Quantum Cowboys (2022) Movie Script

(eerie music)
(footsteps shuffling)
(eerie music continues)
- The ideas were so
strange to people
that they even
provoked strange names,
Strange names like the
many-worlds interpretation
of quantum mechanics or the
Darkest Timeline theories.
But the actual
idea's really simple.
There's a certain probability
that something happens
and we'll be in the right
universe to witness it.
And there's another probability
that something else happens
and we're in the right
universe to see that happen.
And every possibility spawns
its own complete universe.
But terrifyingly enough,
these universes are coexisting
and could, at any moment,
meet up and violently
extinguish one another.
Observation elevates a
single lowly possibility
into the only possible reality,
a single collective memory;
but for that to happen,
someone has to observe it.
(wind whooshing)
(eerie music continues)
- Ouch!
Damn it.
Hey, Calvin,
do you think anyone would even
remember a scene like this,
I mean, if none of us
were here to record it.
- Maybe.
- Yeah, but if they did,
I bet they'd remember
it differently.
- Yeah, Vic,
everybody everywhere always
never remembers it right.
- Do you think wrong would
be better or worse, though?
(equipment clattering)
- Striking!
(light bursts)
(crowd cheering and applauding)
(bass music)
- My name is Blacky,
and I dress in brown.
My band on the stage
loves their desert beige.
You know, we've played
in almost every town.
We've played in
saloons and dance halls
and houses of ill-repute.
We've even played a hotel
and bank opening or two,
but we ain't never played
christening a brand-new city.
They're gonna be bringing
the railroad here.
They're gonna be building
a brand-new prison.
There's gonna be new houses
and there's gonna be schools,
and jobs, all kind of stores.
By the end of this song,
you shall be transported,
as if by magic,
you're welcome
to the newly incorporated
city of Yuma, Arizona.
(crowd cheering and applauding)
On beat this time.
(mellow country music)
- Hey, you notice how
everyone around here
is at that show tonight, right?
- Yeah.
- Well, (strains)
that means no one's
back here then, right?
- Frank, remember what
happened last time.
- Oh, relax, Bruno.
I'm just making an observation.
- Okay, well, you've observed.
Now, let's go find
a place to clean
with a better view of the stage.
- Ain't you tired of
shoveling shit for $2 a day?
- It's better than
shoveling shit for $1 a day.
- If we had some money,
we'd be like him
up on that stage.
- It's not that easy, Frank.
(Frank sighs)
- Still, if we
had starter money-
- Hey, Frank.
- Still.
Let's go get a
better view, then.
(wheelbarrow rattling)
Lead the way, compadre.
- Let's go over there by
the fireworks, eh, Frank?
Yeah, Frank?
Hey, Frank?
Living high
Above a windmill
Angel high
- Why don't you
carry this box now?
- I don't like
carrying that box.
- I have to carry this.
- Last time you yelled at me
because I broke the
goddamn gold one in there.
You need to clasp that tighter,
whatever you call it.
- You hold this.
It's creeping me out.
- All right, fine.
I'll, I'll take the box.
(fireworks exploding)
(lock clanking)
(fireworks exploding)
(door creaking)
(faint country music)
(fireworks exploding)
(crowd cheering and applauding)
(fireworks whistling
and exploding)
- Shit. (sighs)
(faint country music continues)
(register banging)
Oh, damn it.
(register rings)
(Frank sighs)
(money rustling)
(faint country music continues)
Oh shit.
- [Marshal] Hold it
right there, son.
- I'm holding it,
but it isn't what it looks like.
- Oh yeah?
So you're not
robbing the outfitter
while everybody's
looking the other way?
- Of course not.
No, I was just working
and my shovel broke.
- Only thing broke is the
lock on the back door.
- Bought that shovel
here earlier today,
and it weren't no good.
So I thought it'd be fair,
came back, got a refund.
If you don't mind,
I'm gonna take this
refund and be on my way.
- [Marshal] Damn you, boy,
you do not wanna do that.
(gun thuds)
- Like I said, I'll
be on my way now.
(mellow country music)
(fireworks whistling
and exploding)
- Everybody get back!
He is armed, and
he is dangerous.
Stop before you make this
worse on yourself, boy.
I do not wanna shoot but I will.
Last goddamn warning boy.
(gun clicks)
(gun fires)
(Frank groans)
(guitar clanks)
- Oh.
(crowd clamoring)
(Frank groaning)
- Why'd you trip me?
- I didn't wanna
see you die again.
(mysterious music)
- Is he finished
playing already?
That seems a bit early to me.
I could have sworn there was
the third song in that set.
The question is:
Which of these universes
extinguishes the others?
Will Blacky live to
play that third song?
His past says he doesn't
but his future says he does.
Every single observation
creates its own little bang,
a whole new universe
expanding outward
from an individual experience,
disorganized and
wild and exciting.
(mysterious music)
So what we do is we recorded it
through songs and photographs
and drawings and paintings.
The greater the artifice,
the more the detail;
the more the detail, the
less the uncertainty.
And then eventually a hand
rendered memory is immutable,
then I get involved.
I wander through
these infinite takes
and finally stitch the bits
and pieces from your timeline
into one single
collective memory.
How can you not
Forget me not
(mysterious music continues)
But Blacky's last
show isn't fixed yet.
(lively music)
There is a black that
is deeper than night
There is an eye that
can see in this light
Sacred eye
Take a hike
Bless the eye
Kvmbia Okvlt
Bless the mind
Kvmbia Okvlt
Lift the lie
Kvmbia Okvlt
(lively music)
(blows thudding)
(bells chiming)
(Frank groans)
(dogs barking)
(blow thuds)
(Frank thuds)
(guard speaking
in broken Spanish)
- Frank,
I'm happy to say today you
are somebody else's problem.
You have served your debt to
the great Arizona territory.
(gate rattles)
(gentle music)
(chains rattling)
We cabled your friend,
but there are no
clothes for you.
- I think they threw
out the overalls
'cause they smelled
like horseshit.
(guard laughing)
- So all we got is this knife,
and this hat.
- At least you
got this nice hat.
- [Prison Clerk] Sign here.
- Sign it,
otherwise you're welcome
to wait in the yard
with the others, while we, uh,
look for your pants, amigo.
(clerk snickers)
(Frank scoffs)
- You can't be serious.
Can I at least have
a piece of string?
(wind whooshing)
(door clatters and squeaks)
Where's Bruno?
- Well, I don't know.
I don't really care.
(door creeks and bangs)
(pensive music)
(horses whinnying)
(door knocking)
- Hey, uh, uh, I'm
here for Frank.
(pensive music continues)
(Frank sighs)
I'm looking for
my friend, Frank.
This telegram says he
was to be released today.
(guard chuckles)
- You, uh, immigrants
ain't so good with English.
So he was transferred before
release, back to Yuma.
Yeah, you're gonna have
to go pick up your friend
from the new territorial prison,
that's about 200 miles away.
- Fuck!
- Your horses ain't looking
so good in the sun either.
They're not gonna make
the trip, I don't think.
- Oh come-
- It's okay.
You and I will make trade.
- Okay.
(pensive music continues)
(horse and zebra whinnying)
- Sometimes I think
about going home.
Sometimes home
ain't always home.
- What is home, really,
if you think about it?
(Colfax stutters)
- I think it's a
place you wanna go.
- Yeah.
- So what if you don't
want to go there?
I think the rules back
here suit me better.
You know what I do miss at home?
- What?
- The music.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah, I miss that too.
You know what happened
to me the other day?
- Uh?
- I caught myself
humming a song,
and somebody overheard it.
- Yeah.
- Something,
I think it was Led Zeppelin.
I started humming,
I started doing "Stairway
to Heaven" shit,
kind of like, you
know what I'm saying?
- All right.
- Thinking to myself.
- You were grooving.
- Kind of moving along.
And then this woman came
up to me and she's like,
"Did you write that?"
And I was like, "Fuck, yeah.
I wrote that shit."
Dude, we could make some
money doing that shit.
Think about that.
No, really, think about that.
We, we start, we
start getting famous.
We start...
Think of all the shit
that's already been done,
we can use that.
- You could even invent the
light bulb wide bulb. (chuckles)
- Oh yeah.
Now you're talking!
Man, we got, what, light bulbs,
we got Led Zeppelin.
What else we got?
We should start a list.
You got a in pen here?
- Here's to the future.
- Here's to the future.
(glasses clink)
- Hold on, hold on. Stop it.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I'm just gonna stop
this right here.
I admire the tenacity
of these two dimwits,
but their futility is
really frustrating.
These hapless fools
went back in time
with that same stupid
plan of finding a hit song
before it got possible, in fact,
that's what got them stuck here;
it has been recorded,
it can't be changed.
When this all starts
100 years from now,
Depew isn't so bad and
neither was Colfax.
In fact, the first few 100
times they tried to go home,
they were even friendly;
but 1,000 failures later,
they still don't
sell that damn song.
(eerie music)
(wind whooshing)
(eerie music continues)
(sun rumbling)
(insects chirping)
(wind whooshing)
(hooves clicking)
(chains rattling)
(horse whinnying)
- [Frank] Bruno!
- [Bruno] Frank?
- Hey, Bruno, is that you?
- Yes, Frank.
Frank, it is me.
(both laughing)
Oh, Frank, three years-
- Oh my God.
- [Bruno] And two days.
- Where have you been
the last two days?
- Oh, I went to the
wrong jail, Frank?
- How the hell do you
go to the wrong jail?
- Oh, forget that.
I'm here now.
- Whatever. Just tell me
you brought me my clothes.
- Frank?
- You didn't bring any clothes?
- You did not ask.
- I have been in prison
the last three years.
Did it not occur to you
that maybe I'd want
change of clothes?
- Frank.
- No, man.
(wind whooshing)
You don't understand
what I've been through.
- Yes, I do.
- I've been in prison.
- I know.
And sometimes the
opposite of a prison
is still a prison, Frank.
(birds whistles)
(Frank groans)
- Whatever.
Where's my horse?
- [Bruno] Oh yeah. Yeah.
Uh, there's your horse.
- That ain't a horse!
- Well, it's an African horse.
- I hate these stripes.
- What?
- I hate these damn
prison stripes.
And I hate this
damn striped horse.
- Oh hey.
I can't do anything
about the horse, Frank,
but maybe I can help
you with the clothes.
Take a look.
Your heart
And if it's true
High above a windmill
Birds eye view of you
Seeing all that you do
If the heart is true
Living high above saguoros
I could be kind
I suppose
Give you time to
expose your heart
And if it's true
Forlorn, forlorn
Until the morn
Our love's a lie
But it's worn out
Living high above
the windmills
But I'll be with you
(birds cooing)
(insects chirping)
(gun clicks)
- You two boys nearly
gave me a heart attack.
- Ma'am, we didn't
mean to startle you.
- You didn't startle
me, you scared me.
Any idea why?
You're trespassing on my land,
you're wearing prison stripes.
- Oh about that, ma'am,
I'm free and clear.
They just, well,
lost my clothes.
- I don't know about that.
- He's telling you
the truth, ma'am.
- Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.
What do you boys want?
- These trousers.
I wanna buy these trousers.
- Well, here's the thing.
My dearly departed husband
doesn't really have need
for those trousers anymore.
- So we can buy the trousers?
- Life is just a long
series of eliminations
of what you don't want.
- So, so you don't
want the trousers?
- No, I don't want the husband.
- Bruno, how much
money have we got?
- Oh. Oh.
- [Alice] Oh, don't
worry about it.
Just take 'em.
- Yeah?
Thank you.
And thanks to your husband.
God rest his soul.
- Oh, save the
Sunday school shit.
He ain't dead.
He just departed from here
three days ago with some young,
thieving pirate of a woman.
(Frank sighs)
- They're pretty good.
You don't have a
shirt too, do you?
- Nah, I already
got rid of those.
- So you just kept the trousers.
What were you planning
on doing with them?
- No, not plannin' nothing.
Plannin' just
insults the future.
(birds cooing)
- Thank you for the trousers.
- We'll be on our way now.
You, you have a
good, good, good day.
(mysterious music)
- Time travel's fickle,
it doesn't always happen.
Of course there's a science
to it, a portal to traverse,
but you also need
a human signal,
an urgency from deep within,
a desire for a different outcome
so overwhelming that it, well,
it emanates an energy.
Frank went to prison with
nothing, almost nothing,
and now Bruno believes
Frank got Blacky killed.
It's a fixed reality
that Frank's heart
cannot accept,
he needs Bruno to believe him.
This insistence begins to
vibrate deep inside Frank.
His need to find Blacky
alive is powerful
because his need for
Bruno is powerful.
(mysterious music continues)
(zebra whinnying)
- Where are we going?
- East.
- Why are we going east?
- It's too dry out here.
- Cheer up.
It'll be monsoon season soon.
- Yeah, but they
never make it this far
into the desert anymore.
Nothing is as good as
it used to be before.
- Before what?
- Before you went to jail,
before we left Yuma
and Blacky got dead.
- Blacky ain't dead.
- Sure, he is.
- No, he ain't.
- You and I both saw him die.
He got shot 'cause
of you, Frank.
- You listen to me.
Ain't nobody got
shot back there.
I went to jail but
nobody got dead.
- You know the Marshal shot him
on account of you broke
into that store, Frank.
- It ain't how I remember it.
- You don't remember too good.
(wind whooshing)
- We'll find Blacky.
(Bruno mutters)
(faint singing)
(hooves clopping)
- Do you see that?
- Yeah, I'm looking right at it.
As I behold
'Yond evening star
But yet
It holds not me
Not me
This morn I'll climb
'Yond misty hills
Roam the pastures through
How dense the fog
Before my path
The Deep eye dew
Deep eye dew
When the red bird
spread his sable wings
And showed his...
- Oh, this is pointless.
They are lost.
- I mean, you can't
find your own way
looking into
someone else's eyes.
- We still got a job to do
In both I read thy name
This morn
I climbed the misty hill
Roamed the pasture through
How dense the fog
Before my path
The deep eye dew
Deep eye dew
Oh deep eye dew
(horse whinnying)
- Hey, you know
that's not a horse.
It's a zebra.
- [Bruno] What is a zebra?
- Your horse.
That's what zebra is.
- Hey, do I know you?
(discordant banjo music)
- You two look back east.
- Of course we do.
We are from back east.
- How far back?
- Michigan.
or thereabouts.
(Depew laughs)
- Oh no, I mean
further back east.
- [Colfax] What, like Boston?
We've been to Boston.
- No, you look like
Englishmen, like colonizers,
all adorned in your
way back east plaids.
- We ain't colonizers, lady.
We're salesmen.
- That's just a
surrogate for colonizers.
- Yeah.
What does surrogate mean?
- It's just fancy talk
for someone who's a temporary
version of someone else.
- And if you think about it,
technically we're all just
temporary versions of ourselves
till the real one arrives.
- Will you kindly get
your ass outta my face?
- Eat your damn food.
- Is this bacalao?
I had this in Lisbon,
so that's a high bar.
- [Bruno] What is, uh, bacalao?
- It's all cod, salted, dried,
dehydrated and cooked up.
- I don't eat fish.
- What do you mean
you don't eat fish?
- This is the desert.
I don't trust fish out here.
- At least have an olive.
(jaunty banjo music)
(fire crackling)
- Well, I can't now.
- It is poor form to take
the last piece of group food.
- Yeah, so this guy ate the
last one I could have eaten.
- Bullshit.
(Depew laughing)
- I guess I'll just
take some cheese.
(gun clicks)
(table rattling)
- Where are your
manners now, kiddo?
- What?
- Colfax here don't like that
boardinghouse reach shit.
(fire crackling)
(trepidatious but
jaunty banjo music)
- Can I please have the cheese?
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You know, the Vikings
don't have a word for please.
When they don't kill you,
it means the same as please.
(jaunty banjo music)
(wind whooshing)
(mysterious music)
(footsteps shuffling)
(wind whooshing)
(seagulls cawing)
- They were gonna call
this town Equipment,
but then they didn't.
A seagull flaps its wings
over the blue ocean waves,
causing an imperceptible breeze.
That breeze becomes a current
and the current becomes a storm!
And the town that could
have been called Equipment
And the butterflies all starve,
and so does everything
else. (laughs)
And it all repeats,
but just a little
different each time,
like a Mobius strip
turning in upon itself
until it finally compromises
and the landscape records
the way it sounds.
(mysterious music continues)
(cat purring)
- Do you believe in ghosts?
Of course you do, everyone does.
We all find patterns
in the chaos around us,
we make sense of things
whether they actually
make sense or not.
Once we believe in those
patterns, we give them a face,
we edit the details into
one coherent narrative;
right then at that moment,
a ghost is born.
And sometimes a ghost
has a specific purpose,
like this ghost.
He's here to help Bruno
and Frank make sense
of their own chaos
and maybe even help 'em find
who they're looking for.
- Maybe if one morning
the two of you
didn't get outta bed,
maybe this wouldn't
be Gila Bend,
and maybe I would have
to buy my own drink.
But since you did get outta bed
this morning, step this way.
(Bruno laughs)
- [Bruno] Okay, Father,
I will buy you one drink.
- What will it be, Father John?
- Three whiskeys, Johnny boy.
Big feller's paying.
(bartender whistling)
(Father John sniffs)
(Father John coughing)
Salute. (coughing)
- Salute.
(Father John groans)
(choppy single note piano music)
- John, you got that
guitar back there.
- Oh, why you want
that, Mr. John?
You know it's broke.
- Just give it over!
(choppy piano music continues)
That's my boy.
(discordant guitar music)
You know, everybody knows
that song don't go like that.
- Mr. John, what exactly do
you and everyone know about it?
(choppy piano music)
(discordant guitar music)
Damn guitar can't
even hold a tune.
It slides out faster than
a mortal man can strum it.
- Oh, come on, fellers,
not that again.
- You know, if you
weren't a man of God-
- Yes, John, what would you do?
(glass shatters)
- That's what I'd do.
(Father John laughing)
(Father John coughing)
(piano music starts back up)
(discordant guitar music)
John, I think I just invented
a new way to play guitar.
(discordant guitar music)
(door bangs)
- Johnny boy, you
didn't invent nothing.
(discordant music)
(bartender sighs)
- We're looking for someone.
- Father John says
you know Blacky.
- Of course. I mean, he plays
around here all the time.
- You know where
we can find him?
- Well, he is here and there.
I mean, he plays in Flagstaff
when the weather's nice.
An, uh, you know,
come to think of it,
I haven't heard
from him in while.
- Enough!
(table thuds)
(gun clicks)
I have had a bad day.
And I cannot abide this
dissonance one moment more.
(gun fires)
(chandelier clanks)
(discordant guitar music)
Black's in Tucson.
- Tucson.
- I got a boat to catch.
(Frank sighs)
- I told you Blacky ain't dead.
(discordant music)
- You boys care
for another round
while I clean up around here?
- Uh, no.
- [Frank] Hmm?
Where'd the horses go.
They were back here.
I, I'm sure of it.
(keyboard clicking)
- You two lose something?
- No, we're fine.
- So you didn't lose
a horse and a zebra?
- Did you see what happened?
- Some shooting in the saloon,
it spooked the animals.
They went that way.
- Why didn't you stop them?
- They weren't mine to stop.
(Linde chuckles)
You want help finding them?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- On foot.
- I'll ride slowly.
(mysterious music)
(horse whinnying)
(Bruno whistling)
Knock that off.
Whistling at night
calls in bad spirits.
Keep up, guys.
We gotta push on before we camp.
- Are you sure our
horses went this way?
- [Linde] You got a better idea?
You don't have to come with me.
- No. Things just don't
work out that well for us.
We second guess a lot.
- Oh, "Things just
don't work out for us."
- Well, they don't.
I spent three years in jail,
ain't nothing out
here to come back to.
- Hey.
- Except him.
- Yeah?
My family's all dead.
(horse whinnying)
- It's been a while
since I've left my home.
I'll probably never
get to go back.
- This is supposed to be
the land of opportunity,
a place where you work
hard, you land some land,
make some money and...
Opportunity right
there in front of me.
- No opportunity is also
the opposite of opportunity.
- I don't understand.
- [Linde] All that
land you work to work,
where you think it comes from?
- [Bruno] Just out here.
- [Linde] What about
the people already here?
- [Bruno] There's plenty of
land for us and them too.
- [Linde] Yeah.
Why them kill all us to take it?
- Bruno and I
didn't kill anybody,
and we ain't got no
opportunity neither.
- [Linde] You two can't
imagine what's ahead
but you two need to hurry now.
- What?
How are we gonna find our horses
if we keep rushing through here.
- We ain't gonna
find your horses.
- And how are you so sure?
- Because bandits took 'em.
I saw it.
- What?
- You lied to us?
- I didn't wanna
ride this road alone.
(Frank laughing)
You two were going this way,
- Damn it!
- The bandits with your
horses did go this way.
I'll get you new ones.
- It's too late to go back now.
- Some things, if you think
about it, it repeats the same.
And sometimes there's a shift,
that's why I come back to
the idea that it was my left
now it's my right.
I'm gonna lose a goddamn
foot the next time.
(fire crackling)
Have you ever noticed how
it's like a loop?
You see all the circles
around us all the time?
I'm starting to notice
circles everywhere
now that I think about it.
It's like we're in
this cup, right?
Like, this is me.
- Yeah.
- Right?
This is you.
- [Colfax] Alrighty.
- Right?
(gentle music)
See how we moved?
- Yeah. You sank and I floated.
- No, I think
that's me actually.
But my point is-
- What's your point?
- There's move...there's
movement, circular.
So do I come back up?
Do you sink first?
Do I sink last?
Does it come back around?
When does this
finally empty itself?
That's when I wanna know.
- When you drink it.
- Yeah.
(gentle music continues)
We taste like shit.
- You didn't drink one of
them black ones, did you?
- Yeah. Why?
(mysterious music)
- The moon rises and
then the sun downs,
and then the sun rises
and the moon downs.
Kinda makes you wonder
what happened first, huh?
Well, it's a trick question.
There's no such thing as
before or after in a loop,
just a simple repeating circle.
There is a rhythm to it,
but sometimes it expands
just a little bit,
slips slightly out of time.
And some slips
are one way trips.
Colfax and Depew have
the urgency to go back
but they don't have the means.
They want Frank to
show them the way,
but that moment's already fixed.
When you can't change time,
it almost certainly
will change you.
It can even drive you mad.
Every step forward and takes
you closer to the beginning.
I just wish they all
would have picked
a better starting point.
(fire crackling)
(animal howling)
(insects chirping)
(Bruno sighs)
- Don't eat more
than your share.
- Don't worry.
It's not that good.
(Linde laughs)
(Bruno sighs)
- Mm.
Nah, thank you.
- You don't like whiskey?
- They say never drink
after a White man,
you might catch something.
(Bruno chuckles)
- But I, I am not sick.
- Of course you are.
You carry what all
your kind carries.
- What is that?
- Greed?
(Bruno chuckles)
Hey, square head, I'm kidding.
Hand me that bottle.
(insects chirping)
- Hey, are you sure
we can eat these?
- Of course you can.
Make sure you scrape
off them needles.
- I did most of it already.
- You guys really didn't
bring anything to eat?
It's a wonder you
made it this far.
(owl hooting)
- It tastes like, uh, raw peas.
- Is that good?
- [Frank] It ain't bad, I guess.
(insects chirping)
- Did you eat them
stripped ones?
- I tried 'em all.
(Linde laughs)
- Why? Is it bad?
- Uh, some can, uh,
affect you. (laughs)
(insects chirping)
- Hey, Linde,
you know about them stars?
- Like how?
- [Frank] Like the
pictures they make.
- You mean constellations?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Not really.
That's the Big
Dipper right there.
And that one points north.
- Oh, I see it. (chuckles)
(faint plane whooshing)
You guys hear that?
It sounds like a
locomotive in the sky.
(plane whooshing)
(fire crackling)
(insects chirping)
- No, just you.
(mysterious music)
- I have to to pee.
(suspenseful music)
- [Colfax] It's time.
- [Depew] Time for what?
- Well, this time, it's
always the same time,
it never changes.
- So what?
- So if we can stop him now,
this will be their last time.
- Okay then.
- Clock's ticking.
(Depew sighs)
- Somebody stop the
fucking clock already.
(animal howling)
(Frank groans and coughs)
- You're gonna sleep with
that thing around neck?
- I sure am.
You know, I stole
it three years ago.
I haven't even had a
chance to load it yet.
You know, I don't even know
what kind of bullets it takes.
I'm not how much of a
gun fighter. (chuckles)
- Here.
Maybe one of these works.
- Whoa. (chuckles)
Where did you find them?
- Hmm, here and there.
I don't like to see
things go to waste.
- You know, uh,
havin' a bag of bullets with
no gun is, uh, weird, right?
- And wearin' a pistol
without any bullets
is pretty weird too?
- What, what kind
of bullet's that?
(Linde scoffs)
- I don't know.
- Let's see if one of them fits.
- Maybe Bruno knows.
- Yeah. He's been gone a while.
(Frank sighs)
(suspenseful music)
- Shh. Quiet.
(suspenseful music continues)
Hold that gun like it's loaded.
- Well, it kinda is.
- Damn it, Frank, look meaner!
- Hey, who's out there?
- [Bruno] Hey.
- Bruno?
- Hey, hey, hey, it's me.
Don't shoot.
- You guys.
(suspenseful music continues)
Okay, you guys can
have half of our food,
leave the whiskey,
and be on your way.
I just got out of jail.
And I ain't, ain't
afraid of a fight.
What are you gonna do?
Eenie, meenie, miney, mo.
(Depew laughing)
What's so funny?
(Depew laughing)
(blow thuds)
(Frank groaning)
(eerie music)
- Just tell us where it.
- Or we'll kill you in five.
- What?
- Four.
- No, it doesn't
have to be like this.
- Three.
- Frank, Frank.
(Frank laughing)
- Two.
- Told you.
- One.
(Frank laughing)
(gun fires and explodes)
(Depew screaming)
- Damn it, Depew.
- [Depew] I shot
my fucking hand.
(blows thudding)
(Frank screaming)
(blows thudding)
(Bruno screaming)
(suspenseful music)
- Frank. Frank.
Oh, goddamn it, Frank.
Get back here and help me!
And you,
you uh...roll over.
- That ain't necessary.
I ain't going anywhere
in this condition.
- Yeah, I said roll over!
Do it!
Put your hands on your back.
(Colfax groaning)
Stay there.
(suspenseful music continues)
- Okay, not so tight.
(Colfax groans)
- Okay. Okay.
Now, uh, now you stand up.
- Will you gimme a
little help here?
- Now go sit by your friend.
(Colfax groans)
- Okay.
(suspenseful music continues)
Okay. Okay.
Now, uh, now you help me
tie his hands together.
- Well, how am I
supposed to do that
after you've already
hogtied me, your moron.
- Oh.
- By God!
His hand's all blowed off.
Now, why don't you just
untie me then I'll help you
and then you can tie me back up.
The way you want to do
it is just plain stupid.
- Yeah? Yeah?
Well, well,
the way I want to do it is how
we are going to do it, okay?
So just hold his hands together.
- You're gonna tie his
bloody stump to me?
- Yes, that is exactly
what I'm about to do!
Just let me think.
- Just untie me.
- No, your, your friend will
untie you when he wakes up.
- If he wakes up.
- When he wakes up, uh.
(Bruno whimpers)
- It's too cold off here,
so you you need...
Here's a blanket to stay worn.
- Much obliged.
- Here. You can
have the whiskey.
Oh no.
(suspenseful music continues)
Yeah? Okay.
I will leave the
bottle right here,
so do not knock it over.
- [Colfax] We will
find you again.
- Yeah?
That is impossible.
You see, we don't even
know where we're going,
so how could you?
(suspenseful music)
- We always do.
- [Bruno] Frank!
- We always find you.
- [Bruno] Frank!
(suspenseful music)
- [Masked Man] Colfax,
it ends here.
- Who the hell are you?
- [Masked Man] It
doesn't matter who I am.
I'm here to tell you
they ain't worth it.
- Stranger, you
don't scare me none.
- [Masked Man] I'm
not here to scare you.
I'm here to stop you.
- Well, then kill me.
Come on, kill both of us.
That's what I'd do if
I was in your boots.
(eerie music)
Then, you ain't gonna do shit.
(gun fires)
- [Masked Man] Good
thing I'm not you.
If you go to Yuma,
you'll regret it.
(footsteps shuffling)
- Depew, did you hear that?
- Yeah, I've been
awake this whole time.
- [Colfax] So?
- So I guess we're going
to Yuma again. (laughs)
(mysterious music)
(groovy music)
(guns firing)
- [Woman] What are we doing?
- What do you mean?
- We don't have
anything you want.
- It's like Tom and Jerry,
cat and mouse.
If the cat ever stopped
chasing the mouse,
he'd stop having
a purpose in life.
- Fuck Tom and Jerry.
- Yeah, I'm too old for this.
(groovy music continues)
- Hey, you,
turn around!
- [Bruno] Frank!
Hey, what are you doing?
(Frank retching)
(birds cawing and chirping)
- You, you're dead.
- I'm fine.
- You know, maybe,
maybe you're not.
- Not fine?
- Not dead.
- Okay.
Uh, have you seen Linde?
- Um, may, maybe
she took the horse.
- Okay, let's go then.
(mysterious music)
- [Frank] You know, Linde
told me how to find north
from the stars.
- [Bruno] So can you do it?
- No, I can't remember
exactly what she said.
And these stars keep moving.
- [Bruno] You should
have eaten that cactus.
- [Frank] Who ate me? What?
- Do you smell that?
- What? What?
(both sniffing)
That's cow shit.
- Yes.
And where there's cow
shit, there's civilization.
(both laughing)
- Whoa!
Oh, nevermind.
This is my hat.
(cattle mooing)
(water splashing)
(both gasping)
(mysterious music)
- Oh.
(Bruno sighs)
I'm gonna just...
I'm gonna just close my
eyes for a little bit.
(mysterious music)
(birds chirping)
(electricity buzzing)
- My name is Estevan.
I don't know your story;
but if you hand over the irons,
I'll get you cleaned up,
take you up to my place
and let you tell me what
you're doing out here,
otherwise you could
take this canteen
and be on your way now.
(cattle mooing)
(drum music)
- Hey, Estevan, you hear that?
Sounds like a war party to me.
- That's old country music.
- It doesn't sound like any
country music I ever heard.
- That's 'cause you've never
been to my old country.
(drum music)
(cattle mooing)
Prison stripes, eh?
- I'm not dangerous or anything-
- He didn't kill anybody.
He just tried to rob a
store, got Blacky killed.
- That's crazy.
Blacky isn't dead.
- It was an accident, and
he didn't pull the trigger,
but it was your fault.
- That ain't the
way I remember it.
- Well, maybe
you're wrong, Frank,
to ever think of that.
Just once I will show you,
you are not always right.
- All right, that settles it.
You all can stay for the night,
but then you gotta
be on your way.
- Hey, before we go, can
I ask you a question?
How'd you all
reinvent yourselves
coming into this new country.
(Estevan chuckles)
- There's no such thing
as reinventing yourself.
All's you can do is
invent something new,
there's not re about it.
- Then why listen
to the old music?
Doesn't it remind
you of the past?
- Forgettin' the past
don't make it go away,
but rememberin' it can
stop it from repeatin'.
I'll draw you up
a couple of baths.
You both stink.
- Of course.
(suspenseful music)
(water bubbling)
I could stay here forever.
(suspenseful music continues)
(water bubbling)
(mysterious music)
(wings fluttering)
(horn blaring)
(mysterious music continues)
(water splashing)
- We fall madly in love with
people we meet every day,
from the moment we
first look upon them.
But most of the time
that's as far as it goes.
- Sometimes it goes further.
- Either way, it usually fades.
(Frank gasping)
- Hey, Frank, so, so,
someone is outside.
(blinds banging)
(Linde straining)
- Ugh.
(Linde strains)
Tie that onto something.
- What for?
- Just tie it onto something
so you can climb down.
- But, uh, (chuckles)
I, I am naked.
- Yeah, so am I.
- Well, get dressed.
I'm here to save you.
- Why?
- Aren't you
kidnapped by bandits.
- No.
We are taking baths
of our own free will.
- Yeah. Come on in.
Water's fine.
(gentle music)
(Linde sighs)
(insects chirping)
(owl hooting)
- [Frank] I don't know why
we had to leave at night.
- Because we are in Arizona.
- It's more
comfortable at night.
- Rode all day in the
heat looking for you two.
I came back after the hold up.
- You came back for us?
- And she bought us
horses from the ranch.
- Of course I did.
We're partners.
Help me get back what's mine,
you keep the horses.
(Bruno whistling)
(hooves shuffling)
(Linde and Bruno whistling)
(all whistling)
(suspenseful music)
- Come on.
(Father John snoring)
(gentle piano music)
- Huh, huh, huh?
Oh, Linde. (laughing)
Take those goddamn hats
off in my goddamn church,
goddamn the pair of you.
- I apologize, Father.
- Meet, Bruno.
- Hello, son.
- Oh, yes, uh, we have...
We've met.
- No, no, we haven't.
- All right, enough talk.
Let's get started.
- Started?
- Well, don't you wanna
wait for the guests?
- They're all here.
- All right then, uh...
Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here
today in the sight of God
to celebrate-
- Faster.
- But normally I, I like
to do a little reading.
- Well, skip it.
- Okay. Okay.
- Lillian Riggs, do
you take this feller...
What's your name again?
- Oh, Bruno.
- Bruno what?
- Bruno Erickson.
- Lillian Riggs,
do you take Bruno Erickson
to be your lawfully
wedded husband?
- Yes, I do.
- [Father John] Bruno Erickson,
do you take Lillian Riggs to
be your lawfully wedded wife?
- Oh.
Uh, I, uh, I, I, uh,
I, I don't even have a ring.
- [Frank] Well, I do.
(all chuckle)
- Uh, yeah.
Um, Linde.
- Well, do you?
- I, I, I, I guess I do.
- Then kiss.
- [Calvin] Roll sound.
- Rolling.
- Roll camera.
- Rolling.
- Thank you.
(camera buzzing)
(gentle piano music)
- Ah.
(Linde chuckles)
- [Linde] Thanks, Padre.
(Ray chuckles)
- Well, ain't that
a fine fixed point.
- It's all on tape.
- All right. Let's move on.
- What has just happened?
- You just got hitched.
- All part of the plan.
- So we're not really married?
- Oh, I didn't say that.
(door bangs)
(bell chimes)
- Ms. Riggs, I made
it exceedingly clear
that I cannot,
no, I will not.
That, that, legally speaking,
that land cannot be deeded
to a non-U.S. citizen.
- But Mr. Brown.
- Your father, Mr. Riggs,
he was a Christian man.
He lawfully held that claim.
But you are not a Christian
and you are not a man,
it is dangerous territory
that is better
suited for management
by the city officers
and their surrogates.
- You mean you plan
to steal my land?
- I mean that...
I am the steward of
that property, legally,
unless a legal citizen
can make a legal claim.
- But, uh-
- But nothing.
Now, please, exit my office
before I call the sheriff.
- Mr. Brown.
- Make it quick, Ms. Riggs.
- This is my husband, Bruno.
(clock ticking)
It appears you have
some paperwork to do.
- Partners. (chuckles)
Left me out in the
street like a horse.
(horse whinnying)
- No offense intended.
(both laughing)
- Oh, come on, Frank.
- Where?
- The saloon.
My wife is buying.
(jazzy piano music)
(Frank mutters)
If you ever leave this town
Will I never
See you around
and your footsteps
Soft, soft sound
By the light of
the silvery moon
(discordant music)
(Linde laughing)
(cup thuds)
(doors creaking)
- Hey, Frank.
Oh, yeah, you come here.
- Put me down.
What's wrong with you?
- Oh.
- We've been here way too long.
- What?
- We're supposed to
be looking for Blacky.
- Oh, yeah, we will, Frank, but-
- But what?
- Well, maybe finding Blacky
doesn't matter so
much to me anymore.
- We're partners.
We're supposed to
be looking for him
right now.
- Yeah,
then maybe I went
looking for him
just so I could find her.
(door creaks)
- So I guess we're done here?
- Yeah, yeah, sorry.
- That's okay.
(Linde laughs)
Let's go to my place.
(Franks sighs)
(gentle music)
(insects chirping)
- When are we gonna get there?
- What do you mean?
This is it.
- But it's all cactus and sand.
- And a house.
- A house?
- And an arc.
- Like a boat?
- No.
- Like an angle.
- More like a vortex.
- Huh?
- Natural bridge.
- Like an archway.
- Mm, more like a doorway.
- Come on.
I'll show you some time.
- Hey, Linde,
why'd you take Bruno
into that law office?
- To get the deed.
- No, I mean, why'd you
take him and not me?
- Because Orville Brown
doesn't like brown people.
And you're kind of an idiot.
(Bruno laughs)
(gentle music continues)
(wind whooshing)
(insects chirping)
- What would you do?
- Chickens.
- Really?
- Or gold.
Maybe I'll pan for gold.
- Just like that, huh?
Three years in prison,
five years before that,
and we're done.
- It's not like that, Frank.
- Yes, it is.
- No, it isn't, Frank.
- Ever since you got married.
- I did not know I
was going to do that.
- It's fine.
She, she's great.
Really great.
(Frank coughs)
(Bruno coughs)
(mysterious music)
- [Bruno] Goodnight, Frank.
(insects chirping)
(mysterious music continues)
(metal rattling)
(owl hooting)
(mysterious music continues)
- [Masked Man] No need to panic.
I'm not here to hurt you.
- This is my house now.
And ain't no one gonna
scare me out of it.
(mysterious music continues)
- [Masked Man] When
the time comes,
you'll know what
to do with these.
- Get out.
- [Masked Man] And don't
let Frank go alone, please.
(mysterious music continues)
(hooves clopping)
(insects chirping)
(gentle music)
(horse snorts)
- Where's Frank's horse?
- Probably with Frank.
(insects chirping)
- I didn't mean
for this to happen.
- Maybe this is how
it was meant to be.
- Nothing's meant to be,
especially this.
- Then why am I here?
Out of all the people
you could have married.
- You're here 'cause you and
Frank got your horses stolen.
- Yeah. You just
happened to be there?
- [Linde] Coincidence.
- Well maybe sometimes
a coincidence
is the opposite
of a coincidence.
- Nope.
Coincidences are
just coincidences.
(gentle music continues)
You and Frank,
you're something different.
Now, you give each
other purpose.
You chose each other;
you and me, we didn't.
(gentle music continues)
(gun thuds)
This is just paper;
without it, we aren't
married anymore.
You're free.
I'm free.
- I, I thought I...
I thought that-
- No, you were wrong. (chuckles)
(gentle music continues)
Go find your friend.
- Okay.
(gun thuds)
We don't need that.
(gentle music continues)
(insects chirping)
(birds chirping)
(hooves clicking)
(birds chirping)
- [Frank] Hmm?
- Hey. Hey, Frank.
Frank, wake up.
(Frank groaning)
You scared me to death.
Frank, wake up.
(Frank muttering)
Frank, it is already midday
and you have to wake up.
Okay, have it your away.
Let's get you up.
- Get off!
- Hey, hey, look behind you.
- [Frank] What?
- Hey, just turn around.
(insects chirping)
Do you think that is it?
- [Frank] It's what?
- [Bruno] Linde's arc.
- [Frank] She said
it was a door.
- That was a metaphor,
I think.
- There's one way to find out.
- Hey, wait.
(Frank sighs)
(Frank sighs)
- Thank, thank you
for coming back.
- Yeah, Frank.
Hey wait, wait.
(suspenseful music)
- Yeah, just a plain archway.
It didn't go anywhere.
- Oh.
Still it gives me the creeps.
(suspenseful music continues)
- So what about,
uh, you and Linde?
- Let's just find
Blacky, partner.
(Frank sighs)
(dramatic music)
(bottle clinks)
- Well, there it is.
A simple event is
now made complicated.
This is why Blacky's
fate is so divided.
Frank and Bruno aren't even
on the same timeline anymore.
All right.
We'll just have to adjust th
script to make sense of it all.
- [Bruno] Hey, Frank.
- [Frank] What?
How did we get
to wherever we're now?
- Oh,
you hit your head pretty
hard at the arc, Frank.
But I found Blacky.
And you were right.
- What do you mean
found, Blacky?
- I mean, (strains)
if we scoop horseshit
for the mayor,
we can watch Blacky perform.
- What?
- He's alive.
Up there in a few minutes.
They promised rooms for us too.
Hey, yo.
(suspenseful music)
- Oh.
No, I'll be right back.
- You know, maybe we don't
have to do this again.
Maybe Brown handled it.
- No, he didn't.
How do you know?
- Because if he did, you'd
still have your hand.
- You know what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking it's like that
thing that Einstein said.
You know, you do something
over and over and over again,
it's just plain
fucking insanity.
- It's just trying to
do something differently
that's driving us crazy.
- [Depew] Yeah, you
can say that again?
- [Bruno] Where were you?
- [Frank] I've been
here the whole time.
- [Bruno] You must have hit
your head petty hard, Frank.
- Yeah.
(Bruno straining)
Hey, uh, you know how, uh,
everyone is at that
show right now?
- Yeah?
- That means no one's
gonna be back here, right?
- Frank, remember what
happened last time?
Let's go find a place to clean
with a better view of the show.
Hey, Frank?
- To the newly incorporated
city, Yuma, Arizona.
(crowd cheering and applauding)
On beat this time.
(lively music)
Frank, don't do this.
- Who are you?
(fireworks exploding)
It's happening again.
(mysterious music)
- [Linde] Bruno!
- Linde?
- I got thinking.
- About what?
- Maybe some coincidence
isn't just coincidence.
- I, uh, I've missed
you too, Linde.
- Damn it, Frank!
- I shouldn't have
asked you to leave.
I like you.
The way we did it was just...
We just skipped some steps.
- It's okay.
I should not have
convinced myself
the marriage was real.
- We just don't know yet.
- Well, well, well,
your friend was stupid enough
to tell us where you were.
I'm living high
(fireworks exploding)
- Told you he wouldn't forget
that boardinghouse reach.
And I can't hold nothing
but a grudge now!
(fireworks exploding)
- [Colfax] Where's Frank?
- Last goddamn warning, boy.
(guns fires)
(guitar clanks)
- Oh.
(Blacky thuds)
(Blacky thuds)
(crowd clamoring)
(dramatic music)
- Why can't you
just leave us alone?
- Bruno!
(gun fires)
Stupid left hand.
(gun fires)
- Sorry, kid.
I just ain't got the time
(gun fires)
- No!
No, no!
This is not supposed
to end like this!
- [Colfax] You're right.
(gun fires)
(dramatic music)
(Depew laughing)
(Bruno laughing)
- You, you scared us, Frank.
Somehow you threw this
bottle into the air
and managed to hit
yourself in the head,
knocked you out
for a good while.
Hey, uh, can you stand up?
(Frank groaning)
- What?
Wait, wait, what's
Linde doing here?
- I was here the whole time.
I couldn't let him come alone.
- All right.
Uh, we can be in
Yuma in half a day.
- Why?
- To find Blacky.
You were right.
(gentle music)
- Hey, Linde, can I
borrow your poncho?
(Linde sighs)
(gentle guitar music)
(mysterious music)
- Hey Frank, can we
stop acting crazy?
- Can I have the serape back?
- [Bruno] Hey, come on.
- [Linde] Yep.
(bottle whooshes and clinks)
(Frank thuds)
- [Bruno] Frank,
can you hear me?
- Wait.
- Hey, Frank?
- Frank, you okay?
- [Bruno] You blacked
out again, Frank,
you had us worried.
- Don't be.
We'll be ready this time.
- [Linde] Ready for what?
- Everything.
- Well, I hope you're
ready to shovel manure.
- We're not doing that.
(hooves clopping)
(gentle electric country music)
At the lazy B...
- I told you he
ain't dead. (laughs)
(gun fires)
- [Bruno] Oh Frank!
- [Linde] Put down the gun.
- [Depew] No, you
put down yours.
(gun clicks)
- Don't worry.
She ain't gonna shoot.
She ain't got it in her.
- Don't be so sure.
(gun fires)
- Goddamn it!
- Told you.
- Honey, we've done this before.
- It has to end this way.
(Depew laughs)
(fireworks exploding)
(Bruno gasping)
- What's happening?
- I couldn't shoot him.
- It's okay.
I don't think I could have
pulled the trigger either.
- No!
I couldn't shoot him 'cause
I never loaded the gun.
- Oh.
(Bruno thuds)
- Goddamn it.
We'll do it better next time.
(suspenseful music)
- How did we get here
to wherever we are?
- Oh, you hit yourself
in the head pretty hard
back at the arc, Frank.
But I found Blacky,
you were right.
- No, Bruno, you're alive.
- Oh. Yes, I am, Frank.
And so is Blacky.
And if we scoop
horseshit for the mayor,
we can watch him perform.
- No, we can't do this again.
I have to stop myself.
- [Masked Man] No,
you do not, Frank.
You stay with Bruno,
Stay a alive!
(dramatic music)
- This isn't what it looks like.
- [Masked Man] I'm sorry.
(blow thuds)
- [Linde] Bruno!
- Linde.
- No, no, no.
You gotta listen to me.
- No, Linde, I, I'm sorry.
I should not have
convinced myself-
- Bruno, that doesn't
matter right now.
- Yes, but I am sorry, Linde.
- Bruno, you got nothing to
be sorry about. All right?
I just need to leave Yuma.
You need to get outta here
before the salesmen
come to find you.
- Well, well, well,
your friend was stupid enough
to tell us where you were.
- I told you he wouldn't forget
that boardinghouse reach.
And I can't hold nothing
but a grudge now.
- [Colfax] Where is your friend?
- [Frank] Right here.
(guns click)
- Oh no.
(shovel clanks)
(gun fires)
(gun fires)
(Frank gasps)
(gun clicking)
- Oh, hey.
Hey, hey, Linde.
Hey, Linde, it's, it's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me, hey.
Yeah. Hey.
(dramatic music)
(car crashes)
- [Victoria] Oh shit.
(Frank muttering)
- [Frank] Colfax. No, no, no.
- [Victoria] You're not
supposed to back here.
- Eat this, kid.
I'll take care of it.
(Victoria speaking faintly)
- [Victoria] It's okay.
(car revs)
(Colfax groans)
- I shouldn't have
eaten that cactus.
- You shouldn't have
went through that arc.
- I didn't go through the arc.
- Yeah, but you will.
- How do you know that?
- Uh, I remember
when you did it.
(Frank laughing)
- You can't.
You can't remember something
before it's happened.
- You know, time ain't
a one way street.
We go back and forth.
- How?
- Ah, you know,
memories are just a side
effect of consciousness.
Time is just an assumption
made out of those memories.
- So-
- Memories change
all the time, unless-
- Unless what?
- Unless you record it,
and then it becomes
a fixed point.
- No, no, no.
I don't understand.
- Well, that's why you
went through the arc.
To fix your own memories. Right?
Come on.
(car engine droning)
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go.
- [Ray] Welcome aboard, kid.
(car engine revving)
(rock music)
- [Frank] I shouldn't
have eaten that cactus.
- Frank, everybody
feels that way
the first time they
hear rock music.
- That's not what I mean.
I think I'm gonna sick again.
- Oh no, Ray, really.
I remember the first time
I heard Led Zeppelin,
I was sick for a week.
(rock music)
(Frank retching)
(rock music continues)
- Where are we going?
(Ray chuckles)
- It's not where, man.
It's when.
You know that music
you just heard;
once it's on tape, you
can't change it no more.
- So if you don't
like your take,
you better let yourself
know, you know?
- What?
(hand sizzling)
(Frank shrieks)
- Careful.
That plastic will be hot,
it's been in the sun a while.
- [Frank] What?
- [Bruno] Hello?
- Hello?
- [Bruno] Hello?
- Bruno?
- [Bruno] Frank?
Hey, Frank?
Hey, can you hear me, Frank?
Do you hear me, Frank?
- Where are you?
- [Bruno] Come on, Frank.
Hey, can you hear me?
Oh, Frank.
- Bruno.
- [Bruno] Oh, Frank.
Frank, somehow you threw
this bottle into the air
and managed to hit
yourself in the head,
knocked yourself out
for a good long while.
- Gotta make sure you're okay.
Looks like you cut yourself.
- All right.
If we do not move quick,
we'll miss the show.
(gentle music)
(bottle whooshes and clinks)
- [Frank] Yeah.
(hooves clopping)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey, Linde.
- Yeah?
- You got my gun, right?
- [Linde] Why?
- [Bruno] No, no, no.
Don't give him a gun.
- I don't want the gun.
Then what?
- I just want you
to load it now.
- With what?
My mix match bullets?
- [Frank] No, the new bullets.
- How do you know about those?
- It doesn't matter.
I just want you to
load it this time.
- Look.
(pensive music)
- [Woman] Ya! Ya!
(gentle music)
- You see which
way that boat went?
(John hacking)
- You know, kid,
I had some pants just like that.
I liked those pants.
- The pants moved on.
- Well, I guess you can't
change the past, huh?
- I'm not so sure about that.
- [John] Maybe you haven't
been paying attention, kid.
- Are you gonna
chase the ghost ship?
- Depends.
- On what?
- When she gave you those
pants, how'd she look?
- She looked lonely.
- Then no.
- [Bruno] No, what?
- Then no.
I'm not chasing
after any damn boats.
She kept the pants and threw
away the shirts. (laughs)
Ah yeah.
- What does that mean?
- It means I still
got half a chance.
(John speaking in Spanish)
Don't worry about the past
(horse whinnying)
(gentle music continues)
(Linde sighs)
- [Frank] Bruno.
- Yeah.
- I think you were
right all along.
- About what?
- Finding Blacky doesn't matter.
- [Bruno] So we're not
going to Yuma anymore?
- No, let's go.
(Bruno chuckles)
- Eh.
Never liked his band, anyway.
(hooves clopping)
(eerie music)
(Bruno whistling)
Knock that off.
(hooves clopping)
(owl hooting)
(eerie music continues)
- Hmm.
That's an interesting choice.
It's high noon
and a couple of
cowboys show down,
a spectacle for us but
a tragedy for them.
The only way to win
something like that
is not to show up.
In Schrodinger's
thought experiment,
a hypothetical cat's considered
both alive and dead
so long as no one
looks in the box.
I've always hated that analogy.
There's no reason
to threaten a cat,
not even hypothetical cat;
but still, it is
a clever solution.
The multiple worlds
aren't forced to compete
if they just avoid each other.
So the only question now is:
How long can those two
cowboys keep this box shut?
(gentle music)
(mysterious music)
(film reel rattling)
- We're losing daylight.
I don't think
they're gonna show.
- Well, if they don't,
I have to change the scene.
- You know, maybe
it's better this way.
- All right then.
Let's roll on this one.
- Everybody always
never gets it right.
(jaunty music)
(fireworks exploding)
Pickin' at carcass
With exceptional value
I hope it all goes well
I don't have to tell you
Here amongst the ruckus
We are coping to dispel
Your whole life
is a dead thing
And the energy
you would give it
You've been deprogrammed
from the cult and
How you would live it
Yeah, I'm pickin'
at the carcass
With exceptional value
Hoping it all goes well
Yeah, your whole life
Has been rendered
Now you have to
only surrender
Pickin' at the carcass
With exceptional value
I hope that all goes well
I hope it well
- Uh-uh.
You make us look bad
when you do that.
Now just keep it going.
(mysterious music)
(mysterious music continues)
(mysterious music continues)
(water bubbling)