Queen Elizabeth (2023) Movie Script

(Alarm Ringing)
-Good morning bro.
-Hey, good morning.
-What's up?
-All good.
Good morning.
Good morning.
The little smile shines,
hidden from your eyes
Divvy up those beautiful
smiles in plenty without veiling it
Float like the fluffy
clouds far across the sky
Hey lovely, don't stay alone
Mingle and jingle with fellow beings
Linger here for a while
and let's fonder the flowers
Come and join as a chorus to
the symphony of the Cuckoo
who makes music magical
Our classes have already
begun, come quickly.
(Casually humming)
Oh God!
What are you doing?
Are you trying to scare them?
When the paths are long
Friends are like shadows
to accompany you
When your feet are weary
The love nest acts like a solace
Seek and you will find heaps of hue
Leave the doors ajar
And let the breeze caress your soul
Linger here for a while
and let's fonder the flowers
Come and join as a chorus to
the symphony of the Cuckoo
who makes music magical
The little smile shines,
hidden from your eyes
Divvy up those beautiful
smiles in plenty without veiling it
Float like the fluffy
clouds far across the sky
Hey lovely, don't stay alone
Mingle and jingle with fellow beings
Linger here for a while
and let's fonder the flowers
Come and join as a chorus to
the symphony of the Cuckoo
who makes music magical
(casually humming)
Uncle, can you give me...
500 rupees for my college's
charity fund collection?
Well, I was telling you the truth.
Uncle, don't you know that I'm honest?
There was 3500 rupees inside it.
Did you take it?
Uncle, don't talk nonsense.
Would I have asked you if I had taken it?
Yeah, that's true.
Here you go.
We should take care of our money, Uncle.
Saving for the future
is a necessity, right?
But... where's my money?
I'm giving you 500 rupees
more than anyone else, right?
Can't you show a sincerity
worth a penny for it?
My house is filled with dust.
Oh no! I cleaned it
even yesterday, my dear.
Sorry, Madam.
Town areas are dusty by nature.
What an excuse!
I expect the house to be tidy and
perfect when I get home in the evening.
And if you shuffle
anything up while cleaning...
sort it back right away.
Got it?
What a creature!
What did you say?
Nothing, Madam.
She heard that too.
What the heck have you done here?
No manners at all!
I warned you many times, didn't I?
Not to dump your household
waste inside my bin.
I just placed it inside
as our bin was filled.
They will clean it anyway.
So, what's the big deal?
Wow! Is that so?
I bought this for my own needs,
not to make your life easier.
Don't ever repeat this.
Such a nuisance!
Oh no! My Whisky.
Whisky my dear, are you scared?
It's all good; don't go there from now on.
Your dog has to stay put!
Otherwise, you'll see my true colours.
Only you would be
willing to put up with her.
She has enemies all over the world,
not to mention in this apartment.
Aren't you new here?
You'll get it eventually.
I wonder who named her!
Elizabeth Angel!
The name called by
the kids suit her better.
"Devil Lady."
Devil's car.
What's this?
It's not just me, Aunty.
They also asked me to do it.
Would you do anything if they ask you?
Who the hell is your devil?
Rub it, come on!
If you ever feel like
writing such things again...
go for your Dad's car!
My dad's car is a Mercedes-Benz,
not this cheap Venue.
Buzz off!
Yeah, okay.
All of the 30 copies
will be like this, right?
You can do it with this easily.
That one over there will do the trick too.
This one?
-Isn't it a bit costly?
Yeah, it's a bit costly.
But that one is comparatively cheaper.
What about printing on this mug?
But the price will be somewhat high.
Oh, is it?
Isn't this better?
We'll take this one.
Bro, she is here.
Is it? Okay.
This one?
Yeah, we can do it.
Otherwise, if you bring any
materials we can print on them.
Let's print it on the mug.
We are spending money nonetheless.
Seems like Queen Elizabeth has arrived.
Good morning.
It's a new saree, there
are loads of offers out there.
I'll come later.
She's here, move away.
What's this?
A photo session?
Ma'am, I was taking reels.
And my followers are going up.
Isn't it all about happiness?
Happiness? For whom?
Keep such happiness away from the office.
We're screwed!
The founder of the
front camera is to blame.
Sorry Ma'am.
I won't repeat this.
Athira, this is not your personal
space to come and go as you please.
I was only late by 10 minutes, Ma'am.
Excluding holidays, how many
working days do you have per year?
365 minus...
280 days.
If you are late by 10 minutes every day...
what will be the total
number of minutes per year?
60 seconds in a minute...
2800 minutes.
That means, 47 hours a year.
You have 9 hours of job per day.
My goodness!
If so, you are taking 5 days' leave.
Shall I cut off your 5 days' salary?
What's this all about?
Shakuntala Devi, it seems!
May I come in?
Could you please check this, Madam?
It's my new design.
This space could be converted
into a home, office, or storage room.
It's a convertible design.
Nice one.
Thank you, Madam.
But not here.
You can convert your
home likewise, Sumesh.
Sorry, Madam.
Uncle, haven't you proposed to her yet?
I have to.
But I couldn't do it yet.
I have to propose to her.
Why are you afraid, Uncle?
Just tell it to her face.
Leave it.
I have warned you many
times not to call me 'Uncle'.
Call me Alex Bro.
I'll cut your discount, mind it.
We are used to it, Uncle.
Let's see, we'll try.
Isn't it?
This is one of the best designs.
And I hope you really like it.
This concept is pretty good.
I'm glad, thank you!
You're welcome.
[In Tamil] Let's finalize the
detailed narration of this project...
...on the 15th in Coimbatore.
Isn't it okay for you, Madam?
-I'll be there on the 15th.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Sir, that lady looks quite arrogant.
Should we play with fire?
She is short-tempered,
aggressive and unadjustable...
but she is brilliant.
She's perfect and smart in her work.
That's what we require.
If she fell in love with someone...
her character would have
changed for the better.
I'm in awe of her look and style.
But I can't stand her character.
Yeah right!
Do you think anyone
will fall for that character?
Jumping from a hilltop
would be a better option.
But, I know someone
who is up for that challenge.
-You heard it right.
-Who is that?
There's a guy!
Who is that, man?
[In Hindi] There's a guy!
(Ente Khalbile song from the
Malayalam movie 'Classmates)
Has she always been this
way since she was a child?
Earlier, she used to visit
home once in a while.
Now that's also stopped.
She hardly talks
over a phone call.
That's the reason we came here.
Can we leave her even
though she doesn't need us?
I'm already 34 years old!
Maria is also pressurizing me.
I'll commit suicide if
she marries someone else.
I'm not joking;
I'll commit suicide.
The time has changed.
Younger brother's marriage clock ticks
on his own time, not his sister's.
Nobody values me.
Hey Mom, I swear in the name of
Holy Mary. I'll surely elope!
Don't come complaining to me later
that I tarnished our family's image.
Please keep quiet, Ebin.
Let us talk to her.
What exactly?
Tell me if you are afraid...
I'll ask her.
I don't fear anyone.
It will take time.
Go ask her!
When did you reach?
My dear, Susy Aunty from
Ireland called me last week...
they really like you.
So what?
Philip is a good guy...
Have you been told that I am
planning to get married now?
Once you tie the
knot, he has to...-
Hey, Ebin!
Did I tell you not
to get married?
You can get married if you want.
You don't have to wait
for anyone's permission.
I have told you many times that
I'm not on board for such matters.
Nobody should poke
their nose into my life.
I hate it.
Are you staying here or not?
We are here to tell
you about this...
not to stay with you!
Do whatever you please!
If you go through
our fifth step...
Eye contact.
You should make eye contact
when you propose to her.
Don't look anywhere else
or fumble while proposing.
there's no point in
watching these videos.
I was just browsing
through some videos.
Let me give it a shot.
Uncle, there's a
teacher of mine...
she's an amazing person.
And she is almost a match
made in heaven for you.
Shall I talk to her?
It appears that no one here has a
problem with me staying unmarried...
and no one is forcing me to.
Well, well!
Has anyone here told
you not to get married?
Did I?
Get married if you want to.
And if you don't
want to, so be it!
These are just personal choices.
This is not what most
mothers would do.
I'm not like them.
I'm a bit different!
let me tell you one more thing.
There's nothing wrong
with not getting married.
But make sure you don't land in
trouble by getting hooked up!
Ugh! What's this?
I don't mind if you go
for that kind of stuff.
Just keep it a secret!
What a creepy mom!
We should show the world that we
are capable of living independently.
A lot of women should step
forward to follow our path.
Anyway, I have no intention
of loving or marrying anyone.
One portion of
steamed veggies...
one chappathi...
Paneer butter masala, the masala and
spices should be on the lower side.
Fresh Orange juice;
no sugar, no ice.
Three parottas and
chilly chicken for me.
one beef roast too.
Make it really spicy.
You should stop your
unhealthy food habits.
These parottas are crap.
Your intestines will shrink.
It can cause cancer
within no time.
And chicken is pumped
full of steroids.
-Better not to talk about beef...
-Can you just stop it?
We'll get only a few
hours in this world.
So... eat, drink and be merry.
We don't have to
lead a fearful life.
We will all die someday.
Elizabeth Angel Simon.
Do you remember me?
I don't...-
Saint Albert School,
12-B batch...
Class leader...
Try recollecting.
Oh, I understood.
Teena Sebastian.
Now I'm Teena Stephen.
I got married.
Do you change only the
name after the wedding?
Yeah, I had to.
Elizabeth, are you still
living in Ernakulam?
Did you get married?
I have opened a designer
boutique in this area.
Come down there
whenever time permits.
We were discussing a
serious matter here.
Oh, sorry sorry!
As it's been so
long since we met...
You guys carry on, bye!
What serious matter?
I told it to avoid her.
I'm not into such matters.
Ex-classmates, Whatsapp group...
I wonder how my boss fell in love
with the rough-edged Queen Elizabeth.
Her beauty!
It's all about her appearance.
She has a great sense of style.
Look at her attitude!
We'll be glued to her
once we see her...
Well, I didn't mean it.
It's better you don't
mean anything else.
Not only her appearance.
There are other factors too.
Elizabeth does not meddle in other
people's affairs unnecessarily.
Have you seen her
getting rude to anyone?
To hell with your reels!
The office is meant to work!
Aren't you ashamed to receive
the paychecks every time?
I think Elizabeth is a naive soul
who is always lending a helping hand.
Madam... my daughter's
marriage is almost fixed.
So, what should I do?
Could you please help me by
lending me 200,000 rupees?
I can't.
I'll give you some money though.
It's enough.
It's more than enough to
fall in love with someone.
Listen, bro, as her employees...
we dream of a happy and prosperous
marital life for Elizabeth Ma'am.
Isn't it, Sumesh?
Spot on!
Now let me tell you the truth.
You are a match made in
heaven for our Madam.
Just like the saying
''made for each other."
Isn't it?
Made for each other!
I'm sensing something fishy.
Did you hear it?
Made for each other, my foot!
How beautiful is
Queen Elizabeth!
And look at my boss!
Keep in mind that
you are my employee.
Even though I'm your
employee, I must be honest.
Please stay away from
such negativities.
Don't take it to your heart.
Bro, can you follow
our instructions?
Boss, you'll be in trouble.
Venu shut up!
What should I do?
Tell me, Sumesh.
God, save me.
Please sort this
out for me somehow.
Yes, yes!
What's with this tucked-in shirt?
That too on Valentine's Day.
Something is odd.
No... mind your own business.
Mom, bless me.
Bless you?
It's free of cost,
right? Please bless me.
-Yeah, you have been blessed.
-Thank you.
God knows!
Yes, you can.
Alex Bro...
Everything's okay, right?
Where's the gift?
Didn't you write what
I told you on the card?
There's my contribution too.
Let it be.
Our plan is 88% complete if we
proceed with this appearance.
What about the 12%?
That 12% lies on this gift!
Go ahead! Everything's fine.
Give me your hand.
-All the best.
-Thank you.
Oh, Lord! Please save me.
Hey, all the best!
Good luck.
Excuse me...
Okay, I'll be there
in the evening.
The meeting is scheduled
for 7 pm, right?
I'll return the next
day after the meeting.
You speak Tamil really well.
Excuse me?
What do you want?
I have to tell you something.
Here you go.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Read that card too.
Get lost!
You didn't read that card.
Get lost I said!
-What's the update?
-It didn't work out.
Our boss is very upset.
I cautioned him against
going ahead with it.
-What a pity!
-He didn't pay heed to me.
Look at him now.
Naive soul!
My dear...
when are you going to come here?
As if there's something to
get done as soon as I arrive.
I will come at my convenience.
I had to tell you something.
I'm a bit busy now.
I'll call you later.
Hello, front desk. This is
Rishabh, how may I assist you?
Is there any good
hospital nearby?
Ma'am, the nearest hospital
best will be the Lotus Medicity.
Which is near to the hotel.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for calling,
Ma'am. Have a good day!
How long since this started?
For some time now.
I often feel it.
But the pain was unbearable
last night, Doctor.
Let's do a CT scan.
I never miss a day praying
for her character to change.
We are helpless, Father.
Keep her matter aside for now.
And arrange your
son's marriage now.
Wasn't it the same
back then too?
Have you ever shown the same
attention to your daughter...
as you did to your son?
I don't believe there will be
any change to her character.
I didn't intend
to disappoint you.
But, that's the truth.
Otherwise, God will have
to perform a miracle.
Elizabeth Angel Simon.
Is there anyone with you?
Do you have your friends
or relatives here?
I came here for a
business meeting.
to be frank...
It's a bit complicated.
But, it is important to be
honest with the patient.
Especially a woman like you...
who is bold and educated.
You are going through the third
stage of pancreatic cancer.
Pancreatic cancer is usually
diagnosed at a late stage.
As it spreads through
our pancreas quickly...
the treatment is tough.
Surgery is the
only viable option.
But, that stage is also over.
Maximum 3 months!
Let's do the treatment...-
Doctor, is there any guarantee that
the treatment will lead to recovery?
The treatment is tough.
Surgery is the
only viable option.
But, that stage is also over.
Maximum 3 months!
You seem to be self-absorbed.
You don't even care about
other's grief and agony.
She's such a numb lady!
I can understand if she
doesn't speak with affection.
But, can't she even
look with affection?
She won't even do that.
She doesn't even
acknowledge our greetings.
What an awful character!
I can't tolerate her.
Stubborn and arrogant
at the same time!
She is such a psycho!
She is a devil!
Oh Lord! You are calling so many
people home before their time.
Haven't you come
across this lady?
And since then for
the past 33 years.
I have looked in the mirror
every morning and asked myself...
If today were the
last day of my life...
Would I want to do what
I'm about to do today...
And whenever the answer's been
no for too many days in a row.
I know I need to
change something.
Remembering that I'll be dead
soon is the most important tool...
I've ever encountered to help
me make the big choices in life.
Because almost everything...
all external expectations, all pride,
all fear of embarrassment of failure.
These things just fall
away in the face of death.
Leaving only what
is truly important.
Don't cry, my baby.
Whisky baby!
What a kick-ass movie!
Ready 1...2...3...
(phone ringing)
My dear!
What's it, my dear?
Nothing, Mom.
I just felt like calling you.
Mom, did I cry when I was a baby?
How did you manage me back then?
I'm running a bit late today.
Sister, get something ready for breakfast.
I will freshen up by then.
Am I dreaming?
Good morning!
Good morning.
Look at that!
Devil smiled at us...
That too, original smile!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
Hello, good morning.
Didn't she greet me just now?
Isn't it?
No no, come on.
I was actually perplexed when
she said let's make a reel together.
How did that happen?
And she smiled so well.
Her smile makes her look very cute.
Yeah, that's true.
I wonder how someone
could change so much.
I think she has gone nuts!
She must've knocked her head somewhere.
There's no other way!
I'm on the same page.
Whenever she sees me,
she usually loses her cool.
But today...
She sent a good morning
message in our WhatsApp group.
All of us are surprised!
-She called me 'sister'.
She has turned very polite.
Naive soul.
please wait.
-Don't you know the Uncle in that photostat shop?
-Not Uncle, Alex Bro.
He is deeply in love with you.
He is an innocent one.
Okay bye, Aunty.
Sir, Isn't this okay?
This is capital A.
Angels of God!
What are your plans for this evening?
Won't the daffodils smile?
Without glancing in the gliding eyes
When the breeze whispers his love
Why are you closing
the door to your heart?
Won't you even fondle
with the raindrops and dew?
Have you lost the
sweetness of your soul?
When drenched in twilight
When the rainbow embraces
You never lose your self
Tangled by the scorching sun
Touched by the thorny fingers
You are still the Queen flower
How's this?
Yeah, just okay.
Mom, bless me.
Get lost I said!
Oh no! That won't do good for me.
What happened to him?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Have it.
Don't you eat non-veg?
My cholesterol is over the line.
So, I have controlled my food.
What if a heart attack screws me over?
Honestly, I'm afraid to die.
Life is very short.
So, we should eat, drink and be merry!
Am I a haughty and arrogant person?
No no!
Who told you?
I know that nobody likes me.
I've always been like this;
don't know why.
But I'm trying to change my character.
Why do you like me?
You look so beautiful.
A beauty that is my type.
Thus, I fell in love with you.
That's all.
No other reasons.
And... I'm a bit aged too.
You are aged too.
I mean our age.
Neither of us is so young.
Isn't that a sign of similarity?
Do you fall in love with
every good-looking girl?
Nothing of that sort.
I felt like that back in my school.
And in my college too.
But this one-way
attraction is meaningless...
they should also feel the same.
Nobody felt so, all thanks to my bad luck.
Who told you this will work out?
Our employees told me.
You don't really like anyone.
And I also look quite good.
So, they said it will work out...
if I propose you.
I believed them.
But it didn't work out.
I messed it up.
Let me ask you another thing.
Why did you invite me for
a dinner all of a sudden?
Just for fun.
Don't you recall the card
I gave you on that day?
If you still have it, please read it.
There are some of my
creative dialogues in it.
You will like it.
I didn't invite you here out of love.
Just friendship.
Enough, that's enough.
I'll take care of the rest.
Eat it.
How may Manambarakkat
Events assist you, Madam?
Engagement, wedding, holy communion,
baptism, birthday or housewarming...
What do you need?
I want to know the details
of a Christian funeral.
Oh, it's for a funeral?
We have various packages for the funeral.
Including the coffin.
There are many types of coffins.
There's only one type of coffin.
But the rate will differ as per the wood.
The price will increase again
if you require any carvings.
Also, we import some items too.
Check this out.
The cost will shoot up a bit.
Also, a funeral is a
once-in-a-lifetime event.
We'll set up the food menu as per
the requirements of the customer.
Then we have band set, music,
photography and all that jazz!
You should arrange a
pretty good photographer.
No doubt!
Come on.
However, we don't provide
the costume for the deceased.
But I can guarantee you one thing...
we won't disappoint
anyone attending the funeral!
That's the assurance of
Manambarakkat Events!
Additionally, we could invite a
celebrity to add glamour to the ceremony.
But the overall cost will increase.
Celebrity isn't necessary.
But having a celebrity will put
a shine on the ceremony, right?
For sure. Isn't it prideful?
It will be a talk in the town!
Then, let's invite a celebrity.
As it's a funeral, what about
making the celebrity cry?
Just a whimper is enough.
Alright, that will suffice.
When is the ceremony?
Tomorrow or the day after?
Not now.
What do you mean by later?
Within 3 months.
I can't tell you the exact date.
The person has not passed away yet.
O' Flowers...
O' Roses in the azure sky
Sorrows of the dawn
Why did you come down?
Why so silent?
The silence sparkles
No flowers to bloom
It's all buds
The long wait to see petals bloom
End as a good syllable
This is a lucky and fortunate hand!
You have a good chance
of living to be 100 years old.
Hey Floweret, that dazzles
in the heart of a riveting river
Hey Gorgeous, night's beautiful dove
When you reach the stream of
liquid silver flowing into the horizon
Somebody like a
dream comes to the shore
showers flowers of moonlight
Why so silent?
The silence sparkles
No flowers to bloom
It's all buds
The long wait to see petals bloom
End as a good syllable
O' Flowers...
O' Roses in the azure sky
Sorrows of the dawn
Why did you come down?
Why so silent?
The silence sparkles
No flowers to bloom
It's all buds
The long wait to see petals bloom
End as a good syllable
What's it?
For what?
It's been a long time
since I saw our Dad smiling.
I often ask our Dad why
is he always long-faced.
And he replies by saying our Mom's
face is always upset and grief-stricken...
So, how can he smile at that face?
But today, I saw our Mom smiling.
And then, our Dad as well.
I'm seeing it after a long time.
Thank you, Sister.
My Mom is still pretty.
I could find only one issue.
Your face always seems to be gloomy.
We should wipe it off.
And cheer up.
Put on your best and shine.
Sit there, my dear.
Will you pay heed to me?
I have something important to say.
Go on...
Let me hear it first.
Don't get angry.
I think you would be happier if you
found a companion to share your life with.
Give me 3 months' time.
I'll fulfill all of your wishes.
Aren't you still angry with me?
I refused to grant some
of your childhood wishes.
Is it right for the girls to do it?
Or will you be safe if you go there?
I always had such worries.
Please understand that it has
nothing to do with a lack of love.
it was because of excess love!
This is our unique collection.
Oh, nice! This will suffice.
Hey! Elizabeth!
What about our old batchmates?
Oh right! You are not a member
of our 12th-grade Whatsapp group.
You didn't keep in touch with
anyone from back then either.
Do you remember Midhun, who
always sat on the front bench?
A curly-haired guy.
Yeah, I remember him.
With spectacles...
Yeah, that guy.
Unfortunately, he passed away.
He had blood cancer.
I got the information
through our WhatsApp group.
All of us had gone there.
Tell me, how are things going?
Can you...
Can you design a gown for me?
For sure. Let's do it.
Is it your wedding?
Wow! Superb!
If so, let's go for a single-piece item.
A designer gown.
Go and try this out.
I have to check the measurements.
You look so gorgeous!
-Saji Bro, roll up your sleeves!
-I'm ready, come on!
Catch, catch!
Run, run!
No, no!
Be on your guard, you're getting
clean bowled in the next ball.
Ball it first.
-Out, out!
Run him out.
Throw it, come on!
Which is Elizabeth's apartment?
Sir, she is playing
cricket with kids over there.
Appu, take the ball.
I just came down casually.
Is it?
Clear off quickly then.
I have no time to waste.
Tell me if there's anything important.
Well, nothing actually.
It's 2-3 days since
you've been to the office.
So, I stopped here on my way through.
Which way?
There are various ways, right?
To be frank, I missed you there.
That's why.
I was away as I visited
my home and hometown.
From now on, there will
be fewer office check-ins.
I have a lot of things on my to-do list.
And I'm running out of time too.
Running out of time? For what?
I am planning a world tour.
Are you free tomorrow?
I asked whether you are free tomorrow.
There's something to do.
I might be...
No, I'm free.
If so, we have to go to a place.
To find someone.
To find?
Who is that?
If you ask me who's that...
My first love!
My childhood crush!
A cute little one-sided love!
Back when I was in my high-school.
Abhi was a smart guy!
He topped the rankings in our class.
He was a gifted singer!
Amazing voice!
Giving me goosebumps even now!
See this?
I tried to open my heart
up many times back then.
But it didn't work out.
I want to meet Abhi.
I have to let out the feelings
that I have been holding in.
That is a bizarre wish.
Do you really need to do it?
Also, he would've got married.
So what?
I could still reveal my love.
If he hasn't married yet...
there's a chance for me.
Is it necessary?
It's okay if he's not married.
But if he is married, it will
disrupt his family's peace.
Tag along with me if you can.
Otherwise, I'll go with
my employee Sumesh.
No, no! I will come.
Clear off now. See you tomorrow.
Hey, I'm also coming.
It's a wide.
That's not a wide, buzz off!
How am I looking?
Yeah, you are looking pretty good.
And your hair looks so stylish.
I'm meeting Abhi after a long time.
He should be impressed when he sees me.
The colour of this
Saree is Abhi's favourite.
He was truly one-of-a-kind.
He had a lot of fangirls including me.
I should have expressed my love sooner.
But, I was short of courage.
Topping the rankings back
in school is not a big deal.
I had also been the
top student in my class.
It's no biggie.
(Casually singing the
Malayalam song ''Alliyambal")
Abhi was so good at singing Hindi songs.
He won't be here.
Aren't you Abhilash?
Didn't you recognise me?
Your schoolmate from Saint
Albert School, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth Angel Simon.
Wow! I remember you... Elizabeth.
Oh! I'm really surprised!
Long time no see!
You have blossomed into a beautiful woman.
You were beautiful back then too.
But even more beautiful now.
Come on in!
Come on!
Who's this?
I thought he is your husband.
I'm not yet married, Abhi.
Oh no! Why didn't you get married?
It's got its good points.
You can be a free bird.
Isn't it?
She is your wife, right?
Revu, this is my schoolmate.
Her name is Elizabeth.
That's her friend, just
tagged along with her.
Let me make tea for them.
What's with this unexpected arrival?
When I went through our
school photos last day...
No... Abhi...
I wanted to meet you in person, Abhi.
For no other reason...
I had a huge crush on
you during our school days!
I had the urge to express
it many times back then,
but I held back.
But I felt like revealing it today.
I was head over heels
in love with you, Abhi.
That's how life works...
Perhaps, we are
not meant to be with...
the people we yearned for and loved.
But some people who we
have no interest in at all...
will barge into our life...
at the worst possible time!
Stop, stop.
Why did you return all
of a sudden, sweetheart?
I forgot to take the power bank,
as I have 2 days of travel...
Would anyone come such a long
way back for a petty power bank?
I would've brought it
along if you'd told me.
I had called you,
but you were not answering.
Oh! I kept my phone on silent mode.
Wait, let me tell you.
Going out for a good
cause and then coming home...
immediately will cause
harm for you and our baby.
So, stay put! I'll bring
the power bank for you.
You should stay here.
It's fully charged, you may leave now.
Who's that, Abhi?
That's Elizabeth...
and this is...
I'm Alex, not John.
Yeah, he is Alex.
Both of them...-
Not both of them, but that
lady was my schoolmate.
Hello, I'm Sangeetha...
Abhi's wife!
Didn't I mention that my wife
went to the hospital for a check-up?
She returned unexpectedly.
What about the tea...?
I'll make tea for you.
I'll make a tea for you if needed!
I will make it, Sir.
For sure.
They are on a strict diet,
you may leave now.
Buddy, take care of me...-
Sorry, please take good
care of her and drive safely.
Oh! He's an old hag!
-Make tea for them.
-I'll do it, get going.
Abhi's wife!
Hey, I also liked Abhilash.
Oh no! Your own Abhi!
He's an interesting guy!
I also enjoy world tours.
I can join you if needed.
No can do.
I like solo trips.
The solitude blossoms in full
Does the love birds embrace..
the gnarled tree in
the gloaming dusk?
The lovebirds knit on your branches
that touches the sky
Silent eagle and chirping
sparrows united at your branches
O' Mercy...
Drenched in the rain of the soul
Spread as the smile
that unties trouble
O' Gorgeous
Flap your little wings
And share the coolness of dawn
The music that embraces the lips
Brings back the long lost memories
Is the cute lil memories that
whimper by spreading its lips?
Does the days fall with a
sparkle like the raindrops?
Did you dance along with the
breeze that tickles the leaves?
You are the lone tree,
Rooted in earth, yet
Nurtured in the clouds
O' Mercy...
Drenched in the rain of the soul
Spread as the smile
that unties trouble
Have you gone nuts?
Why would you give away
all your savings to charity?
When I signed that cheque...
Didn't you see their happiness?
Isn't that the biggest 'savings' in life?
Does the love birds embrace..
the gnarled tree in
the gloaming dusk?
My dear...
You are losing a
significant amount of hair.
Oh, dear!
What happened to my girl?
Once her character changed,
her body has become exhausted.
Shall I ask you something?
Is your lack of interest in
marriage due to a love failure?
All unmarried people
have faced love failures?
Have you been told so?
Nobody told me like that.
But it's my gut feeling.
Have you ever loved someone, Sister?
I was also in love.
And then?
And then... we got married!
It was so good.
we were not so fortunate
to live together for so long.
God took him too soon.
He had cancer.
I have only one wish now.
If I die...
I have to leave wearing my wedding saree.
He found me to be very
attractive in that dress.
When I get there...
aren't we meeting after so long?
So, when he sees me in that dress...
he'll be so happy.
That's how death is...
no one can foresee it.
Who asked you to talk about death now?
Cut me some slack for God's sake!
[Aren't you sleeping?]
[I'm really anxious,
so I'm unable to sleep.]
[There is a technique to reduce tension.]
[What's it?]
Very good, excellent.
How are you feeling now?
Your tension is relieved
by laughter, isn't it?
-Laughing is an exercise.
It will make positive
changes in our bodies.
Okay, let's do it once more.
Look at each other and laugh, come on!
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on!
Listen here...
laughing exercise is a treatment
similar to normal exercise.
It has been tested even among heart
patients and cancer patients.
When you laugh you become healthy.
Laughing can cure even
heart disease and cancer.
What's it, sister?
Are you still scared of me?
A little bit.
Have you arranged the
money for the marriage?
No, Madam.
I have applied for a
loan in the co-operative bank.
I'm not sure if I'll get it sanctioned.
All thanks to my good
luck, if it's sanctioned.
I have also hit up some others for money.
Let's see.
We'll deal with it as it comes.
Please wait.
Arrange the wedding by it's best means.
Keep some money as savings too.
When am I gonna repay
such a huge sum, Madam?
Who's asking you to repay it?
What happened?
I've never been out with a girl before.
If anyone I know notices me...
they will cook up stories.
Buzz off!
To hell with your townsfolks!
I felt like...
...going out and goofing around.
So, I should have someone to talk with.
And I saw you sitting idle there.
That's why I called you.
I wished to become independent
right from my teenage.
Then, I hustled for it.
All the entertainment during our 20's...
I missed it in my life.
I'm also roaming around
with a guy for the first time.
You look handsome.
I said you are handsome.
Don't dig deep into it.
My life was dry as a desert.
I missed everything!
I missed romance, friendship,
family values and so forth.
Now it's very late too.
Do you booze?
Once in a blue moon!
How about going to the bar for two shots?
I'm in the mood for drinks!
Is it necessary?
Let's buy a bottle and
have a drink somewhere.
Going to the bar will be overboard.
Come along if you can.
Or I'll take Sumesh with me.
Oh no! No need for Sumesh.
I'll come with you.
-Thank you, Ma'am
Hi, Sir.
You're already beyond the limit.
Your liver will be screwed!
And you'll die.
Look who you are talking to!
Is this your girlfriend?
No, she's my friend.
-Yeah, I sensed it!
Gracy Aunty is doing good, right?
Oh, yes!
Shucks! What to do!?
Get up!
Let's go home.
Come on, get up!
Take me to my flat somehow.
Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
Let me take your leave.
See you tomorrow.
Are you okay?
(TV playing in the background)
What's it?
Come here immediately.
There's something urgent.
Are you okay?
Come here!
Yeah, I'll come soon.
What's it?
Alex Sir isn't here?
The boss is on leave today.
He is ill with a fever.
What happened to you?
You were talking out
of your wits last night.
Did you see something that frightened you?
Isn't this Alex's house?
Yes, who are you?
I'm his friend.
Oh no!
Mom, tell her to have a seat.
I'll be back shortly
after getting my shirt on.
I got to know that you have a fever.
So, I just came here.
I'm alright.
A minor cold, that's all.
He always makes a
mountain out of a molehill.
It's just a mild cold.
Have a seat, my dear.
I'll bring tea.
Come here.
Hey Alex, go get
something from that bakery.
We have nothing to serve her.
You and your grandkid
will eat up everything I buy.
And I'll need to dash to
the bakery if anyone arrives.
He and his sister...
This is his sister's daughter.
She's staying here for her studies.
Now I'm only worried about him.
But I suppress that worry in front of him.
She'll go back to her
parents after a year.
Then, my son and I
will be left all alone here.
We can't predict the fate of anyone...
If something happens
to me all of a sudden...
Who's there for my son?
He's in love with someone.
Let's hope it will turn out fruitful.
Isn't it, my dear?
Whoever it is, I hope she won't cheat him.
He can be easily cheated.
He's an innocent guy like his father.
Be honest...
That day, you were all dolled
up to meet that lady, weren't you?
Yeah, it is what it is!
That girl is really good.
I liked her a lot.
See, I'm insisting you...
you must marry that girl.
Mom, there's no point in
our one-sided interest...
she should also be fond of me, right?
She'll definitely feel it.
Graceamma put up an
emotional act before her.
Nothing of that sort.
It's just my trick.
I've also sung praises about you.
There's a high chance that
it will trigger her emotions.
The rest is a matter of your luck.
True that!
He's in love with someone.
Let's hope it will turn out fruitful.
Isn't it, my dear?
Whoever it is, I hope she won't cheat him.
He can be easily cheated.
It's time.
It's time to leave.
I know that!
I know it's time to leave!
Spare me the repetition for God's sake!
It's okay.
What's this insanity?
I have to tell you something.
Can we talk when you are free?
Come over to my apartment.
I will come.
Don't come to the apartment.
Let's meet somewhere outside.
You didn't tell me what you had to say.
It's not good to poke our
nose into other's matters.
But I'm telling you this now...
You should get married.
You have to lead a happy family life.
It's your mother's biggest wish.
Well... at anytime we can...
If you have me on your mind,
it won't happen...
I'm not in love with you.
I know you might have felt so.
So, I'm letting you know right away.
How can we get along?
You're completely not my type.
I called to ask you to let
go of any such desires.
I thought...
It's alright.
I'm okay.
I'm not disappointed.
I've always faced
such setbacks in my life.
I told you so because of
my heartful love for you.
I'll not be here for long.
You are going through the
third stage of pancreatic cancer.
Surgery is the only viable option.
But that stage is also over.
Maximum 2 months!
As each day passes...
I'm slowly fading away from this world.
Nothing like that!
It depends upon our willpower.
Once we label ourselves as sick,
our thoughts and behaviours start to reflect that.
There's a close friend of mine.
Dr. Vyshakh.
He is very famous.
Let's go consult him.
We should seek his help!
There's no point in consulting anyone.
That stage is already over.
I have to rest in a stylish coffin,
wearing a beautiful gown.
As pretty as a princess!
Along with the band-set and singers.
I've made arrangements for everything.
And you should co-ordinate it.
Also... you shouldn't cry!
Can you please keep quiet?
Nobody is gonna die here.
You really like me.
Don't you?
One minute.
Let's go?
As you have given me
so many realizations...
I lighted up this candle today.
Actually, I have started to live now.
Everyone around likes me a lot now.
I like them back too.
I know...
that I will die.
Let me ask you one thing...
I feel like living now.
My dear, here's tea.
Get up!
I have to rest in a stylish coffin,
wearing a beautiful gown.
As pretty as a princess!
Along with band-set and singers.
I've made arrangements for everything.
And you should co-ordinate it.
Also... you shouldn't cry!
Start crying...
Don't go over the line.
Just a whimper will suffice.
(phone ringing)
What's it?
You won't even allow me
to glimpse a good dream?
Hey, get ready quickly.
I'll come there now.
Didn't I mention about
my friend Doctor Vyshakh?
He has arrived.
Let's go meet him.
Okay? Bye.
It's cancer.
Pancreatic cancer.
What's your expected lifespan now?
Three months?
Have you written the will deed?
Show me your hand.
Left hand.
Her line of life...
...is strong!
Which stupid doctor
told her she has cancer?
Pancreatic cancer, my foot!
Hey, Coimbatore's...
-Lotus Hospital...
-Yeah, Lotus Hospital?
Dr Shanthi Krishna, over there.
To be frank...
It's a bit complicated.
But, it is important to be
honest with the patient.
Especially a woman like
you, who is bold and educated.
Shanthi Krishna...
She is a famous
gastro surgeon in South India.
Do you know what's her condition now?
This is the second stage
of pancreatic cancer.
You need to undergo surgery.
Let's do it, Doctor.
You need surgery anyway...
Give her meds on time.
You'll die if you don't undergo surgery!
Have you heard of Dyspepsia?
Hey, you have a petty gastric issue.
An aggressive version of it.
It is just a matter of 3
weeks of medications.
You've no cancer or anything!
And this hair loss, lack of
sleep and weight loss are due to...
your tension, thinking you have cancer.
You may have to take
separate medicines for that.
Alex, do you know what's
the major problem nowadays?
Just a fungal infection or itching is
enough, they'll google it right away...
And conclude that they have skin cancer.
If so, why are we-!?
Then, why are we sitting
here hanging this name board?
Alex... take her home.
Madam, actually what happened was...
Shanthi Doctor's one and only daughter
passed away due to pancreatic cancer.
Please understand.
The doctor has reported back on
duty after 1 month post her recovery.
Any cases between
25 and 30 years of age...
Especially ladies.
The doctor would ask
them to go for a scan.
You are going through the
second stage of pancreatic cancer.
Only after three days the
management came to know that...
the doctor's mental health is abnormal.
Unfortunately, you were
one of the first cases.
When I signed that cheque...
Didn't you see their happiness?
Isn't that the biggest savings?
My savings!
My money!
You should've informed me earlier!
We tried to contact you.
We even sent registered letters as we
couldn't connect you through phone calls.
Who is asking you to repay it?
My savings!
My time!
My health!
My cash!
I will show you!
I will shut this hospital down!
Ill hold you all legally accountable!
And I'll make sure you
enter the courtroom.
I won't rest until its shut down.
Let's do that, but
for now, let's clear off.
Let's shut it down later.
My money is lost!
Miserable states of human beings!
You have regained your life, after all.
My dear, Susy Aunty from
Ireland called us again...
Philip is still waiting for you.
Shall we proceed?
Have you been told that I am
planning to get married now?
Susy Aunty and Philip, my foot!
Just hang up the call!
I have other things to do!
What the hell are you staring at?
Start the car!
(Alarm ringing)
The cost will shoot
up a bit for the coffin.
Also, a funeral is a
once-in-a-lifetime event.
Hey, get up!
Let's go!
I'll come.
Won't the daffodils smile?
Without glancing in the gliding eyes
When the breeze whispers his love
Why are you closing
the door to your heart?
Won't you even fondle
with the raindrops and dew?
Have you lost the
sweetness of your soul?
When drenched in twilight
When the rainbow embraces
You never lose your self
Tangled by the scorching sun
Touched by the thorny fingers
You are still the Queen flower