
in that condition last night,
if you just tasted it.
Last night someone played
a prank on me at the party.
Someone spiked my
soft-drink with wine
and I drank about 3 or 4 glasses.
By the time I realized this,
I had left the party.
I remember stopping the car.
I don't remember the rest.
It's better for us
if we forget a few things.
Anyway, you'll have to
make do with my clothes,
if it's not a problem.
No. It's fine.
If you could just go out, I can..
Of course.
Take this Miss?
- Preeti.
Your purse and your car keys.
Thank you, Mr.?
- Ajay.
Thank you very much, Mr. Ajay.
These clothes I'll..
There's no hurry.
You can return it later.
Ok, I'll go now.
I will never forget
the favour you did me.
Thank you once again.
- Yes?
I'm a press photographer.
I don't want these photos to
be printed in the newspaper
and bring you disrepute.
You keep them.
Thank you very much.
This is my address.
Please come home sometime.
- Bye.
Mr. Bhanu Pratap.
She's the daughter of
the richest man of the city.
Is it the intoxication of
the wine or that of youth
or of the colourful night's tale?
I see. So you're a poet too!
God! How could you endow one
person with so many qualities?
You're very partial.
He's brave.
He's a gentleman and a poet too.
He's also handsome.
- You're finished!
Just look at your condition.
Poor girl!
Why? What happened to me?
Don't you know?
No. I don't.
It's the disease of love.
It's not the disease of love,
but a hangover.
Are you my friend or enemy?
Tell me who mixed alcohol
in my drink? - What?
Tell me else..
I swear I don't know!
But what happened?
What else?
My car banged into a lamp post.
And some thugs surrounded
me on the empty street.
Thank god, a gentleman
came there and rescued me.
Wow! Very interesting!
But who was that gentleman?
His name, address!
There must be something.
That's him.
- Yes.
He not only rescued me,
but took me to his house
when he saw me in that state.
I don't know how
his lighter got into my hands.
What then? The room caught fire.
He put it out and looked after
me the whole night.
Oh no!
He kept you in
his room the whole night
and just looked after you?
Mind your language.
He's a gentleman.
I know, my dear!
He's a press photographer for my
dad's newspaper. Ajay Khanna.
He's a very decent man,
with a lot of self-respect.
He never asks for anyone's help.
He has nobody in this world.
Submit them to the press
for tomorrow's edition. - Yes sir.
And go straight to Raj Bhavan.
There are some
Russian delegates are there.
Take some photographs
for our paper,
that can be a memento of
India's friendship with Russia.
I'll try my best sir.
Greetings uncle.
Please come in dear.
Dear, this is Ajay. Our press
photographer and reporter.
And Ajay, this is Preeti,
Mala's best friend.
- Sit down dear.
- Sit.
Uncle, where's Mala?
Mala isn't at home.
Sit down.
She'll be back in a moment.
Let's have tea.
Uncle, I'll make it.
- Ok.
Thank you.
- Yes?
How much?
Just a bit.
- I'm sorry!
I'm terribly sorry!
- It's ok.
Give that to me, I'll wash
and iron it. - No. It's ok.
- Give it to her, Ajay.
You're going to
Raj Bhavan from here.
Give that to me.
It will take me only a minute.
- Give it to her.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
- Uncle, I'm sorry.
She's a very nice girl. She's
the daughter of a millionaire
but she isn't arrogant at all.
Yes. I can see that.
You're getting late, aren't you?
Preeti, my child?
My god! What will happen now?
- Yes, uncle,
I'll bring it right away.
Take it.
Don't put it on here.
- Why?
Keep it in your hands.
- C'mon.
What's this!
Aren't you getting late
for Raj Bhavan?
Yes, but. My hand
What's the matter?
Your jacket's ok, right?
Yes sir.
I'll go now sir.
Uncle, even I'll leave.
Where are you going dear?
Mala will be coming now. Sit down.
I'm sorry.
- It's ok.
I won't forget your favour
for the rest of my life.
'You took off my clothes?
- Yes, I did.'
You'll have to make do
with my clothes,'
'if you're ok with that.'
"Yearning for love, Oh heart."
"It's here and there too."
"How do I say it?
That's the difficulty."
"Here and there too."
"Even if there are
thousands of storms."
"Even if I have to lose my life."
"Even if it is hard
for me to live."
"Even if I have to take poison."
"Let's swear
we won't be separated."
"Let's swear
we will always love each other."
"Even if there are
thousands of storms."
"Even if I have to lose my life."
"Even if it is hard
for me to live."
"Even if I have to take poison."
"Let's swear
we won't be separated."
"Let's swear
we will always love each other."
"I don't fancy anything but you."
"If you need me
in life's journey, I swear,"
"I'll sacrifice my life for you.
Come, let's swear."
"My destination is at your feet."
"You're the sky in the world
of my love."
"Dear, even if we have to go
through a lot of sorrow."
"Let's swear, we won't stray
from the path of honesty."
"Tell the clock to stop
ticking for a while."
"Tell the clock to stop
ticking for a while."
"I haven't got enough of you yet."
"I haven't got enough of you yet."
"Let's swear
our longing will never fade."
"Let's swear
we won't be separated."
"Let's swear
we will always love each other."
Excuse me.
Aren't you
Mr. Bhanu Pratap's daughter?
Preeti looks very smart.
Did you see this photograph?
She comes from a renowned family.
She's always photographed
somewhere or the other.
By the way, who's the boy with her?
Maybe her college friend.
Yesterday I got a trunk-call
from Rohit from America.
Yes, he wants to set
up a factory here, right?
I'm willing to give him finance
worth 2 million whenever he wants.
Mr. Bhanu Pratap, we can
talk about business anytime.
He was asking about Preeti.
I'm waiting for Rohit too.
The day he gets back the
two of them will be married.
See the consequences of giving
your girl so much freedom?
Today only
Dwarka Prasad mentioned it.
Tomorrow the entire city
will talk about,
Mr. Bhanu Pratap's girl
eloping with someone.
Mummy, the papers are always
hungry for scandals to publish.
It's just a co-incidence.
I went to swim at the beach
with my friends.
The motorcycle of a friend in
our group got stuck in the water.
We were trying to help her
and someone must have
photographed us at that time.
That's just an excuse,
because only you and that
boy are in that snap.
I'll leave for the prize ceremony
of a flower exhibition.
You ask her who's the boy is
and what she has to do with him.
Excuse me dad.
Is it just a co-incidence or
was that boy really with you?
Look dear, I'm your father.
Don't hide anything from me.
Tell me the truth.
Is that boy just a friend or do you
want him to be your life partner?
Invite him for your birthday party.
I can decide about your wedding
only after meeting him.
No. I'm not at all in
a rush to get married.
But I am!
- Really?
Then we'll get married.
Now tell me what will
you do after marriage?
I will knead the flour,
wash the utensils,
cut onions in the kitchen
and do this.
And yes, I'll wash your clothes
and make your bed.
And I'll talk to you a lot
and pester you.
And I'll do whatever you say!
But first meet my dad.
Tomorrow is my birthday party.
You have a special
invitation from him.
And what do I have
from his daughter?
Many happy returns of the day!
- Hi, thanks a lot!
There was a delegation
from London, so I couldn't come.
There'll always be delegations but
don't forget to come to the club
or the number of
your spectacles will rise.
Many happy returns of the day!
- Thank you!
You're so late.
I've been waiting for you
for such a long time.
What can I do?
I was really scared to come here.
I've never asked a father
for his daughter's hand before.
Hence you're still a bachelor!
Come, I'll introduce you
to my parents.
Mummy, excuse me.
This is Mr. Ajay.
Preeti, weren't you
talking about him?
Hello. How is the birthday girl?
Dad, this is Mr. Ajay.
Hello Ajay.
- Hello.
Preeti told us a lot about you.
I'd like to talk to you.
Excuse us. Come along.
So you want to marry
my daughter?
Yes, but with your permission.
What do you do?
I'm a press photographer.
How much do you earn?
Rs. 850 a month.
A single sari for my daughter
costs 8,500.
I know that.
And you also know the prices of the
daily commodities in the market?
I don't know.
- Then find out the prices
and come here
with the budget and tell me,
for how many days a month
you can feed my daughter.
Ajay, what's the matter?
Where are you going?
I came to wish her and I did.
Why are you going so soon?
The party has just begun.
But it's over for me.
"There may be a thousand storms."
"There may be a thousand
"But never abandon your beloved
in the middle of the journey."
"I have to think twice before
choosing you as my life partner."
"How do I buy you silk saris?"
"I can't afford big bungalows
and cars."
"My priciest possession
is my heart."
"If you wish,
I can give you my heart."
"But my dear,
I have to think twice,"
"before I let you hear
my heartbeat."
"Youll have to forgo
a lot of life's pleasures."
"If my destiny has tears
in store for me,"
"you too will have
to weep with me."
"I have to think twice before
I let you weep with me."
"When we fall in love, we don't
consider the hurdles in it's path."
"This is such a beautiful journey,"
"that nobody considers
the pain that's a part of it."
"Travellers on this journey with
a candle of love in their hands."
"Don't care whether evening
falls in a desert or in the wild."
"Nobody can threaten
people in love,"
"with the sorrows
of the material world."
"Those living
in the path of thorns,"
"don't care
about material comforts."
"Forget humans,
love doesn't bow even before god."
"For lovers for whom love
has taken the form of god,"
"nobody else matters."
"When we fall in love, we don't
consider the hurdles in it's path."
Please come in sir.
The darkness may be inconvenient,
but what can we do?
Like happiness, we have electricity
in our house only for a while.
For someone of your status,
a candle will suffice.
Your dream of brightening
up your dark destiny,
with the radiance of our house
will never be fulfilled.
I don't follow.
If you had any sense,
you wouldn't have dared to mess
with a storm when
you're a mote of dust.
That same storm has been
blowing in your house
and you can't stop it.
You already heard your
daughter's decision at the party.
Her decision is madness that
she has mistaken for love.
Stop meeting her. Take this.
How much is that?
Just 50,000?
I could even pay a million to erase
this blemish from my reputation.
You can give me a million,
but this is my life,
not a commodity for sale.
And remember,
the Taj Mahal of love of poor
people like us is built with tears.
While for the rich like you,
it's built with money.
You can go now.
Today your father
tried to buy me off.
Tomorrow he may try to force you.
Look Preeti, we met by chance.
Unwittingly we were
drawn to each other.
I'll definitely be heartbroken
to lose you.
But if your father is dead
against it, we won't meet.
No, Ajay.
Even the biggest hurdles disappear
in the face of love's power.
I'll try to convince dad.
These are not the times
of Romeo and Juliet.
When poverty knocks at the door,
love escapes from the window.
I love Ajay.
And love is not a wine glass
at a rich people's gathering,
that it could fall and break.
If that's your final decision,
listen to me carefully.
An ordinary photographer's position
is an insult to our status.
Tell him to quit his job.
No, I can't quit the job.
Your father may be embarrassed
about my position,
but I am happy with who I am.
He's a fool. He thinks it's noble
to be a poor man.
Make him hate poverty.
Tell him to leave the darkness
and learn to live in the light.
I'm willing to accept him
as my son-in-law.
If he lives here,
you too will be in our sight.
No. I don't want to lose
my self-esteem.
Let me make it clear to
you right now, Preeti.
If you marry me,
you'll have to live with me.
If I have to go hungry,
so will you.
If all I can afford
is a loaf of bread,
you will eat half and
I will eat half.'
It's the job of a cook to
count the loaves of bread,
not that of our son-in-law.
I don't want to hear of you meeting
him again against my wish.
No one living in this house
will disobey my orders.
Where are you going?
All this while
I was under the illusion,
this house belonged to me too.
What's this foolishness Preeti?
Let her go. She will return
in a couple of days.
She doesn't know about the kids,
who have to go straight
from childhood to old age,
who aren't fortunate
enough to enjoy their youth.
If that's in store for me dad,
then so be it.
Shut up and listen!
Mr. Dwarka Prasad's son, Rohit
has returned from America.
I've arranged your wedding
with him. - Dad!
Tomorrow they are coming here to
Hello aunty.
Please come, Mr. Dwarka Prasad.
- Greetings,
Greetings, sister-in-law.
- Greetings. Come.
- Come in, Rohit.
- Yes.
Sit down.
Mr. Bhanu Pratap,
our friendship of years is
turning into a relationship.
It's you who delayed it.
We were eagerly waiting for
Rohit to return from America.
Uncle, I had to finalize
some business deals.
But I missed you all very much.
There were times when
I wanted to take the first flight,
from America to India and
see Preeti right away.
I couldn't come then, but today
I've brought this engagement ring
for Preeti from America. Here.
How beautiful! Isn't it?
- Oh yes!
But Kamini, where is Preeti?
Call her.
Let us finalize the formalities.
- Why not?
- Yes, I'll just come.
Why are you here?
Because you forbade Preeti
from going out.
Perhaps you forget, the doors
of this house are closed to you.
From tomorrow,
I will conform to that.
Shut up and get out.
Certainly, sir but with Preeti.
Who are you to take my daughter?
Preeti is my daughter.
One day every daughter leaves
for her husband's house.
Preeti belongs to me.
She loves me.
Love. Romance. All that
is in books, not in reality.
But it exists in my life.
Preeti, what's this ruckus?
You're the one creating a scene.
You're trading your daughter's
happiness for money.
Mummy, you know
very well that I love Ajay.
So I'm going with him.
Don't dare step forward.
Come Preeti.
Mister, you can't take her away.
Preeti is my fiancee.
You can't take her.
Just English mannerisms
and a diamond ring,
aren't sufficient to win
an Indian girl's heart.
Come to my house some day.
I'll explain everything.
You swine!
Who do you think you are?
If you want to use force, so can I.
Watchman! Ramu! Tiwari!
Get out of our way.
Mr. Ajay.
You can't snatch away
my fiancee so easily.
I said come with me! Let's go!
- Leave me!
Stop it!
Inspector, arrest this man.
You'll have to come to the police
station with us. - Why?
Mr. Bhanu Pratap has lodged
a complaint against you.
But.. - Say what you
have to at the police station.
I want to know what is my crime?
- Shut up!
You abducted a girl from
a reputed family and
ask for reasons?!
Put him in the cell.
Hold on, inspector.
You can't do that.
He didn't kidnap me,
I went with him of my own volition.
We want to get married.
But your father doesn't want that.
I'm a major.
I can marry who I want to.
Even the law can't take
that right away from me.
What's this nonsense?
- Thank god you're here.
Come with me.
Sir, your daughter's
statement is that,
she's a major and
wants to marry him.
And also
the boy didn't kidnap her.
So we can't arrest that boy.
Then enact a law by which
you can arrest him.
Sir, keep this money with you.
And instead of bribing the police,
try to understand
your child's heart.
We get a lot of cases like this
which end up in marriage.
I'm the father of the girl.
I know very well to whom
to get her married.
God know what kids today
think of themselves.
What do parents today
think of themselves?
You'll have to do what we want.
Dad, you may have rights
to my life, but not my death.
Preeti, what's this
childish behaviour?
It's not childish behaviour,
it's love.
Have you ever considered that your
daughter has her life and
can differentiate between
good and bad?
You still consider her a child.
- Yes,
because for parents children
always stay children.
We are kids,
but aren't your property.
Our lives may belong to you,
but our death belongs to us.
If you force me,
I'll commit suicide.
Ok, then.
The only way some people learn
is by making mistakes.
If your daughter is destined to
suffer, I can't do anything.
'Your shimmering cheeks.'
'lf I look at you for long,
I'll get scorched.'
"This moment is so priceless
that I feel like,"
"if I touch your body,
you'll melt."
"I wonder why meeting you makes
me think of something else."
"I wonder why meeting you makes
me think of something else."
"Our love is not of this day,"
"Our love is not of this day,"
"but a bond through many lives."
"I wonder why meeting you
makes me feel like,"
"without you everything
in the world is incomplete."
"You're so close, yet even such
intimacy is inadequate."
"When you're in love,
how can you see anything else?"
"This is the tale of a love that
doesn't end even after death."
"With you by my side, I can even
go to the ends of the earth."
"Where the sky meets the earth."
"I wonder why meeting you makes
me think of something else."
He'll fall!
You too had the same
dream that I had?
Then come, let's make
this dream a reality.
Get up please!
What are you doing?
Let go of me.
Ok, so you aren't going
to listen like this.
What sort of method is that
to wake someone up?
Not to wake up,
but to scare away sleep.
To scare sleep away?
What's on your cheek?
- Come here.
No, my sleep's gone!
Let me go! Get ready!
Don't you have to go to work?
I will, in a minute.
Listen, may I say something?
- Yes.
You won't take it amiss, right?
- No. Go on.
It's been so long
since our wedding.
Can we please go to
meet my parents?
If I'm late, hire a taxi.
Alone? What if the
driver kidnaps me?
Tell him who your parents are.
He won't dare to.
Stop kidding. You're coming
with me, aren't you?
I don't have a problem but your
parents don't like me too much.
Aren't you content with
their daughter's love?
Who is ever content with love?
Let me go now.
Call mother from the office.
Tell her we are coming.
Greetings mother. Ajay here.
So how are you?
- I'm fine.
How is Preeti?
She's fine too.
She said it's been long
since we came there.
So we thought, if you're free,
we could come and meet you.
Sure Ajay. Why do you have to ask?
Have you gone mad? Use your head.
Tonight Mr. Kailashnath
is coming for dinner,
with his daughter
and his son-in-law.
How will you introduce
that beggar to them?
As our son-in-law?
Make some excuse.
Ajay, I'm sorry.
Preeti's father just reminded me,
we have a party tonight.
It's ok. Some other time.
What's this? You're so late.
Remember we had to
go to my parents' house?
How can I forget?
But today you aren't destined,
to enjoy the comforts of
your mother's big house.
Because of me.
- What?
I mean, I called them late and
they already had plans.
It's ok. We'll go there
some other time.
No. My darling is all
dressed to go out.
Let's go and have dinner
at a restaurant.
You will have an outing too.
There's no need to
waste money in a hotel.
I'll cook at home because my
darling won't like hotel food.
Because they don't
season it with love.
I love you!
- Stop it!
Freshen up.
I'll get dinner ready.
May I come in, sir?
- Come in, Ajay.
Sit down.
There are winter sports
going on in Shimla.
Many foreigners will also
be participating in them.
It will be a good story
for our paper.
I want you to go
personally to cover it.
It will be a nice trip of 15 days.
15 days in Shimla?
'I couldn't afford to take
Preeti on a honeymoon.'
What are you thinking about, Ajay?
- What?
Such chances don't
come by every day.
Yes sir. With your permission,
I'd like take Preeti with me.
I will pay for her tickets.
- I'm sorry! I forgot!
Newly weds and this separation!
Go ahead. Take her with you.
Don't worry about the expenses.
Take it from the cashier.
Consider this is
my wedding gift to you.
Thank you very much sir.
Whose heart are you slashing?
- Mine.
Don't do that please. It hurts me.
Because that heart
belongs to me now.
Ajay, I want
a memento of our heart,
to be etched in
these beautiful valleys.
And when we have a son,
we'll bring him here.
Yes Ajay, these valleys will
be like a mother's lap for him.
Because his mother's heart is here.
Ok, then let me take a nice
photograph of this memory.
Here madam. The photograph
of your heart. - Our heart.
Here's the change.
May I ask you one thing?
- Yes.
Are you a professional
photographer? - Yes.
You're really a great photographer.
My eyes have grown old looking
at pictures of Shimla.
But these photographs made
my eyes young once again.
If you wish you can work for us
for whatever salary you want.
Thanks. By the way I'm not
just a photographer. - I see.
I'm also a journalist in Mumbai.
But if I ever need a job, I will
come here to pester you. - Promise?
- Thank you!
- Thank you.
Sorry sister.
I didn't have the time to
invite you for Preeti's wedding.
You know kids today.
They fall in love in the morning
and get married at night.
In America, this is an
everyday occurrence.
Reshma did the same thing too.
She went for the party alone
and returned with Jackie.
They said they got married.
Aunty! This is the jet age.
Quick engagements, then weddings.
No one has the time to think.
Smart boy!
Reshma has good choice.
Kamini, what does
your son-in-law do?
Ajay? He is into different
kinds of business.
He owns a big newspaper
despite being so young.
He owns chemical industries
and soon will set up a factory
to produce cameras.
Aunt! He's a big shot.
- Bigger than me?
Yes. But he's strange.
He says that before
setting up any business
you must have experience in it.
That's why he's into
photography these days.
Just like me!
Just like me!
Where's that great man?
Where's he?
He's gone to Shimla to participate
in the winter-sports.
He's mad about sports.
- You mean mad?
I'm sure two mad fellows
will get along together.
What say darling?
- Yes darling!
It's a miracle.
Two men, one hobby.
I must meet him.
What say darling?
Yes darling.
Then we must fly to Shimla.
So your mother has
reached here also?
My aunt came from America with her
daughter Reshma and her son-in-law.
They want to meet you.
And today is Reshma and Jackie's
wedding anniversary.
Mummy has invited us there.
You're coming with me right?
I will have to. After all it's
Mrs. Bhanu Pratap's order.
Why aren't
Preeti and Ajay here yet?
They must be on their way.
Ajay is into so many businesses.
He must be delayed somewhere.
Aunty, big shots are always late.
Come, let's have another
peg while we wait. Ok?
Here they are.
Preeti darling!
- How are you?
I'm fine.
And you?
- Fine.
Happy wedding anniversary!
Congrats on your wedding!
- Nice to meet you.
My pleasure!
Hi Preeti!
Hello aunt!
- Hello Preeti!
Fine, you?
Hi Jackie!
- Hi baby, how are you?
- Why are you so late?
Aunty, we had guests at home,
so we're late.
Ajay, come here.
Why are you standing there?
Come, Ajay.
Let me introduce you to them.
Ajay, this is my sister.
- Hello Ajay.
And this is her
son-in-law, Jackie.
- Hello.
They came to Shimla
especially to meet you.
Pleased to meet you.
You made us wait a long time.
I didn't wait so long
even for my Reshma.
But no regrets.
Come, let's sit there and talk.
Let's enjoy ourselves a bit,
you know. - Mummy,
where's dad?
He'll come tomorrow for
the winter-sports function.
I'll make myself a drink. Preeti,
deal my cards by then.
I'll just come.
Preeti, they came to
Shimla especially for you
and you came for their anniversary
with just a bouquet?
Couldn't you buy a present
worth 4,000 -5,000?
4 or 5000?
Mummy, you know
my husband's salary.
Then why won't he leave that job?
Why doesn't he start
his own studio?
Your daddy will finance it.
Mr. Ajay, I was really bored
to hear of your business.
I mean I was really impressed!
What did you hear?
That you're a big shot.
You have many chemical factories.
You're the proprietor
of a big newspaper,
and very soon will set up
a camera manufacturing factory.
If you wish,
I will be your partner.
No, thanks.
- No?
But tell me one thing.
- Yes?
How do you know so much about me?
I told them all that.
What's there to hide?
And anyway they will find
out the truth eventually.
Won't you say anything?
Your mother said so much,
there's nothing left to say.
Did you mind
that mummy said that?
Your marrying
a poor man like me
has really hurt
your parents, right?
They didn't marry you, I did.
It's so strange.
I'm the photographer
but your mummy creates
better pictures than I do.
She took so much trouble to
make me out to be a big man.
She even made me the
owner of so many factories.
And your relatives were
really happy to hear that lie.
Why do care about
such small things?
Our near ones have
expectations of us.
I guess you too have
the same expectations of me.
Come, have breakfast.
Are you still upset?
If mummy said something,
is it my fault?
Please have breakfast.
- Let me leave.
Listen, I'm also ready.
I want to attend the
winter-sports function.
Attend it with your mummy.
"Oh my dear"
"Oh my beloved one."
"Let's not waste our
youth compromising."
"This is our time to
sing and dance."
"This is our time to
fulfil the promises of love."
"I will sacrifice my life for you."
"Don't break my heart,
oh my dear."
"Don't let the story of love
be incomplete dear."
"What would I do if I had
to live without you?"
"I will burn in the fire
of separation."
"How do I spend the days apart?
"Nights will bite me like a snake
when I think of your favours."
"If you still won't listen to me."
"If you're still upset with me."
"If this story ends here,
will die at your feet."
"Oh merciless one, I'll die."
"Oh my dear"
"Oh my beloved one."
"Let's not waste our
youth compromising."
"Oh my beloved one."
Ladies and gentlemen! In a few
minutes our function will start.
And you'll be happy to know that
to distribute the prizes
to the winners,
our club's honorary director,
Mr. Bhanu Pratap is here.
Thank you.
- Hello.
Welcome, Mr. Bhanu Pratap.
- Thank you.
Ajay, what a surprise!
- What are you doing here?
How are you?
Why are you taking photographs?
A hobby, mother-in-law.
Amazing devotion!
What dedication! Fantastic!
- C'mon Jackie!
- Excuse me,
Hello, Mr. Bhanu Pratap.
- How are you, Thakur?
I think you have forgotten
the people of Shimla.
You got your daughter married
and didn't even invite me?
- Everything happened so fast,
we didn't have time
to invite many people.
Well anyway,
at least introduce your
son-in-law to me. He's here right?
No. He hasn't come with us.
Now it's become hard
to deal with society.
For how many days
can we hide from society,
photographer is our son-in-law?
Today we somehow managed
to save ourselves, thank god!
But what about tomorrow?
You have to do something
to improve his status somehow.
Those habituated to living in huts
will be suffocated in palaces.
Your father may live in a palace,
but that doesn't give him the right
to insult me as he pleases.
I know I don't earn much,
but whatever I earn is the fruit
of my hard work and sincerity.
May I say something, Ajay?
- What?
What's wrong with
your salary increasing?
Preeti, do you have to face
any problem with me here?
Not at all. But I was only
thinking about you.
Ajay, why don't you
set up your own studio
instead of working
for someone else?
Mother said
dad may even finance it.
We can pay back
their money later.
I don't want their charity.
Darling, a third person
will be joining our home.
Shouldn't we think about him?
He's my responsibility, not
your parents'. Get it?
Ajay, take me back home.
How was your Shimla tour?
- Great sir!
Lovely place!
The photos that you sent
me were really great.
You will be happy that
one of your photographs,
Well-done, boy! I'm proud of you!
- Thank you sir.
Take a seat.
Ajay, there's more good news.
You know we've wanted to set up
a sports magazine for a long time.
We have got the finance for that.
We can launch that
magazine next month.
That's great news sir.
- You will also be happy to hear,
I'm giving you charge
of that magazine.
You'll be its editor.
And your salary
will be Rs. 4,000 a month.
Where are you?
What's the matter?
Why are you shouting?
- Preeti, I love you!
What happened?
- A promotion, my love!
I've been made the editor
of our sports magazine.
And madam, your husband will
get a salary of 4,000 a month.
Ajay. I knew this day would come.
Forget 4,000, even 400,000 doesn't
do justice to your hard-work.
No, Preeti. Without you,
I couldn't have done anything.
You were always happy
whatever our condition was.
You always encouraged me.
You're very lucky for me.
Let's celebrate!
- Of course!
- No.
- No
- No.
Never mind. Let's just sweeten our
mouths. - My lentils are burnt!
Why did it have to burn now?
Mummy! What a pleasant surprise!
How are you Preeti?
- Today I'm very happy.
Why are you standing outside?
Please come inside.
Where's Ajay?
- He went to the office.
Do you know mummy,
he's been promoted
to the post of editor of a magazine
because of his hard-work.
And his salary is..
4,000 a month.
But how do you know?
- You think,
he got this promotion
because of his abilities?
No my dear. It's because
of your dad's good offices.
But why?
- So you could live happily.
So that this house becomes
fit for a human being.
And so that our reputation in
our society isn't destroyed.
Mummy, what dad did is wrong.
If Ajay finds out about this, then
- So what?
You're his wife. This house
belongs to you too.
Anyway, I came here
to tell you,
today your aunt and Reshma are
coming to your house for dinner.
I've arranged the music and drinks.
You arrange the rest. Goodbye.
Mr. Saxena.
Yes, Mr. Ajay?
- I'm leaving.
Send these photographs
for today's edition. - Ok.
Is the boss in there?
- Yes, he's in.
Mr. Bhanu Pratap,
I'm very grateful to you.
Without your finances, we could
have never launched this magazine.
Mr. Mathur, I want to see
Ajay's success in yours.
Now he's my son-in-law.
I want his status to improve,
so that he can mingle
with us in society.
Don't worry. As you wanted,
I gave him a raise.
I also put him in charge
of this magazine.
So my hard-work and capabilities
have no meaning?
Whatever I got is because
of Mr. Pratap wealth?
My promotion isn't mine,
but is Mr. Pratap's charity.
You won't me giving me my salary,
but Mr. Pratap will be.
Ajay, you're getting me wrong.
I've always respected your
capabilities and hard-work.
But today you surrendered that
respect at the feet of a rich man.
Your reputation improves
if you touch parents' feet.
And whatever I'm doing
is for your welfare.
No, Mr. Pratap.
Whatever you do, is for yourself,
for your fake reputation.
You're afraid of someone asking
you what your son-in-law does.
So you want to cloak
him with money
and showcase him in
the market of the rich.
Yes, that's what I want.
Because a patch of jute
never looks good on silk.
I have status, position,
a reputation in society
which I can't sacrifice
because of your idiocy.
You aren't willing to take off
your robe of poverty.
What you consider your self-respect
is nothing but your misfortune.
Mr. Pratap, our destinies
are written by the steps of god,
not of money.
It's your fortune that
I'm your son-in-law
and my misfortune that
you're my father-in-law.
Here's Ajay! Come!
I'm welcoming you
into your home. Come!
Here is Ajay!
- Ajay, you're late.
Right. Well, we really
enjoyed ourselves.
We danced and drank a lot.
We really had fun!
But Preeti didn't join in.
I don't know why.
Ajay, you could've bought
a big house if you wished.
But what a glamorous flat!
Beautiful furniture.
And sweet whisky.
What more can
a person want in life?
I tell you, you're very lucky!
- Yes.
When your wife is the
daughter of a rich man,
such things do come
into the house.
This is a house, not a tavern.
You will stay in this
house as my wife,
not as the daughter
of Bhanu Pratap!
I'm a wife, not a slave.
If guests come home,
shouldn't I entertain them?
I've told you so many times,
not to debase me in my own eyes
by inviting guests of a
higher status than mine.
You get embarrassed
over the slightest thing.
You hate mingling with people
of a higher status than yours.
You asked your father to hike
my salary and improve my status.
That's not true!
- It's the truth!
When your father's wealth couldn't
buy me off before marriage,
why would I give up
my principles now?
What's wrong with father trying
to do something for us?
You needlessly make
an issue out of nothing.
So you want to end this.
Why don't you tell
me clearly, Preeti?
Do you want to be with me
whatever my state is or not?
What's the use of being
together when there's only sorrow?
I feel suffocated by the shadow
of your wrong principles.
Suffocated?! Then why are you
staying in this house?
Why don't you go to your parents?
With the pain, you've caused me,
I would've left long ago.
But having married you after
quarrelling with my parents,
what will people think
if I go back?
So you're staying here
because you fear the world.
Not for the honour of
this house or for me!
I know Preeti,
a rich man's daughter
can never be happy
with a poor husband.
You go to your parents'
house right now.
I don't want to see your face
when I wake up in the morning.
"This is the tale of a love that
doesn't end even after death."
"With you by my side I can even
go to the ends of the earth."
"Where the sky meets the earth."
Your bowed head and tears of
helplessness indicate,
what we were sure of
has happened.
Now you realize that parents
are something too.
Now go to your room
and think about
what you've gained and
lost by your obstinacy.
Today, the gas was over so
I got food from the restaurant.
'I will cook at home,'
'because my mister won't
like restaurant food at all.'
'Why? - Because the restaurant
don't season food with love.'
What happened son?
I'm not hungry. You have it.
I know you miss the one whose
cooking you've become used to.
It's one week since Preeti left.
It was a small quarrel wasn't it?
You didn't swear not to
see each other, did you?
Son, go and coax her.
Why should I, aunty?
Can't she come on her own?
Is this not her house?
If it was my house,
why would he get annoyed
over a small issue and say
'go to your father's house?
Even if he said it,
why did you leave and come?
Look, it's a woman's duty to
cajole an annoyed husband
and run a household.
And doesn't he have a duty too?
He too could have
come to take me.
If your husband expects
you to take
the initiative in talking things
over, it's his right dear.
It's been 15 days since you
left your husband's house.
If a husband and wife
stay apart so long,
their relationship of love can
weaken and even shatter.
Your salary.
- Salary?
Yes, aunty.
I got a job elsewhere. I'm leaving
the city in the evening.
I have no right to say anything.
But son, will you listen to
one thing I have to say?
What is it?
Before leaving, meet Preeti once.
My heart tells me she too regrets
leaving her home.
If you go first, you will perhaps
change your mind.
And she may return, so this broken
home can be restored again.
I know dear,
you can never forget him.
But imagine what his
condition must be.
He has no one but you.
Call him.
Right now he must
be in the office.
Go dear.
- Is Mr. Ajay there?
He has left the job.
He has left the job.
You? Why are you here?
I want to see my wife.
So far what you wanted happened.
From now on let
what she wants happen.
What does she want?
She wants a divorce from you.
I'm really surprised she stayed
with you for so many days.
Those who haven't faced sorrow,
are exorcised of the ghost of love
in a day in the face of difficulty.
Here's your passport and
the tickets for London.
Thank you.
I've arranged for the pounds
for your shopping in London.
And ask Preeti
if she wants anything.
Come here, dear.
We were just talking about you.
If you want anything from London,
make a list and
give it to your mummy.
I came here to ask you
if I can go to meet Ajay.
Even after what he did to you?
He's my husband.
So what?
Those days are gone
when the wife worshipped
the husband her entire life.
Today a husband and wife
are 50-50 partners.
If he really wanted you back,
he would have come here.
I wanted you to be happy
and have a happy family.
But I regret that didn't happen.
Anyway, I'll go to meet Ajay after
dropping your mummy at the airport.
If he still loves you,
I'll bring him with me.
Let's go Kamini.
"O beloved."
"This youth shouldn't pass by
in getting angry and cajoling."
"O beloved."
Why are you here?
I'm the girl's father after all.
My daughter's stubbornness
has made me come here.
When you came the
first time there was darkness,
so things couldn't be settled.
Today there is light. Tell me what
you want to buy this time.
Your approval.
- For what?
What's that?
The divorce papers.
Sign these papers and
all the fights will be over.
Here is the price for that.
Thank you.
- Wait a moment, Mr. Pratap.
Keep your money.
You may need it as dowry
for your daughter's
second marriage.
You tick so slowly.
Do you know who's coming?
He's here.
You're waiting for him eagerly,
aren't you?
Today I realized you loved him,
but he didn't love you.
Had you listened to me
the very first day,
today I wouldn't have
had to hear all this.
What did Ajay say?
- He insulted you.
He said many things
about our family.
And he defamed us in society.
Look at this.
He told me directly
he has nothing to do with Preeti.
He said that he wants a divorce.
Mr. Sharma, why do you disturb
me over such minor things?
Ok, quote 500,000.
Yes doctor?
- There's nothing to worry about.
She is all right.
By the way where is
your son-in-law? - Why?
If he's far away, send him the
message that Preeti is pregnant.
Congrats, sir.
May god endow the child with
a destiny to unite his parents.
Where are you going?
- I'm going home dad!
Now he can't divorce me.
I won't let this happen.
When he hears this news,
he'll be so happy
he'll forget the past.
- Don't be mad, Preeti.
My broken home will
be salvaged, dad.
Let me go!
Ajay, I'm here.
Open the door Ajay!
Uncle Dinu, where did he go?
You're too late, daughter.
He left the city yesterday.
Where did he go?
- He didn't tell me.
He said he would go
where life takes him.
Preeti came right back
to the place she left.
But this child?
What are you thinking about?
Stop time and
force it go backwards.
- Yes sir?
Arrange for our journey. I'll take
Preeti to the hill station.
The first child will be born there.
This is murder.
I can't kill this child.
You will have to, doctor.
It's a question of a life.
And this child is being
born prematurely.
Your daughter may have
to be operated.
Do what you must, but erase this
blemish on our reputation forever.
No sir, I'm a doctor.
A doctor's job is to give life,
not to take life.
The child will definitely
come into this world.
If you can't accept him,
let someone adopt him.
Uncle Shankar,
you'll be all right in a week.
And I'm managing the shop.
I don't have any worries, Ajay.
Since you got here, we've
been getting more business.
This is peak season for tourists.
Business will be good.
I'll go now.
I have to develop some
photographs urgently. - Ok son.
Work comes first.
I'll come again tomorrow.
- God bless you.
You? What are you doing here?
Mr. Pratap, something's happened to
Preeti. - Nothing happened to her.
She's about to have a baby.
- Yes.
This child could have also
been born in the city, but..
But what, Mr. Pratap?
Preeti wants to remarry and
she knows very well
this child may be a hurdle on the
path of her happiness.
She won't keep the child?
We can't love something that's
related to someone we hate.
What will you do with that child?
I'll send him to an orphanage.
No sir.
Only a rich person could think
of sending a child to an orphanage,
when his father is still alive.
But a poor man can't accept that.
If his rich mother wants
to remarry, let her.
His poor father will bring him up.
Mr. Seth, give me my son.
I'll never forget your favour.
You will get the child,
but promise me,
you'll never meet Preeti again.
I promise you.
'What's this foolishness,
Bhanu Pratap?'
'Ajay may come to see Preeti
with this child anytime.'
'And may ruin her life.'
'Who knows if he'll demand
a share in your property?'
Let's go son. Your world
isn't in a rich man's palace,
but in a poor man's hut.
I want to know where's my child.
Why are you silent, sister?
Say something!
Tell me where my child is.
Where's my child dad?
Tell me dad, please.
Why are they all silent, dad?
Why won't they tell me?
Dad, you tell me,
where's my child?
Your child was dead
even before he was born.
My child can't die.
Don't cry son.
You may be crying for your mother.
Consider your mother dead for you.
"I wonder why meeting you,"
"makes me think
of something else."
"Our love is not of this day,"
"but it's a bond
through many lives."
"You're a gift from the one who
destroyed the love relationship."
"She who left me to suffer,
can never love you"
"Why does it happen in love?"
"My heart is disturbed
when I think about it."
"My silence laughs at my
helplessness day and night."
"Without you, my loneliness
would've killed me."
"I laugh a hundred times
to see you smile once.
"I wonder why meeting you,"
"makes me think of something else."
"Our love is not of this day,"
"but it's a bond through
many lives."
I couldn't bear to look at Preeti
in that condition anymore.
I went to her room.
The same madness.
She was showering her
maternal instincts on a doll.
When she saw me,
she hid the doll too.
She seems to have
started hating us too.
She thinks we are lying to her
that her child is dead.
Hello son.
Why is my son angry
with his dad today?
Where's your watch, dad?
- Here it is.
Is it 2 hours slow?
I'm late again.
Please forgive your father.
You drank again father?
Yes son.
Why do you drink father?
You miss my mother too?
- Tell me where my mother lives.
I'll bring her home.
Let's go, son. Let's sleep.
You have to go to school
in the morning.
Get up.
Don't you have to go to work?
The tea is getting cold.
I see. So you won't listen
to me like that.
What sort of method is this
to wake up someone?
It's not to wake you up,
but to scare sleep away.
'What sort of method is this
to wake up someone? '
'It's not to wake you up,
but to scare sleep away.'
Forgive me, but your daughter's
treatment is out of my hands.
Don't say that..
- She's our only daughter, doctor.
Doctor, take as much
money as you want
but we can't bear to see our
child weep like this anymore.
Make her the same old jovial
Preeti, who loved life.
Mr. Pratap, science can give
eyesight and make a heart beat.
But it can't heal
the wound of motherhood.
Her heart isn't ready to accept
that her son is dead.
You explain it to her
with love and care.
Don't take away my child!
- Come to your senses, Preeti.
This is not your child.
No, that's my child.
You'll kill him.
Give me my child back.
Your son is dead Preeti.
No, that's my child.
Give me my child back.
It's a lifeless doll
who you think is your child.
Look at this.
No. - And as long as
this toy is with you,
Give me my child back!
- Let go of it, Preeti.
- Leave!
My child.
This photo caused was
a new reaction in Preeti.
After a long time she cried
from the bottom of heart.
Where was this photo taken?
I think this photo was taken
when she was in Shimla.
If Preeti is taken there again,
it may direct her thoughts
in a new direction.
And maybe her obsession
with her dead child will fade.
My child!
Dear, are you hurt? Did I hurt you?
Here father.
- Take it.
Run! Faster!
'Son, are you hurt?'
What happened son?
Are you hurt?
Father, there was
a sound from here.
What happened father?
Nothing son.
Is this a heart?
Yes son.
- Whose heart is this?
Tell me father!
Whose heart is this?
This is your mother's heart.
Father, I just heard
mother's voice from this heart.
It said, son, are you hurt?
No son, this heart is dead.
No voice will emerge
from this heart.
Listen brother, have you
seen this tree in this jungle?
Sir, there are many such
trees in this jungle.
And many trees are felled too.
I wonder if this tree still exists.
Thank you. Let's go, dear.
- Yes?
Do you know what my teacher said
yesterday? - What?
She said that my uniform
is always very clean.
She said my mummy takes
a lot of care of me.
I said my father does all this
and my mummy isn't with us.
Go son, you're getting late.
Bye father.
Sir, can't you see the hole?
You spoiled my uniform.
I'm sorry, son.
What sorry?
Now how will I go to school?
My friends will make fun of me.
Then get it washed.
It's such a hassle.
You punctured this tyre?
Take this. Fill it with air.
For how many days will
you wander about with Preeti?
She should not exert
herself so much.
Your daughter has already
grown very weak.
I thought this environment may
have some effect on Preeti
and she would get back
to her normal life but
I think you should
take your daughter back.
The cold climate here may harm her.
You're right, doctor.
We will take Preeti away
from here right today.
Preeti. Where's Preeti?
My child!
Stop. You may fall.
I'll get your doll.
Take this.
You play with the doll at this age?
It's my child.
It's a doll.
A child doesn't look like that.
What does he look like?
- Like me,
but my mother isn't there.
Where's your mother?
I don't know.
And my father
doesn't tell me either.
But I have my mother's
heart with me.
Honestly, when I miss my mother,
I go to mother's heart.
I feel very good.
Do you want to see
my mother's heart?
- Then come with me.
Thank god, we found you.
We were so worried.
You came here too?
Go away from here.
Come dear.
My child!
- He isn't your child dear.
He's a very naughty boy.
He punctured my tire.
- Let's go, dear.
- Let's go, dear.
What is it, son?
What does my mother look like?
Why are you asking me about
your mother all of a sudden?
Father, I saw a lady.
She was very nice.
I felt like she was my mother.
Who was she?
I don't know,
but she came with a rich man.
With a rich man? She may
be the daughter of a rich man.
And the daughters of rich men
give birth to children,
but don't become mothers.
Then what does my father look like?
Tell me father.
Your mother is dead for you.
No, she can't be dead.
You're lying.
Please, father, tell me!
Else I'll also leave you!
- Vicky!
You miss your mother a lot?
She's my mother.
I'm your father, son.
Then why don't you
tell me about my mother?
Please father,
tell me who my mother is.
You're a poor man's son.
Hence you miss her too.
The one who has forgotten you.
Stop the car.
"I wonder why meeting you.."
"makes me think of something else."
"Our love is not of this day,"
"but it's a bond
through many lives."
"Oh mother, come and take me
into your arms."
"My childhood weeps
for my mother's love."
"I want to play in your lap today."
"How can I tell you how
much your love troubles me?"
"Mother, oh mother."
"Even if I'm not in your heart,
you're in my every vein."
"Your tears are my tears."
"Your smile is my smile."
"I'm a piece of
your heart, mother."
"Recognize me if you can."
"I'm a flower of your own garden."
"Recognize me if you can."
"The closer you are,
the more I miss you."
"I wonder why meeting you,"
"makes me think of something else."
Are you ok?
And you? Are you ok?
I'm still alive.
I hope you're happy.
Who are you to care
about my happiness?
I just asked out of
basic humanity.
Why? When you destroyed
all the relationships,
why didn't you destroy
that of humanity?
Did I destroy all
the relationships?
Didn't you ask me to
go to my parents' house?
I did and you were gone.
Why don't you say that,
after coming to my house you
realized, you made a mistake?
I went away because
you wouldn't take me back.
- Yes, I came back to you.
I suppressed my
self-esteem and reached
the doors of your big bungalow,
but your dad told me
you want a divorce.
I wanted a divorce?
That's a lie!
When I sent my dad to your house,
you insulted him
and you signed the divorce papers
and gave them to him.
I gave you the divorce papers?
And was I the one who planned
to give birth to the child here?
Why don't you say,
that child would have been a hurdle
for your second marriage?
No, that's not true!
- That's true!
Your rich father abandoned
my son in an orphanage.
Had destiny not taken me there,
your son would have been deprived
not only of a mother's love,
but also of a father's love.
instead of your milk,
I sacrificed my blood and
brought him up.
I've been
a father and mother to him.
And I pretended a doll
was my child,
to deceive my maternal instincts.
Whenever he asked me about you,
I couldn't even tell him
not to mention your name,
that her motherhood was buried
under a golden coffin.
Tell me,
how I could have answered him.
Dad told me such a big lie.
Dad, you said my child died.
You said Ajay divorced me.
Dad, why did you lie to me?
Why did you toy
with my life like that?
Quiet my dear!
The pride of wealth made us blind.
It deprived us of our humanity.
Forgive me if you can, my daughter.
I tried to buy you
happiness with wealth.
Wealth became my main principle.
But today it has completely
shattered me.
Dad, your principles
shouldn't be so harsh,
they kill your child,
they give her a life
worse than death.
But Ajay, I love you.
I'm the one who built your home.
So why didn't you meet me?
Why didn't you return
to me even once?
You were the only one
who came into my life.
And after you
it will be death, Ajay.
I cried a lot for you.
Take me into your arms, Ajay.
I don't want to die in my father's
house but in your home.
If you cried,
I went through hell too.
Now that you're here,
never leave me again, Preeti.
I'm the one who brought mummy
here and you're hugging her?
"Even if there are
a thousand storms."
"Even if we have to die now."
"Even if it becomes hard to live."
"Even if we have
to poison ourselves."
"Let's swear,
we won't be separated."
"Let's swear,
we will always love each other."