Quid Games (2023) Movie Script

[upbeat tune]
Get back here! Hurry up Chloe.
I'm trying.
[upbeat tune]
Oh shit.
Get off me.
Relax Jenna, relax.
Get off me. Stop!
How did we get into this?
[blow lands]
You could have helped me out.
You know, I couldn't
do that Jenna.
We've known each other
since kindergarten.
We celebrated our birthdays-
- But.
But it's true.
[person grins]
[upbeat tune]
[stone thudding]
[person gasping]
What did you do?
Same thing you were gonna do.
I wasn't gonna...
[upbeat tune]
You're never gonna find it.
[upbeat tune]
Can't believe it,
I found the flag.
I have to take it first.
[upbeat tune]
[person grunting]
For my first kiss.
Game over.
[upbeat tune]
[phone ringing]
[Voice] Congratulations.
Oh, thanks.
[Voice] You've got the flag.
I'm the last one.
[Voice] Indeed, you are.
So that means I live right?
[Voice] Well-
- I get to go home.
[Voice] Not so fast.
What do you mean?
I captured the flag.
[Voice] There's the kick
the can incident to consider.
That wasn't I...
[Voice] You cheated?
[Voice] Therefore
you really didn't win.
Yes I did.
[Voice] Which means
technically you lost.
Which means you must die.
[dramatic tune]
[gun fires]
[upbeat tune]
[tune continues]
Sorry, I didn't
mean to scare you.
You didn't.
I was thinking maybe
we could grab breakfast.
I already ate.
Maybe coffee.
Amber you know I don't drink.
Right? Sorry.
Do you think maybe
we could talk?
I've got a Chem
test I'm cramming for.
It doesn't have to be now.
I know this week
is just kind of.
Right, just said it
doesn't have to be right now.
I know it doesn't
have to be, I just...
I don't know what I can-
- Steve. I'm not trying
to like corner you here.
No, I mean.
[phone dings]
You are cordially invited.
To a party at the abandoned
factory on Mill Street.
Just like in.
High school.
Is this you?
Sorry, that was just...
Yeah, it was.
Oh, nothing.
You just thought that I
commissioned some anonymous number
to text us both when we
happened to be standing
right next to each other.
Yeah, that's yeah.
So that I can what?
Trick you into rolling into
some abandoned warehouse
like a week from now,
also that I can steal a few
one-on-one moments with you.
Yeah, you know, when
you say it that way,
it sounds pretty...
Steve, you're cute,
you're not that cute.
I do miss you though.
I gotta...
Right. Maybe see
you at lunch then.
Yeah. Maybe.
Why do you torture
yourself like that?
He'll come around.
He broke up with you.
You're dating somebody else.
Seeing somebody else, not
official, very different.
This just wasn't supposed to be,
this isn't my plan.
You're a pathetic.
Whitney [laughs]
Okay. Maybe if he sees
you kissing another girl,
he'll realize what he's missing.
Okay. Yeah. Thank
you for the offer,
but I have my own methods.
Oh yeah, factory party.
Oh again, thank you
for eaves dropping.
Yeah, it's kind
of my specialty.
You got the text too? So weird.
Kind of interesting
though. You know,
the frats are getting boring,
the clubs are full of 40
year olds kind of into
an off campus rager.
You wanna go get coffee and try
to figure out who's hosting.
Steve turned me down.
Come on, don't make
me beg my tree.
All right, but gimme a second.
I have to get a book
from the library.
You know what I want?
Whitney I've known your
coffee order since eighth grade.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay, Steve my
not have seen that
girl-on-girl, but that guy
definitely did if you're
looking for a rebound-
- Ooh, no, go get outta here.
Hey. Hey. Hey,
are you looking?
My friends single.
Uh uh dude. Shut up.
So who do you think it is?
I mean, it's gotta be someone
from high school, right?
I mean the factory was
the spot back in the day.
Maybe it's Logan.
Logan Park. Seriously?
He never even went
to those things.
Okay. But have you seen
his snap stories recently?
No. I can't say that I have.
He's like a Thursday to
Sunday kind of partier now
ever since his like face
cleared up and he got abs.
Wow [chuckles] I
love how you know that.
Okay. Shut up I'm just saying.
Please tell me you haven't
seen him since high school.
Oh God. No.
Okay, good. Neither have I.
So why would he invite us?
I mean, assuming it's him.
Well, you seemed pretty
confident that it was.
We should call him.
You have his number?
No, but we have this number.
Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
I'll call him.
[phone beeping]
[melody begins]
Danny you got
this Burt lit notes?
[melody continues]
What are you listening to?
Yeah. No, some bullshit
hold music for this
spam number that texted us.
What's up Tyler.
I really thought it'd
be fun to like prank call
and give him some shit but...
Wait about the party.
You got it too?
Yeah. You know,
believe it or not Tyler
I do get invited to
parties from time to time.
Mm. Not really sure why.
Fuck you very much Dana.
We think it's Logan Park.
Oh shit, Logan.
Thank you for saving me.
He's right, he's getting the
one last shot of high school
before we all graduate
college in dip town.
Yeah, exactly. Yeah.
Are you guys
thinking about going?
Hey, play nice
with Amber Steve.
Yeah. I know that an
ambush outside the library
isn't exactly the play.
But with the way you left
things before winter break.
Yeah, I know.
She may look like she's
got all her shit together
but she's fragile.
Okay. I don't want her to break.
I assume you don't either.
I got it.
Good. Just making sure.
Text me if you guys
decide to go on Friday.
Wait, wait, you
got the text too?
It would appear so.
Yeah. Text me too,
I'll go if you guys go.
I gotta get breakfast
before class,
but I'll see you guys.
All right, bro. Peace.
Could be fun.
I don't know. It just
kind of freaks me out.
Have you told anyone else?
No, I thought it was an ex.
I only told you 'cause
you brought it up.
Funny you say that, Steve
thought it was me who sent it?
You guys are talking again.
Oh no.
No, I just ran into him outside
the library this morning.
Ran into?
Shut up [chuckles]
I don't know Amber.
Maybe it is you.
I wouldn't put it past you to
get a little creative here.
Whitney, yeah.
So guess what?
Michelle got a text too.
For real?
Thank you. Dana and
Tyler think it's Logan.
Yeah, I was just eaves
dropping on them in the library.
They got the text too.
Okay, well it's
definitely not him.
Make sure they know that.
I don't know girl
jury's out for me,
but you'd know
better than any of-
- Shh, just saying.
Oh, get this.
So they called the number
that the text came from
and apparently
after a few rings,
it just went to this like
really spooky version
of a nursery rhyme, like
"Pop Goes the Weasel."
Wanna hear it?
Absolutely not.
Too late.
Wait, what if
somebody picks up?
Then Whitney does the talking.
Hell yeah.
[melody begins]
Is there like a, a secret
message or something?
What do you mean?
I don't know, like a
secret voice under the music
or anything.
Oh, that is enough of that.
We're not honestly
thinking about going. Are we?
Why not? If it sucks
we'll just go somewhere
and get a drink.
Wait, is anyone
posting about this?
Not that I've seen.
Yeah, same.
Well maybe we just keep it
that way, like invite only?
Which as of now is who?
Just us three.
And Dana, Tyler and Steve.
You guys know I
hate spooky shit.
Ugh, fine, whatever.
I'll go but only if
everyone else does too.
That means Dana
and Tyler seem down
and Steve said he'd
go if they went.
Wait, you talked to him?
Yeah, I told you I
was eaves dropping.
He was in the library with them.
Oh, gotcha.
Yeah. So let's do it.
So I mean, look, if it sucks,
we're still gonna have fun.
Well, we'll see about that.
And in the event it does
suck, first two rounds of drinks
are on you guys.
Perfect [all cheers]
[upbeat music]
[sirens wailing]
Vodka now.
What are you doing here?
Thought I could
hitch your ride.
Aren't you going with...?
They dipped after
their morning classes.
Amber had a massage
Groupon or something
and I spent the afternoon
in the chem lab.
You know, earning an A for me
and my mysteriously
absent lab partner.
Sorry, my
internship went long.
You didn't text.
Neither did you.
You owe me for the A
I'm going to earn us.
You know that right?
Want a drink?
Yes, please.
Oh, I looked up this
place online by the way.
Ownership transferred to
some private corporation
a few years ago.
What's it called?
Didn't say, some
anonymous holding company.
Looks like it's the
only building they own,
but no one's done
anything with it yet.
Are we sure about this?
Would you rather
do something else?
I mean, did you have
something in mind?
I don't know.
You're usually the one
with all the good ideas.
It'd be a bad look.
Everybody's really excited about
the freaky warehouse party.
Okay. When have
you ever worried
about disappointing Tyler?
Amber, it's...
Oh yeah, yeah,
no you're right.
Hi. Sorry. I gotta pee.
You know where it is?
Is Tyler coming?
He's hot boxing.
Yeah, so high school.
Oh, I know.
Oh, I'll be two seconds.
You okay?
Yeah just...
I haven't been to a
party with her since...
It's gonna be chill.
You don't know that,
but thanks for saying.
Let's just keep it
low key tonight yeah.
Any idea how many
people are gonna be there?
It's hard to say.
I haven't seen anybody talking
about it on snap or anything.
It's either very exclusive
or very secretive.
Or both.
Yeah. Or both.
[soft melody]
You guys sure
this is the place?
Man. That's the same
spot from high school.
Wanna try run back?
Yeah, we tried that
before you got here,
plus the text gave
these exact coordinates.
Also I just, I wanna
put it out there.
Who the hell uses coordinates.
Logan was always
a geography nerd.
Brings us here for
this half-ass prank,
but he's sitting in his
dorm room, laughing his off.
You know, Ty.
I wish, I wish that was true.
Definitely wouldn't be here
if I knew your degenerate
asses were gonna be here.
Oh shit.
Yeah. The one and only.
So this isn't...
No, I got a text, same
as you guys apparently.
Wait, so you have no
idea what this is either.
No, I was hoping
you would tell me.
Y'all Halloween was
like four months ago.
This is fucking weird.
Yeah, you can say that again.
You guys serious?
Thank you for
accepting our invitation.
Mm-mm, nope, nope.
Why don't you tell me
this was a masquerade dog.
I would have dressed
for the occasion.
Please proceed to
the individuals you see
at the front door and take one
of their complimentary shots.
Yeah. Thank you sir.
But I think I'm gonna
pass on free alcohol
from complete strangers.
What are you talking
about? This is an open bar.
It's a party, right? Wow.
You're gonna wake up
with a dick in your mouth,
you know that, right?
[laughing] do you
know the liability
they have putting something
like this together?
They're not gonna do to us,
this is all part of the fun.
Oh, anybody else?
Nah, man we're good.
All right, more for me.
Logan, easy.
I said relax.
God, I know I was a buzzkill
in high school, but man,
you guys are a bunch
of fucking pussies.
I think I wanna
get a lay of the land
before we accept free shots
from people with ropes.
Yeah, maybe there's
like an actual bartender
or something inside
and if not, we will go
somewhere where there is one.
[Voice] Enter please.
What do you guys think?
I mean we're here
and we know the place,
but I mean like fucking
Logan said that liability's
gotta be through
the roof, right?
Ty, what are you thinking?
Whatever man we're here.
Logan's not gonna bitch out,
I ain't gonna bitch out.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
[eerie tune]
You said you weren't coming.
I changed my mind.
You didn't tell me.
I didn't think I had to.
Don't be a dick.
I'm not trying to be a dick.
I'm just saying we're not...
Listen, we're not
here together. Right?
We're both just here together.
If you wanna go make out
with your ex in the corner-
- Dude.
I know if you wanna
go make out with Steve.
That's totally cool with me.
Now, I am available if
the wind blows that way,
but low key, Michelle and
Whitney are looking fire tonight
and whatever happens,
happens so...
I'll see you inside.
Are you a chick or a dude?
Nice place.
Oh, what the fuck is
this Mr. Creepy party host.
Are we ready to go
to the bar now Whit?
[electronic music kicks in]
Oh, okay. I can
work with this.
Whitney, we are
the only people here
in a creepy fucking
basement this is weird.
Can't hear you.
[music continues]
Hey, guess what?
I had the biggest crush
on you in high school.
Actually on both of you guys.
Oh really?
Oh yeah, totally.
I chocked the chicken
to you guys at least
three times a week.
That is really some-
- Congratulations.
Yeah, but you guys remember
how bitchy you guys were
back then, oh, completely
Excuse me.
But now look at us.
Four years later, we're
fucking dirty dancing together
in this old abandoned warehouse
and the precipice of
a three way, whaat?
Guys we should have just
taken the mystery shot.
We can't find a bar anywhere.
Yeah, some bullshit.
[indistinct chatter]
What the hell guys I was
trying to seal the deal.
Hey Jesus Christ Logan.
Go away.
Man, kind of brother do
you get some pussy white boy.
[music continues]
I hate EDM.
Yeah, I remember.
I don't think we really have
much choice in the music.
You don't still think
this is me. Do you?
No, this would be a
little extra even for you.
Oh, thanks.
You bring the guy.
Excuse me.
The new guy, Whitney
said he got a text too.
Didn't tell me who he was,
but figured he
might roll through.
[music continues]
Right? I was talking that.
- No, nevermind, yeah sorry.
No, we're not-
- It's none of my business,
I shouldn't have asked.
We're not official.
Well, we're just
seeing each other.
We're just talking
whatever it's not-
- Do you wanna dance?
What happened to hating EDM.
Still hate EDM I just
hate this conversation more.
[upbeat music]
Can we get some
drinks up in here?
What the fuck.
I need a beer.
Babe, I feel really dizzy.
[indistinct chatter]
This place needs
some ventilation.
[person coughs]
[inhales deeply]
[tense tune begins]
Yo this shit ain't funny
anymore, let us out here.
Hey, you hear me?
Babe, what happened?
We're locked in.
They moved us. I don't know how.
The hell was in those shots.
Wasn't the shots,
we all passed out.
You were the only one who drank
but whatever knocked us
out was something else.
We were drugged and trapped.
I already tried the
door, we're stuck.
What? They can't do this.
Well, you don't believe me?
Go ahead tough guy,
give it a shot.
What, fuck you Tyler,
fucking hated you in high
school and you know what?
I still hate you now.
Is that why you're doing this?
Excuse me?
Taking front row seat
in your weird little game.
I've seen Saw asshole
I know how it ends.
Listen, if I
wanted to kill you,
I would've done that
in the parking lot.
[Voice] For those wondering,
you've been slumbering for
approximately 45 minutes.
What the hell,
why were we even out
in the first place?
Is this the...
Oh shit.
Hell no, no.
Open up the door, man.
Let us out the
party's over dude.
[Voice] Musical chairs.
Yeah man. We don't wanna
play your stupid ass game.
[Voice] Play the game and
then I'll end the party.
This isn't a fucking party.
[Voice] Very astute Michelle.
Perhaps you're not the
stupid one after all.
Fuck you.
[Voice] Play the game.
And what if we don't?
[tense tune]
Screw it.
[Voice] Good boys, good girls.
Now I'm sure you
all know the rules,
but this version has a
very special surprise,
though we'll get to
that in due time.
All right, let's go.
Come on man.
[Voice] Ready?
Wait, I'm scared.
[Voice] Set.
[music begins]
[Voice] Go.
[music continues playing]
Oh, no I lost.
Time to go home.
[dart pierces]
[eerie tune]
You're alright.
Oh my God.
Is he okay?
Is he okay?
[Logan gasping]
Is he okay?
Oh my God, guys, what do we do?
I don't fucking know, we
go to community college.
I dunno shit about shit.
Dude, take your belt off.
What? My be...
What the fuck do you
want with my belt.
All right.
I don't know what the
to do with that thing.
Holy shit
Holy shit.
Bullshit, yo, come on man.
Yo, stop playing this is too
fucked up come on, wake up.
Tyler stop.
Wake up, man.
Get off of me. Come on, wake up.
Get off me Dana.
[Voice] That dart contains
a rare, powerful toxin.
So he's most certainly dead.
Respiratory paralysis,
suffocation, very painful.
Why are you doing this?
Somebody toss one of the
chairs so we can play round two.
Phones, phones guys. Anyone?
Mine too.
And like he said-
- [Voice] You have five seconds
or I start taking you down
one by one.
Okay brother. I don't
know where you want.
Okay. But listen to me.
[Voice] Five,
four, three, two.
[music begins]
What the hell is this place?
Totally bad idea.
Hey, don't blame
me we all decided-
- Just shut up I want to
hear when the music stops.
I'm sorry.
You fucking dick.
I'm sorry.
[dart pierces]
[Michelle gasping]
I did what I had to do.
Anything to win. It's
always been your model.
Ah, Tyler.
Who the fuck are you.
Toss a chair.
What the fuck is happening?
Who would want
to do this to us?
Is there a point to all
of this are you just trying
to kill us all?
[Voice] I need
to thin the herd.
Our next game requires
smaller teams.
We're not playing
another fucking game.
[Voice] Oh you will.
But in the meantime,
consider what brought
you here tonight.
Breathe deeply.
The fog we're pumping
into the room should help.
Come on, let's go, man.
Fuck off me you dip shit.
Listen to me.
You missed the game
winning touchdown pass, dude.
This is what happens.
Yo, watch out for coach.
Yeah I got him.
Swear to God Tyler.
Take a deep breath.
[toilet flashes]
Still with me?
Fuck yeah. Help!
Back in you go.
You're lucky I didn't
shit in this toilet.
Tyler, Tyler.
Hey. Hey, what the
hell is going on here?
You knew this was
coming, where are we?
What the hell is this.
Been popping up on phones
all day during class.
Tracked it back to these three.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Say that, we could see
all of your reflections
in the mirror, in the corner.
Why would you do this?
I mean, I don't really
see what the big deal is.
Taking compromising
photos of another student
in the locker room.
Yeah, but it's funny.
Let alone circulating them.
I mean, it's not like
she didn't have clothes on.
It's wrong, period.
Now get out, go home.
You're suspended for
the rest of the week.
[person chuckles]
Can we think of anyone else?
No, that's all I got.
Me too.
Guys, not to be that girl,
but I honestly can't remember
doing anything like that
to anyone.
All right. All right.
All right, think there's
gotta be someone.
Hey man. I'm really sorry.
You know, I always liked
you for being so chill
about everything.
You don't even know it's him.
We don't know it isn't.
It's called insurance Whitney.
Why don't you try
apologizing to Mariah?
It's Mary.
She's sorry, Mary.
[Voice] What a wonderful
trip down memory lane.
Is that you Mary.
[Voice] Shut up.
It's time for the next game.
How would you
let us outta here
before I find out who you are.
I'll make you play your
own fucked up game.
Yeah, kind of seems
like someone dies.
Whether we play your
stupid game or not.
Let us the fuck outta here.
[Voice] You know,
you keep saying that.
Then do it motherfucker.
[Voice] Play the
game and I will.
What game?
[Voice] Dodgeball.
Jokes on you.
You piece of shit.
I'm a fucking stud at dodgeball.
Jesus Christ Tyler.
[Voice] Team captains,
the boys, Tyler and Steve.
Don't you think
that's a bit sexist?
[Voice] Make your
selections. Steve pick first.
[Voice] Alphabetical order.
[Voice] Excellent. If
not the obvious choice.
Dana you're with me.
[Voice] Well, all right then.
It looks like we
have an odd girl out.
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe I just sit this round out.
[tasers crackle]
[upbeat tune]
[Voice] Two minutes, one ball.
Everyone must play.
If even one of you
abstains, you all die.
[taser crackling]
[Voice] Go.
[upbeat tune]
Quit stalling. Or you
get a dart in the eye.
[tune continues]
Pathetic, real
throws, real stakes.
If I determine your
effort is subpar,
you'll all suffer
the consequences.
You ready?
Do it.
[upbeat tune]
Gimme the ball.
Quick, quick, quick.
Ah fuck.
[tune continues]
Come on! Lets go!
Damn it.
[Whitney screaming]
[timer beeps]
[Voice] Well, would
you look at that?
It seems we have a draw.
What does that even mean?
You're just gonna kill us all?
[Voice] On the contrary,
you all played hard, tough.
You all live for now.
Are you expecting a
thank you or something?
[Voice] The games continue.
You'll be hearing from me soon.
If I get outta here, I'm
gonna fucking kill you.
[voice laughing]
What are we doing, what are
we doing, what are we doing?
Holy shit.
What are we doing, what are
we doing, what are we doing?
Steve? Hey?
They're fucking strangers
in masks what are we thinking
There's nobody else can
hear. What are we doing?
Breathe, okay. Breathe.
You don't have to do that.
I want to.
I know, but we're not.
The way it all went down-
- Hey, we are gonna
get outta here.
I messed up Amber.
Ever since senior prom
people would just ask me
when we were gonna get married.
Which, it was scary
because it felt safe.
It's a shit answer, I'm sorry.
You know, people would
ask me the same question
all the time.
And I would always
just say today,
it's too fun to be
thinking about tomorrow.
How did I fuck
this bad, me and you.
A few ways.
But I do think that breaking
up with me over a text
was your first major misstep.
Yeah well, payback's a bitch.
'Cause putting the pieces
together with Logan tonight.
[exhales deeply] I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Kind of deserve it. Right?
I watch a lot of scary movies,
that the survivors or whatever
always go to some diner
off the interstate
and eat pancakes at sunrise.
Why? Are you
looking for a date?
I mean maybe.
Holding you to that.
Hey babe?
I've been thinking.
What is it?
If we make it outta here?
When we make it
outta here. Yeah.
Beginning to think you might
actually be right with if.
You don't say that.
When we make it out.
When we do, we
should get married.
[scoffs] what
did you just say?
That we should get married.
[chuckles] seriously?
Yeah. Why not?
Been dropping
hints for months,
maybe even freaking
years and here's where
you decided it's a good idea?
I thought you would be happy.
Yeah. Happy? Happy?
Just witnessed people get
murdered all because we were
fucking assholes in
high school, but yeah,
it's a great place. Let's
just plan our nuptials.
I just wanted to
have a nice moment.
They're having a nice moment.
Fucking unbelievable.
Hey guys, Amber just
thought of something.
There were three of them.
Really? You guys
just noticed that.
No, I'm not done.
I'm saying this whole time,
we've been trying to work out
one person in charge of it all.
But what if it's all of them?
Three people who came
together after high school
and teamed up to do
whatever this is.
Which means each
one of us is a target.
Which means none of us
is getting out of here.
[computer beeping]
Such fucking bullshit.
I mean, what even is this man?
Who are you? What the
do you want with us?
Fucking bullshit. Come on
motherfucker talk to me.
What do you want? Piece of shit.
Fuck you.
Come on motherfucker,
talk to me.
Come down here and face
me you fucking coward.
Come on.
[Voice] That was quite
the temper tantrum..
[Voice] I think
somebody needs a nap.
[eerie tune]
The fuck.
Yo Steve.
Fuck, yo wake up. Hey?
Fucking gassed us again.
Ah, fuckshit.
Hop scotch, are you
fucking kidding me.
Break the window.
With fucking what dude?
Your hands bro, just
break the fucking window.
We're on the fucking
fifth floor dude.
Just breathe.
It's okay we'll get out of here.
Well does anyone give
shit about who goes first?
Okay, I will.
Hey, be careful.
All right that,
hold on. Hold on.
Big step. Big step.
Big step. Take it easy.
[dramatic tune]
There you go assholes.
So easy.
Gotta go Steve.
Slow down man.
Easy, easy.
Okay. Okay.
Don't slip up.
Careful on that.
You're fine. You're fine.
Just fucking go man.
Slowly, slowly.
Come on, Mr. Miyagi.
Shut up.
Only one leg.
Okay, okay. Shut up.
[both sigh]
You have to watch
out for that one. Okay.
You're up.
Start it Amber.
Take it easy.
This is where it gets tough.
You got it. You got it.
Good job, look here.
Last one. Last one. Last one.
Okay, okay.
[Tyler exhales]
I got this shit.
You got it dude.
I did that.
Okay, you're in your okay.
No, you're good.
It's another tie.
You gonna let us go.
[Voice] Backwards.
[Voice] Do it backwards.
You got this.
Hey, grab my...
You got this.
Take your time.
Okay. Okay.
Great, don't move.
Okay. I'm good. I'm good.
That's not your fault.
I'm good.
You can step around it.
Oh God. That
was fucking close.
You see that shit yeah.
Okay, you got this.
On the ground after this one.
Okay. Don't worry you got it.
This is fucking stupid.
Good job. Good
job. You're fine.
Good job.
[Voice] Yes.
Sure got it.
Good job. Good job.
Yep. Keep going.
Keep breath.
Just take it slow.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Straight back.
Watch your step.
Careful. Careful.
Watch your heel.
Hey careful.
Don't take any risks, dude.
It's not worth-
- This fucking game is a risk.
Okay just focus.
You're good.
Be careful.
You're almost done.
Don't rush it.
Come on.
You got this.
Grab my hand.
Thanks Taylor.
Oh shit.
Be careful, careful.
[indistinct] done with it.
Just get past these ones
and you'll be all right.
You're almost
out. Take it easy.
You're good, you're good.
Come on Tyler baby.
Don't show off bro.
Don't get cocky.
Don't get cocky.
We're gonna fucking die
playing hop scotch man.
I got this shit.
Ha, fuck you I got it.
Oh shit.
[dart pierces]
Oh my God. Oh my God.
Oh my, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh my God.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
[voice laughs]
Dana? Dana don't.
There's no point, they're
not gonna let us go.
You don't know that.
You don't know that.
Yeah I do.
Oh shit, what the
fuck is going on.
[Steve and Amber struggling]
[Amber crying]
[Voice] And then
there were two.
If it's any consolation,
I was going to eliminate
Dana anyway. She
was kind of a bitch.
Fuck you.
[Voice] Oh, well
time for the last game.
Where's Whitney.
[Voice] Why don't
we rise to our feet
so we can get started.
Don't ask embarrassing
Amber, Steve to
the starting line.
Come on, you both come this far.
Why would you give up now?
This is the last game, I
swear on my mother's life.
You two could actually
walk away from this
if you both make it through,
high school sweethearts,
the love birds all ready for
diner pancakes at sunrise.
Fuck you.
What's the game.
[Voice] Red
light. Green light.
You both know how
to play it right?
Run on green. Stop on red.
[Voice] Easy peasy.
Just make sure you
remain completely still
until I say green light again.
Backs against the
railing to start.
Yeah, we got it.
[Voice] Easy Steven.
[Voice] Ready?
Okay then.
[Voice] Red light.
What are you supposed to say?
[Voice] I know what I'm
supposed to say Steven.
It's my game, we just
don't have all the players
at the starting mark yet.
What are you talking
about we're both right here.
[Voice] Presenting, Whitney.
Whitney [indistinct]
[Voice] Backs
against the rail.
Surprise, there's still
plenty of time to die.
We wanted her here to
complete the love triangle
for the grand finale.
[Voice] Are you going
to tell her or should I?
Steve, what is
he talking about?
[Voice] Nothing?
Perhaps it was
nothing to you, but-
- Shut up.
What is going on?
Sorry for what? Whitney?
[Voice] Take the duct tape off
and you each get
a dart to the eye.
Tell her Steve.
I cheated on you.
With Whitney?
Amber, I am...
[indistinct] listen to me.
No. Oh, okay.
What was it?
Was it just some like blackout
night at one of the friends,
right, is that why...
That's why you said
you're over them, right?
And then you guys
just felt really bad
because you knew that
you made a mistake.
Oh, you wanted to be with her.
I thought I did,
but I was wrong.
It was bullshit.
I was, it was wrong.
It was bullshit
I was...
It was bullshit.
No, no, no, no.
It was true. Okay.
It was true. It was true. Okay.
Except for the part
where you forgot to tell me
about fucking my best friend
and then wanting to be-
[indistinct chatter]
Shut up.
Amber I'm sorry.
Yeah, you've been
saying that a lot tonight.
Let's play.
That's my girl.
Amber, listen, listen
to me. Listen to me.
Can't I'm in the zone.
[Steve stammering]
I was confused.
Okay. I was confused
with all this.
It was all fucking bullshit.
Okay. I didn't
know what I wanted.
I didn't know what I
wanted and she was just,
she was just giving me the-
- [Voice] Green light.
Red light.
Amber okay. It's
gonna be shit.
Okay, it's gonna be shit.
It didn't matter. It's
just like you and Logan.
Okay. It's okay.
It didn't matter.
That makes me feel better.
[Voice] Green
light, red light.
Amber, Amber.
Like you care.
[Voice] Green
light, red light.
Amber listen. Okay,
statistically, this is gonna die
in like 30 seconds.
We really just
gotta work it out.
We can't like, go like
this. You know what I mean?
We gotta like quick
fucking come to terms.
Steve, I'm about to throw
you to the fucking ground
the minute he says green light.
[Voice] Green
light, red light.
Green light, red light.
Green light, red light.
Fuck you.
[Voice] Red light.
Oh shit.
[Voice laughs] I
said red light Steven.
Amber, the only person
who ever called me Steven-
[dart pierces Steven]
[Amber screams]
[Voice] Green light.
Game over.
Wasn't that fun? Amber?
No it wasn't.
[Voice] Sorry,
I tried my best.
I even gave you the whole girl
power ending in everything.
You swore on
your mother's life
that we could walk out of here.
Let us go.
[Voice] I swore
on my mother's life
that this was the
last game, and it is.
[Dart pierces Whitney]
[somber tune]
Guys what do we do?
I don't know, we go
to community college.
I dunno shit about shit.
Take your belt off.
Put it in his [indistinct]
Not I, you.
All day it to three.
You're lucky. I
didn't in this toilet.
Really [indistinct]
Tyler, Tyler. Hey, what
the hell going on in here?
We were just playing.
Why would you do this?
I mean, I don't really
see what the big deal is.
They're never gonna let us go.
You don't know that.
Yeah, I do.
Oh shit.
[person coughing]
Fuck you Tyler.
[Amber screams]
We can see all of your
reflections in the mirror,
in the corner.
You lied.
[Voice] It was never
stated that winning
meant you could walk free.
[Voice] Winning just
meant you got to live
a little longer than the losers.
Which isn't that what
life is all about anyway?
Trying to stay alive for just
as many seconds as possible
before you just die anyway.
Don't you want there
to be one survivor.
Just to tell your story.
Isn't that what killers
want, the recognition?
[Amber gasps]
You guys.
I think Steven almost
blew that surprise.
Yeah. That was a close call.
I didn't realize
you were the only one
that called him Steven.
Neither did I?
Really? Why?
Because they were terrible.
Worst class ever.
Made our lives hell.
Cost me my marriage,
but not you Amber.
You were a rare exception.
What are you talking about?
Kind, decent, very
refreshing to see you lose it
just a little bit back there.
Completely justified by the way.
Oh, just like us.
Murder is justified.
It's situational.
Perhaps we
overreacted just a tad.
I don't think so.
Yeah. I think you're right.
I've been dreaming
it this day for years.
You guys are insane.
Amber, you were
never in any danger.
Think back musical chairs.
The music would always
stop right when you were
in front of the seat.
Dodgeball, we would
always fudge the clock
if you dropped it, no
one was looking anyway.
Same with hop scotch.
You needed to be here.
You needed to see what we saw.
You're crazy.
But is that such a bad thing?
You know what,
I'll tell you what,
we could really use someone
like you on our team.
Excuse me.
At the high school,
there's a real shortage
of substitute teachers.
And with you being
such a recent graduate,
I really think that the kids
would really relate to you,
confide in you and
share all their secrets.
Think about it. Well, yeah.
If you say no, we're
gonna have to kill you.
How are you getting
away with this?
Who's cleaning all of this up.
Oh, well, some of the
janitors are in on this too.
Can I just say
goodbye to them?
Of course.
Not for nothing, but you
could have done a lot better.
Whats the process for
applying to be a sub?
It's really quite simple
you have to do it.
[Amber lunging with dart]
Great party.
Maybe. Holy plane.
I like the fucking party.
You cool to see you
guys from school
except Tyler the fucking
douche bag hope he's not here.
Guys? You guys in here?
It was today, right?
Yeah it was today. Guys?
All these years, these guys
are still out pranking me.
Douche bags.
Guys you in there?
[upbeat tune]