Queen Rising (2023) Movie Script

(calm music)
(glass shatters)
(tense music)
(upbeat music)
(eerie music)
God our Father
God our Father
Once again
Once again
We bow our heads and thank you
We bow our heads and thank you
- Thank you for the food, amen.
- Good job, Brooke.
- Amen.
Beautiful prayer, baby.
(car honks)
Looks like my work ride is here.
I'll see y'all later, okay?
- Okay.
- [Mom] Y'all please be good.
- [Brooke] Okay.
(ominous music)
- [Mom] Love y'all.
- [Brooke] We love you, too.
(door slams)
(fork clinks)
- Well, great job, Miss
Slow Berry Shortcake.
All that long-ass T. D. Jakes' grace
and up and let my damn grits get cold!
Now, nobody should be that damn thankful
for your mama dry-ass cooking.
Madison, get your ass up
and go get me some more hot damn grits.
Hurry your ass up.
What the hell you looking at?
(ominous music continues)
Hey, Brooke.
Can I tell you a secret
between me and you?
Look, I am sick and tired
of hearing about your dead-ass daddy.
I'm the king of this house,
do you understand me?
I run this shit.
Do you hear me?
- Yeah-
- Don't you say nothin'!
You and your sister
ain't got the good sense
God gave a goddamn goose!
Sit your ass up at the goddamn table!
On my goddamn nerves.
(suspenseful music)
- Here's your grits, King.
Hot and ready.
(grits splashing)
(Flip screams)
(body thuds)
(Flip screams)
- [Flip] What y'all done?
(Flip screams)
(dramatic music)
(bell ringing)
- [Madison] Have a
great weekend everybody.
Be safe, babies.
- See you, Ms. Riley.
- Have a good weekend, Ms. Riley.
- Bye, Jessica.
(fist knocks)
- You wanna walk out together?
- How'd you get here so fast?
- You think the kids are the only ones
excited about the weekend?
- I wanna grade these first.
The kids all wrote essays
on safety and protection.
- Fancy.
- Healthy, isn't it?
- Yeah.
Well, you know, you can always have 'em
submit electronically, right?
- It's more personal this way.
- Just promise me that you're gonna
get some rest this weekend.
- A glass of wine would hit
the spot right about now,
but duty calls.
- All right, you win.
I'll see you later tonight then.
- See you later.
- All right, see you.
(door thuds)
(paper rustling)
(ominous music)
- "A master of self-defense
who can magically make herself calm
before striking is using what
is called a killer instinct
to take down her attacker.
She is guided by bravery at all times,
protecting both herself and her future."
Sounds a lot like you, Daddy.
Plus and a gold star
for you, Miss Jessica.
(light music)
(Madison sighs)
(tablet beeps)
(beeping continues)
(groans) Lord, make a way.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music continues)
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- [Madison] I put my foot in that chili.
Lemme know what you think.
- Mm.
Damn, that's some good chili.
I'm surprised ain't nobody
snatched you up yet.
- Snatched me up?
- Ah, come on now.
You know what I mean.
You're a great cook.
- You looking for barefoot and pregnant,
you can take your behind on outta here.
- (laughs) I ain't say all that now.
- Well, just so you know,
relationships are not really my thing.
- What about situationships?
(Greg laughs)
- How about a glass of that wine?
My love
(knob clicks)
(ominous music)
- You know, I've been in relationships.
Some good, some bad.
None that worked out.
The worst was back in college, I...
- We don't have to talk about it.
- No, it's fine.
It's not fine really.
I mean, it was a bit
of a shitshow actually.
I had this really hot and cold first love
sort of catastrophe in college.
I was so in love.
I lost myself in this person,
but do you remember the
College Town Slayings?
- Yeah, I think everybody in the country
remembers the College Town Slayings.
- Well, I was right in the middle of it.
- For real?
So, the guy, did he um...
- Not exactly, but it's complicated.
Let's just say it's the
reason I left Memphis.
It's the reason I left my whole
life behind to hide, but...
- Now you're back.
(gentle music)
- This is why I'm back.
- Your house.
- Some family members
were paying the mortgage.
After a while, it almost
went into foreclosure.
When I found out, I took
every penny I had earned
and got it back.
I promised my sister I'd keep it for us,
but on a teacher's salary
and property taxes,
and my sister's tuition, I think I
bit off a little more than I could chew.
- It really means a lot to you, huh?
- My dad never had a real home growing up,
living in South Memphis,
in and out of foster care.
He was all about Black wealth.
He thought it started
with owning property.
But this house meant more than that to us.
It was our safe space.
- I'm sorry you lost your family.
I get it. Really.
- Thank you.
I just wish they paid
teachers what they're worth.
- You know, you can always
tell that story of yours.
- About my messed up life?
- No, about the-
- The slayings?
- Yeah.
I think people would be interested.
- What? Like on TV?
- Yeah, that's one way.
But uh, it's, it's late.
I don't wanna keep you up.
- Oh yeah, of course.
Thanks for the wine.
- My pleasure.
(ominous music)
(phone ringing)
(bugs trilling)
(door thuds)
Mr. Laurent.
Hope I didn't catch you at a bad time.
(Madison sings)
(phone dings)
(phone buzzes)
(phone beeps)
- Men don't listen.
(Madison sighs)
(phone dings)
(phone buzzes)
(phone taps)
(light music)
I need your heart, babe
I need your love, babe
I need your everything
I need your love, baby
I need your heart, baby
I keep you all hoping
I need your everything
- Jonathan Laurent.
Nice to meet you, Ms. Riley.
Greg here has told me great things.
- [Madison] Has he?
- All intriguing, don't you worry.
- Hi.
Greg told me you were in publishing.
- Yes, Greg here is one of my freelancers.
Does a pretty good job.
Might make a career out
of it one of these days.
- What about teaching?
- Actually I can do both.
- Do you plan on quitting one day?
- Actually, that's what we
wanted to talk to you about.
- Quitting my job?
I think I'll pass.
- Mr. Laurent.
- What Greg is actually trying to say is
that we have something very
special on the table...
After we order.
(light music)
So, Greg here, freelances
for me as a ghost writer,
mostly nonfiction, but
we're wanting to expand
our line of thrillers.
I'm partial to stories
loosely based on fact.
The kind everyone buzzes
about being connected
to a controversial true story,
but really can't be sure.
I've studied the slayings closely.
My wife was glued to the
television when it happened.
We all were.
Of course, neither of
us believes the person
they caught really did it.
But that's neither here nor there.
Your book will all be fiction.
- My book?
You should've talked
to me about this first.
- Just hear us out, Maddy.
- Oh, it's Maddy now.
- [Greg] You want to
keep your house, right?
- [Madison] Brooke only has a year left.
I'll figure it out.
- You're still covering a lot, Maddy.
- I told you, I'll figure it out.
- I'm prepared to offer you
a hefty advance, Ms. Riley.
(suspenseful music)
- This is, wow.
The advance was nice,
but this other number...
Well, damn.
(Greg chuckles)
I didn't know book deals
came so easily, Mr. Laurent.
- They don't.
I want an exclusive.
That's the deal.
So what do you say, young lady?
- [Brooke] You know you didn't
have to run off like that.
- You know how long I've been trying
to get you face to face?
I was starting to think
something was going on.
- You're too paranoid.
- With good reason.
- Well, on another note, that
book deal sounds real good,
but I don't know about
bringing all that stuff up.
- It's my job to be protective,
not the other way around.
- Well, some alone time with
Greg could do you some good.
You know, not every guy
is out here trying to get-
- Hey, big sis.
- How's it going, Kyle?
- How's it going?
Well, your sister here has actually been
keeping me on my toes.
Has me going to class, doing homework.
Is that what college is
supposed to be about?
- No, move.
I'll meet you outside.
- Bye, big sis.
(door thuds)
- Don't say it.
- You need to get rid of him.
- I'm not you and I'm not Mama.
- And you better not be.
- Maddy, you know you take this
and I won't have to take that
gap year I was talking about.
- [Madison] Gap year?
- To work.
Look, I know how hard it's been on you.
- Nope, not happening.
- Maddy, it's fine.
- I'm doing it.
We keep the house, you get
to keep your butt in school.
Win win.
Hell, we can even put in that
pool we talked about his kids.
- It's that much?
- [Kyle] Yo, you coming?
- Hey look, I gotta go. Okay?
Love you. Bye.
(tablet beeps)
(Madison sighs)
(door clangs)
(bugs trilling)
(Madison sighs)
(phone dings)
(light music)
My milly shit, bitch
(elevator dings)
- Your sister. She okay?
- Same old Madison.
- Well, yeah, you should
cut her some slack.
- And what kind of sister would I be?
- A terrible one.
- Well, stop playing.
- Oh, by the way, I got us tickets
to the Felix Johnson concert.
- No, you didn't.
- I did. April 21st.
- Ooh, come here. But oh, cheek.
Lip gloss, thank you.
I love you.
- Love you too.
(elevator dings)
- Wow.
These niggas weak
They've been testing me, all weak
Just let me be
Blowing me up, I'm trying to sleep
I ain't your freak
So don't be calling after three
I do what these bitches don't
That's why they running back to me
Run that cash up
Run that cash
Run that cash up
Run that cash
Run that cash up
Run that cash
Run that cash up
Bounce that ass
Ima make him work like
he's a bodybuilder
Then I might consider
If he always got his partners with him
I might leave him quicker
Hell no, I don't want
no childish nigga
Give me dollars
(phone beeps)
(metal screeches)
(metal clatters)
(paper rustling)
(bugs trilling)
(door creaks)
(door clangs)
(child giggles)
- Wait, wait.
That was, uh.
(child giggling)
Hey, Daddy, hey, Daddy, give me that.
(kids laughing)
(light music)
Okay, okay, okay.
Come on, you missed it.
Oh, my god.
(kids giggling)
Get up.
(light music)
- I am not losing this house.
(light music continues)
(phone buzzes)
(phone ringing)
- Hey, Madison.
Oh, you will?
That's great.
I call Mr. Laurent
tomorrow and let him know.
(bugs chirping)
(water sloshing)
(hand knocks)
(birds chirping)
(door creaks)
Hey, what's up?
- [Madison] Hey.
- Come on in.
- [Madison] Okay.
- You look nice today.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
Welcome to my humble abode.
- You have better style than most men.
- Thank you.
(dog barks)
Wilbur, how'd you get out?
Come on, man.
(Madison giggling)
I guess that shouldn't surprise me.
- What do you mean?
- He usually don't deal
with folks he don't know,
but I guess you got one
of those personalities.
- What kind of personality is that?
- The dog whispering type.
- I'll take that.
- So, would you like something to drink
before we get started?
- Get started where?
- Just relax.
I got you. Come on.
This is my safe space.
It's a non-judgment zone, so...
(doors rattling)
Come on in.
I'll get us some coffee.
(haunting music)
I put Wilbur in the other
room so he won't interrupt us.
- So what's with that name? Wilbur.
- My ex named him.
- So you have an ex that haunts you too.
- One or two, but that's normal, right?
- I guess.
- So, where would you like to start?
- That fast, huh?
- Oh, I'm sorry, I...
We can take it slow if you prefer.
Let's talk about something else first.
- No, no, I'm ready.
- You sure?
(Madison sighs)
(haunting music continues)
- When I went away to college,
it was like a whole other
world opened up to me.
I didn't really date in high school,
mainly because I was shy and awkward
and focused on getting a full ride
so I wouldn't burden my grandma.
My parents were already gone by then.
(keyboard tapping)
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat music)
- Billy, you know you're
not good at biology.
- What?
Oh, hey, what's up?
- Oh, hi, I'm Shauna.
This is my boyfriend, Ian.
- [Ian] Hi.
- We're sophomores.
- Cool. I'm Madison.
- Well, don't worry,
Madison, just find your crew.
You'll fit right in.
- [Madison Voiceover] I
wanted to find my crew,
but I also wanted a boyfriend.
I was so focused on my family
after my parents had died,
that I just didn't get around to it.
And damn, there was so
many good looking guys.
First, there was Corey.
I thought Corey was really
cute, and incredibly smart.
- Hey, Corey.
- [Madison Voiceover] All I
ever really wanted in a man.
Or so I thought.
(upbeat music continues)
- Hey, yo.
Yo, Madison.
Wait up.
- Hey, Corey.
- You look good today.
- Really?
You didn't seem to think
so when you were ignoring
me a second ago.
- Who said I was ignoring you?
Anyways, you wanna come kick back
with me in my room tonight?
- Kick back in your room?
- Yeah, we can chill, watch a movie.
Or we can study if you want,
but we finished most of
our work with the group.
- Haven't been out to a movie in a while.
- Okay, we can do that.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- We can do that. What you trying to see?
(upbeat music continues)
I'm glad you came out tonight.
- I'm glad you brought me out.
- I didn't think you was gonna come.
You know what I'm saying?
- Why do you think that?
- I don't know. You know,
I'm tripping sometimes.
- Well, where are you taking me next time?
- Wherever you wanna go, you know?
- Really?
- Oh shit.
- What are you doing?
- We should go this way to
take in some sights, you know?
- I'm from here, I've
already seen all the sites.
Stop playing.
- No, I wanna show
you something.
- [Kendra] Corey.
- Kendra.
- Seriously?
I can't even deal with you.
- Listen, I'm sorry-
- Is that your girlfriend?
- No, no, no, no.
Well, it's complicated.
- You a piece of shit, you know that?
- This is not a date anyway.
We just friends chilling, right?
Bring your ass back over here,
don't make me snatch you up.
- [Madison Voiceover]
So yeah, my first date
didn't go so well.
(light music)
(crickets chirping)
- Shit, Madison.
You scared me, girl.
What happened, girl?
Did Corey do something?
- I'm okay, I just need to go to bed.
- I'll kill his ass.
You need me to do that?
I'm down for whatever.
- Nah.
- Mm hm?
- Do you ever wish you could go back
to when you were little?
- Not really.
My childhood was shit.
- Mine wasn't.
- And what was your favorite memory?
(light music continues)
- [Father] Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the power and
the glory forever and ever.
In Jesus' name. Amen.
- [All] Amen.
- How was your day, baby?
- I feel like my feet have
not touched the ground.
I drop the kids off at school,
I go to pick up my mama from
Darlene's so I can take her
to appointment at the
social security office.
She says "I want a sausage,
egg, and cheese sandwich."
Okay so I go to the Dixie Queen
right there on Third Street.
She tells me she only
eats at the Dixie Queen
off Shelby Drive.
- Baby, I coulda told you that.
Ms. Gladys set in her ways.
She like what she like.
- Baby, the drive through line was to
the other side of Mill Branch.
She just done got all bougie
ever since the Reeves Law Firm,
they got her all that money
back from that car wreck.
- Now, they do be getting folks paid now.
- By the time we get there,
Mama done missed her appointment
and we had to sit at
that hot social security office all day.
No sooner than when my feet hit the ground
I get a call from the girls'
school and then I had to go
and rush and deal with that situation.
- What situation?
- Some little boy at school
called Brooke the N-word today.
- Madison, go get my change drawer.
What'd they do to the little boy?
- (sighs) Brooke's teacher said she
talked to the little boy.
She said he's a really good kid
just going through a tough time.
His parents are going through a divorce.
His grandpa just passed.
I was hot, but I had to make sure
that I focused on bringing
Brooke's spirits back up.
I just can't believe Black
folks still gotta deal
with racism in the nineties.
(coins jingling)
- I wanna tell y'all girls a story
that my daddy told me before he passed.
Now, your great grandparents
were civil rights activists.
And one night in the
summer of the sixties,
my grandpa ran into my daddy's room
and said, "Sonny, hurry up!
The barn is on fire.
Go run to the back and fetch
some water from the well."
Now, my father couldn't
have been much older
than you, Madison.
He ran as fast as he could,
and when he got back to
the house from the well,
he realized that grandpa was
just standing there looking.
The sense of urgency had left.
Turns out that it wasn't
the barn that was on fire,
it was crosses that was
set on fire by the KKK
'cause they didn't like
what your grandparents
were doing to help Black people.
Now, he'd looked at that,
took that bucket of water,
poured it out on the ground,
and went back to bed.
What's the moral of the story, Madison?
- All white people are bad?
- No, baby.
God made all people;
white, black, brown, blue.
It's not the color of your skin
that determines if you're a good person
or if you're a bad person,
it's what's on the inside.
See, what your grandfather
was trying to teach in
that moment is that when
he thought that the barn
where he kept his equipment,
his tools, his livestock,
the barn that provided the
economic base to support him
and his family, when he
thought that was in danger,
there was an extreme amount of urgency
and he ran as fast as he could
to try to put the fire out.
But once he found out that
that fire was not a fire
to the barn, but a fire of
racism, of bigotry, of hatred,
he poured the water out
because it wasn't worth a bucket of water.
You see, baby, this house
is part of the economic base
that me and your mother want
to build for you and Brooke.
I need you to make sure
that you understand
that this is a part of your barn
and I need you to protect it.
Do you understand, baby?
- Yes, sir.
(light music)
- Now, Brooke, you are just
as beautiful, just as smart,
just as strong as anybody
else on God's earth.
Do you understand me, baby?
Beautiful queens.
To the queens rising.
- [Family] To the queens rising.
- Queens rising.
- [Mother] The queens rising.
- Oh yeah, baby.
Now, if that boy or any boy
mess with your sister...
(bag thuds)
Bust his head to the white meat.
You understand me?
- Yes, sir.
(silverware clattering)
- [Father] Mm, baby, you put your foot
in these mashed potatoes.
(all laughing)
(light music)
- Sounds like a movie.
You're lucky.
- I was anyway.
(light music continues)
Goodnight, Shauna.
(light clicks)
(light music continues)
(bugs trilling)
- [Madison Voiceover] I would
think about my father's death
a lot back in those days.
It wasn't just that he was gone,
but it's the way he died that haunted me.
I had to push through and live my life
because I know that's what
Daddy would've wanted me to do.
(light music continues)
(crickets chirping)
(upbeat music)
It took me a couple of days
to get Corey outta my system,
but one afternoon in between classes
I ran into somebody new.
- Yo, yo, yo.
Excuse me.
How you doing?
I think you should check that out.
This weekend.
- Thank you.
- [Darius] Be there.
We'd be a walking, talking
Chilling babe
Friendly face
Can you feel it, babe
- Woo!
- Woo!
- Ooh wee,
you ladies are on fire.
- Thank you, Darius.
- See y'all later.
- Yo, you looking good, girl.
- Thanks.
- [Madison Voiceover] Darius
was pretty much the hottest guy
to ever look my way.
He was much smoother than
Corey, I'll give him that.
For example, he managed
to talk me into chilling
in his room pretty easily.
- [Actress] Oh, that's just great.
Harriet, do you have a-
- [Madison Voiceover] I bought
everything he was selling.
He told me he loved me.
We'd be together forever.
But after he got what he wanted,
I realized I'd bought a lie.
Darius just tossed me to the
side and moved on to the next.
After that experience,
I told myself I was done with dating.
Until I met Ben.
- Oh oh!
My fault.
Can I help you?
- No, I'm, I'm okay.
- I'm Ben.
Ben Houser.
- I am Madison.
Madison Riley.
- [Madison Voiceover] He was
polite, unassumingly handsome,
and there was just something
about him that made me feel
- [Ben] So, what's your major?
- [Madison] Psychology.
- [Ben] Oh, so you can read my mind?
- [Madison] After that,
everything changed.
So there is a spark
Got nothing to lose
Don't know what I'd do without you
I'm lucky to have you
- [Madison Voiceover] And just like that,
Ben became the boyfriend
I was looking for.
We were solid for a few months,
and to be honest, it was
the most stable I have felt
since my dad had died.
(light music)
- What's up, Maddy?
- Hey, Kendra.
- I really hate that guy.
- You have to stop being
so jealous of everybody.
- You told me what he did.
He deserves to learn a lesson.
- That was a mistake.
- What?
- Nothing.
He means nothing to me, Ben.
Just a guy in my chem classes
who knows his shit like everybody else.
He's like a mastermind.
You have to let me do
my thing and trust me.
- It's not you I don't trust.
We're a team, remember?
- You have nothing to worry about, Ben.
You're my guy.
- [Teammate] Great class today, ladies.
See y'all tomorrow.
- [Darius] Yo, good job ladies.
- [Teammate] Thanks, Darius.
- You were on it today. Good job.
Yo, that kind of dance is fun,
but how about a real dance now?
- I told you I got a man.
- [Darius] That's okay. Is this better?
- [Madison] Stop it!
- [Ben] Y'all good?
(ominous music)
- Hey.
(eerie music)
(Darius scoffs)
(Ben sighs)
What's wrong?
- I don't like that guy.
- We were just dancing.
If it bothers you, I'll
leave with the rest
of the squad next time.
- Or maybe you can just quit.
- What?
- Dancing is just a hobby for you, right?
- It's a career, just not for everyone.
- Yeah, it's definitely not for you.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.
You're all right, I told you
that last week at the event.
But I just-
- You was just being nice?
- No.
- I'm not quitting.
(ominous music)
(Ben screams)
(stuff clatters)
(suspenseful music)
(screaming continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(somber music)
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to quit.
- Of course I don't.
I do what I want, right?
- Right.
I just want you to be safe.
- You don't have to worry about me.
We're good. I'm good.
It's okay.
- [Madison Voiceover] I always felt like
I was calming Ben down,
trying to keep him happy.
I loved him, but I was
starting to remind myself
of my mom and stepdad.
- So, your stepdad?
- Yeah, a real prince charming.
(eerie music)
- Maddy, you want to talk about it?
- You know, I think I'm tired.
- Well, we can pick back
up tomorrow if you like.
- Yeah, thank you.
This has been really good for me.
- Really?
- I actually find it therapeutic.
Almost better than my kickboxing class.
- Kickboxing class.
You take a kickboxing class?
- Didn't I tell you that?
- No, this is my first time hearing of it.
- I, I've been taking classes
on and off since I was a kid.
My parents wanted me to be
able to take care of myself.
- Wow.
So kickboxing, dance.
Anything else up your sleeve?
(haunting music)
- Guards up, set defense
stance, right palm heel,
and right kick.
Good. Awesome job.
Do it again.
Right palm reel and right kick.
Awesome job.
- Good job, Chloe.
- Child's play.
- [Madison] None of that in
my class, Jessica. Apologize.
- Sorry, Chloe.
- [Madison] That's better.
- All right, we're gonna do it again.
(phone dings)
Back into self defense stance.
Guards up, right palm heel.
Good. And right kick.
Awesome job.
Right palm heel, good.
Right kick.
- I have this kid in my class, Jessica.
Remember me telling you
we were doing a unit
on safety and protection?
- Yeah.
- She wrote something about
having a killer instinct,
about turning cold and being
able to strike when necessary,
but still remain calm.
Almost like shutting down
your anger so you can be
as powerful as possible.
- A kid wrote that?
- Not in those exact words.
She actually said it better.
(Greg laughs)
Then I looked it up.
It said a killer instinct is something
we all have inside of us.
This ability to the point of being able
to switch back and forth at will.
- Like...
- Like Ben.
I think maybe he, I don't know.
- Yeah, but so far
you've described someone
with a hot temper and little
control of his emotions.
- True story.
(Madison sighs)
Speaking of stories...
- I got a feeling we're about
to get to the good stuff.
- Yeah.
Buckle up.
(ominous music)
(Madison sighs)
- Hey, Shauna.
- [Reporter] Where police have found-
- Shauna, what's wrong?
- [Reporter] A brutal
and disturbing scene.
- It's Corey.
- [Reporter] If you are just tuning in-
- What do you mean?
- We are on the campus
of Bluff City University in South Memphis.
Police have reported that sophomore-
- [Madison] Oh, my god.
- Corey Wilkes was found
dead in the arts and sciences building
on campus.
- No, no. Oh, my god.
- It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.
- It was also reported that Corey
was stabbed more than seven times
until he succumbed to his wounds.
Police are not giving
any further information,
and they're also not
giving any information
regarding the suspect's names.
It seems the killer is still on the loose.
- Hey.
Did y'all hear about...
(somber music continues)
- [Reporter] If you have any
information regarding the death
of Corey Wilkes or the
whereabouts of his murderer,
please call the news tip hotline
at 901-555-1221.
I'm Bridget, pitching it
back at all of you at RHOL.
Stay safe, everyone.
(somber music continues)
- [Madison Voiceover]
Corey's murder had us shook.
It took me back to when my father died.
Someone just slaughtered
him like an animal,
and I needed Ben now more than ever
to be my shelter through this storm.
- You okay?
You need to eat something.
That's what's wrong.
Can't be hangry.
Little bird bite.
- [Madison Voiceover] So I got
my sweet Ben back.
He was attentive, romantic, more relaxed.
It was like a burden had
been lifted off his chest.
(hand knocks)
(light music)
- Madison, I wanted to
apologize for blowing
up the other day.
You're a good dancer and I love you.
- You love me?
Oh, baby
- I love you.
- [Madison Voiceover]
My friends thought he
was acting funny, but I just figured
that's how he shows love.
- [Ben] What do you think?
- [Madison Voiceover] And
I just went along with it.
- You did all this for me?
- Of course.
No one holds me quite and like you do
See, I gotta be with you
Until the end of time
Oh, baby
Can't you see
- [Ben] Would you care to dance?
Won't you go with me
I need you to go
- [Madison Voiceover]
Ben turned into my rock.
Everything was perfect again.
Perfect, that is, until
the day of Corey's vigil.
(birds chirping)
- Corey Wilkes was the
finest of young men.
A light on this planet loved by many.
Those candles remind us that
though Corey is no longer
here with us in the flesh.
- [Madison Voiceover]
I invited him to come,
but he never showed.
- His light of love shines
in our hearts forever.
- [Madison Voiceover] So I went alone.
- [Preacher] Amen.
- Well, actually, I let
Darius give me a ride.
I know it was blood
- [Madison Voiceover]
I know it was stupid,
but I was mad at Ben and Darius offered.
Okay, it was really stupid,
but I was not in the mood to
walk on eggshells that day.
For me
One day when I was lost
Jesus died on the cross
(ominous music)
Said I know it was the blood
For me
(ominous music continues)
- [Madison Voiceover] Ben
was furious when I got home.
Of course, he found out
about Darius driving me.
I was afraid he might hit me.
- [Greg] What'd he do?
- [Madison Voiceover] He
did what Ben always does;
he yelled and then seduced me.
(ominous music continues)
(birds chirping)
(phone rings)
(Madison sighs)
(ringing continues)
(phone ringing)
- [Ben] Hey, it's Ben's
phone. Leave a message.
- Hey, Ben.
I hope everything's okay.
Thought you wanted to get breakfast,
but I guess you had
something else going on.
Anyways, I've got psych in a bit,
so I'll try to catch you later.
(muffled talking)
(ominous music)
- [Passerby] Have you seen her?
I just don't forget.
- [Passerby 2] I saw you last night.
(people laughing)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(Madison gasps)
- [Madison] You scared me.
- Sorry.
And I'm sorry about this morning.
- [Madison] I've been
looking for you all day.
Didn't you get my voicemail?
- Yeah.
I said I'm sorry.
Come on, let's get outta here.
(people screaming)
(light dramatic music)
(people talking over each other)
(Madison gasps)
(somber music)
I got you.
I got you.
(camera clicks)
(dramatic music)
- We got to get everybody out of here.
They don't have a pass
they can't be out here.
They've got to clear the camp-
- Excuse me.
Officer Packer, right?
- Yes.
Were you a witness here today?
- I...
Darius was a friend of mine.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you want to give a
statement to the detectives?
- Can I give my statement to you?
- Of course, but I'm pretty
sure the local detectives
are gonna wanna speak with you as well.
- [Baxter] Whoa.
Hey, Packer, I could
use your help over here.
- One second, Baxter.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Hey, hey. Look, everybody, everybody.
I understand how upset this has you, okay?
But trust me, we will take care of this.
Now, please, everybody, just
go back to your dorm rooms.
We will issue a statement
as soon as we can.
- You better find out something, Officer.
Black men are dying out here.
Take it seriously.
- We will do all that we can.
- Man, you gotta do better than that.
We all know you're the only
good cop we got around here.
Do us right, Officer P.
Come on, y'all. Let's go.
(light dramatic music)
- Hold on a second. Hold on.
Look, just come down to the police station
tomorrow morning, okay?
We're taking statements
from his friends then.
- Come on, Maddy. Let's go.
(upbeat music)
- [Madison Voiceover] Fast
forward to six weeks later,
things were kind of
getting back to normal.
- Okay.
- [Madison Voiceover] Well,
as normal as they could be
with a serial killer running around.
Ben was definitely
keeping things consistent.
(upbeat music continues)
(pins clattering)
(Madison cheers)
- [Ian] I told you, I told you.
It's the notion now
that I can catch up
- What?
- Girl, I didn't even know
how that even happened.
It was like my first-
- [Shauna] You're doing
so great.
- What?
- You did so good.
- Wait, wait.
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.
- [Ian] What's going on?
- I don't even know, that's a miss.
- Spray, spray, spray, spray.
- Don't hype me up there.
Where in the hell Dre going?
- Baby, look at Dre...
What now?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Better come on back.
- Bring your ass back up here.
What you playing at?
- You know what's going on.
- Don't throw 'em like that.
Oh, why she stanky.
- She stanky.
- Ooh, she's too cute to be that gross.
I gotta tell you the truth.
- Girl need some...
(upbeat music)
- Ben!
- What!
- This jealousy has to stop.
- You know why I'm jealous?
You forced it on me, Madison.
Out here trying to have attention
from all these other guys.
Why am I not enough?
Why am I not enough?
- You tell me.
You tell me why you're not-
(hand slaps)
(dark ominous music)
Stay away from me.
- Maddy.
- You're so fucking stupid.
- [Ben] Maddy.
Maddy, I'm sorry.
- Don't ever speak to me again!
- [Ben] Maddy!
- [Madison Voiceover] I wanted to go back,
but I was done with
him for good this time.
That's what happens
when the love goes cold
- [Madison Voiceover] I decided to embrace
the power I had inside of me again.
I wanted to be stronger, better, faster.
Get up and put your heels on, baby
- [Madison Voiceover]
My father had a saying:
"The only way to unlock your potential
is to get knocked down.
After that, get back up
and kick all their asses."
Break my soul
Don't you help me
- [Shauna] I have to
say, I like you better
without a man, honey.
- Girl, you and me both.
I feel better.
- Well, I mean, one day you'll find a
guy who treats you like the
queen we all know you are.
But until then...
- Until then, to the queen rising.
- To the queen rising.
(both laughing)
All the things you try
But it's hard to keep
it real right now
(door thuds)
- Girl.
- I'm hungry.
- Oh, it's like that?
- Mm hm.
- To the queen rising.
- See, I know I shouldn't
have told you about that.
- (chuckles) I like it.
- Yeah, well, my dad wanted us to feel
like we could do anything.
- You wanna talk about it?
- Actually, there is something.
- Oh Lord. Do I even wanna know?
- I have to go see Madison.
- You have to go see Madison. When?
- This weekend.
- This weekend?
The Felix Johnson concert.
You forgot.
- Yeah, but you know what? I can...
No, better yet-
- It's, it's okay.
I can probably just get one
of the guys to come to it.
- Hey, I do wanna go. Okay?
It's just something's not right.
I could hear it in her voice.
- I mean, I understand. It's, it's okay.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- You positive, yeah?
- Yeah.
(plastic rustling)
- Oh, keep playing.
You know dudes have died for less.
- I'm not worried about it, sweetheart.
- You're gonna lose a hand.
(birds chirping)
A whole one.
(both laughing)
- Stop!
- You know, I don't know,
I think your story will
empower a lot of women.
- How so?
- I think they'll see your strength and-
- I'm not strong.
- Are you kidding me, Madison?
You're the strongest woman that I know.
(birds chirping)
- Okay.
I can take a compliment when I hear one.
(birds chirping)
Catch me if you can.
(Greg chuckles)
(light music)
(bugs trilling)
- [Greg] So, Maddy, I've been
having a great time with you
and all, and you know, I think I'm ready
to take this relationship
to the next level.
- What can I say?
It's dangerous to mix
business with pleasure.
- Is that right?
(phone ringing)
Oh, shucks, this is Mr. Laurent.
Probably trying to see what we
got going on with this book.
Yeah, Mr. Laurent.
Hey, how's it going?
Oh, really?
Yeah, that's great news.
Yeah, I'm 100% on board with this.
Yeah, she'll be thrilled.
All right, I'll talk to you later.
Shelby Knight wants to edit our book.
- Okay?
- Shelby Knight is one of the most sought
after book editors in this country.
Everything that she touches hit number one
on the New York Times Bestseller List.
So that means...
- What's the catch?
- We have to have the first draft
in half the time in order
to get on her calendar.
- Okay.
Any idea why she's interested?
- Yeah, because she finds
your story compelling.
She's really intrigued by you
and what you've been through.
- No one was supposed to know
this was based on real life.
- It's inside stuff.
Nothing to worry about.
- Yeah.
- You're not having second
thoughts on me, are you?
Are you?
We got this.
- Sure.
Sounds great.
(door squeaks)
(haunting music)
(haunting music continues)
(cabinet squeaks)
(phone rings)
(light dramatic music)
(Madison exhales)
Hey, Brookie. Everything okay?
- Uh uh.
What's wrong with you?
- Why does everyone keep asking me that?
- I'm coming home this weekend.
- [Madison] To see what
I've done with the house?
- No, to see my sister
and to make you take a
break from that book.
- You need to be focusing on school.
- I can do both.
I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
(phone dings)
(light dramatic music continues)
- It's all in your head.
It's all in your head.
- [Laurent] Everything on schedule?
- Yes, sir. Everything's on point.
Just have one last session with her.
We have everything that we
need, I just got a question
that I think would make the
chapter transition smoother.
- How'd you go about
getting her to open up?
- Oh, I've had her eating
outta my hand from the start.
- How'd you go about doing that?
- Just act like I cared about
her and her dead family,
laughed at her corny ass jokes
and created the illusion of stability.
(Laurent chuckles)
- Get 'em while they're vulnerable.
Oldest trick in the book.
- Sir.
- She know who you really are?
- Not yet.
When the time's right.
(metal clinks)
- [Laurent] She tell you how her dad died?
(bell jingles)
(food sizzles)
- Oh, so it's true.
Egg King every Thursday night.
Got waffle, grits, eggs.
You know, if someone
wanted to rough you up,
you'd be easy to find.
- Ain't nobody hiding, Mr. Charlie.
- You had an opportunity
to look at those changes
we requested for the Black Homeowners Bill
you're trying to get passed.
- Memphis is last in
the nation in percentage
of Black home ownership.
We can't fix that until we address
this predatory residential renting market.
We have an entire
industry built to exploit
the institutionalized
discrimination from days past.
Once this bill passes, that
sharecropping shit stops.
(Charlie sighs)
- There are very important,
very powerful people
who are gonna lose a lot of
money if this bill passes.
(paper rustling)
Let's work something out.
(patrons talking in distance)
- Free African, not for sale.
- Least I tried.
Nice El Dorado.
(door bell jingles)
(traffic humming)
(electricity sizzling)
(ominous music)
(ominous music continues)
(car door thuds)
(gunshot pops)
- [Patron] What was that?
(popping continues)
- [Patron 2] Oh, my god!
- [Patron 3] Did someone get shot?
(ominous music continues)
(crickets chirping)
(sirens wailing)
(paper rustling)
(crickets chirping)
- [Madison Voiceover]
Brooke told me once that all
she ever wanted was a normal family.
I thought if I worked hard,
I could do that for her.
So I tried to go back to business as usual
and lose myself in my studies.
But all of this murder and
death, it kept us on edge.
Even the perfect couple, Ian and Shauna,
started to appear, well, not so perfect.
- Come on, we're gonna miss the sunset.
- [Shauna] Okay, okay.
- [Ian] You know what, Shauna?
I'm gonna be outside, all right?
- Bye, girl.
You coulda got this bag.
(light dramatic music)
(door thuds)
(light dramatic music continues)
(ominous music)
(phone tapping)
(keys jingling)
(Madison gasps)
- I told you, you gotta
start watching your back.
And you woulda learned
that if you would attended
my safety presentation.
- Yeah.
- Look, Madison. Be careful, all right?
You never know who you can trust.
(dramatic music)
- [News Anchor] From RLOH in Memphis,
this is your breaking news report.
- We're at the top of
the hour with a missing
person's report from
Bluff City University.
Rather than one, however,
there are two people confirmed missing.
Shauna Smith and Ian Martin
are both confirmed missing
as no one has seen them in over 36 hours.
If you have any information
about the whereabouts
of these sophomores, please
call RLOH news tip hotline.
(keyboard tapping)
(hand knocking)
- Hey, uh, Madison?
- Officer Packer?
- Madison, I'm, I'm so sorry,
but they found your
roommate and her boyfriend.
- Where?
- Their bodies surfaced on
the lake a few miles out.
They washed up on an embankment.
Look, Madison, sorry to ask this of you,
but if there's anything
else you can think of,
please let us know.
(door clatters)
(birds chirping)
- [Madison Voiceover] A few days went by,
but I finally built up the courage
to meet with Officer Packer again.
So I went to the campus
police to tell them everything
that I had actually seen.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
- I'm looking for Officer Packer.
- You need something?
- I have something additional to report.
- [Packer] Madison?
- Hey, Officer Packer. Can we talk?
- Um sure.
Yeah. Feel free to come on back.
- I think I know who's
behind the killings.
- Look, I know that you're upset,
but we already got your statement.
- His name is Ben Houser.
My ex-boyfriend.
- Your, your ex-boyfriend.
What makes you suspect him?
- I didn't wanna see it before,
I was too afraid to admit it, but-
- Okay, um, why don't you
just start at the beginning?
(haunting music)
(bell clangs)
(keyboard tapping)
- And then he followed him out
and the next day they were dead.
- Are you willing to give an updated
statement to Detective Miller?
- Yes.
- All right, this afternoon.
And I'll meet you there.
(light dramatic music)
I'll be right there with
you if, if you want.
- Thanks, Officer.
You do believe me, don't you?
- I will look into it.
That's all I can promise.
- Thanks, Officer.
- Hey, Madison?
Be sure to stick close to your friends.
- What friends?
(light dramatic music)
(light dramatic music continues)
(dramatic music)
(Madison sobbing)
(sobbing continues)
- Come on, we're gonna miss the sunset.
- [Shauna] Okay.
(Madison sobs)
(hand slapping)
(sobbing continues)
(somber music)
- [Madison Voiceover]
How could I be so stupid?
I was blinded by love
and knew who the killer was all along.
If I had gone to the police earlier,
my friends would've still been alive.
- Right.
I understand.
Go on.
(Madison sighs)
- It had been days.
I got some people on campus to help
look for Ben, but nothing.
So, I broke.
But I couldn't give up.
- Have you looked in to Ben yet?
What's taking so long?
- Now, now, look, I
cannot discuss the details
of an ongoing investigation with you.
(phone ringing)
Look, just, just give me a second.
Come on back.
Officer Packer.
Wait a minute.
A brother? Are you serious?
(ominous music)
Okay. Okay.
I understand.
Yeah, they just brought him in.
Hold on. Hold on. I'll call you back.
All right, bye.
- Oh my gosh, you got him.
- [Packer] Madison.
- Thank goodness you got him.
I'm telling you, it was him-
- Madison, please, please.
- What?
- [Packer] We gotta get you outta here.
(birds chirping)
- [Madison Voiceover]
So they arrested Ben,
but at the time, nobody knew
if he actually did it or not.
I told the police what
I knew, what I'd seen,
but there just wasn't
enough concrete evidence
to build a case.
And now with Officer Packer
mentioning Ben's brother,
I got scared, so I decided that
I needed to get Brooke out of town.
- I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you.
We could move to another city.
Change plans, maybe move to California.
- Uh uh, you gotta finish school.
- I do.
So I can take care of you, right?
- Yeah.
- Be good, okay?
- Always.
And Maddy, be careful, okay?
(car door thuds)
(car horn honks)
(engine rumbling)
- [Greg] So with Brooke
gone, your friends all dead,
how did you keep it together?
- [Madison] Honestly, it's been tough.
You know those anxiety
attacks I told you about?
Well, they started getting worse.
- And when that happened,
did you stay or leave?
- Then I just left and, and...
(exhales) I feel strange.
Maybe we shouldn't.
Maybe Brooke was right.
I think we should stop.
- This book is our dream, Maddy.
Me and you.
(dramatic music)
You can always tell this story of yours.
- About my messed up life?
- Madison.
(phone dings)
(phone buzzes)
- What if it's Brooke?
(Madison breathes heavily)
(suspenseful music)
- What is it?
- I'm losing the house!
- Listen, we still have time.
We can call Mr. Laurent.
We can call-
- What's with this 'we'?
It's my problem, not you.
- You wanna keep your house, right?
Anything else up your sleeve?
You're not having second
thoughts on me, are you?
(Madison exhales)
You all right?
(haunting music)
Everything's gonna be okay.
You won't lose your house, I promise.
We got less than a
chapter left in the book.
(phone ringing)
I gotta take this. I'll be right back.
This is Greg.
(haunting music)
(eerie music)
- Research for the book?
(dramatic music)
- I see you found a picture
of me and my brother.
Probably one of my favorites.
(eerie music)
- No.
No, no, no.
That's impossible.
Ben and you.
It can't be.
- I thought about telling
you when I first saw you at
Pinecrest, but I realized
that you didn't recognize me
so I decided to just let things be.
And then we started writing this book.
And the shit you pulled on Ben, Maddy?
His life has never been the same.
You tanked his life, his college career,
and they believed you.
It was all based on lies.
And once this book is
done, you're gonna keep
my family's name out
of your mouth for good.
Why'd you do this to me?
- I can't.
- Why'd you do this to me?
- I can't do this.
(dramatic music)
(Madison crying)
- Maddy.
Come on. Maddy!
(dramatic music)
(Madison cries)
Maddy, come on! What are you...
(door slams)
Open this door, Maddy.
(dramatic music continues)
Maddy, come on. What are you...
I just wanna talk.
(fist thuds)
Maddy, please.
(door squeaks)
(eerie music)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
- Remember when we were
talking about killer instincts?
I'd had mine for the
first time right here.
Just a few steps from your feet.
- [Mom] No, you're not gonna
talk to my girls like this.
- [Stepdad] I'm gonna talk
to however I want to talk to
in my house.
- [Mom] This not your house.
- [Stepdad] Get your
ass in the other room.
- [Mom] This is not your house.
(door squeaks)
(haunting music)
- Now don't y'all come out, all right?
Just don't move.
Your mother and I are talking.
- You are not my father!
- Don't you test me, little girl.
- [Mom] No, no, no, no!
- I'm sick and tired
of every time.
- Stop it. Stop it, Flip.
Come on, come on. Please move on.
You're not gonna talk to them like that.
It's not every time, and you
do more than just talk to them.
- [Stepdad] I'm talking,
your ass come in here-
(door slams)
What'd you just say to me?
You don't think I had it, did you?
- [Mom] Oh!
- [Stepdad] You weren't coming
to talk with me.
- [Mom] Keep your hands off of me.
You don't put your hands on me no more.
- [Brooke] I hate him, I hate him.
- Me, too.
We're just gonna look at your doll, okay?
Mom will get him out of this house.
This is our house.
She won't let him stay, I promise.
- Okay.
(glass shattering)
(dramatic music)
- If you touch my sister
again, you're dead.
- Who are you talking to?
(knee thuds)
(Flip screams)
(dark ominous)
(garbled talking)
(suspenseful music)
- Stop it! Stop it!
(suspenseful music)
Stop it!
(hand slaps)
(glass shatters)
- [Madison] Oh, my goodness.
- At that very moment, I swore no man,
no person, would ever hurt
me or my sister again.
- I've never done anything
to hurt you, Maddy.
- People hurt people.
They all did.
(suspenseful music)
- Corey Wilkes was found dead.
- [Madison Voiceover] First
came, Corey, a wanna-be player.
- We're just friends chilling, right?
- [Madison Voiceover]
His mistake was trying
to keep me as a side piece to Kendra.
(chilling music)
(metal clinks)
(Madison grunts)
(suspenseful music)
Then the same thing
happened next with Darius.
He just upped it even further
with his hands-on approach.
- How about a real dance now?
- [Madison] Stop it.
- Is this better?
- [Madison Voiceover] So
we got hands on as well.
(knife clinks)
(ominous music)
(flesh squishing)
(body thuds)
- Can you move any slower?
Bet if you was putting
biscuits in that backpack
you would be ready to go.
- [Madison Voiceover]
Ian was the standout.
Verbally abusing Shauna.
- It was unnecessary.
We're fine.
Are you okay?
- She had nothing to do with this.
Sit your ass back down.
- [Shauna] What the hell, Ian?
- She's had enough.
(knife clinks)
(dark ominous music)
- Ian had his death
coming, but Shauna's death.
Shauna's death haunts me to this day.
But at least there were no witnesses.
And for better or for worse,
that's how I took care of
every last one of them.
Well, almost.
(eerie music)
You told me you love me, that you wanted
to take this relationship
to the next level.
Well, this shit is about
to go to the next level
with your lying ass.
You played on the fact that
I wanted this house back
and all my happy memories before him.
- Gina?
- Look, we both got what we wanted, right?
You got off and I got the truth.
- No, no, no.
I haven't gotten what
I wanted. Not at all.
- So why go through all of this?
- We needed a killer, Greg.
And with your brother
Ben as the scapegoat,
it was just much more fun this way.
- We didn't finish the book.
- Don't worry, Greg.
I'm gonna finish it myself!
(dramatic music)
(body thuds)
- I told you I didn't wanna hurt you.
Stop this shit!
(fists thudding)
(glass shattering)
- [Madison] Mom.
- Gina?
- [Greg] I told you I
didn't wanna hurt you.
(dramatic music)
(Madison grunts)
What are you doing?
(Madison grunts)
(dramatic music continues)
(glass clattering)
(Madison groans)
(ominous music)
(Greg coughs)
(suspenseful music)
- Oh, what the?
(suspenseful music)
(Greg coughs)
(sinister music)
(body thuds)
(body thuds)
- You didn't.
You didn't hurt me, Greg.
I never gave you the chance.
(ominous music)
(door clatters)
- [Brooke] Maddy?
- Oh, he tried.
He tried to kill me.
He tried, I had to.
I had to do it.
- [Brooke] Maddy.
- I had to.
(Madison cries)
Oh, my god.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
(somber music)
It's all over now.
It's okay.
It's okay.
No one's gonna hurt you now.
No one's gonna hurt you, okay?
No, no one.
We'll take care of each other.
It's okay.
(somber music continues)
We have each other, just like always.
(somber music continues)
- [Laurent] What did I tell you?
Did I not say that your book was gonna
be successful, Miss Bestseller?
- [Madison] You did.
- (chuckles) I gotta be completely
honest with you, Madison.
I didn't imagine that your
book would take off like this,
and I'll have that movie
option deal for you secure
by next week and you're not
gonna have to worry about money
for quite some time.
- Were you able to get me that
information I asked you for?
- It wasn't easy to track this down,
but friends help each other out, right?
You sure you wanna do this?
Open Pandora's Box?
- I need this closure in my life.
- I never had a chance to
tell you how sorry I am
about what happened with Greg.
He always presented himself as
a respectable, caring gentleman.
I was completely shocked when
he tried what he did with you.
- It was really hard.
You think you know
someone and they turn out
to be a complete monster.
But enough of that.
- You have my deepest sympathy.
It's times like this when
you shouldn't be alone.
Maybe you let me come by.
I can bring a bottle of wine,
be a shoulder for you to cry on.
- I'm gonna have to pass.
Between the book promotions,
working with the screenwriters,
renovations to the house,
I can barely keep my feet on the ground.
(phone buzzes)
- My secretary.
I'm gonna take this outside.
We'll finish talking about what I can do
to help you through this
hard time when I get back.
(light music)
How many times do I have to tell you?
How many times do I
have to tell you, Tammy?
No, no, no.
I don't have time for your
incompetence and excuses.
Why don't you just do your job?
Can you do that?
Woman, you ain't got a
sense of a goddamn goose.
You need to get back here now.
What I'm trying to tell you is
that you need some common sense.
You know what that is? Common sense.
Get you some common sense.
Talk to you later. Bye.
(door clicks)
Sorry, I didn't mean to take so long.
So, where were we with that wine?
- You know what, Mr. Laurent?
As soon as we finalize this movie deal,
I'm going to make some
personal time for you.
- [Laurent] Is that a promise?
- You can bet your life on it.
(light music)
Oh, oh, oh
The first time
Feels like the first time
Baby, baby, when I
first laid eyes on you
I felt a jump in my heartbeat
I told you to leave me
I didn't expect to go
through so much pain
I found out what heartbreak felt like
But I still stuck by your side
So deep, our love
Went wrong
But maybe it'll be repaired
And spark will come back strong
Let's go out on a date, baby
Kiss me passionately
Let's dance to our favorite song
Let's do it like the first time, baby
The first time
Feels like the first time
Feels like the first time
Feels like the first time
Treat me right, baby,
like the first time
You met me, babe
It was so lovely
Oh, what you did to get
me run that back again
Conversation was endless
Laughing out loud like old friends
The truth is ugly
We let others get in the way
But you tell me you love me
And you want me to stay
So, baby, come on
Let's win, let's start all over again
Fresh new, hearts are true
Renew, renew, renew
Let's go out on a date, baby
Kiss me passionately
Let's dance to our favorite song
And do it like the first, baby
Feels like the first time
Feels like the first time
The first day we met,
you were just so sweet
You were just so loving, baby
Feels like the first time
I really love you, babe
But I need some tenderness
I need some attention
Like it was the first time
(gentle music)
(gentle music continues)
(gentle music continues)
(no audio)