Quicksand (1950) Movie Script

How's the pie?
Buzz, how's the fishing you think?
It's not very good around here but
there's a big run of marlin in Tijuana.
I'm taking a party down there
Sunday morning.
How do you like this guy?
He gets paid to go fishing while we
slave over a hot carburetor.
You said it.
Hey, Dan, we got room for one more.
Why don't you come along.
When are you going to get back?
Late Monday night.
Monday night, that lets me out.
I couldn't get Monday off.
You could get away if you wanted to.
You just don't want to miss spending
Sunday with your girlfriend.
Nah, they busted up
a couple of months ago.
By the way, she called you
again this morning.
She did?
I told her you wasn't in
for the 19th time.
Good, good.
How do you like this guy?
There's a dame I'd trade my right arm
for and he gives her the runaround.
Maybe he's starting a new dish.
I spend four years in the navy,
fighting for freedom,
why get anchored down now?
Besides, she was getting too serious.
Hearing wedding bells, huh?
They were getting louder and louder.
I figure she's too nice to string along.
She won't take no for an answer.
Some dames are sure hard to shake off.
I once knew a blonde...
And her name was Marjie.
How did you know?
We've heard the story a dozen times.
A couple of dozen times.
Hey, we better be getting back
or old man Mackey will blow a fuse.
Right. Here, that's for you.
Some babe.
See you later, fellows.
I got work to do.
You new here, honey?
$2.65 out of a dollar.
What time do you get off tonight?
Don't forget your change.
I happen to have
my autograph book here with me.
Name and address?
I'm afraid you've made a mistake.
I don't come with the merchant's lunch.
Don't be like that.
I think you're wonderful.
Anything wrong in that?
No, but...
What about you and me tonight?
I work tonight.
- Till when?
Till 9:30.
You like...
Do you like Red Nichols and his outfit?
Yeah, I think they're great.
They're playing at the music bar
on the pier..
I thought I'd pick you up at 9:30 and...
We'll go give them a listen, OK?
See you tonight.
Seventy-five out of one.
Hey, Chuck.
I just remembered something.
Remembered what?
It's five days till payday
and I'm flat busted.
How are you holding?
I'm broke.
Me too.
I gotta figure out some way
to get some money
or how else am I going to take that
gorgeous creature out to the music bar?
Why don't you ask old man Mackey
for an advance?
That old guy wouldn't give you
the sweat off his glasses.
Yeah, he's sure a mean old buzzard.
Hey, buzzard. I'm glad you said that.
Buzz Larson owes me twenty bucks.
Why don't you call him up
down at the dock?
Friend, you have just read my mind.
Hello, is Buzz Larson there, please?
Oh, hello, Buzz.
Hi, boy, this is Dan.
Listen uh...
Could you let me have that twenty bucks
you owe me?
That's swell.
Believe me, you're a life saver.
I'll be down tonight to pick it up.
Tomorrow? Oh, wait a minute, boy.
I need it right away.
You don't get paid until tomorrow.
I understand. Sure.
OK. All right, thanks anyway, kid.
Who left that light on in the washroom?
Not me.
It was one of you fellows.
You're all alike. You don't care
what you do with my money.
You think I own stock
in the power company?
So she said to me,
"I want to speak to the supervisor."
So I says, "One moment, please."
And then I says,
"Yes, this is the supervisor speaking."
Helen Calder, are you listening to me?
I don't think you've heard one word.
You just seem to be walking around
in a dream lately.
Millie, I think I'll say goodbye
to you here
there are things I have to get.
What things? Where?
Oh, just some things.
Over on State Street.
I know where you're going, Helen.
And you're making a big mistake.
If he wants to see you,
he knows your telephone number.
I know but...
But nothing.
You're making a fool of yourself.
I don't think I am.
Well when you need it
fast sometimes.
You haven't got time to...
A standard lighter.
No, no, not you, Ed.
Yeah, sure.
Well, if you haven't got it,
you can't lend it to me.
Yeah. All right.
Thanks a lot, bye.
Did you squeeze Buzz?
Yeah, I called him, Ray, Chris.
None of them have it.
How bad?
A dollar three.
Exact change.
There you go.
Nobody checks my cash except
this once a week bookkeeper
and he don't come around till Thursday.
I could put it back before Thursday.
I could put it back tomorrow.
As soon as I get that twenty bucks
from Buzz.
Oh, Danny.
Oh, hello, Helen.
This is a surprise.
- Yeah.
Yeah, how's every little thing?
Just fine.
- That's good.
Well, I'll see you later, huh?
Have you been dancing lately?
Yeah, I went last Saturday.
Do you ever go hiking anymore?
Once in a while.
Do you remember the time we
hiked up Pioneer Canyon?
Didn't we have fun?
Well, Danny...
Will you give me a ring sometime?
Sure, I'll give you a ring
and we'll get together real soon.
I'll see you later. I've got...
I'll give you a ring soon.
Taxi, lady?
Where's your meter?
I'll figure out the fare as we go along.
You might over charge me.
I might at that.
Hop in, honey.
Where would you like to go?
Let's go downtown, window shopping.
How dull can you get?
Well, that's what I want to do.
We can uh...
We can do
something else later.
You have a deal, honey.
It's still here.
Nice looking coat.
Bet they'd suck you at least
a thousand bucks for a coat like that.
Are you kidding?
Why, that's mink.
It's a bargain at two thousand.
Isn't that the most beautiful thing
you've ever seen in your life?
It's not bad.
Are you thinking on buying it?
I want that coat.
And I'm going to get it.
- For two thousand dollars?
For whatever it takes.
Say, wait a minute you
You really do want it, don't you?
You bet I do.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Ah, they're blue.
- No.
They're brown.
Ah, but there's blues
in your big brown eyes.
Oh, you sing too.
Only for you, honey.
Shall we go?
Closed Mondays.
How do you like that?
Are you sure you didn't happen to know
it was closed when you invited me?
Now wait a minute.
Would I do a thing like that?
I'll take you anyplace you want to go.
Name it and you can have it.
All right.
All right.
I know a place I'd like to go.
Bang, bang, bang, bang.
Hey, get out of here.
Stop that, you silly brats.
You hear me?
I'll save you all the trouble
of growing up.
Cut that out.
You want to break the machine?
Hello, Nick.
Oh, it's you.
Gimme a nickel, Danny.
I'll show you how to beat this game.
Wait a minute!
One ball.
Hey, Nick,
Pay me.
I hit the jackpot.
That's all. For you.
Hey, wait a minute.
Go ahead, honey, play it
as much as you want.
Take it easy, Danny.
I can handle Nick myself.
I used to work here.
Didn't I, Nick?
- Yeah.
Want to come back?
It's still in the window, Nick.
I saw it yesterday.
- Are you crazy?
What do you think I am? A millionaire?
What's going on here?
Let's skip it.
Come on, we'll have our pictures taken.
Come on.
See you later, Nick.
Who goes first?
We both go.
What do you want?
Gimme a half buck's worth of nickels.
OK, admiral.
Now what do you want?
There's only nine nickels there, buddy.
Who's cheating who?
Look, you got your nickel, haven't you?
Hit the road.
Why hello, Nick.
Look, I've got rules in this house.
That goes for you too.
If you want to pull that kind of stuff,
go somewhere else.
Come on, beat it. Beat it!
Come on, Vera, let's get out of this
crummy joint.
Goodbye, Nick.
See that big star right there?
That's Beetlejerz.
Beetlejuice, Dave used to call it.
Who's Dave?
A fellow I used to know.
He taught me the names of all the stars.
You know, I never saw a star
until I was sixteen?
How come?
I was raised
in Steeltown, West Virginia.
And you couldn't see the sky
for the smoke.
So I ran away.
Funny, I ran away from home too.
That was a long, long time ago.
I uh..What did you do after you
ran away from home?
I was a car hop for a while,
waitress in a beer joint,
clerk in a five and ten,
cashier in a coffee shop.
It's not what you run away to,
it's what you run away from.
I ran away from a farm and the belt
the old man used to whip me with.
My old man sure was free with that belt.
I ran away from a lot of things.
Ma getting drunk all the time
and never having any
decent clothes to wear.
And the boarders.
Especially those boarders.
They wouldn't leave me alone.
It must have been tough.
I learned to handle them after a while.
Think you can handle me?
I can handle you easy.
Hello, is Buzz there?
He what?
Took a fishing party?
When will he be back?
No, never mind. I'll...
All right. I'll call him later.
The bookkeeper.
What's he doing here two days
ahead of time?
If he finds out I'm short,
he'll tell the old man.
The old man's mean enough to
send a guy to jail just for laughs.
I gotta get twenty bucks in a hurry.
How about that Salary Loan outfit.
The one that's always yackin'
on the radio,
"Walk in with an honest face, walk out
with a pocket full of dough."
I must have walked in
with the wrong face.
A couple of days to check my references.
I haven't got any references
and I haven't got a couple of days.
Can I have it for a dollar down
like it says in the window?
Soon as we've checked up on your credit.
I can't wait that long.
- Wait a minute.
You got a charge account in town?
Yes, I have.
The hub. At the Hub
where I buy my clothes.
I tell you what I'll do.
I'll call their credit manager and if he
says you're OK,
you can take the watch right with you.
Now, let's get it on
and show you what it looks like.
How much could you let me have
on this ticker?
Thirty dollars do you any good?
Thirty dollars will be fine.
Any better than last week?
I don't know yet, Mr. Mackey.
I'll let you know.
About that other matter,
see if you can't find a way
to make it a business deduction.
I'll think about it, Mr. Mackey.
Hi, George.
Hi, Danny.
You're uh...
You're here kind of early
this week, aren't you?
The old man sent for me.
He had some tax reports
for me to get out.
And I figured as long as I was here,
I'd get my Thursday work done.
Say, Dan.
I just checked the register
and it's $20 short.
Maybe you could have
made a mistake or something.
No, I checked it twice.
Sometimes the money gets stuck
in the money sack down there.
Yeah, here it is.
I looked in the money sack.
You just didn't look good enough.
Can I do anything for you, sir?
Are you Dan Brady?
I'm Moriarity.
California Investigation Service.
You bought a watch yesterday
at Jay's Jewelers, didn't you?
Yeah, I did.
And took it straight to Uncle John's
and hocked it.
What if I did?
Don't play dumb. Why would you buy
a watch for a hundred dollars
and hock it the same day for thirty?
Well, I...
Because you don't intend
to pay the hundred. That's why.
Wait a minute.
Don't holler before you're hurt.
I signed up to pay that thing
ten bucks a month and when the month's
up, I'll pay them the ten bucks.
No, you won't.
Because Jay Jewelers don't think you're
going to be here when the month's up.
They think you're going to skip town.
So you'll pay up now or Jay's going to
swear out a warrant.
Warrant for what?
I'll give it to you in words
of one syllable, my friend.
When you buy something on the
installment plan you sign what they call
a conditional sales contract.
This contract says that the watch
the radio or the easy chair
don't belong to you till
you make your last payment.
It says that if you sell,
mortgage or hock
something you don't own yet,
you're guilty of larceny.
And a hundred dollar watch
is grand larceny.
That's three years in the penitentiary
in this state.
You're kidding me, aren't you?
Kidding? Me?
Not on your life.
You signed a contract like this,
didn't you?
Read what it says right there.
Debt is payable...
Within 24 hours
or charges will be brought.
Look, I...
I can't get a hold of a hundred bucks
just like that right away.
Well, you better dig it up somewhere.
Because if you don't pay it by noon
tomorrow, a little man's
going to call on you with a big warrant.
That's all, brother.
Till noon tomorrow.
Hey, Chuck.
- Yeah?
What does a guy do when he
needs lots of dough?
Me, I usually hock my watch.
That's a great idea.
Maybe I can get some dough on my jalopy.
I wonder how much
they'll give me for it.
No dice. What good is
three hundred bucks?
I still owe the finance company
three fifty.
By half past eight I'd tried everything
I could think of
and I still hadn't raised
a hundred dollars.
I hadn't raised a buck and a quarter.
So I threw in the towel and headed
for Phil's Place.
To knock off a couple of beers.
The longer I sat on that silly stool,
the more I felt like slugging somebody.
I could've socked old man Mackey
for being so tight.
Or the guy in the jewelry store
for sending Moriarity after me.
Or the fellow standing
next to me at the bar.
Because he had money in his pocket
and I didn't.
How much do I owe you, Philly?
Three sixty, Shorty.
OK. I gotta get home
before the old lady chops my ears off.
Haven't you got something smaller?
This one's a fifty.
Well, how's this one?
That's another fifty.
Here, let me look.
There's a five right there on top.
Oh, this one.
Just keep the change.
I gotta get home before the old lady
slaps me down.
Your wife.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, the old lady. Good night, Phil.
So long, Shorty.
How's a joker like that rate
all that dough?
Shorty? He runs the bingo game.
Do the suckers keep him happy.
Another beer, Danny?
That's all.
Hi Romy, how's things?
Hi, Shorty, how's Kay?
How you doing, nice boy?
Let me tell your fortune.
Maybe you got big warnings...
- Just leave me alone, will you?
Ah, go fall on your face, you jerk
Tell your fortune?
All right, reach. Reach, come on,
I'm not kidding you.
Let's go.
All right, get in the back,
down on the floor. Hurry up.
Get in.
Hey, Helen.
Hi, chum.
Long time, no see.
Hi, Millie.
- Hello.
Jeez, Danny, it's wonderful to see you.
Let's walk.
That's what legs are for, huh?
What's your hurry tonight? I never saw
you run after anybody before.
Oh, Millie, please.
Hey, take it easy. What's the rush?
Nobody's chasing us.
Yeah, that's right.
Nobody's chasing us.
We've got all night, haven't we?
Sure, we have.
Maybe you got all night.
Me and Helen, we only got five minutes
till the last show.
This is The General.
Millie, I almost forgot.
I've already seen this picture.
I saw it once downtown at the Palace.
But you said...
Oh, I got it.
You wouldn't mind
if I went alone, would you?
No, I wouldn't mind.
I didn't think so.
Goodbye then.
- Goodbye.
Gee, Dan, this is like old times.
Let's go on the rollercoaster
and the chute and the dipper.
Let's go on everything.
All right.
My knees were really shaking
back there. I thought the cops
would bust out of that alley any minute.
Now I'm in.. Now I'm in the clear.
With heavy dough in my pocket
I can pay off that jewelry store
and have enough left over to
show Vera the biggest time she ever had.
I've got a date with her tonight.
I promised to meet her at Nick's place.
What time is it?
It's twenty five to ten.
Holy smoke! I promised
to meet a guy a half hour ago.
I'm kind of late.
I'm sorry, kid. Could I...
Can I walk you to the bus or something?
You don't have to, Danny.
I can get home by myself.
I'll give you a ring and we'll
get together some time soon.
I'll see you later.
And don't come back.
I want my fifty dollars.
Do me a favor, will you? Drop dead.
Take your hands off her.
Did you hear me?
I don't like to be pushed around.
I just don't like...
What's all this about fifty dollars?
It wasn't a loan. It was a present.
I don't want you taking fifty dollars
from a guy like this ever.
Let's get out of here.
Waiter, waiter. Two more of these.
When are you going to tell me
what we're celebrating?
Are we supposed to be
celebrating something?
There has to be.
Last night you were spending dollar
bills and tonight it's fifties.
I won at the crap game.
Sure it wasn't bingo?
Two champagne cocktails.
What do you mean, bingo?
Just thought you might have
won it from Shorty McCabe.
What gave you that idea?
Maybe it was Evelyn?
Evelyn? Who's Evelyn?
Bookkeeper in the movie house.
She saw Shorty lose it in the auto park.
What do you know about this?
She just came into Nick's place
to phone the cops.
What did she say?
Vera! Long time, no see.
How about a dance?
- No thanks.
Your boyfriend won't mind.
- No thanks.
Can I buy you both a drink?
- No.
Isn't there anything I can do for you?
- Yeah, blow.
You heard her.
What did she say?
She said she saw the guy who did it
with a handkerchief around his face.
He took Shorty for his bankroll.
Didn't he?
How do I know?
Just thought you might have
heard about it.
Anyhow, if it was me,
and I'd won any fifty dollar bills,
I wouldn't go spending them
around the pier.
Why not?
Because everyone around knows that
Shorty carries fifties.
I don't know any guy named Shorty.
I won this dough in a crap game, see?
Sure, you did. Sure, you did.
Let's dance a little, huh?
That's more like it.
We won't spend the fifties.
Will we?
No, we won't spend the fifties.
Here's a hundred dollars.
There's your dough.
There's your contract.
So long, Brady.
So long.
Mackey Motor.
This is him speaking.
How would I like to what?
How would you like to take a big jump
off the pier?
I don't like to take a jump
off the pier.
But you better come and see me or else.
Or else what?
Or else something is going to happen
To you.
To you, Danny boy.
What's on your mind?
And it better be good.
Oh, it's very good.
You know, last night the prize fighter,
the big prize fighter left something
here. I picked it up.
Picked it up where you left it.
It's got a knot in it.
You know, like you use for a mask.
I don't know what you're talking about.
No, but I'll take it just for luck.
Sure, you keep my handkerchief.
But I... I keep your handkerchief.
Same knot only...
Only your handkerchief got blood on it.
So what?
Did you ever hear anybody say,
"money talks"?
Fifty dollar bills.
They talk very loud.
Big bills.
What do they say?
They say,
"Shorty McCabe, Shorty McCabe."
Yeah, that's what it says,
"Shorty McCabe."
What's your angle?
What are you trying to tell me?
I'm telling you about a holdup.
See, Evelyn from the picture show she...
She saw the man get robbed.
She got a very good look
at the guy who did it.
She thinks she can identify him
very easy.
Nice girl. You want me to call her?
Wait a minute. Put it down.
If you're so sure I'm mixed up in this
thing, why don't you call the cops?
I'm a businessman.
See, Danny boy I...
I think I can do business
with you very nice.
What kind of business do you think
you can do with me?
Automobile business.
You get me a new car and
And I don't know nothing.
Just nothing.
A new car?
I couldn't get a new car if I wanted to.
You can get a new car.
The same way you got
the fifty dollar bill.
Are you nuts?
No, I don't think so.
Here are the plates for the green sedan.
See that it's ready for delivery
in the morning.
Oh, and Davis.
Don't let me catch you putting in
ten gallons of gas this time.
Six is plenty.
Yes, sir.
There goes the last new car
we'll have this month.
I've got to get it tonight
or blow town tomorrow.
Even if I blow town, they'll probably
catch up with me.
Oh boy, am I in a mess.
Hey, Dan.
Dan, I uh...
I was just thinking that if
you're not planning on
taking Helen out anymore
I thought maybe I'd
give her a call sometime.
Yeah, sure.
Why don't you do that, Chuck?
Hey uh...
Hey, fella.
This thing is stuck back here.
Let's see what it is.
It's the green sedan. The second on
California St. It's got license plates.
That's fine.
Like I promised you, I know nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
What's the matter?
- I want the handkerchief.
You let go of this and..
- You let go and I'll let go.
What are you going to do with the car?
That's none of your business, Danny boy.
I'll tell you. I'm...
I sold it to a gambler friend
of mine. He's...
he's driving it home to Nevada.
See that he does. I don't want it around
town. It's liable to get me in a jam.
Don't worry. He's going home tonight.
No slip-ups.
Now I know who took that green sedan.
I could tell the police about it
right this minute.
But I don't know if that would help me
get back the car or not.
You understand?
No I uh...
I don't.
I'm not interested in sending anybody
to jail, Brady.
I'm interested in getting back that car.
I don't know why you're telling me
all this.
Oh, yes you do.
An employee of this firm
stole that sedan.
And I happen to know who it is
because he was seen.
If you're trying to pin this thing
on me, Mr. Brady...
Don't try to run any bluffs.
How many times do I have to tell you...
You don't have to tell me anything.
All you have to do is get that car
down here
parked out in front before
I get down tomorrow.
What if I haven't got it?
What if I don't know where it is?
But you did have it
and you do know where it is.
Well, I don't anymore.
If you can't return the car,
you'll have to pay for it.
Three thousand dollars.
Three thousand dollars.
It only lists for nineteen fifty.
You don't think I'd sell to you at list?
Three thousand dollars. Where would a
guy like me get any dough like that?
Everybody's got a family someplace.
Most folks would go to a lot of trouble
to keep a man out of jail.
Not mine.
Now look, I'll give you 24 hours, Brady.
I want the money
or I want the automobile.
Now let me give you some warning.
Don't you try to leave town.
Three thousand dollars.
It might as well be three million.
I tried to remember who could have seen
me in the green sedan.
Nobody would have known I had it
except Nick.
Maybe that was who told the old man.
Nick hated me.
He'd cut my throat for a nickel.
What's the matter with you tonight?
You look like you lost your last friend.
How would you like to go to Texas
right now, honey, right away?
Are you kidding?
I'm on the level.
What's the matter with California?
Weather getting too warm?
I'll tell you about it later.
So, I'm in a worse jam than ever.
My boss is going to throw me in the brig
if I don't get three thousand bucks.
Or else.
Where am I going to get a hold of
three thousand bucks?
I know where there's three
or four thousand dollars.
Yeah, the First National Bank.
No, not in any bank.
Where we can get at it.
We can get at it easy.
All you have to do is break a little
catch lock on a rickety old door.
You could pry it open
with your fingernails.
Not with my fingernails.
I'm in too deep already.
This is the end of the month.
That's when Nick keeps
the money over night.
You mean Nick at the penny arcade?
Uh huh.
There'd be thousands
of dollars there tonight.
What would Nick be doing
with that kind of dough?
He charges people for cashing checks.
Today's a big payday.
A lot of them will bring their checks
in the morning before the banks open.
And he doesn't even have a safe.
He hides it.
I know where.
It was Nick who got me into all this.
Let Nick get you out.
Then you won't have to go to Texas.
You can stay here with me.
Wait a minute.
What's the matter?
There's someone watching us
from the house.
It's only old snoop.
The landlady.
She's always looking for trouble.
They had a news program on the air
the other night and she tried to tell me
I had a man in my room.
She's still watching.
Let's give her something to watch.
I'll stay out here and look out
for the watchman.
If I see him coming, I'll honk the horn.
Blow it three times so I know it's you.
All right.
Good luck.
Stop or I'll shoot!
Move over, will you?
Let's get out of here quick.
Did you get the money?
- Yeah.
I heard shooting. What happened?
The night watchman saw me.
You took a big chance tonight
and you got away with it.
You ought to be tickled to death.
Well, I'm not.
I feel like I'm being shoved
into a corner
and if I don't get out soon,
it'll be too late.
Maybe it's too late already.
Well, you can stop worrying.
You're out right now. You've got money
in your pocket to pay your way out.
Yeah, that's right. I've got the money.
It'll square everything.
I wonder how much there is.
It feels like a lot.
Let's take it to my room and count it.
All right.
Pull down the shades.
Five hundred in each package.
Two, three, four...
Five, six, seven!
There's thirty-five hundred dollars.
Forty, sixty, eighty...
Ninety, a hundred...
A hundred and ten...
There's thirty-six hundred
and ten dollars.
That's a lot of dough.
More money than I could make
in a year working every day.
It's the coppers.
Just like I thought.
What's the big idea?
Who said you can come in?
I have rules in this house.
This is a clean respectable place.
Well, you got no right in here.
Now get out.
I don't allow no men in the rooms.
Not in my house.
And I'm not leaving until he goes.
You're leaving right now.
Maybe you'd rather I call the cops?
Why, you old...
- Cut it out, will you?
We don't want any trouble,
especially now. Maybe I ought to go.
You think you can...
Take care of everything all right?
Yeah, sure, Danny. Don't worry.
I can take care of everything.
I'll call you in the morning.
I don't want any of your kind
around here.
When your rent's up, you can move out.
Hello, is Vera Novak there?
- Hey.
You're going to wear
that thing out today.
This is...
Why don't you forget about her.
She's just another dame.
Will you sh... do me a favor
and shut up please.
This is her day off.
She wouldn't be at the restaurant.
When she comes in, would you tell her
to call Dan Brady at Mackey Motor?
It's very important.
As soon as she comes in.
Well, Brady?
- Well?
I didn't see that green sedan
when I came down this morning.
No, you didn't, did you?
That mean you can't get it back?
It can mean anything you want it to.
Well, then I assume you intend
to pay for the car instead.
Oh, do you?
How long will it take you
to get the money?
I've got it already.
Fine, why don't you come
right in the office?
I haven't got it on me.
I have to pick it up tonight after work.
I'll bring it in the morning.
- Why wait till tomorrow?
I'll come back after dinner tonight.
You can see me in the office then.
It might be ten o'clock or so.
That's all right.
That's perfectly all right.
See you tonight.
Mackey Motor.
Hello, Vera. Where have you been?
Did you take care of everything
all right?
That's swell, baby. Look I'll...
I'll be over and see you right after
I get off work. Right after six o'clock.
Is that you, Danny?
- Yeah.
Come right in.
Isn't it beautiful, Danny?
Oh, Danny, Danny.
I might never have had it
if it hadn't been for you.
Where did you get the coat?
I bought it.
Bought it with what?
With my share of the money.
Here's your end.
Eighteen hundred dollars.
You took half the dough
and bought a coat with it?
Not just a coat, Danny. A mink coat.
You sold me out.
Now, just a minute.
Who told you where the money was?
Who told you how to get it?
Isn't that worth half?
I can't use half. I need three thousand.
Don't be a chump.
Nobody expects to get everything
they ask for.
Make him an offer. That's what I did.
What you did.
This coat cost two thousand dollars.
I told the furrier eighteen hundred
was all I had.
Take it or leave it.
He took it.
Offer this to the old man.
Tell him it's all you could raise.
I bet anything he takes it.
Well, Brady, I'm glad you're doing
the sensible thing.
There's only eighteen hundred here.
- That's right.
Where's the rest of it?
I couldn't dig it up.
Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
Get me the police station.
What's the idea?
I told you I'd forget about the whole
thing for three thousand dollars
but not for eighteen hundred.
If you've got the rest of it on you,
you'd better pay me now
before it's too late.
Dan? Hey, Danny boy.
Hi Chuck. Hi Helen.
Hey, Danny, I missed you
at quitting time tonight. I...
I want to say goodbye.
Yeah, I quit today.
I'm through with that screwball, Mackey.
I told you what he tried to pull on me,
didn't I?
No. No, you didn't.
Remember the night
the sedan disappeared?
The next morning he called me in his
office and tried to tell me I swiped it.
He said what?
Like I'm telling you.
He said I stole the car.
Gave me a lot of hooey about
somebody seeing me drive away.
Wait a minute. I'm all mixed up.
Let me get this thing straight.
He said that he saw you
drive that car away?
That ain't all.
Yesterday he called me in his office
and he had the screwy idea
I should get three thousand bucks
from my old man to pay for the sedan.
Now how nuts can a guy get?
He didn't know anything at all.
Just fishing around.
Putting the pressure on everybody
hoping something would turn up.
I should have let him have one
talking to me like that.
Some of these days that old man
is gonna get his neck in a sling.
Neck in a sling?
He had it coming, didn't he?
Always trying to outsmart everybody
but he got too smart.
He got so smart,
he got his neck in a sling.
Danny, what is it? What's the matter?
I uh... I have a date here.
I'm late already.
Come in.
How did it go?
Did he take the money?
Yeah, he took it.
I told you he would.
Pack your things.
We gotta get out of here.
What are you talking about?
He tried to call the cops.
I had to stop him.
Stop him?
Never mind. Pack your things.
Stop clowning, Danny. How?
- I'm not clowning.
He tried to call the cops.
I had to take the phone away from him.
He pulled a gun on me. I...
I strangled him.
On the level?
- On the level.
But they won't find him
till in the morning.
By that time, we'll be halfway to Texas.
You'll be halfway to Texas.
Not me.
But the cops will be after us.
They won't be after me.
I don't have to run away.
Look, we're in this thing together.
You told me to offer him the dough.
I didn't tell you to kill him.
And I wasn't there when it happened.
So why should I stick my neck out now?
What kind of a dame are you?
The kind that watches out for herself.
If I didn't who would?
You don't care about
anybody else, do you?
Why, sure I do.
I wouldn't want to see anything
happen to you, Danny.
I certainly wouldn't want to see
the cops catch you.
Don't you think you better get started
to Texas?
I'll uh...
I'll kiss you goodbye if you want me to.
I wouldn't dirty my lips.
One more flight.
Miss Novak?
Some gentlemen to see you.
Are you Vera Novak?
What if I am?
We've got something for you.
What is it?
- A search warrant.
See what she's got
in her purse, Smitty.
You won't find him in there.
Won't find who in there?
You know who. Dan Brady.
Oh, yeah. Dan Brady.
Where will I find him?
He's getting out of the state
as fast as he can drive.
Why aren't you getting out too?
I didn't have any part of it.
I didn't even know him.
Didn't know who?
Say, you trying to make me
look like a fool?
Mackey, of course.
Mackey. Which Mackey is that?
The one that ran the auto agency.
Well, he can't keep on running it
now that he's dead, can he?
Who's dead?
Mackey, of course.
Brady killed him. The girl didn't
have any part of it.
Where did it happen?
You know where. At the auto...
Are you trying to kid me?
- Sure.
Maybe it's the other way around.
Maybe you're trying to kid me.
Why did you start spilling
the minute I came in the door?
Maybe it's because you wanted
me to think your boyfriend had gone
when he hadn't.
How do I know he isn't still here?
Why don't you look under the couch?
I don't suppose he'd be that near.
I didn't think he'd be that close.
Watch it.
Where does a dame like you
get a coat like this?
I bought that coat with my own money.
You take your dirty hands off it.
Sure, you did.
I can prove it. I got a receipt.
Alaska Furriers, 917 Main St.
Received of Vera Novak $1800.
Well, looks like Nick had
the right hunch, Smit.
What do you suppose brought us here?
Last night somebody stole
$3600 of Nick's money
and today you paid $1800 for a fur coat.
Looks like you and your boyfriend
split Nick's bankroll
right down the middle.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Give me back my coat.
Don't worry about your coat, sister.
We'll take it right with us.
Bring her along, Smitty. We'll check on
Mackey on the way out to the station.
Serves you right, you hussy.
Drop dead.
What are you doing here?
I could see you were in trouble so I
got rid of Chuck and came back.
Go on back home.
I've got to get out of here quick.
What is it, Danny?
Was it the holdup in the auto park?
What do you know about that holdup?
I saw you hiding
in the alley that night.
The night Millie and I walked by.
I couldn't see your features
but I knew it was you.
But then I thought maybe
I was imagining things
You know how it is when
you love someone. You think you see them
fifty times a day.
A minute later you called my name
and I turned around.
There you were in the alley.
Then we heard about the holdup.
At the auto park.
I saw the look on your face.
Is that all?
That's all.
Well, why don't you get out
and let me get started?
I saw the police come out of the house
with her.
Are they after you too?
What if they are?
What business is it of yours?
But I can help you.
I can tell them you were with me
all evening.
Then you'll have an alibi.
Why do you want to help me?
When things were going my way,
all I ever gave you was a runaround.
Now that I'm in a jam... Why don't you
get smart and stay away from me?
I've been away from you too long
and it isn't any good.
Don't you think I know I'm dumb
to throw myself at a guy that
doesn't want me. Don't you think
I know I'm a fool
to stand on a street corner
for an hour just waiting
for you to come
out of a door? I know all that.
But I can't help it.
I fell in love with you
the first time I saw you.
I'll drive you home.
It's less than a week since Helen waited
for me outside the garage.
"Have you been dancing lately?",
she said.
And all I had to do was say, "Swell idea
let's go out dancing tonight."
If I had said that I wouldn't be running
away from the cops tonight.
With a murder hanging over my head.
No, Danny, no.
Hey, buddy, pull over to the curb.
I'll have to take a look
at your driver's license.
That your name?
Yes, sir.
You went through
a boulevard stop back there.
Will you sign this?
And take it easy.
Helen, you kept me
from making an awful mistake.
If you'll only take me with you,
I can help you. I know I can.
Let me lay it on the line.
I'm going to have to keep running.
I'm going to have to keep running
all my life.
Because when they catch me,
they're going to hang me.
Hang you?
For murder. I...
I killed a man tonight.
Start the car
then tell me how it happened.
Telling her about it wasn't as hard
as I thought it would be.
It was Helen who came up with
the idea of Mexico.
We decided to head for an inland town
like Hermacio.
Where not many tourists come.
A man could be safe for fifty years
in a place like that.
What's that?
That's goodbye to Mexico.
It's the main bearing.
It'll take a couple of days to fix.
Then we'll have to hitchhike.
And get there by morning?
We'd never make it.
We have to make it.
Helen, I had the right girl all the time
and was too dumb to know it.
If we ever get out of this thing...
We're going to get out of it.
Yeah, but how?
I've got an idea.
This is the baby
that's going to get us there.
What are you going to do with that?
Get us a lift, honey, a lift
straight through to Mexico.
Come on. Careful.
Get in quick.
Don't try any funny stuff.
I don't want to hurt you.
All right, when the signal changes,
get going.
Turn south on the highway, keep running
fifty and don't run any red lights.
May I ask where we're going?
Keep driving. You'll find out.
I suppose you know
what you're getting into.
This isn't a car theft.
It's kidnapping.
No one asked you.
I don't want your advice.
Well, I happen to be a lawyer.
Maybe you can keep your mouth shut too.
No, Dan, let him talk.
He might be able to help us.
She's right.
Whatever it is that you're running away
from, this is worse.
Kidnapping is a capital offense.
They can hang you for it.
What's the difference?
They're going to hang me anyway.
I just killed a man.
How about the girl?
You leave her out of it.
She had nothing to do with it.
I believe that.
But will the police?
Look, son, I can see this girl
means something to you.
Why don't you tell me what happened?
For her sake.
She'd need a lawyer sooner or later.
Maybe you're right.
If you're sure you can keep her
in the clear.
If she's innocent,
you tell me the whole story,
and it's the truth.
The truth.
I don't know where to begin.
Start at the beginning.
The guy was a lawyer,
Maybe he could help Helen.
So I told him the whole story.
I told him about sticking up Shorty
and breaking into the penny arcade.
I told him about Vera and Nick
and old man Mackey.
I told him everything that had happened.
From the very beginning to the end.
I see.
Now the first thing you ought to know
is where the girl stands.
That's right.
She's in the clear.
They can't touch her.
How about Dan?
You said maybe it wouldn't be murder.
It might be manslaughter.
No, it's murder all right.
I might be able to get him off
with second degree.
They'd have a hard time
proving premeditation.
Second degree.
That would mean life, wouldn't it?
It could.
I'd rather they hung me.
There's one discrepancy in your story.
It's worth checking up on because
if we get the right answer,
Murder's out.
Manslaughter too.
What do you mean?
How do you know he's dead?
He's dead, that's all.
His head fell over on the desk
like he was dead.
It would do that if he were unconscious.
Did you feel his pulse?
Or listen for a heartbeat?
No, I didn't.
Men don't die easily.
They take a lot of killing.
I can imagine Mackey sitting
in a police station right now.
Telling the desk man
what a narrow escape he had.
If he only was alive...
I'd give myself up to the first cop
that came along.
Here's an all night restaurant.
Why don't I use their phone
and find out how Mackey is?
Why don't you keep on driving
till I tell you how Mackey is?
He's dead, that's what. He's dead.
Oh, but Dan, maybe he isn't.
He is. I know he is.
I didn't want to kill anybody.
I don't want to kill you now but if you
try any more funny stuff, I'll...
I'll blow a hole right through you.
What day is this, Helen?
- It's Saturday.
No it isn't. It's Sunday morning.
We still have a couple of hours
before daylight.
We can still make it.
Turn this car around.
Where are we going now?
Remember Buzz Larson?
- Yeah.
He's taking a fishing party way down
past San Diego this morning.
If we can get to the pier in time,
I can go with him.
To Mexico?
Way past the Mexican border.
Step on it, will you?
I hope the boat is still here.
Yeah, there it is.
Down there. We made it.
We'd better hurry.
- I'd better hurry. Not you.
I'm going with you, Dan.
There's no harbor below San Diego.
I'll have to swim in from the sea.
I'm going with you, Danny.
You've taken too many chances already.
I've got to go on by myself from here.
I'll send for you as soon as I get
a job. You know that, don't you?
Yes, but...
Oh, Dan don't go. I'm so afraid.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
Hey, wait a minute.
How are we going to keep him from going
to the cops till the boat pulls out.
I'll keep him away. Give me the gun.
I wouldn't do that if I were you,.
Why not?
I told you the girl was in the clear.
She won't be if she takes that gun.
After that, she'd be an accessory.
Don't listen to him, Dan,
you've got to get away.
He's right. You've got to be kept out
of this. That's all that's important.
Would you take my word for something?
- I might.
As a citizen,
I have to notify the police.
But as a friend, I don't have to hurry.
Would you do me another favor?
If I can.
Don't wait till the boat pulls out
of the harbor.
Leave now?
I'll get out of here right away,
- Thanks.
You haven't seen Brady
since noon Monday?
No, I haven't.
- And you haven't heard from him either?
Wait a minute, I just remembered.
He phoned me Monday afternoon.
For any particular reason?
Yeah, I owed him $20.
He said he needed it.
There's a news broadcast at six o'clock.
I want to hear before
I talk to the authorities.
...every airport, every bus depot
and every railroad station
in a determined effort to prevent
the killer's escape.
At 4 o'clock this morning,
officers threw roadblocks
across both state highways, and are now
stopping all outbound cars
but at last report, McDonald
was still at large.
Meanwhile police officers
Huxton and Chandler are dead.
Deputy Sheriff Alan P. Janus was
taken to the emergency hospital
with two bullets in his thigh.
I'll get it a little louder.
Closer to home, Beach City authorities
are seeking garage mechanic,
Daniel Brady, 26,
an employee of the Mackey Motor Company
Late yesterday evening, watchman
Michael J. O'Brien, while making
his regular nightly rounds, discovered
the unconscious body of Oren Mackey
President of the automobile agency
lying in his office.
Mackey regained consciousness at
St. Mark's Hospital
shortly after midnight and named Brady
as his assailant.
Then he's alive!
Tom, watch yourself if we run into
that kid. He's dangerous.
What's dangerous about him?
He's got Mackey's gun.
Hey, Buzz.
Wait a minute. I'm coming.
Who's this pulling in?
That might be our boy.
Let's take a look at him.
You there. Stop.
Hey, Brady.
Watch yourself.
Wait a minute.
Watch yourself, he's shooting.
I'll go after him. You stay on top.
I heard shooting!
Did you see him?
- No, he didn't come through here.
Look, what's that?
I'm coming, Dan.
It's all right.
You didn't kill him, Dan.
What's going on?
- What happened?
The cops. They shot a guy.
I heard about it on the radio.
- Heard about who?
The guy who killed a couple of cops.
I don't know but he shot somebody.
They got him.
Stand back, folks. Give him room.
guy that got shot right there
Where did you say you auto was?
On the pier right over there.
Put him in the car and I'll
drive him straight to the hospital.
If that's all right with you.
- Certainly.
Save much time instead of
waiting for the ambulance.
I wouldn't have shot you
only I thought you had a gun.
What did you do with it?
- I dropped it.
What do you think
they're going to give me?
Have you ever been in trouble before?
- No, no, never.
I think we can rule out the watch
and the twenty dollar bill.
They'll probably charge you
with the holdup,
stealing the car and breaking into
the penny arcade.
That could add up to anything from
one to ten years.
But since you're a first offender,
my guess is that it will be
nearer to one than ten.
Whatever it is, I'll take it.
Whatever it is,
I'll be waiting for you, Dan.
If you want me to.
You're a great gal, Helen.
I love you, Dan.
That goes both ways.