Quick Gun, The (1964) Movie Script

'I know this land.
'It's rich land.
'Plenty of good water
and fields knee-deep in grass.
'A place where a steer can get
its belly full
'and a man doesn't have
to worry about tomorrow.
'I'm coming home.
'Another 35 miles, 40 maybe,
'I'll see the town of Shelby,
blistering out there in the hot sun.
'Just the way it was when I had
to leave it two years ago.
'Just two years.
'It feels like 20.
'I remember
what I had to leave behind
'and sometimes it feels like 100
'and I remember the men
I've had to kill.'
Hold it, bud.
You know there ain't nothing better
than a dead gunslinger.
- Cagle?
You hear that, Donovan?
Clint knows who it is
without even looking.
You come and stand guard this way,
old Spangler must be
somewhere around.
Big as life.
What's he doing in Montana?
Now, it could be
he'd like to ask you that question.
Hey, Spang. Well, by gravy,
If it ain't the devil himself.
Clint Cooper.
Ha-ha-ha. Hiya, Clint boy.
Good to see you, Spang.
I caught him coming up
on the high trail,
so I thought I'd better bring him in.
You thought right, Cagle.
You wouldn't want an old friend
to go riding by
without giving him an invite,
would you?
Come on, boy.
Yes, say talk of the devil.
I was saying to the boys
just yesterday,
I bet you my old friend Clint Cooper
would give plenty
to be with us right now.
Coffee, boy.
You're a long way from Missouri,
aren't you?
Longer than a horse's tail,
that's for sure.
Here, have some meat. No, thanks.
You still wearing them
tied down. Sit.
They make me a living. A living?
Oh, boy, don't you never learn?
I'm alive, I eat.
One of these days,
that gun of yours will be so fast
that you'll lose your appetite
real sudden.
We used to be a good team, Spang.
Yeah, best hired guns
in the business. Ha-ha.
Ah, but a fella's got
to look to the future.
Now you take me,
I've got 15 men working for me.
Any time we need money, vittles,
liquor, women, we just go get them.
And a there ain't a sheriff
west of Mississippi can stop us.
How about it, boy?
You want to join up
with your old friend?
Something important get you
to Montana?
Maybe something important
brought us both to Montana.
My reason's personal.
Dang, if you ain't the closest mouth
I ever chinned with.
Just how personal do you think a
bank full of gold and greenbacks is?
It must be busting at the seams
to bring you all this way.
Juicy as a fat cat.
Them cattle bars come in
and just loaded her with cash
from buying herds
after the cattle drive. Ha.
And if you hadn't heard that money
was here ready to be took,
you wouldn't be here,
would you, Clint?
I told you, I have other reasons.
Sure, you told me, boy.
Only I wouldn't want the two of us
trying for that same bank.
You could guarantee it
by riding with me.
What I have to do,
I can't use any help.
Even if the money's in Shelby?
And it ain't only the money, we're
taking the whole town, all of it.
There ain't enough men
in Shelby to stop us.
Just think of it, boy, we could burn
that place to the ground
if we wanted to.
You'd ought to like that,
considering how you
and that town feel about each other.
Ha-ha-ha-ha. Make 'em sorry they
ever heard of Clint Cooper, eh, boy?
When I go to Shelby,
I'm going alone.
You think you're going to get
that money without me,
well, you're wrong, boy.
I don't like to kill friends,
Clint, but...
Makes us even, Spang.
I'm kind of against dying.
No, that's much more reasonable.
Never heard a man
not to change his mind.
I'll catch up with you, boy.
You'll have to stay alive to do it,
so tell 'em that.
Let him get to his horse, boys.
Grab hold of this rope, Spang.
Now walk me to the door.
Thanks, Spang.
Get that double-crossing gunner.
Get him before he gets to Shelby.
Ya! Ya!
GUNSHO GUNSHO 'There it is,
the town I was born in.
'And I'm going to find out if it
still wishes I'd never been born.'
See you on Sunday, Mrs McCredie.
Rick, what's that murderer
doing back here?
He won't be here long.
You'd better get out there.
Clint Cooper's back.
And Rick Morrison saw him.
Scotty. Clint.
Let's have it.
Can't argue with the law.
If you wanted to commit suicide,
you could've found a lot easier way.
You're one of the few people around
who ever cared whether I did or not.
Clint, there hasn't been a shooting
in Shelby since you left.
Who gets the medal? You or the town?
All right, I know how you feel.
But when you rode out of here
two years ago,
they thought your guns
were gone for good.
When I rode back here today,
I could've used that
on Rick Morrison,
but I didn't.
Now that should tell you
where I stand.
I'm not the one
you have to convince.
Do you think for one minute
that Tom Morrison's forgotten
that you killed his two sons?
It was them or me,
you know it and this town knows it.
And they know this. Your guns got
too fast and too sudden.
And from what I hear
about your reputation,
they've got a lot faster and a lot
suddener in the last two years.
Scotty, sounds to me
like you're letting some
of this town's hate rub off on you.
I've got a job to do.
Friendship or not,
I can't let a gunslinger stay here.
You might just have
to put up with it.
My father's dead now, Scotty.
I aim to claim the ranch.
And start another battle
with the Morrisons?
No deal, Clint.
Now water your horse and get out.
I don't want any trouble here.
You're going to get it,
whether you want it or not.
Jud Spangler will be raiding Shelby
before the day's over.
He knows most of the men are away
on a cattle drive
and the bank's full
of cattle buying money.
You seem to have an awful lot
of information.
He wanted me with him.
Soon as he finds the two dead men
I left at Big Rock Canyon,
he'll be coming.
Big Rock.
If they ride their horses
into the ground,
they could be here by sundown.
Most likely night,
depends on how long it takes them
to find the two deadmans.
There's something
I don't understand.
Knowing how you feel
about this town,
you still came here to warn us.
Finding out how the town
still feels about me,
I should've saved myself the ride.
School's letting out.
I have those kids to worry about.
I could use every gun hand
I could get.
You asking me to stay, now, Scotty?
I didn't hear you making any offer.
That's right, I didn't.
If I do say,
it'll be for my own reasons.
You mean Helen?
She's over at the schoolhouse.
Clint, don't mention Spangler.
I, er,
I don't want a panic in this town.
You took a long time, Sheriff. When
are you getting Cooper out of here?
When I have to answer to you,
I'll turn in my badge.
Sheriff, we'd like to know.
You'll know when I'm ready,
this doesn't concern any of you.
Now go on about your business.
As soon as I get the other council
men, we're going to have a meeting.
About what? Be here.
You've been a very naughty girl.
I'm sorry.
Nonetheless, I'm going to have
to punish you.
I want you to take this home
and write it 50 times.
50 times! 50 times. And bring it
back to me in the morning.
Yes, Miss Reed. Very well.
You look fine, Helen.
Nobody ever thought
we'd ever see you again.
L- l-It's like seeing a ghost.
Came close to being one
several times.
Come on, don't you want
to be the first one to say
you're glad I'm back?
I AM glad, Clint.
It makes it worth some of the
thinking I've been doing about you,
the past two years. Yeah.
What did you think, Clint?
That I might change my mind about us?
Kind of a hope I had with me.
What kind of a hope could I have?
You're still wearing that gun,
you haven't stopped killing.
I've had time
to think about that, too.
I think I could leave the law
in Scotty's hands now.
Helen, the past can be forgotten.
There's still a lot of future
for us, if we want it.
You have no right
to expect anything of me, Clint.
What did you think? That this
schoolhouse could be my whole life?
When you left,
you left me nothing to love.
I needed something.
Now it's too late.
No, it isn't too late.
Now, you listen to me.
My father's ranch sits on good land,
we can turn that into one of the
best cow outfits in this country.
Something we'd be proud of,
something we'd be proud
to hand on to our children.
Why didn't you think of that
two years ago?
Now, listen to me
and let this end it.
One week from Sunday,
Scotty and I are being married.
It's kind of funny.
I always kind of thought
the difference between Scotty's job
and mine was a badge.
I guess I was wrong.
If it had to happen...
...I'm glad it's Scotty.
He deserves someone like you.
Bang, bang, bang, bang.
Are you trying to ride
the flesh off that horse,
or did you forget he belongs to me?
If I ever forgot,
you'd remind me.
That's right.
I'll also remind you
that you're only living
by the grace of God
and Tom Morrison.
Anything to say to that?
Yes, I'm glad I'm only your nephew,
and not one of your sons.
You talk about my boys
like that again
and I'll run you
right off this ranch.
You'll get nothing from me,
do you hear? Nothing.
You've been taking out on me
since Clint Cooper left.
You can stop now he's back.
In town, just rode in.
Get our guns.
You going for him now,
in broad daylight?
Two years I've waited, two years.
Get our guns.
I promise you, there will be
a grave for Clint Cooper, too.
There's two of us.
You make him draw first,
do you understand that?
I want him dead, legal.
Like an execution.
Mrs Swanson.
Been a long time, Mike.
Clint, please,
I got to ask you to leave.
It wouldn't be good business for me.
Leave it.
Welcome back, Cooper.
Mr Morrison, please.
You think your gun's fast enough
for the two of us?
I have had to answer that
question many times.
This will be the last time.
Is that what you thought when you
sent your sons gunning for me?
You stood in my way.
You tried to steal our land,
Why are we talking so much?
You gonna draw, Cooper?
Awfully anxious to have me
draw first.
That's so Mike can tell the sheriff
we killed you legal.
Are you ready to take your chances?
I didn't come looking for you.
Now leave me alone.
Cooper, you're yellow.
Now draw.
Can't oblige you.
Not today, anyway.
Are you weaselling
out of it, Cooper?
That's the only kind of trouble
I can afford, Morrison.
That's enough!
If you started this...
No, no, Scotty,
I've got to be honest.
The kid was just having a peaceful
drink when they started all this.
And I'm not finished.
Damn fool. We got other trouble.
That's your trouble.
Cooper's mine.
Keely and Mitch are over
at my office right now
for a meeting I called.
Are you going to be there or not?
I'm going to that meeting right now,
Am I gonna tell that council
you're staying on
and helping us, or not?
You think of any reason
why I should?
No, I can't.
Then that's what you tell them.
All right, good luck.
Get started without me.
You're a mess, Clint.
I got to admit the Morrisons
didn't look much better.
I was going to drop by
to see you, Dan, but...
...I guess I just needed
a drink first.
I know, Clint. Scotty told me
that you saw Helen.
I got some cold water
and liniment at the hotel,
or don't you even want to
stay long enough to make repairs?
Take a look.
He's dead.
Rock-headed idiot got himself killed.
That looks like Dex.
It looks like they both was in no
condition to come back and warn us.
That gun-slinging snake.
Spang, he's got a big headstart
on that money.
That he has. That he has.
Now, in that case,
we're just going to have to figure
if the law don't catch him, we will.
Come on around here.
I reckon this liniment won't
do much good
for the kind of hurt
you think you have.
There's nothing holding me here.
When you left Shelby,
you spit on the town.
All of us didn't spit back.
In my business you can't have
any friends, I found that out today.
So you'd rather just ride out of here
and keep on using those guns for
something that can't ever matter?
I didn't want it that way, Dan.
See you.
Is that what you'll be
saying tomorrow
when you're wondering what
Spangler did to this town?
Spangler will want more than money,
I can tell you that.
I'm sure you all remember what
he did to Big Ben,
Iron Bill and Frank.
When he wanted women, he took them.
After his men got liquored up
they burned the towns to the ground.
And that is what
he has in mind for Shelby.
What can we do?
We'll never be able to get
our ranch hands back from the drive.
They're too far away.
Why are we taking Cooper's
word for it?
He and Spangler rode together,
this could be a trick.
Are you out of your head? Am I?
You got some kind of guarantee
Cooper won't be a paid killer
behind our backs,
while Spangler hits us
from the front?
I said I'd stay here
and help fight Spangler.
If I wanted to kill you, Morrison,
you'd be dead already.
Back off, Morrison.
We're wasting a lot of time
we haven't got.
Spangler might be 20 miles
from this town right now.
How do we vote? Mitchell?
Well, Scotty, you're the law.
If you think we should stay,
it's your decision.
We need help, that's all I know.
You know how I vote.
There's four against you, Morrison.
You know Spangler best,
you got any ideas?
The town is fairly well protected
from both sides by the hills.
Why don't we build a barricade
on each end of the street.
Keely, you spread the word without
getting the women hysterical.
tell the Reverend to put the women
and children up in the church.
Make sure there's water,
food and plenty of blankets.
Morrison, you got extra guns
at your place, bring them in.
All right, Sheriff,
it's your party.
But I'm going to tell you
I'll remember not to turn my back
on Cooper.
What do I do?
Get all the extra men
and drag out everything you
can use for the barricades.
Scotty, what about the money?
Are you going to leave
it in the bank?
Seems to me that would be the first
place Spangler would look.
You are right,
I'll see that it is moved.
Good, if he breaks through, it might
give us the extra time we need.
'The town knows what it has
to face now.
'And it's doing its job.
'The men are tensing up.
'I can see how scared the women are.
'I wish I could tell them
we're a lot smarter than Spangler,
but I can't.
'In the end, that's going
to make the big difference.'
Get those bales off that wagon.
Food and water's in the church,
Helen's getting the blankets now.
May as well will bring out
that kerosene.
Setting fire to a barricade
like that is liable
to blow up the whole town.
If we don't, Spangler will.
Go inside and take a seat.
Everybody stay calm.
Reverend, how come we're having
church on a Thursday?
If it was up to me, young fellow,
we'd have it every day.
Reverend, if my husband
and the other men knew
what was happening here,
I'm sure they
could get back in time.
The sheriff is the best judge
of how much time we have.
I bet there is going to be
a lot of shooting
around here, huh, Reverend?
Get moving, the Reverend is busy.
There's more blankets
if you need them.
May as well go ahead and douse it.
Clint, I don't know who else
has thanked you for helping,
but I'd like to.
As long as I was coming back
Sorry I couldn't have brought
better news.
Right there.
There you are, Helen.
Are we going to sleep on those?
I don't see why not.
During the Sunday sermons,
Pa sleeps without a bed.
You go back
and stay with your mother.
Where can I set all this up?
Well, let's see. I guess maybe
this would be the safest place.
Yes, Scotty.
Help me put this table up here,
will you?
Some other things
I want to bring in.
Is everything getting organised?
Best we can.
Helen, there's something
I think you ought to know.
This note was left on my desk.
Clint left it there.
It says that if we get
out of this mess,
that he wants us to take his ranch
as a wedding present.
Oh, Scotty, no.
How do you refuse a fellow that
gives you the only thing he owns?
Then he's planning to leave Shelby?
You don't want him to, do you?
Do you?
Scotty, I said I would marry you.
That hasn't changed.
Hasn't it?
Sooner or later,
I guess we had to find out.
You loved him before,
you still love him.
Nobody's to blame for that.
This stuff go
to the sheriff's office?
Yeah, guns for a bunch of old men -
farmers, storekeepers -
and they won't even know
what to do with them.
You think we haven't got a chance
against Spangler? It'd be a miracle.
Cooper's guns could
make a difference.
And if that happens,
the town will change
its thinking about Cooper.
He'll get to be a big man.
If you'd been smart enough to make
him draw in the first place,
everything would be settled by now.
He won't be so big,
he'll be cut down to size
before this night's over.
Load up.
How is it going? I got the women
and children in the church.
I found that note you left.
Why didn't you tell me about you
and Helen before I went to see her?
You know how many times I asked her
before she agreed to marry me?
She was always hoping
you'd come back.
You've been drinking.
She wants no part of me.
I just left her.
Helen and I won't be
getting married.
Does that answer your question?
Did you get that money moved
out of the bank?
There's a trapdoor in the jail.
That ought to keep Spangler guessing
for a little while.
since you and Donovan are the only
two around with honest faces...
seems like you should be the ones
to ride into Shelby and find out
if the law's caught up with
our old friend Clint Cooper.
And what if we find Clint just
kind of hanging around on a tree?
Well, now, that would be
a good way of knowing for sure
he ain't got to
the bank ahead of us.
The main thing for you to find out -
is the money still there?
We'll be over in them rocks
until you get back.
Been a long week.
Seems to me he should have
been here by now.
Can't depend on Spangler doing what
you expect him to.
I'll go down
and see how Dan's making out.
Make sure there's enough
kerosene on that barricade.
Keep walking, Cooper. No noise.
You picked a hell of a time
to start something, Morrison.
I waited too long to let Spangler
have the pleasure of killing you.
One shot would bring
everybody running.
You ain't worth going to jail for,
Besides, a gun makes it too fast.
Get the rope.
You really work hard at hating,
don't you, Morrison?
Did you ever see a man
dancing at the end of a rope
with his feet just
barely off the ground?
He dies slow, Cooper... so slow.
It would make my waiting worth
these last two years.
You take away a man's sons,
you take away everything
he's got to live for.
Too bad your father can't be here
to see his son die!
Wait! No guns. He wants it that way,
let him have it that way.
Circle him,
I'll get him from this side.
All right, Cooper,
you want to hate me for killing you?
That's the way it's gonna be.
Get those women back in the church!
Get back to your posts!
What the hell...?
I didn't get any choice, Scotty.
Tom's dead. What are you men doing
here? Are you trying to make it easy
for Spangler?
Get back to your posts. Reverend,
you get back to the church.
Cooper's going to hang for this.
He's a killer,
just like we all said.
I never thought Cooper would
gun 'em down at a time like this.
I told you, get back to your posts.
I mean it! You can't believe
I went gunning for the Morrisons!
They wanted to string me up!
Well, I don't believe it, Clint.
Helen, you stay out of this.
Give me the gun, Clint.
You're not going to arrest him?
What do you want me to do?
I don't make the laws.
The man has to stand trial
whether I want him to not.
Let's go.
Dan, you've got no business here.
I had to see if you'd really do it,
you're locking Clint up?
You think I've got a choice?
Don't you think I want him
out there on the barricade with us?
His gun gave us a chance.
And you're letting
a lot of backbiting idiots
talk you out of it.
Sheriff... something...
something up the road!
...good luck.
Thanks. I'll need it.
I'll see you later, boy.
The Lord willing.
There's only two of them.
Hold it right there. Howdy, Sheriff.
Looks like you fellas are getting
ready for some kind
of a turkey shoot.
You might even say that a turkey
wouldn't be safe here tonight.
You folks expecting some kind
of trouble? Nothing we can't handle.
Where you boys from?
Mountain country. Up around Butte.
We holed up last night at Goose Egg.
Joe Wylie's trading post?
That's right. We figured we'd head
out to the summer grass country.
Better you keep heading.
We were figuring on leaving
some of our money
over to the saloon.
There's a creek back about
five miles. Best you stick to water.
Well, that's mighty inhospitable,
We just don't want any strangers
staying in our town
and getting shot at by Spangler
and his mob.
Spangler? Name's enough
to give you the creeps.
With that critter coming,
I should think you'd want us
to stay around
and give you some help.
You just move back there
slow and easy back down the road.
I wouldn't want any of my men
to mistake you for a turkey.
Now, now, Sheriff,
we ain't ready to be stuck yet,
so thank you very much
for the warning.
We could have used them. Why
did you say we had plenty of men?
Think we should have told Spangler
we don't? Spangler?
They just came in to look
the situation over,
tell Spangler which way to move.
You're just guessing. They were
two more guns we could've used.
They didn't come from Goose Egg.
Joe Wylie hasn't had that
trading post for six months.
Then why didn't you jail them?
I thought they might serve us better
if they went back
and told Spangler we were ready
for them.
You think that'll stop him
from coming?
With those two showing up,
the gang must be close by.
We'll take them on, get back to
Spangler and give him the news.
But that's all the time we've got to
find out whether he's coming or not.
You'd better get back
to the other barricade.
That sheriff was bluffing.
They give you a big song and dance
about having a lot of men.
I guess your faces ain't as honest
as I thought they was.
They had you figured.
He sure wasn't bluffing about
them barricades.
But them gun hands he's
got behind him... Gun hands?
There ain't ten men
and the whole town know
which end of the gun
they shooting.
Yeah? Well, I sure ain't finding
out by having them practising on me.
Listen to me! I'll tell you just
when you get shot and when not,
do you understand that?
Don't forget it.
He's been around too long. Now
he's figuring he'll die of old age!
you don't like them barricades?
They've got to be took, Spang,
and it ain't going to be easy.
You think my brains are
drying up or something?
See anything of Clint Cooper?
No, not a sign.
Dirty yellow-livered rat!
Give him a warning.
All right...
Mount up, we're moving in!
'All my life, I've had to fight
for something or against it.
'Now, I can't do either.
All I can do is wait.
'Wait and try not to think
about what Spangler's going to do
to this town.'
We didn't bluff him.
God have mercy on us.
All right, boys,
this is where we split up.
Lacey, you take your men
and circle the town.
You know
when to come in on the other side.
Just keep them pinned down
at that barricade.
we'll take care of the rest.
OK, let's go!
He'll be here any minute now.
Reverend, I'm relying on you to keep
things as calm as possible here.
All this killing...
Men with families. Peace...
The word of God...
How does a man
bring them to this country?
You brought them, Reverend.
I can't tell you why there are
men like Spangler.
Scotty, is it so impossible
to reason with Spangler?
Anything is worth trying.
If it would save one life here...
Do you really believe that I can get
Spangler to understand that?
I don't know, Scotty.
Sometimes, even an animal can be
made to understand.
All right, Reverend.
Take care of things here.
you help him.
I'm going out to have a look around.
Out there?
You men hold your positions.
Don't fire unless you have to.
I won't have to tell you when.
Scotty, come back! Scotty!
Oh, Scotty, come back!
Oh, Scotty, come back!
Oh, he's going out there alone.
Cos he thinks he must.
Perhaps he saw me lose faith with
my job. He's keeping faith with his.
I'm Sheriff Wade. Sheriff!
Well, by gravy,
if this ain't the night of nights.
The sheriff himself coming out all
alone to extend the hand of welcome.
You might say that.
Only I don't think it's
the kind of welcome you'll want.
And you didn't want to see old
Spang get plugged,
so you come all the way out here
to warn him, huh?
Something like that.
I don't want to see you get shot
and I don't want to
see my town get shot up.
Well now,
that's mighty good arguing.
Exceptin', I ain't got nothing you
want. You've got something I want.
Tell you what, Sheriff,
make a deal with you.
You let us
get that money peaceable-like,
and you can guarantee your ladies
that we will spend it all on them!
That's what I came here to tell you.
We knew you were coming,
so we had plenty of time to get
the money out of town.
I know how much time you had,
it weren't enough.
I'm telling you it isn't here.
And you don't have enough men to
find out whether it is or not.
Sheriff, you're either the biggest
liar I've ever seen
or the bravest man.
If you think I'm lying, why don't
you try and take that barricade?
That was just what
I was fixing to do.
Only... you're standing in the way.
The hour's great trial is upon us.
Let us pray.
Father in heaven, spare us
from these men of great evil,
who live by terror and bloodshed, and
whose only law is the law of the gun.
All right, get them out.
Rest of you men,
get back there, cover us.
They're charging,
they're charging! Keep firing!
All right, let's go. Hah!
What happened, Dan?
Spangler's got the town.
From what I can tell,
we're the only two men left.
Spangler's gunning for you.
The money's gone.
That fool sheriff weren't lying.
I'll be hog-tied,
this is the first time I ever killed
a man who told the truth.
That money's got to be someplace.
It's gotta be here in town.
We're going to find out where.
You four men keep your eyes open,
Cagle and Donovan, come with me.
They're heading for the church.
My church is always open,
you didn't have to do that.
Well now, Reverend, old Spang
is too ornery for converting,
and too suspicious to just walk in
with his hat in his hand.
Then what do you want?
Well now, I wouldn't mind to get an
invite to your church social here.
But, like I always say,
business before pleasure.
The sheriff kept telling me
that the money weren't in the bank.
Right up to the time we killed him.
You filthy murderer! Get out!
Isn't it enough that you killed
a lot of innocent men here today?
What do you want now,
the blood of women and children?!
I don't like no babbling women!
I never seen a woman yet that
wouldn't run off at the mouth.
You know all I have to do
is have to squeeze a little,
I could mess up
that pretty face of yours.
In heaven's name, let her be!
All right, Reverend,
since you're so polite.
Now maybe you'll be polite enough
to tell me where the money is.
We don't know anything
about the money.
Is that so?
Then maybe we'll just take
this little lady as a hostage
till somebody around here remembers.
She doesn't know, none of us do.
You've got 15 minutes to remember.
And this lady'll entertain us
until you do.
So the longer
it takes you to remember,
the longer she'll entertain us.
Oh, no! Oh!
We'll be in the saloon.
get them horses in the church.
How do we do it, Clint? There are six
of them and only two of us.
Wait a minute.
You'll know what's happening.
Reverend, what about Helen?
I'm glad you let Clint out, Ben.
It's what I came over to do.
I don't believe what happened
with the Morrisons tonight
was your fault.
Thank you, Reverend,
but what about Helen?
Spangler made it more than clear
what will happen to her
unless we told him
where the money is.
He gave us 15 minutes.
Clint, there's no law
in this town now.
If you'd consent to wearing
this deputy's badge.
You can't take Spangler alone.
Clint, it doesn't make sense!
I need some help, Dan. You don't
need much help being a fool.
Maybe I'm a bigger one.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to open up your hotel.
I'm going to bring you some guests
so get ready.
Go out the back way,
don't let them see you.
Come on, princess, take a swig.
Nothing like it to make a lady
forget she's a lady.
What do you want me to do, drink
to the men you killed here?
Ahhh... That's a good idea.
Hey, Cagle, you expect the princess
to drink out of a bottle?
Bring her a glass.
Come on, princess, drink up.
Enough of this stuff and you and me
can get real friendly in 15 minutes.
You pig! You dirty rotten pig!
How do you like that, boys?
The only one in the whole town
that ain't afraid of old Spang
and it turns out to be a woman!
Oh, a real fighting woman!
Ow! Take that!
Ha-ha-ha! Yes, give me one like that
every time!
Full of gumption.
Hey, Spang...
We got company.
The Reverend?
Coming to tell us about the money?
An old friend of yours.
Clint Cooper.
Clint coming here alone
to get hisself killed?
Well now, boys, you just get ready
to accommodate him.
Donovan, Cagle.
Well, Spang, never thought
I'd see you twice in the same day.
I don't figure
it'll ever happen again,
seeing as you
ain't got long to live.
If you want to kill me
you have to take the leavings.
If the town gets through hanging me.
I figured they'd
at least elect you mayor
since you were the one
that warned them I was coming.
They been over to help fight you.
They threw me in jail.
Sit down.
Have a drink. On the house.
Jail, huh?
How come you could get loose?
A good friend of mine let me out.
Figured you'd be gunning for me.
He wasn't far wrong,
you cost me a lot of men.
You can always get men
but you can't always get $100, 000.
100, 000? You know something I don't?
It could be.
Like where that money's hid?
Come on, boy, don't keep old Spang
hung up by his hair,
where's she at?
I could lead you to it.
Hear that, boys?!
Old Clint's gonna save us
a mess of looking.
Now if that ain't...
Wait a minute.
If you know where the money's hid,
how come you didn't grab it
and light out of here?
You didn't have to come to me.
Spang, you used to be
a pretty good horse trader.
Ain't nobody never sold Spang
a horse with buck teeth yet.
Then you ought to recognise
a good deal when you see one.
You take the money.
I'll take the girl.
Why not, she's got all of her teeth.
I'll say she has, and she
bites hard with all of 'em.
You mean to say you got a yen
for this filly
worth $100, 000 in cold cash?
I told you I had a personal reason
for coming back here.
Well, by gravy.
What about it? Deal?
No offence, princess,
but the way I look at it is
women gets old and fat
but money always stays the same.
You got a deal.
Now, let's go dig up
them ring backs.
We'll do it my way.
The girl goes with me.
You can send two men, two.
I don't aim to get ganged up on.
Oh, now, Clint you ought
to trust me better than that.
I trust you, Spang, you trust me,
but we just can't trust each other.
Clint, you old rock, you can horse
trade for me any time!
Cagle, Donovan,
give old Clint here helping hand.
Something for you to remember,
In case anyone starts dealing
from the bottom of the deck.
My men here ain't got no religion
about killing a woman.
I come into this town
for money and women.
You know, danged if I can think
of one reason Clint gave me
for changing my mind.
Go watch where they're going.
A hotel? Where you got that money
hidden, in a mattress?
Not exactly.
Get that junk out of there,
there's a trapdoor underneath.
Go on, do as he says.
There's no trapdoor in here.
What are you trying to pull?
Stand still
or you'll never find out.
You think Spangler's going to
let you get away with your skin?
Back up and shut up.
Get the rope, Dan.
They're still in there.
This cuts the odds by two,
what about the others?
They'll be along.
Helen, you'd better go upstairs.
That does it.
Too bad Clint ain't married
to the princess.
She'd make a fine-looking widow.
You sure called a turn
on Spangler coming after us.
All you have to do is
think like a corkscrew. Get ready.
Clint, Spangler's
gonna be coming for you.
That's the whole idea.
Clint, I want you to live.
If I do, it'll be because of this.
Take a look through the window.
You see anything?
Get around the side, try to move in.
Is Cooper still around?
You in there?
You move your heads again,
they'll come off.
What's the matter, have you
got your ears plugged up, too?!
Get in there and untie them.
I'll cover you.
Get in there!
Hold it! That's far enough.
Drop it.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Untie him!
They can't, Spang.
You have to come in
and untie them yourself.
You conniving snake of a...
I thought I better double-cross you
before you double-crossed me.
All right, unbuckle it.
The other hand.
Drop it!
Are you still there, Spang?
Yeah, Cooper, I'm here and I'll
still be here for your funeral!
You'd better go into
another business.
After today, you couldn't raise
enough men to raid
an old folks home.
We'll see about that. Any time you
want to come out, I'll be waiting.
You wait here.
Helen! Clint said to stay put.
There's only two of us left, Spang.
We can settle it quick.
All right, Clint. You call the play.
Just like old times, Spang.
I won't draw till
you go for your gun.
Fair enough.
I'm coming out.
Guess we're gonna have to forget
about old times, Clint.
Cagle is fixing to shoot you
in the back.
That's older than old, Spang.
You don't expect me to swallow that.
Have it your way, Clint.
But Cagle ain't sentimental like us.
Any particular place
you want to get it, Clint?
Any last words?
Oh, Clint.
Now don't go blaming yourself.
You did what you had to do.
I know.
It takes all kinds of tools
to clear the land.
I don't think we'll be needing
this one any more.
Come on.