Raazi (2018) Movie Script

It's been 46 years now
since the three defense forces of our country came together
and won a war against Pakistan, in 1971.
And severed a part of Pakistan away from it.
Those senior officers who have witnessed that war
can never forget the sacrifices of that time.
Not just the ones who fought the war...
...but even those who were miles away from the front...
...helping our forces.
The brave agents of our Intelligence Bureau.
Their glorious feats are still fresh in my mind.
Among them, was a 20-year-old girl...
...who crossed all imaginable limits!
The struggle for liberation is gaining momentum in East Pakistan.
The leader of their secret army is this man.
Colonel Usmani.
What are their intentions?
Mujib-ur-Rehman has managed to gather a group of people
who now call themselves the 'Mukti' Army.
'Mukti' meaning Freedom!
And this man is...
Khalid Mir.
We need to keep a strict vigilance on him.
He's a high-ranking officer in the Indian Intelligence Bureau.
Can I get you something, Sir?
Brigadier Sir will be out soon.
My dear friend!
Thank you.
Your last information on our rogue officer Rusul Amin
was absolutely correct.
That traitor has quit the Pakistani Navy
and joined the 'Mukti Army'.
Get me some more information from your informer.
What kind of information?
India is helping Mujib-ur-Rehman
to fulfill his dreams of liberation.
We need to know what they are planning.
If India tries to interfere in our internal matters...
...they will pay dearly for their interference.
I'm going back to Kashmir today.
I'll try to find out all I can, as soon as I get back.
May God bless you with success.
And may your brotherhood with Pakistan always remain!
Always, brother Syed... always!
Now, if there's anything I can do for you...
Syed... - Yes...
I have a small wish...
which could be a request as well. - Yes.
The thing is...
there is a tumor in my lung.
I have never smoked a cigarette.
Maybe I got too high on life.
I am no doctor...
But, if as a friend I could be of any help,
please let me know.
I don't know what to say, Hidayat.
I can't fathom what you have just said.
Spying for India...
...and maintaining contacts in Pakistan is one thing.
But an innocent girl, who knows nothing about spying...
She's your daughter, Hidayat.
She is an Indian first.
You don't know how crucial this time is for India.
And how dangerous it can get.
They have got a whiff of India's involvement in Bengal.
And they will not tolerate it.
They will never let Pakistan break apart.
They are hatching a big scheme against us.
What kind of scheme?
Mir Sahab, if I knew that...
...would I risk my daughter's life?
They have a lot of faith in me...
...which they can only have in my daughter, after me.
But, Hidayat...
I hope you will stay for lunch?
Not today...
There is an urgent Bureau meeting in Delhi.
I will be leaving soon.
Then I'll send some dry-fruits.
Make sure he eats.
The strongest intentions fall weak on an empty stomach.
What does Teji think?
She thinks you should have lunch with us.
And did you ask Sehmat?
Did my father ask me?
He simply informed me.
And taught me. - Have you told your daughter...
...about the future you are planning for her?
I will...
I will tell her, and you will teach her.
If you give her a chance, you will see for yourself.
What I cannot accomplish, Sehmat will!
What were you thinking, idiot?
About the squirrel...
What happened?
You take it out! Just looking at the blood is making me dizzy.
Mind the steps. Careful.
I think you should take a tetanus shot.
Injection? - Yes...
No, please!.
It'll hurt a lot less than that shard of glass.
Dr. Kapoor must be in his clinic now.
Let me see.
Don't you know?
She's is our college's telephone directory.
Once she sees a number or dials it,
she never forgets.
Ms. Sehmat Khan.
There is a call from your father in the office.
Abbu has called?
Thank God!
You look absolutely fine.
Now once I see mother, I'll be completely relieved!
How did you get hurt? - It's nothing.
Did you fall down?
Your 'urgency' really scared me Abbu.
I'm serving lunch...
Do we have any Loquat mother?
This is not the season for Loquat, dear.
I've made some almond sherbet instead.
Is everything alright?
Come, let's eat.
No Abbu, first tell me...
My business requires me to make trips to Pakistan.
And in that, the work that I do for our Intelligence Bureau,
you know about...
During my last trip to the other side
I became aware of a grave threat to India.
War? Again?
The winds of war are blowing in Bengal.
And in order to prevent India from interfering,
Pakistan wants to do something
that will cripple India.
What can they do?
I don't know.
This entire situation is a matter of a few months.
And I don't have a few months left...
He told me last night...
...what he's known for four months.
There is a tumor in his lung
and it is growing.
Why didn't you tell me, Abbu?
I would have come sooner.
That's why I have called you now.
That's not why you've called her.
We need to be prepared for any emergency...
I want you to take my place.
I want you to be the eyes and ears for India
and live in Pakistan.
Tell her that too.
I'm telling her, Teji.
I'm telling her everything.
Brigadier Syed is an acquaintance of mine in Pakistan.
And I couldn't think of a better way
of placing you there.
I have proposed your marriage
to his youngest son, Iqbal.
The Bureau has given the go-ahead.
Now it is up to us.
I want you to go back to college tomorrow dear.
I don't know what I was thinking.
How could I even think about putting you in such grave danger?
Why do you risk your own life for the country, Abbu?
That is my father's legacy.
I did... as I was told.
But to make you do the same...
...is a mistake.
So... - Alright, Abbu.
I'll go back to college, as you say.
But my father too, has raised me with the same belief.
That nothing comes before the country.
Not even yourself.
And if that is a mistake...
...then enrolling your sons in the army to protect the nation...
...is also a mistake.
The path of life is twisted
Fate, wickedly entwined
Take hold of your intent
The way ahead is clear If the heart is inclined.
The setup will be ready in 2 days...
...and we will begin your training.
Only we know the real reason why
you are being married away to Pakistan.
So come up with a good story to explain to your friends.
If the heart is inclined.
Good morning.
It's okay.
This is Nikhil Bakshi.
He will be with you throughout your training.
And this is Sehmat Khan.
You need to know some important instructions before your training begins.
First and foremost, as a field agent,
there will be a line drawn around you.
All your actions will be within that line.
And you will never take any action of your own will.
Any information that you come across,
simply pass on to us.
And keep your eyes and ears open...
at all times.
If you ever feel
that your cover is about to be blown...
...it most probably already is.
Trust your instincts and inform us.
We'll clear a way to extract you out of there immediately.
You don't think I will be able to do this...
I can't say right now.
Start your training...
...then ask me this question after about a month.
I'll answer you then.
This is Espionage.
And Surveillance.
It is done in many ways.
One is Physical...
Keeping a watch on someone...
from a distance...
In remote surveillance, the distance increases.
So instead of our eyes, we use our ears.
But in every situation,
we need to stay alert.
Like I was saying...
Always alert!
Meaning two eyes in the front...
...two over your shoulders...
...and one here,
at the back of your head.
...must always be open.
We will contact you only when you give us a signal...
...and not otherwise.
And direct communication, phone calls... never.
Those can get detected.
Whatever information is passed on...
...will be only through Morse Code.
Once you've installed the unit...
...send us a test message so that we know.
You must memorize each symbol of each alphabet.
Short tap for the dot.
Longer tap for the dash.
And rest your hand on the table.
These are the code names for your in-laws.
Brigadier Syed:
The Eagle.
Major Mehboob Syed:
The Cat.
His wife Munira:
The Mouse.
Your dedication, at stake...
Your wounds, ripe...
Throw your heart in the game
If the heart is inclined.
Your dedication, at stake...
Your wounds, ripe...
Throw your heart in the game
If the heart is inclined.
Was that alright?
No matter what is happening with you...
...the smile of a new bride must always be on your face.
Too much smiling makes the cheeks hurt.
There are many things that you may not have to do...
Yet, it is important that you learn them.
Left hand goes here.
Shoulders down.
Throw your heart in the game
If the heart is inclined.
Take a good look and remember his name.
Kabir Murtaza...
And his wife, Pallavi.
He is our First Secretary in Rawalpindi.
And your prime contact as well.
But, like I said...
never directly.
Unless it's an emergency.
You will call on the switchboard number...
...wait for two rings and hang up.
You will be contacted from a secure line.
A kind of poison.
In case you are ever in a situation...
...where you need to get someone out of the way.
This will be useful.
It causes a heart attack... - Get someone out of the way?
You mean, kill them?
Is there a problem? - Shouldn't there be?
I was wearing headphones!
Headphones only cancel out sound, not your sight.
Keep your eyes open. - I am trying!
I can't make miracles happen in just a week!
How heartless are you! - So heartless that I know...
...that if you fail to perform this miracle...
...you alone will face the consequences.
Not me... not Nikhil... not Hidayat...
Just you!
One mistake...
One error...
...and your corpse will be lying on the floor.
Start this round from the middle target.
'Inland Trunk Booking'
I want to book an urgent call to Srinagar.
Number, please.
Not now...
These phone numbers will not be written anywhere.
Etch them in your memory.
There can be no mistakes with names and numbers.
Take as much time as you need
to memorise them.
The entire day today is for... - Ready!
Delhi Bureau. - 138579.
Switch Board Number. - 56829.
Code? - Country: 92, City: 51.
Have you seen this list before?
That's impossible sir.
I have just made it.
Sarvar. - 56372.
The heart will lead you
To the extent of your limits
Dedication takes lives,
there, at our edges.
Dedication takes lives, there, at our edges.
The future is uncertain
The past already inscribed
Throw your heart in the game
If the heart is inclined
Throw your heart in the game
If the heart...
If the heart...
If the heart is inclined...
27 seconds...
In spite of all the instructions...
...you must learn to depend on yourself.
Trust your gut...
Your instincts will guide you.
May I ask you a question again?
Do you think I will be able do this?
I am certain of it.
Can I ask you a question?
Why did you agree to do this?
You were studying in college.
You must have had some plans for your future.
your own dreams...
My father and his father...
who fought in our freedom struggle...
I had asked him once...
Why did you take those beatings?
Spend all those months in jail?
He replied with a smile...
There is no ME before the nation.
I am the nation.
I am India.
His blood runs through my veins too...
I am my father's beloved
but bid me farewell now dear brother...
I am my father's beloved
but bid me farewell now dear brother...
I am my father's beloved...
You held my hand
As I took my first steps
This threshold is high
Help me cross over
I am your Princess dear Father.
The core of your heart
Across this threshold again, help me cross over...
Don't look back dear girl...
Dear one... Don't look back...
Don't look back dear girl...
Dear one... Don't look back...
Fields once uprooted
cannot be reaped again
Daughters once married
don't turn back again
Fields once uprooted
cannot be reaped again
Daughters once married
don't turn back again
If this is farewell
If this is where we part
This threshold of pain,
Help me over it again...
I am your Princess dear Father
The core of your heart
Across this threshold again, help me cross over
My dear girl!
The frozen hills will melt again
My dear girl!
The barren fields will ripen again
My prayers will follow...
...each step you take...
My prayers will follow you...
I am your Princess dear Father
The core of your heart
Across this threshold again, help me cross over
Don't look back dear girl...
Dear one... Don't look back...
Don't look back dear girl...
Dear one... Don't look back...
Please wait.
And Abdul...
He's the oldest member of our staff.
He has practically raised Iqbal.
Congratulations, Sir.
Your new home, your new family...
...and your new country Pakistan, welcomes you.
May Allah bless you.
Iqbal. - Yes.
Take her upstairs please.
Go on my child.
Where are you going?
I'll be right here on the sofa.
I'll close this door, for your privacy.
I know our fathers made this match...
...but, we must get to know each other, for ourselves.
You will need time...
...and so will I.
Could you leave it a little open?
I hope you don't mind.
No... I don't.
Please let it be, madam... I'll do it.
Go set the table, Salma. Breakfast will be ready by then.
Excuse me Madam...
What are you doing here in the kitchen?
You don't have to take the trouble.
It's no trouble at all Uncle...
I woke up early...
...So I thought I'll make the breakfast.
I have made parathas and tea for everyone.
But do you even know when everyone sits down for breakfast?
And what all they like to eat?
First of all, everyone has breakfast together.
And they all prefer to have toast.
So we'll have the parathas for lunch then.
You should taste them too Uncle. I make them quite well...
You don't need to bother with the cooking.
Munira madam decides what is to be made each morning.
Both lunch and dinner are prepared accordingly.
Unless you have taken over the household responsibilities...
I'm sorry...
I interfered in the kitchen...
...without permission.
Abdul... Toast. - Coming.
'Don't be in a hurry to win their affection.'
'It doesn't work...'
'And looks like false flattery.'
'Give it a few weeks...'
'...everything will fall into place.'
I heard what happened in the kitchen today.
I was only trying to be helpful.
I didn't mean to interfere with his work.
There was no interference!
Abdul is a little too possessive about this family.
But you're the daughter-in-law of the family after all.
When you first came, was he like this with you too?
But maybe because... - I am Indian?
Is that why?
Could be...
But, he is an Indian himself...
...he moved to Pakistan only after the Partition.
Please sit.
'Make a note of everyone's arrival and departure...'
'Where they go... where they have their meetings...'
You only listen to Jazz music?
I like Western Classical too.
But Jazz has a completely different effect on me.
I know!
Just like Indian classical music has...
...on me.
You have grown up in India...
...it's natural that you will like things from there.
The action at Dhaka University...
Watch the ways of the wind
Tread lightly in your gait
Your footprints betray you
Your conscience up in flames
Watch the ways of the wind
Tread lightly in your gait
Your footprints betray you
Your conscience up in flames
Your conscience up in flames
The door wasn't locked...
Owns a grocery store in the main market.
If anything goes wrong, contact him immediately.
The Bride is smiling.
Sir, Sehmat's test message.
The cheeks are hurting.
What are you doing?!
I'm sorry...
You could at least speak with Lt. General Beig.
Beig has already made up his mind.
He's calling Farooqi to Islamabad.
Both your names are still being considered for the promotion Abba...
Perhaps Farooqi will say no.
Farooqi isn't stupid.
Only a fool will refuse a promotion...
...in the Pakistani Armed forces.
Wait here. I'll be back in an hour.
Alright madam.
The rickshaw-puller is Imtiaz.
He is connected to Sarvar.
I need some sunflowers...
...for a party.
...owns a flower shop outside the mosque.
I'm giving the phone to her.
Can we talk? - Yes.
This line is secure.
The promotion that the Brigadier was expecting...
...is still tentative.
It's possible, it may not happen.
Ask South to send a few gifts for the in-laws.
Your father is spoiling me as well!
Abba is home.
These are for him.
Should we inform Abbu that you like it?
The location of the Mukti Army training camp was spot on, Syed.
Next time, we'll get them before they can escape.
Your sources are truly remarkable.
Thank you, Sir.
This is Mr. Kabir Murtaza, from the Indian Embassy.
And his wife, Pallavi.
Sehmat, this is Col. Siddiqui...
A dear friend of the family.
And this is Suraiya Begum.
It was my honour Sir...
Good evening...
I hope the fish was to your liking Beig Sahab...
Of course. I loved it!
And, I didn't have to worry about the bones either.
The entire credit goes to her Sir.
Well then... India has finally done something right!
It is all because of our dear father...
His instructions were clear...
...that I leave no dearth in your hospitality.
I feel very privileged!
I thought you'd said she's not experienced...
She never even blinked an eye.
She is not an expert agent...
...but she was a good student.
You should know that the Brigadier
has now been promoted to Major General.
Okay Kabir, all good so far.
It's late Abba... you should rest now.
Lock the doors
and bring me the keys dear. - Yes
Thank you.
Tell her to be extremely cautious, Kabir.
She has to be very careful.
Is everything okay, sir?
Lt. General Beig has returned from his field exercises.
The meetings that were taking place at Syed's home...
...will now be held at Beig's house.
Sir, then how will Sehmat...
She has managed to convince Kabir
that she will extract the information from Beig's home.
She is crossing her limits.
I'm very sorry.
I now understand his pride in you.
I'm going back with Iqbal tomorrow.
You could stay a little longer.
There is no time...
Don't take too many risks, Sehmat...
...because the meetings will now be held at the General's house.
I won't let my father down.
I'll leave...
...I can't let Iqbal see me.
Father regrets your loss, Amma...
Unfortunately, he is attanding to
some American officers who are visiting Islamabad.
Or he would have been here.
There is something that once belonged to my mother...
I wanted to gift it to you.
And wanted you to know that...
...you are not alone.
I'm here for you.
They're beautiful...
May I put them on you?
Your eyes look tired...
Get some sleep.
I don't want to be alone...
This is fine. Get these printed.
They are teachers from the Army school.
Every year, I help them with their Annual Day Celebrations.
It is a really tough job...
...to involve so many children!
And no one volunteers to assist with the program.
Tell me!
How can I be of help?
I could teach them a song...
Yes... that would be nice.
Only children of Army families study here?
Yes, just the Army.
Right from the junior officers posted at the cantonment...
...to Lt. General Beig's grandson.
I've picked 15 children. Will that be enough?
Zain Beig?
He can't sing.
I could give it a try.
Beig Sahab may like it.
Anwar Siddiqui...
He's a good choice.
You've met Colonel Siddiqui,
and Suraiya Begum.
He's their grandson.
According to your list, you've got your work cut out for you.
You should start rehearsals from tomorrow itself.
Of course...
And if any child has trouble coping up...
...I'll even give extra lessons at home.
Like you mentioned...
Zain Beig...
My country.. my motherland...
Forever may you bloom...
Wherever in the world I roam
You will always remain home!
Wherever in the world I roam
You will always remain home!
My country... my motherland...!
My country... my motherland...!
Did you all like the song?
And would you like to sing this song on your Annual day?
My name is Sehmat Syed.
Now introduce yourselves to me.
Anwar Siddiqui.
Bilal Durani.
Mariam Qazi.
Zain Beig.
Ghazal Javed.
You are my purpose, my very being is you...
You are my purpose, my very being is you...
Wherever I may reach, my reason remains you...
Wherever I may reach, my reason remains you...
My country... my motherland...!
My country... my motherland...!
Forever may you bloom...
Wherever in the world I roam
You will always remain home!
My country... my motherland...!
Very good, Zain.
That's all for today.
Mother, may I take two?
No Zain, don't be greedy.
Take just one toffee.
Pardon me, but Zain said that the washroom was this way.
I thought it was here.
How can you be sure about this, Mir?
On one hand, you claim that
your agent couldn't make sense of the maps and drawings.
And you still insist that this information is valid.
It is, sir.
She couldn't understand the nautical maps...
...because she's not an experienced operative.
But she is confident that those images were of a submarine.
Gentlemen, Pakistan wouldn't have maps of our oceans
in their files without any reason.
Especially if you consider the current scenario in East Pakistan.
And under these circumstances, marine action by Pakistan
is entirely possible.
I hope we are not caught off guard
in spite of having all the information at our disposal.
I will meet each peril before it touches you...
I will meet each peril before it touches you...
My life at stake forever, always to protect you...
My life at stake forever, always to protect you...
My country.. my motherland...
Forever may you bloom...
Wherever in the world I roam
You will always remain home!
My country... my motherland...!
My country... my motherland...!
From the heart to my lips My wish rises like a prayer
Like your eternal flame, oh Lord! May my life spread light forever...
Like your eternal flame, oh Lord! May my life spread light forever...
My country... my motherland...!
My country... my motherland...!
At the Annual Day function...
...I could see shades of your father in you.
The same hard work... the same spirit...
This has just come from Beig sahab...
It needs your signature.
Keep it in my study.
Our neighbors are now helping the Mukti Army...
...to build their own Air force.
The Indian Air force is training our renegade pilots.
Be prepared, son...
Our situation with India is going to become quite hostile.
We're prepared, father...
And waiting.
This is not the 1965 war.
This time there's no chance of a compromise.
They will be scanning the skies...
...and we'll sweep the ground from under their feet.
I know Abba's words can be painful.
Sorry, Sehmat.
My family often forgets that India is your motherland.
My home is now where my family is.
Yes. - Sir...
Syed Sahab wants you and Mehboob to get ready.
You are to leave for an important meeting.
Abdul... Sir's file got left in the study.
Yes, I had kept it.
I'll get it.
Did you find the file, Abdul?
Wait, let me look in Mehboob's room.
What's going on?
Where is the file?
This one Father? - Yes.
Thank you dear...
I never really trusted you!
Give me everything.
Everything she's sent is on the board?
Sir, Sehmat has sent us this message.
The last transmission has just come in.
Which key are we using?
The parcel has been unwrapped.
Everything all right there?
The roof...
The roof was leaking...
It has been repaired.
All okay...
Echo 754339.
November 61132 Diablo Dolphin...
Dolphin... Blue Whale...
Plot these numbers on the map.
Try Echo for East and November for North.
And vice-versa too.
Get me details of all Pakistani submarines.
Sir, these coordinates point to the Indian Ocean.
And the other coordinates?
Diablo is the old name of PNS Ghazi.
Pakistan is planning to attack India by sea.
Sir, we don't have latitude details for the other coordinates.
But the long coordinates pass through the Bay of Bengal.
Where our INS Vikrant is docked.
The Blue Whale.
That's what Pakistan is targeting.
What is his condition? - He has suffered multiple fractures.
And also lost a lot of blood.
We're trying our best to save him, but...
Major Mehboob Syed.
Take rest.
Be quiet, Abdul.
Se... eh... ma...
You were fast asleep when I returned.
Kept mumbling Abdul's name in your sleep.
Mehboob is with him in the hospital.
He'll let us know if anything happens.
Abdul... he... he is all right?
He will be, God willing.
This information worries me, gentlemen.
But I am afraid we're still not paying heed to it.
We are Mr. Mir...
And taking it seriously too.
Otherwise, we wouldn't have gathered here.
But... we have another concern.
We haven't received any information
from the Army or Navy intelligence
to corroborate with yours.
From the security point of view, everything is under control.
But, we don't want to cause unnecessary panic.
Admiral... Commodore...
My agent has taken a big risk to get this piece of information.
And I'm sure the other side too, will keep such information under wraps.
I think we should wait until this information is verified.
What do you think? - I agree.
And please don't feel that we're ignoring your lead Mr. Mir...
Let's see what other news we get.
I can't understand the behaviour of these people...
Instead of taking him to a hospital...
...they just left him to die.
People don't have a conscience anymore.
Mehboob Sir is back.
May Allah give him solace.
Any word from the Police?
Nothing yet.
They are still investigating.
The nurse gave me this.
It was found clutched in Abdul's hand.
I'll hand it over for examination...
We may get a lead.
Lay out my clothes...
We should leave in an hour.
Shyama... - Yes, sir.
Call the entire staff. - Yes.
What's wrong?
At least one of them would know what happened last night.
And where was Abdul going?
I had gone to the General's residence...
...to deliver Sir's papers.
Then I went to pray.
Son was unwell...
Salma and I were in our quarters, tending to him.
I was oiling Munira madam's hair.
I was manning the water pump.
So, none of you saw Abdul leave the house!
Are you... looking for something?
I don't get it.
He never liked to get out of the house.
Then where was he going at that hour?
That too, without informing anyone?
And where did he get this?
We left with Father for the meeting...
...then returned to collect the file.
Rafiq went inside to get the file from Abdul.
You found the file, didn't you?
Was Abdul there then?
Did you notice anything different about him?
Did you see him leave the house?
Something doesn't fit...
He called for me at the hospital...
Or, we would have never known.
He was even trying to tell me something.
I am meeting the soldiers who took him to the hospital.
Maybe they will shed more light on this.
we've shared all our intel with the High Command...
...but they still don't have any information that corroborates with ours.
And they never will.
That's why we exist.
To provide them with the information...
...that no one else can.
Bloody hell!
Connect me to Kabir Murtaza. - Connecting, sir.
The line is going blank, sir. - Try again after some time.
And lead from the soldiers?
They found Abdul lying wounded on the road.
He had lost a lot of blood.
So they took him to the hospital immediately.
They didn't notice anything else.
But the Police has recovered the car which...
...which ran over Abdul.
Give it.
Whose car is it?
It belongs to the cantonment.
They found it parked further away from the accident site.
The keys were still in the ignition.
It is being dusted for fingerprints.
And that piece of metal found in his hand...
...the station chief wants me to hand it over to the Inspection Bureau.
They will be able to establish its origin.
Are you okay?
You too seem shaken up by Abdul's death.
He was very loyal.
And I know he would never do anything to harm our family.
Should I... go to the mosque tomorrow?
To offer prayers for Abdul?
I'll also buy some clothes to donate to the poor...
...from the Main Market.
That's a nice gesture.
I'll go with you.
You two come with me to the Head office...
...I'll brief you on the way. - Abba.
You and Iqbal go ahead.
I have to visit the station office.
And then go to the Inspection Bureau...
...where at 12 o'clock I...
The Governor of East Pakistan has been murdered...
by those back-stabbing Mukti Army rogues...
And you're busy chasing after your tail like a mongrel!
Stop obsessing over Abdul's death...
...and focus on the tension that is brewing in the country!
Central Command has issued the orders...
The regiments there need to be strengthened.
Forgive me, Abba... I know I am at fault.
But I cannot get over Abdul's demise.
There's definitely more than meets the eye...
And I just want to get to the bottom of it.
I will be at the Head Office soon.
I promise.
Chasing after my tail like a mongrel...
I've been up all night...
...trying to figure out what Abdul was trying to tell me.
For a minute it even seemed like...
...Abdul was trying to take your name too.
It's uncanny...
Like they say in English...
The phone is dead.
It's very urgent.
I understand, but... - Mister, I want a bunch of these flowers.
And, how much for the roses?
May I use your phone?
Don't you want to buy betel leaves? - That's what I'm here for.
Give me 10 please. - What's 10?!
They go by the dozen!
One dozen, or two. - Two dozens. Can I make the call now?
Tell me the number, I'll dial it for you.
People say one call...
...but dial one too many!
Sorry... I gave you the wrong number.
The correct one is 56839.
Please wrap two dozen betel leaves for me. Thank you.
The weather is getting rough.
Tell South to send some warm clothes.
The South is unreachable.
You'll have to bear this weather yourself.
How many clothes do you need?
Just one... for the cat.
What's the situation?
He clawed me this morning.
The wound can get septic.
Get it operated.
Warm clothes won't be enough for the cat.
Get rid of him.
There's no other way.
It may rain soon.
Keep an umbrella handy.
You found the file, didn't you?'
For a minute it even seemed like...
...Abdul was trying to take your name too.
It may rain soon.
Keep an umbrella handy.
As the rain pours... The umbrella you long for...
As the rain pours... The umbrella you long for...
As the rain pours...
As the rain pours... The umbrella you long for...
As the rain pours...
Would you like an umbrella, madam?
Just 20 rupees.
Hey... move on! Rain in October!
It's alright, Ismail.
He seems like someone in need.
Thank you, madam. May God bless you.
Thank you.
A kind of a poison.
It causes a heart attack
and doesn't get detected in the blood either.
'He was very loyal.'
'And I know he would never do anything...'
'...to harm our family.'
Suraiya Aapa called.
She's planning a raffle for the Army Wives Association.
She wanted to know if we could go over.
You carry on, please...
I'm going to the market
to buy clothes to donate
in Abdul's name.
Oh yes, Iqbal did tell me.
Don't be late.
I've getting Trotters made for Mehboob.
I pray he brings some good news from the Bureau today.
Are you alright, madam?
Let's go...
A lot of people have handled this thing.
Perhaps you have too...
Getting a fingerprint won't be easy.
But, we will still examine it.
How soon can you reach a conclusion?
Maybe a week.
Thank you.
You don't look well, Major.
Yes... I am a bit uneasy.
I'll take your leave... Goodbye.
Lay the table...
Sir said he'll return home early today.
Yes madam...
Eyes forward!
Eyes forward!
We salute the martyr...
Are you going out? - Yes.
I must get to the Head Office immediately.
Even at this time of mourning?
From the three of us...
From the two of us,
One has to go.
Duty calls after all...
Lt. General Beig had sent this.
I'll feed her.
I'll go check on Abba...
Bless you, child.
Oh, Lord!
How can we keep the country safe...
...when our own people turn against us?
I fail to understand Allah's will...
First Abdul...
Then Mehboob...
And now this...
'Hidayat Khan's trusted friend.'
'If anything ever goes wrong...'
'...contact him immediately.'
Sarvar Store. - Yes.
I need to buy provisions to make an offering.
It is urgent.
Can I come over in 30 minutes? - Yes.
I'll be waiting.
Madam, you could've told me...
...or one of the staff could have bought the provisions.
It's alright.
Getting out makes me feel lighter.
I'll be right back.
I also want chickpeas...
...Of 8mm size.
This way, please.
Saadiq and Imtiyaz have been arrested by the agency.
Kabir Sir is being monitored as well.
...by the agency.
Is there any way to speak to Mir Sir?
Seems unlikely...
All the lines to India are shut down.
The guerrillas have blown up a bridge in the East.
That India is supplying them with weapons...
...the Pakistani military is now convinced of it.
War is inevitable now.
Are you in any kind of danger?
Not that I know of.
God be with you.
If ever you feel you're in danger...
...keep the light on in your bathroom as a signal.
We'll get you out.
Thank you.
I want 8mm sized chickpeas.
Please leave immediately.
Your husband is in danger.
Sir, we tried every possible way.
But it's impossible to reach any of our contacts...
Not even the First Secretary.
And Sir, we have just learned that
the switch-board line has been compromised as well.
Sehmat is left all alone.
With no support.
And we have no idea what is going on that side.
Prepare a backup team immediately...
...and get Sehmat out of there.
Yes, sir.
Has Abba gone out? - Yes.
He got a phone call and left immediately.
Allah have mercy!
Check in that corner.
Abba... are you leaving?
There's a lot going on in the country, child.
This is not the time for me to mourn.
Should I wake Iqbal up? - No.
Iqbal returned quite late last night from the Headquarters.
Let him sleep.
You can wake him up later.
Munira will be staying with her parents for some time...
...in Karachi.
Take care of yourself...
I will be back soon.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
You returned late last night.
Why don't you rest some more?
Not today...
I'll rest another time.
Where is Major General Syed's residence?
And you are?
Col. Bashir Ahmed.
Take the next left.
Col. Bashir Ahmed is here.
I apologize, Colonel...
...but Father isn't at home right now.
I'm here to offer my condolences.
Major Mehboob once served in my unit.
I wasn't here at the time of his unfortunate demise.
I'm very sorry for your loss...
My wife, Sehmat.
And this is Col. Bashir Ahmed.
Brother once served under his command.
Sir... there's a Phone call for you...
Excuse me...
I want to buy some toys for my grandson.
I've heard that the Crowne Plaza Mall...
...is quite well known?
Does it have a toy shop?
Yes, it does.
What kind of toy are you looking for?
A motorboat perhaps?
That's exactly what I'm looking for.
You'll find one there.
I will go to buy it in two hours.
I'll take your leave, young man.
Give my regards to your father.
Yes Sir.
Abba had called...
Some kind of transmission
has been intercepted from our home.
A surveillance team has been posted outside.
Munira has been taken to the agency...
to record her statement.
Tell everyone that
no one steps out of the house without permission.
Yes Sir.
Someone from the Agency will come for you too...
...to take your statement as well.
'If you ever feel that your cover is about to be blown...'
'...it most probably already is.'
This is General Syed's daughter-in-law speaking.
I must speak with Suraiya Begum. It is urgent.
Hold on.
Sehmat. Is everything okay?
There's been some trouble, Suraiya Ma'am.
Could we meet immediately?
But I don't have a car or a driver.
Don't worry...
I'll send a car for you.
Thank you.
Yes? - From Col Siddiqui's residence.
Where are you going?
Col. Imtiaz Siddiqui's house.
This is his car.
Our late servant Adbul, was from India.
And it seems that he was an informer.
It is possible that he may have passed
sensitive information to our enemy.
But now our family will have to bear the brunt.
They have taken Munira away...
And, are now coming for you too.
It's not me I am worried about...
...but Munira is a very simple girl.
And at a time like this...
This no way to treat the widow of an Army officer.
You're the VC of the Army Wives Association...
...maybe your stepping in could help.
Of course.
Wait here, I'll be right back.
Sir... - Please come inside.
Allah is truly benevolent!
They are sending Munira home.
They wanted to record her statement for the investigation.
But I made it clear that
there is a time and place to carry out formalities.
The house confinement will be lifted as well.
I am truly grateful to you, Suraiya ma'am.
We shall forever be indebted to you.
We are like family, Sehmat.
Let me know if I can be of any more help.
Hello Miss...
How are you? - I am fine Miss.
You see Major, the piece found in Abdul's hand
belongs to a Morse unit.
That's why this search is necessary.
Sir, Mehboob had rummaged through the entire room.
He didn't find anything.
Shall we inform the Head Office?
We've recovered some transmission equipment inside...
Make an entry of them.
Sit down.
Use two bullets, Sehmat.
One for me, and one for you...
There is no other way.
The Agency doesn't know yet...
...because they don't have the evidence that I do.
Was anything ever real between us?
I never wanted it to be like this...
But everything just spiralled out of control.
Was any of it true, Sehmat?
Even if I do tell you the truth...
...will you believe me?
But the supreme truth here is that...
...nothing is more important to me, than my country.
I love you, Sehmat.
But love can never come before the country.
And who knows that better than you?
I have never used force with you.
And I wouldn't want to start now.
Aunt Munira is back!
We'll buy ice cream and toys as well...
He's just a child.
That he remains safe,
is up to you.
How dare she?!
A girl...
A two-bit girl has ruined our entire family!
Shattered our love, and our trust!
He was my friend.
But how could I forget...
...that he was an Indian after all.
It is all my fault.
Our country is in danger because of my foolishness...
And it is my foolishness that has ruined your life too.
Forgive me, son. - No, Abba.
Please don't say that.
Whatever has happened...
...we need to control the situation first.
You should inform the Agency.
Our daughter-in-law...
...has taken off with Siddiqui Sir's grandson...
That is what I will tell the Agency?
That bloody... - Abba.
Whatever she did...
...she did for her country.
Like we do.
One final check.
Sir, as soon as the car arrives
and the target gets down, we aim to isolate her.
I'll lead the target to the toy shop.
And exit from the back door.
I'll cover the target from the first floor.
I'll lead the target from the toy shop to the transport.
Agent 4 will wait at the back exit
with the transport.
Copy Sir.
Mic check. - Good check, Sir.
To your stations.
Target sighted.
Agent 1 move in, isolate target.
Abort exfiltration.
Abort exfiltration!
Target compromised.
I repeat, abort!
Their agents are everywhere.
Sir... they have her!
Shift to Plan B.
What are you saying, Sir?!
It's the only way...
We can't get her out, and we can't leave her behind either.
Nothing before the Nation...
Wait here. - Yes.
I'll be right back.
Brother Sarvar, maybe I'm being followed.
I must get to Crowne Plaza.
Killing Iqbal was never part of the plan.
Why did you kill him?
What loyalty do you preach and practice?
You even gave orders to kill me!
Even poor Nafisa lost her life.
That decision was yours.
Only you will bear the consequences.
I sacrificed my conscience, my life, for you!
And you didn't hesitate to take my life.
That is the nature of war Sehmat.
Innocent lives are lost in collateral damage.
But during war, except for the war,
nothing else matters.
No one matters.
Not you. Not me.
No one.
I don't understand this world of yours...
Where relationships don't matter, and neither does life.
Before I become completely like you,
I want out of all this.
I want to go back home!
I want to go home!
I want to go back home!
Doctors are saying that you... - I know.
But I won't abort Iqbal's child.
I can't commit another murder...
Our Intel has intercepted a message from Pakistan.
There's been an inquiry at Chittagong port
for a special lubrication oil...
...which is only used in submarines and mine sweepers.
And only one Pakistani submarine...
...can cover the distance between Pakistan And Vishakapatnam.
PNS Ghazi...
...which has set sail to target INS Vikrant.
Pakistani submarine PNS Ghazi...
has sunk near Vishakapatnam.
INS Vikrant's strict vigil in the Bay of Bengal
has proven to be successful.
Our Navy and Air Force have extensively damaged
the ports of East and West Pakistan.
Pakistani forces in East Pakistan
have laid down their weapons in surrender to the Indian Army.
Last evening Pakistan announced a unilateral ceasefire.
India has won the war.
While celebrating our victory...
...we also remember...
...all that we have lost.
Death is not the only consequence of war.
Some casualties of war
remain alive, as well.
I may not remain,
not even in memory...
I may not remain,
not even in memory...
But in safe hands,
you will always be.
But in safe hands,
you will always be.
My country.. my motherland...!