Qie Ting Feng Yun (Overheard) (2009) Movie Script

We have a situation. Go upstairs for backup.
Get ready to bust the three men!
Go up and bust them!
A late night, Mr Chan? Bye!
What happened?
Sorry, Mr Low.
I was walking my beat and
saw your lights still on.
Still working?
I forgot something. I'm going now.
Are you new? Never saw you before.
I'm a sub tonight.
How you know my last name?
I read it on the tabloids that...
you shagged an actress in Thailand.
You should never trust the tabloids.
But you look better in real life.
I'm sorry.
Got it.
Lobby or parking lot?
How could you be so careless and
let someone go up?
I checked upstairs and downstairs
but didn't find anything.
Work with someone and be smart.
Yes, sir.
OK, listen up.
These are E&T's major shareholders:
Raymend Tsui, Kenny Fai,
Ringo Low.
They're suspected for insider trading...
and fraudulent transactions.
We shall be watching them 24hrs.
From this moment on, note down...
everyone they meet
and everything they say and do.
Is that clear?
Yes, sir!
Inspector Wong.
I just found this. See if it's useful.
Thanks, Kelvin.
Electronic surveillance
for this operation...
will be handled by us from Intel.
Johnny, have you tested the equipment?
OK, let's start.
It's all quiet. How do we test?
Channel One OK.
Channel Two OK.
Channel Three OK.
Channel Four OK.
Channel Five OK.
Channel Six OK.
Channel Seven OK.
All channels OK.
Who's gonna turn off the machine?
The machine has a sleep button.
It's on sleeping mode now.
Kelvin, did you get anything?
We'll be counting on
Criminal Investigation Bureau.
Don't say that.
Once this is over, buy us a dinner!
That's cool. Bring your wife.
I'll go back to the Headquarters first.
Here's the roster.
Day shift: Uncle Paul, Squirrel, me.
Yes, sir.
Night shift: Johnny, Gene, Max.
Are you kidding? Night shift again?
You want me to swap with you?
No. Gene, Max and I are one team.
Yes, sir.
Any more problems?
That's fine. That's fine.
What kind of attitude is that?
Talk to me if you have problems!
It's OK...come!
That's way out of line!
Thanks for helping out earlier.
I'm not joking.
We've been partners for long.
You know me well.
According to Commercial Crime Bureau,
the night shift is more
likely to hit the jackpot.
I was asked to get someone fit.
That's how this roster came about.
You know how Gene is.
I know. He busted the no. 1 suspect!
So what? The statement he took was all crap.
We couldn't put the guy away...
and we're given shit the whole year!
It almost split our friendship.
Don't just take him under your wing.
Watch over Max.
At least he's educated and polite.
He could become our boss some day.
I can handle them.
But what about those dudes in
Commercial Crime Bureau?
They're used to commercial criminals,
fine with office jobs,
not field work.
Like they let Low go upstairs today.
I'll report them and kick their asses.
Don't do that!
Just bring extra hands next time.
I even wanna beat the shit out of them!
You're always so nice and easy!
Always with a smile. What's so funny?
It makes me mad just looking at you!
Why so cranky?
Maybe I really need to change.
Mandy says...
my temper is getting worse.
Are you guys OK?
We're fine.
We'll see our son in the UK next month.
What you think you're doing?
Don't you know it's no smoking here?
Anti-Smoking Unit will give us shit.
Put down your cigarette.
Shit! Are we in the Opium War?
I asked you to put down your cig!
Sorry, sir. He...will quit!
Night pee! I'll smoke in the can.
Do you have a light?
Not this one.
That one. The one you took from the office.
Don't have the guts to own up to it?
Low's lighter is bugged.
I wanna check what channel it's using.
and see who's behind it.
Right. We can also check
his transceiver station.
And see who's behind it.
You can check its receiving channels...
By the time you get your findings,
the judge has passed his sentence.
You think I'll stab Johnny in the back?
We've gone back many years.
He's my blood brother.
You know how often he saved me?
That's OK.
You know you're always short of cash.
I'm not so petty.
I need at least $1 M!
So cheap! You'll sell yourself for $1 M?
Of course, I'm not as loaded as you!
Let me have a look.
Wow, good stuff! How much is it?
A gift from Jenny?
Her dad gave it to me for the wedding.
I'll have to golf Three times
a week from now on!
Well, everything has a price.
We call that "marrying into the riches"!
At least you needn't get knocked up!
For heaven's sake, stop complaining!
Cut me some slack, Gene!
Let me see.
You're such a cheapskate.
Good shot, boss!
Good shot!
You're so late, Max.
Good morning, Dad.
I rushed here after work...Sorry.
Good Morning.
Good Morning Sir.
We're fellow golfers. Call me Richard.
Your Commissioner is good
at teaching newbies.
Learn from him.
Yes, Dad.
I'm on it.
You're here to golf, not to work!
Don't let yourself be ordered around.
People who golf here should know
how to give orders when they can.
Mom, Baby Bro's nose is bleeding!
Don't be afraid...Take it easy...
Let Mom sing you a song...
Little clouds are drifting in the wind...
Come, come, come...
It will OK very soon! OK!
Come...A kiss...
Come. It's OK
Kelvin was looking for you.
"Missed Call: Kelvin was looking for you."
Do you mind?
Not at all!
We are over!
The papers have been ready...
but he still refuses to sign them.
So why you still stay at his place?
He's given it to me and the kid!
He's already moved out!
If you like, you can move in with me.
Kelvin is my pal!
You weren't pals when he's with me.
Now we're separated...and he's a pal?
He's been mum about your separation.
He still has fantasy about you!
I don't wanna know anything about him!
This separation is such a pain.
He took months to move his things out.
He calls me every day.
Says he wanna see our son in the UK.
I wanna be clear with him,
but he says he's busy or just ignores me.
I know it's hard for you too,
but I've already done by best.
Don't be mad, OK?
Let's not talk about him, or we'll bicker.
What are you doodling?
These small stocks...
are rising today.
How profitable is such trading?
Twenty cents for each dollar.
Shit, that's not a lot.
We hear that our guys just bought
$50M worth of shares!
These E&T guys are big sharks.
$10M is not worth their trouble.
Some big shit is gonna hit the fan.
These asses pocket $10M just like this.
We work like shit for $20K a month!
I swear I'll lock them all up.
Just put it on the desk over there.
Please come here for your payment.
Hey! What's Johnny doing there?
Checking the machines.
Like what?
In general,
remote bugs give out electric noise.
Electric noise is a measurable
electric signal.
But our machines have
anti-interference units.
Even if they have bug detectors,
they won't find ours.
But anti-interference units
also give out mixed signals.
Such mixed signals
can affect our machines' reception.
So our machines are still so outdated?
Not really. Nowadays,
we don't even need bugs.
Pass me your cell phone.
Since we all carry a bug with us.
This is a GSM-intercept.
Enter the target's cell phone number,
and you can hear the target's every call.
Even target's cell phone it's power off.
As long as the battery is there,
you can still eavesdrop him.
Your number?
testing. 1...2...3...Can you hear?
Wow, that's very dangerous!
Not really.
Men are smarter than machines. Look...
Even the battery's taken out.
Hey, mark the time.
I need a cig. Do you have a light?
I'll join you.
I've to make another one.
Start Channel 100.
Turn off the phone first.
Why should I turn it off?
Do as I said.
Why didn't you take my call earlier?
I was busy.
You were with him?
None of your business.
What you doing after work tomorrow?
Someone will see us!
Swing by! I'll make you breakfast.
I told you they're an item. 100 bucks!
Isn't her boyfriend Tsui from
Violent Crime Unit?
He's shagging the Chief Inspector's woman.
You lost!
How trivial can you get?
Just for fun...
Fun? What's so funny?
Tell me!
What? You got something?
You are right! Look!
She's Elisha, the new secretary.
Joe, write it down.
A rich guy having
an affair with his secretary.
Do we really need to write it down?
Didn't you see her bra?
Her lingerie costs $3,000 plus.
Her shirt and skirt are LV.
Don't forget the FMwatch.
A junior sec with $7,000 a month.
I'm sure she's involved in the case.
Hey! Hey!
You bastards!
Good morning.
Good morning, sir!
Good morning.
Did you get anything?
Let's call it a day.
Good morning.
All my life...the biggest apartment
I've ever lived in is only 700 square feet.
This bathroom is bigger than my room.
I need some time to adjust.
When Dad came to see the renovation,
he suggested using gold faucets.
I know you don't like that.
My dad is like that.
You give him an inch, he'll take a mile.
You have to voice out your objections.
the Police Commissioner's salary...
is $181,050 per month.
Our chief security officer's salary...
is $4.5M per year,
a bit higher than the Chief Executive
but without his residence.
There're over 30,000 cops in here...
but only one commissioner.
You earn only some $20,000 a month.
When can you ever be a commissioner?
Since that's the way it is,
why don't you resign next month.
I know you're kind, but I'm thinking...
You still don't get it. It's for my girl.
The wedding is next month.
You'd better resign next month then.
Let me have a smoke first.
Wait for me here.
We've known each other for so long.
You know I'm a serious guy.
Don't mess with me. I can't handle it.
Just come clean to Tsui.
I don't wanna sneak around like a thief!
Are you a man or not?
Me what? Let me remind you.
You knew me first.
When he showed up, you just left!
After we're together, you reappeared.
And now you wanna blame me?
Yes! I'm scared!
We all know who Tsui is.
Did you think about me? Did you?
Let's go.
The party isn't over yet.
Why do we have to come back here?
To get something.
What's so important?
Can't tell you.
I'll go then.
All right!
Just between us!
Give me your phone. Take out the battery.
It's confidential information.
Tomorrow, the company's stock will be $1.2.
Today is closed at 20 cents only.
Wow, I'll be rich!
Buy just a little. Don't blame me
if you can't sell them in time.
Being with you, I'm doomed already.
Let's go to the yacht.
Good, but let's eat something first.
Sure, I'll feed you in the yacht.
You bad boy! Talking naughty...
Did you mark down what they said.
Yes, what about it?
I'm thinking...
Why don't we erase it?
I'm begging you.
I'm short of cash.
Why did those love birds come back?
See for yourself.
The party isn't over yet.
Why do we have to come back here?
To get something. What's so important?
Can't tell you. I'll go then...
All right! Just between us!
Let's go to the yacht.
Good, but let's eat something first.
Sure, I'll feed you in the yacht.
I don't want it. You're so hung...
Max, are you out of your mind?
Marking dirt like this!
Strike it out if you find it useless.
Bodhisattva, please protect me...
- The account is activated.
- Thanks.
- Good luck!
- I'll call you for dinner.
It's done.
$200,000. All my savings.
You know what you're doing?
Mishandling evidence,
withholding vital information and...
perverting the court of justice.
Don't you know how serious it is?
Go back and change the data.
I'll work it out with Kelvin.
there're tips everywhere.
Everybody will do the same.
It doesn't hurt anyone.
What a lame excuse!
Johnny...hear me out!
I took my son to medical check-up.
He'll be fine soon.
But not me... I have liver cancer.
The doc said I had one year to live...
Johnny, please...
I wanna leave cash for my family.
Let's talk outside.
Couldn't leave in time.
I've borrowed $5M to buy margin!
Are you crazy?
Start trading!
Wow! Look! It's on the rise!
Only $7M worth of trading.
I put down $5M. Of course it's rising.
So what does this mean?
Hello, OK, thanks.
What's going on?
Our average price is 27 cents a share.
What? It's not 20 cents?
You overpaid? Are you in the know?
I've put down all my savings. Shit!
If you buy $5M worth of shares and
the stock does not rise at all,
then it's totally worthless!
So what does that mean?
It's risen a few points,
- meaning not enough volume.
- So what does that mean? You sure?
That's great!
Those dudes are heavily leveraged!
Boddhisatva says I should chase!
Great! Didn't I say we should chase?
It's really going up!
Ask our team to push the price to 80 cents
before the end of the day,
let's see what kind of reaction we get.
Morning, Mr Ma.
Pork chop, sandwich and iced coffee, please.
Got it.
Thank you.
I heard the Arabs are in negotiation...
to take over E&T for $1.2.
Coal's been found in some wasteland...
- What's the deal?
- in China owned by E&T.
Can we sell yet?
We've earned enough. Let's sell.
Not yet. Can't you see it's still rising?
We've earned $10M already!
You see!
We'll wait till it's risen to $1. OK?
You wait! I'm gonna sell!
No, Gene.
If we sell now, we get only
a few million each.
That's enough for me!
Look at the world we are in.
A few million is nothing.
Listen to Gene and sell!
I asked you to sell! Did you hear?
Sell it!
What happened?
"Trading suspended"
E&T's stock price...
fluctuated wildly today.
Securities and Futures Commission
found it irregular...
and ordered it to stop trading,
pending investigation.
E&T's spokesperson has denied...
all rumors of sale orders and other news.
Without the support of...
good news,
E&T's stock price will face big pressure...
when it resumes trading on Monday.
According to analyst Mr Luk,
the true value of E&T's assets...
is only 15 cents per share.
I told you to sell.
Forget it.
Forget what? Today is Friday.
Two more days off.
We don't know when trading resumes.
We've lost our interest on the margin!
The stock is only worth 1
I'll take care of the $5M myself.
As for your $200K, I'll pay you back.
Why did you withdraw all our savings?
I didn't.
If you lie to me, I'll leave you.
I took the money to buy stocks.
Where's the money now?
The stock has stopped trading.
Hey! Hey!
I told you the truth.
The money is for our son's medical fees.
If something happens to him,
how you gonna take care of him?
And me?
Who's gonna take care of me?
Who will take care of me?
Johnny, I need to talk to you.
Remember my bed?
The one you bought with me?
Mandy has thrown it away.
Something's wrong with you guys?
It's my fault. I had an affair.
But I fessed up to her.
I'd let her have her way for 6 months.
At first, she seemed all right.
But she became a different person...
for the last couple of months.
I didn't wanna argue with her...
so I've moved out for two months.
Yesterday I went back for something,
and she asked the management office
to open the door.
I went in...
and I saw she'd changed the bed.
I know Mandy has a lover.
I want you to install cameras there.
I just wanna know how he looks like.
That's not a solution!
I'll take care of the solution myself!
Don't tell me you won't help me!
Kelvin asked me to install cameras here.
He wanna know who your lover is.
I wanted to tell him it's me.
I couldn't.
I couldn't even tell him you're my girl.
It's not your fault.
If I had come clean to him...
It's me who hasn't come clean.
You're right. I knew you first.
I fled when Kelvin tried to date you.
Now you're giving me another chance,
and I wanna flee again!
Even if I'm right, I feel I'm wrong!
I can't tell right from wrong anymore!
I don't deserve you. Let's call it quits.
I decide who deserves me!
Neither of you can make that decision!
You wanna install the cameras? Do it.
He wanna know who my lover is.
I'll let him!
I'm sure the man I love...
must dare to come visit me!
Did they do anything last night?
What's wrong, Wong?
I need to watch the tape last night.
Johnny, please.
Wait for me here.
Let's go.
The party isn't over yet.
Why do we have to come back here?
To get something.
What's so important?
Can't tell you.
I'll go then.
All right!
Just between us!
Bad contact?
Yes, but we fixed it that night.
Let's go to the yacht.
Good, but let's eat something first.
Why's there no written record?
I found it useless and had it deleted.
I told you what I wanted:
"Note down everyone they meet...
and everything they say."
Didn't you hear that?
Sorry Sir...
These guys pumped up...
E&T's price several times yesterday.
The bosses are pissed off!
From this minute on,
pay full attention to it.
Yes, sir!
Here's our...
preliminary report.
If you think that's not sufficient,
I can give you our annual reports
for the last 3 years.
You still haven't sent us...
your financial report this year.
- Oh, there you go.
- OK
- Leaf through it.
- Thank you.
What's with your land...
in Mongolia?
That's all the info on our partners.
That's the financial record,
and that's the prospector's prelim report
on the land.
Securities and Futures Commission's
people are leaving.
Let's go in and have a chat.
Inspector Wong.
Can we do something about it?
Impossible. Too much noise.
Tune it the best you can.
Yes, sir.
Low has flipped!
We better talk to him.
He's holding the most stocks.
If he sells all of them
when the market resumes...
both you and I are dead meat!
You really wanna talk to him?
Maybe we can buy all his shares and...
keep the price steady.
The Boss has put down so much cash.
If there's anything wrong,
our lives cannot be spared!
Actually I talked to the Boss.
He said we couldn't keep Low.
Weber has been asked to take action.
To take him out?
If he doesn't die, we will.
I've thought it over.
We better come clean to Inspector Wong.
Tell him...
we've intercepted the signal of another bug.
They'll ask how and when we did that?
And why we didn't say so earlier.
So what you wanna say?
Chief, we're not supposed to hear that.
Let's pretend we didn't hear anything.
We're talking about human life here.
If they don't die, we will!
Don't you remember you're a cop?
They're just scum!
Say it again, huh?
We are all brothers. Take it easy!
Johnny, let's forget those guys!
You know...
we can't cover this up.
We won't be twice lucky!
I've learnt how to stick to my lies.
Our hands are dirty already.
Johnny...Our hands are dirty.
Johnny...Without the cash,
my family's doomed.
I beg you, I beg you...
I beg you...
Hey! Get up.
Get up first.
Johnny, I was wrong this morning,
Don't be mad, call me back.
I really can't afford to lose, Chief.
Please help and call me back.
We've been hell and back all these years.
Come out. Let's talk.
Chief, I've made a mistake this morning.
What we're supposed to do next,
I don't wanna lose a good brother.
He is drugged. Make him puke.
She saw my face.
Is that safe?
Only Jenny and I have the keys.
She's out of town for a week.
It's just a job I took. Don't kill me.
I have only $200K. I give it all to you.
Please let me go! Don't kill me!
Don't be scared. It'll be ok.
Bodhisattva, please protect me.
May market makers hold their stocks.
Let us sell first.
Bodhisattva, please protect me.
May market makers hold their stocks.
Let us sell first.
No need to sleep on it...
Sell the moment it resumes trading!
Of course, it costs less than ten cents.
I hear that it's $100M in debt.
Shit! Don't know when it'll resume trading.
Securities and Futures Commission
takes time in their investigation.
Such a hassle!
I'm getting broke because of this stock.
The market has opened.
- I told you it couldn't resume trading.
- The market has opened!
Is not useful. Still not trading!
Shit! Still not trading!
"Trading suspended"
Max, hey!
Trading has resumed!
Trading resumes but the price keeps falling.
Sell it!
- It will be fine...
- Shit!
Hello! It's gone through!
Yes, 8822. Sell...
What're you up to this time?
E&T resumed trading this morning...
of $2.75 per share.
An increase of 300%!
Securities and Futures Commission
has expressed no opinion so far...
on this irregular price movement.
E&T's spokesman emphasized...
this movement reflected the market trend
and it's all natural.
If you wanna live, leave Hong Kong.
You betrayed me?!
Did Low flee?
The cops are looking for you.
Call the lawyer Szeto.
He'll teach you what to do.
Start the car.
My son! My son!
Tell Mom Daddy's stocks gained a lot.
When I'm done with my errands,
I'll pick you guys up at Grandma's.
My lawyer visited Kelvin yesterday.
I said I'd call the cops
if he wouldn't sign the papers...
and sue him for illegal eavesdropping.
Kelvin went to his firm this morning.
Where are you right now?
I'm busy.
I'll call you back later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Twenty years ago, I was setting up
my first business in California.
I invested some German-made
convertible cars.
My first client, an Italian gangster.
I get him in the car, he started it up,
He started tell me about the roof.
He said...you know this...convertible car
should get a problem with the roof,
you know there was leak when it rains.
I knew it didn't rain in California,
So I said to him, I said,
if it rains, if the roof leaks,
I open the door and I'm gonna jump out.
What do you think happened next?
Almost as I finish saying that,
it starts to rain,
next thing you know
water's dripping down on this guy's head.
You know what I did next?
In business...if you're wrong, you admit it.
Then you rectify your error!
If you refuse to admit
your error or rectify it,
I'm sure I know how to help you!
If anything happens to E&T tomorrow...
you don't need to jump off a car,
just jump off a building!
I decided to divorce Mandy.
We've dragged on for so long.
Now that the decision is made,
I'm feeling totally relaxed.
Let's have a drink after work.
No need. I'm fine.
Don't worry. Between us,
we don't need to spell everything out.
- Inspector Wong.
- Sir.
Ask the colleagues of
Criminal Investigation Bureau to go home.
The mission has been aborted.
Johnny, pack your things.
Yes, sir.
Let's have a chat.
- Chief...
- Inspector Wong, phone.
Vice Chairman of
Securities and Futures Commission.
I know, Mr Ha.
People don't respect the government.
It's not about pumping up one stock.
A market maker is manipulating
five stocks of...
the same family!
According to our initial intelligence,
the main perp is E&T.
Your unit must've gathered something.
What are you saying? You suspect us?
and night shifts for more than two months.
Lots of resources have been spent.
Many people are watching this show!
When did Securities and Futures Commission
start watching the Police?
I didn't say that.
But we're on the same boat in this shit.
We should share everything.
Our Commercial Crime Bureau
has taken back the video...
and recordings for investigation.
I also want your staff's financial info.
As you know...only you have access
to the files of Criminal Investigation Bureau.
You know I have the right to refuse!
I'm not here to discuss with you.
I'm here to inform you.
Thank you.
Get off and pack your stuff.
Let's just flee.
What you talking about?
You have a family. How can you flee?
We are loaded. We can go anywhere.
Guacamala, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast.
Hey, they won't find any evidence.
Just chill out. Everything will be fine.
You rigged Low's recording.
With a computer, they'll know soon.
And you bought the stocks
with your own account.
There's no other way out. Let's flee.
Floor plan of Commercial Crime Bureau.
What you wanna do?
You said we should stick to our lies.
So how is it, Vin?
How're the chicken feet? Delicious?
Great! I always tell my colleagues...
in the whole police department,
no one is as nice to me as you.
Don't mention it.
I just passed by the restaurant.
Wanna let you try them.
If you like them,
I can buy for you every day.
Are you joking, Max?
Who'd refuse to take the cash he won?
You know I'm a cop.
My bosses won't like it
if I suddenly won a lot of cash.
Can you help me find a way...
so the cash will not pass through me?
What you talking about?
Launder the money, Peter.
Stop this bullshit. I'm a well known broker.
I'd never do anything illegal.
The cinema is empty.
The next show is about to start.
The print was changed. We can go in.
Five hundred thousand!
I said I wouldn't do anything illegal.
One million!
Long queue outside.
Three million.
I'm well known in this field...
Four million.
I won't do it for less than ten million!
Forty percent off!
OK, this discount is for you only.
Forgot your key card?
Sorry Sir.
The film is almost over! Copied?
Bodhisattva, please protect me.
May market makers hold their stocks.
Let us sell first.
Bodhisattva, please protect me.
It's plunged to $1.2 per share.
Allegedly, Low sold a lot of shares.
He apparently wanted to cash in.
Have you found Low?
No information yet.
Keep searching.
I'll get the transmitter at Vin's place.
So much smoke!
Pass me the fire extinguisher!
Start the car!
Can I make a call?
Wait it out a bit before using the cash.
I've been clean for the past 30 years.
Now I only put my hands in the mud and
my whole person smells like shit.
I found a transceiver station.
The bug inside Low's lighter...
covers only 200 meters.
The transceiver...
is located inside E&T!
Remember Low suddenly came back...
when we're installing the machines?
Our men in the lobby didn't see
anyone going up.
He had been in the building all along.
The transceiver station is 902.
He put the bug in himself.
He tried to dig up dirt on the "Boss".
All the secrets are at 902.
We need to find it before the "Boss".
Let's check it out upstairs.
The "Boss" Wong referred to is Willie Ma,
chairman of WYC.
He runs underground banks and
illegal betting syndicates.
None of the relevant
departments can touch him.
You know why?
All court witnesses either disappeared
or became amnesiac.
Two of his accounts jumped off a building.
And you still wanna mess with him?
We had the guts to do a wrong thing...
but not the right thing.
So we can go. We're done here.
If you touch him, we're done for good.
The old woman who bought E&T shares
jumped off a building this morning.
If we had reported our findings,
she might have remained alive.
I know.
But I'm having cold feet.
You're a cop. You shouldn't be scared.
Scared of what?
Kelvin and I are having a divorce.
We are in a hurry.
Let's go.
Hey, go home!
Did you see?
Why did you congratulate her?
That's Kelvin's wife!
I asked you why you congratulated her.
I have to tell my wife.
Max, You're being followed.
Go to the precinct right away!
Where's your phone?
What's going on?
My phone was tapped.
Don't fight! Give it back to your sis.
Be good.
You must be tired.
Hurry up and come over here.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, thank you.
Good evening ladies and gentleman.
This is a very important
time for co-operation.
In years past, some of our most
influential business leader have said...
that the most important principles
of a partnership, are honesty and integrity.
Let me shift your attention to...
what I believe is the most
important principle to your partnership,
When communication breaks down,
the connection to your partner will be lost,
and that will endanger your partner...
Sit down, boy. It's dangerous.
Be a good boy and sit down.
It's the difference between live and death.
Stop shouting. Be good.
Hello, Gene.
If you can maintain
a good level of communication,
then in times of trouble, when your
partner reaches out his hand for help,
the hand of integrity
and honesty will be there.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
In a rush to flee?
So you're the one who dated my wife!
And you're pulling a gun at me?
No, Kelvin. We have something to do.
Kelvin, I'm the one to blame!
Mandy, get back to the car first.
You invited me to a drink.
So it's really a wedding banquet?
It has nothing to do with Johnny.
You all right? Don't be scared.
Don't be scared. We go to the hospital.
Sir, you cannot go in.
I'm a cop.
Even cops cannot go in.
Johnny, I need to ask you about E&T.
Gene just had a car accident.
We've nabbed the dumb truck driver.
His rap sheet is thicker than a bible.
He's obviously paid off.
Half an hour ago...
Excuse me...
We found Max's car 30 minutes ago.
But we still cannot locate Max.
Why you still refuse to spill the beans?
You can't defeat the "Boss".
If you don't cooperate with me,
Max might be thrown off some building.
What did you hear in the operation?
You and Kelvin opened fire.
That's serious shit.
You can't possibly deal with
Violent Crime Unit!
You help me and I'll help you.
Spit it all out and I'll back you up.
Did you hear what I said?
This is your last chance.
What happened during your operation?
Kelvin was the mastermind.
They've hit the wrong target.
Tsui from Violent Crime Unit
will be taking statements.
I know about your fling with his girlfriend.
If you lay me off, I'll help you.
I won't tell Inspector Tsui.
All the secrets are at 902.
We need to find it before the "Boss".
"One Year Later"
So, it gives me great...
Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great...
it is my greatest honor to be here
with you today...
for the Yan Hau Tong charity event,
I would say,
today is my greatest honor to be here...
the Yan Hau Tong Charity raises over
fifty six million one hundred and
eighth-seven thousand.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I thank you once again,
on behalf of the Yan Hau Tong Charity,
it is our greatest honor and duty,
to have been with you this year,
to succeed in such a worthy cause,
thank you very much.
I'll have US$60M coming in from
South America on the 25th.
Conjure up some joint acquisition...
using E&T, LKC and a casino stock.
Give some stocks to the brokers meanwhile,
to drive down the stock price.
Why that face? Don't wanna do it?
A shareholder of LKC had problems
with the accounts.
He wants to find a new accountant
to tally the numbers again.
So what does that mean?
You gonna do it or not?
Buy a ticket and fly to South America...
to talk to the drug lords there.
Why don't we take him out?
Are you out of your mind?
He wanna check your accounts and
you want him killed.
You think I'm a natural born killer?
Can you try to negotiate with him?
It's money talk. Anything goes!
If that doesn't work...
Call Prankster to scare him out!
We already did that, Boss.
He's not afraid of Prankster?
Talk to him one more time.
If that doesn't work, whack him.
Don't use your own phone
in the coming weeks.
Give them some clean phones.
Robert is here, Boss.
Robert, what a pleasure!
I wouldn't dare to miss
any gatherings organized by Mr Ma.
I'm being paid to keep an eye on you!
This is...
Let me introduce you.
Mr. KC Ng,
Commissioner-Elect of
Independent Commission Against Corruption!
He's a golf expert. Single handicap.
I heard Mr Ng has hit 80.
Please come by my club some time
and demonstrate to us.
Sure. But it's your turn to demonstrate now.
Good. Let's take a photo together.
Everyone, look at the middle.
May I call upon the Chairman of
Yan Hau Tong Charity Foundation...
and Chairman of WYC, Mr Willie Ma.
Thank you.
Today, my driver asked me...
he asked...
"I've bought two lots of WYC shares.
Should I sell them now?"
I told him...
"Our company's worth $1.56 billion.
Last year we earned $0. 1 billion...
with 57 cents interest.
It's better than bank deposits.
Should be worth holding
for a few more months."
You know what he told me? "Boss...
Half of the time this year,
I haven't driven you to the office.
You know what's happening there?"
I was flabbergasted.
Didn't know what to say.
Before I could open my mouth,
he picked up his phone...
and called his broker,
selling his stocks in my very face!
And for a pretty good price!
I was tempted to sell some too.
In future, if you have any questions...
regarding the stock of WYC,
please call my driver, Shing!
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
My driver is right, it's for real.
For the last six months,
I've left all my business behind.
Because I've had more meaningful things
to look after.
Between 2007 & 2008,
Yan Hau Tong Charity fund...
has raised 51,867,053 dollars.
Thank you.
I honor the hard work and dedication of
Yan Hau Tong's staff...
and board of directors for
their achievement.
All the money that has been raised...
Sorry, excuse me...
The funds that was raised had
all come from...
I'll have US$60M coming in from
South America on the 25th.
Conjure up some joint acquisition...
using E&T, LKC and a casino stock.
Give some stocks to the brokers meanwhile,
to drive down the stock price.
Independent Commission Against Corruption.
Hey, hey turn off the video!
Hello, hey turn the mic!
A shareholder of LKC had problems
with the accounts.
He wants to find a new accountant
to tally the numbers again.
Hey you over the booth,
turn the fucking thing off!
Turn off the video!
Buy a ticket and fly to South America...
to talk to the drug lords there.
Why don't we take him out?
What are you...doing?
I'm setting up the machine.
No need to kill my whole family, huh?
You asshole! You're not dead?
You're quite funny the way you speak.
Specious reasoning.
Aren't you confused yourself?
No idea what you're talking about.
Where are you?
I paid him off. He is going to emigrate.
Spare my life...
I'll give you all my 1
You'll never earn that much money
killing people your whole life.
You'll get nothing if I'm dead.
I'll be back in a half hour.
We'll talk if you're still alive!
Independent Commission Against Corruption!
You're suspected for commercial frauds...
and falsification of accounts...
And several cases of homicide and
money laundering.
We need you back to
the station for investigation.
Both the Police and
Independent Commission Against Corruption...
have cars waiting for you outside.
I have my own car!
Five to eight?
The murder,
you find somebody to take the fault,
alright listen carefully,
the market's gonna to open in two hours.
I cannot hold any related stock,
tell our brokers to sell as much as possible.
the most important things is
that when I get out,
that everything is still here.
Szeto, I'll see you at
the police head quarter.
the suspect's car suddenly entered a byroad.
Who are you?
Stop the car! Stop!