Railroad Tigers (2016) Movie Script

Why are you here?
Do not make trouble.
Whenever there is work never asked me.
Good for you right there job.
Hong clan demigod.
Long snake inside a bag.
There is a long snake, you believe it?
Earlier I myself caught
Turn around
Turn around
Do not!
Do not!
Chinese people?
Speak Chinese!
Chinese language
Now give you two options.
One, I make you swoon.
Two, you pura2 fainted.
Pura2 unconscious and not crashing and then fainted.
Why ... release me!
What are you doing?
Down and survive.
There was no content, fast
It should correct fast.
Turn around
Who brought you?
Snake! Why come out again?
Is not it released?
Let me. It's a small problem.
friend, enlighten
Can you speak Japanese yes
Where to look for beans
Where to look for beans, behind the mountain
Peanut one bag
This head, ears, eyes.
This wing. this tiger
fly. Follow this image.
Come on.
Fire so large.
Sir, telephone.
Please come here to look around.
There is a problem.
Choosy what?
Sir Ma
What are you doing?
Very delicious.
Want to eat cake? /Want...
So many people, not
enough for everything. Eat
This. Come, eat
I think the head of it there was something wrong
It is okay. good
Something must have happened.
Why are you laughing?
I do not laugh / You're still laughing!
Siu Er!
Everywhere there must be you.
It's okay, look.
You never serious.
Cats long wing again.
Who did? /Not
aku./ What do you do?
I tailor./ What is the evidence?
Calm down. Tailor
It was not him who did.
Good morning. You have eaten?
This guy is terrific. He can
easily up and down the train
Catch him!
Wait. You say to him?
Slowly. Scare me alone
Who hit you? Who, quickly say!
Do not see..!
Sister, how?
Now What, which is important not to run.
Forgive me..!
Do not carelessly shoot! / Sorry.
Give me a note.
Your Honour. What is our fault?
I head porters here. Sorry.
Do not beat him ..
What is your name? / Ma Yuan
This morning has been signed.
The others are also here.
We are early in the morning already come here./Iya ..
You do not
what-what./No nothing.
Brother / 2 days longer hide
These clothes on the island.
Kak, so many weapons
fire can not be used. like this
many clothes also can not
used, to what store it?
To burnt./Jika brother had not
help you, you've been arrested.
Did you do well.
You still omongin others. order
you take a train, you go up to where?
Why? Do not move.
When can you do a great job.
Sister, you do not smoke, why
always carry a cigarette holder?
How to draw a tiger fly?
Today unfinished drawing
What is this?
Where are they? / I count first ..
Something happened.
He says something will happen.
What is the problem?
Big problem occurs.
You go back to find out.
You eat cake.
See you soon / Good
Needless to inter.
Hold him
Needless to inter ..
You look for it again yes / Do not talk much.
Mom, I'm home.
fragrant once
Ta Hi, help
Bleed again / Quick sits
What was that?
She had kicked me. I give
Fewer drugs. I wretched
Afternoon hit people
Japan / I also hit the Japanese
You also kicked? /No
was unlucky once / You shit ya
Eat cake.
I thought you guys only
tinkering. The problem is so big
It's a small problem, benar'kan?
Dad, a small problem, I also want to be involved.
You call my sister, call her mother.
maybe someday
I married her. You call
I brother or father?
You call me what? Call dad or ..
Why are you so chatty yes.
Usually you do not talk much.
I'll give you medicine ..
You put more into the cake
You think I do not dare
Once placed, signaling, do not
to eat alone / You think I do not dare
What could be hiding here?
Sorry. I was looking for someplace else
Take away
Check out
Why are you again? There is
the entrance wall jump
I am a widow, she came
looking for me. He did not have time.
then secretly
Secretly? / He goes to jump the wall
You have forgotten. You ... morning,
you hit me. Bleeding, pain.
Secretly / Yeah ..
Sir, suspicious-looking person!
Why is it always losing things,
you steal yes / Make him go
Village People
Search elsewhere
Quickly grab the water / How? /You
It is okay? Speak
Stand aside ...
The others are dead.
Killed by Japanese troops
All were dead, only he was not killed
Do desertion? / Photo / Where
you hiding him?
Hide in the house first. Ta Hai
keeping. Later we take him there
Fan boss, what of the night?
Want to go anywhere else?
The waiter / boss / Feed the horse
Eat until satiated yes / blouse not bad
Most headaches people like it
He really fought with
Japanese people. I heard him
penebak sniper / Why troops Pa
Lu wants to blow up the bridge
He did not say / Off so much
the only man to blow up the bridge
Bridge controlled by troops
Japan, understand? / This is our territory
Contention outside only. Do not
not talk at my place
What does it mean?
You can talk a lot
People against Japan,
What is the point? Can not
do great things!
How do you know we do not
ever? / Today we ..
Only do little.
At least we do not like you.
What do you say? / Actually right
Also he has to say. Bill.
Apparently the boss is the guardian of Ta Fan Cin
Ma Yuan! Down...
What is the problem? / I want
tell you one thing
Next time you do not make trouble again
You will stop after doing this
Do not force me. If
no, I'll tell them!
What is wrong?
What does it mean?
Japanese language
So many soldiers, they are going?
The big bridge. Adding troops
I've been better, could've gone?
Your wound is, at least be
rest for 10 days here.
10 days? If within 4
the bridge was blown ..
How? / You would not understand.
Let's just say you do not
see it, let me go
I do not want war. I
homesick. I miss my mom
I miss mom / Already ... I
can not stand like this
I miss my mother. Person
Japan killed my mother.
When he died,
I'm not with him
Sudah..do not cry. Go
How to go?
The train is coming
Getting ready
It is okay? /Do not be afraid
Go./You you go first
I will take you longer
Not easy you involved
involved in war
Arrives at home..
I told you to go home, I lied.
I'm going back to my team.
The bridge must be exploded!
Why did it have to explode the bridge?
Great war, you would not understand.
people like
you, can not do
great things, benar'kan?
OK. Your leg wound was not severe.
Train stop, you get off course
Seems to have been stopped
Japanese troops do
inspection, quickly gone.
Now it can not possibly go / Now what.
Lots of places
hiding in the train.
Quick! / They're looking for me!
I will face them!
I command you, you go first!
Help me one more time / Tell
If you can not get away, seeking help my team.
Tell them, my mission failed.
Send them in 3 days
The bridge explosion
And I'm not a deserter!
You are certainly not deserting. Where is your team?
Fast, it's too late!
Remember the words of me!
The bridge must be exploded!
What is wrong?
Sister, what's wrong?
Dad, she should be home
What is the problem? / Yes, say
Today I did not go
work. Go graves mother
Cool it
Although adding troops
but must remain cautious
The bridge did not explode
So? / Who else
could blast the bridge?
You always said I do not
can do great things.
2 days again, I would do
a great thing
What are you guys doing? / You want to do what?
Sister, we'll follow you
Dad ... / Do not much to say / You
want to blast the bridge, right?
Yes, I want to blast the bridge
See, I told you what? Make a big thing.
They just could not do it.
Only with our capabilities. How come?
We are one tim./Do not fuss ..
I want to find you. Now
can not tell the troops Pa Lu
We have to help
It's a good thing / Silent ..
You need to know how many explosives
to blow up the bridge? / I know
In the warehouse Sa Japanese troops
When I make clothes, I
hear him say it.
He says in the
many explosives
Tomorrow, we will do
How to blow it up?
So easy. Discard material
explosives to the bridge
I'm in a large bowl add the meat
You have money? /Money..
Why? / You've wars yes
How could detonate explosives?
Throw ... definitely could not explode
What is wrong with you?
Wait. We will not be able
defeated Japanese troops
You told me when I joined
a General. But still it fails
Only with your ability, forget it
If you want to fight with
Japanese troops, I want to participate.
You always do things
big. Next time take me yes
I know your heart depressed, not
may hinder you
Problems both of us, when it is done?
Wait lagilah
He hit me.
There are stairs
He let you duck
You go up, I how
ride? / Remove some of the load
Why are you so?
Otherwise how do you
rise, there is still one. Bring
Why do you only take one bag?
Try it / I mean ... not much to say
00: 45: 25.255 - 00: 45: 28.315
Fast chase ...
Fast chase ...
Let me see
Many stalkers / Quiet, safe here
Unsafe / not they find us?
You watch her bag, you
check upstairs. Go
Quickly find them / Good
I go first, you follow me / Good
you first
How? / How do I know?
bags I
Kak, only this
It is enough
Careful / Receive
love - Feel
You're where?
What is the point of this bag? /Do not talk too much
Quick hide, no one came
It's excellent. Tonight
can make food for his brother.
Fast ...
Where are they? You're so great
Tense / Soon
we are the employer
true / What do you mean?
War of the greater China. 2
days, goods troops
from here to the frontline
Is today nothing wrong?
Who does not come to work? / Is
all workers come from?
Today there was no train, so
no ... / What are you laughing?
You must be responsible
What is that? / I just found this sword
Quick start! / Use these sick
sekali'kan? /Do not be afraid!
My hand hurts...
The bridge could not explode
Why can not? We
not easy to be a big thing
You do not revenge? /Who
say no revenge?
Is not the bridge explosion
means of revenge?
Be quiet. Hear.
First, we know there are
our pursuit. You must heart
If they know the material
explosives to blow up
bridge, bridge
will be more difficult detonated
So they die
vain? Die in vain?
Third what?
Third / I forgot
What do you want?
Here ... look at this ...
Come here...
Not what / Remove ... / Quick
see what they do
You good only?
Fast / There're many Japanese
Sister, fast run
Fast ...
IIt's him ... Hurry back
Seems pretty sakitjuga,
How? Can not sick?
I also want, check out alone
Why are you guys so much alike?
Similar? / Similar where? I'm much more handsome
How can you better looking?
When I was young, I was much more handsome
Saat aku muda, aku jauh lebih tampan
You've seen my youth? /Certain
I have not seen your youth
That was a few years
then, you were unconscious? / What do you mean?
See your nose / Why
nose? / Nose is too big
What is too big not
nice? You're too small
Big nose is not nice / Talkative
They were talking about? /Nose
Nose? / You do not talk nonsense
Do not understand
Bring the Chinese, we
did not understand what he was talking
Do not understand / What does it mean?
My dad says you're smart, help him
Where there is a sniper?
See, nothing like hands
to shoot? /Yes
If I were that good, to
What am I here? I've had success
My father who told me
I masuh No matter, you
find someone else. Go
They do not talk
Chinese people? Speak Chinese
Real men are not afraid of suffering
Right, you know ../ You're talking
you do not want to be subordinate Japan
right? / Of course I do not want / I have an idea, here
Closer ... / I'm telling you ...
We'll help you / Right
They had to admit
They had to admit
They stole explosives
They stole explosives
explosion fish
Why? /That..more Palatable
Headless man can not run.
Birds without wings can not fly.
Everything can
Quick ../ lost translate!
Why did you hit me?
I told of the beginning
should you ... / Do not fuss
Contention what? Is there a point?
I'll find a Sao Er,
see what they are there ways
They lied. I also
play around with them.
What does it mean? / Brain simple village people
once. Their colleagues will surely help him
Here many soldiers / They
would not dare come.
Tomorrow, I just brought some
soldier, was able to catch them all
Do not underestimate mereka./Tak
No one can beat me.
Moreover, they only
village People.
Hear! They both are
thief. One more hour,
will enter the paddy wagon, arriving place
next. They both are thieves!
It should do? / Troops
want to see who help us
Hopefully they do not see the material that
How do we deter
they? / I can not stop him.
I think you will not stop
if it does not do so.
Move aside. Wait..!
Thai Cin!
We deliver food.
Contention what? / They deliver food
Let them come in!
You ... thief! What is this? /Pastry
How dare you put our flag on top of it!
What flag? This point merah./This flag!
This red dot, to bring good luck.
You larger flag.
She said what? /He says
This brings good luck
IIt onions besar./ I love
homemade cake you / he say?
He said he wanted to eat / Give them something to eat.
You do not eat, give
him. I gave him.
If your friends come to help you,
they will be caught!
If it does not come, not loyal.
According to our captain,
This woman is good enough for you
Sister, sister in law better
juga./Jangan talkative.
You put how much medication, not enough?
Should be enough.
Just a lot.
You ravenous. 2 cakes, for one to him
She said what? /No
Tell him good too / He was rather greedy
Stand up! / Shots great you all.
If the enemy
dare to come, I
directly commanded the firing.
Should hear the command. If not
give the command, do not shoot, you understand?
They were Jepanese? /Sorry
Every time undergoing a command / Ready!
Sir, they've come!
In how many troops the Japanese?
They've come, how? Sir!
Do not move!
Give orders to shoot!
Kui ta! / Do not much to say!
Working closely with kami'kan?
You do not know the rules
Why we do not know's regulations. We
prinsip./Jangan also had much to say!
Let me think about it again.
Here nobody knows.
Hiding here first.
I do not omongin you. They
chatty once./ I knew it was not
No relationship with you./You Kan
know I like crowds.
I did not say we together
them, I swear./Serious ..
Money for you / For what?
He tell us? Buy food
Buy use this money / None
Why is that...
What are you doing? Still do not want to go?
Burglar / Catch!
What do you think this kind of pointless?
Boss, you actually could or not? /Can
I showed
IThat's just true, we should
view / But there is one condition
Want anything else?
Boss, we have no money
Do not assume I'm a stranger
I do not mind
I really do not know / Miyuku
I do not see what
I'll talk ... in lake
Singing voice is not correct./He heights
His tone was low. Sister sing well
Jelas2 low tones you / me?
I started first. Low tone sister
I sing appropriate songs
Sister properly, you go / You try it first
high right
Sister, no one came
There are only nine bullets?
I could have one shot for 1 person
you want to fight?
We can not fight,
there is only one way, blurred
They had fled
We have arrived?
your weapons
they fled
Bridge Han Chuang, out of the goods.
belonging to the Japanese forces
over the bridge
then I guess the purpose
Lu Pa army detonates
jbridge, cutting
Japanese troop strength
Sister. heart
What do you think?
Any idea pointless
Tomorrow will blow it up
Why with us against Japan?
Some people said it was the desire of your own
He told me to bring it
This morning when he was arrested, hit my hand.
Want to do what?
He told me to buy a cake. Do not understand
What works above this
Tomorrow morning heading for the bridge Han Chuang
What does it mean? /Explosives
What can be trusted? /He
carrying Japanese troops
we catch and release
us, what is it?
Probably not a traitor. I
often see people like that.
This time I believe he
Believe it or not, there is only one chance
Where are they?
Tomorrow certainly many Japanese.
We should add strength.
I ... let me
I / you? Can not
Soon there will be a big problem
My legs ...
I've waited a long / Do
well / Relax
If tomorrow the bridge it really exploded,
we certainly will not be able
back, you know?
If anyone would not
I now had time
Brave ...
We are not afraid.
Right ... we will not be
surrender / Whatever happens ... / Quiet
We listen to sister talk. Sister, please
True, brother. certainly very meaningful
Come on ...
Eat, tomorrow there will be many
ghost. You must go back
Make a cake for you. Hear?
What's wrong with you that smoking a pipe?
He used to smoke, now do not smoke anymore
When my father was a smoking
killed by the Japanese.
When my wife was killed by the Japanese
I do not smoke anymore, but
I must remember this grudge.
Da Hai, sing
To not want. I sing, tikuspun will run
I how to run / Sudahlah
How do we tomorrow?
Well ...
Tomorrow, the train passed through here, we will go up
Searching for explosives
past. Around definitely here.
Arriving at the station Cau. Troops
Japan definitely check it out
We had to hide
well, then action.
Whatever will be,
trains can not stop
Until the train arrived above
sea, bombs will be issued
Detonated on the water
If so, you know how?
Father / why did you come?
you have to keep ducking / Good
you have to keep ducking / Good
Give it to me...
Stand aside ...
Stand aside ...
Stand aside ...
Out of the way ...
Who wants to go in to find out?
I'm behind it / I guess
explosives are in front
You two behind.
Let me just in front
Who was not involved, first hiding
We will be in action after the Cau Chuang.
Sitting / Please sit
Why are you crying?
I was very touched. But I
there will be something laughs
Normal? / Everything is normal
Sure? /Certain. Otherwise, I would be damned
It really hurts.
No kidding!
Open the door!
You dress up what?
Just like you.
I'm serious / Close the door
Close the door!
Raise your hands!
Why is this?
He was very rude
He's fake! Shoot!
Where is he? /Still there
Do not move!
Tersemyumlah ...
I told you not to move
Do not come ... I will destroy this
Ready for battle!
If you do not stop me,
I shot certainly hit the target
Do not like this ...
In no explosives?
You're here, do not let them come here
That ... / Heart
Sister, then what? / I forgot
Do not let the Japanese troops out.
Looking backward
help him / Good / others help me!
I can not / I could
Where's the gun? / Rear it, fast!
I quickly grab bag inside
Quick ... / I do not bosa
Do not talk, fast ...
kak, quick help
I'm too busy
Quick, shoot him ...
What are you doing? / Shutter target
Bring forward ...
You want what?
Bring forward / you want?
Satu2nya this way, come on ...
How to? / Put a bullet
What are you doing?
How? Quite right? /Extraordinary...
Come again / Come
You're fired, I help them
dad, what are you doing?
Keep lid on the ear
In no explosives? /Many.
Try see/ Good
Already want to run
It really hurts
Do play again, leave it to me
all prepared
At that time, the father lost put to you
Today I will show ...
Today I will show ...
Da Gui ... you hurt?
It took how many? / The
more the better
If I had a chance I
would definitely ... / Do not crap
Ouch ...
Sister, trains can not stop
You ... did not you tell me you love me?
Where's the gun?
Trains can not stop ...
Not exciting if not difficult
I will show you all ...
look good
Boss, look what we found
quick ride
Sister. are already visible water
Da Gui...
Ce Kui fell.
Quickly give up!
They were talking about? / They want us
surrender / I submit this to you
Wait ... it is too dangerous
Are not you an expert shot? / Is
I should not be nervous?
You come back to me ... Ji Erl, here I come
Ji Etl ... / you back, fast ... hear me
You two, do not move
Tiger, is there a wing?
Quickly say how / I have not decided yet
quickly run
Never mind, leave
me ... Go ye
Dad ... you good only? /No problem
You've got to go
I want to be with you
I want to be with you / us
be right back
Ji Etl/ Ayp
What do you want? / Da Gui ...
May not be able to arrive at the bridge.
Gentlemen. come on
The train is going to stop.
Can not turn back.
Their opponents only!
I was less exciting weapon / This alone
very exciting
Da Hai
There is another who joined the crowds
I'm back
Submit I Do
How about now? / There is still a cannon
How else? / Want to beat me?
It's very difficult to overcome.
Not explode?
Sister Kui!
Is not there no explosives?
We each carry one
Useless, could not attack him
Unfortunately, almost
N / Want to beat me /
It seems we failed.
And I will finish it.
You quickly go, still not too late
This is not your
own. We will not go.
Tell me, how to do?
How kerasjuga can not.
Where I know what to do
Want to beat me?
I will prevent it
What is wrong with you? quick release
Want to die yes
Chinese language..!
I give you 2 options
One, I make you swoon
Come on!
Da Kui
Quick aside!
You do not endless!
Can not stop
What is she?
There is no.
Meet? /No
Search again!
Quick retreat!
Do not move!
Who is the driving?
Definitely sister Ye
Just stay the three of us
You survived. I'm going to blow it up
Fast. May not be
last too long.
Brother / Do not talkative
We are not strong survive longer!
Why the Japanese were still not dead?
You can not?
Let me!
Do not shoot! I myself clean up!
The big thing has failed
Sorry, we're strong
survive / We found guilty on Da Kuo
Begin with you.
Shoot, kill them!
Everything is ahead! Killing them!
Village People
Fast here, gathered.
It's a secret kita./Yes, no problem.
They flew to langit'kan?
They were joined by troops
Pa Lu, protect our country
What about the members of Pa Lu were injured?
Is he in heaven?
That's another story. Want to hear?
Good. Teachers will tell you.