Qaidi Band (2017) Movie Script

This is Machang Lalung.
mm year 1951
Machang Lahmg from Assam
...was arrested for grievous assault.
At that time he was 23 years old.
To determine whether
he was guilty or innocent...
he Went through a court-tum
Unable to get bail. M achang
was imprisoned as an undertrial.
W Machang was proved guHty
...he would've been imprisoned
for a maximum of 1U years.
but m: court case
Went on for 54 years
For 54 years Machang stayed mam
as an undertnm
Vwhile India continued to progress...
Tram passenger hams b: M m
...fror'n Green revolution
to the IT revolution...
...grar'nophones turned into M P3.
stores became shopping malls...
...villages became towns.
and towns became cities.
But M achang continued to rot in jail.
In 2005. the court declared
Machang innocent...
...and released him with
a compensation of Rs. 3 Lakhs.
Like M achang. even today. there
are thousands of poor undertrials...
...rotting away in India's prisons.
awaiting their verdict.
As time passes by.
they lose hope of freedom.
The jail first becomes their habit
and then their home.
To deal with despair.
endless wait and loneliness...
...the undertrials unwillingly embrace
the bizarre shades of thejail...
...which slowly become a way of life.
Ova Sarqm
How long will you get scared by
nightmares of failing to become a pilot?
Dude. I flushed that
pilot-dream down the toilet.
The day I was admitted here.
Right new. I was dreaming
of steaming Chicken kebabs.
But get in line and dream...
...or else the warden
will make kebabs out of you.
Oman get up!
M ave your feet rascals!
Did you get a manicure at night?
Return my soap!
- Long-live India. Sir!
- Long-live India!
Sm \ bary need
to go to the bathroom
Prayer first. bathroom later. C'r'non.
You're a New Arrival uncle?
I came in last night.
I'm diabetic. $0 I can't control
the pee.
Don't worry. the jail will teach you
to control every/thing.
Your pee as well as your tears.
Come. let's pray.
Give us strength of mind...
...that the mind may be victorious.
That before others' victory...
...the self is victorious.
Give us strength of mind.
Prayers over. Long-live India!
Long-live India!
Run M ohsin. Run!
Get in line all of you.
Clean up quickly.
the animals are here!
Get out
I got my 200 Sanju!
Lady luck shines in Iatrine!
Do you mind if I go first?
My spot is yours.
If you have 200 bucks.
Scams in the toilet also?
If you're the first to go in.
you get a spick-n-span Taj M ahal.
If you go after all of them.
It'll stink so much you'll faint.
$0 let's talk if you got 200 bucks.
I can give you buddy. Two hundred.
But I only have 100.
Sorry Mr. Superstar!
Your call is on wait.
Uncle here gets a newcomer discount.
Not so openly uncle!
Next time I will take 200.
Oye Mohsm
One by one. come on.
Undertrials from wards 4.5 and 6
who have their trails today...
...should report at
the Main-Gate immediately.
...the van leaves for court shortly.
HowTe you doing handsome?
There's a cockroach in this.
Would you like a Iollypop instead?
Come to our cell.
you'll get anything you want.
Vwhat the rubbish! Just Mo eggs?
- The hen is on leave.
- Your hen can go scr-
Surti sir. the warden sent
less eggs today.
You'll get your regular
eight eggs from tomorrow.
Uncle here...
is our fresh new admission!
Can I get an egg as well?
Eggs are a part of
'special breakfast'.
For which you have
to bribe the wardens.
Do you have that kind of money?
M eve on then!
Pass the glass. C'r'non.
Here comes the stylish dude.
This boy's gonna make it big
one day. I'r'n telling you.
Make a mg bang
Make a mg bang
You're so out of tune.
my ears are bleeding!
Raina sir. shoot a film with us
next time?
Ya. sure sure. keep in touch.
keep in touch.
Wmen will I get the white
Uncle you're a UT you will not get
a convicfs uniform.
What is UT?
Abandoned by law. courts don't
want you. jails can't have you!
Uncle. UT means undertrial.
whose trial is still going on.
The courts haven't decided
if you're guilty or innocent.
Convicts are ones who
have been declared guilty.
Only convicts can wear
those uniforms...
and do aH the Work m them
Like cooking. serving. cleaning...
carpentry etc
And they even get paid for that.
$0 we're not entitled to work or pay?
UT's aren't allowed to work...
...that's why we take
bribes for the toilet line!
It's been 3 years
for him and 2 for me.
But our income is zero!
We've got to do something
for expenses.
We have other businesses too.
We are a mg company PVT LTD
Right Mohsin?
What are you m for?
Shhhh Mohsm
Sanju cover from the left.
You guys are at it again?!
Dunk Mai mm gm.
Vwhafre you doing?!
And the game begins!
Come on. whose betting?!
One and half times if Sanju catches
it. double if Mohsin nabs it.
If the rat escapes.
you get Mo and a half!
100 bucks on the mouse.
200 on Sanju.
Out of the way!
My 200 on Mohsin.
You want to hide under the trolley?
And eat that bread?
That's jail food...
It'll break your teeth!
Come to me. my blank cheque.
Cums um... Cmunk
Leave mm
Sarw Sanjm
Vwhy bother catching it. if you
were going to let the rat go?
To try and catch it again!
For how long can one pray.
read. snort and smoke to Iill time.
See how this cat and mouse chase.
just makes time fly?!
Line up the undertrials.
Jailor sir is coming
over for a brief. Over.
Ready for Jailor sir. Over.
Get in line... Jailor sir's coming!
You need an invitation?!
$0 the Independence day
is coming up...
...and this one's pretty special.
It's also the 100th
anniversary of ourjail.
On this 15th August. the jail will put
together a big entertainment program.
Vwhere. for the first time.
both male and female inmates...
...will participate together.
Minister sir will attend the ceremony.
along with media...
...and to entertain them we will put
together a male-female orchestra.
Yes sir. a male-female
orchestra party.
Those who can sing or play...
...line up for selection in the
Freedom Fighter's room.
And most importantly...
...there'll be women
from the female ward...
...if anyone looks at them
I'll blind you forever.
You won't be able to see another
woman. even in your dreams.
Those who can sing or play.
give your names. C'r'non.
Poshampa hey Poshampa
Poshampa hey Poshampa
It's looking great... check it.
Guddu. have your milk...
or how WM you become Superman?
This is only 2U. You owe me 4U.
20 for eyebrows
and 20 for upper-lips.
Take 20 next time.
Look! You pay up now.
My hearing is coming
up in Mo weeks...
...and my lawyer's sure I'll
positively get released this time.
You'll get released?!
PH need money when \ get out
so pay me new
Where do \ get Mrom?
Should I take it from your father?!
Don't insult my father. or else...
Or what huh? Should I tell the warden?
Undertrials aren't
allowed to earn money...
...and you're running a business here?
Now take a hike!
Stop wasting our time. Get lost!
Stupid thief! Catch her.
Catch her... shut the door!
How far will you run?!
Grab that fool!
Stop! Stop Bindu!
Give me my money!
msmtmg me m front of everyone?
It's my money!
Leave me!
Mars happening there?
Nothing ma'ar'n we were just
practicing the prayer song.
may M!
Now all the undertrials who can
sing. raise your hands.
Madam. me!
An orchestra will be formed.
you'll have to rehearse every day.
If convicts go for rehearsals.
then who'll do all the chores?
Thus only undertrials are allowed.
Is there no undertrial who can sing?
I can madam!
I will also sing Madam!
Okay Go Wear decent domes
Kamla. Monali. get them ready.
Okay Madam
Get out new go get ready
Walk quietly... in a straight line
to the Freedom Fighter's room!
Vwhat you looking at?!
Look straight in front!
Stop looking or I'll break your bones.
Eyes on the floor!
This isn't a fashion show!
You're not models!
All the ladies. stop!
Can't you hear?! Stop!
Hurry up!
Sir. the men are here.
so are the women.
In a straight line.
Rawat. break his bones!
Put him away in solitary.
Stand up straight! Stand up!
Tom you to keep your eyes down
Get lost!
- C'r'non.
- Sit down!
Uncle. this is the
Freedom Fighter's room.
It was a part of the old jail.
The British imprisoned
our freedom fighters here.
Now they've turned
it into a function hall.
Just imagine uncle.
where they plotted revolutions.
We're planning a musical!
Rawat let's start!
Come on Oguguamawa...
Your turn Ogu!
The next person Maskeen Singh.
You decide if the beat plays
or the gun because...
Where have We arrwed
O M other Goddess.
take me in your shelter.
Myself Tatyana. I come from Belarus.
I come hereto act in Bollywood.
But my agent gave me
fake work permit.
Sing song. 50mg-
My heart. 0h heart. dear heart.
Way to go 5mm
Can I sing one more?
Poshampa hey Poshampa
There was a cage. there was a bird.
Poshampa hey Poshampa
The hunter that captured
the bird was ajerk!
The bird set the cage on fire.
the hunter shouted
go y away rugher
Set this cage on fire?
You want to be a bird and fly away?
Everyone sings only
patriotic songs now!
Bright n sparkling... my nation.
Vwhich film is this song from?
It's not from a film sir.
It's original.
I have written and composed it myself.
You see. I'm a BTech and MBA sir.
Pm an educated man
Yes. nowadays it's the BTechs and
the M BAs who turn into militants!
N ext
Better than all the world...
Rivers play in its lap...
We are all Indians...
We are all Indians...
We are all Indians...
Better than all the world...
c'r'non everybody... is our India.
Our militanfs poetry
has lyrics and melody.
Maskeen will play music on the organ.
Ogu on percussion.
Sanju and Bindu will sing the duet.
The Russian and the Chinese
madam can sing chorus.
We will have a truly
international orchestra!
Sm Pm from Nagmand you know
w; an mdxan state ght?
Ya. ya. you're from India.
Look if you guys work hard
and perform well...
...then you will all get points
for good conduct.
You know how much judges
value the conduct report... a trial. don't you?
Yes sir. Thank you. sir.
Thank you very much. sir.
Sir. if we could also get
guitars and drums...
the songs WM sound better
To create art one needs pain...
Von have paw?
Then why do you need guitars?
Create electrifying music
with what's available.
And one very important thing.
You will treat these 3
as your sisters from now...
...and you will treat them
as your brothers.
Is that clear?
- Yes sir.
- Let's g0.
mars the matter M r. Super Star.
why are you so furious?
- I didn't get selected in the
orchestra. - Don't worry.
What am \ here for?
For a small fee. you could be
the one singing in the orchestra.
H ow?
Whoever gets se\ected
W? cut off m: tongue
or pour kerosene down m: throat
Then he will burn in the hospital and
you will party with the beauties.
You will sing Poshampa.
you rascal?
You want to become a singer?
You want to sing praises
of Dhulia?
Let's cutoff his tongue!
PH show you Poshampa
Throw m
You wanna be a singer?!
Hey... Get out! Now!
Don't you come back!
Samu you okay?
Cums man.
Now get up or should
we call for a palanquin?
Don't worry man...
We got your back!
Are you idiots playing cards?
Nuxwam Nu
Hand me the cards!
C'r'non. Hurry!
Don't you know you're not
allowed to play cards here?
But we weren't gambling madam.
I'll give you a tight slap!
These Mo will bunk with you. till
the Independence Day performance.
Whers the space?
There's a 100 of us stuffed
in one room already!
Show We mace them
on our heads?
Keep stuffing.
I'll do everyoneb threading
for free.
Vwhat for?
To dance at your wedding?
WmyTe you dancing on my head?
Vani. Priya. can you Mo
bunk with Shanta?
She won't let us share her bed.
Shanta. it's a matter of a few days.
You anyway sleep alone.
Just make some space
for these Mo.
Phase lust a Mme
Thief! How dare you touch my stuff?
Whack her
- VVII you hit her again?
- No.
- VVII you make room?
- Yes.
Mummy WWW they WWW!?
$0 which one of you managed
to get the white girl?
No sir. really nothing
like that happened.
Hey Bums
Did you end up trapping the Vwhitie?
You filthy gorilla. chimpanzee.
how dare you stare at me?
Lower your eyes or
I'll gouge them out.
Lower them!
That's better.
Just ignore him. He's a horny idiot!
You guys know our Ogu
is an A R Rahman fan?
That's nice.
He'd come with a plan.
First study music and then
become a drummer for Rahman.
You should talk in English
so he understands.
He understands Hindi quite well.
He only acts "Me no Hindi.
Me no Hindi"...
To keep the Wardens off m: back
Oman show us how you speak Hindi.
Ogu. say something
in Hindi please?
I came to India from Nigeria
to study music. on a scholarship.
But after 3-4 months scholarship
was stopped by my country.
I had no money for food.
hostel. fees...
...or to buy a ticket to go back home.
$0 I stole a wallet.
Awesome man. his Hindi is so good!
- Guess whose wallet it was...
- Vwhose?
The Police Commissioner's son.
I got caught. They slapped a case.
Me no money for bail. no lawyer...
...and my embassy also no help.
Now think what's the maximum
punishment for stealing 20 grand?
Section 378. for which the
maximum sentence is 3 years.
But because there was no fatal
incident... 2 to 3 months.
He's already served 2 years.
My Lord.
And the trial has still
not reached an end.
Of all the people. you found the
commissioner's son to steal from!
He's a bigger fool.
He wanted to buy a guitar...
...his dad refused to lend him
money... ask him what he did?
I was so possessed by the guitar.
That to arrange the money to buy it.
I ended up stealing a car.
And got caught
I stole one car...
but the cops from that precinct.
Pinned 5 other unsolved
car robberies on r'ne!
And since then it's just been
one trial after another.
I accept I'm guilty. punish me.
Give me the maximum sentence
possible. get it done with...
But no!
These idiots have held me
as a house guest for four years new.
So. who is a bigger fool...
mm u! me?
Ok man. me more bigger
fool. happy?
Female ward doctor
is on leave today...
...wh0ever has a problem can report
to the male hospital.
Get inside.
There are pictures of Neta Ji.
AmbedkarJi. Azaad Ji...
but there are none
of female freedom fighters?
Ladies. Huh!
Hurry up get m
- Don't forget. Brother-Sister.
- Yes sir.
Don't amble. It's not a park!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
WWW you guys ma?
Actually we ran out of water...
What are the was?
Bindu sing the way
Rufi had sung the song.
The leader of our nation.
should bejust like you!
The leader of our nation should be...
Mdam before We start
I'd like everyone to write down
their names and date of birth here.
Yes. must write.
Uncle will gifi: birthday
presents to everybody.
I'll get released before my birthday.
My hearings coming up.
She's a millionaires daughter!
No. My Papa is a driver and
Mummy is a domestic help.
Then what will you gain
by going for your hearing?
You will go to court all excited...
...and the judge will say
'please hold. your call is on wait'.
Your trial will pushed...
...and you will come right back
dejected. swearing and heartbroken.
Nice tune.
Isn't it the same story every time?
That's whynjust like me.
don't bother going for hearings!
That way you'll be happy...
No hearings. no dejection. no anxiety!
- You don't go for your hearings?
- Never!
- But the Jailer and warden
keep a check. - $0 what?
The last time I faked an epilepsy
attack. before that dysentery.
Pump Lassa Luusw!
I can give you a 100
foolproof excuses.
But first you must embrace my wisdom.
And what is your wisdom?
The wisdom. my Dear Sir is...
that all of us who are penniless...
Can't pay hefty fees
for awesome lawyers...
VWH forever and ever and ever
...spend the rest of
our lives here in thejail.
Because. who are we?
Who are W97
wmdre we... we're M achang Lalung.
Wire Machang Lahmg
You're a Lalung. I'm a Lalung.
Wire Machang Lahmg
Yo. yo. yo what is this M achan Lalung?
Yo! Yo! World record holder
Machang Lalung.
Spent fifty-four years.
as an undertrial.
In thejail. in India.
Fifty-four years.
Yes uncle.
After making him rot
in the jail for 54 years.
The courts declared
"M acnang you're innocent...
you are hereby free
New We WM break M achangt record
Sing with me.
Wmdre we... we're M achang Lalung.
Shut um
We're going to rehearse and
we're going to rock these songs.
Gain points for good conduct...
...and get acquitted
at our next hearing.
G at w?
What was the tune?
It's quite simple...
Bright and Sparkly...
\ remember new.
- Ready?
- (up
Bright and sparkly...
My nation!
Bright and sparkly...
My nation!
Bright and sparkly...
mars wrong?
Forgive me Ms. Bindu.
Your voice is even prettier
than your face.
But I regret to inform you that
your singings putting me to sleep.
Vwhy do you start speaking
like a call center employee?
Because I worked in a call
center before coming to jail.
$0 Mr. Call center. why don't you
wake us all up with your singing?
Leader M a'ar'n. permission?
Bright and sparkly.
Bright and sparkly.
Bright and sparkly...r-r1y nation.
Bright and sparkly...r-r1y nation.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
You're amazing Sanju!
Oh how it sparkles... My nation.
Oh how it sparkles... My nation.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
Is sparkly.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
Is sparkly.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
These walls are so tall.
Iron bars. they hold us all.
Like stone is the bread we eat.
like water is the soup we drink.
Hey stop it! This is not what I wrote.
Jailer hears it. he'll punish us.
please sing what's written.
The nation has scr- us over.
Your lyrics don't ring true.
For me the nation has no sparkle.
No. no. no. India didn't scr- us over.
Have faith in India.
Have faith in the system.
The system will protect you.
India is bright and sparkling.
Somebody make him understand.
Sanju!!! We will not get
good conduct points.
Just sing what's written. C'r'non!
How high are the mountains.
how deep are the rivers...
Thick forests and lush
green fields are my nation.
A nation of many Iingos
with sweet and sour flavors.
A nation of many delicacies
in so many different colors.
Skirts and Sarees.
Pants and Pajamas...
Hundreds of colors.
hundreds of shades.
But one land... my nation.
Razzling - dazzling... My nation.
Snazzy -jazzy...hx1y nation.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
Oh how it sparkles... My nation.
Oh how it dazzles... My nation.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
Yo listen up!
We stuck injail.
no money for bail.
We're trying to get
out but all in vain.
Some in for robbery.
some in for murder.
We don't care.
cause we got each other.
Yo Mr. BTech and MBA.
Saying all stuff thatl can't say.
Now can you please translate.
Vwhat the... is this Jagmag.
That's enough for today.
Sir wewejust been
able to practice it once.
If we could do it one more time...
Wrap up for new
From tomorrow. the rehearsals
will start from 9am up until lock-up.
Lunch will also be served here
in the Sainani room. Understood?
My country. my nation is sparkly.
Mr. Kitchen King.
Is the garnish ready?
Give me your Cooking Tax.
All our birth and name
numbers match perfectly.
15th August is a very lucky date.
I tell you. something really good
is about to happen in our lives.
Our future lies in our numbers.
Earlier. I didn't believe
in it either.
I wish I did. maybe then
I wouldn't have been arrested.
My leg wouldn't have gotten
fractured during torture.
I wouldn't have limped.
But why do you believe it new?
A day before my daughter's 1st
birthday. our new car was delivered.
My wife Nyla looked at the
registration number and said...'s unlucky for us.
I laughed it off.
That night the car was stolen.
I couldn't report it to the police...
...because I was caught
up with the birthday party.
Next day there was a bomb mast
m New market
The car which had the bomb was...
(our car?
I wish I'd listened to Nyla.
Don't worry uncle.
the numbers will align again.
- Yeah.
- You try this Dal.
It's mind blowing.
- Thank you
. W
$0 much smoke.
whose pyre are you burning?
Sir. the cooking tax.
Only those guys haven't paid up yet.
You Mo... Bring your food here!
Don't you know it's illegal
to light a fire in the barracks?!
They serve dinner at 5.
It's gone cold...
- ...that's why we are heating it.
- You'll eat it cold!
Till you don't pay the cooking tax.
you'll eat cold food.
Get it? Now get lost!
Don't worry.
Take some from me.
Wow Sanlu
You've done magic to
the tasteless dal! Very nice.
Like Bindu's done magic on him!
Did you see their chemistry Ogu?
VWH start a We story mm?
It'll be too complicated.
Vwhat complication uncle?
This is the best place
to start a perfect love story.
Normally couples first fall
in love and then start fighting.
But here. post the function.
she'll be stuck in her ward.
And I'll be in my ward frying the dal!
$0 tell me wise M r. M askeen.
Isn't it the perfect love story?!
Sorry dude!
Come. let's eat.
I will be getting released soon.
So please make other arrangements
to take care of Guddu.
Yes. you will get released...
but for new. can I go?
Hurry up Bquees
...if those convicts fall asleep.
tonight's business is gone.
- Mummy!
- Take care of her!
Come. it's time for bed...
M ummy will come in the morning.
How much Urns do you
guys take to get ready?
- Sorry madam!
- Think you're M iss Indias?
Where are they gomg?
They are bad Women
That's not fair.
They are only going to earn money
for rnilk for their kids.
Thejail allows only
one glass of milk...
...and their families
don't send any money either.
If Pratibha won't do this at night...
...then poor Guddu will
surely starve to death!
They're not bad women!
My country. my nation is sparkly.
My Guddu is sparkly.
Sanjws a born talent. Isn't he?!
He created such an
amazing tune in no time!
Injected life into the song.
Injected life into the song
or injected life in you?
How does it matter if he injects life
in me or takes it away injail?
Anyway forget that
Right now I'r'n so excited. about
the chance of singing on stage.
I've been dreaming cf becoming
a singer ever since I was a child.
My country. my nation is sparkly.
M adam. Shakila hasn't come
for breakfast duty today.
Kusum serve faster. we can't
be serving breakfast till night!
Madam Pm ready
Have you applied lipstick?
VVpe it.
Shall we go for rehearsal?
- Long-live India. Sir!
- The Beauty Course teacher is here...
female inmates report for class.
Kids report to the nursery
for milk and biscuits...
nothing will be served after this.
The tie-addiction doctor is here.
Warden Chaubey should accompany
all addicts to the clinic.
Have you lost your mind?
You couldn't see such a big nail?
There's blood!
$0 much blood!
Please call the doctor!
Sir she's bleeding a lot.
Please call the doctor. sir!
Bmdu can you stand up?
Try. come.
Slowly. Help her up.
Vwhat are you doing? Put her down!
Ok. then you hold her!
Or else call for a wheelchair.
or a stretcher.
Ok. come on! Rush her to the clinic.
Whers the doctor?
Take her over there.
The floor's getting dirty!
Floofls uncle.
tell me where the doctor is!
One doctor has gone to the
barrack to give injections...
...and the other one
has gone for purchasing.
Sit here. I'll be right back.
Bandage her!
I'm not allowed to attend to ladies.
Doctor will do it when he comes.
Even they're waiting.
Give her a tetanus shot?
It's out of stock.
It may come by tomorrow.
then she'll get the shot.
Ok listen. sing a song.
Vwhich is your favorite song?
I'm not going to sing.
Okay. tell me your story.
How did you land in jail?
Sanju! It's hurting a lot!
Ok. listen to mine.
I wanted to become a pilot.
Very badly wanted to become a pilot.
It was my dream.
But pilot training is expensive.
So I was working in a call center
to save up for it's fees.
And alongside I was finishing my
One night on my way home from work.
Like... almost reached my home.
Maw a posh comma
standing next to their rnercedes
and quarrelling.
The man was drunk.
he started slapping the girl.
I stepped into protect her.
But the drunkard started
beating me up instead.
Mad to mt mm back
He was so badly drunk.
he lost balance. fell down...
Hit his head on the bonnet
and died from brain injury!
His father filed an FIR against me.
I told them what happened. honestly.
Admitted my guilt.
It was a mistake.
punish me accordingly.
But it was a mistake.
But as per the law it as murder.
First they charged me for causing
death by negligence. section 304A.
Under that I would've
been jailed for 2 years.
But that boy's father conspired with
lawyers. bought fake witnesses...
...and got me booked for
culpable homicide under 302.
Under which I'll get
life imprisonment.
And for that my trial
has been going on forever...
and ever and ever
And your bandage is done.
Thank you very much
Don't be nice to me okay?
My? You're scared
we'll become friends?
Mars the point of becoming friends?
Minute by minute our
lives are getting wasted.
Here's one chance to have some fun.
To make new friends. to sing songs.
Wmen the time comes to part.
let's worry about it then!
Vwhy waste what we have now.
fearing about tomorrow?
Celebrate today my friend.
don't mourn tomorrow.
Happy Emma; n; yum
lam. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
That's me.
my wife and my daughter Ruhi.
Von no have breakfast today?
Vwhistle on your lips.
smile on your face...
Du! you dream about Unty?
Not Unty. it's Aunty. she's coming
herself. along with Ruhi.
- Family visit?
- Yes.
You're a lucky man!
My Simraws parents
don't let her visit me.
My girlfriend...
my darling loves me a lot.
You have been in here
for four years...
...will she still be waiting for you?
My Swan and my hope
WM never abandon me
Okay. I'm off to meet my hope.
- Rm Ahmad
- S,.
Vwndow No E
Hurry up or else you'll say
I didn't give you enough time.
- How are you?
- Pm good How are you?
- Everything is good?
- Everything is good.
Hi. my darling.
Ruhi. Papa's saying hi!
Nyla they've taken five
of my poems... my tunes.
I'm sure news channels
and newspapers will cover it.
That's really great Rufi...
...but the only problem is your
case will make headlines again...
...once again people
will connect me with it.
Mm great difficulty I've
managed to finally get a job
as a receptionist.
what if I lose it again?
M BA topper has to work
as a receptionist!
Whatto do?
Have to earn somehow
to pay the rent
But what's wrong with receptionist?
It's a good break.
Give her the phone please?
Hi. my darling.
How's your school going?
Have you marnt any new poem?
Recite to papa. Ruhi.
Okay I'll recite one.
Baa baa black sheep.
Have you any wool?
- Yes sir. yes sir.
- I want to go home.
Rum three bags MU
One for the master.
One for the dame.
One for Mme Rum
who hves by the me
I want to go home.
OM know una mare
- Twinkle. twinkle. little star...
- Hey Rufi!
Time over.
I want to go home.
Sweetheart. I love you so much.
Next month. you'll come visit me
on my birthday right?
Of course We WM
Ruhi will bake a cake
and bring it. Right?
Listen. I've deposited a bag
with chocolates. biscuits.
Tea bags. coffee. etc. OK?
Oh you shouldn't have...
Everythings available here.
you need the money.
\ We you
\ We you
Thank you
How many times do I have to tell you?
Nshon La\
Ru Ahmed
Home food again?
You know it's not allowed.
Your wife and daughter
visit you every month?
Every month
She never misses a visit.
Even if Nyla's unwell
she comes with Ruhi.
No one comes from my home
Vwhy don't your mum and dad visit you?
It was too insulting for them when
the cops carne horne to arrest r'ne.
Papa. Mummy. Bittoo - my brother.
They all had to leave
that neighborhood.
Papa's furious with me for that...
M ummy does want to visit me.
But Papa doesn't allow her.
What mu you do to get arrested?
After I finished my 12th grade.
I wanted to go to music
school for training.
But Papa saw! he had no money
...he was saving up to send
Bittoo to college.
$0 I thought. I'll earn for myself.
Mum got rne a job as a nanny.
It was a family of 3.
Husband. wife...
and thew E year
oh! daughter- Rashrru
One day when the wife
was in office...
the husband forced me
\ got away
But then I thought! shouldn't leave
Rashmi alone with that devil.
So I took her to my house.
To cover up. RashmFs father
filed a charge of kidnapping...
...and theft of Rs. 5 Iakhs
against me.
The cops took me
to the police station.
Made r'ne sign some papers.
since then I've been injail.
As soon as we're released.
we'll burn his house down!
"We're released."
When mu you make
the man to get re\eased7
When mu \ say Mease?
Pm Machang
Now that you've said it...
you'll have to sing it.
Sing what?
We not become Machang Lahmg
We not become Machang Lahmg
We're going to get out.
We're going to get out.
We not become Machang Lahmg
We not become Machang Lahmg
Lunch over
Dhulia sir has said. put more energy
in your performance. more action!
Today's the last day.
practice all the songs well.
Yes sir. definitely.
C'r'non. Let's start.
Your fellow male inmates
along with your sister inmates...
...are now going to present
a colorful show.
A big hand for M r. Dhulia.
for putting it together.
They've called us on duty
on a holiday!
- These inmates are going
to be such bores! - Really.
Just record a few shots
and \ets have
Get the programme started. Dhulia.
Rawat. get the programme started.
Start the programme!
Wnat a drummed
Round. Round. Round.
Round. Round. Round.
Round. Round. Round.
Mars round?
Pm thelmcy round snack
You're its spicy-tanginess. my India.
Pm the my me-cream
You're its earthen-sweetness.
my India.
I'm the snack. You're the savor.
I'm the kebab. You're its flavor.
I'm Curry and the Rice...
You're the trove of all the flavors.
I'r'n the Indian menu. and you're
its heady taste India.
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm Holi. Christmas and Diwali.
Pm Em Pongm and Bmsakhx
In you. all our festivals congregate.
You're the light we celebrate.
We celebrate.
we celebrate. we celebrate!
Pm Kathak Bhangra and Garba
You're the beat in every dance.
Pm Gurbanu Pm Qawwah
You're the trove of many songs.
I'r'n the Indian song.
you're my tune India.
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am the drop. you're the ocean.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
Take a closer look
at these artistes...
...Io0ling at their energy
and enthusiasm... can never tell that
they're actually prisoners!
All of us who have come
from the outside are shocked...
...and amazed by the unbelievable
talent of the prisoners.
Vwho couldwe believed that such
a spectacular performance...
...could've happened
behind 30 feet tall walls?!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
M askeen! We were told to add energy.
not blast a bomb.
When such amazmg tunes are created
surmy bombs WM mast
Von know he stepped on my toes
But he played very well!
Oman girls!
Start moving back to the female ward.
O well. now we'll only
get to meet next year.
Don't be silly!
We'll all get released quickly.
We get freedom fast
and make our own band
Right. Ogu?
Talk some sense into
her M achang Lalung.
Don't think negative... she's right.
We WM get freedom fast
Bindu's magic!
I am India party!
Now finish packing.
Tatyana. Sangey. you have to shifi:
back to your respective wards.
Enough of talking. Get back quickly.
Bindu you have a hearing
tomorrow. right?
It's a very lucky date. All the best.
- Best of Luck 5mm
- Thank you
Bye Sangey. Bye Tatyana.
Before the evening lock-up.
all those deputed to gardening duty.
Should deposit the tools
in the control room.
M ay God free you
Bindu. get chocolate
on your way back.
- Mars your rush!
- Sorry.
This stirring morning. is new again.
The wind with welcoming arms.
Is new again.
The flutterings that hold my hand
and will take me home...
- How's the singing going?
- First class.
...are new again.
The sunlight that embraces me.
Is new again.
The shade that calls out to me.
Is new again.
The flutterings that hold my hand
and will take me home...
...are new again.
mm on my Way to get Mummy
to bran! my haxr
I am on my way to get
Pappa to push the swing.
On my Way to throw tantrums at home fulfill all the wishes which.
are new again.
The comforting morning. is new again.
The soothing wind. is new again.
The flutterings that hold my hand
and will take me home...
...are new again.
Bmdu how/We you?
Say thank you to this nice lawyer.
She's fighting your case for free.
Thank you. M a'ar'n.
New flutterings...
...are new again.
- How are you Ema?
- AH good
- Vwhich court number?
- Number 9. And his case?
Number m.
Hello Umeshji. how about
a cup of piping hot tea?
WW new
Madam. tea?
You sit here.
I'm watching from there okay?
Don't move.
$0 you finally decided
to come for your trial!
Yup. you managed to mess
with my head.
How are you?
Pm okay. son
Hows mummy?
She's also 0k.
Papa. this is Bindu.
Hello Uncle.
Wire m the samela
We were together in
the orchestra as well...
...and now our trials
are also on the same day.
It's a sign Uncle.
We will surely get released today.
Yes. I'm sure you'll get released.
Aunty hasn't come?
No. She's praying at home.
One sec. I'll just take this.
Yes lawyer sir.
$0 tell me. what's your plan?
Vwhat after the release?
I don't know. but wnateverl do.
I'll never help anyone again.
I'm in this mess because
I tried to help someone.
I'll never help anyone again.
Let bygones be bygones
You start training again
and become a pilot.
I'r'n surely going to become
a singing superstar.
PH have Ms of money
PH buy a mane
...and you'll be my pilot.
Bindiya Chaddha present
yourself for hearing!
Hold onto your file.
M r. Vachani! Your next case
is at4 pm at the high court.
Mr Vacham
thank you so much
- Thank you so much for everythmg
- Ws 0k
Sir. sir. sir...
Guys! I am really sorry.
mm m a very very mg hurry
I can't talk right now.
But you're most welcome
to come to my office.
80 sorry!
Sir. so many lawyers for one man?
That fatso with a moustache is the
main lawyer - Naveen Vachani...
...the rest are his assistants.
3 minutes ago. he went into
the courtroom with his client.
It's a forced case.
He argued the case in ajiffy. In
no time the client is out on bail.
And for those 3 minutes
Vachani gets a hefty 1U Iakhs.
He's a miracle worker.
Sanjay Khanna present
yourself for hearing!
(our honour my chant
Bmdxya Chadhdha
...has been in jail for 2 years.
3 months and 8 days.
For a crime she hasn't
even committed.
Sir. it's been over Mo years
but the prosecution...
...nasn't been able to produce
a single witness.
Sir. you know delivering
summons takes time.
I know. I know.
I am granting bail.
But My Lord. I beg to submit.
Sir. cnce released. the accused
will commit violent crimes again.
She kidnapped a si year old
helpless child!
I told you. I am granting bail.
She can go home after deposmng
Rs 5 mm: m accounts as surety
Rs 5 mkhs?
Sir. how will I deposit
such a large amount?
I'll have to rob a bank for that!
You're talking about robbing
a bank standing in court?
Shall I charge you with Contempt
as well? That'll be one more case.
Sorry sir.
Until the surety amount
is not deposited...
...the bail will not be granted.
Sir. sorry sir. I made a mistake.
The next date for trial is 6 months
later. 21st Feb.
Sir. please don't send me
back tojail.
You have no idea what life
injail is like. Sir please!
You stand in line to buy
movie tickets. don't you?
Likewise there's a line here as well.
what to do?
We're a huge nation. but few courts.
Large population.
but fewjudges.
Therefore there's a long line.
I too feel bad for you.
but can't help it.
Be patient.
Do meditation.
Yourjail would surely
have meditation.
M editation will give you
peace of mind.
Somebody take her away
Bmdu come
N ext
Asif Jahan present yourself
for hearing!
The stupid lawyer
didn't show up cause...
he mm get m: fees m advance
Don't worry.
I'll get a new lawyer before
the next hearing.
Do that
Lefs go
Don't worry.
Don't lose hope. 0k?
We wandered far away from home
Bmdu come
Pm red and torn
The path threatens and misguides me.
Ruins me. once again.
The bruising sunlight. is same again.
The wounding shade. is same again.
Tormenting. imprisoning all hope-
The restlessness.
Is same again.
The same restlessness.
The same restlessness.
The same anxiety.
The same anxiety.
The same destruction.
The same destruction.
All over again!
All over again!
All over again!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
The song sung by the prisoners
of Central Jail has now become
the new anthem of patriotism.
all over the country.
And the man who has made it possible
is the jail superintendent
Devendra Dnulia.
Devendra Dhulia's prison reform
programme has given rise
to new a ray of hope to the prisoners.
This news has spread like fire
on every TV channel!
Papa. these are my friends.
they want to meet you.
- Hello uncle.
- Hello. hello.
- Sir. one selfie?
- Yes! Sure!
Amazingjob Dhulia. amazingjob.
Well done.
Your orchestra party has become
a star for young voters.
$0 the point is.
elections are next year.
If your orchestra campaigns
for us in the elections.
We'll capture the 'youth vote'.
Look. if you want to win
an election or ensure a film's hit.
Then you must win over the youth.
How can campaigning by
prisoners win you the election?
It's politics Dnulia.
you won't understand.
But prisoners aren't
even allowed to vote sir.
I don't want their votes Dhulia.
I want their songs.
Get them to make
a new song every week.
And upload it on YouTube.
till the election.
Look Dhulia. don't let this wave
of their popularity die out.
It can take you quite high as well.
And don't let the press meet
these prisoners.
I don't want them narrating their
sob stories. You understand?
Don't worry sir. People will get
to hear their songs only.
No one will get to hear
their whimpers.
Look Dhuha
This Jail Band can get me
lot of votes.
Cancel all their trials.
Just make sure till the elections
are done. no one's released?
Done sir. done.
Dwya Sharma
Randeep Gaur
Maskeen Singh.
Maneesh Sharma
Gulab Singh.
Mateen Khan
Dhananjay Singh.
Ashraf Suidxqux
- Don't let Maskeen Singh g0!
- Maskeen. Stop!
Follow me.
You're not going to court.
But sir. today is my hearing.
It's been cancelled.
How can it be cancelled sir?
It can be. c'r'non.
I cancelled it. For your own good.
If you had gone for the hearing
and by stroke of luck got acquitted.
What would you do outside?
Go back to stealing?
Come back tojail?
The band is shaping up so well here.
I've thought of an excellent name -
Freedom-Fighter's Band...
'Sainani Band'.
Every week your songs will be
uploaded on YouTube.
You'll become famous.
than go out and make wads of money
Sir please let me g0.
I won't steal sir.
Have I not explained it?!
Now stop crying about hearings!
Came Emu. came
We have fresh. hot snacks
and sweets for you.
Amongst the females.
only Bindu is left in the band.
Sangey has been transferred
to arrotrrerjarh
and Tatyana's embassy
got her out on bail.
Not to worry.
Bindu is enough by herself.
The snacks WM go ma.
go on have some
Gm an eat.
I will neither eat nor sing!
M adam why are you stressing?
I'll convince her.
Thrash me all you want.
You can only take away our
body's freedom. not our mind's.
- There's no way I'm going to sing!
- How dare you?!
Go on eat!
I will not sing either.
I want to talk to my lawyer right now.
Call him here right now!
I knew this is the way this
ungrateful bunch will react.
Kerosene. when it goes inside your
stomach. it burns the intestines.
But you won't die.
You'll be bed ridden.
Won't be able to go for your trials.
If a lawyer investigates.
I'll present 1U witnesses.
Who'll give a written testimony.
That you tried to commit suicide
by drinking kerosene!
And you'll get charged with
one more case of 'attempted suicide'.
Vwhafre you doing? Let me g0!
Open your mouth!
- Should I pour it in his mouth?
- Sir. I'll sing.
I'll also sing sir.
Good Very good
Rawat. let go of him.
So. have you heard of
the band - Middle Finger?
They're coming here.
They saw your Independence Day
programme on TV.
They want to do a show
with you in the jail!
Even they're all excited about
the fad of 'prisoner upliftment'.
None of you dare share
your case stories with them.
They're a famous band.
Learn music from them!
- Rawat!
- Yes.
Don't cry. M askeen.
W: wk.
Don't cry. be strong Maskeen.
Why mu you refuse to 5mg?
If we sing and practice every/day.
at least we'll get to meet every day.
Means u mam.
To sing duets about everlasting
love and build love-castles?
Dhulia will keep cancelling
our hearings...
...and you keep snorting
the love-opium!
M eat every may m; mm
Wow. every/thing's so neat and clean!
It's like a resort.
Ms. Roza. we're notjailers
from the British era.
Prisoners are not ill-treated
like they depict in movies.
Rigorous labour. abuse. torture.
none of that happens here.
By the way. what does the name
Middle Finger mean?
Err... the finger you play the guitar
with. the middle finger.
$0 Freedom-Fighter's
Band (Sainanis)...
If youjam with us. you can create
much better music.
So. what themes do you want
to make songs on?
Any was?
Rm? Emu? Sanyu?
Have you ever thought of escape?
Let's make a song aboutjail-break?
It provokes my dreams.
It awakens my dreams.
It doesn't let me rest.
It ignites my dreams.
This struggle to break free.
Every moment is a struggle.
Each moment in this quick-sand.
Stirs and struggles.
Struggles. struggles.
To break free. struggles.
Struggles. struggles.
Every moment struggles.
Each moment. stuck in my veins
cries and struggles.
Struggles. struggles.
To break free. struggles.
Struggle. struggle.
It ignites every breath.
ames every breath
Does not let me burn out.
yet burns every breath
Each moment. each breath- A struggle.
Each moment. each breath- A struggle.
My dream simmers in each vein.
It boils and stirs to struggle.
Struggles. struggles.
To break free. struggles.
Each dream of ours. is a struggle.
It provokes my dreams.
It awakens my dreams.
It doesn't let me rest.
It ignites my dreams.
In each moment. in each
breath- is the Struggle.
In each moment. in each
breath- is the Struggle.
It's emerging.
It's enraging.
It's bubbling-
this struggle.
This struggle to explode.
Struggle to break free.
It's raising its head.
It's coming undone.
It's leaping forth. this struggle.
This struggle to break free.
This struggle to break free.
To y away
To break free. struggles.
Amazing show M r. Dhulia.
Thank you
Don't let this wave die.
Never sir. never.
You guys have no idea
how popular you've become.
Your song 'I am India' has become
an anthem. it's everywhere!
It's really really sad.
If you weren't in jail. you would've
been a yery decent band.
Se. will you guys get
released by next week?
God only knows when we'll be released.
That's really sad.
because next M onday.
There's a huge rock band
competition... Rook Roads.
I really wish you guys
couldwe participated.
I am 100% sure you would've
won the Best Band...
and the first prize of 5 Million.
Right Valley?
Because we can't
participate this year.
You see we were the
winners last three years.
How much is the prize?
5 Million.
And who knows this year
it oouldwe been you - Sainanis.
Dhulia sir has asked you
to come to his office...
...for a photo-op with the Minister.
Phase come
Meet me when you get out
I will help you in every possible way.
5 Million. Ogu!
Ya we can buy new drum kit.
synth. guitars.
From tomorrow. it's back to
that torn drum and out of tune organ.
Dhulia can't even get us
a few new instruments!
Vwhat an idea you guys have triggered!
What ma?
To vanish!
To fly away from jail!
What ma?
Have you gone mad?
I will not let you do this.
I won't let you break out ofjail.
We don't have any other choice.
Do we?
Uncle. at least listen to the plan.
- You're out of your mind!
- Bindu. c'r'non lock up time!
Rest of you pack up and bring
the stuff to Dhulia Sir's office.
Bindu. I'll tell you tomorrow...
the plan for the new song.
Sir. if we also have the kind
of instruments they have.
Our songs can be as good as theirs.
Even better than Middle Finger songs!
But the torn drum and out-of-tune
keyboards make us sound outdated.
Not like Middle Finger.
Man want to hear
our outdated songs?
Rawat take this list.
get these instruments today.
Yes sir.
Sir. it's not like buying
batons or handcuffs...
how will Rawat sir
get the instruments?
The instruments will
need to be tested.
Tuning. bass. scale.
Where WM \ nd a musxc expert
Sir. if you don't mind
we can go to buy them.
How can \ send you?
Sir. so many people go on
month-long paroles.
No way. Undertrials are not
allowed parole.
Sir. we'll go in the morning and corne
back by evening with the instruments.
Sir. without the right instruments
our songs will sound...
like a curry without garnish...
like a husband without wife...
like a jail without it's jailor.
You know best sir.
Are you done?
Yes sir.
Take them to city mall tomorrow
and buy them instruments.
And go in a private van.
not in thejailjeep.
- Okay sir. Long Live India.
- Long Live India!
You're up before dawn-prayers?
Good. I'll pray for you.
Uncle. just hear me out uncle.
You guys stay away from me please.
You stirred the struggle
to break free.
And now you don't
want to be a part of it?
It was just a thought.
acting on it will get us killed.
We're dying here anyway uncle.
Hey Mr. Poet. what's new?
I am. I am. I am. I am. India!
We're innocent. if we stay injail.
There's a chance that
we'll be set free one day.
But if we run. we'll forever be scared
of the police catching us.
At least here. there's no fear...
there's freedom.
Don't do it. please.
What freedom \s m?
Do you hear yourself.
what are you saying?
Say bye to Bmdu
AH the best
Thought of the day...
See no ow near no ow
speak no ow.
Mwah! Happy birthday!
Ruh Where are you rudmg my We?
She hasn't come Rufi.
Vwhat happened?
She's unwell? Is she okay?
She's fine. She just refused to come.
Refused? Why?
I tried hard convincing her but
she just kept saying I'r'n scared.
I don't want to go to meet Papa.
She wasn't letting me
come here either.
She thinks they'll jail me also.
She is really very scared.
Don't worry. you'll be out soon.
Play with her when you are back home.
\ guess Rum WM never come here
Rufi! Time over!
Give her my love. 0k?
\ WM.
Happy birthday.
Madam. we'll have
to open and check it.
Can't put it through the scanner.
- Sir. it's for Rufi Ahmed.
- Ok. Open it first!
Rawat sir. wait a minute please.
What happened?
Vwhat happened?
You weren't planning to g0!
I'll have to register your name.
Sir. my visit got over.
so I thought I'll also go along.
C'r'non. start the van.
Drive straight to the mall.
Listen up gang-
Don't try and act smart.
These guys have orders
they shoot
Lefs go
No. turn off the camera!
- Mummy. look Ogu!
- Please sing 'I am India' once.
Stay back!
Pratap. ensure no one
clicks pictures.
Stay away. No photos!
Bright and sparkly. My Nation.
Please sing that once!
M ave. move... C'r'non.
Madam one same?
Sainanis? You sang 'I am India'?
Please mind your own business.
May I help you sir?
- They need to buy some instruments.
- Ok Sir.
- (Tmon
- Can \ see some nukes?
Everyone. hurry up. okay.
- I want the cordless mikes.
- Ok.
Once they have chosen what they want.
make the bill and I'll pay.
Ornon be quick in choosing
your instruments.
Bmdu are you done?
No Ma'ar'n. I'll have to sing and check.
$0 hurry up then. can't you see
the crowd gathering?
Please sing 'I am India'.
- Are you done?
- Yes.
- Vwhy is it taking so long? - Ma'ar'n
one second. let me just check it.
Please sing 'I am India'.
I'm thejuicy round snack.
You're its spicy-tanginess. my India.
I'm the icy ice cream.
You're its earthen-sweetness.
my India.
I'm the snack. You're the savor.
I'm the kebab. You're its flavor.
I'm Curry and the Rice...
You're the trove of all the flavors.
I'r'n the Indian menu.
but you're it's heady taste India.
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
India's in you...lndia's in me.
I am Indian. I am India.
India is us. we are India!
We are India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I'm yours. and you're mine.
O my India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
No photos!
C'r'non! Get back... get back now!
I know the Home Secretary!
- Get back.
- Don't touch me!
Keep your hands to yourself!
- Get back.
- Don't touch me!
Push them back!
Stupid inspector!
Pratap. take care of this guy!
Are you guys done?
Wow Papa! From the famous
Jailer Kiran Bedi.
You're turning into the famous
shuttler Saina Nehwal!
It's a wave my darling.
Just you see how high Papa rises!
They escaped
Vwho is it? Wait. I am opening.
M ave aside. Get up!
(imam out
Here they are sir!
Du! you get a caH from Bmdu? When?
Last month... On Bittods birthday.
Did she call yesterday? Today?
Sir. why are you asking us?
Isn't she in yourjail?
Did something happen to her?
Is my Bindu okay?
Please stop here.
- Here's the fare.
- Forty more.
Fare is 60 for Gandhinagar!
60 changed to 100 ages ago!
How long since you've
travelled in a rickshaw?
Everything3 been sold
to pay for the court case.
There's nothing Iefi:
for you to search.
Vwhy aren't you telling us?
If Sanjws in jail. why are you
searching the house?
- Ogu? Maskeen?
- They haven't come yet.
Hello Sir.
Everyonss suspiciously staring
at us. Let's get out of here.
Ogu and M askeen will get there.
Just a minute.
Let me check on mummy.
M aski. you've become famous!
You've finally become a rock star!
That's right!
But when did you get released?
I escaped... for you.
The rest of the band too.
We're performing
at Rock Roads tomorrow.
It's that huge rock band competition.
Oman get ready. you can be
my groupie and watch us live.
You will be Sainani-Bancfs
first groupie!
M askeen. slow down. slow down.
Hey! Everything3 been slow
for the last 4 years in jail.
Now I will everything
at supersonic speed!
Maskeen Pm gettmg warned
next month
My fianc will be here soon.
I have to go shopping.
Yourjoke is done? Now let's g0!
It's not a joke.
The invitation cards
are getting printed.
Look it's neither your fault nor mine.
But how long could I have waited?
Mad to move on
\ am sum;
Don't say sorry...
it's not your fault.
M askeen wait. we can still
be friends.
No nono. that sounds so lame!
Let's try Iatino.
You said Hip Hop Valley.
I lead the band. I made the band
and I hate Hip Hop.
Enough Valley.
this is our band too. okay?
You never listen...
always bulldozing us.
Don't keep saying you lead
the band man!
I made the band. so I'll say it.
Oh my god! Look who's here!
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Se. when were you released?
Maskeen Ogu?
Them tum.
They've gone to see their family.
Von guys mum gov
Actually. Rock Roads
is tomorrow. right?
We want to participate.
We didn't want to be late.
You said you'd help.
that's why we are here.
Of course W? hem you
Valley knows Teesta very well.
She's the competition organizer.
One call and it'll be set.
Right Valley?
Ya. ya of course!
But tell me one thing.
Till last week there was no chance
of you all being released...
and then suddenly you are out.
Did a miracle happen?
If an innocent man. by miracle.
can be jailed for 5 years.
Then by a miracle he can
be released as well. Right?
RuhFs mummy might know.
we don't know anything.
We can call her if you want?
We'll go to her office and meet her.
But how can you search
the house without a warrant?
Warrants are not required
for terrorists!
Von know Where your Papa M
m the la
Du! he come here?
Look! If you tell me the truth.
you'll get this!
Yes Mr. Valabh. I mean Valley.
Don't let them get away at any cost!
Sanju. Dhulia's here. Run!
Must saw mm
- I've called him.
- mars going on Valley?
They've run fromjail.
not released.
But they're such nice guys man!
It's our duty to inform the police.
- Valley listen to us.
- Valley wait.
Poshampa hey poshampa
Once there was a cage
Once there was a parrot
Poshampa hey poshampa
Once there was a cage
Once there was a parrot
Poshampa hey poshampa
The cage'sjailor was a rascal.
The parrot did a somersault.
started such a huge re m the cage
That the Jailor screamed...
What mu he say?
That the Jailor screamed.
Get out of the cage! Get out!
Poshampa hey poshampa
Once there was a cage
Once there was a parrot
Poshampa hey poshampa
Listen to this Parrofs tale!
Nu mm were m.
No tunnels were dug.
From under the Jailor.
Parrot pulled the rug.
And the Jailor screamed...
What mu he say?
And the Jailor screamed.
Get out of the cage!
Po Sham Pa
It grows taller.
It grows stronger.
The long arm of law. loses its sight.
Helter-skelter. a trap it lays.
Even then the Parrot flies.
Flying high. in the sky.
Flying high. in the sky.
The Parrot broke the bolts.
It broke the locks.
$0 brazenly it flew out.
That the courts and law
shouted - 'Not Guilty'
Get out! Get out!
Poshampa hey poshampa
Once there was a cage
Once there was a parrot
Poshampa hey poshampa
Listen to this Parrofs tale!
Uncle don't be crazy! Come out.
You'll get caught because of me.
Uncle you just come out 0k?!
w guyi s0
Sanju. please let's g0!
Burning cages. doing cartwheels.
Playing horns in front of buffalos.
Hop n skip njump n run.
The Parrot managed to break free
The tired Jailor Said to all.
Said to one... Get out! Get out!
Everyone get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Get out! Get out!
Take them
Uncle was right...
for how long can we stay on the run?
Someday they catch us
Se. anybody remembers the plan?
Wmoever tells me. will get
a whole month full of pleasures.
I don't know sir.
we don't know anything.
Oman stand up straight!
Please. Please Sir.
Listen you terrorist. you're a BTech.
MBA... an educated man.
You're not like these thieves!
Vwhy go through all this torture
for these illiterates?
Come on tell me the plan.
I swear. I don't know anything.
Please don't torture me.
Sir. please! Please!
Sir. please! Please!
Sir. please!
Phase SW
Yes Manna.
Sir. they plan to sing
at some competition.
Yes sir. Maskeen had come to his
girlfriend's house. she told us.
Yes sir. Long Live India Sir!
Look Mdam Svnran: not
Maskeers mend
You can arrest him. hang him.
Do what you want.
We've no connection with him.
Thank you
Calm down.
Papa. have I not told you everything?
Now let it g0!
We'd decided none of us
will go home to meet families.
How could you?!
Pm sorryx
They shine and sizzle.
My dreams spams
They shine and sizzle.
My dreams spams
But when they are enraged
they set this world on fire.
But when they are enraged
they set this world on fire.
How they shine and sizzle.
Let's see who wins the 5 Million
Rupees prize at Rock Roads this year.
VVII it be the net band.
Twisted Paradox?
Give them a big hand guys!
Your life's your Soul!
Your dreams are your Soul!
Your life's your Soul!
Your dreams are your Soul!
Every breath you take is Soul!
Heart n Soul... Heart n soul!
Heart n Soul... Heart n soul!
Mdarru We need to meetTeesta mdam
She is really busy. I just...
Samams ght?
Wow your music is just amazing.
I love you guys.
You're hereto perform right?
I will just check in the list.
Dude. your drummer is a dude man!
Your name's not on the list.
Please don't say that.
If we're not able to participate
then we'll be sent back...
We'll get into lot of trouble!
Very badly! Please?
Let's try something. Come on guys.
Definitely something will work out.
Is this your plan?
I haven't heard a stupider plan
than this in my entire life!
You thought you'd escape
fromjail and come here.
I'll let you perform...
you'll win the first prize
and with that money you'll
hire a top lawyer like Vachani.
Who'll help all 5 of you
get freedom?
Vwhat did you think miracle
after miracle will keep happening
and you'll all get freedom? Really?
After escaping from jail. we've
managed to reach you somehow
now what can be a bigger miracle?!
Madam youwe never been sent
mam ght?
If your freedom was snatched away
and you were forced to
spend three years in jail.
Then no plan to attain freedom
would sound stupid.
Don't we know...
if we go on stage. it'll take them
minutes to arrest us?
We do. Escaping frornjail
wasn't our only aim.
We want to get our message
across to the people.
Maybe someone will hear us out.
maybe someone WM
hem us get freedom
m them no one hstens to us
This stage is our last hope!
We didn't have an option
but to take a risk.
Now you tell us...
will you let us go on stage?
VVII you take the risk?
Long Live India Sir!
Two ofthe Samar band members
Bmdu and Sam have
managed m escape.
But Rufi. Maskeen and Ogu have
been caught by the jail authorities.
I hope they're all 0k.
$0 this is the story of Sainanis.
Modern day freedom ghters
who in an independent India.
In their own country.
Are fighting their own people
for freedom.
Please give a huge round of applause
for the Sainanis!
Hove you Samm
Sanju. play 'I am India'!
Go Samarus
Sanju. you're the man!
You've heard our story.
A to Z from Teesta M a'ar'n.
But mind you.
whatever happened to us.
Can happen to you as well.
You do protect your freedom...
don't take it for granted.
After living in thejail. we have
come to understand that
the liberty to do exactly
what your heart desires
and when it desires
is real Freedom.
To be able to come for a concert.
when your heart desires.
To be able to eat what
your heart desires...
Veg or non veg
You wanna watch the news
with your Papa.
Get a massage from M 0m.
sleep in her lap...
or when you're sad.
and just want to cry.
Or when your heart desires.
to be able to click a selfie
and upload it on Facebook;
on Diwali fall in love with
Shahrukh watching his new film...
or on Eid whistle for Salman
while watching his movie.
To be able to vote during elections.
Applaud the government
for what it does right
or criticize it fearlessly
for its wrongs.
And if you've fallen deeply
in Ioye with somebody.
And want to confess to them.
To be able to fearlessly
say "I love you"
when your heart desires. is Freedom.
Before this freedom is once again
snatched away from us.
Who knows if we will get to see
each other.
Hove you Sanlu
Hove you Bmdu
Now whoever wants to
can come and arrest us.
(our carefree dreams
give wings to my heart.
My heart is flying away to escape.
Your unusual dreams
amour my heart
My heart is beginning to glow.
Now we'll live life
with all its colors.
We'll fly to highest heights.
We'll play with sparks and fire.
Because our desires
are now wild with passion.
It's Wild, it's Wild
It's Wild, it's Wild
It's passionately wild.
Your friendship is wild.
The heartbeats are Wm!
VWrL Wm!
Passionately wild.
Do imprison me.
In your passionate love.
Do imprison me.
In your passionate desire.
Come imprison us. come arrest us!
Come imprison us. come arrest us!
These stories are passionately wild.
These heights are passionately wild.
This glowing blazing passion.
Is passionately wild.
VWrL Wm!
- Go for Teesta.
- Stop them!
Passionately wild.
First arrest me!
Arrest me as well!
Go on arrest us all!
Move aside!
The cops are hereto arrest them!
Oman Bindu. c'r'non Sanju! Jump!
Let: gm
Go on arrest us all!
Open the door!
Arrest us all!
Arrest us all!
Arrest us all!
Arrest us all!
But stop the oppression
once and for all.
But stop the oppression
once and for all.
Samu Bmdu Ruin Maskeen and Ogu
don't worry we are all with you!
Don't worry we are all with you!
Arrest us all!
Arrest us all!
M r. Vachani. myself Prema Rastogi...
Jail Superintendent.
Come imprison us. come arrest us!
Come imprison us. come arrest us!
Thejail breaking Prison Band's anthem
from Rock Roads is everywhere new.
The questions in their songs
have started a new struggle.
Arrest us all!
Arrest us all!
The SainanFs story
has completely shocked us.
Till the Sainanis don't getjustice.
we'll keep protesting!
Yes! We'll keep protesting!
It's such a sad situation...
that of the undertrials.
Vwhy is our legal system so slow?
Innocent people like us get ground
in the grinder of legal machinery.
The Sainani band is absolutely.
We take our freedom for granted.
India won its freedom
with great difficulty.
But still we don't value our freedom.
3 of them have already been
caught and they are in the jail.
The police is very confident that
they will arrest Sanju
and Bindu also very soon.
It remains to be seen whether
the slogan "Arrest us all"
will die the death of a thousand
other such slogans.
Or will its echo get freedom
for the Sainanis?
SW mere are Sanyu and Emu?
Let's just say they are safe.
they are fine.
Sir. did you meet them at the concert?
I watched the whole
incident on the news.
Seeing your Bindu and Sanjws guts.
I felt their bold questions
should be answered.
They deserve it.
That's why I am here.
Sm are you sure?
We don't even have money
to buy you a cup of tea.
After watching the news.
I got emotional.
That's why I have come here.
But all said and done.
I am essentially a lawyer.
$0 after your release.
when your first concert takes place.
I'll extract my fees
from your first cheque.
I'm kidding!
Free of cost means free of cost
Don't worry.
Until the trial date. during the time
my clients have to stay in thejail.
They should not be tortured or else...
Don't worry M r. Vachani.
Those things don't
happen here anymore.
Trusla has a newlaer
I was just following
the Minister's orders.
He said 'the wave shouldn't die'.
Otherwmise you think I am crazy to
send them to the mall for shopping?
Yes sir!
Sir. what do I do with this?
Lefs go
Papa. do you know you're
trending again. #Hitler Dnulia.
That's what people are calling you.
After hearing Naveen
VachanFs arguments.
The High Court had permitted
a fast track hearing
ofthe Samar Band members max:
The trial's been
going on for 15 days...
and today the verdict
will be announced.
Court is expected to give the verdict
for Sainani Band today.
All their supporters are waiting
here with a nervous excitement.
Three of my clients
have committed crimes.
They have even confessed
They've already spent
more time injail
than the maximum possible sentence.
Then whyTe they not being released?
WmyTe they not getting justice?
Two of them. have not even
committed a crime
but because of the system.
They've lost precious
years of their lives.
Vwho are the culprits in this case?
Politicians. Police-officers.
Jail-authorities. Lawyers like me...
and Judges like yourself.
Notjust on behalf of my clients.
But also on behalf of their families.
On behalf of thousands and thousands
of undertrials locked up in ourjails.
On behalf of the citizens
of our country. I ask you.
Who is the real culprit?
or the Law?
What happened?
They have been released.
They are all free.
They are all free!
The Samams are fortunate that
an expensive lawyer like Naveen
Vachani fought their case.
Convinced by Vachanis
incisive arguments.
The court has acquitted
all five Sainanis.
As per rules.
the five of them will be released
from the jail tomorrow morning.
After spending one last night in jail.
the Samar Band WM be free forever
lam. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India...
lam. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am.
I am. I am. I am. I am.
I am. I am. I am. I am.
I am India!
What a rrurade
Quick trial. Swift acquittal.
Your songs have brought
down the whole system!
Jailer Dhulia must be cursing
himself for creating a band.
Vachani fought your case.
Victory was certain.
I wish we also had Vachani.
If we did. then we too could have
gotten released.
He wouldn't fight for people like us!
At least good luck favored you.
You got selected in the band
and got famous!
We didn't get famous that's
why we'll never be free.
Never mind all that.
you just stay happy!
Mr. Poet! Your life is sorted.
Now let's see when our fate shines!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
I am. I am. I am. I am. I am India!
Freedom ghters (Samarus
Freedom ghters (Samarus
The jail brought us prisoners together
and formed a band out of us.
The band became our
pathway to freedom
But even after being
released fromjail.
none of us Mt a sense of freedom
Mohsin. Netram. Pratibha. Guddu.
their thoughts troubled us.
WhafH happen to those poor
VVII they ever be released?
Their freedom became
our band's objective.
And We became Freedom
ghters (Samams)
not just by name
but even in our actions.
Once more! Once more!
Thank you
- Please sing 'I arn India'. please!
- Of course we'll sing it!
But before that I want to you all
to meet my best friend.
My best mend Guddm
mm Guddws mother
Guddu was barmy two years oh!
When his father got me
falsely convicted
for murder and we were sent to jail.
Today. finally Guddu
and I've been released.
Thank you to all of you
for contributing to our release.
Wmen you come to listen
to the Sainanis and donate cash.
The Sainanis use the money
to pay for lawyers
and other legal expenses
for poor undertrials like me.
Buying Guddu milk.
was so difficult for me in the jail.
Affording legal fees.
would've been impossible!
$0 please keep listening
to the Sainanis
and keep supporting our fight
to free Freedom.
Thank you!
We've cut the threads of harsh light.
And have stitched up the sun's mouth.
We've stitched it all up.
We've dissolved the night stars.
And have drank the moon
We've drank it all.
We've merged the morning with evening.
We've woken up from our dreams.
And we've managed to free light!
Fly away my friend. Break free!
Fly away my friend. Break free!
You fly away too.
Yes you must too.
Break free!
Break free!
The ocean is not enough.
It fears our thirst.
But we've instead the
waves from the storms.
And made our home.
Wave made the Work! our home
We've removed hate.
Filled hearts with hope.
And we've managed to free love!
Fly away my friend. Break free!
Fly away my friend. Break free!
You fly away too.
Yes you must too.
Break free!
You fly away too.
Yes you must too.
Break free!
Break free!