Queendom (2023) Movie Script

- My Queen!
- Thank you.
We probably look
pretty grand, huh?
We match perfectly today!
You coming?
Let's do it.
You OK to walk?
Here, hold onto me.
You know that saying:
"To see Paris and die"?
Try and get it so
there's less ground
and more sky.
Like this?
- I can't see the screen, Yulia!
- I'm just talking to myself.
Gennadiy, look and tell me
what looks good.
- I'll come to you.
- I'm OK.
Level the horizon.
- OK.
- That's all.
So expensive...
That's per unit, right?
- Per kilo.
- OK, the small one then.
- 734 rubles?
- Yes, exactly.
OK, we'll take it.
Gennadiy, should we get
the Krakow sausage instead?
Yulia, I have no freakin' idea.
Me neither.
What else? Fruits and veggies?
Fruits and veggies?
Yeah, they should be over there.
Let's get cheese and pay.
Please be so kind
as to accompany us.
- Me?
- Yes.
Towards the exit, please.
Go to the register.
And my groceries?
Yes, bring them.
Are you escorting me
out of the store?
Proceed towards
the register, please.
But why?
- Your lingerie's showing.
- Huh?
- You're in public.
- What lingerie?
There's little kids here.
Are you kicking me out?
We're asking you to pay.
No, you're kicking me out.
- No, we're proposing that you...
- Can I finish my shopping then?
You're disturbing the peace.
You're in public.
There's kids and the elderly.
You can't come here like this.
I can't go to the store anymore?
Better stay out of ours.
My "lingerie's fucking showing."
There's gotta be a reason
for all this.
I've been thinking about it.
Don't forget that local norms
have changed a lot.
Aggression's on the rise here.
You're literally in
the boonies now.
You're obviously gonna be met
with aggression.
Plus, the area itself
used to be
surrounded by prisons.
We have fear and subservience
in our DNA.
Get it?
Genetic memory's a powerful thing,
like when denunciation was the norm.
Random knock at your door and
you'd get heaved off to nowhere.
Kolyma was a Gulag, c'mon!
It's not something
that people forget easily.
Thank God, you're different.
Fake boobs, fake nails...
You're a man. Act like one!
How's that?
Fucking hell!
"How to be a man?"
No, you don't need to tell me.
- Men are men!
- No.
- Men are decent...
- That's not how it works.
- Respectable, work in jeans...
- That's not how...
You just prance around in tights
with a wiener
that hasn't grown yet.
- Yes, I'm in tights!
- With your tiny wiener!
And you claim to be normal?
I claim nothing.
It's none of your business.
- Just my opinion.
- No, no, no!
That's not an opinion.
Opinions don't concern others.
Opinions don't concern others.
I'm not harming you. I don't
affect you at all, get it?
Forget your "opinion."
You're an angry person,
getting trashed with your
friends and giving me shit
for no reason.
- Door!
- Yulia, come out.
- What happened?
- Stop!
- Really?
- Nastya, chill!
- Yulia, I wanna shut the door.
- Nastya, chill.
I am chill!
Why are you all here?
- Yulia, come out.
- No one's coming!
- What happened?
- Fuck 'em!
They started choking us,
and punched him in the mouth!
Fucking Shpat!
Fucking dumbass bitch!
Call the cops.
Just call 'em.
Crazy bitch started choking me.
He couldn't get her off.
Out of nowhere?
We walked by and she said:
"What the fuck you doing here?"
Yulia, what the fuck?
Someone pissed you off?
Wanna fight?
Just try...
He was just walking.
What the fuck?
Oh, you're so bald!
Bald again!
It's been six months, Grandma.
You'll always be bald now?
Not always.
While I like it.
Then I'll change it up.
My little oddball!
Everyone's all set?
Mine's empty!
Let's drink to the birthday boy!
Gennadiy, at 22,
you're not a kid anymore.
You gotta be sensible
and make sensible choices.
Grab a glass.
Pour yourself whatever.
From there.
- Kid's party, Nastya.
- To Gennadiy!
- No, that's...
- That's me!
There's more.
Earlier ones.
There, he's wearing the hat.
Safe trip!
Bye, sweetie!
Gennadiy, please
reevaluate your future.
Education is crucial.
All right, goodbye!
Those social media "likes"
are useless shit.
Think it over, Gennadiy.
Think it over.
- Anna Zvereva?
- Here.
- Kharvitzkaya?
- Here.
- Yakovleva?
- Here.
Today we're covering...
Creating fantasy prosthetics
from sketches.
Here's what we'll do...
First, let's review.
There were certain skills
we had to work on
before today's class.
look only at Anna.
Not at the camera.
Getting a close-up.
OK, it's in the shot?
Gena is...
an entity, I guess.
I wanted to say "person,"
but that's not it.
I guess I'm a non-binary person.
I'm still searching
for myself in this structure.
In one of these gender types.
I haven't fully studied
the topic.
There's no need.
But when I heard it mentioned,
I realized I don't identify with
any gender or orientation.
I just live.
That's why Gena's an entity.
Whenever I go out in character,
I'm on top of the world.
No one, even here in Russia,
can scare me.
I'm like a knight in armor.
Sure of himself.
Herself? Himself.
Russia's my home.
I was born here,
and know how to live here.
I know and follow all the rules.
Maybe not perfectly,
but it's my life
and I accept myself.
Despite these movements actually
being European or American...
How's it called in prison slang?
The entire country's
a giant prison.
And so it all works out
Now, I take all that pain,
and I use it in my art.
My characters may seem scary,
but they're not.
The horrors I saw and
were much scarier
than the costumes.
Why don't you
get a job somewhere?
Well, Grandpa...
I had a shoot this week
for Russian Vogue.
It's a Russian fashion magazine.
The most important one.
- They photographed me...
- What'd you get from it?
I'll get publicity.
More visibility...
for me.
More what?
More people will find out
about me and what I do.
I don't get it.
Grandpa, we're not gonna get
what he does.
But what's he even saying?
That people will recognize him.
And what's gonna come of that?
You must get paid
after each performance.
I "must"?
Yes, they must pay you.
It wasn't a performance.
Just a shoot.
Photo shoot.
- So...
- They invited him.
- He asked them?
- Yes.
No, they called me.
There's no pay,
but they'll publish it.
What will you get out of it?
I'll benefit later on.
Maybe via advertising.
I don't know how exactly,
but somehow.
Sounds pretty murky, Gennadiy.
Pretty murky...
It's the times.
- What times?
- Modern times!
We're in capitalist times...
where you get paid
for your work!
That's how it should be.
Screw working for free!
Grandpa, enough!
We're not gonna get it.
Gennadiy, I hope you're going
to give up all these...
fucking costumes and
It's all empty.
Focus on your education.
It holds the key
to your life and future.
Don't forget this is your last
chance to do it for free.
There's no more grants
or pensions left.
Life's gonna get very hard.
You must devote yourself fully
to your education.
Father and son assaulted
filming in dresses and heels
at a playground.
The young men were
politely asked to leave.
A fight broke out
after their alleged aggression.
You came up to us
while those with kids
had zero issues.
You're the problem!
They didn't?
- They're decent.
- Decent?
- Yes.
- That's decent?
Yes, these are looks, costumes!
Costumes? Men in heels!
So what?
Men can't wear heels?
You gonna chill?
We're gonna stay...
- You're...
- Who's that ass for?
Guys, keep filming.
I'll fucking kill you!
Got it?
Dima, he's a little faggot.
He was honest.
I straight up said: "I'm gay."
Hold the phone.
- Up your ass...
- Dima!
- Dima!
- What the hell?
Stop it! What is this?
Stop, Dima, stop it!
You that fucked up?
- You that fucked?
- You are!
Faster, take 'em off.
Come on! Dima!
So fucking aggressive!
It's fucking terrifying.
How's Shein? What's broken?
His left fucking jaw.
How's he post surgery?
His eye's still bloodshot,
and half his face is bruised.
I'm fucking traumatized.
I was shaking...
like a leaf in a fucking
It's like...
I was already scared
of being in drag,
and now I'm terrified!
I get it.
I feel horrible.
I wanna go tomorrow
with Flavia and the girls,
all the way from my flat
to downtown in character.
Pass by all the haters there.
And tie it all in with
what just happened to you.
Hi there!
You need approval for the
costumes. And you're smoking!
I'll get rid of it.
You'll still need
the park's approval.
Please, speak to PR over there.
- Where?
- Buzz them at that counter.
- What's the issue?
- Call PR!
It doesn't say anything
about costumes.
They'll explain everything,
just buzz them.
Which button? SOS? Info?
Yeah, tell them security
sent you.
Please, hold for the operator.
Yes? State your issue.
They won't let me
into the park in costume.
Told me to call you.
Uh, OK.
And I'm supposed to authorize?
No idea. I guess.
Unfortunately, I can't do that
due to your own safety.
I don't know. You tell me.
I can't.
We give out park info.
Sometimes event info.
Paratroopers' Day is happening
in the park right now.
It's not that it's
an official park event,
but the park's currently
pretty full.
Are your cameras on?
Can you check out my outfit?
Yes, they're on.
So I can't wear this, right?
I wouldn't recommend it, no.
You're going to turn around
and leave quietly
to avoid any incidents.
Your overtly provocative
and destructive appearance
can lead to incidents.
Out of nowhere.
Today's not just any day.
There's lots of members
of a certain group here.
Like I said 100 times,
it's better you leave
to avoid issues for you
and extra work for us.
It's just a regular
day for me...
Well, that's you.
Nobody but us
can do that!
landing on the edge!
Nobody but us!
Hey, fucking faggot!
What the fuck are you doing?
We're leaving.
What the fuck?
We're leaving.
- Bro!
- I'm leaving.
You better fucking run!
I can't run.
Run faster!
- What the fuck was it?
- Chill, man.
Fucking run!
We passed the Red Square.
Total chaos?
It's blocked off by
construction rigs.
Like all of it.
That's fucked.
I gotta call Ksenia.
- The lawyer?
- Yeah.
I got a question.
When the protests
began this winter,
my college gave us
papers to sign
about them being illegal.
And I signed them.
If I get arrested today,
can they punish me?
At college?
Legally, your college
can't do anything.
Doesn't matter
what they made you sign,
they have no say if
you can protest or not.
I mean, formally,
you can receive
an administrative fine
for attending a protest.
But getting a fine
isn't grounds for expulsion.
That's clear, Ksenia.
All right.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- My best to you.
- Goodbye.
I just hope people get it.
And don't think I'm some sort
of propaganda freak.
I think drag's always
been political.
All drag artists strive
for attention.
It's subversive and exaggerated.
Everything that's exaggerated...
- Is hyperbole.
- Yes.
Everything that's exaggerated
draws attention to itself.
And all important issues
deserve attention.
this protest is unlawful!
Don't disturb the peace!
Don't engage
in illegal activities!
Stay vigilant and alert!
Police for the people!
Police for the people!
The police?!
They're fucking
fascists, traitors!
Fucking kissing Putin's ass.
"Police for the people"...
The police are with those fucks!
Freedom! Freedom!
Cops are a disgrace to Russia!
Freedom to Alexei Navalny!
Freedom! Freedom!
Freedom! Freedom!
Russia without Putin!
Russia will be free!
Russia will be free!
This is Soldier Rodent Street
"Lock of Hair" Beauty Academy
I have lodged a complaint
with the head of the college.
I'm unaware of what fate
awaits Gennadiy.
Whatever decision is made
is the decision we will uphold.
As for his studies,
he's aware of the ruling.
He was given written
notice today.
As for his actions
as an adult and a citizen
who acts in a certain way...
That's entirely different.
You think this is...
I don't even know what
you think.
What are you trying to achieve
with your so-called "performances"?
This is an official notice that
student Gennadiy Chebotarev,
born on February 21, 1999,
belonging to the
18+ orphan category,
posted a photo on Instagram
on April 22, 2021,
in which he wore something
akin to clothing,
leaving us baffled.
He wore duct tape
in the sequential colors
of the Russian Federation's flag
and women's red high-heel boots.
Around 6 p.m. on April 22,
I asked his homeroom teacher
to summon student Chebotarev
who clearly violated the laws
of the Russian Federation.
Namely, the law about
using the national flag
of the Russian Federation.
and the Russian state symbols
in the most
inconceivable of ways.
Student Chebotarev not only
violated federal law,
discrediting himself,
but he also jeopardized the
reputation of our institution.
He expressed an overtly
negative attitude
towards our government.
I call for strict disciplinary
action against him.
- Hi, Gennadiy .
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What's up?
Baking a pie.
What kind?
You sound off.
Are you tired?
I don't feel so good.
What's wrong?
No energy at all.
Where's Grandpa?
Out in the yard.
Grandma, I got expelled.
There you go...
What will you do?
Go on living.
It was almost funny, they...
They really made haste.
They had the verdict
before the council happened.
We were supposed to discuss
expulsion on the 27th...
during the council.
But they held an emergency one
to get rid of me faster.
'Cause of the protest?
'Cause of everything, Grandma!
So you blew your education.
What now?
Grandpa will freak out.
- What?
- I got expelled.
Fuckin' hell, you see...
Now you won't have a degree.
What will you do?
Get a job!
What else, Grandpa?
Who'll hire you?
You don't have a degree.
Who'll hire you, Gennadiy?
What do you suggest?
Back to Magadan?
That's it? Life's over?
I had to get a degree,
and only work in that field?
And without it, my life's over?
Why are you asking me?
You're an adult.
You didn't listen to us!
What now?
What kind of job can you find?
Are you gonna try
to be a cleaner?
No one will hire you
even as a plumber.
God-willing, a cleaner...
Fuck knows.
I'll deal with it.
How? All that stuff you're...
Grandpa, fuck, I'll deal!
So I fuckin' got expelled.
I'll fuckin' deal!
Cleaner, plumber...
What the fuck are you saying?
No one will hire you
as either one.
No one.
You'll never make it out there.
What if I was calling to say:
"Grandpa, I got expelled"?
- I'll deal...
- Oh, happy days...
Not happy days
but why can't you say:
"It's gonna be OK,
go get a job".
Why the hell
are you giving me shit?
That's it?
My life's completely over?
At least you were getting
an education.
It was a huge
stepping stone in your life!
And you lost it.
You lost this stepping stone.
While we're still alive,
and can help out...
We can only
help out in Magadan.
Not there.
Not in Moscow.
Gennadiy, it's time
No more bald head
and no eyebrows.
Stop that shit.
Be a normal guy.
And another thing.
Visit the recruitment office.
You have to now anyway.
Tell them:
"I was expelled and want
to serve in the army."
"Please fuckin' take me."
Fuck knows.
Maybe it's all for the best.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our plane lands
at Sokol airport in Magadan.
Local time is 10:45 a.m.
Time difference
with Moscow is 8 hours.
At least we got some fish.
Thought we'd come up empty.
- Don't cut yourself.
- Why would I?
Use your fingers
to pull the guts out.
Use your fingers to push it
to the middle.
Stretch and press down
the edges.
That's good.
...to discuss the escalation
of tension in Ukraine.
For several weeks now,
the media has reported on
the build-up of Russian troops
by Ukraine's border
and the threat
of a full-scale war.
Over the last few weeks,
several media outlets,
citing U.S. intelligence,
reported that Russia
may invade Ukraine
as early as
the beginning of next year.
President's spokesperson
Peskov refuted this.
Don't point that at me!
Stop it.
Are you gonna shoot?
Will you shoot?
- Here, you shoot.
- Where?
In your head if you want.
- That's the trigger guard.
- Here?
- Unlock it.
- OK.
Now shoot.
That's it. Give it back.
- Are we picking berries tomorrow?
- No.
- No?
- On Tuesday.
- What about tomorrow?
- I'm getting my travel docs.
- In Magadan?
- Yes, at the visa center.
The rest I'll do online.
- Why do you need travel docs?
- Seriously?
I was invited to Italy,
next year.
To perform.
They're paying travel
and lodging.
I'll be in the festival.
So you don't wanna
stay here?
In Magadan?
You still don't get it?
I told you
a million times I don't.
What can I do here?
I'm calling about your
kitten ad:
"Good home
for a male orange tabby."
Vasya, calm down.
Don't be mad. I'll take you
to my grandparents.
Grandma will love you.
Grandpa, too.
- Granny!
- Oh, Gennadiy!
Meet Vasya.
He's an indoor cat.
He's absolutely perfect.
He'll replace me.
We'll see.
I need help with that sack.
Let's go.
Put normal pants on!
It's shorts or nothing.
Put your pants on!
Fuck your pants!
Dressed like that?
They'll say: "Why'd
you bring a fag in here?"
I'm wearing fucking shorts!
You dumb?
You're tatted up like a fag!
No, you're dumb!
What the fuck?
Shut the fuckin' gate.
And stop giving me shit!
Take a fucking look at yourself!
- You wore those to get berries...
- Fuck off!
Gennadiy, this is the military!
So what?
- I don't get it.
- Grandma, just stop.
- Just put pants on!
- No.
Gennadiy, is it so hard
to meet Grandpa halfway?
I've more than done so!
Gennadiy, he's also trying!
By not beating me?
Who says beating you?
By shitting on me
and calling me a fag?
Gennadiy, don't start!
- What?
- Leave me alone.
Screw you both!
- Much better.
- I'm not going!
- Come on.
- I'm not going!
Can't be seen with me in shorts?
Screw you.
- Then go on your own.
- Thanks for your advice.
Going to a State institution
with his fucking tattoos out!
Like a damn fool.
Do you want to succeed?
Choose the military service.
Stability. Self- realization.
Decent life. High social status.
Let's walk?
I'm not riding with him.
Gennadiy, don't even think
about inappropriate shoots.
God forbid,
but I'll have to kill you.
And don't ask for money.
I won't give you a fucking dime.
Don't wanna study?
Fuck off then.
Go fucking rot in the gutter!
Just like your mother,
you'll die on the street.
but not for this shoot.
- Thank you.
- But you're stunning.
Thank you.
The girls we
already got are perfect.
No one new can compete.
Can you do a wider walk?
Is that possible in those heels?
A real-life monster!
Go ahead.
- Perfect!
- Yeah?
- Awesome.
- Shall we?
Who if not us?
You're amazing.
- Awesome.
- Love it.
Got it!
With both of them.
So many people came!
Thanks so much, everyone!
I think you can do the
impossible in this country.
You're all about art,
which many won't get,
but you also have substance
and can break through barriers.
I really mean it.
When you post online:
"I want everyone to be able
to be whoever they want.
"I want the right to act how I
want, and wear what I want.
"And look how I want."
I really believe you'll get
through to people.
To 10, then 100, then 1,000...
you'll get there.
You have a certain light
inside you.
Though you might scare some.
You're a beacon of light.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Great job!
Thank you.
Next station is Kyiv Station.
Suspicious activity?
Inform the operator!
Ew, liqueur...
We need Malibu.
And also...
Gotta check my list.
My b-day's tomorrow.
Birthday. Why do it today?
B-day's tomorrow.
Hi, kids, husbands,
wives, fathers, mothers...
White wine.
Sparkling, semi-sweet...
Dry... This one.
- Three?
- Two.
What else?
Two, one...
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
This doesn't seem to be
I have decided to conduct
a special military operation.
Defending those subjected
to abuse and genocide
by Kyiv over the last
eight years.
Russian President Vladimir Putin
announced today:
"The elimination of Ukraine's
military is almost complete.
"The operation is going
smoothly and is on schedule."
Amendments to Russia's
of up to 15 years in prison
for so-called "fakes"
about the special military
were ratified today.
Calls for the war to end
will result in administrative
or criminal penalties.
The maximum penalty
is up to 15 years.
Wait, don't move.
Now the other one.
Does it hurt?
Just do it.
Pasha, I'm scared.
This gathering is unlawful!
No to war! No to war!
No to war! No to war!
Somebody help me!
No to war! No to war!
No to war! No to war!
Shame on you!
Shame! Shame!
To prevent the spread
of COVID-19
keep your distance.
Shame! Shame!
Shame on you!
Run! I said run!
I'm Gena Marvin, an artist
and LGBTQ+ activist from Russia.
On February 24th, the Russian
government invaded Ukraine.
It deeply hurts that
my country is now evil
and causes suffering in Ukraine.
I took to the streets in protest
and was quickly detained.
Gennadiy, you got a court
summons. What did you do?
Looks like you're getting tried.
Is it the military?
For evading the draft?
You never enlisted.
You gotta check in every
six months.
So what if you're drafted?
It's the decent thing to do.
Where are you?
Why don't you pick up?
What's going on?
Since my arrest,
I've been in total paranoia.
I'm afraid to leave
the house because
the police are now stopping
everyone on the street.
From the beginning of April,
inscription into the army begins.
Getting into the army
means death to me.
I cannot and will not participate
in this monstrous war.
Please help me escape
my country.
I only have two weeks left
to leave Russia.
Are you there?
I think so.
The entrance is on
Bolshaya Yakimanka.
- Hello?
- Hi, Adele.
This interview...
Looks like a regular visa
But they're saying two weeks.
that I must get the visa
in here.
Two weeks is too long,
in my case.
Yes, I understand.
Do you know anyone
who could possibly...?
I don't know how this works
but could you call them?
And have them call here?
I'll try...
I have...
I don't know if it'll work.
What do you mean?
Even with the residency invitation,
they're saying two weeks still.
I won't be able to leave Russia.
It'll be too dangerous in April.
I won't be able
to leave Russia then.
OK, I'll call...
My contact in Moscow.
My interview's now!
We must solve this.
Their next timeslot
is only next week.
I don't know, I...
I'm sorry about this mess,
it's that I don't know...
Adele, this is a disaster.
Hey, it's me.
- Oh.
- Hi.
I called Grandma,
but she's not picking up.
- Gennadiy, is that you?
- Yes.
I see.
Well, how are you?
Where are you?
I'm okay. I'm in Paris.
In Paris.
- In Paris already?
- Yeah.
I see.
Still doing the same thing?
What thing, Grandpa?
Your jewelry...
- Costumes!
- Yeah, costumes.
After that protest,
at the end of February,
I was tried.
And that was the last straw.
I knew I couldn't stay
in Russia anymore.
It wasn't safe for me.
Plus the war and them
having me on a hook...
They can just reel me
in anytime.
So you're gonna seek
refugee status?
Well, getting approved
can take anywhere from
a year or two,
or three or four...
- Well, we'll see...
- And when it does,
I won't be able to come back
to Russia for a long time.
Well, what can one do?
Why so quiet?
Well, I'm just...
I called Sealka yesterday.
And things just made sense.
He's getting travel docs
so he can seek asylum too.
Things just made sense.
I went out last night
and saw a normal city:
beautiful, clean, big.
Filled with different people.
I never felt like I was
in the right place.
I don't think twice about
putting on a skirt or heels...
and going outside
because no one's going to
grab, kick, or shove me.
I'm just a normal person
with regular rights here.
No one stares at me.
I feel like a human being here.
That's up to you.
But why do you need
skirts and heels?
Are you getting paid?
Grandpa, by whom?
- Why can't you...
- He likes it!
Why can't you accept?
I'm not an anomaly.
I'm not an odd weirdo.
These things, they...
He enjoys it!
They complete me.
They're basic needs.
Yes, I like wearing heels.
Yes, yes,
I like wearing makeup.
I don't like being
addressed with male pronouns.
- Yes, I don't like...
- OK...
... to be called Gennadiy.
Or handshakes.
This always bothered
me in Russia.
Relax, calm down.
Just like everyone else,
I want someone that's
there for me.
I want a life
where I can call you
to talk about whatever
without these crazy fights.
Without having to hear
I'm bad or abnormal.
Did I ever say that?
Then shut up!
Grandpa won't change.
He won't treat you differently.
He accepts you for you,
but he's worried
about your finances.
About having something
to call your own.
Grandpa, Grandma, you can't
earn this money for me!
I have to earn my own way.
Your constantly talking about money
isn't gonna put it in my pocket!
- And I...
- True!
I have to be able to
think clearly,
without cognitive dissonance,
about having no one to call.
I don't want to call friends!
I want to cry
and vent to my family!
- We're always...
- No...
We're always happy to
hear from you.
We finally heard from you.
Grandpa was worried
when you disappeared.
I don't have Instagram,
only Telegram's left,
but you weren't replying
there either.
Please, just calm down.
Thanks for calling
and telling us where you are.
We didn't know if
you were dead or alive.
I'm fine.
We hoped you'd come visit
this summer.
But that's clearly not possible.
It's not.
God willing, you'll meet people,
you can ask them for help,
since we can't help you.
what's done is done.
It's just me,
you, and Grandpa now,
and we'll help each other.
OK, we got it!
Good luck with everything,
Make sure to call us.
We'll help however we can.
Don't disappear on us, dear!