Raid dingue (2016) Movie Script

- What time is it?
- No idea. You busted my clock.
Come back to bed, it's 5AM.
I lack core muscle tone.
I lack sleep.
Special Unit
Sorry, honey.
You got that as a child.
No big deal.
You're so rough!
And clumsy!
Leave it, you'll cut yourself again.
I'm sorry.
Can't you nix the body building?
- Why?
- You're more muscular than me!
How will I look on our wedding day?
I'm not feminine enough for you?
Look at yourself.
Keep this up, you'l/ carry me
over the threshold.
Want me to wear make-up more often?
No, that's not it...
Sit down, honey. Read the paper.
I'll take care of you, and breakfast.
OK, great.
Could you..?
Here we are!
- Be careful!
- Sorry, honey.
It's burning hot. Stop, I got it.
Sorry, I'm sort of hyper.
I'm going to RAID.
You went 3 months ago.
You can't apply twice!
Wait for a response.
It's a demo day. Aime invited me.
I was thinking,
in case they turn you down again,
you should let it go...
Not get depressed.
Relax. This time I get in. I know it.
I can feel it.
We train every day.
We constantly strive,
and humility is our watchword.
R.A.I.D. means Reconnaissance,
Assistance, Intervention,
Our rifles bear the motto,
''ultima ratio''.
Last recourse.
We are not gung-ho.
Killing is never victory.
- Get away!
- Drop it!
Show me your hands!
We must master every environment,
adapt to every situation.
Our elite unit's motto:
''Serve, never falter!''
You all right?
I'm all right. I got this.
Don't help me.
And that is why we train.
Nothing serious, Gene.
You're in good physical shape.
- So what was it?
- I don't know.
A dizzy spell due to fatigue.
- Lack of sleep.
- And age.
Gene, you're 44. You're OK.
What? Go ahead, give it to me straight.
The whole unit feels you've changed.
Very somber, since...
Nothing to do with it.
What did you hear? From who?
No one, nothing. Nothing against you.
Do you get out? Have fun?
Seeing anyone?
I'm fine on my own.
No betrayal, no let-down.
Smile. No one remembers
if you have any teeth.
There. Bye.
Take him off active duty a while.
No, he's one of my most experienced men.
Even off his game.
- A troubled vet hurts the unit.
- He's irascible.
Since his break-up,
he's in a slump.
Everyone wonders
if he's really... jinxed.
He needs to find his confidence.
I'll think it over. Thanks, Doc.
Carry on, I don't care.
I just want coffee.
Unless you want help on a case?
No, we're fine.
Thanks anyway.
Thanks, Pasquali.
Come with me.
Your answer from RAID.
I can't believe it!
Declined. Once again.
Yeah, but why'd you say
I wounded a fellow cop on the range?
Because it's true.
You want me rejected.
I want to see you
at the heart of the action,
and far from my police station.
Don't make fun of me, Captain.
Pasquali, you have good qualities.
A keen sense of justice.
But you're too invested.
I need action.
In the field.
That's how you really become a cop.
I have a super-cop mentality.
Took the words right out of my mouth.
Listen up.
A little understanding for Pasquali,
once again turned down by RAID.
- No!
- Really?
- That's crazy.
- Enough!
Include her.
Find her some interesting cases.
The retired prefect just called.
Another car parked in his driveway.
That's good.
There you go!
Come on. In the saddle!
Hello. P.O. Pasquali.
Where's the tow truck?
I have to go. My doctor's waiting.
Hang on. Let's run the plates,
dust for fingerprints,
make sure there's no car bomb.
Car bomb?
Why would there be?
I've lived here 53 years.
It's a quiet neighborhood.
Too quiet, right?
This is about some yokel
who parked in my driveway!
Look at this.
Stupid bitch!
I got this. The door!
Good to go.
Let's go.
Don't move.
Woman out!
Wait! I was just leaving!
- Wonderful!
- I'm sorry, sir.
- This is your vehicle.
- I'm leaving.
- Son of a bitch...
- ''Bitch''? Insulting an officer.
That a goddamn joke?
Two counts.
- Shit!
- Three.
Hang on there!
You're hurting me!
What are you doing?
Let him go!
Armed robbery in progress.
A ve n u e de S u ffr e n.
That's near here!
Responding to armed...
Get away! There's a robbery!
Go! Quick!
Your bag!
Don't move.
No what?
Sorry I pistol-whipped you.
Bleeding stopped!
They had good disguises.
No, I won't touch anything.
See you in a few!
Back-up's coming.
Whose gun is that?
A robber's.
Those amateurs!
New one on me!
Do you have a plastic bag?
There. Thanks.
Thank you.
Oh shit.
It's loaded.
Good news.
You're on the robbery case.
Because you already
did so much at the crime scene.
I have a theory. Disguise, M.O.
The Leopard Gang.
Spare me your theories.
The central figure
has already been identified,
thanks to fingerprints,
You know him.
5'9, slight build,
size 6 shoe,
shoulder-length brown hair,
favors blue clothing.
Doesn't jibe.
I have tall, hairpiece, phony beard.
- Don't recognize that?
- No.
Want to see a sketch?
Of course.
Oh thanks.
I can't believe
what an idiot she is!
- What?
- You are the suspect!
Your DNA is all over the scene!
And your prints!
On the suspect's gun.
The one you helped escape!
I'm sorry...
- I tried...
- You're suspended!
Get out of my sight.
Sorry, Aime.
Killing your trainer
won't get you into RAID.
Sorry, I'm a little on edge.
Jo, whatever your emotional state,
you must maintain self-control.
Come on.
What's the matter, kid?
I meant to tell you...
I got suspended
and I got turned down by RAID again.
Never give up, you hear?
Now the lovebirds
choose their wedding starters.
Perigord foie gras
on a bed of lamb lettuce,
or sea scallops with radicchio.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
What do you say?
I'm not hungry. You choose.
Joanna, take the RAID rejection
as a sign.
You're getting married.
You've made a very good match!
- Don't interrupt me.
- I'm not, Bernard.
- I'm adding on.
- You're interrupting!
Not everyone marries the heir
to the top European tire company.
Marie-Caroline, calm down.
I am calm.
- Mom...
- What?
I'll probably leave the police and...
Finally, you're talking sense!
Let her finish.
What? I paid her a compliment.
Hang on.
Leave the police and do what?
No! Not the French Foreign Legion!
Months before your wedding,
join the Legion?
That's what you're thinking?
I don't get you.
There's Dad.
My big girl!
- Evening.
- Minister.
Sorry. Urgent business at the ministry.
The nation comes first!
Let's not go overboard.
Two armed robberies in a week
by that Serbian gang, the Leopards.
It's worrisome.
We've moved up to alert level 4.
I hear the police
helped the robbers get away!
New bodyguard, Dad?
Leave him be.
What's your name?
You Krav Maga or Pencak-Silat?
Jo, give him a break.
Darling, come sit down.
- Connected?
- Joanna!
Reflex! You armed?
Why is she so tense?
- Big guy, huh?
- Please.
Ever seen this?
Annoying, right?
RAID turned her down again.
She's very uptight.
A double!
I got you there.
- Sir?
- Yes, Samia?
The Minister of the Interior is here.
A private chat.
Thank you, Samia.
Sorry, sir. But I... can't help you.
Why? You won't take a woman?
Read her file again. It's not good.
She's not that bad.
She's not bad, she's a zero.
A total zero.
A zero? My daughter?
Sorry, but this is
the worst file I've ever seen.
That right?
I'm surprised she ever made cop.
Enough. Don't rub it in, Legrand.
I'm not saying take her for RAID.
Just let her go through training.
Put her through the ringer,
while keeping an eye on her.
Make her regret the whole thing,
kick her out.
Case closed.
How do I justify it to my guys?
I'm sure you'll find a way.
Just one thing:
this is confidential.
It never leaves this office.
In 2 months,
she gives up, quits.
It's all settled.
Sorry, can't do it.
What a pity.
You disappoint me, Legrand.
I was going to approve
your budget increase.
Now the G.I.G.N. will get it.
Are you blackmailing me?
Don't be melodramatic. No!
One hand washes the other!
Come on.
I can't.
I need to talk to you.
What's up, boss?
I'm putting you in charge of recruits.
Thanks for the confidence.
Training elite officers is an honor.
Good. You'll manage new arrivals,
starting Monday.
Yes, sir.
- I'm fine.
- Can you get up?
Don't touch me.
''Gene the jinx''.
I'm tired of wedding tasting.
- You do it.
- Not the wedding. This!
''Dear Joanna Pasquali,
''Due to an error,''
blah-blah... ''application...
''we are happy to inform you
that you are qualified to join...''
That's right.
You're in RAID.
What's that?
They won't have much of this.
Body lotion and facial cream.
To stay beautiful and feminine.
- Thanks for letting me live my dream.
- I'll miss you.
Careful. They're a macho bunch.
No, honey. Not anymore.
Thanks, Vincent. Next!
Secretarial, nursing or food services?
Cleaning! I'm a woman,
so ''cleaning woman''.
Wrong building.
Many men have trouble reading.
I'm here to join RAID.
Please call me ASAP. Legrand
Stay there.
Joanna Pasquali is here.
Come see me.
A broad endangers the unit.
A ''woman'', Froissard.
Spare me your sexist expressions.
I'm not sexist.
But you know as well as I,
you can't trust a woman.
Do you hear yourself?
What? No one will feel safe
partnering with that.
A woman isn't built to carry the load.
90 lbs. of equipment!
On assignment,
we'll have to carry her!
We can't cover front and back!
She's in training now.
Woman can't handle danger.
They scream.
They're afraid. They cry.
They bust a nail, get their hair caught,
wear make-up on a stake-out!
Gene, we have a woman. Period.
They always have to pee.
Our jumpsuits don't have flaps!
You're not sexist.
Sorry, my mistake.
- You done?
- No!
They have no sense of direction!
They can't even park a car.
Seen our trucks?
The worst part is
the treachery of br... women.
They tease guys, spread discord.
Enough! I know you have
issues with women.
No, with one woman.
Unfortunately, she was my wife.
I love women...
when they stay where they belong.
A woman is fragile.
She's like a small wounded animal.
This one is like a tiny bird,
fallen from a nest, with a broken leg.
Seriously. That in RAID?
Shut up and listen to me.
I've seen her file,
she has some impressive talents.
Hidden talents.
Perfect fit for our unit. But a woman.
Let me see!
I can't.
Same name as the Interior Minister?
That's unrelated.
He's her father but it's unrelated.
I get it. So it becomes my problem.
I'm warning you,
first chance I get, she's gone!
Welcome, men.
And women.
Yeah, women.
I'm Gene Froissard, training leader.
I've been with RAID almost 12 years.
You are France's best policemen.
And policewomen.
- Yeah, right.
- That's it.
With me...
However! Last year,
out of 20 selected
only 1 made the squad.
So don't get cocky.
Your first lesson will be humility.
He who serves only himself
has a fool for a master!
- Can I ask a question?
- No!
There are 16 of you.
Four bunks to a dorm,
give me 4 groups of 4.
Now that is one group of sixteen.
I said 4 of 4.
Let's go, guys.
And gals!
Hang on.
There are 8 with the girl-thing.
All right, give me 5 groups of 3 men,
and Pasquali
1 group of 1 man. Woman.
Excuse me, but not fitting in
would disqualify me.
If I'm alone, I'm out.
She's right. That's unfair to her.
- I'll volunteer.
- So will I.
You, you and you with Pasquali,
and you with that group of 3.
Drop your gear
and get into yourjumpsuits. Go!
By the way, Pasquali?
Like the Minister?
Unrelated. He's her father,
but it's unrelated.
Got it.
- I'm Yanis.
- Greg.
- My name's William.
- Jo.
Joelle? Josephine?
Josette? Jocqueline?
Joanna. Everyone calls me Jo.
Use your legs.
Try harder. Push that leg.
Lift your left foot a little.
No, the other leg!
Right hand extended.
She'll never do it.
Release safety! Weapons cocked!
The bad guys are on that side.
Almost there?
She's almost disqualified.
- What?
- Get down.
She's disqualified. She...
No! The enemy has been neutralized.
Yeah, but...
What is that jungle camouflage?
Oh, right! Sorry.
It's a Guerlain facial mask.
I had no time to remove it.
Got visual!
Subdued him without killing.
Good, but after gaining control,
remain on alert at all times.
Nice. You killed your partner.
I'm so sorry.
A RAID shield.
A RAID helmet.
A RAID attack dog.
All right.
Two RAID agents in the field.
- Two RAID agents?
- Yeah, you can see them.
The RAID logo. Of course.
- A pistol.
- A RAID pistol?
Not necessarily.
No reason.
- Pasquali?
- Totally obsessed by RAID.
I agree.
Her written tests are good,
but I can't form an opinion.
Either brilliant, or totally stupid.
I favor the latter theory.
But she's fearless.
She takes on every challenge.
Sure, she's reckless.
Clumsy, naive, weak. She's a woman.
She's a..?
A wo- mess. She's a mess.
Really, how long can this go on?
Naive, clumsy, but...
courageous and stubborn.
She stays for now.
Your gear, including weapon, is 90 lbs.
On assignment, you must have reflexes
and agility to meet danger
and extreme situations
like the one you'll now encounter.
Nice going.
We better pull her out.
No! She's still making bubbles.
It's been a while now.
Too long! Come on up!
Go in after her.
You all right?
He's hard on you.
Yeah, he doesn't like you.
He likes no one.
No, I think I'm good.
Pasquali against... Rousseau.
Yeah, go ahead.
I can't hit a woman.
Know what? Go play elsewhere.
I'm a RAID agent.
You're the girl. Fight!
- She's got skills.
- A retired RAID agent trains her.
Enough, Rousseau!
RAID agents keep their cool. Out.
Get out.
Sorry, Jo. You all right?
Come on, up.
- Good fight. You got guts.
- Thanks.
If you're sore tomorrow, ask for Lopez.
I do Portuguese massage.
Portuguese massage? New to me.
A little like Brazilian,
but more sensual.
- Get my drift?
- Oh yeah.
Let's go! Everyone in the showers!
Move it!
Wash her back
with Portuguese soap, too?
What is it, Gene? Jealous?
Give me a break.
She's my recruit.
That appropriate behavior?
Is this Spring Break?
Chill out. What's wrong?
Drop it. Keep your distance from her.
Or else what?
- Or else?
- Yeah?
I'm listening.
- It was me.
- Nothing happened.
Look in a mirror?
You mean this?
No, that's nothing.
It's just...
We were teaching the rooks
new fight techniques.
Right, Gene?
Yeah, that's right.
Street combat in realistic conditions.
With actual blows. Violent.
Violent, yeah.
- Street combat, realistic conditions?
- Yeah! SCRC.
Street Combat Realistic Conditions.
SCRC. That's new, right?
- It's Portuguese.
- Portuguese? That so?
I forgot that.
So Portuguese SCRC?
Get the hell out.
- Froissard.
- Yes, sir?
You have an appointment Monday.
With who?
Would you rather talk lying down?
When I lie down with a woman,
it usually ends badly.
Talk about your break-up?
It's not a break-up.
That's when you separate.
I had the ultimate betrayal.
That's true.
A double betrayal.
Your wife left with your brother.
Shit. You know about it, too?
Unbelievable. Who told you?
Tell me about your group relations.
We're close, supportive.
No, that Jo person
is stirring up trouble.
You don't like her much?
I hate her guts.
Typical rich bitch with connections,
who doesn't belong here.
A total zero, stupid, ugly.
Yep, you don't like her.
Thanks, Gene.
What, it's over?
You didn't want to talk.
- But you said a lot.
- I said nothing.
Come see me again?
Certainly not.
What's going on?
No trainees allowed!
I know, I want to help.
Stay out of the way, that will help.
...but that has yet to be confirmed.
A hostage situation! Villeneuve-les-Essonnes.
Witnesses say they heard gunfire,
or explosions.
Let's go live to our correspondent,
Sonia Fessenheim.
It may be an armed Islamist group,
threatening to ki/I officers,
citizens and prisoners
being held in this po/ice station,
in a Villeneuve hot zone.
Something's happening now.
What's she doing?
Stay behind the lines.
Is that RAID squad about to go in?
Not now. Stop filming.
What are they doing?
You're endangering hostages!
Stop! Turn that camera off.
Back it up! Back!
Gunfire! Film it, come on!
This sucks...
/ see an agent, wounded,
being dragged along the ground.
The scene here is one of total chaos.
Where are you?
At RAID, I'm fine.
Just worried about my fellow officers.
Ah, darling.
Thank God you're alive.
I'm watching TV, in a panic.
How horrible!
I'm not there, Edward.
I don't go out on ops yet.
Thank God.
So. Anyway, I sent you 2 seating plans
Mom and I drew up.
Have you seen them?
With what's going on,
I can't think about that.
Yeah, I imagine.
You don't have to see it through.
The world is so crazy and dangerous.
Risking your neck for a crappy salary.
I don't care about money!
Understand me.
Maybe I'm risking my life,
but I feel alive.
I was meant to be in RAID,
I knew it as a child.
The worse it gets, the more I know.
You're very emotional right now.
When the dust settles...
Got to go. Speak to you later.
You've reached the voice mail of
Jacques Pasquali.
Mr. Pasquali, it's Edward.
Jacques. You must be very busy now.
Sorry to disturb you,
but we have unexpected trouble.
She loves it.
Hey. Eric is strong. He'll pull through.
My partner. It was my fault!
Stop. Bastards saw the news.
They knew we were coming in.
Legrand, sit down.
How are your men?
Their courage was exemplary.
3 wounded.
Could've been a lot worse.
Unfortunately, I can't outlaw cameras.
News overkill is one thing,
but influencing events?
Not news, it's a show!
It's irresponsible.
I'll speak to the media.
About my daughter.
I'm very worried.
I've just been told that...
she loves it there.
She's actually not doing badly.
- She could make the squad.
- No! Out of the question.
Fine. I'll throw her out today.
No... first get her sick of it.
Now she loves it.
Change her mind.
We'll wear her down,
demoralize her, break her.
Don't break her. She's my daughter!
Patrick, you must have kids?
So you know how complicated it is
to convince them,
without cornering them.
The decision must be hers.
Her mother's death traumatized her.
Since then,
Joanna feels she has a mission.
She wants to save the world.
I see but we don't do social work.
I wasn't tugging on your heartstrings,
but it's such a pleasure
to open up to you.
Sorry, but what do I do with her?
Just bore her to tears.
RAID isn't boring, Minister.
It's not the minister asking.
It's the father.
Good afternoon, sir.
The Presidential Palace?
Legrand wants you on a special detail.
What detail?
Politician bodyguard, 24/7.
Jo? What are you doing here?
My job.
I'm on the president's security detail.
- My God.
- Dad, please don't.
Don't humiliate me.
Trust me for once.
Fine, but be vigilant.
He's our nation's president.
I know, Dad. Trust me.
Coming out!
Pasquali, calm down.
Who are you?
Pasquali of RAID, sir.
Increased security.
Oh, fine.
Oh shit!
Oh shit.
I'll be fired.
No cameras. I'll speak to him. Go!
Philippe? You all right?
I don't see anything. Go, it's raining.
There you are.
After what happened to the president.
Having her in the field is risky.
She's in training.
Orders from upstairs.
Couldn't we listen to common sense
from downstairs for once?
Keep her in the stakeout truck,
and very bored.
- What?
- When she cracks, we toss her.
Don't like that idea?
Sure! Sure!
About time.
No! Don't touch.
Who's that?
Jihadist sleeper cell.
Linked to the police station attack.
Oh, I get it.
I get it...
See that? Funny.
Getting bigger, bigger...
Shrinking, shrinking...
What fun!
Going up!
Everything OK?
No, she...
We're going to watch them 24/7.
This will... Pasquali?
This is RAID, too. Long hours,
They're calling! Record!
It's already recording!
Shit, she answered it!
Hi. 2 large pizzas, please.
I lost the menu. What kind you got?
We have pizza...
Four-cheese pizza.
And there's the... Romana.
What's in the Romana?
That's got...
Lettuce, tomato.
Herbs, herbs.
Oregano. Pepperoni.
Not pepperoni!
No, sorry.
Pepperoni, of course not!
No, it's pepperooney.
Hot pepper sauce.
Chicken sausage
with hot pepper sauce.
Very spicy.
All right.
One cheese and a Romana pepperooney.
- Want the address?
- We have it.
What? No!
- From /ast time?
- Of course.
All right. Your total is...
19.50 Euros. Cash or charge?
Be there in 30 minutes!
Damnit Pasquali!
Sorry, I messed up.
I better deliver it.
No. No way!
It's my fault, I'll fix it.
Sorry, Edward.
This is a bad time.
Call you back? Bye!
Yes. Pizz'halal.
Hi, I have a...
four-cheese pizza
and a pepperooney Romana.
19.50 Euros.
Romana pepperooney?
Very spicy.
Very hot.
Pizz'halal delivery woman?
Turn around, face down! Freeze!
Pasquali, you all right?
Are you wounded?
You sent my daughter against terrorists,
armed with a pizza?
Sorry, but she committed
a crucial error,
almost sank the mission.
I said bore her to tears!
Not put her in danger!
You can forget
about your budget increase!
I take her as a favor to you,
and this is my thanks?
Now you fire my daughter
by the end of the week,
or you'll finish your career
in a tiny backwater!
Minister, look...
And lady.
Wherever you go from here,
you have all proven worthy.
Today, our nation needs you
more than ever, to defend
our values, our freedom,
and our democracy.
I'm proud to announce that this year
five of you have made the cut.
Join me on the platform,
Frederic Bessac,
assigned to RAID in Lyon!
Yanis Brahimi,
RAID in Marseille.
Julien N'Guyen,
RAID in Bordeaux.
William Rousseau,
RAID in Lille.
And finally,
one of you
has been assigned to RAID in Paris,
head of the class,
with the top test results.
Joanna Pasquali.
That's me.
Come on, Jo!
Come on!
You're in!
Best? Really? Are you sure?
You're ready for the field,
and high-risk detail.
I hope my father didn't aid in this.
Just the opposite.
I can't.
Thank you, Gene.
- Don't mention it.
- This is thanks to you.
The ''best''! I can't believe it!
Neither can I.
- What are you doing?
- Posting to Facebook!
- Are you crazy?
- Oh, I'm so silly.
Wearing a hood?
No, guess not.
You've lost your mind, Legrand.
First in her class?
Minister, you have
only yourself to blame.
You'd use and weaken RAID
to get back at me?
No! You used RAID
to solve your family problems.
I'm appalled!
You little, prideful,
irresponsible egotist!
You're putting my daughter,
RAID and all of France in danger!
Don't go overboard.
Your daughter has talent.
I've never seen an elite unit leader
this incompetent!
I've seen ministers come and go.
Some good,
some not so good...
Some idiots!
Good afternoon.
First in my class, Dad.
- I hope you're proud of me.
- Very.
Very proud.
Yes, dear. You showed it to me.
Lots of times.
Not happy for me, honey?
No, but I...
To be frank,
I didn't expect you to get in.
I'm worried about us.
What will our life be?
It's the life I've always wanted.
It's nothing new.
- I thought you supported me.
- I thought you'd get over it.
- What do I tell my folks?
- It's not about your folks!
Or my dad!
Kids, settle down.
What Edward can't tell you
is that I got you into RAID.
That's not true!
I asked him to.
What? Why did you do that?
We were afraid you'd join
the Foreign Legion. You wouldn't listen!
Once you've made up your mind...
Tell me it isn't true.
Since your mother passed,
you're all I have.
I was wrong, and I apologize.
I wanted to protect you.
I endangered you and the RAID squad.
You're not up to snuff.
I won't intervene again,
but on your own volition,
you must resign.
it won't bring her back.
- Where are you going?
- To prove you wrong.
Don't need the mask yet, Agent.
Yes, I know.
Wow, you called me ''Agent''!
Since their failed Belgrade coup,
the Leopards have focused on Paris.
They're disguised as support staff
at an auction of collectible watches.
They're holed up inside,
with a dozen hostages, 3 armed men.
We have two sharpshooters set up
here and here.
We go in through the cellar.
Good. Let's move the cameras off,
then stand by for instruction.
Get Pasquali out of the way.
Any excuse will do.
Yes, sir.
Pasquali, we need you.
You need me. What is it?
What do I do?
Take off the vest, wear this jacket.
Oh, I get it.
I get inside,
trade places with a hostage?
I'm ready.
See that street?
There's a cafe called Le Balto.
- Walk inside, calmly order a drink.
- Any drink?
- Any drink.
- Non-alcoholic. And then?
Sip it.
Sip it, OK. Yes.
- And?
- Until it's done.
Until what's done?
The drink, and the op.
Without you, sorry.
The robbery at a charity auction
of col/ectible F.P. Journe watches
is now a hostage situation.
Once again the Leopard Gang
is suspected.
Sonia Fessenheim reporting.
Perrier, please.
...with one perpetrator
having escape with some jewels.
Hey! Can you hear me?
Give me a goddamn Perrier!
RAID is moving in.
The world doesn't stop
because RAID's doing its job.
Hang on.
- 15 hostages, around the corner!
- And I'm thirsty.
- What'll it be?
- Perrier!
The signal is given...
Two co/umns moving in,
in silence,
hoping to take the suspects by surprise.
5.20 Euros.
Well, now!
Talk about taking hostages!
Shit. Be right back with money.
- Where you going?
- I got it.
- No, thanks.
- I insist.
Nice of you, thanks.
You seem very angry.
Yes, but I can't talk about it.
Because you're not
with fellow RAID agents?
How did you know?
I have a gift.
I have eyes.
I sniff out exceptional people
like me, like you.
- Professional habit.
- Why? Are you...
On the job.
Directorate General
of Security and Intelligence.
The DGSI?!
Now I understand.
My name is Victor.
You're going to move in soon?
Yes, but without me.
Going through the front windows.
No, through the cellar!
There's a cellar access?
What's that accent?
Where are you from?
Switzerland? No. Alsatian.
I have a really good ear. Strasbourg?
I knew it.
Can't get anything past you.
Oh shit! RAID is going in!
I said don't move!
Cellar! Where is cellar?
That way!
Please don't kill me.
I have a family!
Get away or he dies!
Can you hear that? Gunshots!
Real bullets!
Hostages, they're being released!
A great re/ief!
But there are more inside.
I must go. Thanks.
My pleasure.
See you soon maybe?
This is incredible!
Any wounded?
Lopez, in the head.
Ambulance took him. All we know.
- He partnered with Gene the Jinx!
- Gene, stop.
Isn't that what everybody thinks?
- Even I think so now!
- Gene, you saved his life!
We got lucky on yesterday's op.
Lopez is all right.
The bullet went through the helmet.
Only nicked him.
He said to say,
he is a head-case, but not a fatal one.
Drago Vladic is talking.
We located their hideout.
It's a high-risk op. We must act fast.
Usual formation.
Delvaux with Froissard.
Sorry boss, I'd rather not.
That's an order!
He's right. I'd say the same thing.
Excuse me.
I want to partner with Jinx.
With Gene.
Gene Froissard!
I want to.
''Gene'' and ''jinx'' is...
Out of the question.
The commander decides.
You can't say no to your best recruit!
OK, in any case we need everyone.
- I'm proud to partner with you!
- Get lost.
What? You showing off for the others?
I wanted to help you out.
Who asked you?
You're just scared for me.
You're not bad luck.
It's not bad luck,
I had to play nursemaid to a broad?
Yeah, I'm jinxed.
You're not jinxed, you're an idiot!
A sexist pig!
Yeah, I'm an asshole misogynist cop
and you're a stuck-up,
spoiled rich girl! Where's Daddy?
What an asshole! Asshole!
You're a big asshole!
See you later.
Got visual!
There you go. No wounded!
Not a scratch!
It was a little too easy.
Nobody here is jinxed!
Pasquali, I meant to tell you...
I wasn't exactly easy on you.
You can say that again.
A woman in the RAID operations unit!
I couldn't see it.
From the start you didn't like me.
It's not that I don't like you.
I like you.
I like you, as a colleague.
You have qualities.
You're tough, stubborn, a real mule.
Those aren't really compliments.
Well, I mean...
You look like you got balls.
I mean you're fine.
I'm fine?
Not ''fine'' as in fine.
I mean you look fine.
Not that you're not pretty.
You look great.
- That's not what I meant.
- What did you mean?
Just thank you.
For what?
I just did my job.
For trying to prove I wasn't jinxed.
No! For having proven it!
If you say so.
Look at that picture!
How old were you?
Give me that.
Your birthday's coming up.
I guess, maybe.
The jinx doesn't want a party.
Don't tell anyone.
Don't let superstition get to you.
We know the risks, we live for that.
You're not a jinx.
I'll drop you off.
Huh? OK.
See that? I really am jinxed.
- Why'd it start?
- I don't know.
Bye. Take care.
Nothing against homos, but really!
What is France coming to?
Look at that! Your future customers!
But I can't seem to...
Breathe out.
Breathe out!
Need to let it out in back.
She's bigger now.
Don't worry. lt'll be ready on time.
No! Don't, Marie-Caroline.
You're like my daughter now.
On a minister's salary,
your dad can't afford this.
We could have a simpler wedding.
No need to go crazy.
No, darling.
I have only one son.
I want this to be sumptuous!
I'm not sure about this dress.
Not yet. I need to think.
The daughter of the Minister
of the Interior, Jacques Pasquali.
But my husband
is Europe's number one in tires.
There you are. She's cute, but...
Darling, Dad and / are stuck.
A union problem at the factory.
No, Teddy! And I dine with your mother?
Make an effort. She adores you.
I don't want to. Edward, please!
Excuse me!
I know you.
I doubt it.
That accent.
You're Victor from Strasbourg!
- I said I don't know you.
- Victor, wait!
Fine, it's me! But...
I'm on assignment!
Right! A make-up assignment?
Don't be ashamed.
- I'm not...
- Right, Marie-Caroline?
this is Victor, DGSI.
Mr. Di Giessai,
I'm Mrs. Dubarry.
Mrs. Dubarry, a pleasure!
Let's get a drink!
A drink...
Time to go.
Hey. Are you busy tonight?
I cooked for 4.
We'd love you to join us.
That's very nice, but we can't.
ID verification!
Although, a girls' night?
- Can't say no.
- Great.
I have no ID.
We're on the job.
I'm RAID, he's DGSI.
- What's going on?
- A hold-up nearby.
Suspects joined the parade.
Go ahead. Keep an eye out.
Have a seat.
Make yourselves comfortable.
who is your beautician?
That wax job is impeccable!
Thanks, I do it myself.
Even better!
But, if I may,
I do have one silly question.
You must get this all the time.
Which one is the man?
Which one is the woman?
He is.
- Depends.
- I'm never the woman.
You're never...
I'm the woman.
You're never the woman?
Marie-Caroline! Easy on the scotch.
We can cut loose a little.
For once, it's just us broads!
Let's see if they caught the robbers.
/n al/ the confusion
of the Gay Pride Parade,
the robbers quick/y disappeared...
Must be the Leopards.
...making off with 3 mil/ion euros
in jewelry.
/t appears two women, or e/se
two men dressed as women...
When do we eat?
I'm starving!
Sorry. It's impolite to watch TV
when entertaining.
Go ahead.
Here we are.
No, thanks!
A little?
I must stay sharp.
High-risk op this week.
Really? What are you up to now,
little Joanna?
Besides muscle-building!
Very funny.
It's a large gold transfer.
At the Banque de France,
which the Leopards targeted.
The Villacoublay transfer.
How do you know, Victor?
Please, he's with DGSI.
Di Giessai?
Directorate General
of Security and Intelligence.
I'm a cop, too.
Not just a transvestite.
I thought you had a noble name,
like us!
Victor Di Giessai!
He doesn't understand a thing!
There's a Summit of Eastern European
heads-of-state next week too?
The same night!
- What will you do?
- Go afterward.
But there will be an uncertain moment.
Depends. What time is Villacoublay?
Enough shop talk! And it's top secret!
Let's go!
To the living room,
to enjoy this great dessert.
Never seen her so drunk!
- I'm the woman?
- Yeah.
I'm always the woman?
You're never the woman.
Lower your eyes.
- Am I very late?
- Yes.
These great families
that France nurtured
and that France watched grow,
families France needs
and families France is proud of,
visionaries who made France,
brave families who are France,
the Dubarry family is one of those!
Bernard Dubarry
and his son Edward...
You're very late.
What a welcome.
You're taller.
You're wearing heels!
- Heels.
- Be quiet!
There are photographers. People talk.
Who cares what people say?
Maybe you don't, I do.
to raise your tire to the top,
whether by the snow tire revolution...
You invite transvestites to our home?
- Got my mom drunk.
- She can put it away!
Think you're funny?
- Mom's right.
- About what?
- She wants to put off the wedding.
- What?
maybe we should wait
until you're back on track.
I am on track!
Fine. Know what we'll wait for?
For you to accept me,
muscles, big ass and all!
Everyone's looking!
Relax, you're wearing heels. express its gratitude.
Wait! Jo! Wait.
- Forgive me.
- Not this time.
- I'm really sorry.
- I don't get it!
What did I do wrong,
why isn't this working?
I'll tell you what's not working.
First of all, this.
That's what I can't handle.
I thought I'd get used to it. No.
We're too different.
We're not made for each other.
We shouldn't put it off,
we should cancel.
How long have you felt that way?
For a long time.
Why didn't you say anything?
I was scared you'd hit me.
I know, it's silly...
You can't control a fear.
I'm so relieved to blurt it out.
I'm actually relieved, too.
See that?
It wasn't working at all!
You were actually scared?
Can you imagine?
It worked!
For real?
Scared you'd hit me.
No good at all.
- A flop!
- A disaster!
How will you deal with your mom?
Don't worry, I'm used to it.
And your dad?
He's the one who's used to it.
I better get back or Mom will...
Who is it?
Surrender! You're surrounded!
Have mercy.
I give up!
- What's up?
- It's after midnight.
Happy birthday.
Where'd you get my address?
My ID card.
I've never seen you
dressed like a br...
As a woman. In a dress. Feels odd.
To me it feels cold.
Oh! Come on in.
I've never seen you in boxers.
Oh sorry!
Go ahead in.
I'll change.
I didn't know you were such a romantic!
I like love stories. Not proud of it.
Not good for the macho image.
Your place is pretty spare, huh?
My wife left with all the furniture.
And with your brother.
Jeez, you know that too?
Who told you?
Sort of everyone.
Champagne. It's all she left.
It was for our 10th anniversary.
The glasses are at my brother's!
We'll drink from the bottle!
You have crime thrillers, too.
Right, I better!
Le Guignolo. My favorite.
Yeah? I like that one, too.
Want to watch it?
Hey, no more talk about the dough?
You don't seem to get it.
It's not the medal or the dough.
It's the medal or prison.
I would've put you away, for life,
maximum security!
Know the difference
between an asshole and a thief?
A thief, every now and then,
gives it a rest!
What about my gift?
A set of four Dubarry wet tires.
Took me hours to decide.
You don't like it?
I love it.
First time a woman gave me tires
for my birthday.
It's a pretty common gift.
First time in years
anyone celebrated my birthday.
I think it's better
we watch the movie...
and then you'll go home.
Yes, you're right.
It can't be.
It can't be!
It can't be...
Hi there...
What are you doing here?
What is it? You OK?
No, I'm not OK.
tell me we didn't. Please tell me.
- Oh my god, we did it!
- Yep.
- Gene...
- Don't touch me!
Don't touch me!
Why not?
I'm your superior, I train you.
This is a serious breech.
It's not that serious... boss.
Yes, it's very serious.
For unit morale,
For... Jeez, Pasquali.
- You're my minister's daughter!
- Come on, I'm of age.
This can't get out.
We did nothing wrong.
We did nothing, period!
That's an order!
OK, we did nothing.
When I drink I forget everything.
- That all right?
- Fine.
When I drink, I get naked and...
I sleep like a baby.
There, great.
- Good thing nothing happened.
- Yes!
Came this close!
What do we do now?
Get dressed. First we shower.
Of course! Jo!
Sorry! Listen...
It's not funny.
Yes. Yes, it is a little funny.
We go to work, arriving 15 mn apart.
And we make like nothing happened.
This can't get out.
So no one can know nothing happened.
Bathroom's down the hall.
I'll go first.
Go ahead.
We must change the date and time
for the gold transfer.
If we do, we'll tip the Leopards off.
The leak must come from bank.
There's a mole!
They know we know about the attack.
They called it off.
Or, since they know the gold
absolutely must be transferred,
they know we know
and therefore we will call it off.
If their mole inside the bank
gives them a new itinerary,
they'll attack, thinking we think
that they won't attack,
since they think
they don't know we know.
Oh right... Right.
RAID will be there,
and finally catch these bastards!
Fine, but my men are posted
to the Summit.
Yes, but...
Heads-of-state have security.
We'll double the president's.
After all...
it's only a dinner in a chateau.
Exactly. Vaux-le-Vicomte is too big,
too unwieldy.
Remember, Marcovic
escaped two attempts on his life.
At night, danger is everywhere.
It seems to me, a luncheon would...
With fireworks in the afternoon?
- Right, but if'...
- No ifs! Do as I say.
End of meeting. Thank you.
Fine, Minister.
I can't seem to reach my daughter.
Where is she?
I don't know.
- Can't contact your agents?
- Not when they're off.
Can we use her alert beeper?
The alert beeper is for alerts.
That's why they call it
an ''alert beeper''.
Thanks, Patrick.
Good afternoon.
...from the summit taking place
right now in Vaux-Le-Vicomte,
let's go live to the Serbian president.
Let me thank the president of France
for holding the summit
to combat extremism and terrorism,
rampant in Serbia
and throughout Eastern Europe...
...and that terrorism
unfortunately has no borders.
Is that the Serbian president?
Isn't it odd that he has
an Alsatian accent?
What? He has a Serbian accent.
That's Serbian?
Sure is.
Shit, I think it's me!
- You what?
- I'm the leak.
I'm so dumb! I shouldn't be in RAID.
- I screwed up!
- How?
Can we verify
there's a ''Victor'' at DGSI?
A Serbian transvestite
posing as Alsatian? Pasquali!
We've been had, from the word go.
The Leopards will hit the summit,
and Marcovic.
We got this intel way too easily!
We're on the gold, they hit the summit!
- Your dad's at the summit.
- Not the point!
These are his orders.
I'm begging you.
Get in the truck.
You're endangering this mission.
Get back here, that's an order!
Pasquali! What the hell?
Joanna, where on earth are you?
Dad, please listen.
Get out of the chateau now.
It's the Leopards.
Joanna, I'm working.
I have no time for your crazy theories.
Dad, not you!
Why won't you trust me?
The last time I trusted you,
you wounded the President of France!
I have a meeting. Bye.
Dad, wait!
- Mr. President.
- They're here?
Where are they?
- Signing ceremony.
- Which way?
You hit the president's head.
- I saw you.
- Which way is it?
They won't let you in.
They'll come out for the fireworks!
Everyone out of here, right now!
Oh no, not her!
Ignore her, Philippe.
Joanna, please!
No, she's my daughter!
Get out, or I'll kill the Minister!
Sorry, Dad. Everyone out!
Do as she says.
Close the doors!
Hope I'm right.
Or else it's the Foreign Legion.
we're alone.
Could you point that gun elsewhere?
Right, sorry.
You were right!
We have to evacuate.
No, wait for RAID.
Dad, I am RAID.
Look out!
Burn in hell, President Marcovic!
They jammed the phones!
Come on.
Come on, Dad!
The Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte
literally under missile fire!
Oh shit.
- We got to go in.
- Can't, it's collapsing.
Through the cellar! I'm going.
Froissard, come back!
He's my partner. I have to go with him.
- Help is coming!
- No, it's not. Come on!
Hide in here.
Find Marcovic's body!
The Alsatian likes to dress up!
What a surprise.
Where is Marcovic?
He cancelled dinner.
They evacuated. It's over Victor DGSI.
Tell your men to surrender.
- Careful, Ivan is here.
- Right!
Hi, darling!
Told you.
Remember me?
- Leopards!
- Turn around!
- Where do I go?
- With me, Dad!
I'll kill you!
- Freeze!
- Shoot!
Shut up!
Say shoot.
I'll kill you!
This way...
Got visual!
Cover me!
Quick, let's evacuate!
- My daughter first.
- First you.
I swear I'll come back for her.
Hang on to me.
Gene, answer me.
Shit! Gene...
Gene, I'm so sorry.
My love! What happened?
I think I busted a rib.
Did you call me ''my love''?
We better get out now.
The highest honors go
to our elite police unit,
pride of the Republic,
to the men of RAID.
And the women!
To the woman!
Right, the woman.
I was just getting to that.
First woman to join
the RAID elite unit,
she has shown unique courage
and determination
against all odds.
She saved the lives
of several heads-of-state,
and my own.
And so today I speak for myself,
and for our nation,
when I humbly say,
thank you.
You've made your peace with women.
Well done, Gene.
It's good you can finally trust them.
I can trust one, for now.
You got only one brother, right?
Why do you ask me that?
No reason.
So please step up here
and receive the Order of Merit,
Police Officer Joanna Pasquali!
Sorry, Mr. President.
Yes, fine.
I'm all right, thanks.
I'm fine. I'll be fine.
There. Very good.
To all the women and men
who risk life and limb
to protect our liberty and happiness.
Thank you.
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