Quantez (1957) Movie Script

Gato, use your Indian tricks.
Delete your track and make it last year.
Patrol never finds any traces.
There's no one in sight!
He will not give up so easily,
as he wants a blood vengeance.
It's not so easy out
there before my writing.
You did not have to kill him!
People are more likely to be sacred
because of their blood than money.
One patrol!
Look! They have to turn into a
circle of jure and their own tail!
The first quest is happy.
Yes, but the worst has not passed.
Upla? En?
No, just full of hope.
Make it all in one place.
I wish we had time to count.
As long as the money is
with you, I guarantee
to know each dollar
as we arrive.
You've always been a real alley.
It's a long way to the city of
Quantez, and it's not funny.
Here we go.
Are not you going to wait for Gato?
Sti I e us.
Please, can we wait for him?
Can we have some rest?
I told you to move!
I do not want to hear hacking!
To and here.
Cover your head with
burns in the sun.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Do not fall from that
saddle or tie you to him.
What is it with you?
I do not want to slow it down.
It was about thinking,
before you took one.
And I did, so I took her.
It's Gato.
Quantez is there.
We have to go through the road.
It's about 20 km that way.
The horse's horses are injuries.
It's built up a bit.
Additionally, riding the stream
from the patrol broke it.
It lasted long enough,
I joined you.
It's best to shorten his troubles.
I forgot, we whites have
special means of killing.
It is easy for him.
He's just dead.
And you are without a horse.
There are not many miles left.
Let it be behind you, Gato.
Not! Two dead horses
are still less useful.
City Quantez.
We managed!
What have we succeeded in doing?
The city is abandoned.
Where are you?
If there is something
here that could hurt us.
I would be out of my
horse in what form.
Just guess, the place is empty.
The whole city is empty.
You were right.
There are no horses to get
us to the border quickly.
We failed!
We only need a few hours,
patrol is not on track and days.
I do not care.
I'm worried about this!
We can wait here. Teach bring
Chaney and camouflage.
Do not even tell him about this.
There are so many things,
there is nothing here.
For what?
What do you think?
The desert is in the city,
this place is abandoned
5-6 days.
Well, they did not bother them.
Yes, neither or anyone.
It's so quiet.
How about you singing to me?
It's too quiet.
It was a long trip,
surely no traces?
There are no dead people,
only a dead city.
How did you get this into us, Heller?
In an easy job and a quick escape.
There is no reason to
fear the empty city.
We can relax, rest and
spend a little time.
It's best for our horses to be
near and close to our eyes.
They're almost dead, and
they're our only way out.
No matter how safe!
Bring horses, Teach.
Help him with the saddles, Gato.
I do not even burn a fire.
Here's your enemy,
right in the chest.
Good shot!
And you stop with your time, clear?
He likes to find out.
He's in the gang.
I did not agree to gang me.
This was a clean robbery.
I did not expect any continuation.
When Heller called us,
we agreed to follow him.
It makes him a flourish until
we reach the Rio Grande River.
If his plan was to get here
with half-dead horses,
then it's not too smart.
Well, as you said, there
is no reason to fear.
But there is no need to find it,
as if we were working for it.
The job has to do, it does
not matter who says it.
If you have agreed to this
country and its customs
then it is best to
listen to and learn.
This young man would
have to run a pocket?
Everyone would run, would not they?
And you?
I'm a weary and tired man.
They have not exhausted you,
but the sun and the earth.
You're tired like a wolf in a box.
I'm tired of a lot.
On and some buckets or
not like taking water.
Horses drank water. - They do not have
to do it next to the vacation spot.
I'm going to dig holes, and
you bring water to fill them.
At the moment, I do not care about
too much concern about horses.
This one will not wear
us long after the heat.
We were too cruel,
if not rest, to die.
Let's dig a hole near the well.
Then we have to take extra care.
And I want to be close and because
of this for other reasons.
You'll have a lot to learn,
now go for a bucket.
The young people know little about it.
In the east, his horses brought him
servants right from the ground.
Well-groomed horses for horses.
There is nothing without
these working mustangs.
Better get them off the saddle.
How deep should it be?
25-30 cm.
It's a lot of digging.
And a lot of water retention.
That would be enough water.
It looks like they like it.
Their water is like a new blood in
their feet, and they refresh them.
I found my tooth.
Give them a little bit.
Just rub it lightly
and talk quietly.
He touches his hand. Horses are
like people in some way...
and a little love is a cure.
A quiet boy, your legs will
recover from a run. Soon.
- Heller wants to eat.
- Vai.
And ours has high expectations.
Tell him I'm on my way.
I need water for beans and coffee.
There's a bucket.
- I...
- Pomo I u ti.
The guy's dentlmen.
And the udder.
You're too tired to go too far.
Do not tell her
what to do, honey.
That word means little to me.
But if I had Indian blood in myself, I
would have killed you when you said it.
Leave that shit! Come on!
Start cooking!
Where's that Indian?
It's gone to pass.
Unless he has found a friend.
Who would be a friend of the man?
He is not a blacksmith, a pure-white
whiteman, whom the Indians kidnapped
and his parents were massacred.
Walking like an Indian,
it looks like they,
They probably think like them.
It makes him the current
most valuable person here.
The most valuable? I found
a bank, I chose people.
I am in and out of my
place and from here.
Moda ne e.
He hacked horses and
managed to kill one.
We are stuck here and pray that
the other horses do not escape.
Ne e, vide e .
I just have to hope for me.
I hope to return to dawn.
Mo I are just
walking and that's all.
I would not hit a wounded rabbit.
And why do you even go
through the desert?
Because of Apache Apples.
Gato is the only one who speaks the
language that you will deal with.
That's why I chose him.
If we encounter some.
That's right.
And because it knows the
boundaries and water with water.
Why is that young one here?
He convinced me he
was a good shooter.
The Eastern type of killer?
This country may be unknown
to me, but I'm not sure.
If Gentry told you.
I can choose people.
Walk louder.
What did you see? A blank city.
Hot coffee!
I'm going to ask
someone to do it.
What are you watching?
You're not a killer.
I can recognize them.
I'd better end this
with a little sleep.
I bet you got into all this
just to get a new start.
Are you a freshman?
That's how I sound, right?
I do not know what led you to the west.
I want to leave me alone.
I'm not asking anything, just...
I appreciate the things you taught
me, but I can take care of myself.
See this!
Very considerate on their side.
Drink it, less or less.
I have the right to pay them!
And you would have
paid for being smart.
You have not done this awfully
here, I feel like we are closer.
- Come on, Gentry!
- No thanks.
Why not?
I do not care about the taste of whiskey.
Look at him.
Look at how he looks at us.
I wonder what you think about?
Probably know what we
do not know about.
She's probably laughing at us.
When the people laugh,
it's bad time for people.
Do not let him in.
Come on, come on.
If you were afraid of
him, I wanted to play.
Get away from him!
There's no need for a rough guy!
Better save power to
cross the desert.
Yes. Yes.
When I have a lot of earth, I do
not need a comeback to handle it.
I'll take it.
That's not what you are trying to do
to sleep a little?
Tomorrow is a long way to
go, mostly in the sun.
Come on, lie down.
I do not think I can sleep.
Do and Teach, help
me around the horse.
He wanted to kill
me before I got up.
All the rams before the attack.
He learns slowly, but do
not worry about rules
because death is fast.
You're burning with every human being.
You can kill the one
who drowns him.
I made it easy.
Why did you kill him for that?
I will not repeat! Stop coming in!
I dreamed.
He fell all bloody.
I got him! I killed him and that's it!
Forget it and stop shaking.
Can not you see that she
was terrified by her?
Yes, and you do not pay what you pay!
Do not touch it.
Please, please.
I just want to... get involved.
Do not be scared.
It's fine.
I've never been close to a
man who was killed before.
- I never saw his face.
- I know.
It's not nice to
see someone dying,
but you will be frightened.
Pro I e.
Except for the one who
pulled the trigger.
Did you see what I was on?
They are beautiful.
The next step is the first
one and the burnout.
It's always loose.
If you want to, I'll teach
you how best to know it.
I did not seek help.
I do not need it. We need help.
When a man is up to the
intersection is not ashamed
ask where to go.
A ko emu re I? You?
Koiz clan.
Do you have a cigar?
What are you up to here?
To help us win Apache.
- In what way?
- Novcem.
To buy war weapons.
No war. We just want to clean up
your country from immigrants.
- In case of a battle.
- A ho ho.
Apaches must kill the whites!
But you were.
By the way, but not in the heart.
I was married to Apache,
a tribe led by Koiz.
I heard.
But you've left them a long time ago.
Even then, old Koziz
talked about peace.
Peace with the whites is impossible!
The only way is victory.
Burn them, destroy them!
When is the time? But first
we need to cleanse our land
from cities and towns.
The white people returned Quanteza
in the desert, 5 days ago.
I read a message written
with a cut-off feather.
Death is promised to all
who remain in the city.
But your friends
are still in it.
You are devoted to them.
I'm not loyal to these people.
Only Apaches!
And you do not want to do anything for
yourself? - Only part of the money
for my needs.
And a free passage from here.
I thought you heard Victory.
But I better serve him,
if I am with my people.
Will they attack them?
Think about it.
Go back to the white people.
- ta ti ima ?
- Three decades.
Kings! I won!
I wondered who would win.
Of course you are.
Because you're a cold and crafty man.
That's why I like it.
You are not plausible as Teach.
He almost died when he saw the pistol.
He just did not get used to
people who go as fast as you.
If I knew it was green, without
experience, I would never have taken it.
You're wrong. They need to be brought up by
young people and taught them how to do it.
To follow in.
To be busy.
But he does not like receiving orders.
I would have listened to him immediately,
and now considers himself to be wild.
He thinks he's a real man!
It's not that much worth it.
There will never be
a killer like you.
I ended up with him. I'd give him
his life instead of his work.
A ta e meni da da ?
You know how things stand.
Teach and die in the desert, and
one is no longer useful to us.
And not Gato.
You must be very lonely.
What do you mean?
How can I share?
On the straight lines,
half to you, half to me.
What are the benefits
of getting a shotgun?
Come on, Gentry, you know I
would never do that to you.
Should I pull you on?
Gentry, you like to pray
to die so.
I only say.
Come on.
Kec and a dozen.
Kea and the king.
Quiet, boy.
You should sleep.
I'm not afraid of you.
Teach, why did you join us?
To get out of trouble?
You think I'm weak to be alone?
You know better than me.
We do not know much about that.
But, I like to be like the others and get
out and the best they can from this.
It's better to go back to your
familiar and familiar things.
I do not want them.
I want to live my own life.
Or to build it or take
it away if necessary.
Do you have the courage to do that?
Of course.
I do not believe, you can
not bump into that mud.
You can become a revolver,
but it would make you shy.
I care what I am,
I think so of how I
know about myself.
I do not think I should care.
It used to be different.
My faces were just glowing,
and my eyes were talking.
And my hair was...
Once somebody told me
one gold digger, that my hair
is the first traces of gold.
Soft and silky on the touch.
At that time, I was right, young.
I'm not, now I can
not leave Hell.
Only one can take it from me.
Your hair is still golden.
And your lips...
Enough, Teach!
It seems that none of us know
the real situation here.
We better not start
to make sure.
I do not like when
someone takes my pizza!
Then lift it up!
We have now calm
enough to calmly talk.
I do not plan to give orders.
And I felt like getting them.
I want my money and two horses.
Then I'm leaving!
He's called Chaney with you!
You fool! You would not cross 15
miles, without losing one or not.
You think Chaney would trust
her life to such fools?
Do not get the answer to that, Teach.
You have to learn that you never
make decisions with decisions.
Sometimes there is no reason
to fight and test yourself.
Unless you fight with us.
That's right, the work of
this mountain cobbler.
He must have heard how
we talk about him.
They are discussing me in the room.
He can and will kill me together.
Then the surviving fashion
immediately goes away.
But, you will be there to
make sure you do not leave.
One will not easily kill,
attack immediately.
I was thinking about it, we
will not start before dawn.
Victorio said no one
should die before that.
Delgadito must not break this word.
If they leave our country, ive e. - No,
it would be there when the sun comes out.
Is there something?
You go very quietly.
It's too long.
Heller takes care of it too much.
Your heart is afraid of everything. - Yes,
a little heart, but fast on the trigger.
I do not like seeing a shotman.
Why is not it meat?
You are not brazen, I told him that.
No, I'm not worse, a
man without a nation.
I do not have a home, I do not.
You do not have to hate everything.
I do not hate a lot of them.
I live, like wild cats.
I've heard a little bit
about how long he shakes.
She sounded a little weird.
It's like a man imitating.
It did not sound strange to me.
It's not?
No way.
But, for what would the
city be like this?
The danger is around us,
we can not leave here.
It is never known, fashion is more
widespread in the desert than it is.
Man does not like being, if he
does not see the clean path.
It's all under the sun.
I hope we'll see her!
Pleasant watching of the
movie will give you a tattoo.
Do you know this, Heller?
Of course.
Yes, you used to sing there.
I was the first time I heard
you when I entered the salon.
She was a real talent.
For a lot of things.
I was pretty good!
One gambler told me that I
should sing on river ships.
Or even in big cities.
I bet she's singing great.
Come on, sing!
Let's play things here a little.
Is not it great?
I've never heard that someone
laughs like that. Just continue.
- Not.
- Come on, get started.
I want to hear that
your beautiful voice .
River ships, big cities.
What was that now?
I'm afraid, I'm scared.
Do not be scared.
Get out of it.
Just trying to be nice.
- Leave me alone!
- Stop shaking!
You want a fight with me?
When you gather courage,
you are waiting for you.
There is no reason for exaggeration,
you said what you wanted.
Where's that bell?
She touches her!
Get her wounds from you.
I'm going to call him.
It's a mud. - Earth and plants
in it will get you frozen.
You all know, do not you?
- Useful things?
- Someone.
Enough to be a wilderness, alone?
Without anyone?
Enough to take it girl with you?
It's not your place next to Heller,
you have to take care of yourself.
But I have to help you!
Heller ended up with me.
Do not bet on it, girl.
There is no reason to be there,
there is no place to go.
Not for me. I'm dying here.
I can do it now.
Do not look at me, I will not
look at my shame in your eyes.
Are you embarrassed?
I gave up on that feeling.
I do not want to give it to you!
Just be your Chaney.
And there will be no need for that.
Leave Heller, Live Your Life!
It's not worth it, I've never
had anything left of it.
Gre? I. She has special things to
do, raise children, love a man
comfortable and warm home.
I long ago do not live
for these illusions.
A free person can have
them at any time.
Is it afraid and not?
But look up.
There's always a little light.
I'm going to search them.
Stay there.
They did not know them long,
I want to know about it.
Traila helped me to
protect myself from me.
Help from anyone.
What it was to empty this city
fashion is now endangering them.
It's not worth the risk.
- I'm going alone.
- I'm with you.
Do you have to be alone?
You are a target, even if you do not.
Do not move!
I'm sick of your
act, like a snake.
What were you looking for in those hills?
Trees, stones, plants, wounds.
Lae !
Or talk to you.
Are you feeling better?
I'm not just wearing mines for a while.
Girls like you do not have
to worry about decoration.
- A girl like me?
- Pretty.
And well raised.
You say it, but you do not know me.
I told you.
A person can start at the
beginning, if he wants to.
When we pass the desert, we
can be like a newborn baby.
You love the Indians, Gato,
this is one of their tricks,
Up e fine and slowly.
It's not easy to break it?
This will make him speak.
Loss of time, nothing that is
not out of it and out of it.
We can try, even if
I had to kill him.
Then it remains to pray that we do not
need his help when we get out of the city.
We just have to do it.
Oti and from here, at once.
None of the horses
can carry two.
They do not have to.
Only four of us have gone.
Chaney stays.
You can not decide.
I took her when no one wanted.
And it is left in the place
where no one is at all.
It was not like that!
You've never been
this way to me!
I've always been like this.
I was still this
when I played cattle.
Slue and young people
with large mouths.
I was like this when I
had nothing but saddle
and you're not beneath
me, it was like a horse!
I saw them, "The Rider in the Saddle".
There were days when I did not even have
anything for whiskey to wash my throat.
I've been doing dirty deals
for miserable money!
You do not! You do not!
Now I say that my words will
affect people and things!
You were good for a rope in the saddle,
but you are not good enough for me!
I do not claim to be
better than what I am.
I do not make my pride
proud like a desert aba.
I'm a schiff, I'm in!
You are nothing but that rogue in the
saddle, which has reached the city!
At that time, at least you sometimes smiled
and looked as if you needed help and help.
Now I see that you can not
to come to be finny!
You were big in the gang!
- Shut up!
- You do not own me!
I'm not yours to find me. - Do not
challenge me! They will not help you!
I do not need their help!
You, you two!
You're telling me sweet that I
need to get up and be mine!
To value a lot!
Well, here I am!
And I do not need any of my friends!
I let her find me, that's the
only thing I'm ashamed of.
I'm not afraid and I do not want help!
I'm not looking for a shelter!
Nobody will order me!
You do not!
There will be no one,
you will be alone.
You think that you are God and that you
will who will stay, and who does not.
I'm ready to go to your order.
But no one here will be left alone.
You will not find me!
Looks like you really
think you're God.
Proof that you are not.
Would you die for something,
does it not concern you?
I just do not like
the idea of killing.
There's no need for a weapon,
Chaney stays with me.
Leave us a horse.
No, no e.
You will not stay with her.
He would do anything to get away, did he?
You said that you ended up with her
and that you would leave her to die.
I ho e, do you hear? He'd
be the last man he knew.
Are you fast enough
for two, Heller?
Do not! Umre e
before you pull it.
And you will be dead
before you see him fall.
You can not kill us both.
Think well.
Do you see that?
It's someone!
There must be restful horses!!
Gentlemen and lady.
I came to please you.
It was either a day or a
tiny night and no hours.
If I can help you,
you can do it too.
The trip was long and the day was hot.
Jimmy Joe Johnson and I...
We would not drink it.
Water for Jimmy, and not with less
water, and more alcohol, for me.
What's your name?
They call me definitely, but I'm only
responding to one. My name is Puritan.
It's not like I'm alive, but
I can preach such a life
if he did not mind.
Inside, sir, we do not have
much to share, but share it.
ta u with your bags?
Teach, take off the saddle of the horse's
horse and give it something not to drink.
Mr. Puritan is tired,
like his friend.
We do not want Jimmy
Joe to be tired.
It's quite a lot.
Fin you are building this.
Well, it's not ours.
And we are, as you are in the passage.
My one and our friends are
going to their homeland.
And what does it grow in the desert?
Not a desert Puritan.
We're going to California, we're
just a little out of the way
and find this city,
easy and quiet.
Some problem? -No, I'm just
dreaming of geography.
I'm never good at all.
Most people who travel,
usually go well.
Well, they usually
wander far or close.
Sometimes we choose a
duct, I assume you too.
Yes, we are like that.
Your friend is not a bal drueljubiv.
Yeah, it's quiet.
The horse is full of water and it is
saddled, but it does not accept the rope.
I should have told you about it.
Jimmy is like my brother...
It hurts when I see that others
attach a rope around his nose.
But, it does not go far and away, I
will be once when we are Jimmy and I...
we are...
And are we...
And we are down the hill... and I tried...
I suppose the stories are about people
and their horses, like stories about
fighting with the
Indians, are usually not
- Are you traveling around here?
For the past six months, I
was the first and last time.
Do you get a lot?
No, my friend, no.
It's just not so small, I'm
not enough to feed Jimmy
or I buy ice for guitar.
Not enough for a full load.
Then why are you so nervous?
Nervous? Me?
- Yes.
- No, dude, I did not.
How are you?
I know, you surely think we're a robbery.
Do you think we can steal your
money and take your life away?
Vara se. We are peaceful
people, we are crazy like you.
This city is not
empty in its guilt.
So what happened then?
We do not always know.
We are here only from the blue .
We intend to go to dawn.
You were here, fashion
has an explanation.
The other way was good.
So you do not know?
Reduce the population of
this city by one, right now.
I also advise you to leave here.
No, stop.
Wait a minute.
I'd like to hear your song,
it's a little tune here.
I'm happy, but...
E, that's not right.
I ask you to help us, and
you will not do me a favor.
We'll pay you Puritan!
Well OK.
I think that every man should
know the moment of his death.
Not to be paid, but to fight
to live as long as I can.
If you die, you die
and stand still.
And laugh.
This song sings about this.
John Coventry, his name
was, he praised his glory
when a young man, a man and a high
man, shot at the man who shot at him.
And so he becomes the first,
so in all the revolvers he has.
John sudbu had a lonely, far
from coming to challenge him.
He easily overcame them,
because he loved it very much.
You plan to kill him
because of a horse, is not it?
You do not have to kill
him, leave him here...
Shut up! And listen.
He has a partner named Henk,
in Galatiz, to rob a bank
but they soon diverged,
as you know it.
Five died, plus Henk,
in the old tomb.
John Coventry, a lonely guy,
learned early to pull the pistol
many buried him in the ground,
because he knew best to shoot.
For years, the blood is lilac...
You are not all about me!
But, there are other friends.
I do not want to hear
about John Coventry!
Now, do you write a song about him?
The killing man often speaks more
than the one who resorts to life.
Pisa e them one day and about me,
then you can sing these songs!
Now you're planning to be
criminal Heller?
Instead of a peaceful immigrant?
Of course not. I was thinking of
those who are saving their lives.
Of course.
I should have known, Heller would
never kill a group of people.
If they were quick on the trigger.
- Coventry killed them all?
- Yes.
I was present.
He was dangerous. - And not ba?
Mostly it has overcome praise.
- Because I met him.
- Yes.
Sing, sing it, or be alive.
My throat is dry like sand.
I think now I'm
forgiven for you.
Not! Sing!
We do not have much reason
for the joy of Puritan,
but when a man has a
life he has hopes.
People like us are lonely, but with
the song we are a little cheerful.
May I sit down a bit
before you try again?
Here you go.
- Lady...
- You thought my one.
Yes, it has a very nice face, the
most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
I understand, I am the painter first.
Picture of the picture,
beautifully flower, sky, earth
I consider it all beautiful.
But, above all, I like
to paint beautiful ones.
Of course! You paint it, I would love to.
Well, let me start.
Lighting is not the best here,
but painters like me are
accustomed to the dark places.
I think it's this good.
I need some things from
the bag on the saddle.
What things?
Your bag is here, do not you drizzle
Are there paintings?
Yes, but I need some
special brushes.
Take a picture with this here.
But I...
I'll help you with
these special brushes.
All right, go.
That guy Teach, he does
not care for anyone.
He probably left your saddle
here next to the horse.
Oh, here it is.
Let's get the brushes.
Let me help you.
This brush is only red.
I did not go after him.
- Not.
- I would not do it to you.
I know you.
Painting is part of my job,
I remember so many faces.
Once I see someone, I forget it.
Now I tell you to forget it!
Get on the horse and leave. Get back
where you came from! And it's fast!
You really think so?
You or you are here to die.
I do not understand, John
Coventry has a man to go.
Coventry is dead. No, that's it.
I ended up with that
name and that life.
I also did not want to kill you anymore.
- For what?
- You're curious.
Protra and the life I gave you.
- Get on your horse!
- Hey!
Do you make those brunette beans?
What about now?
Take brushes, there would
be other occasions.
But what if it is not?
You can break the word
and I want to clean your way.
Thank you.
You made Chaney, you
got rid of yourself.
I did it myself.
That must have been so.
But I would not be alone,
I would be with you.
We were both dead, so Heller
is not losing his mind.
That's my way.
But you let him take
you what you wanted.
I thought it was necessary, but
Gentry taught me differently.
He is not afraid to use a pistol.
He is now part of him, I do not
want him to become part of me.
Quick picture. -Yeah, I'm used to it
to paint very fast.
It takes a bit of time
to face the face,
and the whole life to be made.
It's good, it's good.
I will never be a killer, and
you will not be a killer.
We'll get to Mexico.
I thought nobody... I love you.
Do not.
I'm afraid to hear it say it.
There's nothing to pay for.
I've always dreamed about that, but I
do not think I would persist in that.
It's almost over.
Yes, it's just a little red lips.
That's right.
Nice, very nice.
What's on her ears?
I paint that I see.
- Delete!
- He's already here.
Erase when I say it!
Some people easily
forget their sins.
Do not worry about Gentry.
Would you like to see?
- So I look like that?
- So.
Her eyes are her.
You like yours, mild and young.
Not all of us!
It works normally.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
Pretty much like you.
I think it's the same.
Let the model be satisfied,
that's my motto.
If you all are, ladies,
it's enough for me.
- I'd better clean brushes.
- Not!
Do not bother - Heller!
Dirty brushes are later
useless to the painter.
It's like a pie.
He painted his last picture.
This is what to do?
Shut up!
And watch.
I never thought that John
Coventry would be my friend.
Coventry never had friends.
One day I can paint
mountains for me.
Great as if you wanted.
- You are now.
- Come on!
You crazy!
You let him go!
You let him get out of here!
We needed that horse to go over
the desert, and you let it go!
I should kill you in a place.
In the meantime, while you
are writing in a holster?
Turn around!
Turn around!
Now she sees me.
He's not going to kill a man.
You're dead anyway.
You wanted to write songs about you?
A man like Coventry never shot a
man without giving him a chance.
Now it's fair.
Whenever you're ready.
Listen, I gave the word
that you will not kill!
I can help you cross the
desert with just 4 horses.
You would not have succeeded even with 20!
I'm taking your move.
You can not pack enough water to
last to Rio Grande, it must be on.
I can do that.
Are you withdrawing from a fair
match you were looking for?
I'm withdrawing.
Good Gentry, you're still iv.
I did.
And I will make sure that
you take us to Mexico.
Teach, you need to watch the malles, ho
e again to go to the sightseeing?
Get in, quickly!
Now I'm sure to leave me here.
No one will stay!
Heller does not put himself
back in that position.
And if he does it anyway?
You will not hurt you.
I give you my word,
you have your chance.
Can I really start at the
beginning, be different?
You can try, with help and someone
who will show you the way.
And you mean to know?
Show and how much I know.
I'm not sure I can do it the best,
but we can help each other.
Could I really help you?
You've freed Heller
completely, that means
that she has the opportunity to provide.
Teach me not so,
that I was free.
And he accepted your advice on killing.
That's good.
He would be a good man,
calm and unstable.
- He wants me.
- And you him?
I've never had a chance
to choose until now.
But now it has.
No has passed.
But it's still a little.
Better get ready for the trip.
Come on.
Drue, you misunderstood me.
I'm not mad at you for the girl.
Be it lonely, and Chaney
is not for throwing.
Of course, it's not half as
it was before, but it's one.
Nobody likes to screw him, when
he first does not do anything.
You would not have loved that, would you?
- Is not it?
- I do not think so.
That's right.
Besides, it's not nice to others.
You're a real fool from me, and
I'm a shift, do you understand?
I guess.
And you know what else, I
noticed how she was watching.
I know you have a good feeling
for her, and I'm not a man
which is to be blamed
on the path of lovers.
What do you mean?
That's what I said.
I see that she likes Chaney!
So I see that she does not feel the same.
Fashion is not that, but
not so strong, is it?
She thinks I'm afraid of you,
but not so, I want you to know.
I know, I know that he has a loop.
You're a brave man.
But one must show it.
What are your goals?
You'll have to show her
that he wants to be
enough to fight for her.
Are you challenging me, Heller?
Calm down.
I do not want a conflict with you.
I try to teach you how
to conquer a person.
We could both make profits.
Now we depend on Gentry to
find us a drink in the water.
When we leave the desert, he and
Gato are worth only a few bullets.
Where did you go?
To wash my face dirty no .
What a ghost does.
And she dropped her eye on Gentry!
And when do we get to Mexico?
Dobi e e two pieces of money.
You got your girlfriend to take
it for you and do it for you.
Should we shoot at them only?
That's right.
Before you give it back to us.
Are you with me?
You must be very lonely.
You have no one to talk to,
nobody understands you.
There are no children.
You can not buy people, Heller!
Not even with what you want most.
I ask, are you with me?
Gentry, Heller will release you.
He just offered me the money and
Chaney, I'm shooting at you.
Get away from her, brave man!
Turn around, I got a bullet for you.
Do not teach, do not oppose him.
Let's see who is better, Teach!
Play and play.
All in all!
Turn around, you...
- Do not!
- I have to.
I was with you from
the beginning.
Get inside!
We are feeling this all the time.
We have made it clear that
we are losing our pursuit.
Now, let's hope they are close,
because our return is the only one.
It looks like Mexico
is leaving Chaney.
Here we go!
My hands are empty.
But they're not clean!
When I say that you are going to leave from
here, when we have a sledge, we are safe!
Delgadito will catch you before
you escape from this territory.
You will not kill me, you are honored.
Come with your friends!
Come on, run!
They try to escape!
Smartphones .
Let's go around!
Are you okay, Chaney?
We can try over that bridge!
Come on!
Do not stop!
Gentry! Come on!
Do not stop!
Mary's hearing.