Radha (2017) Movie Script

Hey dear
What are you doing there?
I'm listening to Bhagwat Geeta
I do not even understand that
How do you understand?
Whatever I say, Krishanna, I get it, Dad
Come and have tiffin.will you come downstairs
They were hungry, Dad
He's crazy
Very crazy
Children are cricket crazy
TV crazy
What is this Krishna's madness?
Get down
You did not, did you?
I need to go
Where's your house?
Be careful
What, son?
Krishna came in police suit for me
I'm like Krishna too
I will be a police officer
This one's crazy
What will happen to his madness?
You just wait
My darling
Every birthday my son will get promotion
Look at that
Krishna police in Brindavan
It's like, I'm wearing a suit in the air, is not it?
Because there was name Radha Krishna
He really is Krishna
Police escaped and jumped
The last Niger team
If you're seeing this, that's it.
I can not stop him. Hide the paper
You are too late father
He's already early
The news went out
Even if the police are clingy, they do not give up
Are you attacked there?
Today is over
Come on down
From there, to Sri Lanka
Now, we can not touch anybody
What's in the funeral song here?
Oh, my brother
Let's go
Who are you?
Questions need to be clearly asked
Or the dwarf war is on
What do you have with us?
Do not get it?
It was to punish the scourge
In the meantime, Krishna was born
Now he's born from the police
Then it is wrong to beat the police.
Are you cops?
What did you ask?
Are you cop?
Just one more time
Are you cop?
Everyone said , you're a police officer when I was a kid
Not only that
You asked me if you were a police officer
Actually, do you see me as police?
That means you're not police?
Those are police
You do not give up. Do not show me this
Take it quickly
Quickly pick up
This is so miserable
How easy was it?
The brain is being used at times
That's right. Our DGP wants to meet you
is it?
Uncle these stars are awesome
Get two?
Start the vehicle
Let's go. Let's go
Helping the Department
I appreciate it, sir
what are you doing? When will you be a police?
I'm waiting for sir
What's that?
You're not going to notice next year
Give me one
Make it quick, sir
Will be robbed
You have the police
I like the passion
If you get a job
Are you doing honestly?
See, sir
Criminals will be eliminated
Sir, we're blaming our official activities
I'll get you recommendation
Will you appoint me as a Commissioner?
Assistant commissioner?
Then what are we doing?
Then DGP, SP then
What are they doing?
So a CI post
I will give a position
interested in? Or not?
You gave police job
That's it
Anyway, when you retired, I will become a DGP
Shampoo? Packed
Conditioners? Packed
And body spray?
Because the villain's got caught
The headache?
Yes, ma'am
What's the matter?
Buzi asks for his wool
My lady, I'll tell you a summary
Before the girls get married
I'm playing with dolls
Then I play with my husband
You're right, Mall
What about the questions of the police housewife's house?
Write a FIR, Marriage
Finish it
You have not even grown up yet
I'm going to the SI for training
Here's the offending letter
It's gone.
You need to be a senior officer, Krishna
Father was brought to the stake and sacrificed
For me
Okay. I have my own feelings
This one
Home Minister
Do my work
I am Mr. C.M When I do, I'll be home for you
I do not want anything, sir
This ministry has
Sir suddenly a press conference
Any special notice?
What are you doing with me with you?
The CM candidate for the next election
Would you like to be presented?
Look, daughter. Your house
An elderly person
Tell him the job?
No, sir
I can not get up if I'm fat
Why should I have that daughter?
The point is
After this, I retire
High command told me to correct CM candidate
The one who knows all about
Can not do it?
will do
I'll get that name out soon
That's it
Jai Hind
Without CM, I will be CM candidate
As if it was being corrected
Tell him to kill him
Our Officer is very tight
Not because you are
No work
what are you doing?
Push burning
Do it now
Who are you?
Who am I? Police choices
Who's in the race?
I am
Is it?
Height is high
A long jump
I'm one sir, at the written examination
Everyone has become one
What happened after the training?
These are so young these days
A police officer is calling
Bless me
Who are you? Sir, I've been in training
Those who attended the training should be there
The people who are here should be here
Sir, I had just finished training
Where did you do?
In our village
What's the playground?
Tell me if you want
I'll give them the training
Stand by
Where did he come from?
DGP appointment. Sir
Whoever is police
Criminals are caught
These criminals have been abducted, sir
You're great
Sir, look after your orders
6.00 am to get up
Come on, sir, sir
6.00 Those who do not come will have to run
Six rounds around the field
Run 10 circles, sir
False sir
DGP sir
Next job, sir
What are the materials?
Not anymore
The passing pole
Before retire
It's crazy for me
What is this from childhood?
He's cheating
is it? So start from beginning
I do not like this game
I'm going away
What is this?
What are you eating?
Five rounds are over, Dad
What is Dad?
You sir.homever I like I called dad
What's the next thing?
Five more miles. Right
Let's go for a walk I'll torment you
What you're saying is what you eat
To the Eve
What's next?
Something's done
I can not get on. I can not
What's my height? What's that height?
Is there justice?
It's about this
You can not fix it yourself
I do not like this game
I'm going away
What's going on?
Where did you get me?
What are you here? Here's the academy
Think of the safest place
What happened? Walking terrorists?
What's the noise of that bullet?
Today started
All of the bullet vials are in the Deepavali
Lighting like firecrackers
Send him a resignation
When it's all over
What training do I have for the team?
It's not working now
He needs to be detached from his weapons
All the rest of the body is physical training. Do it
Why are you there? Down
What do you see empty?
You have the appointment in fencing
The village of Berzanne
Where is my appointment?
Nallamalā. The park?
I'm not going to the jungle
What else can you do? Going
You do not do that, sir. Time
Previously, I took the scrambler out
Do not revenge home man, sir
What is it supporting?
If he is CM, you will be home
Did you call Mahler?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, sir. Sir
There will be four more votes
With the party's future
Your cupbacks, sir
Your character is speaking so well
You're welcome, sir
Get down, Bersanalli
Kiṭṭayiyā. Today, I'm working at work
The criminals are gone
Get me commissioned
You will
I know
Greetings sir
Who are you?
You are SI
We are constables
Where's the uniform?
Uniforms are cleaned and kept in cupboard
after pressed
Go n wear your uniforms
Now it's cool
Your name. Partu sir
Have you come to my life?
What, me?
Your name
Wasanth sir
Our spring
Then you are Kuchery
You are drunk
Our whole family is here
Where is our temple?
Which temple?
The police station?
What is this?
The police station
What should be? Everybody here, as a hoard,
As a gym ... everything is used
Sir, wait a minute, sir
Years later, the door was opened
Where's the furniture in the station?
Where's the FIR book?
Already finished
What will you eat?
It does not matter here
This is the village where there is no crime
These are not stolen
Listening Berspalli
I thought it was like a bomb
Just wait, sir
Here we do not give rain to Deepawali
Bathalayaya ......
Have you joined your duty?
Shitty duty
What's on here to do?
Crime rate 0
What can I do?
I do not know what you'll do
I want to work quickly.
Transfer me to a crime spot
Then I will return to training
There is not such rule
Do not make rules
Iwill not stay here too
Give me some time
What's my dream?
What I am doing?
What are you looking for?
I'll work for you, Swamiji
It was brought to a poor village
What about you?
All is well
Gopi ,romance
Then what happens to me?
This too came with me here
Whatever you do, there's a reason Krishna
Do not worry about it
The bus is coming. Get up. Come on
Who said that I do not care?
Rabbit right?
Exciting? Little make-up
Big brandy?
The Silver Jubilee of my life is gone
No Radha
What is meant by the celebration of the Silver Jubilee?
It's 25 years
I want to marry
From now on, this is like this
absolutely right
What's your name?
Why should I tell?
It's about getting people from the village
SI is my duty
That's why
You're half my name
How many people in your home?
Me and my mother,
Dad, n cousin
what are you doing?
Why this for you?
If you have any harm
To find your information
You're the biggest danger
Mallardeddy college
Do engineering
What course?
Heavy is too much
That girl will not fit at all
That means no one
Not set
Another safe
All right, Dad
Take U Turn
Where are we going, sir?
Just stay here,
Until the Petrol is finished
Who are here to save this village?
Calm down
Vibrant moment
A song for you
Everything is hard to do
We have this one
Let's go Radha. Let's go, police
Radha is afraid to see her in the air
Something needs to be done
Swachha Bharat
What is this Swachha Bharat here?
The village is clean
Start working
What? What happened to this city?
What else is there for you to come?
Smoke from the side
On another side ...
How's where to stay in Radha?
How should I?
Hi Radha
Are you there yet? Come on, come on
Let's make this service together
What do you say?
I have dust allergy
He has full energy
It's clean in the village
What's this?
Mud Telling What Do You Do?
Silicon Valley, Tangton,
Aluminum combines these
With these, hoodrays
This is a lot
This is in the hands of the world's population
There is more bacterial
Your mud is awesome
Call me for mud again and attack me
She is laughing
Funny, is not it?
fell off
You see? Go and go?
Don 't come and bring
You give
The family is gone
Go sir
Give it to me
This is unfair, sir
Stealing ,a police man?
Done sir
Because you do not have thieves in this village, you've become a thief
This is not wrong for the courageous marriage
Is the world mourning? Yours?
All I know is asking
The bad boy
You look there
Where were you going?
Why are you scaring me?
Come on, Mom
Are not you waiting?
Radha suffers
Let's go, sir
Two pence two pieces
Two pounds?
Do you know the gold price?
The ladder is embarrassing and embarrassing
The child of the pained child is sad. Give it to me
I'm losing my daughter's chain
Have you seen, no
Have you seen Gene
Not here
I'm waiting
You look there
You need a complaint
FIR book was brought
It was said that he was his big brother
No matter how much you talk, you will not come
Girls are
I did not even hear it
I did not see it
It's them
Then the boys are following
You're a lot about girls
That's the subject we learned
We do not care
This is going to work
Why is this cattle bite for us, sir?
Why is not all right?
Do something
That's all
Why are you here?
Come on. Come on
- Come on
Give me the chain
It was lost
I found it
But mortgaged
Because of Arjun's problem
What's the problem?
His mother's in the hospital
His sister is at his house
His wife is at home
That's why this patch is in the hole
Does he use this like this?
It's not wrong to help
Your chain is awesome
Be careful
Why would I mortgage my Malete?
Let's go sis
Bad girl
What's this latest drama?
All knowing is stupid
Do not ask questions
Tell him Dad?
No, no, no, no, no
He does not
Now we can be happy
That's down
That's all
Are you looking for me?
Go .....
Yesterday it was
It's an emotion
You're gonna find out the cat
The home bothering you
If you suffer, you will lose your beauty
I'm worried all night
They do not need this
That's the chain
And one of our problems was solved
Here's your golden necklace
If you give my chain ...
Where's your chain?
I left in my house
Smart girl
Let's go
Do not lose your necklace
I do not wrap hats
Is there?
Let's call our dad?
No, no
Oh, darling
You get a lot of time
This place is so good, is not it, Sister
If they return to college, they are missing out
But not just your necks are missing
What is it like?
Gave the same chain twice
Why is this for me?
It was the first one that really gave me the truth
But my Arjun wants money
You got the real thing in Immission
Here is your real
Thank you very much for the help
Is this a favor?
You talk to me like this
I'm helping
Talk to you like that
Our police department
Do not get lost
Do not stop talking on the Bowman's Bow
I will not stop
You like it
You have the most offense that you ask for
Switched you to a station
is it?
Thank you, Guruji
I'll come forward and issue a transfer
In the election
We will win our party
The researchers strongly say
CM is our candidate from the party
Propose the name of Sujatha
br 00:39:19,110 -- 00:39:23,200
People are few
In the work he has a good relationship
It's pure character
With him
The second one
We are also proposing our name to Surrey
There is no alterity in this
As long as I am the CM candidate
Is Sujatha's First Name First?
He is you?
Are you a competitor for me?
I'm gonna compete for you, brother?
I'll see how you can be CM
I will see
Side the jeep
What are you doing with your hand?
Tell your name
What are these running journeys, sir?
Your father's name
From our province
The fame is gone, sir
In time, my dream has become a reality
The first FIR is written in life
When did you get D
Available, available
Stop now
This is what the police say
The prisoners the cell, working for them
Lawrer can not look like this
This is what I want
Now you can be happy
This is the desert province
Just be careful
Do not worry
Now your work is to convert
the crime city to clean city
Let's go and let the people go
There's no name for that
I was devastated
How distressed?
Reduce the sound
You can not go, sir
Then why the song crazy
Feeling in the station
That song stopped
Come on down
to where?
I took you to Hyderabad
This is unfair
I know
I would be unfair to you
Original Krishna will not be like this sir
Jai Krishna
Not nothing. Suddenly
I am transferred
Next week is my exam.
I need to study. Bye
Behaving like studying IPS
In the village
He came and dumped
There is no elephant
There is no music
Salam walekum
- Welcome
- Salam walekum
Not so much to do with Arjuna
What's this?
Is this all FIR?
There are more in store, sir
Oh, my chain
Do you want glare?
Want a summary?
That means?
It's light
In the street
The summary is the cage
So, the summary is fine, sir
To go on a busy day
- Stop
The home is empty
Need help?
There is no other way
Come on
what is doing?
By the pack, I tied it, sir
What? Is not the owner's permission?
Is not the owner
What it is ...
Do not worry about the owner
You're taking trouble
Get them to pack immediately
Do not do this
You do not hit yourself
Not a bullshit
You do not have fins, summaries
Sandesa works
Give some masala tea
What are the special issues of the paper
Hey, get up
Give me the tea
Why am I stumbled?
This is my place
gets up
Talk with you
Do you know how to talk to?
You need fame.
Here it is
You police are the mute button
Get it
Do you have a police presence?
Raheem bhai ,beat hin
Sir, he's a home minister's son
Then Rahimbai beat more
Respect the department
It's going to go anywhere for it
I do not care who you are
Are you beating me in the street?
He's angry with me
On the street
Get in the cage
You're about to die soon
It got you
Great sir
Why work on the station?
Krishna was soiled
Where to put us here?
My daughter
Hey, dear are you fine?
Not like a police force
It's like a devale
Not this
Let's have the leg of a daughter
Sir ...
Which goddess goes to the temple, but God is one
You go to the house, but your mom is one. Is not it?
This is unfair, sir
why? Fill the pans with biriyani
You eat, sir
Now where are we going, sir?
Radha is away from the village
To wonder
To wonder in duty hours
It's wrong, sir
You're doing the job with love
They are laughing. Go
Not like you're going to see your girlfriend
It's like going to a little kid's birthday party
My sophomore kid
Sir, this room
The girls' voices sound
Radha does not like foreign music
Classical music only
Come here for a while
Your classical music is remix here
Families are grieving
These dolls
Is there a girlfriend connection?
This one is not enough
My kids are in my dialogue
I was disposed
It happened
I want to stop this nonsense somehow
What's the delay? Go and stop
Where did he come from?
Change the song
If you give me one ...
It's like the village girl
Dad, Dad
He did more than he did
Here's the dance
You're a great actor
Dad is ideal
Dad says .....
Because of the need to be modest in the village
I was there
Or are not you?
Why are you talking to you?
I did not say it
You and I are gone
All right
Those in the wrong path
All the letters, sir
Emballage certificates
Not because of the love of the people
Fearing that we will be caught
All right, wrong people get caught
Try and go
Good work, sir
Now I'm gone .....
Go work
Mam ,stop stop
Why are you escaping?
Show paper
Only the next-paper is
Is not it a joke paper?
Like a joke?
Get vehicle papers
I know that SI
Do you know this girl?
Do not know
Tell my name Radha
This girl's name is Radha
Get vehicle papers
RC, driving licence
All of them, right?
There, sir. Go
What about this girl?
- Girl
Look at that
You will be destroyed
Was this a stolen vehicle?
Rahimbai leave that girl
No, sir
Rahimbai is the only one to give up
How are you leaving sir?
She is snowing news paper instead of paper
catch criminals
Leave the lovers ,Rahim bhai
- What I say .....
Shall i talk to madam?
Talk to her
My sincerity is mine
Love worked for you
But I would like your honesty
Do this
But you did wrong, Rahim bhai
Do not do that
This is a problem, of course
Set up Sir, of course
I'll handle it
You are the ones who attended
Wait for the wait
Welcome all
Are you alright?
Over the past few years, almost every three years
I was meeting you
But today, many people are here
You should CM
You should CM
I never liked CM
I did not even compete with anyone
You're my messy life
Take it from the place where it was given
Until now, before you exist
He came to serve the people
The same party, the community
It's going to be the Chief Minister
You're so busy
To get a chance to
I can not say it
Everybody's asking
Sujatha as a man
Why are you wearing a name?
It's my wife's name
I want to make a mistake
I thought it was not good
I do not care what
If you make a mistake
Her name is ugly
That's why I honor you for women
You're always with me
Are not you angry?
Friends of life are coming, sir
But brothers are not
You are my brother, sir
Hey, get up
Sir my wife is in hospital
Today's surgery
There's work here
You do not have anything
If I die
If there is anything for her, she will be daughter
Everyone's worried
You do not have anything Rahim bhai
Get the ambulance
The daughter will be orphaned, sir
Bring it in quickly
Minister Sujatha has a bomb attack
Someone faint
A person has done this
This is the police
Neglect is the cause
The police were drinking arrack
It is said that this has happened
It is recommended that CM Padiwu is juxtaposed
Some people speculate
You're connected to this blast
Say you have it
Not knowing well
Do not talk like that
Kill him so you want to kill him
Some say that they were made
There is a Test Commission
Just knowing the truth, I will resign
from home minister post
My son, he doesn't drink son
In office, he is dead
The dead are dead
CM Sujatha Jindabad
The most valuable thing in the world is brand
That game was played with you
Sujatha is a bomb attack
The whole state was crazy for a while
I was really planning it
What can I do?
Deliver ..........
The post was late from the police
They're arrack in terms of Pepsi
Believed to have been terrified
Home minister has done this ...
People aware of it
He's down from resignation
I'll get it up from CM
Your plan is great
The blast is safe, is not it?
Everyone's underground
You do not worry
Who is it?
He and I have small and private deal
Did I hear the conversation?
Kill him first
Do not do anything to me
Do not kill me
What do you mean, sir?
That means you ...?
Did not you hear?
It's not safe to stay here
You go sir
I'll take care here
The situation is a bit difficult
Do not say anything until good things
Did not you hear?
Did not you hear?
Did you know where he is?
I do not know brother
They killed my people and do not really hear me
I do not know
This conceal is new
A minister of the minister
I came to see you
where are you?
What are you shooting for?
Amit Hominister
If you wait a little longer, you'll be shot
But you save me so much
Why did you risk, sir?
That's right. What happened yesterday? Caps
I did not even hear .....
Caps at the time of headache
It's not heard
I'm used to it
Give it here
Why not, sir?
Did not you hear, sir?
Give him coffee
Stay there.
I will come
What are you doing to him?
Kill him?
It's okay if he does not hear it like he says
If you're heard?
This is someone who told me about it
The hard-working kingdom
Minute a minute
It can not be done
Find everything about him
Find all his speeches
Who's he?
From what ever happened?
His friends
He knew this very well
In case you know, kill
Do not know, but kill
br 01:05:27,900 -- 01:05:29,520
I like your talk
That's why I am apointing you my personal
security incharge
That you were well protected
Is a promotion, sir?
But the police have FIR, there are cases
What are I doing here, sir?
There are works. You stay here
I have to keep my eyes on
Then I'm safe
Okay, sir
Do not worry
You're completely under my control
I'll take a little closer
Yes, if you need them, sir
Do not hit the satellites
My chest is stuck
A little request
A little bit of headache
Lower to work, sir
Trust your nonsense
Did you think you were a crazy guy?
You're done
What is this?
Do not hear the sound?
He entered, sir
Sir, I'm your watchman
Minister Sujatha sent me
About the Minister
What is such a respect?
I was saved
It was promoted
One door was given
When I see your respect, I'm dead
It does not matter
Peppermint Pills
They eat small
Father fished before long ago
Two bottles .....
Send 2 to 4
To the Minister
So we can eat tomorrow, sir
He's talking to someone
Increase the sound
Something's a code
take down
Girlfriend. Cute name
I need to talk to you
Anybody there?
There are not any
My suspicion was true
He'll talk about me
Increase the sound
Give one umma
The teeth are getting out
I know
Then why not ask?
There is a cell phone
You gotta say something
I got a promotion
Where do you think?
There is Minister Sujatha
Why did you go to him?
It seems to be acting as if I saw him
Exactly guess
Reduce the sound
That's not it
I'm thinking of seeing you
I'm busy
What's so busy?
I have to leave the village
There's someone coming to see me
How's that going on?
See if you want to see me
No need
He is not Radha
Life with him
How long will it be?
- Get going
Go I said
to where?
There's my friend inside
There are guys in there too
Get started first
is it?
Me and they are same?
Waste love life
That's my fault
Come on Radha
Do you know him?
Good to know
Take the breakthrough
Call him and talk
Now it's angry
Three times the bark of the bow is at ease
That's why we do not count
Look at that
I've been following for 3 years
If it's possible, it's my worth
From now on, watch out for yourself
Hey, Rabbit
What's the worst question?
He's so stupid
He's asking for the material
He needs some kind of job, brother
I'm playing with my son. She's at school
We'll be playing with us
Playing, acting is not a matter
To study Bhagawat Geeta
Bhagawat Geeta...?
I do not know what to do
Wait a minute
I'm on duty, sir
Tell me what to do
He will do something for me
There's nothing big
It's your job to play with them
I'll use it
Now someone has complained about me
He's coming up right
Or you're all training
I did not say anything
It's good about you
Can not wait
Wait for an hour
An hour?
Brother, he came to practice training
Did you know anything?
Did he get you?
Did you ask for the material?
Have asked
Now you are Deepavali
Everyone is talking about him as a fool
You're kidding?
You're right now
Brother, we have a test
Broghy Geet Chapter 1
Sequence No. 2 is the baptism
He plays with us spiritually
- Hold on
Foolish art
Hey thief
How happy your son is
Yes, please. He gave this promotion even further
Keep this
Sir, sir, sir
What happened?
Other businesses have done your business
All the income tax was rounded up and taken away
I've earned so much money
CM To Spend Money
Because being a clean character
I did not get anything from my name
All gone, sir
Income earned by the RA is not the same
Someone planned
The money has been taken
What do you say?
Amused without money?
Who are you?
I said no
Make sure she's nepassed
My uncle took the money
She was Sujatha's friend
Is there money?
I'll show you more in the future
You do not give up
We started the war between the two of us
This is one law
You should lose
I want to win
My uncle ......
Kill you
Who took over this phone?
Trace him
I want to know who he is
Today my work is over
Will come tomorrow morning, sir?
No need
Come whenever you want
Or sleep in the station
Sir its like you are in tension
Let me fix it
Who is it?
What's this?
To clash with me
I want to be at my level
That your line was lost
I'm trying to play back?
What are you playing?
What games are you playing?
CM is this murder
Stop for what
But if you do, you will
Is this the one?
There was a fear in his eyes
Without him
That's the guy with that level
Who should be?
Where is my money?
What we thought was artistic sir
15 killing the police on behalf of him
Police from the police:
He disgraced me
Which way they killed them
And then we have to bring him
That's our target
He's our impasse CM sir
Do not give one more chance
Let's kill him
Guruthavetram's killing of Kautam
Cree for a minute. Not at all
Hit method
Dharma was won
Seeing him happens to a police station
The pant should be dense
Life can not be brought back anyway
This money is for the people ruined by him
Give the families
Whoever gave this money
He is equal to God
Take his fingerprints
Greetings sir
What did he do?
Stolen again
Are not you gonna change?
Because it's difficult to carry the bag
Sin help, Sir
Hey, you do not shout
Sir, give me a chance
It feels like playing a game with him
I'll torment you
Change chance, sir
Who are you, sir?
Can you cook?
Can you?
Good to cook
Not so much
Can you make the blast?
I'll fix it
His case was dropped out of that 15,000
Drop the station out of the station
Happy business with the family
Laws are unlawful, sir
There is salt on the sea
Fillers are fuming
This is also the case
Let's filter those mistakes
The board is beautiful
It's all for you, sir
Cut it, sir
It's a dream to cut a ribbon from a very young age
Today that dream is true
Give me one
Let me give it to you, sir
You have everything for everything
so did I
Replace him
carrying out
I did not get it
I'm at your house
come soon
It's Mako Dad
Did not come out?
Tell us about your relatives?
Stop the nonsense questions and come quickly
My parents came
Why did you come so soon?
My parents came
We're both together, the tone ends
What are you talking about?
Of themselves
Let's go inside
To say hi
He's not asking Mom
My brother came
Come on, golden
How many days have you seen him
Soon I saw it. I have seen you say hello
You just wait
That's my sister, Subbadra. Randu with husband
It's his habit of getting to our house
Just wait.
- Going
How good is the name?
My son's name is Radha Krishna
There is also
Count on it
Rukmani's here too
Have you come back? Yes, I am
You talk. I will come
Hey, he's up
Because Krishna is drawn up
Stop stopping?
Who's this girl? Rukkū
Are you two friends?
Not exactly
Come on, Krisna. Let's go.
Let's talk
There's so much to talk to you about
What else?
How is the job
He knew it.
The thieves seized, seized ...
You're a big thief
You want someone to get
I do not know
ඔයාගෙ මහත්තයා මොකද කරන්නේ?
ඒයි රුක්කූ තාම...........
Unmarried ........
What is so hurry for you
A lot of connections came
Because I did not want to marry him
All together, it's time to get together
My boyfriend is not in the police
Is it Krishna
It must be
I do not know
do you know? Krisna is a heavy guy
Someday, pardon me
He stole my chain
Not even tripled
Everyone likes that
Is this little town?
Successful formula
It's used again
It was remembered
Will you speak to Krishna?
I do not say
I feel ashamed
What did you do?
A lot has been done
Remind it?
I do not know
Do not act like you do not act
You did something
I did not do anything. Krishan ...
Not out of here
Something to do
What's your problem?
Can not wait
What happened? I'm a nightmare night
We went for ice cream
From now on. Hembirissāvayi
It's a pain
If you're new, you'll be like that
I could have given the medicine
It drove a lot
But it did not. That's why
Chill tea for tea
It's decreasing
That's how it is
Come on time
The pills were not significantly reduced
Does losing green leaf taste?
Do not think too little of the balance sheet, daughter
And Chris, too
The vagina did not decrease
He got rusty and got some kerosene tea
The problem is solved
The problem started here
I can not wait
She needs to show my status
Does this house know my state?
I do not know
I do not know
What's your situation?
get up
More than 10 more will make the chest difficult
Drink these pills, sir
My BP is not reduced by the pills
The person who sent the phone is supposed to be
Took that call
Coming from Somalia
Who is in Somalia?
Let's say to the Cybercrime. He will caught
What do you say? Right
Whatever you say is wrong
From Delhi, a call
Greetings sir
Congratulations, High command
have finalized you as CM
I did what I thought
I'm future CM
This Sujata future CM
One of the villagers will torture the plague
It tells me
Get rid of it
Your son says
My son?
Who are you?
I am your son father
Father? Dad
How can I be daddy?
Daddy, I always have a feeling
According to the Inferno theory
Where is the nature?
I decide something else in another place, Dad
Everything is connected
If you says dad again, I'll kill you
Kill. For 24 years
My father is in good terms
If everyone sees the order by 45 degrees
Earn money on time
Works to make a name
But I'm looking for you
It was Dad
Daddy acknowledge me as your son
What is this? elder sister
No, cute
I do not really know who this is dear
I was not born
I left my mother
How do I get my point?
She's looking at him
Dad, call me here
Police gave permission
If anything happens to me here
That's why I wrote it in the police station
What do you want?
Your home, dad
Kill you
Personally asked
Dad wants to kill publicly
There is an injustice in the eyes of the public
Daddy I am your son
Dad, admit it
Everyone is watching
Do we need this from the side of the people?
He goes to himself. Come on
Can you give me two drops?
Let's go
I'm gonna find you for 24 years, Dad
I do not wanna go without you, Dad
Daddy, Dad
You do not know what you'll do if you do not want to do this all over the country.
Then I'll just press a press conference
Minister Sujatha, your father?
That's why I hit the tent
Is that your first son's son?
Number I do not know
That's it
He'll tell your father right away
For now, did not you know it?
Do you know what?
There are four things in the world
Things not known
Things you know
Things that matter most
Things that are better than everyone
I'm the first one
Things you do not know
That's why I find dad
It's been a long time for me
Sujatha's son
Do you believe?
Yes, it is Yes
Or No
SMS to 56270
% 1?
You're saying that it's your son
People believe everything
He has been assisted by an alien youth from abroad
What are these chunks?
CM is calling
Greetings sir
What is this son?
The party's fame will be lost
Call from high command
He's not my son
I'll handle it, sir
There will be no ministerial speech
She's not my son right away
You have to prove it
How? That's it
Why are you worried, sir?
Do a DNA test
All the mater will come out
I know her son
Even believed in God
You all need to support me
That's my father. The minister came
Sir, sir, is he your son?
He'll tell lies
If DNA tests
The whole thing's coming out
I'd like DNA test. I'm his blood.
Take as much blood as you can
I'm ready to count liters.
Come on
Really your son?
That's so trustworthy
What is this courage?
Daddy, I have my mom
Are you angry?
Come on, Dad, let's test DNA
What a scare me?
Let's make this happen tomorrow
It's Dad
I'm not scared
Let's do it
Where did you get?
What are these things?
Not nothing. For fame
Do not think anything in the gold
Years old temples
He was born
For years, the rulers
Because he left that girl
br 01:38:09,760 -- 01:38:11,120
Get out of the gate
I'm not closing
No matter how much you say no
Dormer Nursing Akula (DNA)
Got it?
I need to change that one, Doctor
No, sir, my grandfather gave my dad
My dad gave me
What? DNA
Drama Nursing Academy
DNA report should be changed, Doctor
Wherever you go, you get there votes
Do not vote
Otherwise, these things will come out
I liked the ex
I go and play with him
An exemplary family
Large between the big person and the young person
Is there anything wrong with this?
Do what you say
Change the report
In your hand
For the DNA file to come
He is waiting in the area.
Is she a Sujatha's son? Or not
In a bit, we can find out
NTV for more
Are you questioning me?
Show what the truth is on the TV.
Take out his tent when the report comes in
DNA report came
Because of both your DNA alignment
Aviram's father proved to be a Sujatha
Are you asking for some of his property now?
What do I need for property?
The people knew that was my dad.
That's it
This DNA record is dad
In love
Where's that doctor?
- Stop
You told me to change the report
It did not matter
When I change yes, what's going on?
Does this mean he is my son?
No, Norshamage son of Gantur
Due to what happened, the party has become disreputable
CM candidate was removed from the JVP's allegiance
How is your uncle's detail?
Is it CM?
CM is not in the lot
Do not work
First of all, where is your son coming from?
I set him up
Your name is destroyed
Your money was taken
Then what I'm about to hit
You are 0
Whoever he is, is anyone who does not know you
For years, you've destroyed the dream for 3 days
Whatever the governor is, the money is,
Order and these two are the power
He attacked that target of Sujatha
We have not reached our goal yet
He wants to read the truth
It's a criminal
To prove it
That's the kind of bombing
I need to get the four who have been taken out
But where are they?
Nobody knows how to be legendary
How do you catch it?
Bombers who attacked the minister
That the four returned to the city
Whoever falls into the police station
A person has been said
Why did they come here? Oh, sir, sir
If I listen to them, I will get caught
What happened, sir?
Everybody knows kill me
There were three people
I'm there four
Uns amide
Nobody knows
The 4th person is my plans
I am there then, Amit
SI Radha Krishna
Amit died
My people killed SI
I did not even tell anyone
That's what he's heard
He came to his village
But is he joking?
No, brother, he is us a joke
Playing it
When he learned about her, his head was crazy
Those who do not understand are right
A machine is getting my brother
But he heard more than enough
It's possible to control the sounds and caps
He can hear the caps well
A - Mom
E - house
What are you laughing about?
A girl in the neighborhood
I laughed madly. Madam
How can you hear me there?
I am on the top 10. I hear madam
That's a billion-rupee
They were targeting you
We're looking for him in search of him
He knows your secret from your house
We all thought
That we are playing with him
But he was playing with me
Where is he?
He's not here?
Where's Dad?
I need to see my father
Dad's there
Dad, there
He went to a camp
Will come
Is not it?
Yes, daughter will come
Mom does not get better
Let's go to our house?
You're lying from words
The tears are telling the truth
Actually what happened to him?
Where he is, he's coming
I will not be here
He did not figure out
do not be afraid
I'm alive
I live for my daughter
There is nothing to fear. Do not worry.
We'll take care
What happened?
A little accident, sir
That daughter is Rahim's daughter, right?
Why did not you salute today?
This way?
What happened to your strength?
Do I like you?
A good fool is found
Sir, I'm playing with him
What acting?
Are you all fooling around?
Hold your caps in your ear
Did you put a caripon in my ear?
The bomb blast 4
Leave the false news
Did you do a good job?
Emergency wanted
I killed those four
Now, what do I do with anything?
He was told to kill the lorry driver
To your life
Everybody else
Take it off
First of all, yours
That one
Your uniform is yours
Confirm grabbing
This. I want this response
This is your suspension letter
Then your family
And then your love
Somebody will die
You do not give me time to stay
You're punchin 'at that
Radha Krishna
One politician is police
Give me the letter of alteration, sir
It's not good to clash with big ones
Yes, sir, you do not have to cope with big ones
With them with us
Are you crazy, sir?
Their advantage to our police
Kill people
Is that okay, sir?
So you take all their decisions
The value of the department is lost
Our Department's Department
Where's the value?
Which state employee works eight hours a day
We work 24 hours
The only thing working at the beginning
They are our police only
But do not value us, sir
We are the only ones celebrating everyone
I give protection without celebrating
Why not have a family?
Do you know those values, sir?
The police officer's not a job, sir
And someone else's for us
To respect for what?
We do not honor ourselves
We are killing 15 of the police
The respect they gave to them
In the condition of his wife's death
While I was still working,
Her daughter comes and asks
My dad is where
Who is the conscientious sir?
Our department, are not you, sir?
Your father's drunk
Tell me your daughter
Well, sir, you're a bunch of flies
The other henchmen come and see
But we are not an angel Malolet
Why not respond?
That's the response
I said honestly
So I gave this job
But that's the honesty and the job
I do not care
I understand your sadness, but to Sujatha
We need a powerful witness against ourselves
There's evidence, sir
The chance you get
But one request, sir
Whoever warns the police
Police department attacked
You have to go to the news
Only do that, sir
It's my request
Right away, sir
Is the police going?
There is no police support today
Sir, sir
People know the truth about you, sir
Minister Sujatha's messing work comes out
Those who planned those bombs
Police confessed to the media
Everything that was legitimized from the beginning
We are standing behind a crime
We were a bomb blast
I'm the only one who killed them
1995 MLA was killed too
In 2001, 35 people were killed
In 2006 the Minister was serving as the Minister
It's me and I'm dying
He also got help from his benefactors
Now we are trying to kill us
Why is no one to phone?
Supporters and affected
People surround Sujatha's house
Now his life is in danger
Party members killed
They do not humiliate us
The police turned the other way
You're sure to kill me
I do not even help
If I stay here, then
I will die too, sir
Right away, sir
We have a little work
To kill
I am Minister Sujatha
There's a threat to my life
Please come and save me
Do you remember the 100 number?
To tell you to save yourself
How happy to hear?
From the four dead people
How did you record the evidence?
They're not dead
The four who sent you to kill them
They come and testify
I thought nobody knew better
This was worked out in a short time
Your options are out now
What do you want?
Respect for the Department
Where did the police kill the people?
Stand there and get up
Then the police
The FIR will do the job
At least this time trust me
He's a real actor, sir
It does not change
Do not give protection. Let's go
You do not go
If they leave, they'll kill me
I made a mistake. For my job
Killed the police
They are shy to the people
Let's do it
I'll accept everything
Where are you going?
If they leave, you'll kill me
These people will kill me if you go this way
You need to stay
Can not go anywhere
Say not to go
Now understand the value of live?
One of them is Malolt
Do not know. But
100 Dialog Police
Definitely come
Then the police kill and play games?
Now, touch the police foot
You kill that day
But if you do, you will
There's another one coming
And yet, I stood there for you
You read the truth
If you do this?
Did you think anyone would be doing anything wrong?
Do not do it
Everybody is scared of what happened
Some people are scared
Anyone else is left
If we do, we will see and fear
do not....
Do not kill me
Krishna will never die
Planning only
Why else?
Kill him
What's his status now, sir?
He gave him two occasions
One is trusting police
2 Getting out of the crowd
He chose 2
It's his dad
Now, deal with Darmar Drago
I'm from Chryshea before
I have to do preliminary work?
If he asked
There is no war
Crisana is always there
We do not count
He needs punishment
The Dharma should be won
Should I go?
Do not give up
Who have taken my chain?
I do not know anything
Started again?
You drove me out of the Gopi
Can you distance Krishna?
Do not you have any lovers?
Is not a husband going to come?
Do I need all my dearest?
I can not wait. It's my power
I'll show everyone
Come on
- I can not see. Bye
He went
Come quickly show your power
Piss and they are all my devotees
You're always in my heart, dear
is it?
Whatever devotees give should be accepted