Ragtime (1981) Movie Script

My friends--
- Ready for dessert?
- Yeah!
Specialty of the house
is served chilled...
but it melts very quickly.
So I suggest
that we gobble it up.
- Yes?
- I'd like to see Stanford White.
Who, may I ask,
is calling?
Here's my card.
Are you in there, White?
Open the door!
Who is it?
You know who it is.
You know damn well who it is!
Harry K. Thaw of Pittsburgh!
Don't you think this is
a bit irregular, Mr. Thaw?
Look, I want to talk to you!
Hardly a way to go about it,
Mr. Thaw.
Don't play with me, White!
Look, open the door...
or some friends of mine
will open it for me.
I'm serious!
What do you want?
White, I'm here for the statue.
I'm takin' it down!
I'm getting tired
of this ridiculous business.
Why don't you go away now...
and save me the trouble
of calling the police?
Goddamn it, Thaw,
that door is priceless!
When are you going to stop
this ridiculous charade?
- You're creating the scandal!
- I can see what's goin' on here.
Mr. Thaw--
I know what you do
with your chorus girls.
Mr. Thaw--
I know what all
you people are up to!
I'm sure the police'd
like to know too.
Let me introduce Commissioner
of Police Rheinlander Waldo.
I'm sure he'll be fascinated by
all the stories you have to tell.
Look, I'm not a fool.
You hear me?
I'm not a fool.
I know exactly
what I'm doing.
'Cause I'm smart.
I'm smarter than you are.
My apologies.
- Are we ready?
- Yes, I think so.
Let me see your hands.
Other side.
So, did anything interesting
happen to anybody this week?
- So I'm the only one, am I?
- What, dear?
I was going over
our accounts the other day...
and it seems our factory had
its best quarter ever.
And I was rather intrigued
to discover...
that the items which were
moving most rapidly...
were the new firework designs
by your brother.
That's right.
You know, not too long ago
I had some doubts...
that you had the stuff
to be my partner one day.
But I'm very encouraged.
Very encouraged.
And by way of thanks...
I'd like you to say
the family grace today.
Could we all
bow our heads?
Jesus! Jesus!
What is it, Brigit?
What's wrong?
Oh, my God.
Brigit, what did you do?
Answer me!
- I didn't do nothin'.
- Then what is that child--
I was pouring out
the water from the vegetables...
then there was a horrible
screamin' on the ground...
and I looks,
and there was a baby!
- Call Dr. Mueller.
- I'll do it.
Where are you taking it?
Not in the house?
Well, he's breathing fine.
Heartbeat's strong.
Seems like a healthy child.
Is there anything
we should do?
Well, keep him warm and dry,
and don't worry yourself.
If he needs anything,
he'll be the first to let you know.
He'll be fine. Don't worry.
We found this one hiding
in a cellar a few blocks away.
She won't talk.
You go on to your room.
Miss, is this your baby?
Lady, is this your baby
or isn't it?
You wanna make life easy for
yourself and tell us yes or no...
or do you want me to ask
the doctor here to examine you?
Doctor, do you mind?
Could I have some privacy?
-Jim, would you care for some tea?
- No, no. That's all right.
Quite a situation.
There you are.
These niggers drop babies
like rabbits.
Fellow runs off, and, of course,
the woman tries to get rid of it.
What's going to happen to her?
She'll get six to eight months--
child abuse, abandonment...
attempted murder.
And then she'll
get pregnant again.
- What'll happen to the baby?
- They've got places for them.
Pickaninny farms, I call them.
Well, she's given birth recently.
That's about all I can tell you.
I'll give you a report tomorrow.
Sorry to see your Sunday dinner
disrupted like this, folks...
and I guess I'd better be
getting back to mine.
- Good day.
- Good day, Doctor.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- We'll need your signature on this.
Just a formality, and then
we'll take them off your hands.
Excuse me, dear. Would you mind
if I asked the inspector a question?
Oh, no.
No, you go ahead.
She's going to be
put into prison, isn't she?
- Oh, yes.
- Without her child?
Well, a woman who abandons
her baby like this--
I think it's better for the baby
if they were separated, don't you?
We're not dealing
with Christians, ma'am.
These people don't have the same
sense of family as what we do.
Would it make any difference in
her case if we were to take her in?
Temporarily, of course.
Dear, you don't mean--
Nobody's even talked to her.
Nobody knows what made her do it.
If we knew, maybe we could help her.
If, if, if, if.
- I'm just asking.
- It's out of the question.
My wife is a very generous woman,
which I appreciate.
Excuse us for just a moment,
would you?
My wife wants the statue down.
Right, Evie?
Yes, dear, yes.
Yes, what? Tell them.
Tell them!
What do you want?
Yes, I want
the statue down, please.
- See?
- Yes, Mr. Thaw.
We quite understand
your feelings in the matter.
No. Look, he put that statue up
there to make me look like a fool.
I'm Harry K. Thaw of Pittsburgh!
I've got my reputation
to think about.
I'm not havin' my wife
on public display!
Of course not, Mr. Thaw.
Now, regarding the possible
grounds for legal action--
Exactly! Legal grounds.
Now you're talkin'.
There aren't any, Mr. Thaw.
What the hell
are you talking about?
You're lawyers. Find some.
For God's sake, she's my wife!
She's not a chorus girl anymore.
She's not a model.
She's not his mistress.
She's my wife!
You do whatever the hell you have to
do to get my wife off that building.
Yes, Mr. Thaw. We'll do everything
we can within the realm of the law.
Because if you don't--
I've heard men say so often
they could love their wives alone
But I think that such foolish men
must have hearts made of stone
Now, my heart is made of softer
stuff, it melts at each warm glance
A pretty girl can't look my way
without a new romance
I could love a million girls
with every girl, a twin
I could love a Chinese girl
an Eskimo, a Finn
I could love a German girl
a girl with golden curls
In fact I think that I could love
about a million girls
He could love a million girls
a million girls, could he
I could love a native girl
from far across the sea
He could love a redhead girl
a girl with raven curls
In fact I think that I could love
about a million girls
Are you a little warm?
- Do you want to take off your coat?
- I'm fine.
I'm cool as a cucumber.
- I'll be back in a minute.
- Harry.
I loved a girl whose eyes
shone forth just like a crystal mass
I loved her till I found out that
her eye was made of glass
I loved a girl whose form it was
a gorgeous thing to see
I loved her till I found out
that part of it was a tree
Help him! Help!
Help him!
- Help him!
- Hey! Hey, you!
All right. Now, don't do
anything stupid.
Just give me the gun.
Get a doctor! Get a doctor!
Oh, well, do you
want to know everything?
Well, all right.
He had these whips.
This was in this castle in Austria
that he took me for vacation.
Well, he put me in a room,
and he locked the door.
Then he told me that if I made any
noise that he'd do something to me--
- something terrible.
- Wait just a minute.
Whom are you talking about?
You're talking
about Stanford White!
No. No-- Stanny? Stanny would never
do anything like this.
He was lovely. Lovely man.
He admired me--
No, I'm talking about
Harry, my husband.
Nonsense! My Harry would
never do anything like that.
Just a minute, Mrs. Thaw.
- You say your husband did all this.
- Yes.
He had a whip, a kind of a...
dog whip, and he started
to beat me with it.
I fail to see what this has to
do with the defense of my son.
Mrs. Thaw, you don't understand. We
have to prove your son was insane!
My son is not insane!
Insane at the time
of the murder, Mrs. Thaw--
I'm sorry. But there is
a world of difference.
There's nothing wrong
with Harry.
All right, Mrs. Thaw.
That's fine.
Your son will be convicted
of murder in the first degree.
He will be executed
and, if that's what you've hired me
to accomplish, I'm happy to oblige.
He was perfectly all right
until he married her.
She's the only thing
wrong with my son!
Ha! That's a laugh!
All right, stop it, both of you.
Stop it right now!
Mrs. Thaw, would you be kind enough
to leave me alone with Evelyn?
With pleasure, Mr. Delmas.
You know, Evelyn,
Mrs. Thaw is a very generous woman.
Ha, that's another laugh.
You don't really want to see
your husband electrocuted, do you?
I guess not.
He is crazy, though, you know.
Mrs. Thaw is prepared to offer you
a substantial sum of money...
if you will
cooperate fully with us.
What do you mean?
I mean, if you testify
as directed in court...
and if the trial ends successfully--
for us, that is--
you will agree to divorce him.
Divorce Harry?
Are you kidding?
Oh, there's a great deal
of money involved.
A great, great deal.
How much?
One million dollars.
Now, you say that Mr. Stanford White
beat you with a whip?
A horsewhip.
- A horsewhip?
- Yes.
You say also he gave you a drink
that was drugged. Is that right?
Was this before
or after the whipping?
Well, I don't remember.
He wanted to have
his way with me...
so he drugged me,
and then he whipped me.
Order! Order!
And you suddenly remembered
this horrible story...
decided to tell your husband
about it three years later...
on the night you knew he was most
likely to encounter Mr. White...
at Madison Square Garden?
- Is that right?
- Yes.
No more questions,
Your Honor.
Could you
stay behind that car?
- What's the matter?
- It's not a pretty sight, ma'am.
Missus. Here, here!
Missus, here! It's face cutting.
Missus. Missus!
Come, please. Come!
If you wanted to see,
you have to see.
- Yes, that's pretty.
- This cost about ten cents. Yeah?
What can be cheaper? Missus,
very expensive. Make a discount.
Sit down.
Very pretty, huh?
You are very pretty.
- Thank you.
- This way, your body.
Go! It's good.
Down-- uh, to.
It's good. Okay?
Keep your face out.
This girl is my daughter.
- She's beautiful.
- Please, like this.
She's wonderful.
She's uh--
Please, keep your face.
She's, uh, wonderful.
- Why is she on a string?
- She's, uh, very beautiful, yes?
- Keep--
- Why is she tied up on a rope?
Why do you have her tied up?
I have to be sure she will
be not kidnapped.
Will do her better
if she'll be connected with me.
Keep your face.
- Hey!
- Go away, you.
- A word! A word, please!
- Go your own way.
- A very important word for you!
- Do you see I am very busy?
I don't believe it.
Go your own way.
- We don't make up--
- Go away, huh?
Will you go?
Will you go away?
You see I make a business?
Go away! Go away!
Do something for me--
Only one five minute.
Only one--
one two minute.
My God, my God!
What the hell you--
Katela, come. Come!
Where do you get
the chutzpah to judge me?
What do you give me?
Nothing but tsuris!
Thank you, that was very nice.
We'll let you know.
- What's your name?
- Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
- Where've you been playing?
- Oh, here and there.
It's a band job, you know,
not a solo act.
If it's regular work,
I'm interested.
Okay, let's hear you.
Yes, sir.
You know this book
what I have given you?
We have a lack in money.
- Give me back this book.
- I like it very much.
I make you another.
-Just like this one?
- The same.
- Promise?
- Promise.
If you give it to me,
I'll be proud with you, huh?
Now try do it--
try do it myself.
Oh, I see.
Do you like it?
Well, it's very interesting.
- Where did you get this thing?
- I do it, alone, with my hands.
- I've create.
- You got any others?
I can do more. I can do everything--
what do your heart desire.
What do you want for this thing?
All right.
I'll pay four dollars if you agree
not to take this anywhere else...
and 40 cents for each one
you make for me.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
It's my pleasure to introduce...
the newest and bluest member
of the Clef Club band...
Professor Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
Where is that man that usually
sells silhouettes here--
you know, with the little girl?
Oh, yes. Thank you.
This is it.
Ma'am, I can't stop here.
We're blocking traffic.
That's all right.
You can go back. I'll be back later.
Please, please don't scream.
You don't have to be afraid.
I am not going to hurt you.
Don't you move! You stay
right there! You stop! Stop!
I'm not gonna hurt you,
I just--
I mean,
you probably think I'm a--
I don't know, but I'm not.
I'm a businessman.
I design fireworks.
- This is my card.
- Don't come near me.
I actually work for my
brother-in-law. He owns the factory.
But I'll be made a full partner
soon, and then when he retires...
the company will go to me.
We do flags, flag buntings...
trims, trophies, medals--
anything for public occasions.
See where it says on the card
"consultants for public occasions."
But fireworks is actually
our biggest line.
Please take it.
What do you want?
Well, I want-- if you have
an evening free, I--
I know you're very busy, but
if you do have an evening free...
and you would
like to do-- go--
I would very much like
to escort you to something.
No, no, no, no.
Please keep it.
I have more.
So, what do you say?
Are you some kind
of a lunatic now?
I'm sorry.
I'm acting like one, aren't I?
You should see me at the office.
I am really not like this.
So, what do you say?
Do you have some free time?
You are?
I mean, might be.
I mean, when?
What about right now?
Right now? You mean--
Do you mean, just--
Well, is there something wrong
with right now?
No! No, no, no, no.
It's just--
No. Nothing.
Now is fine.
escort me something.
Dear, we're going
to eat without him.
Son, sit down.
Everyone sit down.
Don't worry, dear.
He'll be back.
If anybody should be worried,
it's me, isn't it? And I'm not.
You know what he's like sometimes.
It's just his age.
Everybody goes through this.
Three days!
He hasn't slept at home
in three days.
He hasn't even been at work.
He hasn't had the courtesy to phone
and let us know if he's all right.
Has he been in touch with you?
Wouldn't I have told you?
I-- Yes.
Yes, you would.
Let us bow our heads.
For what we are about to receive,
dear Lord, we give thanks.
- I'll get it.
- No. No, you stay right there.
I'll take care of this.
Good afternoon.
I wonder if you might
be able to help me.
What do you want?
Well, I'm looking for
a young woman of color called Sarah.
I'm told she was
taken in to this house.
Who are you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
My name is Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
- Are you a relative?
- I wouldn't exactly say that.
Well, what shall I tell her
is the reason for your visit?
Just tell her that Mr. Walker would
like to have a word with her.
Would you please
wait around the back?
There's a colored gentleman
He wants to have
a word with you.
Well, I think you'd better
go down and talk to him.
- Are you going to go down?
- No, sir.
Well, that's
not very good, is it?
But the man seems to have
some connection with you...
and I think I'd like
to know what it is.
Dear, she doesn't want
to talk to him.
I see.
And I suppose that's the end of it?
I-- Yes, yes.
You're just as sweet
as you can be.
Yes, you are.
That's my child.
Excuse me, but I don't believe
anyone invited you in.
This is my child.
This is a cute little devil,
isn't he?
- It is a boy, isn't it?
- Yes.
So you're the father.
- Where's Sarah?
- She doesn't want to see you.
Stubborn woman, Sarah.
Very stubborn.
Well, you tell her
I'll be back real soon.
And my apologies for the intrusion.
Good afternoon.
All rise!
Gentlemen of the jury...
have you come to a verdict?
Yes, Your Honor, we have.
We find the defendant not guilty
of murder in the first degree...
by reason of insanity.
I'm crazy?
Goddamn it,
they think I'm crazy!
Mr. Thaw,
will you please stand?
You have heard the verdict.
in such a case as this...
the bench would retire.
But I think in this instance...
I would have to be
out of my mind...
not to recommend that you be
sent to the asylum...
for the criminally insane
at Matteawan...
until such time as duly
constituted medical opinion...
determines that you are no longer
dangerous to the public at large.
Order. Order.
Mr. Thaw,
do you have anything to say?
This whole trial
has been a fiasco.
Mr. Thaw, please limit your remarks
to the statement I have just made.
No, listen to me.
No, no.
I'm as sane
as any man in this room!
You're the ones
that are insane!
This case is closed.
You heard the testimony! She was
16 years old! He drugged her!
God, he ruined my wife!
He whipped her, for God's sake!
She was 16 years old!
The man was a beast!
You should thank me!
Where's your sense of morality?
I did the law a favor!
It's right over there!
Look at that!
- So what should I do?
- Nothing! Absolutely nothing.
- We will do everything for you.
- We'll take care of it all.
- You'll teach me routines?
- He is the dance teacher.
- He's the manager!
- No, no, I am the manager.
He is the dance instructor.
This is your agent,
and he is your lawyer.
All of us for one person,
for Evelyn.
- That's all we care about.
- This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy went home.
This little piggy had roast beef...
and this little piggy--
this little piggy
went wee-wee-wee-wee...
all the way to the bank!
Oh, sweetheart!
Where have you been?
I'm so--
- Oh, you waited for me.
- Yes.
You waited for me
all this time.
- What were their names?
- What?
- Sorry. What were their names?
- Whose names?
The names of the people you just
spent the evening with.
- I forget!
- What?
- I can't remember.
- Evelyn...
these people are deciding your
future, and you forgot their names?
- Will you open the champagne?
- Sure.
I'll be right back. One's an agent,
one's a lawyer, one's a manager.
I don't know.
They're so cute.
They're just adorable.
You know what I think you should do?
You should find out their names...
and then I'll have my lawyers
check to see if they're legitimate.
Evelyn, are you listening?
You can't be too careful
just now, you know.
You never know when someone might
try to take advantage of you.
All my clothes went away.
Sorry to interrupt.
It's unfortunate timing, I know...
but we had no choice,
as you'll see when you read this.
Now, uh, look it over,
and sign at the bottom.
If there's anything you don't
understand, just feel free to ask.
Gentlemen, this is a private
residence, and your presence here--
Shh! Now, wait a minute!
Stop! What is this?
- What's that, Mrs. Thaw?
- Number four.
"In compensation for my agreeing
to divorce Mr. Harold K. Thaw...
I shall receive a sum
of $25,000"? What's that?
I think that's clear enough.
They are not pulling
that one on me.
I'm getting a million
or forget it.
You were there when they said
I'd get a million.
That was when you were
suing him for divorce.
It's quite a different matter
now that you're an adulteress...
and he is suing you.
What-- Harry suing me
for divorce?
Mr. Thaw is no longer
mentally competent.
His mother is making
his decisions now.
I saved his life, damn it!
If I hadn't testified, he would have
gone to the electric chair!
I would have been a widow
with all of his money!
- She knows that!
- Mrs. Thaw--
I earned that million dollars!
I want a million dollars!
Mrs. Thaw, adultery is a serious
charge in a divorce proceeding.
If you sign this now,
you'll get $25,000...
and the divorce'll be
handled very quickly.
If you don't sign it, chances are
you'll wind up with nothing at all.
Now, you've got five minutes
to make up your mind.
I don't know
what this is all about...
but I do know that what you are
doing here is completely illegal.
This is trespassing, improper
serving of legal documents...
and before it goes any further,
I think you should leave.
And I will have my lawyers
contact you in the morning.
Well, who's got a pen?
Evelyn, don't. Don't sign it.
You don't have to.
- I'll get my lawyers to handle it.
- When do I get the money?
It's right here-- cash.
Sorry to interrupt.
Good night.
This is incredible.
You shouldn't have signed it,
Evelyn. You shouldn't have.
I don't want to have
anything to do with them anymore.
That whole family has been
all over my back for years!
Now I have the money.
I just want to forget it.
- But they are using you.
- So we're even.
Look, I can't let you
do this to yourself.
You have to have competent legal
advice from people you can trust.
Like who?
I'll get my company's
lawyers to handle it.
There has to be
something we can do.
Oh, all right.
I'll meet them. When?
Well, now--
the actual legal side
of the company...
is really more in the hands
of my brother-in-law.
So what I think we should do is
I'll consult with him.
No. You know what might be
a better idea?
I could introduce you to him.
You could come to our house
for dinner one night.
- I'd love you to meet my sister.
- Well, that sounds fine.
- You mean you'll come for dinner?
- Sure. Why not?
I mean,
we live in New Rochelle.
Well, that's okay.
They're not gonna
believe this.
- Where is the young lady?
- Well, obviously she isn't here.
Let's eat.
Oh, please, please,
let's just eat.
Aren't we going to get
any kind of explanation?
Well, I really don't want
to talk about it.
I'm afraid that's
not good enough.
I don't want to talk about it, and
if anyone asks another question...
I am just going to leave.
I don't understand.
You create this mystery.
You don't tell us
who this young lady is.
You build up everyone's
expectations. It's very...
Well, I'm disappointed,
too, sir, you know.
Did you ever think of that?
I'm disappointed too.
Why don't you ring
for the soup, dear?
Brigit! Soup.
I'll get it.
Dear, Mr. Walker's here
to see Sarah.
I told him he could wait in the
drawing room while I go speak to her.
Who's that?
The baby's father.
Or so he says.
Would you mind
bringing her these?
There's a little note on there.
Oh, they're so beautiful.
Be right back.
Excuse me.
Your piano's badly
in need of a tuning.
You ought to take better care
of an instrument like this.
Would you mind
closing the piano?
Sit down, Mr. Walker.
There are a few things
I'd like to ask you.
Sarah, just say hello to him.
Nothing can happen to you.
You're safe here.
There can't be any harm
in just talking to him.
Oh, yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
- Why?
- He say one thing...
and then he say another thing.
And he make it
all sound so good.
It ain't nothin' but talk, ma'am.
It ain't nothin' but talk.
I can marry Sarah...
and I will,
soon as she'll have me.
I couldn't before,
and now I can.
That's very fancy reasoning,
Mr. Walker...
but what it comes down to
is that you behaved abominably.
I wasn't living any kind of life I
could ask a woman to share with me--
playing in beer halls...
moving-picture houses.
Some of those places aren't
even safe for a man to be in.
So you just abandoned her?
That's how you handle
your responsibilities?
What kind of music do you play?
Anything they ask me to,
and then I play ragtime.
Well, we have some music here.
Could you give us a tune?
Maybe some other time.
I think what Mr. Walker's trying to
say is that he doesn't read music.
Am I right, Mr. Walker?
I read music so good,
white folks think I'm fakin' it.
No, no. Please, please,
please don't get up.
No, no. Please, please,
please don't get up.
Are you all free next weekend?
I'd like you to be
at the wedding.
Sarah's accepted my hand.
After all you've done for her...
it wouldn't be much of a wedding
if you all weren't there.
Now, I hope you'll accept.
No, no, no,
don't bother yourself now.
I have to go now 'cause
it's a long drive back.
I'll see you next Sunday.
And ladylike.
That's it.
And around we go.
And around.
Now the horsey.
Now another horsey.
And a peekaboo.
There we are.
Quiet, please! Quiet!
Evelyn, I have something
very important to say to you.
You know what this guy
is talking about?
Okay, five minutes.
You moved. You didn't tell me
where you were going.
I was evicted.
It wasn't my fault.
You said you'd come to dinner.
How was I supposed to find you?
Did I do something wrong?
What did I do wrong? Just tell me.
- Not now, sweetheart.
- Yes, now!
I want an explanation.
I can't think
about this right now.
- I've got a lot on my mind.
- Well, so do I.
I'm trying to do well
in the firm.
I try so hard.
And sometimes everything seems to be
going fine, and then I don't know.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
It just all falls apart.
I can't even walk
down the street...
without being afraid
that somebody's gonna talk to me.
I need you to be with me.
- You have to, Evelyn.
- Darling, that's it. Back to work.
I've gotta go.
- No. No.
- Yes. Yes.
That's not very nice, mister.
The lady wants to go.
You don't know what kind
of pressure I've been under.
- I can't do anything about that.
- Yes, you can!
- I just want to know where you live.
- Let go of my arm!
Goddamn it!
I'm not talking to you!
This is none of
your goddamn business!
- This is none of your business!
- Take it easy. Take it easy.
Excuse me.
Could you tell me how long
that'll be standing there?
How's that?
I have to pass by.
you got your toll?
Toll? There's no toll
on this road.
Sure, there is.
This here's a private toll road.
Ain't it, fellas?
I've used this road
several times...
and I've never had
to pay a toll.
Well, somebody must've
been sleeping on duty.
All right.
How much is the toll?
How much is the toll today?
What's that, a Model T?
Who you driving it for?
It's my automobile.
I own it.
My God.
Don't that beat all?
How much is the toll?
The toll.
Let's see. Today is Sunday.
Twenty-five dollars.
We're trying to raise a little cash
for a fire wagon with an engine.
Hell, we want to drive
to our fires in style...
just like you drive
to your cathouses.
Has he got the nigger
with him?
Hey, Frankie.
- What the hell are you doing here?
- Where is my car?
Is that it?
All right.
Let's just forget about it.
Go get your car.
- Thank you.
- It's all right.
- Deal the cards. Let's go.
- How many? I call. Let's go.
Come on.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Ain't you got enough fires
to keep you busy, Willie?
What's gotten into you?
- Nobody around here can take a joke.
- Officer!
Could you please come here
and look at this?
- That smells.
- I want this cleaned up.
Oh, I don't blame ya.
It's a hell of a shame.
- Brand-new car like that.
- I want it cleaned up.
Go ahead. Clean it up.
Can it, Willie.
Nobody's laughing.
What the hell do you boys
think you're up to?
I'll tell you exactly
what happened, Frankie.
This here fancy nigger parked
in front of the firehouse.
Now, if you don't think
that's a serious business...
tell me about it when your house is
burning, we can't get the pump out...
and the road's all blocked
because of a nigger's car.
I had no intention of stopping
in front of the firehouse...
but my way was blocked.
I don't know why you did this.
I never caused you any harm.
You blocked access
to an emergency service...
and I got witnesses here
to prove it!
You're lying.
- Willie, no!
- Don't you say that to me!
Come on, come on, come on.
Over here. Right there.
There ain't no real damage done.
Just... scoop the shit off...
take your automobile,
and get along.
What do you say?
I'm not goin' nowhere
until my car is cleaned.
I don't want no trouble.
Just do as I say.
- You know I'm telling the truth.
-Just get in your car--
Why are you letting
these men intimidate you?
Nobody's intimidating me, mister!
You just don't know
what you're getting into...
and I'm trying to keep
your nose clean.
Would you be a good boy
and just get along!
I want my car cleaned.
Clean it then, damn you!
Clean it and go!
I want the man who did it
to clean it!
All right. All right.
Let me put it this way.
I can arrest you for blocking
a public service exit...
for creating a public nuisance...
and about ten other things that
I ain't gonna bother to mention.
Am I making myself clear?
- Yes.
- Good.
- I still want my car cleaned.
- Oh, for Christ's sakes.
Ain't you got any sense in your head?
I'm trying to help you.
You leave me no choice.
I'm sorry.
You're under arrest.
- It's all right.
- Yes, sir.
I see. I'll be right down.
Better be getting yourself
some new help.
Once a nigger goes wrong,
there's no putting him right.
Thank you, sir.
Whoa! Whoa!
What happened? You said there
wasn't any physical damage done.
There wasn't
when I was arrested.
This is what I was saying.
You should have cleaned it up.
Now look what's happened.
Well, the damage
isn't that bad.
It shouldn't take much
to put it right.
Please, if you would be kind enough
to tell Sarah what happened...
but tell her not to worry.
And tell her that I'll be
talking with her soon.
Wait a minute! Stop!
I'm talking to you.
Well, you can't just leave
this out here all night, you know.
You don't know
who's gonna come along.
It's a little late
for that kind of thinking...
and I have to work tonight.
Good afternoon.
That is not a very helpful
attitude, Mr. Walker.
We're trying to help you,
you know.
I've spent a lot of time trying
to get this business cleared up...
not to mention money.
not to mention money.
I think we should work out
exactly what we're going to do now.
I haven't decided yet.
Good afternoon.
Well, what's your
financial situation like?
I have a little laid by.
I planned to use it on my wedding,
but I guess it'll have to wait.
Mr. Walker, let me
give you some advice.
You spend the money
on your wedding.
Build yourself a home and a family
where you can find some comfort.
And just forget that some damn
white man caused you offense.
And that's your advice?
That's my advice, and I pray
you take it to heart.
"Just forget it"?
Is that it?
I've spent my whole life
You're a young man.
You better start learning now.
Learning what--
how to be a nigger?
Mr. Walker,
I'll thank you to leave.
I have some charity cases
you know nothing of.
I got clients
with real problems--
starvation, illness...
Yes, I want justice for our people.
Yes, I do.
I want it so bad,
I can taste it.
If you think I'll go
to Westchester County...
pleading on the behalf
of a colored man...
that somebody dirtied
his fancy car...
you are very much mistaken.
Now, please, you take this...
and leave my office.
I'm afraid you can't file
a complaint...
against a volunteer fireman.
Why not?
Because they're not
an employee of the city.
We have no jurisdiction
over them.
Well, then whose jurisdiction
are they under?
Well, they got it wrong.
You're gonna have to go back
to the police department...
and tell them I said you should
file your complaint with them.
That's instructions
from the county clerk.
I don't care what they told you
at the county clerk's office.
Then tell me what
I'm supposed to do.
Just explain to me exactly
how I should go about it.
The first thing you can do
is go to the county clerk...
and tell the son of a bitch
not to send you back here!
Now, listen.
All I'm saying is that I want you
to talk to Mr. Walker.
I did.
He got hisself all crazy
over this thing.
He ain't got no time
for me now.
But... that's what I'm saying.
And we can't keep
you here forever.
I'll do more work around the house,
if that's what you want.
No, I only want one thing.
I want you to make
Mr. Walker understand...
that there's absolutely
no legal means...
for redressing this thing.
Why are you telling her that?
That's not what the lawyers said.
Will you let me
handle this, please?
They said it would take
a lot of time and money...
but they never said
that there was no chance.
I am trying to present
this situation...
in a way she's capable
of understanding!
- But you're lying to her.
- Get out! I told you to get out!
Sarah, now, listen to me.
Now, you can tell Mr. Walker
that if he'll just marry you...
without any more
of this nonsense...
I'll pay to have
his automobile repaired.
That ain't gonna do no good...
'cause he say it got
to be the firemen.
Oh, for pity's sake.
What difference does it make?
I told him I'd clean it.
I'd clean it.
But he said no.
Well, if he's not willing
to see reason...
then it's your responsibility
to do something about it.
Do you understand?
It's your responsibility now.
Oh, baby.
Where's your mommy, huh?
Where'd your mommy go?
Ladies and gentlemen...
the vice president of the United
States, Charles Fairbanks.
A few days ago,
I went to the president...
and I said to him, "Colonel...
I'm about to visit the great
northeast of this country...
and meet the people.
Is there anything
you want me to tell them?"
You know what he said?
He said to me...
"Charles, just tell them...
that the door to my office
is always open."
You good people of White Plains
voted for us in the last election.
You knew what we stood for then.
We haven't changed,
and we hope you haven't either.
Good health...
enterprise, self-reliance.
I'm talking about the man who
wants to get out there and do--
- Stay back, please, Stay back.
- Mr. President!
...who sees an opportunity...
- and grabs it by the tail.
- Mr. President!
You gotta help Coalhouse Walker!
Make way. Coming through.
Coming through.
I'm sorry.
Make way. Make way.
Her sternum was crushed, and she's
sustained severe internal injuries.
I'm afraid you'll have
to keep her dry and warm...
and pray that she
doesn't develop pneumonia.
This is her husband.
The president knows
who you are now.
I said your whole name
before they got to me.
That's good.
Don't talk now.
But I didn't get a chance
to tell him what you want.
So you gotta write him a letter.
I will.
I spoke with a minister yesterday.
He said he would marry us...
even with the baby and all.
Now, we're gonna have
the whole Clef Club Orchestra.
They're gonna play for us.
And a choir.
And it's gonna be
in a big, big church...
like you never seen before.
Which one?
You just rest.
- Ace.
- Ace. That's two bits.
Jesus Christ.
You lucky bastard.
It's the luck
of the Irish, me boy.
Three. Answer the phone.
Hold those cards.
Nobody bets.
Emerald Isle Firehouse.
Let's go, guys. This is it.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Hey, kid, let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Let's go. Move! Move!
Come on. Down the pole.
Where's Conklin?
- Which one of you is Conklin?
- Don't shoot me!
- Tell me which of you is Conklin.
- I don't know!
Where's Conklin?
- Where's Conklin?
- No! No!
- Damn it, where's Conklin?
- He's not here!
Let's go! Let's go!
"I want the infamous...
fire chief, William Conklin,
turned over to my justice.
I want my automobile returned to me
in its original condition.
When you are ready
to meet my demands...
please make it known
in the newspapers.
If you refuse me...
I shall continue to burn
firehouses and kill firemen...
until I have satisfaction.
Coalhouse Walker, Jr."
That's that crazy nigger
with the car!
So, you know
all about him, do ya?
- Sure as hell, I do.
- What do you know exactly?
Well, you had him all arrested
for parking his car illegal.
You had him behind bars
where he belongs.
Now he's running around loose.
Whose fault do you suppose that is?
Not mine, I'll tell you that.
Well, Willie, we have
a little problem on our hands.
Well, you got a problem, do ya?
How do you suppose I feel?
Those were my men he killed!
We heard something
about excrement in his car.
So? What are you messin'
around with me for?
We're just trying
to piece it all together.
Go out and arrest every nigger
in the neighborhood.
One of them's bound
to know where he is.
They all know everything
about each other, right?
That's a grand piece
of thinking, Willie.
But, you see...
we had a different
sort of plan in mind.
What's that?
Offer to turn you
over to him.
You're a funny man, Inspector.
Well, Willie, it's the easiest way
to find him, isn't it?
And the cheapest,
don't you think?
Hey, fellas, be serious,
will ya, huh?
I ain't laughing, you see.
Aren't we all in this together?
Aren't we all in this together?
Would you say he seemed
fairly attached to the baby?
Do you think he'll try
to get the baby back?
I don't know.
I really don't know.
Maybe we should post a man
here at the house.
Just so there'll be someone
around who'll know what to do...
in case he tries
to get in touch.
Is that really necessary?
Well, it's for
your own protection too.
You never know with these people,
if he wants the baby badly enough.
Maybe in that case we could take
the baby to my cousin's house.
No, ma'am, we prefer that
Mr. Walker knows where the baby is.
I see.
It'd be better,
having someone here.
Good evening, sir. A table?
I'm looking for Coalhouse Walker.
He's a piano player.
Sorry. He doesn't work
here anymore.
Do you know where I could get
in touch with him? It's important.
I don't know where he is.
Sorry. He stopped working here.
You don't have any address--
Yes, I see.
Why should you trust me?
I'd like him to know not to come
near the house in New Rochelle.
It's not safe.
Sorry, Mr. Walker
doesn't work here anymore.
I know, I know.
But if you could give him
the message. It's important.
Here's my card.
May I come in?
- Can you explain this?
- What is it?
Someone in Harlem
gave it to the police.
They said a young man
was looking for Coalhouse Walker.
Yes, that was me.
Why did you do that?
I wanted to warn Mr. Walker
that our house was being watched.
You damn fool.
You don't seem to realize
how serious this situation is.
- I think I do.
- Then why did you try to help him?
Are you planning
on doing it again?
I hope not because I gave
the inspector my word of honor...
that you wouldn't do
anything foolish again.
Can I trust you?
- Yes, you can.
- Do I have your word on it?
Mr. Walker?
- What do you want with him?
- I want to talk to him.
What do you want
to talk to him about?
- Who are you?
- Don't worry about who I am.
What do you want to talk
to Mr. Walker about?
Get him a chair.
- Mr. Walker?
- That's right.
- Do I have to keep this on?
- I think you'd better.
What can I do for you?
Well, it's just our house.
You know your son
is still there.
The... police...
have a man watching the place.
Is that why you came here?
I design fireworks.
That's my job.
I can make bombs.
Fireworks, bombs--
it's the same thing.
What's the idea?
Get away from our house!
This is a private residence.
You're all trespassing!
Sir, let us see
the colored baby, okay?
- Brigit!
- Dear?
Thank God you're home.
Come in here.
Listen to me.
I want you to tell this man
to make those people go away.
They're screaming horrible things
that the children can hear them.
- Calm down, dear.
- He sits there. He does nothing.
- He's not protecting us.
- Darling, calm down!
Isn't this trespassing?
I don't want him here.
- He's not protecting us.
-Just calm down a second.
Is your brother home?
He hasn't called, has he?
All right.
I think we should leave New Rochelle
as soon as possible...
and wait until
all of this calms down.
-Can you make the arrange--
-What about my brother? Where is he?
Will he come too?
Your brother will do what
he wants to do, as usual.
Now, will you make arrangements
to close the house down?
Wait a minute.
You can't leave that there.
Don't turn around.
Just keep walking, just like that.
Don't turn around,
and you won't get hurt.
Turn around.
Now run and don't look back.
Run! Don't look back!
Whoa! Whoa!
Good boy, good boy.
- Come on!
- Goddamn it! Bust it.
- Come on!
- Bust it!
Bust it!
Well, come on!
Get it in! Get it in!
All right.
Get rid of that wagon!
Come on!
Stay back!
Stay back, I said!
Yes, give him that whack!
Try, Evelyn!
Run! Run, run a little bit!
Make run the feet!
Evelyn, make a--
A little bit more angry!
More strained!
Open your eyes!
More! More angry!
Okay, more--
You want to kill her!
You will kill her! Evelyn!
Open your mouth!
You want to be more afraid!
Open your mouth! Open, open!
Evelyn, you want to be very afraid!
Extremely! Extremely!
Play with your eye, with your face.
Show with your tongue.
Forget about the belly or
the "peedgy-peedgy" with the feet.
You understand?
Excellent. Wonderful.
It's good?
Hello, young gentleman.
Hello, young gentleman.
- Hello.
- You saw the picture?
- Yes.
- How do you like?
What are you doing? Come along.
These people are working.
- He's your own son?
- Yes.
- Very charming.
- Oh, thank you.
- Very nice to see you.
- I'm sorry. Come along, please.
Don't take him away.
Let him be here.
That's my daughter.
How do you do?
Say hello.
He's shy.
I'm shy too.
- You know what's it?
- A book?
It's... a majestic book.
That's for you. Take, take.
That's for you.
- No, we couldn't do that.
- Why?
I give it like a present.
Well, thank you.
Is everything all right?
Yes. This is my husband.
Very nice.
My name, Baron Ashkenazy.
My "gratulation" to you.
- Baron. Pardon?
- My "gratulation."
You have very nice wife,
and your son is wonderful.
Oh, I see. Thank you.
- Can you dance, my little?
- Yes.
We'll finish on the film
and I'll make a party.
And you'll be my guest, and you'll
be together with my daughter.
And you'll be all my guest.
Well, if we're still here, perhaps.
I forget to introduce you
with my better...
with my star, Evelyn Nesbit.
She's very--
a great talent.
I hope she'll make me great.
It's very nice to meet you.
We read about you in the papers.
You're very beautiful.
Thank you.
It's high time to continue our work.
If you want to, you can watch.
We don't forbid you.
Evelyn, come.
Evelyn! Would you please, Evelyn?
We have the light!
- You all set, Captain?
- The whole building is covered.
I've got three groups of five men
ready to hit the place at once.
Let me through.
Let me through!
That's impossible, gentlemen.
- That's simply out of the question.
- Who's he?
- I'm Mr. Vernon Elliott.
- Vernon Elliott.
He's the curator
for the Morgan Library.
What can I do for you?
That place is a national treasure...
and if this climate of violence
continues, I'll go to the president.
- You will, huh?
- Indeed, if I deem it necessary.
By the way, I'm Rheinlander Waldo,
commissioner of police.
Yes? Well, I'm honored.
And if any harm comes
to any object in that building...
with all due respect,
there'll be grave consequences.
- How many are in there?
- We're not sure yet. At least two.
Maybe more-- maybe much more.
But who are they?
What are they up to?
Well, Mr. Elliott, why don't you
go in and have a word with them?
-I beg your pardon.
-Explain the value of the library...
see what they want--
that sort of thing.
That hardly seems like the
appropriate procedure, Mr. Waldo.
And if you're making a joke
at my expense...
I assure you there's nothing amusing
about my responsibilities...
as the curator
of Mr. Morgan's library.
Mr. Elliot, as long
as those guys are in there...
you are not the curator of anything.
Give me a megaphone.
I am Rheinlander Waldo.
I am Commissioner of Police.
I'm going to walk toward you.
I am not armed.
I want to talk to you.
Can you hear me?
I want to talk to you
inside the library.
If you'll let me come in,
please open the door as I approach.
I am not armed as you can see.
Cover! Come on!
That's it! Fall back! Come on.
Down there. That's it. Back!
What was that?
Let me have that, please.
Please, please.
My God!
- That's a covered goblet.
- What?
It's from the 17th century...
commissioned by Frederick of Saxony.
It's silver inlaid with gold...
and studded with precious gems.
Captain, go get it.
- Sir.
- Captain, open it.
- Well, what is it?
- "Murray Hill, 8529."
- What? That's my number.
- What?
- My office in the library.
- Good.
- I'll get it, ma'am.
- Police. Open up.
- Ma'am, do you have a telephone?
- We had nothing to do with it.
- Do you have a telephone?
- Yes, of course we do.
- Where? Thank you.
- In there.
There's the one upstairs,
but it's out of order.
Ma'am, I would like you to sign
this formal release.
What are all these policemen
doing here?
I've never seen so many
policemen in my life!
- I cannot understand this!
- We'll deal with it later.
- Where are they going?
- You can't go in there.
I want to go in my house.
It's my own room in there. What
do you mean, I can't go in there?
What are they doing
that I can't see?
Central, this is a police emergency.
Give me Murray Hill, 8529.
- Repeat that, please.
- I repeat, Murray Hill, 8529.
I don't understand this,
and I'm a moral woman.
I don't want anything going on
in this house I don't know about.
- Please open up the door.
- Yes.
- Sir.
- I never saw anything like this.
This is Rheinlander Waldo speaking.
Mr. Waldo, I want my car returned
in the same condition it was in...
when my way was blocked.
In return
for the life of my Sarah...
I want Fire Chief Willie Conklin
turned over to my justice.
Is that clear?
Who is this? Who am I speaking to?
You're speaking
to Coalhouse Walker, Jr.
You have 48 hours
to meet my demands.
I should warn you that this building
has been mined with explosives.
Hello! Hello?
Get that number again,
will you?
That's the crazy buck
from New Rochelle, isn't it?
I think so.
Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.
- Get the New Rochelle police chief.
- Right.
And I want blueprints of the library
and an explosives man.
- Yes, sir.
- Get the militia ready.
- Right.
- Where is J.P. Morgan?
Oh, he's on an expedition
down the Nile in Egypt.
- Hmm. Lucky him.
- Yes, sir.
And contact some colored big shots
in case we need to negotiate.
Very good, sir. Anything else?
Yeah. He said something
about a car and a fire chief.
Conklin. Willie Conklin.
Get him in. I want to meet him.
Sir, that number doesn't answer.
What do you want me to do?
- Get me some coffee and a roll.
- Yes, sir.
Does Jesus bear
The cross alone
And all the world
Go free
Now there's a cross
for everyone
What do you people think about this?
Mr. Washington!
- And there's a cross
- Mr. Washington?
For me
I want you to know how much
we appreciate this, Mr. Washington.
I hope and pray
that his mind is open to reason.
Now, you don't have to do this
if you don't want to.
I'm ready, Mr. Waldo.
You're a brave man, sir.
You have my blessing.
A friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs
to bear
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer
I think you know me by name,
Mr. Walker.
Open the door!
In the name of our people,
open the door!
I'm honored to meet you,
Mr. Washington.
Would you care for a seat?
You seem to know about me.
Of course I do.
I have a great admiration
for you, sir.
- Truly?
- Yes, sir.
How can you say that
when your actions...
are a mockery of everything
I stand for?
I had no choice in that, sir.
Mr. Walker...
I have spent a lifetime...
trying to persuade the white man
that he needn't fear us--
that all we wanted
was a chance to work...
and prosper beside him...
and enjoy with him
the fruits of this great land.
Now, the example of 1 ,000...
honest, industrious black men...
cannot undo the harm
of one like you.
What you have done here
has set our race back...
a distance I can't measure.
And you say you admire me.
I tried everything, sir--
every legal means
to get satisfaction--
and I was humiliated
at every turn.
The woman who bore my child--
my child, Mr. Washington...
whom I may never see again--
She watched my pride
being snatched away from me...
piece by piece.
She believed in justice.
Oh, yes.
She went to the white man
and she begged...
that I be given the justice
entitled to me by law.
She died begging for it.
I beg you, Mr. Walker...
on behalf of our people...
your young son...
and all the children of our race--
I beg you to give yourself up.
Bring your men and follow me now.
I will intercede on your behalf.
Your trial shall be swift...
and your execution painless.
If my automobile is restored...
and delivered
to the front of this building...
and the fire chief
is handed over to my justice...
I give you my solemn oath I will
come out with my hands raised...
and no further harm will come
to this place or to any man.
And you think this revenge
will restore your damaged pride?
I wouldn't be here
if I didn't think so.
You are wrong, Mr. Walker. You are
wrong to the depths of your soul.
- Why do you say that?
- Because vengeance does nothing...
but perpetuate more vengeance
and on and on...
until some race can find
the strength to say, "No!
The wrong done to me
I will not avenge!
I shall stand with dignity
and Christian love...
until my enemies are won over...
because they honor and respect me."
And only when this happens,
Mr. Walker...
shall we have our pride back.
All of us.
My God, if only Sarah
could be here to listen to you.
She thought I had a mouth on me.
But you speak like an angel,
Mr. Washington.
It's too bad we're living
on the earth.
You are damned...
Mr. Walker.
We're starting, sir.
Goddamn it!
Your ear!
My dear guests,
today we celebrate...
the ending of my third photoplay.
My first photoplay had called
The Naive Daughter.
It cost me $500
and the profit was $10,000.
The second was even better
than the first...
and the profit was more.
Now, my toast is for this...
what make me possible
to do everything.
Do you know what's it? Light.
You see the light of the candle?
It's very nice.
It shine through the glass.
It's refract.
The chandelier. It's convert.
It's transferring small star.
And now we make pictures
from the light.
People pay a couple of penny
and they watch...
in a short time,
the whole life of man--
how they fight, how they eat,
how they love.
It's no limits for our
opportunities in the photoplay.
And now we have a dance, please.
Dear, you remember these gentlemen?
They're police.
Well, the feeling seems to be--
They'd like to take Mr. Walker's
baby back to New York with them.
We don't get explanations,
ma'am. We get orders.
Well, that doesn't entitle you...
to just come along and take a child
away without giving any reasons.
We're dealing with an extremely
dangerous criminal.
You do you realize that, don't you?
What does that have to do with it?
We're talking about the baby,
not the father.
Ma'am, we don't have time to
stand around and talk it over.
If you want reasons,
take it up with the commissioner.
Well, yes.
If he would like to explain to me...
why he wants the child,
I'd be happy to listen.
We have a job to do.
Are you going to let us do it?
I'm not trying to stop you
from doing your job.
I'm afraid that's exactly
what you are doing.
Now just a minute, gentlemen.
There's no need for that.
-What my wife means is that she is--
-What I mean...
is they cannot have that baby...
until we get an explanation.
You're making it
very difficult, ma'am.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
Gentlemen, would you please
wait for us in the lobby?
I want a word with my wife.
Dear, this is becoming absurd.
They have no right to bother us.
That's not the point.
We're involved now.
In their eyes,
we're helping Walker.
Well, then they're
just being ridiculous.
No, we're being ridiculous
if we don't protect ourselves.
But we are innocent.
All right.
If that's the way you're going
to be, I'm going back to New York...
with or without the baby.
Oh, please...
don't go.
Please don't leave me here alone.
All right, Conklin.
Hold it right where you are.
You're under arrest! Take him out!
No, no, no, no!
You're making a mistake!
For God's sake, I'm not Conklin.
You're making a mistake!
- There's the man you want!
- You son of a bitch!
- Hold it! Take that one out too!
- My God!
All right. Come on.
All right. Come on.
Straighten up, Willie.
Are you ready, Mr. Conklin?
Ready? Ready for what?
What do you mean?
You know that someone's been
asking for you, don't you?
What is this?
It's a joke, huh?
It's a joke, right?
No joke, Willie.
The library over there
is worth millions.
- So?
- And people keep telling me...
you're a worthless piece of slime.
- Hold him back!
- Can't talk to me like that!
Shut up, Willie.
You're going to help us now.
You're going to talk
to that troublemaker...
and I mean talk hard
like you never talked before.
Because he wants you, Willie.
And if you can't make him
change his demands...
he's gonna get you.
I don't have to do this.
I want a lawyer.
- Waldo. Library, please.
- I got my rights, you know!
- Walker?
- Speaking.
We have the fire chief for you.
Send him over.
Take it.
Release him.
Hey, listen to me,
you crazy nigger.
I've had enough of you,
you hear me?
You can't be thinking that they're
gonna give me to the likes of you.
No. I know you ain't that stupid.
You're one of them smart niggers.
So how'd you ever own
a car like that, huh?
So what do you say we just
talk this thing over?
Yeah, I'm ready to do that. I'll
go halfway with you on this thing.
I don't mind. Sort of like
you come on over, we'll sit down.
Have a nice talk, huh?
What do you say?
The commissioner here says he'll
leave us alone. Gave me his word.
What do you say, Walker?
Goddamn it, say something!
It was a joke, damn you!
Can't you even take a joke?
You can't talk
to that nigger bastard!
Jesus to hell!
Say something, would you?
- Let me speak to Waldo.
- He wants to talk to you.
Send him over.
Walker, listen to me--
What? No.
What do you think you're doing? No!
You're not taking me over there!
Let go of me, you goons!
Let go of me!
You want to find
your houses burning?
There's not gonna be
a fireman left in sight.
You'll see! You'll see!
Touch one of us, you mess with
every fireman in the country!
Can't somebody please tell me
what is going on?
Can you just give me
a rough idea?
Good. Tell him
I want to see him right away.
Would everyone please
leave the room? Thank you.
Gentlemen? Hurry, please.
Mr. Elliott, please. Thank you.
Thank you. Yes.
The commissioner will see you now.
Yes? Yes, I'll speak to him.
Yes? Yes, I'll speak to him.
Hello, sir. How are you?
I'd like very much
to have a word with you.
Would it be all right
if I came over?
Yes. That'll be fine.
It's your brother-in-law.
He wants me to come over.
Now you know
I can't take the responsibility.
Yes. Yes, I know.
I want to go.
You're a brave man.
May I ask you a question,
Mr. Walker?
I can't stop you from asking.
Do you remember
my brother-in-law...
the young man
you met at my house?
Yes. Yes, I believe I do.
- Was he ever in touch with you?
- Is that why you came over here?
Well, in part, yes.
- What's the other part?
- Well...
I hoped, since we've...
known each other
under better circumstances--
I hoped I might prevail on you
to change your--
to change your mind.
I haven't seen your brother-in-law.
But you can go back and tell Mr.
Waldo that I have changed my mind.
I'm ready to offer him a swap--
Conklin's life
for the freedom of my men.
All he's got to do
is deliver my automobile...
to the front door of this library.
And when it's dark, my men
will use it to get out of here.
When they're safe...
and sure they haven't
been followed...
they'll call me here.
-And I'll come out with my hands up.
-Hey, Coalhouse!
You be quiet, you hear?
Tell Mr. Waldo that,
if he plays it straight with me...
that's exactly how it will happen.
- You remember that?
- Yes.
- Yeah, I think so.
- Good.
Hey, brother. What is this?
You playing games with us?
Why you sayin' we leavin' without
you? That ain't gonna happen.
Zeke, you're a hothead.
You gotta calm down or else
your brains are gonna burn up.
Well, you said it.
I mean, Coalhouse, didn't you say--
didn't you say that you were
gonna stay right here, huh?
I said a lot of things.
Then you're messin' with 'em.
You got somethin' else in mind.
You see that, Zeke?
When you calm down, your brain
starts to workin' just fine.
I don't get it.
I just don't get it.
It doesn't make sense to me.
He seemed perfectly rational
and coherent to me.
Well, maybe he thinks
he can sneak into the car...
and escape with the rest of them.
Well, it'll be night, it'll be dark.
He can't leave the library alone.
That's all he's got.
The second we know it's empty,
we can blast that car to bits.
No. We can't do it.
We can't buy his terms.
- Why not?
- Look.
Let's say his men got away.
All right. There he is,
sitting on the detonator...
and he knows he's a dead man.
The only freedom he's got left
is how to die.
He can let us fry him
in the electric chair...
or he can go bang and carry
the library to heaven with him.
I disagree.
I believe he means what he says.
Well, that's damn big of you...
but I'm afraid your belief isn't
the iron-plated guarantee I need!
Well, what if I was in the library
until Mr. Walker gave himself up?
Would that be sufficient guarantee?
Be a guarantee that you're as crazy
as he is. Are you on the level?
- Yes!
- You're saying...
you'd volunteer to go over there
and get yourself blown up?
If you keep your word and let his
men go free, I have nothing to fear.
Why, for Christ's sake?
What are you to him?
I'm no judge of these things,
Mr. Waldo.
I know the man isn't responsible
for his actions...
but in everything he's done
there's been a certain logic...
and, you'll excuse me
for saying it, an integrity.
I think he wants to be heard.
That's all. I think that's
what he's wanted all along.
If he blows himself up,
his story will die with him.
I think he wants
to bring his case to court.
- Yes?
- I'll accept your new conditions...
if we can have a man in there
with you until you give yourself up.
All right then. Send him over.
Fine, fine.
Thank you, Mr. Walker.
I'm looking forward to meeting you.
That's it.
Keep your fingers crossed,
I'll believe it all
when it happens.
Tell the militia to back off.
- Keep them on standby
- Yes, sir.
And get a new Model and check that it matches.
- Right.
- Yes, sir.
Good luck. Captain,
may I have a word with you?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Waldo, may I use the phone?
I want to call my family.
Of course.
- What do you think?
- That's okay.
Essex and Sussex Hotel.
May I help you?
Room 216 and 18.
No, I'm sorry.
They checked out this morning, sir.
Yes, sir. I'm quite sure.
No. They didn't leave any message.
You're welcome.
The area for two blocks
around J.P. Morgan's library...
The area for two blocks
around J.P. Morgan's library...
is now an emergency zone.
Gentlemen, the men you are
following must never suspect...
repeat, never suspect that
their car is under surveillance.
And no one makes a move
until you've got...
the full go ahead from headquarters.
You shouldn't have any trouble
spotting the target car...
unless there are a lot
of new Model Ts...
full of colored people
driving around all night.
they're bringin' it! Look!
Turn off all the lights.
Take this.
It's the telephone number here.
Call me the minute you're safe
and sure you haven't been followed.
- Wait a minute.
- I'm staying.
- What?
- You heard me.
We ain't goin' nowhere without you,
brother. We just can't do that.
Think about it.
If I get out of here...
I'd be hunted every day of my life.
And that's no kind of life
for a man.
Is it?
But no one's seen you.
No one knows what you look like.
Tomorrow you'll be free
in the streets.
And you can start
gettin' folks to talkin'.
Now that's got to be better
than five dead niggers.
Look! You all stay here,
and we're all dead men.
Then what was all of this for?
You all the only life I got left.
Now go on.
Get on out of here!
How's my baby doin'?
He said any words yet?
Oh, I mean, I don't know.
I haven't heard him.
If I was in prison, I wonder
if they'd let him come and visit me.
I don't see why not.
You may find this
hard to believe right now...
but I believe--
I really do believe...
that your situation,
legally speaking...
isn't at all hopeless.
You think so?
You're an impressive
and articulate man.
Certainly nothing like people
have been led to expect.
I'd like to believe you.
I really would like that.
Are you planning to let me
leave this place alive?
- Sir. Sir, we lost them.
- Where?
We had them as far as 34th and Lex.
They disappeared...
- before the next lookout post.
- That's one block!
- Yes, sir.
- Son of a b--
You sure you weren't followed?
Good. Good.
Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
You all take care now, you hear?
All right.
Are they safe?
Well, shouldn't we...
uh, tell them...
that we're coming?
You go on ahead.
Tell 'em I'll be right out.
- Well--
-Just go on. I'll be with you.
- Don't--
- Go.
Don't you think it would be...
a better idea if we--
Get the hell out of here!
Don't you understand anything,
white man?
Oh, damn it! Damn it!
This is it! I know this is it!
Lord, I'd hoped I'd have
the courage to know...
what I should do now.
You must see
how sick at heart I've been...
and how I've performed
this thing with little appetite.
I'd hoped you'd reveal to me
along the way...
why you put such a rage
in my heart.
Tell me what to do now!
God, tell me what to do.
- Sir?
- Fire.
Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!