Radioflash (2019) Movie Script

You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
Focus on the solution,
not the problem.
Congratulations! You've been
dealt a royal flush!
Royal flush.
What does that mean?
Royal flush.
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
Where's the handle?
You take the six, three..
Twenty-one, twenty-three..
Four hundred and forty-four.
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've been dealt a royal flush!
You've escaped!
She's that new age sound
from the wave comin'
Comin' comin' comin'
One of the biggest competitions
of eSports..
Got her head in the clouds
with it so she wants it
...stay awake
they don't understand
There's a place I can make
everything I am
She's that new age sound
in the sky you wonder
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
She's a dim lit face
just to move along
She says you got to go
got to go
Where the times go
...they don't understand
There's a place I can make
everything I am
I see connections being lost
but what do I know?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world are we livin' in?
What world are we livin' in?
What world are we livin' in?
Do yo know who you are?
Do yo know who you are?
She's that new age sound
from the wave comin'
What world are we livin' in?
What world..
Finally. Real food.
Yeah, I figured you were due
for more tonight.
Mm. I needed this.
Yeah. Me too.
Hey, Moon Brines,
mom loved those.
Your mom would eat
mold off the kitchen floor.
She'd eat anything ghoulish.
She'd eat pickles,
she'd eat okra.
Oh, she'd braise it. Ugh!
What's that?
It's, like, frying, but
you have the lid on the pan.
Made the whole house
smell for weeks.
It was disgusting.
So, how's the game comin'?
Slow. Zeb's trying to help me
but I just feel like programming
languages are so antiquated.
Oh, so you're more
like Jobs than Woz.
Exactly. Like, I can picture it
in my head but..
What was that?
You okay?
I'll go get a flashlight.
Or, we could do that.
I... I don't have any service.
Looks like
the whole neighborhood's out.
Lucky your iPad
wasn't plugged in.
Still no internet.
So frustrating.
Oh, come on. It's an adventure.
And a much needed break
from this.
Uh, it's not about that.
It's the fact that
I can't get answers.
Answers to what?
To this blackout,
whatever it is.
I think I saw some books
in grandpa's shop.
Something about power walls,
power lines.
Yeah, look, your grandpa,
I can take in small doses
but you are gonna have
to stay a little more grounded.
You got enough alternate reality
as it is.
It's not alternate,
it's virtual.
W... well, it's..
This is torture.
Wow. Wait, is that permanent?
Yeah. He had that mustache
for two weeks.
I bet his mom loved that.
Here, let me see this.
Oh, so now you wanna see?
Well, if we're lookin' at photos
I think you can
cut me some slack.
It's kind of analog.
Don't you think?
- Mm.
- Mm.
Mom looks so young.
Yeah, we were.
I didn't even have a car.
Your mom had to take me to work
pick me up from work.
Ah, that's you.
Our little larva.
That's what your mom would say.
Our little larva.
For like three months,
you didn't move.
The only thing
that would move is your eyes.
You'd just sit there like this.
Your mom used to call it
your larva stage.
She looked so cute.
- Reese..
- You're right.
We need a break from this.
It's hard for me too, sweetie.
"The phenomena known more
widely throughout the world
"as electromagnetic pulse
or EMP.
"The term originated
in the early 1950s
"primarily associated
with the click
"typically heard
on radio receivers
when a nuclear bomb
was detonated."
Okay. See the solution,
not the problem.
Here goes nothin'.
CQ-CQ-CQ. This is
calling CQ-20 CQ-20.
CQ-20, hello, CQ, this is
standing by.
It looks like the entire
western grid took a hit.
I hate to put forward a worst
case scenario here, but, uh
evidence seems to suggest
an Electro-Magnetic Pulse.
You're just now
figurin' that out?
- Chris? Chris?
- Grandpa?
Reese. Honey, is this you?
Yeah, grandpa, it's me.
Oh, so good to hear your voice.
Are you alright?
Yeah, grandpa. We're fine.
Listen, Reese, this, this..
You got a blackout down there,
Is, is... is it a radioflash?
It's been a long time
since I've heard that term
but, yes, Reese,
that's exactly what this is.
How did you know that?
I found one of your books
in the shop.
I need to talk to your dad,
Is he there?
He's asleep.
Well, it's not a good idea
to have you on the road anyway
but I'm gonna need you
to get up here to me.
Both of you.
First thing tomorrow.
I know he's gonna have
a lotta questions
but you got to promise me
you'll get him on the radio
first thing in the morning.
Okay, I promise.
While we're on..
You're gonna need
some things for the road.
Do you think you can get 'em
together for me, Reese?
There's a cabinet
right in front of ya.
Third drawer down.
A boundary county map
with a highlighted route.
I got it.
There should be
a short range radio
right there on the com bay
in front of you.
Is... is it there? Short range.
Only five miles tops and I know
you've been here before
but without that GPS
it's gonna be hard to find
so y... you got to radio me
when you get in range
and I'll guide you in.
It's probably gonna need to be
charged too, that radio.
So you, you've got a charger
on the generator.
You know how to charge our
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
I... I got it.
Good. Now..
- Grandpa?
- Yeah?
Should I be scared?
You're gonna be fine, Reese.
We got a plan.
Okay, copy that.
Um, I'll call you tomorrow.
I love you, Reese. Be safe now.
What the shit?
Why don't you try those shelves
behind you?
You're lookin' for opiates,
I'm lookin' for penicillin.
You might want to try those
shelves behind you
for oxycodone and morphine.
Go ahead.
Dad. Dad?
Still out.
What about your cell?
No service,
but I talked to grandpa.
I called him
on the radio in the shop.
I'm confused.
So the shop has power?
No, I... I used a car battery
and some cables.
Grandpa said that this is
really serious.
We need to head to his house.
He wan... he wants to
talk to you right away.
Okay, j... just slow down.
Honey, okay?
First of all, we're not going
to your grandpa's.
Second, coffee.
You don't have to
believe grandpa.
It's all right here.
That's from the shop?
Hmm. Look, I respect your
Without Frank and this house
who knows where we would
have been
with your mother's medical
But, we're not gonna just throw
common sense out
because he thinks
the world's gonna end.
And what if it is?
Then we're all in the same boat.
Yeah. A boat that's sinking.
It's gonna be a long day.
Grandpa, can you... can you
hear me?
Reese? You there?
Yeah. Grandpa, it's me.
Hey, Reese. You got your dad
there with you?
Yeah. Here, one sec.
Hey, Frank?
Chris. Good to hear your voice.
Now I know what's going
through your head right now
but you've got to trust me
on this one.
Uh, sweetie. Will you give me
a minute with your grandpa?
Alright, Frank.
It's just the two of us.
What's goin' on?
It's an EMP, Chris.
It's devastating.
It's wiped us out.
Wiped out the entire
Western United States.
- Chris?
- Yeah, I'm here.
Um... what do we do?
You get here as fast as you can.
You've got to get ahead of it.
You can't stay in that city.
Those city slickers are gonna
be scattering like cockroaches.
Some will be headed your way,
most will be headed for the hills
but you got to get ahead of it.
You got to move.
How much gas have you got
in your car?
Half a tank or so.
Well, top it off with what
you've got there in the shop.
There should be a couple of
containers in there.
Frank, did you plan this?
How did you know
Reese would find the radio?
Shot in the dark.
I figured one of you would
remember it was there
and if she hadn't of,
I'd be headed your way
right now. Believe me.
Frank, you sure about this?
I've got everything we need
to weather it here long term.
It'll be a safe place
for you and Reese.
I promise you that.
This is the real deal, Chris.
The clock is tickin'.
You've got to get moving.
You hear me?
Okay, we're on our way.
Thanks, Frank. Over and out.
Alright. Everyone just calm
down. Alright. Take a breath.
Looks to be a pretty
standard power outage.
Oh, standard my ass.
And if those main
transformers are out
it's gonna be two years at best.
And I'm sure that
there's contingency plans
for this sort
of thing. Right, officer?
The only plan you got to be
concerned with
is how much food,
fuel and water you got.
I give another 24 hours before
the shit hits the fan.
You ain't got to take
my word for it.
Everything you need to know
is right here.
Why don't you fire that thing up
and see what the boss
has to say.
That's what I thought.
It's probably best
you don't think.
- Huh?
- Easy, Stan.
This is a slippery slope, son.
Before you know it,
it's... it's martial law.
Best thing you can do
is go back to your homes
wait it out, we'll get the power
back on before you know it.
Stay hydrated, get your
flashlights and candles ready
just in case it's a couple hours
but it won't be more than that.
Okay? Everything's fine.
Reese, you ready?
Whoa. Everything's shut down.
I thought all the stores
were closed.
This one happens to be
the only store open.
People seem a little
worked up about this.
Whoa! Okay. Careful, sweetie.
A lot of people in here.
Remember to get water, okay?
Hey! Hey, come back! Hey!
No, guys, one line.
Oi, you don't need
that much popcorn! Stop.
Let go! I got kids at home!
We've got to go, sweetie.
Come on.
How you doing?
Nineteen percent.
I keep hoping grandpa's wrong.
Means that he wasn't
so crazy after all.
Ah, hang on a second.
What is this? What's this?
This is really bad.
Is there another way?
On the other side
of the mountain.
We should try it but it will add
another hour at least.
Yeah, we don't know how bad
those roads are gonna be.
Thank you.
Mother Earth... forgives us
and who gives us the... the land
the earth, the rain
and all living creatures.
Teach us to... have respect
have the heart to never take
more than what we give.
To only take what we need.
Teach us.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on, I'm tired of waiting.
Let's go see if we can help.
Come on. Come on.
There's cars
as far as I can see.
We should be careful.
- Mom, I don't know..
- I'm gonna drive.
Oh. Sorry.
- You're not taking my truck!
- Just get out of the way.
No, just wait.
Wait, wait here a second.
How's she doing? Got a pulse?
Back to the car, now!
Let's go. Reese!
You okay, sweetie?
I'm sorry you had to see that.
People behaving like animals.
She died, didn't she?
Wait. What mile marker
did you see last?
126, I think.
- I think we missed it.
- Missed what?
The turn off.
Like, five miles back.
Oh, what?
- Aah, dad!
- Aah!
Reese. Reese?
Hey. You okay, sweetie?
It's dad. I'm here.
- Honey?
- Oh.
It's okay.
Don't ever do that to me.
You had me scared. Oh, sweetie.
What? Where are we?
We took a little crash.
You got a little bump on the
side of your head here, sweetie.
You were out most of the night.
We're just a little ways
off the road, okay?
So we need to get our stuff,
get out, get some help.
- Where's the radio?
- Reese.
- Where's the radio?
- Just take a breath, okay?
Your adrenalin just spiked.
You need to slow down.
Grandpa's been waiting for us
all night.
- He's probably freaking out.
- Grandpa is fine.
I'm worried about you. Reese.
- Grandpa, can you hear me?
- Reese.
Grandpa, it's Reese.
Do you hear me?
Reese. Four miles, remember.
He said four miles.
W... we're too far out.
What was the last mile marker
we saw?
Uh, 126, I think.
Okay, that means
we're by the falls.
- Falls?
- Kootenai Falls.
Alright, honey, try your side
'cause I can't get out
this side.
Oh, perfect.
Okay. Come on, let's go.
- You're bleeding.
- Where?
Oh, no, it's nothing.
Just a little bashed up
on my left side is all.
- Grab my bag, sweetie.
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, thanks.
I'm gonna grab the compass
off the dash.
Grab that canteen, babe.
Give me some of that
sweet water.
Uh, that is the best
toilet water ever.
Let's have a look at this map.
- Where's the river?
- Right there.
So we're like..
Oh, t... twenty miles away,
Well, I mean,
that's if we take the highway.
If we stay on the river, that
will shave off, like five miles.
- There's a bridge we can cross.
- Mm.
Well, I don't know about you
I've had just about enough
of the highway.
You wanna take our chances
with the river?
What do you think? Yeah?
How far is that bridge?
Uh, it should be pretty close.
Maybe we should have just
stayed on the road.
The road is far gone now.
we've got to keep moving.
Can you please
let me have your bag?
No, come on.
Dad, I'm serious, stop.
Okay, alright. If you insist.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Dad. The bridge.
What are you doing?
Coming. Huh.
Good job. Good job.
It's beautiful.
Works like a filter.
The Native Americans
used to use this stuff
for, like, everything.
I mean, it's edible,
it works like a medicine.
Here, you try it.
You need to stay hydrated.
It works.
Dad, are you okay?
No, stop. I'm okay. I'm okay.
- Let me look. I have...
- Stop, stop.
- Let me see.
- Honey, honey, no, no.
Some things
don't have an answer.
Look, sweetie..
You were born
in a different time than I was.
Anything you wanna know
at the end of your fingertips.
things just don't make sense.
I don't know why your mom
was taken from us
the way she was.
What I do know..
Is that
she would be pissed off..
If she thought we wasted
one second of this life
one moment.
It's about this.
It's about the forest.
The moss.
It's about us.
It's about you and me together.
Now you, you tell me.
You tell me
how the Native Americans
used moss for medicine.
Okay, but you have to
let me see first.
But, uh, it looks worse
than it is, okay?
Oh, no, no, sweetie, it's okay.
It's okay.
Daddy's okay.
It's, it doesn't hurt.
- Reese.
- What?
Give me... give me...
Give me a hand.
- Dad.
- Reese, get help.
No, I'm not gonna
leave you, dad. Stop.
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Somebody help!
You two have been through a lot.
His body's just trying to regain
some of what it lost.
You come up from the city,
I take it?
I imagine things must be getting
pretty ugly out there.
Well, I take pause
in saying it, but..
Some of the folks around here
welcomed all that wreckage.
But they don't want
city folk up here
especially in times like these.
I can't say I blame them much.
You see those mountains
over yonder?
They call that the Yaak.
That's real backwoods territory.
Trappers, old gold-rushers
even some outlaws
hiding up there.
Folks got another thing coming
if they think they can
just run for them hills.
Boy, this, uh
this power outage,
whatever it is..
It really did a number
on all of us.
Marilynn, my wife..
She's stuck in North
Carolina at her sisters.
Luke, my son..
Well, we..
We haven't heard from him
in over a decade.
Yeah, when he was your age
he spent almost
every waking hour out there
in the pasture riding horses.
Some days the memories just
kind of knock the wind
clean out of me.
- Here, let me...
- No.
I'm gonna get some fresh water.
Don't worry. I'll sit with him.
He... he... he just stopped
Okay, let's have a look
at this map.
This is where we are.
And this is where
your grandpa is.
I never have been able
to figure out
those smart telephones.
We never dreamed of such things
when we was kids.
Yeah, I guess us old fogies
just carry on like we used to.
Those mountains
sure are pretty, huh?
You know,
they say there's only..
Two kinds of mountain people.
Those chasing a dream..
And those who are being chased.
My folks was being chased.
Come up from Oklahoma.
Dust Bowl run 'em out.
Well, they were
some of the lucky ones
to leave when they did.
You know, over 7000 people
lost their lives.
Dust pneumonia.
And it always puzzled me
Our folks taught us that
we was created from dust
and to the dust we would return.
I never figured on dust
being the killer.
My point is..
If both life and death is dust..
There ain't no use in worrying
which side you're on.
What's this fella up to?
Reese, you better get
in the back, just to be safe.
I mean it, honey,
get in the back.
You stay out of sight.
Thanks for not running me over.
People don't seem too keen
on picking up
strangers around here.
Well, I guess you found
the dumb one.
What's the trouble?
Well, just a little lost is all.
- Where you headed?
- Lewiston.
Well, that's about 60 miles...
This is a pretty handy
little camper you got back here.
How much fuel you got
in this thing?
About half a tank.
That's not too bad considering.
- Son, what do you want?
- Get out of the truck.
I asked you nicely,
now get out of the truck.
Okay, alright. Alright, alright.
There's no need for that.
- No need for that.
- Now, get out.
Listen, son, you don't wanna do
anything stupid.
You got to pay to play, baby.
Oh, look at her eyes.
Ain't she pretty?
Who are you?
Well, I think
that's a hell of a question
for you to be asking me.
Uh, now, just a minute.
- You are in no condition...
- No, you don't understand.
Take a seat, young lady.
Now, it is incumbent upon me
to remind you that
you was trespassing on our land.
Now I am willing
to forgive the intrusion
but I am not willing
to forgive in your trespass
the insult to us
by denying our hospitality.
So, why don't you just sit tight
do us both a favor,
and let Maw put supper on.
Oh, Reese.
Uh. Mm.
Don't be shy, honey.
Go on, eat up.
First time tasting bear?
Ain't no finer meat than bear.
Closest kin to a bear
is the pig.
Both smell as bad too.
What's your name, honey?
- Reese.
- What?
No, no. That's a good name.
This is my son, Bill
and that's my grandson, Quinn,
over there in the corner.
He'd as soon tear meat
with the coyotes
as sit upright at a table. Ha.
Well, now that
we all know each other
why don't you tell us..
What you and your daddy
were doing
nosing around our property?
- He's not my dad.
- Oh?
I don't know who that man is.
Well, why were you running
with him then, hm?
I... I wasn't.
A... a guy, a farmer named Glenn
he was driving me
to my grandpa's house
and that man waved us over.
I hid in the back of the camper
and he stopped
and then I heard a shot.
I didn't move until we got here.
Wow, Bill, seems like
you was justified
in killing that man. Hmm?
What was you doing out here
in the first place?
The power, it's out.
- The power in the city?
- Everywhere.
All the stores were closed.
There was no food or water.
Why, see, that's why
we live in the woods.
Power ain't the problem
for people out here.
Well, you're safe now
here with us.
No, you don't understand.
I can't stay here.
I have to get
to my grandpa's house.
I guess you expect us
to take you
and suffer the same fate
as that farmer.
No, I... I can go on my own.
Oh, what?
And run off in the night?
You think
that man was a predator?
You just wait
till them wolves smell ya.
You'll be dead so fast
you won't hear your ghost
Why, the way I see it
my son saved your life.
And you could do us a favor by
well, relaxing into the
courtesies that we're offering.
There's a cot in the attic.
You can sleep there tonight.
Where are we off to?
Billy, she's runnin'!
Go get her, boy.
What do you want from me?
I said, go get her.
Just get away from me! Get away!
You a caterpillar now.
But come morning,
gonna be a little butterfly.
Get away!
Bring me the girl.
There you are.
It's alright now.
You come here and sit with Maw.
I made you some tea.
You like rocking chairs?
They're my favorite.
Don't use 'em no more
on account of my knees.
Go on. Give it a little push.
You can go now, Billy.
Go on, Billy.
She ain't goin' nowhere, son.
She'd just as soon be in hell
with a broke back
then be locked
in that cellar again.
Ain't that right, Reese?
Here, drink your tea.
Now, ain't this relaxin'?
While the world
beyond them trees is burnin'
we're sittin' here havin' tea.
What do you suppose them city
folks is doin' right now, hm?
You think
they're helpin' each other?
Makin' a plan? Hm?
Well, my guess is..
It's just about separatin'
the wheat from the tares.
And maybe the tares
is overcomin' the wheat. Hmm?
One thing for certain.
Half of them ain't never gonna
make it to harvest.
Why are you keeping me here?
It's called tough love, Reese.
Reese, I do like your name.
Now, what do you suppose
would've happened
if we let you run off
the other night, hmm?
Well, let me tell you.
Instead of draggin' you out
of the cellar today
we would have been layin'
your young body in a grave.
Minute I saw you
I knew you belonged here.
Uh, no, it ain't no coincidence
that a lovely young lady
like yourself
stumbles onto our lonesome path.
You have no idea how hard it is
watchin' those boys grow up
with no companion except
a crippled old woman.
Just ain't right.
Now, you can decide for yourself
what kind of folks
you think we are.
Whether we're
the type that takes
or the type that gives.
And if you believe the latter
well then you are home.
But if you believe otherwise
unfortunately, it becomes
a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Now, you can decide
to join our home
or you can decide to go back..
Into the cellar.
So, what's it gonna be. Hm?
I'd rather be back
in the cellar.
Billy! Billy!
Wait, wait.
Grandpa? Can you hear me?
Grandpa, it's Reese can you..
Can you hear me?
One of these days,
that boy's gonna hit you back.
Your name's Quinn, right?
Look, Quinn..
I really need your help.
I got to get out of here.
H... how would you
find your way?
I have a map.
You could come with me.
You'd be safe.
Look, Quinn,
do you know where the key is?
Pa keeps it with him.
That can't be the only way.
Carpenter ants.
This wood is rotted.
Look, Quinn,
can you find a rope?
I'm right underneath you.
Are you okay?
Come on. We got to go fast.
Grab the rope.
Wait, wait, stop.
I want to try my grandpa.
Okay. It's almost dead.
Hey, grandpa?
Do you read? This is Reese.
If you can hear us
we're... we're by Pack River.
Please just.. Please help.
- It's dead.
- Come on. We got to keep moving.
We can't stop here. Let's go.
I'm sorry.
Let me take your pack.
No, I got it.
Rest here a minute.
Wait, where are you going?
You're weak. You need food.
I... I saw some berries.
I'm gonna go get us some.
Wait here, I'll... I'll be back.
He got you good.
Your eye.
Yeah. I... I'm used to it.
Don't hurt much anymore.
It's okay. I just want to see.
See what?
You clean up nice.
Do you recognize where we are?
I think this bend in the river
is just downstream
so we're probably here.
Wow! We're way closer
than I thought.
I think we'll make it.
What is it?
I can't go with you.
What do you mean?
Because he'll follow us
and he won't stop
until we're both dead.
When we get to my grandpa's,
we'll be okay.
He's not like your dad.
He'll take care of us.
Wh... why would he take me in?
Because you saved my life.
And you risked yours
trying to do it.
Let's go. We got to keep moving.
Take my hand.
We'll cross there.
It's the only way.
Nice and easy.
Take it slow.
You got this. Okay?
Come on. Watch your footing.
Don't look down.
Keep your eyes on me.
Almost there.
- What are you doing?
- It's throwing off my balance.
- Here, give it.. Oh!
- Oh!
Come on, we got to go.
Wh... what, what is it?
Come on, we got to keep moving.
Let's go.
Stay close.
I'm not afraid anymore.
I got you.
It's okay, sweetie.
You're alright.
We're gonna get you home now.
Grandpa had his ideas
about why it happened.
Said it was a false flag
an inside job. Who knows?
He was right about one thing.
We had everything we needed.
He'd even retrieved my backpack
from the stream
got my iPad
and phone working again.
We took our shifts chopping wood
pooled up our food supplies
and did
what any family would do
in our position.
We survived.
Where's Quinn?
And while I found my way back
to the real world
Quinn was finding
his way of escaping it.
I guess it's only
a matter of time
before the two worlds
meet again.
She's that new age sound
from the wave comin'
Comin' comin' comin'
Got her head in the clouds
But that's how she wants it
Wants it wants it wants it
...stay awake
they don't understand
There's a place I can make
everything I am
She's that new wave sound
and it's got me wonderin'
Wonderin' wonderin'
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world are you..
She's a dim lit face
just to move along
She says you got to go
you got to go
Where the times go
Times go times go
...they don't understand
There's a place I can make
everything I am
I see connections bein' lost
but what do I know?
Do I know I know
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world what world..
Do you know who you are?
Do you know who you are?
She's that new age sound
from the wave comin'
Comin' comin' comin'
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?
What world
are you livin' in?