R (2010) Movie Script

I must have a
Rune Pedersen with up. Right?
It's you, who is Rune, right?
You're going with me.
We're going this way.
This here, you can't get with in.
You can't get that with in. And
this here, you do can't either get in.
Then you take all your clothes of
and throw it on the bench.
Everything. Pants, underpants,
undershirt. Everything.
Thank you.
So I would like, you come
over there and squat down.
Farther down. Yes thanks. Up again.
Lift your left foot. Yes thanks.
The right. Yes thanks.
Chewing gum.
You can spit out here. Thank you.
Just open the mouth.
Out with the tongue. Yes thanks.
Your hands.
Turn them around. Thank you. Run them
straight through your hair like this.
Thank you.
Yes thanks.
I ask out of curiosity, -
- what have you really done,
since you're going to 4th West?
They're really a half
times bigger, than you are.
The big guys up there,
they're waiting for you.
They know, you're coming.
You must have done something,
which isn't very smart.
What number is the new one going in?
- He comes in 465.
- 465.
Then please come with me.
465, it's your cell.
Is it okay? Do we agree?
- Hey. Hey ...
- What then?
Can I get some cleansers?
I would like to clean my cell.
It will be later.
- That you can do after exercise.
- Yes yes.
Hey. Hey! Claus!
- Yes?
- Why are you running around with that?
He wouldn't have it.
He says, it is too soft.
It doesn't completely matter.
It's not yours, right?
I got it from him.
- It belongs to that cell.
- He wouldn't have it.
Go ahead. You put it in.
in your cell, and there it stays.
Then you fuckin relax,
otherwise you go to bed -
- right now.
The whole bunch. Shut up!
If one of you say something as much
as one second , then so we say goodnight.
Helmuth you were the first.
Go into your cell. Good night.
You're also just going into your cell.
Also goodnight to you.
Are there more,
there will be smart-ass? Shut up!
Then there's fucking quiet!
Thank you. It's bloody incredible.
Welcome to Horsens!
Come here. Lie still.
I've been waiting for you. It was
a friend of mine, you stuck down.
One don't get round with that.
Stand up.
Either you smash someone, or even
you'll be smashed. Understand?
You gotta smash a Paki for us.
Him in the red jacket with full beard.
Beside him the negro.
Look at him. Then look at him!
Remember his face. Look at me.
Can you remember his face?
Good. He shall be smacked.
You smash him,
or you get smashed.
So fuck off with you,
before I change my mind.
- Do you have any cigarettes, Sune?
- Yes.
- Can I get one?
- Yes.
What the fuck are you smiling about?
What is it, that's so funny?
Bricklayer, damn, relax now.
Get out and cool down.
You, you stay seated.
I hear,
you'll fix something for us.
Is it something, you
can find out or what?
That's him the Albanish.
These here shall just
be beaten out of his head.
You'll take him up on the second floor,
when we go on exercise.
There are no guards
up by iso-department.
So give him a decent beating.
He must not come back soon.
What happens to me afterwards?
Nothing happens.
You just take care of yourself.
Exercise, the last ones!
Otherwise, you fucking
don't come out.
You, hurry a little,
if you'll out.
Good with some air, right?
I say, it's
good with some air.
Well, I close four.
Closes the first!
In! All men go in!
Shut up!
Shut up! Relax!
Away! Away!
There's no more bullshit here.
No more bullshit!
I don't want to hear more from you.
Next time, then you'll get down!
There's no more shit now.
Now you all shut up.
Thank you.
Then we just take you. Come here.
Turn around.
Next. In.
- As we close the department.
- In to the cells.
468, closed.
465, closed.
461, closed.
460, closed.
Then it's straight ahead, comrad.
Turn off that there. Turn it off.
Faster. Off you go.
It might well go faster.
What were you doing at the stairways?
Answer me!
What were you doing at the stairways?
Answer me!
Who was it, who assaulted him?
You know. It's you, right?
You owe the others a service.
Are you not totally new up there?
Are you not, or what?
What? So answer me properly!
- I don't know, dammit!
- You don't know a damn thing?
Are you slow-witted?
Are you stupid?!
Say it. It's you, who have done it.
Isn't it? Isn't you?
Fuck off with you, you fat animal!
- No more bullshit with you! Answer me!
- I don't know, dammit!
God you do!
You're full of shit, you are!
Who was it? Answer me!
I don't know! I don't know!
Then ... Then it's
a few days in isolation.
What then, little darling?
Are you back again?
Have you missed me?
I've missed you.
What are you standing and hiding?
Then turn around,
and show me nothing.
Holy shit.
- Is it your sister?
- My girlfriend.
Is it your girlfriend?
She's damn very yummy.
How the hell have you
scored her? What?
- Have you control of her?
- Yes.
Do you know, what she's doing now?
Maybe she's fucking with a Paki.
It's so modern.
Here are fucking clean in your cell.
That I damn like very well.
The clothes are placed nicely. One would
think, your mother had been visiting, right?
Do you like to clean?
- What?
- It's okay.
Is it okay?
I think, that when you're so
fucking good to clean ...
There's a spastic,
who has over-pissed the bog.
So you can start to clean the bog.
Do you think, you can figure it out?
- What?
- Yes.
Just hold this.
- Want to taste?
- No.
Will you not taste? Taste a fucking
grape, when I say it to you.
They're good, right?
Try to open your mouth. Open.
Again. Open the mouth.
Try just once more. Open the mouth.
Oh, one more time.
Open higher. Higher.
- What have you there?
- Try to watch straight here.
It's his lady. Fuck.
- It's damn not his girlfriend.
- That he says.
- Do you have nude pictures of her?
- No.
Will you buy some?
Oh, how funny. Bricklayer,
look at him. He looks like Rune.
- He has the same hairstyle.
- He damn has.
Is the carpet done properly clean?
Is it cleaned properly?
So clean, that you could put
a baby on it? Lie on it.
Lie like a baby, in foetal position.
It's not foetal position.
On your side and the legs
well up under the breast. Right.
And suck on your thumb.
Stand up.
You are so fucking miserable.
You know what? I think,
you handle it just fine.
You can get this -
- and the prick-mouth-image
stretchmarks and then the hairy legs.
But this you'll let it be hanging.
- Isn't it nice?
- Yes.
- Say: "Bricklayer is nice."
- Bricklayer is nice.
It's just before, I believe in you.
- Rune ...
- Yes?
You need to hear as much
after me as after Bricklayer.
I'm starting soon not
to like you more. Seriously.
- Understand?
- Yes.
So when I say jump, you ask
how high. I mean it.
- I don't want that shit anymore.
- Yes.
What then?
Haven't we been in the same convoy?
My name is Rashid.
- How long are you going to sit?
- In two years.
- How long do you sit?
- A year or so.
It's not so much. For good
behavior it will probably be less.
Is there someone, who is after you?
There's no one
who are after me, okay?
Relax, man. You take it hard.
There's either any after me.
- Want a cigarette?
- No, I don't smoke.
Healthy and wise, you.
Are you happy for your new job?
- Quiet and calm.
- It's better than dishwashing.
What the hell are you two doing?
Go out and find some friends.
I'll talk to him there.
After work, you go in your cell
and stay there for a half an hour.
Not doing anything, Bricklayer.
I want to talk with you.
Stop that bullshit,
and give me a towel.
Give me a clean towel
at hell.
What the hell was it,
that happened yesterday?
- What do you mean?
- Well, what do you think?
Yes, him.
It's totally ridiculous, man.
It's the third time.
- You may find some decent people.
- They are not on the trees.
Not stare at him,
when we two are talking.
You must have a proper talk
with him. Really proper.
- I'll not stare at him again.
- No problem.
Now you may pull yourself together.
- Are you finished here?
- I just have to ...
You're finish.
I gotta talk to you.
In a moment something happens down the
bog, which the guard must not see.
Therefore, you go up and soaps their
cage in, so they can't look out.
Jesper, what is he doing?
Is that something,
you've asked him to do?
- What are you doing?
- I wash the windows, right?
What happens?
Right out of the office, come on.
What are you doing?
- Kim asked me to wash the windows.
- Do you know anything about that?
- He said so yesterday, man.
He said, I should fix the
corridor and the windows.
- It looks like a pigsty, right?
- Well, then go straight ahead.
Fine. Then you must also
remember the others.
Alarm! There's assault down here!
Get in with you! In!
Go away! Into the side!
Damn ...
You go first.
What the hell?
Dont you like my drawings?
- Have you made that cell for us?
- Yes.
Go and keep watching at the door.
- Shall I turn it on?
- Yes.
I saw, you got order
at your things yesterday.
Right on the nose. It opened
immediately. He began to howl.
Took hold of him ... Bang into
the washbasin. Over in the radiator.
Into the shower.
Suddenly he said no more.
Then he went on. I had to
pull him away at last.
"You keep your mouth shut," I shouted.
He was such ...
I don't know, if he heard it,
but he understood the message.
That one would think.
I had said to him -
- that smoke and money shouldn't be
be visible at the same time.
- Now we're faced with another problem.
- Yes, I know.
We need fucking to find on something.
There must happen something.
The monkeys down there is quite warm.
Nothing has happened in three weeks.
After that with the Albanian,
they're starting to grow.
Find out something, otherwise there's
no butter on the bread. Open the door.
You need damn not open the door,
while I'm standing with a stick.
Are you stupid or what?
Think for a moment.
Hi, Grandma. It's Rune.
It goes well.
How are you?
That's good.
I was thinking, if you
wanted to come and visit me.
Yes, in Horsens.
And then take some of those
Kinder-eggs with, I like.
Some chocolate eggs.
That's fine.
Grandma, I don't have much time.
I'm speaking at phone-card.
See you. Hi.
- What then?
- Not so much.
Start with washing dishes.
It will never be finishes.
You live on the second West, right?
Will you do me a favor?
Tonight you go into
the first toilet to the left.
Then you check, whether you can
get of the gate behind the soil pipe.
- Rune!
- I'm coming!
Just do it.
- Say stop.
- Stop.
- One may smoke here, right?
- Yes yes.
How are you?
Haven't you lost a little weight?
- Can you see it?
- Yes, I think.
Do you get something properly
to eat here?
- What did you eat today?
- Potatoes.
- Did you not more than potatoes?
- It was stew.
It's strange to sit here. I don't know,
what I shall say to you.
- Can not we just sit a little?
- Yes.
I've taken something with for you.
That's them
you like, right?
Thank you.
Don't take it all.
- You must show me, what's inside.
- Shall I open one?
- Well ...
- A small lion.
Do you remember, we were at the zoo
together? You was you so happy.
We spent much time there.
You couldn't detach yourself.
In the circus ... We have been
at all sorts of places.
You were a little boy,
who was so happy.
You were so happy.
My dear boy.
It will also be over, this.
So there will be a good time for you.
There's always something to us.
You have to give me
a hug, before you go.
You'll have to.
- Beware of the coffee.
- Yes.
- Okay.
- Yes.
Cheer up.
Cheer up.
Goodbye Rune.
We're finished.
- Was it there? Did you get it off?
- Yes.
- Can you stick your hand in there?
- I expect that.
Tonight at 19 o'clock do you stand at the toilet.
Then you hear me knock three times.
So stick your hand in
and grab that, I flush out.
Then you knock three times,
so I know you've got it.
- What do you flush out?
- You'll find out.
It's important,
you screw the lid back on.
The others may not find out,
what we're doing.
- Rune!
- One moment.
- Open up! Now open up!
- I have to be finished to shit.
I don't care. Open up or I
go up and shit in your cell.
- Now! Open now, dammit!
- Coming.
Did you get it?
What I sent down to you yesterday.
There was nothing.
Unless you mean this here.
Are you aware,
what we can do with this?
Yes, I'm not completely stupid.
Is it Woody Woodpecker,
standing and pecking in the frame?
- What do you want?
- Can we talk?
We can as well.
Come inside.
In private.
In private? That sounds naughty.
Are you naughty? What?
- What do you want?
- I can help you.
- With what?
- I can help you with that.
Before you talk more,
please close the door and sit down.
I can get things
down on the second West.
First time on credit.
The rest is prepaid.
Is there a loss, I take it myself.
And then I want my cut.
And then you shall
leave me in peace.
Leave you in peace?
Only if this works.
It does.
You can just think about it.
I haven't the high
risk of this here.
So piss off and get Bricklayer,
so I can steal his money.
What is it? Your gay.
What then, does he swallow?
I will talk to you.
I understand,
you need help with that.
Close the door.
I got something for you.
You don't look.
Holy shit, man ...
- Hello.
- What then?
- There's missing a bunch.
- Yes, it does. Wait.
Go ahead.
- Why do you count them?
- It's not my money.
- And then what?
- I have to know, how many there are.
- Do you think, I'm fucking up with you?
- Relax.
Missing 50 kroner.
- No, it doesn't.
- There's missing 50 kroner.
Yes, it's good with you.
You gave me a heart attack, man.
- Things are going well, doesn't it?
- It's luxury. It's luxury!
Can't go better.
Yes, it could as well, but ...
What about you?
It's fine.
I'll talk to you. Come on.
We must over here.
How about a little air change?
Mini, he must move.
Then you can get this cell here.
It's more fun than looking at the
shit-yard, you're normally looking at.
And then we have poker-evening
tonight down in the living room.
There you're also
just looking down.
- Johnny is there. And the old one?
- I'm not.
So we'll certainly see some cards.
Yes, I burn just once.
Fuck, where are you ridiculous
to give cards, Helmuth.
I'm out.
Do you enjoy sitting
and rubbing against me?
- Can you take care of your comrad, Bricklayer?
- You're so smart all the time.
- It was bloody hell just for fun.
- Do you think, it's funny?
What's up, little man?
Are you happy for your new apartment?
- It's fine.
- You're on the sunny side of course.
Her, I know damn well.
Does she also visit you?
It's for you.
It was flowing by Bricklayer.
- Thanks.
- So ...
- Ladby, is it soon time for match?
- Yes, it begins to approach.
We're just doing the initial manoeuvres.
We have drawn up the lines.
- Are they going to warm up first?
- No, I think, they are warm.
- Is it football? Who plays?
- Queen's Park v FC Copenhagen.
Queen's Park in yellow here.
We must be careful, they don't fly out.
Yes, they would like
to be on the run.
Yes, it has been something with that.
So I think, they go to the ball here.
And then it's started.
Own goal! First scoring here.
- Then we lead 1-0.
- The yellow is a fiery soul.
Queen's Park. Come on!
1-1. He plays alone.
Then it started again.
Come on, Queen's Park ...
- Own goals again!
- The goalkeeper's just standing and staring.
What happens, man?
There must be some more feed.
They must have some more feed.
It's sour, because it has lost.
Close the door.
Quiet, quiet.
Not be afraid of it.
Of course, the must
not be so much to this.
Come on ...
Ah, but to hell then ...
Come on ...
Yes yes.
Ah! Ah! Small sack!
Open the cage, damn it!
It's a predator, you have there!
- Do you know, who has a small dick?
- Who?
- Bricklayer.
- No ...
- Think, you bother to keep an eye on dicks.
- Don't you that?
Have you never looked at
another man's cock in the bath?
Then it was coincidence,
not where I stand and stare.
I am damn not staring at
Bricklayer's dick, man.
It has just been like ...
Then you've been drinking enough tea.
There must be cooked and washed dishes.
Then it's now.
Is that understood? Up.
- Come again!
- Come on!
- Just come on!
- There's a big hole!
3-2 to the Danes!
Fuck, you play well.
Come on, Bricklayer!
What happens, man?
I know, what you're running and doing.
From now on you agreements a price with me.
Do you understand?
- Do you understand?
- I don't know, what you're talking about.
Don't you know, what I'm talking about?
Are you a fucking, stupid Dane?
Are you stupid or what?
So it's perhaps Rashid,
who is full of shit?
Shall I talk to him?
Then I talk with Bricklayer.
He would like to know, what you're doing.
- Ahmed, take the goal.
- Why?
Because I say it to you.
- I just want the same price.
- I don't Want not talk about this.
- I must have the same price.
- Piss off.
- Why are you still here?
- Piss off with you!
You shouldn't have told,
how we did it.
I had no choice.
Now I have to deal with Bazhir,
and I don't trust him.
It's still me, who's
responsible for the transport.
I fucking don't care,
which of you have it up in the ass.
We're not a shit worth anymore.
Now everyone know our trick.
You would understand it,
if you were in my situation.
I need a decent lump.
More than I normally do.
How much?
How much can the little Arab
have in the ass?
Three times as much.
- I can't.
- You can then.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
What are you afraid of?
The fucking homo-gays over there?
Are you afraid of the tattoo-gays?
You just make sure,
it's tonight.
Have you heard, the Albanian is back?
Can we just talk?
I would like to send
three times as much down tonight.
It's very much, you dare
trust the monkeys down there.
But you dare?
It's you, who get troubles,
if it goes wrong.
Then you're screwed, buddy.
Then you can stop.
Where's my cue?
You did it well today.
What's up Nothing.
So what have you ...?
I don't have any money.
I swear, I don't have them.
He told me,
that you had talked together.
Why are you looking in that way?
- You raise the money.
- What money?
I fucking don't care,
how you do it. You get them.
I have nothing to do with it.
I thought, you had talked with Bazhir.
The Pakis have fucked with us, man.
- Is it you, he talks to?
- I don't damn know.
- These fucking monkeys have fucked with us.
- Who is "us"?
- The Pakis. They have fucked us.
- What do you mean by "us"?
- Do you have money, or what?
- What?
Now listen, dammit!
Have you the money?
- Yes, there's no problem.
- What is it then, you're talking about?
- The fucking monkeys have cheated us.
- Didn't you know?
- Cheated who?
- Cheated us.
Us? Who is "us"?
There is no "us".
What is it, that's so funny?
Hi, Grandma, it's Rune.
Thanks for last time.
Yes, it was nice.
Grandma, I was thinking,
if you don't have a savings?
So, such a savings.
If you have any money.
No. ...
Not for anything.
Relax, grandmother.
There are no problems.
I was just curious. Hi.
Risen Lord and Savior.
You, who is here among us
with all your love gifts.
Give us to receive your body
and blood to your remembrance -
- and affirmation at the faith
at the forgiveness of sins.
I've talked with the old.
You have an outstanding account.
I've managed it.
You don't manage a damn thing.
I'll figure it out.
Them down under are running around with something,
which is ours, and you've full responsibility for.
I'll find out something.
If you say it again,
I then beat you.
Are you aware
the seriousness of this here?
The only reason that the Pakis
are not jump on you yet, -
- it's because, the old
holds his hand over you.
But it's over now.
You'll probably find on something.
And if you don't find on something, -
- there are some others, who do.
Sleep well!
You owe me money.
You owe me some fucking money.
- Fuck now off with you.
- You owe me money.
- Do you owe him money?
- You owe me money.
Fucking plastic-rocker!
I'll slash your kidneys!
You're dead, you gay.
- Hold him!
- For the devil ...
One, two, three!
Farther down.
Shut up!
Damn, man ...
Ready? We turn him around!
- He's tightened.
- Well done.
What the hell?
Do you bath in both showers?
Got a problem?
I've talked with Bazhir.
He would still like to
make business with you.
The guards took the money,
so it has nothing to do with him.
Come on. We can't talk here.
Come on, man.
Guard! Guard!
Who went into the cold-storage room?
You must have seen something.
Come on.
Wasn't he your comrad?
Rashid. Bricklayer must just
talk to you.
- What then, Rashid?
- What then?
- How are you?
- Quiet and calm.
- You were in for questioning, right?
- Yes.
- What happened?
- Nothing happened.
Some people are talking,
when they come in for questioning.
Let's sit in the shed.
It's fucking cold out here.
Do you know,
what morning-coffee is?
- No.
- That you've never heard of?
- Is it coffee?
- He has never heard of morning-coffee.
It's at least named
You take your electic kettle
from the kitchen -
- and fill it with oil.
Olive oil.
Then you put a pound of sugar in -
- and let it boil.
So when it has boiled well,
and sugar is completely melted ...
... then one goes in to them,
who have talked to the officers ...
... pulls the carpet from them
and pours oil out on them.
Once there was a small songbird, -
- which sat up in the house.
For him, we made morning-coffee.
I've never ever heard
someone scream so much before.
We must make an example,
if people talk too much.
That's why,
happens what happens. Right?
I just think,
you should know.
And so we drive's just farther,
as we have always done, right?
- What is he doing here?
- He must be eating.
- Could you give me a plate?
- I don't want him here.
It's okay with me.
Can you understand that?
Give him a fork.
Eat just now.
- How are you?
- I'm okay.
It's hard.
Yes, I know. I know.
But there was nothing,
you could do.
- He shouldn't die after all.
- How it can go in here.
You must stay focused now.
- You'll probably not sit here forever.
- Of course not.
You must just
simply fit your duties.
So it must all work together.
Rashid? Where are you?
Rashid ... You have visitors.
I need to change clothes.
It takes two seconds.
- Now.
- I would just change.
Rashid, there is visiting. Now.
- I just have to ...
- Do you want visit or not?
Now. Let's go.
It's not so hard.
How are you, my boy?
Good to see you.
You have no idea, how much I miss
you. I can't sleep at night.
I'm always thinking at you.
I have no idea, what goes through
your head. What happens to you?
God will show you the way.
Do you remember to pray?
Rashid, you must not lie.
Do you pray, as you should?
- Why do you not talk to me?
- I have nothing to say, Mom.
Kim, I would like to
go to the mosque.
Not now.
The clock is crap at night.
I would like to the mosque now.
Just this one time. I need it.
I need to talk to you.
What then, Rashid?
I know, how this here are
getting around in the prison.
This here, I've never seen it.
Put it in your pocket, and give it
to the one, who is the owner.
Now you take the last three months -
- right cool, and then you
don't intervene in this here.
You're too good for that.
There's also something else.
I know, who killed Rune.
It was Bricklayer and the Albanian.
Good morning, Rashid.
You have something,
that belongs to me.
- Where's that fucking egg?
- It's here.