Rag Doll (2019) Movie Script

[man] Keep your hands up,
keep your hands up.
[rap music playing]
How could you ever know
When you look at me
That I've been through enough
Challenge for a century?
Both physically
And mentally
This s will
Catch up with me
Pin me down and render me
Incapacitated eventually
I hate it
It'll be the end of me
And this is for certain
This is not potentially
It's deadly, the way I'm
Breaking down so steadily
Though you see me smiling
Though you hear me jokin'
Though I keep shining
You would--
Hi Kamura.
What are you doing on the table?
You're not supposed to be on
the table. You're not supposed
to be on the table.
[pop music playing]
I'm just hanging on
Hanging on
Through the night
Through the night
To the dawn
To the dawn
And I'm just tryna make it
Tryna make it
One more night
One more night
I see the light
They say what doesn't
Kill you only makes you strong
They had it easy
They got it wrong
What if it breaks you down
'Til a piece of you is gone
I'll never move on
I've been changed in a way
That I'll never be the same
I pray every day just to get
Me through this pain
I try to lift me up
I try to pick me up
I been through it all but I
Ain't never giving up
I'm just hanging on
Hanging on
Through the night
Through the night
To the dawn
To the dawn
And I'm just tryna make it
Tryna make it
One more night
One more night
I see the light
[thudding and clashing]
Mom, you scared
the shit out of me.
I thought somebody had
broken into the house! What are
you doing up so early?
Today just seemed like the
perfect day to see the sunrise.
Oh, and I may or may not have
shat the bed.
Let's get you cleaned up.
[moaning in pain]
Hey, I just wanted to let you
know Mrs. Peters is here.
Mrs. Peters, what the hell for?
It's your day off, Nora.
It's fucking Sunday.
I may be losing a lot of things,
but my mind is not one of them.
Yes, you are of very
sound mind, Mom.
That's right.
Are you feeling alright?
Yeah, I'm great.
Well, I'm gonna take off
to the gym, okay?
I'll be back later.
Knock yourself out.
Be nice to Mrs. Peters
today, okay?
No. I won't.
I bought milk. You
ran out yesterday.
I'm sorry, I didn't
think about it.
I need milk for my tea.
I told you that when I agreed to
watch over the house.
I'm sorry, I'll do better.
Please see that you do.
I ask so little.
[man] It's all knotted up.
Come on girl, keep breathing.
Breathe through it! Alright,
you guys do it.
You got like a sack
of marbles in there, kid.
You stretchin' at night?
You liar. You can't even
fucking answer me right.
Alright, where's my rag doll?
Come on Nora, let's go, you
gotta warm up Aisha. Let's go!
Let's go. You're on her. Get
that choke out. What are you
gonna do? Come on!
[trainer] There you go. Now what
are you gonna do if she tries
to pass through?
Yeah, take the arm back!
Look, you don't even need
to use your hands!
Side control!
Come on girl, take that.
Get the arm bar!
Alright, arm bars all day!
Well actually, I can transition
out of this.
[trainer] Hey Nora, stop, watch
the knee, come on!
[Nora] Sorry.
Hey, shake it off.
Alright, well, let's... well
that's enough of this shit.
Let's move on to something else.
Aisha, come on. Let's go.
Find me someone else please.
[man] Hey! Yeah you. Come on.
Hey, good job.
I like what I'm seeing.
Here, here, here. Here.
Here, here.
Come here. Shh, shh, shh.
Calm down, calm down.
I'm here, I'm here Mama.
It's okay.
I'm always gonna be here.
Shh, shh, shh.
Mom, hey.
I gotta take off to work.
Are you feeling better?
Fuckin' A.
Mom, language, seriously.
I thought we talked about the
positivity thing.
They're only words, Nora.
Like 73 across.
The blank strikes back.
Positive energy and no cursing,
research says is gonna help you
clear out a lot of negativity.
Given all my bad influence,
how'd you end up
such a Girl Scout?
That's fucking true.
You're not funny.
You have a fucking good time.
I'll see you tonight.
[woman] How can I help you?
I called in an order to fill
in my mom's prescription.
It's under Catherine Poe.
-Catherine Poe?
And you're Catherine Poe?
Uh, no, that's my mother.
-You're not Catherine Poe?
Hold on.
She's in here, but...
There's an error in my system,
says no refills.
I can give you another
refill but just as a one-time
courtesy. Okay?
Mhmm. Okay.
-Thank you.
[phone ringing]
That will be seventy dollars.
Oh, no. Actually, my mom has
Medicare so that shouldn't be
any cost.
So it says here
the classification for this drug
has changed.
Medicare only covers
seventy-five percent.
The rest is your copay.
So then the copay is
the seventy dollars.
The co-pay is the
seventy dollars.
Well, I don't have
seventy dollars.
Do you have a credit card?
-Debit card?
-No, I don't have...
We don't take checks.
No, listen, you don't
understand. I don't have
seventy dollars.
This has always been free.
You know I was never called
about this or anything,
so I wasn't
prepared to pay today,
so I don't have seventy dollars.
I don't know what you
want me to do, um...
I don't know what
you want me to do.
Look, the classification for the
drug has changed. There's
really nothing I can do.
Do you know
what that medication is?
You know what the-- what
that does? What I need it for?
You're aware that my mom
needs that medication,
or she could die.
Like you're aware
of that, right?
This has always been
free. So I think there's just...
I think you're doing
something incorrect,
and you need to fix it.
I've never had to pay for this.
-You think I'm incorrect?
Yes, I do. I think you should
look into your computer
and figure out a way to get my
mother these drugs!
The way to get your mom
these drugs is to give me
seventy dollars.
This is fucking bullshit, can
you go get somebody?
Hey, hey doc. Hey doc, can I?
[Nora] Go get your manager.
I gotta go to work.
-So I need to fucking
get outta here--
-[man] Doc, can I?
So please, can you give
me my mom's medication.
[man] Pharmacist?
Can I talk to you for a second?
One second. Yeah, hold on.
So I'll just take care
of it if it's okay.
I'll just take care of it
if it's okay.
We can just add it to my, to my
stuff and we can handle it.
What? This isn't a bar ,sir.
What-- what are you saying?
I'll just take care
of her stuff.
-Her stuff?
You want to pay for this woman?
-Oh, no, I can't
let you do that.
-No, it's no problem. Seriously,
it's not a big deal.
-No, like really.
-No, I...
-Look, I don't have money
to pay you back.
Look it's up to you, I just...
My sister had cancer, so I
understand what you're
going through...
and uh, yeah, I mean,
I got it--
You're a nice man.
Oh, uh...
Jason Wright. With a "W".
With a "W". Wright.
Okay. Lexapro, Risperdal...
Yeah! Yes.
Thank you.
[pharmacist] You're welcome.
It's early. I need some coffee.
You need some coffee? Wanna get
some coffee?
[pharmacist] There's instant.
You can just have it.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Have a better day. Yeah.
Thank you.
I have your drinks
right here.
Yo, I got this. Don't
even mess with me.
That'll be $11.50.
So um... you said your--
your sister had cancer?
Yeah. Breast.
Oh. What did you guys do?
Did you guys just do like
straight chemo? Did you try,
like, the new drug trials, or...
The doctors kept
misdiagnosing her.
I mean, like, when they
found out what it actually was,
it was too late.
I'm...I'm so sorry.
Oh yeah, no. I mean,
death is... death.
But you can't-- you can't go
backwards, right?
You can't go backwards.
That's what all this--
I mean, I guess what some of
these head drugs are for,
and I talk to the group.
I go-- I go to this group.
Very cool group meeting,
super cool cats,
and we-- we watch movies and we
read these books, and um.
Yo, you know, I know you're
probably also goin' through
some, some heavy stuff,
and I could totally
introduce you to Pat.
Pat, she's my--
she's the group leader and
she's a super cool chick.
No, I'm good. Thank
you, though, yeah.
-Yeah? Right.
-That's not--
No, I mean, no. I just
was, was saying--
Oh shit, I really gotta go,
I'm sorry.
Look, this was all
awesome, and I really
appreciate it, but I just--
But you, But you don't wanna
talk to the-- you don't wanna
talk to the crazy guy, right?
Like, my dad used to take
a lot of the stuff
that you were, um...
Oh! Cool!
I mean, not cool that your dad
was like, I mean, like me, but
it's just cool that--
Okay, I really have to go. I've
gotta catch the 10:15 across
town, so sorry, but thank you!
Why, why're you cro--
the 10:15 across town,
why're you gonna do that?
Because it's the fastest way
across town.
Yo, why do guys
always think that they know
the fastest way around?
No! I'm-- I'm a driver!
Yeah! I have
a perfect four star rating.
I don't need a ride from you.
You've already done enough.
Seriously, I got you.
You're not gonna make it.
You'll probably miss the bus,
and uh, I'm a good driver.
I can take you.
So, what? Do I like, "app"
you, or something?
No! I'm my own boss. Let's go.
And I'm fast!
Safe! Safe and fast.
Cool. Well, thank you.
This was-- you know
your car is so nice.
-And it was very sweet of you.
Yeah, thank you. This is
something I do to meet people.
They say it's good for you to
talk to people 'cause
this stuff, uh--
-But you-- uh, the MMA. Like,
you straight roll with dudes?
Yeah, sometimes. Yeah.
That's badass. That's badass.
Yeah. I mean, sometimes it's
actually better
to fight with girls,
they put up more of a fight.
I'd like to-- I'd like
to see that.
I mean, do you-- at the gym
do you guys have fights? Like
matches? Fi-- fighting matches?
You like fights?
I mean, me personally,
I couldn't hurt a fly,
but I like, I mean I think I'd
like to like, watch it.
You know, 'cause it's--
the fighting,
to see the fighting
is like, you know,
it's like cathartic!
Um, well, uh, my gym
is hosting a tournament
in about two weeks.
It's a female MMA
What? Like an all-girl
blood sport?
Like, straight Kumite style?
I don't know, I don't
know what that means.
Well, are-- are you
gonna be in it?
Am I gonna be in it? Uh, no!
That's like, that's like
a big-- no.
You, you should
totally be in it.
I'm not like-- that's not.
I just-- I just train.
What? I mean, why not? You tol--
you totally should do it.
I'm-- no. I'm not--
I'm not that good.
I'm not at that level, so, um...
But hey look, man, I
really-- I have to get going.
If you do wanna go see it, it's
next week at the
convention center.
I'm there! I'm there. So there.
This is like the-- this is like
the greatest thing to happen
to mankind, ever!
Okay, cool. Bye, thank you.
Bye! We-- we should go.
I told you this bitch
be hookin'.
Like, we all tryna get money,
but damn. I mean, not--
not like that.
[knocking on door]
I got you set up at one. You'll
be in room 207 by then?
Uh, yeah. Should be. Who is it?
The fuck you care?
Just do your thing.
Damn, girl! What'd
that bag do to you?
Shit! Champs aren't built
overnight, you know
what I'm sayin'?
-You right.
-You're not even sweating!
I know. 'Cause I've been putting
in that work. Six hours a day,
that's what it does.
Yeah, man. I just wanna
get like you.
-Then you better start training!
-You're right.
-You're right.
-[man] Hustle up!
Alright, see ya!
What you lookin' at? C'mon!
Let's see your stand up game!
Hands up.
Alright, you gotta put your
hips into that shit,
step into it.
[Nora] Okay.
Alright, chin down.
A little lower.
Keep the elbows tight.
No, don't spread like that!
What the fuck?
Breathe. Breathe!
Let me hear you.
Okay, it's not about
hitting it so damn hard.
It's all technique.
Turn your hips.
Okay, a little more.
Longer extension.
Put your elbows in,
bring your elbows in. Okay.
You're puttin' in some work!
Nora, Aisha, you're up!
Let's work on some jiu-jitsu.
Let's go, girls!
What about the milk?
I don't need a babysitter, Nora.
Thank you.
Yes, you do, mom. You know I
don't like to leave you alone
while I'm at work.
She cheats at cards. She cheats
like a dirty fucking whore.
[Nora] Mom.
Twenty dollars a day for what?
To sit on her ass, cheating
at cards and taking long naps
in the afternoon!
Look, just be glad it's not
thirty dollars, okay? Eat your
food, I'll be right back.
Chicken again.
Dammit, give me the money and
maybe we can eat a decent meal!
The fuck?
-She's in there again!
Are you fucking kidding me?
[woman] On a break! No, I'm
dead serious!
[woman] God damn, let's get this
bitch out of here. Shit!
It's like, is it possible?
[woman] She needs to go,
she needs to go.
You know, I'm tired of it,
she needs to go. You need
to go. Just like, honestly--
What the fuck man? All day!
Breaks all day! Like,
break queen.
Can you do some work?
-If you don't like
it, you need--
-I was going to.
-You're always on break!
-If you don't wanna be here,
don't be here!
-Get out.
-Then just don't be here!
Hey, what's going on in here?
-She's not doing any
fucking work!
-She's not working.
-She's here, lounging and shit.
-Are we the only maids
you have here?
Alright, look. I need the room
for fifteen minutes. You two,
out. Nora, stick around.
-So we don't get a break?
-No break?
-Come back in fifteen minutes.
-In fifteen?
That means in fifteen, I can
have fifteen plus fifteen,
-and have a thirty minute break
like Nora? This is bullshit!
-Wow. Wow. Wow!
-[man] Close the door!
-[woman] Yeah. I'll close it.
You okay?
I know you've been going through
a lot of stuff here lately.
I also have to say your work has
been slipping a lot.
I'm sorry. I've just
been a little tired.
Tanya and Sasha giving
you a hard time?
Yeah, but don't worry. It's
nothing I can't handle.
You stay away from those
two. They are trouble.
I try to. Every day.
Alright, let's go.
Move your feet!
Hey, Nora lookin' pretty good.
-[man] Man! Great job, ladies!
-[trainer] That's what I'm
talking about!
Alright, good job, girls.
Yo! Nora! One o'clock.
[phone ringing]
What? He's gonna freak out
if I don't pick up.
Hey, babe, I'm training.
Can I call you back?
Okay, okay.
Talk to you later.
Yes, I'll call you back. Bye.
There was a guy here looking for
you today. Specifically you.
Uh, nice car. Big smile, teeth.
Well, if you see him again,
you call the cops. Alright?
Trouble? No?
No. Just one more thing
I have to fight.
Be careful, Nora.
C'mon! Move your feet, Nora!
Get your hands up, Aisha.
That's it, that's it!
C'mon, girls, work!
We got five days till Double A
Double A Tournament, let's go!
Quit pissin' around! Let's go!
You got this, girl.
She's ready for this thing, man.
[man] Oh!
[man] Oh!
-[man] She's got something
goin' for her.
-[woman] Nice.
-[woman] Okay!
-[man] I'm surprised, dude.
Okay, rookie! Go ahead!
[trainer] Pay attention!
Get your hands up!
[trainer] That's it, that's
it! Watch it! Oh.
Okay, that's it, that's it.
Yup. Back to the drawing board.
Nora, you good?
Nah, it's all good. We were
sparring, and I just got
Damn! It's still bleeding?
Yeah, I think so. Yeah,
it's not stopping.
Oh, no. Aisha, you don't
have to do that.
I know. But I am.
Lean back. Lean back.
Does that hurt?
You're such a little bitch.
Shut up! To you, maybe.
Okay. I'm gonna try one more
thing. I just want to make sure
it's not broken.
-Does that hurt?
Is this your first time?
You've been knocked out before?
Oh, no.
Gotten beat up before?
Uh, no-- yeah.
Gonna be a nice one.
I'm sorry. I thought that's
what you wanted.
Hey, look. I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to cross the line.
Look, I want you to know I
respect you, wholeheartedly,
and I'm so appreciative for
everything you guys
have done for me.
You guys?
Yeah! You, and Rosheen
and the gym.
So you just go and make
out with everybody?
I'm lookin' out for you 'cause
you're my sparring partner.
For now.
'Cause I'm training
with you. That's it.
I just misread things,
that's all.
So you just kiss people
who are married?
Well, are you happy?
With your marriage?
Get outta my face, Nora.
Get outta my face, Nora.
I'm sorry, Aisha.
What is a ten letter word
for mayonnaise?
'Cause I think it's
fucking mayonnaise.
What other-- what other word
could that be?
-I think it's a trick.
-Hey, I'm going for my run.
You gonna be okay?
Yeah, yeah. No, no, no.
You go for your run.
I would go with you,
except for this whole,
shitty dying thing.
You know, it's not funny, mom.
I can't tell if you're being
sarcastic or not.
I get it. Who wants to sit
around watching me
fall apart anymore?
So you run, it's fine.
Look, you know that I'm
training right now.
For what? Wrestling?
It's not just wrestling.
I'm actually getting pretty
good at this.
Okay. So where's that lead?
A career? I don't know.
Some people actually make really
good money at this.
Okay, but really good
people, right?
I am good.
Your face, Nora.
Is that a sign
that you're good?
Well, actually, there are a few
people at the gym who think
that I should join the upcoming
MMA tournament, so yeah.
So I am.
MMA. Is that mixed
martial anaconda?
Masculine marshmallow
Motherfuckin' manly assholes?
Look, I'm gonna go for my jog.
Are you gonna be alright?
Yeah, I will be. Will you?
Yo, yo, yo, Nora! One o'clock?
Not today, man.
Man, I told you that boxing shit
is no good for business.
I mean, maybe some dude's
into that black eye stuff,
but come on
man, look at you.
You're all jacked up
and swolled up like a dude.
Well, I gotta lay off anyways.
I got a fight this weekend.
No, no, no, no, no. This
shit messes me up, man!
-What am I supposed
to tell this guy?
I don't know! Tell him I have a
blistering STD or some shit.
Fuck, man!
Alright, one week, okay?
One week, and then we back
to business as usual.
Look, Jesus.
I been thinking and, and-- don't
take this the wrong way.
It's just, um,
I'm not real sure
I wanna keep doing this.
The fuck you talking about? We
got a deal here. A good deal!
You making change, ain't you?
Yeah. But how much change
are you making on this?
I get my share! I set this shit
up, I keep it goin'--
I'm the one who watches your ass
when you conductin' business,
so fuck yeah, I'm gonna get my
share! I gotta eat too, right?
What am I supposed to do?
Alright, I'm gonna get you ten
more a pop, okay?
Ten more a pop, and that's it.
Any more than that, these dudes
can go downtown and get club
pussy for that price.
Alright, Jesus.
Think whatever you want,
alright, but nobody wants
your ass that bad.
Then you know what, Jesus?
Ain't nobody gonna get me then,
how 'bout that?
I know what you be doin'.
You don't know shit.
Oh, I know.
You think
that nobody's gonna find out
what the fuck
you doin' around here?
Shit, Jesus tried to get
me to do that same shit.
And I was like, "Nah, fuck
that!" No, bitch.
Don't look at me like
that, like I couldn't. Like you.
Why can't you just
leave me alone?
Because I don't fuckin' like
you. You're entitled.
You're mean. You walk around
here like you own this shit.
You don't own no--
the fuckin' hotel! You're
not nice. You're a bitch!
-I'm a bitch?
-You a bitch.
Is there like, a fake mirror
here or something?
'Cause you're the bitch!
A fake mirror? Bitch, I know
I'm a bitch! I just letting you
know that you are a bitch.
-Okay? Sitting on the steps.
-Well, I don't give
a shit what you don't like.
Oh! You gettin' tough now?
You tough?
You 'bout to do somethin'?
I'm guessin' that you got
somethin' coming to you.
Let's go.
You think I'm finna fight
you right now at my job?
Why not?
Um, real adults in real
life actually care
about getting paid for shit.
All of us can't fuck
for work and for money.
So I need this job.
So, it's not gon' be today, not
here, but it's comin' to you.
'Cause you
fuckin' deserve it.
Walkin' around here
like your shift don't stink.
You ain't nothin', bitch.
You just like the rest of us
bitches, walkin' around here,
cleaning rooms.
Get that through your skull,
how 'bout that? Fuckin' psycho.
Lazy as shit Nora.
Go ahead, drink your soda.
I plan on it.
Got nothin' to be done
around here, right?
I'm on my break, I don't
know about you.
Wish we all had
a break like you.
Alright, guys, get in here.
Keep those hands up.
Give 'em another twenty, coach.
I got a waiver request for
you to enter the tournament.
Is that right? You entered?
[Nora] Yeah.
Why not?
Where's my mother?
Oh, hey.
[Mrs. Peters] See you tomorrow.
Oh! Mrs. Peters?
Um, I'm not gonna have the money
to pay for the next few days.
Would it be okay if I just paid
you in full next week?
That's not our arrangement.
I know, um, I was kinda hopin'
you'd help me out and it'd be
like a one-time thing.
The reason arrangements
are made is so that all
the parties involved
know what's expected of them.
-I know,
I just thought that may--
-Jesus Christ, Mary!
If she says
she's gonna pay you next week,
she'll pay you next week!
Don't be such
a fucking dickweed!
-I'll see you tomorrow.
-Oh, and Mrs. Peters?
I also have something
this Saturday night.
Again, not agreed to!
I know, but it's just
a one-time thing.
Oh, jump in front
of a fucking truck, Mary.
That's fine!
Double, that's totally fine.
Thank you,
Mrs. Peters. Thank you.
Oh, she is such a bitch!
Too much. Stop it with all that.
No! She is messing with
my positive healing energy.
You know, if you're going to
play cards with the
terminally ill,
you should at least lose a few
hands. It's only polite.
Just 'cause you suck at cards,
mom, doesn't mean
that she's a cheater.
She has no fucking class.
Aw, I used to be strong.
I used to have boobs.
This shit just eats everything.
Nora, tell me...
What are your odds
in this thing?
'Cause, you know, it'll be weird
if you die before I do.
That's all I'm sayin'.
Mom, I'm fighting for you.
You know,
this is a lot of money.
Honey, don't fight for me.
Fight for you.
This is stage four.
Stage four of fucking four.
Yeah, well, you'll thank me
when you overcome the odds.
Oh, I won't be here
to thank anyone.
And then what are you
gonna do? Hm?
Look, Nora, I'm gonna die, and
it'll probably be in the next
two months.
And you need
a realistic plan.
I'm not listening to this shit.
You will lose this house without
my disability, then where are
you gonna go?
What are you gonna do?
I have a plan.
I'm gonna win this tournament,
I'm gonna win the money,
and I'm gonna get you the proper
care that you need!
Oh, honey, that's not real.
That's just a dream.
Well, it's my dream. Stop
trying to take it away from me.
Hey! Nora!
Yo! Hey, it's me!
It-- It's Jason!
Oh, hey, what's up, Jason?
Yeah, I gotta go to work.
No, hey, wait! Wait
one second, though!
What do you want, man?
Um, I--
Look, I already thanked you
for helping with my mom's
I really have
nothing else I can give you.
I just--
I just can't stop
thinking about you.
But-- I mean, not--
I mean, not in like in some
crazy person way.
Some like, some guy who
just-- just shows up at your
work unannounced.
No, not like
that guy, but more like the guy
who is well-balanced on his meds
and he just really thinks
that you're this super cool
chick and would love
to get a chance
to get to know you better
kind of way.
Look, I'm sorry. You seem nice.
That doesn't mean I owe
you anything.
I shoulda wore the V-neck!
I should've worn the V-neck.
You know, it could've-- coulda
gone worse. Coulda gone worse.
[Jesus] Aight, give me
another week, alright? I--
Alright. Alright, man, don't be
a tough guy, alright?
Do you-- If you-- Alright.
Okay, you're right, you got it.
Yes, sir! Anytime, after
3 PM, check-in!
Very good, uh, just stop by
and we can accommodate.
Very good. Thanks.
[Nora] Uh, Mr. Burns?
Ah, Nora! Um,
what can I do for you?
Oh. More problems with
Sasha? Have a seat.
No. Um, I actually need
to ask for Saturday off.
This Saturday?
-Saturday, you know, is our
busiest day of the week.
Is it--
Is it that important to you?
-Yeah, it really is.
-Aw, you're killin' me here.
You're killin' me, Nora! You--
Saturday we're gonna be
especially busy.
Um. I will think about it,
okay? I will--
I don't know if I can deal with
this now. I'll think about it.
I'll, I'll let you know.
Mr. Burns, I never
ask for time off.
I know that, I know that.
But you're my best girl. I--
What am I gonna do?
I'm here for you all the time!
All I'm asking is for one day.
It's gonna be really
busy Saturday.
Thank you, Mr. Burns.
Hey-- you owe me!
Eh, apparently I owe everyone.
[Jesus] Who was the suit?
What are you talking about?
Mr. GQ in the grey beamer!
What, you back-doorin' me, Nora?
-Then who's the fuckin' suit?
-He's just some guy I met!
Some guy, my ass!
What? You think you can cut out
the middle man?
Huh? Start your own lil'
business? Nah, you wanna deal,
you deal through me!
I'm not dealing! He's
just some guy I met!
You just met some rich ass guy,
right? If you're gonna lie, at
least make it convincing.
What is that supposed to mean?
No suit goes bottom trollin'!
I catch you fuckin' around my
back again, I'm gonna mess
you up, Nora.
Yo, you don't own me, alright?
Why don't you back up?
The fuck you doin'?
You fuckin' crazy,
huh? Fucking crazy?
-[woman] Are they fighting?
-[woman] Oh yeah, they are.
-[woman] Oh, shit!
Oh, shit! Oh shit!
-[woman] What the fuck?
Oh my god! Hit back, Jesus!
You look stupid!
-You're gettin' your ass beat!
-[Jesus] Enough!
You a pussy, Jesus, that's
crazy. She just molly
wopped you.
He didn't do nothin',
he just stood there!
Yeah, you got fucked up.
Fuck y'all!
[woman laughing]
Got your ass kicked!
I didn't get my ass kicked!
Fuck you-- oh shit!
-Oh shit!
-Oh! Oh shit!
Nope! Nope, you're dead.
He's fucked up.
-You're gonna die,
you can't breathe.
Better stand up,
Jesus! Stand up!
What the hell is go--
What is going on here?
Get her off me!
Jesus, stop it, and you get
off of her right now!
I'm ch-- me? She's cho--!
Get-- Break it up, you two!
C'mon! Behave like humans,
for crying out loud!
In my office, right now!
Man, fuck her!
I said now!
Get the hell in my office!
And you two! Sasha, mind
your own business! Get--
No. No!
This is my business, Mr. Burns!
You know, you-- you're
always playing favorites!
And you know, your favorite has
been fuckin' Johns
in these rooms
night after night for months
right under your nose!
That's right.
How you feel about that?
You're welcome, we told you.
Nora, is this true?
Nora, I'm talking to you.
Just tell me it is not true.
Oh, God.
[woman] Yep. Boom.
You two, get back
to work. Get-- go!
You just-- you just-
Got the truth now.
You're welcome.
I give you every break
in the book, and this is
what you do to me?
Forget the Johns,
you fucked me!
I thought you were
better than that.
Just get your shit and go. You
do not work here anymore.
Get your hands up,
Nora! C'mon! C'mon!
-Come here!
-Keep moving, keep moving!
What the hell? Why'd you enter
the tournament if you're just
gonna stand there?
The fuck is your problem, Nora?
I don't have a problem!
What do you mean you don't have
a fuckin' problem? You got
a big ass problem!
-Come on!
-You entered the competition and
you can't even beat Rosheen!
Oh, co-- What?
You don't have to fight in this
fuckin' competition!
I don't
fuckin' have a choice. I don't
fucking have a choice!
Are you girls gonna fight
or Nora, you need me
to string you up
and let everyone use you
as a punching bag? Come on!
-I am fighting!
-No, you're fuckin' not!
-Then fight, Nora! Fuckin'
fight! Fight! Fight, Nora!
-[man] Hey, hey! Come on-.
Alright, that's enough!
Fuckin' fight!
Hey, that's enough! Let it go!
Get up! Get up! Get up!
-Fuckin' fight!
-[trainer] Come on.
-Fuckin' fight!
-Come on, let it go!
-She ain't doin' shit!
-Take a fuckin' walk!
-She's not fuckin' doin' shit!
-This is the tournament! Get
your ass out and take a walk!
-Yes it is!
Get up.
No, no, no. Get in here. The
fuck's goin' on with you?
Nothing. I'm fine.
Get it together.
I'm sorry, Aisha.
I didn't mean
to mess up your training.
It's just I'm messing everything
up nowadays.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself,
and fight for what the fuck
you really want.
Yeah, I don't know what
I want anymore.
[Nora] Mom?
-Mrs. Peters, were you sleeping?
Is that my mom coughing?
You're supposed
to be watching her!
Mom. Hey! Mom!
Mom, wake up.
Mom. You okay?
No, no, I'm okay.
This is normal, everyday
death spiral shit.
You're okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Alright, 'cause I brought
you dinner.
Oh! Let me guess, chicken!
No, I brought you hamburgers
because I know they're
your favorite.
Aw, that they are. Thank you.
You're welcome.
Spit it out.
I got fired today.
For what?
For fighting.
Fighting at work.
It wasn't my fault.
You know, I just was standing up
for myself and it got a little
physical, that's all.
Well, that must have been
a dandy of a brouhaha.
Look, Mom.
I don't know how I'm gonna pay
for everything without this job.
I don't even know how
I'm gonna pay Mary back!
Oh, fuck that cow. What is she
gonna do to you, sue ya?
For what? This shithole?
No. You will find
something else, Nora.
I just want better for us.
Well then,
I guess there's
only one thing you can do.
Win that damn tournament.
Win that whole goddamn MM--
Mountain Man Asshole thing.
You go kick
everybody's goddamn ass.
Hey, Nora. I have your, uh,
severance check here.
You're pissed at me, huh?
I coulda called the law on you,
you'd been in jail.
You know that?
As it is, Jesus is
probably gonna press charges.
Jesus is not gonna
call the cops.
Yeah, maybe.
But you just can't
beat the hell out of a
coworker. It's never the answer.
Well, you don't know
how far I was pushed.
I can guess. I can guess.
Hurting somebody just 'cause you
think you're right?
That is a fast track to a
criminal record, kid.
Yeah, well, that'd just be one
more bullshit thing
that I have to fight.
Why? Why does it always have
to be a fight with you, Nora?
Because everything
is a fight, Billy!
Yes, yes, you keep telling me.
I question your definition
of "fight"!
[trainer] Rotate that hip.
Alright, good job girls.
That's the day.
-Thank you, Coach!
Aisha, Nora! You're up!
Alright ladies, it's game time.
Two o'clock tomorrow evenin',
and I'll meet you both at the
Civic Center and we'll see
what we see.
But for right now, however,
I need you to really
concentrate on your structure
and your footwork.
Tonight, get your rest.
Eight hours at least, please.
Maybe more, if you can.
And then, maybe a light run
in the morning, a nap,
and then it's show time.
You girls got any questions?
-No, Coach.
-Alright. Take it easy.
-Hey, Aisha?
Just wanted to say I'm really
sorry about yesterday.
Nah, you're good. I was
a little too hard on you.
Nah, it was good. You really
showed me what it is I want.
And what's that, huh? Huh? Huh?
I wanna win this.
You know you're gonna have
to get through me, right? I'm
not your damn sidekick, boo!
Yeah, I know. Maybe it's you
who's gonna have to get
through me!
Alright, honey.
Oh, hey! Save the full contact
for the tournament!
That was my bad, Coach.
Apparently, I'm really bad
at reading signals.
[trainer] Yeah, well, bromancing
her to death isn't working.
Keep moving!
[trainer] There you go.
Nora! Where you at?
Over here, Coach!
Hey, good job today, kid.
I feel like your headspace is
finally getting dialed in.
That's what you need, alright?
Now, I want you to go home
tonight, get plenty of rest,
load up on carbs, and get a lot
of sleep. Alright?
And please
get that damn hair braided.
I was just gonna like, put it
in like a bun or something.
No you're not. I got you
covered, they're expecting you.
Rosheen, I don't have
money to pay for this.
I got ya. It's taken care of,
don't worry about it.
-Thank you.
-Aight. My little rag doll
won't be so raggy!
Go get 'em, girl!
-[Nora] Hi.
-Can I help you?
Um, Rosheen sent me to get
my hair done for my fight. Like,
braids or something?
Yeah, yeah. I know. I can get
you for two hundred dollars.
Oh. Rosheen said that it
was "taken care of?"
What do you think this is?
A charity for some straggedy-ass
white girl?
I'm sorry there must have been
some misunderstanding.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, no, no,
no, come back, come back!
I'm just teasing you!
Come on, I'm playing!
Come on in. Now, damn!
Don't take everything so damn
personal! Come on!
It's like every other
word was "oh, sorry!"
Like a ticking time bomb. She
was gonna come back and shoot
this whole place up.
Y'all, stop! Okay, look.
I am going to--
It's okay, it's okay. I'mma--
You know, I'mma make you look
like a champion!
-Oh, yeah! Girls fight like,
way harder than guys!
Yeah, like, guys can go in, and
they'll shake hands afterwards,
and they're all cool but girls,
sometimes, they hold a grudge.
It's pretty nasty.
Mhm. I know that's right.
Well, Miss Champion, viola!
Look at you!
[hairdresser] You like it?
Sorry I'm late. I had to cover
a shift for this bitch
that got fired.
Oh, no worries, it's fine. Look
like it's getting late anyway.
Nobody here
but the usual suspects.
Oh, and the "female
Rocky" over here!
Um, hey look, I would tip you
if I had any money,
but I just lost my job.
It's okay.
And besides,
Rosheen got you.
-You aight.
-Thank you.
What's going on?
That's that crazy ass
bitch with the mother.
The fuck did you just say?
Bitch, you heard what I said,
okay? So take ya little ass
outta here, alright?
You not gon' do nothin'.
You 'bout to do somethin'?
You gon' do somethin'?
That's what I thought.
Get up.
-Oh no, you gotta go.
-Alright, alright, alright.
-You do not fight in my place!
-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm
Sasha, what are you doi--
Hey, hey! Excuse me,
Officer. Officer!
-Can I get my phone call now,
please? I need to call someone.
Some type of medical emergency?
It is, actually. I need to see
someone about my hand. I think
I might have broke it.
Sir! Sir, sir. She lyin'.
She always be lyin'. She ain't
got no medical emergency.
I'm not lying! You can see that
I might have broke my hand.
Doesn't look that bad.
Are you serious?
I have a job tomorrow!
This is a very
important job that I need to get
to, like, in a few hours, okay?
-She lyin'.
She lyin.' Her coochie is the
only thing that got a medical
emergency, okay?
The gynecologist gon' need a
chin strap to deal with that
offense between her legs, okay?
That's good! I'm gonna tell the
Captain about that one.
You hear that, Nora? He's gonna
tell 'em about your offense
between your legs, bitch!
Man, I can't believe that you
came to my work and laid your
hands on me, bitch.
You are going to pay!
This is not over, you hear me?
This is on you!
Yeah. Why don't you-- Why don't
you go call one yo lil'
Benz-drivin', BMW-havin',
bougie-ass hooker workers now,
huh? Call 'em for that! Call!
Call 'em! Tell 'em to bail you
outta jail, see how fast
they come!
Uh, hey, Officer!
Hey! Hey!
Please come here.
am I allowed to use, uh, like
my cell phone to get
a number out of my phone
so that I can make
my phone call?
I don't know
his number by heart.
That's- that'd be my one
phone call and that'll be it,
I promise!
Goddamn, Nora!
Have some respect
for yourself.
Some decency!
You really gon' call one of them
Johns who be droppin'
nickels in you?
He's not a J-- Uh, it's a friend
of mine. Please, I just don't
know his number.
You ain't got no friends.
Stop lyin'.
You ain't got to lie now! We
here together, we in jail!
Look, please?
Look, I'll see what
I can do, alright?
Can you see what you can do
for me, too? Laugh McGee?
Here's your numbers.
Use our phone, dial nine
for an outside line.
Thank you.
Just call-- Just call
him. It's fine.
[answering machine]
Hi! You've reached Jason,
and this is my phone!
Thank you so
much for calling me.
I hope you are doing
something wonderful,
and I know you are
accomplishing something great!
Please leave a message,
and I will surely get back to
you as soon as I can!
Hey, uh, Jason. It's um-- I'm so
sorry for calling you
so late, um.
Or so early. I'm not, um--
But, uh, this is Nora.
Um, we
met at the pharmacy.
Um, and you
also came to my work.
so uh,
I needed to call, um, I'm in
a little bit of a-- of a jam.
Um. You know that fight
tournament that I- I had told
you about? Um--
Luck of the redheads.
Someone's posted bail.
Tell him never mind.
I can't be
owin' anybody like that again.
[officer] 'Kay, Red. You got
it. It's just that--
Oh, look! They makin' up
nicknames for you here now.
Here you go, Red. Rich ass
Captain Save-A-Ho is here!
If it makes any difference,
it's not some rich ass guy.
She's been shoveling all that
cash in her pillowcase
for years.
thank you.
[bell ringing]
Let's go.
Nora, what the hell do I say
about taking this shit
outside the gym?
I know, it was really stupid.
But it's not that bad, I swear.
It's gonna be fine.
Everything else okay?
Yeah. Everything else is fine,
yeah. It's just this, it's just
the knuckles.
Maybe you shouldn't
do this today.
Please, Rosheen, I have to do
this. I don't have a choice.
I have to fight today.
It's really not that
bad, I swear.
I'm messin' with you.
Me, stop you from fightin'?
They'd take my old ass out in
the back alley before that'd
happen, right?
I don't know about that. I'd
probably get my ass kicked.
Hey, nobody is ever a hundred
percent goin' into a fight.
You're always gonna have
a little somethin' that's really
fucked up.
You just gotta fight
through it, right?
Give it. Spread 'em.
[announcer] Oh, ladies and
gentlemen, it doesn't look good
for Aisha. She's on the bottom.
Oh! No, no, she's turned it
around, she's on the top!
She's dominating!
They're back on their feet,
they're back on their feet.
Alright, we're goin' in for
some good Muay Thai
exchanges here!
Good kick, good kick by Aisha!
Oh! And it is over! Aisha
knocked her out!
[bell ringing]
Nora Felix and Chase Alexander?
You two are next. Five minutes.
Kumite! Kumite!
One, two!
On to the next motherfuckin'
around, Nora!
When are you goin' up?
-Oh, okay.
Okay, well, good luck.
Go get 'em. Go get 'em.
[trainer] You're a fighter.
That's why you're here.
That's why you're fightin' and
why you can fight all those
things you're goin' through.
Something got you here!
Whether it was a reason or
something-- something that
you're going through--
that's what brought you here and
it's bringin' that out of you.
You've gotta let it.
[announcer] Oh! Nice Superman
punch by Chase!
Nora looks like she's
in trouble!
Aw, man, it looks like Nora's
in trouble. She's gotta do
something. She's gotta get up!
Oh, two good kicks to the ribs.
Nora's comin' back.
Aw, man! Oh, there we go!
Nora's got her up against the
cage. Utilizing that clench!
Throwing really good knees.
I think she's in trouble-- Chase
might be in trouble!
Oh, we got an eye
gauge by Chase!
Woah, woah! Hey, hey, hey! Break
it up, break it up, break it
up, break it up!
[man] Come on!
We're here to win a contest,
not hurt each other!
Now let's go!
The hell we've been through,
no one can hurt you.
Is Ms. Peters here yet?
No, not yet. But she will be.
Don't wait for her, honey.
Just go! Go, go, go!
Yeah, but I don't wanna
leave you alone.
I'll be fine. Now give
me a hug. Mmm.
I might lie down
for a bit, anyway.
Are you feeling okay?
I'm fine!
You go kick ass!
I love you, kiddo.
I love you, too, Mom.
How'm I doing?
Fuckin' horrible.
But you're winnin'.
It's hard to see while you're
in a fight, but everyone
else can see it.
Now get in there
and kick her ass.
You keep those hands up, you
keep movin'. Alright?
Spit it out.
There you go. Alright. Let's go.
Own it! C'mon!
Nora, you can't fight your
way through everything.
Yeah, well, it's not like I'm
trying to fight, Mom. It's just
the way my life works.
Mom, I take care
of you, don't I?
And I make sure that you're not
alone for too long.
And I make sure that I have food
on the table every night when I
get home. For you.
And I make sure
that I have your medicine.
And I make sure that you
have your scotch.
And your crossword
puzzles. Right?
So I don't understand.
Why do you keep questioning me
on what I'm trying to do?
And how I'm living my life?
You know, I'm trying my best!
This is the best I can do.
No, one's giving
me these things.
I love you!
Is that not enough?
Aw, it's always been enough.
You fight and fight. You're good
at it. Like I was.
But, there are just certain
things you're gonna
need to accept.
-I can't talk to you. This is--
[heavy breathing and sobbing]
Came all this way. For what?
It's okay--
It's not okay. It's
not okay, guys!
Alright, it's not too bad.
You're in good shape
for your next fight.
Wait, I won?
You keep talkin' like this and
I will stop the next fight.
No, wait, Rosheen. I'm sorry.
I'm-- Yeah, I'm, I'm good.
Alright. I'm kiddin'.
You're there.
Here. Let's go.
You got this, kid.
My little Nora.
All grown up.
But you still fit into my arms.
Do you remember sleeping like
this when your father...
We were both just babies.
All curled up
into a little ball.
Yeah, I remember.
Oh, you were so warm.
And your hair tickled my nose.
You were my little angel.
You saved my life back then.
I saved?
Eh, when your father couldn't
hack it with my ornery
ass anymore,
you were the only
thing that kept me going.
You were the only reason I had
to get up every morning
and carry on.
Because I had
to take care of you.
I understand what
you're doing for me right now.
I really do.
I'm not proud
of what I had to do--
Your father used to say
"A woman sees the world the way
the woman sees it."
And that way, I would
know that he was drunk,
and I would punch him
in the goddamn neck.
Yeah. Fun scene for a child to
grow up in. I remember.
Well, certainly
toughened you up.
-It's a tough world.
It's a tough world.
I think there's still a dent
in the wall in the kitchen from
when you threw him.
Well, I had to hurt him so that
he didn't hurt me first.
And in the end, he still did.
Sometimes, I wish
I could have stepped
into his shoes back then.
'Cause I would have seen
how messed up he was,
and I would have walked out that
door, holding you in my arms.
Life is a fight, maybe, Nora.
But you don't have to hurt
everyone around you.
You can just walk away.
'Cause there,
there are other ways to win.
You are a beautiful,
strong woman.
And I am so proud of you.
Oh, and I'm gonna miss
you so goddamn much when I go.
How the hell'd the judges not
see me whoop your ass for three
rounds? I had your ass, bitch!
And you know it! This was
my fight! You fuckin' rigged
somethin' around here--
Hey! Jane, get the hell
out of here! It's over!
Get outta here!
We won again?
You're in one hell of a zone.
But you took
a few good shots.
Here, lemme close
some of those cuts up.
Here, put your head back.
Hold on.
Alright, hold it still.
Lemme get this; I don't want it
to split back open.
One more fight.
One more fight.
We good, Rosheen.
Always got
my girl's corner, anyway.
Oh, is that right?
Rosheen, we good. She doesn't
have anybody, anyway.
Damn right.
Babe. Be nice, man.
If I was gonna lose to anybody,
it'd be you, Aisha.
Aisha, she's trying to get into
your head. Don't listen to her.
Are you okay to go on?
-Rosheen, I told you, I
cannot quit. I gotta--
-I'm messin' with you!
There ain't
an ounce of quit in you.
But you know damn good and well
Aisha can knock people out.
Or she can rip your arm out.
I need
you to focus and stay focused,
'cause I don't know where the
hell your head's at today.
It's been a weird day.
The hell we've been through,
no one can hurt you.
Is Ms. Peters here yet?
No, not yet. But don't wait
for her, honey. Just, just go!
Go, go, go!
Mom, I don't wanna
leave you alone.
I will be fine. Now you give
me a hug and a kiss.
Mm. I may lay down for a bit.
Are you okay?
Yep! Just a proud mama!
You go kick ass!
I love you, kiddo.
I love you, too, Ma.
Alright, the two are at center.
You can see the tension in
their-- between their coaches.
Aisha looks ready to go.
She looks ready to pounce.
Nora looks--
-Alright, touch gloves.
-Gettin' ready to break,
touchin' gloves, and here we go!
-[bell ringing]
-Wait, guys! No, wait,
something's happening!
Yeah, it is! A fight! Now,
get out there and fight!
[Rosheen] C'mon, Nora! Get
your hands up! C'mon!
Oh shit.
Nora could be tappin' out any
second. She's kind of--
She's gonna tap!
C'mon, Nora, get out
of her! Roll out!
[announcer] She's gonna tap,
she's gonna tap!
C'mon, Nora! Roll out
of it! Roll out of it!
What a reversal!
There you go! Yes! Yes! Yes!
She's got her back turned again!
[Rosheen] What are you doing?
Get out there!
[man] Come on now!
Turn around!
Nora, don't!
Get out there! Go get
her! Go get her!
-There it is.
-That's what's happening.
Protect yourself!
Get your arms up!
No, come on! Come on,
Nora, you gotta fight!
This what you want? This
what you really want?
-Come on! Watch
your shoulder! No!
-[man] Come on! Come on!
Nora, get outta that!
Nora, tap!
[announcer] She's gotta
do something. If she doesn't do
anything, this fight is over.
Come on!
[announcer] Her shoulder. It's
about ready to go.
That right arm.
Is she gonna tap?
Oh my God! The arm snapped!
Aw, shit!
Are the refs gonna do
anything? Her arm!
She's still in the fight! Is
the ref gonna stop this?
-[man] He should.
-[woman] I don't know
if he's going to.
[Aisha] Why didn't you stop it?
She didn't tap.
Ref, she didn't tap out!
She didn't tap out!
-She didn't tap.
-[Aisha] Stop it! Stop it!
You good? Fight! Let's go.
Aight, baby, c'mon! Finish
this off! Right now!
What do I do?
Finish it off, finish her off!
She's there for the taking,
baby! C'mon, go get her!
Ref, stop it! What are you
doing? What are you doing?
Nora, you better stop.
Get outta here, Nora.
Nora, get the fuck out of here.
[announcer] I think the ref
should stop this fight.
She's not even playing, not
defense. Arm, again.
There is the other--
Is she gonna tap?
Keep breathing, keep breathing,
kid! Keep breathing!
C'mon Nora! Roll out of it,
roll out of it!
Atta girl, atta
girl! Woo! Yes!
Get on top! Get her knee, take
her knees! Take her knee, Nora!
Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
Okay, alright. Oh my God, the
tables have turned here!
So now, Nora has Aisha in a
really tight knee lock.
-Yeah, Aisha's in trouble,
now. This is--
[announcer] Is this gonna take
the fight? I couldn't believe
she's still going.
I have not seen a fight
like this in years!
C'mon, baby! C'mon! Get out,
get out! Get out, roll over!
Come on. This is incredible!
Nora's still got her. There's--
[bell dinging]
[announcer] Saved by the bell.
That was an incredible first
round. Unbelievable.
It looked like Nora was done
from the get-go.
Like completely
out of it, turning to her
corner, turning her back.
A massive amount of heart
on both girls, here.
What a fight!
But lack of D, on both,
I would say.
Yeah, I would say so.
There's a lot of offense,
not a lot of defense.
-Almost a couple submissions.
-Work on the defense a bit.
Way to survive that round, kid.
Now, he's gonna have to pop it
in now, okay?
Take a deep breath.
You got it. Look at me. C'mon.
[doctor] Relax, relax.
Breathe, breathe, breathe!
Okay, right here.
-Oh, shit!
-[doctor] You're good!
Is it in? Okay, okay.
I can't keep doing this.
I can't keep going.
That's okay, Nora. It's okay.
It's not a problem. That was
a hell of a fight!
No, no, you don't understand.
I think my mom, she's gonna
commit suicide.
Nora, you-- your mom's gone.
How did you know? When
did you find out? Wha--?
Honey, she passed away
two months ago.
No! No, that's not-- No! No,
no, no, no! That's not,
that's not possible!
Hey, hey, hey. I was
at the funeral, remember?
And-- Yeah, and it took
like, over a month for your--
for your feet to heal from the
glass cuts, you remember?
No! No, this can't be right!
Take a deep breath!
You got it. Take it easy.
Thank you.
I just saw her! I just saw her
this morning! I-- You guys,
this isn't right! No!
You feeling okay?
I love you too, Mom.
I saved?
I'm not proud of
what I had to do.
You're gonna kick my ass,
but I'm gonna stop this.
No, no, no, please! Don't do
that! Please! I can do this!
Look, I know you're right!
You-- It was two months ago.
I remember,
it was two months ago.
I can do this.
I'm gonna do it for her.
I have to finish. I have to!
Nora, it's okay. We're
just gonna walk away.
I gotta do this. I gotta do this
for her. I gotta do this for
me. I gotta do this!
You ready? Okay.
I can't, I can't! I can't.
I can't do this.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey,
hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! C'mon!
C'mon. Okay, get up.
I can't. I can't.
What are you gonna do
here? Are you okay to continue?
One second, please.
Thank you.
[distorted voice]
I can't hear you.
[distorted voice]
I can't hear you.
[distorted voice]
I can't hear you.
[distorted voice]
Can't hear you.
[distorted voice]
Mom, I can't hear you.
I can't hear you.
I'm gonna stop the fight.
-No! Please! No, no,
no, no! Please, no!
-Come on.
What do I do?
What do I do?
Mom, what do I do?
What do I do?
Fuck it!
It's okay.
No, fuck it!
You know, you said
that you never go into a fight
one hundred percent,
and you said that you never face
life at one hundred percent
because it's all just bullshit,
right? You said that!
I said that. Are you sure
you wanna do this?
This is stupid!
I'm fuckin' with you!
Yeah, she's good! We're in.
We're back! Alright. Alright.
Plus, you don't wanna let down
your super fan over there.
Nora! No-ra! No-ra!
No-ra! No-ra!
-Come on, champ. Let's go.
-No-ra! No-ra!
[announcer] And we're
back for the second round of
this fight, here, but--
-Fuck you, it's over?
[man] Wait, wait, what happened?
What do you mean
the fight's over?
What do you mean
the fight's over?
[Rosheen] Bullshit!
What the fuck?
-I'm good!
-Man, I told you she was good!
She didn't come out of this--
[announcer] Woah! The ref!
He's wavin' his hands! Hold on!
Woah, woah, red corner
quit. Red corner quit!
The judge is yelling red
corner has withdrawn.
-[crowd] Boo!
-Let's try here. Alright.
I'm okay.
We need to get her out of here.
She worked too hard for this.
No. No, no, no, no.
You can't give this to me.
I didn't. I can't. It's
my knee. I'm fucked up.
I'm not gonna let you
just quit, then.
I didn't quit.
I'll win next time.
But you won. This was all you.
Got a weird way
to fuckin' do it.
But this was all you.
I can't get to you.
I love you.
Well, it looks like the red
corner has withdrawn.
Is that
the official word? And it looks
like Nora-- Nora has won.
[Aisha] This is your moment.
Fuckin' take that shit in.
-[announcer] Wow.
This fight, unbelievable. Nora!
[announcer] Congratulations
to the new champ!
Crazy comeback, wow!
Wow, what an evening.
Yeah I can't believe
that just happened!
That's my girl!
You know what?
You showed up, you worked hard,
you did it.
No-ra! No-ra!
We did it.
Mm. You did all the hard work,
sweetheart. I just did a lot
of yellin'.
-You're good at yelling,
that's for sure.
Hey, I know that's real.
You okay, champ?
Yeah, I'm all good.
So give me one more day
Give me one more way
I swear
I can handle the pain
Then you're free
To walk away
Give me one more day
Give me one more way
To feel the pain I'm in
Then you're free
To walk away
But give me one day
Before you
Choose to fade away