Quick Counterattack (2023) Movie Script

(Ripped By CoffeePrison)
Big Brother, the client is here.
Please let me go.
I will pay you back.
You don't need to bother
Big Brother for this.
Drag him out.
No, no, no.
Please let me go.
I'll pay you back.
When will the people you called come?
Second Brother, why are you
wasting your breath on him?
Mr. Huang.
You've been to many places recently.
Is your Chinese zodiac sign the Rabbit?
I won't do it again.
I will definitely repay
the online loan I owe you.
Did I lend you money?
It was love.
Is doubling the loan in
one month considered a lot?
I'll give you a discount.
Three million.
You got a good deal.
I owe you 500,000 yuan.
Is fuel free?
If you want a discount, fine.
100,000 for one hand.
What do you think?
No, no, no.
Hey, how dare you dodge?
Second Brother, are you capable?
You hit my foot.
Do it again.
Ke, you're finally here.
Ke, Huo, help me!
Help me!
Are you okay?
Are you the loan shark?
We only borrowed 500,000 from him.
Shut up.
Tell me.
How much do you want?
One hand is only worth 100,000 yuan.
He still owes me 2.9 million.
2.9 million, right?
That's too little.
You've worked so hard. You
have to make more money.
Are you trying to trick me?
Aren't you too crazy about money?
Do you know who I am
and what I do?
Now tell me who you are.
Come here.
Come on.
Who will pay me back now?
[Border of a certain African country]
Dong, please report your situation.
Sniper monitoring. Currently quiet.
The satellite shows
illegal armed forces are coming soon.
Target spotted. Over.
Authorized. Fire at will.
Good job, Dong!
Threat removed. The enemy is retreating.
Mission completed. Move to
the assembly point 8 km away.
You didnt forget today
is my birthday, did you?
Do you want some?
You can't eat it even if you want.
How's your work in Africa?
When are you coming back?
Forget it.
It's useless to ask.
Don't smoke or drink too much.
Got it?
Come on, man.
Awesome. Come on.
No, I can't.
Is it Ma Xudong?
Say it.
We received a report
that your daughter is missing.
What did you say?
[Quick Counterattack]
With the development of
Internet technologies,
in recent years,
telecom fraud
[Seduction hidden in the Internet era]
erotic live streamings,
illegal online loans,
online gambling, and other new cyber crimes
are increasingly rampant.
spend 388 and you can watch a big show.
send me a "Carnival"
and you can add me on WeChat.
If you want to play cards,
you can join the group.
Stop betting.
The player wins.
Sir, no mortgage is needed.
The money will be transferred
to you in one second.
The police will make
every effort to crack down
on any form of cybercrime
and will not tolerate it
under any circumstances.
[Angcheng at the border]
Have you found the person I want?
Come to the old train station market.
Bring you with the money.
Hey, here.
Are you Ma Xudong?
Where did you come from?
You are Hairy?
It's so hot,
why are you wearing such a thick coat?
Are you looking for her?
Let's go.
Let go of me!
How dare you be so arrogant
without repaying the money?
Carry her up.
Pay the money back if you don't want
to live stream. Pour water on her.
Why are you so stubborn?
You just need to wear fewer clothes,
sing and dance in front of your phone.
When the male audience is excited,
you'll be able to pay back the money.
Go to hell!
Do you feel good?
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
The person you're looking for is inside.
Go in.
Here's the money.
Count it.
You are rich.
Guys, we got money!
What era is it now?
Who uses cash?
You can take the money.
That's a lot.
Where is she?
Who are you talking about?
Get lost!
Do you want to die?
They don't seem to know where she is.
the person you're looking for must have
been trapped by a boiler room scam.
Those people set traps for girls online
deceiving their emotions,
and then coerce them into borrowing
money from illegal online loan sharks.
Illegal online loan?
Yes, illegal online loan.
You borrow it.
I really can't borrow it.
Principal, together with interest compounds, can
triple the original amount in just one month.
Aren't you short of money?
I was wrong.
This has nothing to do with me.
Peter and his gang are the
ones who run boiler room scams.
It has nothing to do with me, Boss.
Good for you.
I just left,
and you're already
flirting with other girls?
Do you think she's pretty?
She is with makeup,
unlike you, who looks prettier
than her even if you were ashes.
When will you take me to get the money?
It's not that I don't want to help you,
but your credit
is not enough.
Then what should I do?
There's a way.
I'll take you to the company
tomorrow to take a group of photos.
After that,
you will get money in a minute.
I'll drink to show my appreciation.
I'll do you such a big favor.
How are you going to repay me tonight?
It depends on your sincerity.
Once it's done,
you can do whatever you want.
Let's have a drink.
What's trending now are young boys.
Maybe 20 years ago, you were not bad.
How do you know I'm not capable
before you try?
Another girl?
Aren't you despicable?
Leave now.
Are you jealous?
You rascal.
I'll call the security if you don't stop.
Enjoy yourself.
Who is it?
You scumbag!
Did you use these to
deceive Ma Li'an online?
These were all photoshopped.
Bro, no, Sir.
Stop beating me.
I earn money with my face.
I dare say
I really love
Ma Li'an.
Sir, stop beating me.
I feel bad when she's gone.
I chatted with her online,
saying I'm tall, rich, and handsome.
I induced her to meet me offline.
She told me
she went to college in a foreign place.
She felt
on herself.
Where is she?
Because she didn't pay the money back,
she was taken away
by the illegal online loan company.
Where is the company?
The arcade on the fifth floor of the mall.
She took nude photos
there and got the money.
After I start my business...
Can you not leave?
This seal means
it's a deal.
Dad, please come back soon.
you didnt forget today
is my birthday, did you?
Do you want some?
You can't eat it even if you want.
Young Master Long from the group's
headquarters in Southeast Asia has arrived.
What's the hurry?
Let him wait.
Long time no see.
Between us, there's only a river,
but the immigration procedures
are so difficult to manage.
It's hard to see you.
What era is it?
We can video call anytime.
We can't control you anymore, right?
Wei Qi, have you forgotten?
Back in Northern Myanmar,
you followed us like a dog.
Without Young Master Long,
you would still be a beggar.
Impulsion won't end well.
Come on.
We're brothers.
A drink will solve everything.
Our boss has already prepared
beautiful girls for Long.
Take a look.
Take them with you when you
go back to Southeast Asia.
Take a good look.
I'll go to the illegal online
loan company to collect evidence
and then take action.
Okay, Captain Tong.
Teleportation synchronization is ready.
We can record it anytime.
Is the picture clear?
Everything is normal.
I'm not going.
If you become an Internet celebrity,
in a few days,
you'll be able to repay your online loan.
Be good.
Here you are.
Your number is already
moved up to the front.
The earlier you take photos,
the sooner you will get money.
Thank you.
You're so sweet.
Your hands.
How can the photos be effective
if you don't expose your body?
You don't want money?
We're closed. Get out.
Go get your money.
You just stand there?
Wouldn't you come and help me?
What are you doing?
Where is your boss?
Are you blind?
Have you seen her?
I'm a policewoman.
Stay still.
Are you going to tell me or not?
I sold her long ago.
You're really like a blind guy.
You think you're very strong?
This is exciting.
I'm a policewoman.
This is my police officer certificate.
He's a bad guy.
You should arrest him.
You hit Peter last night, right?
He's a scumbag. He deserved it.
You can't decide whether
he should be hit or not.
- [Ma Xudong]
- [Employer: Asia Elite Security Company]
[Skills: Martial Arts and Shooting]
It doesn't work for me.
Ma Xudong!
Ma Xudong!
Mom, look.
Kill me!
Kill me!
Get in.
You made serious trouble at the
market near the old train station.
You really think you
could get away with it?
Have you found Ma Xudong?
I've spread the news.
I searched for him online
and found that he had been
a security guard in Africa.
Looks like he's a money-grubber
who's not afraid of death.
He and the police destroyed
Senior Three's base
and made us unable to
earn money from there.
If necessary, I'll search Angcheng
to find him and then kill him.
No problem.
By the way, Second Brother,
how much profit have our
livestreamers made this quarter?
The gifts received by our livestreamers
plus the rewards for the in-person shows
are worth 8 million RMB.
[This quarter's profit: 12 million RMB]
What about the profit from online gambling?
The profit made from those
who are lured into online
gambling has increased by 12%.
It means our profit
[The estimated profit for the
third quarter: 30 million RMB]
for the next quarter will
exceed 20 million RMB.
Second Brother.
Senior Three has got into trouble recently.
You must be careful.
Don't worry.
I change the domain name every day.
The hacker has encrypted the signal
sent by the casinos in Southeast Asia.
Our technical car can block the signals sent
by the police's detecting instruments anytime.
Let me teach you how to look
up a word in a dictionary.
After you learn it,
you'll be able to know many words.
After I learn it, I'll write
words and you guess what they are.
Thank you, Dad.
I love you.
I love you too.
[Angcheng Public Security Bureau]
Song Haosan.
Where are the girls who
can't repay the online loan
locked up now?
I don't know.
Did you kill
those at the crushing plant?
What crushing plant?
If you are cooperative, we can be lenient.
Mind your attitude.
I'm showing you a good attitude.
Tell me about the operation
of your illegal loan company.
I didn't receive much education.
I don't know what operation means.
Tell me about it.
Director Yang.
These are the nude
photos and loan contracts
found at Song Haosan's loan company.
The money involved is
at least 8 million RMB.
Tell the victims' family
members to take them back.
And keep these evidences safe.
Director Yang.
Captain Tong.
Someone confessed.
The girls who couldn't repay the
loan would become porn livestreamers.
They not only offer prostitution
but also lure people into online gambling.
Because of them,
the Internet is full of problems.
We must crack down on them all.
Got it.
Director Yang, Captain.
This is the homepage of their
porn app and porn website.
Stop looking at it.
You can sit here and watch it.
Can we locate them
according to the IP address?
Their web servers are abroad.
And they are always
changing the domain name.
It's difficult
to track them.
Come on.
I'll do my best.
Times have changed.
No one finds a prostitute in this way now.
That is illegal.
[Pornography, Gambling and Drug Abuse]
Do you know?
We're in the 21st century.
In the age of the Internet, you
need to learn to do it online.
They're good, right?
You like this one?
The price of the ticket for
the online show is 388 yuan.
I'll start livestreaming at 12:00.
If you send me a Cloud-breaking Arrow,
I'll give you my WeChat number.
I may even go to your place to see you.
How much are those gifts?
You send the gifts, I'll pay.
If you like playing cards,
you can join the group.
Beautiful dealers will serve you online.
Mr. Ji is amazing.
I don't
admire anyone but you.
Mr. Ji.
Thank you, Mr. Ji.
You're so amazing.
Mr. Ji, I only love you.
Let's congratulate Mr. Ji
on being the No.1 gift giver
in today's livestreaming.
The person Big Brother
is looking for is inside.
Hit him.
Ma Xudong, come out!
Where are you?
Come out.
Oh my God!
Song Haosan.
Good for you.
You really didn't say
anything useful all night.
Interrogate me and let
me be punished by law.
Are you going to
take all the responsibility?
Do you know how many years
you'll be sentenced in prison?
The worst case is that
I'll be sentenced to death.
You made so much money.
You must have cheated a lot of girls.
They did it voluntarily.
How can you say I cheated them?
They owe me money.
So they should repay the debt.
They also need to pay interest, right?
I worked so hard
so I also earned much.
You can't even imagine how much I earned.
I don't understand.
I think you are a person
who has earned much money
but is unable to spend it.
What are you going to do
with the money you earned?
Buy a mansion?
I don't think you can live in it now.
Buy a fancy car? You
won't look good in one.
are no more than a doorkeeper for them.
You know nothing.
You are not even a good doorkeeper.
You got caught by us.
You're so useless.
You really think we only have one base?
We have many bases
in this vast area of wilderness.
Really? I don't believe it.
You have no water supply or electricity.
Just you guys?
What do you do every day?
I played
with all the livestreaming girls every day.
That's so wonderful.
You're getting talkative.
Didn't those livestreaming
girls ever try to escape?
That's impossible.
There are high walls.
And if we lock all the iron gates,
how can they escape?
If anyone tries to
escape, I'll get her back
and hit her hard.
Song Haosan.
You're good.
We've got three clues.
That's an area of wilderness with
high walls and big iron gates.
And there is water supply and electricity.
Good for you.
I learned it from Captain Tong.
This is the material you asked for.
I've investigated Ma Xudong.
He is a complicated man.
He was working as a security
guard in Africa for a few years
until two weeks ago.
He suddenly came back to look
for his missing daughter.
Okay, I got it.
Stop looking at it..
I just praised you.
Let's go.
- Thank you, Zhao.
- Bye.
It's okay.
Go upstairs
and make your biggest gift giver happy.
I'll keep an eye on you.
Can't you be nicer?
Be quick.
Mr. Ji.
Mr. Ji.
Mr. Ji.
Mr. Ji.
Where are you?
Mr. Ji.
You came so early.
You're so muscular.
I don't play basketball.
You're so bad.
I want to ask you a question.
Have you ever seen this person?
Mr. Ji.
Do you want to sleep with
two girls at one time?
I'm good in bed.
Have you ever seen her?
Where is she?
We were taken there with our eyes covered.
If we didn't listen to
them, they would hit us.
If I don't do this,
I'll never be able pay the debt.
Mr. Ji.
We are forced to do this.
Please don't hurt me.
You stay here tonight.
Don't go anywhere else.
Captain Tong.
This is the map of Angcheng.
This is an old industrial
area in the western suburbs.
There are many abandoned factories
that were built without permission.
These factories are very likely
to be their bases according
to what Song Haosan said.
there're many different
people in those factories.
It's very inconvenient for us
to make an investigation there.
What about water supply and electricity?
I've contacted the authorities.
After our second investigation,
we believe these places may be their bases.
Call the electricity authorities.
Inform all departments and
prepare to arrest them.
Who are you?
Please continue driving along the road
for about 3.5 kilometers.
The GPS signal is weak.
My dear boys.
Please give me more likes.
Cut off the power
in Zone 1.
Please give me more gifts. I want Rockets.
Please give me more gifts.
Then I'll show you a Fire Wheel in return.
Zone 2.
Do you want to see my Fire Wheel?
Why don't you give me votes?
If you don't give me votes,
I can't give you my Fire Wheel.
Let's play with my Bicycle today.
Zone 3.
Give me more Porsche gifts.
Keep giving me gifts.
Zone 3.
Begin to arrest them.
I'll keep playing with my Fire Wheel.
What are you looking at?
Get out!
Get out! Who are you?
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
What are you doing?
Go away!
Help us!
Help us!
Help us get out!
Help us!
Please help us!
Hurry up. Thank you.
Miss. Miss.
Don't be afraid.
Don't hurt me.
Don't be afraid.
No, no, I'm begging you.
Don't be afraid.
Where is my daughter?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Where did you get this?
Where is she?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I'll take you out of here.
Let's go.
Keep going.
It's okay now.
We'll be out soon.
Do you want to die? Bring your weapons!
Come out!
Get him!
Come on.
Come on!
Come on!
Come if you're not afraid of death.
Don't be afraid.
I won't hurt you.
Have you seen her?
You are Ma Li'an's father?
Hang in there.
Someone will come to save us.
Do you know where she is?
She was taken away.
I heard they say
they'll sell those who are disobedient
to Southeast Asia in a few days.
[Linqi Valley]
let me teach you how to search
for the pages in a dictionary.
Okay. When I master it,
I'll write down a Chinese
character for you to guess.
You've lost so much blood.
Does it hurt?
You acted like a hero.
You can't even drive properly.
How can you save her?
Don't you want to save your daughter?
Do you want to do the same as the
leading role in the movie of Taken?
Go save her.
You two go over there.
Ma Xudong.
Ma Xudong.
Help me.
Let me take a photo.
Are we happy today?
What makes you
so happy?
It's the Internet.
Because of the Internet,
you have made much more money than others.
The Internet
made you have everything you want
earlier than others.
Second Brother, I have
another surprise for you.
You're not kidding, right?
This is the secret key to
managing the group's money.
You're the boss from now on.
She's yours too.
Call him Boss.
Hello, Boss.
let bygones by bygones.
I was Second Brother yesterday.
I'm Big Brother today.
I'm going to play the 888 game with you.
Turn it on.
Today, I'll give you benefits.
You'll get a red packet of
888 yuan if you register.
No threshold.
You can withdraw the money anytime.
If you want a Dealer to deal cards online,
please give me a Carnival
through a private message.
Come and follow me.
You can send me a private message.
Livestreamers can show up anytime.
[Viewers: 120,000]
[Income: 5.6 million yuan]
cyberspace is not a place beyond law.
Cyberspace is virtual,
the entities that use cyberspace
are real.
This is a war without smoke.
No matter how hidden cybercrime is
or how it evolves,
we must bring those criminals to justice
to make sure the Internet
is on the legal track.
Freeze! Police!
Freeze! Police!
Squat on the left.
Get down!
Police! Freeze!
Take her away.
Get down.
Don't move.
- [If you are not well-prepared for a conversation, everything will be in vain when you get to the point]
- [Tell a story to sympathize with them, and they won't reject it when you get to the point]
What are you doing?
Get down! Don't move!
Don't move. Get down. Hands on your head.
Over there.
Police! Freeze!
Don't shoot!
I surrender.
Be careful.
Orange daylilies bloom
at the ends of the earth
When will you come back?
I've grown up.
You can't control me forever.
Leave you
3, 2, 1.
Time's up.
I need to use the bathroom.
Go in.
[Corridor F23269 targeted]
This guy is wanted by the police.
Wei Qi, male, 35 years old,
185 cm.
He is suspected of illegal
and criminal activities
such as organizing cyber
frauds, illegal online loans,
pornography, gambling, and murder.
Bro, how did it go?
The signal has been blocked.
It takes about 20 minutes
to transfer the money
to the foreign account.
See you at the dock.
Are you crazy?
Are you blind? Don't you know how to drive?
[The winning rate of the banker: 71%
The winning rate of the players: 29%]
Raise the odds.
Let the gamblers win more.
our online gambling funds
are all in this account.
If you do this, I'll die.
It hurts.
I'll do it. I'll do it.
Stop betting.
The players win.
I won!
Honey, we're rich. How
much money do we have left?
I'm rich.
All in. All in.
I'm rich.
Bro, what's going on?
You lost 20 million yuan within a minute.
How do you feel?
Ma Xudong.
You're still alive.
Looks like you haven't had enough fun.
Don't touch my money.
Where is my daughter?
You want to see your daughter, right?
Come to the steel factory to see me.
[The steel factory in the
west suburb of Angcheng]
Don't be afraid.
Dad, be careful.
Dad, be careful.
Dad! Dad!
Don't kill my dad!
There's something wrong
with your bank account.
There's something wrong
with your bank account.
Don't kill my dad!
Dad, leave me alone!
Are you okay?
Are you okay, Dad?
I'm fine.
I'm going to save you.
I'm going to kill you!
Don't kill my dad.
Please let him go, okay?
Shut up!
Ma Xudong.
You bastard!
You are so lucky.
Why are you still alive?
You scumbag!
How many times have I told you?
Don't touch my money.
Why won't you listen?
Kill me!
Come at me!
Shut up!
How many times have I told you?
You want to save your daughter, right?
Today, I'm gonna let you see
how she dies in front of you.
Come at me!
Don't kill him!
Go to hell!
Kill me.
I'm okay.
Dad, where are you?
Dad, where are you?
Handcuff him.
Dad, where are you?
I'm fine.
Be careful.
Be careful. How are you?
How are you?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Give them more time.
I'm sorry.
I will never leave you again.
Happy birthday.
Dad, I love you.
I love you too.
Sorry. I love you too.
Recently, Angcheng's police
cooperated with the overseas police
to annihilate an international
cyber criminal group
and confiscate criminal funds
of as much as 1.08 billion yuan.
Thus, the new cyber criminal industrial
chain involving illegal online loans,
pornography live streaming,
and online gambling
has been cut off.
Captain Tong,
the girls transported to Southeast
Asia by Wei Qi have been rescued.
Long Shaojie, the suspect who
escorted the girls, is missing.
Long Shaojie,
we need more information about
the fraud group in Southeast Asia.