Raid (2018) Movie Script

'Revenue is the backbone
of administration.'
'The treasury is more important
to the state than its army'
'since it's used for
the betterment of the people.'
'The Arthashastra by Kautilya,
Part-8, Chapter 1.'
So, there's a residence here.
Hence, the female faction is here.
But still, that's good.
That's a blessing in disguise.
At least, we arranged
for our daily activities.
Who knows what
Patnaik might do?
But he told us
not to open the envelope.
- He's here.
Keep the tea aside.
Hello! The vehicles are out of
the department
and are moving
towards the left.
Confirm it from someone
on the way.
My experience says,
it is going to be Banaras.
Sir, you're not allowed
to go inside without the shoes.
Gandhi walked barefoot
for several years for us
to get entry into clubs.
And you're objecting me
for wearing sandals!
Sir, that's the rule here.
I'm sorry, sir.
- Don't be sorry.
If you're following the rules,
be proud.
Mr. Amay!
What happened, sir?
The rules were being broken,
Mr. Bajaj.
I wouldn't like it
and not let it happen either.
No, sir.
Who stopped him?
The influential people
have stopped the poor people
once again.
No problem.
Better luck next time.
No, sir,
it was me who invited you.
How can you go back?
Mr. Bajaj, I'm not coming inside
with these sandals on.
And my house is too far,
I can't change my footwear.
Please don't force me.
But my shop is nearby.
But my shop is nearby.
I'll ask someone
to get a pair for you.
Please don't insult me.
What are you doing, sir?
It's a gift.
For a government servant,
a gift means a bribe, Mr. Bajaj.
No.. You will have to accept it.
If I took gifts,
I wouldn't have come
to Lucknow with all my furniture
in a tempo.
Okay, at least accept
the cost price.
I can, at least, afford Rs.21.
You're putting me
in a dilemma.
Take it, Bajaj, come on.
Pal, it's money earned honestly.
You may not ever get it.
Is there a dearth of honest
people in the city?
No, there are many
but I never come across any.
Okay, I'll see you often.
Mr. Patnaik,
he's Mr. Rameshwar
Mr. Patnaik,
he's Mr. Rameshwar
the city's biggest..
Landlord, contractor,
and the most powerful man.
He has been an MP
three times
and has the support of 51 MLAs.
He loves to read newspapers
and magazines.
You don't have to give
me any information.
Take it.
For the first time, a government
officer is giving
and not taking something.
Come on,
enough of the chat now.
Get us something to drink
and welcome him.
Mr. Amay.
What are you doing?
I've made a special
arrangement for you.
I only drink the brand
I can afford.
- Cheers!
You set up everything so soon.
We don't have much
for me to take long.
My parents had shown
me big dreams.
They said that I'll
be getting married
to an income tax officer.
That too with a search
and seizure wing officer.
I would be..
Are you regretting?
Yes, not because of the house
that's half-full.
Because of the missing husband
who drinks rum with others.
He doesn't want to stay home
and have something else.
That's a good idea.
You smell of rum.
Is that the same horse brand?
Of course.
Would your husband
drink a donkey brand?
And as far as the smell
is concerned
what did the British invent
the toothbrush
and toothpaste for?
Did the British invent
toothbrushes and toothpastes?
They would never drink.
The British have
invented nothing!
Everything was invented
by us Indians.
Everything was invented
by us Indians.
Even the..
I can prove it.
Then prove it.
"Even my eyes start smiling
when I look at you."
"I feel that you are closer
to me than my own life."
"To these empty hands of mine,
you are God's benevolence."
"There can never be
anyone like you."
"For me to pray, oh, partner,
even your door is sufficient."
"I don't need any God but you."
"I ask for your well-being."
"I ask for your well-being,
my beloved."
"I pray for nothing else."
"I pray for nothing else."
"I ask for your well-being,
my beloved."
"I ask for your well-being,
my beloved."
"I pray for nothing else."
"I pray for nothing else."
Ma'am, it's your first Sunday
in Lucknow.
Tell me,
where should I take you to?
PAC headquarters and then,
straight to the government hospital.
Come on,
these are useful places.
Let's go and check them out.
- Okay.
'35th Battalion, PAC, Lucknow.'
Mr. Patnaik at least
took out some time to meet me.
Otherwise, he never has time
to meet anyone.
He gets bored easily
that's why he doesn't stay
at one place for too long.
"I was scattered
like broken glass."
"I got a new lease of life
when you touched me."
"I don't count that time
as age"
"which I spent without you."
"No other colour appeals to me"
"ever since I got drenched
in the colour of your love."
"I ask for your well-being."
"I ask for your well-being."
"I ask for your well-being,
my beloved."
"I pray for nothing.."
"I pray for nothing else."
Sir, I'm Lallan Sudheer,
Senior Assistant, Income Tax.
She is Ms. Mukta Yadav,
Assistant, Income Tax.
And he is Satish Mishra.
- Greetings.
He has recently joined
as an Inspector.
Please have a seat.
The assessees are
increasing in number.
But there is not much
improvement in tax collection.
Because only the government
and private sector employees
are paying the tax
which, obviously,
are just a handful.
We will have to carry out raids
after thorough survey
and investigation.
This will be a warning for them
that the department will
not accept tax evasion anymore.
Carry on. See you.
Don't worry.
He's new, hence the passion!
There will be some noise, right?
Do you read magazines,
Sir, I don't know English
that well.
This is in Hindi.
'The era of dharma.'
This story is about me
and an IAS officer
written two months ago.
Look, there's also a photo
of ours on the cover page.
I have been transferred
49 times in seven years.
As long as I don't get
transferred another time
get used to the noise.
Greeting, Mr. Bhargav.
Come, Lallan.
Come, Lallan.
What's the news?
It's bad but it can be avoided.
What do you mean?
- The raid season is coming, sir.
A lot of your clients
could be affected.
You can at least, alert us
before the raid, right?
Yes, that would cost you
some money.
Fifty, right now and fifty later.
Come on, Lallan!
Inflation is sky high, Mr. Bhargav.
What can I do in this?
'Amay Patnaik?'
Yes, tell me.
This is Amay Patnaik speaking.
Who's speaking?
Hello. - 'I have some information
on tax evasion.'
Who has called?
Come to the office tomorrow.
'I can't come to your office.'
I understood.
Can you meet somewhere outside?
'You have to meet me right now.'
Right now?
Isn't it quite late in the night?
'If you want the information'
'you have
to meet right now.'
'Meet me at the Temple
of Goddess Chandrika.'
I will be back in some time.
Where are you going?
Where are you going,
so late in the night?
I am going to the temple.
But you are an atheist.
You believe in your motherland.
I am going for Her sake.
Join the queue for the entrance
to the temple.
'Some names are written here.'
'Get their details from your office.'
'Rakesh Singh.
Area, Lucknow. N53, 1.'
'Assessment year.'
'78-79, 79-80.'
'Suraj Singh, Lucknow. 53..'
'Assessment period.. 79.'
I guess you have found someone.
That's why you are ignoring me
and you are engrossed in work.
Who is it? A prominent figure?
Routine office work.
When the routine changes,
the wife is the first person
When the routine changes,
the wife is the first person
to understand it.
I can't tell you about it.
Don't you even trust me?
I trust you more than my life
but rules are rules.
Like an ordinary civilian
you will either read about it
in the newspaper
or you will watch it
on television.
Just because I am jovial
all the time
doesn't mean that your honesty
doesn't scare me.
At times, even I am afraid of it.
Then why are you such
an honest officer, Amay?
Every two months,
you get transferred.
I would have to pack,
relocate, decorate the house
then dismantle everything
and repeat the process.
I am tired of all this.
Are you not tired of it?
Did you study 'Namak Ka Daroga'
in school?
It's written by Munshi Premchand.
Everyone has studied it.
It was in my 10th standard syllabus.
What's your point?
The salt inspector in that story
didn't even take
an oath of honesty.
We take an oath
when we join our department.
We take an oath
when we join our department.
A person who can't keep his word
is worthless.
What makes a human being
different from an animal
is the former's ability
to keep his word.
A human being can keep his word
but an animal can't.
'Buy peanuts from the man
wearing a blue shirt'
'at the hardinge bridge.'
'You must've learnt
what is there in the records.'
'There are innumerable
illegal businesses.'
- 'Do you believe me now?'
Yes, so far, you have provided
the right information.
I have seen more assets
than income.
The files prove that taxes
haven't been paid.
You still haven't told me
where all the black money is.
'Raid his house.'
'You will get all
the information there.'
How can I believe this
to be true blindly?
This is a major raid
and an important one.
This is a major raid
and an important one.
And where are the
secrets buried..
Do you expect me to believe
I will get this crucial
when I raid the house?
I can't take this risk.
'Why? Did you get scared?'
Look, I am not afraid of anyone.
I have the courage
to knock on anyone's door.
My mind says
that I should wait
till I find solid evidence.
My heart says if I don't
act brave
I won't find any evidence.
What do you suggest?
You keep calling me
your love
and you say I reside
in your heart.
Then, what would I say?
'Smoking is injurious
to health.'
Officers of India
don't need to be brave.
Their wives need to.
Thank you, Malini.
So far, there hasn't been
any raid
which has led to
such a great recovery.
The department will be praised.
You will also be praised
just before your retirement.
I will be praised?
What will you get?
What I always do.
A transfer.
I am signing on the
satisfaction letter.
Amay, do you know
who you are about to attack?
If you don't find
anything over there
the first thing he will break,
is the law.
You have to be very careful.
We can't believe the local police.
Take heavy protection
from the PAC.
Yes, sir. I will.
Even then, you'll be responsible
for your officers' safety.
Yes, sir.
I guarantee you their safety.
He can sue you if you fail to get
a recovery amount around this figure.
A departmental enquiry could
be initiated against you.
Sir, I'll get the recovery
nearing this figure.
All the best.
Take care of yourself
and your team.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
You all will report to office
at 5:15 a.m.
You will find the details
on the notice board
giving out area-wise details
about which team will conduct
the search and seize operations,
when and where.
And you'll get the names
of the assessees
in sealed envelopes.
But I will say when to
open those, on the way.
Where would I..
I mean, my team, raid, sir?
Why are you getting so desperate?
Everyone will get
the sealed envelopes
tomorrow, in the morning.
Good night.
- Good night. Bye, sir.
Good night.
These papers are..
- Which papers.. - Sir..
Hello, Mr. Yogi.
Hello, Mr. Bhargav.
Listen, Mr. Sinha.
The panic button is pressed.
There will be raids
early in the morning.
Brace yourself.
He didn't let anyone
learn about it.
He just announced it.
Everyone was clueless.
It's strong.
Like my wife?
Will you give it tomorrow?
I can't promise that.
But I'll make you drink it
when I return. That's a promise.
I will wait.
Like always.
Because my husband
is never interested
in trivial raids.
You always take risks
and get me tense.
The vehicles have taken
a left turn from the department.
As per my experience,
the raid will be at Banaras.
Take a left turn from there.
We're going to Sitagarh
not Banaras.
We are not going to Banaras.
That was a plan to fool the moles.
Open your envelopes.
Should we really open the envelope?
Mister, can you see
what I can see there?
White House?
There are black clouds of danger.
You won't understand.
Stop the car.
I say, stop the car.
But what happened?
Hey, listen.
What happened, pal?
Why did he get down?
I don't want to go.
You may go ahead.
What's the problem?
Sir, if the raid is to be conducted
on the White House
I won't participate in it.
- Why?
We are from the same village.
He's our messiah.
He got me educated. He's
given a job to my brother too.
If he learns about it,
he'll kill me and my family.
Being a government officer,
you shouldn't behave this way.
Being a government officer,
you shouldn't behave this way.
Everyone is scared of dying,
You may suspend me from duty
but I won't go for the raid.
draft his dismissal order
and keep him in the headquarters
with two PAC constables
till the raid is over.
- Yes, sir.
We have a warrant
for Rameshwar Singh.
A search warrant.
Why are you joking, sir?
I never joke so early
in the day.
Open the gate.
Take a look inside.
Take a look outside.
I need a cup of tea to
get rid of drowsiness.
Let me get rid of this
drowsiness and I will talk.
Do you realise that
you are misbehaving
with a government officer?
Are you behaving
properly with an MP?
I am doing my duty.
And I am doing my duty
by making you realise
your worth.
I should have done it
the very first day
when we met first.
when we met first.
No officer can dare
to enter this house
and you've come here
to conduct a raid!
Here is the
search and seizure warrant.
Read it out.
My friend, I can't read or write.
Read it out.
I have already told you
And you know everything by now.
Mr. Rameshwar Singh.
I am on duty. I can't call you
by your fond name.
That's fine.
You can check our identity cards
before we enter.
And you can also examine us
so that no one can say that
we have planted anything.
Bheeku, examine them.
Examine all of them,
except the women.
You can call two honest
witnesses of your choice.
Everyone except you loves me
in this area.
Call anyone of your choice.
- Yes, sir.
Call Mr. Vijay Shrivastava,
Principal of J K College
and Mr. Mithiliesh Mani, Head Master
of the Secondary School.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir?
You all go inside
and gather everyone.
Call us inside when
the women in this house
are fine with us
being present inside.
Fine, sir.
Shall I tell you a secret,
I am a politician.
I have circulated all the money.
Go ahead and search.
You will find nothing.
You'll leave empty-handed.
I had left empty-handed
only from my in-laws' place
on my wedding day.
And I have come here
so early in the morning
not to go back empty-handed.
If you don't find anything
you'll fall at my feet
and apologise before everyone.
Is it acceptable to you?
You can't pose a challenge
to me, but I can accept it.
I accept it.
Sir, you may come in.
Everyone should give
their introduction.
Satish, note down
everyone's names.
He is Rakesh Singh,
my younger brother.
He is Anubhav Singh.
He is younger to him.
She is Prabha, Rakesh's wife.
She's Reema, Anubhav's wife.
He is Suraj Singh,
the youngest of us all.
He is my son, Shashi.
She's Tara, his wife.
They are my sisters.
I am Jaya. - Why are you
getting so impatient?
I'm mentioning your name, right?
Sit down.
Jaya and Sushma.
- What drama is this, Brother?
Who are these guys?
Who are these guys?
He is Amay Patnaik.
DC, Income Tax Department.
He has gone crazy
after coming to Lucknow.
This is your introduction,
Shall we introduce
even the kids?
They are minors. You can send
them to school if you wish.
But their bags will be checked
during their exit and entry.
Do you want to search the kids?
Pardon me.
The law requires us to do this.
Mr. Keeper of Law!
We will throw you
and your simian army out.
What do you think of yourself?
Stop right there, Rakesh Singh.
The punishment for manhandling
a government officer on duty
is 7-year imprisonment.
And if a government officer
slaps, the law won't give him
any punishment.
We won't ask you
your designation or department.
But it's not right to come
to somebody's house and speak
But it's not right to come
to somebody's house and speak
in this manner, right?
- I am sorry.
We will try
not to trouble any of you.
Sir, this must be Mr. Ramu.
- What! How do you know?
No. Well..
God bless you.
Come, Srivastava.
May victory be yours!
God bless you.
They are falling at his feet.
What harm can we cause him?
What are you doing? - Let me
explain the rules to you all.
You can't speak to anyone
over the phone.
During the raid, you can't
step out of the house.
No one can enter
the house either.
The money and jewels
for which you have no accounts
will be seized.
But you will get
the receipt for that.
And till this matter gets
solved, we'll leave
And till this matter gets
solved, we'll leave
some money behind, for your
household expenses.
You won't get any receipt
for your documents.
We will take them along with us.
If any of you try to either burn
or tear the documents
we will have to take the help
of police to stop you.
We can even interrogate you.
But the search and interrogation
will be done
only during daytime.
You have all the right
to rest at night.
You are talking
about staying back at night?
Dad, send them away.
There are women in the house.
That's why the female officer
has accompanied us.
Don't you worry.
There won't be
any kind of misbehaviour.
So, do we go to school or not?
You won't become a DC like him
in a day.
Stay at home for today.
Brother, I will teach this guy..
He is a crazy officer.
Let him fulfil his desire.
He will play for a while,
and he will get cheered up.
He will play for a while,
and he will get cheered up.
And then, I will play.
You know, I never
feel bored of playing.
Patnaik, the door is still open.
You may leave as you came in.
Let's begin.
Check here.
Check at the front.
What did you say your name was?
- Reema. - Reema.
By the way, your name
should have been 'Gehna'.
These are pretty, right?
- Yes.
But they seem to be light.
- Light?
It costs Rs. 1 lakh.
The bangle costs Rs. 75,000.
Then you need to take them off.
Check on top. Check every
single cloth. Check down there.
What is it?
- Don't miss out on anything.
Mr. Rakesh,
I worry about your honour.
If I get anything,
I will suppress it. Don't worry.
Get lost!
Don't drive me crazy.
Did you prepare mother-in-law's
breakfast? - Yes.
Ma'am, I haven't come here
out of my own will.
It's my job.
Tell me. What do I do?
I will surely get shot.
We need to prepare a list.
We need to weigh.
If you have paid the tax
for this, you can keep it.
Let the nuptial chain be.
What if I give you
the nuptial chain
and retain the ring with me?
Even this is a symbol of
a married woman, right?
Let me see.
You have to take the ring off.
Go towards the backside.
Did you find anything?
There's nothing here.
Are you happy now?
You ruined my mattress.
You ruined my mattress.
I will make you buy
a new one for me.. - Come on..
Got it?
This is the tax return statement
for the last year.
You may check it.
Accounts of all the jewellery
are contained in it.
Shall I wear it?
Check minutely.
Look over here and there as well.
Check thoroughly.
Over there as well.
Sir, we checked everything
but didn't find anything.
Sir, someone gave you
wrong information.
We didn't find anything anywhere.
Sir, we didn't find anything.
Mr. Sinha, check it well.
- Sir.. - Okay.
Mr. Sinha, check it well.
- Sir.. - Okay.
Sir, these are the tax returns
for all the jewellery.
I told you already!
We searched everywhere
but didn't find anything.
Let me talk to Mr. Amay.
Sir, the second team member
is on the phone.
Mr. Sinha?
- Sir, we didn't find anything.
Shall we stop the raid?
All right.
Nothing seems to be found.
All that has come out is sweat.
It is worth it.
A total of Rs. 420 crores
will come out.
Better leave from here
or I will approach the court
and accuse you
of taking bribe from the
opposition and raiding my house.
Your reputation
will be tarnished
and you will lose your job.
Got it?
Shall I send some breakfast?
Mr. Singh, please forgive me.
I swear, I didn't want
to come to your house..
Why will I come here?
I just followed orders so..
Thrash me with my shoe.
Dear, what is your name?
Lallan Sudheer.
Dear, I heard what you said.
Dear, I heard what you said.
Can I relieve myself now?
Hey, listen, get me some coal.
I want to smoke this.
What are you looking around for?
I am asking you to get it.
Who are you?
Amay Patnaik.
- Amay Patnaik?
I am from the
Income Tax department.
I've come here to raid.
Raid? For what?
Black money.
- Black money?
Does something called
black money even exist?
it does but I haven't found it yet.
I didn't see you since morning.
I was in my room.
What are you checking in my closet?
Who are you?
Rameshwar, Rakesh.. Listen..
Rameshwar, Rakesh.. Listen..
What are you doing with my closet?
Who are you?
Ma'am, where are the keys?
I don't have any.
Mom, what is the matter?
You have crossed all limits.
How can you enter
all the rooms like this?
She is unwell.
Leave her alone.
Unwell? Who is unwell?
Mom, you!
I am not unwell.
You are crossing all limits.
Give me the keys for the safe.
- I don't know.
She might have it.
- I don't have any key.
If you don't, I'll have to
break it open.. - Well..
the keys are always with her.
Mother-in-law, where are the keys?
I have already told you
that I don't have it.
she keeps forgetting things
and that's about it.
I will have to break it open.
- Not at all.
Mister, listen.
Why are you troubling yourself?
DC, this is your last day at work
so go ahead and fulfil
this wish of yours, okay?
Take it, come on.
Take it, come on.
Mom, I am hungry.
Let's go and eat something.
I am not hungry.
- Bring her!
I told you I am not hungry..
- Eat a little.. - Come on..
Mom, I've grown old now..
- Don't act stubborn...
Why are you hitting me?
- No.. - Get up. - Come on..
Come on, please..
- Not at all..
I don't want to eat.
- Mom, eat it..
Well.. I've grown up now..
- Why are you.. - Hey!
Brother, why are you still..
- Don't talk while eating.
Brother, but..
- I just said it, right?
Don't speak while eating.
Come on, give me Jalebis.
But you have diabetes..
- Didn't you hear me?
No talking while eating.
You have diabetes.
we didn't find anything.
Only the temple area
is left to be checked.
What are you saying?
So is the well.
Go and jump into it.
Lallan, get the pump.
Hold it, come on..
Come on, look inside..
Take this.
Hold this down..
- Hold it well. - Come on..
Come on.
Come on.
Sir, I didn't find
anything down there.
His body is already
drenched in mud.
Your face will be smeared
with the same mud tomorrow.
your wife has arrived at the gate.
I brought you food.
How did you learn
that I was here?
I am your wife
so I know how to read information
from the files discreetly.
Anyway, you will not eat
in this house, hence..
But I am not alone.
I have my entire team over here.
Who said that I have brought
food just for you?
You shouldn't have come here.
Are you feeling scared for me?
Now do you realise
how it affects me?
Until you reach home,
I don't feel at peace.
You will be here,
in the face of danger.
How can you ask me to leave?
Sir, please come here for a moment.
It's urgent!
Please leave.
Right now!
Take my car.
Guess I made a mistake.
I didn't find anything.
And you keep doing mistakes
in your life.
But you will never commit a mistake
when it comes to your work.
It is not your habit.
"I feel restless at every moment.."
"Without you, O' beloved.."
"This heart feels fearful.."
"Without you, O' beloved.."
"I feel restless at every moment.."
"Without you, O' beloved.."
'You're involving religion here.'
'It will get serious now.
Please get out of here.'
No, this..
- Come on!
What are you guys doing?
I had warned you earlier to not
stop us from doing our job.
Father-in-law, please stop him.
It is against our tradition.
How shall we let him inside?
Ma'am, we don't want to hurt
anyone's sentiments.
But our previous raids
have hinted at the fact
But our previous raids
have hinted at the fact
that people hide
money in temples.
You won't find anything
in this temple.
Let us just check.
Please remove your wallet,
shoes and belt before entering
the temple.
Wash your hands and face.
Hey! That's not going to happen.
- Wait!
Just one room is left
for them to search.
Please go ahead!
Please go!
Let's go!
Goddess Lakshmi, please help us
or we will be in trouble.
Up there..
- Yes..
Up there..
Did you find anything?
Nothing, sir.
There's nothing.
Are you satisfied?
I'll be right back.
'You may not find all the money
with the help of this map.'
'But you will find the rest of it.'
'I have faith in your
intelligence and fate.'
'Just like in your courage.'
'One more thing, no one should
get their hands on this letter.'
- Sir?
Break it!
Break it!
One thing is decided that tomorrow
won't be my last day at work.
This is not mine.
This is..
Whose is it?
Who kept it there?
I am asking all of you,
who kept it there?
Anubhav? Dear?
Tell me.
Who kept all this money there?
You're asking my question,
Mr. Rameshwar Singh!
If you find the answer,
please let us know.
If you find the answer,
please let us know.
Please come outside.
Sir, please leave.
I will pay you
Rs. 5 lakhs in cash.
Only Rs. 5 lakhs?
Do you know how many zeros
are there in a lakh?
There are only two zeros in 1,500.
And the government has
allowed me only that.
I'll take the rest of Rs. 420 crores
owned by the government.
You don't know, Officer.
Things may get bad for you.
You may have to take the
Rs. 21 back from Bajaj.
I never asked for return of
something I have parted with.
I never asked for return of
something I have parted with.
Not even my love and honour!
Whose money was it?
Tell me about all that
you have hidden
and about the places.
All right!
Yes, sir?
Careful. It's heavy.
Come on.
Maybe this isn't yours as well.
That means,
this belongs to the government.
Oh, Lord!
- What are you doing?
- No.. No!
I won't spare them!
- Take all this away..
I won't spare them!
- Take all this away..
He's doing as he pleases!
What are you doing?
- No..
I will shoot! Let go!
- Don't..
I will shoot! Let go!
- Don't..
Don't give me
that smug look, Officer.
Just let me make a phone call.
Then I will put you in your place.
You have fulfilled my last wish.
I always return the favour.
Tell me.
Whom do you want to call?
Sir, Mr. Rameshwar Singh
wants to talk to you.
Why did you connect
the phone, Amay?
So that he understands
that this is a futile attempt.
So that he understands
that this is a futile attempt.
Sir, stop this raid.
You will be able to save your job.
You will also be rewarded.
I have to work
for only six more months.
I don't care if I lose my job.
Are you happy now?
If a lion is trapped
in a cage, Patnaik
several people flock around
to mock it.
If you set it free
it will make your life
a living hell.
I guarantee you that.
Bring him one of our cars.
Sir, what are you doing?
No one can enter or exit.
This is against the rules, right?
Do you think people like him
are concerned about the rules?
Do you think people like him
are concerned about the rules?
Let him go.
How far will he go?
No matter where he goes,
a public servant
will be waiting for him.
I will stay here
and continue my raid
till I find the money.
You are really arrogant
about your honesty, isn't it?
This isn't arrogance.
It is courage.
The poor are not responsible
for their poverty.
Dishonest rich men like you
are responsible
for their poverty.
Mr. Rameshwar, go outside
and try your best
to stop this raid.
Sir, please..
- Satish!
The car.
Sir, what brings you here?
Greetings, sir.
- Don't act in front of me! Got it?
You orchestrated a raid in my house
and now, you are acting innocent!
Raid? What raid, sir?
- Hey..
Just tell me
where the Chief Minister is.
Sir, he just left
for his residence.
At least drink some tea, sir.
Radheshyam Tiwari, tell me.
How could you allow this?
Sir, no one consulted with the
state government regarding this.
Anyway, the Income Tax department
falls under the central government.
What could I have done about it?
- Why can't you?
Why can't you do anything?
You are the Chief Minister
after all!
Come on, call him up and talk
to him. Talk to him right away.
Mr. Singh, I can't give
any orders in this matter.
Mr. Singh, I can't give
any orders in this matter.
Moreover, you had spoken
with the Director General.
Listen, stop this nonsense
of yours, okay?
Just do what I asked you to.
Come on, call him up right away!
Goodness! No one can knock
some sense into you.
Listen, go to the prayer room.
Bring 'The Gita' from there.
Have you lost your mind?
Have you taken leave
of your senses?
Mr. Singh, I am not the one
who has gone crazy.
Tell me. What can I do
when you don't even trust me?
If you like, I can call my daughter
and swear on her.
All right.
Book a trunk call for me.
Don't just nod your head.
Get it done!
I may be a junior giving advice
but what you did is wrong, sir.
Rameshwar Singh said a few things
and you reacted to it.
That's exactly what he wanted.
I agree that I
shouldn't have let him go
but am I the only one
who is wrong, Lallan?
What about you?
I know what you are trying to do
but I'm giving you a chance
to rectify your mistakes.
but I'm giving you a chance
to rectify your mistakes.
And I am giving myself
a similar chance too.
Sir, you don't understand.
He will go out..
- He'll pressurise the authorities
to stop the raid, right?
I can ignore many such pressures
and phone calls but..
But what, sir?
Sometimes, the orders come
from the highest authority.
Right from the top.
And we have to follow those orders.
But in order to reach
that level of authority
it will take Rameshwar Singh
about 14 to 18 hours.
We have to complete
the recovery before that.
Sir, he will kill you,
your family and us as well.
I won't let anything happen
to you all. I promise that.
Sorry, sir. You may be
a crazy man but the problem is
that you have let
an even crazier man loose.
Arguing over it is useless.
We have less than 24 hours
to complete the recovery.
So, shall we go?
- Hello!
Did you have no information
about this raid?
I got to know about it later.
- What?
Amay Patnaik had
the correct information.
Moreover, he had proof.
Listen, you may not have been
able to stop the raid back then
Listen, you may not have been
able to stop the raid back then
but you can do so now, can't you?
Mr. Patnaik,
I may have signed these documents
but this really won't help
as you will take all these things
and deposit them
in the government treasury
and when the government
wishes to spend it
for the betterment of the public
people like him will loot it again.
Sir, do you stop teaching
if any of your students fail?
You don't, do you?
In fact, you put in more effort
next time
so that no student fails.
Sir, there is a phone call for you.
Yes, sir?
Sure, sir.
S-Sure.. S-Sure, sir..
H-He is here.
I will give him the receiver.
Sir, well..
It is the Finance Minister.
Answer the phone.
It is time for you
to leave your current position.
Hello, sir?
Mr. Patnaik,
the raid was successful
and the recovery was completed too.
Now, you all can leave that place.
Waiting in a respectable man's home
at night is not right.
Why harass the family
Sir, as per the information
we haven't been able to recover
most of the black money.
The moment we hit
the recovery amount
we will stop the raid.
Anything else, sir?
It is your call.
Just end the raid
as soon as you can.
Thank you, sir.
'Jai Hind.'
Mr. Rakesh,
tomorrow will be a long day.
So, go take rest.
Good night, sir.
You've got guts..
You are spending the night
in the presence
of the women of this family.
It is for work, not pleasure.
Let me through.
- What if I don't?
What will you do?
Will you yell?
What if I scream?
You will be killed.
One scream of mine and your
attitude will perish in seconds.
Hence, listen to me real carefully.
What kind of romance is breeding
between you two?
I was discharging the duties
of a daughter-in-law.
You cunning woman!
I understand everything.
I'm wise and experienced.
Old woman, listen.
He wasn't leaving even after
being pressurised and threatened.
I thought of using my womanhood
to throw him out of our home.
But you ruined everything
by showing up like a witch.
I will teach you a lesson
you'll remember!
I will teach you a lesson
you'll remember!
You can't even find your own room
and you're talking
about teaching me a lesson.
What if she had screamed for real?
Rameshwar and his family
are not good people, Amay.
Please leave that house.
You upset the Finance Minister too.
You know very well that ministers
are experts in taking revenge.
Nothing will happen to me.
Don't worry.
Who are you trying to convince?
Me or yourself?
Please take care of yourself.
No, M-Mr. Kumar.. Please
don't tell me all these things.
Mr. Singh, listen.
If I pressurise him too much
and the press finds out about it
then all the newspapers
will be on my case.
Tell me something.
You people ask for money
from me in the name of party fund
and I give the party
a lot of money.
Where does this fear
disappear then?
Mr. Singh, calm down, please.
Now, there's just one way
to stop him.
Let me check it.
This is the map of my house.
Good Lord!
That's why these things
are happening.
I had the house built
as per 'Vastu Shastra'
but this son of mine, Rameshwar..
His younger brothers
changed the structure
and spoilt everything.
changed the structure
and spoilt everything.
Ma'am, what structural changes?
For example, this pillar.
You see it, right?
What weight is it carrying?
There was no need
to build this pillar here.
The staircase is one
and a half feet in length.
What was the need to construct it?
Anyone could've jumped over it.
They spoilt everything.
- Let me see it.
Good Lord!
Who owns all this?
Is this yours, Brother-in-law?
He who got this constructed,
owns these things.
Oh, yes! So, this is yours
and that pillar is his.
- What about that tank of yours?
It is pretty obvious. Look!
We know who owns what.
I have been staying in this house
for the past 70 years.
I don't know
where the money is hidden.
So, how did that guy
get to know about it?
I bet he has a map.
What's the matter, sir?
Will you please tell me
what happened?
Do you know what business
is being run in your name?
Liquor stores.
Liquor stores.
Even the excise department
is being duped by using your name.
Everything is mentioned in this.
If we show the police these papers,
you'll surely get arrested.
Sir, you don't know my brother yet.
He won't let anything happen to me.
But I will certainly do it.
Excise, FERA..
There are a ton of violations.
Sending the white money
of this country abroad
is an act of treason
which will put you behind bars.
What are you talking about?
Brother's brother-in-law handles
all the monetary transactions.
I fall in the category
of a true patriot.
What about the money
that you've hidden here?
All right.
It is your wish.
I came here to make a deal.
- Sir, listen.
What do I have to do?
Tell us whatever you know
including the things
that you have hidden here.
Greetings, Mr. Singh!
- Please sit down.
Did you have some tea?
I've been drinking it
since morning. No more, please.
I've been drinking it
since morning. No more, please.
Just do me a favour, Mr. Singh.
Please let me meet ma'am.
It doesn't work like that.
She is the Prime Minister,
not some DM or collector
that you can meet her
as and when you please.
You need to take an appointment.
I understand that very well.
But, Mr. Singh, it is an emergency.
The Income Tax department
is carrying out a raid in my house.
I want it to stop.
Please let me meet her once.
It is very urgent.
Listen, Mr. Singh..
I won't be able to trouble her
regarding such a trivial matter.
"By tearing down walls
and drilling through doors"
"we will dig up
all that is buried."
"What's there in the vaults
or the sealed sacks?"
"Certain things lie hidden."
"It showcases all the aspects
of your illegal businesses."
"This treasure of yours"
"is black.
It's black money."
"is black.
It's black money."
"There's no receipt
for all this money."
It's black money."
"It's a hundred times more than
what you've rightfully earned."
"By tearing down walls.."
Ma'am, Rameshwar's allies
in Lucknow have joined hands.
He said that if I don't fix
an appointment with you
he will dissolve
Radheshyam Tiwari's government.
Five minutes.
Mother, why are you angry?
When you have so much money
couldn't you get me treated when
you know I'm battling renal stones?
All you say is.. 'Mother,
please drink plenty of water.'
'They will get expelled.'
- But you're old and diabetic..
"You've earned it dishonestly."
"You've stolen it."
"You've collected and hidden it"
"from the public!"
"Convince, bribe,
punish, exploit.."
"You don't have any regrets."
"You're the gaping hole"
"in this country's economy."
"Convince, bribe,
punish, exploit.."
"You don't have any regrets."
"You're the gaping hole"
"in this country's economy."
"It may be late
but it sure is an effective raid!"
"It is like a tight slap."
"It is like a tight slap."
"He wants the details
of all your misdeeds."
"It's the person who's standing
with the books of accounts."
Sir, the quantity of the gold coins
and the jewellery is a lot.
Never had we imagined
that it would be this much.
We don't have time
to measure it in grams.
And the weighing machine
doesn't have the required weights.
Here's what you need to do..
"It showcases all the aspects
of your illegal businesses."
Add more weight, please.
"This treasure of yours"
"is black.
It's black money.."
Had my mother been alive, she would
have been happy to see me
getting weighed in gold.
"There's no receipt
for all this money."
Abdul, you need to form
three teams.
Send one of the teams here
and the other two need to leave
for Anubhav
and Rakesh Singh's factories.
Seize everything.
"It's black money.."
Send one team to the
co-operative bank
and get those lockers sealed.
"He will take you by storm."
"He will take you by storm."
Seal all the bank accounts
of Reshma Industries
and Suraj Rice Mill.
They are involved in the evasion
of sales tax and excise.
Also, inform
the respective departments.
"It's black money."
"It's black money."
Sir, there is a call for you.
Mr. Patnaik,
this is the Prime Minister.
'Jai Hind',
Madam Prime Minister.
Mr. Patnaik, if your department
is suspicious of Rameshwar Singh
or if you have any complaints
against him
can you move
with the proceedings
on some other legal angle?
Ma'am, I can only confirm that
after taking legal opinion
but if you insist,
I can explore some legal angle.
but if you insist,
I can explore some legal angle.
Now, he is on the track.
Thank you, Mr. Patnaik.
You are most welcome, ma'am.
I have a request.
Can you, please, sign the orders
and have them sent to my office
through FAX?
Why are you insisting
on the written orders?
Madam Prime Minister,
it's difficult to find out
whether the orders
are really coming from you
or someone is impersonating you
to save the assessee.
My office will get back to you,
Mr. Patnaik.
I'll wait for your orders,
'Jai Hind', ma'am.
Ma'am, what..
You know we can't pressurise
an officer like that.
He is following the law,
you should also move legally.
No, actually..
Forgive me, ma'am,
but I have total supremacy
over my area.
Everyone knows
that I cannot be touched.
If the news of this raid spreads
my reign will be over.
Moreover, I represent you.
So, your reign is in danger
as well.
Manan, keep an eye
on Officer Patnaik
and keep me updated.
and keep me updated.
Yes, Madam Prime Minister.
Are you not scared
that while you are away on duty
something might happen
to your wife?
Your better half is alone
at your house, right?
You must be scared.
You know what I asked as dowry
from my wife?
I'm sure it was not money.
Courage. - I see!
That is something
worth asking for.
The thing is, Patnaik
if something happens
to a member of the family
you really need to be strong.
That way.
Ms. Malini?
- Yes.
Take me to the PAC headquarters,
Are you all right?
Are you all right?
If I tell you the truth,
will you marry someone else?
Malini, this is not the time
to crack jokes.
My face has got damaged a bit.
A piece of glass
penetrated through my skin.
They hit the window of the car
with a rod.
I am sorry.
Because of me, you were..
Amay, listen
he has damaged your wife's face.
No matter what happens
teach him a lesson.
I have arranged police
protection for you.
A PAC team is on their way
to the house.
And, listen
stay at home from now on.
Is this how you will keep it?
How could you..
Take him away.
- Take him away.
Keep it properly.
- Come on.
I'm telling you.
- Come with us.
For whom are you taking this?
How dare you?
Take him away.
- Come on, move.
Get lost from here!
- Come on, don't create a fuss.
Yes, I have reached.
I am all right, Amay
but when will you return?
I am scared.
Don't worry, he is all right so far.
I'll call you back.
- Amay, listen..
Why did you hang up?
Did you not tell your wife
not to leave the house?
There are no more friends
of her husband in the city
there are only enemies.
The raid would have got you fined.
But now, you will be jailed.
You won't be able to prove it.
What happened?
Are you getting furious?
You feel like beating me up?
Oh, yes! I forgot!
Your hands are tied by the law!
But your hands and
your mouth are free.
But still, you couldn't manage
to avert the raid.
Don't worry about that officer.
His coming here
was not a problem.
He left from here,
that's a big problem.
But I shall solve that problem.
I've been hurt
by my own people.
I moved from one city to another
and built my empire.
And I didn't have a clue
about what's going on
in my own house.
In the name of fixing
the interiors of the house
In the name of fixing
the interiors of the house
you guys have fooled me.
My own have usurped money
from my business and kept it
hidden in my own house.
And someone from my own family
gave the information
to that officer.
What do you often say, Mom?
That Ravana was a warrior.
He was very knowledgeable.
He was a family man.
So, how would Lord Rama
have slayed him?
What did you tell me?
That Lord Rama didn't defeat Ravana.
So, who had defeated him?
His brother, Vibhishana.
let the traitor come forward
and confess to his crime.
I won't forgive that person.
But I promise to spare
that person's life.
Look, tell me on your own.
Otherwise, if I come to know
from someone else..
Who knows Rameshwar Singh
better than his family?
All right
if someone is destined
to die a painful death
so be it.
Dear, I've heard that this officer
doesn't even fear
the Prime Minister.
I suggest that you should apologise
to him.
Ravana should've asked
for forgiveness before dying.
Have the Jalebis, Mom.
Why aren't you giving it
to me, Brother?
Do you want to usurp this as well?
Here, Mom, have the Jalebi.
No, I have diabetes, right?
I won't eat it.
Nothing will happen
if you have one, have it.
I don't want to eat it!
- Have it. I'm feeding you!
Can't you hear me?
Have it.
Have it.
Chew it.
Chew it.
Take a bite!
Take a bite, I say!
Sir, ever since we've come here,
Mr. Rameshwar has been quiet.
He is not that type of a man.
I feel it is the
calm before the storm.
Please check.
What does he have to say now?
We just need to record his statement.
Until the seal and the prohibitory
orders are revoked
it would've already been a month.
Sir, this will be the longest
raid that has taken place
in the history of the IT department.
Your statement is still pending.
We haven't even interrogated you yet.
You should not drink.
Even I could be interrogated.
That's why I'm drinking.
Heck, one of my own has betrayed me.
Even you have betrayed
your own people.
Your country and the citizens.
Perhaps, that's why your own
are betraying you.
It's your karma!
Come on, take a seat, Officer.
Let's sit down and talk
about deeds and karma.
Have a seat.
Sit down now.
Even in the Mahabharata,
the fight would stop
after the conch was blown.
But over here, the conch
has not been blown yet.
The conch will be blown only
after we leave this house.
Why are you dreaming?
Dreams do not come true.
I agree that it is foolish
to dream. - Yes.
But if we try to fulfil our dreams
anything is possible.
If you're scared
of getting caught
let me give you a last offer.
Forget five lakh rupees
I will give you five lakh dollars.
It will be transferred
to your Swiss Bank account.
Nobody would ever know about it.
Your future generations
will have a lavish life.
So, you also have an account
in Swiss Bank.
Now this will be a very long raid!
What does your honesty get you?
I sleep well at night.
Perhaps, you need a peg or two.
Does your wife wear
the nuptial chain?
But her husband is alive.
I have heard that your wife
poured kerosene on herself..
- Hey!
Officer, do not cross your limits.
Who started it?
"Rameshwar is enjoying"
"a ride on the swing."
Come, Officer.
You have collected my wealth
by working hard.
But the question is
how will you go out?
Who will stop me?
Rameshwar's army.
Brother-in-law, this..
This is not right, Brother-in-law.
We need to use force
when things cannot be done politely.
Is my breakfast ready?
What are you doing?
- Hey!
Down, down!
All of you, calm down.
All of you, calm down.
- Down, down!
Down, down!
You guys kill
collectors and engineers
on the say of the politicians.
This money does not belong
to me or my dad.
This money belongs
to all of you.
We are taking this
for your own good.
Down, down!
This black money is obtained
by duping people like you
and by accepting bribes.
Down, down!
Do not support them.
All this is a lie.
Please listen to me.
This is your plan
to trap Mr. Rameshwar.
Down, down!
Down, down!
Down, down!
Down, down!
All of you, calm down.
They are entering our bedrooms.
They are entering the temple.
They are entering our bedrooms.
They are entering the temple.
- How can we let them go?
We'll make you parade naked
if you try to harm us.
Don't let anybody from the team
step out of the house.
Stay away from the crowd
as much as possible.
What happened, Patnaik?
You were talking about
the sections of the law
when you came here.
Tell me under which section
I will booked
before going from here
when this crowd lynches all of you.
The crowd has never been
punished in this country.
Do you know that?
All of you will die
a cruel death.
Open the door.
Open the door.
All of you, come with me.
Come, let's go.
Hey, where are you going?
- Come quickly.
Come quickly.
- Come.
Mr. Patnaik, what is our fault?
We were just doing our duty.
We'll have to leave from here
as soon as possible.
How can we go, Mr. Patnaik?
We have recovered the amount
with great difficulty.
We'll lose all the evidence
if we leave from here.
Do you guys want to die?
I had checked all the exit
routes during the survey.
A road towards the backside
leads to the jungle.
You guys go and save yourselves.
Please come.
This way.
Go that way.
- Come quickly.
Hey, there they are!
Get down.
- Come this way.
The officer has left.
It's time to find out
who the Vibhishana is.
Who is it?
Forget this.
Tell me, is it a male
or a female?
Come on.
- Go quickly.
Where is Mr. Patnaik going?
Mr. Patnaik.
- Mr. Patnaik.
We should have realised this
earlier, Mr. Patnaik.
What are you doing?
Will you stay here
after saving all of us?
There's a highway ahead.
Go and try to ask
for help there.
No, Mr. Patnaik.
We cannot leave you alone.
We cannot leave you alone.
I had promised not to put
your lives at risk.
Lallan, don't make me fail
to deliver on the promise.
Please, leave.
- Sir, we can't abandon you.
Leave, Lallan!
I will meet you later! Leave!
Leave, Lallan!
I will meet you later! Leave!
You are a tough nut to crack, sir.
You have returned here to die.
I wish my family members
were honest like him.
Stay here.
Where do you think
you are going?
He has gone to the backyard.
Nab him!
These are all pawns.
Their leader is right there.
I want him
dead or alive.
Sir, let's sprinkle kerosene oil
in the room and set it on fire.
"I have no qualms even if I die."
"Look at my courage."
"You don't have the guts
to scare me."
"O world! Listen to my decision."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"Until there is blood
flowing in my veins"
"all your weapons are useless."
"I agree that even my
shadow has left me."
"I agree that even my
shadow has left me."
"But my God is still with me."
"The twigs of conscience
aren't so less"
"that they can't
build a nest again."
"You don't have the guts
to scare me."
"O world! Listen to my decision."
Are they safe?
- Yes, ma'am. - Good.
We have rescued them
at the right time.
We need officers like Mr. Patnaik.
Yes, ma'am.
- People like them
help us run the economy smoothly.
We can sacrifice Mr. Rameshwar
for the greater good.
Revenue is the backbone
of administration.
Your riches exceed your army.
Do you understand me,
Mr. Rameshwar Singh?
Now that it's over
please tell me who sold me out.
It was one of your family members.
But it's not your servant Mr. Ramu.
I'm not allowed to reveal his name.
"I am a burning flame
in the middle of a storm."
"I am that moment
which fights against time."
This is not done.
Won't you even tell me?
Who was the informer?
Please tell me.
I can't reveal his name to you.
Rules are applicable to everyone.
- I have an information for you.'
'Take the offertory.'
'You will be rewarded.
- I will treat'
'Tara and my revenge
as my reward.'
'Sir, we loved each
other very much.'
'But Mr. Singh got her married
to his good-for-nothing son'
'But Mr. Singh got her married
to his good-for-nothing son'
'under a political agreement.'
'Mr. Singh had threatened
to kill the informer'
'if he came to know about him.'
'Don't worry.
Until Tara is alive'
'I won't disclose the secret.'
'You have my word.'
I have received my transfer order.
The responsibility now
rests upon your shoulders.
All the best.
- Thank you.
"The twigs of conscience
aren't so less"
"that they can't
build a nest again."
"You don't have
the guts to scare me."
"You don't have
the guts to scare me."
"O world!
Listen to my decision."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I am a burning flame
in the middle of a storm."
"I am that moment
which fights against time."
"I am a burning flame
in the middle of a storm."
"I am a burning flame
in the middle of a storm."
"I am that moment
which fights against time."
"I have no qualms even if I die."
"Look at my courage."
"You don't have
the guts to scare me."
"You don't have
the guts to scare me."
"O world!
Listen to my decision."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I will not bow
down even if I die."
"Until there is blood flowing
in my veins"
"all your weapons are useless."
"I agree that even my shadow
has left me."
"But my God is still with me."
"The twigs of conscience
aren't so less"
"that they can't build
a nest again."
"You don't have
the guts to scare me."
"O world!
Listen to my decision."
"I will not bow down
even if I die."
"I am a burning flame
in the middle of a storm."
"I am a burning flame
in the middle of a storm."
"I am that moment
which fights against time."