Quickening (2021) Movie Script

Why aren't you letting me go?
Don't ask me the same question again.
Because I said so.
But why?
Because there are certain things
that we have to consider.
Yes. Because we are Pakistani.
What do you mean?
Are you forgetting your values?
I'm beginning to wonder who
you're spending time with
that you no longer understand.
You weren't like this before.
Mom, you don't know anything
about my friends, okay?
What are you even talking about?
Stay within your limits,
or it won't end well.
She doesn't listen to me.
I don't know what's happening to her.
She's a grown up, in University...
These are her days.
What's the problem?
Let her do what she wants.
Azeem, you're the one who
constantly asks me.
I've never asked you.
Look, Aliya.
If your kid is out late
of course you would be worried.
But I've never done this
sort of moral policing.
You're the controlling one.
Okay, fine.
She must be from a good family.
Otherwise, for the sake of their own
love and happiness...
Some girls destroy their parents'
reputation and run away from home.
Shameful, disgusting girl.
She's put a terrible accusation on me.
I wouldn't even think of
something like that, Mom.
Why wouldn't she be shameless?
She studies in co-education.
Who knows how many affairs
she is having at university.
Muqadas is not like that!
She would never do something like that.
You didn't think twice before
committing such a terrible act?
He should be focused on his studies.
It's his final year.
He's ruining his future
for some love affair.
Try to understand him.
Your son is really hurt right now.
He's going through a lot of pain.
He needs your support.
I'm his father.
I'm saying this for his benefit.
I know very well how these
college romances end.
How am I supposed to know?
Are you okay?
Okay. Then go upstairs
and freshen up.
Food is ready.
I'll open schools.
I'll focus on education.
If you notice...
There is no focus on education here.
Will you marry me?
Such lazy romance...
Please don't take his legacy from him.
He's a true Pakistani.
I don't see anyone more patriotic.
He's not a bastard like us.
Speak for yourself.
And no one is taking
anyone's legacy away.
Credit is given where credit is due.
But running a country and running
a team are very different.
So who should run the country?
After all these years,
who should run it apart from him?
Arshad will run it.
Why not?
He has the same amount of experience.
He's handsome as well.
Did you hear Samina's daughter
had a son?
What happened to her husband?
Is he back from Dubai
or is he still there?
No, he's still in Dubai.
He comes back every four months
for a week.
That's really tough.
Unless the husband and wife are together,
it's a negative influence on the kids.
Pull that one from the top.
Yes, that one on top.
This one?
This black one?
No, no.
The red one that has
the Eid clothes.
Is it too heavy?
Thank you, darling.
You can wear this one.
I'm not sure what this goes with.
Wear this red one.
How can I wear this one?
It's too sparkly and really uncomfortable.
I want to wear this one.
Look at this one.
Everything is about to change.
This house, these cars... everything.
What do you mean?
What happened?
Has your father ever told me anything
that he would now?
Whenever I ask him...
"Do you need any help?"
"Let's talk."
"No Aliya, everything is fine."
"Everything will be alright."
He doesn't see anyone but himself.
This house, the kids,
are they all my responsibility?
How did you find out?
How could I not find out when
there is no money coming into the account?
You can see everything changing.
Who knows what else
is yet to be discovered.
This person won't change.
I didn't have anyone to talk to.
You can talk to me, Mom.
I am with you.
We'll do something.
What do I want?
I just want your happiness.
We are happy, Mom.
We will always be happy.
Can you take this?
Yes, what's up?
Yeah, he's being fussy.
Yes, I ate already.
No, you tell me.
Where are you?
Yeah, I am listening.
Tell me.
Okay, fine.
No, you do your work.
It's fine.
Yeah, I'll manage.
I'll do it.
Anything else?
What's the use of talking
to our kids about this?
They can't do anything
but get worried.
They have nothing to do
with our personal matters.
It's foolish to get them involved.
If you want to talk to them,
just reassure them.
Reassurance comes when you can
see an effort being made.
There is no point in false reassurance.
False reassurance?
I am trying day and night
in front of you.
I've used all my contacts.
I've sent CVs everywhere.
Jobs at this level
don't drop from the sky.
Then find something more ordinary.
We don't have time to wait idly.
I don't understand what
you want from me.
It will seem senseless to you.
But I will keep repeating myself
in case you ever listen.
This home, these cars... all this.
We can't sustain it.
Every month our expenses are rising.
And you're not confronting it.
A companion is supposed to
support you. Boost you.
You don't support, let alone,
you drag the other person down.
Leave it alone, Aliya.
I'll do it myself.
You'll do it yourself?
Okay, let's see.
This work isn't going to
happen on it's own.
Someone has to do it.
It'll get done.
I'll do it with you.
You will?
Aliya, wait a minute.
We'll get it done.
Refrigerator, freezer, everything.
Go out to sea for two weeks.
Take it easy.
Come back refreshed!
Two weeks?
Why not go long distance?
Well, for that, full ocean capability...
It's another $20,000 or so.
Man, now I feel like getting on a boat
and going out to sea.
That's it.
But I don't know how to swim...
Well you do know how to drown, right?
Yeah, everything is totally fine.
You don't have to worry,
I've taken care of everything.
There is no need to worry.
Everything will be alright.
The kids are fine.
Sheila and I are out
getting samosas and chaat.
Mom, why wouldn't I tell you?
I tell you everything.
Everything is fine.
No, you don't have to worry at all.
I will tell her to call you.
You also take care.
Okay. Lots of love.
That was your grandma.
She sends love.
Is she okay?
I didn't want to worry her with anything.
- Excuse me, how long will it be?
- Five minutes.
- How are you?
- How are you doing?
- Where is Farooq?
- He's parking.
Let me go check on him.
What happened?
I've told you this has
nothing to do with...
What's wrong my love?
Go call an ambulance.
What's going on?
My dear, tell me what's going on.
Sheila what happened?
Sorry for what?
I should say sorry.
We shouldn't have fought
like that in front of you.
What happened? Tell me.
Whatever it is, we'll get through it.
Everything is going to be alright.
We're here.
Come on. Let's go.
Thank God. My Love.
How are you feeling?
Just get better, that's all I want.
There was nothing like that, Sheila.
There was never anything like that.
I just want you to get better, my love.
I am not angry at all.
Don't worry about anything, my dear.
You're a great daughter.
You make me so happy.
You are so brave.
I don't think anything otherwise.
And you shouldn't either.
My dear, I don't know what to do.
How should I reassure you?
I will take care of you.
Bring your hand back inside.
Sit properly.
What are you doing?