Rabhasa (2014) Movie Script

Twenty five years back...
...sister of Gangi Reddy was given to
Peddi Reddy and sister of Peddi Reddy...
...was given to Gangi Reddy in marriage.
These two families have been separated
due to clashes amongst them.
And now daughter of Peddi Reddy is
being given to Son of Gangi Reddy...
...and daughter of Gangi Reddy is
being given to son of Peddi Reddy...
...again in marriage...
...which is happy for us all.
Happy, happy.
Happiness for whom...
...with the fear of losing
the thousand acres snatched...
...from the villagers these two rivals...
...are becoming relatives again.
Bro, will such marriages run long?
Will this marriage take place bro?
- I doubt it bro.
- I have no doubt bro.
Hey, shut up man,
sons of Peddi Reddy are coming.
- Bro, bride groom is shining.
- Come come.
What uncles, have you had food?
Yes, we had.
But, where is your dad?
Dad and uncle as per our tradition are
performing ritual in the temple.
Bro, ritual it seems.
Bride groom to send the saree for her.
So, you are all please get out--
I feel so tense.
Don't worry, Kiran is waiting for you,
near the petrol bunk.
So, we escape here...
...and will go to Vijayawada airport
to catch the Mumbai flight at 7 A.M.
After go to Canada from Mumbai airport
to catch the flight at 11 A.M.
Then don't know any body,
where you can leave the place?
These all happening right?
I strongly believe your love get success.
Trust on God.
Let's go.
Call the bride.
Call the second bride.
Bride is not to be seen.
I can't pawn my life for the sake of
the wealth of both families...
...and because I want to live with
my love, I am going away from you all.
That Gangi Reddy cheated us again.
Kill him.
These two families
will always keep fighting.
For this marriage of
the girl stopped to happen again...
...some God needs to come down.
The center of attraction
in this city is...
...D Brothers chairman Dhanunjay.
His life ambition is
to become Mayor to this city.
For the same his eye is fallen on
land grabbing, liquor mafia...
...real estate dealing,
wherever there is scope to earn.
His brothers Damodar and Divakar...
...have not just shared blood
but also his nature.
Now corporation elections are completed.
Has purchased the required corporators.
Only one opposition corporator
has not bent...
...and now it is in the hands of that
one whether Dhanunjay is...
...to become Mayor or not.
Brother! Corporator Mahendra, his wife
and children are safe in our hands.
This guy will come to GHMC
and surely vote for you.
If he does not,
single stab to his entire family.
I will vote, I will, I will.
Brother, he says will vote.
Careful man,
he should in no way be missed out.
You do not be tensed brother,
it is like you became the Mayor.
Purchase Pondur khaddar swearing
ceremony and be ready...
...with this there will not be anyone
to beat you in Hyderabad brother!
Hey man, who sent you to come here?
I am not a pet dog like you
to come on somebody ordering me.
Young tiger!
If you hand over me the corporator
and his family you have kidnapped...
...I will go.
I see!
Are so many rowdies and such a big setup
to just hand over so easily to you?
Beat him man!
I feel thrilled to see your anxiety to
hit me even after watching my entry.
That is why I am giving you an offer.
Let us all together sip a tea...
...talk a few words in fun make friendship
and give them to me...
...so that we all can leave happily
to our respective houses.
Saying no, never
and get into ring with me...
...and then later catching my hands,
feet or anything else.
What else shall we catch?
I will not make friendship with you.
What friendship with you man.
Hit him.
You are really stubborn.
Okay like you said
we will have those teas...
...talk, make friendship
and leave to our respective homes.
It is shelter
if you take the offer when I give...
...else it is a rupture.
He is not the one listening to words.
I will tell.
I am safe...
...now beat him up.
Shut up and sit there.
Boy, a small compliment from my side.
Not just the vehicle you came on,
but even you are a bullet.
Will look a bullet for watching...
...but you will come to know that
I am a bull dozer once you crash with me.
- Brother, brother!
- Stop brother.
Brother, what is this like have gone mad?
When I do not get the mayor post
what if I die mad?
My aim is spoilt.
Not happened...
...but someone has done willingly.
Who is that?
Who was that hit on my ambition?
Do not know who he is,
have not even seen him before bro.
How would he look?
How would he look?
How means--
Yes.. like a hunting tiger brother!
I want that guy, I want that guy.
It seems this guy knows him.
Tell, will give you whatever you want.
I will write half of my property
on your name. Tell, who is that guy?
I am not your informer to tell
if it was other, you idiot!
I am the transformed
who blasted your political career.
Who are you man?
If you need to know who I am,
you should lose three things in your life.
Number one...
...I will hit on the Mayor position
you are getting fascinated day by day.
I have already hit on that.
Number two, will hit on the pride perfumed
and made as status.
I will hit on the status.
Come if you have guts. Come.
You will definitely see me
either when I break in anger...
...or when your fate gone bad.
Who is he man? Who is he?
That is--
My mother.
Hello mom!
How are you son,
are you eating in time?
Sleeping in time too,
I am in sleep mom.
What is that man.
Now if it is morning 12 in India,
then it is night 12 in America, right mom!
That's true.
What is he man, made morning 12 of
India as midnight 12 of America?
You shut up man!
It's okay, Son! You sleep.
- Good night mom.
- Good night.
Saying to have come to enjoy with us
for four days...
...and why are these fights with
the mayor man?
What are these lies with mom
to be in US, man?
If all have relatives in village,
for us entire village are relatives.
When I was coming back from US
completing my studies...
...it was a festival for my village.
"Good omen four sides
with the sound of Dhamaruk."
"Sweet air in all hearts as
the wealth of good smell."
"This is the revolution rose
in tides in all bodies as fire."
"Stepped in is our young ray
to lighten his mother land."
"Pumping blood has overflown
so like the lava."
"Pumping blood has overflown
so like the lava."
"Heart is swinging like the rising sea."
"Hey this land I was born is
greater than heaven."
"I am flourished stepping
in this land today..."
"Salute it."
"Tell louder, tell louder."
"Pumping blood has overflown
so like the lava."
"Salute it."
"Tell louder, tell louder."
"Salute it."
"Tell louder, tell louder."
"Should live in loyalty,
should wipe wrong like fire."
"Stand for good, oppose, fight
and oppose the bad."
"Not just read history,
but become a history."
"Hey, wherever we are should
become light of this land."
"Our respect should be like
our never bowing flag."
"Salute it."
"Tell louder, tell louder."
"Pumping blood has overflown
so like the lava."
"Smiling Sun is come, come."
"He is brought festival to every heart."
"Salute him."
Salute him."
"Why should someone drive,
first step should be ours."
"Should win the war of
life transforming every second."
"Should believe that the valuable victory
will not come easily."
"The tide falling and rising back
should becoming ideal to us."
"Our work should be praised on all sides."
"Salute it."
"Tell louder, tell louder."
"Pumping blood has overflown
so like the lava."
"Salute it."
- Salutes sir.
- Salutes son.
- Are all fine?
- Fine son.
Son in law...
...though there came many relations
to our daughters in village...
...we have sat waiting to hear
your decision.
What is this dad?
All are asking you for their daughters.
I have said your marriage at your will.
It is prestige to have wealth and it is
a prestige to make you as son in law.
Son, we have no objection for you to marry
the daughter of any one amongst us.
But, your relations in
no way should go out of the village.
That lies in your hands.
No, it is in the hands of my mother.
I gave word to mom that
I would marry anyone she tells.
Tell mom! Which one do you want in these?
I want Chitti.
Chitti is none other than my cousin.
Srivalli is the one
and only sister of my father.
He is married her to
his childhood friend Dhanunjay.
Both the families have celebrated that...
...daughter in law of my family
was born when Chitti was born.
See you sister in law.
Come baby, let us go.
I will not come, I will stay with aunt.
Leave it, only two days right!
I will take care.
- Okay
- Okay! See you bro.
Okay, go and come.
Master! The car your sister was
travelling met with an accident.
Sister in law.
You have taken care of me
without mother as your daughter.
Even if days are changed,
men are changed...
...you make my daughter as
your daughter in law, right?
Chitti when born itself is the
daughter in law of my house sister in law!
From then, my mom has brought up Chitti
not like aunt, but like her daughter.
One day.
Your brother in law promised to give
documents of land to the villagers...
...if he is made as
the President of the Panchayat.
With the respect on you,
we made him as the President.
Now, he is sold that land for money
to that private company.
Eyes of the farmers look at the sky.
Eyes of the wrong look at the ground.
You are no more fit
for the post of President.
Resign now.
- Should resign, should resign.
- Should resign, should resign.
To your husband who embarrassed me...
...without considering
as husband of his sister...
...and to this village,
I will show what Dhanunjay is.
Chitti when born itself
is the daughter in law of this house.
Uncle leaving the village is forgotten us.
As sister is gone,
you too have forgotten uncle.
But mom is not forgotten
her word given to her sister in law, dad!
You are the meaning behind
the word of mother, right dad?
Why do you not understand mom then?
Please excuse me.
I am going to ask for my niece.
- Bro!
- Come bro.
What is this wonder?
What a luck for me?
Friends, he is my brother in law,
head of the village.
- Salutes sir.
- Bro!
All these are my corporators.
Sit, sit, sit, sit bro sit.
Tell bro! What is special?
What else, the same one spoken already.
We came to ask your daughter
in marriage to son of your brother in law.
True? Is it true bro?
Hey Divakar, Damodar!
Come, all of you come.
Brothers! My bro has forgotten all
and came to ask for...
...my daughter as daughter in law
to his house.
Bro! How dare are you coming to
my house asking for match at my home.
Get up!
What Mr. Ramachandraiah?
You, who has embarrassed me
in front of all the village public...
...with which face have you come
to my house now.
Oh! Is it by seeing
the post of would be Mayor.
Or the wealth I have to buy you
and your entire village?
My daughter is the status symbol
whose hand cannot be caught even by...
...the celebrities in this entire city.
Where does your status stand
in front of that status....
...at my feet?
Let your words come in respect.
Hey! I am not the Dhanunjay of your
village now to fear to your threats.
I am D brothers Chairman
and would be Mayor of Hyderabad.
You can calmly bow your heads
and start back to your village now.
And the next day came here lying
that am going to the US.
For the word of my mother to stand...
...or for the embarrassment of
my dad to be cleaned...
...Chitti should become
the daughter in law of our house.
Tell man! We are free
till the next project comes to us.
Let us set your project itself.
What shall we do now bro?
The daughter he feels as his status,
I should meet my cousin now.
All say that you fulfill
whatever is wished for in your ear.
Thus I am asking one wish...
...I do not know where
and how is the one whom I love.
Other matches are being searched at home.
You should make him and me meet.
You should safeguard our love.
Sister! Uncle is calling.
God bless you.
Priest sir!
Now a days, our time does not look good.
Mayor post has just almost come
and gone for our brother.
That is not your mistake.
An itching planet has entered
into the life of your brother.
This reaction is the reflection of that.
Itching planet means?
Dhanunjay sir! Are you seeing
any matches for your daughter?
We are trying for the match of
KFC Naidu in America.
Rain once clouds come and girl once
the age comes cannot be stopped by none...
...let that marriage be done. Else,
your daughter by then with someone--
Hey! All three brothers should
like even a kerchief...
...is to be brought for my daughter.
Similarly, the one to marry her
should first be liked by us.
If someone loves my daughter
we will give him four and give a warning.
Similarly, if she loves someone
we would chop his legs and hands.
What baby?
Chitti is coming to here
for aerobic classes.
- Let us go and see what Chitti is doing.
- Okay man!
What is this bro, we safeguarding
when ladies are exercising?
Is it not enough of getting beated up
with him, this is safe for us.
You shut up.
Bro, he is the one bro.
Oh God! What is his entry just
by thinking, what is this jump?
Call to whom man?
To brothers,
if they know that this guy is found.
You bloody!
What would he do by knowing?
He would send us again to hit him.
What would he do, beat us again.
Not just us but would go
and beat brothers too.
Eating the salt of brothers for ten years
and getting them hit is wrong, right?
- Wrong bro.
- You understood easily.
Thus brothers will not know
that he is the one...
...and we will also not tell.
Lets join hands!
Oh I see! Would be super
if even my cousin is like this girl!
Look, how have the boys changed
their walking style by seeing us.
Their feeling is that girls would
fall in their laps by seeing them.
She has fallen in the lap, what is she?
Girl in age would fall so
if favouring time comes.
They are safe!
How dare you, you catch me?
What is wrong? We would catch
if a glass doll is falling from up.
How could we be without catching...
...when a beautiful girl is falling down?
What man?
- Yes bro.
- You boys are so man...
...you always would be waiting
to see girls falling and catch.
Hey, you seem to be going
a bit too much.
What will you do man?
What will you do?
You are not even as much as a carrot
and you catch my collar?
Hey, hey girl man, leave her.
Is this a girl man?
Listen to us. Let us go.
You do not know about me man,
be seen again somewhere.
If I get mood in the mid night will drink
three beers and come to your house.
Come, come
I will get you bit by the dogs.
Hey, get off! Have seen many--
- You--
- Hey, come on!
- Where is daughter of Dhanunjay, madam?
- She is just left, sir.
By mistake, is that not my cousin
with whom I put a fight?
Here is the house of my uncle.
I will jump the wall
and have a look once of my cousin.
My cousin was bubbly
and cute in childhood...
Do not know how she looks now?
Hey Laxmi, where are you?
Keeping milk in the room of
madam and coming.
Room of madam means
the room of my cousin.
Oh, may be taking bath.
Is the time correct?
Hey, she is my cousin and okay.
Seeing my cousin for the first time...
...and I should see only her face
and nothing else.
- Hello!
- Hi Bhagyam madam!
I love you madam.
Bharani! How many times shall I tell you
that I will not love any one...
..and I do not like love?
Don't say that.
Please understand me,
ours too is a good family madam.
Look I will not go for love marriage...
...will anytime go for the
arranged marriage set by my father only.
Love will not set for this Bhagyam...
..and you will not set for me. Okay bye.
Oh! Name of my cousin is
Bhagyam then. Wow!
What a luck for me,
I will make you fall for me,
you who does not like love.
Gave my room as you said to get ready and
come out fast. Are you still not ready?
Friends have already come to the party.
I am ready.
Have you seen?
How is she?
- She is like the 'Ugadi pickle'.
- Thank you.
Your Chitti is studying
at Mallareddy college it seems, man.
Then we shall join
that college tomorrow itself.
Who would give the seat so sudden?
Seat is needed for studying,
why for just sighting man?
Hello Bhagyam madam!
I love you.
Why are you troubling me like this?
Why do you follow me
even I said many times...
...that I do not like either you or love?
- Never call me again.
- Hey, please listen!
Poor guy Bhagyam.
That guy deeply loves you from two years.
Why do you not accept him?
Love in my view is not two moving
together before marriage.
It is two hearts understanding
each other after marriage.
Oh my!
That is why I hate love stories.
Those giving such speeches would
all of a sudden slip from basement...
...and fall flat in love
when the right guy enters.
The guy who makes this Bhagyam fall
in love is not there in this college...
...and will not come.
What is this guy here?
I am packing all my love
in this gift pack and giving you...
...if you like it keep safely.
If you do not like slap me harder...
...but do not say no to my love.
Is this your brother?
Thought he is your brother.
Stop these links
and tell what your way is?
Is it for studying or for sighting,
why have you come to college?
He is surely come for you.
- Boys.
- Yes boss.
Look at each student in the college.
Check each page in their books
and each message.
Who is with whom,
I want the full details.
We will put all in and beat up.
Come on move.
Yes boss.
Give them here.
9 8 4 9 2 2 4 3 4 3.
What for?
Good for something, keep quiet.
Okay, next
Stop it!
Is this college or a pub?
What is happening here?
Hey, what work do you have here?
Why are you here?
What is this T-shirt showing your
shoulders and skirt above your knees?
Coming to our college
and you comment us.
Who are you man?
Who? He is the head of
the anti lovers squad.
Anti lovers squad?
Anti lovers squad?
Anti lovers squad?
As there were complaints that class
percentage in this college is come down...
..and lovers percentage is gone up...
...we were sent here from up.
From today, only clevers should be
in this college and not lovers.
Because, I hate love stories!
Same to same like me.
Is it connected?
Connected very well.
From tomorrow, if you come in bad dresses
to college will peel off your skins.
No shorts, no sleeveless...
...all should be full.
There would be a girl in this college
fully dressed moving like a goddess...
...what is the name of that girl?
Yes! That Bhagyam.
Learn seeing that girl.
How should a girl be?
Should show as if not showing, shall give
just a glance of the waist part only.
Basically all girls together
follow that girl.
That Bhagyam was follow me only.
What are your bloody rules
in our college man?
I will complaint to the Principal.
Go tell girl.
Even if he has some accounts,
we shall push him too inside.
Someone has come with four...
...and saying anti lovers squad
and fighting with our students sir.
Is it girl? Yes girl!
What he said is right.
As per the orders from up that
all students in our college...
...are turning lovers...
...we have brought him
as anti lovers squad.
Still, what is this rule newly
at our college only sir?
That is GO, Government order.
This is my GO girl,
Go baby. Go, go, go.
What sir, Is it really an order from up?
Order or bloody crap?
That guy came to my house yesterday.
Gave your entry so sharp,
who are you boys?
Not just entry sir, we too are sharp.
Very good! What do you want?
Simple sir, me and my friends want jobs
in your college sir.
- There are no jobs in my college man.
- No problem sir!
We shall create some jobs
and we ourselves would enter the college.
- No salary.
- Service free.
Why boy?
I need to make a girl
in your college flat sir. That is why!
What are you talking?
For you to make a girl flat...
...you yourselves would create jobs
and tell me...
...who am a strict Principal?
Get out boys!
Bloody to hell with the life!
Have looted from childhood, done strikes,
done Rowdyism, Goondaism...
...and finally grew to a stage of murders
for the monthly maintenance.
Thought to change my crime story
to a love story to be refreshed...
...for that I need a lover, right sir?
Needed son!
You are a Principal
who does not change principles.
That Gallareddy college Principal who
bends for money is better than you sir.
He gives many jobs if hit with money.
There is girl named Padmavathi there.
I will keep trying for that girl
and spend my life sir.
Stop boy!
Why would I let you go to that college...
...who is with so many qualities
and eligibilities?
You are appointed in my college.
Thanks sir!
Still, why did you give a job
in our college to such a cheater sir?
That Padmavathi is none other than
my daughter.
Hi, Indu.
How is your new family at Canada?
Very happy.
Hi, Indu!
How far has your love story come?
There is no proper response
how much ever I try to that phone.
At home, they are in search of matches.
I feel tensed thinking whether
I would succeed in my love or not.
Do not worry!
There is honesty in your love.
You would definitely
find the one you loved.
Do not lose your hope.
Hope is the only thing I have.
Bye Purvi!
Hello I am Indu.
His phone number or address at you.
Madam! How many times shall
I tell you that I do not know about him.
Please sir!
Actually he is very important for my life.
Here, Even our work is important,
do not disturb us every time by calling.
If I get to know about him,
I will call you.
Oh God! I should change
this number urgently...
...her problem does not look to go away.
When would you be seen,
for whom I have been searching?
We felt that he made us eat
the ground once, right?
Yes brother.
Poor brother!
Look how he is making him eat grass?
What is this brother?
It does not look good for you to be eating
grass when we are all eating non veg.
Added you like non veg
very much too brother.
I liked Mayor post too, has it come?
Till I find the one who spilt that--
I will eat only grass.
We will not tell,
he will not be caught...
...means is the grass lifelong
for brother?
He is hurting brother so much,
where would he be enjoying now?
What? Has he changed
so much just in a single day?
Karthik sir.
Hello Karthik sir!
What Varun, angry on me?
You are not talking
for two days with me...
- Karthik sir!
- ...what happened to you?
Sorry Lavanya!
To love outside, problem with dad...
...and to love at college problem
with the squad.
That is why we shall drop.
How if you say to drop now,
when we were in love from so long?
Have you thought what happens to
the girl who loved you all these days...
...by saying break up as of now?
Come to me.
- Sir.
- Hey!
Have you thought
what happens to the girl...
...who loved you all these days
by saying break up as of now?
Sir, you are anti love squad, right?
I will not tell anything
to the ones in love like you.
Only pain is where you spoil
by neglecting studies falling in love.
Cool down Karthik, cool down.
Love is a beautiful feel you enjoy
before marriage, man.
But after marriage
Love means it is not love...
...it is an adjustment.
Is it?
Thats why
I will encourage the real lovers...
...we are get any problems
from your parents then tell me.
I will handle yours marriage.
- Thank you sir.
- Thank you sir.
Carryon my boy.
Karthik sir!
It is you Karthik sir!
- Where is she?
- Why do you not stop when I am calling?
Karthik sir!
You speak to all in the college
other than me. Why so?
It is different speaking with all
and speaking with you.
You are talking so strong
about love means...
...are you impressed by seeing any girl?
What now madam, I was impresses seeing
a girl in my Seventh class itself.
In seventh class?
Yes Madam.
I was studying at upper primary school
at Sanath Nagar then.
Then only I felt for a girl by seeing.
I too have studied in that school.
- Who is that girl?
- You know that girl very well.
You were five friends then.
- Ganga.
- No.
- Sravani.
- No.
Okay, Latha.
- No.
- Madhurima.
No way!
Later that girl has joined Ameerpet
high school to study Tenth class...
...and I too have joined
along with her there.
Is it? I too did my Tenth class there.
You five were friends even there.
- Rekha.
- No.
- Surekha.
- No.
- Chandralekha. Chitralekha.
- No.
Then who if not them?
You are saying only four names,
whenever you say...
but why do you not tell
the name of that fifth girl?
Fifth girl?
What, that is me!
What Bhagyam?
You are in such a josh?
Indu! First time,
I am impressed by seeing a guy.
You are impressed?
he seems to have been following
from Seventh class.
Who is that lucky fellow?
So, boys and girls.
- Hey boys, all of you come this side.
- Fast, fast.
That guy.
What, this guy?
Will tell let him come.
What man? Who does not even care
about anybody in the college.
You tell cock and bull stories of
Seventh class and tenth class to Bhagyam.
You in real came to this college
as anti lovers squad...
...or to impress girls?
She might have felt bad as
I did not love her.
Hey, she is like ice and melt very fast.
I am like iron, will not melt.
If you have guts, impress me man.
Lets see.
Hey, here is iron lady,
do you want her.
What is this nonsense
Bhagyam madam.
You will forced me to reveal
my flash-bag right?
Developed love on
my Bhagyam from childhood.
But I understood after coming here
that she hates love.
I respected your feelings
and killed my feelings.
Why do you think i do not respond even
when you call me Bhagyam madam?
With fear that...
...I may hurt saying the words you don't
like to hear in some weak moment.
But, what have you done?
You made your friend scold me this day.
I am hurt Bhagyam madam,
I am really hurt.
Karthik sir!
You do not need to give
explanations to anyone for me.
We can make someone believe
a marriage by tying knot...
...but this society will not believe
love even by building Tajmahal.
Hey! Love will not suit for you, right?
I did not like chicken as a kid...
...and now I do not swallow
food without a piece.
Wishes also change like the seasons.
Still, there would be a hundred
between me and Karthik sir...
...you do not involve in them.
Karthik sir! Please you do not get hurt.
Very very thanks.
I was tensed in thoughts to know what
exactly was Bhagyam feeling about me?
You had unnecessarily mingled
and pushed it.
Making her get
a super impression on me.
As far as I know, love angle would
have started on me by now.
See you.
"Devil devil throwing me like
a rubber ball."
"You do not go throwing
and throwing smiles."
"Devil devil throwing me like
a rubber ball."
"My lucky girl!"
"Like a pure Telugu girl and a fresh
pickle piece. With a cheese piece talk."
"Do not make an iron piece like
boy move around you as a puppy."
"Like a pure Telugu girl and a fresh
pickle piece. With a cheese piece talk."
Life without you is
a play without colour."
"It is a tasteless dish of
fish curry without salt."
"Life without you is
the youth without bike."
"Dancing in club in
the night without girls."
"Heart breaking like the cracking papad."
"Devil devil throwing me
like a rubber ball."
"You do not go throwing
and throwing smiles."
"Wrote love letter in this air and water.
Pasted wall poster in the way you go."
"Shall I write and give suicide letter
not able to see my happiness."
"Knew your need
by consuming Cyanide."
"Hey with thousand eyes twinkling
waited how much."
"Hey like this how many days
love beat of heart may stop."
"Life without you is to be clean bowled.
To be out at one run before a century."
"Life without you is like a dust bin."
"Raising the waste coke tin
in air and kicking."
"Kicking like foot ball
and kicking hard."
"Devil devil throwing me like
a rubber ball."
"You do not go throwing
and throwing smiles."
"My lucky girl!"
"My lucky girl!"
"Hey none can make gold."
"Even the God Brahma can never sculpt
a beauty more than you."
"Hey your name is rolled gold
you five feet white crow."
"Nobody asks even
if you move wearing pant and shirt."
"Hey let me be twinkling so as
a couple with you lifelong."
"For my dream to come true let
the time stop as it is."
"Life without you is astrology
without sun sign."
"Like keeping feet on a blasting bullet."
"Life without you is like
heating up the body."
"To get water out from the oasis well."
"To get the sun stroke
and bark like a crow."
"Devil devil throwing me like
a rubber ball."
"You do not go throwing
and throwing smiles."
"Devil devil throwing me like
a rubber ball."
This is all his sketch.
He is tried to impress for Bhagyam.
Indu, now the love school of
boys is different.
To try one girl, they are first trying
the friend beside her.
Their plan is that then she herself
would get jealous and say I love you.
Looks like this mad girl
would fall for his magic.
Have you seen Karthik?
We have not seen.
Okay! I will see him.
Breaking news just coming in!
Bhagyam is searching for our
Karthik in the entire college, man!
That Indu it seems is trying to
damage your image at Bhagyam, man.
She look like a tight dress is
put on to a diet coke, bloody.
If she comes know that
we came here for Bhagyam.
Would die shivering like
a monkey touching the transformer.
We must see her face then man.
Look then!
I will open up your whole workout
in front of Bhagyam.
I will break up your love.
Please Indu! Do not disturb the plan
worked with so much of hard work.
Please, Indu, please.
Please, will not set for your face man!
What happened Karthik,
why are you like that?
You know who is my enemy?
Who else, Indu?
Do you know what has Indu done?
She said I love you to me.
Is it so?
Even I am shocked like you.
But my friends are saying the figure
looks good, why not get committed?
But my heart is not arraying.
Because we shall see only the heart in the
girl we are in love, but not her figure.
Only the girl with beautiful heart
knows who exactly is in.
One more thing Bhagyam...
The loved ones should be seen
with the heart and not with the eyes.
Bhagyam! Entire facts of that
Karthik fellow are out...
- ...he came to college for--
- Will you stop?
What exactly do you know about Karthik?
Karthik is not to be seen with eyes,
with heart.
What happened?
Shall I basically tell one thing with you.
You cannot put obstacles between us.
Because i am the hero in this story
and she is the heroine...
...yours just the character of friend
of the heroine.
friend character should stay as
a friend character...
...but if you go on throwing
foolish cassettes.
Later hero will have
to play the villain role.
Then start the kabadi to your character.
To tell about your role in a raw,
clear way.
After our marriage spreading flowers
on the first night bed.
And taking care of the kids
after they born, it is similar to a nanny.
So you completely get involved
into your role and live in it.
Hey Karthik idiot! I should come with
the tsunami to blow you away.
Obulreddy sir.
Sorry, your brother will not come out
from coma. You can take him home.
To take my brother from here,
I should get the one who hit him.
When someone wanted O positive blood,
why should I give blood, man?
Shut your mouth and move.
When you say with so much respect,
why will I not give, I will.
Nobody should ever miss what is in hands
and what comes into the hands.
Take care.
Tell baby! Who is irritating you?
I will fold, fold him up.
It is him.
From today, he should
not just fear to baby, but any girl.
Come on take out weapons fellows.
- Attack!
- Yes!
Why has the total family
attached to him, man?
What man? Seen after so many days!
That is... race brother. Running race.
Whoever touches you first from us,
he is like the winner.
Here, here I touched him,
I touched him, me, me!
- Lets go.
- Idiot!
Idiot! If you do bloody comedy before me,
you will be broken.
Tell what the matter is!
Nothing brother,
a girl has sent to beat you up.
Which girl?
Professional ethics brother,
should not tell.
Oh it is you sketch.
What man, came to kill me as
I am loving your madam?
Is this guy loving our madam?
Means, it is a puncture now
for the total family.
Salute brother! See you.
Came to beat me
and you are leaving now.
Come on brother! How can we hit you?
We are friends, right.
When is it from?
That is from the day you gave
the introduction, from then.
But, as per the duty of your profession,
you should hit me, right?
Oh no! Your plan is to beat us up
if we touch you. We will not touch.
I will touch you,
if you do not touch me.
What is this fitting?
When we are saying will not hit you,
why do you pressurise us?
Will you hit or get hit?
Okay, you should not hit back
even when we hit you.
If you are okay with this, we are ready.
- Okay!
- Seems okay man!
Hey caught correctly man!
We can clear the entire revenge
we have on him today.
Okay, we are ready, hey come on!
Why you are don't use this offer.
This time we all together would use.
Beat him.
Do not leave him.
Bhagyam, Bhagyam!
Karthik, Indu is getting him hit
with men as he is not loving him.
Hey hit him.
Stop man, all this is a plan.
If the fact that you loved me
from Seventh class is true...
...none should cross the college gate.
Who is this character newly man?
What is this love angle again?
May be a triangle brother.
If our Tenth class love
is to be successful...
...hit these bloody idiots hardly.
Why do you simulate him mother?
What do you know about him?
If he gets up.
Why did he get up three times?
Karthik, do not leave even one.
I created this action
for this reaction only man.
Now starts the real action.
Are you satisfied madam?
Yes! You will do anything for me.
You will stand against any number.
I love you Karthik.
What bro, not getting kick
how much ever you drink?
What kick is there in this man?
That Bhagyam has said I love you
falling to the sketch of us, right?
Kick was in that.
Looking at that that rabbit faced
Indu had boiled, kick was in that.
Why is this matter about Indu
in either happiness or pain man?
You should not every now and
then think about other ladies man.
She is not woman,
but always roasted up iron.
Come you. Come.
You always enter at the right timing.
If you feel so much just for
Bhagyam falling for me...
...what would you do
by knowing the real facts?
In real I came to college
just to make her fall for me.
Play Football, kabaddi
like games with her father...
...and if I do not make him fall
on my feet and lick the ground!
Bhagyam, that is, that is--
Tomorrow is Vinayaka chaviti, right?
For that we are rehearsing
a play named Bhagyam I love you...
- What man?
- Yes dude!
Even Bhagyam has an expressive face.
Let us give the heroine roll.
It is been four days past
Vinayaka Chaviti.
If not for Vinayaka chavithi, then
for Vijayadasami, you shut your mouth.
Play is important,
is the festival important, Bhagyam?
Now stop your dramas...
- ...you play football with my dad?
- Bhagyam.
- You make my dad lick the ground?
- Bhagyam.
What do you think of my dad?
Village people stand in queues
in front of our house for him.
You say such a great man so many words?
- Hello Bharani!
- Hi, Bhagyam madam.
I did not recognise your love falling
in the magic of an idiot.
Is that true?
- I love you.
- Miss Bhagyam!
Indu, you are
the correct one for this guy.
What man?
You are the hero and she is the heroine...
...where is your heroine man?
Not just her but will disturb anyone
you fall in love with.
I will see to that you will not have
love and marriage, both in your life.
See you.
Stop you.
Hey, what shall I do with this devil that
has broken my almost successful love.
What shall we tell
if you ask us so suddenly?
What would you do, man?
If at all you would sip one beer.
Hello KFC Naidu sir, what is up sir?
Okay, okay thank you very much.
Good news!
Hey Indu!
It seems, son of KFC Naidu is
become flat by seeing you in facebook.
My dream to have a match with
the family of KFC is fulfilling today.
Thank God, at least this happiness is
left for brother.
Sorry dad, I will not marry right now.
Even this happiness is gone for brother.
They are the rich guys whom
we do not get even if we want...
...we should get the knot tied
when they feel love.
Tell man!
- Say okay baby.
- Say okay.
I like KFC chicken very much, please.
Stop it, I will tell
when I feel like marrying.
Look, she is feeling
uncomfortable to tell to us...
...you find out what
she has in her heart.
Okay uncle!
When such a great match is seen,
why do you miss it?
I am already loving a person.
You are in love? Who is that guy?
He is--
He is--
He is none other than the anti lovers
squad Karthik in our college.
What is this twist?
Thought only for brothers,
is he the husband even for madam now?
What is it that you are loving Karthik.
When Karthik is loving me so madly...
...and I too am loving him the same.
If Karthik opposes
my parents for my love...
...I would marry him.
If Karthik fears to our parents...
I will then fix to the match
seen by my parents.
I will show him how fierce is the fear.
- Saidulu.
- Brother.
What I need now is not the one
who hit on my post...
...but the one who wanted to catch
the hand of my daughter.
Anti lover squad fellow Karthik
of the college it seems.
Play Kabaddi with his body.
Now not just God
but even I cannot save this family.
What are these dramas saying
that you loved Karthik?
This is the villainy revenge
I have over him.
Oh, no! Don't beat me!
Hey! How dare you love
Dhanunjay sir's daughter?
Don't let him go. Catch him.
Don't live them.
What man, has the action started?
What is your over action?
I have done that at my dad.
I said I have love on you.
Have you gone any mad?
If my dad comes to know
that I loved someone...
...he would crack the hands
and legs of that guy.
I see,
is your dad such powerful?
He is great.
Do you know who my dad is?
D brothers chairman, Dhanunjay.
What is it?
He is the father of Bhagyam, right?
For you, brain along with love gone bad.
Dad of Bhagyam is an RMP doctor.
RMP Doctor?
What do you think of my dad?
Do you know people stand
in queue at my house for my dad?
this is my cousin...
...without her information
she put Bhagyam on side track...
...and has herself
come on to the main track.
Super, man!
What man, voice is become silence?
Goons coming now would beat you up.
Will get beaten up if the hit,
ask them to come now.
Your wish too would be done.
It is done, right?
There is a meaning
then to the kiss given in anger.
What, man?
That fellows of Dhanunjay are
beating us up man!
He and this guy are the same man.
Why to wait
when you got the clarity of being same?
Oh God! He has come.
Where are those three idiots?
Hey Dhanunjay!
You seem to break those
whom your daughter loves, right?
Due to your bad luck, she is loved me.
Right my beloved!
What girl, you lied to love me, right?
I will make that lie a true
and show you.
I fell for you with the kiss
I gave day before.
You need a clarity
also from my side, so--
I love you.
How dare are you?
You come to my house and say
I love you to my daughter in front of me?
Hey! Break him up man!
Brothers! Now you cannot escape
the beatings.
Stop man!
Stop man! Stop man! Stop man!
Hey, anyways
we are beating each other...
...so let me give you another clarity
from my side now.
The one for whom you
have been eagerly waiting for to see....
...I am the one.
Not understood!
I was the one putting check
to your post.
Hey! Close the doors man.
The one I had been searching for
has come in search of his death himself.
He is stood in front of me,
kill him man!
This is what the emotion
I wanted, man!
Brother! Oh God!
Do you know who am I in real?
I am the son of Ramachandraiah.
I am saying in the same house,
where my father was embarrassed.
I will make you catch
the feet of my father...
...and with the same hands
I will make you clean my feet...
...and sprinkle that
water on your head. If not...
...nothing like that...
...it will happen for sure.
I will become the husband of
your pampered daughter...
...and become the son in law of
this house you built with your pride.
I will become so called husband to...
...all you three brothers swinging
with cholesterol.
"Hot hot parrot as you scratched me."
"Your dad knows
the hit that banged in sound."
"Barampuram bell you kept a great twist."
"Now the love bell will ring
in your heart."
"Mustache like a mine,
anger like the salt grave."
"Seen the dare of breaking bones,
saluted with you."
"Hey will like a man and elope you."
"Will see who comes in the way
and will break if comes."
"Will beat up and down
and show my power."
"The back stopping me
will be banged up badly."
"Hot hot parrot as you scratched me."
"Your dad knows
the hit that banged in sound."
"Come you fire ball,
your beauty is fire flower."
"Will you not let me weigh you
and give my kiss."
"The soup of shame
and do not let it be dropped mister."
"Your poking mustache,
can you not stop for a while."
"Hey girl, you lit me up like
the passing current."
"Like the itch you gave love like
to die with irritation in heart."
"Hey man, have me weighed.
Mass kissing sack in class touch."
"Play the lip game as the only work."
"Like the in laws house
shiver in resound."
"I am rising up, shall I come for a ride."
Hey, I am a pure boy,
marriage is confirmed."
"Shall I give your body
a saree and blouse."
"Hey hot milk pot, my heart cute boy."
"Empty it without putting any hole."
"I will straighten the fold
catching your sleek waist."
"I will hit your love pot, hey be ready."
"Sounding cutely,
you ripened some shy flower buds."
"Catching like a shirt,
you put holes to the entire heart."
"Boy like the thermo meter.
Son in law to swallow it."
"By just seeing you,
I start slipping my leg."
"Hey shall I attack suddenly on
the lightening string."
"Shall I catch your shine
and enjoy in pride."
"Hey I am the boy like the thunder,
shall I come chasing you."
"Hey Girl Sindrona,
there is no better guy than me."
Dad! I had not loved him.
I said a small lie to have loved him
with the anger on him.
You said a lie. Crap, you got the crap
and put on the head.
Stop man!
We are safe when Indu had loved him.
Everyone in this city would pass urine
by seeing us...
...but that guy has come to our house
and made us pass urine.
To hit the enemy,
we should meet hands with the enemy.
Only man to hit him is Obul Reddy, man!
Deal of Obul Reddy is over,
send the amount.
Obul Reddy!
For the marriage of my daughter...
...I put our rivalry aside
and came for your support.
Take the ladies inside.
Husband, that is--
Whatever happens here, do not talk.
Hello Karthik!
If your love on me is true...
...come and take me
at the house of Nellore Obul Reddy.
Dhanunjay! You coming for
my support along with your ladies...
...means you feared seeing something.
What is that?
Who is that?
Karthik, son of my long rival.
has challenged to make me wash his feet
and take my daughter in marriage.
If you put his head at feet,
not just the share in my business...
...but put all my power, property,
prestige, all at your feet.
How would he be?
This is the one.
Brother! He is the one
who hit to coma brother.
Come quickly!
He is the one.
He is the one.
No body should ever miss what is in
hands and what comes into the hands.
Where would he be?
For him we have left wife, kids, food...
...and roaming around like mad idiots
day and night.
Where would he be?
What is your relation with him?
He is the reason for the marriage of
my sister sitting in marriage.
He was the one
who hit my brother on the streets...
...and sending him in to coma and sleep.
For those believing and standing
behind me, I am ready to do anything!
What exactly happened Obul Reddy?
When the marriage of my sister
was taking place at the marriage hall.
Why do you again say love with Karthik?
It was not Karthik whom I loved.
I am feeling tensed.
Do not worry. Kiran is waiting for you
at the petrol bunk.
If we escape from here, Mumbai flight is
at 7 AM from Vijayawada airport.
Canada flight is at 11 AM from Mumbai.
After that no one would know
where you are.
Do you feel all this happens?
I have full confidence that
your love would be successful.
Rest all will be taken care by
the God himself. Let's go.
Bloody, by seeing your
Facebook and Twitter...
...I got the doubts cleared that
you have some one for you.
Your marriage here and the death of your
lover there will happen at the same time.
You will have it after the marriage.
Whom are you calling,
is it to your husband?
I will kill you.
- Hello, small help--
- Wrong number.
- Hello, my friends are in problems.
- Who is talking?
- Hello, my friends are in problems.
- Whose number do you want?
I will call to Rohit.
Missing? Call the police!
God, connect at least
this call to those who can save.
Oh god already battery low.
Yes dad!
Car tyre is punctured, I am calling you up
as you would be worried.
Have you heard when I said no for
own driving coming back from the US?
When driving on own in the long drive
that enjoyment is different dad.
Whose is this number son?
Charging in my phone is out dad.
Thus I am calling from
the phone of mechanic.
Okay, I will be in front of
you by tomorrow morning.
Do not tell all this to mom.
Where is this Mechanic?
You have got a call man.
Will come back in five minutes.
Will get this puncture done
and be back. Stay here.
Please, please, please, please.
Who is in what need may be.
Hello sir, please listen to what I say.
They are killing two lovers sir.
I am not understanding
what you are saying.
You look to have dialled to
a wrong number, please check.
No. Sir, no.
Now yours is correct number for me...
...please if you cut the phone
I do not even have the outgoing now.
Please sir, save the lives of
these two sir, please.
What happened?
My friend Purvi--
Where are they now?
Nellore Lay Palace. Hello.
Hello. Hello.
Connection was cut!
You loved to live with the one you liked
and not to die.
Your friend has said it all.
Let's go.
Bring the second bride.
Groom is not to be seen.
Hey Bulli Reddy!
Bring her dragging wherever she is.
I will bring her here...
...either dead or alive.
Hey take out the vehicles.
Move on.
Come on!
I understand your problem.
But understand
the problem of that girl also.
She is my would be, you come.
I will die if required
but will not marry him.
Heard it right, now move on.
Hey, who are you man?
Friend, lover or her husband?
Need not be a friend or lover
or a husband to save a girl in danger.
Man, need to be just a man.
Bloody! Hey, take off the head of
that man and bring her.
To save those believing me
and standing behind me...
...I am ready to either lose my head.
Or to cut as many heads required.
I will not let the one go to any one,
which I cannot get.
- Take out the vehicles man.
- Stop Obul Reddy!
For my daughter, he himself would
come here in searching for his death.
Why have you asked to stop here?
Will pray to God and come.
- Hello.
- Hey Karthik!
I am along with my daughter
in the house of Nellore Obul Reddy.
If you have the capacity come
and take away my daughter, man.
If you want to see my capacity...
...first check whether your daughter
is in the room or not, uncle?
Hey, where is Indu?
That Karthik has hit all and taken,
brother in law.
You could have shouted
when he came, right?
You, yourself has asked not to talk
whatever happens here.
You say what is going to happen
and I say after happening, uncle!
Hey, hey, hey listen.
- Hey.
- Sir, who are you?
Hitting my brother Bulli Reddy
and making him sleep in coma.
I am the one who would search
wherever you are and kill.
Oh very good!
On the whole all my enemies
have assembled at one place.
All the best man for your thoughts
to search and kill me.
- Hello Purvi!
- Hi Indu.
I escaped from that Obul Reddy
using Karthik's love for me...
...the love of that Karthik as
a block in between.
Very good Indu.
I received your passport details.
We applied for the visa.
It would take 10 to 15 days.
Till then stay some where safe.
Really great that you are loving
the one who saved us so much.
Okay, first I should escape
from this Karthik.
I will come back
in touch on phone later.
You coming with me--
Not to make your love success.
To make my love a success.
I have already loved a guy.
I do not know how he looks
and where he stays.
You came into my life when I was enquiring
about him and waiting for him.
When my people feared about you
and put me at Obul Reddy...
...I used your love to save my love.
Indu, I do not need to know
whom and why you loved.
Is truth there in your love?
How true is love,
it is as much true that I loved.
I am very sorry Indu.
Without knowing that
you are in love with someone else...
...I unnecessarily troubled
you by teasing you.
I will definitely make your love
a success.
No Karthik, already you had
many problems dye to me.
Mad lady, even after knowing if you solve
your problems yourself why am I here.
You are my cousin,
from now your responsibility is mine.
Go and pray to God.
Sir, Peddi Reddy is come.
Salute Peddireddy sir.
Sir! Start the proceedings...
...by breaking a coconut.
Okay, give it.
Sir, Peddireddy is come.
Hey, he came!
His trunk should fall in
between the two villages...
...his head should hang to my door.
Chop that bloody rascal.
"Narasimha! Narasimha!"
"Narasimha! Narasimha!"
"Narasimha! Narasimha!"
Hey! Don't let Gangi Reddy's men escape!
Many thanks boy!
You saved me and my family like
God Lakshmi Narasimha.
Which village are you from son?
- We are from Hyderabad sir.
- His name is Karthik...
...and I am Indu.
We both are lovers uncle.
These two are lovers it seems.
Yes uncle.
My father and uncles who do not like
our love are roaming to kill Karthik.
It would take ten days for us
to get visa to Canada.
Where to stay till then is--
Where baby, you are going to stay
at my house, come.
Not that sir.
You do not say anything son...
...you are the saviour of our lives,
I will safeguard you like my life.
Come, come behind me.
You said not to take our men with us
to the temple. Now see what happened.
Son, you can stay here
till you leave to Canada, stay.
If someone comes for you,
he will not go out.
Many thanks sir!
What is that sir?
A horse.
I know that sir,
but who is that on the horse?
- My grand father.
- Where is he sir?
Up son.
Up there.
When all feared to British
and paid the taxes...
...my grandfather alone did not fear
and not paid tax.
After independence came,
all the leaders together...
...gave this as gift as a remembrance
of the power of my grandfather.
Why have you kept the status there sir?
What if someone throws it down?
Will I not kill?
Hey, show the room to
the boy and girl, separate, separate.
Have you seen
the intelligence in my plan?
We can stay happily for
these 15 days here. Okay!
What madam?
Why have you shouted so much?
Lady, who are those?
Sons of Big master, sir.
- Sons!
- Your room is ready sir.
Okay, we are coming, move.
You said plan, plan.
We came to the house of the same,
from whom we had just escaped.
What shall we do now?
What else, let us run again. Come!
What man? Have you lost shame?
Is the anger dead?
Till you catch the guy
who hit your brother into coma?
Have I said you not to step
into this house.
Whom you are eagerly waiting to kill...
...I have brought his photo dad.
Oh God!
Look dad.
Hey, why will I see the photo of enemy?
Thank God!
What I want is not his photo ID,
body of his with life. Go.
It is been many days since they had
the home food uncle, that is why--
You know it, right? You on this side of
wall and they on that side!
It is up to you whether you feed
them or kiss them. Go, die.
I will prepared biryani for you hubby.
How many more days is
this distance between us hubby!
Bloody! The one who made me
lose the family with wife...
...and affection with children at home...
...I will keep chopping
till the sharpness is gone to my axe.
What is that fight outside sir?
That is the fight of my family, son.
My whole family is been waiting to kill
the one who hit my son into coma.
Okay! Why us among
your family fights sir?
We would leave now.
Where going? What is the relation
to you with the fights of my family?
You, the savior of my life...
...should stay in my house till
you leave to Canada and that is it!
It is not correct to stay here
in this situation, Karthik.
It is correct for us
to stay here only Indu.
You think one thing.
These three brothers would be
moving around the world for us...
...but will not come into this house.
So, it is safe for us to stay here
inside the house.
Does these do not know
who he is or is this all a drama? Huh!
Where is my Dhoni photo?
You tore my photo of Sachin
and thus I tore your photo of Dhoni.
Okay, we so came
and fell in this house...
...that is the matter man!
What is it man? If Indu has loved someone,
you help her?
Have you forgotten
about the wish of mom?
The loyalty in her love
was seen in her eyes man!
If mom listens to my decision,
she too would say correct.
Mother in law!
Oh God! Kalyani!
Open the door Kalyani.
- Open the door Kalyani.
- Open the door.
- What is happened?
- Kalyani is hanging herself.
What baby,
have done such a big deed?
Look at mother in law,
how much she is suffering.
When there are so many own people...
...what was the need for you
to commit suicide?
Marriage of my daughter had stopped
on the marriage occasion itself, son!
It was none other who tried to
kill my husband at the temple....
...he is my own brother.
25 years back...
...my brother Gangi Reddy and my husband
Peddi Reddy were good friends.
Both the families to turn
the friendship into relation...
...have performed internal
exchange marriages...
...from the villagers saying
to construct a factory.
After some days, my husband and
brother have taken thousand acres.
Later started fights among these two
and both our families got separated.
And one day our lawyer had called us.
Give our lands back!
Give our lands back!
The case of 1000 acres put by the public
on you is gone to high court.
We can manage till court...
...but none can do anything
if the matter goes to the hands of CBI.
What do we do now Viswam?
You both became week in public by
separating and thus they became strong.
If you need to become stronger
than them...
...you two staying as rivals
now should turn into relatives again.
That cannot be done,
tell if there is something else.
Sir, I said what needs to be said.
It is your wish now whether to share
the land becoming relatives...
...or count the bars staying as rivals.
We shall do as said by you, okay!
Both the families would become one again
with these two marriages...
...and we shall step
in at our maternal homes.
Me and my sister in law have felt
very happy thinking that.
In such moment...
...someone had taken daughter of
my brother from the marriage.
Now as another match is seen
for the son of my brother...
...my daughter is done
this suicide attempt.
For my husband and sons...
...only interest is the revenge to kill
the one, who is hit sending into coma.
But, no interest about
the marriage of my daughter.
Though it is so many days,
there is no man in this house...
...who understands our pain son!
It is an order from my father in law...
...that no good occasion should
take place in this house till...
...that guy hitting is caught.
Look! Due to whomever
your marriage has stopped...
...as a brother I will leave this house
only after your marriage.
So, for the good occasion
to take place in this house...
...the one who hit into coma
should be caught!
He will be caught.
A lie? Father will kill, if he knows.
One marriage takes place
by saying thousand lies.
Your sister would be married by
saying just this one lie.
You too can come inside the house.
Dad! We brought the person
who bashed our brother!
- Come out!
- Come out!
Where is he?
Where is the person who did that?
Hey! Get him down.
Is he the one?
Even I don't know that
people end up in coma...
...if I bash them up
till these guys told me.
If he is in coma, then definitely
I am the one who bashed him up.
He is so short...
...how can he bash
up your strong brother?
Hey! Hey!
I your son is like a lion,
I am like a mountain!
I will cut heads off!
Obul Reddy, is he the one that beat him?
Or did you make a plan
to enter this house...
...and got this foolish man?
No.. we swear by you. He is the one!
Hey! You swore by me!
If I learn that he isn't the one,
I won't think twice...
...and kill all of you.. I swear by you!
Why is he here?
We can't tell him he's the one.
What's it, uncle?
I found the person that beat my son..
These?! What are these doing here?
These are my sons..
you know them earlier?
Your sons?
These are the ones trying to kill me!
Why do you want to kill Karthik?
- Tell me what the matter is!
- It is--
Tell the truth!
You will say it or want me to do it?
I will say it!
Uncle.. Indu's father
paid them to kill me.
They have been trying
to kill me since then.
- Isn't it?
- Yes.
Fools, who do you think Karthik is?
He is the one who
saved your father's life.
- Salute him.
- It's okay.
Stop your crap and
tell me what role to play.
I get irritated if it gets late.
I'll give the climax for your character.
Cut this idiot to pieces!
Why would you do that?
- Let's do it.
- Why do you turn that side?
- Wait!
- What is it, boy?
Uncle, only the sleeping Bulli
Reddy who should come and kill him.
Is he just asleep to do that?
He's in coma.
We'll make him stay here
till Bulli Reddy wakes up.
How can we do that?
I can't stand his sight!
You are a mad man anyway!
It isn't important that we kill him.
The important thing is
that Bulli Reddy kills him!
Great, Karthik. That is manliness!
He tricked us!
Feed him thick and fat!
His neck should be
very strong when we cut it!
- Take him inside.
- Wait!
Did I say I won't come?
You are making me a
pawn and playing around!
We found the person who beat your son.
Now ask them to come inside.
Come in!
You have no relation with this family..
yet trying to get this marriage done.
Great, Karthik.
To do some things,
you need emotion and not relations.
Thanks.. if you didn't
help me that minute...
...I would have been dead by now.
- Who are you?
- My name is Raju.
- I work in the court.
- A lawyer?
No.. A liar.. Telling lies is my hobby.
I did that and got
10 innocent people in jail.
Are you the one to beat Bulli Reddy?
I can't even beat kids..
how can I send anyone into coma?
Why did you say so then? Are you mad?
It is Peddi Reddy that is mad..
their sons told me.
They promised to pay a lakh
per day if I did as they say.
I asked for 5 lakhs hoping
it may settle at 3 lakhs.
The fools agreed for 5 lakhs.
They are mad too.. and so they agreed.
- What do you mean?
- Yes.. even those 3 are mad.
Really? How do you know?
Only a doctor knows his patients.
- Patients?!
- I am Karthik.. psychiatrist.
A psychiatrist! You look like an artist.
I don't understand
what's happening here.
If you want to know that,
I've to tell you a story.
What's it?
Fifteen years ago..
that was marriage season.
- Month of may?
- Yes, correct.
Peddi Reddy started off in his vehicle to
perform child marriage for his daughter.
On the same road, a young boy was
riding a cycle in opposite direction.
Thinking the car would
be damaged if the cycle hit it...
...he turned the car to one side.
He hit another car coming in opposite
direction.. a terrible accident happened.
Was he afraid that car
would be damaged if cycle hit it?
Who is that mad driver?
- It is Peddi Reddy--
- Is it him?
He suffered a head
injury and turned insane...
...his son Bulli Reddy went
into a coma and the marriage cancelled.
Just like some diseases
run in the family...
...Peddi Reddy's madness
spread in the family.
It is not yet over.. I didn't
tell you the main twist in the story.
- What is it?
- I was the one riding that cycle.
- Doctor!
- Yes, Mr. Raju!
I felt bad that this
family suffered due to me...
...and studied hard
to become a psychiatrist.
To remove the madness
that this family contracted...
...and to get the marriage
of his elder daughter performed...
...I came to this house.
You were responsible for this accident,
but dragged me in!
- I am going home.
- You'll die if you move.
These mad people think that
you beat Bulli Reddy into coma.
Do you think that I am a fool?
I'll tell them that Bulli
Reddy went into coma because of you.
- Tell them.
- I will!
I'll go and tell!
Go and tell them!
Boys! I know who's responsible
for Bulli Reddy going into coma.
- Who is it?
- Karthik.
Who told you?
Do you think I am mad like you guys
to believe every Tom, Dick and Harry?
Karthik himself told me..
What's your reaction now?
You beat my brother and blame others!
When did I beat him..
this is just a 5 lakh deal!
What deal? Are you insane?
If you say the same to someone else--
You guys are mad.
How dare you call us mad?
You are mad too!
- You call my brother mad?
- Hold on!
I have clarity after these slaps.
All three of you are mad.
Doctor, they are indeed mad as you said.
I just learns that madness to
can be in family like sugar complaint.
You are right, sir. Normal people
take it easy if they are called mad...
...but mad people become
wild if they are called mad.
Yes, doctor.. they bashed me up!
What's the solution for this?
We have two options basically.
Option A..
to get Peddi Reddy's daughter married.
- Option B?
- If we can take the madness to a peak...
...a burst the blood
vessels that got blocked...
...and they become normal as a result,
you can get out.
You take care of the marriage...
...I will make their
madness reach a peak.
- Very good, sir.
- Thank you, doctor.
Gangi Reddy attacked me.
We shouldn't let him escape.
It is just crap that
they won't let him escape.
I beat the son into coma,
and they couldn't do anything to me!
He is fat, wears rings and wrist bands...
...and golden chains
and terrible to look at!
He's useless..
and he has four ox-like sons.
What's the use? They just fill
their stomachs and are good for nothing!
And it seems they all are mad!
Mad fellows!
Hey.. why do you stare like
crows suffering current shock?
- Hey!
- Hey!
Don't stop them! I want peaks!
Mental peaks! Freaks, come on!
I can get out only if you madness peaks!
Take swords or hammers as you wish.
Or you may choose to
be trendy and take up guns.
C'mon.. round up! Round up!
I just said that in the flow..
you thought it true?
You may have done that..
but we come on a serious matter.
- Who is Peddi Reddy here?
- Don't know.
- What?
- It is that huge man over there.
Go and catch him!
- Who are you?
- I am from CBI!
We can manage the local courts
but not once it goes to CBI.
The court got angry that
you usurped people's lands...
...the case came to me and I came here.
I'm arresting you all.. come to Delhi!
Why directly to Delhi?
Because the Tihar jail is there.
- Bring them all along.
- Come on, move!
- Move!
- Uncle!
Nephew, what are you doing here?
What's this uncle?
Won't you spare anyone who is rich?
Won't you rest till you
send a rich people to jail?
Once I take up a case,
they all will go to jail.
First I'll throw Peddi Reddy
and Gangi Reddy into prison...
- ...you know about me!
- I do!
Peddi Reddy isn't such a man..
He looks huge...
...but has a soft heart.
See his cute face if you want.
I can see the innocence in his face...
- But I won't spare. Bring him.
- Please give me a week's time.
I'll prove that it is all Gangi
Reddy's fault and not Peddi Reddy's!
I won't listen even to god..
bring him along.
You'll listen to me, uncle.
Because you love me a lot!
That relationship! Okay!
You touched me..
I'll give a week's time.
If you try any mischief,
I'll crush them all like eggs!
- Officers, follow me!
- Yes, sir.
- Thanks, my boy.
- We shouldn't be thanking now.
We need an intelligent lawyer!
I told you that day in detail.
I can't do anything
once CBI gets involved.
- Only you can do, sir.
- How?
We'll get our daughter
married to Gangi Reddy's son.
We'll promise to give a
thousand acres of land as dowry.
And we'll transfer the
land in the name of Gangi Reddy.
Since the land will be in his name...
...CBI people will arrest
only Gangi Reddy! What do you say?
Who are you teaching a criminal lawyer?
He's our boy..
but I can't agree to this match.
Listen to me.. only in this
way will our girl's marriage be done...
...and our revenge
on Gangi Reddy achieved.
That's fine.. but will he agree to this?
- Our lawyer is there for that!
- Me?!
will Gangi Reddy believe the lawyer...
...and come to our house?
Even the mighty God came
as Vamana for 3 feet of land.
And this is thousand acres..
he will come shaking his head like a bull.
As I said.. here he comes.
I didn't come here to fight.
I came to settle a match..
shall I enter or not?
Why do you just stand
there and talk? Come in!
What are you doing? He's our enemy.
No.. he's my bro-in-law!
My sister's husband.
I will give my daughter
in marriage to their son.
Stay if you wish.. or get lost!
- How are you all?
- Forgive me!
You must forgive me.
We'll complete the marriage.
Doctor, what's all this?
They have come to settle a marriage.
Marriage? But they are mad people!
The other family is mad too..
I told you a story the other day.
Is that a normal story to forget it?
Yes, in that story,
Peddi Reddy's car rammed into..
Wait.. it hit them.
With that they all lost their
brains and became mad families.
Because you were the
one that rode the bicycle...
...you have to settle their marriage.
Raj sir.. your brain is so sharp!
You got the entire story in your grip!
If you give a hint, I can guess it all..
They are mad people...
...they are no challenge to me.
he is someone who is close to us.
He told me that relationships
are more important than wealth.
He's the one who changed me.
A single person like
you in a family is enough.
Is it a problem to have two?
Why resort to useless sentiments?
- Mr. Raj.
- Wait, doctor.
My life is like a man
caught by a toothless tiger.
It won't eat him or let him go.
Why are you torturing me like this?
Do something!
- Mr. Raj!
- Please wait, sir.
He's like a baboon.. who is he?
He's the one who beat
Bulli Reddy into a coma!
So.. he's the one who took my daughter.
What daughter is he talking about?
Yes! I am the one who
took your daughter away.
Tell me if you have another daughter..
I'll take her away too.
- Come on!
- Hey!
Wait.. he shall be
killed only by Bulli Reddy!
Your understanding is great!
You raise your voices
equally in support!
And you keep referring to Bulli Reddy..
what's all this?
- You don't have any clarity?
- Hey!
- Take his away from here.
- No need! I'll leave on my own.
Why do you just stand here, uncle?
Take the guests inside.
Go and make the necessary arrangements.
Come, bro-in-law!
Come, sis-in-law!
I need to speak to you urgently.
- Tell me.
- Karthik!
The person that I love.. he has come.
Is that so? Very good! Where is he?
Karthik.. Vamsee!
- He is Karthik.
- Hi!
Glad to meet you.
You are very lucky.
I know how much Indu loves you.
Karthik.. we must introduce
him to all as your friend.
Peddi Reddy and his son's shouldn't
know the truth about Vamsee.
If they do, his life will be in danger.
- Why?
- Because--
Vamsee is the one who
beat Bulli Reddy into coma!
Sorry that I kept this
secret from you all this while.
When Bulli Reddy was about
to kill my friend and her lover...
...I didn't know whom
to call and dialled a number...
..it got connected to Vamsee.
Please listen to me..
here two lovers are being killed.
Please don't cut the phone..
or they'll be dead.
He saved two lives just
answering a phone call.
Who can be a greater man than him?
That's why I love Vamsee so much!
I believe you more
than others in this house.
Because you are setting right
the mistake that was caused by us.
You have to ensure
the success of our love.
Your love is true, Indu.
I will make the truth in it win.
How is my twist?
When I inquired about
my daughter's lover...
...I learnt through
a Canada friend it is you.
I locked her up and through her...
...made Naidu's son enter your character.
We made her believe that
it is Vamsee that Indu loves.
You make us get a dummy
for the one who beat my brother...
...got close to our father...
...and plan to get my sister
married to our enemy's son!
That's why we framed you up.
After my daughter leaves with Vamsee...
...and after Peddi Reddy
learns the truth about you--
Your death at the hands of our father!
Hey 6 idiots!
I left it since Indu said
she was in love with someone.
But now that I learnt
that it is I that she loves...
...how did you assume that
I will take it lying down?
So, will you reveal
that you beat Bulli Reddy?
You may do that,
but Indu won't believe you.
Crap.. why would Indu
love me for saving someone?
You got this dummy in
the place of my character.
I'll make Indu reject
him and love me as myself.
I will marry your daughter at the same
moment the other marriage happens here.
Ah! When we the guy
she loves is with him...
...you will make her change
her mind in four days and marry her?
You think it would happen?
It will happen for sure.
I too just understood that
the goddess' wish is very strong.
I will show you another
angle of mine from today.
- Mr. Raj.. it means--
- Tell me!
Tell me that they are mad too.. You said
you are a psychiatrist and rode a cycle...
...you deceived me
with all such nonsense.
Hey.. I'll tell all your
stories to Peddi Reddy just now.
Go and tell him..
if one wants to die, who can stop him?
Who wants to die?
Peddi Reddy kills his
own sons if they lie to him.
Now recall the overacting that you did.
Hey! Hey!
If your son is a lion,
I am like the mountain!
I will cut all to pieces...
...I swear by my mother!
I feel like crying.
Raju sir..
anyone can smile if he wishes to.
But the one who smiles when
he feels like crying.. he's a man.
What can I smile for..
what's my situation?
Simple.. just wake Bulli Reddy
from his coma.. your work will be done.
Just try that!
I'll wake him!
I'll do that which no doctor,
hospital or medicine achieved.
"The beauty of dance is enthralling."
"The art of dance leads
one to the path of knowledge."
"The emotion and the moves."
"The beauty of dance is enthralling."
Let's go to your father--
See how I managed to
wake him from coma.
We'll make him tell
the truth to your father.
And let's finish off Karthik together.
If he wakes up, you'll go.
Into coma!
"There is no breath without you."
"There is no life without you."
"There is no breath without you."
"There is no life without you."
"Wherever I see and whatever I do."
"You are always before my eyes."
"There is some un-describable feeling..."
"...that has woken up in my heart."
"I didn't do anything..
it is the wish of your heart."
"That is talking to you."
"I am not a special one."
"I can't express it
and I can't let it go."
"Admit that it is love."
"If you say,
I will spin the earth around."
"There is no breath without you."
"There is no life without you."
"There is no breath without you."
"There is no life without you."
"Wherever I see and whatever I do."
"You are always before me."
"A place without you
is filled with darkness."
"Dawn comes soon as I see you."
"Why does time pass very slowly."
"It is all beyond my comprehension."
"Her eyes say that she'll
behold none other than me."
"She held me in her
gaze and closed her eyelids."
"I can't express it..."
"...and I can't let it go."
"Admit that it is love."
"If you say,
I will stop air from moving."
"There is no breath without you."
"There is no life without you."
"There is no breath without you."
"There is no life without you."
Okay dad, bye dad.
- Hello, I am Raju.
- Take care.
I am the first dummy come into
the place of that Karthik fellow...
...you are the second dummy.
We both are dummies.
If you follow my direction,
we can fool that Karthik...
...you can gain your love...
- Come on follow me.
- Okay.
Follow me friend.
What are these two doing?
Hey stop!
What man,
why are feeling so much of shy?
It is a matter not to be said
before Vamsi...
...if you want I will tell later.
Push off!
Hey, what has happened?
Need to tell right now, right now.
- Okay, I will tell!
- Yes tell.
I went into the room of
Indu for her.
Okay, after you went.
When I was seeing here
and there for Indu.
Indu came from behind
and hugged me tight.
I, mesmerized in that hug,
suddenly turned back.
Then Indu looking at me in shame.
Sorry Karthik, thought it was Vamsi.
It is okay Indu.
Whoever may be the person,
but your feeling is the same, right?
Go Karthik
Thanks Vamsi! It was because of you,
from Indu--
Oh crap! What is this Indu
hugging this guy Raju sir?
I understood one thing.
Indu is mad in love with you,
I will tell you a plan.
Leave Vamsi.
I know Indu,
what you are waiting for, come on.
What is wrong with you?
Is this the way to behave
with the girl you love.
I didn't expect this from you.
What happened Indu?
We both are lovers, right?
Just get out!
Not that Indu--
What happened?
What was that sound here?
Please take Vamsi outside Karthik!
Hey, what happened?
Me, Please ask him to go out Karthik!
Indu actually--
I know well about Indu...
nothing like actually
or other bro, come!
I will set it right man.
You go, I will solve this problem.
What happened Indu?
Karthik! That fellow hugged me.
Loved him truly without knowing about him,
just by seeing his helping nature.
But, have you seen what he is done?
Are the girls in love so cheap
to the boys, Karthik?
Wrong Indu.
Boys if connect once
would keep their loved girls...
...in heart and take care about them.
As Vamsi has come from the US...
...maybe he is not accustomed
to this culture yet.
I will talk to him,
you please be relaxed.
What man, Vamsi?
Your first impression at Indu
itself is become so worst man.
Firstly without knowing
whether what I said was true or not...
...why have you hurried up
by listening to the words of this fellow?
What Raju fellow?
What fellow?
Hey idiot!
Advices need to be given by
the ones with brains, not a fool like you.
See you then!
Come here, I have a doubt...
...there was a huge sound from inside.
Did she hit so hard?
She hit like this, you bloody!
Wish of my wife is that...
...both the families along with the to be
wedded new couple and have food.
Hi everybody!
What brother in law?
Arrangements for the marriage
are all in track, right?
Oh that! I understood brother in law,
delay is yours now.
What Prabhakar?
Are the documents made ready?
They would be ready
in the next two days brother on law.
What happened brother in law?
You must chew it
and not swallow directly.
Give that water.
Sir, start over action.
What happened brother in law,
what happened?
What is this? What happened?
- Sis in law, give the water.
- Is it all!
Looks like some chest pain.
Sir, let us make
a call to the big Doctor you know.
Doctor, medicines, will call, will call.
What is this drama, boy?
What if that guy dies?
Sir, Gangi Reddy should not die
ordinarily getting a heart attack.
If at all the attack comes,
it should be from you.
Only then would
the revenge of your range is done.
Correct boy! If at all he dies,
should die because of me.
What is that sir? Wipe off that sweat,
I will be back right away.
hey, what is this burning sensation?
Elder man, that man has asked
to give these tablets.
Nothing son!
He has a gastric problem.
Brother was worried a bit more.
Was it normal worry?
Though man looks strong...
...he from inside is crying like
an LKG boy...
...thinking what is happened
to his brother in law.
It is only that you have been
separated from so many years...
...but your relation is no way cut sir.
You are feeling so much about me, who had
wished for your death brother in law!
Time is 11 and all are in deep sleep.
Now I shall wake up that coma guy
and take him to Peddi Reddy.
Hey boy, Bulli Reddy boy, get up man!
I know how to wake you up!
Here, drink, drink man.
Yes, I know man that you get up
if this drink is given to you.
This simple treatment is not known
even to Doctors. You bloody!
Yes, I am Doctor Psychiortist,
take this.
Hey, I have been waking you up
with so much hard work...
...and you bros and sis in laws
are coming...
...and sending you back into coma.
Yes Doctor.
I will take you to your father
in the right route map, come.
Okay, but what if someone identifies
in the middle of the route?
I will act like have gone back
into coma.
Great, very good!
Hey though in coma you are
in great sync man! Come on follow me.
Oh God!
This short fellow is doing as said.
If these go to Peddi Reddy,
everything will be ruptured and ruined.
I should somehow stop them.
What is this Gangi Reddy sir?
Anybody would drink this on
an occasion...
...why are you taking when in frustration?
Because of that short guy!
Short means is it our Raju sir?
Yes the same guy!
Not just eloping my daughter...
...he is said to elope even
another daughter, if at all I have.
That is why I drank.
I would someday kill that fellow.
Why someday sir?
Do it this day itself, I will take care.
What, when all are in the house?
All in the house have slept...
...and that short fellow is
still moving outside sir. There.
There is the knife
and there is the body. Kill him sir.
You are caught, man!
Hey Prabhakar!
Tonight I am killing that short idiot.
I will be presenting his dead body
to my bro in law as a gift.
Your uncle is coming,
he would kill me.
What my uncle?
Do you need details now?
You go and be in coma.
I would go and hide in some room.
What is your plan man?
We are kidnapping Indu.
What? Shall I kidnap my own daughter?
Indu even before she falls in love
with Karthik.
If we have to escape
from this house this is correct.
Is it.
Vamsi are waiting outside
with the vehicle.
Chloroform in my hand is also waiting.
Oh my uncles.
Hey brother,
we shall kidnap Indu from here tonight.
We shall kill Karthik
if comes in our way.
Hey! As long as I am alive, will not
let injustice happen to Karthik...
...you bloody idiots.
Daddy, daddy.
Hey, why is father knocking the doors?
Oh god brothers are coming.
Why is Bulli Reddy here?
Where is father?
Who knocked the doors then?
Something is happening.
Let us first take him into the room
Oh God, he is not put down
weight though was in coma.
Shorty Raju is escaped.
Doll, hey it is a doll!
'You are taller than the sky.'
Where is Indhu?
Hello! It seems he is dead!
Is he gone back to coma or what?
Doctor, you! Thought it was someone else
and acted again.
You have a great future
in acting, man.
That Gangi Reddy fellow is falling behind
like an Alsatian dog, wherever I go.
- I will take you carefully, come.
- Okay.
Bloody crap! Why is this guy so behind me?
You go into coma, go go.
Father, father!
Your Bulli Reddy is come out
from coma father.
Father, none in the house letting you
and me meet up father.
Brothers are hitting me father.
Why do you look so father?
Father, father, your Bulli Reddy father.
Came out from coma father.
Speak, speak up father.
Speak father--
Hey! What are you all doing?
Why is the one to be in the chair, here?
Father! Brother these days
is walking in coma father.
First you take him
and make him sleep inside.
Okay father.
All this might be
the work of that short fellow.
We need to put a full stop
now to his character.
Super man!
Hey, maintain this acting the same
till you are taken to your father.
There I will make you open the twist.
Bulbs to your family members
and brain of your father would be burst.
Peddi Reddy sir!
Good balance Bulli Reddy.
Peddi Reddy and family...
...come on immediately.
Come on, come on I say!
What, you bloody thick skinned idiot?
What is that noise like
a monkey with a cut tail?
Not saying noise like
a monkey with a cut tail.
What is your way like
an elephant with cut trunk?
Will readymade dresses be
available to your size?
Teeth, teeth, teeth,
do not bite the teeth making that sound.
My body is boiling here.
Hey started searching
at 11 in the night...
...and you are caught now
at 3 in the early morning.
Hey, are these daughter in laws
or fire devils?
Are these sons or bloody fools?
Keeping the one who hit in front,
you sit crushing your own hands?
If there is someone good in this house,
then the only pure guy is him.
Hey! I read the headlines and
now Bulli Reddy will read the bulletin.
Bulli Reddy, tell man.
Tell! Open up the eyes of your father.
It is getting late,
we shall eat and sleep.
Why do you not speak?
Bulli Reddy!
If you do not tell now...
...you do not look like that man.
I will salute you, please.
Tell Bulli Reddy.
Tell Bulli Reddy.
Hey Bulli Reddy, Bulli Reddy.
Tell you bloody, tell.
Hey, you hit my son?
This is just a sample sir.
On whomever he gets irritation, everyday
he hits Bulli Reddy with the belt sir.
Yes uncle! He had put scars with
the heated bar day before too.
- Me?
- Beat this bloody guy.
Stop! Now I got a clarity.
He will not get up
and I will not go.
Come on start!
Is this photo of that
thick skinned guy or not? What?
Hey, there was the photo here,
did that fly and come that side?
Why don't you say anything?
I doubt whether it is of
that short fellow or not.
Hey, did the photo come that side?
Nothing like that!
Okay you will do your work.
Though you knew that I hit your son,
why did you not tell madam?
Son! What I need now is not
the one who hit my son.
Stopped marriage of my daughter
needs to happen again.
Though I have four sons, they could not
get the marriage of my daughter...
...done and it is happening due
to this son given by God...
...I cannot tell as a mother, son!
Stop! Okay.
Hello good morning sir.
CBI Laxminarayana reporting sir!
We just came to
the house of Peddi Reddy sir.
We came to know that
the 1000 acres taken...
...from the villagers is still
with Peddi Reddy, sir.
We will stay here for one day and
observe and arrest Peddi Reddy, sir.
Then we would start
the enquiry on Gangi Reddy sir.
This is critical CBI information sir.
Its worked.
Bro in law, bro in law!
CBI people came.
It seems they would arrest the one
having the 1000 acres on their name.
Has this fellow known it? What to do now?
Immediately transfer that land
to my name bro in law.
If you are arrested, our family would
lose the support of you the eldest man.
Instead if I go to jail,
you will be there to get me out.
I thought of cheating you,
but you thought about my good.
I did a mistake bro in law, excuse me.
Bro in law, either we both should be out,
else both should be in the jail.
Do one thing.
From the people you had that land written,
give it back to them in writing.
How can that be boy? Is it one or two
to write, thousand acres man.
Sir! You say great
about your grandfather, right?
It is not because of the wealth
that people respected him so much...
...but looking at his efficiency sir.
Our elders status should
just not be in the idols sir...
...but in the hearts of the people.
What is the use of having how much
ever wealth, if you are gone to jail.
Will your families be happy?
Still, what you both need in this age
is not thousands of acres property...
...but thousands of
blessings from people.
We have seen those bending heads
fearing us till now.
We are now seeing the one saying
good words with head up.
We will do as said by you.
You all had asked the God
reason for the change in us.
That God is none other than
this man!
"That day Kousalya has not dreamt
to have the son Rama."
"You are the result of good for lives,
came in without giving birth."
"Hey Sayyare sayyare
entire village has swung."
"Hey Sayyare sayyare
entire village has swung."
"Hey Sayyare sayyare
entire village has swung."
"Enmity became relationship.
Fight of 25 years is put aside."
"Distance is all come closer.
Festival to bang the drums is come here."
"Hey either the strong
iron heart steadily standing..."
"...God sharing the love
wonderfully has come."
"North and South spending
many lightings..."
"...Sun changing to east has come down."
"Globe should dance,
hearts should swell."
"Entire public becomes colourful
and we all shall be one."
"Hey Sayyare sayyare
entire village has swung."
"Thousands army thousands
army thousands army thousands army."
There was not so much confidence
when thousands of army was with."
"All relation becomes one."
"With carts of wealth
also there was not so much love."
"When own people came nearer."
"Sacred place is at our house,
heaven is the fore ground of doors."
"Hey right now like this,
to the small hearts of us."
"Hey sounds of drums banging
in this good time."
"'Play the beats to a terrific rhythm."
"Keep the priest aside,
tie the knot in the neck."
"'This is a wonderful moment."
"Our dreams come true
and beloved in the heart."
"Giving life.. Giving life..
Giving life.. Giving life."
"Giving life received breath. Shared love
for this love and took the debits."
"In the heart of vanished heart of the
girl. Knew what magic to do to stay in."
"May be the soft eye lid of you
has safeguarded me."
"May be your sharp smile
has cut in my heart."
"At the time of good moment coming.
To sprinkle the perfumes of flowers."
"Celebration of hearts
and affections at this time."
"Bang the drum,
play that Shehnai man."
"Keep the priest aside,
tie the knot in the neck."
- Hello.
- Kartik.
I need to talk personally with you,
I am coming there.
What to talk personally?
Hey Indu, stop Indu.
I am also watching.
Watching your games, songs and all!
Master! Idol of grandfather is broken.
Please forgive me sir,
I was the one who broke that statue.
Yes uncle!
He was the one who broke that.
I have been safely keeping that from...
...the time of our grandfather
and great grand fathers.
Whoever is broken it...
...I will not spare them.
As you saved my life,
I am sparing your life now.
If it was someone else...
...this bullet would have got
into his heart by now...
...all of you leave.
I love you Kartik.
I love you Kartik.
Once you left your love
to make my love a success.
Now to save the one I loved,
you put the remark on you.
Your love is greater than my love Kartik.
Making the never meeting
two families mix up...
...you are making the marriage happen.
I am not able to forget all the moments
I had all these days with you.
I cannot be leaving you Kartik.
Wrong indu!
You should not love me.
The moment you said there is
someone else in your heart...
...I killed my love for you.
Indu! Some decisions in life
should not be taken in vain or in anger.
That is not good for anyone.
You might have said this to me,
but never say to Vamsi.
He would feel by listening to this.
Why have you said no when Indu came
to you feeling to love you as yourself.
Why are you leaving when the victory
itself is knocking your doors?
Victory means to share happiness,
but not to keep it only with me dad!
I changed the heart of Indu
as I wanted my marriage...
...also along with the marriage
to happen in this house.
When she called, hoped that she is coming
to me for saying the word in her heart.
But, it was not Indu,
who came Daddy.
Super man!
You did what you hoped for.
I became your fan.
Do you know one thing?
My daughter would either today
or tomorrow tell you I love you.
But, by then I would show a short film.
Why have you not said even
after knowing that...
...I was the one who hit your son,
Son! What I need now is not
the one who hit my son.
It is that the stopped marriage of
my daughter should happen.
You used technique
to lock my daughter...
...I used technology to lock you now.
If I show this to Peddi Reddy now...
...along with your marriage, he would stop
even the marriage of his house...
...and kill all without even seeing
about own family.
Marriage of daughter of
Peddi Reddy shall not stop.
Marriage of my daughter
should not happen with you.
It will not.
Great! I liked your commitment.
You lose your love for the marriage
of daughter of an outsider?
I will leave.
What was the mistake
you have done to lose, son?
You have done justice to a girl.
But, it is again me
who should do justice...
...to another girl had injustice
due to that, dad!
Saying no to husband,
leaving out own sons...
...and also knowing that marriage
of daughter is stalled due to me...
...that mother is believed me dad.
I cannot cheat such a mother,
right dad?
Thus the two lives of two kids,
hopes of two mothers...
...and the relationships of
two families...
...thought that responsibility is mine.
In this house shining with the happiness
of marriage in two days.
I left the love of Indu as I did not
want tears to come back again.
But, in every step forward there
are thousands of obstacles...
...brothers trying to stop,
elders burning with revenge...
...ladies whose hearts stop
if marriage is stopped.
I have spent sleepless with the tension
that something may happen...
...if I close my eye lids dad.
If I be sad even with
bundles of sadness in heart...
...and have been spending days
like in hell dad.
I had been pretending to laugh
with the fear that they may understand.
Crossing an obstacle per hour
I brought this marriage to the hall daddy.
I felt the hope of two mothers was more
important than the wish of mother.
Mother gave me birth and life.
With the courage that she would give
value to my word also, I did all this dad.
I am not able to fulfil your wish...
...can you forgive me mother!
The pain that my niece is not coming
as my daughter in law, son!
The happiness that my son is become
a son to two more mothers is more than.
All would have sons loving their mother.
But, only I have the son who gives
importance to the position of mother.
God gives responsibility
only to him who can withstand it.
He does good to him for sure,
who takes it up heartfelt.
Hey Karthik!
If you want to get the marriage
of our sister done...
...which we do not like,
bride groom should be there, right?
Either you come, kill us and take him
or you come and die, come man!
What idiot, you say to have love me
and say I love you to that Karthik fellow?
You think I am a big fool?
What, what happened?
It seems your daughter is
in love with that Karthik...
Is she thinking that
I am a fool or what?
- Not that, listen to what I say.
- Hey! What is it that you say?
When I hit that Bulli Reddy for her,
have you seen what she did?
In real, what the plan is--
Hey, was it you who hit my son?
You bloody!
- Peddi Reddy.
- I will kill you.
He was not the one who hit your son.
We had lied to get the marriage
of my daughter done to him.
Do you know who in real had
hit Bulli Reddy, that Karthik fellow?
Are you playing drama?
Not drama, look at this if you want.
Why have you not saying even after
knowing that I hit your son madam?
Hey, wherever that Karthik is,
drag and bring him here.
He is not to be seen sir.
His mom and dad are here sir.
Stopped marriage of my daughter
needs to happen again.
The struggles between us should become
an obstacle for the marriage of sister.
Where is Praveen?
Who are you to do the marriage
of our sister, idiot?
I will give you enough of time
to take the revenge on me.
Where is Praveen?
I will kill him and
see into your matter.
Move aside
Today, you are standing
catching a gun in your hands...
...means that is due to
the life saved by Karthik.
He was the one who brought our
sons into the house, who were outside.
He is the one getting the marriage of
our daughter once stopped.
It is not important for any mother
as to how many sons she has.
It is enough if there is one son like
Karthik, who understands her heart.
You want to kill Karthik,
first you kill all of us.
Hey, get him.
Hey, before killing you...
..I will kill your thought of getting
the marriage of my sister with this guy.
Hey! If I catch the knife, 25 heads would
be cut before the sharpness is down.
You have till now seen
the one bearing...
...but if you come as
an obstacle to this marriage...
...you will see
the one ready for anything.
Why are you hitting brother
when he is killing the enemy, father?
You hit or kill us
for lying to you, father.
But, he is the one who hit Bulli Reddy.
By killing him who played
with us by making us fools...
...we will prove that we are men now.
Hey idiots! Man means not the one
who killed or chopped ten people outside.
The one who understands
the heart of ladies at home is a man.
Your wives and mother
at home are not believing you.
They believed Karthik coming
from outside.
When our eyes are closed with revenge...
...we ignored the marriage
of our own girl...
...but he got it done with love.
Obul Reddy! To share love to all of us,
he has left out his love.
You know, what has he finally done.
For the wish of your mother,
he is left the dream of his mother out.
If you want to do this marriage...
...you have the guts to oppose all of us
and get it done.
But, though you had a threat to your life
in this house you stayed...
...among enemies
with a smile on your face.
Though it was not your mistake...
...you took the slap
with this hand and bent your head.
You put the responsibility of this family
like the eldest son of this family.
We are not your relatives,
not friends...
...and why did you do all this for
our family, whom you do not even know.
For me mine and ours is not important...
...which is correct is
the important thing.
I also became the reason
for the breakup of a marriage...
...taking place for
two families to become one.
I did all this for the two separated
families to do this marriage together sir!
The one killing enemies
would stand as victorious...
...but the one who kills enmity would
stand in the history like you.
Sir, he is not sprinkling.
Yes, I sprinkled, sprinkled.
Okay, you all are happy, right?
I would leave now.
Where do you go? Wake him up
from coma and then leave.
Wake him up from coma? Do you think
he is taken a quarter and slept?
Offer is mind blowing right, Raju sir?
"Hot hot parrot as you scratched me."
"Your dad knows
the hit that banged in sound."
"Barampuram bell you kept a great twist."
"Now the love bell will ring
in your heart."
"Mustache like a mine,
anger like the salt grave."
"Seen the dare of breaking bones,
saluted with you."
"Hey will like a man and elope you."
"Will see who comes in the way
and will break if comes."
"Will beat up and down
and show my power."
"The back stopping me
will be banged up badly."
"Hot hot parrot as you scratched me."
"Your dad knows
the hit that banged in sound."