Radius (2017) Movie Script

Hey! Hey!
What the hell?
Are you all right in there?
Hey, can you hear me?
Holy shit.
what is your emergency?
She's in some kind of
an accident or something.
- All right, sir, calm down.
- Where are you right now?
I just passed a sign
that said woodmore county.
- I'm sorry, you're breaking up.
- Can you repeat that again?
Shit. It's woodmore.
I don't know what the name
of the road is.
Sir, calm down.
Can I have your name please?
Yeah, it's...
Jesus Christ.
Hi there.
You've reached Liam Hartwell.
If you're calling concerning
a landscaping job,
please reach me on my cell
at 555-0968.
Leave a message at the beep.
If you would like to change
your welcome message, press 1.
Sheriff, are you ruling out the
possibility of biological warfare?
until proper autopsies
can be performed with...
We have to wait
for the coroner's report
before we can stipulate
what it is
Now, whether the air
is safe to breathe or not,
I can't say at this time.
Sir, over here!
Hey! Get out of here!
No! Go! Get out of here!
It's not safe!
You can't stay outside. Go!
Go home!
and he confirms
that the signs of death
the 29-year-old woman who was
found earlier this morning.
I also had an opportunity to talk
with sheriff laredo earlier on
concerning the current
state of affairs.
This is what he had to say.
We've established only
two occurrences so far.
One alongside route 131
going into woodmore
and the other at Sophie's
diner, just a few miles away.
So the good news for now is that
these incidents seem to be localized.
Now residents
in and around this area
are, of course, considerably
nervous about all this.
Hey! Shut the hell up!
But first,
a gripping interview
with the person who first made
this recent discovery,
Sophie's diner busboy,
Dylan keen,
who came in this morning late,
which might have actually
saved his life.
Oh, shit!
The woodmore string
of mysterious deaths.
The latter also confirmed
that the coroner's office
has officially ruled out the
possibility of an airborne virus
but is still uncertain as to
what is causing these deaths
and that the possibility
of a contagion
has not yet been dismissed.
In related news, many local
residents have been voicing concerns
about these deaths
being possibly related
to some form
of terrorist activity.
Oh, fuck.
We've got a window pane
back here.
The door's unlocked.
Mr. Hartwell,
are you in there?
It's woodmore police.
We found your truck.
We are coming in.
All right,
I'll go inside.
- You check the surroundings.
- Gotcha.
I'm gonna take
a look at the shed.
Uh, Tim, we've got
a situation over here.
Dead birds, white eyes,
like the shit at Sophie's
diner type of thing.
All right, screw this.
I'll meet you back at the car.
Oh, shit.
Is anybody in there?
- Stop!
- Who's in there?
You've got to get
away from here!
I just wanna talk to you.
No, don't come
any closer. Please!
Is your name Liam?
Are you Liam Hartwell?
Look, we can talk,
but just...
Look, just get away
from the shed.
- Why?
- Goddammit, just do what I say.
You need to get
away from me. Now!
I just wanna talk to you.
Do you know who I am?
No. Who are you?
I was in your truck.
We had an accident.
You were in the truck
with me?
I didn't see you
when I woke up.
Look, I'm sorry, but...
You're gonna have
to help me out here,
'cause I don't remember
any of it.
The truck, the crash, you.
I don't believe this.
I don't know who I am.
And I don't remember
anything either.
Wait, what do you mean?
Jesus Christ.
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on. What...
How is that even possible?
Look, can we go inside?
I wanna take a look around.
What's the matter?
Look, what don't you
just go inside and I'll...
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah, it is.
How did you know
to come here?
A cop told me the truck was
registered to a Liam Hartwell.
So here I am.
I didn't have
anything on me.
So I just figured
you were my best shot.
I mean, it was either that
or stay at the homeless shelter
and let some social worker
figure it out.
Was that you?
Look, I don't think
you live here.
I mean, I didn't find any
women's clothes or anything.
What's with all the tape?
They said there was
a virus or something.
That's what they
thought anyway.
Yeah, I heard about that.
I mean, you know
it's over, though, right?
They are saying it's not
in the air or anything.
I don't suppose you know
your password.
Your guess is
as good as mine.
Hey, if you thought
it wasn't safe outside,
then why were you
out there?
Are you okay?
Do you know some place
called smithburg or oakdale?
Here. County line.
It's right next
to a bridge.
And we were both there.
What is it?
Nothing. Let's get
out of here.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to
figure us out, that's all.
So, what do I call you?
Everybody's been calling
me Jane Doe.
I guess it's something
I've gotten used to.
All right, then.
I don't remember
this place at all.
We were here.
Damn it.
You know when you asked
me before if I knew you?
I didn't.
I still don't.
I just have
this feeling like...
I feel like I know you.
When I was at the hospital,
I had this dream.
I mean, I'm not even sure if
this is a real memory or not.
But in the dream, I'm a kid,
I'm like seven or eight,
and I'm at the mall
with my family.
Faces I can't even make out.
We're all just waiting in
line to see Santa claus.
And there's this kid
who's up on Santa's lap
and he reaches up
and he pulls
the guy's beard down.
And I see this
and I just...
I just lose it.
I just ran, I just ran all the
way up into the parking lot.
I guess
I couldn't take it.
It's the only thing I remember
from my whole life.
Pretty useless, huh?
No. I disagree.
If anything, it proves that
everything is still in there.
It's not lost.
You just have to find
a better way to get at it.
It's too late for that.
You can't stay here.
I'm fine, I just...
I just remembered something.
I... I threw something
into the water.
It was like, um...
It was paper,
or I feel like it's...
Hey, take your time.
You were there.
I feel like I was
leaving something behind.
Oh, this is
so frustrating.
Why were we here?
I don't know.
The cops didn't find anything
in that pickup truck, right?
What about the crash
site itself?
in a press briefing
held earlier today
by the state medical
examiner's office.
We are currently referring
to these deaths
as attacks on the human body
carried out by forces
outside of nature,
meaning that
whatever the cause,
they are,
in all likelihood, manmade.
In light of this
new information,
they will now be cooperating
with state officials...
Did the cops manage to
figure out why we crashed?
And I heard there was another
car that went off the road?
One of those people that died from the
virus or whatever they're calling it.
But I don't think that had
anything to do with us.
Let's go down
and have a look.
What the hell
happened here?
I don't think
a fire did this.
What is it?
Where were you?
When you woke up,
where were you?
I was over here.
I mean...
I think I was over here.
I mean, it was
so goddamn dark, but...
Yeah, I think it was
somewhere around here.
Look, we've got to talk.
When I got out of here,
something was going on with me.
I didn't know about it
at first.
I mean, I...
or I don't know,
a virus or something.
I mean, the birds
were falling
out of the goddamn sky,
for fuck's sakes.
What are you talking about?
All right, uh...
The girl, the one in the
car, the one that died.
That was me.
I didn't know about it. I...
I mean, I didn't
do it on purpose.
I didn't even know
why I was doing it.
Doing what?
Killing them.
It was like I was just sucking
the life right out of them
just by coming close.
Look I know
it sounds insane,
but it happened,
all right?
It happened. I mean, people
would just walk up to me and...
They'd just drop,
they'd fucking drop.
Jane, that's why
you found me
hiding out all the way
back to my shed.
I was just trying to
keep away from everybody.
- This is crazy.
- Jane, listen to me!
That was me.
I killed those people.
But, look, look,
whatever it was,
whatever I had inside of me is gone now.
How can you be
sure about that?
No, please trust me.
I know I'm fine.
Why are you telling
me this now?
Because look at where
you're standing.
Whatever happened here,
it happened to both of us.
Yeah I know that. I said
that I was standing here,
but it was
so goddamn dark
I could have been all the
way over there for all I know.
So you didn't notice anything
different about yourself?
- No.
- I mean, nothing even...
I mean, remotely weird
happen to you
since you crawled out
of this place?
No, and I certainly
didn't kill anybody.
Jane, wait!
Jane! Jane, stop!
Goddammit, I'm sorry!
Oh, you're sorry?
How do I even know it's safe
to be around you right now?
What if that thing
comes back on?
- It won't.
- And what if it does?
And what if you
end up killing me?
Have you thought
about that?
You should have
told me before, Liam.
Hold on a minute,
honey, okay?
Hey there,
you guys all right?
Yeah, we're fine,
just leave us alone.
Ma'am, are you all right?
I can't do this.
What do you want?
Look, we're just...
Hold on there.
Are you Liam Hartwell?
We've been looking for you.
On account of your truck
has been found right down...
What's going on?
- Oh, my god!
- No, no, no! Jane!
Jane, wait! Jane!
Jane! Stop!
Just stop! Stop!
Let me go!
Don't touch me.
Just stop! Look,
you're not gonna die.
Okay? I promise you.
You're not gonna die.
What the hell just happened?
We've got to get the hell
out of here. Please!
Trust me.
Mom, are you there?
What are we doing here?
Walk that way.
Jane, just walk
that way. Please.
Look, if you don't tell me
what we're doing...
Now back away.
What the hell just happened?
You moved.
Are you saying I did this?
No, I did.
I've been doing it
all along
and you've been
stopping it,
without even knowing.
Oh, my god.
We've got to get
to a hospital.
What, are you crazy?
There's got to be
some tests they can do.
Blood analysis, some kind
of brain scan, something.
I've been to the hospital.
They scanned me
because of the accident
and nothing weird
popped up.
Well, you weren't the one
killing people, were you?
You wanna walk into a
hospital and tell them what?
- Jane...
- That you're radiating death?
You saw how I reacted
when you told me.
Why don't you just imagine
that on a much larger scale?
We have to be smart
about this.
If we go to a hospital a couple
of counties down from here,
somewhere where the police
aren't actually looking for me.
Look, I know it sounds risky,
but I need to figure out
what this thing is.
Once we do that,
hopefully, we can make
the police understand.
Look, we can tell a doctor that
you've been having trouble remembering
because of the accident.
I mean, that much is true.
They'll give you a ct scan.
That's at least
what they did for me.
I'm sorry. I should
have told you.
We are in this
together now.
How many days ago
was this accident?
Three nights ago.
You really should have come
to the hospital right away.
Mr. Hartwell?
Is everything okay?
Yes, sorry.
Right, let's get you up
to that scan right away.
Come with me.
Okay, everything's
all set to go.
So, ma'am, if you could
just step outside.
No, no, no, she's got
to stay in here with me.
Sir, the scan is only
gonna take a few minutes.
- If you could just step outside.
- I can't be in here alone.
Yeah, he gets
claustrophobic sometimes.
Okay, well, we have some
medication we can give you for that.
I'm sorry, you can't have
anybody else in the room.
Can I just go
in the booth with you?
I mean, at the very least,
he'll be able to see me.
Okay, we're all set to go here
so just remember
to stay still
and we will be done
in no time at all.
All right, here we go.
So you didn't see anything
weird on that monitor?
I don't know, I mean, I wouldn't
even know what to look for.
But the girl,
how did she react?
Did it seem like she
might have seen anything?
I don't think so.
What's taking them
so goddamn long?
A new lead today
in the mysterious death
of a woodmore county officer.
The officer's son confirms
hearing his mother
speak the name
Liam Hartwell
only moments
before her death,
which led police
to Hartwell's home
where they made
a shocking discovery
just behind me here
in a field opposite the home.
One more dead body
showing signs of death
identical to those
found earlier this week.
has officially declared Hartwell
armed and dangerous.
And they are asking
anyone that...
Shit! We have to get
out of here.
Wait, wait, no.
Maybe we can just
explain it to them.
We're here, aren't we?
We were getting tests done.
Tests? Liam, you killed
one of their own.
These people don't
wanna talk to you.
They wanna bring you in.
Liam, they will separate us.
Mr. Hartwell? I was just
on my way to see you.
Is everything
all right?
What does it say?
The scan,
what did it say?
We're not
doing this here, Mr. Hartwell.
Look, you can either come with
me to consultation right now
or you can just schedule
another appointment.
- What the hell?
- Tell me what the scan says.
Liam, they're coming.
- Tell me.
- Nothing.
What do you mean nothing?
You must have read it wrong.
You're fine. There's
nothing the matter with you.
Liam, come on.
Hey! Hey! Police!
Okay, you take that one,
I'll go this way.
I think we lost them.
The elevator,
it's over here.
Are you okay, buddy?
Everybody just get
out of here, okay?
- All of you.
- What's the matter?
All of you! Get out!
When those doors open, run.
Do you understand me? Run!
Get out of here!
No! Go! Go!
Get out! Go move!
No! Shit!
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on!
Come on.
Oh, my god!
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Everybody's fine.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have stopped.
Let's get out of here.
Hey. Hey, stop.
No, this way, come on.
Come on!
This place looks good.
Are you all right?
I was missing.
I still am.
What I've learned about my
life so far, it just doesn't...
It doesn't seem right.
I have this feeling like
I shouldn't go back.
Look, we're both
pretty tired.
I think the best thing we
can do is to get some rest
and then look at this thing with
fresh eyes tomorrow, all right?
All across the board,
sunny skies and clear...
in relation
to the woodmore incidents.
Smithburg county police chief
also revealed
that Hartwell was accompanied
by a local woman
by the name of rose daerwood.
The woman had immediately
been identified by her husband,
local store owner,
Sam daerwood,
after the latter had seen
security camera footage
broadcast on channel 4 news
earlier today.
Daerwood, who was also present
at the press conference,
I don't care what you've
gotten yourself into.
Whatever it is,
we can work it out.
Please, rose,
just come home.
on the whereabouts of both
rose daerwood and Liam Hartwell
and warn that Hartwell is still
considered armed and dangerous.
So, what
do you wanna do?
Maybe it's worth a shot
meeting him.
I mean, what if, what if
meeting him makes me remember?
If I could just remember what
happened the night we crashed
maybe we could use that
to get help,
to get rid of this thing.
It's a lot of ifs.
No, you should do it.
You should go.
What do you mean,
I should go?
I'm staying here.
It's too dangerous out there.
I'm a ticking time bomb.
Do you know how many people
could've died back there?
Yeah, but they didn't.
It was luck.
That's all.
I don't believe this.
How long before you think
somebody comes snooping around?
So I'll wait in the goddamn
woods until you come back.
Jesus Christ,
I'm not going alone!
What if this guy isn't even
who he says he is?
What if he's the reason
I went missing?
I could be running away
from him for all we know.
I need you.
All right, there are three
of them in smithburg,
but look at this one
at the bottom.
Yes. See, I think I remember
them saying something on the radio
All right. Let's get
the hell out of here.
Sam daerwood?
Oh, my god! Where have
you been? Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Just get in the car.
Please, I can't get
into this right now
just get in the car.
Holy shit.
Rose, tell me
everything's all right.
I'm fine.
Just get in the car.
- Fuck this. Rose, get out...
- Sam!
Do you trust me?
Rose, what are...
If you trust me,
you will get in the car.
What the hell is going on?
Where are we going?
We need your help.
This is insane.
And you honestly expect
me to believe all of this?
Clearly this guy
is a terrorist
or a goddamn psycho
- You're not listening to me.
- Rose.
I don't believe
for a second
that you don't
remember who I am.
I don't.
No. No way.
And this crazy bullshit,
I mean, who the fuck
are you anyway?
- What are you doing?
- I am ending this now.
Rose, I am calling the
police and we are leaving.
I can't do that.
So if you won't help us,
I am going to have to go.
- Step back.
- What?
Just do it.
Holy shit.
Stop. Stop.
It's okay.
Can we trust you?
You guys can hide out
back here.
It's not much,
but it's out of the way.
I can keep the shop closed
for a couple of days,
but after that, I mean,
what's the plan here?
I... I mean, we're still
trying to figure that out.
We have to get in touch with,
like, a researcher or scientist.
So we'll need your help.
And maybe have you act
as, like, a middle man.
But I, I don't,
I don't know.
Yeah, I'll see
what I can do.
We should wait until everything
in the media dies down.
Oh, he's right.
- Right.
First things first, we got to
get rid of that car out there.
A buddy of mine
owns a scrap yard.
- I can take it there.
- Are you sure?
He's a friend of ours.
We've known him for years.
All right.
I'll be right back.
He seems like a good guy.
as to why an upstanding
smithburg citizen like daerwood
would seemingly go along
for the ride with Hartwell,
a man who is considered
both armed and dangerous.
To make matters worse,
an eye witness at the hospital
reports seeing
Hartwell and daerwood
in each other's arms
at one point,
is rose daerwood in some sort
of relationship with this man
and is so, to what degree
is she helping him?
Can she be considered
an accomplice?
I wonder what's
taking him so long.
What is it?
It's you.
What the hell?
Lily Grayson?
It says you've been
missing for over a year.
Rose? What's going on?
Even though you were
the same age,
you always called her
your big sister.
What happened to her?
Look, can we
do this in private?
It's all right.
I'll wait here.
The police said
she left work one night
and just...
Never came home.
She's still missing.
Look, let's not
do this now,
not with everything
that's going on.
- Why not?
- Later.
Sam, anything
can help, please
look, after the police
didn't find any leads,
you took it pretty hard.
You started putting
posters up all over town,
started missing work.
You got really depressed.
It was a rough patch on us.
We fought all the time.
And last week
was just hell.
What do you mean?
It had been one year
since Lily disappeared
and you showed up here and started
making photocopies for a poster.
It was like it was starting
all over again.
We had this huge fight
and you stormed off.
I didn't make a big deal
of it at first
because we've had
this kind of fight before
and you always come back
after a few days.
You usually stay in
a motel or something.
At least that's what
you tell me.
You know there's
better ways to die.
Shit. Just...
Just fucking
get out of here.
- What's your name?
- Just go!
Better make sure you dive in
head first, though,
because from this height,
best case scenario, you'll
probably break your neck
and the rest of your life
in a wheelchair.
I just miss her so much.
Come on.
Can I drive you home?
It's too late for that.
You don't have
to explain yourself to me.
Look, we can go
anywhere you want.
You can't stay here.
Just drive.
My name is Liam.
I'm rose.
Yes, I'm okay.
- What is it?
- It's nothing.
You can talk to me.
I... I'm okay.
You wouldn't happen to have
any food around here, would you?
Uh, no.
But maybe I can swing
by the house
and pick up some stuff.
That would be great.
Thank you.
Authorities speculate
that Hartwell and daerwood
may be taking refuge somewhere
in the tri-county area.
Where's Sam?
What's the matter?
That night at the bridge,
you and me,
we, we didn't know
each other, not before that.
You don't understand.
You saved my life.
Jane? Jane, get up.
Hey. You're back.
- Yeah.
Brought you some things.
Oh, my god.
Thank you so much.
I brought
some sleeping bags.
They're by the door.
Rose, who the hell
is this guy?
I mean, who is he, really?
How long have you known him?
How did you two even meet?
It's complicated.
Fuck! Christ!
Rose, what the hell
has happened to you?
Why can't you talk to me?
I don't know you, Sam.
I'm sorry.
Don't make this any more
sensationalistic than it is.
No, no, no,
why don't you just admit
that this Hartwell guy
is a terrorist?
I mean, these are
your words here.
most likely caused by a rapid
randomization of the current
So basically, this guy's got a
weapon that fries people's brains...
I have a place up north.
No neighbors, no cars,
none of that.
I like to go up there
once in a while
and clear my head.
Sometimes I get out
on the water.
We can just let go.
Sounds nice.
Is he using a gun,
is it a bomb,
- We don't know that yet.
- Well, that is so typical.
Look, we've got people working
on this very question as we speak.
Do you have any maps
around here?
Up front.
What are you looking for?
I'm not sure.
What's that?
It doesn't concern you.
By the way,
stop calling her Jane.
There's nobody around.
I mean, it's the perfect place.
We'll be safe there.
You can't be
sure of that.
What, because you saw it
in a goddamn dream?
Look, we need to get as far
away from people as we can.
The shop is closed.
No one's gonna come around.
How long is that
gonna work?
before some cop comes
around here looking for her?
Because they're
looking for her
just as much
as they're looking for me.
It's too risky
staying here.
All right, I'll drive you
up there tonight.
We'll hold up for a few days
and after that...
- No.
- What?
We go alone.
Are you fucking
kidding me?
Who the hell
do you think you are?
- No.
- Sam.
- No!
- We need you here.
We need you to be
the voice of reason here,
the link between
us and them.
This is bullshit.
if you disappear with us right
in the middle of all this?
I can't believe this.
Let him go. He needs
to blow off some steam.
I didn't get a chance
to finish it.
No, that's great.
I'm sure it's gonna help.
It says here
I don't like pizza.
You don't.
How can I not like pizza?
Everybody likes pizza.
You don't like the texture.
You say it's chewy.
All right. I guess I'm just gonna
have to take your word for it.
- You have to go, now.
- What?
Just get your things.
You're just gonna have to
trust me. We have to go now.
- Why?
- Please.
You called the cops. Fuck!
I told them
you needed help.
Oh, my god!
I said not
to separate you.
We've got to get
out of here, now!
Rose, I explained everything.
It's not gonna matter.
Where's your car?
Everything is gonna be
all right.
Where's your car?
Smithburg police,
open up!
- Liam, what are we gonna do?
- I don't know.
Mr. daerwood, you're gonna
have to open this door!
Just let me talk to them.
Give me your keys.
Come on.
Come here.
- Mr. daerwood?
- Yeah.
Are they still inside?
Hartwell and your wife,
are they still inside?
Yes, they're still inside.
Wait, wait a minute!
Sir, it's for
your own safety.
Let go of me, goddammit!
Jesus Christ! You said we
were gonna do this together.
Just get in the vehicle,
Mr. daerwood.
We'll take it from here.
You've got to take
them in together. Hey!
- Oh, shit!
- Get away from her!
- Get down! Get down!
- Okay!
- Okay!
- Get down. All the way down.
Drop, hands behind your back.
He's clean.
Same here.
All right, get them up.
Ma'am, we're gonna need
to ask you a few questions now.
- Take him out front.
- No, no, no, please.
- You can't do that.
- Get them out of here.
You can't take me out there,
not without her.
I have to go with him.
We have to go together.
No, just let me go!
- We can take her with us.
Hold on, listen to me.
Please! Please!
Look, I'll go with you.
I'll go with you, all right?
You've got to keep us
together, okay? Please.
- Just let me go!
- Calm down.
Stop dragging me out there,
or people are gonna die.
He's gonna kill everybody!
We're all gonna die!
No! No!
No! Don't you hear me?
You're gonna die!
- All right, that's enough. Take her out back.
- No!
Get out of here!
Please! No!
You're all gonna die!
No! No!
No! No!
No! No! No!
Fuck! Fuck!
- No!
- Get on the ground.
- Don't.
- Get on the ground!
Get on the...
Jane? Jane? Jane?
Oh, my god! Liam!
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm so sorry.
Just get the keys.
Are they...
They're dead.
All of them.
Look, we've got to get
out of here
before more of them
show up.
My car is two streets away,
in front of a gray house.
I'm not gonna
say anything.
We've got to get
out of here, now.
Come with us.
No. Somebody's gotta stay here and explain
to them how this thing really works.
I have to make
them understand
that none of this
was your fault.
Both of you.
- Just go.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
It's not your fault.
There's only so many times
I can tell myself that.
NASA just released images
of what they're
currently qualifying...
as a genuine
unexplained cosmic event.
The image lasts
only for a few frames,
that seems to literally touch
down somewhere on the east coast
knocking out a communication
satellite in the process.
NASA spokesperson
is set to address the issue
tomorrow morning in a press
conference in Washington DC,
and we're all very excited...
That's what happened,
that's what did this to us.
We have to call Sam. He has to
get in touch with NASA or somebody.
- No, we can't do that.
- Why?
Because they're gonna be
tapping his phone
- after what happened at the store.
- Shit.
Look, chances are,
Sam's already seen,
or at the very least,
he's gonna see it tomorrow
he'll figure it out.
This is the place?
What if it doesn't work?
I mean, suppose Sam finds
somebody to explain this to.
Someone who will
actually listen to him
or get it through their heads
that none of this is our fault.
It's all because of this...
Whatever the fuck it is.
That doesn't guarantee
that anybody's gonna be able
to figure out
how to cure us.
Why are you saying this?
If they can't find the cure,
they can't cure me.
And they're gonna have
to lock us up together.
Who the fuck knows.
You don't deserve that.
I wouldn't care.
I'm gonna take
a walk around.
It must be hard
losing a sister.
What is it?
I just don't remember
saying I had a sister.
I didn't wanna say
anything earlier.
I recognized you
from those posters.
You guys were identical
twins, right?
It wasn't much of a guess.
Do you think
maybe we could...
Stop for coffee somewhere?
You're never
gonna find her!
Oh, you think you're
gonna stop me?
Is it true?
You sick piece of shit.
I didn't know.
Get on your fucking knees!
Get on your knees!
You don't fucking
call me that.
Not anymore.
Where is she?
Where the fuck is she?
Where the fuck is she?
Get up!
Get the fuck up.
Go get her!
Go on. Get her!
What are you doing?
Keep going.
Keep going.
Easy now.
Is this the guy
from the gas station?
Listen, you guys
don't wanna do this.
- Listen.
- Shut the fuck up!
Terrorist piece of shit.
Ted, come and kick
this guy's ass.
Come on.
Come on, pussy!
Just kick him
in the goddamn ribs.
Stand him up.
I wanna
punch him instead.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
All right, stand up
straight you piece of shit.
Take care of her!
That's it.
Now come on back.
You better
listen to her.
Look, if you guys just...
Just leave us alone,
you're gonna have a chance
to get out of here alive.
Oh, fuck this. Let's
just kill the guy already.
Whoa, hey, you never
said anything about that.
Shut the hell up, pussy!
Last chance, buddy.
Dad? Dad!
No, no, no!
- Let me see.
- No!
- Let me see you! Please.
- Get off me!
Let me see. Come on.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.
Oh, Jesus!
All right, let's go,
come on.
Sit up, sit up.
Up, up, up.
Come on. Come on,
come here. Hang on.
Help! Hey! Hey.
She needs help.
What happened to her?
- She was shot.
- Put her right here.
What have we got?
Female, early 30s,
gunshot wound to the abdomen.
There's a lot of blood.
Entry point's in the back.
Her heart is racing and her
neck veins are distended.
Airway's intact, but
she's in shock. Let's go.
Where is he?