R BnB (2023) Movie Script

[heartbeat thumps]
[gun firing]
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[Mia] Can't we stop
at Jen's on the way back?
[Ryan] Baby, she's my sister.
It'll only take a minute.
Just lovely.
Hey, Jen.
Can I talk to you for a minute?
So there's plain colostrum,
and Vitamineral Green
in the cooler.
You take everything in the
morning on an empty stomach,
and then again at night
before going to sleep.
I'm fine.
No, Ryan.
Being in the hospital
for eight days is not fine.
I only just bought that.
You need to start taking
better care of yourself.
And stop drinking all that crap
that she thinks
is so healthy for you.
Nothing wrong with a
double-double cheeseburger
and some curly fries
now and then.
You should try it.
You also need to stop
working so hard.
All you ever think
about is money.
Money, money, money,
money, money.
And really, Ryan?
Did you have to really go out
and buy a brand new Mercedes?
The other one wasn't even
a year old.
I know you don't like Mia.
And that's fine,
it's your choice.
Fact is, nobody is ever
good enough for you.
You know, I actually
admire her really.
She saw an opportunity
to make her life better
and she just took it.
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe we just love
each other?
Oh, so now I'm jealous?
Well, maybe I am a little
But ask yourself this.
Why does an attractive
marry a man who's old
enough to be her father?
Look, Mom and Dad are both dead.
You're my sister and I love you.
But Mia is my wife.
Do not make me have to choose
between the two of you.
[dramatic music]
Baby, look at this road.
[Mia] I know, it's so beautiful.
I'm so excited.
Let me read you a little
bit about the R BnB, okay?
[Ryan] All right.
"Light and airy cottage
situated on 10 private acres,
surrounded by beautiful,
mature trees,
stunning flower gardens,
and a nearby natural brook.
Peacefully fall asleep
as the sound of running water
gently splash against
the natural granite rocks
and the pebbles that line
the stream."
-It sounds so relaxing.
"A perfect romantic
getaway for the couple
who's looking to fall
in love all over again."
[Ryan] Oh.
I can't wait to get there.
Well, should get there
in about an hour.
What if we make love when
we get there?
[upbeat music]
Why wait?
[Mia and Ryan moaning]
[Mia and Ryan chattering]
Oh, my God.
Look how cute.
[Ryan chuckles]
It looks beautiful.
My favorite.
I wonder how they knew that.
Look at this, hon.
"Welcome to R BnB.
We hope you enjoy your visit
with us.
If you need anything,
let us know.
You're not just our guests,
but a part of R BnB family.
Aubree and Kylo."
How cute is that?
It's cute.
[Mia and Ryan chuckling]
Happy anniversary, Mrs. Davies.
Happy anniversary,
Mr. Davies.
[Ryan chuckles]
I'm still not used to
the "Mrs" yet. [laughs]
After a year?
Maybe by our 50th you'll feel
If you're worthy.
[Ryan chuckles]
Um, maybe we should wait
till after dinner?
Good call.
With my stomach, it might be
better with a little food.
[Mia chuckles]
[melancholic music]
Two marriages, two divorces.
I never thought I'd feel
this way again.
[shower runs]
I read a little diner's guide
they left for us.
Found a very cool restaurant
about a mile from here.
French fusion.
Sound good?
Sounds good to me.
Can you hand me
the shampoo, please?
I'm gonna run up
to the owner's place.
Sign the rest of the paperwork.
Need anything?
Nope. Sounds good to me.
Oh, can you tell them thank
you for the note and flowers?
Will do.
Seconds, please.
[Mia laughs]
[shower runs]
[ominous music]
[door creaks]
[Ryan] I think we have pretty
much everything we need.
So you're all good.
I'll drop off an extra set
of keys for you tomorrow.
If you can't already tell,
the cell phone reception
is really bad.
This may seem really weird,
but the best place to get
reception is up on the hill.
Kind of like going out
to a payphone.
Uh, Polina!
Hey, Polina!
Sorry, I wanted you to meet her.
That was Polina.
She's a foreign exchange student
over at the college.
You'll see her and her
friend, Haden-Marie,
around the grounds
while you're here.
[Aubree chuckles]
We're so excited
to have you here.
We're kind of new to this
whole BnB thing.
True. We've only been doing this
a little over five months?
So any feedback or suggestions
would be great.
No, I mean, this place
is amazing.
It's a historic property.
Previous owner said it was
built in 1857.
Do they still live
around here?
I have no idea.
Oh, one more thing.
I just wanna throw this
out to you.
We're gonna fire up the grill
later tonight,
so if you wanna hang,
pop a couple of brews,
try some Cajun barbecue...
I lived in New Orleans
for a while.
It's, you know, what we do.
Thanks, but I think we're gonna
go out for dinner tonight.
Totally understand.
Where are you going?
Black Trumpet.
That's our favorite,
right, babe?
Oh, yeah.
Gotta get the Lobster Francaise.
It's off-the-charts good.
Okay, will do.
[Ryan chuckles]
Mia wanted me to tell
you thank you
for the flowers and note.
That's what we do here.
Like I said, we're family now.
-[dramatic music]
[Mia panting]]
[Mia grunts]
[Mia sobs]
[Aubree laughs]
So, what'd you think
of their wine list?
Not bad.
They could've used a few
really nice Italian wines.
Some Barolos and Amarones.
I definitely would've put
the '95 Barbaresco on the list.
That's just me.
Well, maybe you should
introduce them
to your company's inventory.
Get them as a new client.
Be the top sales rep
for the third quarter in a row.
-If they're worthy.
-[Ryan chuckles]
So, tomorrow morning,
I was thinking,
what if we wake up, make love,
and go on a nice hike?
I was thinking the exact
same thing, Mrs. Davies.
[Mia laughs]
-[jarring music]
-[tires screeching]
You all right?
[tense music]
[chuckles] Scared
the shit outta me.
You've gotta be more careful
on these dark roads.
I thought I was!
Okay, let's just get
home safe, all right?
Let's go home,
get in bed, cuddle up.
It's the first night
of our weekend together.
Let's try not to kill
anybody, okay?
[Mia and Ryan chuckling]
[car beeps]
[Mia and Ryan sighing]
Did you have a nice dinner?
Yes, thank you.
It's a dark road.
Can be tough to navigate
Well, it's been a long day,
and we're both kind of beat, so.
No problem.
Didn't mean to keep ya.
See ya tomorrow.
Goodnight, Mia.
[ominous music]
I'm waiting.
[Ryan] In a minute.
-[hand slaps]
-[Mia laughs]
This is so not good.
You're worse than most women
with your body image.
You know that?
Okay, okay, I'm coming.
You are such a neat freak.
I thought we established
that on our first date.
Yeah, well, normally I like
how much attention
to detail you pay,
just not at this time.
[dramatic music]
[drone blades whirring]
Oh, my God.
How many times
have I told you?
Use traps for the rats,
not rodenticides.
The other animals get ahold of
it, and this is what happens.
We did use traps.
Then what's this?
It's just a possum, man.
Go find something
to go get rid of it.
What happened to it?
Consequences from
living so close to nature.
Sometimes these things get sick.
Disease, whatever.
Die off.
You hunt?
[Ryan] No.
Not since I was 15.
[Kylo] You should come
out with me.
[Ryan chuckles]
No, thanks. I'll pass.
Probably end up shooting
myself in my foot.
Mine too.
[Kylo laughs]
Ryan's definitely a city boy.
He wouldn't last one day in
the wild without his Starbucks.
Actually, a business
associate of mine bow hunts.
Goes after deer and wild
turkeys on the weekends.
They're all over the place
this time of year.
Once you've had a wild turk,
you can never eat a store bought
one ever again.
And it's not just the taste.
Best part of hunting
is the thrill of it.
Something primal about
a man stalking its prey
and having dominance over it.
[phone beeps]
Sorry, try up there.
You should be able
to get a signal.
Hey, where are you?
How are you feeling?
Is this why you're
interrupting my vacation?
Well, you said you were
gonna call
when you got to the Airbnb.
I just wanted to make sure
you were taking all
of the supplements
and not having any new flareups.
[Ryan] I'm fine.
[Jen] You know, I tried
calling you, texting you,
and you don't even reply.
You have to answer when
I'm trying to get ahold of you,
Look, I'm in a place where
reception is spotty at best.
I'm actually talking to you
from the top of a hill,
500 yards from where
we're staying,
so I can't always reply
every time you text me.
So if you don't hear from me
then everything's fine.
No, Ryan, everything may
not be fine.
That's why you need to stay
in contact with me.
I got it.
Well anyway, happy anniversary.
[Ryan chuckles]
That was so heartfelt.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Well, what do you want
me to say?
You want me to say that I'm
happy that you married her?
A little support would
be nice, that's all.
At least you were smart enough
to get a prenup.
Ryan, hello?
Ryan, are you there?
Yes, yes, I'm here.
Please tell me you signed
a prenup.
Please tell me you did
that at least.
Oh, my God.
You didn't, did you?
Why didn't you talk to me
about this?
Newsflash, I don't talk to you
about every decision I make.
Nobody in your position
gets married without
a prenup, Ryan.
You could lose everything.
Don't you realize that?
Well, let me enlighten you.
My first two marriages,
I took your advice,
and signed a prenup.
And what happened?
Do you remember?
They both ended in really
shitty divorces.
And why?
Because lawyers and relatives
stuck their fucking noses
into our business,
poisoning our trust.
Did it ever occur to you
that maybe it wasn't the prenup
or the people who are trying
to help you,
but the women you chose, huh?
No, never you.
You know what your problem is?
You can't be alone.
You are so fucking codependent!
Makes me wanna fucking vomit.
So, what do you do?
You go and you find women
like Mia who can sense it,
and then they just take
advantage of you.
Mia is different.
We trust each other.
I know that's a hard
concept for you to believe,
and probably why you're
still single.
She loves me for who I am,
not what I am
or how much money I make.
[dramatic music]
You know, family is blood, Ryan.
Your blood is the only thing
that you can trust
in this world.
Maybe someday you'll
fucking figure that out.
[dramatic music]
Lullaby and goodnight
There is nothing to fear
[thunder rumbles]
Lullaby and goodnight
When you wake up
I'll be near
[Aubree chuckles]
You went kind of crazy on us.
Don't worry.
In a little bit, everything
is going to be so wonderful.
You'll see.
[Aubree chuckles]
Isn't it beautiful?
I decorated it myself.
And their crib is so special.
It's the same crib my
grandmother was raised in,
and my mother, and me.
And now, it'll be for our child.
Oh, you're sad.
Don't be.
You are so important
to Aron and me.
I have an idea.
Why don't we both look at
some baby names we both like.
That sounds fun, right?
And then when Aron gets back,
we can surprise him with it.
[Aubree chuckles]
[ominous music]
God, it's so beautiful here.
It is now.
The weather here is as
unpredictable as the people.
Ah, he returns.
Like I was saying,
be aware of the wildlife,
and you might wanna be careful
of areas where ticks are.
Like brush, high grass.
They carry Lyme disease,
you get bit, you can
really get sick.
Last thing.
We'll be grilling some fresh
trout I caught this morning.
So if you're up for an early
dinner, brews spew at sunset.
It'll be fun.
We'll see you later then.
We'll see you.
Let's go.
Look what we have here.
[ominous music]
[heavy accent]
Should've dumped it
in the river.
Put some stones in the bag,
and it go right down.
[Ryan] Our hosts seem
a little strange.
[Mia] Yeah, they're nice.
A little paranoid sometimes.
Yeah, well...
I guess your sister's
still paranoid
that I can't take care
of my husband.
I'm your wife, not her.
Hey, yes you are.
And you're my beautiful,
most important person
in my life.
-All right?
We're surrounded by all
this beauty.
Let's just enjoy it and
not talk about Jen, okay?
[Mia chuckles] Okay.
-All right?
[soft music]
[drone blades whirring]
Hon, look.
Hon, look, look.
[drone blades whirring]
[Mia and Ryan laughing]
You think they're recording?
I don't know.
[Mia laughs]
[drone blades whirring]
I hope they got a good show.
[Mia laughs]
[lighthearted mellow music]
[Aubree] Hey!
Hey, hey, how's it going?
-Long time no see.
Are we early?
You're perfect!
Look at you!
That is so cute!
Well, thanks.
To Ryan and Mia.
Who are celebrating
their first anniversary.
I'm sure this will be the first
of many to come.
[Mia] Cheers.
[everybody laughing]
So, uh, you met Mia
through work?
So I was doing some financial
for this client of mine,
and his wife's
best friend was Mia.
So we got to talking,
Mia's name came up,
and he said she was single
and beautiful.
And I said, "Stop right there.
I'll marry her."
[Mia laughs]
That is so not true.
So not true!
In all seriousness,
they gave her my number,
and I was totally shocked
when she called.
I felt bad for him.
[Mia and Aubree laughing]
No, but really.
We went out a couple of times,
and I don't know,
sometimes you just know when
someone is right for your life.
You know?
I knew he was the one
right after our first date.
I said to myself,
"I'm going to marry this man."
And here's the proof.
[Mia and Aubree chuckling]
I'm just gonna say this.
We've all had way too much to
drink tonight, especially me,
thank you very much.
[Aubree and Ryan chuckling]
So if it's un-PC to ask,
I'll blame it on the wine.
The age difference?
Is that too weird for you?
Not at all.
Not for one second
do I let Mia's youth
or inexperience
alter my feelings for her.
Reagan-Mondale, '84.
Not exactly where I was
headed with that.
He knows.
Another un-PC question.
Uh, what about children?
So like, if you got pregnant
would you both be okay
with that?
We haven't talked about it
too much, but...
Yeah, I think we'd both be
happy with it.
What about you guys?
Marriage? Kids?
Marriage is definitely out.
But not the ring.
I still want that ring.
And when I say "that ring,"
I do mean that ring.
[Mia and Kylo laughing]
Yeah, sure, we talked about it.
But marriage?
That seems so un-progressive
and old school.
We just don't think
a piece of paper
will define our relationship.
Maybe it's just
a millennial thing.
As far as kids...
No way.
We both love the freedom
of our relationship right now.
Huh, babe?
So, it's just not in the plans.
[ominous music]
Good morning, Mrs. Davies.
Good morning, Mr. Davies.
Thank you.
-[Mia laughs]
-[Ryan spits]
That is God awful!
[Mia laughs]
You really enjoy this!
No, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's just your expression.
It's like...
"Blegh! That's God awful!"
Get focused. Inventory.
Yes, sir.
-Water bottle?
-Extra, just in-
-Sprayed it on.
Everything seems to be
in order here.
[Ryan laughs]
You were in the Boy Scouts,
weren't you?
Top 1%.
You're looking at a proud
Eagle Scout.
Why am I not surprised?
And I still have this.
My trusty Swiss Army knife
my scout master gave me.
And I'm gonna let you
be in charge of it today.
I am so honored.
You should be.
That thing's battle tested.
Back and forth.
All in the wrist.
Keep it supple, keep it smooth.
Take it back slowly and...
Hey, there.
Heading out early?
You know where we might find
a Starbucks around here?
[chuckles] Told you.
[Kylo laughs]
So, what's on the agenda today?
Mountain biking.
There are a bunch
of really cool trails
a couple of miles from here.
Big Pine Trail and Side Winder.
Two my favorites.
[Mia] We were thinking
Tempest Peak.
I like that one too.
Great scenery, secluded.
Not too many bikers
on that trail
so you can take your time,
do whatever you want without
anyone bothering you.
Well, we better get going.
Ah! Ah...
What are you doing?
Hold on, hold on.
I got you, bro. I got you.
[Ryan groans]
Just get it out!
What do you have to say?
Go practice somewhere else.
-It's okay.
It's not bleeding too much.
It's just top skin.
Just an accident.
Hon, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go.
-I'm really sorry about all--
-Okay, it's fine.
[Ryan] So, did you find a place
where we can rent our bikes?
[Mia] Yeah, it says that we
can rent them on site,
so that's cool.
[cell phone buzzes]
[song on radio]
You can't conceive it
Gotta let the change...
It's nice the three of us
can vacation together.
Just let me answer.
You can have anything...
Damn it.
I can't get a signal.
We're gonna have to go somewhere
where I can get a better--
You know what to do...
Hon? Are you okay?
[Ryan grunts]
Okay, let's pull over.
Ry, Ry, right up here.
Right up here!
[Ryan grunts]
Ryan, what's the matter?
Are you all right?
Oh... fuck.
Is it your ulcer?
[Ryan groans]
-We're not going
mountain biking.
-I'm okay...
No, we are not.
-Just give me a minute.
-We're going home.
It's okay,
just give me a minute.
Oh, it's time to break free
I hold the key
To find my way through...
We're not going mountain
biking, we're going home.
It's okay.
[ominous music]
Thank you.
I'm gonna call the doctor.
No, don't do that.
It's just a little pain,
that's all.
I'm gonna go to town
and pick up something
to soothe your stomach.
[Ryan grunts]
[Aubree] If it's a girl,
I was thinking Brooke
or Cameron.
Do you like the name Cameron?
It's so...
I don't know, trendy,
but I love it.
What about Mary?
It's so biblical, but I-I
could see our little girl
being named Mary, can't you?
I'm hogging the conversation,
aren't I?
We have to keep this
a secret, okay?
You have to keep quiet.
[muffled] Yes.
Shh, shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here.
Mama's here.
[Aubree chuckles]
Why are you doing this?
We were talking about
baby names.
Don't ruin it,
or I'll put the tape
back on.
[ominous music]
Where is my husband?
I want to see my husband.
You see?
You see what you did?
Damn it!
You can't color outside
the lines.
Every good mother teaches
her child that.
If you don't play by the rules,
I won't let you go outside
and play.
[ominous music]
[Polina laughs]
I told you it's fun.
Do the spin thing.
Da, da.
Good, good.
Over there!
It's fun, right?
Okay, da, da.
[Polina laughs]
I told you, babe.
Again, again!
[drone blades whirring]
[Haden-Marie] Watch the bird,
watch the bird!
[Polina yells]
But try to... watch where
to spin it.
Da, da. Okay.
Over there, over there! [laughs]
I told you it's fun.
Do the spin thing I told you.
Da, da.
[Polina laughs]
Nice drone.
[ominous music]
[heavy accent]
You must be careful out here.
[drone blades whirring]
What is that, Russian?
[drone blades whirring]
You know, you have to be careful
where you fly these things.
I understand there are FAA
rules you have to follow.
[tense music]
Anything wrong?
No. [nervous laugh]
Why you got your eyes
all on me?
Seems like you're judging us
over here.
[Polina speaks
in foreign language]
I know lots of people like you.
I seen the car you drive,
your wife.
It's all very privileged.
Hey, I wasn't judging you.
I actually came over
to apologize.
For the other night, when you
were walking across the road.
I almost hit you.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
The other night, you were
walking across the road.
You had a shovel
on your shoulder.
I just wanted to apologize.
You have me mistaken
for someone else.
Oh, look.
[Polina laughs]
[drone blades whirring]
[wind chimes ringing]
[Jen grunts]
[Jen grunts]
[keyboard clacking]
[thumping sound]
[scratching sound]
[Mia laughs]
Sorry I keep doing this to you.
I'm sure you are.
Warped sense of humor again?
I think we might have a
little friend living with us.
[Mia] Little friend?
I think there might be a
possum living in the attic.
I should probably let Kylo know.
He may have to rid
the place of 'em.
Well, maybe he can remove them
and not kill them.
Your sister is right.
Your condition is more
serious than we think.
Maybe we should cut
our vacation early,
and head back to the city
where we can see your doctor.
Come on, I'm fine.
It's just a little flare up.
Nothing serious.
Baby, it's our anniversary.
I'm just worried.
Nothing's gonna happen to me.
I'm an Eagle Scout, remember?
[Mia chuckles]
I'm like the Terminator...
I'll be back.
Come on. Relax.
[ominous music]
Are you kidding me?
How many times do I have to
tell you, you cannot use this!
No, you cannot use this!
No, don't.
You cannot say that out loud.
Do you understand?
No, you clearly don't.
Nobody's dead.
[Aubree] This is why.
I'll only be gone
for a few hours.
Aubree's taking me on
some short hiking trails.
Are you sure you're going
to be okay?
Yeah. Baby, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Hey, just make sure you
spray down really well.
This place is crawling
with ticks.
[Mia sobs]
Baby, hey, hey.
I'm fine, okay?
I'm fine.
We're on vacation.
Have fun, okay?
-I love you.
-I love you too.
Okay? I love you.
Now go have fun.
Be back soon.
I'm so excited!
[melancholic piano music]
[ominous music]
[Aubree] This is my favorite.
And we have a lot.
We have a lot.
-But this one--
[Aubree] The falls, and Kylo
actually goes fishing up there.
[Mia] Oh, I wish we had
more time here.
We could go to more.
Well, you know, maybe you
can stay a little longer.
[Mia] I wish.
Ryan has so much work.
[Aubree] Of course, of course.
[Mia] We both do really.
But it's just been so nice
to come here
and to meet you guys.
You guys are so sweet.
[Aubree] Oh, thank you.
[Mia] Thank you so much
for showing us this area.
[Aubree] No, it has been
such a pleasure meeting you.
And Ryan.
[Mia] And Ryan.
[both laughing]
Let's take one together.
You're reading my mind.
[cell phone shutter snaps]
[both laughing]
Oh my God, it's...
Oh! [groans]
Hey, hey. I've got you,
I've got you.
Oh, my gosh.
You got it?
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I think I twisted it.
Oh, here.
How does that feel?
It is so beautiful here.
I agree with that.
Can I ask you a question?
Yeah, as long as you don't stop
what you're doing.
Have you ever been
with a woman before?
I wasn't expecting you
to say that.
[both laughing]
I haven't been that lucky.
What about a threesome?
Okay, now this is getting weird.
It's not that weird, is it?
I mean, I think most
people wonder
what it would be like
to have multiple partners.
Don't you?
I mean, maybe before, but...
Now, no.
[Mia chuckles]
Because of Ryan.
What if he agreed to it?
He wouldn't.
But what if he did?
What if he said
it would be okay
with you and another couple?
Maybe he'd even wanna watch.
Some guys are into that.
[both laughing]
Would you like that?
Would Kylo be okay with you
and another couple doing it?
I don't know.
Maybe we should ask them.
I wanted to do that
ever since I first saw you.
What's the matter?
Don't you like me?
We should probably head back.
[ominous music]
[Jen breathes heavily]
[scratching sound]
Oh, you're back.
[ominous music]
[scratching sound]
I hear you.
[scratching sound]
[scratching sound]
What the fuck?
[ominous music continues]
Oh, shit.
Oh, God damn it.
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
[ominous music continues]
Oh, my God.
What the fuck?
[ominous music continues]
How did they get this?
Oh, my God.
[drone blades whirring]
[Ryan groans]
God damn it.
[drone blades whirring]
[suspenseful music]
[Ryan grunts]
[drone blades whirring]
Come on.
Motherfucker, come on!
[drone blades whirring]
[tense music]
[tense music]
[drone blades whirring]
[drone screeches]
[Ryan grunts]
[drone screeches]
[drone screeches]
[drone blades whirring]
[drone blades whirring]
[Ryan grunts]
[Ryan coughs]
[pills rattling]
I'm up here.
What's wrong?
We have to get outta here.
Kylo and Aubree,
they've been spying on us.
Spying? Are you all right?
Baby, there are hidden
cameras everywhere.
I broke, I broke into
their house,
and they've been watching us
since we arrived here.
Everything you and I have done,
they have fucking seen.
I don't know.
They have all of our personal
Personal information?
The stuff on our laptop.
Do you remember that
first night? After dinner?
When my computer was unplugged?
I know I plugged it in.
Someone must have come in here,
downloaded the information,
and forgot to plug it in.
Baby, we gotta get outta here!
Okay, okay.
-Let's go, let's go.
-Grab your bag.
Come on.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Come on, just bring it. Ryan!
I'm okay, baby, just grab
your bag, grab your bag.
Go, go!
I'm not feeling well.
I called my doctor.
We're just gonna
head on back to the city.
I tried to warn you
about those ticks.
They can be real killers.
It's too bad you have to leave.
Just went and got us
some fresh trout.
Aubree and I were
hoping to have
at least one more dinner
with you.
Tell her we're really sorry.
There is one matter
of some business
we need to address
before you leave.
Seems like you kind of
damaged some equipment.
Haden-Marie's drone.
He told me that you...
kind of went psycho on him.
That's kinda like,
not too cool, dude.
Even with someone
who's privileged.
[ominous music]
Oh, fuck.
That should cover the cost
of the drone.
But I think what he really
wants is an apology.
You could apologize for us.
You know, I don't know.
It's just not the same
if I tell him.
[tense music]
What do you have to say
to my staff?
It was accident.
And I'm sorry.
He said he was sorry.
He paid for the damage.
What more do you want?
[tense music]
I told you they were good help.
We good?
I'm afraid I can't
let you leave.
I paid for the drone.
I paid you for the full week.
You can even keep the deposit.
Looks like someone
isn't feeling too good.
[Ryan] God.
I tried to warn him.
Privileged city guys just don't
seem to have what it takes
to survive in the wild.
Someone broke into our house.
Broke the lock
right off the door.
Pretty shitty.
Kind of makes you feel violated.
It was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Just take it.
A lot of mistakes.
A lot of accidents, dude.
That's like, private property.
[thunder rumbles]
Storms a comin'.
Like I told you earlier,
the people here are as
unpredictable as the weather.
Ryan go!
Get up!
[suspenseful music]
[Mia yelps]
[Mia sobs]
Ryan, Ryan. Ryan.
Honey, get up, get up!
Ryan, Ryan, come on!
Ryan, get up! [sobbing]
[Mia grunts]
[thunder rumbles]
[tense music continues]
You know, we were thinking...
That 5,000 is so taking
advantage of us.
Especially with all
the personal work
we've been doing around here.
Five is what we agreed on.
But you see...
How do you say it again?
We've changed our mind.
Oh, we would hate to
accidentally, you know,
say something weird
to the wrong people.
How much?
I'll Venmo it in your accounts,
now get the fuck outta here.
And if you start thinking again,
and accidentally say
something kind of weird
to the wrong person,
remember, I have you
on camera too.
[Mia sobs]
Did you tell her?
I was waiting for you.
[Mia sobs]
It's okay.
He'll be gentle.
[Mia sobs]
You should be happy.
We went through...
a lot of prospects.
[zipper unzips]
[Mia sobs]
Aubree can't have children.
You have no idea the pain
a mother goes through
carrying a child
for a few months,
planning for a family.
Only for it...
to run out of her body.
[Mia sobs]
Not even able to hold it
in her arms.
Not once.
Time and time again.
[Aubree sobbing]
And then...
to finally...
give birth.
And they-- they stole him
from me.
He-- He was there, he was there.
I had him, I had him,
and they stole him from me!
They stole him from me!
This... so, this...
will be a wonderful
new beginning for us all.
You will give birth
to our children.
[Mia mumbles]
And I'll be a mother.
We're gonna have such
a happy family.
[Mia sobbing]
She's not ready.
I want her to be ready.
Making a baby is such
a beautiful thing.
She should enjoy it
as much as us.
Please... don't.
It's not okay.
Please, don't do this.
Get off of me!
Please, please don't.
Please, stop!
I'm pregnant!
I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant.
Guess we'll just have
to wait a little longer
for our child.
You mean, wait for her
to have her kid?
I don't know.
That's not what we planned,
But what?
You think I'm gonna raise
a kid that's not ours?
That's not gonna happen, babe.
We planned on having
our own family.
Stay with me on this, babe.
Don't fold now.
I'll take care of it.
I know just what to do.
What are you doing?
No, no, no, no.
Don't do this.
Don't, please. Stop!
[distant thud]
[Mia groans]
Hey, uh...
Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm looking for
my brother, Ryan Davies.
He and his wife were
staying here.
This is R BnB, right?
That's us, but...
Nobody's staying here
at the moment.
Well, he's supposed to have
checked in on Monday.
Well, we haven't had any guests
for a couple of weeks now.
We're renovating,
so we shut it down.
We hope to be up and running
in a week or so.
Are you sure it was this
Airbnb he was staying at?
There are a bunch more
all around the Hudson Valley.
Uh... [chuckles]
You probably won't get any
cell service.
We're kind of in a remote
Sometimes on the top of the hill
you can get a signal,
but most of our guests that
stay here don't miss it anyway.
They like being off grid
for a while.
Yeah, you said that
there were some other
Airbnbs around here?
At least three, could be more.
Seems like every week
another one opens up.
You might wanna check out
some of the other ones
around here.
Do any of the other ones
have a name similar to yours?
Couldn't tell you.
If your brother
and his wife arrive,
I'll tell them you stopped by.
Yeah, great. Thanks.
Uh, best of luck.
Drive safe.
[Mia sobs]
Don't worry.
I won't let anything happen
to our baby.
[tense music]
Call Ryan.
-[Mia sobs]
-[tense music]
Get her ready.
[suspenseful music]
[tires screeching]
Where's my brother?
I told you. He never...
[Kylo groans]
Get up! Come on!
[Kylo groans]
[tense music]
[Jen] Ryan?
[muffled screams]
Where is he?
Where is he!
Where's my brother?
Where's Ryan?
I don't know.
He's hurt. They hurt him.
Where is he?
You're not taking my baby!
Get off of me!
Bitch! Get off!
[Aubree screams]
Jen! Jen!
-[glass clanks]
-[Aubree screams]
[bodies thudding]
[loud thud]
[toy box music plays]
What happened to Ryan?
I don't know...
He's hurt.
What do you mean
he's hurt?
They hurt him,
I don't know.
[door thuds]
[doorknob squeaks]
[tense music]
Oh, shit!
Oh, God, Mia.
Are you okay?
Come on. Hurry.
[Ryan] Jen!
[ominous toy box music]
Come on!
They want me.
They want me.
[ominous toy box music]
[Kylo moans]
-Go! Go!
Go, they want me!
[suspenseful music]
Get up!
Get up!
[suspenseful music]
Get up!
Get up!
Come on, let's go.
[Jen] Get up.
[Ryan] Wait, wait!
Wait? Come on!
[Jen] Get up!
[Ryan groans]
Oh, my God.
-[Ryan groans]
-Oh, God.
Let's go!
[Mia] Ryan!
Ryan! Get up!
Shoot him!
Shoot him! Shoot him!
[gun fires]
[Jen] Ryan.
Are you all right?
You called her name.
You called her name,
not mine.
I'm carrying our child,
and you...
A baby?
I was in danger too.
We're having a baby?
I-I'm sorry.
[Mia sobs]
[dramatic music]
Me too.
[tense music]
[gun firing]
[tense music continues]
[tense music continues]
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
[dramatic music continues]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[suspenseful music continues]