Raging Grace (2023) Movie Script

[scribbling continues]
[tense music playing]
[cat purrs softly]
[in Filipino]
[sinister music playing]
[discordant music playing]
[music subsides]
[Joy, in Filipino]
[cutlery clinks]
[giggling continues]
[discordant music playing]
[Grace in English] Okay, Mommy!
[Joy] Go. I'll meet you
at the end of the road.
[Joy, in Filipino]
[cat mewls softly]
[dog barks outside]
[car approaches]
[car engine shuts off]
-[dogs barking]
-[car door shuts]
[car trunk opens]
[siren wails in distance]
[keys jingle]
[gate creaks]
[in English]
Good morning, Mrs. Clark.
-Welcome home.
-Ate Joy!
Wow, you know Filipino now?
[Mrs. Clark] His cousins in
Singapore call their maid that.
It's so sweet!
I came to return your key.
[Mrs. Clark]
Lovely to see you.
-[in Filipino]
-[Grace] Uh-huh.
[in English]
[footsteps recede]
[sharp chime resonates]
[propulsive music playing]
[toilet flushes]
I think she's got it, babe.
[woman] I've been all over
Southeast Asia.
Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya.
But the Philippines...
I'll say, was my favorite.
The "Filipinnies"
are such a nice people.
[music continues]
[cell phone vibrates]
[bird caws]
[dog barks distantly]
[door chime jingles]
[traffic hums]
[Gary] Got the 15?
I've got 10.
[Gary] Why do you people
always do this?
I say "15," you bring 10.
I say, "No,"
you say, "That's all I have."
This is what I do.
This is my craft.
I don't ask you
to do your job for cheap, do I?
What do you do?
I don't care.
But I guarantee
it's not hard or as risky...
as making you a citizen
of this country.
I swear down,
this is my last gig.
Take the 10.
-I'll get you the rest.
-And then what?
I chase you
for the rest of the money?
It's 15.
Not 10.
Not 11. Not 14 and a half.
End of next month,
I'm out of here.
Get it to me by then or don't.
I don't care.
But don't waste my time again.
[chair scrapes]
[door chime jingles]
[vacuum cleaner whirring]
[ringing tone]
[Matt, on phone]
Hi. Matt speaking.
[ringing tone]
[man, on phone] Hi. Who's this?
[ringing tone]
[on phone]
Warrington Smith here.
We are away from
the 10th to the 16th.
Leave us a message
and we'll get back to you.
[in Filipino]
[cell phone vibrates]
[June, in Filipino]
[June, in English]
[in Filipino]
[in English] Okay.
Thank you, Joy.
[door opens]
-[footsteps shuffle]
-[Joy] Grace?
[light switch clicks]
-Grace, this isn't funny.
-[light switch clicking]
-[in Filipino] Oh, my God!
[Grace giggles]
[Joy sighs]
[in English] Okay, Come on.
It's time for homework.
[Grace giggles]
[Joy, in Filipino]
[Grace, in English] My homework.
[Joy, in English]
Don't you think that...?
I don't think you can do that,
Why? You said we don't have
any pictures of my dad.
[in Filipino]
[in English] No, not yet.
[pills rattle]
[in Filipino]
[in English] Grace, this is
somebody else's medicine.
This is sleepy medicine.
[in Filipino]
[in English] But I did.
[in Filipino]
[Joy hums "Ili Ili Tulog Anay"]
[Grace hums]
[portentous music playing]
[disembodied gasp]
You can't have
this fucking baby!
[Joy groans]
[birds tweeting]
-[bird cawing distantly]
-[leaves rustling]
[people approach,
indistinct conversation]
Oh! You must be our new cleaner.
[sharp chime resonates]
[birds tweeting]
[gate creaks]
[gate clangs]
[car passes]
[gravel crunches underfoot]
[keypad beeps]
[door slams]
Mr. Garrett?
Mr. Garrett?
[man groaning faintly]
Mr. Garrett?
Mr. Garrett?
Mr. Garrett?
Mr. Garrett?
My name is Joy.
Your friend Yuval
sent me to check up on you.
Mr. Garrett?
[Joy whispers indistinct prayer]
[groans coarsely]
[wheezing breaths]
[door slams]
[discordant music playing]
Excuse me.
You must be the new help.
Yes, I'm the new help.
I wasn't sure the agency
could send me somebody
at such short notice.
You really are a sight
for sore eyes.
I'm Katherine.
-Oh, hi, Karen, I'm...
I'm Joy.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
No, no. No need for formalities.
"Katherine" will suffice, yes?
I see you've already met
dear Uncle Nigel.
[Joy] Is it...?
[Katherine] It is, I'm afraid.
Dreadful disease.
Just so slow.
Seems so bloody cruel.
Forgive me.
-No, I'm... I'm sorry.
Best not to dwell.
Let's get you settled in,
shall we?
Have you been
with the Kipling Agency long?
[Joy] Um, no.
Well, this place
hasn't seen any TLC
for quite some time,
as you can see.
Now, this would normally be
a long-term post,
but circumstances being
what they are,
it could be anything
to two weeks,
two months, who knows?
And this will be yours
for the duration of your stay.
-My room?
There is an en suite,
and more storage
than you can fill,
I should imagine.
This will do, yes?
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
I'm sure you've probably dealt
with worse,
but there's a kitchen under
all of this, I can assure you.
You do cook, I assume?
-Yes, ma'am, I do.
I'm sorry.
Now, we eat simply
in this house.
Nothing exotic.
And no fish or shellfish.
I have terrible allergies,
do you understand?
Canned goods and dry foods
are in here.
My uncle's medication
is on the top shelf.
It's organized
into a daily pillbox,
and morphine is in the fridge
for the bad days.
You would like me to give him
his pills every morning?
No, no. I'll cover that.
The rest is just general upkeep.
The room is ready
whenever you'd like to move in,
but I should assume you'd
want to get started immediately.
Shall we say tonight?
Yes, Miss Katherine, ma'am.
Now, before I forget,
I have a rather naughty
I know you work
for the agency, but...
would you consider
working for me privately?
[clock ticks]
I can't give you agency rates,
but I can do 1,000 a week.
That will be cash.
I'd be very happy with that.
I can do that.
Joy, you've made my day.
Thank you. Thank you, ma'am.
Right. I'll, uh...
-I'll see you later.
-Thank you, ma'am.
[in Filipino]
[June, on phone in Filipino]
[elevator humming]
[in Filipino]
[in English] A big job.
We're going to have our own
place the entire holiday.
Help me with the suitcase.
Will we have our own bed?
[in Filipino]
Oh, my gosh.
[Grace muttering happily]
This is amazing! I can't believe
I'll get my own bed.
[Joy, sighing]
Are you ready?
[owl hooting distantly]
[Katherine] Joy, welcome.
That's it, come in. Come in.
Oh, wow.
Lord, you must be exhausted
lugging this big thing around
with you all day.
Door, please.
Would you like a cup of tea?
Oh, you do drink tea, don't you?
Yes, but, um, maybe I should
unpack first, ma'am.
You can do that later.
Come on. I insist.
[Katherine] So...
I want to know...
all about you.
[mug clinks]
No, thank you.
You must have traveled
thousands of miles
to reach these shores.
Quite the story,
I should imagine. Philippines?
-Yes. How did you know?
-It's in the face.
You must have left
family back home.
-[Katherine] Husband?
No. No.
[objects clatter]
Thank you...
-[stomach groans]
May I go unpack, please?
Yes, dear. Of course.
[footsteps recede]
[ominous music playing]
Oh, my God. Grace?
Wake up, Grace.
That was too long.
Don't do that.
I thought you were dead.
Come here. I'm so sorry, anak.
[Joy sighs]
[in Filipino]
-[in English] You scared me.
-[Katherine] Joy?
Everything okay?
I was calling you.
You didn't hear?
I'm so-- I'm sorry.
No, uh, is everything all right?
Settling in, yes.
Well, it's your room.
Make yourself at home.
Uh, do let me know
if you need anything.
Thank you.
[door creaks]
-[breathing shakily]
-[stomach growls]
[whispering] Grace.
You need to promise me
that every time that woman
is in this house...
[in Filipino]
[in English] Okay?
[in Filipino]
[in English] Okay, I promise.
[in Filipino]
[in English]
It's always temporary.
Can you help me unpack...
[in Filipino]
Can I sleep on the right side?
Oh, anak.
Grace, anak.
[Joy sighs]
You said we'd have our own bed.
-I know...
-[stomach growls]
[door opens]
[in Filipino]
[door shuts, locks]
[toilet lid flips up]
[Joy, in Filipino]
[in English]
Just six weeks, okay?
I promise.
[toilet flushes]
[inhaling deeply]
[door opens, Joy gasps]
[Joy] I'm sorry, ma'am.
You scared me.
This is my least favorite
part of the day.
-I can do this for you--
-[Katherine] No! No, it's fine.
-[pills rattle]
I'm off out for the morning.
Please do carry on.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Katherine, thank you.
[footsteps recede]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[soft breathing]
[whispering] Gloria...
Mr. Garrett?
[soft breathing]
[propulsive music playing]
[vacuum whirring]
[clock ticking]
[floorboards creaks]
What are you doing?
[in Filipino]
[in English]
Umma, you swore, Mommy.
Grace, what are you doing here?
That woman isn't here.
[in Filipino]
[in English]
This isn't a game, Grace.
[in Filipino]
[in English] After this,
I need you to go back
to the room.
-But I'm bored!
Lower your voice, Grace.
[door opens, slams shut]
[Katherine] Ah, there you are!
Hard at work, I see.
[breathing shakily]
Hi, ma'am.
[suspenseful music playing]
this is marvelous.
It doesn't even look like
the same room.
-I can show you the kitchen.
-No! No, no, no.
No. Let me savor it
for a moment.
It's radiant.
Do you know,
when I was small,
I hated coming in this room.
My uncle used to make me
-do my homework at this desk.
-[knocks on desk]
If I gave him the wrong answer,
he would smack my fingers
with a wooden ruler.
Terrifying man,
when he wanted to be.
I apologize you have to put up
with these ghastly portraits
of my most
distinguished family.
Great-grandfather and sons.
No room for the women,
of course.
My mother, she actually saved
their fortune with her own.
But when her husband, my father,
died, they cast her out.
She became very ill after.
Spent the rest of her days
in a hospital.
Fortunately, I did all right.
I was my father's daughter,
so that was that, I was fine.
Didn't spare me their judgment.
Alas, you can't choose
your family, can you?
-Anyway, let's see this--
I'm so sorry about your mother,
Ma'am Katherine.
So sorry.
[whispering] So sorry.
It's quite all right, dear.
Thank you. Now, kitchen?
Ma'am Katherine...
I just wanted
to say thank you again...
for hiring me.
The last year
has been very difficult,
and I just feel very honored
and grateful for working for...
such a household.
[in Filipino]
[in English] We say that
in the Philippines.
It's a saying.
Thank you again, ma'am.
Uh... you're welcome.
[footsteps recede]
[whispering] Grace!
[breathing heavily]
[raspy breathing]
-[Joy] Grace?
-[Garrett gasps]
[exclaims in Filipino]
[Katherine laughing distantly]
[Katherine speaking faintly]
[whispers] Get under the bed.
[Katherine] No, I mean...
Oh, don't... No, don't do that.
[Katherine laughs]
[in Filipino] Stay there!
I would have loved dinner.
I'm living on cheese sandwiches.
[laughing] Yes!
New girl, Philippines.
Everything stinks of coriander.
-[pills rattle]
-Medicine time.
Yes! All right, darling.
Thank you so much.
[bird cawing distantly]
[footsteps approach]
[Katherine inhales and sighs]
[Katherine] Shit!
[Katherine groans]
Right, open up.
[Garrett groans raggedly]
[Katherine] That's it.
[Garrett groaning continuous]
[Katherine] There we are.
Joy, will you put the kettle on?
I'm parched.
[water bubbling]
Joy, what is that smell?
-Oh, I'm making lunch.
-Yes, but what is it?
Chicken adobo.
Chicken a-what?
Oh, no, no. No.
Just a cheese sandwich
for me, please.
Simple foods, remember?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
And what are those?
Oh, it's... it's for good luck,
prosperity and health.
The... The spoon
and the fork...
Yes, very lovely. Lovely.
But do try to remember
that this is your place of work,
not your home, yes?
Yes, ma'am.
Do it later.
It's fine, it's fine.
-My sandwich.
[sighs heavily]
-Mommy, that lady gave...
[in Filipino]
Mommy, listen to me.
Listen to me.
[in English]
You almost got me fired today.
That lady gave that old man
sleepy medicine.
[in Filipino]
I heard her.
She put it in his mouth
and made him swallow it.
[in Filipino]
-But, Mommy, it had an A on it.
-Grace, that's enough, please.
[in Filipino]
[in English]
Just get ready for bed.
[in English] What bed?
You never listen to me.
I hate you. I hate all of this.
[footsteps recede]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[door creaks]
[door creaks]
[chandelier pendants tinkling]
[low-key ominous music playing]
[woman moans]
[floorboard creaks]
[clock ticks]
[Grace gasps]
[eerie, unsettling
music playing]
[mutters indistinctly]
[keys rattle]
[door opens]
[loud pounding]
[pounding continuous]
[pounding continuous
[Grace breathing shakily]
[faint, muffled rustling]
[fabric thuds softly]
[eerie music playing]
[muttering faintly]
[clock ticks]
[woman sobbing
and muttering indistinctly]
I'll burn this house down!
[groans softly]
[birds tweeting]
[Katherine] George, darling,
don't quote the law to me.
I was practically there
when they wrote it.
You are well aware
that their request to witness
my signature in person
is not only inconvenient,
it's bloody gratuitous.
-He's dying, George, yes.
-[pills rattle]
-I'm not leaving here till...
-[pills clatter]
George, I'll call you back.
Leave it, Joy. I'll do it.
[pills rattle]
I said, I will do it!
I'm sorry, ma'am.
[Katherine] Don't you have
something to do?
-Mommy, what are you doing?
-[Joy gasps]
[in Filipino]
[in Filipino]
[bag unzips]
[Grace, in English] Mommy,
I have to tell you something.
think there's something
wrong with Katherine.
I know. She shouldn't
be giving these to Mr. Garrett.
-No! Last night, she--
-[Katherine] Joy!
Were you on the phone?
Who were you talking to?
My sister. I'm very sorry.
No, that's lovely.
Just do try not to take
personal calls on the job, yes?
Come with me, please.
[Katherine] I have to disappear
for a few days, I'm afraid.
While I'm away,
it is of paramount importance
that my uncle continue
to receive his vital medication.
I know you have been keen
to help,
so now is your shining moment.
I'm aware my methods
are somewhat unorthodox,
but I enjoy what is practical
and what gets the job done, yes?
So, we prop him up like so...
so he doesn't choke on it.
And then we gently
open his mouth
and pop them inside, yes?
Here we are.
[pills rattle]
Go on, dear.
That's it.
Oh, come on, he doesn't bite.
-I'm not sure this is how you--
-Oh, come on.
Let go.
Joy, let go.
-That's it.
-[Garrett groans softly]
That's it. There we are.
Good girl.
-That's it.
-[Garrett gulps]
I have prepared a daily pillbox.
Don't worry about what's what.
It's on the bedside table.
Your only concern shall
be the daily administration,
which I now see you are more
than capable of.
Well done!
Would you like to come
and see me out?
[footsteps recede, door opens]
See you in a few days.
You can reach me if need be,
but I trust you have
everything under control.
If anything changes,
you must contact me immediately.
-Do you understand?
-Yes, ma'am.
Right, now...
I know this is a bit early,
We understand each other, yes?
Yes, ma'am.
Oh! I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'll see you Friday.
[cell phone vibrates]
[Joy, in Filipino]
Where are you going?
But, Mommy,
I have to tell you something.
[door shuts]
[ominous music playing]
Oh, no. No, no, no, no!
[door shuts]
No, no...
"I solemnly pledge myself
before God
and in the presence
of this assembly.
To pass my life in purity
and to practice
my profession faithfully.
I will abstain from whatever
is deleterious and mischievous,
and will not take
or knowingly administer
any harmful drugs."
[sniffles and sobs]
[whispers] Fuck.
[inhales and sighs]
[floorboards creaking]
[floorboards creaking
[Grace] Mommy!
[in Filipino]
[bottles clink]
[bag unzips]
[pills rattle]
I saw Katherine
sleepwalking last night,
and I followed her
into the storage room,
and there was a dead woman
inside a glass box.
She picked up a knife
and almost stabbed me with it,
but she couldn't see me
because she was sleepwalking.
And she said that she wanted
to burn the house down.
[in Filipino]
-[in English] Grace, please.
[in Filipino]
But I'm not playing a game.
I saw her.
Grace, anak.
[in Filipino]
[in English] We are
in a dangerous place now.
Then let's go, Mommy.
She's not here.
[Joy, in Filipino]
[in English] Not yet.
Mommy really needs your help
right now.
["Ilay Gandangan"
by Haraya Choir playing]
[no audio]
Open the drawer, please.
What is this stuff?
We used this back home
when you were ill.
The wrong dose
can make you hallucinate,
but the right one
will purge your body of toxins.
Are you ready?
[Garrett groans]
All right, Mr. Garrett.
Now I need your help.
[Garrett groans]
-That's it, Mr. Garrett.
[gurgles and splutters]
-[Joy] Okay, Grace.
Get the bucket. Hurry up.
All right, Mr. Garrett.
[straining] Let's do this.
[Garrett retches]
All right, that's it.
That's right.
[toilet flushes]
[moaning softly]
[thunder rumbles]
[muttering indistinctly]
[thunder rumbles]
[both singing "Dandansoy"]
[Grace continues singing]
[Garrett] Glo... Glo... Gloria?
[clock ticks]
Glo... Gloria?
Mr. Garrett?
Oh, Gloria.
I've missed you.
Oh, um, no, Mr. Garrett,
I'm Joy.
Whe... Where's Gloria?
I don't know,
but I'm your housekeeper.
[Garrett breathing shakily]
How long have I been...
Well, I don't know,
but your niece,
Katherine, hired me.
She was looking after you
before I came here.
Wh... Who?
-Your niece, Katherine.
No, I don't...
I don't have a niece.
No, I... I have no family left.
-Um, that's okay.
-[Garrett] No...
I'm sure there's
a good explanation.
Um, I'll be right back.
I'm gonna make you
something to eat.
No, please don't leave me.
It's all right. I won't be long.
[Garrett] No, please...
[Joy, whispering, in Filipino]
[door opens]
-[door shuts]
[breathing shakily]
Who... Who's there?
Who's there?
[Garrett grunts]
[breathing heavily]
Are you an angel?
[Grace and Garrett laughing]
[gasps and gulps]
[Garrett chuckles]
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, Mr. Garrett.
-I can explain this.
-Explain what?
-This is my daughter...
I saw her in my dreams.
She tells me
you've been caring for me.
Oh, that smells lovely.
Is that for me?
Tell me...
who are you?
My name is Joy Espiritu,
and I'm originally
from the Philippines.
I love the Philippines.
[Joy] You've been?
I spent most
of my childhood there.
Aw, I want to go
to the Philippines.
You've never been?
-That can't possibly be true.
-Why haven't we been, Mommy?
Uh... It's complicated.
I think Mr. Garrett is tired.
We should go.
Come on, quickly.
But I like talking to him,
[Joy, in Filipino]
[in English]
He's still recovering.
[door closes]
[ominous music playing]
[footsteps approach]
[crows cawing]
[cawing continues distantly]
[cawing recedes]
Oh! Oh, Good Lord!
I see you're rather good
at that.
-[door opens]
-[Joy] Good morning.
[in Filipino]
[tray rattles softly]
[in English] I'm sorry.
Whatever for?
Anak, please.
I asked you to leave him alone.
-It's okay.
Grace, would you like
to play in the garden?
Can she play in the garden?
[footsteps recede]
Clever girl, that one.
She's got her
mother's eyes, too.
Is there a father
in the picture?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm just-- I'm so curious
about you and Joy-- G-Grace.
was a father.
As in "no more"?
-Oh, I'm sorry, my dear.
-[Joy] Oh, no.
Grace doesn't know
her father...
because she thinks he's dead.
he deserves to be
after what he did to me,
but then I wouldn't have had
Grace, so...
[Garrett] I see.
I wanted to know more about you
because I believe
I'm indebted to you, Joy.
And this mad woman
posing as my niece...
seems intent
on putting me out to pasture.
I don't want to get anyone
into trouble.
I want to help you, Joy.
-Help me?
-I'd like to officially
offer you the position
as my full-time carer.
And Grace can have her own bed,
or room, if she likes.
Would you like that?
Well, of course.
But wh--why are you doing this?
I mean...
thank you...
so much.
It's just...
you don't even know us.
I once had a Filipino nanny.
Well, she was more
than just a nanny.
She was like a mother.
More so than my own, actually.
We brought her back here,
and she helped to raise me.
I feel connected to you people.
And you've saved my life,
and that's worth helping yours
in any way I can.
What's wrong?
-It's my visa...
-We'll fix it.
We can?
We will.
But first we have a little
problem we have to solve.
I'm gonna need your help.
-Can I rely on you?
-Yes, of course.
Tell me about this impostor.
[Garrett] Did you ever
watch cockfighting back home?
Oh, my father did,
but it's too violent for me.
[Garrett, chuckling]
Oh, I loved it.
Gloria used to take me
to the arenas to watch.
Of course,
my parents didn't know.
They would have strung her up
if they did.
You know, they lead very
pampered lives.
Well-fed and watered.
They can roam free and play.
They're very obedient creatures,
if you know how to train them.
[Garrett] They were very lucky
outside the ring.
Did you know that?
But they die in the ring.
Oh, nothing is wasted.
If a chicken dies in a match,
you can buy it
and have it for your dinner
that very night.
-Did you?
-[Garrett] Oh, no.
A bit too barbaric.
[soft crack]
-[Joy exclaims in Filipino]
[in Filipino]
[in English]
I'm sorry, Mr. Garrett.
You're being too harsh on her.
It's all right.
They didn't belong
to anyone important.
Come. I've got a surprise
for you.
How would you like
to have your own bedroom?
What do you mean?
Your mother's gonna
come and work for me,
and you can live here
as long as you like.
-I can have any bedroom?
-[Joy] Grace!
Almost any,
but on one condition.
You call me your Lolo.
Uh, okay.
Thank you, Lolo Garrett.
I'm so happy.
You're my family now.
Uh, Mr. Garrett,
do you already have any...?
Oh, uh, let's do away
with "Mister."
Lolo Garrett,
-Do you have plans for--?
-No, no.
I prefer "Master."
May I know your plans
with Katherine...
Master Garrett?
Just leave it with me.
Do you mind making us some tea?
Do you drink tea?
[Garrett chuckles]
What do you like?
Mm... Hot chocolate, please.
Tea and a hot chocolate,
please, Joy.
Yes, Master Garrett.
[Garrett chuckling]
-What's so funny?
[Garrett and Grace laughing]
-Here's your tea.
-Yeah, just leave it there.
[cups clink]
[Garrett giggling]
[Grace laughs]
I'll check in on you later
in the night.
[in Filipino]
I want to stay here with Lolo.
All right,
listen to your mother.
-[Grace] But I really--
-No, come on.
We can play in the morning.
-[Grace] Okay.
I think she deserves to know.
[in Filipino]
[in English] You would like to
know your daddy, wouldn't you?
But my dad's dead.
That's not what
your mommy told me.
Oh, pet.
Today's full of surprises.
I'll see you both
in the morning.
[whispering] Mommy?
Let's go.
[door opens and shuts]
[clock ticking]
Anak, there are so many
children back home
that would be happy
to have this.
Did you know your dad?
Oh, yes, of course.
-[shrill clatter]
You're a liar.
[Joy gasps softly]
[dramatic music playing]
[Joy, in Filipino]
[woman, in Filipino]
[Gloria, in Filipino]
[in English]
[in Filipino]
[in English]
[in Filipino]
[in English]
[in Filipino]
[in English]
[in Filipino]
[in English]
"This is where I belong."
Oh, Gloria.
[floorboard creaks]
[wind howls]
[soft, eerie vocalizing]
Joy, I'm back.
My bags!
Where is she?
[mutters indistinctly]
-[faint bubbling]
[bubbling continues]
How many times do I have to...?
[water bubbling]
Oh, God! It's cockroaches.
Joy! Joy!
No, you're probably right.
-[shower running]
-Yeah, I'll check my jewelry.
Well, she's done a runner.
I don't know, back to
the Philippines, probably.
It stunk to high heaven.
-It's absolutely vile.
-[liquid shaking]
Probably, I don't know.
They're all starving over there,
aren't they?
Well, not in this house.
Yes, the stove was left on.
Could have burnt the whole
house down.
Oh, can you imagine?
Well, the insurance would
have been glorious, wouldn't it?
Can you imagine?
All right, darling.
Yeah. Story for another day.
I've got to get in the shower.
I reek of gravy.
Right, ciao!
[suspenseful music playing]
Oh, my... Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Hello? Hello!
Yes, I would like to speak
to the manager.
That product has
almost scalped me.
My fucking hair is falling out!
Yes, it did.
I will not,
for one more second...
Oh, God.
Why, how lovely to see you,
We've been enjoying
some fresh air.
Aren't you coming
to greet your uncle?
What a lovely surprise.
would you be so kind
as to make us some tea?
We'll take it
in the drawing room.
Yes, Master Garrett.
[Garrett] You've been
a bit of a rascal, haven't you?
I don't believe
I gave you permission...
to change the carpet
in the lobby.
Just kidding.
I don't actually like change,
but I quite like the carpet.
However, I am
rather disappointed
you put me into
a chemically-induced coma.
Quite, quite cunning.
And very apt for you to do so...
considering I am dying.
But it does strike me as...
rather illegal, don't you think?
All those years
of being a criminal barrister...
you might have come up
with something more exciting.
[Garrett chuckles]
Oh, pet,
you look just like your mother.
[vomit splatters]
-[Katherine laughs]
-Don't stand there, Gloria.
Get something to clean this!
[stifled laughter]
What's the matter with you?
[chuckles and sniffles]
I've had you declared!
You've done what?
It was really quite difficult
to convince the right people...
but turns out you can do
what you want
if you have enough money.
I've had you declared
Is that exciting enough
for you, uncle?
The entire estate
belongs to me now.
[Garrett chuckles]
I guess everything
does come full circle.
Your mother would be so proud.
My mother?
What are you talking about?
Darling niece, don't be upset.
Think of the life her sacrifice
gave you. Gave us.
She rescued a trading company
five generations deep.
What are you talking about?
A 500-year-old family legacy
was about to end.
Your mother's fortune
was the lifeline we needed.
As with any fortune,
no one in their right mind
would give it up easily,
which is why we had
to have her committed.
And not without your help,
of course.
You told me she was sick.
[crying softly]
You told me that she needed
special treatment!
And the document you signed
as to her mental deterioration
gave her the help she needed.
You tricked me.
Well, actually...
I asked you to carefully read it
before signing.
I was 11!
May I ask how you're going
to enjoy the estate
when you'll be in prison?
There are witnesses.
Oh, I don't know about you,
but I'm famished.
Joy, would you?
Eh, don't mind her.
She used to sulk all the time.
Let her be.
Yeah. We'll soon find a way
to be a family again.
One big family.
[in Filipino]
[in English] Yes.
Go back to the order we had.
When there was a hierarchy,
where they knew their place.
[Garrett continues, indistinct]
[Garrett slurps]
Joy, what do you think?
[in Filipino]
[chuckles anxiously]
[in English] Grace...
get ready for bed, please.
[floorboards creak]
-[blade rings]
[Joy] Please.
I can disappear.
-I won't say anything, I swear.
-[Katherine shushes]
[Joy gasps sharply]
[Joy sobs]
-[Joy] I have a daughter.
-[Katherine] Shut up.
[Joy sobbing]
[Katherine] Turn around.
[Joy sobs]
Wh... What is this?
Gloria, meet Joy.
Joy, this is Gloria.
[in Filipino]
I don't know
what he's promised you...
but this is your future
if you don't leave this place.
You should have just stuck
to cleaning toilets...
and wiping his ass.
Isn't that what you people
are good for?
-I'll go.
-Yes, you will.
But before you do...
All you have to do
is keep your mouth shut.
You're going to kill him.
[Katherine] The cancer
is doing that on its own.
I'm just giving him
a dreamy send-off.
The cancer?
You thought...
You thought
I was trying to murder my uncle?
[Katherine laughs]
Although I probably will now.
I can see why he took to you.
You look like her.
You sound like her.
You know, I always felt quite
sorry for Gloria, actually.
She was so lonely.
So obedient.
I just wish you had
stuck up for yourself!
Even against me.
She tried so hard to fill
my mother's shoes, but...
how could she, when everything
was, "Yes, ma'am" this,
"Yes, ma'am" that?
It was pathetic.
I sensed the same quality
in you.
That's why you were perfect
for the job.
-I beg your pardon?
You stole her life.
You robbed her!
We gave her a better life.
She'd have been completely
hopeless without our help.
What help?
We prepare your meals...
administer your medicine.
We sing your kids to sleep.
We walk your dogs.
[she sobs]
We take care of your parents.
We pick up your shit.
And when you're dying...
we comfort you,
until your last breath.
We don't need your help.
You need ours.
[stirring, gloomy music playing]
[Joy, in Filipino]
[in Filipino]
-Wait, what's going on?
[in English] We're not safe.
Now, please, get dressed.
No, I'm not going!
What about Lolo Garrett?
That lady's going to kill him.
Don't call him that.
That man is dangerous.
He's a bad man.
Now, please, I'm begging you,
get dressed.
No, he isn't.
Grace, please.
[in Filipino]
[in English] Okay?
Please just pack your bags now.
I'm not leaving.
He cares about us, he loves us.
[Joy] Oh, Grace.
Mr. Garrett doesn't love us.
He wants to own us.
-That's different, okay?
-[doorbell rings]
Shh. Stay here.
Who do you think you are?
You can't just barge in here.
On what grounds do you...?
[officer] An NTO was served
to the owner of this house.
-Are you Nigel Garrett?
Obviously I am not
Nigel Garrett.
We have a warrant to search
on a report you are housing
an illegal immigrant.
You can either assist
in this matter
or be detained
for obstruction of duty.
-Joy Espiritu?
The Home Office have deemed you
an immigrant offender of the UK.
Mr. Garrett? Master Garrett?
I was... I was already going!
Why did you do this?
She was going to kill him!
She tried to kill him!
Let me go! Anak!
[in Filipino]
[Joy cries out]
What have you done?
[Grace] Some people
took her away.
Hey, it's okay, it's okay.
Shh. We'll get her back.
-Just relax.
-[Grace breathing heavily]
Just breathe. Just breathe.
Now, we need to be very quiet,
and there's something
I need you to do for me, okay?
[fridge door opens]
I don't suppose
we can talk about this.
[Katherine] I'm afraid not.
Playtime is over.
Time to say good night, uncle.
I think playtime's just begun.
-[Katherine] Oh...
-[syringe clatters]
[heavy breathing]
[coughing and retching]
-[door opens]
[pills bottle opens]
[pills rattle]
[Katherine ] Wait!
[ominous music playing]
[Katherine gasps]
[gasping and whimpering]
[groaning loudly]
[breathing heavily]
[hoarse breathing]
[Katherine exclaims]
[wheezing breaths]
Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.
[Indistinct whispering]
-[Katherine screams]
Let me go! No, no...
[ghostly vocalizing intensifies]
Hello, ma'am.
Hi, ma'am.
[gasps shakily]
[light switch clicks]
[Garrett] My goodness.
That was extraordinary.
What do you think she saw?
Come on, pet.
It's pretty ghastly here.
Let's go to the kitchen.
I want to get my mommy now.
We'll do that tomorrow.
How about a hot chocolate?
How about a knickerbocker glory?
Have you tried
one of those before?
No, I want to get my mommy.
I think you're being
a little unreasonable.
Isn't this what you wanted?
I distinctly recall you saying,
"I wish she was gone."
But I didn't mean that.
Well, be careful
what you wish for, pet.
You called those people.
I'm beginning to feel...
you're being very ungrateful.
-I want to go home.
-You are home!
Oh, God, you people.
You don't know
just how lucky you are.
You're well-fed and watered.
I said to Gloria, I said,
"You have purpose here,
you have freedom."
But you put her in a glass box.
[tense music playing]
I'm going to put you
in a glass box...
you ingrate.
[Garrett muttering indistinctly]
-[Garrett groans]
-[loud crunch]
[gasps softly]
[Garrett] Grace...
Lolo Garrett didn't mean that.
He's very sorry.
You're right. Let's get Mommy.
-[banging on door]
-[banging quickens]
[breathing shakily]
Lolo Garrett just wants to talk.
There's no need to hide now,
Grace. Grace.
Aren't you tired of hiding,
You don't have
to do that anymore. Not here.
I can give you what you want.
Don't you want to belong?
[intense music playing]
[Garrett gasps softly]
-[Garrett screams]
-[glass shatters]
[flames crackle]
[Grace] Get off!
You're not going anywhere!
[Katherine strains]
Get out!
[flames roar, crackle]
[Garrett groaning]
[Garrett] My sweet niece.
Thank goodness.
Get this wretched thing off me.
[howls in pain]
What are you doing?
I'll see you in hell... uncle.
[flames roar, crackle]
[Garrett grunts]
[Grace] Wake up!
[Katherine] Come. Come on.
[Garrett screaming]
[Garrett screaming]
[screaming continues faintly]
[soft, somber music playing]
[muffled, inaudible arguing]
[Katherine] I can't
represent you in this case.
And I can't give you
any more advice
on what to do from here on out.
So, you definitely
shouldn't call this number...
and ask for Jonas Harrington.
He certainly won't be interested
in taking a pro-bono case
for an individual
who has been impregnated
by a British citizen,
which in some instances
would give her the legal right
to remain in said country.
[footsteps recede]
[door opens, door chime jingles]
[door shuts]
[Joy sobs]
[Priest] For months,
we prayed in fear
of losing our home.
And when the day came
to give up our roots,
we, as a community,
came together to plant new ones.
-[choir sing "Ilay Gandangan"]
-A moment of darkness
led us to a place of light.
Are you ready?
[no audio]
[woman] Hi.
Can I help you?
I'm Joy, and this is Grace...
your husband's daughter.
["Ilay Gandangan"
by Haraya Choir playing]
rhythmic music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[thunder rumbles]