Raam (2009) Movie Script

Everybody get back to work.
Hurry up. - Hello.
Hello, Mr. Raghupati.
- Hello. Welcome.
Hello. - Hello.
He's Raghupati.
They both are the senior
most couple of the family.
They are good friend of Mr. Raj.
Since he studied in the same
school in which Mr. Raj studied.
He is a well known stage artist.
But he couldn't become a film star.
Hello. Welcome.
They've sent the banana stem.
What do I do with it?
Go to market and sell it.
Send it to the wedding hall.
He's Raghava.
He's a jovial man.
But he has great
respect for his brother.
It is? Okay. Hello. - Hello.
He's Raja ram.
He was born late.
And also late is doing his work.
A useless man.
Excuse me.
- I haven't received the sari yet.
Why don't you call him?
- You haven't received the sari yet?
She's Bharati.
And the man with her is her husband..
...who is more like a slave to her.
Raghava, Rajaman and Bharati.
Their father was a freedom fighter.
By the way, where is Rama?
Rama? - Father?
What's going on?
Is this the way you behave
in the presence of the guests?
They are laughing. They are enjoying.
If they were enjoying
they would've clapped"
...and not laughed at you.
I told you the other day..
...to send him to college
and get him educated.
But look what he has become.
I was not aware of the
consequences for learning dance.
Father. - Shut up.
Where is your cousin?
He must he be on his way.
Are you sure he's coming?
My cousin will surely come.
The auspicious period is nearing.
I'm very much tensed about you.
When I'm not tensed
then why are you?
It is me who's going
to elope with my cousin.
Oaky. - Brother..
...we haven't received
the wedding sari yet.
Don't worry. Calm down.
We should be leaving to
the wedding hall in 20 minutes?
We will be there in 10 minutes.
He's intelligent with his talks..
...and fast as an arrow.
Raam, I'm suffering from
blood pressure and diabetes.
If you drive so fast,
I won't die in the accident..
...I will die of fear.
I won't let you die.
You're not God to save me from dying.
Go slow.
Otherwise, stop the bike.
I will take a bus and
reach the wedding hall on time.
Priest, we are already
running out time.
And if you take a bus you will reach
only after the consummation night.
Oh God.
Hello, priest. - Hello.
How are you? - I'm lucky to be alive.
Did he trouble you?
I must say,
your boy almost killed me..
"Speeding on this bike
having me sit at the back seat.
Then why are you late?
Uncle, the priest was
actually scared very much.
That's why I'd to drive
the bike slowly. - I see.
Was that slow? - Yes.
Thanks. - Raam, Swapna is waiting.
Go and give it to her.
Priest, please come in.
Where to? - Come inside
What's the matter?
Since he drove the bike so fast,
guess I lost my memory power.
How is priest Ganapati?
He's fine.
But there's only one difference.
- What is it?
He doesn't eat oblation.
Priest? - Yes?
Do you eat oblation?
My son Rama is an illiterate.
He should kill himself.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
You're very naughty.
Don't be confused.
He likes to be degraded
more than being appreciated.
Then what was the need
to give birth to him?
Why are you late?
Making arrangements for
the register marriage isn't easy.
It is difficult to convince
the registrar and the peon.
He's right.
Here's the wedding sari.
Get ready soon.
Please take everybody's
blessings for the last time.
Okay? - Okay.
Cousin, I love you so much.
- Me too.
Get ready. - Okay.
This puppy's mother is with me.
But what's the point? You even
don't know where to kiss the dog.
These days, dogs have
more value than human begins.
Why? - Since it is the dog
the heroine kisses in the film..
...when the hero betrays her.
Why are you feeling jealous?
There are some who
are born as human beings..
...instead of being born as dogs.
Raam, what's the matter? Tell me?
- Stand here. I will tell you.
Doesn't she look beautiful?
You're right.
What's the hurry?
We could've met her later, right?
Probably, you won't get
a chance to see her again?
What do you mean? - You will
be tired after the wedding.
And you will weep
when you bid her adieu..
...and that's really bad.
You must bid her
adieu happily, right?
You're right. - Seek their blessings.
Come on. - God bless you.
Raam, come here?
We thought you were still a child..
...and you knew nothing.
But you're too intelligent.
- Thank you.
Wait a minute.
You told us you would give
us a surprise. What's the surprise?
Go to Swapna's room
after 10 minutes..
...you will know it yourself. - I see.
Surprise after 10 minutes.
I wonder what the surprise could be.
10 minutes has passed.
Swapna? Swapna?
Why haven't they come yet?
Why are you in a hurry..
...when the couple who are about
to get ruined are not in a hurry?
I was supposed to get Saif
Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor married.
They've other elderly
people to bless them..
...but for this marriage
you're the only elderly person.
Why are you late?
He needs to attend
Kareena Kapoor's wedding.
Sign here.
Right here.
How could anyone not realize
what's going on in this house?
What are you all doing in this house?
None of us knew that he
would give us such a surprise.
Swapna made a mistake
hiding about her love to us.
And he made a bigger
mistake supporting her.
He ruined our family reputation.
Hereafter, no one will
talk to him nor talk about him.
If not for my cousin,
we wouldn't have got married. Got it?
That doesn't mean to
touch my feet for blessings.
I don't like it.
You're right. I too don't like it.
You can at least thank me, right?
It was your duty.
Why should I thank you?
Well said.
Look Bhaskar,
Swapna is my uncle's only daughter.
What do mean?
Even I'm the only son to my parents.
Don't mistake me.
I understand.
Even I left my parents like Swapna.
I got a good job in New Zealand.
We are leaving tonight.
And don't worry.
She'll be happy-
Good. Swapna,
I must say, he's a nice guy.
You have bright future.
But I have a doubt about my future.
No doubt you're in trouble now.
They will not allow
you inside the house.
What will you do now?
I will go back to Bellary.
I will be completing
my engineering in six months.
I will think about the rest later.
GOPi? - Yes?
Come here.
Where is Raam?
On the way.
Losers will always remain losers.
- You're right.
He means to say us.
Dear friends,
due to financial crisis..
...Raam's father couldn't
him pocket money.
So as a friend, I'm taking
care of all his expenditures.
Here you're. Are you happy?
Thank you.
Never hesitate in
helping one another.
Did it really hurt you?
She didn't hurt me,
she actually touched my heart.
I really enjoyed it.
Raju, even I'm a poor student.
- I will surely help you.
Help me too. - Help me too.
Now I've become a poor student.
That's why nobody politician
comes forward to solve poverty issue.
Hello? - Hello. This is Reema
calling from telephone company.
Tell me?
We've introduced a new
scheme called family planning.
Family planning?
Sir, if any member of your
family is running a business..
...in another place or
studying in a another place..
...you can talk to them for free.
I'm not interested. Hang up.
Darn it.
Hello? - Mother,
why is uncle still upset with me?
Wrong number.
Hello? - I'm Brahma speaking.
I'm a Radio Jockey.
I'm Rama alias Ramanand.
Oh, so sweet.
I watched your dance
program some days ago.
You were great.
Will you please perform
on our radio station?
Oh. Thank you very much.
Just a minute.
Father, they watched
my performance on the radio.
They are very happy-
They want my program in radio city.
Life is so beautiful.
Father, what do I tell them?
- You fool.
How it is possible to
watch your dance on the radio?
You're such a fool.
Give me the phone.
Excuse me.
My uncle wants to talk to you.
You can never fool me, remember that.
Hang I-PI-
Hi. - What is it?
Heard you're excited staying
away from you parents, right?
Yes. - I'm also excited about it.
Shut up. I'm not a lowly girl.
Even I'm not a lowly guy.
My boss always advices
us to enjoy every moment of life.
Why is she crying?
- She's crying unnecessarily.
She's isn't insane to cry
unnecessarily. Tell n1e the truth.
I asked her to be my date
since she's alone in the hostel.
Okay. What was your reply to it?
I didn't reply to him.
- You must do it.
How dare you hit me with the slipper?
When the American president
got hit by slipper..
...you are not big deal.
You should've thought about
it before messing with her.
How dare you hit
the guy from my area?
Your area? - I rule Bellary.
I rule entire Karnataka.
I think you're doing wrong.
I know whether I'm
doing right or doing.
I'm ready to face anyone.
- You're ready? Fight me.
Hey you. - You.
Stop it!
You think this to
be a college or a market?
Why are you behaving like goons?
He'd a query. And by the time
I could explain to him, you came.
Otherwise I would've
explained to him practically.
I've understood your guys quite.
Go to your classes.
Come on, go to your classes.
Come on. Go.
I said, go.
Raam, pass it to me.
Raam, come on.
Listen, everybody.
Hereafter, no rules.
W must teach them. - Okay, boss.
Come on, Raam.
Come on, Raam.
Pass the ball to me.
Pass the ball to me.
They are playing foul, Raam. - Yes.
Let's play like them.
Understand? - Okay.
Come on. Move! Move! Move!
Come on.
Neither we should be happy"
...nor you should be depressed..
...for the way we played.
It is a hustle.
Why should we fight among ourselves?
We will be in this
only for few more days.
Then we will go in different ways.
So, let's give up our enmity..
...and be happy together.
Raam, he thrashed me.
If we treat people like our enemies..
...they will remain enemies.
If we treat them like friends,
they will be friends.
Ready, we are ready to
even fight back against the sun.
We are ready to even kiss the moon.
Ready to even create a rainbow.
Ready to even create lightning.
Ready to even make a revolution.
We do not fear.
Everybody, clap 1.. 2.. 3..
Everybody, clap 1.. 2.. 3..
Ready, we are ready to
even fight back against the sun.
We are ready to even kiss the moon.
We have no time to wander.
We don't get depressed
though our girlfriends betray us.
Small dreams can
never disappoint us.
We try to touch the sky.
To fight.. - Ready.
To confront.. - Ready.
To threaten.. - Ready.
To create a thrill.. - Ready.
Like it is impossible to
stop the earth from revolving?
Similarly, nobody can stop us now.
Everybody, clap 1.. 2.. 3..
Everybody, clap 1.. 2.. 3..
Ready, we are ready to
even fight back against the sun.
We are ready to even kiss the moon.
We are naughty and also talented.
We enter into one
way and pay the fine too.
We even give suggestions.
We even beat the
one who mess with us.
For the rally.. - Ready.
For the race.. - Ready.
For the party" - Ready
For the fight.. - Ready.
We all are ambitious.
We always attain victory.
Everybody, clap 1.. 2.. 3..
Everybody, clap 1.. 2.. 3..
Four years passed away in jiffy.
Mr. Gunduraju,
why are you packing your luggage?
Even I'm leaving to my home town.
Don't you think I
will pass even this year?
Not just think I'm sure.
No chance. I will surely
score 90 percent in my exam.
In that case,
I will surely pass. - How?
I've written my register
number on your answer sheet.
Is everyone ready?
What's the matter with him?
He saw a girl some days ago.
He's been thinking about her.
Hello? Raam?
If she's Goddess Sta,
you will surely get her.
Get ready soon.
Mr. Gunduraju? - Yes.
Your mortuary van.. - What?
Sorry. Your Maruthi van.
Your grandpa's memorabilia?
Is it still in a good condition?
With my grandpa's blessings it
will always be in a good condition.
If you don't take off your hands..
...you will go out of condition.
Thank you.
By the way, why is Gopi
not to be seen? - You're right.
Let's go and meet him.
Quiet. - Uncle, where is Gopi?
He's locked himself into the room.
- What's the matter with him?
He was in love with
a girl named Savita..
...and her parents are getting
her married to another guy.
You cannot live without her, right?
Even she cannot live without n1e.
These girls.. - Hey.
Just shut up.
When is her marriage?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Make the arrangements
for the marriage.
We will bring the girl. Let's go.
I will meet you after the marriage.
Don't say that.
We might need your van. Let's go.
You were spared since
it was your uncle.
Once I commit,
I'm ready to face any consequences.
You're helping all
the girls in eloping.
What if someone take away your girl?
- Shut up.
No one can dare do that.
Babu, find out the nearest
wedding hall. - Okay.
Who are you?
- We are the bride's relative.
Hey you. Come here.
What is it? - Do you know them?
I don't know them.
Raam, we are putting ourselves
into trouble unnecessarily.
Let's go away.
Once I commit,
I'm ready to face any consequences.
Come on.
Being a friend you're
putting us trouble?
Look, what I'm carrying.
What is that? - Chloroform.
It will be of great use to us.
Have you experimented anytime?
What have you done? - Idiot.
It's unbelievable.
Don't harm everyone. - Then whom?
Only those who pose many
questions to you. - How many?
They shouldn't ask you
more than three questions.
In case, they ask more than three
questions, spread it on them. - Okay.
Hurry I-PI-
Uncle will get upset if we are late.
Why do you fear him
when he doesn't respect you?
Don't say that.
Ours is a highly dignified family.
My uncle will embrace me tight.
Let's see. Come on.
Uncle Nagaraj. - Who's that?
Uncle Nagaraj. - Who are you?
Don't you know me? - No.
I'm Singishetappds son.
Kopplu. - Oh.
You're Singishetappds son.
You're my relative.
I want to embrace.
By the way, who is she?
- She's Rajappa's daughter-in-law.
Inter caste marriage? - Yes.
I now understand why
he's so depressed in life.
What is her relation with me?
I don't know,
but she like your daughter.
We are getting late.
Let's go. - Let's go.
Who is he? - I don't know.
Uncle, how are you? - Fine.
Who are these goons?
- I will tell you later.
First go inside. - Let's go.
Who are you? - Let's go away.
Wait a minute. Uncle a minute.
You idiots. Why did you stop him?
He's my relative.
Come on, everybody. Hurry up.
Who are you they?
That's a big story. Since you
told me that you'll tell me later.
Even I will tell you later.
Let's go.
Aunt, I don't want to marry him.
That's why I'm telling you.
Run away from here.
I will help you.
Pack your luggage. - Okay.
I'll right back. - Okay.
Where are you going?
I'm the bride's friend.
I want to meet her.
Meet her when she comes downstairs.
Boss, she'll be leaving
with her my brother to Dubai.
It's getting late for the flight.
I'll meet her just for few minutes.
Let's go. Come on.
He only asked two questions,
I would've spread this on him..
...had he asked the third one.
- Alright. I will wait right here.
You go and bring her. - Okay.
We are putting our lives in stake.
Excuse me. When's the bride's room?
Second room from the right. - Okay.
Wait a minute.
Who are you?
One. - What do you want?
Two .
You're.. We are Gopi's..
What? - Three.
Why did you spray?
She asked me three questions.
Idiot. Put the burqa on her.
I wonder what she eats.
She's really heavy.
What happened to our
Rajappds daughter-in-law?
Rajappds daughter-in-law puked.
Get her treated and
bring her back soon. - Okay.
Careful - Let's go.
What happened?
- She's from diarrhea. Get going.
I met your son a while ago.
He's so handsome.
What do you mean?
He went to Australia six months ago.
Stop kidding.
He was accompanied by a Muslim lady.
Is it important to
get married to a stranger..
...or get married to
the girl who you love?
What are you saying?
We brought your girlfriend
putting our lives in stake..
...but here you're getting
married to some other girl.
How dare you slap me?
How dare you slap my husband?
Husband? Why did you slap me?
How dare you stop me from
getting married to the girl I love?
She's your girlfriend?
Then who is that girl?
What do you mean?
Gopi, who is this girl?
First tell me who is that girl?
We picked her up
from the wedding hall.
Even she was picked
from the wedding hall.
Wait a minute.
What is the name of wedding
hall you mentioned? - R.A.R.
What name did you say? - R.R.R.
Darn it.
Sorry about that.
Now what do we do about that girl?
Move. Look her sleeping.
Get up.
Who.. who are you?
He's your brother-in-law,
he's your uncle..
...and he's your uncle's son.
We mistook you to be
our friend's girlfriend.
Really? Thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you?
She has gone insane after
spraying the chloroform.
No, no.
I didn't want to marry him.
As it is, I wanted to run away.
But you saved me.
So sweet of you.
Will you do me one more favor?
- One more favor?
Will you please take me to Mysore?
- That's impossible.
We will drop you back
to the wedding hall.
In that case, you will not
be able to go out of this town.
Why? - I will show you. Come on.
Let's see what she's trying to say.
Look there.
Look there.
Probably, there's shooting going on.
Not shooting.
They are looking for me.
If they learn that it
was you who abducted me..
...they will hack you to pieces.
Didn't I tell you we are
putting ourselves into trouble?
Alright. I will take you
wherever you want. - Let's go.
Let's go. - Let's go.
You're such an emotional fool.
- Get in.
Hurry I-PI-
Bye. - To hell with you.
BYE- - Bye, Raam.
They are following us.
Come on.
Drive carefully.
Drive carefully.
This is grandpa's car.
Drive carefully. - Quiet.
Darn it.
Hurry up. Come. Come on.
Wait. - Come on.
Boss, there's nobody
in the van. - What?
Let's go.
Why did you leave my car?
What I do now?
Get him!
Hurry I-PI-
How dare you run?
Come on. Come on. Run! Run!
This way. Come on.
Is everyone there?
Where is that girl?
Can't you see her?
Not she, the bride.
We escaped with great difficulty.
We should lucky.
Poor girl.
Just shut up. Listen to me.
If she gets caught,
they will get her married.
But if we get caught,
they will hack us to pieces.
Pal, I'm very hlll19rY-
Let's find a hotel.
Look for her.
Oh my God. They are here.
Run! Run! Run!
I think we betrayed her.
We should've brought her along.
Thanks for at least
having sympathy on my car.
I'm not talking about your car,
but the girl.
We are lucky to be alive.
Why are you so concerned
about that girl?
Listen to me.
They were actually
forcing her to get married.
Did you make an agreement with her?
Sir, bill. - Give it to him.
Give it to me.
Chicken pilaf, mutton pilaf,
chicken fry, chicken 65..
...chicken 75, fish fry..
Why did you eat so much?
I didn't so much.
- Not he, it's them.
Who's that?
Will we not get rid of her?
You're such a coward.
My girlfriend knows me well.
- Shut up.
Shut up.
You left a helpless girl to suffer.
Haven't you watched Rajkuamar's
films(Kannada actor)?
He rescues the heroines..
- He was a powerful hero.
He has fans how supported him.
We can't afford to put ourselves
into trouble trying to be him.
Those goons seem
to be really dangerous.
Darn it.
I thought India was.. - Stop it.
Don't you dare underestimate India.
You want to go Mysore, right?
I will.. - Don't get emotional.
Listen to me. - Gunduraju.
I will do any thing for my country.
Let's go.
Thank you so much. I'm Pooja.
Just a minute.
Come on. - Leave my hand.
That girl's men seem
to be very dangerous.
Let's not tell our
original names. Okay?
Okay. - Come on.
Anything personal?
Any problem because of me?
No, nothing like that.
By the by, my name is Guru Khan.
Yograj Bhatt. - Hello.
Sadhu Kokila. - Yes.
She is Malashree.
Tell her my name too.
He's Tippe. - What?
Everyone remember their
names correctly. - What?
Remember their names?
I was not telling them, but you.
You remember all their names.
Tippayya, go and pay the bill.
Why are you taking this? - Tip.
For whom?
- For useless people like you.
Stop. Stop.
Idiot. He would've killed me now..
you could see me only in photo then.
It would've been good
if you would've died.
Hello. No one will give
lift to people like you.
Tippayya, go behind.
Malashree, come with me.
Come on. Look, what she's telling us.
Hello, lift please. Lift please.
Such beautiful girls on the highway.
Stop. - Lift please.
Sir, please. Give us a lift.
What can I do for you?
- Will you give us a lift?
Only lift? If you want,
I can sacrifice my life for you.
Then we'll have to
drop you to the cemetery.
You talk too much,
but very good joke.
Please, come. Come. Come. Come.
Thank you. - Come on.
Come inside.
Sit. Please, sit close to me.
Is this a luggage van?
Come on, get down everyone.
Sir, they all are with us.
- Are they all with you?
Where should I drop
you and throw this luggage?
Just drop me to Mysore. - Okay.
Uncle, drop us to Bangalore.
Why are you addressing me as uncle?
My name is Santosh.
When everyone is happy with me,
they call me as happy.
By the way,
why are you in a wedding attire?
Her parents tried to get her
married to an older man like you..
...so, she eloped from her house,
Mr. Happy.
Who's this empty box?
His name is Tippayya.
He is Ayya (father)
of Tippe (garbage).
Which gutter did you find him in?
He helped me coming
out of the marriage hall.
Is it? Your name sounds very old,
but you gave a new idea.
Okay, shall we leave now? - Hello,
the gear is there. - Sorry, sir.
Sorry, I couldn't know
as it was a bit lower.
Feel free. Don't worry.
See dear,
you should be happy in your life.
Mr. Happy, where are you going to?
I am going to enjoy my weekend.
What do you do the whole week?
- I wait for the weekend.
That's the reason, you've become fat.
You can understand
one thing by this. - What?
If you put on weight by
eating from your parents money..
...it will be difficult
to carry you to the cemetery.
A good junction. Would
you like to have any cold drinks?
Just one commercial break now.
Excuse me,
do you have any western outfits?
It is not enough if we know
English even they should know.
Sir, do you have foreign
dresses with you?
All these are modern dresses, sir.
Switch off that devotional song.
Do you have any disco music song?
It's there.
Have a look. - Okay, thank you.
Yes? - There's a red jeep
parked outside. Is it yours?
Yes. That's my own vehicle.
It is not for sale, sorry.
I don't want that.
While on your way..
...did you see this girl anywhere?
Not just saw her,
but gave her a lift too.
Somebody give me a lift.
I like that song very much.
You want lift? - No.
Thank you..
- Did she have guys with her?
Don't get confused.
One girl and four guys.
Only five members, okay?
- Where are they now?
Why? - Just tell me where they are?
Hello, go and do your work.
Hello, didn't you leave till now?
Will you tell me
or should I chop you?
There.. in the clothes shop.
Hey, get him along while coming.
Yograj Bhatt, take this.
Wow, how beautiful, isn't it?
Pack that. - Okay, sir.
Thanks Tippayya.
- I should thank you instead.
You've selected a very good gift.
Isn't this for me?
We've given lift to you, that's more.
Why you need a gift now?
Come. Come. Everyone, run.
Let go off me!
Did you see this girl around?
Yes, sir.
She bought clothes from here.
Didn't I tell you?
Come on,
let's hide in this narrow lane.
Come on, get inside.
Hey, let go off me.
You go there,
you go near the bus stop.
I'll make a call and come.
- Boss. - Thanks, boss.
We don't know anyone
else other than that girl.
He knows.
He'll be with us until we find her.
Sir, listen to me. Let go off me.
What do we do now?
Let's be here for some time. - What?
I mean, let's stay
here until they leave.
Let's decide later what
has to be done. That's all.
Your hair smells great.
That's perfume.
Which brand?
- Don't try to take advantage.
We can hardly breath in this
place how can I take advantage?
Oh, my jeep. My vehicle!
You've rammed in it. Hey you.
You are taking me
away from my vehicle.
Recharge this.
Hey! - Come on, let's run! Let's run!
Come fast. Hurry up! Hurry up!
Hey! - Give me your hand. Come on.
Hey! Stop!
Come on, get in.
Come on! Come. Come.
Let go off my waist.
Forget that. Come on, hurry up.
Come. Come fast.
Let go off me!
Come. Come fast!
Come fast.
He's coming closer. Hurry up.
Which way do we go now?
I think, we'll get it this side. -
Hello, how many times do I tell you?
Why are you getting angry now.
If I would've caught
hold of your waist".
...we could've boarded the train.
You screamed at me for doing so,
and look where we landed.
Do you expect me to stay
quiet when you catch my waist?
Do you think you have
Shilpa Shetty's figure?
I don't need to do all this for you.
- Hello.. don't do all this drama.
When I said I don't want friends,
you convinced me.
You were spinning stories
to me near the inn.
I know all that was for me.
Do you know everything?
I've seen many like you.
I thought of helping
you as you are a girl..
...but you are talking too much.
Get lost!
You go your way and I'll go mine.
Get lost!
I am not scared of jungles. I
had been to Amazon forest in America.
Help! Tippayya!
Help! Help!
Where's she?
Thinks like she's
caught by Veerappan.
Tippayya! Please, help.
You are still here?
I thought you died by now.
Help me, please. Tippayya!
Stay there.
Keep talking. Hold it tightly.
I am coming.
You found a good place to hang out.
Help me, Tippayya. Please, help.
You had been to Amazon, didn't you?
This shouldn't be a problem for you.
Please. Don't keep all
that things in mind now.
If you help me, I'll salute you.
This happens if you hurt
some good people like me.
What happened now?
If I have to help you,
I need to hold you by your waist".
...and if I do that, you'll scold me.
Holding waist is not
more than saving my life.
I won't tell you anything
if you hold me anywhere.
First, save me. Please.
You look thin, but you are heavy.
What is it? Is it head weight,
bone weight, or attitude?
What did you say?
- If you get angry, I'll leave you.
No. no. Sorry. Sorry.
This problem wouldn't have aroused..
...if you would've let
me hold your waist earlier.
We could've gone in a train.
This waist.. - Shut up.
If you allowed me
to touch your waist now..
...you would've allowed me to touch
it while we were boarding the train.
The thing is that,
first time when I hold your waist..
Oh.. please, stop this topic
now and talk something else.
What do I talk now?
Malashree said that..
...you got bowled seeing
an unconscious girl in the car.
That's the reason I say..
don't say anything to these women.
They reveal everything.
They can't hide a secret..
Forget that.. I don't
know who's the girl you love..
...you don't know where she is..
...you even don't know
whether you'll meet her or not.
But I met her. - Where?
Here. - What?
I mean, in my heart.
Okay. Okay.
Even if you meet her..
...don't know whether she'll
fall in love with you or not.
Look, I don't have
any answer for that.
Trust is the key of love.
I want that.
Tippayya, like your name..
you have hay in your head.
Thanks.. in the morning, the waist..
Please, I am feeling sleepy.
Good night.
Where did she go?
Hey, what are you doing here?
I got so tensed.
Why did you get tensed?
That too for me?
Don't you think I'll get tensed.
Fine.. give me your hand.
'I'll teach you a lesson now.
You show attitude to me..'
Hey Cadbury's.
Hey Cadbury's.
Are you out of your mind?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you a fool!
A big loser.
A big loser.
Hey, mother's daughter.
Get lost!
Hey, father's daughter.
Go! Go!
You are crazy about
Cadbury's guy like us.
Or there's no demand
for you at all.
Excuse me, Tippayya-
The face of Cadbury's.
You are like strawberry crush.
You come behind us.
Hey, mother's daughter.
Get lost!
Hey, father's daughter.
Go! Go!
If we smile at you
and meet you in evenings..
...you'll lip lock with us.
If we fall in love with you..
...you almost kill us.
Hello. - Tell me.
- You are like fevicol.
Hello. - Tell me.
- You all are beautiful.
Even if we try to understand
for hundred years..
...we can't understand
a girl's smile.
You are Jeans pant Jogiyya.
You are talking like a poet.
Tillllayya, you are a fool.
You try to show attitude.
You see the guy's background..
...and you fall for him.
Even if we smile at you..
...you break the signal.
Hello. - Tell me.
- You are like virus.
Hello. - Tell me.
- Even you are not pure.
She will talk about your history.
She'll betray you at the end.
Excuse me Tippayya.
The history is false.
You exist because of us.
You all are useless.
Hey, mother's daughter.
Get lost!
Hey, father's daughter.
Go! Go!
You are crazy about
Cadbury's guy like us.
Or there's no demand
for you at all.
Excuse me, Tippayya-
The face of Cadbury's.
You are like strawberry crush.
You come behind us.
What about you, Tippayya?
You should know
something about me first.
My name is not Tippayya, but Raam.
Why did you lie to me then?
The inn that we were staying in,
Anyways, we are in the bus stop,
let's flee from here.
Shut up.
Thank God, you are here.
What's the matter?
- Nothing, forget it.
Take this.
Your ornaments are in this bag.
Just check if it is there.
Bye Raam.
I'll miss you a lot. Keep in touch.
How? - What?
You told me to keep in touch. - I've
given my e-mail ID to Malashree.
I'll give you.
Come on. We're already late.
Bye. - Bye Pooja.. - Bye. Bye.
Stay in the waiting room
until your friend comes.
'Attention, passengers.
The bus leaving to Mysore..'
Hello? - Hi Gautam, Pooja here.
Hi Pooja, how are you? - I am fine.
I escaped from the marriage hall.
Is my passport and visa ready?
Pooja, it is still in process.
It will be ready in 15 days.
What? It will take more 15 days?
Why? What's the matter?
Just get the passport ready soon.
Where will you stay for 15 days?
I'll stay in my friend,
Savita's house.
Pooja, her entire family has
shifted to Chicago one week back.
What will you do now?
Forget about me.
Don't worry. I'll do something.
But please, get the passport ready.
Okay? - Okay.
Okay. Bye. - BYE-
The passport is not ready yet.
He said it would
take 10-15 days more.
Even my friend is not in town.
I don't know what to do.
And these people"
tell me one thing..
...why did you return when
you all had boarded the bus?
I felt like giving
this to you as my souvenir.
Thank you.
What's this? She's going
to stay with us for 10-15 days more?
Just for two days,
I felt like a tour to hell.
Shut up. I'll give you
an idea for you advantage.
Is it okay with you? - Okay.
What's your problem?
You want to get married, don't you?
I know. - You have
to get him married.
Brother-in-law, it is not like that.
I am so unfortunate.
Look, if we post your
photo in shaadi.com..
...the queries came to
us were more than 60 years old.
We are tired of
looking a girl for you.
Now, somebody has
to come looking for you.
There's somebody at the door.
Go and have a look.
Okay. Okay.
Who is it?
Hi Rama.. - How do you know my name?
Not only your name,
I know everything about you.
Is it? Your name? - Pooja.
Come. Come.
Oh beautiful damsel, come to me.
Come. Come.
Come to me, 0 beautiful.
Come. Come.
Please, welcome. Give me your bag.
Hello uncle Raghu.
Raghu uncle? Only Ganapati
priest calls me as Raghu.
Uncle, he sent me here.
Come. Have a seat.
Hello aunt Laxmi.
Hello, dear.
Hello aunt Sangeeta.
Hello aunt Bharti.
Hello, dear.
You are uncle Ragahava,
isn't it? - Yes.
Hey, PUPPY--
Even that's come
from priest's hermitage.
It got close to her so soon.
I am sorry.
I didn't tell you why I came here.
You came here for me,
didn't you? - Rama!
My mom and dad died in an accident.
So, priest brought me up.
I've got a seat in
the medical college too.
But it will be 15 days
by the time the college reopens.
So, I've to make arrangements
for the books and hostel.
Why do you want to stay in a
hostel when we have a such big house?
Am I right, brother-in-law?
- Absolutely.
Priest is like
incarnation of God to us.
Not only 15 days, you can
stay here as many days as you want.
Take the blessings.
You are the devotee
who sacrificed your son..
...entered the wheel
and killed the enemies.
Uncle is so proud to see the shield.
Yes, he always does that.
Since childhood he's..
...crazy about drama and movies.
In fact, he got a state
award for playing Duryodhana.
Do you know who awarded him?
His favorite actor.
Dr. Raj kuma r.
So, he doesn't step out
of the house without seeing it.
Ask him why did he come here?
You are talking to the people
who eloped and got married..
...why aren't you talking to me?
So, I came here.
She did everything without knowing.
No, she did everything intentionally.
She threatened n1e at
the last moment saying..
...if I don't marry Bhaskar, I'll die.
That too our house girl.
She shouldn't die.
So, I got them married.
So, you stopped sending
money order to me.
When I went to the doctor
for gastric problem"
...he said,
I am an anemic and my bones are weak.
He needs a big medical shop
for the problems he said. Isn't it?
I didn't have money even for 30 ml.
Brother-in-law, did you hear that?
He's talking about 30 ml.
Hello.. 30 ml doesn't
mean liquor, Rama.
I am talking about medicine. Tell
n1e if you are still angry with n1e.
I'll go and sleep
under a flyover. - oh.
Pooja, you were brought
up by the priest.
If you say,
it is like priest commanding us.
Tell me.. can we forgive him?
Actually, you shouldn't forgive him.
But by seeing his
face it seems as though..
...he can't stay without you.
Uncle, forgive him.
Okay, I'll forgive
him as you are telling me.
Tell him to go inside.
Uncle, thanks a lot.
Thank you. Sorry, uncle.
I won't repeat this mistake again.
Daddy.. daddy..
Your dad is here.
- Sorry.. Daddy.. daddy..
Come on, let's go inside.
Did you see that dear?
Everyone is so happy to see him.
He was away from us because
of my sister's daughter..
...he's always like that.
He solves everybody's problems.
Good boy.
Very good. You acted very well.
But be careful.
Everyone are brilliant in my house.
Fine.. do you know
how to do hiccups. - What?
Oh sorry, you are from America,
so you won't understand this.
Hiccups" - Why?
From now on whenever
you have to talk to me..
...act like you've got hiccups.
That will be our secret code. Okay?
Okay, TipPaYYa-
My name is not Tippayya, but Raam.
Okay. Okay. - Yeah. Yeah.
He's got hurt on the head
and have lost lots of blood..
...so he's in coma.
- What's coma?
He'll be alive,
but can't recognize anyone..
...can't talk to anyone.
Just assume him
to be a living corpse.
No, get him in his senses soon.
You have to.
Before Narsimha comes to his senses..
...the man who was reason
for all this should die.
Okay, sir.
Aunt, it is like this, isn't it?
- Sister, the junior priest is here.
Where did he go?
Why did you lie to us?
Lied.. I didn't lie to you.
Did you see? Your hiccups stopped.
This is called shock treatment.
I am an expert in
giving shock treatment.
What's the matter?
I heard junior priest is here.
I'll definitely get caught now.
What do I do?
Fried rice. Fried rice.
If you mix curd
rice with fried rice..
...you'll get a new kind of rice.
Fried rice.
Priest, if you would've
told me you are coming here..
...I've would've brought
you here in my bike.
I've given up all my desires
after I became a priest.
I only have my life with me now.
Why do you want to kill me?
How are you?
- All are fine since Pooja came here.
Pooja? Who's she?
It was sent by senior priest.
Don't call it as puppy-
Uncle has named it as Pooja.
Oh, like a cow in
front of Lord Shiva..
...your uncle wants a puppy..
You are addressing it as puppy again.
You'll get into
trouble if you do this.
Greetings, priest. - Greetings.
My master has send
this oblation to you.
His love is protecting
all of us till now.
Please, have a seat.
Where's Pooja?
- She's coming. Have coffee.
Priest.. did your master
ask anything about Pooja?
Why will he ask? He knows
it will be safe in your hands.
He knows it.
Pooja has become our family member.
She's a very nice girl.
'Rich people are unpredictable.'
It has put on weight, isn't it?
She just looks fat,
but she doesn't eat at all.
She feels shy.
'Do even dogs feel shy?'
It won't bite, isn't it?
She isn't a small girl to bite you.
It has to be married now.
'They want to get the dog married?'
Is priest looking
for alliance for Pooja?
'I think all have become crazy and
has to be admitted in the asylum.'
He doesn't have such plans yet.
It will surely find a mate one day.
Anyways, it is a free bird, isn't it?
Correct. She doesn't have parents.
If I stay here one minute more,
I'll go crazy.
I shall leave now.
Give our regards to
Ganapati priest. - Sure.
Have food and leave.
I am observing a fast today.
Who's this girl?
She's a new maid of our house.
Her name is Kumari.
She's good.
It's okay.
Oh God.
Who? Who did this?
Who broke this?
Uncle, it is me.
By mistake, it fell down.
By mistake?
Do you know what memories mean?
Do you know their value?
You say you've been
brought up by the priest.
...don't you know how to
behave in somebody else's house.
Even you are out of your mind.
Why are you so lenient
towards the guest?
You are a guest here.
Behave as a guest.
That's the reason, I am leaving you.
Brother-in-law.. - What is it?
It was not Pooja who
broke the shield. - What? Who?
It was I.
Pooja, come here for a minute.
My family members fear
to tell the truth to me.
Why did you lie to me?
Uncle, your family
members respect you a lot..
...they even fear you.
Their hearts are delicate
than the shield that broke.
If you would've told
something to aunt in anger..
...she would've felt bad.
Then you would've felt
bad as you scolded them. I know.
That's the reason,
I lied to you, uncle.
I am sorry, dear. - Uncle,
why are you apologizing to me?
Nothing wrong, dear.
I know many families break
because of a small misunderstanding.
Though you are young,
you thought it over..
...you saved our
family from breaking..
...and have kept our memories intact.
May God bless you, dear.
I thought,
why to fight over that glass shield..
I thought I would
tell you that! broke it.
I would've whacked you
if you would've told me that.
It is good that
I didn't say anything.
This girl's name is Bhavani.
Father is a millionaire.
Are they so rich.
They don't know about their earnings.
She's fair, but the earning is black.
This girl is weak in education..
but nice girl. Is it okay for you?
I agree 30%.
But not the girl, her father..
the millionaire.
That means, you didn't like her.
This girl's name is Suparna S.
She was born in US.
No brothers or sisters.
Father is IPS and mother is IAS.
I will fix if you say yes.
I agree to her 90%.
Very good.
So, did you like this girl? - Yes.
The girl is really beautiful.
They'll make a good couple.
Brother, agree to it.
Sit here. - One minute.
I'll return from the bathroom..
...and announce the results to you.
Anyways, he liked her,
that's enough for us.
Oh.. there's something
cooking between them.
Pooja. Pooja..
Why did you signal me when
I was doing an important work?
Like a commercial break.
You said you liked a girl.
Can't you wait for her?
Where do I find that girl now?
What's the guarantee that
I'll find her if I look for her?
It is good that I forget her.
Did you call me to say this?
Shall I leave now?
Hey.. one minute.
What happened?
Will you agree to the marriage
by just seeing her photo?
Then, what can I do?
You have to see that girl directly.
You should feel that
she's born for you.
You should be ready to
take any risk for that girl.
Whatever you said, that girl
possess that qualities in her.
If you can't understand still now,
you are not a human being.
Hey, lower your voice. Why
are you bothered if I marry anyone?
I am your friend,
I don't want you to get ruined..
...why should I bother
if you marry any Subamma.
It is not Subamma, it is Suparna.
Raam, what did you
decide in the bathroom?
Tell me soon.
Uncle, I feel..
I don't want to marry that girl.
You said 90% you agreed to that girl.
But there should be 100% in life.
Tell me what kind
of a girl do you like?
Seeing the girl,
I should feel that she's born for me.
I should feel like I should be
ready to take any risk for that girl.
I should feel that if necessary, I
should lie to my family members too.
It was in my heart for a long time..
...but now I feel it has got lost.
You kissed me in my dreams..
...I am shying away from myself now.
It is wrong to talk too much.
Tell me something, 0 dear.
It was in my heart for a long time..
...but now I feel it has got lost.
The drums are being played.
Come. Come.
You don't see in my eyes.
You see me stealthily.
You are the same since I met you.
My desires have awakened
since I met you.
I am waiting for you, this is love.
I don't fall for talks.
It is farce.
I laugh from within.
There's no definite
language for love.
I am telling you the truth.
I like your lies too.
It was in my heart for a long time..
...but now I feel it has got lost.
You kissed me in my dreams..
...I am shying away from myself now.
Go, go. Don't show me attitude.
I saw the whole world,
but I didn't see crazy guy like you.
When the cold breeze
in the night troubles me.
I missed you as my body became hot.
Forget about the scorching heat.
In my dreams, I got drenched
with you in the rain and fell sick.
I have a desire to
have petty fights with you.
I feel like writing
a poem on your back.
Come and sit closer to me.
Shy a bit more.
It was in my heart for a long time..
...but now I feel it has got lost.
You kissed me in my dreams..
...I am shying away from myself now.
It is wrong to talk too much.
Tell me something, 0 dear.
Hey Raam, as soon as
I became a classical dancer..
...do you think my behavior
too will be classy?
No. I won't spare anyone then.
Hey kid, hooliganism doesn't
suit your body language.
Anyways, tell me the matter.
First.. first..
First you ruined my sister's life.
Now you are snatching
away Pooja from my heart.
What's the matter..
- Don't touch me, okay?
Why? Didn't you have bath today?
Fine. Pooja didn't
come looking for you.
She came here as I sent her here.
What rubbish?
Do you know what actually happened?
The music is being played.
Let's stay together.
Let's be with my love.
There's something.. - Kumari..
no one is to be seen at home.
Everyone went to
meet Ganapati priest.
Where is that girl, Pooja?
They took her along.
Pooja, do you like Raam?
What can a girl say more than this?
We all are going
to fix your marriage..
...so we are going to discuss
it with priest Ganapati.
Come on. Everyone come here.
It is said that if you
have bath in this water..
...all your wishes will be fulfilled.
You all go and have bath..
I'll go to the priest.
...and talk about Pooja.
Okay. - Have bath soon.
Pooja, let's go.
Greetings, Priest.
Oh Raghu? Is everything fine?
I had to discuss one
important thing with you.
The girl that you sent..
I didn't send anyone.
Who brought you here?
You want me, don't you? Let's go.
Goddess Chamundeshwari..
...I came here with a problem"
...you gave me what I wanted.
I didn't know where to
take her until she gets her..
...visa and passport
I brought her home, uncle.
You love Pooja.
They don't look like humans.
Poor girl, Pooja.
Dear, it is wrong to leave the
one you love when they are in need.
I gave you cars,
men, and money that you asked for.
Don't you feel ashamed
to say you didn't find her?
If you don't find them,
I'll chop you into pieces.
You are our servants,
you should obey our orders.
We want Pooja. Pooja!
See who it is!
Brother-in-law, let go off me.
Let go off me!
'Hey Partha,
you can't acquire me by bad means.'
'You don't have the power in you.'
'I am the warrior of the..'
Thank you. - Why?
Because you came for me.
I didn't come for you. I told
you about the girl I saw in the car..
...I got that girl's photograph.
So, I thought I would show
her photo to you. See this.
Wow, she's so beautiful.
Have a look. Have a look.
I like you very much, dear.
Love is beautiful
only because of you.
It is an immortal
and sweet passion.
You be with me always.
It is like heaven.
I like you very much, dear.
Even I like you very much, dear.
Let's walk together..
...no matter if it is heat or shade.
My heart has met with yours.
It is a new kind of feeling.
Why do I sleep when
I have the dream with me?
I don't want to live
as I have life with me.
No matter what comes our way..
...we'll never depart.
I like you very much, dear.
There's no life without you, dear.
0h yeah!
This is the time set by the nature..
...for our hearts to meet.
This is the story of our love..
...which will not end.
I want to live with
you in every birth.
This is a new beginning for us.
I liked you.
I am not content with your love.
My heart can never forget you.
Love is beautiful
only because of you.
It is an immortal and ..
- Sweet passion.
You be with me always.
It is like heaven.
Raam, my mother likes
her brothers very much.
So, she convinced my father..
she got her brothers married..
...to his sisters.
Then, we settled in
abroad with my father.
No matter wherever they go,
but this village is their favorite.
No matter how busy
my father would be..
...he would celebrate my birthday
with everyone in this village.
One day.. my uncles
fought because of property"
...and the family broke.
My parents wished that
they should reunite..
...and my marriage should
take place in everyone's presence.
But it didn't happen.
They both died in an accident.
I couldn't stay in America,
so I came here.
My uncles forcefully
tried to get me married.
What do we do now?
One idea.
What happened? Where had you been?
I escaped from uncle Nagappa.
Come on, let's go.
When we enquired about them,
we realized that..
...there's only one auditor
to both the families.
He comes once in a week
for their bank work and auditing..
...work from Basawana Halli.
His name is McDowell Murthy.
Hello MC Murthy here.
I am Sukumari speaking. - Tell me.
You took so much of money with you..
I called to know whether you
deposited it in the bank safely..
...or somebody would've hit
on your head and took that money..
...and you are lying in a hospital.
Is this your love or your intuition?
Nothing like that..
It is just 25 lakes, I've
carried cores of rupees till now.
Hang the phone.
Boss, give me a DD challan.
What? - Sir, it is here. Take this.
Thank you. - Welcome.
Sir, there's ink on your shirt.
My suitcase.
- What's the matter, sir?
My suitcase. My suitcase.
Not one or two..
there were 25 lakes in it.
They stole my bag.. - Sir..
The man who stole it wouldn't
stay here. Go out and look for him.
Sukku.. Sukku.. open the door.
Why are you in a haste?
What happened? - I'll tell you later.
Pack your bags. Lets leave from here.
- What happened?
Somebody stole 25
lake rupees from me.
If sir knows this
he'll kill both of us.
They robbed you? They didn't
hit on your head or break your leg.
How did you lose it?
- To hell with you.
I am tensed and
you are mocking at me.
They are here.
They'll kill us. What do I do?
If anyone asks for me,
tell them I am not at home.
Is this MC Krishnamurthy's house?
I don't know.
This briefcase had
his name and address.
So, I thought I would
return it to him.
Didn't I say, I don't know anything?
How are you related to him?
I'll ask him and tell
you after he returns.
Hey, shut up. - Mr. Murthy?
Yes, it is me.
Thank God.
Where did you get this briefcase?
I was drinking tea inside the bank.
One man was running
with this briefcase.
I got a doubt.
I caught him and thrashed him.
I saw your name and address
on the briefcase. So..
That fool stole my briefcase.
But you stole my heart, dear.
What's your name, dear?
Raama Krishna Parmahamsa.
Everyone calls me Raam.
You are like Lord Ram to me.
Take this Rs. 10.
Hide it or someone will steal it.
Sir, which shopping center
do I go to spend this money?
Sir, I don't want money. Just
give n1e one meal and water to drink.
Okay. Sukku! - What is it?
Did you keep the food in the
fridge last night or you threw it?
I've kept it in the fridge.
Serve him. Let him eat and leave.
Go dear, have food and leave.
- Okay, sir.
Why did you come to this village?
Sir, there's a famous auditor named
MC Krishnamurthy in this village.
He's an inspiration
for youths like us.
Like Abdul Kalam for the scientists.
Bill gates for software engineers.
The same way MC Krishnamurthy
for the auditors.
So, I've come here
to become his disciple.
You are very lucky.
Take this chicken.
You are looking
for MC Krishnamurthy..
...it is me.
Sir, it is you?
One more surprise for you.
I've fixed an appointment.
Sir.. thanks a lot, sir. Thank you.
Don't get too excited, dear.
The salary they give
is very less. Come on.
Even I know that you'll have to eat
bones if you are living with a dog.
What are you watching?
Get the poppadums for him.
Look.. we have only
two clients in our company.
One is senior Mallaya and
the other is junior Mallaya.
Both are fingerprints. Illiterates.
I'll ask you something now.
How many times do you
pay income tax in a year?
Only once..
- But I pay 10 times in a month.
That's wrong, sir. Isn't it?
The one who survives on black
money is also wrong, isn't it?
I look innocent,
but I am a dangerous man.
If you continue to do the same,
you'll die one day.
What did you say?
- Sir, you are superb. Superb!
Your life changes from today.
Give me that mug. Give it to me.
What's that sound?
- Sir, I got a message.
Do you have a mobile?
- I took it in installment.
They are allergic to mobiles. They'll
cut your signal then. Throw that.
Do as I say. - Okay, sir.
Greetings, sir.
- What about Babu Nagraj, Murthy?
Sir, no one can confront you.
So, people back
out hearing your name.
Sir, this is the oblation for you.
Sir, all this is for you.
Who is he? - He's from my village.
I've hired him as
an assistant. - Hey!
Didn't I tell you that no
one should know about our business?
Sir, he's none other than my sister's
son. My late brother-in-law's son.
Sir, see. We both resemble
each other. Same to same.
We both resemble each other
since childhood. Same to same.
Will I become like you
when I grow old, brother-in-law?
Shut up.
Does he have any experience?
Chicago Chandrashekhar is in America.
He's a very rich man, sir.
They've got property
worth 500 cores.
He takes care of their accounts.
who is Chicago Chandrashekhar?
Shut up. Yes, sir.
- Brother-in-law it is wrong to lie.
If I tell the truth, you'll
have to take me to the cemetery.
My lovable son is here.
Come here, my lion cub.
Murthy, how are you?
Hello, sir. I am fine.
Who's this? - He's my nephew.
Doesn't he have manners to greet me?
You'll surely die.
- What did you say?
It is said that if elders
greet young children, they die.
Shall I greet you? - No.
Murthy. Bow down.
- No, sir. I've got cold today.
Bow down. - No, sir.
I am getting late to the school.
Bow down, Murthy. - No, sir.
Bow down! - Okay, sir.
If I thrash you,
you'll mix up in the sand.
VET'? 900d, my son.
Hey Dodda Malla. You idiot.
You alone eat food of 10 people.
What's wrong with you?
Instead of doing all this,
can't you commit suicide and die?
Grandpa, everyone mocks at
me in the school because of my plait.
You are like a buffalo, so it
is obvious that they'll mock at you.
Mother! - Get lost!
If you agree, I'll cut this plait.
Dodda Malla!
It is not just a plait.
It is the pride of our family.
Slit their throats
whoever mocks at you.
But dare you tell me that
you want to cut this plait.
Okay, grandpa. He doesn't understand
my plight. I am so unfortunate.
Sir.. - What's it!
Sir, I am getting late. - So?
I've to pay income tax. - How much?
Sir, 15 lake rupees.
- 15 lake rupees?
Yes, sir. I was accounting
whole night. I got psyched doing so.
'Hey Partha,
you can't acquire me by bad means.'
'You don't have the power in you.'
'I am the warrior
of this motherland.'
'Your sins have increased now.'
Naga, what's the matter?
I heard the same voice again.
The one who hit on my head is here.
Sir, you managed it so well.
Or you can't live in
between demons like them.
Sir, I got so angry when
that fat boy was hitting you.
That's the reason I
charged 15 lakes from them.
Great, sir. You are great.
You were standing stunned there.
Sir, you lie so much.
Don't you get tensed?
I keep lying when time comes.
You don't get tensed.
I have over.. over creativity in me.
Did you understand? - Yes, sir.
What? - I'll have to enact
as you when time arises. Come, sir.
Hi Happy, how are you?
I had never thought
I would live like this.
My happiness got ruined
since I gave you a lift.
I've thought of an idea now.
If you follow it..
...your freedom is guaranteed.
Sir, I've thought of
a wonderful plan now. - What?
Sir, you should know who abducted
your daughter-in-law, isn't it?
Get your photo album, I'll tell you.
What kind of an idea is this?
Hey, go and get the photo album.
- Okay, sir.
Get it soon. I want to go home.
Tell n1e one thing..
you took so long to get this idea.
Not him.. it is him.. it is him, sir.
Take this.
He's not from our side.
- Okay, fine, sir.
Tell me properly
or I'll smash your face.
Then you keep writing on it.
Oh God.. I am sure it was him.
Today it is him and tomorrow..
You may leave now. - Okay, sir.
Thanks a lot, sir. Thanks a lot.
Sir, I've told you once
and I am telling you again..
Tippayya is very dangerous.
He won't let this
marriage take place.
Be careful, sir.
I shall leave now, sir. - Hey!
Brother.. - Stop there.
Why? - If you are
telling it for my good..
...then stay here till
this wedding takes place.
Sir, what's this? Sir, I beg of you.
I have wife and
children waiting for me.
Sir, let go off me.
Please. - Take him from here.
Take him from here. - Please, sir.
Let go off me! Let go off me!
Murthy, I heard Dodda
Malla won the case of liquor.
Forget about that.
I've got an idea by which..
...you can become the
president of that association.
Yes, sir. - Who is he?
He's my sister's son.
His name is Raam.
Greet him. - Greetings, sir.
Sir, he's an expert in accounts.
Chicago Chandrashekhar is in America.
He's a very rich man..
he was working with him earlier.
Sir, Dodda Malla had
already had an eye on him.
I said, it is not possible.
I said, he'll check
both of your accounts.
Both of our accounts?
Like you.. Chicago Chandrashekhar..
...had a brother named Dollars Dinesh.
He used to maintain both
of their accounts. - Yes.
Sir, the account has been done.
If you see it once..
I don't know all that.
You see it and pay the tax.
Thanks, sir.
- father-in-law, don't say that.
It is said that you have to keep an
account even if you throw peels out.
I got bored and couldn't
find any book to read..
...and I saw last
year's accounts book.
There's a difference of Rs. 13 in it.
Rs. 13, uncle.
That's it? Let it be.
Father-in-law, that's not the case.
Today he's take Rs.
13, tomorrow it can be 13 lakes.
You are right, dear.
Murthy, show all the accounts
to my daughter-in-law from now on.
Hey you.. - Yes, madam.
Are you his assistant? - Yes, madam.
Do you know English?
- Yes, madam. A little.
Get all the accounts book in my room.
Somehow manage to settle things.
You taught me to lie.
See howl lie to them now.
What is that?
- Nothing, dear.. you go.
Hey Murthy.
The government says right.
If you are educated.. you'll
have no outstanding loans to pay.
You know it first.
My cousin keeps falling on me.
Settle his accounts first.
Is that all?
First settle my accounts.
Please. - Raam, somebody may see us.
Is that all?
Close your eyes. No one will see you.
Raam, no. - Please, please.
Raam, no! - Oh God.
Hey, I am sorry.
Sorry. Please, sorry.
I don't know if he'll settle the
accounts or get me killed by them.
Let me see what accounts he's doing.
You shouldn't be just wearing
good clothes and roaming about..
...you should be very.. hey Murthy!
Why are you sweating so much?
Nothing.. - Just because she's
taking care of the accounts now?
She's my daughter-in-law.
Don't take her so easily.
Sir, even I came to know that now.
You came to know it, isn't it?
Come on, let's go.
Sir, you leave.
I'll talk to my nephew and come.
My daughter-in-law won't
let him to talk to you.
Let they continue, you come with me.
It is okay if they continue,
but if somebody sees them..
...it will be a big problem.
I am telling you nothing will happen.
Come with me now.
- Okay, sir. Their wish.
Sir.. - What is it?
Sir, she's going into madam's room.
Let she check too. Forget it.
No sir, my nephew"
he's very young, sir.
Even my wife is experienced.
She'll explain it to them.
You come with me. - Is it?
Pooja is like my daughter.
She should live happily.
That's the only thing I wish for.
It is not possible if she's here.
So, you both leave from here.
Aunt, Pooja loves you
as much as you do to her.
I don't want her to
miss you all because of me.
Like her parents wishes..
...our marriage should
take place with your blessings.
It will take place.
- But.. people here are fools.
They don't understand anything.
The one who's dumb
can go around the world..
...but the one who's intelligent
can make the world go round.
Sir, I managed it very well.
You are really great, sir.
I'll smash your face now. - Why, sir?
My body is burning.
- What happened, sir?
I saw you and her rolling on the bed.
She fell on me first. But you
shouldn't have seen it stealthily.
Do you expect me to
take a ticket to see that?
Hey fool, it is a common
scene in rich people's house.
You shouldn't get carried away.
Go.. go and finish your work.
Go. - Sir.
I told you to show the accounts, but
you're trying to show book to her.
Come on.
What's this? Somebody may see us.
So, do you expect me to be quiet?
Shall we go to the theater?
So, we can do everything there.
I think it is.. mask man.
Hey, remove your hand.
You said we'll do
everything in the theater?
Did I say that? - Yes.
I am famished.
Please, get something to eat.
Is it? Wait,
I'll get something to eat.
Hey, who are you?
Krish. - You were in the movie.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to show you a film. - What?
I heard that you are going closer
to that girl and troubling her.
So, I came here
to teach you a lesson.
How can you teach me a lesson?
I'll give you a sound thrashing.
Try it. - Try?
I'll escape.
You said Krish thrashed you.
How is it possible for him to come
out of the screen and thrash you?
Is he in the whole movie?
He came out and thrashed
me when he had time.
He's right, dear.
He's got thrashed by him,
so why will he lie to us.
Why are you standing
here hearing our stories?
Come inside. I have to
check accounts. - Okay, madam.
Madam.. the female
who's getting married..
...shouldn't get tensed
about the accounts.
Sir, tell her not to check.
- Murthy, why are you saying that?
She's the one who has to
take care of the accounts tomorrow.
You take him with you, dear.
- Okay, father-in-law.
I'll go. I'll tell you
in detail when I return.
Come on.
Murthy, you start sweating
profusely whenever..
...she talks about the accounts.
Sir, you can't reveal some things.
If I say, I'll get killed.
If I leave, they'll bear children.
I am crazy about you.
New song and music.
The old love story.
You are very slow.
The world is very fast.
Be careful when with me.
New song and music.
Drive safely.
Road humps for safety driving.
Let's go for a jolly ride.
The old love story.
I don't know why I am
feeling so bored. - Is it?
Let's dance at least two steps.
New song and music.
The old love story.
Song.. sing a song.
Song.. sing a song.
Johnny Johnny, yes papa.
Eating sugar, I10 Pal-
You should say it in Kannada.
Say it with a little love.
I love you.. to say this..
...I get very tired.
What can I say? You are very lazy.
Let there be some gap between us.
New song and music.
The old love story.
What is it?
I am crazy about you.
I am crazy about you.
Give me a kiss. Let's bet.
Let's play head and push.
My kiss is very costly.
Let's climb some
mountain and dance there.
I have better work to do.
Instead of singing this song..
...what better work do you have?
Enough of singing and dancing now..
...let's share our
joys and sorrows now.
We'll name our future baby.
New song and music.
The old love story.
You are very slow.
The world is very fast.
Be careful when with me.
New song and music.
I don't know why I am
feeling so bored. - Is it?
Let's dance at least two steps.
New song and music.
The old love story.
Raam said he'll be coming.
But he's not come yet.
He will surely come.
Mother. - Pooja.
My dear.
Jyoti. - How are you, sister?
I'm fine.
Why don't you also
go inside the temple?
I cannot climb the stairs.
Let God come down himself.
How's that possible?
I don't care.
Then why did you come?
You could've stayed at home?
Since my grandma has
gone to meet her secretly..
...my grandpa has sent
me to keep a watch on her.
How are you, Gunda? - Don't touch me.
She's your elder.
Hey. Don't you dare
into our personal matters?
Who are you?
Are you Spiderman? - Yes.
Why did you come here?
To know who great. You or me.
This is my area.
You cannot mess with me. - Alright.
Please forgive me.
Hereafter, will you respect
your elders? - I will.
My grandpa is a powerful man.
If you talk about your grandpa"
...I will nail you too like him.
Will you respect your elders? - Okay.
Turn around. - Why?
I'm going to cut your plait.
That's the identity of our family.
To hell with your family.
Turn around.
Now, I only cut your plait.
If you don't respect your elders,
I will cut you to pieces.
Gunda, shall I give you bath? - No.
It is better to
do our work ourselves.
Oh my God. You've reform so much.
Spiderman reformed me.
Hello? - Uncle..
...uncle Chikmali is
planning to get me married.
I don't want to get married.
I will only marry your son.
Otherwise, I will kill myself.
Dear, don't worry.
I will come right away.
Nagappa, summon our men.
Let's go to Chikmali's
house and finish everyone.
Sir, wait a minute. - Hey you.
Why are you concerned
about his family?
Not just I, you too should
be concerned about them.
If you get your son married
to your sister's daughter..
...how much will you get?
100 corer US dollar.
Why do you want to fight
your brother for mere money?
Mere money?
If you get your married to
the girl who can get you 500 cores..
...it will be like you've attained
victory over Chikmali, right?
You're right, but who is that
rich man who'll give me 500 cores?
There is a man. - Where?
Uncle, tell him about
Chicago Chandrashekar.
Oh. He?
Also tell him about
his wealth and properties.
Probably, it worth round 500 cores.
Tell him about his daughter.
- Daughter?
The daughter who's grown up?
He's right.
In that case,
won't they look for a guy?
You're right.
- Then why don't you tell?
Tell what? About who?
Tell them about
our sir's son Nagappa.
Murthy, I don't care how.
You must somehow see to that..
...they get the daughter
married to my son.
Understand? - No.
Idiot. - I understood.
In that case,
explain to your uncle briefly.
Having sympathy I
took good care of you..
...whereas you're
putting me in trouble.
Sir, what wrong did I do?
What wrong did you do?
I lied about Chicago
Chandrashekar to save myself.
But you are trying to make it true?
How will we create Chicago
Chandrashekar now? Tell me?
Dear.. - What is it?
Someone by the name
Chicago Chandrashekar..
...called five times since morning.
He's looking for a guy in this place.
So, he wants you to
book a guest house for him.
Oh God.
Sir, what do you say now?
You spoke about him
because you know him.
He called since you know him.
I swear by God.
I didn't understand a thing.
Sir, I understood everything.
- Understood what?
It is called subconscious
memory power loss.
Don't try to manipulate me.
There are three stages in our mind.
subconscious and unconscious.
you're suffering from subconscious.
It is like,
though you know the person well..
...and if you don't
meet for a many days..
...you tend to forget the person"
...but you do know the person.
At times you remember him..
...like the way you
remembered him now.
You're not insane to mention
his name though you don't know him?
You think he has discussed about
his daughter's marriage with me?
Of course, insane.
Don't call me insane.
I might doubt myself.
It's okay if you doubt yourself,
but you doubt me.
I'm hurt. I'm leaving. - Raam.
Don't leave me and go.
Let's go and take
a look at the submarine.
It's not submarine,
subconscious memory power.
First stage? - No.
I've neither heard of
him nor meet him. What do I do?
The character that I created
is asking me to book a guest house.
What's going on?
That's subconscious memory power.
Murthy, for how long should I wait?
Is he coming or not?
How will I be able to tell
you when I don't know myself?
He will be coming. Please sit inside.
Hello, sir.
Hey Murthy.
How are you?
Why are you surprised?
It's me, Chandrashekar.
Chicago Chandrashekar.
Come. Let's go. Come.
Please come.
Let's go, uncle. Come.
Please come in.
Stop. Who is he?
Why is he coming closer?
Murthy, who is he?
Tell me? Tell me?
Sir, my uncle is not
in the position to talk.
I will talk to them.
Sir, he's Mr. Doddamalayya.
The most dignified
man of his village.
He wants to talk to you.
Wait a minute.
We want to get freshen up.
Murthy, you keep talking to them.
We'll be right back.
My uncle is in a shock since
he's meeting them after many years.
He's be fine in sometime.
Let's go.
What's the matter with Murthy?
- Sorry.
Sorry for making you wait.
- That's alright.
Murthy told us everything about you.
Murthy has great
respect for our family.
By the way, but he didn't
tell me that you were coming.
Murthy told us that you
were looking for a guy. - Yes.
We give more importance
to tradition than money.
We too.
He's my younger son Nagappa.
He's studied 5th grade.
My desire is to get him married
to your daughter. - Murthy.
What kind of a guy you've
chosen for my daughter.
I didn't expect this from you.
Jackie? - Yes, Boss?
Send them out. - Okay, Boss.
Listen to.. - Just shut up. Get out!
Let go. - Idiot, you want hit me?
Come on. - Calm down. - Come on.
Boss, they are trying
to mess with me.
Uncle, come here.
Come. Let's go.
Uncle, wonderful.
You acted really well.
Who do you think I am?
I'm two times gold
winner in mono acting.
Yes, aunt.
Dear, what's going on?
Aunt, you liked Pooja, didn't you?
Of course, I liked her very much.
That's why we are here.
Let's take her along.
But these men.. - Laxmi, do not fear.
He's been acting ever
since his childhood.
It is very interesting. Tell me?
What's the next scene?
Next scene is not yours.
Sir, they have few conditions to get
their daughter married to your son.
What are they? - Since Uncle
and I don't agree to the conditions..
...we refused them.
Who are you to refuse?
Tell us about the conditions.
They didn't like your attire.
They said,
you look like an agent with it.
What? We look like agents?
Look, you're getting upset now.
Just let that be.
How dare they say that?
They expect us to dress up like them?
We will do it.
They have two more conditions.
Two more conditions?
They were a little upset
when they didn't find any woman..
"Present while you were
discussing about marriage.
I will surely bring them.
What is the third condition?
Actually.. - Actually?
Actually.. - Actually?
They want you to cut your plait.
Cut my plait?
Why should you cut your
plait just for 500 cores?
I told them it's impossible.
Let's find another girl for your son.
What do you say, uncle?
- You're right.
Why do you involve
him in this matter?
I can always grow plait again..
...but I can never
let go 500 corer dollars.
You're right, grandpa.
Cut your plait.
Okay. I'm ready to cut my plait.
Chicago Chandrashekar? His family?
I'm unable to recall.
But I know them.
By the way, what is the name
of the disease I'm suffering from?
It isn't a disease.
Subconscious memory power.
Is something wrong with it?
- I feel so.
If this condition persists"
...you will develop a
tendency to commit suicide.
You're right. I feel it at times.
In that case, you will die for sure.
Stop scaring me.
What's the remedy?
Remedy? - Yes.
Blindly believing in things.
But if you're in a
confused state of mind..
You will develop a
tendency to commit suicide.
So, you expect n1e to
blindly believing in things?
You have no other option.
In that case,
I will blindly believe what you say.
Very good. I'm glad.
You've changed so much.
We just want to meet
your expectations.
We like your son very much.
Let's fix the marriage
as soon as possible.
By the way, Mr. Doddamalayya.. - Yes?
Don't you have brother?
Sir, he does have a
younger brother. - What?
He has a younger brother? - Yes.
Having a brother, you came
alone to discuss about marriage?
Darn it.
You've mistaken.
Both the brothers are known
for their affection on each other.
Actually, he's out of town. - Oh.
Murthy. - His son is a nice guy.
Please try me. - Okay, Murthy.
In that case, we will fix
the marriage after your returns back.
Okay? Darling, let's go.
Oh God.
You put me in trouble.
Why did you tell him
that I have a brother?
What's wrong in telling the truth?
Isn't Chenmallappa
responsible for his birth]?
Chenmallappa? - Who is he?
Your father.
Now how will bring my brother?
You see that?
He's now regretting
for going against me.
Now Doddamalayya is
looking for another girl.
Look at his condition.
He has become like a helpless snake.
Uncle, I think there's
something fishy.
Shut up.
I'm sure he's regretting
for going against me.
Good evening, everybody.
Sorry for the interruption.
Collect the valuation
of all the things. - Okay, sir.
Come on. Hello.
Who are you?
Hi, Pooja. How are you?
Fine, uncle.
Hello. - Hey.
Who are you?
Tm Poornachandrarao.
Recovery officer from World Bank.
I'm familiar with most of the banks.
But I haven't heard of World Bank?
It is a most popular bank.
By the way, why did you come here?
Pooja's father died before
he could repay the loan..
...that he'd taken from our bank.
His property in America
has already been seized.
Still 100 cores are left.
She's the surety. Ask her yourself.
He's right, uncle.
- So, we are here to recover it.
She has nothing
with her to give away.
She's getting married
to my uncle's son next week.
Very good, sir. - What do you mean?
According to the Hindu act..
...the wife gets 50 percent
of her husband's share.
We will take that away.
Is he right?
Sir, that's a rule.
My uncle is really unfortunate.
Sir, the marriage
didn't take place yet.
She seems to be a nice girl.
Don't delay anymore.
Get her married off.
We will wait.
Not just 1 to 2, it is 100 cores.
We will surely recover it.
BYE; P00ja. - Bye, uncle.
Pooja, go inside.
Uncle.. - I said go inside.
What do I do now?
Hey? - Yes?
M u rthy?
Why did you betray me? - Sir?
Why didn't you tell me
about Chandrashekar's daughter?
Sir, it is not my uncle's fault.
He did it so that you
retain your daughter-in-law.
So, you want me to be at loss?
I don't care how.
You will talk to
Chandrashekar about my son.
That's impossible. He has
already committed to Doddamalayya.
Uncle, don't worry.
I have an idea.
Chicago Chandrashekar
has a younger brother.
He will be here to find
a guy for his daughter.
Younger brother? - Dollars Dinesh.
You do know him, right? - I?
Sir, you should proceed
with this alliance.
My uncle will make it happen.
Murthy, you're not an ordinary man.
Even I realized now.
Uncle, tell him about it.
About what? - About the conditions.
Okay. They have many conditions.
Brother! - Brother!
I know you're pretending.
I know why you're here.
You told me about Chicago
chandrashekar younger brother.
But said his name is Dinesh?
You. - I?
So, whatever I say
will turn out to be true?
Haven't you realized it is happening?
Everything that you predicted"
...has turned out to be true.
Let's go.
Come on.
Welcome. - Hello.
Hello. - He's my younger
brother Chikmalla.
Hello, sir.
He's my younger brother
Dollars Dinesh. - Hello.
Hi, everyblidY-
Mr. M.C. Murthy, how are you?
Mr. M.C. Murthy.
Look at his stomach.
He seems be leading a happy life.
He's eating all the time.
Let's go inside.
Let's go.
Didn't I tell you? Your predictions
will surely turn out to be true.
The characters that I'm creating
are coming alive one after the other.
It is because of the
power you have in you.
That means.. I'm God.
Ravichandran is the God of love
and you're the God of intelligence.
Darn it. I never realized
I was so intelligent.
I've been working in
this house like a servant.
What do you like doing
during your leisure time?
I wash dishes,
wash clothes, clean bathroom.
And then I again wash
the dishes and go to bed.
You do all this work alone, dear?
Yes. This is how it is in America.
People do their work themselves.
Idiot. How dare you?
I will break your leg.
Behave yourself.
Father, she's acting weird.
You have to tolerate her for money.
I don't like it.
Excuse me.
Mr. Chikmalayya. - Who is it?
What I heard, is it true?
Hello, Mr.
Chandradshekhar, how are you?
Hello, Raam.
Sir, do you know him?
He's my family friend.
He was the main reason
for our world bank to prosper.
His food..
- Sir, come have food with us.
Oh, thank you. Please, come.
That is the reason they say,
the world is round.
Ra, what made you come here?
I had an important work. First
tell me what made you come here?
We thought of getting our
son married to their daughter.
Is it true, Mr. Chikkamallya?
You said that you'll get
your niece married to your son?
Listen, mister. We know
where to get our daughter married.
You keep quiet. - Whatever it is,
I don't feel good, sir.
First think about
your sister's daughter.
Let's talk about our
children wedding later.
How can we marry her all of a sudden?
We should find a good groom for her.
You can do anything
if you really want to.
No problem if it is late.
We'll wait for you.
What will you do waiting?
I don't know from
where he's come from.
They are dancing on his tunes.
What is the reason.. - Sir..
Sir, one minute.
Please, come with me, sir.
Hey, let go. Idiot. Who are you?
You're Krishnamurthy, isn't it?
Everyone knows that. There's
a different Murthy for this world.
So, you mean to say is there's
another world too. - Shut up.
What world are you talking about?
This world means nothing to n1e.
If I wish, I can event a new world.
You can event a new world?
Is Tippayya your nephew?
His name is not Tippayya, but Raam.
what do you know about him?
Sir, what do you know about him?
The heart is still beating.
Come on, cool down.
You shouldn't lose hope at this time.
What can we do? It was our bad time.
You're like a healer
to the dying man.
What are both of them doing here?
what are you doing here?
Chicago Chandrashekhar
is calling you inside.
Hello.. don't try to act smart now.
I've told your whole story to him.
Shut up. just shut up. - Okay.
Be careful while talking to him.
He's acting smart.
Who's calling me?
- Chicago Chandrashekhar.
Why? Didn't Dollars
Dinesh or Laxmi call me?
what's wrong with you?
Who's your brother-in-law?
Am I the creator? Am I Lord Brahma?
I'll kill you right away.
Don't kill him now.
Let him repent for his sins.
I am repenting for his sins.
You don't show your face to me.
Get lost.
If I get angry, I'll bite you.
- No. No.
What happened to you, brother-in-law?
Brother-in-law? Who's brother-in-law?
Go to hell.
- Brother-in-law? Brother-in-law?
Hello.. hello, he left. He left.
Go and do your work now.
You consoled me like
a patient at that time.
Now you're consoling
me like mourning.
Cool down. Cool down, sir.
Why are you getting so tensed?
There are lots of things to do.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, you belong to the different world..
...and I belong to the different world.
I'll ruin everyone now. - Big deal.
Bye Murthy. - Oh brother Murthy. Bye.
Goodbye. We shall leave now.
you didn't have food. - I will.
Please, go and have food.
How is your wife?
Give my regards to her. - She's fine.
Anything else you
want me to tell her?
Nothing. Please, go ahead.
They are acting as though
they know me from ages.
To hell with Murthy now.
Until we get her married. They'll
not fix marriage with our son.
Hello, sir. - Thrash this man first.
Thrash me later..
forget this alliance now. - Why?
Sir, they've kept this
condition intentionally.
Either of you two get your sister's
daughter married to your son.
Shut up!
If bank people seize
all our property..
...do you expect us to beg
for alms standing on the road?
Do you want to see that? Shut up!
Where's your nephew? Call him here.
He's not here. He went to village.
Did you hear that?
He left to village.
How did he leave
without informing us?
How did he leave? - If he was here..
...would you get your sister's
daughter married to him?
What did you say?
It slipped from my tongue.
Please, forgive me.
Sir, I didn't tell it intentionally.
Will you kill me now?
Murthy.. you're not wrong,
but you told right thing.
Why cant it be possible as you said?
Sir, please don't. his mother
was looking for a bride for him..
...so I sent him to the village.
Let us call him back.
Does your nephew have property?
He's a beggar, sir. He's taken
credit from everyone in the village.
He'll repay them back.
Sir.. - Sir!
Hey, are you uncle and
nephew playing games with us?
Your uncle just said
that you went to the village.
I was leaving, sir. I thought I would
take your blessings before leaving.
Is it? Okay. Good.
You belong to us now.
Now, we've decided that we get
our sister's daughter married to you.
What do you say?
No problem with me, sir.
But my uncle will tell you.
Remove your hand.
Sir, my sister is very orthodox, she
wont agree for inter caste marriage.
You used to agree
for everything earlier..
...now you're showing attitude to us.
Hey, you should agree
to whatever we say.
Tell me. - Yes.
Pooja.. dear Pooja!
Come here. - What is it, uncle?
We both have decided that
we'll get you married to Raam.
What do you say?
Your wish, uncle. I don't
mind if you change my name to Sta.
What say? Tell me.
Sir, there's a small problem.
Like my uncle said,
my mother is very orthodox.
Our Santosh said that somebody
abducted her from the wedding dais..
...my mother will create
a chaos if she knows this.
Is that all? - Yes, sir.
Call that Santosh here.
Sir, greetings.
Why are you respecting me so much?
Who abducted Ms.
Pooja from the wedding dais?
Didn't I show you in the photo?
Oh God.. sir, why are you hitting me?
That's a lie. A lie. - Then?
He abducted her.
Correct, sir. It was him.
It was him who abducted her.
Correct. Whoever ask you from now on,
tell them the same thing.
I'll tell them, sir. - Okay, go.
Shall I leave, sir?
- Go and do your work. Go.
Whatever you say.. Murthy
has become our relative from now on.
Sorry.. Mr.
Murthy I cant understand anything.
Even if I've understood it,
I am unable to do anything. - Is it?
Call me later..
cow is calling me now. Sorry.
That's the reason I said,
you can do anything if you want to.
What do we do?
Murthy is our servant..
...yet he is very honest to us. So..
Sir, if you're so proud about me..
raise my salary by Rs. 500.
I don't agree to this marriage.
Forget it, sir. If my uncle
didn't agree to this marriage..
...even my mother wont agree.
Even I wont feel good to marry
like an orphan in their absence.
Raam, I can understand your pain.
Mr. Murthy.. - Sir..
How will be Raam related to us?
Sir, who knows?
I've already forgotten
all my relationships.
I am into the second stage.
- Shut up.
You're acting too much these days.
He'll be like your son, relative.
- Correct, sir.
Anyways we don't have son.
We'll get his wedding arranged.
We'll feel happy
about our son's wedding.
I am relieved now.
I shall organize the
wedding with grand pomp.
Hey Raama!
Hey Raama!
Hey Raama!
Hey Raama!
Play the drums! Oh jovial guy!
Play the drums! Oh jovial guy!
I don't have parents.
Who brought me up?
I salute them from far.
Play the drums! Oh jovial guy!
I am the sweet Sikander for love.
I became your slave.
Don't delay Raama.
My love is waiting for you.
Sing love songs today
sitting on a throne.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
All the villagers are
talking about our marriage.
Talking about our marriage.
Hear it.
People from 27 villages
will be attending our wedding.
What else do you need?
For the bride..
- Does she want silk sari?
For the people.
- Food in abundance.
She's calling me from her heart.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
Oh Lord. Oh Shabba.
Oh Lord. Oh Shabba.
Oh Lord. Oh Shabba.
Oh Lord. Oh Shabba.
Let's become a good couple
and show it to the world.
Listen to me, dear.
The wedding should be so grand,
gods from above should see us.
Let they feel jealous.
With flowers.
- Make the wedding dais.
Make them have bath.. - In milk.
She's calling me from her heart.
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
Darn it!
Dance with joy.
Dance with joy.
they said that you were in coma.
When did you come
back to your senses?
Sir, I had to tell you something.
He was the one who abducted
Pooja from the wedding hall.
Come here..
Is he telling the truth?
You told me to tell everyone
like that, isn't it?
Hey, don't pretend.
Hello brother, just a minute.
I am coming.
Come here.
I was waiting for you. - Coming.
Relax. Relax.
He abducted Pooja, isn't it?
Yes. Correct, it is him.
Sir, didn't I say as you told me to?
Oh, that way..
I am following all your instructions,
isn't it? - Yes.
Follow? - Yes.
What following?
Even you're playing a charade.
Narsimha, let go off him!
Let go off him!
What's the matter, sir?
He was injured on head.
So, he's acting weird.
No sir, you don't know the truth.
He.. - You were in coma. How
would you know what's going on here?
I am fine, but still I cant
understand what's happening here.
I'll kill you.
- Narsimha, go from here. Go!
You have a seat.
Wherever you live..
wherever you're..
Happy sir.
Happy sir.. - Stay happy.
One minute.
You helped us by giving
us a lift that day.
But you've done a favor
on me by giving me a new life.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Your whole family is taking
so much risk for your love.
I liked that commitment very much.
This Happy wants
everyone to be happy.
Okay. All the best.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.
Yes. Yes, coming. Commitment.
Relative.. we are enjoying
daily since you've come here.
To tell you the truth.. we agreed
to this alliance as you're very rich.
But seeing this happiness,
we feel we don't want property.
Brother, just stay quiet.
Relative, come on let's have food.
One minute.
Hello? - Did you have your dinner?
Not yet. - You're already
suffering from acidity.
No. No.. First go and have food.
Alright. - One minute.
I love you.
Okay, me too.
Did you see that? Our relative
is calling his wife and..
...are asking her
if she had her dinner.
But in our house..
no matter how late we eat..
...they should have
food after we are done.
Relative, it is very wrong. - Why?
Women have a very small world.
Husband, house, and children.
As husbands it is our
duty to talk to them lovingly.
Come on, let's go and have food.
Wait here..
please, stay here. - What happened?
Go and come.
Your husband's call. - My husband?
Why did he call me?
Did you have your food? - Not yet.
Why didn't you have food till now?
You're already
suffering from acimity..
Acimity? What does it mean?
- You don't know anything.
Okay" I love you.
I love you?
Tell him, me too.
I love you.. - Mitto.
Mitto, mitto..
- What are you doing here?
Brother, nothing.
You came here to pee?
Yes, even I came to pee.
- Go. Go peacefully.
Okay. You go.
He's very smart.
Hello? - Hello.
Tell me, father-in-law?
Hand over the phone
to your mother-in-law.
Okay. I'll give it to her.
Hello. Dear, did you have food?
Not yet.
Eat soon or you'll get editity..
Okay, I will eat now.
Wait. Don't hang up the phone.
I love you.
Come on, you tell him too.
No, I won't say.
I love you.
She's a villager,
I am expecting too much from her.
You didn't realize it till today.
What will you realize now?
Enough, aunt. - One morsel more.
Hi aunt. - Open your mouth.
What's this? Why did you come here?
Nothing special, aunt. My aunt
has given this necklace for Pooja.
She should wear this and
sit on the wedding dais. - Okay.
Why did you come to give this?
You could've given
it to someone else.
He needs a chance to come here.
'Hey Partha..' - Tell me aunt.
Did you give the necklace?
- Yes, I did.
Okay. Come soon,
we have to make you have bath.
Okay, aunt.
Raam, do you know
which wedding hall it is?
It is the same where
he abducted Pooja.
I hope you didn't forget.
- How can I forget that place?
I was happy in my life,
but my problems started from there.
Hello. - Father!
Mesa (cheat). We've been cheated.
What? Mamsa?(mutton)
Who'll cook mutton in a wedding?
Father, you are not getting me.
It is not Chicago Chandrashekhar
or Dollars Dinesh.
How can they all be there?
They are dancing with us.
Father, you are not getting me.
Hey, how dare you
cheat us in our village?
Even I'll see how
you'll go out from here.
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Aunt, you go to the
wedding hall with Pooja.
I'll join you there.
You go to the wedding
hall and reveal this.
I'll handle him.
Raam didn't return till now.
Raam didn't come?
- Shut up. - Shut up.
I am getting scared.
Nothing will happen to him.
You be courageous.
He'll surely come. You go. - Okay.
Brother.. the groom hasn't come yet.
I think they've known our drama.
Why are you getting tensed? Shut up.
you seem to be very tensed.
the auspicious time is passing by..
...and the groom hasn't come yet.
The groom? - Yes.
See there.
Play the clarions. Play it.
Brother.. don't you think
our Pooja looks like our sister.
Yes, dear.
Listening to someone,
we've got her married to someone.
Don't know what he has and what not.
Why are you worrying?
Even, we'll take care of her.
We don't lack in anything.
- Come. Come, dear.
Dear, you don't worry at all.
Tell us if Raam troubles you.
Just call us.
Uncle, you are so nice.
If I've hurt you.. - No, dear.
Don't think that dear.
You can't hurt us.
You are our daughter.
You are our daughter. Come.
Come, let's go.
Hey, close the gates!
I am going to teach
a lesson to everyone today.
You can't stay quiet.
You've done something again.
Hey, give way for me to go.
Hey Naga, wait a minute. Come here.
What is that?
Raam, is Naga telling the truth?
Yes. - Why did you do like this?
I didn't want to elope
with Pooja and marry her.
I always wished to marry
her and take her from here.
Because, everyone is
important to Pooja like me.
Her parents wished to get
her married with your blessings.
That's the reason, I did that.
Hey! Why are you
listening to him.. - Stop!
Stop. We are elders, we are talking.
Hey, what will you say?
What do you think of yourself?
Hey! Insolent! How dare
you hold my brother's collar?
I'll chop off your hand, you idiot.
We left the people who cheated us..
We are fighting amongst ourselves.
This is not good.
Hey.. he didn't cheat us. - Yes.
He made us human beings.
- Tell them more.
We never respected to
the words told by our wives.
But by respecting
the words of the bride..
...this guy did so many things..
...see the family members with him.
Just see how good people they are.
Badra, you are right.
Our Pooja is getting
married in such good house.
We must be very fortunate.
What do you say Chikmalla.
- You are right.
Even we cheated you by
getting along with these kids.
Please, forgive us.
Don't say that.
We changed because of you.
We changed our style
as well as our hearts.
What say? - To tell you the truth..
...we are feeling very bad
that you all are leaving. - Yes.
So, we all will come and
stay in your house for four days.
Not only four days,
stay in our house for a month.
What do you say? - I can't
say anything, ask my brother-in-law.
New song and music.
The old love story.
You are very slow.
The world is very fast.
Be careful when with me.
New song and music.