Raat (1992) Movie Script

You have done a good job. You
have changed the house.
We have just arrived only today.
How do you say that?
In the previous house, we were disturbed
...by the noise of aeroplane
But this house is comparatively quiet
Grandma, I had my milk.
Very good.
Narayan, please send him off to school
Please inform the
school bus driver
that we have changed our house
Tomorrow onwards he may
pick him up from here.
Yes, Madam.
-Bye, Grandma.
Bye Bye, Bunty
Be careful. Keep it here.
Here, here....
He told that he would send all the
things immediately, but
. . . the lorry hadn't arrived yet
Just now, they telephoned me. They
said they are on the way
Good morning, mom.
-Good morning
Haven't I told you not to wear
such dresses to college?
What's wrong in this dress?
You are always argumentative.
Why should we worry about
the latest fashion?
. . .Let her wear
whatever she feels like
You always speak for her
Come on, have your breakfast.
No, I don't want.
Our friends had decidedto
eat today in the canteen.
You should have informed me earlier.
I prepared your favourite 'Cutlets'.
Sorry, mom. I had
forgotten that. Please!
Forgive me this time
Okay, forget it Saradha, it's
after all it's a small matter.
Okay, you can go. Have you ever
listened to my words?
Ok, mom. Bye, dad.
- Bye daughter.
Let's go.
So, Laxmi's house is nearby.
Hereafter, she will forget
our house totally
Oh, she had forgotten her purse.
Here is your purse.
Mom, if you want me to have the
breakfast, I'll eat and go.
It's alright, you can go.
-Bye, mom
Hey, watch out.
Be careful.
Watch out for the door
Oh, the light is faulty.
Slowly. Be careful.
Keep all the things here itself.
-Okay, Madam.
This way . . .
Let's go to library.
I should return my book.
Let's go there after 10 minutes.
I mean, we will gothere
after 10 minutes.
Is it so?
Now, I understand it.
What do you understand?
Then why did you turn?
-No reason..
Don't bluff. I know why.
Think of the devil.
There he arrives!
I am telling the truth.
I don't bother whoever comes
We have been waiting for you
What for? Is it time up for the class?
Fool. Its time up for the movie..
The comedy movie
at Sangeeth Theatre.
Come on..Let's go.
Come on
What about the classes?
-We will bunk it
. . ...We can't get the tickets . . .
Since Deepak has come,
she had come to the movie.
With this idiot?
Shall we have some cool drinks?
I want one popcorn.
Give me a popcorn.
Give me one cool drink
Give me the popcorn packed
Madam, Is there any
bread shop around?
The shop is nearby. I
am also going that way.
Please come along.
Only yesterday, we had come
to that house.
Yes, I had seen you.
I saw you sending off your
master's son to the school
-The boy is not his son, he
is his grandson. -I see.-
The boy's parents had died
3 years ago in an accident
It's alright. Tell me your name.
I am Shylaja and I am working
nearby Lakshmi Madam's house
Grandma, where is my doll?
Iin the Almirah.
Can you give it to me?
-I would get it later.
I want it now...
It must be in the almirah
in the store room.
I'll get it for you later.
No, I want it immediately
Please listen to
me and go away..
-How much?
-I will pay. . .-I will pay ..
-Lakshmi please allow me
-Mini please . . ..
Lakshmi take your hands off
Mini come let's go to my house
My dad had presented me a
CD Player on my birthday
We can hear Michael Jackson's 'BAD''
Let's go.
Grandma. She is Mini, my classmate
Only yesterday, they had come to
our neighbouring house
To the neighbouring house?
Come on, let's go.
Lakshmi. Why did your Grandma
gave a strange reaction to that?
Take it easy. She always
over reacts to everything
Mini when did you return from college?
I will . . ..
Where have you been so long?
I've been to Lakshmi's house.
-Where is Bunty?
-He will be playing somewhere
Where has he gone?
Mom, Bunty is not there in his room.
Check up in the store room below.
Mini, what are you doing there?
Grandma look what I have got
How did this get in?
What are you doing here,
come on let's go.
Please take your hands off.
Its nails might hurt you
You should've seen the way Lakshmi
imitated her grandma.....
Mini when did you
return from college?
Don't make fun of elders.
She is very old, isn't she?
Who else stays in Lakshmi's house?
Her parents too stay with her.
There are employed and hence
are always away from home
Even I haven't seen their
parents for a long time
What are you doing Bunty?
I am feeding the kitten.
-I am on the way, madam.
Take away this kitten.
Come on, lets go.
Grandma shall I take
the kitten with me also?
You can play with the
kitten in the morning.
Mini pass me the water please
Now it's time to sleep.
I will tell you a story
Dad, I forgot to tell you something
Today when I was in college
along with my friends
. . .something strange happened
Lay down, my darling. Good.
. . . Once upon a time, in a village,
there was a kitten . . ..
Clean the table.
Mini, it is time to sleep.
Switch off the TV
Mom, just a few more minutes . . .
Don't you have college tomorrow?
You watch movie late in the night
And get up late in the morning
Better switch it off.
Mommy please...its the climax....
Better switch it off.
Nowadays she is becoming disobedient.
She never listens to any of my words
In addition to that.....
You are pampering her a lot
Come.... come...
-Why don't you sit down and eat?
-No mom
Already I am late
Bunty, have your bread.
Why did you keep the
kitten in your bag?
I want to play with the kitten
in the school
Your teacher wouldn't allow that.
After school you can come home
and play with it, okay?
Eat quickly.
. . . I find it difficult to believe
it was a dream
Suddenly two hands came
out of a wall . . .
My Grandma had said . . .
. . .. that in your house, hands
will come out of walls . . .
What do you mean?
Drop that matter. Some
coincidences . . .
Where are you going?
To our home.
Do you have any other programme?
-Shall we have some ice cream?
-You too join us.
-No, I am not coming, you carry on.
Mini do you remember
what is tomorrow's date?
-So what?
Nothing special. I
said it was the 17th.
Is it not your birthday tomorrow?
Hey Deepak. You
know sometimes my....
brain doesn't work properly .
. .
Why are you taking it seriously?
Okay, tell me what gift you want?
I don't want anything.
There is a picnic stop 50 kms from here.
Let's go there.
Only two of us . . .
We can return by the evening
Please clear this
Sir. . ..
The kitten is dead
Let us not tell this to Bunty.
He might get upset
Please bury it in the backyard
Hey.... stop.
If they come to know
that my boy friend
had dropped me.. my mom would
develop a heart attack...
That's my house.
Is it the red building?
No, it's not that one.
The white one
Oh my dad . . .
-Did my dad see us?
-Any problem?
Nothing, anyway . . .
-Hi Bunty!
-Mini aunty
What did you learn in the school today?
Jack and Jill went up the hill . . ..
Very good.
Madam you mightn't believe me.
But it is a bad omen if a cat
dies in a house
Bunty had come, make it fast
Grandma what are you doing?
We are planting a plant.
Where is the plant?
Only today we had buried the seeds.
The plant would sprout out in a few days
Why are you planting it here?
Come on. Change your dress Go
Grandma where is my kitten?
It should be somewhere around
The kitten is dead.
Hey, Bunty
What are you doing?
Mini Aunty, where is my kitten?
It would have gone somewhere to play
Come on. What is this?
A scooter.
Mini baby, Sir is calling you.
Bunty I will meet you later
Dad, why did you call me?
Today afternoon . . ...
At the end of our colony,
I saw you along with a . . .
It was one of my class mates.
He dropped me here after college
He is a very close
friend of mine
I see. Mini you are not a kid.
At this age, it is better
to be a bit cautious
Sit down.
How are your studies going on?
Grandma, look my kitten had returned
What happened Saradha?
In Bunty's room the kitten . . .
You don't go there.
It's not there.
Not there...?
I saw the cat..
..which was......
killed under the car
I saw it.....there...
What happened to you?
Do you know what are you talking?
What do you mean?
Am I lying?
It's the same cat
I saw on my own eye
It was in Chant's room
Bunty was playing with that
It might be some other cat
Let's go, you seems to be tired
Mini Aunty....
What happened?
Hi Deepak
Happy birthday to you
Are you ready?
I will pick you up at 9AM
I am unable to come....
Dad had seen both of us
chatting yesterday
So what?
Nothing, dad did not say anything
But both of us going out far away..
..I don't think it's a good idea...
Dad may refuse.....
Is it impossible for you to come?
Wait, I will call you back
Today is my friend Jaya's birthday
Today being the Sunday..
..she has arranged
the party in her
farm house on the city outskirts
All friends are going in the bus
It may be late to return
Dad, shall I go?
Mini ... here....
I trust you.
There is no need to lie
I will never do a thing
which would annoy you
What a birthday it is!?
There is no party.
Why don't you sing?
Me?.....If I sing....
At least shall we have
some cool drinks... Okay?
Do you have cool drinks?
What do you want?
- Ah?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Give me Thumbs up
Hey....What is the time now?
Lets go, it's getting late
-Let's sit for some more time
I promised to dad that I
would return early, let's go
My God...!
A puncture!
Damn it! What to do now?
Hey....Don't you have a spare?
Bikes won't have spare tyres
Tyre got punctured.
Where can I get a spare one?
There is a place 2 km from here
you may get there
Mini. You stay here,
I will bring the tyre
Can you drop me there?
Sure, come
Come quickly
What happened?
What are you doing there?
Come outside
Why are you looking like that?
Come on
Give me your hand
Come out quickly
What is this!?
You have fallen in the water!
Come on
Come on quickly
What happened to you?
Come on quickly
What happened to you?
Why are you looking at
me like that?
Come on.
Let's go home.
Listen to me....
What is this!? You got wet!
Let's go home
Come now.
Narayan. Has Bunty slept?
-Yes, Madam.
Did Mini come?
Did she have dinner?
-No, she went to bed without a word
Ok, you go
Where is Mini?
She is not well,
she won't come to college
It's time for my class,
I will take leave
I called earlier,
Someone took the receiver but. . .
..did not speak
I was here for sometime!
The phone didn't ring
May be a connection problem
Lakshmi told me you are unwell!
Nothing big, just the headache!
You must have got tired
because of yesterday's picnic
May be...
Ok, let's meet tomorrow in the college
I need coffee
Why the new operator
handling that machine?
Sir, Panday is on leave
Ask him to be careful
even a small
mistake can result in
a serious accident!
Mr. Reddy has called
He invited you for Friday's party
Call Mini aunty
Is Mini ready?
We are going to Anjali's sister marriage
She hasn't said that,
she is in her room, meet there
I'll go there..
-Is Mini Aunty there?
Seems she is not there
Is she not there!?
I am here only, she hasn't come down
She might be in bathroom.
Wait, I will put properly
Take that flower!
What happened to you?
Inspector wants to speak to you
I can understand your
feeling for your dead friend
But this is a murder case
It's better how quickly we
get the information in this case
Was there any enemy
for her in the college?
Was she involved in
any fight with somebody?
You don't need to be
scared if it was personal
It would remain confidential
You might know it
how she died
Her neck was twisted and broken
I haven't seen such a
barbaric murder in my service
A common man can't do this murder
He should be arrested quickly
What happened?
She has gone suddenly when I
was asking about Lakshmi..
She is very upset after Lakshmis death
I think it's better you meet her later
What is this?
These things are happening
after we came to this house
First Lakshmi died....
then the Inspector
Narayan says...
Death of cat in the
house is not good!
Why haven't you put the light on?
Look Daughter...
I know how Lakshmi's death affected you
But if you stay alone
the memory would keep coming
That would annoy you more
Listen to me, go to college
It will be a relief for you
Go and....
...sleep now...
Do you have class?
Ok, let's meet after the college time
I can't believe this
would happen to Lakshmi
Why should anyone kill her?
Leave that matter, speak something else
I forgot to tell you
I am going to my
place this vacation,
I will meet you after that
I want to do post-graduation
but dad wants to do business
College is over
What are you doing here? Go away
Nothing. We are just
talking. We will go
Come on
You should have told in the morning
Narayan is also not here
Mr. Reddy has invited
We must attend else it would be bad
-I will come at 8 PM be ready
Grand Pa..
Call your Grandma,
it's getting late
Me and your dad going
to Mr. Reddy's party
Take care of Bunty
He is waiting...
I have lot of work
Take your drawing book
we will play later, go
There is a house
vacant in Mrs. Prasad's colony
She informed it today
I think it's better to shift there...
I feel hungry
shall I take something in the fridge?
Where is Mini?
Dad, when did you come?
What are you doing here?
locked up in the cellar, do you know?
Why did he go downstairs?
Are you asking me in return?
I thought he was playing in his room
But why has he gone there!?
Ok leave it, your dad
worried after seeing him
Go to sleep
What happened?
Dear, what happened?
Tell me...
What's the matter....?
Are you alright?
What happened to her?
Her body started shivering
after the sudden stiff
She fainted before I could hold her
Did she have this problem earlier?
No, she used to be healthy
Does anyone in your
family have this symptom?
No, nobody in the family has it...
I can't understand how she got this
Don't worry
I suspect epilepsy but not sure
Your daughter's symptoms are
similar to epilepsy.....
but the diagnosis should be confirmed
after a neurological test.
...is burning
Where are you going!?
Something is burning
Dr. Joshi explained me about
your daughter
In their age group due to
nervous weakness
Schizophrenic symptoms are common
Patient would behave strangely then
She said something is burning!
I can't confirm without testing fully
Is there any danger for
anyone who stays with her?
Why are you asking that?
Mini had a friend called Lakshmi
She was killed cruelly some days back!
Nobody knows how it happened till now
Even though your daughter
maybe mentally ill,
there's no reason to label
her as dangeours...
Lakshmi's death may be coincidence
No, I haven't told you fully
Yesterday she tried to kill me
I am scared
What is your name?
Full name?
What are you studying?
How is your study going?
Not bad...
Do you attend the college regularly?
Sometimes I bunk the class
And go to cinema with friends
Do you have many friends?
Why did you kill your friend Lakshmi?
How do you know that?
Someone told me this
Why did you kill her?
She was your best friend..
She forced me to do it...
Who was forcing you?
Madam, neighbouring
house servant said
Sometime back someone was
murdered here
An old woman in that house knows all
It may be the effect of evil spirit!
Better you meet that old woman once!
Seven years back..
...a man died in that house...
..many people came to stay in that house
But nobody stayed for long!
That house owner used
to stay with a lady
She was not a good woman
But both of them loved each other!
Yesterday you too..!
Not that
One night....
Suddenly she disappeared!
Nobody knows what happened to her
And what occurred there
Police also couldn't find out
His corpse was found after some days!
Nobody knows......
.....how he died!
Surely that evil spirit is
haunting your daughter
In Palakanama a man called
Sharji is there
Meet him immediately
Only he can save your daughter
Madam, Sir and doctor took
Mini baby to hospital
What happened to her?
Nothing to worry, it's just for testing
I am Mini's classmate Deepak
Mini is not feeling well, meet her later
-I know that
Some days back both of
us went on a picnic
I saw a change in Mini
on the way back....
I want to talk about that
Do you know the place Palakanama?
I know the reason...why
you came here...
My daugther.....
is in the hospital now
Problem is not with
your daughter!
But your house!
You stay here
What happened to me?
I am scared
No daughter....
Nothing happened to you
Where is Madam?
She's gone with the
Palakanama sorcerer
To fine out a cure for Mini!
Is she mad!? What is all these!?
Let her do her part.
She is also worried!
Meanwhile we'll do
our part...
A call from the factory...
Tell me
How many....
Take them to hospital...
One worker has died
in an accident in the factory
Mini is alone and Saradha
has taken the car
Take Bunty upstairs
-OK Sir.
Dig here
Deepak. I am scared
Take me from here!
I am scared very much!
Take me from here
Take me from here....
I'm very scared...
Let's go somewhere....Deepak.
Doesn't she know what
has happened?
I will continue my
treatment for 10 days.
See you.
Bring her to clinic
on Monday morning
Take the coffee!
But these things..
..why did they happened!?
We put the light....
in the dark nights
But that light goes only
to some distance
We tend to believe
that the things which
we see in that
light is the world
But we tend to forget the
infinite dark around it
We don't know the hidden powers
Beyond that light in the darkness
We should be careful about that
Mysterious darkness....
which is unknown to man
Who knows..
..man may find about that
darkness in the future
Is Mini here?
Bring Bunty for breakfast
Take your seat
Let's have breakfast