Queen Tut (2023) Movie Script

[SHEYONCE] Good evening, y'all!
[audience cheering]
Now I know that we
are all feeling tender
as we remember our
OG royalty, Mandy.
[audience cheering]
But don't get it
twisted, bitches.
This ain't a wake, it's
a goddamn celebration!
[audience cheering]
And who better to pay
tribute than our first lady,
Her Majesty of
Sherbourne Street,
[audience cheering]
[airplane engine rumbling]

Good to see you. Come, come.
[ISKANDER] We're developing this
whole area from the ground up.
Once it's done, they'll
make me partner, Nabil.
Goldstein, Ross and Gamil.
That's amazing, Baba.
All of it?
Once I get zoning approval,
it'll be my legacy.
Our legacy now.





[church congregation singing]
[church congregation singing]
[ALL] Our Father in Heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on Earth as in Heaven.
Give us today our daily bread,
and forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those
who sin against us.


[MALIBU] Help an old
lady save LGBT history!
Good morning, homosexuals!
I am taking donations!
Jesus Christ.
Holy crap.
But help save the Real Toronto!
[MALIBU] Nice shoes.
How do you feel about
over-development in the city?
Then donate!
[dog barks]
I'm working!
This is my favourite spot,
and I'm just trying to
collect money to save my bar.
Oh boy!
Well, next time
you go to the bank,
you should take out a
little bit more to share.
Um, wait. Where did
you get that coat?
This coat?
You like this coat?
Burn down your local donut
shop, you freakin' homos!

Hey! Stop!
Are you sure?
What the hell, lady?


Through here, here!

[WORKER] Hey! Stop!

[MALIBU] I'll be right back.
Don't steal anything.

I'm going to mount you on
the wall like a deer head.
Do you sew?
Um, no. Not really.
I'm, I'm Nabil also.
I'm Malibu.
You know with the
surfing, cliffs.
Your work is...
Do you make these
dresses yourself?
Everything you see I made.
They look expensive.
Let's hope the bank thinks so.
Is that you?
Yes, but those are not my tits.
They were...?
I don't know.
No, I know you don't.

[ISKANDER] Forgot some papers.
[music volume lowers]
It sounds nice.
Work can wait.
Let's eat breakfast.
Um, it's lentil stew,
Baba. It'll take time.
There's demonstrators
outside the office.
Probably wouldn't be able to
get in for another hour anyway.
More, more.

Can I help you?
I'm looking for 123 Poulos?
Is it, is it a restaurant?
Well, that depends
on your appetite.
Um, I'm supposed to
meet Malibu here.
Okay. Weird.
I'm angry.
I'm angry because
my so-called spouse
can't accept me for
who I really am.
I don't want to be this angry
but I can't help it.
You have nothing to be
ashamed of. Nothing.
Anger is necessary.
And rage...
Rage is necessary in
dire circumstances,
and trust me, these
days circumstances
couldn't be more dire.
And remember that She
sees us for who we are.
Rage and all.
Okay,everybody, handsin.
We don't know why
you put us here,
but we're happy to be here.
And we will fight to stay here.
And if you think that
we deserve to be here,
we know we deserve to be here.
Thank you for making us be us.
[ALL] And fuck you
for making it so hard.
Good work, everybody.
Thank you.
I don't bite.
Is that a problem?
You brought me soup?
It's my favourite.
You've got some skills.
You read any fashion mags?
[MALIBU] Do you know
what a running stitch is?
How do you feel
about Jean Levine?
All I know is I want to learn.
I want to learn this.
This is some
sophisticated stuff.
[NABIL] This is my mother's.
This is her legacy, and
I'm finishing it for her.

Well, this is it, kid.
Hey? [chuckles]
Hey, girl.
Oh well, this newbie
wants to learn how to sew.
And this is Sheyonce.
She is the big, big,
big, big boss.
You know she'll eat
you alive, right?
Why do you have
to act like that?
Listen, don't try
me. Check this out.
Shey, we can't let this happen.
I'm tired as hell.
The landlord can't wait
on that offer forever.
What's this?
It's our home. And they're
trying to take it away.
Well! Okay!
Another one.
There you go. Well, thank you.
Listen, if you want to
stick around [sighs],
for being so kind...
unlike some people...
you don't have to pay cover.
No, no, no, no, no.
He can afford to pay.
Don't do that to us.
Shit, okay.
Just a drink ticket
then. Two more.
There you go.
Oh, bless. So agile.
Just saying. Come
on, follow me.
Cutie-pants. [chuckles]
So you can see that we
already have an offer on it.
A very generous offer.
Yes, and um... If, if,
if we can make an offer
that's better than G&R, then
the landlord will sell it to us.
It's very important
to my LGBTQ-munity.
I mean, you want to
support pink money, right?
I think it's called
LGBTQIA plus now.
Malibu, we've
deliberated on this.
While your record is varied...
Managing books for
non-profits, activists,
small business owner.
Believe it or not,
your application wasn't
an outright rejection.
But for real estate
this coveted,
slotted for redevelopment.
We both know Goldstein and Ross
will get any
approvals they want.
We can't accept this
loan application.
I'm sorry.
There's more than ten
ways to skin a cat,
and about a hundred
ways to cook it.
Ugh, I can't get the volume
I want from this wig!
Oh, oh, oh!
[MALIBU] You all ready
for tonight? Hmm?
[DECAF] I'm already
sweating through everything.
You are sweating
through everything.
Girl, that's some
nasty shit, honey.
Have you ever heard of bathing?
Bathing is a good idea, girl.
I mean, right before the
show. I'm just trying to help.
You know, I like to put
my stink on the stage.
I like to leave a scent.
It's like a trademark.
Like a trail.
It's all about the pheromones.
I understand.
I want to attract
the right people.
[RYAN] A queen
marking her territory.
That is sick as shit.
Some bitches piss
around the stage.
Rude! So rude!
[DECAF] How long are we going
to keep that lipstick up?
As long as we can.

[DECAF] Aww, I miss Mandy.

I've loved
And I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink
But I won't break

[audience applauds]
Hey, you're still here!
Is this your first drag show?
I don't know what that is.
Yeah, it seems like it.
Well, you're about to
see the main event.
[SHEYONCE] So happy Friday!
ready for hell?
[laughs maniacally]
A drag king from
the depths of Hades!
The Sex of the Six,
a gender contortionist,
give it up for Taz DeVille!
[maniacally laughing]

And the king proclaimed
of his royal subjects,
[audience cheering]

[MALIBU] So we're both on stage,
and we're coming towards
the edge of the stage now.
I had already checked the
lip of the stage myself
Oh no!
But my partner in crime did
not, and we were doing Sisters.
You know, Sisters
We're doing Sisters,
and the lights blink,
and my partner could not
see the end of the stage.
So I stopped, and she did not.
[hand slams on table]
I was worried it
was going to happen!
[SHEYONCE] That's a
start! That's a beginning.
Let's go around the
table, shall we?
Go around the table?
Age before beauty, sweetheart.
Ooh! Damn!
I'm a Tehrani Queen. In
fact, I just got back.
[MALIBU] Oh, okay.
I'm kidding, this is real.
[HABIBTEASE] You look gorgeous.
It's mine. It's
mine! I paid for it.
He's also the most
boisterous bottom I know.
Oh my God! I have...
I have something for you guys.
Just one... Let me just...
could it possibly be?
Where is my watch?
How dare him?
Let's move on, let's move on.
I am Habibtease,
your Lebanese Queen,
and you have now officially
met every Middle Eastern queen
in the city.
That's right.
That's almost two too many.
Of course you have
met me, Sheyonce,
goddess of all things.
Put that down, put that
down, put that down!
Anyway, I go by Taz
DeVille, or Ryan,
but I am the motherfucking
king of this castle.
That's true.
[SHEYONCE] Bad ass.
[MALIBU] That is true.
[SHEYONCE] That he is.
Did you like the show, baby?
Yes. It was a lot, but yes.
[RYAN] If you thought
that was a lot,
check out Flash some
time. Now that...
[DECAF] Okay, baby
steps. Baby steps.
[speaking in
high-pitched mumble]
You'll get to Flash. You'll
have a good time, I'm sure.
Flash? Is there
dragging there too?
[RYAN] Oh, sweetheart.
Well, dragging is what
you do with a box, really.
What you mean is drag.
Is there drag there?
I think we need to solidify
this with a picture.
A picture.
Okay, Golden Girls.
[SHEYONCE] Okay, let's hit it.
Let's get in here.
Let's get in here.
here, get in here.
Squeeze in!
[HABIBTEASE] I've just got to
get behind Sheyonce's hair here.
[RYAN] Come on,
Nabil. Get in closer.
What are you doing?
Oh, are you shy,
embarrassed, or a cop?
You can't?
It's okay, Habibi.
I'd be in trouble.
[RYAN] Well, my followers
expect an update,
so scoot in, scoot out,
let's get this done.
on, hold on, hold on.
[singing in Arabic]
[singing in Arabic]
[soccer announcer
speaking Arabic]
[soccer announcer
speaking Arabic]
[soccer announcer
speaking Arabic]
[cell phone vibrating]
I told you that I don't
mind you recording here,
you just have to keep it down.
[RYAN] Okay, okay.
I mean, even I have a small,
little speaker in my own house,
It's retro, like you!
but unless you can
usher in a revolution,
probably not.
Yeah, well, don't count it out.
She's testy because she
doesn't like what I do here,
says my version of
the future sucks.
Yes, well, that's because
it absolutely does.
That's progress.
That's how I eat, baby.
Catch up or fade away.
Mm-hmm, okay. Let's go.
tutorials for tourists.
Well, it's a start.
[MALIBU] Here is a mock up.
It's a lining that'll
go inside the dress.
Well, it's a first try.
[NABIL] It's still
not good enough.
[MALIBU] Then what do we do?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, this. Grab that, grab that.

What do you plan on
doing with these dresses?
I think I'll know
when I get there.
This is Jo. She used to
run Mandy's years ago.
She took me in when I was
kicked out of my own home.
And Bonnie Tyler Texas.
She was murdered on
her way home from work.
They never found out who did it.
Nor did they care.
And this is Mandy.
Everyone's drag mother.
She was outed by a priest,
which is why she started
And in the 90s, she turned this
whole place into a hospice.
She had beds on the floor,
she gave out free meds.
We still did shows though.
She died with her makeup
on, looking fabulous.
Just the way she wanted to.
[video tape rewinding]

With how much
you've been playing,
I thought you'd be better.
Yeah, thanks, Baba.
Hey, tonight I'm
making dinner, okay?
Oh, Baba, I'm going to shower.
I'm going out tonight.
But it's Pride.
What's Pride?
It's good for the city.
It's brings a lot of money, but
it's not for people like us.
Baba, I'm going
to church tonight.
And it's Mom's
birthday tomorrow.
Sorry, it's been...
If it gets crowded, call
me. I'll pick you up.


[speaking over each other]
I've been meaning to say hello.
Me too.
Do you like working here
with Father Kyrolos?
This is a Father
Kyrolos-free zone.
I can see that.
Nice shirt.
I like the texture.
It's linen weave.
Thank you.
The Einstein's, Sneaky Dee's.
You know it?
It's the best night
of the year to go.
I'm going anyways.
Alright, no pressure. I...
It's okay.
Another time, perhaps.


What's going on?
Yeah, I just dropped some tapes.
Is that Salma's fabric?
She brought it with
her when we moved here,
but never did anything with it.
Yeah, just cleaning up.

[RYAN] Hi, lovelies!
So today I will be
making another video
in my Drag Basics 101 series.
And today we're
going to be talking
about basic eye makeup,
which is all
non-gender specific.
So start off, we're
going to need to grab
any smaller brush that you want,
or you can even use your
finger if you have to.
I'm working with a
pretty basic palette,
so today I'm mostly going to
be using two shades of brown.


[RYAN] Ugh!
What the hell? Stop
sifting through my kit!
What are you talking about?
Nobody's sifting
through anything!
Don't lie! I get it,
you're pissed about,
what did you call it, inviting
the Devil into church.
You tell me, bitch! I'm
sorry for trying to keep
this goddamn place standing!
[clears throat]
Oh, sweetie, you look like shit.
Okay, okay, take a breath.
Well, I guess we know
where my makeup went.
No, you don't.
Next time I think we'll
make it a little...
Less esoteric.
Will there be a next time?
What do you think?
I need your help...
With this.
This is very expensive.
And this, this is
incredibly complex.
You're not ready for
anything like this.
I'm sorry, Nabil. I just
don't have the time right now.
[MALIBU] Here we are.
I know we may have
drifted apart, all of us,
but you're still a part of us.
We all know what's
true in all of us.
And you, you were
the guiding light.
Fabulous, witty, glamorous.
How'd that feel?
Does that feel good?
Yeah, yum-yum.
Hey, listen, are
you still teaching?
Yeah. And we just
bought a condo.
Blake got a full ride
and flew the coop.
Oh! Well, listen, you
should come to Mandy's.
Visit us, you
know. We miss you.
Yeah, girl. You know, we
can't all follow our dreams
and live in New York City.
Some of us have to
work for a living.
I mean, you're a sell out,
but I do love you still.
I was starting to
think you didn't.
No, no, no.
Oh, they're turning
it into condos,
or some such shit.
Don't worry, I'm not here
to ask for donations.
I was thinking of
turning Mandy's
into an LGBT historical site.
You know. And if I
was going to do that,
would any of you be
interested in helping out?
That's like an uphill
battle really, and...
I'll miss that place.
Remember when we
almost burned it down?
To Mandy's.
Well now, wait. You
know, it's not gone yet.
There's a public consultation.
And you know, you're
all so well regarded.
I was thinking
maybe, maybe, maybe
you might want to speak at it.
I'll post on Twitter,
sign a petition.
That, that, that'll be helpful.
How about you? Would
you consider speaking
at the consultation?
Malibu, the condo I bought
is part of the development.
I thought it would be nice.
I thought it would
be meaningful.
It's an opportunity,
you know, for you to...
You're right.
You're right. I
should just let it go.
Okay, listen, I know
that all of my plans
have been falling
through left and right,
A fundraiser.
We will never raise
enough to save this place.
Well, we have to do
something. We have to try.
We're beyond that now, boo.
We don't need Mandy's
to make us who we are.
Not the way we did.
Why do you have to be
so fatalistic, girl?
People love Mandy's,
and people will come.
Mm-hmm. And what happens
to you if they don't?
That's not an option.
And you have no idea how
many posters I've made.
Let's fucking do it.
Let's fucking do it.
That's unhappiness.
Remove it from the shelves.
It's gone.
[music playing faintly]
My God, that's a long line.
Yeah, it's double that inside.
This is like... It's gorgeous.
[RYAN] It is.
[DECAF] You did such
a beautiful job.
It really does look
so good on you.
So good. Thank you.
Guys, I'm really
not sure about this.
I never wanted to
talk to people.
Like this is...
You're young and cute.
You'll have it way easier
than this decrepit bitch.
I resent that.
Take this.
[RYAN] Alright,
girls, gays, and baes!
[RYAN] As most of
you have heard,
our iconic queer venue, Mandy's,
is at risk of permanent death.
[crowd booing]
[RYAN] We need your
help to immortalize her.
So let us seduce you with
some real ho activism.
Now, who here loves
our own Queen Decaf?
Now, who here loves...
Yo, do you have a name, man?
Okay, okay!
Who here loves all our baby
drag and gender performers
with basic beat, and no names?
Now, who here loves
the temptuous,
the debaucherous, Taz DeVille?
[RYAN] And you want to keep
seeing us perform, right?
And you want to help
save a piece of Toronto's
queer history, right?
Mandy's! One night
only, bitches!
I'm going to get the front, you
can do these guys here, okay?
[crowd chattering]
Here you go.
[RYAN] Save Mandy's.
Thank you. Save Mandy's.
You have to be there, okay?
You got it.
This is a really, really,
really important spot for us.
Here. We appreciate it.
Thank you.
[crowd chattering]
No, you'll be in the way. Ah!
I see you. You
want to go inside?
It's absolutely lit
on a night like this.
Okay, okay.
Your loss. But we've got to
pump these people up some, so...
Have you learned
any dance steps?
A little bit.
A little bit?
Come here.
[NABIL] Why?
[music playing faintly]
In the hips, in the
hips, in the hips.
[protestors shouting]
[MALIBU] Fight!
Fight back!
We, we need to
fight! That's not it.
[protestors shouting]
We need... Oh, that's good.
Fuck G and R!
[RYAN] Fuck G and R!
[MALIBU] Fuck G and R!
[RYAN] Fuck G and R!
[ALL CHANTING] Fuck G and R!
More spaces!
No, that's not it.
Give us...
Oh, jeez, you
scared me to death.
Not a good slogan.
What is that?
Number of a friendly lawyer
in case we get arrested.
[MALIBU] Give us
back our spaces!
Fuck G and R!
Fuck G and R!
[ALL CHANTING] Fuck G and R!

What are you doing?
Aligning yourself
with these people?
You don't even know them, Baba.
You're kicking them
out of their homes.
You sound like Salma, Nabil.
Always clinging to the past.
You always talk
about her like that!
She left me!
Nabil, you have to understand.
We have lobbyists, lawyers,
Our partners fund
political campaigns!
All this consultation
crap is incidental.
Look at the fabric, Nabil.
On the line!
Do you want to take a break?
Nabil! Nabil!
Father Kyrolos will be
upset if we're late.
I thought you'd be at church.
I thought you liked church.
I was comfortable.
You know, you can always
come to my faith circle
if you want.
I can't do both. I'm creating.
You don't have to be such
a perfectionist, you know.
You need to see this
thing as a whole,
and not just stitch by stitch.
Just remember to take breaks.

I think it's finished.


So how do you feel now that
your dress is finally finished?
I think my mother
would really...
Come here.
[MALIBU] So how do you feel
now that your dress
is finally finished?
Nabil made my dream dress.
You must be very proud of him.
I'm proud of him too.
Tell me about your son.
Is there anything that Nabil
needs to know about you?
He knows there are things
I still need from him.
[MALIBU] And what do you
need from Nabil the most?
For him to become himself.
To know he has my
permission to move on.
I need him...
I need him to
accept that I am...

That I am...

Damn, I can't do this.
Okay, alright. I'm sorry, kid.
We went too fast. I
thought this would help.
It's cruel!
Well, if it means
anything at all,
I thought Salma was
beautiful, and I feel honoured
You didn't meet her,
Malibu! That wasn't real!
Are you ready for
all this to go away?
Mandy's? Over? This isn't...
This isn't going to be
over. Don't do me like that.
My father's in charge
of the development.
I know! I know Mandy's is done.
Why didn't you, why
didn't you say something?
There's nothing I could
have ever done to change it.
I would never have
asked you to do that.
This is about
honesty, about truth!
And I know what's true, I
know this isn't a revolution,
I know this is a wake,
but what the fuck else
am I supposed to do?
Move on from this.


Why'd you ask me here?

I will fight to save Mandy's.
I know what it means to you.
Maybe it means too
much, but I respect it.
I know that young
queers are into history.
You can help keep it alive.
I want you to make videos.
If I were to resign myself
to being a museum piece,
then you know, I admit defeat,
and I still have my fight.
And my youngest child.

It would have been
hotter at church.

[muffled music]
[muffled music]
Nabil, are you okay?
I thought you were mad at me.
Are you alright? You
have to talk to me.
You were making so much prog...
I don't need your help.
You know you're
not talking to me.




[footsteps approaching]
[ISKANDER] Did you finish
your photo project?
You need to get out of here.
You've been inside for days.
We're going to church.
We're going to church.
You look terrific.
deliver us from evil,
for the kingdom,
the power,
now and forever. Amen.
Hey, you gorgeous fuckers.
[audience cheering]
No, no, no.
If you were expecting
a slow jam tonight,
absolutely fucking not!

Don't count me out
I'm a survivor
I'll make it through
Life knocked me down, yes
But I'm a fighter
Got more to prove
I've loved
And I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink,
but I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

Can't hold me back now
Just getting started
I know it's true
I danced with fear
I learned my power
Pain is my muse
I've loved
And I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink
but I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break
I won't break

I've loved
I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink
but I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I won't break

[cheering and applause]
Malibu! Malibu!
Malibu! Malibu!
Even if we lose,
we're still family.
[AUDIENCE] Malibu! Malibu!
And we'll always be family.
Malibu! Malibu!
My gay moms.
I need a drink.
I need a drink.
We all need a drink.
I don't feel like it.
I'll be working late Friday.
Public consultation.
We had it moved up.
We had some back
room breakthroughs.
Then what's the point, Baba?
Well, we need to say we
did our due diligence,
and we did what we had to do.
They're making me
partner Friday.
You're coming.
I've been asked
to teach history.
Okay, so here goes.
Remember that the violence
against our community
is unending.
It hasn't stopped since
I began my transition
back in 1980
when it was, you know,
not only unheard of,
it was illegal.
I spent a lot of nights
in jail, you know,
just walking down the street.
Just for walking
down the street.
And it's, it's still
kind of true for us.
When we started getting
sick, it was like...
Well, it felt like
the end of the world,
like the eleventh plague.
One day, three
friends would be here,
and the next it'd be two,
and a week later
it was just you.
You heard a lot of, "You
had it coming, didn't you?"
You know, there was no pills,
there was no cure,
there was no help.
And there was
nowhere for us to go.
Because everyone who
was looking for a reason
suddenly had one.
And they were overjoyed.
We couldn't go to hospitals,
we couldn't put our dead into
morgues, or in the ground.
We were, we were
stuck with each other,
living with death
in the same spaces,
spaces like the one I'm
speaking to you from.
Let that sink in.
We can't let them win.
We can't let them
take our spaces.
And we have to remember
that we come from a people
that know what revolution is.
We know it in our bones.
So this isn't new to
us is what I'm saying.
We know how to do this.
We were born of revolution.
So this is part of our DNA.
I'm not frightened, you
shouldn't be frightened either.
Faith takes work.
It's, it requires action.
So we have to do shit.
And so, try and remember
that if we own our history,
and we own who we are,
then I think everything's
going to be okay.
What are you doing here?
I haven't seen you around.
I've been trying to
give you some space.
But transfiguration's
my favourite sermon.
When Jesus transforms
and becomes his divine,
radiant self.
What's not to love?
It's my mom's favourite too.
Before we moved back home.
Me too!
Yeah. Do you know that
seafood restaurant
that everyone talked about
for a while, that goes to...
That was right
across from my house.
We moved before I
got a chance to go.
There are some really
good restaurants here too.
I'm sorry if I came
on too strong before.
No, it's okay.
For father's promotion,
the internship he
got me, I don't know.
It's stupid.
I've been where you're sitting.
I wish someone was
there for me then.
I don't know why
you put me here.
But I am happy to be here.
I don't know why
you took my mother.
even if she struggled,
even if others made it
hard for her to be herself.
I'm sorry I didn't
accept who I was.
But I will fight to stay here.
You thought I
deserved to be here.
I deserve to be here.
Thank you for making me me.
And fuck...


[NABIL] I didn't know
you wore glasses.
Malibu, I'm...
I'm so sorry for not
getting it before.
I see you.
I've always seen you.
I know.
Mandy's! Save Mandy's!
Save Mandy's! Save Mandy's!
Where were you all before
we were getting evicted?
Now as you know, Mandy's
was, and still is everything.
[audience cheering]
Well, actually some
of you probably don't.
We kicked the shit
out of cops here.
We organized
marches out of here.
They are gentrifying us out.
Can I get a queers
will not go silently?
[audience cheering and yelling]
and gather signatures for a
public consultation later.
But these people moved
the public consultation
to right now!
They think they won,
but we are still here.
[audience cheering]
Aren't we?
[MALIBU] They don't
want queers in the room.
They never have,
and they never will.
So why don't we
cut this shit short
and make a statement like
we did in the old days, huh?
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Okay, I know a lot of
you aren't used to this,
but trust me, they
can't stop all of us.
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Good evening, this
is Councilman Cash
chairing the public
consultation for Leyton Heights,
proposed and executed
by Goldstein and Ross.
Oh, sorry.
New letterhead.
Goldstein, Ross and Gamil.
Today we will be opening the
floor for community members
to state for or against...
What is happening?
[PROTESTORS] Fuck your
condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
What the hell?
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Fuck your condo! We won't go!
Alright, hold it.
What is going on?
Well, we heard the
consultation moved
and decided to show up.
Excuse me, but there
are procedures.
[MALIBU] Yes, well,
we understand that,
but we're not leaving
until we have our say.
Not for one moment,
not for one second.
We will not be budged.
And if you want to
throw out a bunch
of angry drag queens
and kings, well...
Well, we dare you.
Well, for the statements,
we will need names.
For the record.
Last name?
Just Malibu.
You know, like Cher.
Taz DeVille.
[CASH] Name?
I'm sorry, but we need a name.
My name is Queen Tut.
Very well. I think
I get the gist.
Alright. Well, I guess you
can state your objections
for the record now.
Well, we have no
objections, just demands.
We know what we want, and
we know what we need...
[CASH] That is not
how this works.
A conversation about it.
This is a consultation process.
Now if this is a disturbance,
we will remove you.
Do you have any idea
what Mandy's has meant...
Means to the community?
To all of these people
currently crashing your party?
Yes, the community
has valuable input.
Well, that's bullshit
and you know it!
Alright listen, guys.
Here are our demands,
plain and simple, okay?
And I'll be damned if
I'm going to stand by
and let you eradicate us
from the history books.
While you were out
evicting people,
Mandy's was taking people
in, and protecting them,
especially the LGBTQ youth.
That is why Mandy's
is important,
and that's why it matters.
You're tearing
down the building,
and we're still dancing, bitch.
Hey, hey, hey.
If you can't settle down...
You'll do what, huh?
We as a city have made
accommodations for you.
What is that?
Fuck yourself!
Did he say that? Did
he actually say that?
We've had just about
enough of this.
[DECAF] What is that?
[HABIBTEASE] Did he just
say what I think he said?
What are you doing?
Just making sure
that when we're gone,
we're not forgotten.
[CASH] Security! Security!
[SHEYONCE] We showed
them, didn't we?
[NABIL] I'm sorry if
my stunt fucked it up.
[DECAF] Well, they definitely
won't forget us now.
Not in a million years.
I'll make sure of it.
If you say it's because
of your influencing...
Oh, you'd better
believe it, girl.
Alright, alright, alright.
You know, a lot of
good it did anyway.
I mean, it's over for Mandy's.
We had to do an encore, right?
they'll keep looking
over their shoulders for us.
[ALL] Mm-hmm.
and if we didn't, we'd be...
We're grateful.
[ALL] I'm grateful.
[NABIL] Thank you.
[SHEYONCE] Alright,
hands together.
Come on.
Mandy's was never
just one person.
To those that didn't make it,
and those that are still here.
Whether it's Mandy's,
whether it's a person,
we have to accept that
those we loved are gone.
You know, it's not a
coincidence that we all met.
For all of us.
And as hard as it is,
I think we're going
to have to follow it.
I don't know why
you brought us here,
but I'm glad that you did.
And if you think
we deserved this,
we vehemently disagree.
But thank you. Thank
you for making us us.
[ALL] And fuck you
for making it so hard!
I'm taking you home.
We'll be alright here.
If it's safe for you.
Queen Tut.
[car engine starts]
There's a game on.

I did drag here
for the first time.


[truck reversal alarm
sounding in the distance]

[people chatting]
[MORCOS] Listen, I'm
a drag supporter,
not a drag...
[RYAN] No, no, no, no, no!
You're part of the family now!
[DECAF] You're
going to get stung!
I'm here! I'm here!
I'm watching.
[laughing and chatting]
Oh! Oh! Oh!
[DECAF] Oh, the music.
[RYAN] What?


Don't count me out yet
I'm a survivor
I'll make it through
Life knocked me down, yes
But I'm a fighter
Got more to prove
I've loved
And I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink,
but I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

Can't hold me back now
Just getting started
I know it's true
I danced with fear
I learned my power
Now pain's my muse
I've loved
And I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink
but I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I won't break
I've loved
And I've lost
Paid every cost
a heart can pay
Here I am
Here I stand
Been to the brink
but I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

I won't break
I won't break

Excuse me?
What's the shoe
south of your ankle?
Oh, my ankle.
[DECAF] Mm-hmm.
Oh my God! I knew it!
That shit better go
back in my closet!