Raid (2023) Movie Script

In this world you would have heard stories
about woman, gold and our land
Now something is happening in present
Each one of us is struggling to distinguish
between the crowd
Here the baddies are advertising
toxicity and rules the world
To advertise a good product
it has become difficult
From 2000's to 2006
I have encountered eight criminals
The ones who escaped from this list and become
don are the one's Baby Krishna and Don Uncle
They have created fear among people
They have separated localities within them
and are peacefully acting rowdyism
First of all we should break their peace
Only police should bring fear among themselves,
but it is rowdies who have built it
- See if he is alive, if so kill him
- Ok, brother
Brother he is dead
Chittu give the lighter
If the case filed is waste,
filing case itself is waste right?
To become Don Dali how
many beer should I drink?
As long as the spectacle old man is alive,
how will I become a don
Hey Dhileepa
Remind him how many we have killed so
that he receives this bouquet
My party members, public and media are
telling that I am the next CM
But in the opposite party they are
challenging me that I won't become CM
That's why I am anxious
You being the CM is not an issue
But you shouldn't disrespect your
soldier who helped you to grow
The red blood may be hidden
in your white shirt
But the scares that I accepted for
you haven't changed yet
Always remember that...
The Minister who insulted you by making
you wait will fell on your feet to apologize
I have accomplished the
work that I went for...
Wow wonderful
Baby I just said you to take one video but
you have taken three
He is Minister's son right so three video
He is such a flirt that he is
torturing me to marry him
[Phone ringing]
Hey give my phone...
What to do now?
If we send the Minister son's
video to his father
The feared underworld don
will go to that old man
I know who is the one that's blackmailing
you by sending the video
I know what to be done so that
we can get the video
If media gets hold of the video,
They will damage my name through publicity
[Phone ringing]
Your discussing in the meeting it seems
That won't work out first
of all give the money
Give me time till tomorrow afternoon
You don't worry about this
I will look after those
Our people won't accept by selecting
candidates from interview
- What did you do before this?
- I was studying engineering sir
- Have you completed it?
- No sir, I have left it half way through
Is it something like rowdyism that you
are afraid of to leave it through halfway
Who impressed you to become a rowdy?
By seeing you, sir
That's not a mistake but keep your
distance else you will spoil your life
- What's your name?
- Bala sir
- Have you said everything about our company?
- Yes, brother
As our company is Hardware
- Here no one is master only you have to learn
- Okay, bro
But we have a leader who have grown
beard instead of killing others
Neither he knows nor we
knew why became rowdy
If he goes out with the same beard people
will recognize him for a goat and take along
So far he has just committed
three murders...
...but he keeps on telling it in
loop to built his rowdyism
Where is the video?
Only to make me wait and insult you have
taken his son's video right?
Then why are you blackmailing
Minister to give money?
The one who has money will pay for it...
So your questioning me for why
I am involving in this?
I have given word to Minister
that I will get the video
I am not responsible for it,
I don't have the idea of giving it
See this Subbi the boys that I
grew up are climbing on us
You didn't grew us, we grew on our own
And we have grown high
We are the ones who
struggle to light fire in
chillness, but you just
enjoy the warmth right?
These boys wouldn't stand
in front of you,
Now they are sitting equally with
you and talking rudely with
You too are silent in front of them
Politicians, administrators, rowdies and
policemen do not pay heed to our words
They will only respond for our action
To trap a rat we need puffed rice,
But to trap a tiger we need one of its kind
Where is Prabhakaran?
"If you get caught you will varnish..."
"Don't mess with me you will go in wain..."
"Don't trigger me you will be a joker"
"I am in full rage so never come by..."
"If you get caught you will varnish..."
"Don't mess with me you will go in wain..."
"Don't trigger me you will be a joker"
"I am in full rage so never come by..."
"See the rushing storm,"
"Run as you realize
they are as furious as tiger,"
"Watch the target on point,"
"He is the king of prey - Tiger."
"If you get caught you will varnish..."
"Don't mess with me you will go in wain..."
"Don't trigger me you will be a joker"
"I am in full rage so never come by..."
"If you stand by me,"
"I will be pure as gold"
"If you are against me,"
"I will turn into 10 lions"
"If you touch me,"
"Your blood will ooze out"
"Stay away I m as rough as wild skin..."
"The strong will kill your life,"
"I will split the venom of a snake if in danger"
"During the sleep too his shadow"
"would protect the entire city"
"He will measure by his word's wisdom"
"With his gesture he would train people"
"Like a Ghilli he would show his mass"
"He is a mixture of devil and angel"
"If you get caught you will varnish..."
"Don't mess with me you will go in wain..."
"Don't trigger me you will be a joker"
"I am in full rage so never come by..."
Dali, he has murdered Chittu, Jack and
Santhosh one by one with rage
If you approve, I will talk to the old man
Chittu... Chittu... Chittu
- I won't leave any...
- Leave me Subbi
I won't leave that uncle
without killing him
Hey Subbi, talk to Dali and
arrange for a meeting
I will convince the old man and bring him
Hey Kumar, have this paper
Someone is playing around with me Subbi
At least you know
who killed Uncle?
You believe that I killed him Subbi?
We should find who he is?
First we should find who he is Subbi?
See this, I have brought
our boys from Madurai
Hey Subbi, get a good matter...
After that we will be settled in foreign
That's your good time
that you urinated before
Seeing me else the
case would be different
Who are you, man?
Why have you kidnapped me here?
Please don't close my mouth please...
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Make me enchanting..."
"Over chilled baby"
"Dancing is our hobby"
"What's happens we will happy"
"All day I am free"
"Human climb up on the sky
Let to up"
"First flight is this party"
"need a fashion like jolly passion"
"The life becomes attraction,
after you came here"
"Yov baby... Just Party..."
"Yov baby... Let's Party..."
"Come on girls... Just rock and roll..."
"which hands to the air... shut the floor..."
"everybody everybody on the floor..."
"everybody everybody move it now..."
"just rock and shake your body..."
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Let us dance for dizziness"
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Let us dance for dizziness"
"Here the sound separated you
and show to you"
"You are changed into double
because too much love"
"I will be a bird
Born to be fresh"
"A rainbow doesn't dissolve in river"
"Modern philosophy
Childhood behavior"
"In a addiction crores of wisdom is appeared"
"Over chilled baby"
"Dancing is our hobby"
"Whats happens we will happy"
"Happy... Happy..."
"All day I am free"
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Let us dance for dizziness"
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Let us dance for dizziness"
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Let us dance for dizziness"
"Hiyoo hiyoo hiyoo..."
Mom, you have water?
Here have it...all the body heat
will get down reducing giddiness
No, I didn't ask so as to stop
it but to faint
Hello Mr. tell me who are you clearly
Hey, who are you man?
Whatever I ask your silent...?
You know Tamil?
You know Hindi?
You know Telugu? you know Kannada?
You don't understand any
language that I speak?
I am going to kill you?
Are you afraid of giving my phone so
that I will phone to police and my friends
Give my phone
Oh my God! Thank you so much
Shit man... battery is dead
Wow... cool man. Power bank
Dude, you are awesome
Will you give whatever I ask you?
Are you having an eye on me?
You have become a villain by kidnapping
me and now a hero's story?
What are your intentions man?
Why have you kidnapped me?
Baby you are my pet right, tell me
- My Name is Prabhakaran
- I am Venmathi
Everyone calls me Aara
Hey Lord! Prabha, I love this place
I feel like staying here
I want a foreign drink
You made it?
Love you...
Wow! What a great way to start
my morning
Love you baby
You know what I like and what I want
Thank you...
Do you think arranging bottles in a row
and striking it is easy?
If I decide to hit a full bottle I can,
Can't I hit this empty bottle
Come on Don...come on...
Come on...
I don't easily lose to others
In case if I lose I will be
the man of the match
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Aaha heaven is heaven buddy"
"Hiyoo hiyoo highly loading"
"Aaha heaven is heaven buddy"
You know to dance?
Come on let's dance
What the hell did I do last night?
Mom, I am so sorry...
I didn't know what I did in sober
That's fine dear. we can build a
new one if my roof burns
but if your life is spoiled because
of this drinking habit
nothing can be done
At least now leave this habit...
You are too young dear
I am sorry mom...I have given money
to your people to built the roof
They will built it for you
Have this money for your expenses
- I will come back soon...
- You should be of good health
Hey, keep a bindhi in my head! I will
come to your home don baby
- Hey first wear your seat belt...
- Leave it aside
I have a doubt, I haven't seen you
in Goa...where did you see me?
Okay! If you have decided to love me...
Listen to what I say
It's very difficult to maintain me
I am very expensive you know
I am like a phoenix bird who freely fly
without any boundaries
It's not a big thing,
while flying your wings should be stronger
You should know to measure the
depth before stepping in the water
Before you love someone you
should know to if she likes you
For anything you should wait
- Oh let it be my lord Prabu
- Live longer
[phone ringing]
Sit down
Wear your seat belt
Give us money dear...
You look beautiful
Come, let's go
Buddy, she is a good girl,
Her stars and face glows
Don't disappoint her...
Marry her buddy
"When I saw you I feel wow"
"Lightning is pouncing Wow"
"Who drowned me, you?"
"Fire is burning"
"Why are you cracking in my heart"
"Turning fire to my eyes
By love..."
"Why are you cracking in my heart"
"Turning fire to my eyes
By love...."
"Why are you cracking in my heart"
"Turning fire to my eyes
By love..."
Brother...He crossed the Toll...
My Name is Srinivas, sir
- She is my wife Padmavathi
- Hello, sir
I do a small real estate business sir...
My son wants to become a doctor
and also he had interest in sports
He went to play cricket daily passionately
Before two days he went for
a cricket tournament and didn't return back
The next morning from Royapettah hospital
they called us for our son's postmortem
We didn't understand anything, sir...
Sir, why are we telling our kid's
to go out bravely sir?
We have confidence in police like you, sir
Despite your presence
why is it happening sir?
Sir, this is our son's photo sir...
These are all the cup and medals
that he got in school
He was studied well, sir...
They tell our son is a rowdy, sir
They are planning to close that case
in the name of gang war
The ones who made mistake
should be punished, sir
My daughter went to
her friend's birthday function,
After that she was so silent and lifeless
Only when I asked I knew
that a guy has captured
Video of her while dressing
and released in Facebook
After seeing it she hung herself by
uploading a video in Facebook, sir
Is my daughter in the age of death sir...?
We shouldn't leave him sir...
Please do something, sir
Did you get any new
evidence in Tejashwini case?
Only after Tejashwini's father
gave case we knew that
Dali's brother Cockroach tortures
her by calling regularly
What's this place?
Rubi resort, sir! The place where she
went for her friend's birthday function
This is the video she uploaded
before committing suicide, sir
I am really sorry guys, I
am really missing you people
I don't know how to tell this and
I am unable to utter a word
- Who is that Jamon Ravi?
- Cockroach's slave brother, sir
Before this Cockroach was
dealing with petty cases for 1000's
now he is number one in
dealing with drugs and smuggling
- Who is Cockroach?
- Dali's own brother, sir
Who is Dali?
Many call him psycho and mental, sir
He is with Uncle, he talks about the
murder he committed till date on bar
In this world you would have heard
about gold, women and land
But in present something else is trending
Each one is in the process of creating
his own identity through advertisements
In this world a baddie advertises
bad stuffs and rules it
From 2000's to 2006 I have
encountered eight people
The ones who escaped are
baby Krishna and Don uncle
Original name of Don uncle is Narayana
swami, he had a intelligent mastermind
He is clever enough to sketch a plan
He projects himself as a decent man
but he is dangerous
The rowdyism is all because of Uncle's
master mind and not Minster
He itself decided him as a don
The chapter is divided into
before and after Dali
Dali's mom is selling lemon in
Mahakaali Amman temple
Sister, you were wearing a lot of jewels
yesterday nothing is seen today
My younger son Cockroach...
Where you silent till then,
can't you call for help
What will happen if I shout,
he will slit my throat with his knife
That woman has two children, the
elder is Dali the younger one is Cockroach
Cockroach has a lot
of love and care for Dali,
He gifted him bike and
gives money to play cards
But Dali is worst in case of woman,
he cheats on them
He was torturing Kousalya in the name
of love by taking her videos
She was unable to bare it,
she committed suicide
- Where is your son, Dali?
- I don't know sir...
If you don't tell me
the truth I will keep you in jail
I don't know for sure, sir
Dali's mom came to know this and bet
him with slipper on midway of the road
Dali was unable to accept the reality
of his mother beating him in roadways
He was fiercely drinking on
bar at that moment
Hey bro get me sidedish
along with lemon slices
We have lemon stores itself
why to order it separately?
Give me those...
I was the one who gave your mother
money to set her lemon stores
Hey what are you staring
I am asking you
Are you a big shot?
I will slit your throat here itself
Dali picked Sathish's head. More over
he thrown his head in the police station
Dali was in rowdies list. He and
Chittu both became friends there
Chittu was a poet.
His talent made him criminal
He wrote a letter for his friend's love
He had given him that letter
to a sister of a dangerous rowdy
When that rowdy came to know
I am not the person who give
letter to your sister. It is Chittu...
So, that rowdy humiliate Chittu's parents
After Chittu came to know that, he attacked
that rowdy in 16 cuts of his body
That rowdy was survived. So, Chittu was
arrested and sentenced under section 307
I am half killer, you are a
full killer. so, we both are friends.
If I want to talk about these two people
Girls are like T-shirts for Dali
But, Chittu is not like that.
Girls are life for him
He stack a girl even not proposing her
After they joined
with Don uncle,
the atrocities of both Chittu
and Dali became more
The enemies of uncle like
Kadappa Raju
Bottle Mani
Aruva Sekar
all of the three
was killed by Dali and Chittu
the market which was in the control of uncle
was given to Dali and Chittu,
and income from that will be
shared by them
"Legs run in panic"
"Taking a man in pain"
"Cruel war with bloodshed"
"Dead soul yelling"
"Here life gives a violent kiss"
"Sins done are pouring money rain"
"rolling many heads to become a don"
"Blood in every step"
"An addiction just like alcohol"
"Time playing dice builds hatred"
"Enmity will arise"
"As madness gets in head"
"blood in breath everyday"
"Eyes aren't searching for sleep"
"There's no mercy for anyone"
"Death following tirelessly"
"Snake killing eagle"
Sir, five days before
the incident that happened in
T.Nagar Somasundaram ground
the cctv footage of that cricket tournament
somebody is damaged that cctv footage
of that murder by throwing stone
Nobody is shoot that murder in the phone
What about you Chittu?
Breath out that smoke in your mouth.
else it will release in another way
the coin will pocket while
the striker is striker smoothly
- Cockroach...
- Sir...
Your living places are always ditch
Cockroach, you are so lucky
Life is short for others,
but your life is so long
What about you Dali? I am a guest,
if I comes without any reason
otherwise if I came for you,
you will be close
What are you? You are talking
about finishing others
Come...Take your seat
Subbi, bring him a fresh plate of
biriyani from Kadhar bhai shop
Order the same for our boys
because it was free for us.
Did you get these food, dress as a freebie
Nobody is give it as free.
We have to work for it
- Work as bloodshed...
- Bloodshed?
Why did you searching for my number?
I came to know that you are preparing
a list of rowdies for encounter
That's why I decided to go for
a mutual understanding with you
How much did you spend to satisfy me?
Weighing you at one side of a scale, with
new 2000 rupees notes on the other side
Would you satisfy me with your black money?
Sir, I also have a list like
your list for encounter
Whatever, if you do it, it will be encounter
If I do this, that will be a murder
What are you thinking, sir?
Who said that I was working in department?
I am also like you
You do it for money. But I do it
because I am a police officer
I have to create a brand for rowdyism
Clean city
No other rowdies in that city except me
Jamon Ravi, Attack balu, omelette, tomato, kali
I will take those wickets slowly
You get ready for your photo frame
I don't whether I will come for your cremation
That why I put this flower for you
Anything will be happen to one,
whose time is in misfortune
Take care of yourself
Brother! Police arrested Niranjan
Is the food ready?
Yes. It is ready
If you say the truth, without any lag
officer won't hurt you
Sir, that boy loves that Padmanaban's daughter
Padmanaban insisted for that meeting,
as he knows that love matter
- Do you know her father?
- I know, sir.
Mind your things like playing cricket,
studying for doctor, doing treatment.
otherwise, if you stack that girl,
you will be absconded
That boy was not in contact
with her, after that meeting
But, after sometime, he get used to be with her
So, Padmanaban called him
Padmanaban called to me
Once again, that boy is in affair with her
after this, he won't be silent
we have to do something to keep him silent
You know T.Nagar Somasundaram Cricket ground
He came there for playing cricket
we went there to warn him
Sorry, sir
He stabbed with a knife for such a small dispute
ACP Prabhakaran will come to meet you tomorrow
Then ask Dali, and Chittu to come here
Those who needs money is selling and
those who has money is buying.
Then who are you in the middle
I am like pointer in the midst of the scale
Call later as he is busy
Don't you ashamed of this
behavoir, by exhorting he is busy,
he is in meeting, he is in phone
Everybody is standing on their own,
but you are in your phone call
Do you know why is he hire both of you?
Did you risk their lives to protect your life?
You are a genius as they are the
arrow and you are the bow
We came across these history,
Ramayana, heroic stories etc.
Those brave men are finally ate
here and bring the parcel food
Hello, our department staff is like a beans.
There are some worms there
Don't think bad about the entire
department for that
If Brahmma wrote your fate in pen.
I would wrote it with gun.
Sir, we know how to fire.
we are also the masculine
They are not masculine,
who has beard and mustache
Masculine should be with blood,
more over with pure blood
- Moorthy...
- Sir...
Bring me the water from the car...
The fact that we came to this earth
is like coming to a party
Just sit, eat and go like everyone else
I won't leave without giving invitation
I won't leave without giving a gift
Sir, you first eat peacefully
Should I eat peacefully,
I have come to spoil your food
Your body should not be available for rituals
your ash should not be available
even to dissolve in water
See if I have a mole on my tongue
It is on some other place
- The drink was super
- Yeah, buddy...
Bro... greeting...bless me...
- Hey, how are you
- I am fine
- What about your brother Dali?
- He is also fine
He said want to talk to you about something
- Happy Birthday, Baby
- Thank you
- How are you?
- I am fine with your blessings
Where is our Subbi?
Subbi is here...
He drinks tender coconut to
reduce the body heat
Bring Subbi with you, when you come
Ok baby. I want to talk a lot with you
Ok...Ok... Bye...Bye...
Here it is...
Hey! Why are you bring me a beer at this noon?
This is not beer.
This is champagne
I know foam is from this.
I drink lot of drinks like this.
What will be new in this?
He said that whiskey's name
something like bypass, gypass...
Do you need this? Give me 5 minutes.
I will bring it for you
Yeah go on
- Hey. Did everybody arrive?
- Yes! Everyone arrived
Hey baby...
Sir...Sir...Don't shoot...Don't shoot...
Happy Birthday Baby boy...
who is this baby?
He is grown like a buffalo.
Is he a baby?
Is this a birth?
And he needs Birthday celebration
- Is that cockroach, the one who rides the bike?
- Yes, sir.
- Where did he go in hurry?
- He went to bring Whiskey...
Why, the champagne is here
He want to drink whiskey.
That is why he went to bring it
Oh god. He wants the drink
but died without doing it
I might shoot him after
he finishes his drink
See. we can make a lock in gold.
how big is this
- Hey, Moorthy...
- Sir
- It looks good. Right?
- Yes. It looks good
Take me a still...
How these rowdies get the variety of guns?
It looks good. But, is it works?
Hey, it works perfectly...sorry...
All of you sing the Happy Birthday Song
Yes. come on
Happy Birthday to you
- Buddy, this is our brother's birthday party.
- Let's celebrate
Happy Birthday to you...
- Cockroach...
- Sir
You too sing the birthday song
Happy Birthday to you...
- This is the good drink. Right?
- Sir...
- Hey...what is your name?
- Reeta madam...
- sir...
- I said take off your dress
- Take of your pants too
- Sir...
Sir...please sir...
Hey...look at me
You don't worry.
I won't allow him to reach you
I am really sorry guys, I
am really missing you people
Hey... sit here...
I don't know how to tell this and
I am unable to utter a word
The girl in this video is Tejaswini.
If I ask you about her, you will say no
Sir please forgive me...
I swear on my mother hereafter
I won't do any mistakes! Please leave me, sir...
My hand is shaking so that it want to you
to get punished for your mistake
In 2014, you had kidnapped a little girl...
Is that your first case?
No sir...I had feed only chocolates
to that little girl..
You had feed only chocolates...?
I have to believe this, right?
No animal wants to survive
by destroying its own race.
But only this man lives by destroying
himself and the species around him
He kills using knowledge
even though he has no weapon...
Once, you and cockroach killed a girl
had killed and threw into the well
- What was her name?
- Spandhana, sir...
Cute name, isn't it?
Do you have any siblings along with you?
Mom and brother are along with me, sir...
- Did your brother get married?
- My brother have one girl child, sir...
- What is her age?
- She is eleven years old sir...
- How does she call you?
- She calls me as uncle sir...
What was your friend's name
who owned a mobile shop?
Prasanth sir...
- Did cockroach come there?
- Yes sir...he comes.
How did you make girls comes your way
and taking video of them?
Cockroach have his own resort, sir
Many girls came there to attend
functions happening in resort sir...
We conduct many water games
and make them wet.
After that we take video of them
secretly while changing dress...
And we also blackmail them through
mobile phones by calling their numbers...
- Hey Moorthy, do you know to make a paper boat?
- I don't know sir...
Sir...I know sir...
- Sir...
- have finished very quickly...
Moorthy, See here...that he had
finished very quickly...
Tell me that, how did you kill Spandhana?
The cockroach brought a cricket ball sir...
we all played and fell asleep, sir.
When we woke up in the morning,
she died in a pool of blood, sir...
- Hey Saroja...
- Sir...
- Take her out...
- Hey...come with me...
- Sir...
- Sit down...
Why did you called me here Dali? They said that
cockroach is not here in the Police Station.
- Brother, give me one Beedi?
- Hey...keep shut your mouth and sit,
Don't irritate me.
Do we in our house?
- Hey...where is my brother?
- He is there. Go and see him
Dali, sir asked you to come inside...
You work hard and
take good care of your family...
but some people usurp others property
and earn money by killing them.
You only have the bad habit of drinking
But your work demands for drinking
I didn't advise you not to drink...
But, drink with some limitations.
I talk to you even some stupid
are here, because I respect your job... can leave now, I will come
for your sister marriage... came with advocate and Subbi...
What is the matter?
- Where is the cockroach, sir?
- Go and search in your bathroom.
They bring my brother cockroach here.
where is he now?
Who told me that I bring cockroach?
you may file a complaint
If humans and animals are missing,
we can find them
But if the insects are missing, we can't
find them. Also no need for that
Hey Subbi
Ask him to search in Ditch.
See. how dare he ask me to and
search my brother in ditch
I did nothing sir.
He tried to kill me.
I fired 2 rounds to prevent
me, even at his knees
Department might organize
a enquiry commission against you.
Release cockroach immediately
Put on your inner cockroach...
British gave us freedom.
Now I give you freedom.
Get up and run... sir...
Please sir...leave me...
I don't know what will happen
when the gun is in my hand
Sir, if I run, you will shoot.
No, sir... please sir...
The bullet is inside the
gun, and the guts is inside my heart
Both of them have no mercy.
Get up and run
- Moorthy...ask him to run...
- Hey...Get
I said run... is paining sir
Leave me sir...
You killed the life and honor of women.
Do you need a inner now?
Shankar! Remove his inner
Run... Go... Run...
Don't you have sense
about what to shoot?
- Delete this
- Sorry, sir...
Why is he sleeping here?
Hey cockroach...wake up...
We have to experience him
the pain and the death
Build up those who are helpless
while killed and thrown in the road side
Some police dogs are roaming around
in the city like a tiger and lion in the city
Hey Dali...He had broken his bones and legs
We have to do something to him...
What we have to do.
We have nothing in our hand.
But, he has the weapon.
Why is he running? Did I take off
my cheppal to beat him?
I take off this to remove
the nail in it...see this nail
Sir, someone has urinated in seat...
I think that you are normal man
But your story is long as a mermaid story?
After that as I was drinking lot of beer
urinate in your seat
You do one thing.
Put a warning board 'If you
urinated here, you will be fined Rs. 500/-'
You will have another call.
Very important call
[Phone ringing]
- Hello
- Cockroach...
Are you a super cop to hunt
for rowdies and criminals?
I won't spare you peacefully
Not only your star, uniform,
Nobody can do nothing.
As I was harassing the girls,
you beat and broke my tooth
See what will I done to you...see
He arrived...
Any masculine here? is not enough
to talk arrogantly in phone...
Come and stand with guts in front of me
Cockroach is not picking my phone
Come on...cockroach...
[Phone ringing]
Hey Dali...your sibling wants to talk to you
Why your brother is always crying?
If anything happens to my brother,
then you will lose something big
Don't worry Dali...I won't hurt your brother.
A little bindhi in his forehead.
Your department is behind me...No...
Police station is like
a light in a lamp, we all work
There despite knowing
that it will go off at one point
The one who has the
thought of putting off the light ,
be it a man or a woman will
be punished for their actions
No one has escaped from my eyes or my gun
Go and drink water!
Hey you and Dali
are close friends, right?
If in any case you stick on
together like Constable and Inspector
Both of you were together...
- Where is he?
- I don't know...
I don't know, sir
Hey what your pitching a base tone?
Thrash him in his base
Hey move,
- Hey sit down...
- Sit down
Should I tell you separately?
Sit down
I heard you write poems
This is the first time
I see a gangster writing poems
Sir, Dali is calling
He is on right time,
put it in speaker and talk to him
Chittu... Prabhakaran is in search of you
Even if he get hold of you don't worry.
Commissioner is in our side
All his attitudes are only applicable
in station elsewhere he is dummy
Yeah welcome
Its your choice of interest,
play a good song
Hey everyone go down on knees
Hey should I give you concession?
Go down
Die man!
Greetings, brother
In front of everyone
he insulted me in the market
- We should kill the policeman
- Yeah only this is leftover...
Touching him is like slitting
our own throat
We have no records of a rowdy staying
alive after touching a police
Is he wearing karna's kavasa?
Is he born with police dress?
Even if I slit his throat
my knife will stab
She has seen me in that insulted attire
I have no idea what will happen
Chittu and Dali are in
rage to kill Prabhakaran
I don't think having enmity of police
will go right for our profession
If you command a word, they will shut off
Subbi... Prabhakaran has started to investigate
about the murder that happened in ground
Old man wants Dali and
Chittu to be patient...
I have said my query
It's your decision after this
- Hey Dhilipa,
- Brother...
Tell me a word
I will kill him...
Yeah you can,
But there shouldn't be any hindrance
Chittu, alike this climax
we should kill Uncle .
That spectacle man is just silent...
If he wants to make any blender,
the police will spot it
The wise old man might plan something,
we must be alert
It is a big relief to me
after Prabakaran was murdered
Baby the biriyani tastes good!
I am reminded of my mom
If biriyani doesn't tastes good?
whoever has made it I will
be reminded for his mother
Chittu...hey Chittu...
Did you notice he is reminded of his lover
Baby there is good party today night
Just be patient
Hey I have some work outside
I will be back
At least today express your love to her
- Hello yeah tell me
- Where are you?
I am at home
Just come outside
Deepa + Aakavali, if joined togeter
It's 'Deepavali'
- Hey what's this?
- No...nothing!
- I am asking you right
- It's a poem right...
Deepa and aagavali ,
If joined it is deepavali right ?
Are these poems?
Hey Deepa come...
When he was alive,
Neither of you expressed your love
See him until you feel light
Whoever it may be
I will kill him...
I won't spare anyone who killed him,
Leave me Subbi. I will kill that Uncle
In the city where murders happened
by Uncle and Dali
Chittu from those gang was
murdered by unknown person
Is it dream?
Subbi. I have just dreamed that
Prabhakaran shot me dead.
I think he is still alive.
Bro, see the video that he has
Hey we shouldn't miss this time
Call our guys...
I will give each one a job
He crossed the toll
Hey Prabhakara I will kill you for sure
Hi sister, a good news for you
You are going to get married, right?
Even me too love a guy
His name is Prabhakaran.
Uncle say hi to my sister
Say Hi...
I love rain, I am just conscious
about your presence else
Country chicken flavor and
whisky are superb combination
I am fine with chicken's flavour,
but we can avoid drinks
- Shall I bring it for you?
- hey no need, don't bother...
Uncle Venba sister's call is on line
How did you get my sister's phone?
Give it to me
Uncle, what did you tell me?
You said you didn't see her for a month
How did he get sister's phone?
What happened to her?
I want the truth, uncle
- Please, uncle...
- Venmathi
"You are my life's brush"
"To live you are my life's boundary"
"You and me to live in love
at every moment"
"You are my daughter forever
so I wanna care you as a mother"
"I following you like your shadow everyday"
"I will protect you like an eye"
"Wanna endure you as a mother lap"
Call me later
Venmathi, go back!
- Do you know Ditchu Elumalai?
- No sir
He is 110 kgs
His hair alone weighs for 100 kgs
Sunday his mom didn't cook
chicken in that rage he dashed
his head with his mom
leading her to toothless coma
Who is he Ditchu Elumalai ?
Bring him
Sir, I was just joking
Has the government given us salary and
positioned as police to crack joke with you?
You are different in terms of stunts I heard
you kick with your legs and then head
Beat me...
Beat I said
You got tempered, right?
Come now
Come now
Excuse me, maam
Passport verification
Tell me, do you have any criminal cases?
Sir, I am a doctor, dentist
So what's about it?
Is there any regulations
that doctors don't have criminal case
Hey why have you grown long hairs?
Like rat's poison seller in market
Go and trim your hair
If I see you again,
I will tonsure on you
- Get him biriyani
- Okay, sir
Ramesh, get him biriyani
Sir, I don't need leg piece
kuska will do for me
Why do you deny?
It's kadhar bhai's biriyani
it tastes yummy, have it
No sir... my teeth has fallen off
after he kicked me
Why do you worry?
We have dentist with us
I need one more list
after that I'll visit your home for enquiry
Okay sir
I know a guy called Prabhakaran A.C.P
You just give a positive sign,
I will book the marriage hall for you
Marriage? So soon?
I have sent Prabhakaran's
photo without his permission to you
Only with your permission
I will send your photo to him
Why are you asking
permission to me, Uncle?
Oh God
Sir, I don't know anything
Without my enquire you are approving
about the incident in cricket tournament
- Tell the truth
- I don't know anything, sir
- Hello, how to use this?
- Tell me what's to be done I will do it
The treatment that you do is
different from my torture
Yeah its working
- Tell me... tell me...
- Baby Krishna was the one
I want this equipment
its useful for my treatment
Shankar, bring him
- I have sent you a girl's photo
- Why, sir?
- If you like her you can marry her, right?
- Why do I need a marriage, sir?
Everything should happen in the right age
If that doesn't happen living
a life itself is a waste
- See me, I have none like an orphan
- Why are you speaking like this, sir?
I am there for you
Now I will tell that girl
to come to Periyar Park
- You too come along fine?
- Okay, sir
Sir, in 10 mins Jamon Ravi
will be here to see a girl
Hey I am telling
I have no money to drink
You need it to run a family
I will thrash you...
Hey drinking itself is wrong, your
drunk already and your beating your wife
Sorry, sir
You have hands to make work for
your family and not to thrash your wife
Sir, he is thrashing them daily
Hey all these are your kids?
Yes, sir, all are mine
You have no responsibility
Come, dear
Hey hold her
Give me your phone
If he repeats it, call this number
I will break his rib cage bones, look
after them properly
Devaraj sir said about you
have you seen me anywhere?
Ehh the thing is...
- Sir... sir... please wait
- Get in I say
Sir, please leave me
Sir, I have kept the veggies
Sir, I have kept the spinach too
Sir I have poured sambar too
Check on the salt, sir
In between lord Shiva and Paarvathi,
lord Ganesha came in
He lost his head
Now George is in the
place of Ganesha interpreting
Venba and Prabhakar, I
don't know what you will lose
Sir, what did I do?
I am looking ways
to see a cook permanently
your keep on asking
about the salt and spices
Are you planning to
get married, sir?
Life will be awesome
Ahh... please leave, sir
- Hello...
- Hi, is this Venba?
- Yeah, tell me
- This is Prabhakaran speaking
- Yeah, tell me
- Have you eaten?
Sorry, I came on behalf of a case,
so I couldn't talk to you
It's okay
Are you free tomorrow
just to have a work with you?
- Then what?
Okay, leave it
we will talk others later in person
- Hello, sir
- Leave, man
- Sir, what did I do
- Go I say... leave you dumbo
Can we pray to God?
I think your god is busy
How many problems can he solve?
My God is here, you just pray
I will be here...
Hey kiddo's are you praying God?
Show me the aarathana...
God bless you
Give me the sweet
Is it good?
Have it...
Thank you
Do you believe in God?
Yeah, when I see these kids and
when something good happens God exists
I have thought of God during accidents,
earthquake or any bad occurrence of signs
Who are all into this?
I doubt if it's God...
Being a police you will doubt, right?
Come we will go...
- Where?
Come, I will tell you
Bye kiddo's
Bye, uncle
Tell me
Uncle, is your friend
Prabhakaran already married?
Why are you asking it?
He has no idea of marriage
No he is purchasing toys in shop,
that's why I asked...
He would come to catch someone
for case, you investigate him
Okay uncle, bye
Cute colour
You like it?
Then this is my first gift
The pair is very good.
Now we went to a birthday function right?
Are they your family friend?
That's Rowdy Shankar's family
A few years ago he kidnapped a girl
and tortured her
I encountered him by knowing it
To get his dead body his mother
came along with a girl
She was pregnant
When I enquired about it
he cheated on her
by convincing to marry her
After two months of his death
the baby was born
It's her birthday party
that we went
You maybe a police man
but why do you doubt everyone?
According to me, we should enquire
both the party that is accused
and the one who files the case too
Only then case will be cleared soon
Maybe I will give you an example
- I got a case in my station
My husband is missing
for three days, sir
I don't know about his whereabouts
Please find him, sir
Did you call to your husband in phone?
- I ringed him, sir, its switched off
- Give your phone
When I searched her phone, I saw a number
that received more number of calls
I had a doubt in that number
The call was hung immediately
- What's your husband doing?
- He is a carpenter, sir
I got call from that same number
when I attend it...
Tell me dear
Your dear is in police station,
you scoundrel
What did you and your lover
do to your husband?
- Saroja... hey Saroja
- Sir?
- Drag her
- Hey, come here
Brother, trace this number and trap him
Just a phone call, her face itself
changed just like this colour of water
I would coin it
I will doubt everyone
One minute
That's chutney...
you have sambar, right?
- Have you eaten the stuffed rice?
- No
Have it...
- Is it good?
- Yeah
In my early age my granny
used to give it like this...
Hey Prabhakara come here...
Here have it...
Is it good?
They killed my granny for her jewels
I saw police arresting the victims
who killed my granny
Whoever maybe the culprit,
he was scared of police
On that day I decided to become a police
After my granny's death I stayed in
an orphanage and studied to become a police
In this world, children and
their parents will be
interested to get him
married with false hopes
And while dispute
they regret their marriage decision
Do you know why
they flower us with blessings?
Don't know...
Just to provide strength
to men to withstand
The yellow turmeric is an antibiotic,
all the wounds will heal
My friend tells me that a policeman
will look life with responsibilities
Yeah she is right, we are paid for
our duty and they receive our salary
- Sir, tea... For you...
- Thanks
- Brother...
- Sir
Have it
They think everything
is free for policeman
But I am honest to my profession
I pay for my tea
You shouldn't think me like
any other policeman, right?
You don't have any limits to your
honesty and there is no sugar in this tea
In a good tea you will taste
sugar but a little slower
"My beauty darling"
"Honey babe"
"Why are you killing me
again and again"
"You are my World"
"And you are my soul"
"You proposed me as a relation"
"Who? who? Who are you?"
"You came here for stole me"
"You came for here
To lock my birth in Earth ball"
"Hey hey hey you lost me"
"I fall in you, you buried me"
"Hey hey hey you lost me"
"I fall in you, you buried me"
"My beauty darling"
"Honey babe"
"Why are you killing me
again and again"
"You are my World
And you are my soul"
"You proposed me as a relation"
"I wanna born 100 of times"
"To live with you"
"Our love doesn't over"
"I want you forever"
"Like a inner hand line"
"I desired together"
"I want to be a shadow"
"Which roam your foot"
"You are doing something in my heart"
"I can't express by words what you doing"
"My beauty darling"
"Honey babe"
"Why are you killing me
again and again"
"You are my World
And you are my soul"
"You proposed me as a relation"
"Who? Who? Who are you?"
"You came here for stole me"
"You came for here
To lock my birth in Earth"
"Hey hey hey you lost me"
"I fall in you, you buried me"
"Hey hey hey you lost me"
"I fall in you, you buried me"
- My report
- Your daughter has got it on your behalf
Sir, someone has urinated in seat
What your story is
as long as an mermaid story?
You will receive another call
from an important one...
When I went out and came back,
the door is open
Someone has used the room as in
wrong sense like cigarette and beer
Look at this...who is Dali
- Someone would have come to steal
- But things are same as such
- Cockroach...
- Tell me
Are you a super police to get hold
of rowdies and criminals
Just because I touched girls,you
plucked my teeth and insulted...
See what's my next move...
Track the call that I got on my
alternative number and share the location
I will send maids to clean
the room...don't worry
You got any calls
I took my girlfriend
to your girl's room and used her
I saw your girl,
I shouldn't lie she looks amazing
If you come by my way
I will take your girl
in place of my girl and use her
- Hey If something happens to my brother...
- I won't do anything
I will just make
a small mark on his head
Hey what happened?
I asked what happened?
- I think he killed cockroach...
- There is no chance, he is just fooling you
'The person you are dialling
seems unavailable to take calls right now'
He killed him in front of our boys
After the end of enquiry commission,
the police dog shouldn't be alive
Hello! What happened
to your phone?
It is not reachable
and switched off
Battery is low and
it got switched off
What's the problem?
Why is your voice dull?
- I and my sister had a small fight
- What happened?
Today is her birthday
I called her to wish
- Hello
- Hello Suma
Hello Venba sister
Can you hear me?
What you called for enquiry?
No dear, I called her
to surprise you for birthday
If you want to surprise call me
Why did you call her?
Hey stop it
What's wrong with you?
I don't need anyone
to surprise me or any call
Don't cry we will solve everything
I don't need anyone
I wanna die
Now why do you talk like that?
I don't have my parents
and she is my only sister
Addicted to drugs...
then what's my purpose of survival?
I wanna suicide...
If you talk again about suicide...
I will kill you
Who's without any worry?
You should face everything with guts
Did you eat anything?
If something happens to you...
First of all drink this...
I have a work in station
We will sit and
exchange words on dinner
Convincing your sister is not an issue
I will come along with you
to Goa and bring her here
Don't worry
I am there for you
What you have called me in this hour?
I want to tell you something
Listen fully
Without interpretation
else I won't tell
- Okay, tell me
- I
I have decided to marry A.C.P. Prabhakaran
You have given me good news
to take two more pegs
Venbha... Venbha...
- See if he is alive, if so kill him...
- Ok, brother...
Brother, he is dead...
Take them into the auto
I and Prabhakaran are orphan
We have no one but only you
No one should know that
Prabhakaran has undergone an gun attack
Else our department name will be at vain
Where is Venba, sir?
- Fire wounded me?
- How?
I got myself hurt while
lighting lamp for God
This simple sparkles hurt so much
I am afraid about the people
who commit suicide by lighting them
by fire are much affected
Venba is afraid of fire, sir
Hello Mr. Prabhakaran
I had a lot of expectations
of you proposing me
But I guess that won't happen
The way you express
is different by saying you
Will kill me if I have
any thought of suicide
You would wish me good health
Though your skin is full of attitude,
your heart is as innocent as a kid
I'll sing my favorite song for you
"I wanna born 100 of times"
"To live with you"
"Like a dream you varnished"
"You are now a memory"
"Like a dream you varnished"
"You are now a memory"
"Without my own existence
I was indulged in you"
"Where to lay my shoulders?
And go to lean my head?"
"The world which knows the depth of sea,
Will it know my pain of heart?"
What happened to Venba
is unlawful, sir
We won't live with prestige
by wearing this uniform
If we go by law,
it will take a lot of time
Don't wait till then...
Sir, Dali is not in the theater
- Do you know any who is in Dali's link?
- No, sir
- I didn't do anything
- Hello Venba, sister
- Venba is not here tell me
- I am Suma
Police is arresting Venmathi
in Goa, convey it to her sister
I will look after it
- Call Goa DGP
- Okay, sir...
Bro! His phone is in not reachable.
I think he finished Prabhakaran as we said
They are all haunted
by gun's trigger sound
You are having them
as your followers
- I have knife in my hand
- Hey I have gun in my hand
Finish... just 2 secs
But I won't give this chance to gun
I want to introduce you
to the phase of death
You should feel it then die
I have decided to marry
A.C.P Prabhakaran
Look at me, I don't have anyone
I am just an orphan
I am there for you
Where are you going out
at this hour?
I have an important match, daddy
I am on the way to ground
- Okay, be careful
- Yes, Okay
Daddy today is my friend's birthday party,
I will come back home at late
Okay, be back safe, dear!
It's my sister's saree...
Does it suit me?
Anyways you don't tell anything
but you are too good with your uniform
I am going to temple...
Are you also coming ?
Okay, I will be back
Be careful and return safe
Why do we tell kids to go out bravely?
It's for the reason
that police are on duty
Why is it happening
despite your presence, sir...?