Quanta (2019) Movie Script

[Suspenseful music]
Quick, quick, Tom, look!
What are you doing? Tom, look.
Quick, shoot it.
Yep. Shoot it more. Over here.
Up there,
up there in your corner.
- On the side. Get on the side.
- Look here.
Yes! Oh.
Over here. Here.
[Tense music]
Tom, what are you doing?
[Monique] Tom! Ugh.
[Tense music]
Good one.
- What are you...
- Mate, mate, oy.
- [Worker] Give us the pen.
- Just give me two seconds.
[Tom] I've just
gotta write this down.
- I'm not vandalizing.
- [Worker] Give me the pen.
Give me the pen.
Just give me two seconds,
stop it!
- No, no, no, mate, mate!
- You don't understand!
I'm about
to revolutionize science!
Get your hands off me, mate.
The pair of yous.
I'm calling the cops,
don't move.
Tom, we've gotta go.
[Camera shutter clicks]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[Tom over radio]
What is it that you don't get?
I've already explained.
- [Man 1] Can you simplify it?
- [Tom] No, I can't simplify it.
It doesn't get
any simpler than that.
[Man 1] I just think
there's gotta be
some kind of
intelligent civilization.
[Tom] No, no, no,
that's a completely
irrational conclusion
to come to.
It's mathematically
near impossible
that type three
civilizations exist.
It's more likely
that the Dyson sphere
has been created and implemented
- by a type two civilization.
- [Phone ringing]
[woman on phone]
KLG Community Radio.
I have one comment to make.
[Man 2] I read that NASA has
plans to create a Dyson sphere.
Yeah, okay, and if you
believe that, you're an idiot.
[Crowd booing]
Keep your calls coming through
to Tom's Terrestrial Tabloid.
I have a joke for you all.
[Tom] Einstein developed
a theory about space
and it was about time, too.
- [Drumbeats]
- [laugh track]
You're on
Tom's Terrestrial Tabloid.
Regarding the Fermi paradox.
Do you feel that the great
filter is ahead of us?
[Tom] It must be.
It's... it's primitive thinking
to believe
that Earth is special
or one of a kind.
So, yes, it has to be.
Well, with the significant
unknown variables,
isn't it just as likely
the great filter is behind us?
[Tom] We haven't found life.
No life,
not even a smidgen of life
anywhere else in the universe.
So, yes, it has to be.
[George] In all honesty,
I find the notion
of a great filter unsound.
I find it much more likely
that physical colonization
is a backwards concept
to a more advanced species.
Look, there is a great filter,
there has to be.
There's no other viable option.
[George] Unless there's plenty
of noise and activity out there
but our technology
is too primitive.
We seem to have lost the caller.
[Tom] And that looks like
it's a wrap for another week
on Tom's Terrestrial Tabloid.
So be sure
to subscribe to the podcast.
Of course, follow me
on all your social media
and remember, watch the skies.
[Upbeat music playing]
[George] It's my pleasure
to share with you all
the potential
of what this can do.
Uh, for those who are new,
I'm working on alternative
spectrums of communications.
Specifically, dark radiation.
It is theorized that
dark radiation can offer up--
Sorry, George, the slide.
- [Man 3] Here.
- Oh. No, I've got it.
[George] Um...
Okay, okay.
So I was saying that
dark radiation is theorized
to have a whole new spectrum.
I've been developing
the hardware
that will hopefully
create and isolate
dark matter materials
in a vacuum.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Isn't this
what we saw last year?
- [cell phone vibrates]
- [George] Um...
Well, this...
If this can be developed...
Hang on. "If"?
[Elevator dings]
The issue we have is that
you still don't have anything.
No mockups, beta version.
They don't understand
the potential.
But the communications industry,
we can't bank
on a potential return
10 years away.
We tried getting someone in
to work with you.
You know that wouldn't work.
We're not renewing
your contract.
We've wasted 10 years
on this already.
[Car in lot screeches]
But, hey, I managed
to talk them into allowing you
to continue to research
on this IP in your own time.
But just remember.
We own the rights
once you crack it.
We still want this to work.
- "Need" this to work.
- [Paul] I hate to say it
but I did warn you
about this last year.
I don't know, George.
Maybe find something new.
Lots of people find
something meaningful to do
in old age.
[Car trunk slams]
[somber music]
Stop staring.
You told me 20 years ago
that you never wanted
to set foot
in a classroom again.
Have you looked
at finding another backer?
Not really.
The IP is theirs anyway.
You've worked so hard
to get this far.
It'll be a shame
to throw it all away now.
Besides, retirement is not
all it's cracked up to be.
I just read an entire book
about ants.
Amazingly complex.
You know, there's these
explorer ants.
Usually, they get killed.
But they're necessary
for the advancement
of the whole colony.
I feel like I've wasted my life.
Amounted to nothing.
George, look at me.
I know you.
You'll be okay.
You will find your way.
[Dramatic music]
I don't know.
[Thunder rumbles]
[rain pattering]
[school bell ringing]
[cell phone ringing]
You'll never guess.
I'm heading back
to the classroom.
Look, can we meet up
at the park Thursday?
Same time.
Shit, I see it's our mistake.
- Doesn't surprise me.
- What?
Surprise me.
Well, let's see
what we can find for you.
What's your area?
Science, computer technology.
Got a couple of history classes
I can give you. A half day.
Sorry for the mistake.
Just one of those things.
[School bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
Can I have some quiet, please?
The rules say if you're not here
in the first 10 minutes
of class, then it's cancelled.
[Student 1]
Yeah, class is cancelled.
Well, my watch says
it was meant to start
eight minutes ago.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Girl with the red hair!
Did you just call me
"girl with the red hair"?
I need you all to listen up.
Don't touch me!
I'm gonna report you.
[Upbeat electronic music]
[student 2]
That's right, walk away.
I thought you were here
for the whole day.
Nope, I'm done.
[Machine humming]
[electronic music continues]
[machine whirring]
[whirring intensifies]
- [loud click]
- [whirring stops]
[Birds chirping]
[techno music]
My name is George West,
and for 29 years,
I've been working
in computer programming
and experimental physics.
The focus of my career has been
on developing a new form
of communication
which to my knowledge,
no one else is researching.
You're in a room
with a bunch of other people
all wearing blindfolds.
Everyone is talking
over each other
and there is someone
on the other side of the room
that you wanna communicate with.
[George] But you have no hope
of hearing them
above all the noise.
So, what do you do?
You take off the blindfold.
[George] You communicate
using your eyes.
Another sense.
That's essentially
what I'm doing.
I'm creating a whole other way
that we can communicate.
Gamma rays, X-ray, UV,
they're all dangerous to us.
My research is looking
at the very real possibility
of there being another spectrum
entirely untapped
that is much larger than
the electromagnetic spectrum.
So if my mobile phone
uses microwaves,
could I use it
to heat up my food?
[George] So far, my research
has been funded
- by a private company.
- [Ian] Oztel.
Your university
is perfectly positioned.
I'm sold.
I was sold before you walked in.
Let's just say I do my homework.
Of course,
the university would own
the complete intellectual rights
to this property.
You do own the rights?
Of course.
It'll be a 12-month contract
with quarterly progress reports.
Twelve months?
Consider it a trial.
What would you expect me
to accomplish in one year?
Of course, you can continue
teaching if you prefer.
[Dramatic music]
[cell phone ringing]
What's happened?
[Bell tolling]
[minister] On behalf
of Trudy and the family,
I would like to welcome
you all here today
to this service of remembrance
for Graham.
In speaking
with Trudy this week,
she reminded me that Graham
was the kind of person
who did well at whatever
he put his hand to.
We're here today, of course,
to mourn his loss.
At the same time, we want
to remember his good qualities.
Each of us
has only one life to live.
We each need to think
about our legacy.
In what way is the world
a better place
as a result
of our own contribution?
[Minister] What will
we remember Graham
for having left behind?
[George] I'm in.
I thought you would be.
[Paul] There's one other thing.
I know you like to work alone,
but I think it would be wise--
With all due respect,
I am grateful.
[George] But it really
is just a one man--
I'm sorry, George,
but that's the--
But I am someone
who works best alone.
Call him your intern.
Plus, given the eight years
of work to get where I am--
Those are the terms.
Who do you have in mind?
[Indistinct whispering]
[eerie music]
[host] Okay, final question!
The paperboard, also known
as the Chinese takeout box,
was invented in what country?
Uh, I think it was
the United States.
Not China?
No. I'm pretty sure
it was the U.S.
I don't know, I've never
had Chinese takeout before.
Well, I'm not Chinese.
Well, maybe we should
try it sometime.
Why would they call it Chinese?
It doesn't even make any sense.
Okay, this calls
for sudden death
between team Tom and Co.
And Better Late than Pregnant.
[Host] Okay, so if you guys
can please choose
a representative from the table,
and have them come up the front,
thank you.
Okay, sudden death.
Uh, the first team to get
this wrong is out, okay.
[Host] An easy one
to start off with here.
Is gravity a force
that pushes objects apart
or pulls them together?
[Host] Oh, no help
from the floor, please.
What's your answer?
- Pulls them.
- Right, right.
It's neither.
Okay, one of these teams
is correct.
Which means
that was the final question
for this evening.
So, can we have
a drumroll, please?
[host] The answer is...
it pulls them together.
- Oh! Yes.
- No.
Well done, guys,
we'll get you vouchers.
- No wait, you're wrong.
- What?
Chill out, pal.
Gravity is not a force.
It's a consequence
of space-time.
Mate, I don't write
what's on the cards.
Stop, listen to me.
The mass bends
the space-time around it.
- Yeah, take it easy, mate.
- Einstein proved it.
Hey, mate, just take mine.
I don't care about that.
It's not about that.
You guys were wrong,
I was right.
Look, you just have to accept
what was on the cards.
- It's done, it's over.
- I'm not coming back.
Hey, I can get you a voucher...
Wait, just calm down.
- [Grunts]
- [thuds]
[Tom] I have a radio show.
[George] Radio show?
Yeah, it's really good.
I call it,
Tom's Terrestrial Tabloid.
It's quite intelligent.
I see.
Budding celebrity scientist.
Yeah, I'll most likely have
my own TV show at some point.
World tours, books,
websites, that sort of thing.
I have two PhDs.
One PhD was enough for me.
I suppose that makes me
more educated than you.
So this is it.
What have we got here?
[George] The transmitter
and the receiver.
[Tom] Who's Graham?
An old friend.
You worked together?
Something like that.
Let me show you what I've got.
[Devices whirring]
This is where I get stuck.
I can't get this damn thing
to send the signal
from the transmitter
to the receiver.
[glass shattering]
Fuck off.
[George] First step is creating
a stable transmission
of the signal from the
transmitter to the receiver.
[Tom] And the end game?
It will completely change
how we communicate
with each other.
E-mail, text, video calls,
all outdated instantly.
If this simple signal can be
sent between these two machines,
then we have proven
that dark radiation exists.
[Tom] What information
is in the signal?
[George] It's a sine wave.
Instant and near
infinite data transfer
between any two devices.
[Tom] If we can do it,
the license on the tech
would have to be
billions, right?
[George] Maybe, but let's not
get ahead of ourselves.
- [Tom] The maths checks out.
- [George] It's not stable.
[Tom] Then push it harder.
In my last video, I told you
that I was starting
to research dark radiation.
This new form
of digital communication
has limitless implications
for the tech
and communication industries.
[George] Make sure
you don't put this on the radio
or anywhere else.
Not until we know what we have.
[George] I found
your YouTube channel.
[Tom] It'll grow,
I've only just started.
[George] Six subscribers.
Any attention's
better than none.
You have to take it down.
- What, why?
- Take it down.
We don't know what we have yet.
- What do you mean?
- We need more testing.
Don't be ignorant.
This is science.
- Just take it down, all right?
- All right.
[Faint warbling]
It can't be
from anything else, right?
So let's try again.
Hang on.
[Tom] I know this.
I once estimated
the curvature of the universe
using the predicated
matter density at the time.
They should give us
the ability to send
a dark radiation signal
the distance required
from the transmitter
to the receiver.
[Techno music]
Try that.
[Machine humming]
We have dark radiation.
The future
ain't what it used to be.
- Hey, princess.
- This is Alicia.
Oh, nice to meet you.
You know, you should
have introduced us, Tom.
[Woman 2]
All right, let's start.
Did you hear about
Marian's new book deal?
It got read by Penguin.
Said it should get picked up.
It's kind of a big deal.
Yeah, but you haven't signed
any contracts yet.
Well, no, not yet.
You know I'm working on
some pretty interesting stuff
at the moment.
Oh, yeah, you've got
that internship, haven't you?
Well, I hope
they're going to give you
a well-paying job
at the end of it.
It's not about the money.
Well, I'm just saying
you have to be responsible.
You've got other people
to think of.
You know, this work
I'm doing at the moment,
it's, uh, it's pretty big.
Do you remember
when Tom made that watch
and you stuck the speaker to it?
Do you remember that?
And the microphone?
- [All laugh]
- When did he do that?
Hello? Hello?
He never did get that
ear-piece happening, did he?
Everyone walking around
with their wrists
stuck to their ears.
[Tom's dad]
Hello? Wait, I can't hear you!
[All laugh]
[Tom's dad]
He's having fun, isn't he?
Just take a joke, Tom.
You know what I don't get?
How you all support Marian
and her little
book writing thing
which, let's be honest,
is probably gonna go nowhere.
- Tom.
- I mean, how many writers
are out there thinking
they're gonna break through?
But none of you,
not a single one of you,
know anything about
what I'm doing.
You've always thought
that you were better than us
and smarter than us.
'Cause I am.
Come on, let's go.
[machine whirring]
[Tom] So, what's the
announcement strategy?
I think I'll hold off on that
for a bit.
I've had some stuff
published online before.
- As I just said--
- I'm just...
I'm saying, what's the point
if we just keep it to ourselves?
What's your plan?
The proper procedures, Tom.
We continue testing.
We cross check,
make sure all claims are backed
with multiple verified sources
and first-hand results.
We get an independent
third party to verify.
But we do it right.
And eventually,
we release it into a journal.
- A journal?
- We are at...
[Tom] For what,
three academics to read?
No, fuck that. It's outdated,
and everything
gets leaked online
before announcement these days.
At the moment, we have control
over how the story gets shared.
I have a strategy that'll
give us maximum exposure--
Hold up, hold up!
This isn't a publicity stunt.
All we've been able to do so far
is send and receive a signal
two meters across the room.
Anything we claim,
respected scientists are going
to try and prove wrong.
We must be watertight.
And they will come at it
from every angle.
Well, fuck them.
No, Tom, we don't.
We could sell what we have
to a tech company
right now for millions.
- Let me tell you a story.
- [Tom] Your stories suck.
Well, you're going to listen.
I spent six years working
at Wittcom.
We developed wireless charging
for mobile devices,
batteries, phones, prototypes.
We had them.
And then my partner, my...
He took pictures.
He posted them online.
[George] The media mocked
how they looked
because they were
ugly prototypes.
So we rushed the launch.
We didn't do enough testing,
the batteries caught fire.
Over 20 people
got third-degree burns.
They only spent three months
on the shelves, so no!
I am not going to rush this.
[George] You finish calibrating.
[Machine humming]
[birds chirping]
[keypad clicking]
You need to come back, now.
[George] Tell me exactly
what happened.
- Well, I--
- Wait a second.
You're recording?
What happened?
Well, I was about
to shut down the receiver
and I just angled it this way
and it was facing the window
- and then all of a--
- Don't touch it.
[Tom] What's it picking up?
That filled up in, like,
half a second.
[Tom] We've got
verifiable evidence
of a stable transmission signal
in a previously theoretical
energy spectrum in the lab.
However, today,
we briefly received a signal
originating from outside
the lab instantly filling up
our hard drives.
The source of the signal
is currently unknown
as the receiver
was accidentally pointing
towards the sky,
but further tests to come.
So quick update.
We realized the receiver
needed focusing
which we've modified
and that we needed
to track the source
as it moves across
the skies.
So tonight's the test
to see if we can track
this moving signal.
And now we wait.
[George] Tell me.
You have a lot of education.
How is it that you haven't found
the right vocation yet?
I don't really do well
with people.
I mean you're okay.
Your positives outweigh
your negatives, but...
most people,
they just get in my way.
My second PhD,
they tried to stop me.
I was trying
to disprove Einstein.
Could you?
He's a tough man to beat.
For me...
I always wanted to contribute
in some kind of way.
Some say they find that
in having kids.
I have a son.
[George] We don't really
have much contact.
Nothing happened, we just...
We just don't talk.
I guess, at some point,
this work just became
more important to me.
[Tom] You found
what was more important.
There'll always be
plenty of people
but not many worth remembering.
Clear line of sight.
We found it.
[George] We found the source.
Who are they?
[Suspenseful music]
- Catherine.
- George.
First of all,
I need 100 % assurance
that this conversation
stays between us.
Of course.
If I gave you a code,
a signal, a waveform.
Could you decipher it?
[Suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[Monique] I think
there might be a story.
I really think the newspapers
are gonna be
really interested in this.
- [Tom] Wow.
- Hello. Can I help you?
Hi, I'm Monique.
What brings you here?
I saw a clip of Tom's, actually,
of some really
cool science stuff.
It looks really interesting.
I think there might be
a story here.
Actually, I'd prefer we didn't.
Oh, maybe we can find
another time
that suits all of us.
We don't have much
to report on at the moment
but if you wanna leave
your name, details.
Look, if you're willing,
I'd be really excited to write
something up on my website.
I'm sorry, I didn't catch
who you work for.
I freelance
to various media outlets.
As I said, we'll let you know.
[Door closes]
What was that about?
I don't know.
She just dropped by.
What was she doing here?
I said I don't know.
- What did you tell her?
- [Tom] I didn't say anything.
She said you were
telling her about--
I didn't say anything specific.
I was just using big words
she wouldn't understand.
Until she Googles them!
Not a word to anybody.
[Suspenseful music]
[keyboard clanking]
So here it is.
[Beeping in rhythm]
It's intelligent.
We found intelligent life.
[Keyboard clanking]
Given the nature
of what we're dealing with,
we need to be sensitive
with what we share
with other people.
So it would be better
for everyone
if you fill this in.
[Tom] What's this?
University requirements.
Have you signed one?
It's a little different for me
given that it was my project
to begin with.
I'll have a look over it
and get back to you.
I might get you
to fill that in right now
if you don't mind.
[George] There's another favor
I need to ask you.
I need the lab to myself
for a few days.
Just to do some coding.
I can stay out of your way.
I'll just put my headphones in.
I can't have you here.
[George] I can't say
any more than that.
[crickets chirping]
[keyboard clacking]
[knocking on door]
Can I help you?
Hi, I'm Alicia.
Tom's girlfriend.
Is he here?
I let him knock off early.
Oh, he didn't tell me.
I bought Chinese takeaway.
Oh, well, I'll find him
at home, I guess.
I heard Monique
dropped by today.
- The journalist?
- Hopefully one day.
If someone gives her a job.
Tom knows her?
Yeah, since high school.
You know,
he really loves it here.
Is that right?
It's all he ever talks about.
He'd never admit it,
but he actually
really respects you.
Oh, well.
Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
[Somber music]
That reporter seemed nice.
[Tom] Yeah, I guess.
[George] You haven't heard
from her again?
[Tom] No.
[George] Tom.
- I know you know her.
- [Tom] What?
Let me make one thing
positively clear.
We have something
truly extraordinary.
It is just you and me
who have it.
We need to be absolutely prudent
with our handling of this.
If we make one wrong move,
we jeopardize everything.
[Tom] How long
do you expect me to wait?
[George] We have received
50 terabytes of information
never before heard by anyone
in the history of humankind.
Hold on.
All we have is a scattered
signal of white noise.
- [George sighs]
- Right?
I have something to show you.
[Tom] Holy fuck.
[George] Yup.
Everything about the universe.
Quantum mechanics,
inorganic chemistry.
Metaphysics, everything.
And we're only getting started.
You kept this from me?
You wanna talk about trust
and honesty and confidence--
Don't start.
I have to go.
But we can talk more about this
when I get back.
You know, there are others
out there researching this, too.
What do you mean?
We're not the only ones.
Monique told me
about some group in Belgium
that are exploring this, too.
Except they don't have
stable dark radiation yet.
It's not a race.
But we can talk more
when I get back.
It is a race.
No one's gonna care
if we come second.
And you're just
casually holding the...
Do you know what?
I just can't fucking believe
you wouldn't tell me,
and you're just sitting
on this like no one
could beat us to it.
Well, you're not helping
with that radio show either.
This is fucked.
[Tom over radio]
It's pretty mind blowing.
And it makes me wonder,
did all the greatest scientists
know what they had
when they made
their discoveries?
I mean, did they really grasp
what they had
and what to do with it?
That's what
we've gotta figure out.
Anyway, that's a wrap for
Tom's Terrestrial Tabloid.
So be sure to subscribe
to the podcast.
Follow me
on all your social media
and remember, watch the skies.
I found something.
I got mice.
[Tom] And what are
we gonna teach him, Professor X?
[George] Problem solving skills.
And what does that look like
in mice?
I honestly don't know.
[Tom] It's definitely
reversible, isn't it?
Theoretically, we can extract
the information.
Here we go.
[Machinery humming]
[suspenseful music]
Too much?
Let's find out.
[Electronic music]
[George] It's working.
We actually made it smarter.
Next level.
Human testing.
Don't even think about it.
[George] It's too much
for an adult.
The brain would need
to be malleable.
Like a child.
So what I need right now
is to get this information out
to as many people as possible.
Right now,
you have no followers.
Yeah. I have been doing
all the right things.
[Tom] You know,
I post at the right times,
I hashtag,
I'm across all different
social media channels.
It's just not working.
I can help you with that,
I promise.
That's what I'm here for.
So, um, what's Alicia up to?
She's working, I think.
Is she the type of person
that would be weird about this?
About what?
You know, us hanging out...
I would really love
to write this story.
Give me a chance
to put my uni debt to use.
You really want it, don't you?
[Suspenseful music]
[Monique] Give me
something to write about.
Okay, so it's just
a small amount
of data to begin with.
Only 0.3 megabytes.
It shouldn't have too much
of a meaningful effect.
[Eerie music]
[machinery humming]
[eerie music intensifies]
[voices whispering]
[irregular heart beat]
- [loud click]
- [machines stop]
[indistinct whispering]
[whispers continue]
[Tom] Let me guess.
Not the usual short black.
You ordered an herbal tea.
Let me see, lemongrass, no,
peppermint, chamomile,
dandelion, ginger.
You ordered a ginger tea.
Well, you'll have
to wait and see.
What's happened is
you've experienced some success
which has increased
your confidence
therefore allowing you
the mental freedom
to take risks,
even if it's as minute
as sampling
an untried hot beverage.
Have you ever wondered
how what you do
affects other people around you?
One hundred years
after you're dead,
no one will know you.
- The internet.
- What?
That's why we have the internet.
[Waiter] Ginger tea.
[George] Thank you.
Can you imagine what we could do
with this information?
We own the first recorded signal
from an intelligent life.
We could cure diseases,
we could achieve
time dilating space travel,
teleportation, immortality.
[George] But that
doesn't mean we should.
[Eerie music]
[Engine revs]
[suspenseful music]
It's been a while.
[Ian] Where are we up to?
Well, you know what they say.
[George] A thousand errors
for one success.
[George] Going through
all the necessary processes.
[Ian] A thousand errors?
Is that a science term?
I don't know.
I thought it was well-known.
I guess not.
[Ian] And Tom?
How's he doing?
[Ian] Working well
between you two?
[George] He's been very useful.
Provided valuable
insight and help.
Two heads are better than one.
[George] Tell me.
Why did you assign Tom
as opposed to anyone else?
[Ian] He's been
at the university
in some way, shape, or form
for a while now.
We recognized his brilliance
even back when he was
an undergrad.
I was a little worried
we might lose him.
[Ian] And you need
someone to work with.
So far, so good.
[Tense music]
[high-pitched tune]
[indistinct whispering]
[Tom] I've realized,
looking at the world around me,
that no one gets it.
No one can see the true reality
of what's going on
or their role within it.
I look around at the world
and all I see are...
I wouldn't even
call them machines.
Machines, at least,
are intentionally designed
and serve a purpose.
People are purely
acting out the actions
based upon
their physical makeups.
The idea of free will
can finally be put to rest.
Cause and effect
explains it all.
Complete determinism.
But their idea of cause
and subsequent effect
is infantile at best.
The role they play
is no longer necessary.
These machines are obsolete.
[Indistinct whispering]
Everyone's actions are merely
a result of something.
And now,
I understand my role
in this system.
[Door creaks]
I've got something to show you.
- Yeah?
- Mm.
[suspenseful music]
[Indistinct whispering]
- [suspenseful music]
- [indistinct whispering]
[crowd chattering]
- [bell ringing]
- [crowd cheering]
[techno music]
[narrator] The colony
is under extreme danger
with all the ant's lives
at risk.
The host ants
require serious action
to prevent the entire colony
from complete extermination.
Under these extreme
ants can sabotage
and destroy their own nest
for the greater good
of the colony.
[Somber music]
Einstein was wrong.
[Somber music continues]
[Alicia] Are you gonna tell me
where you were last night?
Einstein was wrong.
Where were you?
More importantly,
Einstein was wrong.
Where were you?
I was with Monique.
Now, my book.
I'm about to share with you
the secrets of the universe
that will revolutionize
your worldview.
We live in a universe
of 29 dimensions
defined by the path
integral quantization
of the two dimensional actions
of the conformal field.
The field in the world view
describes the embedding
of the string 28 plus one
space-time dimensions.
I will then prove to you
that we live in a multi-verse
in which the physical world,
the level three multiverse
is the mathematical structure.
[Suspenseful music]
[indistinct whispering]
[cell phone vibrating]
Excuse me.
You cheating fuck!
You thought
you'd get away with it
and we'd never know?
Hang on a second. You fired me.
I haven't sold anything.
You know you could go to jail.
[Paul] You gave our IP
to the university.
You need to come in
and fix this, George.
- Now.
- All right.
[George] Let me sort it out,
and I'll get back to you.
Have a good show, I'll tune in.
[Door opens]
You've just missed Tom.
He's gone to do his radio show.
Has Tom told you?
He doesn't tell me much.
Yeah, I figured
he wouldn't tell you, so...
We're separating.
[George] Oh.
It's perfect timing, right?
What's the issue?
Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.
Yeah, I shouldn't
have said anything.
[Alicia] Just go easy on him.
He's gonna need
someone like you.
Bye, George.
[Suspenseful music]
[radio static]
[slow techno music]
I have a question for Tom.
Oh, we have another caller.
[George] You remember
that form you signed?
[George] Yep.
The non-disclosure agreement?
Ah, perhaps you had
a science question.
You do realize that you are not
meant to talk about
anything about our research
to anyone?
[Tom] Yes.
Even your girlfriend?
Her eyes just glaze over
at this stuff anyway.
- [George] And online.
- Obviously.
Or on YouTube!
Let me send you a link
to something
I found interesting.
Ah, let's go to another song,
shall we?
[Cell phone vibrates]
Why would you do that to me?
Did you get my e-mail?
Can you see me?
Are you streaming
lab cam now?
You've broken the contract
that you just signed.
You've broken the law.
The university
is gonna take you to court.
You have completely jeopardized
the integrity of our work.
I am not gonna let you
squander it away, Tom.
I am not going to let you
ruin my life's work!
George, listen to me.
I'm sorry, okay?
But if you take this
to the university and tell them,
we'll lose the whole thing.
You will lose everything.
[Tom] No one sees these videos,
trust me.
No one watches them.
I was just so frustrated
that you were sitting on this.
Keep them deleted.
[tense music]
[traffic noise]
[cell phone vibrating]
[Ian] There is no formal
statement from the university.
Discredit the author,
find out how this got out
and make sure
Tom and George don't talk.
What can you tell me?
Well, at 2:38 this morning,
a recent graduate
of our university
made a post
on her personal website titled,
"Local Scientists Discover
Intelligent Alien Message."
Usually, this wouldn't be
a problem,
except she tweeted and e-mailed
all major media outlets
across the world.
[Shannon] Again, this
wouldn't be a problem
except a reporter
at one of them,
Handelsblatt in Germany...
Fucking Germans.
...is a former member of SETI,
- Search for Extra--
- Terrestrial Intelligence. Shit.
Shall I continue?
[Shannon] They ran the story
almost identically
to what was originally written.
Then another in Finland.
Within three hours,
it was across 28 major...
No, hold on.
That's 103 major media outlets.
And to be honest,
I'm surprised it took so long
for you to be contacted.
[Reporters chattering]
Be careful.
Right. Shall we begin?
[Shannon] As you're all aware,
our university
has a long-standing history
of pushing the edges
of discovery
and the support we provide
to creative researchers.
One of these projects
has recently garnered
a lot of interest.
And as usual,
speculation and rumor
has been spread by the media.
So, today, we're going to set
the record straight.
I'd like to introduce
our honorable Chancellor
to tell you more.
Thank you, Shannon.
These two scientists
are researching dark radiation.
A term which is new
to the scientific community
with very little known about it.
And before I make you all
aware of my ignorance,
I'd like to hand it over
to Dr. West
to tell you more
about their research.
Thank you.
I've been working
at the university
with my partner here,
Tom Edsman,
for the past eight months.
The area in which we are
researching is dark radiation.
[Shannon] No questions for now.
I have been researching
this area for over nine years
but it seems that
in the last little while
things have gotten out of hand.
[Shannon with muffled voice]
What Dr. West is saying
is that there has been
wild speculation
[normal voice]
spread by the media.
We are excited
by the possibilities
but there is definitely
nothing to announce.
We are still a long way away
with our process.
Years away.
Such is the scientific method.
The woman who first wrote
the story on her personal blog
is not a credible source.
And her quotes from Mr. Edsman
are completely falsified.
Is that true, Tom?
[Ian] Scientific breakthroughs
are not scandals
but we do believe
that in due course,
we will be able to announce--
Can you tell us anything
about the research
you've accomplished to date?
As we said before, we are--
I wanna hear from the
scientists themselves, thanks.
[Tense music]
On the third of June
I received a signal from space
which was transmitted by
a highly intelligent life form.
This signal contains information
which we have recorded
for some time.
What Tom
is trying to say is that--
To date, we have recorded
approximately 11 petabytes
and we're on track
to gather more information
than the total collective
knowledge of all of humankind.
This information can be
transplanted into organisms.
I know because
I've done it to myself!
This is unsubstantiated
and completely falsified!
Thank you all for coming today.
[Reporters clamoring]
[overlapping chatter]
[newscaster 1] In breaking news,
a research team
at RIST university...
[newscaster 2] ...claiming
that they have received
an intelligent signal
from space.
[Newscaster 3] It is because
of scientists like this
that the public
don't have the faith
in rigorous scientific research.
[Overlapping dialogue on radio]
What happened with
being honest with each other?
It's 0.034 seconds slow.
[Man 4] George!
[Wheel rattling]
Here, take this.
Let's just take a minute,
shall we?
Just checking.
Have yourself a good day.
Rough day, rough day.
George, it's important
you do not take,
tamper with, or do anything
with our property.
Who's taking over?
No one knows
what we've been doing here.
I built this.
You know, I was glad
when Tom blew it.
One might even think
we put him up to it.
You can't even talk
to anyone about this.
You don't own my ideas.
My thoughts, my knowledge.
Your contract, George.
Maybe you need me
to remind you what you signed.
- This is ridiculous!
- George!
We need to know
that you're not going to talk.
[Tense music]
[machine humming]
[upbeat techno music]
[thunder rumbles]
[rain pattering]
[automated voice]
Hi, you called Graham Dawson.
Please leave a message
after the tone,
and I'll get right back to you.
It's all gone, Graham.
I've got nothing left.
They've taken everything.
I've got nothing left to show.
And I don't want it
to all have been for nothing.
[Automated voice] I'm sorry.
Your message has taken too long.
Please hang up and try again.
[knocking on door]
Can I help you?
I'm done.
- What?
- You deceived me.
Made me break the law
without knowing.
Hang on a second.
You made me work with that kid.
We are facing a lawsuit.
And given that it was me
who supported you,
I've been fired!
You're a disgrace, George!
[Telephone ringing]
Uh, it can wait.
Get it.
[Ringing continues]
[tense music]
I always thought you'd make it.
You're good, George.
I forgot how good you are.
[George] What are you saying?
Is this an apology?
[Paul] Not an apology.
You fucked up. Real bad.
Selling them our IP?
[Paul] Fraud, jail probably.
I was always good to you.
[Paul] But, hey.
I got good news
which you don't deserve.
We're offering you a position
to come back
and finish what you started.
[Paul] This is your project,
your life's work.
We've been pushing your tech
harder than you ever did
but we're stuck.
[Paul] The side effects
of our test subjects
are unpredictable.
[George] Side effects?
[Paul] That's where
we need you, George.
I'll give you the money,
the resources you need.
[Paul] However you want it.
But we keep it quiet.
Because if you go down,
I go down with you.
[Suspenseful music]
[indistinct chatter]
[horns honking]
[car horn honks]
[tense music]
You've taken 453 breaths
since coming inside.
You want some water?
Six to eight breaths per minute
for optimum performance.
You should slow down.
Pure H2O can kill you.
[tense music]
[newscaster 4]
Early reports suggest
this was a coordinated
group suicide.
Those involved were not part
of a wider network.
The identity of those involved
is suppressed
but we can confirm this.
The number of victims
at this stage, five.
According to a source,
the victims have been subject
to experimentations.
But at this stage,
that's speculation.
A friend of one of the victims
described the deceased
as private and hardworking
but increasingly antisocial.
There have been reports
of some victims
displaying uncharacteristic
Like erratic
and trance-like behavior,
social disengagements,
talking to themselves,
and unprovoked assaults on...
Tom, wake up, we're going.
Come on, come on.
[Thunder rumbling]
[tense music]
[rain pattering]
[alarm blaring]
Open the door.
Open the door!
Open the door now!
[Machine whirring]
Come on.
Can you hear me?
[Somber music]
[knocking on door]
[chair scrapes]
[somber music continues]
[bottle thuds]
George, we gotta
get out of here.
[Rattling, clunking]
[sirens blaring]
Paul, I'm sure
you're aware by now
that I've burnt your lab down.
But I also know that those
suicides trace back to you.
I guess we're at a stalemate.
Goodbye, Paul.
[Upbeat music]
[elevator dings]
I'm so sorry.
I was lost and confused, and...
I didn't know what I was doing.
But I do now.
I'm here.
And I'm ready for this.
[Nurse] Are we good to go?
All right.
[tense music]
[dramatic music]