Queen of Spades (2021) Movie Script

Let's tell her what happened
last week.
- Yeah.
- All right, listen to this.
- Listen, listen, listen.
- Oh, God.
So last week we had a great
- Okay.
- To do a prank.
- Okay.
- All right, so people
were walking by, I would come
out, jump,
and be like and
they would get scared, right?
Oh yeah,
that's real original.
It's a good prank.
Hey, Anna.
If you have one.
Seriously, Matt?
- What?
- She's a kid.
You just offer alcohol to all
All right, anyways.
So I'm jumping out every chance
I can get
to scare people, right?
'Cause we're trying to get
some footage for YouTube.
That's how you get paid
What was that exhale for?
What do you mean?
She doesn't understand,
she doesn't understand.
We're gonna be big time, all
- Listen.
- Listen.
Have you been on YouTube
for the last like-
- No because I don't care.
Well in that
case you wouldn't know
because pranks are big.
Most people
do it in a stupid way
we wanted to do it in a
way that would actually
add some kind of
Stupid makes
money, lots of views,
and that's how money is made.
- The point is-
- She doesn't understand
- the magic of-
- No, I don't understand.
Do you guys hear that sound?
Because it's like
dumb and dumber coming at you
with a camera to put on
their YouTube channel.
Someone moaning.
- She does not understand-
- Guys!
I do understand how YouTube
Please explain to her,
please explain to her-
- Guys!
There's somebody on top of the
- What the hell?
- Is he drunk?
What is he saying?
Why would you yell?
I don't know,
he's just walking around.
Well now he's looking at us.
Why does that matter?
It's creepy.
What do you think he's doing
up there?
He's high as hell.
Come on!
Come on.
Fuck, fuck!
Oh, God.
Shit, he's alive.
Fuck me.
Oh shit.
Kill me.
Just kill me.
Oh, we should not be here.
I'm calling 911.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be...
Hi, um, we need an ambulance.
Yeah, at the community center.
She's calling the cops, all
They'll come, they'll take care
of it.
Let's just get outta here.
No we wait for the fucking
They're gonna know
we were drinking, man.
We shouldn't be here.
The kid is dying.
Do you think they're gonna give
a shit?
Fuck, Matt.
He's trying to say something.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Hey, you guys hear that?
The police are coming.
We should get outta here, let's
Let's get outta here!
What are you doing with
Katy and her friends tonight?
Probably just hang out.
You can stay home alone,
you know.
You're old enough.
Yeah, I know.
You wanna talk a little more
about what happened yesterday?
I really wish you
wouldn't of seen that boy.
I'm fine.
I know you're fine.
I'm trying to be your mother.
Let's hang out tomorrow.
I don't work.
Did you hear what I said?
Yeah, sure.
Be careful.
Last time I waited this long
for a joint
I was in the womb.
How many times do I have to
tell you not to do that to her.
Sharing is caring, Katy.
- Oh, my God.
- I don't want her
to feel left out.
She's 13.
Don't take things from him
and don't tell your mother.
I wouldn't anyway.
Katy's wearing lipstick
tonight, eh?
Looks nice.
You wanna borrow it?
So I looked up the Queen of
It's Russian folklore,
it's like Bloody Mary.
So the thing is you need a
mirror and then
the Queen of Spades from a deck
of cards
and you turn off all
the lights and you take
the card and you place
it against the mirror
and then you light a candle.
You get red lipstick, and then
you draw a door on the mirror
with a staircase that leads
up to it and then you say,
"Queen of Spades, show
yourself" three times.
And then what?
And then you get a wish.
That's so stupid.
Okay, so you mean to tell me,
the kid that jumped off the
roof, that was the reason?
Who was the Queen of Spades?
Well, she was this rich
Russian lady who went broke
in the 1800s, and to get money
she started
an orphanage and she'd take
all these kids into her mansion
and she'd collect money
from the government for it.
But instead of, you know, caring
for them
she would kill them.
That's fucked.
Yeah, and then when the town
found out
they all stormed her
house and they grabbed her
and they pulled her out onto the
and they brutally tortured her.
They burned her with spikes
and they slit her wrists open
and then they threw her into
a lake so she would drown.
Hey man, that's cruel.
That's actually pretty cruel.
What happens if you call
her or make this wish?
That's a good question.
Well, the legend says
that if you call her
she'll appear and she will grant
the wish if she's at peace,
but if she's not then she's
gonna cut you when you sleep
or she'll drown you when you're
And she can haunt you
until you lose your mind.
Sounds fun.
I say we do it.
Do what?
Let's call her.
- No.
- Please, can we call her
just to see what happens?
What, you think you're
gonna jump off the roof?
Shut up.
How long as she been dead?
She's long been at peace.
She's snoozing.
And it's almost midnight, right?
What do you think?
I don't know.
I mean, it's up to Katy.
- Come on.
- I said no,
I don't wanna do this.
- It's not up to you.
- Why not?
Because the website says if
going to do it it has to be
the youngest one in the group.
That's Anna.
Says who? This website?
Yes, the website.
Well, that's bullshit if you
ask me.
I'm not asking you.
You guys wanna summon
a fucking demon for what?
For followers on YouTube?
What's gonna happen when
she comes and haunts you?
And then when you guys
end up fucking dead?
I'm not gonna save you.
Come on, she might be friendly.
I'm just saying it's a bad idea.
You actually believe this.
Yes, you do.
All right.
Yeah, Anna, you can make a wish.
Come on, Anna.
Don't be like Katy.
Any wish you
want and it could come true.
Anna, Anna, Anna.
Anna, Anna, Anna.
You don't have to do
this if you don't want to.
I want to.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Did you see her?
- No.
- Just give it a second.
What was that?
Go see what it is.
Are you kidding me?
Are you happy now?
God, you guys are fucking
What's wrong?
Bad dream.
I'm sorry I wasn't here for you.
It's okay.
Why don't you get some
laps in the pool, hm?
You have a meet coming up.
Do you wanna come?
I gotta get a couple of hours
of sleep
and a little bit of work from my
We'll hang out later, yeah?
You said we can hang out today.
Where are you going?
To do some laps.
You're obviously too busy for
Well, I can study while you
swim then.
Don't bother.
I am only doing all of this
to make our lives better.
You want some?
The cops called my house.
About the kid?
Wanted to know what he was
doing before he jumped.
If he said anything to us.
What'd you say?
Katy, are you ready to go?
Matt, are you coming?
I gotta do something first.
Jesus Christ.
Is your mom home tonight?
No, she's working.
We gotta talk about what
happened the other night.
I'm going swimming.
Why aren't you talking to Seb or
'Cause Seb's not answering
his phone and Katy's out.
Can we please talk?
We can chat in the elevator.
I don't think that kid was a
He jumped off a building.
I think he was trying to get
away from the Queen of Spades.
Listen, I was looking
into more last night, okay?
And I think she might be-
- Be what?
She might be real.
Listen, I heard noises last
We live in an apartment
I hear noises every night, okay?
You're not special.
No, no, listen.
I have a mirror across from my
bed, okay?
I think I saw her.
You think I'm stupid?
No, okay?
I apologize, all right?
I'm sorry about what
happened last Saturday, okay,
but I'm being serious now.
- You're lying.
- No.
No, I'm not.
Then what changed?
I've been marked, Anna.
Have a good swim, Anna.
Did you cut yourself to scare
Is Seb waiting in the change
to like jump out at me or
Jokes on you, I'm already
Hey, idiot.
You can stop that now.
Somebody help!
Please! Please!
Get the defibrillator.
There, get me that thing!
All right, in my pant's
pocket in the change room.
My cell phone, call 911.
Now, Anna!
Charging, stand clear.
Press flashing.
Shock delivered.
Press flashing.
Shock delivered.
Hi, sweetie.
Sorry that I had to call you.
That's okay, I'm glad that you
I was in the lobby
when the ambulance came.
I told the police I was
watching Anna for you
but they want you to call them
Did they leave a name or a card?
Oh, uh, yeah.
I didn't want you to get in
for leaving Anna alone all the
What happened?
Matthew collapsed by the pool.
He had a heart attack.
A heart attack?
He's 17.
I know.
Anna was the one that had
to call the ambulance.
I told her to get some rest.
Come here.
What are you doing awake?
Why are you home?
I came home to be with you.
You know you can always call me,
I just don't want you to lose
your job.
I'm so sorry to hear about
We don't have to talk about it
but when you're ready
I'm here for you, okay?
I love you very very much.
You know that, right?
I really wanna be around more
it's just tough right now.
Hey, hey.
Your friend is dead.
What do I do now?
Did you really read my book?
Did you read the part
where I said to call on her?
I read that after that
we had already called her.
Well now you wait till you and
the rest
of your friends die.
No, there's gotta be
something that we can do, right?
Something we can try.
I told you everything in the
Ultimately, the Queen
of Spades will possess
the one who drew the opening
and summoned her into our world.
There's a way, right?
There's a way that we could stop
You said this in your
book, you said there was
a way we could stop her.
It is a theory.
It was too dangerous.
All I can tell you is to cover
the mirrors in your house.
She gains strength from them.
Listen, there's gotta be
Just give me, I don't
care how dangerous it is,
we're gonna...
There's something, right?
Just give me something to try.
I wish I could help
you but it's too late.
Can I come in?
I just wanted to thank you for
calling me
and taking care of Anna.
You already did last night.
Is your mom home?
No, she's away for work.
Anna said you and the
others played a joke on her.
It was the guys, I was just
What happened?
Um, they read a story about a
one of these ghosts that you
call to
through the mirror or whatever.
And they made Anna recite a
and then Matthew jumped
out at us and scared us
and that was it.
It was stupid.
Is that why you've all been
covering up your mirrors?
One sec.
He answered me, that guy
that I texted you about,
he's got an idea about this.
Come on in.
What are you talking about?
Anna told her.
Oh, okay.
Well, he said that we have
to make her an offering.
I want you to stop teasing her.
No, not Anna.
The woman in the mirror.
What woman?
What exactly is going on here?
He thinks the Queen of Spades
is real
and that she killed Matthew.
Matthew died, Anna is
terrified and you're continuing
on with this joke?
It's not a joke.
It's not a joke, okay?
It was a joke, but it isn't.
It's not...
Who is this man?
His name is Smirnov.
Okay, I found him online,
his son was killed
by this Queen of Spades.
He wrote a book about it.
And he has theories on
how we can talk with her
and how to get rid of her.
This is ridiculous.
You know what, I have it on
video, okay?
I have the whole thing,
I have us calling this...
Forget it.
- I have to go to work.
- Yep.
If I catch you scaring
Anna like this again
I'm gonna talk with your
No more ghosts.
No more blankets over mirrors.
This stops now.
- Okay.
- Sure, sure.
Can you watch Anna
while I'm at work tonight?
Thank you.
You need help with that?
I don't need help.
Why are you even here?
Your mom asked me to stay.
Well you don't have to.
I'm not a child.
Do you want something to eat?
You're not my mother.
Yeah, I know, I know.
So you don't have to start
coming over all the time now.
I was just worried, that's all.
That's all.
Because of Matthew.
It was just a coincidence
that he died after-
- I know.
Because that woman in the
mirror crap
is just a game that the boys
wanted to scare us with.
Okay, well, if it was just a
then explain what happened to
Who's this Russian guy?
Maybe they just made him up.
Even if they did make him
up, it's okay to be scared.
I just can't believe we're going
to Matthew's memorial tomorrow.
Anna, come out, please.
She's here.
Please, Mom.
Don't go in there.
Don't listen to her.
It's not me.
Please help me, Mom.
Don't listen to her, Mom.
I love you.
You were screaming.
I had a bad dream.
If you don't wanna be here it's
all right.
It's okay, I wanna stay.
Why don't you sit down?
I'm just gonna take a
minute in the bathroom.
You frightened me.
I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I need to show you both
Holy shit, Seb.
Quiet, please.
That's the same one Matthew had.
I'm marked.
Hey, are you all okay?
Yeah, just never been
to a memorial before.
This wasn't a heart attack!
This boy was killed.
She did it to him!
- She killed my son, too.
- Please, you need to go.
You wait.
You wait until your children are
all dead.
Please, let's go now.
The other day you said you had a
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
What was that?
Go see what it is.
Are you kidding me?
Are you happy now?
God, you guys are fucking
What were you thinking?
You should know better.
I know, but look at this, okay?
I didn't see it at
first but then I watched
it back in slow motion.
Look at that. You see that?
You didn't Photoshop this?
No, I didn't Photoshop that.
What is that?
Why do you have that?
Remember I told you
that there was this man?
Okay, so we can talk
with her but we can only
ask her yes or no questions.
There's no way this is gonna
Let's just try it.
So, to begin, each of us
needs to offer something
that belongs to them.
I don't know, I'm just
doing what I was told to do.
Where did you get that?
Dad gave it to me.
Now we call her.
Queen of Sp...
Sorry, we gotta say it together.
Oh, you want us to hold
hands while we do it, too?
Katy, ready?
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
What now?
We ask her a question.
What do you want from us?
You said yes or no, you idiot.
Is our offering enough to
satisfy you?
Can we satisfy you?
Did you kill Matthew?
Will you kill again?
Fuck you.
Where's the other walkie talkie?
There isn't one.
What do you want with my
Hey, it's okay.
Anna, it's okay, we're done.
Turn it off, turn it off.
It's not turning...
I wanna talk with
this man you mentioned.
We just mainly a few messages,
he doesn't usually answer the
Okay, write down his name for me
I wanna talk to him myself.
And can you give me his book?
Thank you.
I need to go.
You shouldn't be alone.
My mom is expecting me home.
Wait, Seb, hold on a second.
Talk to you later, Katy.
Hi, Marie.
Something's come up at home I
don't think
I can make it in tonight.
No, I know I left early the
other day.
My daughter's friend passed away
and I needed to be here for her.
Yeah, no, I understand.
I'll find someone who'll be in.
Hi, Jan.
Could you take my shift tonight?
No, I understand.
Thanks anyways.
Are you home?
Are you working tonight?
Katy, can you stay with Anna
Or can she go to your place?
Is your mom home yet?
I'll just stay.
I'm sorry, baby, I
didn't work last night.
I can't lose my job.
It's okay.
What's wrong?
Sebastian's dead.
He drowned.
His mom came in and
found him in the bathtub.
Anna, baby, are you okay?
No, I'm not.
You stay right there, I'm on
my way.
I'm so scared, mommy.
I love you.
I should not have left you.
It's okay, Mom.
It's okay.
Katy, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Thank you for being here.
Yeah, well, someone had to be.
Pardon me?
Stay the night.
You're not my mother.
You're barely home enough
to be her fucking mother.
Excuse me?
Do you know I've been here
with her
more this month than you have?
I was here after Matthew and
here I am again after Seb dies.
Wake up.
Anna, wake up.
What are you doing?
I contacted the Russian man.
The one Seb was talking to.
Show me your arm.
Why don't we just video him?
So? Any markings?
No, she's clean.
How do we get rid of her?
I already told
Sebastian there is nothing
you can do but wait.
No, in your book you mention
there's ways to get rid of her.
It hasn't worked.
We must try.
Come to us or we'll come to you.
I have done everything I can.
Well, that's bullshit.
We have to try.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could help you.
Come on.
I shouldn't of left you with
It wasn't her fault.
It was mostly the boys.
I know, but if I was around more
this never would've happened.
Sebastian told me you made a
Yeah, was the whole point.
Wanna tell me what you wished
Why not?
'Cause then it won't come true.
You can tell me.
I wished for you.
For me?
To have you back.
You've just been so busy
since dad left, so...
I'm really trying.
Why did he leave?
I don't know, I think he
just stopped fighting for us.
Well, I'm gonna guess someone in
this town
knows where he lives.
How can I help you?
Yeah, I was just
wondering if by any chance
you know where this man lives.
Yeah, yeah, you go
down here a couple miles.
Take the road off to your left.
Watch out for that guy,
he's a bit of a wacko.
Wait in the car until I know
it's safe.
What if it isn't?
Take this just in case.
I thought you were someone else.
Are you okay?
What did you do?
I thought he was hurting you.
Is that her?
I'm so sorry she tased you.
I've had worse.
You want tea?
That's Lola.
What's this?
You want to know who she is.
The lady in the black
dress was first mentioned
at the beginning of the 20th
Due to her black dress the
called her the Queen of Spades.
This happened later.
1964 three teenagers
died in this summer camp.
The surviving children
tell the authorities
that they encountered
a ghost in the mirror
when they recited an
Then the months, one by one,
they reported
a cut in their arms by a ghost.
And then they all died.
1984, two 15-year-old
girls commit suicide.
A letter explains that
it's to save her family
and themselves from
the lady in the mirror.
Uh, 1988, a boy jumps
from a building crane
after telling his parents
that a woman in his mirror
was trying to kill him.
These stories, they go on and
But that's what they are.
Even crazy stories can be true.
There has to be an explanation.
It's right in front of you.
This is crazy.
She's not the only
one, there are stories
like this all around the world.
Why are you collecting these?
Why do you know so much?
These kids, they're not
just another headline.
Why are you here?
Because I'm trying to save my
You have to help us.
There's nothing I
can do to save you now.
I'm sorry!
Anna, Anna!
Are you okay?
I cannot escape this.
We must go.
What's the matter?
What's happening?
- Hold her.
- What's happening?
Hold her.
Calm down.
She needs to rest.
Come here.
This ring is cursed.
The demon is using it to cling
to Anna.
Now, canaries can sense
the smallest vibrations.
She only understands Russian.
Any reflective surfaces
makes her stronger.
Photos, light quantum
reflected in the mirror
makes her more powerful.
Especially new ones like
this one made of aluminum
instead of silver.
What are you doing?
Silver highlights on on film,
this film,
capture more of the
electromagnetic spectrum.
Digital cameras can't see them
as well.
What does all this mean?
There are more things in
this world than we can see.
Don't cover it.
Let her come out.
Yes, good.
She's here.
Help her!
Look at me.
Cover the mirror now!
Who the fuck are you?
Excuse me.
How do you know so
much about all of this?
My son told me about
the Queen of Spades.
He said she came out of the
I didn't believe him.
I thought he's just making
this up to get attentiOn.
I was busy at work, I was a GP
at the local hospital back then.
He started behaving erratically.
He would throw fits and cut
I took him to a behavior
they diagnosed him with
And by the time I knew they were
it was too late.
I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine.
No, I guess I'm beginning to
There she is.
That can't be.
I need to make it stop.
I want it to stop.
Now do it exactly like
I did it the last time
and let her come out to you.
You need to return the ring.
There is not a specific way.
You'll know when it feels right.
The ring is a symbol.
You should set your minds
free from the Queen of Spades.
Send back the fear she imposes
on you.
Do it exactly like the last
Say it.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Go on.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Queen of Spades, show yourself.
Now what?
Did we do it wrong?
I see her.
The bird would have sensed her.
She's coming.
The bird would go
crazy if she were here.
No, not yet!
They have to do it themselves.
Help them for Christ's sake.
Anna, can you hear me?
Give her back the ring.
Anna, the ring!
Come on, baby.
Anna, baby.
Thank you.
You really think she'll be okay?
She should be fine.
The ring is gone.
All this from saying words?
Words have power.
Not individually, but some words
be said in front of a mirror.
Something just doesn't feel
Take a deep breath.
How do you feel?
She's gone.
Are you sure?
I'll be right back.
I'm going to help Mr. Smirnov
load this stuff into the car.
Thank you.
Come on.
How can you stare into that
It's fine now, see?
How's your arm?
Uh, it's getting better I think.
I hope your mom comes home
and cooks us something
because this breakfast
I made tastes like shit.
It's not that bad.
It's pretty bad.
Anna, are you okay?
Look at me.
You're right.
It does taste like shit.
I'm gonna use the bathroom.
You really think it's over?
For you.
You're lucky.
You okay?
Anna, it's not funny anymore.
Stop it.
Please, Anna!
No, please!
I can't thank you enough.
Please help.
Anna, please.
Anna, please don't do this.
Hold her down!
Don't let him hurt me!
We need to call an ambulance!
No hospital!
We have no time!
No, Mama!
Please, mommy, please, mommy.
Don't let him hurt me!
We need to do something!
Put the needle in her!
What is it?
It's a sedative!
Put it in her arm!
I can't.
Hold her!
Give it to me!
- I'm calling an ambulance.
- No!
We need to get her to a
Don't mistake her symptoms
for an epileptic seizure.
You don't know that.
You have to trust me.
- Listen!
- What?
There's no medical procedure
for demonic possession.
She'll go there and they'll prod
and they give her drugs
and commit her to an asylum
and she will die.
- But-
- Do you trust me?
Do you trust me?
Do you trust me!
I trust you.
But just save my daughter.
Just save my daughter.
I will try.
We will try.
Put the cat in the cage
beside her, all right?
I need your help.
You think that man will help
Couldn't take care of daddy,
you couldn't even take care of
The only reason she's inside
of me is because of you
left me all alone.
Anna, please stop.
Untie me and tell that asshole
to leave.
He's trying to help us.
He's trying to hurt me.
He's an asshole who let his own
son die.
What can he do for you?
Anna, you have to fight her.
I know you're in there.
We'll have to put her under.
Come and try!
He's lying to you!
There's no such thing as
the lady in the mirror.
I made it all up.
We don't have time for this.
What are you gonna do?
He wants to kill me.
We can't debate this any longer.
If you want to save your
daughter it must be now.
Anna, baby.
- Anna, it's okay.
- Don't talk to her!
It's not her.
Mama, save me, please. Mom.
He's hurting me.
I'll inject her with a lethal
of sodium pentathol.
It will result in cardiac
arrest and clinical death.
Kill her? Are you fucking crazy?
He's lying to you, Mom!
He's lying!
No, you can't do this.
If I don't do it you
will lose your daughter.
While she's dead the Queen of
has to come out of Anna.
Then I will revive her.
He wants to kill me, Mom.
It's our only chance!
It's crazy, there has to be
another way.
My son had the same thing.
- And he's dead!
- She killed him
because I was too late!
Because I waited too long!
But I will not let that happen
this time!
We must do this! Now!
Don't trust him.
You know in your heart that
I'm right.
You said you trusted me.
I'm only here to save your
Mom, please.
It's me, Mom, it's me.
Please, Mom.
You have to make the choice.
Do it.
No, Mom!
Mom, it's me!
You can't!
- Mom!
- We have to do this now.
The Queen of Spades, she will
latch on
to the first soul that she can
This cat.
We need to move back.
How do you know she
won't get into one of us?
I don't know!
No, Mom!
After 60 seconds I will
perform CPR.
The cat will look like it's
but under no circumstances
will you let it out.
After three minutes I
can no longer revive her.
And then what?
She'll be dead.
Anna, Anna.
I love you so much, it's gonna
be okay.
Three, two, one!
You'll regret this!
Move back!
You did this!
You let him kill me, Mom!
- No.
- I trusted you!
That's it.
Cardiac arrest.
Is it supposed to work this way?
I don't know.
No, it's not working.
Revive her!
It's too early.
How do you know she's
gonna get into this cat?
She has to.
If she doesn't she will lose
her connection to our world.
30 seconds!
Come on, come on, come on!
Do something, we have to do
something, it's not working.
Keep fighting her!
Keep fighting her!
Come on, bitch, take me.
I'm here.
Take me, take me!
You have to save her
now, she's in my head.
I can't trust myself not to kill
Get her away from me.
Get her away from me!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, baby, please.
Press flashing.
- Shock delivered.
- Anna, please.
- Come on, please.
- Charging.
Anna, come on.
Come on, baby.
Come on, come on.
Press flashing, shock delivered.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Anna
Happy birthday to you
Blow out the candles, Anna.
Is everything okay, honey?
Blow out your candles.
Who wants cake?
- Me!
- Thank you.
- Can we open presents?
- Is everyone excited?
So, what did you wish for?
Just the general stuff.
Can we play some games?