Radhe Shyam (2022) Movie Script

26th NOVEMBER 1976.
When two people who are destined to be
with each other meet, it becomes love.
But, what if those two who
are not destined to meet,
rebel against their destinies and meet?
This is the story of Love VS Destiny.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
- Where is Mr. Paramahamsa, sir?
- That way, sir.
Thank you.
a few scientists are here to meet you.
Sir, the government is building
a new space research center.
We've come here to ask you to decide on
an auspicious time for its inauguration.
We are going to research on the planets...
And we are going to consult those very
planets to decide upon an auspicious time?
That minister asked and here
we are doing his bidding.
What is this non sense, Chandra Mohan?
I can't believe this.
That's a very good question.
Go ahead.
You have a lot more
suspicions than questions.
As a scientist, we cannot find out
the truth if we are not suspicious.
I have a small doubt.
Will you clarify it for me?
Go ahead and ask us.
Do you know of the stars
called Arundhati and Vasishta?
They are twin stars
called Alcor and Mizar.
Scientists have discovered the
telescope in the 16th century.
But in Hindu wedding,
the tradition of showing these stars...
to the bride and the groom is
over thousands of years old.
When the telescope wasn't discovered yet,
can you tell me how our
people discovered such stars?
The Kepler's Law that you
use in your rocket science...
was written by the western
scientist Johannes Kepler...
declared that the basis of his scientific
research was astrological studies.
Science means research.
We must try to know about the unknown...
but you must never say what ever you
know is right and the rest are wrong.
is there an expert in this
field of knowledge after you?
All the world leaders
want to meet with him.
He is the greatest expert in chiromancy.
That is my student,
the great Vikram Aditya.
I call him the...
'The Einstein of Palmistry'!
Alright, ma'am. Let's go.
You are about to script an unforgettable
chapter in the history of this country...
Very soon, you are going to
declare an emergency in India.
Do you know what you're saying?
Where is he now?
Is it possible to meet with him now?
He's left India.
Why is it, sir?
Only he knows the reason.
"On a new land..."
"Signature of feet."
"With the mountain breeze..."
"I am sharing my breath."
"I opened the heart building the journey."
"And conquered every height."
"Life is a journey, let go of contention."
"The good that you do to others,
will always find its way back to you."
"Let's go... Let's go, dear traveler."
"Let's go... Let's go, dear traveler."
"On a new land."
"Fill the world with love if possible."
"Love is an endless journey
with no mile stones."
"Dude! Life is too short..."
"Live every moment."
"Erase the boundaries..."
"You would discover entirety within you."
"Let's go... Let's go, dear traveler."
"Let's go... Let's go, dear traveler."
"I've searched the globe,
and measured the skies..."
"And conquered every height."
"I opened the heart building the journey."
"And I found entirety within myself."
"Let's go... Let's go, dear traveler."
"Let's go... Let's go, dear traveler."
I love you, Aditya.
But I do love you.
I am not a relationship type of a guy.
I am the flirtatious type.
I don't have a love line, Tasha.
I'm sorry.
- It's very chill!
- Yes.
Can you handle me?
What did she say?
You are mental!
Hi! How are you?
I am fine How are you?
Doctor Prerana,
we need you in the general ward.
Captain, Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale... Inhale.
Captain Inhale, sir. Inhale, sir.
Inhale... Exhale.
Captain breathe, please breathe.
What happened?
He doesn't have a breathing problem and
yet he insisted that we put him on oxygen.
- But he stopped to breathe as I refused.
- Hurry up.
- Sir... Sir... Sir...
- Get the oxygen.
Sir... Captain... Captain? Please breathe.
- Hurry up.
- Give it fast.
Connect it, hurry up.
Sir, hold on.
Breathe in sir.
Sir? Captain?
It's all fine, sir.
Why do you need oxygen, sir?
What is your problem?
It's been four days since I got here.
You tested me so many times.
And yet, haven't started the treatment.
They are not treating you
because you are not sick.
What do you mean?
As soon as I woke up in the morning,
I had severe palpitations.
I have severe gas and I'm bloated.
I am scared that I might explode like
an atom bomb because of all that gas.
And when I go to the toilet.
Sorry! When I go to the toilet, my urine
is the color of single malt whiskey.
I need to be operated upon immediately.
You have Nosophobia.
- What does that mean?
- Nosophobia means,
Even though you have no disease,
you feel that you have a lot of diseases.
How did an idiot like him ever
make it as the captain of a ship?
Hey... believe me!
I have some severe disease.
I am sure very soon you will
figure out what it is that I have.
Don't worry.
It's the doctors who assure
the patients not to worry.
- Is it...? Oh!
- Yes.
- I think I'm going to die, because of him.
- Okay. Give me this.
- I am writing for all tests again.
- What?
If the reports say there
is no problem with you,
you need to leave the hospital.
could I get this oxygen in another flavor?
Bloody Captain.
Dean is here... Dean is coming guys.
Where is my patient?
That isn't a pulmonary issue.
He is just crazy.
- How are you sir?
- Idiot!
Prerana, see me in my office.
Prerana, see me in my office.
I told you to stay away from the
hospital for a few days, didn't I?
I am fine uncle.
I don't have fever anymore.
Check for yourself.
Did you get your test reports?
When they come,
I'm going to bring them to you first.
Okay, bye uncle.
Aunt, you've started your dance
practice this early in the morning?
You said that you came to Italy for me.
You made me sit at home
like some guard on watch...
while you go and enjoy yourself?
Aunt, you haven't seasoned this
lentil curry with enough coriander.
The tamarind stew has too much pepper.
Listen, you can show off your
talented skills at your perfume shop.
If you criticize my food ever again,
I'll cut your nose off and throw it away.
That's not what I meant, aunt.
- Shush!
Your friend is back from his trip.
Shut up and go.
Oh, is he here?
It's been 5 years since I came to Italy.
You kept saying that you would be here...
and yet, you go wandering about
the place and enjoying yourself?
What a friend you are!
We've been childhood buddies. Get up.
You went skiing. You worked as a driver.
What! You even slept on the streets?
What in the hell do you
even write in this diary?
You never let anyone touch it.
It's not a diary.
It's how Vikram Aditya keeps
track of chronological events.
Everyone writes what happened
to them in their diary.
He writes what's supposed
to happen in his life.
If someone reads it,
won't they get to know all his secrets?
Please include Aunt in your next plan.
Please take her sky diving with you.
Yes, take me with you.
Or just stay with me
and don't go any where.
If I am around, instead of practicing
dance, your entire focus would be on me.
You are the reason I am
traveling around so much.
What? I am the reason you keep traveling?
Do you think performing at London
dance festival is that easy?
He has a point, Aunty.
It's not a walk in the park,
to perform at such prestigious fest.
You would need immense practice.
Mothers know their children's lies
just as easily as their hunger.
He's amassed a great name for himself.
But, he's still a child.
I must get him married to make
sure he comes to his senses.
Mom... No to marriage.
Damn! It's cold in here.
Can you carry my weight?
[ITALIAN] She is an angel.
Get lost!
Please! Can you go fast?
- Okay.
- Please!
Hey... Hey... [SPEAKS ITALIAN]
going to write a poem.
tell you when we meet.
[KIDS IN UNISON] Don't know if you would
meet me or just disappear like a dream?
we are destined to meet?
Two people who weren't destined to meet,
met today.
Will they meet again?
Or are they just going
to end up like a dream?
"Who are these..."
"Two lovers who'd never unite?"
"Who are these..."
"Two travelers who'd never separate?"
"Their paths are the same..."
"But their directions are different."
"Their breath is the same..."
"like one inhalation and exhalation."
"Is this the fate playing games?"
"How to meet again and again?"
"Is it a dream? Or is it written?"
"Is it written?"
"The creator..."
"Is playing hide and seek."
"The creator..."
"Is playing hide and seek."
Ms. Prerana?
It's fine that you are donating medicine.
But giving yourself credit seems selfish.
Yes, one needs to be selfish, Subba Rao.
All the thanks that I deserve are
somehow being credited to the gods.
Since the medicine is mine,
even the thanks should go to me, right?
- Thank you!
- Welcome.
"Who are these..."
"Two lovers who'd never unite?"
"Who are these..."
"Two travelers who'd never separate?"
"Some empty letter..."
"Said to me, it wants to tell me a story."
"No idea why some spy..."
"Has followed me intensely,
don't know why?"
"Time stabbed me in the
heart with a cool knife."
"No wound inflicted
but I liked the attack."
"Who is giving that trance?
Won't he come to face me?"
"My eagerness is unknowingly built up."
"Is it true or an illusion?"
"This pain feels great."
"Is it a pain or dream?"
"Never gone memories."
"Pain of some past life is not gone..."
"Why doesn't it come back as love?"
"The creator..."
"Is playing hide and seek."
- "The creator..."
- "No idea why some spy..."
"Has followed me intensely,
don't know why?"
"Who is giving that trance?
Won't he come in front?"
"My eagerness is unknowingly built up."
"Who are these..."
"Two lovers who'd never unite?"
"Who are these..."
"Two travelers who'd never separate?"
Master? Mother, the master is here.
How are you, master?
I am fine.
How are you, dear?
We are fine, master.
You go ahead and talk.
I'll go and make you your
favorite sweetened rice dish.
You come in.
Master, please come in.
If you had told me, I would have
come to the airport to receive you.
Who knows if you would have come to
receive me or simply avoid meeting me?
Your mother would serve me dessert...
and she would ask me about your marriage.
What do you want me to say?
Should I tell her that you are
already in love with a girl?
Did you come this far just to say that?
You've been asking me what I keep writing.
This is a chronicle of my
70 years of experiences.
I want you to write a foreword.
Palmistry 99% science.
Master, what's this?
When people have dismissed Palmistry
as nothing but superstitious belief,
You've proved it to be a treatise.
And yet, when you write a book
claiming that it's not 100% correct,
I don't know what to say.
Any treatise for that matter
is never 100% correct, Aditya.
If God really did write
out our destinies entirely,
why would he give us humans,
the ability to think?
Maybe we are mistaken
that we actually think.
It's possible that our thoughts
were also written in our destinies.
I can't write a foreword for a book that
is not in tune with my belief system.
This time,
if my mom broaches the topic of marriage,
Tell her that I am never fated
to fall in love or even marry.
This isn't 99% right.
It is a 100% correct.
You are meeting with India's richest man.
Be careful.
Sir, Mr. Vikram Aditya is coming.
Anand Rajput.
Vikram Aditya.
Thank you for meeting me.
Because my mentor requested this.
I can see it strongly that
you want to be a politician.
You contested for the post of student
president in college and won twice.
Your family didn't approve of it,
and sent you abroad for higher studies.
Even after you returned from abroad,
your interest in politics never waned.
That is why you got married to a girl
whose family has political lineage.
I am impressed!
I can see your interest in politics.
Not your future.
No matter how hard you try,
you will never be a politician.
You will be a businessman.
This 20th of November,
you are going to take over your company.
You have no other option.
No! No! No!
That's not my future.
Check my palm once again.
I don't have the habit
of looking at it twice.
You predicted that India
will go into an Emergency...
and here you are,
hiding in a foreign country.
If you could lie to my father once,
I will make your dream of
coming back to India a reality.
Sir, your father is on the line.
Vikram Aditya wants to speak to you.
Sir, your son has no future in politics.
I know what's going to happen
right from my birth to my death.
I don't need your help.
Sir, I will go and speak to him.
Mr. Vikram Aditya.
Sir? Sir... Sir?
Just a minute. Hold on, please.
Sir, please.
I need to talk to you. Please sir.
Take the money.
What are you doing?
Sir... Sir... Please stop it.
What happened?
It was bound to happen.
- Hi, Aunty.
- Where is Aditya?
It's been two days since he called me.
He doesn't tell you where he is going.
How do you expect he would tell me?
Hi nurse, actually..
Yes, sir.
He said that it's his profession.
Oh! What's the case?
It's an accident case, sir.
Why did you get so many tests
done for a small accident?
Who was the doctor on call?
Actually, he wasn't badly injured,
but he lost a lot of blood.
Duty doctor Prerana, sir.
How did you get hurt?
Prerana said no, that's why I went
and fell under an ambulance, sir.
I don't think I can live without Prerana,
Please persuade Prerana for me, sir.
Please, sir.
Ask Prerana to come and meet me once.
Okay sir. I will inform her.
Thank you, sir.
Is it true that you fell under
an ambulance for Prerana?
Yes, sir. Really, sir.
True, sir.
It would have been enough if you
confessed your feelings to Prerana.
Why did you tell her uncle?
You are good-looking enough.
What is your opinion of her?
Do you know how many people
have proposed to Prerana?
She is absolutely not
interested in Love or Marriage.
I have been waiting for a girl like her.
Looks like you might have to
get scanning done once again.
Hey, scanning?
Scan me... Scan me. Just once.
- Please, please.
- For god's sake!
- Looks like he slipped deep into madness.
- Please, just once, doctor.
Oh my God! Prerana is coming.
What is it? What?
Are you going to die for me?
Okay, fine. Die.
Let me watch.
I do like you but not
to the point of dying.
It was a joke?
A joke?
Is death a joke to you?
Do you even know what it means to die?
Do you know how many people in
this hospital are fighting to live?
Ask the patients here what dying means.
No. No.
I fear death.
I practice dying for two minutes
every day to cure myself of that fear.
Wait, I will show you.
Yoga death... is a very funny death.
Get up, Aditya.
- You are my enemy.
- Why?
- Captain?
- Yes...
- I died happily.
- What are you saying?
- You woke me up instead.
- No.
- Kill me again captain.
- Me?
Kill me otherwise I'll kill you.
- Why?
- I will kill every one here...
No! No!
I love death.
Give me death captain, I love death.
Shoot him!
Sir, are you okay?
Sir? Sir?
I am practicing the death.
Let's listen to the last act of the play
'Romeo and Juliet.'
Just because you practice dying,
you are going to lose the fear of death?
Do you think this is some game?
Happy dagger!
This is thy sheath.
There rest my love, and let me die.
What are you doing?
I am practicing dying, grandma.
Practicing dying?
I will kill you if you talk such nonsense.
Get up!
- Sorry, grandma.
- Get up!
I was just joking.
You were just joking?
Do you think dying is a joke?
- Sorry... sorry... sorry.
- Stop talking to me.
- You don't laugh!
- Sorry.
Stupid girl.
What is it? Were you searching for me?
Don't act weird.
There are a lot of patients around.
Tell me. There's no one here now.
You think you are Romeo?
Nah. Romeo died for love.
I am not that sort of guy.
But I really am a Juliette type.
If you fall in love with me,
That's going to be the death of you.
I won't fall in love.
Relationships and I don't get along.
There are no lines on my palm
that indicate a love life.
I just want a 'Flirtation-ship'.
It's a relationship where they do
everything that lovers are supposed to,
but they are not in love.
Just Flirtation ship.
I am going to be staying here for a while.
And I want to spend
all that time with you.
If you are not interested then,
that's fine.
I will never show you my face ever again.
If you do like me?
Tomorrow, 10 o'clock, sharp.
I will be waiting outside
the hospital for you.
Well, if I don't come,
I will never see you again, right?
If I come, what are you going to do then?
I will kiss you.
Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.
- No.
- You will definitely meet me.
He said he is going to kiss you right in
front of our patients, at our hospital?
How dare he?
Bloody good-looking bad fellow!
He isn't a bad fellow.
He is just a cheap fellow.
Dirty fellow! Monkey fellow!
What does he think of me?
He is going to kiss me, huh?
He wants to be in a
'Flirtation ship' with me?
Good thing you came for the medical camp,
to avoid seeing him.
I will never see him
ever again in my life.
What? He traveled 300 km in the rain,
on a bike, to be here?
Prerana, what are you doing?
Control yourself. Don't go.
He is going to kiss you!
"Smiling stars..."
"Have fell down to earth..."
"As witness to see you unite."
"Age is become half..."
"My feet moved..."
"And the life is behind him."
"Is gone so to cross..."
"Over the lust."
"These Radhe Shyam united just now."
"These Radhe Shyam
together became a world."
"These Radhe Shyam united just now."
"These Radhe Shyam
together became a world."
"Time forgot to move after seeing you."
"The moment stood still
as if it got locked."
"No idea about the hurdles ahead."
"This is a friendship
which can't be questioned."
"Lips have been on the same job."
"They were never away from each other."
"It is a good bye to the time now."
"With no love and without a name..."
"Isn't this the only story?"
"Smiling stars..."
"Have fell down to earth..."
"As witness to see you unite."
"Age is become half..."
"My feet moved..."
"And the life is behind him."
"Is gone so to cross..."
"Over the lust."
"These Radhe Shyam united just now."
"These Radhe Shyam
together became a world."
You brought me as far as your home.
No.. Good night!
- How many kisses for the entire day today?
- Ninety-seven.
100 is my lucky number.
The batsman is ready and
waiting to make a century.
My family thinks I am a good girl.
If they come to know that I am kissing
boys in the middle of the night like this,
they are going to be disappointed.
You should leave before I change
my mind and give you what you ask.
We don't care if you are going to keep
kissing each other or play cricket.
First, ask him to remove
his hand from the intercom.
Don't torture us by making
us listen to your romance.
Oh, no. They missed a century, huh?
- Mother...
- Mother-in-law!
I have a night shift today. Bye.
Sweet dreams!
Is the boy handsome?
- Sorry.
- Have some water.
How is it?
It's outstanding.
It's like all my senses are
just dancing in delight, aunt.
But I think the lentil soup
lacks a bit of asafoetida.
That's all.
Why do you talk nonsense?
Just shut up and eat.
Is this Mr.Vikram Aditya's house?
Tell him that these
kisses make up a century.
Some girl called.
She kissed me and told me to tell
you that that counts as century.
Who is that girl?
She must have dialed the wrong number.
Who was that girl?
Why would you give this
number to a wrong person, huh?
She's some girl I met fifteen days ago.
What? You are still in touch with
a girl you met fifteen days ago?
I can smell some love here.
Do you like the surprise?
Does ruining my reputation
count as a surprise to you?
you mean you have a reputation to uphold?
- No!
- Dear..., come.
So tell me, what did your mom say?
Tell me, come on.
Excuse me...
you are Mr. Vikram Aditya, right?
- Did you take a loan from him?
- Shut up.
He is the Vikram Aditya
that you have in your mind.
- He is the great palmist, Vikram Aditya.
- Please don't say it.
Who wouldn't know him, dear?
They say that if he predicts something,
it's a given.
He is considered to be the
Einstein in the field of palmistry.
I've heard great things about you.
But I never imagined I
would meet you this way.
If you don't mind me interrupting,
this is my daughter, Tara.
She loves sports.
Ever since she was a kid,
she dreamed of being an archer.
Could you take a look at her
palm and tell her fortune?
What would you do if you knew, sir?
If you know good is going to happen,
you will miss out on surprise.
If you know bad is going to happen in
the future, you might miss out on hope.
Since things won't change,
it's better to not know one's future.
Please don't say that, sir.
You looked at the palm of my friend
who was about to commit suicide.
You predicted that he has good fortune.
He listened to you and now he
became a world famous Architect.
Please, sir. Don't deny this request.
Father, we are at an age where we
are sending people to the moon.
How could you still believe
things like palmistry?
Tara, you don't know about his prowess.
Extend your palm towards him.
Please, sir.
- Hello, what is he doing?
- He can predict the future.
He can you predict the future,
he is a priest.
Sports are not where her fortunes lie.
Tell her to focus on her studies.
She is going to do very well there.
I didn't even decide
what I want in my future.
How can you read it?
I am really sorry, sir.
She is young. Please don't mind her.
It's okay sir.
Can you predict mine please.
Can you read my palm too?
My station.
Excuse me. Oh my god!
Are there so many people who believe
in their fortunes being read?
I was just kidding.
I didn't expect people to crowd around,
begging for their fortunes to be read.
What happened?
The lifelines of all those people on
the train have come to a sudden stop.
What do you mean they've
come to a sudden stop?
This train is going to be in an accident.
Aditya... Aditya?
The train that departed from Rome this
morning at 10 a.m., met with an accident.
About a 100 people have died and the
number of casualties are coming up.
There are still many people
trapped under the rubble,
and rescue missions are on the way.
About 20 people have been rescued
and have been moved to the hospital.
The death toll might be more.
Just awaiting the authorities to confirm.
Who wouldn't know him, dear?
They say that if he predicts something,
it's a given.
He is considered to be the
Einstein in the field of palmistry.
How is Aditya?
Why are you asking about him?
You know that I have the best
intentions at heart for you.
If you believe me, please stop
associating yourself with Aditya.
I am telling you this for your own good.
I don't understand what you're getting at.
You are in love, Prerana.
That is why you are
unable to understand this.
You are unable to think
about this logically.
Does Aditya know about your condition?
Listen dear,
given the condition you are in,
even if you get close to someone
or even leave someone behind,
it is only going to lead to pain.
But not love.
We have come quite far,
if you tell me what you wanted to say,
then we can go back.
Can we really change our destiny, Aditya?
It's impossible to change one's destiny,
That day, I got very emotional and tried
to stop the train and ran behind it.
Tell me what's written in my destiny.
Think carefully.
All your secrets will be out.
I want you to know all my secrets,
that's why I am showing you my palm.
I know that the palm has
lines and folds on them.
I didn't know that they could be woven
in such beautiful pattern like yours.
If you get sucked into those patterns,
you might not be able to get out.
Be careful.
Your love line!
It looks like Time has written
your love story like a fairy tale.
Meeting the person you are bound
to fall in love with is a miracle.
But, being loved is a struggle.
You are going to fall in love
with a tall handsome man.
You will get married to him as well.
You are going to have a cute twins.
Like you.
Your lifeline is exactly like you.
Full of life!
You fill the people around you with light.
You are going to fulfill
your dream in your 40th year.
You are going to build a hospital.
You are going to save countless lives.
At 74 years, you are going to receive the
most prestigious award in medical field.
You are going to live your 100
years to the fullest, Prerana.
Prerana... Prerana? Wake up.
- Prepare Dexamethasone.
- Okay, sir.
Close the curtains.
Sir..Sir.. What happened to Prerana?
Don't you know of her condition?
Condition? What do you mean?
She is suffering from a rare,
incurable tumor.
There is no cure for her disease.
We don't have the technology to know
how far the tumor has progressed.
As far as we know, she has no more
than two or three months to live.
Do you think death is a joke?
Do you know what death is?
Can we change our destiny?
Haven't all the scanning reports
come back as normal, sir?
How are you feeling, Prerana?
Is it possible for me to experience
the future that you predicted...
in the next two months?
Leave, Aditya.
I don't know how to act like I am dying.
I don't know what these doctors or reports
or even these machines say, Prerana.
My predictions have never gone wrong.
And it will not happen
in your case either.
You have a long life, Prerana.
Every single thing that
I saw on your palm,
you are going to see it yourself too.
What the hell are you doing?
You came to the hospital to read out
some superstitious fortune telling?
Do you even know what
you are talking about?
Get out! Security!
It's true, sir.
Nothing is going to happen to Prerana.
She has a long life.
Even if I explained it to you,
you wouldn't understand.
Sir! Sir!
Please! No.No.
You fate is much stronger
than the report they wrote...
...or the reason they gave, Prerana.
Nobody can change it.
If anyone says it's impossible,
tell them that Vikram Aditya said so!
What is this, sir?
I am leaving, Subba Rao.
Back to my ship. Back to my work.
What prompted this change suddenly, sir?
After watching Prerana,
I realized the value of life.
Even though she has a lot of problems,
she always remained happy and positive.
And here I am.
I don't have any problems,
but I still bothered you all.
- Okay.
- Sir! We will miss you.
Anyway, this is my ship address.
If you have some information about
Prerana's health, reach out to me.
Sure sir.
You are going to experience every bit
of life that I saw written on your palm.
You have a long life, Prerana.
- Hello?
- St. Joseph's hospital?
I am calling from
Destino hospital in Rome.
I sent you Prerana's file.
Did you go through it?
Your patient won't survive
for more than 3 months.
She is in a very advanced stage.
I'm shocked to know she is still alive.
No chance!
She is in her final stage,
has zero chances of survival.
What are you doing?
Are you going to believe some
nonsense spouted by that fellow?
We are doctors, Prerana.
We believe the medical evidence.
Not the lines of fate.
Uncle, I am not a doctor now.
I am just a patient.
I need hope more than I need evidence.
The only hope we have is medicine.
Don't ridicule my forty
years of experience,
based on what that Palm Reader said,
Until now, except Aditya, no one
has told me that I am going to live.
Aditya's predictions
have never gone wrong.
I've seen his predictions come true,
right before my very eyes.
I can't simply watch by,
when a logical girl I
know is being deceived.
Truth is much greater than belief.
Only medicine will save you.
Not those superstitious beliefs.
I am going to make him admit to this.
What are the cases for today?
He died of a stomach infection.
We still don't know
the cause of her death.
We need to conduct a
postmortem investigation.
I want you to give me the hand
prints of all these four dead bodies.
This church is no longer in service.
If this is converted into a library,
at the very least,
it could prove useful to the students.
Sir, Vikramaditya.
Hi, sir.
I've heard a lot about you.
Judging from your tone,
I can tell that you haven't
heard good things about me.
You take a look at a palm
and predict the future.
And you predict the past just
by the tone of the voice?
I called you here to judge your skills.
I want you to tell me the
future of these ten people.
Only then will I be able to understand
what a great palmist you are.
What is this, sir?
Why do you need to do this?
It's for Prerana.
It's to make sure she isn't
deceived by a cheat like you.
I wasn't able to convince her of the
kind of a fraudulent person you are.
I am going to prove to her that your
fortune telling is nothing but lies.
Please believe me, sir.
Nothing is going to happen to her.
She has a long life.
Stop it!
Stop this nonsense!
These aren't palm prints
of ten different people.
These are left and the right palm
prints of five different people.
Age 74.
Male, laborer.
He has two wives and six children.
He died of a stomach infection.
She is a 23-year-old female.
She was poisoned to death.
She is pregnant as well.
We didn't finish conducting a
postmortem investigation on that body.
The postmortem investigation
was done this morning.
He is right.
Fifty years.
Heart attack.
31 years...
He was addicted to drugs.
It was drug overdose.
And these are our Dean Sir prints.
Age 65.
He is well-respected in the society.
Very successful doctor.
He is still alive.
Should I tell you how and
when he is going to die?
Will Prerana really live?
Did you meet Aditya?
He said that you are going to survive.
So, you are going to live.
I just don't know how.
I am very happy today Aditya!
What are going to do with this happiness?
Along with hundred dancers...
In a ballroom...
Dressed in a best costume...
And dance with you.
You know how to dance?
Your father said that he would help you
become the world's biggest businessman.
And yet, you forgo all his help and
want to try your hand at politics?
He recently went to Italy
to meet Vikram Aditya.
What did he predict?
This November 20th you will
be taking over your company.
That's today.
But here I am, playing golf with you guys.
Sir, your father..
This 20th of November,
you are going to take over your company.
You have no other option.
Boys are like these bubbles.
They keep moving about around us.
And when you try to catch one,
they disappear.
My Aditya isn't that sort.
Your Aditya?
He isn't like all the other boys.
He drove 300 km on his bike
in rain to meet Prerana.
when are you going to confess to Aditya?
He invited me for dinner at his place.
After dinner, I'm going to look for a
good opportunity and confess to him.
- Welcome!
- Thank you.
Mother, this is Prerana.
Namaste, Aunty.
- This is for you.
- Hello, Prerana.
The saree is really pretty, Prerana.
I am reminded of Banaras in India.
- This type of weaving is available there..
- Mom...
I'll show the house to Prerana.
My mother liked the saree a lot.
Her favorite color is Red.
Your mother's eyes are very beautiful.
- Very classical eyes.
- Yeah.
Did John Lennon take your autograph?
This is my room.
My dad. When I was young.
Oh? Sorry.
Aadi, looks like your dish is ready.
Check on it, will you?
Do you cook?
You know how to cook. You speak well.
How is it that such a good guy
like you isn't married yet?
Sit down. I'll be right back.
Flirtation ship with Tasha.
It was a day I met an angel.
The day I feared I had fallen in love.
Days, hours, minutes and seconds...
Even when I use these parameters,
I can never measure how happy I really am.
Who are you?
When we first met, I thought
that the universe made a mistake.
But I understood that the universe loved
making the mistake of making us meet.
I saw a lot of girls
who were crazy for me.
This is the first time I'm seeing myself,
as someone who has gone crazy for you.
- Dinner is ready.
- Okay.
How is my curry?
Not bad, but aunt's lentil dish is better.
Sorry... Sorry... Sorry.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, buddy.
Prerana, this is Vedanth...
my worst friend!
My mother's favorite son.
Earlier you gave her your phone number.
And now you got her home.
Are you sure that there's
no love line in your palm?
Okay, everyone.
All the best Aunty for
the London Dance Festival.
- Thank you, Prerana.
- Cheers!
[IN UNISON] Cheers!
I thought you are going to say that
after giving me those three kisses.
I am so sorry, Aunty.
Actually, that day..
Do you believe in all these?
I started believing in
miracles after meeting you.
[IN UNISON] I want to say something.
You go first.
Prerana, time spent with
you just goes by in a flash.
You beat me at my own
game of Flirtation ship.
After my mother's performance
at the dance festival,
I am moving to another place, Prerana.
I will not be coming back ever.
I will come with you.
I won't even ask where we are going.
I just want to be with you.
Please, Aditya.
I cannot live without you, Aditya.
I love you Adi..
I am not fated to love, Prerana.
Ninety nine percent.
I knew for sure that you
would come to meet me.
How are you, master?
Just surviving by writing books.
A lot of people here like
the book that you didn't.
Palmistry 99% science.
Until recently,
even I was hoping this would be true.
What happened recently, Aditya?
Prerana came into my life.
Why is it that we met when we
are not supposed to have met?
Why am I feeling love when
it isn't written in my fate?
Are my thoughts wrong?
Or is it the treatise
that I believe in wrong?
No treatise is ever 100% right, Aditya.
Whether you believe it or not,
this is true, Aditya.
Did you ever see your predictions
turn out wrong, Master?
I wanted to witness my predictions
turning wrong at least once.
After I met Prerana,
I couldn't even bear the thought
that my predictions could be wrong.
I want the predictions I made of
her future to be a 100% correct.
Every time I read someone's palm,
I could predict their
future with 100% accuracy.
99 % of people out of 100%,
would simply accept the prediction
I made for them and believe it.
But that 1% person would not
believe me and do what they want to.
They are the ones who
write their own fates.
I never saw that one
percent of the people.
That 1% of people are the
ones who lead the world.
Legacies are made of the
stories of their lives.
It's the day I am supposed to
bid my final farewell to Prerana.
Will I really be able to do that?
Can I even leave after I tell her that?
But I have to go.
I have to go, master.
I am very happy that I got to meet you.
All the best!
A master shouldn't read a disciple's palm,
I don't know how much
longer I am going to live.
I've read the palm of many
great men during my lifetime.
Yours is the only one that's left.
This is the final day
I spend with Prerana.
It is the day that I hand over the
responsibility of looking after my mom,
to my best friend.
Ah! Aditya?
Today is the day that I am going to be
leaving behind all those who loved me,
and those whom I love.
The very last day of Vikram
Aditya on this earth.
Prerana being alive is more important
to me than changing my fate, master.
I am very scared of death.
To cure myself of that fear, I practice
dying for two minutes every day.
I am going to be staying
here for a few days.
And I want to spend
all that time with you.
You are going to live!
You are going to live!
Yes, Prerana! You are going to live.
You are going to live!
William Sydney Cancer Foundation
has found a cure for your disease.
They are going to be starting
human trials next week.
You are right, Prerana.
All of Aditya's predictions were right.
Whatever he says, happens.
I don't understand why they've made
neurosurgery such a complex subject.
No matter how many times I read it,
- I don't understand it.
- Why is he here?
Look at this.
You said no and yet you are here?
I need to speak to Prerana once.
Tell me what you want to say to her.
I'll convey the message.
I think it would be better
if I tell her personally.
That's not possible.
Whether you tell me or her,
it's the same thing.
Are you sure?
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What is he doing?
- He is proposing to you.
- Oh no!
Could you please give this to Prerana?
Hair clip?
You made such a fuss about giving
her such a cheap hair clip?
You know how much it costs.
But I know how valuable that is.
When Prerana and I went on
a date for the first time,
I saw a cute smile on her face
when she looked at that clip.
And within a few moments,
someone picked up the clip and left.
I ran behind his bike.
I missed him.
But I got his bike number.
I took 3 buses,
2 trains and a horse carriage ride,
all the while straining my back,
and finally managed to
secure his bike address.
Now, how much is that worth?
500 bucks?
After I worked hard to get
the bike number, I found that,
that bike belonged to a rental agency.
And the person who
bought it was a tourist.
he went to South Africa with the clip.
I wrote letters to him.
I telegraphed him.
I did not get a response.
I made 44 international calls as well.
5000 bucks!
Even though I persuaded him a lot,
He refused to give me that clip.
I got the exact clip made in gold,
studded with diamonds and gave it to him.
That is when that idiotic
fellow mailed me the clip.
[IN UNISON] 50 thousand bucks!
Finally, when the courier
containing the clip came home,
My mother saw that and
thought it was for her.
I lied to my mother for a hair clip
that was worth a mere half a rupee.
I told her that this isn't mine.
Guess the price of lying to my mother?
Tomorrow, I am leaving Prerana.
We were happy when we met.
Let's break up happily as well.
I have a small request before I leave.
I want to have one last dance
with you in a huge ballroom,
with a hundred dancers.
Okay? Okay.
Thank you...
You do know how to dance, right?
Okay... Okay.
Forget about yesterday and tomorrow.
Let's spend this day like it is our last.
"You... I believed in you."
"What was my crime?"
"You... I longed for you."
"What shall I give to get you?"
"I'm the Sun of past. You
are the moon of future."
"You'd come only after I'm gone."
"This journey is a must. This
is the transfer of day parts."
"You are the moonlight."
"You are the glowing moonlight."
"You are the never diminishing moonlight."
For me.
"I exist just because of you,"
"never go away."
"I too will come..."
"To the shore you go."
"Don't you have the time..."
"To do this small help I ask?"
"You don't need to ask for a help."
"You are the infinity with no limits."
"You are the glowing moonlight."
"You are the never diminishing moonlight."
do you even know what you're doing..
That train accident changed my life.
When I was small,
my father held my hand and walked me.
Now, I lost my father and my hand.
I dreamt of becoming an archer.
Is it going to remain just a dream?
For the first time in my life,
I want to know about my future.
Will you tell my future, Aditya?
What? You think people who don't
have a hand have no future?
That means I can write my
future the way I want it to be.
Good luck.
You have to stop this, Prerana.
Tomorrow is your surgery.
If you are going to be this way,
I cannot operate on you.
Uncle, I am unable to forget Aditya.
Aditya left saying that
he isn't fated to love.
How do you think it's right
for you to keep crying for him?
Uncle, Aditya's prediction,
with regards Love, is wrong.
I am going to disprove his
prediction and show him.
No one can change the destiny.
All the older gentlemen were
smitten by your mother's dance.
It was good, wasn't it?
I was really anxious.
What's going on?
You're looking at me all anew.
You are looking so beautiful.
I told you that I am going out of town,
Are you going to meet Prerana?
She is a really sweet girl.
She loves you so much.
Don't leave her and go
like you are leaving me.
You loved me more than your life.
How did you think you can ever hide it,
You searched for love in
the lines on your palm.
If you searched for my love,
you would have found it.
Between the both of us,
if only one is fated to live.
It should be you.
I am going to prove that your
prediction is wrong, Aditya.
You have a long life.
It's your Prerana.
The ones leading this entire world are
those one percentage of the people.
- Hello?
- Hello?
This is Aditya speaking.
Aditya? Where did you go?
I've been trying to get in
touch with you since yesterday.
How is Prerana?
Aditya, Prerana met with a huge accident.
Her condition is quite serious.
We are going to be operating
on her within an hour.
But... she is not fighting to live.
I need to speak to Prerana.
One minute... I'll connect to the mike.
She moved her hand.
- She reacted.
- Is it?
I love you Prerana!
I love you Prerana!
You are my very breath.
I realized is very late.
If you are ready to die for me,
I can live for you.
Prerana, I am coming for you.
Can you live for me?
Tell me, Prerana?
I am coming.
Will you live for me?
I am coming for you.
You should live for me.
Name Prerana. Age 26 years.
Chief Surgeon Dr. Chakravarthy. Assistant
Surgeons, Dr. Victor and Dr. Samuel.
Time - 12:08.
Date - 26th November.
Stop... Stop...
I should go to the Airport.
It's very urgent.
Airports are closed for a
week due to heavy rains, sir.
I need to go to Rome.
It's an emergency.
There's just one way.
Somebody is getting into our ship.
Hey! Give me your hand.
Hey, Aditya!
Aditya, what are you doing here?
I need to meet Prerana urgently.
I heard that this ship goes to Rome.
Okay... Okay... Okay.
Let's go inside and talk.
We are ready to depart.
- I'm missing my son so much.
Roxie, come up.
What's this?
Let me check!
Come on.
Captain, we need you in the control room.
Doctor, how is she?
We are trying our level best.
Let's hope everything goes well.
Hey, what's going on here?
- I don't understand the weather.
- Is it?
We received this, sir.
It's looks like Tsunami.
Oh god damn! What's happening?
Prepare for an impact.
Brace for an impact!
Full power!
I need full power, guys.
Everybody, hold on!
Hold on!
the lightening conductor is broken.
What happened?
Go! Go!
Get a life jacket and go
to the boats immediately.
Abandon the ship! Everyone... Everyone.
Sir, this is the last boat on the ship.
- No, did you check the entire ship?
- I checked the entire ship sir,
there is no one left.
Please, get onto the boat.
There's one percent of the people.
They write their own fates.
Prerana... Prerana?
We left someone.
We have to go back.
Impossible, sir.
If we go back, we all will die.
I don't give a damn!
You think you are some Romeo?
He died for love.
I am not that kind of person.
Our fate is not tied to
the lines on our palms.
It's tied to our actions.