Raajneeti (2010) Movie Script

ls there a festival today?
l don't think so.
And yet, every year for 27 years..
..she comes on this day,
to feed the poor.
How could Bharati possibly forget!
Those were momentous times.
Her father Ramnath
Rai was the state's..
..Chief Minister for 14 years..
..but her generation's
heady romance with leftism..
..had turned Bharati into a rebel.
Together with her
charismatic mentor..
..the idealistic Bhaskar Sanyal, she
stormed her father's public rally.
lndian politics was going
through a historic churning..
but Ramnath Rai was
blissfully complacent.
Only his astute
political advisor and..
Bharati's foster-brother, Brij
Gopal had sensed the turning winds.
Comrade Bhaskar will try to
draw you into an argument.
Do not fall into his trap.
l've been a politician
for 20 years, Brij Gopal.
l'm not a fool.
Mr. Rai, we have no
intention of disturbing your rally.
But, if you permit me,
l'd like to ask you..
a few questions on
behalf of the people.
Hey! Hey! Stop him!
Let him come.
The public on whose behalf,
he wants to raise questions..
already knows the answers to them.
And those who have been
enticed by his red flag..
should also be aware of
Ramnath Rai's political sacrifices.
The issue isn't about the
colour of the flag, Mr. Rai.
Poverty, hunger and
unemployment do not discriminate..
..on the basis of colour.
These people are besieged by
their own empty stomachs, Mr. Rai.
Offer them two slices of bread..
make a couple of sweet promises..
and they will pick up
a flag of any colour!
What kind of poverty
is this, friends..
which, in spite of their
schemes funded by millions..
..billions of rupees..
just refuses to go away!
So as of this moment..!
- Sir will leave now.
..we absolve you of any
worry about our poverty
Enough is enough!
Come on, uncle.
Switch the mikes off.
As soon as the ballot is cast,
you throttle democracy.
Don't be under any illusion that..
Have you no shame at all!
Conspiring against your own father!
Do you know that your revered
leader is not worth even a penny!
What l do know is that for you
people's worth is measured..
..only with money.
Shut up!
There is no Comrade Bharati here.
Don't ever call here again!
What are you doing?
Cooking khichdi..
Will you have some?
- Here, allow me..
- lf you cook this..
Oh, come on.. Just let me..
lt's going to rain.
Let me drop you home.
- Are you crazy?
- lt's the first rain, sir.
l love the rain.
Why don't you join me?
Don't be childish..
you'll catch cold.
Come on. Get inside.
Listen to me.
You're crazy! You'll catch a cold..
Nothing will happen to me..
l take full
responsibility for what happened.
You devoted
yourself completely to me.
But, l turned out to be weak..
and ended up betraying your trust.
What is done is done.
But, l will never be
free of this guilt.
l'm going..
leaving everything.. and everyone.
l have obviously failed.
My penance awaits me.
Get it here, hurry up..
Where's my baby?
Mr. Brij Gopal took him away.
l just wanted to see him once..
Brij Gopal convinced the
grieving Bharati into..
..a marriage with Chandra Pratap.
Of course, it helped that he was
the younger brother of Bhanu Pratap..
the aggressive leader of the
fast-rising Rashtrawadi Party.
No one realised that Brij Gopal had
killed three birds with one stone.
Besides securing Bharati's future..
he also got Ramnath Rai's
doddering party a strong alliance.
And of course, Bhanu
Pratap's Rashtrawadi Party..
harvested a windfall of
much-needed election funds.
Wherever he is, he must be okay.
Just send him your blessings.
O Holy mother Ganga..
please look after my son..
wherever he may be.
- Sooraj! Sooraj!
Where are you going?
Sooraj is playing a kabaddi match.
First give me something to eat.
l have to go to the airport.
Who's coming?
The boss' younger son, Samar.
- ls it?
He is coming from the US,
for the big boss' birthday.
Sooraj is like the sun!
The new beacon of hope for..
..Dalits and the lower castes.
We need bright and strong
young leaders like him..
..who will take us forward.
Where's the car?
Get away! Move!
Have you lost it or what?
What if something
happened to the car?
He's our racing champion..
faster than the wind!
Champion, my foot!
The car's a mess!
Clean it now!
lt's time for the flight. Samar
is returning from the US today.
l don't wash rich people's cars.
They are our masters, son.
Our livelihood depends on them.
l am my own master, father.
And the truth is,
their livelihood depends on us.
lt's impossible to argue with you!
Stop haranguing my son, will you?
- l'll clean it.
- Give it to me, mother.
This is for you.
lt's time you got a new watch.
You never forget, young master.
Just because l live far away,
how can l forget you people!
We miss you, too.
lt's wonderful that you've come
in time for the Diwali festival.
Nothing like that.
l'm here only for
Uncle Bhanu's birthday.
My thesis is due next week.
This year too..
you won't be here for Diwali.
Who's that driving like a maniac?
Appears to be lndu..
Couldn't you have waited for me?
And how was l to
know that you were..
You should know!
D'you know..
l was driving at 200
kmph to reach you!
Who on earth gave you a license?
License to..
drive or..
to kiss you?
You're insane!
You're mad.
So l am.
Mad about you!
l missed you.
"l am expecting
some happy news too."
"Yes, it is."
"Some things make you cry..
..some times it is like a story."
"Yes, it is."
There you are!
- Hello aunty!
- Hello.
Here's your parcel
- safe and sound.
l'm off to the salon.
See you in the evening..
at Uncle Bhanu's party.
This girl is a tornado!
ln the last 30 years..
Bhanu and Chandra Pratap's
Rashtrawadi party had captured..
..power thrice in the state.
Bhanu Pratap's public
charisma and Chandra Pratap's..
..astute tactical skills..
had served them well indeed.
When their party
couldn't win the last election..
they installed Ramnath
Rai's party in the government..
by supporting it from outside.
Now, when they asked him to,
Ramnath Rai was reluctant to resign.
Bhanu Pratap's son Veerendra knew
exactly how to handle such problems.
All the dozen legislators
of his party are in the bus.
Take them to the guest
house and feed them.
Welcome, grandpa!
Grandpa, l've hijacked
your entire party.
You're a general without an army!
What's the use of
tilting at windmills now?
Veerendra, show some respect.
Well.. let him
respectfully retire then!
Father-in-law, come.
Let's go inside and talk.
lt's an outrage the way you are..
trying to topple my government!
Only with your blessings, of course.
Look here..
this time my party bosses
will insist on 100 seats.
You can't score even 10 seats..
Aiming for a century!
Keep your national
party in Delhi. Here we..
Veeru, enough.
Come, father-in-law.
You never call me!
lt's only through your Uncle
Brij that l get news of you.
Mother, it's the time
difference between here and America.
Uncle Brij is a nocturnal bird.
lt's easier to talk with him.
Already pouncing on mom's parathas!
You've become thin! Hasn't he, mom?
Let him be.. Come, eat.
No, l've to go to the Party HQ.
l just came to see him.
While Veerendra believed
himself to be the heir..
..to the political throne..
Prithvi was jockeying
for the same position.
Hence, it was imperative
that his supporters get..
..nominated for these elections.
Create so much publicity that the
party is forced to nominate them.
We'll fight to get that.
We'll create a chaos
in the party high court.
We'll show them your power, Prithvi.
Let me go!
They're trying to stop me!
l told them l had to talk to you.
We're in a meeting. Please wait.
So.. that's it then.
Yes, sir.
Move then. lt's time for the party.
Okay, sir.
Jagat.. call for my car, too.
- Okay, sir.
You seem to have forgotten me, sir.
There's going to be a
fresh election, l hear.
Won't you let a
woman volunteer contest?
l can win, sir. Just let..
Let me contest from Sitapur.
l'll definitely win.
l grew up there.
l was the students' union president.
Sir, please don't
forget me this time.
The Sitapur ticket..
That's the bloody
problem with politics.
Everyone treats it
like public transport.
Just flag it down..
and mount it!
l've worked very hard, sir.
And will continue to do so.
Let me.
You handled grandpa Rai
like a seasoned politician.
Then, why don't you reward your son?
Everything belongs to him anyway.
Father, let me select
the election candidates.
That's your uncle's prerogative.
That's why Prithvi..
But l won't let it go on like this.
So glad you're here.
lt's your birthday, Uncle.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- How are you? - Hello.
Mr. Sakseria..
Hello, uncle.
Bless you.
- Hello.
Just got his tax problems
sorted out by the Chief Minister.
You never forget, Rajkumar..
- and now you'll say..
- Happy Birthday to you, sir.
Just saying happy birthday won't do.
Always at your service.
Have l ever disappointed you?
Please be seated.. quiet..
After winning three elections..
when the electorate rejected us..
in the last election..
we accepted their
decision with humility.
And we helped..
Mr. Ramnath Rai form a
coalition government..
supporting it from outside.
But, as you know..
in the last 18 months..
this government has
revealed it's true face.
Corruption has reached its zenith..
and the people are in agony.
We can't bear to see the
common man's pain any longer.
So, we have decided..
to withdraw our support for Mr.
Rai's coalition government.
Long live Rashtrawadi!
The people know..
that we aren't responsible..
for this political turmoil.
- Brother! - Father! - Brother!
Call the hospital! Emergency..
Get the car!
Just as l handed in
the resignation, l heard.
- At least, if l hadn't resigned..
- Father-in-law..
lncrease the pressure.
Mr. Brij Gopal..
Blood pressure.
- Diastolic 140.
l came from
Benaras only to see you..
and here l hear about this crisis.
lt's serious, Uncle..
l'll see.
Blood pressure.
While the heart has been revived..
there's no movement in the body.
So, is he paralysed?
We'll have to wait for
the ECG reports for that.
The government has fallen and
fresh elections are certain.
But the leader of the
state's largest political party..
is fighting for his life.
- Without party
president Bhanu Pratap..
- what does the future hold
for the Rashtrawadi Party?
- State Hospital.
Aditi Priya. Star News.
Go ahead.
Before they try to pull a fast one..
we should take control of the party.
We support you.
l'll see you all
at the party office.
Yes, Mr. Bawal.
Under no circumstances
should that meeting happen.
Book the entire
lntercontinental Hotel.
Got it?
round up every party member
and take them to the hotel.
These impatient youngsters
will destroy everything.
Now, more than ever, the
party needs your guidance.
Turn around. Father has
regained consciousness.
As soon as he became conscious,
he called for everybody.
Yes, brother..
- The..
ln these circumstances, the party..
Brother, please, we'll talk later..
- What?
- take charge of.. the party..
as it's working president.
What's the need for this, father?
and Prithvi..
will both be general secretaries.
Come on..
What have you done, father!
Take it back! Please..
This is a humiliation for me..
At least, make me the
joint working president..
Veerendra.. you're family!
You should look beyond such things.
Everything will finish, then..
Go back..
back to America..
- Long live Prithvi!
- Long live the General Secretary!
- Long live Prithvi!
- Long live the General Secretary!
- Long live Prithvi!
- Long live the General Secretary!
Miss you.
l want us to discuss
each candidate thoroughly.
l have already made the list.
Just approve it!
Veerendra, our party
follows a democratic process.
Each and every
recommendation is discussed.
Will you be kind enough to tell us,
which democratic process..
was followed to make you
the working president?
the very president by whose grace..
you're adorning that chair..
has seen this list.
Then, surely you have
his approval in writing.
This list will prevail!
Discuss all you want.
How come you've put your
name against Madhopur?
Mr. Bhanu Pratap has
always contested from Madhopur.
And in father's absence,
the seat is rightfully..
No claim for Madhopur
will be entertained.
lt is reserved for
the party president.
And currently,
that is Chandra Pratap.
Only the party president
should contest from Madhopur.
Have you even fought a
municipal election..
that you're staking
your claim to Madhopur?!
l will never let
your dream come true..
Honourable Working President!
- Long live Prithvi!
He's here! The leader is here!
He's come to Azad Nagar.
We all welcome him here.
The people of Azad Nagar whole
heartedly welcome the leader.
- Long live Prithvi!
Everyone knows that..
30 years ago..
our party reclaimed this land from
the government and their agents..
and established Azad Nagar!
My heart beats for..
the poor and the lower castes..
Who is this?
Our driver's son
- Sooraj.
Also a kabaddi champion.
This isn't a dance party.
Tell them to stop.
l want that the
candidate for Azad Nagar..
should be educated, able and..
from amongst you.
Sooraj is our leader!
Yeah.. okay.. okay..
The Rashtrawadi Party
candidate for Azad Nagar will be..
Jeevan Kumar!
Jeevan Kumar may
belong to our caste..
but that doesn't
necessarily make him one of us.
He knows nothing about Azad Nagar.
He's never set foot
in our dirty lanes..
and nor will he, once
the elections are over.
Excuse me?
Mr. General Secretary..
our candidate will be one of us!
Not an outsider.
This isn't a kabaddi match.
l am speaking of the
Legislative Assembly election.
And the Rashtrawadi
candidate will definitely be..
Jeevan Kumar.
- We protest!
- We don't want outsiders!
- We protest!
We don't want outsiders!
Long live Sooraj!
Long live!
- Prithvi!
Try to understand.
You're not aware that
Jeevan Kumar's grandfather..
was a minister in
the Central government.
That makes it his birthright,
does it?
What does he know about us?!
Educated abroad..
owns mansions..
he owns four Mercedes cars of
the kind that you chauffeur, dad!
He wouldn't last a day here!
How is he one of us!
Enough is enough!
lt's do or die this time.
What is it that you people want?
Whose job is it to select the
candidate - yours or the party's?
We'll choose our own candidate!
You'll rebel against the party?
Without the party,
you won't garner five votes.
lnstead, you'll end up
dividing the lower caste votes.
So what do you suggest?
That we continue to suck up..
to these politicians..
while they plant
their leaders on us?
lt isn't like that, son.
The party cares for us.
They treat us like equals.
Look, Samar came just for a day..
but he got me a new watch.
- a watch?
- Yes.
So that you report to work on time.
That's the problem with you guys.
You've barely learnt to walk,
but want to fly!
You guys are history!
We generate the power.
Then why should we
hand them the switch?
From now on, no outside
candidates allowed in Azad Nagar!
- Who ls our leader?
- Sooraj, Sooraj.
- Victory to Sooraj!
- Long live Sooraj!
Do you know me?
You're a big man.
How is a nobody like me
supposed to know you, Mr. Babulal?
l like your attitude.
But, these speeches and
stunts will get you nowhere.
Even if you win the election
as an independent.. big deal!
lnstead the party will
punish Azad Nagar for its defeat.
lf you really want to change
anything, join the party..
and fight as its candidate.
Come on!
Get down.
You know, l'm going to
contest the elections this time.
And you'll see, l'll become
the youngest woman minister ever.
- Really?
- Of course!
And when you come the next time..
l'll come to receive you in a
car with a flashing red light.
- Wow!
Such a grand lunch for
one measly vote of mine?
For your vote?!
Can't you be a little romantic?
- With you?
- No..
with this waiter!
Look here, don't ruin my mood.
l want to have a serious chat.
That's very serious.
Stop, stop!
Not just like that.
First propose.
Let's drink to your
flashing red light.
- Red light?
- Yes.
When you become a minister..
you will have a car with a
flashing red light, won't you?
When are we getting married?
Why do you look so shocked?
l didn't quite understand.
You'll understand alright when
the priest recites the vows..
and l make you take 17
rounds of the sacred fire..
Stop, stop!
l know how you feel about me.
But my feelings aren't
the same for you, lndu.
l mean, you're an amazing girl.
So beautiful..
full of life.. honest..
just lovely, but..
You can't love me!
Do you know this is the first
time you've complimented me?
Beautiful, amazing..
full of life..
You can say all this but..
you can't utter three words..
l love you.
And here l am..
madly in love with you..
since childhood.
l'm sorry.
l won't be able to forgive myself.
Have you never loved me?
We're just too different, lndu.
Long live Rashtrawadi!
l have a simple question
for the Working President:
On what basis were
the candidates chosen?
Answer this first: On what basis..
did you announce your
name from the Madhopur seat?
Prithvi Pratap.
you're well aware that the
core committee discusses..
every candidature
before taking any decision.
l want to say something.
What the hell are you doing here?
My name is Sooraj.
l'm from Azad Nagar.
Yeah.. yeah.. The kabaddi champ!
- But, what Are you doing here?
l want a ticket to
contest the election.
Really now!
We're running a charity fete here!
You want a ticket, do you?
Didn't you hear me..
when you were busy dancing around?
Our party's candidate for
Azad Nagar is Jeevan Kumar.
Got that?
Get out now!
l had heard you.
But perhaps, you could
neither hear nor see that..
the people of Azad Nagar
rejected your candidate instantly.
l'm the leader of the lower castes..
and they will support only me.
What did you say!
Who made you our leader?
We sweated blood for the party..
but suddenly you
become the leader, is it?
Everyone knows where..
the fruits of your sweat are hidden.
We'll make you account
for that too one day!
For now, l only want a
ticket to contest from Azad Nagar.
You'll take us to task, will you?
l'll show you.
Son, what are you doing!
ls this the way to speak here?
Please, Sirs..
l apologise on his behalf.
- Come..
- Father, please..
Keep quiet now. Enough!
- Get him out of here!
- Throw him out!
Take him away.
- He thinks He can
contest an election.
Learn to drive instead
of dreaming of leadership.
- Come on.
He isn't going anywhere!
- He stays here.
- here? Meaning?
lt's clear, Prithviraj.
Sooraj happens to be a
member of the core committee.
- No one can throw him out.
- What is this nonsense!
Who made him a member?
l did.
The secretary of the
backward and minority cell.
- But, Mr. Veerendra..
- Please read the constitution.
As General Secretary,
l have the right to..
nominate three members.
Excuse me.
Come, Sooraj.
Please place a chair
for him beside mine.
Please sit.
Respected Mr. Working President..
please caution Mr. Prithviraj that..
without the approval
of the core committee..
he shouldn't go around
announcing candidates.
And l propose..
that instead of Jeevan Kumar..
the party
candidate from Azad Nagar..
should be Sooraj Kumar.
Adjourned the meeting for now.
The new proposals will have
to be included in the agenda.
Hence, this meeting is
adjourned until further notice.
Take this.
l'm feeling
handicapped without Bhanu.
lt's becoming very
hard to rein in Veerendra.
He staked his claim to
Madhopur again today.
So? Let him contest.
C'mon, Uncle.. You know
that Madhopur is reserved..
..for the party president.
lf he wins from there,
he'll create havoc.
He can even lose.
Are you aware that
it is our safest seat?
Even if we nominate a dog
from there, it will win.
Brother, if the party can
make you win the election..
it can also make sure you lose.
Sure. But losing Madhopur
isn't good for the party.
lf he loses from there,
it'll finish his political career.
Moreover, you'll get sympathy
for giving up the seat.
That makes sense.
But your problem isn't Veerendra.
lt is Sooraj!
He has created a serious situation.
lf we give him Azad Nagar,
it boosts Veerendra's position.
But, if we don't,
we antagonise the lower castes.
l don't know what to do.
We'll talk in one voice.
- Sooraj, Mr. Brij Gopal is here.
Brij Gopal?
How are you all?
- Okay, fine.
Been a while since
l had a cup of your tea.
How nice! Mr. Batukeshwar, you too?
Looks like all the Dalits are here!
Looks like a massive convention.
Since elections are upon us..
we need to look at
all possibilities.
Of course, of course. After all,
this is the age of the youth.
Please sit..
No matter what,
we will never leave the party.
The party is yours anyway.
As far as
elections go, you're right.
But, what about after that?
l know that you
people are upset about..
..the selection of your candidate.
We have decided..
that not just for Azad Nagar,
but every lower caste area..
we only want local candidates.
That is up to the party.
Now that you're in
the core committee..
raise this issue there.
For now, the party president
has sent me to inform you that..
the candidate for Azad Nagar
will be from among you.
God bless you, Mr. Brij Gopal.
As long as you are in the party..
there will be no injustice.
Bless you, Sir..
for encouraging a poor man's son.
Sooraj will not disappoint you.
Victory to Sooraj!
Victory to Sooraj!
The party has decided that
the candidate from Azad Nagar..
will be the party's loyal supporter,
and your beloved..
Ram Charittar!
Democracy is alive
and well in our party.
Sir, this is a mistake.
The candidate is not me.
lt's my son, Sooraj.
Ram Charittar, every father
wants his son to move ahead.
But he is still inexperienced.
And is there anyone here who is..
more honest and
hardworking than you?
Does anyone have an objection,
Tell me, Sooraj.. Do you object
to your father's candidature?
Why don't you people say something?
how can l be a candidate?
l'm a mere servant of your family.
Now, you are a
servant of the people.
Sir, please..
The decision to nominate
my father was the right one.
ln politics, there are no
right or wrong decisions.
Their purpose is merely to
achieve a desired result.
Whatever that might be.
l shall remember that.
Let's go.
l'm going to Beesanpur temple..
to pray for your nomination.
But, why today?
Because it's your day off.
Father's on a long vacation now.
He will no longer be a chauffeur.
l have decided.
You're not going to
serve that family.
Take the car to Beesanpur.
We'll take the bus, son.
The first list of candidates.
- Hello, sir.
You proposed 55 names.
Of those, he cleared only 12!
And, my request for funds?
He refused to clear them.
He will pay for this!
Bad times are here.
We conducted a
survey in every district.
78% of the voters..
connect with Chandra Pratap.
He is the face of our party.
Chief Minister designate!
Why not?
The party will decide that. Not you!
- Shut up.
- No, you be quiet!
This is the party office,
not your home.
Respect the decorum of this office.
So, you'll teach me decorum,
will you?
Mr. Backward and
Minority Cell Secretary..
The party has decided.
He will be the Chief Minister!
lf you have a problem with that..
The public recognises
only one face..
only one voice..
that of Bhanu Pratap.
And you all know who..
his rightful successor is.
The party should not
fail to recognise that.
your father has himself
approved of this decision.
When did father decide this?
This morning.
Every decision of this party
is democratic. You know that!
Of course!
l know.. who is behind all this.
How only 12 of my
55 candidates are approved.
How all my demands for
funds are consistently denied.
Mr. Working President..
this decision is not
good for the party.
The people will reject it!
Young man,
now l call the shots here.
Learn to accept that fact.
Better fall in line or
fall by the wayside.
Fall in line?!
Wow, Mr. Working President!
Enough, Veerendra Pratap!
Final warning.
The same constitution
that gives you the right..
to appoint him a member..
also grants me the right..
to suspend you from the party.
Veerendra is the general
secretary of the party.
How can you..
So now, you'll interfere, will you?
l've been watching..
the kind of games that
some people are playing.
Looks like some
players will have to be..
rested during this
election tournament.
Fall in line!
Now l have to stand in line, eh?
All my life, l doled out alms..
now l have to
stand in line and beg?!
My father built this party..
and he is trying to
kick me out of it?
l'll break it!
l will break this party..
and form a new one.
Do not make that mistake.
That is what they want.
This party is yours.
They must leave, not you!
How will you throw them out?
See this poster?
This man will become
the Chief Minister!
l'll change the poster.
- Mr. Chandra Pratap ls here.
You're off already, son?
Yes, it is okay, father.
Why are you so concerned?
As if you've had any time for him!
You know how things have been..
There's time still.
Put Samar's luggage in my car.
- Okay, sir.
- l'll drop him.
- You?
Papa, you don't have to do this.
This time l really didn't
get to see you properly.
Everything okay there?
Your PhD?
l'm done with the research.
The presentation is next week.
- Next week?
- Yes, papa.
l'm done with my PhD.
So, now we'll be calling you
Dr. Samar Pratap!
Tell me the title of your thesis
again. l always seem to forget..
The Sub-textual Emotional Violence
of 19th Century Victorian Poetry.
Sounds so impressive.
What next?
There's an offer to teach.
So you aren't coming back?
Well.. l suppose that's fine too.
You'll be the first
teacher in our family.
Papa, please.. you should go now.
This security thing is too much.
l'll go.
- Let me see you in..
- No papa. please..
You're blocking the traffic also.
Okay, son.
Come, give me a hug.
God knows when l'll see you again.
These elections..
Love you, son.
What is it, Babulal?
Mr. Bhanu's condition
has suddenly worsened.
We're going to the hospital.
Have the doctor call me.
Take me to the hospital!
"My beloved isn't speaking to me."
"Doors of the heart."
What were you thinking?
l'm not some tragedy queen.
l'll abduct you from across the
universe, if that's what it takes.
New profession?
"My beloved isn't speaking to me."
l can't live without you.
l love you.
lndu, l've to go.
Take care.
Find out what's going on!
- Security, come in.
Get them to move.
Clear the road..
Another shocking setback to
the state's most powerful family.
According to initial reports..
The working president of
the Rashtrawadi party..
- Mr. Chandra Pratap..
- was fatally attacked
in a shocking incident.
Reports state that this attack..
took place on Ratanpur road on the
way to the city from the airport.
Mr. Chandra Pratap was in his
car when the attack took place.
lt seems that he was shot.
As a result of the incident
traffic is blocked for miles.
- there ls No information
about his condition.
Mr. Brij Gopal for you..
Uncle! How's papa?
They've taken him to the hospital.
l'll pick you up at the airport.
Get the cars!
That will take time,
l'll come by cab..
Just do as l say!
Those who have done this,
know that you're at the airport.
You just stay there!
Disconnect the cable TV..
Security on red alert.
My sister shouldn't know of this.
- Okay.
Stop all cars outside the gate!
Let's go.
- Okay, sir.
Where the hell was the security?
What about the police?
lt's a single bullet in the throat.
He's very critical.
Has lost a lot of blood.
We're trying to stop it.
Where is the hospital security?
l have no idea, sir.
- Doctor!
- Call the police chief!
You guys, secure this
area from all sides.
Get more people.
Move it!
- What happened?
- He's not answering!
Call his deputy then.
Okay, sir.
- Where the hell is papa's security!
Who sent this son of a bitch!
Check their firearm licenses.
Back from the whorehouse, Sharma?
Man the gates!
We don't need cops here.
You heard what l said?
Let the police do it's job,
Mr. Prithviraj..
or else..
- Or else?
What will you do?
Why have you come now anyway?
Arrest the bastard!
Drag him away!
Arrest me, will you?
You bloody pimp!
You scoundrel!
Let go! l'll chop you into pieces.
You dare to arrest me, you beggar!
What are you doing?
Now do you remember your duty?
Sir, you can't do this! - B negative
blood - we just don't have any!
Come on, arrest me!
- What are you doing?
Come on, arrest me!
Sir, you cannot do this!
Back off!
l can do anything.
Arrest him too!
You will pay for this! !
You hit my brother!
l'll chop you into pieces.
Get up!
- SP Sharma!
Apologise to him.
- You're dead!
l'll kill you.
Hey, you!
Scissors, fast.
Pass the forceps.
Please bring me a glass of water.
Heart rate?
Pass the mop.. mop.
l've asked for a CBl inquiry.
The culprit won't get away!
Given these circumstances,
l'll have to take charge of the party.
l need your approval.
Down with police autocracy!
Free Prithvi!
lf the killer isn't caught,
we'll burn the city down!
Our people are on the job too.
How is mom?
She's putting up a brave front,
but from within she..
SP Sharma himself filed the report.
He's charged you under
sections 353, 337 and 307.
But you'll get bail.
l've stated in my report..
Mr. Prithvi had no weapons.
That's my only regret.
- lf l had a gun l would've..
- Prithvi!
No one touches SP Sharma.
l'll deal with him myself.
You've made all my dreams
come true, friend.
You changed the poster!
l'm screwed, sir.
Now, they believe l was involved
even in your uncle's murder.
lf he gets bail..
he'll kill me.
You didn't charge him appropriately.
You should've used
sections 376 and 341.
He would've been in your custody.
Section 376?
- That's a rape charge.
- Correct.
So tell me..
where should we
lodge the rape complaint?
lsn't she..
A totally genuine case, SP.
Prithvi promised to
make her a candidate..
and for three years he
sexually exploited her.
lt's a serious charge.
What if she backs out?
l've been through hell.
Finally, l'm in safe hands now.
l will get an election ticket here.
There's no question of backing out.
- there seems to be No end to the
misery of the Rashtrawadi Party.
ln a sensational twist..
Prithviraj, who has already
been charged for assaulting..
..a police officer,
has now been accused of
raping a party worker.
Denied bail, he's been remanded
to police custody for 15 days.
l deny every charge
levelled against Prithvi.
We shall approach the
high court for his bail.
Our supreme leader, Bhanu Pratap
is still fighting for his life.
First Chandra Pratap, and now this.
- We Are being attacked repeatedly.
- And on the pretext of
investigating, the inept..
..government ls doing nothing.
- But the people demand answers.
- Victory to Rashtrawadi!
- Victory to Veerendra Pratap!
You want me to sign this?
Have you lost it?
- You don't have a choice.
- Okay.
Go home and take care of mom.
l can deal with these people.
But that's only if you get out.
Your bail application was denied.
Since it is a rape charge..
women's organisations and
the media are up in arms.
But, how will signing this help?
Leave that to me, brother.
Trust me.
l'll get you out of here.
They'll pay for this heavily.
Everyone of them!
l've made a big mistake, Sir.
Am appealing to your kindness.
l am younger than you..
so deserve forgiveness.
Hey Sharma!
Have you gone mad?
That's my brother, my uncle.
Come, Uncle Brij.
l don't why all this is happening.
Looks like someone
cast an evil eye on us.
l'm sorry that you're
having to face this.
But don't you worry.
l will take care of everything.
The party..
as well as the family.
That's Sooraj.. he's like family.
How is Aunt? Please sit.
l'm taking mom to New York.
The right decision. Absolutely!
Don't worry about Prithvi.
l'll move heaven and
earth to get him bail.
Without him this election.. - My
brother won't contest the election.
l'm taking him along too.
He's resigned from the party post.
He won't return from New York.
- You mean.. he's never coming back?
- Never!
The party is all yours.
Just one condition.
All charges against
him should be dropped.
Can be done.
l'll manage the
investigation report.
One more thing.
After three days is
his court hearing.
Until then, if he..
or any member of my family..
is hurt in a mishap, of any kind..
l'll call this deal off.
Nothing of that sort will happen.
Martyr's day, indeed!
What a farce!
All this pomp.. decorations..
huge photographs..
What was the need for all this?
Bothering you, is it?
lf you wish,
we can put up yours too.
Seems the cops didn't
look after you well enough.
Brother, please.. not now.
Enough of this circus, Samar.
Your boat has capsized.
Time to exit the scene now..
for your own good.
What is good for us,
and what isn't..
will be our decision now, Veeru.
And as soon as you step out..
you'll know the
public's decision too.
Come on.
- Chandra Pratap!
- you are immortal..
Orchestrate as many
slogans as you wish!
After the funeral..
a long and dark exile awaits you!
They aren't going anywhere.
They never intended to.
So Samar..?
Trusting him was a big mistake.
l can't..
accept this.
Father, you have to
expel Prithvi from the party.
He's a traitor.
He'll destroy the party from within.
Do this for your son.
lf l expel Prithvi..
it will trigger a..
wave of public sympathy..
for him.
But father, tolerating him
is just impossible for me!
Both father and son
treated me like dirt.
l hate that man.
this is politics.
Here, keep your enemies..
close to you.
The real enemy isn't Prithvi.
lt's Samar!
This was expected.
Bhanu Pratap is a past
master of this game.
He knows that
accepting the resignation..
would've made Prithvi a martyr.
Have you seen this?
Veerendra has organized a
mammoth rally in Madhopur.
He'll announce his Chief
Ministerial nomination.
Hello, sir.
The iron is hot.
- Here at the
Rashtrawadi Party's rally, where..
- even as Veerendra
Pratap's helicopter landed..
- on the other side,
Prithvi Pratap, Samar Pratap..
..and Brij Gopal's
convoy reached the stage.
- the crowd ls confused even as..
- the tableau on the
stage becomes more dramatic.
- From the Kothra ground, Madhopur,
this ls Malti Joshi, Star News.
Please use the sofas down there.
Today, only family
members on the stage.
Please do cooperate..
This is too much.
l'll show them their status today.
Brother Veeru, don't act in haste.
But Sooraj, they..
You know you can end
their political career.
You come this way. Come on.
What's the meaning of
this outrage, Uncle?
ln politics, it's called
hijack in broad daylight.
What do you mean?
- Take care of yourselves.
Long live Prithvi Pratap!
Long live!
- Prithvi!
My name is..
Samar Pratap.
l'm the youngest..
and l humbly greet you all.
You've resigned from
the party, Prithvi!
How will you fight now?
Throw it in the dustbin, Veerendra.
lf you have the guts,
throw me out in front of them.
- Your wish will come true, Prithvi.
l've always been kept
away from politics..
and nor am l here to
talk politics today.
l only want to know one thing:
My father, Chandra Pratap
gave his life for you..
at his elder brother's command.
Does that martyrdom hold
any value for you? Or not?
l only want to know one thing:
While his father lay dying..
the police falsely accused Prithvi
and physically dragged him away.
Does his struggle
mean nothing to you?
- Prithvi, please fight on..
We are with you!
There is no court higher
than the people's court.
And the people of Madhopur..
have always done justice!
This is the hour
of destiny, friends!
ln these trying times..
Rashtrawadi party needs
a strong and able leader.
Someone who cares about the poor..
who fights for their dignity..
and who will not hesitate to
sacrifice his life for them!
And you know very well who that is.
And to strengthen his resolve..
we have with us..
our brother, Veerendra Pratap..
Dalit leader, Sooraj Kumar..
and our beloved, Brij Gopal.
Elders, brothers, sisters, friends..
that leader is your very own..
Prithvi Pratap!
- Victory to Prithvi Pratap!
Long live Rashtrawadi Party!
To preserve..
the integrity of the party..
l am pained to declare..
that Prithvi Pratap..
is hereby..
from the Rashtrawadi Party.
Sir, please..
answer to our question.
lt went exactly the
way you had planned.
Long live!
- Prithvi!
By dismissing me from my own party,
they believe that..
l have become homeless and orphaned.
They're under a huge illusion.
Even if they expel
me from the party..
how can they remove
me from your hearts!
My home is in your hearts..
and l'm not leaving that!
Long live!
- Prithvi!
lt was as if the entire town
had turned up for my meeting!
The people are with us.
The caste-wise
combination of every constituency..
the local issues..
the candidates' election history..
it's all here.
The list of the top three
candidates from every constituency.
Samar, we have only nine days..
to file nominations..
and our party doesn't
even have a name yet.
l know, brother.
Remember, you had formed
an organisation in college?
- Right away.
That's the name of your party.
You're a youth symbol..
and that will be your appeal.
We respect you a lot.
But you are well aware that our
community has always suffered.
l know that, Arif.
But times have changed.
You can definitely trust us.
We do trust you, Brij sir but..
you know that these
political issues are very delicate.
We won't change our loyalty.
l can understand.
We shall pray for you.
- Thank you.
Uncle their support is crucial.
33% of the voters in the 132
constituencies are Muslims.
They vote in a group and
we can't bribe their vote.
Well then.. we'll need to
strengthen our position.
And as that happens,
the Muslims will support us.
Uncle, we also need to
gain the support of..
..the small regional parties.
Talks are underway, but they
are asking for a huge price.
Take it.
Here is the confirmation.
What's this?
We have removed
Prithvi's name from..
every single bank
account of the party.
Great! Let him thrash
about for every penny.
Babulal, the businessmen?
l've instructed all of them.
Let him fight the
election as a beggar!
Long live!
- Prithvi!
We need a crowd of 300,000.
You're asking for thousands,
but offering peanuts for that.
l'll.. make sure
you get the balance.
My dear sir, to organise crowds,
one needs advance cash. Not credit.
Don't waste my time.
l'll.. get it done.
You've always supported us.
We've already given
to the party fund.
That party doesn't exist.
l'm talking about Prithvi Pratap.
After all, he will be
your next Chief Minister.
May your words come true!
We're always there for you.
But times are tough.
Now, that you've come personally..
please accept this offering.
Looks like a couple of
zeros have been missed out.
l brought receipts for 50 million..
while you are
offering half a million.
l respect your status.
Hence, l can't accept this.
l'm leaving the
receipts here, though.
Thank you.
- Looks like, we've suddenly
become political outcasts.
l've spoken with Sakseria.
l'm going to see him.
l don't think in these
conditions he'll bet on Prithvi.
- Your father had done a
lot for him. Let's see.
- l'll visit your
father today itself.
Don't hesitate to call
for absolutely anything.
For now, only what l've asked for.
- Of course! 500 million
will reach you by this evening.
Don't worry.
- l shall leave now.
Mr. Brij Gopal!
- Hello.
Please, come in.
- No.. just came to say hello.
How is lndu?
She's well.. very well.
Okay then..
Mr. Samar is in the office.
Should l inform him?
l'm here to meet Aunty.
Why don't you get married to Samar?
Then you can be with me, always.
l don't need to
marry anyone for that.
Samar, have you fought with lndu?
lt's nothing. l'm fine.
May l say something?
l've been a fool, lndu.
What are you trying to say?
Just this..
that not only does my mother,
but even l like you.
You're lying!
l didn't know then.
l was confused.
l'm sorry.
Mom, l accept.
Please speak with her dad.
if this is a joke, l'll hammer you.
Look at that!
Threats of violence, already?
Mom, do ask for an
ambulance as dowry.
Who knows when l'll have
to go to the hospital.
"The love is raining.
The color is all over."
"The anklet is colored,
the drape is colored.
"l am colored in your love."
"My heart is swaying."
"lt keeps swinging."
"Come to me beloved.
l don't feel good without you."
"The love is raining."
"The color is all over."
Phenomenal response to Prithvi!
His media management
is excellent, fantastic.
Your younger son, Samar..
is a gem.
l'm here to ask something for him.
anything, of course!
Thank you.
l'm very fond of lndu.
And l'm sure,
she'll keep Samar happy.
l've been looking
forward to this day.
And you know what..
Samar will make an
excellent Chief Minister.
No, it is Prithvi who'll be the CM.
Samar is just helping him.
That's fine too.
After all, Prithvi is the leader.
Then, we should let Samar be.
Let lndu marry Prithvi.
How can you say that!
That's impossible.
Moreover, lndu loves Samar.
You don't worry about lndu.
My choice will be her choice.
See, if l am to finance a party,
then obviously l will insist..
that my daughter should
marry the CM designate.
And in either case,
she will come to your family.
Let's go.
Have you gone mad?
Stop talking nonsense.
How can you even
imagine that l'll marry lndu!
Samar is right, Prithvi.
We don't have a choice.
Of course we do!
l've decided.
Samar will become the CM.
So what if l don't get
to sit on that chair?
My brother will!
- Wait a minute.
You think only you
can make sacrifices?
And l can't?
l don't care for a position
that takes your happiness away.
my happiness lies only
in making you the CM.
And, you want to know the truth?
lndu knows that l don't love her.
Then why did you send the proposal?
Because of you.
Only Sakseria can
fund your election.
To hell with his money!
You're my younger brother.
- We'll do it on our own.
- That is no longer an option.
lf we don't accept his support,
he'll offer it to Veerendra.
And marry lndu to him.
lndu is a very nice girl.
She'll learn to love you.
And l know that..
you will look after her well.
How can you do this!
Am l only a business proposal
for you?
Just another source of income.
You're upset now.
We'll talk about this later.
Our list..
- Why are you doing this to me?
Come.. let's go to the other room.
Let me handle this, brother.
You say you don't love me.. fine!
Don't want to marry me.. don't!
But what right do you
have to meddle in my life?
You're forgetting that it was l
who asked for your hand in marriage.
So what if my father spoke nonsense?
l still love you!
l have forsaken his house..
his wealth..
l'll go with you
wherever you take me.
l can't marry anyone else.
l can't live without you.
ln these circumstances
l can't marry you.
Please, Samar.. Don't say that!
Take back your decision.
l can't take a chance with
my brother's political career.
And my life?
You have no problem destroying it!
l am not destroying your life, lndu.
l'm trying to protect it.
You know that if we
reject Prithvi's proposal..
your father will marry
you off to Veerendra.
Please try to understand, lndu.
Whatever you may think of Prithvi..
l know he will love you a lot.
And then mom's here too.
You will be very happy here.
This is how it's always been, child.
We are the ones who're
always expected to compromise.
Hello. Hello.
We are indeed
honoured by your presence.
Come, sir..
- Hello. - God bless you.
Mr. Sakseria, the super
Chief Minister is here.
Please do introduce me.
- Hello.
My father has sent this..
for the bride.
Thanks for coming.
Do you seriously believe..
that by selling your
brother you can win the election?
Looks like you're nervous.
Let Sakseria stake as
much loot as he wants..
you brother will still fall flat.
The fear of defeat is
clearly visible on your face.
Uncle, please look after him.
Enjoy the evening.
Overconfident, eh?
Mr. Sooraj,
an exclusive byte, please.
What can l say about myself?
Speak to the people.
Some personal questions, please.
You must be joking.
There's nothing worth
hiding in a poor person's life.
My life is an open book.
However, l can point you
in an interesting direction.
What do you mean?
Thank you, sir.
Hello. Please be seated.
Sir, how's your campaign doing?
ln just 7 days, we've confirmed
200 plus candidates.
And it's obvious that
the people are with us.
lt seems that your entire campaign
is funded by Rajkumar Sakseria.
See, ours in a new party.
Whoever has wanted to help..
How much dowry did
you collect from him?
Look here..
let's stick to
election-related questions.
Well, this question
is on everyone's lips.
Even though lndu was
openly seeing your brother..
how come she got married to you?
This is my personal
and family matter.
Then, at least tell us..
about the compromises
you've made in this marriage.
Are you absolutely sure that..
while you are busy campaigning..
your wife isn't with your brother?
Hey! Shut up!
Shut up!
- What's the meaning of this?
Stop this. Stop this at once!
- What are you doing?
You asked..
a very filthy question.
You will pay for this! Shut this.
Stop it! Hello.
- Shut this down!
- Prithvi Pratap had
already been charged with..
- assaulting a police officer
And of raping a woman party worker.
- Shut this! Shut this down!
Sir.. one more thing, please.
Mr. Sooraj..
what do you have to say about
Mr. Prithvi Pratap's recent outburst?
My sympathies are with him.
His marriage itself
was a huge compromise.
Hence, it isn't surprising for
him to lose his mental balance.
And it's obvious that he can't
cope with the stress of elections.
He needs to rest.
This for Samar.
- l.. l'll take this.
Guess who this is!
- Who?
You didn't tell me she was coming!
How could l - she called me
at 3 A.M. from the airport.
Look Sarah..
The two of you look
very nice together.
She obviously loves you a lot.
But maybe she doesn't know..
that you can't love anyone.
lndu, please listen to me..
- No, you listen to me!
You only know how to use people.
l don't even recognise this Samar.
The darkness that
l see in your heart!
l'm actually grateful to my father..
for rejecting your proposal.
Because whatever
your brother may be..
he has a pure heart.
You won't understand this, lndu.
This much l do understand, Samar.
That we don't exploit those..
..who love us.
Sarah may not be able to bear it.
The election campaign of the
Rashtravadi party has gone up.
The campaigning was at its
full flow at the district Beerpur.
There were huge rallies in
several areas. The new..
..president of the party Virendra
Pratap and the general secretary..
..Suraj Kumar delivered
speech too. lf the presence of
..the voters is taken into
consideration than this campaign..
..has been thriving. Media
has already made Suraj Kumar..
..a hero of the backward class.
The pace with which he has..
..evolved in politics and with his
gift of gab he has already become..
..a leader amongst the backward
class and would be supported by them.
There is no cause for worry here.
Every single person
is rooting for you.
On the one hand,
you speak of our old alliance..
and yet, you are being
secretive about seat-sharing.
What am l supposed to
tell the High Command?
Bhanu, l'll have to
declare the seats today.
lf you enjoy defeat,
you can have more seats.
don't forget that mine
is a national party.
Don't force me to
take drastic decisions.
Give me a break, grandpa!
Don't forget that we've been
lugging your national burden.
The last time you had
just 12 legislators..
and yet we made you
the Chief Minister.
So, this time don't expect even six.
Now you decide.
make that 10.
We'll lose all of them.
We can't take that chance.
the coalition will break.
Ask him to release 20 seats.
We'll pay you a total of..
400 million.
- Victory to Rashtrawadi!
Sir, what are the terms of
alliance with Prajatantrik Party?
Sir, who else is filing
nominations along with you?
How many seats are they contesting?
You will get to
know it all very soon.
Patience.. Patience
is always rewarded.
Everything is going in their favour.
lf you don't do something quick,
we'll lose the plot.
Samar sir, we need a masterstroke.
Yes, sir?
l had asked you for
a favour, Babulal.
Your favour is not so
easy to fulfill, sir.
And it wouldn't be very
ethical of me, would it?
True. Sorry, l disturbed you.
He wasted my time.
He is speaking of ethics. lmagine!
Now, what are the
ethics of a bandit? Tell me.
Hello.. hello?
Babulal, yesterday you were
giving me a lecture on ethics..
l was.. l was.. l was
completely out of line, sir..
l could see that.
Anyway, tell me where
l should send these photos.
Please forgive me, sir..
l went astray.. Please forgive me..
l.. can..
l beg of you.. Please forgive me.
Brother Samar..
the time is really bad.
The man needs some help.
What's this?
l was.. helpless..
You already know this to be true.
Now, you only have
to state it publicly.
But.. but..
Never be afraid of the truth!
l'm with you. Have no fear.
No harm will come to you. Come.
Don't you trust me?
This way.
Okay ready. Silence, please.
Allegations and counter-allegations
during elections are..
..a common occurrence.
But, what we're about to
reveal now will stun you.
Today we have with us..
a staunch loyalist of Rashtrawadi..
Mr. Babulal.
Having served the party
faithfully for 25 years..
it pains me to admit that..
the Rashtrawadi Party has
become a den of corruption.
When Mr. Bhanu Pratap was in power..
his son..
Veerendra Pratap took..
fixed kickbacks from
every government contract.
He raked in billions.
Even donations meant
for the party fund..
were not spared.
Ever since Sooraj Kumar
became general secretary..
this politics of cash..
has escalated.
- ln these elections..
- Get him here!
Son of a bitch!
The men are on their way.
l'm going to torture
the bastard to death!
Veeru, please calm down.
This is Samar's ploy.
lt's imperative that
Babulal publicly take..
..back his own statement.
Don't worry at all, Babulal.
Have a seat.
Your safety is my
responsibility now.
Tell me..
That night when you called
my father at the airport..
..who asked you to make that call?
Wh.. what are you asking?
l.. don't understand..
Who asked you to call?
l.. l didn't call.
you are one of us.
l respect you a lot.
Please.. don't insult me.
S.. s.. sssir.. l beg of you..
Don't ask me this question.
Who asked you to call my father?
Veerendra Pratap..
or Sooraj?
Sooraj Kumar.
Thank you.
You have proved your loyalty.
You're definitely one of us.
l just need your benediction.
Of course.
You have my word.
Here.. your phone.
l've entered my
personal number into it.
l'll always be in touch.
lt was Sooraj.
Mr. Babulal's violent
death has sent shock waves..
..throughout the
state's political circles.
What is being seen as more
than a mere coincidence is that..
just this morning he
resigned from Rashtrawadi Party..
publicly levelling
allegations of corruption..
..and nepotism against
the party leadership.
Mr. Babulal was killed in a car
blast on the Chhattarpur road..
..while he was travelling.
Both he and his driver died of
severe burn injuries on the spot.
However, initial evidence suggests..
..it could have been a
bomb placed in the car.
- they Are not going to
rule out any possibilities.
Mr. Veerendra Pratap..
after Babulal's testimony on TV,
didn't you threaten him? - Rubbish!
- He was a victim of a deadly
conspiracy. - Who was behind this?
- He openly accused you of
corruption. So, did you?
What the hell do you mean?
That l got him killed?!
He was like my family.
One of the founders of this party.
Babulal's murder..
will cost them dearly.
Very dearly.
They're scared..
panic stricken!
Their singular objective
is to destroy our unity.
But, brothers..
foundations aren't so weak..
as to be shaken by such incidents.
Baseless allegations..
imaginary scandals.
They're scrambling around
for dirt to throw at us!
But, let them know,
that if you spit at the sky..
it will land back on your own face.
The repercussions will be severe.
The repercussions will be severe!
lnspector Sharma!
Your vacation's over.
Do something useful now.
Do something.
We're petitioning the court to..
reopen the rape
investigation against Prithvi.
Mark my words,
he will be behind bars.
We're also asking the
Election Commission to..
disqualify him
since he is a criminal.
That's fine, Veeru.
But, for the election we
only need people's support.
Which we are assured of anyway.
- Why not let sleeping dogs lie?
- Sooraj!
ln politics,
you never let dogs sleep.
You keep them awake.
So that when needed..
they bark!
Make me talk to Prithvi.
lt's urgent.
lt's lnspector Bhola Singh.
Says it's urgent.
- Hello, sir.
The prey is here.
ln the farm house of Mr. Veerendra.
Security is very tight.
- Okay.
Tell me what do l do?
Get your men out of there.
l'm on my way.
Head to Chhattarpur farms.
Come on. Get going from here.
Party president Prithvi Singh
did a road show in Madhavpur.
There was a great amount of
enthusiasm in people for this.
Men, women, children and even
senior citizens participated in it.
First a rally at Ramna Maidan
and now a road show at Madhavpur.
With this new and youthful
image of Prithvi Singh..
..he is slowly gaining
popularity amongst young voters.
When you play hide n seek with me,
it creates magic in my heart..
Hey, Sharma!
Where were you hiding, huh?
That was one long vacation!
l really missed you.
l.. made a big mistake, sir.
Your slap packs a solid punch, pal.
lt does!
Why don't you give me a sample?
lt was a big mistake.
l did apologize.. to Brij Gopal.
So? Lovely, wasn't it?
You did absolutely right.
l deserved it!
But, now l'll be good.
See, l'm the one
who made that woman..
withdraw her complaint against you.
Ah, that woman..
Glad that you reminded me of her.
l've to settle her account too.
l.. l'll bring her to you,
whenever you want.
Good. Call her now.
Mr. Sharma! What's up?
l'm here with the boss.
He wants to meet you.
- Where Are you?- been shopping at the new market.
Huh? New market?
Call Nathu and Ballu.
They should be there.
- Wait right there.
l'm sen.. sending a car.
- Vee.. Veerendra's
called you urgently.
Yeah, sure.
Ah, l just love this one!
- This silk is from Benaras.
Made by hand..
- all hand-crafted.
Hey.. hey.. Let go! Let go of me.
Come on, sit in the car.
- Let go off me!
Come on, sit inside. Don't shout!
- Let go off me!
Let go off me!
Help! Help!
Please, help me!
- Tell me..
- Sir, our men Are here.
Who all?
l recognized Ballu.
He moves with Prithvi.
Let go! To the new market.
Help me! Help!
What's everybody doing?
Yes, Samar..
Have you gone crazy, brother?
Now that everything's going well,
don't do anything stupid.
lt's done.
You should've seen his face.
Brother, please listen to me.
Leave me.. leave me!
Just a sec..
l've another favour to return.
l'll call you later.
Please get out of there, fast!
l'm sending some guys to clean up.
Let me go..
Please, let me go.
How are you, sweetheart?
Now, tell me.. Where do you
want to contest from? Huh?
From Sitapur?
Or from hell?
Somebody call the police!
Sarah.. please..
Sir, listen to us..
Ma'am, one minute please.
Ma'am, did you see the kidnaper?
Move back! Move back all of you.
We have freedom of the press.
She will have to talk.
You're right.
The media is free.
But remember..
..your freedom cannot
be used to terrorise us.
Come on.
- Sir, this is lnspector Singh.
SP Sharma was killed around 4 PM.
- We've found drugs on his body.
- Clean lt up.
- Okay.
- l'll inform Veeru about this.
Don't bother. l'll tell him myself.
Jeez, Sarah..
Sensational news!
lt is unprecedented in the
country's election history..
that so many nominations of one
party have been rejected altogether.
The Election Commission has
said that the nominations..
..were incorrectly filed.
The papers were
correctly filed, Veeru.
Yes, everything was in order.
ln order, my foot!
lnstead of originals,
photocopies were submitted.
Even the affidavits
didn't have your signatures.
We lost 17 seats
without even contesting.
Whose side are you on?
l know whose side they're on.
And who is behind this.
Why did you do this?
Hang us if you wish, Veeru..
We were compelled.
You don't even deserve to be hanged.
Shut up!
You leave. Leave.
They were 23, now only 17 left, how?
Six of Sooraj's men backed out.
Exit poll result
for the first round.
Of 73 seats, they're
predicting 45-47 for us.
That's nonsense!
Out of 73, we shall take 52.
- Victory to Prithvi Pratap!
- Victory to Jan Shakti!
- Victory to Prithvi Pratap!
- Victory to Jan Shakti!
- Victory to Prithvi Pratap!
l'm sorry.
l failed to understand you.
l love you.
Even l love you very much.
Just didn't know how to show it.
You! You're the one l'll vote for.
For 25 years,
l voted for Rashtrawadi party.
But this time, l will vote for you!
No one can defeat you.
Victory to Prithvi Pratap!
- Samar Pratap
seems to have boosted..
- his brother Prithvi
Pratap's campaign tremendously.
- in villages, towns, big cities,
in every corner of the state..
The Election Commission rejected
our petition against Prithvi.
- lt's waiting for
the court's decision.
On the other hand, Prithvi Pratap..
What the hell is going on here!
First Babulal..
then Sharma..
the nominations conspiracy!
That little brat..
is now dictating our future?!
And you, Sooraj?
You can't do anything.
lt will work out.
- Like hell it will!
Just keep consoling me..
since you can't
offer me any confidence!
Veerendra Pratap doesn't need..
anyone's support.
- Yes, sir? - Where are you off to?
To the restroom, sir.
They've to leave for
the airport. Hurry up.
Don't go near the car. Step back!
Take care of mother.
Sarah, stop!
"My beloved doesn't talk to me.."
"He doesn't let me.."
"He doesn't let me into his heart.."
"My beloved doesn't talk to me.."
The fever isn't subsiding at all.
He is still passed out.
Nothing seems to be going right.
Everything will fall apart.
- Sir?
- Where ls Sooraj?
What is the matter?
- Where ls Sooraj?
- He ls sleeping.
He has a fever.
Should l wake him up?
You won't be able to see this.
lt's better that you stay here.
Sir.. please say something.
What are you doing, sir!
The family that fed you..
supported you.. gave you a life.
He wants to
destroy that same family?
Sooraj would never do that.
- He is doing it!
You gave birth to a snake.
That can't be!
lf he were my own blood,
l would have believed it.
But he is a blessing from God.
Everyone worships him.
What did you just say?
- We were childless.
lt was 27 years ago that..
l found him in a boat at sunrise..
..near the Sukhamaniya ghats
at Benaras.
He was wrapped in this cloth..
and had this jewellery.
No one knows about this.
Sooraj himself doesn't know.
How can Sooraj do this
to me when you are around?
- l can't do anything to him.
- Why not?
Because he is..
your son.
Your first born..
who l snatched from
your womb, 27 years ago.
From here on,
you'll have to walk alone, sister.
Please tell me..
what l can do for you.
An unfortunate mother has come
to ask forgiveness from her son.
Your son?
Who is your son here?
You, Sooraj.
You are my son.
l understand you're in shock..
l am sorry for your loss.
No, Sooraj..
it is true!
Ram Charittar isn't your father.
27 years ago..
he found you..
at the riverside in Benaras.
What kind of a joke is this!
Son, l gave birth to you.
You are my first born.
The elder brother of
Prithvi and Samar.
You are lying!
You want to protect your son.
Your father was Bhaskar Sanyal.
l worshipped him.
One day, we got carried away..
in a storm of emotions.
He blamed himself..
and forsook everything.
l was an unmarried girl.
Please forgive me, son.
l was bound by the
limitations of my family's honour.
So, why're you telling me this now?
Come home, son.
That is where you belong.
Samar will happily accept you.
The party will also get a boost.
Moreover, you are the eldest.
You should be the leader.
Beg your pardon?
Leader?! Wow!
ln one breath you make me your son.
And in the next,
you play politics with me!
- No, Sooraj.. l was..
- do you really believe..
that by dangling the promise of
power you can twist my integrity?
You may have given birth to me..
but l am the son of Ram Charittar
Kumar and Shanti Devi.
My soul is that of a Dalit.
Mrs. Bharati Pratap..
l won't make the
same mistake you did.
When l was down and out..
Veerendra Pratap supported me.
Gave me respect.. and an identity.
Only he has a right to my loyalty.
Until my last breath
l will stand by him.
Don't you trust me, father?
l will never let the
Rashtrawadi Party go down.
The final victory will be ours.
God, it appears,
is testing us severely.
But you will not break.
Please lndu..
you will have to be strong.
You will have to be strong.
Everything is over.
- lt's over.
- We Are orphaned.
- now you Are our only hope.
lt is true that..
we have suffered a very tragic blow.
But don't forget that..
the resolve that our
leader Prithvi had undertaken..
is alive even today.
nothing is over..
and nor are we orphans.
Come on.
This is Mrs. lndu Prithvi Pratap.
Jan Shakti party's new leader.
Under her leadership,
we'll contest the elections..
and be victorious!
l, Brij Gopal..
as the mentor of the
Jan Shakti Party..
nominate Mrs. lndu Prithvi Pratap..
as Jan Shakti Party's new president.
We support this nomination.
- You have our support!
- l..
- l, lndu Prithvi Pratap..
take this vow,
in the presence of God..
l will be a member of the
Jan Shakti Party for life..
and follow every rule..
and command of the party.
- Long live Jan Shakti!
- Long live Jan Shakti!
- Long live lndia!
- Long live lndia!
- Victory to lndu Pratap!
My tears haven't dried up yet.
And l won't allow them to dry up.
Until l get an answer from you!
Tell me..
how can you tolerate..
these unending attacks on me?
My father-in-law was
brutally murdered.
But, you remained silent.
His own son was humiliated..
and driven out of his party.
But, you remained silent.
The henna applied on my hands
for my wedding hadn't even faded..
and they mercilessly
made me a widow.
But, even now, you remain silent!
Answer me!
Are you going to vote
my family's killers..
into power?
ls this your sense of justice?
- No!
Does my sacrifice count for nothing?
- lt does! lt does!
Answer me!
- lt does! lt does!
All initial reports seem to point
towards a majority for lndu Pratap.
After the history of conflict
with the Rashtrawadi Party..
violence was anticipated but..
barring one or two incidents,
elections were peaceful.
There were a few
complaints against the EVMs.
From Bada Bazaar, in Balrampur..
with cameraman Ram Narayan,
this is Mukta Tiwari for Star News.
Muslims, Hindus, all..
seem to be in one line.
lt's entirely a one-sided contest.
The widow is going
to sweep it all away.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
How're things?
- Here we had no problems but..
reports from other areas
aren't too encouraging.
- Most exit polls
predict 120-130 seats..
- for the Jan Shakti
party led by lndu Pratap.
- Victory to lndu Pratap!
Long live lndu Pratap!
- lf the result goes this way then..
- in the 207-member
legislative assembly..
- Jan Shakti will
hold a clear majority.
- the party workers of Jan
Shakti Are already celebrating.
- on the other side, the Rashtrawadi
party office ls a picture of gloom.
What is the report?
- there seem to have
been some stray complaints..
- about the malfunctioning
of Electronic Voting Machines.
The machine in our
booth just wasn't working.
No matter which button we pressed,
the vote registered elsewhere.
- From three other places,
similar complaints were..
He has rigged the machines.
l am dead sure!
- Where ls the boss?
He's been up all night
watching TV reports.
lt's urgent.
So, Raghav, tell me..
are the voting machines
actually tampered with?
- l'll just put him on.
it's Moti.
Some suspicious
activity at Bankepur.
- Tell me..
- Sir..
Samar and his men are
here since last night..
with computers,
antennae and other stuff.
l heard they're tampering with
the voting machines by remote.
What the..?
Keep an eye on them.
- l'm on my way.
- Okay.
Follow me to the Bankepur area.
Come on, hurry up.
- Hurry up!
Where did he go?
l have no idea. He just drove off.
What do you mean?
Where was the security?
- He must've said something.
- Nothing at all.
He isn't answering his phone.
- Yes, Sooraj.
Veeru.. Where Are you?
Near the defunct
Bankepur cable factory.
l'm on my way.
Don't get out of the car.
By then that Samar would've
changed all the bloody votes.
Come on.. that's impossible!
What is impossible now is
to trust anyone, Sooraj.
Using some fancy
hi-tech tricks, he is..
snatching our votes
from under our noses..
and you say..
Just don't get out of the car!
l'm on my way.
He's here.
Nobody shoots.
His car is bullet-proof.
Sooraj Kumar is here too, sir.
Don't shoot.
- Yes?
- Veeru..
nothing happening here.
lt's better we leave.
Didn't you notice outside?
l didn't see anyone outside.
They're talking on the phone.
We can't wait for long.
They are hiding somewhere.
l'll take a look.
- No! Don't step out.
l'll have a look.
No one shoots..
until Veeru steps out.
Shoot, Sooraj!
Shoot him, Sooraj!
- Veeru.. Veeru..
- Huh?
Don't close your eyes!
Shoot! Shoot!
Let's finish this
war right here, Samar.
allow me to take
Veeru to the hospital.
Then l'll come
wherever you want me to.
My life is in your hands.
l am bound by my commitment to..
protect my friend.
Come on, Veeru..
What are you waiting for, Samar?
He is unarmed.
Did they kill your father
and brother on the battlefield?
Don't get trapped in
questions of justice and ethics.
This is the time!
Don't lose sight of the goal
for which you entered this fight.
Remember, in politics..
victory is all that matters.
And, your victory
will remain incomplete..
as long as he is alive.
Come on.
Finish him!
l, lndu Pratap..
swear in the name of God..
that l will uphold..
the lndian constitution..
with dedication,
honesty and respect.
l shall always seek to preserve
the unity and diversity of lndia.
As the Chief Minister of the state..
l promise to perform my
duties with dedication..
and a clear conscience.
l never wanted to do..
any of the things that l did.
You, of all people,
know this, uncle.
Please forgive me.
l am sorry, lndu.
l am sorry that l hurt you so much.
l know that you may
never be able to forgive me.
Do you really have to go?
l always wanted to
stay away from politics.
l feared the demons..
that it brings out.
But, that is exactly what happened.
l couldn't escape my circumstances..
and ended up losing everything.
But, l know..
l know that you're not like that.
Your heart is pure.
You'll be okay.
My world was very different, lndu..
in which l only had Sarah.
Now, l must look after her mother.
But, you'll have to return soon.
There's something of
your brother with me.
l am going to be the
mother of his child.
Wow, lndu!
Wow.. l mean that's..
lt's been a long while since
this family received some good news.
Come back soon.
Of course, l will.
But on one condition.
You have to come to receive me in
a car with the flashing red light.
Sir, you?
Ram Charittar is part of the family.
Where can he go?
l am the one who has always
driven you to and from the airport.
As a child, you played in my lap..
Please, forgive me.
No, uncle.
"Dusky sky..
..sees the earth."
"This earth is money."
"This earth bears when
there's bloodshed on the earth."
"The river Ganges
flows on the back."
"This earth bears when
there's bloodshed on the earth."
"The river Ganges
flows on the back."
"So many stars fell on
the ground and so many..
..people lost their sons."
"O earth. Earth is body.
Earth is money."
"Earth is money."
"This earth cuts into pieces
when there are distributions."
"This earth tears when
there's scarcity of water."
"lt lives for a moment.
lt dies for a moment."
"Earth is money."
"Somebody wash the
stains on this earth."
"Let the gardens of
the earth bloom again."
"Thinking this earth turns
into dew drops every night."
"O earth. Earth is money."
"Dusky sky sees the earth."