R100 (2013) Movie Script

This motion picture is fictitious. It was created with the
aid of CGI animation, prosthetics and other technologies.
The greatest respect was shown during filming for the rights
and well-being of all Gods creatures (animals, children, etc.)
Did you get the answer?
Was the question too hard?
Okay, I'll tell you.
The 4th Movement of
Beethoven's 9th Symphony is...
"Ode to Joy".
Surely you knew that.
Did you Know Beethoven wrote
some of the words, too?
"Joy. .-
"bright spark of divinity...
"daughter of Elysium...
"we enter fire imbibed,
heavenly, thy sanctuary."
People tend ta divide things
into two categories.
Then they decide
which group they belong to.
It provides Them with an idenity
and a sense of security
Well, that's what I do.
And it hears me feel alive.
Maybe that's my "Ode to Joy"
Uh, hello?
You're leaving?
Play does not take place
/hs/de our club.
We provide pleasure
within the course of your daily life.
I'm sure you'll find the tension
of not knowing when we'll come...
...deeply satisfying.
One-year contract.
A variety of dominatrixes will appear
in varying situations.
Please note that no contract
can be cancelled mid-term.
Another point to be aware of is...
You must always be submissive.
Our club is for gentlemen.
There will be no touching.
No violence.
You are also prohibited from
initiating any activities.
Our true colors are revealed
when we experience the extraordinary.
Your true nature, long hidden deep,
will finally awaken.
Do not fear.
The body is a wondrous thing.
Suffering usually evokes pain.
But when pain exceeds a certain limit...
...we feel joy.
VVill you make waves in
the fountain of ecstasy?
Are you a chosen one?
Can you enter the realm of the senses
and experience unparalleled euphoria?
Wouldnt you like to open
that forbidden door?
The wheels are already in motion.
The key to the door of
unchartered pleasures is already yours.
Then go!
Where none has gone before,
beyond that door!
Takafumi Katayama
I'm home.
I'm here, too.
Yippee! It's a cake!
Lucky boy.
Sony I'm late.
Work must be busy.
Well, it is our peak season.
And thanks for the jam.
Arashi and I finished it in no time.
I brought more today.
Ifs in the fridge.
THANKS So much..
My greenhouse is full of strawberries.
Not bad for a hobby farmer, hey?
We have toast for breakfast now,
so it helps.
What's wrong?
Did you hurt your back?
I slipped down some stairs.
How was the traffic coming here?
Better than I expected.
Daddy, what are you doing?
Hurry up!
I'm coming.
I've got 'em.
I'm starving.
What's the rush?
Here we go!
Happy Birthday Arashi
Ready, blow!
I did it!
Let's eat!
He's fast asleep.
Thanks. He's always happy
to let Grandpa spoil him.
No problem.
I think I'll head home.
But it's late.
Please stay the night.
I'd love to.
but my garden needs me-
I'm 8 busy SUV.
I'll be Off.
I wrapped up the leftovers
and put them in the fridge.
Thank you.
Is that an earthquake'?!
False alarm.
Take it easy driving.
You take things easier, too.
Arashi, eat your breakfast
and drink all your milk.
Our back-to-school sale starts soon-
We can expect many
parents and grandparents.
We are better than our rivals.
We offer superior quality.
Let the customers know it.
I want this done on each floor.
Make all the effort necessary
to reach your sales goals.
- Go out there and do your best.
- Yes sir.
This way, sir.
We advise customers with children
to avoid fabric covering.
Leather is less worry
when it comes to spills.
Which do you like?
Ifs a tough choice.
Come this way, sir.
Let me take your coat.
What'll it be?
Beer, please.
One beer for the gentleman.
What'll you start with?
I'll leave it to you.
Anything you don't like?
Here you are.
Daddy, what's wrong?
Can I get out now?
Yeah, sure.
Can you pass my toothbrush?
Can you tell I've grown?
I'm only the third smallest in class now.
Really? That's good news.
Do you think Mommy would be surprised?
Isn't Mommy ever coming home?
Of course she is.
Let me See...
By spring break?
That sounds about right.
She will?
I can't wait.
Your dad told me
how much you loved to paint.
So that's why you always made
our New Year's Cards.
The nurses like Arashi's drawings.
He must get it from you.
You know what he said
he wants for his birthday?
"A little brother. "
Kid$, huh?
These blackout drapes
come highly recommended.
The thick material
provides great insulation.
You'll be warmer come winter.
Like Them?
Good taste.
Safety Hrs!
These straight lines convey
an air of refined elegance.
It compliments both
Japanese and Western-style rooms.
This comes in the color of your choice.
Delivery takes 40 days.
but you have 12 colors to choose from.
What do you think?
Why not brown?
But I want the bedroom white.
We arranged a time,
but nobody came and nothing happened.
I was wondering what happened.
Silence and neglect
are part of the play SESSION sir.
Dan Y Worry.
Your Queen is not far away
I've been reviewing her charts.
There hasn't been much progress.
Hasn't she even changed a bit?
Her condition has changed slightly,
but you see...
Give me the truth, doc.
Your daughter is in a
"persistent vegetative state".
That means she's in a coma.
I'm afraid the latest results show...
...she's made no progress whatsoever.
Are there any alternatives
we could try?
We've tried many approaches
over the last three years.
Is that an earthquake?
I'm sorry.
To be honest with you...
...we've gradually run out of options.
However, I have seen new reports
about a prescription sleeping pill.
It's called Zolpidem.
It may help her regain consciousness.
I want to continue with
the electrical stimulation treatment.
And I think we should try this, too.
Will that really fix her?
Frankly, I can't say.
But there's a possibility it will work.
So, please have faith in us...
How many years
does she have to be a vegetable?!
Well, we dont really know.
The specialist doesn't know?
How long will this take?!
How many years
must Setsuko stay like this?!
I understand how you feel.
But new breakthroughs
are made every day.
We're doing our best.
Let's fight this together.
Setsuko. .
Can you hear me?
They've attached
all these machines to you...
...for all these years.
You've been so brave.
When I look at your body
getting thinner each day...
It's too much.
I can't do anything.
That's so frustrating.
Why You?
Ifs so unfair!
Let's call it a day.
You put up a tough fight.
And poor Takafumi...
...he comes here every day, without fail.
It's too much for him, too.
It's time to quit trying to live
with all these machines.
I'm sure your mother's thinking
the same thing in heaven.
I'm back.
Did something happen?
No, everything's fine.
BUT. ..
These croquettes are all messed up.
You're right.
They're all messed up.
I'm sorry.
This is all messed up.
I'll put things back right.
I promise.
Could you sign for
the new lounge chair delivery?
Sure thing.
Paging Mr. lida.
Please some to
the Bedding Department immediately.
What are you doing'?!
What does it look like?
I work here!
And right now, so do I.
Are you completely insane?!
YOU Want 8 Thrill?
Cut it out!
I was about to ring your club anyway!
No more sessions.
I'm Canceling the Contract!
You asked for it.
Now you're quitting?
Or is this the way
you like to play?
I want you to stop!
What if someone comes in?
You'd like it even more!
Get out! Now!
Who do you think you're talking to'?!
Are YOU getting hard?
No! Stop it!
When perverts beg for mercy,
it means they're begging for more!
Mr. lida, to Bedding, please!
She said the springs in this bed
are firmer than average.
She said I'd be hooked
the moment I laid down.
But she won't let me try.
I'll handle this.
Please try it.
She said the springs in this bed
are firmer than average.
She said I'd be hooked
the moment I laid down.
Now I agree with her.
YOU do?
Ifs not too small for two?
It's a special 'wide-size'.
It should be fine.
May 1?
Come here.
Lay down.
It seems fine.
Are you okay?
You're in a dangerous club, right?
You are, arent you.
Don't lie.
I know everything.
Who are you?
That doesn't matter.
What do you want?
I Came to warn you.
Warn me?
You might enjoy
getting your rocks off.
But you're involving your family, too.
What Kind of play is this?
This is no play session, pal.
If you don't quit now,
there'Il be trouble.
What do you want from me?
I don't know what you've heard,
but keep out of this.
Doesn't Arashi matter??
How do you know his name?
Katayama, what are you doing?
I'm sorry.
I'm back.
You must be hungry- Let's eat.
What's that?
That doll.
A lady in black clothes gave it to me
on my way home.
What was that?
Leave Arashi alone!
But aren't you excited?
That's not the point.
And stop sending weird men
to where I work!
What are you tanking about?
Don't play innocent!
Play by the rules!
Setsuko, the florist suggested
I bring you these flowers.
In poetry they symbolize hope.
I've had a lot going on recently.
Let's beat this together.
How romantic.
I'm in the mood
for a good beating too.
You have a pretty wife-
Get out of here, right now.
This is no place for you.
Takafumi? What are you doing?
Who is this woman?
You've got it wrong.
All wrong.
My are you dressed Me that?
Like it?
Did that turn you on, Takafumi?
The Queen of Voices
Those earthquakes,
or false alarms,
Are they some kind of subplot?
Uh, not really.
Well, what are they?
The Director said they symbolize
"The reality of life in modern-day Japan".
Good point.
Arashi? It's Daddy.
I'll be home a little late.
Don't open the door for anyone.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
Mr. Katayama, it's getting late.
Can we finalize the report?
Yes, please..
You went to a sadomasochist
brothel called Bondage...
Ifs not a brothel.
You wanted it kinky,
but it got too kinky and now you're upset.
No, well,
like I was saying...
He asked, "Will you make waves
in the fountain of ecstasy?"
He talked about keys, doors, wheels
and "euphoria"?
What does this word "euphoria" mean?
Did he sell you a car called "Euphoria"?
Don't expect me to know your
kinky technical terminology.
Anyway, you knew strange acts
would take place. right?
And you went of your own free will.
No solicitation, right?
And you haven't been injured?
You're perfectly healthy?
So what's your problem?
There's no case.
What are we supposed to do?
What they're doing is excessive...
They're excessively kinky.
And you like excessive kinkiness.
I mean...
They do unexpected things
and that excites you, right?
Mr. Katayama, let me put it this way.
This is how we see it.
Pro wrestlers don't assault each other.
They "play-fight". And you're play-fighting too.
Think about it.
If a wrestler did something
"excessive" during a match...
...would his opponent come to us?
Of course not.
BUT. ..
Well, they're pro wrestlers.
You're the same!
You pretend to fight.
You moan in pain.
What's the difference?!
You entered into a mutual agreement-
The rules say there are no rules.
Our hands are tied.
If a minor was involved,
we'd have a problem.
But you're all responsible adults.
I don't believe any truly responsible adult
would do this, but what would I Know?
There's nothing you can do?
Well, we'll see how things go.
And our door is always open.
I guess not.
Hi, honey.
Stop it, please.
My son will wake up.
Daddy, what are you doing?
Who is this lady?
Why is she hitting you?
Cut it out.
I've had enough of your impersonations.
This time it's the real thing.
I've got a treat for you today.
Could you wait here for me?
No problem.
Here she is.
Good evening!
The Queen of Saliva
Good evening!
The Queen of Saliva
You're always on time.
Thank you, ma'am.
Punctuality is vital in all
business relationships.
What did you just do?
What do YOU mean?
That was a bit impolite.
You've only just met.
Apologize to Mr. Katayama.
That's what I was talking about.
I'll never do it again.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it!
I think it's about time we started!
I wrapped up the leftovers.
Thanks for everything.
I want this done on each floor.
Our door is always open.
How do you feel?
Looks like that hit the spot.
Well, he's all yours.
We're not over yet.
Next, you're getting.
...some flavor.
What have you done#
What did I do?
You did 'nothing"?
I wouldnt call murder 'nothing'!
I didn't kill her.
I never even saw her alive.
Cut the nonsense.
I toldt you not to touch them!
Haw will you fake responsibility?
But I'm not responsible!
Look at the facts
She'S dead Mn Katayama.
In your house!
She came in by herself
and died by herself!
If thats how you want it,
Fine by us.
Your dear family shall
share the burden of your deeds
What do YOU mean?
Abandoned at birth.
She grew up
in an orphanage.
The Wafer Lounge She
grew up in an orphanage.
The Water Lounge
The Wafer Lounge Who can
imagine how hard her life was?
The Water Lounge
She endured so much.
She fought so hard.
At last, she was going to have
a bit of happiness.
You will rue this day!
Q Who was the Queen of Saliva? You mean Ms.
Touno? Maybe I shouldn't say this...
Q Who was the Queen of Saliva?
She loved animals.
If things didn't work out here,
she wanted to be a vet.
When we couldn't keep a lost Kitten
in the girls' dorm, she cried.
One day she warmed an egg her sweater
and a snake hatched from it.
She told everyone about it.
She'd been losing weight recently.
She was so proud of herself.
She was a very ambitious girl.
Popular with both her superiors
and juniors.
This means war.
We will avenge her.
No Thru Road
Give over, pal.
You'll never get away from them
like that,
Oh yeah'?!
You dont get it?
They're following his slobber.
Your father-in-Laws in great danger.
I'll take Slobber-boy and hide out
with your wife at the hospital.
You have to save your father-in-law.
Who are you?
I'm on a mission.
We're an agency that fights
anti-social elements.
We're government.
That's all I can say now.
You're government?
There's no time to explain.
BUT. ..
Hurry! There's no time.
Okay. Look after Arashi.
Take this.
Bad news, sir.
What is it?
The CEO is coming from Singapore.
The CEO?!
You were very brave.
You're safe now.
Slobber-boy! !!
Q. Who is the CEO?
Q Who is the CEO?
Nothing compares to the CEO.
Nothing compares to the CEO.
When I was still learning the ropes...
rode the same elevator-
I'm a nobody, so I just stood there, silent.
Then the CEO called me.
By my name!
She's a knockout.
She's audacious. yet refined.
She is the true Queen.
The CEO is coming.
He's finally gotten
Headquarters attention.
Katayama, say your prayers!
The Queen
of Gobbling
That's it!
It's too much.
What's "The Queen of Gobbling"?
That's not a form of S&M play, is it?
We can always edit it out later.
Good point.
But, more things get gobbled later.
It'll ruin the continuity.
Good point.
The 100-year-old director chose S&M
as the theme for his very last film.
What's with that?
He said he wanted to make this film,
no matter what.
Good point.
What was his previous film?
"The Little Prince"
You don't think his taste
has changed a little too much?
A change in tastes?
There's a lot more wrong with this
than "taste"-
For starters,
that "Bondage" organization.
I have a simple question:
What the hell is it?
And why does an S&M club
have a CEO?
And I thought their base
was a merry-so-round-
Now it's "The Water Lounge".
Where'd the pool come from?
Where are they?
And the Queen of Voices?
I don't get it.
She's an impersonator?
How can she impersonate his wife?
They've never met.
The Director doesn't care?
I'm not sure about the finer details-
But the Director said
people wouldn't understand this film...
...until they're 100 years old.
Why release it then'?!
After all...
How many 100-year-olds are there?
And how many are there
who can make it...
...to a movie theater'?!
Good point.
Too much.
Please lock the windows and doors.
I'll explain later.
Don't open up till I get there.
Ifs getting late.
Drive safely.
Watch it, kid!
Little boy.
If you're not careful.
...we'll hit you.
Let's sing a happy song
We'll hold hands and dance
The duck says.
The goat says. ..
Let's sing and march
forever together
Today is so much fun
The CEO has arrived!
Ifs safe now.
In the end, masochist turns to sadist.
Submitting to a superior sadist,
he then opens the final door!
In the end, masochist turns to sadist.
Submitting to a superior sadist,
he then opens the final door!
And then
a sadist is conceived!