Radhe (2021) Movie Script

Mumbai City looks really nice.
We're going to make tons of money.
We'll be rich overnight.
Good morning Mumbai!
New city.
New people.
New business.
I love it.
Room service.
What would you like to have, sir?
Cocaine, meow-meow, tablet, paper,
mushroom, LSD, or...snake bite?
Let me go.
I'll return every penny I owe you.
You'll pay us back?
I will, sir! I'll return everything.
I've been sending you
supplies from Delhi for a year.
You paid for the first time.
Then not a penny for
the next three times.
Initially, you said that
you'll pay me later.
And since then you
have been evading payments.
And then you stop taking our calls.
And now when I abducted you,
to talk about money,
you try to intimidate me
using Mansoor's name?
Call him.
Call him.
Mansoor Bhai is in Malaysia, sir.
Ohh! Waiting is a
very boring thing to do.
We need some kind of entertainment.
Sir! No!
- Come on.
What will you do now, huh?
Show your hand properly.
Gag him!
Come on.
Have you watched the movie Ghajni?
Aah! You missed the hand.
Now go for the head.
"This is the 12th death in Mumbai "
"within the past 3 months
due to drug addiction."
"And what is alarming
is that, this poison"
"has reached not only college,
but school students too"
We had seen suspicious
people in our college.
It's the Police's fault.
Who are these criminals?
Where did they come from?
And now they are slowly
hampering the city.
We want Justice!
- People are dying,
and the Police are
least bothered.
'Today's young generation is our future'.
But this saying might never come true.
The government, law, and
Police seem unaffected.
Drugs must be uprooted
from this city.
It's now or never.
The media has picked us to pieces.
We have to get this stopped.
Sir, we're trying our best.
We also appointed two
senior officers on this case.
But they went missing
after a couple of days.
Later their dead body
was found on Juhu Beach.
According to post mortem,
they were heavily drugged.
Actually, this isn't a
job for a normal Police Officer.
We need a specialist for it.
Yes, sir. Radhe.
We've already done
illegal construction.
If we continue now,
we can get in trouble.
And the worker's safety
is also an issue, sir.
Shut up.
I told you that the
minister's been paid off.
If anything goes wrong,
or anyone dies,
then I'll handle it!
And if you can't handle
the job, then get lost.
Okay, sir. I got it.
"Radhe! Ho!"
"Radhe! Ho!"
"Radhe! Ho!"
Dozens of guys are standing outside.
How will you leave?
Listen, wise guy,
Radhe didn't come here to leave.
He's come to send you away.
And we'll all share
your portion of the Biryani.
And wish each other...
'Eid Mubarak'!
"Radhe! Ho!"
"Radhe! Ho!"
- 'Help'
- 'Catch her.'
You killed all these
people for one girl.
For womankind.
97 encounters,
23 transfers in 10-years.
He has his own method of working.
We need a savage officer
for such savage people.
Get him!
He's currently suspended, sir.
Revoke his suspension.
Get him back. ASAP.
- Sir.
Yes Sir,
tell me what needs to be done.
The department needs you.
The crime rate in the city
has increased at an alarming rate.
It's a risky job so we called you.
Read it.
Read it.
We have many cases
similar to this one.
People no longer
trust our department.
We are revoking
your suspension order.
You resume duty from tomorrow.
you need to takeover from tomorrow.
Radhe sir.
Welcome, sir.
I've heard a lot about you, sir.
- Thank you.
It's my pleasure, sir.
Thank you. - Hello, sir.
Sir, It's an honor to work with you.
Thank you.
Sir, I'll take a selfie
with you after duty hours.
Welcome, sir.
My name is Rohit Juneja.
Sir, welcome.
- Welcome, sir.
Sharda Chakraborty.
- Hello, sir.
This is Sunita Pai.
- Welcome sir.
Myself Manikant Sarpur.
What's all the commotion?
- Sir's phone.
Quiet! Everybody quiet!
- Sir...
- Whose phone is ringing?
- Sir...
Whose phone is ringing?
- Sir...
It was your phone, sir.
Radhe reporting, sir.
Every new junior must
report to his senior first.
But here you are busy
talking with your juniors, Radhe?
Where is your discipline?
I've heard you're quite dangerous.
I am twice as dangerous.
I am your senior here.
Rule no. 1
Nothing moves around
here without my permission.
Rule no. 2
Follow rule number 1.
Do you know who I am?
I am your worst nightmare.
That way, sir.
Thank you.
Tell him how dangerous I am.
Okay, sir.
What luck!
What luck!
Rickshaw strike, bro.
You won't get a single rickshaw.
What luck!
I am going to sell my
car and buy this bike instead.
I am going to tell my brother today.
Good idea actually, no?
Oh! Oh, s! Think of the devil.
My brother.
Hi, brother.
- Hello.
Where are you Diya?
- I am coming.
I'll see you at the audition.
- Yeah.
Bye, see you.
- Yeah. - Sure.
Yeah, brother. What were you saying?
I can't hear you. Say that again.
Wait just a minute. Hold the line.
Why are you walking
in the middle of the road?
It's my bad luck, madam.
Then my car broke down.
Due to the increase
in petrol and diesel prices
there's a transport strike.
I've been walking
for six hours, madam.
Every inch of my body is in pain.
From Khandala to Lokhandwala.
I'll give you a lift. Get in.
No madam,
- Why?
You should never give
a lift to unknown men.
Please get in!
Okay, madam.
Yes, brother.
I'll call you back.
Yes, brother.
I am a Police officer.
I've a reputation.
When will you quit
this stupid modelling job?
What do you mean stupid?
Modelling is a prestigious job.
In fact, I don't like
your Police job at all.
Be it day or night.
Loot, plunder, bloodshed!
I hate your job.
Actually, I hate the Police!
And I hate you.
I can only see jewellery
in the jewellery ad.
Where are your clothes?
- I don't want to talk to you!
What is your name?
What do you do?
Aspiring model.
- Yes.
You have an okay face.
But you must focus
more on your body.
With some love, hard work,
and dedication. Understood?
I will do, madam. I will do.
Don't worry, I will help you.
Thank you. Thank you.
My phone.
What happened?
My phone.
Check on that side.
That side. In the corner.
Can you give me a missed call?
Yes, of course.
- 99...
- 11...
- 77...
- 23...
Are you sure?
It's ringing.
- Did it?
Yes, it's ringing.
- Okay.
There it is.
By the way, what's your name?
Who gave you this name?
My brother did.
Whenever I have a sister,
I'll call her Nadiya.
By the way, where do you want to go?
Stop here.
Stop here, madam.
No, the one behind it.
Focus, okay?
- Okay.
Work on your body.
- Okay. I will.
See ya.
He's back.
Mansoor is back from Malaysia.
Where is he staying?
Over there.
What the...
Hey! Mansoor.
- Who is it?
"My name is Azaan."
"I am a class 10 student
in St. Anthony."
"Couple of months ago my friend
who committed suicide..."
"It was a murder."
"There are some drug dealers,"
"who are forcefully
getting us addicted to drugs."
"I lost my best friend
because of these people."
"Soon all my friends including
I will die a horrific death."
"Please protect us, sir."
What was your friend's name?
- Sumit.
How long have you been coming here?
I've been coming to this
Police Station for a month, sir.
But no one has the time
to listen to a school student.
Now I am here.
Sumit wanted to
be a space scientist.
But this drug addiction
killed him and his dreams.
Similarly, all the
kids will be dead,
and no one will
do anything about it.
That will never happen.
I promise you.
These people who are getting
children addicted to drugs,
and those responsible
for your friend's death...
Before you finish your exams,
they'll be either be behind bars
or in their graves!
Once I make a commitment
even I can't break it.
I will clean this city.
What's going on here?
First, you answer my question.
Which gangs are operating
in our jurisdiction?
Two gangs operate in Mumbai.
The Central and Harbour
line is under Dilawar's control.
And from Western
South to North Mumbai,
is under Dagdu Dada's control.
Sir, if someone needs
a place vacated,
they commit murder
in broad daylight.
But we still have no clue
about the drug mafia, sir.
I heard that some cop
called Radhe is coming here.
Signal me when he comes.
I'll chuck him out of the city.
How dare you beat
up our men in our area?
Get out of here.
Hello. Our boss is been beaten.
We do not deal in drugs, sir.
We're completely honest
with our profession.
Do you know that?
I will never deal with drugs
or let anyone sell drugs in my area.
This is not my job.
It's not me...
At least let me finish.
Come on.
Come on.
Get up.
Get up.
What happened?
One...One second.
I am on my way to Andheri.
Can I drop you at the hospital?
Andheri is better.
The hospital is close by.
Yes, the closer the better.
At an age when people
don't have time for others.
I mean, even brothers
don't help each other.
You take the pain
of helping strangers.
How sweet.
Take care. Bye.
Will you speak up
without wasting time,
or do I take my own sweet
time to show you instead?
Tell you what, sir?
- What's the rate of drugs?
Swear on my wife, sir.
I'll never sell drugs, sir.
Then why did you run?
Who wouldn't be scared
by your appearance, sir?
Give him a helmet.
But I don't own a scooter.
Why do I need a helmet, sir?
Safety. Safety.
I remember.
I remember everything, sir.
Dilawar's brother
Mansoor deals in drugs.
I don't know where he is.
I haven't seen him for days, sir.
Thank you for the safety, sir.
- Dilawar is the other gang, sir.
Hi, Radhe.
- Hello.
Quickly send me your photos.
I've an assignment for you.
- What kind of pic is this?
In the bathroom.
- Ohh...sorry.
You know what,
I am sharing a location with you.
Meet me there tomorrow morning.
I've a photographer friend. He'll
click a nice portfolio for you.
See ya, bye.
- Thank you.
Hold it.
Jazz, this is...
Radhe, right?
This face isn't made for Bollywood.
Maybe he should try
for web series or...
Why don't you try for Bigg Boss?
Bigg Boss?
Lucky you.
Don't forget us.
Okay, never mind.
Come on. Go to that mark.
To the green mark.
Not this green. That green.
Come on Radhe, kill it.
Okay, now give me a sexy pose.
Are you posing for your Aadhar card?
Loosen up.
- Yeah.
Okay, next shot.
Take off your shirt.
Is he taking his clothes
off or peeling an onion?
Do it!
He's a new guy.
Hence a bit shy.
I can understand.
What is that?
Then let's stop it.
Hold it.
RK moment.
Keep working hard.
You'll make it big someday.
Cute boy.
Boss, that new
inspector Radhe's here.
Send him in.
Boss, I'll spill his guts out!
Calm down.
I want to see his face.
And stay in control until
I don't give the signal.
Get lost.
Get lost.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
- "Everyone addresses me as wanted."
- What style.
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"Radhe! Radhe! Radhe!"
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
I want your brother Mansoor.
I want to take him in.
You came here without my permission.
You're flapping your wings a lot.
I'm having a nice day.
Don't spoil my mood.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
It's just a little cut.
If anyone makes a move,
i'll rearrange him inside out.
Wife's calling.
Sir. As soon as Mansoor arrives,
I'll personally bring him to you.
Swear on God.
You're coming with me.
Where will I go, sir?
I'll come with you, sir.
I am coming.
Let's go, everyone!
What are you all waiting for?
Let's go. Sir's calling.
Why are you giving
each other the stare?
Because I don't like his face.
If I could, I would hang
him upside down!
You think you'll
hang me upside down.
I know you! I know you!
I'll kill you...
Shake hands.
Shake hands.
- Good morning.
Shake hands.
Shake hands.
Hug each other.
Hug each other.
- Hug each other!
Take a selfie.
- Selfie.
Give it here.
No more fighting among yourself.
Find out who is selling
drugs in your areas.
And if you ever have
a problem with each other,
then take a look at this picture.
If you still have a problem,
Then use this.
Share it.
Yes, sir.
- Send it to me, okay?
I will.
Thank you.
Let's go, my friend.
We will be best friends from today.
- Get out.
Come on.
Let's go.
Not at all.
I had told you,
that I'll put them all behind bars.
Even I want to be a
Police officer like you.
You're already following
the right path at this age.
Someday you'll make it big.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
For this bravery and for helping us.
Take care.
What boss. He yelled like
a strict teacher, and you complied.
We're still alive because
he was like a teacher.
As a cop, he would've shot us dead.
Now get in.
Yes, boss.
Rana's kidnapped me.
Please save me. Save me, brother.
They will kill me.
Please save me. Save me.
I will kill you instead, rascal.
Who told you to get
in the drug's business?
You and Radhe are
giving me a headache.
Where are you?
- He's holding me in Kohinoor Mills.
Please save me. Please.
Hey! Where is my brother?
How dare you kidnap my brother?
People like you kiss my feet.
What are you staring at?
What are you staring at?
I don't care who you are.
I want my money.
Will you pay me in
exchange for your brother?
Hey! Are you crazy?
Rascal, I'll put
you down like a dog
and no one will
know you're dead.
What are you staring at?
Why you...
Kill me.
Come on.
Chop him up in so many pieces that
no one ever finds out who he is.
Flush him down the gutter.
Pick him up.
Get him to the tank.
Congratulations, sir.
- Congrats, sir.
Radhe sir patched up two gangs.
So everyone's asking for a party.
Who is calling now?
- Party!
- Hi, Bholu.
Now listen. Today evening
is my birthday party, okay?
Be there on time.
- Party!
I am sending you the address.
See you soon.
Bye Bholu.
- Party!
What's happening?
What's happening?
Sir, my mother is sick.
Do you guys still want a party?
No, sir.
Take care of your mother. Okay.
I know your car's broken down.
Take my car.
Come on, it's the right thing.
If you need anything
more then let me know.
My phone.
I threw it away.
I told you to answer the phone!
Sir... Sorry, sir.
Here, sir.
What the...
Diya. Mr. Vipul.
Mr. Vipul Shah.
Wish you a very happy birthday, Diya.
- Thank you so much.
Happy birthday, madam.
- Thank you.
And you're looking stunning.
Looking good.
That's Radhe.
Encounter Specialist.
Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
You made her the brand
ambassador of your company.
But she's least
interested in your gift.
She's interested in him.
Come, I'll introduce
you to my brother.
You will love him. Come.
I am sure.
Radhe, my friend.
He's new in the city.
Struggling model.
I am helping him.
And that's my brother.
One and only Avinash Abhyankar.
Hey Diya, come here.
- How do you do?
I'll be right back, huh?
- No, sir. Mother.
Mother, sir.
- What happened to your mother?
Mother said the party
is more important.
We'll deal with my health later.
I know what's going on here?
You're following my sister, huh?
- Happy birthday.
Thank you, aunty.
Not at all, sir.
I'll kill you in an encounter.
You don't know who...
Bholu, where are you going?
Come, let's dance.
Get me a drink.
- Sure, sir.
That bloody...
What do I say?
- Bhole.
Were you uncomfortable
because I got too close?
Should I go away then?
"Here we go."
"I don't know why I get
a feeling that I am in love."
"Since we met, I feel like a star."
"Here we go."
"Wherever these
bewitching eyes, go..."
"...I follow in your wake,
while my eyes..."
"...click pics of you going
zoom, zoom, zoom."
"Wherever these
bewitching eyes, go..."
"...I follow in your wake,
while my eyes..."
"...click pics of you going
zoom, zoom, zoom!"
"into your blue eyes."
"You're so awesome..."
"...I need not say."
"Need not say."
"We share a connection pretty old."
"...pretty old."
"My heart's completely
crazy for you."
"I am obsessed about
making you mine."
"I never felt this way."
"The way I feel with you every day."
"Wherever these
bewitching eyes, go..."
"...you follow in my wake,
while your eyes..."
"...click my pics going
zoom, zoom , zoom!
"Wherever these
bewitching eyes, go..."
"...I follow in your wake,
while my eyes..."
"...click pics of you going
zoom, zoom"
"into your blue eyes."
"You're a fit dude, and have a glow on your face."
"Yet you're a bit slow
when it comes to love."
"Cute, cool, and hot too."
"Why do you feel
low in front of me?"
"Whenever I look at you..."
"...I've never seen such
a beautiful dream before."
"Wherever these
bewitching eyes, go..."
"...you follow in my wake,
while my eyes..."
"...click pics of you going
zoom, zoom, zoom."
"Wherever these
bewitching eyes, go..."
"...I follow in your wake,
while my eyes..."
"...click pics of you going
zoom, zoom"
"...into your blue eyes."
So less?
Do you think I'm a fool?
This is all we can make in our area.
Dagdu's area is more profitable.
There are big schools,
colleges, pubs.
We can make more money.
But entering his area
would mean leading to a war.
I love it.
Your phone's been
ringing for a long time.
Go on. I am coming.
Next collection from Dagdu's area.
Yes, Ranjit Mawani speaking.
Wrong number!
What are you doing here, sir?
Come inside.
Where inside?
- Come inside.
I'll put you inside.
- Let's talk in here.
Come, sir. I'll explain everything.
I've been getting a lot
of complaints about your club.
Loud music, traffic jam,
and it's also a pickup joint.
No, sir.
Girls meet boys. Boys meet girls.
They meet, they drink, they dance.
Take selfie.
Go home.
Happy ending.
What is this?
This bottle's been waiting
for you for 25 years.
- No, sir.
Then it's okay.
What are you doing?
- Hospitality...
I am...
Duty over.
Pour it.
Like it?
Since you're insisting so much,
make another one.
Oh, fans. Come.
- Can we take a selfie?
Take a selfie, sir.
- I respect girls.
Come. I respect you too.
- Wow...Group selfie?
Thank you. Cheers.
It's gonna be fun, man.
We're gonna have a good time.
Let's go.
Come on, get up. Police!
Let's go.
I am the Police.
Give us your address.
- Check all the rooms.
Yes, sir.
- Tawde?
What's going on here?
- What's the update?
Sir, how did you get here?
- I flew!
I've been waiting for an hour.
You are always late.
I want the briefing right now.
Okay, sir.
Sir, manager Seema
is the eyewitness.
Weekends are normally
overcrowded, sir.
They were three.
They were misbehaving
with the girls.
Only a madman can do this, sir.
They brought the girls
to the dressing room
and started molesting them, sir.
What's going on here?
Throw them out!
Is this your father's house?
Do you think it's a brothel?
You filthy worm!
Who do you think you are?
Bas get out of here.
I'll put you all down like a dog!
Stop staring at me, rascal!
I won't spare those people, sir!
How dare they kill
my people in my hotel.
I will take revenge.
This is our job.
Do you recognize anyone?
Do we?
No, sir. No.
Does anyone know them?
No, we don't know them.
Where is Dilawar?
We don't know, sir.
He's been missing for two days
and even his phone's switched off.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
- Salim.
I'll find out, sir.
What find out?
Start right now!
Come on, rewind.
Fully rewind.
Always begin every
investigation from the root.
Play in slow motion, please.
Yes, sir.
Isn't that you at 10:30 pm?
The colour of his jacket is lighter.
Mine's dark.
No, sir.
It's the same coat. Take a look.
Same coat.
Same long legs.
I've this footage on my phone.
I'll watch it from
the beginning tomorrow.
Do you know who you're talking to?
Do you know who I am?
I've to go.
It was so much fun.
And this guy came in and he
was telling me do this, do that...
And he was telling me...
Bhole? What are you doing here?
I'll call you back.
My mobile has been stolen.
Waiting to file a complaint.
Why are you waiting?
My Brother Avinash is there. Come.
You know him. Come on.
My Brother Avi is a
very dangerous officer.
He'll get your job done smoothly.
Recently he went into Dagdu
dada's area and beat everyone up.
And Dilawar...
He strolled alone in Dilawar's area,
caught him by his neck,
and patched up two gangsters who
were hungry for each other's blood.
Only my brother can do such a thing.
Your too dangerous brother is here.
Brother, he's that guy... That one...
- Yeah, sit down.
Your sister was speaking
about your bravery.
You remember all the criminals
but forget your wallet at home.
Brother, please help him out.
His phone's been stolen.
He's come here to file a complaint.
There were some personal
videos on that phone.
Brown jacket, long...
I'll find it.
I'll leave now.
- Alright, love.
I had to leave too.
But my phone, and the brown jacket...
- No problem.
Give him a lift, please.
- Of course.
Go with her.
Are you okay with it, brother?
- Of course, I'm absolutely fine with it.
- Absolutely! Don't worry.
Okay, brother.
- Yeah, take care.
Oh, thank you. Bye.
- Seat belts.
Don't forget your seatbelt.
Get going.
Thank you.
Bhole, just a second.
I gave some of your portfolio
pictures to a modelling agency.
But they got rejected.
But don't get disheartened.
Keep working hard.
Come on, cheer up.
By the way,
what are you going to do here?
Under this sun?
I've got to work hard.
Yeah, right.
Bhole, I'll definitely
do something for you.
Sir, as per information a three-member
gang has arrived from Delhi.
The gang leader's name is Rana.
And the news is maybe
they killed Dilawar.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
Sir, a big suitcase was
found under Kennedy Bridge.
The BMC worker opened it
and found Dilawar's body inside.
Any witnesses?
- No, sir.
Nonsense. Such a huge man
inside a small suitcase?
It's a brutal murder, sir.
Only a madman or a brutal
murderer can kill someone like this.
Check how many pieces he's in.
Wait here. And call Dagdu.
Why you...
While I...Take a look inside.
Get lost.
Get lost.
How dare you come to my area?
I think you have a death wish!
Go inside and tell
all this to the boss.
He's waiting for you.
- Get lost.
Listen! Close all the
entry and exit points!
Close all exits.
Yes, boss.
Now you'll know
who is the boss here.
Close the doors.
Why you...
Do you want to take
control of Mumbai?
Hey...you bloody...
So you are the guy
who's making all the mess.
This is why Radhe's been
looking all over for you.
There are mills, malls, restaurant,
pubs, and many more in your area.
Now all this is mine.
Save yourself and leave.
You don't know me or my boys?
I will...
Identify your boys.
Hey, boy...
Boss, they killed everyone.
Everyone's dead, boss.
I love it.
Sell everything in two-days.
Got it?
- I got it.
Understand this, Kaalia.
He's dead.
Come on.
Now that's more like it.
Good job, Mansoor.
Good job.
Sorry...power cuts
are frequent here.
What are you doing?
Just leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Leave me
Leave me.
Wow, Bhole. Very good boy.
I am impressed.
- Thank you.
If you keep exercising like
this you'll be successful someday.
How many rounds do you do?
Well...I am planning on seven.
Seven rounds for seven lifetimes.
And what about your diet.
Yeah. How many?
And the gym.
What gym!
Two hours.
Oh, two hours. Okay.
Come on.
Let's go.
Bye, see ya.
- Bye.
- Yes.
What is this...
News is they come to Allied
PD Club, Colaba sometimes.
And yes, sir.
They are meeting at 7 pm today.
"It's time for love"
"come and meet me."
"I am completely smitten"
"your heart's what I need."
"He asked for my heart"
" He also asked for my heart."
"He asked for my heart"
"He also asked for my heart."
"But I said no."
"Oh, dear stranger..."
"I've lost my heart to you."
"What people say doesn't matter"
"I care for no one."
"Who cares if they
give us a bad name"
"our love wasn't
born out of fear."
"I swear on God"
"I've lost my heart to you,
"Since I arrived in your lane..."
"...I can't stop myself
from coming again and again."
"May this bond never break."
"She asked for my heart..."
"...she asked for my heart."
"But I said no."
"Oh, dear stranger,"
"...I've lost my heart to you."
"I got a lot of offers"
"...but I rejected them all."
"I thought I'll be single."
"Why didn't I like anyone"
"...now I completely understand."
"This heart always belonged to you."
"I swear on God..."
"...I've lost my heart to you,
"Since I arrived in your lane..."
"...I can't stop myself
from coming again and again."
"May this bond never break."
"She asked for my heart..."
"He asked for my heart too."
"But I said no."
"Oh, dear stranger,"
"...I've lost my heart to you."
"...I've lost my heart to you."
Unfortunately, that's a cop's job
I'll have to bring you in.
Unfortunately, I am a criminal.
I'll have to kill you.
Niki, go out.
Rana, let's go.
Come on, let's get out of here.
We'll deal with them.
Rana. The situation outside is bad.
We cannot go anywhere.
And it's all because of Radhe.
We must kill Radhe and his team.
They will be taken care of.
When the time is right.
Keep a low profile for a few days.
Sir. I want to quit this job.
I was scared, sir.
Are you scared of
cockroaches and lizards?
But I am.
Does that mean I
should quit being a cop?
You'll keep running from your fear,
it'll keep coming after you.
And catch up with you.
It's better that
you run after fear
and make it run.
Do you know what's
beyond and behind fear?
Behind fear is death.
Beyond fear is life.
Live your life fearlessly.
This is a sign of bravery,
not cowardice.
Narrate this story
to your children someday.
Come here.
- Beyond fear is life.
Shut up. Don't be over smart.
Resume duty from tomorrow.
I am so freaking
pissed off with you!
You're such a good boy, Bholu.
How sweet of you to say that!
But honestly speaking
Police job doesn't suit you.
Look at my brother.
Strong, brave, handsome.
Look at your condition.
I am so sorry.
Is everything alright?
Thank you.
Why are you so concerned about me?
Because I want to
say I love you
and I don't know
how to say I love you.
Even I want to say I love you,
but I don't know
how to say I love you.
What's the problem? Just say it.
I love you!
Me too.
I love you too.
- Hey sir.
I love you too.
- Please sir I will delete it, sir.
That's why I love you.
Where's your cheek?
You're a nice man.
I've a little guilt.
I love you too, man.
- Sir, let it go.
It's all over. I've no regrets.
- I love you too.
That's why I love you.
Where's your cheek?
I love you.
You're a nice man.
I don't like it, sir.
Let me butter up to you...
God, my back.
Brother. What are you doing?
Are you trying to turn my chocolate
boy into another version of you?
Come on, time to say goodnight.
Come on.
- Chocolate...
Love him. He's a great guy!
- Come on.
Very good selection, sister.
Come on, brother.
- I love you. I love him too.
I love him too.
Don't forget to leave
your footprints behind.
I'll take blessings. I love you!
- What are you doing, brother? Let's go.
"Lover, let's go."
"Let's go."
Fell asleep on his feet.
What about my future now?
Tell me.
- Sir, Mansoor lives up here.
They are still fighting.
You leave.
- Thank you, sir.
What did you think?
You'll sleep with
him and get everything!
You won't set foot out
of this place ever again?
Where was this rage
when he was raping me?
You were standing
outside like a coward!
You could have come and saved me!
What did you say?
You want to hit me!
You beat me every day.
Why don't you go and kill Rana!
Do you want to kill me?
Kill me!
Who is it?
What's the commotion about?
Mind your own business.
- That's what I am doing.
I'll show him.
What is it?
Did he say where Rana is yet?
Beat him. Take him along.
I told you I don't know.
Take him back to the club.
Sir, I told him this is not our job.
I signaled him to leave.
But he got it wrong.
Next time I do something stupid,
please kill me.
He's carrying him
like a sack of potatoes.
Goodnight, sir.
I don't know
who Rana is.
Nasreen called for help.
I even killed my brother
Dilawar for money.
That bloody Rana...
He took Nasreen and...
I will kill Rana.
Just tell us where Rana is.
This is Dagdu's Mumbai!
You bloody dogs.
Who did this?
Dagdu and his men were here.
What were you doing?
Dagdu is dead.
Lota. Wait.
Lota. Wait.
- I will kill him.
I said calm down.
The Police could be there.
- The Police could be there.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
Rana said to keep a low profile.
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
Sir, bring both of them in.
Come on.
They will deal with them.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
Keep our passports ready.
We'll get your job done.
Lota's been arrested by the Police.
Dagdu and his men betrayed us.
Show no mercy!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
- Mom's turned 80.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
- Eat.
Happy birthday to you!
Catch him!
What's going on?
Let go! What are you doing?
You bloody...
Don't let him go.
Catch me.
Don't just stand there. Catch him!
Catch him.
That bloody... he's fleeing.
Where are the boys?
Where are the boys?
You bloody...
You bloody...
You bloody...
I will show you to whom Mumbai belongs.
Why you...
Police administration...
- Down! Down!
Police administration...
- Down! Down!
Police administration...
- Down! Down!
Police administration...
- Down! Down!
I should've been there.
I never killed anyone in smoke.
As in video games.
Must be a lot of fun.
Where is Rana?
Tell you where Rana is, should I?
Sir tongue...
Sir, he's biting his own tongue.
Stop it! Stop it right now!
What will I tell the Commissioner?
I'll have to be
vigilant as a cat now.
There's so much pressure from the top
and you're trying to choke him to death.
What the hell is happening?
You don't understand, sir. This
is part of the investigation, sir.
Please try...
- What the hell are you saying?
They are acting on my orders.
Whatever you want to say, tell me.
Sorry, sir.
- It's okay.
- Call from the Commissioner's office.
Avinash, I trusted you and Radhe.
But it was a mistake
giving you this case.
Actually, you two should've
been fired from your jobs.
Sir, we have leads.
And wait for dozens
of people to die.
And wait until they don't surrender.
I don't trust you two.
For this reason, I am handing over
this case to ACP Arjun right now.
I want all the
reports in three days.
Am I clear?
Sir, we had cleared
80% of the garbage.
But there's a new drug
dealer in town called, Rana, who...
Who locked you in a restaurant's
bathroom and beat you up.
Yes, he beat me up!
He thrashed me hard.
Imagine what he'll do to you.
- Radhe!
What's happening, Avinash?
There's nothing to talk about.
It's all decided.
Give it to him.
Soon the Police department will be
relieved of a corrupt officer.
- Avinash!
Radhe, shut up!
Shut up, Radhe.
Sir, by tomorrow morning
the case file,
and the culprit will be handed over.
It will reach ACP Arjun's office.
By tomorrow morning, you'll get it.
Thank you, sir.
Radhe, we were supposed to go
straight. Why did you take a right?
I want to show you something.
That's Dhruv. 17-years-old.
Inter-college 800
meters running champion.
Drug overdose made
him lose consciousness
and is paralyzed after he fell.
Hi, brother. Look.
That's Palak. She's only 16.
Tried to immolate herself for drugs.
Ajay, take your pills.
Please, Ajay.
That's Ajay.
Topper of his school.
Tried to kill his
father for drug money.
Ajay, take your pills.
Ajay. Ajay.
Ajay, take your pills.
They are our future.
Isn't this our duty to save them?
And you handed over this
case to some corrupt Police officer.
Sir. Sir, I can't do it.
Sir, please give me
one injection. Please.
You can do whatever you want, please.
- Radhe, she...
Brother Please, brother.
Calm down.
- I can't take it anymore, brother.
- Calm down.
- I can't take it anymore, brother.
Please get me one injection,
I cannot control myself, brother.
Please get me one injection,
What if this had
happened to your sister?
Where are you taking him?
He's in our custody now?
Orders haven't been passed yet.
All the formalities
have been completed.
All process has been done.
Let him go, Radhe.
They have orders.
Children are dying because of you.
Tell me where Rana is.
I'll be lenient with you.
Don't just stand there, do something.
- What's going on here?
Control him.
- Stop him.
Sir, let him go.
Sir, let him go.
Get inside.
This new officer Radhe
has made life hell.
But don't worry.
You'll get a death sentence.
There's no point in spending
a fortune on lawyers.
If you've money to splurge
then splurge it on us.
What is this?
Just a sample.
It's from the consignment
of drugs, we seized.
Why are you carrying it in your
pocket? Be more careful with it.
This is just a sample.
I've 100-kilos.
All the old distributors have fled.
You said you're going
to sell it to new distributors.
I booked a new flat trusting you.
Don't book anything yet.
The condition in Mumbai is pretty tight.
- I can help you out.
You can't imagine what I can do.
Stop the car. Stop the car.
Come on. Get out.
You leave.
- Go on.
- The vehicle's gone.
- Give him our number.
Here's our number.
Don't forget to call, okay.
- And here's a sample of the stuff.
- Call us soon.
- Run.
- Come on, go go.
Come on, Hurry up.
Sir, the job's done.
The food's delicious.
Why aren't you eating?
And they let you go.
The case was transferred
to a new officer...
...and he let me go.
Why did the new officer
talk to you about drugs?
They couldn't find
anyone to sell their drugs.
So they asked me.
Are they real officers?
They are the real deal.
But not a rascal like Radhe.
They have a huge consignment
seized from various places.
We can make a bigger
fortune through them.
Do you think I am stupid?
Come on.
Here's a sample of their stuff.
They have stuff worth millions.
But they can't sell
it without our help.
They want to meet
to finalize the deal.
- Be alert.
We've to catch them at any cost.
- Sir.
Phone, sir.
Who's calling?
It's him.
- Speaker.
We're ready to meet.
Tell me, when and where?
Shaina Garden, 5pm.
Shaina Garden, 5pm.
I can understand their nervousness.
But why are your feet shaking?
Warm-up. Just a little warm-up.
Yes, sir.
Go and check.
Maybe that's their car.
Sir, the cars have entered.
They are here.
Everyone, get out of here.
- Come on, everyone, warm up.
Glass. Glass.
They are coming.
They are entering through
the hotel gate, sir.
They are now in the lift, sir.
I am nervous.
So many people.
This is our team.
They will help us with the business.
Oh! These are our people.
You're under arrest.
Get up!
Where is Rana?
Rana must be humming
a song somewhere.
Baby, no trouble.
Diva Pub.
So far.
Give me your phone.
- Sir.
Glory to Shiv Shankar!
Glory to Shiv...
The Rana you're looking
for is in Madh Island's Diva Pub.
Go now!
Who sent this message?
Come on.
Madh Island Diva Pub!
Rana's there. Call the boys.
What are you holding the door for?
Get in the car.
Let's go.
Let's go. Don't let him escape.
My shoe.
Wait. Let me come too.
We won't spare him today.
This was my promise to you.
Here are your passports.
Your gift is ready.
If you had accepted my gift that day,
then it would've
never come to this.
You bloody dog, rascal...
This is why we had
to shut her mouth.
I am too good.
Show me Radhe's dead body, and
I'll give you anything in exchange.
Hey Rana, look who's here.
Found you, didn't I?
How dare you kill
my people in my hotel?
I won't spare him.
Kill him.
Don't spare anyone.
Wrong number.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"Radhe! Ho!"
"Radhe! Ho!"
How did the Police
find out I was here?
Don't know.
I see...
Kill him.
Who sent you?
Excuse me, sir.
You said to stay
away from this mess.
I was fasting today. In fact,
I was on my way to the temple.
But someone texted me
about Rana's whereabouts.
That was it, sir.
I could only think about revenge.
Hurried over here in a flow
of emotion, and this happened.
You bloody fool,
I thought you're a chocolate boy.
And you drove everyone crazy.
You're such a liar.
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Let's go."
"Dance, dance, dance, cannot wait."
"Dance on"
"Feelings are on fire."
"Give it to me"
"Give me some love."
"Give it to me"
"Give me some love, baby."
"Give it to me"
"Or I'll take it from you."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"She came to the disco to dance."
"Get on to the dance floor."
"We'll pump up the volume"
"And dance some more."
"Dance with me just one time."
"And then you'll say once more."
"Romance is just in the air"
"So come little close."
"Come get some, baby."
"Come get some of my love."
"Come get some, baby."
"Come get some of my love."
"Come get some, baby."
"Come and get it."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Dance, dance, dance, cannot wait."
"Let me dwell in
your eyes forever"
"Let's groove together."
"I am your man."
"Why do you waste
this night with talks?"
"Why are you such a flirt?"
"I've become your fan."
"Come get some, baby."
"Come get some of my love."
"Come get some, baby."
"Come get some of my love."
"Come get some, baby."
"Come and get it."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Hug me tight."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
"Whistle aloud."
Today the Home Minister
- Take this packet.
sat with the members of the parliament...
- You too.
To solve the problems
of the farmers...
Sell everything.
Not a single packet should be left, okay?
- And the breaking news is,
"There was a shootout at Diva Bar
between two gangs in broad daylight."
"Famous hotelier Vipul
Shah died in this shootout."
"According to recent news,"
"Drug lord, Rana, has managed
to escape."
You are students?
- Yes, sir.
Everyone's on social media?
- Yes, sir.
Do you follow what's
going on in this country?
Yes, sir.
And are you aware of
the drug scene around here?
Of course, sir.
Do you know the power
of youth and student power?
Yes, sir.
If you do, then when will
you use this power
to make a change.
Due to our failure,
you all have to suffer.
Help us so we can help you.
Sir, won't it be a risk
to ask students for help.
It's not a risk, sir.
Instead of living in fear, we would
like to do something to make a change.
We're ready to help you.
Yes, sir.
But how, sir?
Sir, like this?
"And are you aware of
the drug scene around here?"
Exactly like that.
Yes, sir. We'll do it.
Go on.
Sir, this is at the
tea-stall behind the college.
Give me two packets.
It will take time
to arrest everyone, sir.
We'll arrest everyone together.
The Police got our
men and our drugs.
Sir, I'm behind them,
please come.
Where are you?
I'll send you my live location.
Police! Come out!
Arrest the rascal!
- Yes, sir.
Are you okay?
- Yes
Come on.
- Let's go.
The restaurant is closed, mister.
Rana. Keep the helicopter ready.
I and my team will be there
by tomorrow morning.
The Police are after me.
I've lost my phone.
I'll call you from
a different number.
See you tomorrow
morning at the base.
He must be hiding somewhere here.
You two check that side.
I'll check there.
- Yes, sir.
I have reached. Where are you?
I've got an important tip on, Rana.
You should have told me.
Where are you?
I've come to arrest, Rana.
Come on.
'The number you have dialed
is on another call.'
'The number you have dialed
is on another call.'
Give me the bag.
Azaan. Hey Azaan.
Are you okay?
They say tomorrow never comes.
But we'll see a new dawn tomorrow.
I will clean this city up.
"Swacch Bharat" (Clean India).
Jai Hind.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Bring him too.
Hey, remember?
Opposite the bike shop.
Yes, sir.
- Move.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Come on.
Let's go.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
Once I make a commitment,
then I don't even listen to myself.
I saved your life.
You did.
Tell my sister that I saved you.
My sister.
Give me some support.
Did you delete the video?
I did.
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love and care
is all I ever wanted."
"I don't want to stay single."
"I don't want your money."
"I live my life on my own terms."
"Your advice is unwanted."
"Girls keep looking at me"
"and are mesmerized by my looks ."
"I tend to gather
a crowd wherever I go."
"Even kids in the vicinity
know where to find me"
"Bad luck if you
wanna take me granted."
"Don't touch,
my current high voltage."
"Some extra love and care from you
is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love
and care is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love
and care is all I ever wanted."
"Downtown in the
city I am a wanted."
"Everyone addresses me as wanted."
"Some extra love
and care is all I ever wanted."
"Radhe! Ho!"