Rafael (2018) Movie Script

Sometimes I can't even remember
what it was like.
There on the beach in Sousse.
Always sun. Always music.
Always together.
Every day, each day.
We fell in love when I was on holidays
in Tunisia.
I saw him on the water,
And his smile was only for me.
I, on the beach, was shy,
paralyzed by his gaze.
He dragged me into his world.
The days on the beach
in his beach caf,
the evenings downtown
with our friends.
The nights on the roof
of his parents' house.
Your kind grandpa and grandma.
We slept beneath the stars while
the heat lay across us like a blanket.
Just him and me, mom and dad.
That's where you were created.
On the roof of the house where dad
was born, where grandpa was born,
where your great grandpa was born.
That roof isn't there anymore.
The house is gone.
It's been destroyed.
Everything has been destroyed.
We are almost there.
It's total chaos !
Bread, freedom, dignity.
Turn round, turn round.
Rafal. This way, this way. Go right.
Quickly, quickly, quickly.
OK. Want me to take off and fly ?
Turn round. Turn round, I said.
Quickly, quickly.
I can't make the car fly, man.
What's going on ? What's going on ?
Rafal. Go on, keep going.
- Rafal.
- Please.
Keep going, keep going. Go on.
Keep going, keep going.
- The world's gone crazy.
- What do they want ?
Who are they ?
Shall I back up ?
Do you want me to back up ?
Wait a moment.
I'll be back.
Rafal, come on.
Nazir. Nazir.
Nazir, get back here.
Quick, get out of here.
Are you gonna be a diving instructor ?
Why not ? I can swim.
We are gonna make
some good money.
Come here !
Where is my kiss ?
This is a new beginning.
- Nazir.
- This way.
- Hello.
- Hello. Passport.
They're going to Amsterdam.
Get out.
- What's going on ?
- I don't know.
Go over there.
Why is this necessary ?
- Have you got a visa ?
- We're married.
The Dutch embassy told us
to leave the country.
- What's wrong ?
- He hasn't got a visa.
Over there.
I know. Wait!
You need a visa.
- I was allowed to buy a ticket.
- You need a visa.
Wait a moment.
- Don't touch me. Watch it !
My wife is pregnant.
Can't I stay with her ?
Come with me.
Easy, easy, easy.
- Be quiet !
- What's the problem ?
- Please, listen a moment.
- I've got my instructions.
- We can sort this.
- Let's just discuss it.
- I've got my instructions.
- What is going on ?
- You have to go.
- I'm not going without you.
- You have to go.
- I'm not going alone.
- You are not alone.
- I'm not leaving you here.
- Baby, you have to trust me. Please !
Excuse me. I'm not allowed through.
Could you take my wife...
Could you take my wife with you ?
Please ?
Let's go ! Please !
- I don't wanna go.
- Please, trust me !
- I don't wanna go !
- You have to.
- I don't wanna go !
- I love you.
Go on, go.
You have many clients this year !
How is it going ?
- Tell me, how is this summer going ?
- Wonderful !
Thank you.
Next, Mr and Mrs Hadidja.
Next ones, please.
Mr Khedira.
- Yes. You've come for a visa, right ?
- Right.
Well... I've looked but...
- I can't find it in the system.
- That's not possible, we're married.
- Yes, but it's not in the system.
- Hold on a moment.
This is my marriage certificate.
No, I can't find anything. Nothing.
Then how come I've got
a marriage certificate ?
- Did you register it here ?
- We sent everything in.
Yes, but how ?
- By post.
- By post. Registered ?
- That's by post too, eh ?
- You haven't got the original copy ?
- My wife's got it.
- Right...
We're officially married.
We sent everything in.
There's no need to get wound up.
And don't adopt that tone with me.
Right, thank you. Goodbye.
Sir. Mr Khedira.
- Where is your wife ?
- In the Netherlands.
Then she can try to arrange something
there, can't she ?
Look, I've filled all this in. We got
married on 1 September in Sousse.
You didn't register it
in the Netherlands.
I did.
I've got you here as
Kimberly De Jong. Single.
No, that's not right.
I receive post in Sousse.
Something has gone wrong
with the registration. Let's see.
- I'll start a new procedure for you.
- OK, great.
Then he can collect his visa today ?
No, only once the procedure
has been completed.
OK, but you are attending to it now,
aren't you ?
We will sort this as quickly
as possible
but, given the current situation
in Tunisia,
you need to allow between
six and ten months, at least.
Listen, it's simple.
Go by boat to Italy.
You can get a visa there and then
you can go anywhere in Europe.
What d'you reckon ?
Shall we go together ?
I'm not going to Europe
as an illegal immigrant.
We'll go together.
- Hi, Mum.
- Hi.
Sorry I didn't come and collect you
from the airport. I...
You knew when we were arriving.
Night shift.
I'm... I'm shattered.
I'm going to lie down for a while, OK ?
Aren't you going to ask anything ?
What do you want me to ask ?
Nazir wasn't allowed
to come with me.
It may take ten months
before he can come here.
But I won't stay that long.
Is that all you can say, "oh" ?
What else do you want me to say ?
Well, you could pretend
to feel sorry for me.
Of course I feel sorry
for you and Nizar.
Nazir, Mum. His name's Nazir.
Forget it.
I will come back to get you.
What did they tell you ?
That it could take months.
They are closing down air traffic, too.
What ?
You have to get out of there.
There are boats.
Rafael is going to Italy.
He wants me to go with him.
Really ?
Are you going to ?
Then I will take you out to dinner
at your favorite restaurant.
As long as they serve...
Stewed apple.
And I will take you out
and dance with you all night.
I will kiss you till the sun goes up !
I love you, baby !
I love you so much !
Put it here.
Okay, say...
- What are you making me say...
- Just say it !
- It means "I am yours".
- Of course you are mine.
- Just say it !
- Okay !
What does it mean ?
It means "I want to kiss you
till the sun comes up".
Maybe you can go back
and finish your studies ?
- I looked it up and...
- Did you ?
Yes, I looked it up.
It's not too late to carry on.
- Maybe it's the best thing to do.
- Yes, Mum. It's the best thing to do.
Why not, Kim ?
What else are you going to do ?
You can't just sit and wait for him.
That really would be... silly.
I'm not staying here long.
Don't worry.
You'll get your ironing room back soon.
- But you can't help him. You...
- There's a war going on there, Mum.
- He's in the middle of it.
- You can't do anything about that.
- You can't help him.
- No.
But I am carrying his baby.
I wanted to book first class tickets.
But I was too late.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Hurry up.
Walk behind me.
Follow me. Quickly. Hurry up.
Follow me, follow me.
Follow me, follow me.
And now ?
Take it easy.
Faster. Follow me, follow me.
Don't dawdle. Move faster.
Walk faster, walk faster.
I can hear the waves of the sea.
Faster. Faster. Keep going.
Faster. Faster.
Keep going. Faster, I said.
Keep going.
Faster. There's not much time.
Hand over your phone.
Hey, stay there.
Put your phone in there.
Put your phone in there.
Hand it over !
Hands in the air.
Hurry up.
Give it to me. Quickly.
You son of a bitch.
- Your phone.
- I haven't got one.
- Your phone.
- I haven't got one.
- I saw you had one. Hand it over.
- Do you think I'm stupid ?
You son of a bitch.
Hand it over. And hurry.
Get over there, you bastard.
Wait there. Move faster.
Hurry up.
May God be with us !
Let's see...
Here we've got...
Ah, look at that.
That's the head.
the back.
Can you see ?
Look, beautiful.
The legs. Can you see ?
The heart.
And ? Are you feeling OK ?
Yes, I'm feeling really well.
Nothing... odd happening ?
The most important thing is
to enjoy your pregnancy.
Things have gone badly
time and time again this week.
This is not the only incident
with refugees
trying to reach Europe by boat.
Hundreds of refugees
rescued from the sea
were brought ashore
by the Italian navy...
Nazir ! Hi !
Nazir !
That's what I like to see.
Spaghetti, Eros Ramazzotti.
Yes, spaghetti.
How do you say beautiful in Italian ?
- Don't do that.
- You speak Italian, don't you ?
How do you say "I love you" ?
I don't love you.
I asked you how to say it in Italian,
you moron.
Thank you.
- Excuse me.
- Yes ?
- Is it possible to speak to someone ?
- You'll be registered later.
- No. I want a visa.
- No.
I'm married to...
This first.
This is somewhere to sleep.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, I must get to France.
- Yeah yeah.
- Yes ?
Madame, you are there.
The children must stay here.
This way, sir.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
How can I help you ?
Hi, this is Kimmy Khedira again.
I still haven't heard from my husband.
- And what is your husband's name ?
- Nazir Khedira.
Nazir Khedira.
- Do you realize how many people...
- Yes, yes, I know, I know.
I just want to know if he is safe.
Can you please have another look
in the system ?
If you don't know, who does ? I...
What more can I do ?
I don't know what to do.
- Can I call someone else ?
- I understand it's frustrating.
There's nothing more I can do for you.
If we receive any more information
we'll let you know right away.
Is there anything else I can try ?
Just stay calm and wait.
We'll let you know...
OK, fine. I... I'm sorry.
I'll wait for your call. OK ?
I'm hanging up now.
Hey, are you OK ?
How are you, girls ?
I've never seen anything so beautiful.
My love. Oh, my love.
My soul.
You are the apple of my eye.
My love.
I want to kiss you. I want to kiss you.
One kiss.
How do you say "I want to
make love to you" in Italian ?
You're getting on my nerves.
My friend's tired but I'm not.
How about if you and I...
I want to ask you something,
How do you say
"I want to make love to you" ?
Rafal, cut it out.
- We still need to register.
- They'll register us.
Some people have been waiting here
a long time already.
I need to call Kimmy.
That Egyptian there has a phone.
You can use his phone
for five cigarettes.
Five ?
Shit !
Your attention, gentlemen.
Come closer.
- Peace be with you.
- Come closer, please.
Tomorrow you are all going to Milan.
To Milan, gentlemen.
Twice a week, by plane.
We'll take you to Milan
for free by plane.
From tomorrow they're flying
to Milan twice a week.
Does anyone speak Italian, gentlemen ?
Does anyone speak Italian ?
- Tomorrow, tomorrow, by plane...
- A plane ?
- Do you speak Italian ?
- Are we going to Milan ?
Yes, you're going to Milan,
two flights a week.
- Will we be registered there ?
- Exactly, you're all going to Milan.
- Can I apply for a visa there ?
- Yes, everything will happen there.
Can you translate it for the others ?
No one understands me.
The first flight leaves tomorrow.
They've arranged a flight to Milan.
Rafal. Rafal.
We're going to Milan, pal.
You want to ask her to have sex
with you ? Then say...
Nazir, you're brilliant.
- Sweetheart, sweetheart.
- Yes ?
- You said that you are a monkey.
- Monkey ?
Nazir, I'm a monkey ?
Are you trying to make a fool of me ?
Show her where the pain was, Kim.
Go on.
Down here, inside.
Here ?
It's important to know
everything's alright.
It's only normal to be worried.
You can get little stabbing pains
now and then.
It wasn't really a little stabbing
pain. It looked quite bad.
I can't feel anything unusual.
But if you feel something you don't
trust, we have to check it out.
Look. As things are looking now,
it's going really well.
Do you want to know what it is ? Or do
you want to wait for your husband ?
- Yes, I want to know.
- Yeah ?
A little boy.
What d'you reckon ?
Your husband will be pleased too, eh ?
Hey... Sweetheart.
Kimmy ?
It's great that everything's fine,
isn't it ?
Hey. It'll all turn out OK.
It'll turn out OK.
Is that you or me ?
It's you.
I'm not sitting next to you
on the plane.
You're the one who smells
like a monkey.
Are you wearing Italian perfume ?
Emporio Gorilla !
Right, it's time to leave.
- Have a good trip.
- Thank you.
Thank you. Bye.
Can you put this ? Okay.
It will be okay. Thanks.
- Just put hands in this.
- Why ?
- It's protocol.
- What's going on ?
Protocol, okay ?
Just put hands in this.
Can you put hands in this ?
Are we really going to Milan ?
He has to be somewhere.
Boats arrive at Lampedusa.
Aren't there any lists from there ?
Aren't they forwarded to you ?
His name isn't on any of the lists.
And he certainly has never been
registered on Lampedusa.
But if he isn't in Italy, where is he ?
- Did you try the Red Cross ?
- Yes. They don't know anything.
No one knows anything.
If he...
made the crossing
and isn't registered
then it may be that...
- Hello.
- Kimmy.
Hi, little one.
Nazir, where are you ?
They sent us back.
Nazir, I couldn't reach you anywhere.
I was so scare.
- I saw something on the news.
- I will go again.
- What ?
- Don't worry about it, babe.
How is the baby ? How are you ?
Again. No, it's dangerous.
You are not gonna take one
of those boats again, Nazir !
What choice do I have ?
Allah will take care
of the three of us.
I don't want you to. You can't.
I need our marriage papers
to come into Europe.
I took pictures of them with my phone,
but I lost it.
You need to send one copy
to the refugee camp
and onother copy
to the Red Cross in Lampedusa.
Then they will have to let me travel.
I miss you.
It's too dangerous.
Are you still there ?
Yes, babe, I'm still here.
Baby !
It's going to be a boy.
A boy ?
Baby ?
I kiss you.
Until the sun comes up.
I love you, baby !
Bye-bye !
Can I come too ?
I advise you not to.
I can't stop my Italian lessons now.
Move along.
Take it easy, there's enough room
for everyone.
- Move along.
- Calm down, brother.
- I'm not your brother.
- That'll do.
We'll be sitting together all evening.
I don't care. Come on, Zuhra.
Zuhra. Zuhra. Come back.
Calm down.
- Calm down. Calm down.
- My daughter.
Calm down. Come on, come on.
- Let go of me.
- Keep calm.
Keep calm.
Calm down.
Give me your hand.
Rafal ? Rafal ?
Rafal, where are you ?
Rafal ?
Rafal, cut it out. This isn't funny.
Rafal !
- Kimmy ? What are you up to ?
- I'm going to get him.
You can't just go there. You don't
even know if he's in that camp.
I've already bought a ticket.
Going to Italy alone
in your condition....
I'm pregnant, not ill.
Try to understand, Mum.
He's risking his life for me
and all I have to do is
take our marriage certificate to Italy.
- But what if he's dead ?
- Then I'll bring his coffin home.
Hey, you !
Why didn't you listen to me ?
Why didn't you listen to me ?
Why ?
Why ? Why ? Why ? Why ?
Now my daughter is dead.
I asked you to let go of me.
No ! Hold him !
- Hey, guys !
- You need to calm down.
Thank you !
Stop there, stop there.
I'm here to take my husband home.
No visitors. It's too late.
No, no, no. Not too late.
- Please check...
- No visitors.
- No, no, I'm looking for him, please.
- OK, listen.
Come back tomorrow.
Where... hotel ?
Sleep ?
I've made you some carbonara.
Eat up.
You're eating for two, eh ?
Baby, how are you ?
I missed you so much !
Please, stop !
How are you ?
You need a shave !
You eat much. You need
to stop eating cholesterol.
- How is the baby ?
- He's fine.
Are you okay ? How is it here ?
Where is Rafal ?
What ?
No touching.
It is all complete. You can see.
I'll look after him and will take him
directly to Holland.
- I have to see...
- Yes.
I have already bought the tickets.
When can we leave ?
- When can we go ?
- No...
What ?
Protocol don't allow it.
The European right of free movement
for persons says he can come with me.
I've researched everything.
I have to talk to the people
in charge.
He's in charge.
I thought you were in charge.
You make me more important
than I am, miss.
I'm a simple civil servant.
These kind of 'international' matters,
Maybe tomorrow.
Thank you.
Nazir !
Come with me.
The coastguard rescued 23 people
after a fishing boat sank
off Lampedusa last night.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
is requesting Europe's help
in dealing with this emergency...
Sorry ! No touching...
Sorry for the delay.
Dozens of new arrivers today.
That is why I'd like
to my husband away from here.
- I can't give you permission.
- What ?
Sorry. I can't give your husband
permission to go.
- Why not ?
- It's not possible.
It is allowed as long
as he travels with me.
Why don't you just obey the law ?
European Union has many rules,
What you want it's not possible.
Not just like that.
- I cannot give my permission.
- Do you have children ?
This is the rules.
It is not my decision.
Do you have children ?
I am sorry.
Please !
- No touching. Please, no touching !
- Please, sir.
- I said no touching !
- This is my son.
- I cannot help you. That's that.
- What ? I'm not allowed to do that ?
No touching !
What you are doing here is illegal,
and you know it.
I'm not leaving until I'll take
my husband with me.
Thanks to you they just registered him.
Others don't have such luck.
Don't fucking touch me !
You are not traveling together.
That's why we will keep him.
Let him go.
We are from TV station.
What's happening ?
- They don't let him go.
- Who is he ?
He is my husband. We are married.
We want to go home...
- Where you come from ?
- I'm pregnant. From Holland.
If you help me out,
I'm going to help you out.
Let me go !
I have all the wedding papers with me,
they have to let him go.
- Who doesn't let him go ?
- This assholes !
Fuck you !
What's your husband name ?
How long have you been together ?
I'm from Dutch television.
Do you want to tell your story ?
My name is Kimmy Khedira.
I came here from the Netherlands
to fetch my husband
but they won't let him go.
I'm pregnant.
I'm within my rights. I don't
understand why they won't let him go.
This was a really long day here,
in Lampesusa Beach,
We started with shooting a documentary
and we ended up with a crazy situation,
with Kimmy from Netherlands.
The case of Dutchwoman Kimmy Khedira
has attracted worldwide attention.
The Netherlands say it's an Italian
problem, her husband is in Italy.
Italy says it's a Dutch problem
because he's married to a Dutchwoman.
A catch...
Little one.
What's that I can see there ?
Who's that ?
- It's my little boy.
- God bless him !
May I see ?
He's still very small.
Here is his face, his head...
May God protect him.
- Amen !
- I wish you all the best.
Look at him !
- Kimmy...
- Nazir, where are you ?
- I'm in the village.
- What ?
- I want you to come see me.
- Are you crazy ?
- Where exactly are you ?
- I'm at the beach.
I see terraces.
- Some trees.
- You can come to me very quickly.
You follow the beach, and then you look
for the houses with the balconies.
- Be very careful !
- Okay.
- I love you, baby !
- You're crazy ! Love you.
Bye !
- Thank you.
- Okay, thank you.
You think you can come
in looking like that ?
Okay ! No problem.
Darling, come on.
Be careful !
- I missed you so much !
- I missed you too, baby.
Wait ! I feel him !
He moved.
Are you making up excuses for me
not to kiss you ?
- No.
- You sure ?
Yes. And what is this then ?
No ! He moved again. I swear.
Careful !
You feel him ?
I think he left the building.
Really ?
It's your building now.
I think you have to go back.
If you run now,
we'll be on the run forever.
When he is born,
we will be a family.
In case he will have my eyes,
my nose,
how this will be serving for him ?
Your eyes.
Your nose.
He will be the most beautiful baby
in the world.
I wish to leave together.
We can't.
You, me...
- And the baby.
- You know that is impossible.
We will stay together.
Yes, darling.
Listen to me.
- Why ?
- We are on a small island.
Our pictures are in all the papers.
They all know us.
They all know I am waiting for you.
Are you leaving without me ?
I can't do anything anymore here.
I have to go back to Holland.
Darling, please.
I'm not gonna get back to that prison.
Nazir, we are not criminals.
We deserve a normal life.
We aren't fugitives.
You're not a fugitive.
We have to go the official way, please.
Let me take care of this. I will
arrange your release in Holland.
I promise, darling.
I will do anything...
What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.
- Where ?
Come on.
Go on, in there.
- Forever with you.
- What is this ?
- It means forever.
- Forever.
No, it means...
I love you.
- Oh, I love you too.
Will you marry me ?
She said yes !
For the ladies !
Madame, massage !
- The bar.
- The bar.
Who's there ?
How and by whom are you being helped
with this, Kimmy ?
No one really.
I'm doing it all by myself.
We happen to have
the Secretary of State here.
What do you think about all this ?
It is, of course, an extremely
distressing case. I freely admit it.
Well, to start with,
it's not my portfolio.
That's the answer I always get.
It's always "follow the procedure".
All I hear is, "Be patient. We're
trying to think of a way to solve it."
It's never someone else's problem
but it is mine.
Yes. No... You're right.
But we don't want to create
a precedent, of course.
We have always registered everything
everywhere, as we should.
We have always obediently followed
your rules,
then all hell breaks loose
in Tunisia...
Yes, but that's not our fault.
- No, but it's not ours either.
- No.
But this is taking too long.
It's taking too long.
I totally agree with you. Definitely.
I promise you I will bring your case
to my colleague's attention.
I am very grateful to you for that.
I will gladly do that,
if it will help.
But please, I have been everywhere.
To every organisation, to every
embassy, on Lampedusa, here.
Everyone says they'll help me,
will try to think of something,
but no one actually does anything.
My husband has now been in prison
for more than two months
without anyone lifting a finger.
We're crazy about each other.
We're... We're having a baby.
We're just two people in love.
We're not criminals or anything.
We just want...
I don't get why everyone is being
so difficult. It's...
Why isn't a father allowed to be at
the birth of his son ? I don't get it.
- Kimmy ?
- Hi.
I'm... I'm off to bed.
I saw you on TV.
I've taken that box out of your room
and put the ironing board in my room.
Then you'll have more space
for Nazir and the baby.
- Won't it be too crowded here then ?
- No.
Thank you.
A little boy.
You, come with me.
Men on the other side,
women and children here.
We're a family.
Please, sir. Don't cause any trouble.
I said the men go in the other section.
Women and children here.
Men on the other side !
- Help me !
- Stop, stop, stop.
- Children here.
- Women and children here.
Leave the children alone !
Leave the children alone !
Don't touch the children !
Not the children !
Our apologies for the delay.
Thank you.
Kimmy ?
I did it.
I did it. I finally did it.
- I can finally go and get him.
- That's wonderful.
- I'm going with you.
- Really ?
Hi !
- Miss...
- Mrs.
So, here is your visa.
We are ready to go.
Your husband is no longer
in the Center.
What ?
- He attacked guards.
- What ?
And they took him away for trial.
- Attacked guards ?
- Yes.
Trial ? So where is he now?
I don't know...
You don't know ?
I'm so sorry.
Why don't I know this ?
Why don't you know ?
I cannot know where
is every man in Italy.
- I am sorry.
- Do you know what that means to her ?
- Madam, I'm only do my job.
- He was your prisoner !
There are rules. Many rules.
I cannot do anything without.
Forget your rules ! It was your
prisoner and you lost him.
You are nothing but a weak man.
You are not good enough to do your job.
Let's go !
I wonder what your mother
thinks of you.
Come with me.
Come with me.
Come on.
Got a cigarette ?
- Can I use your telephone, please ?
- I'm not talking to you.
May I use your phone ?
I need to call my wife.
Excuse me !
Can I use your telephone, please ?
I don't understand.
- May I... I need to speak to my wife.
- No. I said no. Damn you.
- But it's really urgent.
- No.
- Are you crazy ? I said no.
- It's urgent.
- What don't you understand ?
- It's urgent.
I don't care.
Give me my phone, damn you.
No. No, no, no. Leave me alone.
That's enough.
No, no.
I'm Ali.
Come on.
Nazir, come on.
I've arranged a phone for you.
Can I make a quick call
for three cigarettes ?
Come with me.
We all return to our Maker.
We don't belong anywhere.
Not in Europe and not at home.
It's as if we are scum.
- Baby !
- Nazir...
- Where are you ?
- In Sicily. They locked me up here.
- I need you come and pick me up.
- I will. I'm already in Italy.
I have your visa.
I will come and take you home.
- I'm 30 minutes away from Trapani.
- Okay.
I'm close by windmills, and a big
white factory with blue windows.
There are black gates...
I love you !
He's on Sicily, near Trapani.
It has to be here somewhere.
I'm on my way to the next spot.
- I'll call you when I get there. OK ?
- Fine.
Some more windmills but no deserted
factory. And where you are ?
My driver says
the island is full of them
and there are more than 200 refugee
camps here on Sicily alone.
Not in a deserted factory. Ask your
driver if he knows one like that.
I did, Kim. He doesn't.
Stop !
Yes, yes, over there, there.
Go over there.
- Hello !
- Hi !
I'm looking for my husband.
I think he's in there.
Can I talk to someone ?
I don't speak English.
I'm looking for my husband.
I think my husband is in there.
- I don't understand.
- I'm here to take my husband with me.
What do I do ?
I've got the visa,
the visa for the man I love.
- Do you understand ?
- Shall I open the gate ?
- Take it easy.
- Yeah, yeah.
Keep calm. Take it easy.
- I can't help you, Madam.
- What ?
Miss, you cannot stay here!
You have to go with this
to the proper authorities.
- We cannot help you here.
- Nazir !
- Madam.
- Stop.
Please, Madam. Please.
Don't fucking touch me !
Baby !
Everything going to be fine, baby !
- I missed you.
- I missed you too.
Open the door, please !
Little one.
It's okay.
Let me out !
She's not feeling well.
My wife's not well.
I need help, please !
- She's losing blood.
- Madam.
- I have to do something.
- Open the gate, let the taxi in.
- Taxi.
- Call a doctor !
- Taxi.
- Calm down.
Let him go !
I have the visa for him !
- Call a doctor !
- Keep calm !
She's not feeling well. She's ill.
Kimi !
Three weeks later you were born,
alive and well, in the Netherlands.
We called you Rafal.
Since the beginning of the Arab Spring
more than 17,000 refugees
have drowned
while crossing
the Mediterranean by boat.
Everyone is born free
with equal rights.
Human rights apply
no matter who you are or where you are.
You have the right to life,
freedom and safety.
Slavery is forbidden.
Torture is forbidden.
You have the right to
recognition before the law.
Laws are the same for everyone.
If you have been treated unjustly,
you must receive legal protection.
You cannot be locked up or deported
for no reason.
You have the right to a fair and
public trial with an independent judge.
You are innocent
until proven otherwise.
You have the right to privacy
and protection of your reputation.
You may move around freely
in your own country.
You may leave any country,
including your own.
If your human rights are threatened,
you may seek asylum in another country.
You have the right to a nationality.
You may marry whoever you wish
and start a family.
You have the right to possessions.
No one may simply take
them away from you.
You may choose your own religion
or beliefs and live accordingly.
You may express your opinion and you
may obtain information from anywhere.
Everyone may participate in elections
and seek election.
You have the right to social security.
You have the right to education.
You have the right to enjoy
art and culture.
Human rights are the foundation
of freedom, justice and peace.
Human rights are the duty of everyone.
Government, individual
and social body.