Qiuqiu Ni, Biaoyang Wo (Gimme Kudos) (2005) Movie Script

May 4, 2004, 11:30 a.m.
A guy, a fatty to be precise, had entered my life.
You should gimme kudos.
I did a good deed.
What good deed?
A very good deed.
What do you mean a very good deed?
I saved someone.
Saved someone?
Adult or child?
A girl.
You did it to for the kudos?
Good deeds should receive kudos.
Ha, ha.
Kudos would bring fortune to someone.
Who? Not you?
No... not me.
What do you mean by fortune?
Oh... what?
What's your name?
Yang Hongqi.
What were you asking me about?
What do you mean by fortune?
Yes, what's your view?
That is...
When I'm hungry...
I see someone with a meat bun.
Then he's more fortunate than I.
I'm cold, and I see someone with a thick jacket.
Then he's more fortunate than I.
I wanna go to the restroom...
But you're using the only toilet.
Then you're more fortunate than I.
What's so funny?
Never been to the restroom?
I'm 38, won't I understand this?
Hello. Who's this?
My appointment was cancelled.
No birthday celebration.
You celebrate for me.
Miyi is a cop. She loves a dangerous job.
She would tell me a story every time
she returns from duty.
In these stories, she's always running,
always the heroine.
But I'm skeptical.
What kind of times are these,
asking newspapers for kudos?
Yeah, that was strange.
Man or woman?
What's the big deal?
Said he saved a girl.
Rape? Was she raped?
She beautiful?
Damn you!
Three reporting directions for next month.
One, Women's Union, to look at women's life.
Two, underage presence
at entertainment places.
I have an initial plan.
Investigate internet bars in three areas.
I'm more interested in this issue.
I think I'm more responsible now.
This issue concerns the next generation.
I'm waiting for Gu, the reporter.
Been buying the paper for 3 days, nothing.
No kudos for me.
Night of February 14.
What time?
Didn't wear a watch.
Late night.
Late night.
Been dark for quite a while.
It was raining hard as I passed Fen Street.
Heard a woman's yell for help.
Saw a woman pinned down by a man.
He was tearing off her clothes.
I rushed over.
He ran away but I didn't give chase.
And I saved that woman.
So we should give you kudos.
You agree?
No witness to what you said.
I can't verify if it's true.
Without verification...
Maybe it never happened.
To report that would be fake news.
Fake news would be deceiving our readers.
It's against our ethics.
Fake? What I said was fake?
I said it's possible.
I saved her. Really did save her.
Who can verify?
Oh... where's the bike?
You rode a bike here?
Yes... I locked it here.
You can't park here.
The Administration took it away.
Took it... How? It's locked!
Easy. Loosen the front axis screw with a driver.
Go pay the fine.
How much?
I won't pay.
I can get a new one for $20.
Yang's behavior interested me.
On Tan Wei's urging, I went to the university...
to see if there's such a girl.
Hello girls.
What's the matter?
I wanna find a person.
Ouyang Hua is the name.
Ouyang Hua.
Who are you?
What do you need her for?
Is there such a person here?
Over here.
Excuse us.
She's Ouyang Hua.
Jump! Jump!
Jump! Bet she won't have the guts to jump.
I'm Gu Guoge from Tomorrow Evening News.
My colleague Tan Wei.
You have a cell phone?
Can I borrow it?
So you're the reporter Gu, I know you.
Saw your byline on the paper.
Your name is quite special
and I remembered it.
Great, I got what I want.
You have my number now.
I have yours... Let's keep in touch.
Why are you smiling?
Did I smile?
You did.
I'm happy you know my name.
Tan Wei. Yes.
Aren't you having dinner with your girlfriend?
You dare say no? Out with the truth.
Okay... Yes.
Gotta leave.
The first number on your cell phone is mine.
Tan... Wei.
Your diving form was cool.
I was scared and was forcing myself to jump.
Had a bet with my pal, the one next to you.
Won 3 McDonald's meals.
You like McDonald's?
I have a big appetite!
One burger, one chicken-burger, large fries...
large Coke and an apple pie in one meal.
Your stomach can hold all that?
My nickname is "pregnant lady".
"Pregnant lady"?
With a big tummy!
What you want from me?
You know a Yang Hongqi?
Who's he?
The night of Feb 14.
Anything unusual happened?
Such as...
Were you treated badly?
Sorry, it's difficult to say.
Someone came to our office,
this Yang Hongqi.
He said on Valentine's Day...
he saved a girl from a thug.
The girl was Ouyang Hua.
We wanna verify that.
I know I shouldn't have mentioned this.
Hope you understand.
But I guarantee.
We won't mention your name in our report.
Can you talk about it?
It never happened to me.
Since Junior High...
People have been making up
strange stories about me.
I don't know why they did.
Thank you, Mr. Gu.
Now I know someone is against me.
Hey, who took these?
I did. Clear enough?
These're for you... Buy me dinner.
Erase them.
Quick! It'd be trouble if Miyi sees them.
I'll erase them.
No, no... Wait... One last look.
One more look.
What're you doing?
Just got off work.
Secretly surfing porn sites?
Of course not! I'd rather look at you.
You know I can find out.
We were discussing today's assignment.
Almost got tricked by a worker.
It only proves how naive we are.
I agree with Ouyang Hua.
If not for us...
she'd have no idea about this story.
The girl's name is Ouyang Hua.
How did you know?
You just said it.
Pretty too.
She's just okay.
What do you mean okay?
Okay means she's average.
Don't lie!
She's pretty, Gu.
A college girl who wears upscale perfume.
Another 3 days and nothing about me. Why?
What do you think?
Look, page 1 to 2, to the last page.
Only one Yang, and it's a Lost Person ad.
Out of the way... Found your bike?
You lied. They say the fine is only $5.
Where was I?
Lost Person ad.
Yes, Lost Person ad.
What do you want?
I told you, I want kudos from your paper.
Kudos for lying?
Forget it, we're all busy here.
Maybe I should take you to see Ouyang Hua.
That's it for this matter.
Get off.
Not seeing her?
Don't wanna see her.
Afraid to see her?
Not afraid, just don't wanna see her.
She doesn't know you at all.
She does.
Get off... and I'll give you kudos.
Hey, get off.
When will you gimme kudos?
Can't do it.
Who is the liar?
Stop or I'll call the police.
Police... get it?
Oh yes, I made a police report that night.
Driver, to the police station.
You're Hongqi, but your surname is...
Yang. Yes.
Let me introduce you.
This is Gu, Tomorrow Evening News.
Hello, have a seat.
You have good memories.
For us, memory is basic skill.
You made a report that night.
Yes. Prove it for me, comrade.
Feb 14 at Fen Street.
A thug raped a college girl.
I made a report, please verify it.
Any record?
Why not? I made the report.
This comrade knows I'm Hongqi.
Comrade, we're serious about crime reports.
We went to the scene you reported.
But found nothing.
We're responsible for every word we say.
For 10 years, Fen St.
Has been rated crime-free.
No rape, not even minor crimes like thefts.
Most serious are domestic disturbance.
You must report this, Comrade Reporter.
Yang shuts up,
but he keeps coming to the office.
Asking the paper to give him kudos.
I finally understand what he said.
Whoever is not tangled
with him should be fortunate.
All I can do is to avoid him.
Reporter Gu.
Nothing, just wanna buy you coffee.
Mei Di Coffee Shop, 1 pm tomorrow.
This is your last chance.
Just say it.
That girl asked to meet me. Should I go?
It depends on how strong your desire is.
You come along and help analyze this.
You're a cop.
Sharp eyes and lots of experience.
I'm graduating and will work at
the Overseas Friendship Center.
Thanks, Reporter Gu.
Sorry about the other day. I wasn't myself.
I'm actually very strong.
Before seeing you, I learned that...
I did badly in my English test.
And there was that silly matter.
So I cried... Please forgive me.
No... it's okay.
As long as you didn't mind.
Hello. Who is it?
It's me.
How's the meeting?
I'm tied up here... See you tonight.
See you.
Buy it. It's a good tip.
I'll call you.
Your girlfriend?
No, our boss.
I kept thinking that day after you left.
The person you talked about...
Yang Hongqi.
Why would he make up such a story?
You really weren't at Fen Street?
Reporter Gu.
Watch out for the cop from home!
Where... where was I?
That girl sure is pretty.
You saw her?
Then why say she's pretty?
How's the investigation?
Nothing new.
That Ouyang Hua is trouble.
Police intuition?
Woman's intuition.
I can't figure why...
Yang Hongqi insists on the kudos?
Everyone has a motivation.
Even Yang Hongqi and Ouyang Hua.
You know what is Yang's motivation?
Go investigate.
Your wife was right.
Every deed has a motivation,
Yang is no exception.
Don't you have his address?
I don't think this is newsworthy.
Not necessarily.
I agree with the Editor-in-chief.
You can't conclude before investigating.
I volunteer. Send me.
No, you investigate your women's union.
Let's take it like a good deed.
Run a few hundred words on p. 27.
It's getting to you... you're going crazy now.
Attempted rape.
Smart... Get going in the afternoon.
You're... Reporter Gu?
Oh... welcome.
You are...
He's the Secretary of our section.
Get in.
Come, eat.
Make a good report on our village.
Too many changes here in the past 2 years.
Many new 2-story buildings.
What you city folks call 'villa'.
I wanna find out about a person.
Yang Hongqi.
Yang Hongqi.
From our village?
Hey, this is Old Yang's place, Reporter Gu.
You go, this old man is a handful.
Anybody there?
Sorry to disturb you.
Who... are... you?
I'm Gu from Tomorrow Evening News.
You're a reporter.
Is Yang Hongqi your son?
This is our paper.
This is you?
You remember who took this?
How can I forget?
He lived here over a month.
He's now our Editor-in-chief.
Is he well?
He's doing fine.
Oh, Reporter Gu.
Was Old Yang a model laborer?
Are you a Party member?
The why do you...
No, I know what's in your mind.
Come, sit.
The old man's gaze unsettled me.
The Secretary told me,
the village gives annual aids to old folks.
But he donated them all to disaster areas.
Now he's ill, but won't go to the hospital.
He wants to save the government money,
or it'd ruin his good name.
Have some candies.
One more.
Oh... candies.
Have some candies... Candies.
Reporter Gu!
What're you yelling at?
Reporter Gu finally...
agrees to gimme kudos... When will you...
Come... come... come with me.
Here... have a seat.
You're lucky to work here.
Have some candies.
You look happy. What's up?
I brought my photo.
It's my best photo.
It looks better than reality.
You can use it on the paper.
Who says you'll get your kudos?
You're teasing me again.
I remember telling you...
that we must prove beyond doubt...
that what you said was true...
or we can't publish the report.
Then why did you go to our village?
Our Editor-in-chief asked me
to learn more about you.
Why saw my dad then? Wanna kill him?
How can you say that?
We went to learn about you.
Nothing to do with your dad.
But you saw my dad.
He thought you'd give me kudos but no.
You're killing him.
Killing him with anticipation.
You're lying.
Based on our investigation...
you always go home at 9 to tend to your dad.
But you said late night on Feb 14...
You said late night, right?
How could you be at Fen Street so late...
and save someone?
You ought to be truthful.
We saw your dad, had great respect for him.
But you're not like him.
I don't know why.
Reporter Gu.
I swear.
I did save her.
Gimme kudos.
Hey... Get up.
Sit here... Sit here and talk.
I don't know why you want kudos.
Is it so important?
Reporter Gu.
My dad has cancer.
Doctor said he wouldn't last.
I know.
The Village Secretary told me.
He said you're a good son.
One day...
My dad was sitting on his bed.
He pointed to the certificates on the wall.
You'd always been honest.
I'm very pleased.
One thing I'm not satisfied.
You're almost 40.
But not a single kudos.
If one day...
Your kudos were to hang on this wall.
Then... I'd be satisfied.
This is his only request for me.
I must satisfy him.
He doesn't have much time left.
Please gimme kudos.
I didn't lie.
But our editor-in-chief is not in town.
We have to wait for his decision.
I believe you, but you must tell me.
Why were you there that night?
The guy at night shift was injured,.
And the foreman asked me to fill in.
I made dinner for Dad and rushed back to work.
But your route shouldn't pass through Fen St.
I went to a store there for cigarettes.
Hey, Chief...
Gu, what're you up to?
Mr. Chief... Finally you're back, sir!
I'm Yang Hongqi, who saved someone.
Yang Hongqi.
Whom you asked me to interview.
Honorable Chief, please gimme kudos.
Gu. Uhh...
Come with me.
Wait here.
One moment, Chief.
Look, Chief.
This concerns you too.
Umm... I took this.
You saw Old Yang?
If that beauty of yours denies it,
this doesn't exist.
What do you mean "beauty of mine"?
Forgot what I do?
What's real cannot be faked, and vice versa.
I have an idea. Take Yang...
And we go to see Ouyang Hua.
You didn't go last time, now you're dying to go.
What's with you?
In cop language: Confrontation.
It'll be a good show.
Where we going?
Just go with me.
You'll find out.
I won't go if you don't tell.
To see Ouyang Hua.
I won't go.
What's with you?
We're fulfilling your dad's wish.
If you won't go, we'll drop everything.
Who is she?
I'm Miyi, his new assistant... Hello.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let me introduce.
My assistant, Miyi.
This is...
Yang Hongqi, right? Hi...
Have a seat.
Tell him what we did on Feb 14.
It was Valentine's Day.
The three of us had hot pot under the bridge.
Got back on campus around 8 pm.
Went to the Art Dept party until 1 am.
Yeah, other students can verify that.
You three stayed together?
Always together... live together, eat together...
Love together.
Rubbish, what love?
I mean in the future.
Raise your head...
Don't put that down, she was joking.
But we were together that night.
We can write down our testimony.
And fingerprint it.
Not necessary... you're not criminals.
Wanting kudos is good.
But you can't make up stories.
That'd be morally wrong.
I don't know how you got my name.
You told me.
How? I don't know you.
But I think you're a decent man.
Your work must be just like you.
Decent and diligent.
That deserves kudos... But why lie?
I didn't lie.
Reporter Gu.
You don't believe me?
No, just wanna help you clarify things.
She's your girlfriend?
How do you know?
So I'm right.
She dresses strange.
Hey, what's your number?
What did she say?
What did she tell you?
Nothing... she said you dress cool.
What's your take on that?
When they met, I thought Yang...
was a little strange.
Don't you think Ouyang was too convincing?
Thanks... No need to see us off.
What game are you playing at her courtyard?
It wasn't playing... They...
I'm not telling you.
Why asked me to bail you out?
I'd be fired if they found out.
I wanted to talk to you the other day,
but you ran away.
You... also didn't believe me.
Is it important if I believe you?
The key is proving it to everyone.
To prove to your dad.
You mentioned that store.
Why don't you ask the owner to testify?
Any use doing that?
Eat quickly, then I'll go with you.
Was he here the night of Feb 14?
Feb 14...
It's too long ago... Can't remember.
How can you forget? It was raining hard.
I bought cigarettes and borrowed a raincoat.
Oh yes... he did borrow a raincoat.
Said you'd return it, but you still haven't.
Return it then.
Anything happened here that night?
It was raining hard and I didn't go out.
I don't know...
That night...
OK... No need to say... Let's go... Sorry.
Think... Any other details?
Look at you...
You're strange.
Said you wanna confront Ouyang Hua.
You saw her but wouldn't even look up.
Who would believe you?
Tell me why...
I'm afraid to look at her.
Why afraid?
You saved her... Why afraid?
Yes I saved her, but I was just afraid.
Doesn't make sense.
It does make sense.
What sense? Tell me.
One look at her and I remember her that night.
What about that night?
I can't say.
You didn't rape her, why can't you say?
I just can't say.
Your brain got soaked?
A pretty girl, naked, lying on the ground...
Lying on the ground... Then...
The thug left and she jumped into my arms.
She cried... heart-wrenchingly...
I didn't know what to do.
I put the raincoat on her.
She told me her school and her name.
Said she wouldn't forget me.
How did she leave?
I called a taxi.
What's the taxi number?
Why would I remember that?
You talked dirty.
Do I know you? Have I met you?
Don't you think Ouyang was too convincing?
Gimme kudos, please. I didn't lie.
Who is it?
Here, come in.
Good... have a seat.
It's hot.
I don't know how I've offended Yang.
He went to see you?
He said...
His dad is dying of lung cancer.
He felt really bad.
He wanted to get on the paper for his dad.
But it has nothing to do with me.
He wanted me to testify that he saved me.
I refused.
He crouched in front of our classroom.
Refused to leave.
My classmates wanted me to call the police.
I saw Ouyang Hua downstairs.
She's wearing your shirt?
Oh... she came to talk about Yang.
She was all wet from the rain.
So I gave her something to wear.
Was it raining?
What're you doing?
The secretary of Yang's village called.
Said Yang's dad is dead.
You didn't gimme kudos.
What're you doing here?
My dad's dead. He never saw me in the paper.
Go away! Go away!
Old Yang said you'd see him, right?
He said you took this photo.
That kudos report is not done yet?
Not yet.
You... are too ridiculous.
Why were you laughing?
Did I laugh?
You did.
Good thing he left... No more pain.
We don't have to worry about him, right?
I think Yang wasn't lying to us.
Same here. Can't judge a person by his looks.
Don't be fooled just because she's gorgeous.
Who's been fooled?
Stop arguing! Your job is to investigate.
I'm waiting for your conclusion.
Yang never showed up after the funeral.
Vanished for no reason.
I'm so used to his pestering that I miss him!
This is a thug with a long history.
His confession matched Yang's story.
How would they know Yang's story?
That's what I'm saying.
Where were you the night of Feb 14?
Feb 14... Feb 14...
Valentine's Day.
Yes... Valentine's Day.
For me, everyday is Valentine's Day.
Stop fooling around.
It was raining.
Oh yes, it was raining.
Raining cats and dogs.
I went home at 12:30. Right.
Saw a chick on the street.
But didn't get what I wanted.
What do you mean?
An idiot came out of nowhere,
or you'd never have caught me.
I never leave a victim alive.
Who're you looking for?
Reporter Gu.
Reporter Gu.
What's up?
Ouyang Hua's in trouble.
The cops came to see me.
What else you wanna know?
Were you at Fen Street?
Why won't you let it go?
Yang's dad died with regrets.
Are kudos that important?
Whatever Yang wants, I'll do anything to help.
Anything but this...
I can't do it... I can't.
I'm a girl. I have my own life.
I have a long, long way to go.
I've been forcing myself to forget it.
But you guys keep refreshing my memory.
Reminding me of a night I cannot confront.
Just for the kudos.
Just for some vanity.
You're ruining my whole life.
Don't you know?
It's like I'm being naked,
and standing in front of everyone.
No job.
No friends.
Are you all satisfied?
In my mind, there're two culprits.
One is that thug.
The other is you.
She's right.
Is kudos that important? Are we being a bit...
Compared to a girl's happiness,
we men are a bit rotten.
You saw how she cried?
You get the fuck away from me!
The Editor-in-chief called
and asked about your report.
Didn't write it.
I can't tell right from wrong anymore.
Can you tell man from woman?
Gu, right on time.
I wrote on the same story, let's compare.
I'm passionate about this.
It should get me a news award.
You wanna resign?
You're crazy.
I'm not crazy.
Then I'm crazy.
I'm telling you, Gu.
You can't treat people this way.
It's the Chief's article, in tomorrow's paper.
No need.
She came to see me.
Asked me to forgive her.
...don't forgive her.
I hate her.
I raped her.
Don't believe me?
I know you won't.
Just like you didn't believe I saved her.
Without my knowing, Yang changed me.
He changed my personality.
To others,
I became alienated and unreasonable.
I have nothing more to say to Miyi.
Till she asked me to go
where we went on our first date.
I'm leaving.
Don't open till you're on the road, Tan Wei.
You can't erase what happened. Don't forget us.
Just like this, I left my friends and the city.
I left the life I knew and came to the North alone.
Time flies and it's been a year.
A summer morning,
I was walking among the crowd...
A cloud of redness drifted past me...
Dunno if it's in my heart or in front of my eyes.
My dad had a miracle, he said no good deed...
should be deprived of kudos. Yang Hongqi.