Ragini MMS (2011) Movie Script

"Victory to thee, O' Hanuman!
Ocean of wisdom."
"Divine messenger of Shri Ram.
Son of Pavan, born of Anjani."
"With limbs as sturdy as that of Vajra.
You dispel the darkness."
"Your physique is beautiful. You wear
earrings and have long curly hair."
"A lightning bolt in hand, victory flag
and a sacred thread across the shoulder."
"Descendant of Lord Shankar, pride of
Kesari. Propitiated all over the universe."
"Repository of knowledge, You execute
at the behest of Shri Ram."
"A keen listener. You dwell in the
hearts of Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita."
"Appearing before Sita in a diminutive form,
You struck terror by setting Lanka on fire."
"You destroyed demons and performed tasks
assigned by Shri Ram with great skill."
"You brought Sanjivani and revived Lakshman.
Shri Ram cheerfully embraced you."
"Shri Ram extolled your excellence and
said you were as dear as his brother Bharat."
"Living beings chant hymns
saying thus, Shri Ram warmly hugged You."
"Shankar, Lord Brahma, the great Narad
himself, Goddess Saraswati and Ahisha."
"Even Yam, Kuber and the deputies
offer homage to Your glories."
"You rendered service to Sugriv and
placed him on the royal throne."
"By heeding your advice,
Vibhishan became the lord of Lanka."
"You dashed upon the Sun, thinking
it was a sweet luscious fruit."
"Carrying the Lord's signet ring in Your
mouth, You easily leapt across the ocean."
"The burden of all difficult tasks of the
world becomes light with Your kind grace."
"You're the sentry at Shri Ram's abode.
No one can enter without Thy permission."
"Comforts lie at Your feet. Devotees feel
fearless under Your benign protection."
"Befitted to carry the splendid valor.
The universe shakes at Your thunderous call."
"All the ghosts and demons keep away
with the mention of Your great name."
"Pain and suffering disappear on reciting
Shri Hanuman's holy name regularly."
"Those who remember Shri Hanuman in thought
are rescued from all crisis in life."
"All who hail Shri Ram as the supreme lord,
You restore ease to their life."
"Whosoever comes to You for fulfillment
of any desire will bear the fruit."
"All through the four ages,
Your magnificent glory is acclaimed."
"Guardian angel of saints and sages.
You're the angelic messenger of Shri Ram."
"You can grant anyone a wish.
A boon conferred upon You by Mother Janki."
"You're devoted to Shri Ram.
You'll remain a dedicated disciple."
"Through hymns sung in Your devotion,
one is freed from suffering."
"If at the time of death one enters the
abode, he's born again a devotee."
"One need not entertain any other
deity for propitiation, faith shall suffice."
"One who adores and remembers Shri Hanuman
is freed from all the sufferings.."
"All Hail, Shri Hanuman. Bless me
in the capacity of my supreme master."
"One who recites Chalisa one hundred times
is freed from the bondage of life and death."
"Humans who recite Hanuman Chalisa
are sure to be benefited."
"Tulsidas, a slave of the divine master
stays perpetually at His feet."
Open up!
- You?
- Yeah, me.
What do you want?
Ragini is sleeping, come later.
- Okay?
- Listen..
- Let me in. - And what is this?
- Camera and all?
- Move aside!
Hello! - Where are you going?
- Where's Ragini?
Hey, Ragini!
Oh, man!
She's sleeping, man.
- So? Ragini..
- So, get out of my room.
Shut up!
Let her sleep.
- Ragini..
- Get out of my room.
Get up..
What are you doing now, Uday?
Just let it be.
Ragini, get up.
- Ragini!
- What the heck! Uday!
Stand up! - Your slippers are on,
that's my bed. - So? - Get down.
Did you get those as dowry?
Those silver slippers.
- I'll give you one now.
- Ragini, come on, please.
- Superwoman, go wear your shorts.
- Get out of my room.
- Get out.
- Come on, Ragini. Get up.
- Get out. It's my room.
- Go and make breakfast.
Ragini, come on, it's
getting late. Come on.
- Why are you fighting in the morning?
- Come on, we're getting late.
What are you doing, Uday?
- Come on, get up. - Uday!
Hurry up!
Ragini, I'll thrash you.
Hurry up.
Get going.
Are your bags packed?
Come on, hurry up.
Good morning.
- You woke up?
- Uday, you jerk!
- Yes, go on now. Hurry up..
- What's wrong with you?
Don't take a bath,
just freshen up. Hurry up!
- "I shall drink from your wet lips."
- This one. See!
- "I shall drink.."
- Isn't this better now..
"I feel good in your company."
- Yes, baby..
- Easy..
"Love, sex and betrayal, darling."
"Love, sex and betrayal, darling.."
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- What are you doing?
- What?
I'm just asking the
guide for directions.
Sir, how do I reach
Dahanu from here?
What happened?
I was talking to Pia last night.
She told me that
she would go to Matheran today
along with Vishal and Neha.
- Uday, wait.
- What is it?
Don't get angry, please.
I'm not getting angry.
You want to go to Matheran, right?
Go ahead.
I want to go with you.
Go to Matheran with them,
you'll have a lot of fun.
I want to go with you.
Why are you wasting your time with me?
Go with them.
No, Uday, please.
I'm sorry.
Please, come along.
Come on, let's get ready fast.
"I got you. God made us meet.
I adorned you on my lips.."
Fill her up, pal.
- Biscuits?
- Yes, take these biscuits.
Take this, dark chocolate.
- This? - Take it.
Where can I find
the condoms?
At the back.
- Are you mad?
- Pass me the basket.
So many? - What are you doing?
- Keep them back. - I'll need them.
- Hey!
- Ragini!
- What is it?
- What?
Enough. Why are you
at it all the time?
Stop it.
Uday, what are you
doing on the internet?
- I was just trying to listen to some songs.
- Really? Which one?
Dum Maro Dum.
- Just shut up.
- Dum, Dum Diga, Diga..
You're dumb.
- Keep it away.
- Hey..
"Love, sex and..
I shall drink.."
Where have you kept the camera?
Are you crazy? Turn it off..
A car's coming! A car!
"When you came in my life.."
"My life was made.."
"To the end of dream.."
Come on, get in.
We're getting late.
Welcome to Uday and
Ragini's weekend getaway.
We're about to reach home.
Before that, this is the plantation.
- Beautiful!
- Ragini, all these are in line.
You and your silly jokes.
We are here.
- Hello.
- Hello, Ragini?
- Hi, mom!
- Where are you?
I reached just now.
Farmhouse. - You've reached
the farmhouse now?
Yes. - You said that
it was a 3 hour drive.
Yes, but we got stuck in traffic.
You didn't call up and even
Neha didn't answer her phone.
I don't know, mom.
Her phone must be on silent mode.
Ragini, you have to
call me in the night.
- I'll call you tomorrow, mom.
- Tonight. You have to call me tonight.
Yes, I'll call you.
- Okay, bye. - Bye, mom.
Come on, let's park the car.
Close the door.
Fetch the camera.
What was your mom saying?
Nothing. - She's your mom.
What is it, Ragini?
Please, don't spoil your mood.
Munni got scandalized
for you, darling. Ragini..
Come on.
What are you doing? Smile..
- I'll hang you from this tree.
- Shut up, Uday.
What are you doing? I'll end up
being an adult star this way.
What are you acting pricey for?
No.. No, spare me.
Let go of me, for God's sake!
- Crazy fellow!
- I'll not let you harm me, Ragini!
Oh, God!
I'm coming, Ragini!
- Ragini! Oh, God!
- Uday!
- Fine..
- Go on..
- Check now.
- Go on.. I'll let you know.
- Now?
- Stop.
Turn around.
How is it?
It's alright.
It is so dark in here.
Let me look for the switch.
let me switch on the lights.
Switch on the lights.
Please, Ragini.
God, darn it!
Why isn't this opening?
Ragini, listen to me..
Shut up, Uday.
Move aside!
Cool it for a while.
Hey, horny!
Hey, horny!
Look at me.
Come on, get over it.
Come on up.
I'll go and switch on the lights.
Come on, man..
Where is it?
Pass me the flashlight.
I can't find it.
There you are.
So much for luck!
We've reached but we don't
know where the lights are!
Yes, I'm in the room.
Where is it?
In the front?
Yes, I can see a passage.
Just a second..
Which one is it?
Yes, I saw it.
Just a moment..
Just a moment.
I'm on it..
I don't see any switches here.
I've been trying his number
since long, where is he?
Just a second..
I found the switch.
What is all of this?
Are you the one
from Big Boss?
What's all of this?
You've mounted cameras everywhere.
Anyways, don't worry about that.
I'll give you a lovely video.
Remember not to show my face,
or I'll be dead.
I'm doing this only because
I have faith in you. I believe you.
I'll even become a star by your grace.
You have put up so many cameras.
I shall be tired of
giving you so many videos.
Seems like tonight is the night.
Come on, pal!
- Ragini!
- Yes?
Have a look.
It's gorgeous!
Isn't this Agni?
- I stole it.
- It must be very expensive.
For me?
No, it's for me.
You gave me suffering..
I gave you a ring.
That's very cheesy.
Can't you say anything else?
Hey, just a second!
- Hey!
- You want Agni, don't you?
Then, first..
You'll have to ignite
the fire in me.
I won't give it to you just like that.
You have to light my fire, baby.
Come on!
I'm hungry.
Let me eat first.
Have we come here to eat?
What? Tell me.
I'm hungry.
Come on.
Even I'm hungry.
- In a while.
- Let me eat first.
Okay, fine.
I'll sate my hunger first.
I'm hungry.
- What?
- Let's have some food first.
Let's have some food first.
Have the food first.
What's this?
Please, get rid of it.
Uday, it was fine sometime back.
It must've rotten, forget it.
How can it rot just like that?
He must've given us rotten stuff.
Forget it. - Hey..
Forget it.
- What's this?
- What?
Eat it.
- No. - Come on!
Come on!
- Uday!
- Shall I eat it?
- No, okay fine..
- Okay.. Sorry..
- Hey!
- Come on, take it.
No.. You can't have it
any other way.
Stop! Stop!
Hey, Ragini!
Uday, stop it!
What are you doing, Uday?
Stop it!
That's right!
Hello, God!
My name is Uday Jhala
and my number is..
You have it, sir.
And these are my profiles.
I'm fed up of doing all this!
Set me up.
"I like your nasty side."
"You're a good girl."
Wait, I'll check it out.
Any idea what Pia and Vishal
are doing here?
Pia and Vishal!
They're standing downstairs.
Did you tell them?
Why did you do that?
Why did you tell them?
- I didn't know that she'd come.
- She's already here.
She's standing outside.
I didn't call them.
I had forbidden you..
Send her away.
Send her away!
I had told you..
- Where are you going? Come here.
- How do I go like this, Uday?
Darn it.
- Hurry up.. Go.
- I'm going.
Don't let them in.
- No. - Send them away.
They ruined the mood!
Hi, Ragini! - Hi! - You took so
much time to open the door, Ragini.
It's nothing..
Where's your hunk?
He started the weekend
as soon as he reached, right?
Shut up, Pia.
- He's coming.
- Sorry, Ragini.
I told her this wasn't a great idea.
- It's okay.
- We were on our way to Matheran
so we thought of
surprising you on the way.
Can I.. Where?
- Yes, in the fridge. - Okay..
What the heck!
He started as soon
as you reached here, right?
Tell me. What happened?
Have you done something?
- Shut up. - Tell me.
Tell me where all you have done it.
In the kitchen as well?
You're free to talk to me, baby.
Pia, it's personal.
So, Pia..
What's up?
You look worried.
All well? - Everything's fine.
What's wrong with me?
The dacoits arrive
before the settlers!
- What was that?
- What's up, pal?
So? How are things going?
Not that.. Pal.
What do you say..
That name..
They say that you think of it
and it arrives.. - What is that?
- Think of the devil and he arrives.
- Yes, devil!
He's calling you the devil.
- How can you talk like that?
- What's this, pal?
No, It wasn't like that..
Stop it, Uday. They've come for
a short while. They'll be leaving.
Then ask them to leave.
- They're going. - Baby, go.
- Get the beer.
- Alright.
Beer? - We'll have
a party tonight here.
We'll have a blast tonight.
- All set.
- Darn it!
I'll get the music.
Yes.. Bring it on.
Get the music.
- Excited, Uday? - Go, get the music.
To see us?
Sit properly.
Okay, the beer is here.
- Ragini!
- Coming! Coming!
- Ragini, come fast.
- Coming!
What are you doing?
Let's dance.
Let's dance.
- I'm not in a mood.
- Uday, come on..
Hey, you!
Come on, Ragini.
Come on, Uday!
Sad face!
Come on! Cheer up!
"You're my chicken fry,
you're my fish fry."
"You're my chicken fry,
you're my fish fry."
"I'll never say, bye.."
Come on, Uday! Let's dance!
- Come on!
- "I'll never say, bye.."
Yes! Come on!
"You're my 'samosa',
you're my 'masala dosa'."
"You're my 'samosa',
you're my 'masala dosa'."
"I'll never say, bye.."
- Sorry.
- Vishal, you jerk!
It's okay.
I have an extra t-shirt.
Go and change upstairs.
Just a moment!
I'll get it.
It's okay, Uday.
We'll find it. - Whatever!
Uday! - What?
- Come on, Vishal.
Let them go.
- Move.
- We'll just come back.
Come, dear.
What happened?
Look at the condition of the house.
- They've made it a bar.
- I'll clean it up.
Nice place.
- It's too big, isn't it?
- What?
The bungalow, stupid.
Why are you throwing
your clothes like this, baby?
What nonsense is this?
Have they come to surprise
us or have fun? What's this?
Calm down.
Don't get worked up.
Shall I give you a massage?
Come, I'll give you a head massage.
Don't get worked up, dear.
Our weekend won't be ruined.
With them, our week will end.
That's why he didn't
want us to come up.
Oh, my God!
- I don't believe this.
- Kinky!
Ragini, you bitch!
Let's see if this works.
They might come up.
I'm going to rape you baby.
No. Please..
To whomsoever it may concern.
That's how it is said, right?
- Myself, Uday Jhala.
- Shut up, Uday.
- What?
- Be honest.
I know that I am
not the first one.
Okay, fine.
I'll make it official.
People of the world!
Ragini is my second.
Is it?
Who was the first?
The first..
I'll let you know.
The first was when
I was an infant
and had assisted the nurse
to run her errands.
Come on!
I am kidding..
What are they doing?
The CID has raided the place,
come out!
They'll nab you first.
I'll go to the restroom.
- Come back fast.
- Yes! I'll be back soon.
I am coming.
Vishal, you jerk!
Sorry, Pia.
You are Vishal, only by name.
You're always in a hurry.
You ruined all the fun.
How's your hunk?
It's my personal life.
Okay? Just stay out of it.
Where's the restroom?
- Do you want to go there?
- Yes, I feel like.
If you go straight.. - Okay.
- The last room to your right.
Get going, pal.
Hey, listen..
What happened?
Couldn't you find a place
more dreadful than this?
What happened?
No.. I was asking because..
While coming here,
I asked for directions..
..to a tobacco seller..
He told me that a
woman used to live here
who was called a witch by
her family and was eventually killed.
Then she came back and
killed the entire family.
Why are you laughing? - Should
I accompany you to the restroom?
Shall I assist you?
What is this? What are you, man?
Come on! - Have you gone crazy?
- Go and take a right ahead.
- Yes.
Okay.. I'll take care of myself.
Hurry up, you have to leave.
You're getting late. - Okay.
How many times, man?
I need to do something about this.
Wake her up..
I'm thinking of staying
back here tonight.
I'm tired.
Come on!
Tell her.
- Tell her.
- What do I say?
Say something!
Who is it?
Just a second, I'm coming.
This is not funny, man.
- What happened?
- This is really not funny.
- But you..
- I jumped through the window.
This.. This jerk
locked me in some room.
What? - Are you crazy?
What are you saying? - Pia, get up.
Let's go. - Are you drunk?
- What's this?
Hey, you..
- Oh, no! Some cut..
- Is he mad?
Come on, Pia. Let's go.
- But.. - I can't take this anymore.
Vishal.. - Oh, shut up!
Come on, let's go. - Vishal, listen.
This place is as
creepy as this guy is.
Vishal! - Your slippers!
Slippers! - Pia, please call me.
Yes, okay.. Bye!
Try to limit your alcohol intake.
- Go, close the door.
- Yes.
Clean up all this.
What's this?
- What happened to him?
- I don't know.
He was blabbering.
Come on.
They ruined my mood.
What's this?
Garbage can!
Little Uday!
Hurry up, Ragini!
Your innocence..
Look here..
Look up!
I swear, you look hot!
"Come close.."
"Neither do I hear you.."
- 36..
- "Nor do I see you.."
"Come close.."
"Come close.."
Your legs resemble
that of a deer.
Come over.
"Cover the distance
in a few moments."
Show it, Ragini.
Show a little.
"That the moon shines above"
"and will follow you."
Hey, show me!
Come on, show me! What happened?
Go on.
"It is not possible.."
Show it..
Remove it.
"But it will happen.."
Come on!
"Like the way one breathes.."
Come up!
What happened?
- Camera..
- Camera?
- "Come so close.."
- Come..
I've turned it off.
"Come so close.."
"Come so close.."
From here..
Through here..
Sparrow, fly. Myna, fly.
I fly.
Do I fly?
I've never seen it..
Come on, truth or dare.
Is that what you are made of?
Don't you have the guts?
Say 'dare'! - Say 'dare'! - No.
Say 'dare'! Come on! Ragini!
Ragini! Ragini!
Ragini! Oh, my God. Ragini!
- Come on, say 'dare'.
- Okay, fine, dare.
Dare? Sure?
- What are you doing?
- Okay, Ms. Ragini.
What's this?
You're under arrest.
- You've been caught red-handed.
- No.
- No..
- No..
- No..
- No..
Is ready for the trip
of a lifetime!
Welcome to 'Jhala-land'.
Come on!
Not again..
What do we do?
- Hey!
- What happened?
Darn it!
What happened?
I don't know..
Maybe some insect..
Let me check the bed.
Move your legs..
These handcuffs..
What's that?
Let's rock under your frock.
I'm not a witch.
Are you talking dirty
in Marathi?
Crazy girl.
Do you have a
Maharashtrian girlfriend?
No, she's South Indian.
Uday, stop it.
Stop it.
What happened?
- Oh, God!
- Darn it..
How did this happen?
How did this happen?
Somebody pulled me
by my hair.
- What?
- Somebody pulled my hair.
- What rubbish, Uday!
- Quiet.
What are you doing?
What happened to you?
Quiet.. Somebody's here.
Darn it!
Uday, you're acting really stupid.
Uday, have you gone mad?
Ragini, somebody pulled my hair.
I swear. I swear.. - What rubbish,
Uday! - Somebody pulled my hair.
Somebody pulled my hair.
I swear.. - Do you see anybody
else in this room? - Look..
I swear.. I'm not lying.
I'm not crazy.
Something's wrong.
Something's wrong.
Something's not right.
I'm not mad.
Something's wrong.
Something's wrong.
Uncuff me.
Uday, uncuff me first.
Where's the phone?
Darn it!
I forgot the phone downstairs.
Give me your phone.
Hurry up.
Come on, hurry up.
Give me your phone.
Hurry up.
It's in the car.
Darn it!
Darn it..
Oh, God..
Run! Run! Run!
What happened, Uday?
What happened?
- I heard someone..
- What?
I heard something.
I heard a noise downstairs.
Someone's down there.
I'm not a witch.
Pick it up..
Listen to me..
Somebody pulled me
by my hair.
Somebody pulled my hair.
Something's wrong..
Something is.. Please..
Sir, listen..
You're doing all this, isn't it?
Please, don't do this. Tell me.
Please, don't do this.
I'm scared to death.
I don't want to do
all of this!
Darn it..
- What happened?
- The battery..
What do we do now?
Uday, uncuff me.
What are you doing?
Darn it..
Check your pockets.
Darn it..
It is not there.
Where did you keep the keys?
Where could it be..
I'm alright.
What is that?
What's inside the TV?
A camera?
Uday, it's a camera.
That man is recording us.
Let's leave. Let's go.
He's making our sex tape, Uday.
You knew that he was doing this.
Did you know that there
was a camera here?
You knew there was a camera here.
- I didn't know about it.
- Bastard!
You were making my sex tape.
You were making my sex tape!
Look at me.
Come here.
What are you doing?
Pia was right.
I trusted you.
I trusted you, Goddamn it!
Shut up!
How dare you, Uday?
Why did you do such a thing?
Answer me, Uday!
Uday, look at me, you bastard!
Look at me!
Fuck you!
I am sorry.
I am sorry.
Please.. I'm sorry..
Please.. Sorry..
I am sorry..
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Uday, you can't leave me alone.
No. No! No!
- No! Uday!
- I'll be back.
- Uday, no.. No!
- I need to free you..
Uday, no. Please!
- Please, don't leave me alone!
- I will be back soon.
Uday, no please!
No, please. Uday!
Uday, no!
No, Uday.. Please..
Please, don't leave me alone!
Uday, please!
Uday, please! For God's sake!
Uday, please don't leave me alone.
- Uday, no please. No, Uday, please!
- I am coming.
Uday, please!
No.. Uday, please!
Uday, please!
Uday, please don't leave me.
Please, don't go, Uday.
Uday, please!
Uday, please!
- I can't..
- What?
What happened?
How did this happen?
Uncuff me, first.
Why aren't you listening to me?
Darn you! Darn you!
You jerk!
- Why are you doing all this?
- What?
You're the one doing all this,
isn't it?
- Uday, you are mad!
- Why are you doing this?
Tell me why you are doing this.
Why are you doing this?
Please, save me, Ragini..
Please save me. Please, Ragini.
Please save me, Ragini.
Ragini, please save me.
Please, Ragini.
- Please save me, Ragini.
- Uday!
Please, save me.
I don't want to be an actor.
Please save me, Ragini.
- Uday! Uday!
- Please..
Save me, Ragini.
Save me, Ragini.
Let's go from here, please.
Let's go from here, please.
I'm not a witch.
I didn't kill my children.
This house is mine.
I won't go from here.
What are you saying?
I'm not a witch.
I'm not a witch.
- What are you doing, Uday?
- Uday, please.. Uday..
Please.. Someone, help me.
Please, somebody help me.
Darn it!
The key.
You're such a bitch, Ragini!
I'll reform..
I will..
Take me away from here.
How will you come?
You don't even know where I am.
I had lied to you.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry.
No one will come here.
No one will come here.
No one will come here.
No one will come here.
Don't kill me.
I haven't done anything, please!
Don't kill me.
I haven't done anything.
Get out of here, Ragini.
Come on..
Oh, God!
Please.. Please, let go of me.
Please, let go of me.
I haven't done anything.
Please, let go of me.
What's the problem?
The house seems abandoned.
- What's the problem?
- Man..
- I feel something isn't right.
- You coward! Check it out first.
You two are fighting needlessly.
Yes.. I've done it.
Did you hear somebody shouting?
Come on, you coward!
- I'm there with you.
- No, man..
- I really heard a noise.
- There was no such thing.
The door.
- I saw somebody at the window, just now.
- Don't scare me, man.
You just said that
the house was abandoned.
- Make him understand.
- I've seen somebody.
Is somebody there?
Please, help me!
I again heard a voice!
I told you there was something here.
Come on, let's check it out.
Your adventures are
going to get us killed.
Is somebody there?
Help me, please!
Is anybody there?
Hello! - Somebody
is in this house for sure.
- Even I heard a voice.
- Where's the sound coming from?
Is somebody there?
Please, help me!
Is somebody there?
Please, help me!
Come on, let's go from here.
Shut up, you coward.
Let's check it out.
Come on.
It's a very weird place.
What is that?
Please, help me!
Please, wait.
Please, help me.
Please, help me!
Please, wait!
Please, wait..
Please, wait!
Please, help!
Please, stop!
Please, wait!
Please, stop!
Please, stop!
Darn it!
Oh, my God!
Darn it.
Darn it..
Please, leave me!
Please, leave me!
Please, leave me!
I'm not a witch.
I didn't kill my children.
This house is mine.
I won't go from here.
Nor will you leave this house.
I'm not a witch.
I didn't kill my children.
This house is mine.
I won't go from here.
Nor will I let you leave this house.
Please, leave me!
Please, leave me!
Please, leave me!
I'm not at fault!
No! No!
Please! No!
I love you, sir.
I've never seen such a huge party.
This is what one calls grand, sir.
It's not a joke to
change a child's destiny.
Just wait and watch
what parties I throw!
God willing,
the girl should sail through.
What are you doing here?
Go to the middle and
show me some breaststrokes.
Why are you sitting so quiet?
What happened?
Didn't you like the party?
No, you've thrown such a lovely party.
I danced like a beast all night long.
What happened?
Have you caught a cold? - No..
Well, sir..
I was saying that..
The job that you had offered me..
With Ragini..
She won't agree to it.
It won't be fun.
I'm telling the truth.
I'll do it with somebody else.
I'll do it with her.
The thing is..
There are no compulsions as such.
You want to build a relationship, right?
You can do that there as well.
You can do that here as well.
Do what you want to do.
Is somebody stopping you?
No.. - I don't have
anything to do with her.
- Do it, then..
- Fine, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
Forget that, I put you down earlier.
- Will you do it?
- Yes, I'll do it.
There are other boys as well.
I told you that I would do it.
- I said, I would do it.
- Right.
- I'll do it. I will.
- Fine then, all set.
My man Jigar will go there.
He'll set up everything a day before.
Okay? What say, Jigar?
- Fine? Your glass is empty.
- Well..
- Jigar!
- Yes, sir. It's fine.
- You can be assured.
- Fill up the glasses, people!
Cheers! Cheers!
Cheers, sir.
I'll get you 4 to 5 films
in one go.
Thank you, sir.
I love you, Uday Jhala.
"Ragini, all the eyes are on you.
"As if something's amiss.. Ragini.."
"The world is very cunning. Ragini.."
"Stay away from them all, Ragini.."
Dude, did you see the MMS
that I sent you?
- No, buddy, not yet.
- Check it out. The chick is awesome.
"This is a story of
an innocent urban girl."
"Ragini as the locals called her so"
"She lived a life that was cozy, in control
and never thought that her future was a blow"
"She always dreamed of a charming fantasy."
"We never dreamed that the love was..
The guy was such a.."
"And she was never looked.
All you wanna do is you want to have a.."
"What do I say..
How terrifying this is.."
"How this fire raged..
Ragini.. Ragini.."
"Why is the silence eerie, Ragini?"
"Why isn't anybody with you,
"There's trouble at every step,
"Ragini.. Ragini.."
"...never think of the reason hitting me."
"She was a girl who loved her macho boy,
he was about to make this girl a.."
"You seen her bathe and you feel no sorrow,
gotta believe that you got no tomorrow."
"You better try, I made her cry.
All you gotta know is why!"
"It's a ploy, Ragini."
"The air is poisoned, Ragini."
"What is the danger
that lies ahead, Ragini?"
"You'll perish, Ragini."
"You won't survive, Ragini."
"There's trouble at every step,
"Ragini.. Ragini.."
"You're my chicken fry,
you're my fish fry."
"You're my chicken fry,
you're my fish fry."
"Never should you say, bye.."
"Never should you say, bye.."
"Come on!"
"You're my 'samosa',
you're my 'masala dosa'."
"You're my 'samosa',
you're my 'masala dosa'."
"I'll never say, bye.."
"I'll never say, bye.."
"Come on!
I've lost myself to you."
"Don't give me false hopes!"
"Come on!
I've lost myself to you."
"Don't give me false hopes!"
"You're my chocolate,
you're my cutlet."
"You're my chocolate,
you're my cutlet."
"I'll never say, bye."
"I'll never say, bye."
"You're my chicken fry,
you're my fish fry."
"You're my chicken fry,
you're my fish fry."
"Never should you say, bye.."
"Never should you say, bye.."