Rage of the Yeti (2011) Movie Script

Where is it?
I can't tell if it's one of
those things or not.
Under other circumstances,
I'd find them fascinating.
Their fur is like some sort of
active camouflage.
That was close!
I think it was Burrell.
I gave him the shotgun.
- You find it yet?
- I got it! Got it.
Try every frequency.
- Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.
- Hurry up!
- This is camp Charlie Indian Echo...
- I think they're close.
to Control One.
I require immediate assistance.
Repeat. Mayday. Mayday. Mayday.
Control One
to Camp Indian Charlie Echo.
We copy your mayday.
Negative on open field.
Situation follows.
Unknown animal attack.
Possible missing and injured.
Require immediate medico. Over.
Copy. Medico required. Over.
Tell him we're going to the outpost.
Affirmative. Relay Mills actual.
We are heading to Maple Outpost.
Villers, hurry!
And tell them to hurry
if he wants his treasure. Out.
You're sure about the outpost?
Yeah, it's safer there,
and the generators working.
Okay, let's get the Codex
and meet the snowmobiles.
Okay, stay behind me.
If we see one of those things...
Bud! Get down!
My ears!
Either we missed,
or our bullets just bounced off.
- Let's get the Codex from the ship.
- I can't hear you.
What? Great.
Let's go.
Stay here. I'll get the Codex.
- You got to help me.
- What happened?
One of those, polar bear things
went after Sue.
I tried to stop it, but I think
it dislocated my shoulder.
I'm lucky, really.
I mean, it could've...
How's that?
Yeah. So we got to get the Codex,
and then we have to move.
Where is it?
Right here. Careful, though.
It's really delicate.
Hey, take this.
I don't think it'll kill them,
but it'll hurt them.
- Great.
- Okay. Come on. Let's go, go, go.
Bud, coming up.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Listen up.
We'll meet the others back at camp.
Twenty minutes to the outpost...
and we'll be lucky if we don't run
into any more of those monsters.
Eyes open.
I think it's right in front of us!
- I'm out.
- Did we get it?
Get out of the way!
- Move, Bud!
- Bud!
Get back!
Get back!
Get down! Get down!
Hey, boss, I think we better
get out of here.
I'm out of barrels.
Burrell had the rest of them, and
he got killed by one of those things.
Well, we got other problems.
Yeah, like we're being attacked
by invisible monsters...
and bullets just bounce off of them!
Look, I think they just ambushed us.
And they were smart enough
to knock Buds gun away.
We got to move.
Where's everyone else?
- We're it.
- What do you mean, We're it?
- What's the plan?
- Get to the outpost.
Don't die on the way.
I called for help.
Well, who'd be crazy enough
to come out here after us?
Door or window?
Well, the door seems
to be obstructed.
Good point. On the other hand,
the windows four stories up.
True. But the window
isn't holding a gun.
Fine. Whose turn is it to choose?
I think it's mine.
You always say that.
I think it's my turn.
What did you ask me for, then?
Si. Si, senor. Si, claro.
Bueno. Momento.
What the fra...?
- I think he wants us to take it.
- Yeah, I know that.
But don't you think it's a little
strange that he wants us...
to take his phone in the middle of
an armed confrontation?
Maybe it's for us.
We... Damn it.
Yeah, we got it.
Yes, it's in our actual possession
this time.
Yeah, it's in good condition.
No. No more than usual.
We were just on our way out.
You sure?
Really? Okay.
- He wants us to put it back.
- What?
Okay. Yeah.
Double. Plus this one, right?
Yeah. Yeah, no, they're still here.
Will do. Hang on.
- What the heck?
- It's Mills.
He's got another job for us.
He wants us at the airport ASAP.
- So they're just letting us go?
- Mills fixed it.
We leave the shield,
we're free to go.
Hey, you ever shoot a polar bear?
Maybe in that Russian zoo.
Siberian tiger, and that was
with a tranquilizer gun.
No, he's sure. He's sure.
Yes, we'll bring guns, big guns.
Hey, if Mills wants us to come back
for this shield...
we need a better plan next time.
- Come on, man. We were doing fine.
- Fine?
What about the armed guards?
Anyways, if Mills wants big guns,
I think it's time for the T. Rex.
You're going to get yourself killed
with that thing.
Want to know where we're going?
I hope it's not another zoo
because this time...
you're going in the tiger cage.
We're going to rescue Villers.
What do you got?
I see something.
Mills didn't say anything
about a plane being near here.
Ralph, flares.
Well, whoever it is,
they sure picked an opportune time.
Just wish we had that Codex.
- No, wait!
- For what?
Get down!
Get down! Go! Go! Go!
My God.
- Those poor guys.
- That's was really weird.
Why didn't any of us know
about that plane?
I don't know.
Maybe they were here
for something else.
Unless we see any more mystery
planes, we got to get to the outpost.
Let's go.
I need more speed.
- Go, go, go!
- Can't this thing go any faster?
Does this feel like a joyride to you?
They got John.
Get the snowmobile.
He bought us some time,
but not a lot.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop makes sense.
We went off course somewhere.
We have to find a way around.
This is good.
If we cross here,
it'll get us back on course.
The Brothers Tucker.
I'll let Linda do the introductions.
We've got a short flight
over the MacCready snow field.
Then, I will drop you off over
Mercy Island early tomorrow morning.
I will do a briefing on the way.
How come he's doing the briefing?
He's a kajillionaire.
Doesn't he have, like...
someone who can schlep out here
and do it for him?
Oh, man, he lives for this.
He's like a giant kid.
This planes probably
his favorite new toy.
So, you all know me.
I'm the team coordinator.
Jonas and Jace are the team leaders.
And this is Dr. Ted Lange.
Our physician.
No, no. I'm not a medical doctor.
It says here you're
an emergency room physician.
No, no. I work at an ani-emerge.
Not an emergency room.
I'm a vet.
- You're kidding me?
- No, I'm not.
Okay, well, we'll make do.
You can skydive, though, right?
We also have Bill and Laura Shunn.
They run a travel expedition company
specializing in Arctic tours.
At least I hope they do.
Yes, that's us. Ice Hound Adventures.
We handle extreme rescue situations
for the National Park Service.
- Hi.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Did you bring hand grenades
on the plane?
No, man, these are bullets.
Check it out.
Show him.
You really need that much gun?
You never know.
Ralph, behind you!
No, Ralph!
Oh, no!
Don't look back! Don't look back!
My God.
We have to keep going.
Sorry about that. First-time
take-offs are always a bit rough.
All right, so here's the situations.
I sent Villers and an excavation team
to a remote Arctic island.
A little while back,
they reported a team member missing.
Yesterday, I got a call saying
that they'd been attacked...
by some kind of wild animals
and we're seeking medical attention.
After that, I've heard nothing.
Last we heard,
they were headed for some kind of...
abandoned Canadian research station
a few miles away.
We're not sure if they made it.
So I'm going to drop you off
at the camp...
have you make your way
to the Canadian outpost...
and just make sure they didn't run
into any trouble along the way.
- And we're supposed to find them.
- Yeah, find them.
Render any medical aid they need
and then wait to be extracted.
I've got a Chinook helicopter
on it's way up there.
It'll take two days to get in range.
- You can be there in one.
- So this is a private operation.
Oh, yeah. Very private.
And in fact, this is a...
completely unauthorized recovery
on Canadian soil.
And we know how touchy the Canadians
are about their northerly bits.
The point is, as remote as this is
if you need outside help...
I'm going to lose control of the
situation to the Canadian government.
And you won't get whatever it is
you're looking for?
You are too young to be so jaded,
And you know me far too well.
So what's the prize at the bottom of
the Cracker Jack box?
Yeah, I'm getting to that. Here.
This is where you're headed.
Mercy Island.
It is usually
under the ice year-round.
But last year, there was a thaw.
Sudden and unexpected
and the ice receded...
revealing a 200 year-old shipwreck.
People I pay far,
far too much money to claim...
that it's the wreck of
the HMS Victoria.
- Some kind of treasure ship?
- No, no, no.
It's a natural history expedition.
Spent a couple years in China.
I don't get it.
It's like a science expedition
sponsored by people with money...
governments, consortiums,
or, just really, really rich people.
They boldly went where no man
went before but...
they only discovered boring plants.
Yeah, they found boring plants
this time, too, and animals...
and an extremely rare
scientific Codex...
which is, quite literally, priceless.
Wait, what's a Codex?
Why is it priceless?
It's like an ancient, ornate book.
It was given as a gift
to the naturalists on board the ship.
This one is
so spectacularly valuable...
because it contains what is supposed
to be the only written evidence...
of the Yeren.
- The what?
- Yeren, Y-E-R-E-N.
It's, some kind of descendant
of the Gigantopithecus or the Yawi.
- The what-ee?
- Yawi, Yeti, Bigfoot.
Look, in China, they call it
the Yeren. It's the missing link.
In Mexico, it's the chupa...
No, no, no. It's the Chupacabra.
It's nothing like that.
Look, Villers and the excavation team
went there to get the Codex.
Now I need you to go find them,
bring them back.
And this has to happen without...
the knowledge of
the Canadian government...
or that little rat, Enzo.
Wait, wait, wait. Who's Enzo?
He's like a, well, shall we call him
a rival collector?
Crazy billionaire. Bad guy.
Either of them get wind of
what we're up to.
And I don't get my Codex
which means...
you don't get your full recovery fee
which is substantial.
Because I want those people saved,
and I want that Codex.
- Do I make myself clear?
- Crystal.
Very good. Any questions?
I didn't think so.
Okay, not bad.
Now it should be nice
to find a side that has a door.
Now come on.
Go, go!
Come on. Give me a hand here.
We need the ice axes.
Yeah, well, that's going be
a problem. They're back at camp.
- Move, move.
- Great.
Come on, help us.
- Good! Go! Go!
- Come on. Get in.
Come on!
Here we go.
Come on!
Go get the generator working.
All right, I'm on it.
Ash, you and I
will check out the place.
Come on.
You find anything, you let me know!
You got it.
All right, close them up.
And get me somewhere warm.
Okay, now they're just being creepy.
I think you made them mad.
It's going to be a long night.
I'm going to go set up the stove.
Generator's good for light
but not heat.
Okay. let me just get
our bearing here.
Not too far out.
We got to head that way.
Okay, good.
There's nobody here I can see.
Hopefully, they made it
to the outpost.
Hey, Jace, check out that tent,
far left side, our 10.00.
Looks fast to me.
- Weird, right?
- Weird, but it's explainable.
Yeah, but it's still weird, though.
On a scale of one to ten
this is probably...
definitely in the five to six range.
Depends on what your baseline
measurement for weird is.
I was thinking ten would be really,
really weird.
Like your first wife?
If Sabrina's a ten, a ripped tent
on a secret Arctic dig site's a two.
At best.
Hold up. What's that?
Okay, this is weird, right?
You got your guns handy?
- Three Glocks and the Rex.
- Three?
I had to leave one.
Too much bunching
with these long johns.
Remember, we're trying to figure out
what happened and where they are.
It'd be nice to find the Codex, too.
Listen, I'm not afraid to admit
that I'm sort of creeped out by this.
Let's split up into teams.
We need to search the camp quickly.
And if nothing turns up,
we'll move on to the outpost.
Bill, Laura, you guys
start over there.
We don't have a gun!
- You know how to shoot a gun?
- I've seen them fired in films.
You're not getting a gun.
I'll take Ted and go.
Where's Ted?
Don't shoot!
Let me show you how to shoot
this gun, all right?
Jonas, we need to contact Mills now.
Let's find shelter.
I've been know to do
better than that.
I think it's the gum.
It's Jonas on the phone, sir.
Excuse me, my dear.
Talk to me, Jonas.
We reached the dig site
and the situations is...
It's strange, man. There's...
There's blood everywhere.
Blood? What do you mean,
blood everywhere?
I mean, there's blood everywhere.
No one is around, dead or alive.
Okay, that's concerning.
Is there any chance you can get
the chopper here sooner?
On a stargate, maybe but...
you got to remember it takes two days
by freighter...
just to get within range of you guys.
Look, your best bet,
head for the outpost, ASAP.
We'll contact you again
from the outpost.
- Over.
- Good luck, all right.
Roger. Over.
Walkie-talkie talk.
Thanks, Mills.
Thank you, sir.
Excuse me, sir. But...
one of the other club members
asked me to kindly remind you...
that there is a formal dress code
I'm sorry. It's a bit...
if you just let them know that
there isn't one anymore...
because I bought the place
this morning, that would be great.
You bought the place, sir?
This morning.
Very well, sir.
- Have a nice day.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm just saying, I didn't sign up
for anything like this.
I'm a vet.
Not someone that could rescue people
From, I don't even know what.
He's right.
Me and Laura, we signed up
to a rescue not a bloody massacre.
Look, we don't know what's going on
here. But we know one thing.
People from the camp are missing
and probably injured.
Okay, having your arm ripped off
isn't injured.
The point is, they, in all
likelihood, need medical attention.
- We can't just leave them.
- Fine.
You guys go.
The rest of us will leave.
How you going to leave?
What about you, Lynda?
There are friends of mind
on the missing team.
And they need my help.
And if we don't find them
or Mills Codex, we don't get paid.
This is my job. Remember?
Does your job
have good health insurance?
Well, we need the money, so...
I guess we're in.
Come on, Ted.
It'll be fun.
you're going to learn
how to shoot a gun.
So the red dye floats to the surface.
Jace starts carrying on
about his poor dead brother.
Spanish Navy guys assume
I'm a shark snack.
But we had dropped a bunch of
extra tanks.
And I'm down there
just breathing in the wreck.
Jace comes back that night,
picks up me and Montezumas Crown.
And that worked, why?
Good planning.
It worked because I improvised
with the red dye marker.
You wish!
So how much did Mills pay you
for the crown?
A hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
How'd you guys spend the money?
Alimony, mostly.
Huddle up.
- Huddle up!
- What's going on?
Visibility is dropping.
Damn it!
Maybe we should stop, wait it out.
No, it's not that bad.
What if it gets worse?
Then we'll be better off
inside the outpost than in a tent.
Storm like this could last a few.
Hang on a second.
Where's Laura?
What way'd she go?
She probably just got turned around.
We'll find her.
You guys head that way.
Jonas, go take a look that way.
I'll be back here.
What do I do?
Hold this up
like you're the Statue of Liberty.
Everybody keep your eye on the flare.
It's going to burn for 15 minutes.
Be back here in ten.
- Let's go.
- Move!
Come on! Light.
What's the matter?
Eyes! I saw eyes.
- Like an animal?
- Yeah, like an animal.
- How do I stop this thing?
- Stay back. Put your pack on.
- What's going on?
- He saw something.
You think it was Laura?
No, something else.
A polar bear, maybe.
Do polar bears hoot?
What the hell is going on?
There! There!
Hold up, hold up.
Hold up.
What the hell was that?
I don't know.
Did we get it?
Thought so.
- Come on!
- Go, go, go! Get her!
Laura! Laura!
- Are you all right? You all right?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Come on!
- What was that thing?
Definitely wasn't a polar bear.
Whatever it is,
there's a bunch of them.
I'm going to get the gear.
And let's move out. Come on!
Let's go!
What about Laura?
I don't know how to tell you this,
No! No. Maybe she went ahead.
- Bill!
- No, Jace!
We got to move. Let's go!
We've got to stop and rope up!
We're stopping?
What about those things?
Remember, don't point the boom stick
at humans.
Monsters only.
This storms more dangerous
right now.
You're right.
We don't want to lose anyone.
- Anyone else, you mean.
- Right.
Alright, me and Jonas will lead,
followed by Ted.
Bill, and Lynda. Got it?
Ted, come over.
What's going on?
Let's hook up.
Circle the team.
What the...?
Ted! Can you hear us?
- Ted, you all right?
- You okay?
Yeah. I'm okay.
Was that you?
Were you firing your weapon?
- No!
- Did you see anything?
No. I just fell.
- Hook up! Hook up!
- Let's go!
- Bill!
- Bill!
- You okay?
- I think so.
- Did you fire your weapon?
- No!
My God. Lynda.
They got her.
We have to get out of here.
We have to go back.
We got to get to the outpost.
You can't tell me what to do.
This is a free country.
Technically you're right.
It's Canada.
But we're going to the outpost.
Let's move! Now!
Wait, what about Laura?
Maybe she already made it
to the outpost.
I think you killed it.
Nice shot, brother.
It's sort of like polar bear fur.
Partly transparent,
partly reflective.
I think it bends the light around it
They're just sticking in hide,
No penetration.
If you hadn't hit it square
in the eyes...
it'd probably still be standing.
Nice shot!
They're still digging.
They've been at it since sun-up.
They're going to get in.
We're not going to last another day,
are we?
Let's keep moving.
We should be seeing it soon.
I'm guessing that way.
Hey. We're here to rescue you.
- All right.
- Sorry.
I hope Mills doesn't think
I'm paying for this out of my cut.
Good to see you, too.
What happened with those things?
I think we actually
just scared them off.
I highly doubt that.
Well, I forgot how handy it was
to have you around.
You know how it is, Villers.
Welcome to Monster Island.
No kidding.
- Yeah, thanks. How are you?
- I've... I've had better weeks.
- You have any wounded?
- No wounded. But food would be nice.
Yeah, food and ammunition
if you got any.
- This is Carl. That's Ashley.
- Hey.
Where's the rest of your team?
- We're it.
- Damn. I'm sorry.
My wife, Laura, got separated
form us.
She didn't arrive already, did she?
I'm sorry, no. We didn't see her.
Or anyone, for that matter.
We also lost Lynda. We were hooked up
in a heavy storm, and...
Rope was all torn off. All we found
was a piece of her jacket.
We didn't see a thing.
- What are they?
- I have no idea.
I was hoping you'd tell me.
We were on site about a week.
No real problems. The weather
was actually surprisingly good.
And then, three days ago, Deric,
one of our diggers, he went missing.
We broke into search parties,
but we couldn't find anything.
Burrell thought he saw a polar bear.
Yeah, and then the weather
started to turn.
All of a sudden those things,
whatever they are...
they were all over the camp.
They killed Bud...
in front of me.
We never saw what actually happened
to Burell or Sue.
And Ralph and Hedges...
they got it on the way over here.
They're smart.
They attacked
when we were vulnerable.
- You kill any?
- With guns? No.
Snowmobiles worked pretty well.
And she collapsed a roof
on one of them.
We got two.
So how many more can there be?
What do you think, Doc?
You have any thoughts
on these invisible snow monsters?
Well, they're definitely
not polar bears.
I mean, that their behavior
is completely different.
Polar bears are shy
around human beings.
They don't hunt in groups.
These things...
act more like primates.
Like what? Gorillas? Snow gorillas?
I don't know. I'm just saying
that their behavior...
is more like a primate troop
than a bear.
Okay, how many gorillas
are in a troop?
I don't know.
I could be a handful.
Or a few dozen.
- Did you say a few dozen?
- Yeah. A few dozen. Plus...
a leader.
A dominant male.
Well, before you guys showed up
they were pretty emphatic...
about trying to get in here.
There was, like, seven?
Before you took that last one out.
I'd say at least six.
Six invisible snow gorillas.
That's not so bad.
Yeah, that's not so bad but...
you seem to be forgetting
that they're bullet-proof.
Yeah, well, luckily we have something
they don't stand a chance against.
What's that?
What's a BFG?
Big Frakking Gun.
Actually, I was talking
about the radio.
I know what they are!
- What do you mean?
- The creatures.
This book explains what they are.
Wait, you read Chinese?
No, they're naturalists.
They translated part of the Codex,
and guess what.
These things are real, living,
breathing Yeren.
- Yeren?
- Yeren. From Mongolia.
- You're kidding me.
- No.
Some Chinese governor
from the 1800s...
fell out of favor with the emperor,
so he went him a caravan of gifts...
which included a troop of Yeren.
Which 157 men died trying to capture.
Yeah, so how'd they end up here?
Well, the emperor rejected the gift,
also killed the governor.
And to show his scorn...
he gave the Yeren troop to
the foreigners of the HMS Victoria.
So they were on the ship.
When it wrecked,
they must've escaped.
What, 150 years later, these are,
what, their descendants? Come on.
What have they been eating?
Polar bears and seals, I'd imagine.
Well, more importantly,
why are they trying to kill us?
Well, the Chinese say that
they're aggressive and territorial...
which makes perfect sense.
They're either worried...
that we're going to cut into
their limited food supply or...
Or we're their food supply.
We've got to contact Mills.
- Can you get the radio working?
- Yeah, well, I'm going to have to.
Because someone lost our radio during
that tug-of-war with the Yeren.
Someone also lost most of
the T. Rex shells but...
don't beat yourself up, bro.
Choppers on the way.
Should be there tomorrow.
And you are going to love her
when you see her. She's a beauty.
And you're not going to believe
what I paid for it.
It's basically,
it's like the definition of stealing.
But, look, the problem we have
is these storms up at your end.
The flight window,
it's going to be very short. Roger?
Copy that.
Clear for extraction tomorrow.
Now, Jace, tell me about
these living Yeren.
Well, that's all we know.
Ted seems to think
they act more like primates.
Primates? Intriguing.
Then we've got our mystery plane,
which is...
- Hello. Hang on a second.
- Copy.
Okay, so we chill out here tonight...
and bug out on the chopper
in the morning.
Well, we need to do a few things
to keep this place secure but...
we should be okay after that.
Enzo. Great. You sure?
All right?
This is Mills to Jace.
- Come in.
- Jace, here.
Jace, do you think it's possible to
capture one of those things for me?
Say again?
I said, can you get me a Yeren?
Copy that. Capture possible
if you send the right team. Over.
No, no, no.
I'm talking about capturing
one a day, now.
Look, I just got word that,
Enzo is sending a team up there.
Well, I should say another one.
And that they mystery plane,
that was his.
What's he talking about?
Negative on capture.
Repeat, negative on capture.
Do you read?
Okay. Can you capture one
for a million dollars? Over.
I say again, can you capture me
a Yeren for million dollars each?
We'll get back to you.
So instead of staying here
where it's safe...
until the helicopter
comes tomorrow.
He actually wants us
to capture one of these things...
even though it's already killed
seven people?
Think about how much money it's worth
if you bring one back.
Talk shows. Action figures.
Movie deals, books, action figures.
Plus, a million dollars each.
And just how are we supposed
to capture one?
- We'll work something out.
- No, we'll all be killed.
Definitely not. Probably not.
This is crazy. They're aggressive.
They're angry.
They killed 157 Chinese soldiers
who tried to capture them.
We don't stand a chance.
- Those guys didn't have guns.
- Yes, they did.
We don't have to capture
an entire troop. We just need one.
I don't want to capture anything.
I want to go home.
Can't you guys come back with, like,
bigger guns, or something?
Others are already on their way.
If we don't get one,
someone else will.
Or the Canadian government
will shut down the site.
- We got to get one now.
- I think you're crazy.
Yeah. Count me out.
I think I got a plan
for how to do this.
He likes a good plan.
Here's the kitchen.
It needs some updating.
And here is the walk-in freezer.
We lure a Yeren into the kitchen...
while Jonas and Villers and I
are positioned inside.
We're going to do what?
Once the Yeren's in the kitchen...
you guys shut the door
locking it in here.
We shoot through the window
with a tranquilizer gun.
We don't have the tranquilizer gun.
Left it in Italy.
- I'm working on it.
- And the tranquilizer dart?
I got it.
You're going to let one of
those things in here?
I thought you were going to trap it
in a freezer.
No, we'll never
get it in the freezer.
But we can probably get it
in the kitchen, like Jace said.
Is the old Sno-Cat out back working?
I'd say it might
if we had a battery for it.
- Okay. Let's stick with the freezer.
- Sounds good.
Now if you let one of those things
in here, it will kill all of us.
We will keep the T-Rex handy.
There's one shot left.
If things go wild,
we'll take it down.
With the four of you out there,
you can brace the door...
so it can't get out of the kitchen.
- Are you mad?
- Yeah, a little bit.
But come on, man. It'll be fun.
I'm really sorry about your wife.
Yeah, you know,
she's going to be all right.
I'm going to find her.
Yeah, you know, I just...
I just wanted to let you know
that we're...
I know, mate, and I appreciate it.
Thank you.
Well, you hang in there.
Enzo wants to know
if you can still make the delivery.
- How do you know about Enzo?
- The same way you do.
Talk about it later, okay?
Jonas, I got a question for you,
Yeah, I got the same question.
Are we in over our heads?
Lynda's dead. Laura's dead.
Viller lost Bud and most of her team.
- It's never been this bad.
- Yeah, I know.
You know, we could tell Mills
we're going to bail.
- Let him get his own Yeren.
- Yeah, I thought about that.
But it irks you, right?
I mean, if we'd known about
these things ahead of time...
we could've planned for it, you know?
Now we can.
We can control the situation.
- No one else dies.
- Can we?
Yeah. Plus, we got Villers.
She's one of the best.
- Besides us.
- Yeah, of course.
And you know what?
Lynda would want us to do it,
not just for the payday...
but for a chance to make history.
Yeah, okay.
Let's just make sure
no one else dies.
Check it out. Here's the dart.
When it hits...
the momentum of the weight
of the washers on the back...
depresses the plunger
and delivers the morphine.
And here's the gun.
- Sweet.
- Yeah.
Hey, there.
- Sorry.
- Nice.
Yeah, baby.
Okay, let's gear up.
Bill and Eidelman, let's get the gear
and move it up to the hallway.
Come on now!
You know, you don't strike me
as the type.
Me and Laura need the money.
The business isn't doing well.
Enzo knows this.
He got us on the rescue team.
All right.
So you know the plan, right?
I know that you were supposed to
steal the Codex and get it to Enzo.
Yeah, I sent the plane to the camp,
we all know that didn't work out.
So we're moving on to Plan B.
- Which is?
- We have a location...
where the helicopter can land.
I need to get there
with the Codex and the radio.
Well, those Yeren things are outside,
aren't they?
We got another snowmobile.
It's out back.
We can outrun them once, chances
are we can outrun them again.
I know this is dangerous but I need
to bring back help to find Laura.
Yeah, it's dangerous.
But letting one of those things
in here is suicide.
Now if you want to stay here and die,
that's your business.
But Enzo can get us out of here.
And he's willing to pay us, too.
Think about it.
We good?
Wrecked her.
Are you ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Not entirely enthusiastic.
You'll be fine.
Just make sure you close the door
after it gets in, okay?
Let's go.
Hello, Bigfoot.
We're here.
Maybe they only speak Chinese.
No, no, no!
Over here. Over here.
Go! Crap! Kitchen door!
- Kitchen door!
- Do I close it now?
Let's go.
What are you up to?
I like you, Ash.
But you're on the wrong team.
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
Good luck.
Come out this way.
I'm sorry.
You guys getting out of here?
- Hey, get back in there.
- No, let me come with you.
They're going to get themselves
killed in there.
We don't have time to mess around,
- So, let's go.
- If Laura's hurt...
he's the closest thing we have
to a doctor.
Fine. I'm driving.
You're shotgun. Let's go.
Hey! Hey, over here!
I'm suddenly reminded of
my third wife.
Quit screwing around.
I got him.
Damn it. That's...
not good.
- What are you doing?
- Get the syringe.
- Hurry up!
- I'm trying!
- Hurry, up, damn it!
- Hold it still! Now!
It's broken.
Come on!
Start that thing up.
Hurry up. Here they come!
I can't do this much longer!
I'm by myself.
What do you mean, you're by yourself?
I mean, like I'm the only one
who came to the dance.
Ashley, get away from the door!
Hey, over here!
That's it. Time for the big gun.
Get the door.
Get the door!
Get it open! Get the latch!
It's buckled!
The doors jammed.
Remember, you've only got one shot.
Hang on, Ashley.
Who buys a gun that big?
Comes in handy though, right?
Are you hurt?
How many fingers am I holding up?
I'm bleeding.
Just take it easy, okay?
Just lie back.
Stay still. Okay? Relax.
Tell me where it hurts.
Does he know what he's doing?
We were EMTs in South Philly
for a while, okay?
Until it got boring, though.
I'm finding it really difficult
to breathe.
It's the pneumothorax.
Get the big med kit.
- What does that mean?
- She's got a punctured lung.
When she inhales,
air bleeds into her chest cavity.
- Pressure builds up.
- And then?
If we don't relieve the pressure,
things can get very bad.
How bad?
- Med kits gone.
- Gone where?
- I think it's in Ted's pack.
- Those idiots took it?
- Where were they even going?
- Its clear they're working for Enzo.
- How badly do you need the med kit?
- Very badly.
- Can't you just improvise?
- No.
I need a specific needle
and a flutter valve.
It isn't like digging a bullet out of
someone's shoulder with a corkscrew.
Okay. Okay, well, look...
the helicopters coming soon
and we'll get you to the hospital.
She absolutely cannot fly
until we relieve the pressure.
- Shell die for sure.
- Then Jace and I got to leave.
We got to get the med kit.
No one else is dying.
You're going to be okay. I promise.
It's okay.
- How's she holding up?
- She's hanging in there.
- Good news. I found a thermic lance.
- That better not be for me.
No, when you light the tip,
it burns to 7,000 degrees.
They use this to cut concrete.
And I found a flare gun.
So, we'll see you soon.
Hang tough, all right?
It'll be okay.
Come on.
Well, so much for the gas.
We're on foot from here.
I haven't seen any of them
for a while.
Yeah, maybe.
Look, we got to get to those rocks
for shelter. We got to make a call.
All right, judging by the tracks
out there...
the rest of the Yeren have gone
after the snowmobile.
Right, which we're also chasing
because we need the medical kit.
This seems stupid, even for us.
Yeah, but nobody else dies.
Got it.
So I should have the thermic lance.
Hey, the tranquilizer gun,
look where that got us.
Fine, let's go.
What are those?
I have no idea.
They look like shacks.
You know, actually some of that stuff
looks familiar.
I think it's from our camp,
but the rest of it looks really old.
Well, what the hell are they?
They look like...
some sort of igloo shanties
built by homeless Eskimos.
They aren't igloos.
They're nests.
Yeren nests.
Well, let's get out of here.
Come on.
What did you get us into?
Hey, you're the one who wanted
to come along, Goldilocks. So can it.
Let's get out of here
before three bears come back home.
They're apes.
Hey, where's Bill?
Hey! Come back.
- Bill!
- Hey, guys!
Bill, what are you doing, man.
Oh, no.
Guys! Hey!
- Guys!
- Sorry about your wife, man.
Downtown Yerenville.
We got to get the hell out of here.
Guys, we got to get out of here!
Come on! I didn't sign up for this!
- Please! Guys! Go!
- Keep it down.
Bill. Bill!
Bill, we got to go now.
Come on, Bill. Snap out of it.
Get off of me.
Holy crap.
Tanks empty. Engines cold.
Let's keep moving.
Here's something you don't see
every day.
You can see Ted.
Poor guy.
Looks like he had a bad ending.
Look, I think that's Eidelman.
Looks like they got him, too.
You notice anything missing?
Freakishly large,
nearly invisible snow monsters?
I found them.
Check out the ridge.
Looks like five or six of them.
Ones a really big sucker.
They're all really big, dude.
- This ones especially big.
- What, like your second wife?
Looks like they're busy
doing something.
- Let's take a closer look.
- Let's go.
So where's the med kit?
Hopefully on one of the bodies.
- Do you have a plan?
- Not that I'm aware of, no.
All right, just one of us will go
take a look.
We don't want to draw
any unwanted attention.
Which one of us goes?
- I'm the fastest.
- Yeah, but I'm quieter.
- Fine. Who's turn is it to choose?
- I think it's mine.
You always say that, man.
I'm going.
Okay, wait for my signal.
Hang on.
- Hold!
- Jonas! Damn it!
The Codex!
Jace! Come on!
Dude, I was not expecting
baby monsters.
You know what that looks like to me?
A million dollars.
Mills said capture a live Yeren.
He didn't say it had to be
This is definitely
not part of the plan.
You can't have a plan for everything,
Hey, little buddy.
Hey, hey.
Hey, you want to be on TV?
You want to be on TV?
That's it.
Come here.
Bad monkey!
- Quiet.
- Okay, this is not good.
We got to go.
- We won't make it.
- Options?
- I'm thinking.
- That's not a good plan.
Okay, I have a really bad idea.
You remember what to do
in case of an avalanche?
Jonas, come on, buddy.
Jonas! Can you hear me?
Sorry, man.
That was awesome.
- You okay?
- Yeah, yeah. You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Damn it! Don't those things ever die?
Let's get back to the outpost
before they dig themselves out.
Come on. Let's go.
Did you see it?
I see something.
I see Yeren breath.
And it even looks like it smells bad.
Come on. That was funny.
Come on. Give it up.
- Is that what I think it is?
- Sounds like a helicopter to me.
Yes, and it's time to go.
Marines, we are leaving.
Okay, so how do you want
to play this?
Don't worry about it. Jonas and I
specialize in this maneuver.
We wait for it to land.
Then we open the door
and run like hell.
I heard that, buddy.
They're down. Get ready.
See now? I'm going to be on you
like a dog in a gut truck.
Okay, come on!
- Frozen!
- What?
Would you move?
I've done this before. Move. Move!
- Okay.
- Stand back.
Jace, hurry.
I can't see anything blocking it.
What are the chopper guys doing?
Looks like one of them is coming out.
No, no, no! Tell him to stay back!
We need something heavy
to knock the ice down.
- Okay. The bench?
- Yes.
No, no. We got it. We got it.
- No, no, no! Get back! Get back!
- Clear the door!
On three. One, two, three!
Come on. Hit it!
Hit it!
Hey, open the door!
It's jammed frozen!
- What?
- Help us open the door.
Open the door!
- He can't hear us. Can you hear us?
- I can't hear you.
- Come on, open the door!
- Can you hear us?
It's stuck. I can't open it.
No, no, no! Look out!
What happened?
They just got the chopper guy.
We got to save the other pilot.
Get the bench. Knock this door down.
Let's go!
Hammer it!
Try! Try it!
- The other pilots leaving.
- Good.
- He'll get some more help.
- Not if we miss this ride.
Let's get it. Everybody, come on!
- Try, try it again. Try it again.
- Ready?
- Try it!
- Come on, brother.
- Damn these Canadian motherfuckers.
- Go again!
You got it!
- Do you still have that flare gun?
- Yeah. Why?
Cover me.
- What the hell is she doing?
- I don't know, but I'm impressed.
What's the battery for?
Okay, I just explained
the situation to Mills.
He's going to meet us not too far
from here on the sea ice.
- Meet us how?
- He didn't say.
Hey, look out.
There's a Yeren up ahead.
Nice, Villers.
Just let me know
if there are any more.
- Give me the flare gun!
- Ashley, get it.
That is disgusting.
Well, the good news is,
there can't be too many more.
Bad news?
I think we're out of flares.
Yeah, but we still have this.
Just try not to kill us
with that thing, would you?
Come on.
There's another one.
It's that really big sucker.
Guys, it's on top of us.
I guessed as much.
Good thing I got the thermic lance.
Wait, wait, wait.
What's your plan?
- I go out. Kill the monster.
- Okay.
Good plan.
I'm right behind you.
- I was hoping you'd say that.
- Yeah.
- What do we do?
- Sit tight!
I think we help me.
I think I broke my leg.
It's definitely broken.
I'll run out and distract it.
I'll stab it with a giant,
flaming stick.
Or you could kill it
with the ice axe while I watch.
Let's go with the first one, okay?
They really smell bad
when you cook them.
There goes the market
for Yeren burgers.
Okay, so now what?
Now we walk.
Well, at least it's not snowing.
We're here.
We're where exactly?
Yeah, I don't see anything
waiting for us.
Maybe he's coming in an airplane.
What the hell?
Isn't she great?
Got her at Russian salvage yard.
They're just teaching me
how to drive. Come on in.
Should we tell them we just
accidentally killed all the Yeren?
No, he'll be fine.
You and I will just have to go
to China and get him another one.
- I think you mean the three of us.
- Hey, make that four.
All right.
Let's get out of here.
So good to see you guys.
Got a little job for you
on the way home, though.
Translator: FRESTO