Quintet (1979) Movie Script

What is it?
My God.
It's flying north.!
I haven't seen one of those in years.
I didn't know there were any left.
Will we make it to the city?
If the dogs are out this far,
there may be no city left.
You're funny.
You've always told me you left the city
because there was nothing for you there...
and now you are returning.
Don't you think that's funny?
Tell me about your city.
I already have.
There were 25 levels...
five sectors.
In the center there was a park...
with a lake.
And I remember...
the trees.
- Limbo.
- Shh-shh-shh.
you're in the tournament.
Argo gratias.
You share the threat.
You're up.
So soon?
My pleasure, sir.
- Oh?
- Quintet.!
Not your day, Ernecht.
Better luck next time.
- Your luck is better, Ambrosia.
- Finally.
A bonus.
A new game
is starting at table number six.
- May have been a bad idea coming here.
- It's a place to go.
That's what you said.
By knowing five numbers,
you can find any person here?
Five numbers
and a color code, yes.
How many people lived here?
Five million.
Five million?
Yes. It was designed
for a million people in each sector.
And you could find a person
with only five numbers?
And a color code, yes.
You know so much.
But not how to find seals.
You're not very good at finding people.
Don't run off like that.
- I was just playing.
- I know.
But don't run off that way.
Shouldn't we help him?
He's gonna freeze to death.
He already has.
I'm so tired of walking.
It's not far.
And what if he's not there?
You don't even know if he's alive.
We'll face that when we get to it.
I'm hungry.
Who is there?
My name is Essex.
I'm looking for my brother.
Name is Francha.
Does he still live here?
There is no one here by this name.
Could you tell me where he went?
What did you say your name was?
My God.
Come in.
We have a fire.
Come, come, come.
I was sure you were dead.
Are trains running anywhere?
Where have you been?
South, hunting.
I went 10, 12 years ago.
I lost count.
- I didn't know if you'd be here.
- South, huh?
- What's to the south?
- Seals.
Well, not anymore.
How'd you find me?
Things have changed so.
- Information center.
- That still works? No.
It doesn't transmit.
The information's still there.
Oh, that's Vivia.
I used to hunt with her father.
He's dead now.
Jaspera. Aeon.
My brother.
What's your name, child?
We're hungry.
Is there any food?
Of course.
Jaspera, some food.
Is the whole city like this?
Will I find work here?
I can't believe my eyes.
So young.
Nothing like her anymore.
She's the youngest person I've seen.
She could be the last one born,
for all we know, the-
the end of the line.
This is a real event.
My God.
Jaspera. Aeon.
It's true.
It's alive.
Feel it.
How long, child?
Five months, at least.
This calls for a celebration.
- We are a real family now.
- Yes.
Some booza.
Set the table.
Quintet, huh?
You play, of course.
When my family was alive.
But I wasn't very good.
Well, never mind.
There are six of us. We'll play.
The last seal we killed...
was just after Vivia's father died.
I never saw an animal
fight so hard to stay alive.
Well, I've even forgotten
what seal meat tastes like.
That must have been-
Well, it was
more than a year ago.
I'm so glad you came when you did.
Francha was just leaving
for another tournament.
The hell with the tournament.
They can play without me for a while.
They still have tournaments here?
Oh, yes.
On all levels.
What about work?
How do you stay alive?
We play.!
There's nothing left but the game.
- Have you got pieces, Vivia?
- These will do.
Oh, yes.
Sit. Sit, child.
Ah, some booza.
This'll warm you.
That girl's a miracle.
There's been no new life here...
and no hope for any.
Oh, not in limbo, child.
You're up in the killing circle.
- Have you got pieces?
- I haven't played for years.
Well, here.
You can use these.
From my collection.
You collect Quintet pieces?
Oh, yes. It's a hobby.
What does that mean?
That's just something to do...
for no reason.
Come on, Essex.
Let's play.
I don't think I could put my mind to it.
All right. We'll make you sixth man.
You can play the survivor.
Somebody'll have to go to the market
for some more wood if we're to stay up.
I'll do it.
I wanna look around.
There has to be work somewhere.
There's a wood seller
in the market below.
A thousand old sou a kilo.
Don't let him cheat you.
Make sure it's not treated.
- Where'd you get-
- I've been very lucky in the casino.
I'm sure I'll be the first one to lose.
Francha will look after you.
- Be careful.
- Yes.!
We must be careful with a man who hunts
seals where there are no seals.
We'll roll on.
Five, four.
- Double limbo.
- Double limbo.
Ah. Limbo five.
One there, one there.
Four, two. I'll arrange
the killing order for Essex.
You see...
I'm after you.
- Can't be that important.
- Hmm.
You're after your own death!
I need wood.
Buy or trade?
Enough for the night.
- Two bundles.
- Is it treated?
Never been any complaints.
- Treated with what?
- From a building.
This wood doesn't come from buildings.
Taken out of the ice.
Here you are.
- I'm going to get you.
- No, you won't.
At last the end is coming.
Where are you from?
- The south.
- The south?
They say there are still seals
in the south. Is it true?
If there were, I'd still be there.
Why do you torment me?
I broke no rules.!
Are you finding
all the information you want?
The system is all but ruined.
Trying to find a person or a place?
A friend.
Oh. A friend.
How interesting.
I haven't heard that word
for a long time.
And what do you use in its place?
How did you and your friend
become separated?
Where does your friend live?
He doesn't.
I'm a friend.
- "Friend"?
- Yes. I know him.
I'm supposed to meet him here.
Is he expected soon?
The tournament won't be over
for many days...
or more.
They play at the old casino.
He has a room...
at the Hotel Electra.
Where's that?
Second sector.
Red level.
- Your-Your hand-
- Please don't.
I haven't had a fire for-
When did you last see Redstone?
If you see him again-
You won't.
They still let rooms here?
Uh, Deuca.
She's probably in the Quintet room.
I really played the casinos.
Six and two.
Is there a Deuca here?
- I'm Deuca.
- Redstone.
- Redstone?
- Yes.
He hasn't checked in yet.
Well, something happened.
I was delayed.
You're lucky I still have a room.
- May I have a key?
- There are no keys here.
You're room 243.
All right.
- Four and six.
- Four and six.
This is one of the imponderables.
You play, sir.
"Redstone, Francha...
'Deusha'- "
St. Christopher, Ambrosia. "
Oh. I'm sorry.
I must have the wrong room.
I was looking for a friend.
I'm the only one here.
This is my room.
My name is Grigor.
Perhaps the room I wanted
is the next one over.
But this is a nice room.
Pardon me.
- What's your name?
- Redstone.
Redstone. You're lucky
to have a warm room, Redstone.
Why don't you put that knife away?
I will tell you the truth...
What? That it was no mistake
you came here?
I am afraid I have been
playing the sixth man with you.
I thought the room would be empty.
I wanted to shave.
There's no water.
There is nothing but water...
and soon that's all
that will be left.
The planet will be frozen
in an envelope of ice...
and that will mercifully be the end...
of this history.
May I sit down?
- You don't stay here at the hotel?
- My room's at the casino.
I'm the adjudicator there,
the referee.
The judge, you might say.
I interpret the rules.
I settle the disputes.
It's a lonely thing to do.
The worst thing is not playing-
watching, game after game...
and not being allowed to play.
That's why I come here
on my days off.
There are very good players
in this hotel.
Some great ones, I tell you.
Do you organize these tournaments?
Ah, you know
about the tournaments.
I knew- I knew
that you were a player.
I saw that fire in your eyes.
Only tournament players
have that sense of life.
I knew...
that you were in this room,
See, I misrepresent
without even knowing it.
It is one of the problems of my work.
One begins to lie even to friends.
Forgive me, Redstone.
I was looking for company.
There is no camaraderie anymore.
No talk.
No exchange of ideas or tactics.
I meant... no harm, my friend.
Where do the explosives come from?
Explosives? Oh.
As long as the moss grows,
they will make alcohol.
And as long as there is alcohol,
they will make explosives.
It's a waste.
Come join me in a game
and some alcohol.
Deuca has booza.
I know.
- Deuca.
- Yes.
She's very efficient, but nervous.
She's always expecting the worst.
But she's not
to be underestimated.
What took you so long?
We had to stop the game.
I was with my friend.
Yes, I know.
- Are we playing?
- Without question.
But first, some drinks.
I promised my friend some booza.
- It's in the game room.
- Good.
- You're sitting there alone.
- So I am.
We are about to play.
You'll join us.
Deuca's bringing drinks.
Ah. He's my friend.
He's a new player.
He doesn't look new.
- Are you dangerous?
- No.
I don't like to play games.
I'm not dangerous.
That's good.
I'm not dangerous either.
My name is Ambrosia.
It's a silly name.
I think I should change it.
Everyone wants to change everything.
There is nothing to change.
Do you like your name...
Why not? It serves its purpose.
And mine doesn't.
You can sit here, Redstone.
Drink carefully.
This is the end of the bottle.
Where's Grigor?
Maybe he found a better game.
Let me have his share.
What handsome pieces.
Your own handiwork, Redstone?
- I inherited them.
- Ah.
- You have family?
- I had a brother here, but he's dead.
So let's roll for the sixth man.
Let the new player
have the honor.
Deuca seems to know
that you're not dangerous.
What are the stakes?
Sometimes we just play
for the thrill of it.
Weak roll, Redstone.
You'll never make sixth man like that.
- Quintet.
- Automatic.
I always play the sixth man.
One, five.
Five and four.
Six and two.
Four, five.
Six and three.
So, I'll arrange
the killing order.
I want Deuca to kill you...
and I want you two to change place.
Grigor, I have to talk to you.
Listen to me.
I need a ruling.
This is frustrating.
Never happened before.
You knew Redstone as well as I did.
Now we have this impostor to deal with.
Does he know what he's doing?
You ask me so many questions.
- Which one should I answer first?
- Damn it, Grigor.
Redstone never should
have been allowed in to start with.
He was a fool. He jumped
the starting time by an hour.
How do you know that?
Well, I- I was following him.
Then so did you, St. Christopher!
I didn't kill him until
after the designated time.
I was within the rules.
Anyway, Redstone was a butcher!
He killed a whole roomful
when he took Francha.
Well, that's not an infraction.
A sensitive player doesn't do that.
Did I hear you, of all people,
use that word?
I play to win, but there are
certain ethics to be considered.
At this moment, if I were you,
I would be more concerned about Goldstar.
- He has no ethics at all.
- Nor brains.
I do not consider him a threat.
I find you insulting.
He could get lucky.
It's happened before.
You're late, Grigor.
Late for what?
Give me the booza.
What about this new Redstone?
How do I deal with him?
Before I can decide that...
I must learn how much he knows.
Not how much he knows...
but who he is.
Where is he?
- Who is "he"?
- You know who I mean. Christopher.
- Saint?
- St. Christopher.
He was standing there a second ago.
Now he's gone.
So he is.
Which exit did he leave by?
I don't know that he left.
I only know that, uh, he isn't here.
Damn you, Grigor.
You're trying to help him.
You're always against me.
You have no regard for me.
I'm not here to help or regard.
I am here to interpret rules.
If it's help you need,
I suggest you talk to the sixth man.
I find you despicable.
I despise your arrogance!
It is as planned.
There is an open seat
at table number one.
St. Christopher.
Playing God.
Out of my way, you fool!
Come on.
Come on. You cannot leave us.
There's a better way to die.
Come on.
All you need is a five,
and you have him.
Then it's between you and Deuca.
- A three and a two.
- Good!
Now it's the two of you.
She's been giving you good advice.
It's obvious it's you
she wants to face and not me.
Are you so certain?
You're so predictable.
I sometimes lose interest.
That's not good.
Run away from her, Redstone.
Let her make the mistake.
I get impatient. I can't stand
waiting around. I said I didn't like games.
Why do you play?
- Four and a one.
- Good! You got her.
- Dead.
- He's all yours, Ambrosia.
So come, everybody.
Put up the dead man.
You only made one tactical error.
You killed her in your own sector.
No one can protect you now.
All I need is a one, and I win.
One is my lucky number.
Double one.
That's what I call overkill.
I got killed with one throw.
That's very impressive.
Being sixth man is an advantage.
It's also boring.
I just start to get excited,
and it's all over.
- Do you live near here?
- Yes.
In this sector?
In this hotel.
Room next to yours.
How do you know
what room I'm in?
Deuca told me.
Tell me about Deuca.
I know her.
You know a lot.
And you are very curious.
Do you know a man
named Francha?
- Is he a Quintet player?
- Yes.
I know a man named Francha.
He lives in another sector.
He comes to the casino quite often.
- He's a very good player.
- He was.
Are you telling me he's dead?
No, I'm telling you he was killed.
Good night, Redstone.
Don't forget to bolt your door.
Who is it?
- Who's in my room?
- It's all right. It's Goldstar.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
It's cold.
Do you have a blanket?
Nothing for me?
Nothing tonight.
I don't feel like drinking.
That was a very-
Now you're misreading my expression.
Everybody knows
there are no locks in the hotel.
No locks, but tight security.
Obviously not as tight as you thought.
I waited half an hour before I could
slip by without Deuca seeing me.
I couldn't chance that.
I hope you have
as much luck leaving.
Now, you say that,
but you don't mean it.
You're like all the rest.
St. Christopher- he's the worst.
- He humiliated me tonight.
- Is that possible?
He came to the casino with Grigor.
I was playing there.
He came right in
the same room with me.
Of course, Grigor was there to protect him,
which, of course, he's not supposed to do.
Get off my bed and tell me
what you're doing here so late.
St. Christopher.
I'm going to enjoy killing him.
Saint, indeed!
He thinks he can charm Grigor.
Well, Grigor can't protect him for long.
- Why are you coming to me?
- To ask you outright.
Is there a plot against me?
If there is, you would know,
and I protest it.
It is not legal.
I asked you to get off my bed.
I don't trust Grigor.
And I know St. Christopher.
Now, tell me.
I know it's true.
There's no plot
that I know of, Goldstar.
And if there is,
I have nothing to do with it.
Don't be too sure.
Don't you be too sure.
Your day will come...
and before long...
we may be facing one another again
under different circumstances.
I've wasted my time coming here.
Well, you may put the word out
that I know what's going on.
You may tell St. Christopher...
that I'm after him.
And don't be too sure
you won't be far behind.
Who is it?
- It's Redstone.
- I'm not open yet.
- Well, can you let me in anyway?
- No.
I'm looking for someone
who lives at the hotel.
- Who?
- St. Christopher.
He doesn't live in the hotel.
He doesn't?
You know him then?
He runs a charity house
in the fourth sector.
Thank you.
Help me.
The geometric shape
of the universe...
reflects the scheme of life.
You've been taught
that they are the same.
You've been taught that the universe
is bounded by five sides...
and that life has but five stages.
the pain of birth.
the labor of maturing.
the guilt of living.
the terror of aging.
the finality of death.
But this is not complete...
for five sides
demand a sixth space...
a center...
and that is what you have
to look forward to.
What is the sixth space?
It's empty.
It's blackness.
In other ages...
equally ignorant...
it was said an eternal fire
would follow death.
But I tell you-
I tell you...
there is no fire.
I tell you,
fire is not enough punishment.
No, my sons!
The emptiness I'm speaking of...
is the total horror of madness...
the awareness of nothing.
So, your wretched lives, in fact...
are supremely happy.
It is your reward.
You must cherish your tortured life...
because it is a pause,
an interruption of the void...
preceding and following it.
Don't fight.
Don't struggle.
When you think
of the number five...
remember... it is six.
And if you look for an answer,
look far beyond what facts you have...
and add yet one more-
the unknown.
Because only when you
consider the unknown...
you have a hope, a chance...
to solve...
the dilemma.
You're far away from the hotel.
Well, so are you.
I used to live in this sector.
I sometimes come here to remember.
Is that helpful- to remember?
- Sometimes one can't avoid it.
- Who's St. Christopher?
I'm sorry.
Did you hear me?
- I don't know him.
- Oh, really?
I said I don't know him.
I know who he is.
I know he plays Quintet
at the casino.
Oh, this is nice.
You know, there are people
who say he's the best player alive.
The man in your room last night said
he was gonna kill St. Christopher.
- Are you spying on me?
- No, you woke me up.
He said he was gonna
kill St. Christopher.
That man is a very bad sport.
Quite paranoid...
but harmless.
Poor Goldstar is a bad loser.
He has a passion for the game, but he'll
never be anything but a mediocre player.
The only way he can save face...
is to accuse someone
like St. Christopher of cheating.
Very cowardly.
He seemed very convincing.
Tell me-
Do I misunderstand the word "killing"?
Not if you understand Quintet.
Do you want to come in?
I keep a bottle.
All right.
Please sit down.
That's the man who was
in your room last night.
I can never get used to
this mindless killing.
Mindless? It's ritual.
It's a ritual killing.
And they wanted you to see it.
Or me.
There's a list.
His name was on it-
"Goldstar. "
My brother's name was on the list.
They bombed his apartment.
But there were others killed.
One of them was just a...
girl who-
I saw the man who bombed it,
and I chased him.
When I caught up with him,
somebody had slit his throat.
There is a list, and anyone
on it is marked, like he is.
You must be wrong-
trying to find a meaning
where there is none.
Death is arbitrary.
At least, that has always
been the main complaint.
Your name is on the list too.
Let's not think about it.
Maybe it's better this way.
To try to prolong life is pointless.
In a few years, maybe months...
all dying will be done.
I don't want to be alone.
I can't.!
W- Would you... sleep here
in my bed with me?
Things have gotten so bad.
It didn't used to be like this.
I never think of the past.
It's gone, but-
Maybe it's the closeness
of another person.
You make me think of life.
You remind me
of what we have lost.
Something wrong?
It's not common
to see people smile.
I had a dream.
I- I dreamed about my mother.
We were together on a train.
I was ahead of her...
and I- I turned around
and I saw her walk up the aisle.
She was younger
than I am now.
Very pretty.
She wore a green hat.
We didn't speak.
We just smiled at each other.
It was not at all sad.
It was...
immensely pleasurable.
When I woke up,
I had a smile on my face.
I put up my hand,
and I could- I could feel it.
Do you dream about the past
very often?
I never thought of it-
whether I dream of it often or not.
Memory is unreliable.
I can't relate to my past.
So much has changed.
I would like to see
my past clearly...
but I- I can't
trust my memory.
I think memory
is the only thing you can trust.
Do you still have hope?
Like a child.
- Just a minute.
- What do you want?
- I'm looking for St. Christopher.
- Come in.
What do you want?
- Does this list belong to you?
- Yes.
- Where did you get it?
- I found it.
Then it doesn't belong to you.
Did you steal it?
I have it. That's enough.
Your name is here.
- It is of no interest to me.
- It should be.
- Goldstar.
- Yes. I know the name.
Dead. Murdered. Francha.
- I know the names.
- Dead. Murdered.
Are there other lists?
Has it occurred to you
that what you're doing is disruptive?
You'll never understand the scheme
until you're part of the scheme.
Are you telling me I will be?
At the exact moment
where it will be too late.
What a surprise to see you here.
You lead a very active life, hmm?
Tell me, is St. Christopher
as good a player as they say he is?
- He is good, but too serious.
- And not very talkative.
Talk? Oh, if it is talk you want,
come with me, Redstone.
I know a place.
We can have drinks and talk about life.
Only thing I've seen is death
or the prospect of it.
But that's what
makes life worthwhile.
Every time you cheat death...
you feel the pure thrill of life.
And that is what my job is.
That is why I'm so content
in this frozen world.
Tell me, exactly what is your job?
To keep the game alive.
The game is all that's important.
The only intelligent expression left
is the game of Quintet.
All the elements of life
are contained in it.
Our art, our philosophy.
All things of value fit the game.
The game is the only thing of value.
Come, come.
Do I disturb you?
As a matter of fact, you do.
The door wasn't bolted.
It's collection time.
I've come for the money.
And you're very prompt.
Did you think I wouldn't pay?
Redstone didn't.
I was just in his room.
He's gone,
and I don't expect him back.
He didn't sleep in his bed last night.
He slept here with me.
That's not possible.
You have such a perverse
sense ofhumor.
So do you.
You weren't exactly discreet...
in presenting
your victory over Goldstar.
That's so lovely.
You must be proud
to have such a treasure.
Promise me you'll leave it to me.
Isn't that very presumptuous...
with St. Christopher still present?
You're a dreamer, Deuca.
He's no Goldstar.
- St. Christopher doesn't frighten me.
- He should.
And Redstone will be back.
I'll get another bottle, Redstone.
- Scheme. Order.
- Scheme?
What is the scheme?
Disrupting the order.
Excuse me.
I don't understand.
To understand the scheme...
you have to be part of it.
- Part of it?
- Uh-huh.
- You're not making any sense.
- You're part of it. See, the list.
Is the list part of the scheme?
- Are you all right?
- Do other people have the list?
But I don't understand you.
What are you talking about?
No. Think of five.
- Yes.
- It's six.
Are you all right?
Consider the unknown.
- The goose.
- The goose?
The goose.
Does he know where he's going...
or does hejust fly
into the unknown?
With all due respect, Redstone,
I don't understand what you're talking about.
Oh, maybe you had too much booza.
What a coincidence...
and what a surprise.
A surprise, but not a coincidence.
Nah, maybe it's
the other way around.
He is here to help people, see.
His work brings him here.
Does your work bring you here? Hmm?
You're drunk, Redstone.
I brought you here.
Don't you remember?
Yeah, I-
St. Christopher.
Redstone is drunk.
He is in need.
You must help him home.
I must help him home?
You can't be serious.
Are you not St. Christopher,
protector of the needy?
He's helpless.
He needs protection.
He certainly
looks helpless, but he's not Redstone.
Don't anticipate my ruling.
Remember, he lives in the hotel.
Room number-
I know what room he lives in.
Oh, don't be so serious,
St. Christopher.
Does not Deuca live...
in the Hotel Electra also?
Come up.
Come. Let's go.
Be seated, please.
You may begin.
I am the winner of the front game...
and I'm prepared to meet the sixth man.
Are you prepared?
I am prepared.
But the front game is not played out yet.
Redstone is still alive.
Redstone is dead.
I killed him.
Where's the proof?
An impostor is carrying his markers.
Are you suggesting
I kill him as well?
If you are to meet me.
It would be a digression.
How do we know he won't kill you?
He won't. Killing the impostor
is a mere formality.
I think you're afraid to face me.
I'm afraid of nothing here.
The unknown at least holds hope.
Hope is an obsolete word.
I demand a judgment.
The impostor.
Even though he has not
chosen to play the game...
he is in it.
It is like life.
None of us are in it by choice.
The man who carries Redstone's markers
is Redstone.
His life is not important
outside the game.
So be it.
You look so sad, Ambrosia.
On the contrary, Grigor.
I am supremely content.
I know how the game will end.
You'll see.
Redstone! Wait!
- Where are you going?
- To my brother's house.
- What for?
- To look for something.
There's something
I have to understand.
Is that important now?
St. Christopher will kill you
ifhe sees you.
If he'd wanted to try to kill me,
he would've done it last night.
He had the perfect chance.
Last night is not today.
My name is Essex.
That was yesterday.
Today you are Redstone.
Are you prepared?
Death doesn't wait.
We already had four.
You're number five!
Primum.! Remember?
It was Francha! Butchered!
death of a coward.!
the stupid one!
Ah, quartum,
that was Deuca!
Oh, Deuca
was an artistic death.
But yours?
What game
are you going to play...
you hunter of seals,
Have you found
what you're looking for?
Yes, I have.
Did you meet St. Christopher?
He's dead.
And now do you understand?
You mean, the game?
Can I see
what you have found?
You shouldn't have brought her here.
Take that body out of here.
It's proof.
I won.
What's the prize?
Being alive- that is the only prize.
You play for the thrill of it.
It is life itself.
It is feeling the heat
of the adrenaline...
rushing through your body.
Life can only be felt
when death is near.
That is what
the game of Quintet is-
those who play fight for their lives.
And that is what you have learned.
Is it not?
Tell me about that- the heat of adrenaline
rushing through your body.
That should do it for you.
The smell of death- that's about
as close as you ever get to it.
Someone has to be the adjudicator.
Someone has to be the judge.
It is my humble job.
I'm not sure you're even human.
Why are you going?
There is nowhere else to go.
There is nothing more to be gained.
There is nothing more to be learned.
So searching is pointless.
It is like spending the game in limbo...
throwing an infinite combination of sixes.
You could be the greatest player of all.
New tournaments
are starting right now.!
Where are you going?
- North.
- North?
There is nothing there.
You won't last a day and a half.
You'll freeze to death.
You may know that.
I don't.